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Chakra Meditation

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posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 08:18 PM
If we are timeless beings, then why do we look for the fastest way to do things instead of the efficient way?

What does patience mean to one who has stepped outside the perception of time?
Something to ponder.

This woman who I owe a great thanks to, gave me a spiritual slap in the face this january.. she knew everything about me, and she basically told me to stop taking the fast route for it was getting me nowhere.. concentrating on petty things, or things i'm just not even ready for, like power. She instead told me to work on my confidence, and in developing that, It has made reaching those other goals much easier.

Efficiency is excellent.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Yea it's so easy to look for a fast route, I do it all the time. I need to live more in the "Now" and not the future

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 12:20 PM
Well Caveman tried the Sun Meditation yesterday “wow sun in the UK” and today I have felt great. I seemed to have an increase in energy on a physical level and been in a really caring, loving mood.
Everyone around me also seemed to notice and join in on the good feelings I was having.

Without a doubt it works and I will be using this technique again.

How are you anyway, Hope everything is going ok. Same goes out to everyone else

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by psycho81

Hey man, not bad, how are you? You like that sun meditation eh? I just came up with that one day while sitting on these steps in front of this building I had to work at. I was thinking about how I was tired and how much I didn't want to work etc.. feeling caught up in a physical routine. I sat one the stone steps as a means to ground myself.. to feel close to the earth, then I noticed the sun was blinding. I looked at it and started thinking about what it is and represents exactly, and I said hell.. this things feeding me, I can get the energy I need from this.

As for me lately.. I haven't had the time to / or have been too occupied to post anything, or simply felt not much had to be said. I've been REALLY interested in Tai Chi lately. I think I might take a course after this book I read. And the ninjutsu was very interesting. I had been doing some meditation in a small forest near my parents place as well. That was a great healing experience. I feel so locked up in the city. I feel I would progess much faster if I lived near the forest, but my "work" is here in the city.

I had been concerned about money lately because I wasn't getting what I thought I would be getting, and work was beating me down because of it. I had to meditate on it a couple times a couple weeks ago and I think I've passed a point right now. I can now not worry about it at all.. in fact I don't want it. Its a point system I don't care for. I just have to re-assure myself tommorow I'll be fed, and I'll still have a shelter, and thats more then enough. And what other way is there to stop worrying about money? You give it away.. sound silly? Well its more like counter-ing it with the opposite.

I had always planned to give away lots of money and stuff but was never really ready. I feel I am now. Last week or so I was thinking about how I really wanted to help people a lot more and now its like something I really wanna do, in my own way of course.

I tried donating money to a local charity last weekend but there was credit card problems? But it worked this weekend, I just gave 500$ to some charity that teaches kids to take care of nature and how to co-exist with it. Right on man, thats what I wanna hear. But I felt good doing it. Not ego. I just felt warm with the thought of the help I was able to give. And I want to make this a monthly thing now.
...if i can... ah well, i want to keep giving the same amount, but less is fine if its all I can do.

I just bought an acoustic guitar, I never had an acoustic, only an electric. I was waiting to buy a nice one. I want to start recording some nice music, meditation type stuff.

Well thats new with me, how about yourself?

I'm going to probably post some good tai chi / ninjutsu techniques and philosophy.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 02:07 PM
I had an interesting dream where an older native man approached me. He was very professional and interested in my freinds. This was interesting. He basically said to me "You know some of our spirits and gods". I got the feeling he was referring to some of the contacts of mine, like online ones. I told him I talk to them on a website called ATS and such. He seemed pretty interested, like he was writing it down.

Point is.. a native guy said I knew some of "their" (as in native culture I assume) gods and spirits..

Now this is interesting since I have a freind who says he knows he is "white wolf", and that natives agree with him. Theres not much more I know about that really.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Well caveman that is very nice of you to donate money to a charity; that’s the nicest thing I heard in a long time. There is saying something and actually doing something, you went through with what you said and I respect you 100% for doing that.

I know what you saying about money though it can really get a hold of you, before you know it you become this robot.

Anyway as for me, few little problems to deal with but got through them pretty well. I am more confident that ever (Not over confident), this is what it’s about staying positive, and staying in balance.

Thanks to shakesbeer ( who has been a great help and I would like to take the time out here to say a big “Thank You”) who got me looking over some of Bruce Lipton’s work. Here is a link of a lecture I just watched, it’s in 7 parts but really worth the time out.

In short it’s about how our perceptions can change our genes and our behavior. I could go deeper into this but could not explain it nowhere near as good as Bruce Lipton. For those who have not seen it Enjoy, It has made me understand meditation a whole lot more.

It will make sense of how it is connected to meditation towards the end.

Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I have always had an interest in Shamans, In fact I have thought about packing up and going to go live with them "No joke” I have always seen them as true natural humans and would love to be a part of that. Away from all of this corruption, power and greed (well not away from the deforestation that’s happening) but none the less they are some of the most spiritual people on earth.

That’s the only link I got with natives. More of an interest though

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 04:24 PM
yeah man, shakesbeer gave me that link. I have yet to watch it. I'll try to later perhaps. I wanted to paint but then again I dont really have a clear plan of what i'm going to paint. I suppose i could go without a meditation either... maybe I can fit in a 45 min one... anyways yeah... I need more time man, I gotta get this art thing going full time so I got more time at home.

I hear ya man. Living with the shamans. I think if I visited india or tibet or something, I might get sucked in. But the way I see it.. they conform to a tradition. Its like a school. Its not for me.. if it was i probably would have been born over there. I'm more like on the urban guru path.

But yeah man. I go home every weekend just so I can see a few trees. I see some beautiful patches of forest that make me wanna run into them.

I was just talking to my room mate about this. Humans should be living in the forest man, I think its more then natural.

I'm glad you got some confidence. I find for me, its come pretty slow. Well I got confidence, quite a bit now I think. But now and then I still get a little bit nervous or uncertain.
. I think thats more linked with my lack of discipline over my feelings. But yeah man. With confidence you can go far.. you can do whatever it is you wanna do. Nothing is impossible. You suddenly become that person you wish you were as a kid.. some courageous person you thought you just weren't.

Prove yourself wrong. Cultivate that courage.

Good to hear things are well.

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Its reckless to neglect the other dimensions of your being.. Its a learning experience if you ask me, but its lately it seems less like it. I feel I learn much more from the balance, rather then the over-stimulation of a chakra, which I find to just draw my attention, divert my focus and kind of take hold of me, almost against my will it seems. You gotta keep everything together running smooth.

I wanted to come back on this chakra balance point, mainly around the heart chakra.

While I was away I did A LOT of meditation in very peaceful locations very close to nature. I was shown possibly through achieving complete inner stillness our inner being. This is the part of us that is the real us, not our ego, our pain, past , future or our body it is simply our being, our endless spirit.

I only saw glimses of it but it is the most wonderful thing you can connect to, and its within , reached through complete stillness and acceptance of all that is. To completely accept all that is you must STOP asking and searching.

I still do chakra meditation, so no unbalance is possible. I start at the root and work up, visualising the colours and feeling the energy of each chakra. However, I have found my portal or connection to being is through my heart chakra, it probably always has, so I spend a little more on my heart, and radiate out light but still maintain the other chakras too. When I am feeling very connected I will also radiate light from the other chakras, but this is not easy.

Thank you caveman for a good post, I did read it and totally understand.

My main problem now is maintaining my understanding of being as daily life back in the UK is taking me away from it. It is more important than ever now for me to meditate to maintain my being. Daily life, the mind, pain, emotions all serve to take us away from being.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

I know what you mean MG the UK gets me down too, thats why I'm packing up and moving to Bulgaria

If things go well and I get the money and research Bulgaria enough I should be there within a year. I can really connect with nature then

[edit on 3-8-2008 by psycho81]

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

Yes ms green, thats precisely how I feel, which is why I'm so bent on balance.

Once you have that acceptance, you make yourself like this connector for energy to flow through smoothly. Its efficient. And efficiency seems like wisdom to me.

That inner-stillness, once I reached that true balance, (or only a glimpse I would imagine), I felt like... this is my true nature.

We do tend to focus on lets say, our favourite chakras.. but its just a guess here.. but I think that will eventually wear off, at one point or another, until we realise balance is the way, or something else all together.

Again, an example of what happens when you over-work a chakra.. I did a front flip over my bike today, but luckily the dirt was nice and soft enough. This is an over-active root, and what it did was give me a nice scrape.

Physical action = physical suffering if we're not careful.

The same goes with all other chakras right? Even the heart. The throat.. i devote too much attention to that one.

Sometimes I don't get much done because i'm too busy talking, like sleeping. Thats somewhat of an example.

I thought living through my upper chakras was fine, and just the way I was. What I actually found was it was hard for me to communicate with people for one. My freind's picked up on this "wierdness". I haven't spoken to them much in a year, and I don't think they've quite figured out what I'm all about or really care. I have to make them understand. I'm trying to take some time off, meditate, and do a good amount of writing.

Thats the thing, some people just don't understand your view points, and the outcome might be less desireable. But with balance, you can approach all situations and handle them to the best of your abilities.

Say you got an email from a freind, maybe someone who your dating or whatever... and.. you could reply back while your in that over-emotional state, or you could.. get yourself balanced and then approach it. I'll admit, too many times have I written something to someone, looked at it the next day and thought I could have done it better.

In the balance there is just so much clarity. Even if I have thoughts that differ now and then.. I still try and contemplate them when I'm balanced. It kind all breaks down the same for me.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 01:04 AM
Ms Green, perhaps it would help if you looked at your heart with this analogy.

Which is better, that is more efficient?:

You have a small motor, you make it work really hard so that, the vehicle/machine will work harder, be more productive, have more of a desired result etc...


Have a larger motor.. working within stable levels?

Well.. the small motor isn't built to handle so much stress, so afterwhile it might stop working.

The bigger one however, it can handle the workload, and deliver the same result, without any damage.

So I feel we must EXPAND our chakras... not over-work them. Its the expansion and the balance of them which seems to be the efficient way.

How do we expand them? Through understanding I would imagine.

I'll tell you this Ms Green.. I am capable of loving, and over-working my heart if I tried to. But the times where I really felt my heart, actually a very strong sensation that I would describe as expansion.. was when I was contemplation yin and yang at work. Duality.. and it filled me with such.. clarity I felt.. I wasn't just simply.. radiating more love.. I was expanding my understanding of it. I'm sure you've had sensations like this.

I would assume its what you feel when you expand the chakras in a sense.

How many of you meditate for so long and realise you gotta stop because of the rising discomfort in your 3rd eye? I hadn't meditated so vividly in a while and I couldn't do it little more then what must have been only 30 minutes. And I know I've gone for a few hours before.

Perhaps its like a muscle and you have to exercise your chakras to keep them working efficiently.. and expand them as required.

Instead of protein building muscle, its like wisdom building chakras.

What the hell else was I going to say. Oh yeah something a freind told me about a guy who meditated in the forest, with a video camera pointed at him, and he never ate or nothing I think, and one day he just vanished.. went into a higher reality or something man. I can't give more then that because I don't know the details of this story, but I would think my 3rd eye would over-load. I've tried to go non-stop before. Perhaps this guy's chakras could handle it is what i'm saying.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 01:20 AM
The hindering thoughts that hold back evolution of the chakras.. as I interpret anyway. The fear of suffering..

It might answer some of your questions, as I think it may have answered some of mine. I noticed a significant decrease in little minor fears that arise after making this acknowledgement. (Pretend what i'm saying is your own concious internal dialogue, thats how its meant to be read.)

1st Chakra, the Root: Connection with the earth, this reality (physical), and the sense of self, that is.. self-importance or security.. self-preservation.

Hindering thoughts:
I might get "hurt" (only the body), I might die. (only the body). If I die people will be sad, and I won't be able to accomplish life-time goals.

So how can we correct fears of this kind? Ok well lets try this.. "I feel very strongly that death is a transition, it is a change, and that I indeed welcome change. Whatever goals I failed to accomplish.. perhaps it was to be this way, and that if I do have free will, I chose this seemingly untimely death. Even so, I am not bound by time, and I can accomplish these goals.. with these people, whenever I feel like it, its never too late. I'll do it next life or something, perhaps it will be better with a different scenario even."

And lets not forget the: "Oh well, it will hurt (physically).."
Pain is temporary.. we've all hurt ourselves, and we know the pain goes away. We know any serious pain, our body will create some sort of drug to numb it a bit. "I've hurt myself before, so I know what I'm up against and it's not big deal." Or.. "my death will hurt people's feelings"..Its part of their learning process, they would understand. If they really wanted to, they could find a way to experience life with you again.

So basically.. its a fear of change, or fear of lost opportunities, or temporary pain that holds this aspect of us back. I guess its a simple matter of acknowleging this until it doesn't affect us anymore.

(I think I'm going to do 1 post for every chakra, I can see this being big)

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 01:38 AM
2ND CHAKRA - sacral.. feelings/emotions - creativity, sensual/sexual pleasure.

Hindering thoughts: My feelings might get hurt, I'll be embarassed. I'm self-concious about my body and ability to please people sensualy. (this one might not be a great description because its one I have to really work on.) I might also note, that I don't think its so much the individual chakras, but rather their interactions with other chakras.. for example... Emotional courage.. that seems to have as much to do with emotions as it does with confidence (energy). Well look at this way.. if your 2nd chakra isn't working great, more energy will probably be used up, or more motivation / more confidence in that area. We need strength, and efficiency to deal with lifes problems.

Ok lets just get into this one, I should be in bed but I'll see if I can get it all out, thought it might not be that descriptive, but you get the jist of it.

Ok so how can we fix this one, this will be a learning experience for me as I write this I'm sure..

Counter-thought: Hurt feelings eventually get better, we know whatever EMOTIONAL PAIN, just like physical, we take... we know we'll eventually heal. I won't be embarassed because I have no reason to be. The embarrassment is temporary, and I should learn from it humbley. I am in touch with my emotions, therefore I can express them. I can express my sexuality/sensuality and have the courage to do so, because I know I can, and if something silly such as the fear of embarassment is holding me back, well thats also temporary, and I must have the courage (energy, motivation, etc) to deal with it until I learn enough so that it becomes easier (efficient, more motivation, less energy lost).

You know what I mean? The more we learn, the more things get easier. All things.

Well that wasn't as good as I had hoped but I really need to rest, perhaps I'll elaborate tommorow, and finish writing about the other chakras.

For those who wonder.. why don't I have crazy perception, why aren't I seeing/hearing spirits and things in different frequencies?

My question to you is... Are you afraid of the dark? Does silence frighten you? How about things that are different, that phase in and out, and pop out of nowhere, in front of us, and in our minds, does the thought of that scare you? Even make you a little nervous?

I believe its things like that that hold our 3rd eye back. We have to be prepared for whatever crazy stuff is thrown at us. We are holding ourselves back, protecting ourselves from this fear. Blinding ourselves intentionally.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

That inner-stillness, once I reached that true balance, (or only a glimpse I would imagine), I felt like... this is my true nature.

Yes your right it is just a glimpse, and thats if were lucky! I think the more connected we become the glimpses will happen more and more, to such a point we recognize them as part of our inner self.

What the hell else was I going to say. Oh yeah something a freind told me about a guy who meditated in the forest, with a video camera pointed at him, and he never ate or nothing I think, and one day he just vanished.. went into a higher reality or something man. I can't give more then that because I don't know the details of this story, but I would think my 3rd eye would over-load. I've tried to go non-stop before. Perhaps this guy's chakras could handle it is what i'm saying.

WOW he just vanished, thats amazing! I guess he became so enligtened he literally went into the light here. Ive also heard of these stories but really dont think many of us could achieve this. Yes I think he moved into another reality/vibration.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 10:04 AM
3RD CHAKRA - energy, motivation, confidence, etc

Hindering thoughts: "I just can't do this, it's too hard, i'm too lazy."

This one just seems simple to me.

The fear here is the fear or having to do difficult things. Oh no, something new and difficult!

The difficulty or reluctance stems from either a lack of motivation, or a lack of experience.

To me energy is motivation. And the energy we see is the desire of the universe to manifest illusions etc. Sometimes when are hungry, it makes un-motivated to do anything except eat. Or if we're tired, we just want to relax and any kind of work, especially something we have little knowledge of, seems more difficult then it really is.

The key here seems to be get the energy you need. Physical rest is a must. It does wonders for your motivation. Food as well. You'll find also that you'll have more self-confidence when you have energy. You'll suddenly have more drive to get difficult things done.

Lazyness or a reluctance to do something is not limited to physical movement. Some people are too lazy to even, talk to someone, or don't have the confidence to do so.

I look at it like electricity. Where theres a lack of experience/ difficulties, there is resistance, thus energy is lost. So more energy is required until enough experience is gained that the energy can be used efficiently. Suddenly the difficult things you feel you can do on even the laziest of days.

Lets say we could give it a quantity even.

My energy level = 10
Task requires = 8 (that is, I have enough motivation that I think I can do it, but just barely) I'm trying to illustrate the picture here.

Well the lack of experience creates resistance, and we'll say that resistance is like 2 or 4 or something, and so we get like 10 - 8 - 2 = 0 motivation or something. You understand? That's a bit analytical but the concern of motivation seems simple.

I might also add the importance of the nature of the task.. what I mean is, you want your solar plexus working good, but if you're doing something physical, perhaps its good to have your root working good as well. Again, I don't think chakras mean as much as their interaction with other chakras.

You can however over-do your solar plexus, like I did once in a meditation. I found that I was quite restless and after a while it got annoying and I had to sort of power down. I don't think this is whats mean by having more energy, as to like..optimize one's abilities. This is just reckless. I did feel like I could do anything, but perhaps I was over-confident, as I imagine its over-active state was dominating my thinking.

A quick fix to motivation... get a full night's sleep, get food in your stomach, coffee if you need it but I would strongly recommend against it as it clouds your concentration. Just wake up, and essentially have your body working fine, and that should help motivate you enough. If you can, work on the mental motivation.. perhaps a light meditation in the morning, I usually do this at work after I eat breakfast, just balance myself. I find that if I do these simple things, I am able to do anything thrown at me, no matter how difficult and new it seems to me.

Ok moving on to the heart..

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

How many of you meditate for so long and realise you gotta stop because of the rising discomfort in your 3rd eye? I hadn't meditated so vividly in a while and I couldn't do it little more then what must have been only 30 minutes. And I know I've gone for a few hours before.

Yes caveman , over meditation can cause the over activation of the 3rd eye, leading to headaches and eye pain.
Some times I will start meditating and feel it immediately open too much, I get pulses there and have to stop.

Do I understand my 3rd eye...No

Do I know how to use it...No

This chakra is the one I know the least about, the more I try to understand it the less I know about it it seems.
I know when I open my heart chakra an instant switch goes on and the 3rd eye opens, its like they are connected.

Why do we sometimes go through periods of intense spiritual learnings, only to be followed by empty periods where we learn nothing? If not understood these empty periods can lead to frustration, we then try TOO hard to regain the speed of learning we had prior.
These quite periods are our spirit slowing us down, we cant learn at such speed all the time, we would be unable to accept all this information.
Quite times are required in order for us to digest our new knowledge and totally understand it. Only then can we move on to new teachings. Illness would result if we had a constant down load of insight.

During these frustrating times of slow learning just sit quite, meditate and feel your energy within you. Feel your being, this connection is all you really need.
No need to seek out what is already there.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 10:27 AM
4TH CHAKRA - The heart. Love, compassion, the zero point or middle point / balance between your dual nature. (Its actually interesting how in qi-gong and such they say love is actually one-sided, it is the yin force and it circles yang which is the direct force, the drive, and together they create like a spiraling cone. Make of that what you will, I'm just putting it there because I found it interesting.

Ok hindering thoughts: "I don't love anyone / I don't know what love is, I hate this person/ These bad people should be hated for what they do." You get the idea, you all know whats it like to not feel love for someone/something I'm sure.

Ok so here we have a fear of love itself, or perhaps it being the middle point, we somehow feel like some "mis-placed" love could some how offset something, that we'd lose that edge, we cling to. So how do we eliminate this fear of love? Perhaps by acknowledging the love we are given already, as I believe it is in abundance, and heals us more then we realise. From this we can see its clear positive and healthy nature. We understand that if we weren't so hateful, we'd probably be happier, life would be better without that negativity, even though we might feel we're reacting naturally and that certain people/ things should be hated.

A quick fix to this is often simple. You just think about the people who you DO love, and I find this tends to put a bit of a smile on my face. Its very effective. Then you move on proressing to people and things you feel less love for. If you understand that they have the ability to change and that they are just living in a different state, a state of confusion I would say, it gets easier to let the anger go. I kind of almost look at their nature as a code that is predictable, and I find I don't really get angry by it.. in fact I see it as a built in response for us to act this way when we see negative behaviour. Perhaps its hateful energy passed on to us.

Anyway, if you have any sense of "divinity" or feel you see a bigger picture, of the nature of the universe, and what people really represent. It gets kind of hard, and pretty much undesireable to get angry. Its like hating particular blood cells in your body, a few parts of a giant organism that are inter-connected. It just doesn't make much sense. You want it all functioning I would think. Their growth is yours. The love you give them will heal them. I think if you loved in a very loving society, you would find that it would be impossible to hate, because of all the healing energy.

Ok so whats another fear, perhaps the fear of BEING loved. How do we over-come this.. well.. i think we all like being loved, but some of us are just oblivious to this fact, and the amount of love that it sent towards us. Again perhaps this related to ego, or sense of losing something we attribute to be part of our personality and identity. I don't really know how to explain this because the fear of growth, evolution or healing just sounds insane. We are constantly healing and growing, in every moment where we're not in fear, trying to hold ourselves back deffensively.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 10:35 AM

Originally posted by Mr Green

This chakra is the one I know the least about, the more I try to understand it the less I know about it it seems.
I know when I open my heart chakra an instant switch goes on and the 3rd eye opens, its like they are connected.

They are all inter-connected. I will explain this in depth later, as I think I have some new insights on it that I've been holding back from posting.

I like to think of chakras as a frequency range, of an infinite pattern. The frequency has no breaks, it is continueous, thus they are inter-linked.

This is why balance is so important because we might not be able to say meditate, if our emotions, lack of energy, of fear, etc are distracting us.

I know you understand, but I'm tellin you man, once I started workin on my lower chakras a while ago, they were always less active, the same with most of you actually if I remember correctly. We all had the same sort of chakra polarity. Anyways.. when I got balanced for the first time I thought it changed my life, and that I was stupid for trying to do things any other way.
Well it was that profound. Having balanced chakras, you almost feel super-human, or like a robot lol. But more then that you think, this is the way people are supposed to be, this is their true nature, when everything is working right that is.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 10:51 AM
Overindulgence of a pleasurable and life changing experience dulls the experience.
Spiritual exercises should be little on a daily basis.
OOBE,S ETC.Not worth it your in this body to learn about dealing with manifested forms and shapes and how to control the biggest adversary your mind.
By continually analysing chakras and meditation methods,a thinking process is set in motion.
The mind comes into play and the whole journey of You is lost.
The mind deals only in the past [regrets false memories depression] or the future [Fear worry etc.].
The mind does and never will deal with now
Now present, presence NO Time no worries no fears.
The mind is your false self.which you percieve as you.
Discover yourself Now I am, BEING.
This point NOW is the best point to be for the inward search.
Remember we are here to learn and take all experiences back to the spiritual table .
The prodigal son.

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