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Chakra Meditation

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 03:19 PM

Originally posted by CavemanDD
reply to [url=]

Its the love that binds us, when that love increases, frequency increases, which means evolution for the whole.

Yes it is about frequencies, and these change with this energy/force a lot of us are experiencing. I do hope your right and evolution will happen for all. How can it be any other way? Some may not feel it for reasons unknown but as long as enough of us do then change will happen for all.

Love is not an emotion it is a force with its own vibration that alters the state of mind and its matter.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

reply to post by psycho81

I find once you have the love, it changes you permanantly, however its state can be poisoned as you say or closed off to certain people. To keep it open I believe it is important to expand it, to keep feeling it, I don't want to say desire for it, but if you recall its state it becomes more tempting to get to that. You realise that love affects all the chakra, all of a sudden things like confidence don't seem like much of an in issue, the love overpowers it, or boosts it.

I found growing up it wasn't so hard maintaining that love.. i would get stessed and angry but its state never really left me. What I found to be difficult was to discard it, to become a monster. I could not do this.. like throw it aside for 10 minutes so you could say, fight some guy like you thought he deserved for punishment because of his actions towards others, this is not wisdom, you cannot punish. Punishment to use fear of suffering to deter someone from certain actions without really teaching them a better way.

Why do some people come out of jail still a criminal? They either never really were one in the first place, that is... they have the sense to know better but it escaped them at the time of the crimes.. or they were able to endure the suffering enough that it did not break their spirits and deter them from repeating their actions.

This is getting slightly off topic, but its still kind of relevant. With that knowledge of inter-connectness, that love, it makes less sense to cause it harm the more you realise it.

Another way to look at it.. A soul is like a string of code... how can you hate a string of code? You might say well... its quality is lesser then mine, it does not yet have the wisdom and the love. I believe this falls entirely under the perception of time. In this perception, their quality appears this way to you, but outside of time, I believe their state is infinite. That is.. you are experiencing them one way now, but if you were to say travel into the future, they might even make you feel small with the quality they have attained. I guess what i'm saying is kind of optimistic.. in terms of love for one another I look to future brightly. I see corruption and confusion being dominant states right now, but it means nothing when applied to the perception of time. It is possible these strings of code..these souls, light particles, have existed in a greater state prior to this, or they will reach a higher state further on in time. I believe it to be cyclic, rather infinite.

Strings of code, particles of the mind of god to which we are inter-linked. Would you be biased in your choosing of what cells to use in your body? Or would you let them all work freely?

Maintaining that love I believe is the realisation of this truth, the capabilities in the stability of the whole for a collective purpose and self-healing, for this evolution that seems to be our nature.

You might even further ask yourself.. why do i percieve a reality where I exist amongst such instability and fear that is below my quality, is that.. I should feel superior, is this ego? Or perhaps i percieve a world of souls existing in this state so i can further understand my quality... but I should not hold my light against another and see who burns brightest... for they all burn the same, so what is the meaning then?

Perhaps it's because we are in a phase where we need to extend our stability, our healing to the whole. So we percieve souls of such a state so we can understand our healing abilities, and test the strength of our own stability in sea of chaos that is the current human civilisation.

At the end of the day, it seems spirit is experiencing itself through your eyes, it is able to do this simultaneously and infinitely, I cannot even describe or really wrap my mind around it at this current time, but its as the holographic world, including the souls the ourself are thoughts playing out in the mind of spirit. I think of myself as an individual as an "idea"..

Again here with love it helps to contemplate the individual existence, and how would it affect your ego to think your soul could fragment / clone itself into a network infinitely and experience different things.. would you feel more special, or less? You have to connect with the energy it is that you feel in that moment, your body, your soul, and know that it is every bit just as important but more importantly.. its that spirit sees its mind through your eyes, through the idea of you.

When you kind of put it this way.. you start to feel like...a force of nature exploring an idea. You start to feel like... like blood.. like a great organism.

Again when you throw in the concept of time, how does it make you feel that you might one day be erased, or fragmented, or merged into a different pattern, or that your perception might shift to a previous state you once had? It just seems that, spirit is exploring you, this idea, in the moment.. and watching it grow, and its growth is all that matters.

I'm not really sure how to describe this.. but when taking in matters of time and ego, isolation vs inter-connectedness, and... meaning..

it just brings me back to this knowing that I live to evolve, and help others do the same... when I'm not helping others do the same, through even simple polite gestures, I know its because something is off.. i don't lack the motivation.. the speed of evolution perceptually slows. It needs more energy to speed it up, more motivation. Why is it that we live to question our existence, that the more we understand the more we desire to expand? I believe there is much I do not yet understand, but right now, evolution seems to be the drive of the circumstance of my existence, of the existence of the world I percieve and all things in it. Love suddenly isn't forced or super-ficialized any more, it just is.. GROWTH.. the growth we persue.

I'll tell you this, you can force love but it will only last temporary. It will be false, a deceptive feeling, rather then a state of being. If you truly wish to love more you have to understand it more. I'm hesitant to claim authority and say this is the way it is.. but it just seems like truth. Take it from someone who used to have a poisoned heart. I had to expand my understanding to expand my love. How could I love without feeling it was diserved by who was recieving it?

The key seems to be a realisation of the nature of our being.. the expansion of all chakra, and awareness of the ego and the essence under-lying and binding all things.

I believe its also a matter of maintaining that stability.. its like a dreamer who does not know they are dreaming.. they never become lucid or they lose their lucidity because they get lost in sea of patterns around them. We're out in the world for a few hours and all of a sudden we forget that we love everyone? So its also important to be aware of your state and see how it changes.

I was almost tempted to make a chart I would check off every day.. I mean.. right now I feel like me.. i feel like I think I usually feel, except I would not say that the day after a long meditation.. Its as if that state of divinity and self awareness gradually fades but it does so so gradually that we don't often notice it. And this is why we do chakra balancing regularly, this is why we are encouraged to meditate every day... is it just that we have so little concentration, so little strength to hold on to our state?

I'm just throwing this out there to stew in the collective mind here.

I can't think how to end this. Just follow your emotions and master your state to maintain it. Don't forget your nature.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

That was a top class post caveman and you covered a lot of interesting things that I agree with you on. We just have to evolve or destroy our own existence; the planet needs us to evolve.

I grew up not really knowing where my life was heading, always lived for the moment and not really cared about anything else. I have also had to deal with anger most of my life, the anger that totally takes over you. The anger when you see red and have no control over your reaction, this is really not a nice place to be. You totally loose who you are in that moment of time, it’s like some dark energy has become part of who you are.

I dealt with this anger through going into the feeling, questioning myself, where does this anger come from? What does this anger solve? Once I became aware of this anger I knew it was not part of me, it was how my egoistic mind worked. It’s my mind reflecting onto my emotions.

So I suppose I have seen it from both sides like many people, the uncontrollable dark side and the light side. I still do get mad at times and it’s a personal challenge to dig deep into the feeling. Meditation helps a lot though and I am really starting to find my inner self again and most of all Hope.

In the modern world things can change and happen so fast you can get lost in the moment, put back to sleep like a robot programmed to find money, power and that big mansion by the sea. So you really got to stay focused at times and not let the modern world tell you who you are. It’s hard and there is always something close to home that will test your being. I feel a lot of people are awaking now, even though it may only be a tiny fraction of what is to come, it’s a start.

As for love, you don’t have to search for love… It’s already there.

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by psycho81

Its a challenge. I often to lose control myself. You can pick away at me and doesn't really phase me until a limit is reached and I explode. Do not test the bull, lol. But its just like that, quite accurately a bull, because when I do finally get angry..its real angry.. and I lose control of whats really going on, its like i'm not sure what or who I am angry at, its just rather a self-destructable, unstable state. Most of the time it can be avoided but people aren't perceptive enough or understand enough of how to work around this.

When I say "just... man.. hold on, please don't talk to me right now, its nothing against you, just please go away".. and man.. see this is how deeply rooted it is, i am feeling frustration just writing this... People always gotta say why? Or let their ego get in the way and get offended rather then interpret what you're getting at, and thats where you explode.

I did that to this room-mate I had once.. She got like that and I reached my exploding point and I basically told her in a less then gentle way to please get the "F" out of my room! That was ugly.

That was right after I foolishly tried a meditation to see if I could block my emotions like a vulcan or something. I don't believe there to be much evolution or wisdom in that. It sounds like inner peace but more like stagnation, a life without joy.

But yeah... I try to think of people who arouse this in me like children, and children have their way of getting to you, but don't get angry because, its just their way. You gotta just remind yourself that they just need to learn, they are functioning the way they know how to, they need to get their way, and I understand that, so do children.

Thats how I try and look at it, its like a world where 90% of the population are children. They carry out tasks, things they are told to do for the persuit of money "allowance" so they can buy their toys that give them this artificial joy. lol. They get paid more then us too, we spoil them. Kids like toys man, and they don't like when you try and kill their fun.

I don't mean to try and stereotype here, but in my experience.. i just don't understand, how.. some people really don't care for wisdom, they don't prioritize it, its not something they really persue.. they don't want to be the wise person.. i can't understand this mentality for understanding means everything to me. I guess they are stuck in a slower learning process?

You gotta try and put your mind into their body... try to divert your conciousness focus in theirs and try and understand how they might percieve their reality and try to understand why they might act how they act. When you do this... you suddenly find you aren't angry at them any more, but you have this urge to really help them.

I guess if you want to look at it in a less then human way. .. we are particles observing other particles.. we see one that is unbalanced and naturally we try and harmonize it, to flow with the others.

Another thing i'll throw in there which I try to think about now and then when I get judgemental:

"Seeing flaws in others only highlights a flaw in yourself"

In that manner of speaking.. their flaws really aren't.. that signifigant, what I mean is.. its a state of being and thats as it is.. its a perception.. .like to you, you see a flaw in their thinking because that is a personal oppinion based on how you percieve your existence, whereas someone else, perhaps of a higher vibrational spectrum or what not might observe you and see you as flawed as well where you were oblivious to it.

We're all flawed, and perfect all the same. Theres always somewhere to improve. The universe must come to a deffinite end otherwise I would think.

What I'm trying to say is, don't try and view it as a flaw, but rather a state of being they are living, something that is far from permanent and only really circumstancial in the perception of time. You essence view these "flawed people" as a pattern in time, and if you were able to stay in your time while moving them forward, you could find a place of chosing along their pattern where this person becomes acceptable to your own preference. You know what I'm saying? If someone were to do this to me, and scan my pattern through a timeline and arrive at a state I used to be in, they could see an undesireable person I'm sure if they wished to, if thats what they were looking for.

But I mean, so why are we surrounded with these people, if we obviously prefer those of a different state? You gotta really understand this anger, because its like... your angry because they aren't at your state... you're more "forward" then they are.. you have evolved beyond, and you get angry because they have not? It doesn't make much sence, but much more.. that anger because they aren't forward where you are, actually doesnt make you progress at all.. and thats what you were angry about in the first place right? lack of progess yet you are doing the same yourself.

So its important to understand this anger, this way we try and judge people.

But through observing this in ourselves, we see what we need to work on, it has a nice way of highlighting itself for us. We think.. so what is it we don't like about the person? And then we disect it until we realise its a lack of love or understanding on our part, perhaps a forgetfullness.. Like we forget how open minded we are and how someones difference actually makes total sense to us and how we should actually love the variety they bring or something like that.

"The money that guy spent on his shirt could feed a family for a week"... thoughts like that, and see where that leads you.

Use your anger and intolerance and judgemental tendancies as a tool, not to pull out other peoples flaws, but your own. Find the improperly wired part of your thinking and re-allign it so to speak. You say to yourself, I am not this angry person, so why am I reacting like this right now?

You gotta disect it, and find it to understand it, to fix it.

I used to go to work angry every day. One day, i was just happy.. I hadn't even noticed the transition, but what I remembered was how i studied my thinking and tried to fix it.

I have no doubt you'll beat your anger one day man. As long as you pay attention, thats the key. Analyze your thinking.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Well I did have control over it and something sort of triggered it to start again. Nothing to bad just silly little things that I let build up without questioning. I did what you mentioned I pushed the feelings away, I do know full well that it was the wrong thing to do.

Over the last few days thanks to “Shakesbeer” I have learned a lot about myself. I tend to create problems that arnt really there. I am now understanding how the anger gets hold of you, it tenses your whole body up like a self defence mechanism.

So yea at the moment everything is cool, more than happy and really starting to understand myself. There have been a few moments where normally I would have been screaming out my van window, but I sort of went into the feeling. Once I had become aware of the feeling and what it was going to do next, it went away. Once you question and understand how the mind turns a situation into mental torture, you understand how to control feeling such as anger.

I sort of got lost a little over the past few weeks due to a lot happening in my life. It was like a dark cloud hanging over me . I just could not find my self, I was in a world of “I have everything” Problems at work, problems at home, problems at sisters home. I kept hope though and charged through battlefield of negative energy. Things seems to be working out just fine at the moment, works good family and friends are good. That’s all I ask

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by psycho81

over the last few weeks things have been difficult for me as well, i just laughed it off though at the syncronicity of it all.

you know why?

Some planetary thing.. i got an email from that astrology site, that was talking about uranus going retrogade or something, and it basically said to expect the un-expected.

Perhaps thats exactly what happened to you, it happened to me, thats for sure.

I came out stronger, i'm sure you did as well.

Yeah man, you can only push the feelings away temporary, it doesnt fix nothing. Its best to meditate on it, where you got full focus. Thats why I push my problems away if I cant give it a quick fix. I put it in the memory buffer and try and remember to sort it out in a full out meditation.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 03:40 AM
Hey guys I just made this, thought you'd dig it.


Do you know anyone else who does stuff like this? Like spiritual art? I can't seem to find much to my taste.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 12:30 PM
WOW caveman that picture is amazing. Hehe looks a little like me sat on them rocks. Do you have the file without the Deviant Art logo on as I would like to use that as a desktop.

Top Job

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Great pic man, like I was telling you I really enjoy the perception of depth into the pieces and you progress past those light and dark to the center self on the canvas.

As far as other spiritual art goes, I dig on Alex Grey's work too.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by psycho81

psycho I tried uploading a bigger version the other day without the watermark but i was deep into my little experiment of 40 hours of sleep depravation followed by intense working to see what affect it would have on my perception of concious existence.. lol.. what I mean to say is my internet wasnt working well when I was uploading, and besides that point, I like kept forgetting what I was doing.. I was in this extremely serene state of absolute fatigue, lol.

Seriously its a good experience to screw around with, you might notice dangers but its an experience none the less. I learned that I had the physical energy of the day before, as this was one reason I did this.. i had a long day of work ahead and knew I wasn't going to get enough sleep, so it would be hard finding energy and motivation and i just wanted the job done.. i got it done, barely, lol... washed like 400 windows. Stupid weekend work.

But yeah, I almost fell asleep just standing on the subway, lol. But it was strange, I couldn't figure out if I had heightened awareness or the latter.. I did feel a stronger connection with the physical reality but I felt like it was beating me down.. i believe this is the real reason why we sleep... because I had the physical energy, and my eyes weren't tired, my mind didn't feel tired, but my chakras felt irratic.. i felt like I was stuck in a loop... my mind wanted to keep playing the same song in my head all day.. but my perception of the physical reality was vastly different. I believe we just need to rest from this place, its just too messed up to be here all the time..

But yeah.. I wanted to also play on this because every new day, every time we awake is like a new life, you birth into this world, and likewise die when you go to sleep, and go exist in a different frequency for a bit and repeat the process.. its not just our phyiscal birth and death here tha are seperated by like 80 years i'm talking about.. we really are born and die every day.. for every day has its own unique personality, based on events... placement of people and planets, and our mindset going to bed and what we did while asleep. Some days we feel so out of character and can't focus on what we want to do, but again, this comes down to a clear chakra imbalance.

It was a cool experience, and I felt even wierder the next day after having slept 12 hours..

One thing that felt off though during all of this.. was the morning, being on the bus with all the morning people.. it didnt have that morning vibe and I just was calm and un-judgemental, It didnt have that early morning feeling thats usually..quite crappy sometimes.
.. it just felt like.. another part of the day, of existence.. I felt so detached after that day.. and kinda torn... I felt like I was the only one really attached? Again it was a neat experiment and I imagine there will come a time where sleep becomes a choice.

Psycho, when i get home I will get you a link to that picture bud, glad you liked it.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:54 PM
I wanna talk about something I mentioned before, and the role of our chakras.

Whatever you do, whatever you're doing right now, and what ever you did today is direct action related to chakra. When you went to get some food, the attention was focused on gathering energy, to ease suffering. When you talked to someone in your house/appartment/flat, you did so because of a sudden stimulating to your throat chakra, and the words that came out were probably related to another chakra.. perhaps you said something nice, something from the heart, or something emotional (from the sacral).

Our chakras tend to dance around in their focus. Right now as I type this, I'm doing this completely out of love but also because I feel like writing, (throat chakra attention).. Something else isn't calling my attention to say... dispose of waste... gush about my feelings, or spend some time focusing on visualisation. Right now the throat and heart are taking all the focus and so that becomes the thing that I do.

Not only that but I am motivated to do what I do, so my solar plexus must be active enough to make that happen. Again this comes down to something I've read before about chakra, and not so much their individual function but more of the pathway or connection/interaction with other chakra... for instance like.. I have put love... into my speech.. there is a clear channel of energy therefore from my solar plexus, through my heart, and to my throat. You see what I'm getting at?

As well.. I have the patience, the calmness and groundedness to sit down and do this, so root isn't the focus but its not in-active.. its allowing a clear flow of energy.. actually it should be good because of my nice healing walk i had the other day. Also.. my emotions are pretty stable right now, I'm not thinking about them thats for sure.. but i'm not choosing to ignore them.. they are not focus, but they are active... so therefore... we have a clear line of energy from my root, through sacral, through my solar plexus, through my heart, and to my throat...

So so far.. it seems i'm functioning quite well, and that the focus of my chakra activity may be throat and heart, but that doesnt mean my other chakra are suffering. What of the third eye and crown though? Well I'm formulating this message based on my perception and knowledge/wisdom held within, so those must be working pretty well too eh?

So you see here.. even though my attention is to my throat/heart, and my actions would indicate this.. (typing for the purpose of learning/healing).. it could not function correctly without the rest of my chakra being well balanced, which I conclude they must be.. I am completely focused on this task, I am not hungry, tired, or un-motivated...distracted by visions or emotional pain, etc..

So... the fact of my action is an indicator of the focus of my chakra, but what about the opposite? Could it not be true that we could also tell what is innactive by the things we REFUSE to do?

For istance...heres a scenario my sacral is so closed off that I do not wish to discuss my feelings.

Or I just don't feel like talking.. or I don't have the patience to do anything other then entertain distraction such as TV / games, unproductive things that stimulate us.


Again, and this is the thing about awareness, we think we know ourselves so well, our state... we think we are so sure of who we are and what we are doing, we read what people say, and even if resonates truth to us we might not take it in? I myself almost gotta hear something 3 times before I understand it. (that is if its a truth to me, don't beleive everything you hear, don't let ANYONE assume spiritual authority unless that person is yourself.

Your thinking in this moment, in every moment reflects the focus of your chakra, so thats something to think about when we say we are balanced.

I'm not going to even claim that I've achieved absolute balance, but from what I know, when everythings roughly where it should be... there is no desire to do anything.. yet you are willing to do anything... your mind is clear, you feel calm, physically and mentally.. your thinking is either void or entirely related to a chosen task.. and what i mean by that is... its not chakra imbalance..perhaps its work you have to do, forcing you to put attention on that chakra.. you understand? But when you are balanced, you will not think about what your doing after work, or what your going to eat, or whatever... only what your doing right now... for we often think of our free time after work as our TIME TO LIVE... but when balanced, the direct moment IS our life.. and that seems to be truth.. we accept the exact moment as our existence and just calmly observe.


I'm going to continue this in another post. Please say with me. I had talked to shakesbeer about this and realised I should take a firmer stance.

Understand that while I enjoy teaching people my own personal standpoints, and although past life history would incline I would be ideal at it.. I don't want to come off as an AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE OF INFORMATION. I am an outlet of one dimension of thinking, to be used at everyones will to whatever purpose. What I spout is not your truth but my own. Without our personal truth, we are lost.. for we rely on ourselves to guide our life, we can't keep having others to think for us.

I don't boast to know more, or have a greater awareness, or greater wisdom. In fact I think everyone will do just fine, but we all go through our bumps. I'm just trying to extend my help more is what I'm saying. What I say is my oppinion and only accept it as such. That being said, I am going to get more in depth on my own personal oppinions.

Another thing I wanted to address.. as the more we learn about our thinking... the more we learn how fragile it is and how easily influenced it is. One dimension of this would be personality.. slang words and sense of humour among many things culturally related, rather then comming from the essence of our true self.

Sometimes we'll listen to something/read something... going into it already telling ourself that we don't believe it... perhaps we have seen some sort of personal subjective "proof" to convince us that the information is indeed false to us... yet when we read it... do we find that afterwards me might end up starting to believe it?

An example... scientists say the earth is 5.6 billion years old... something like that.. Without refuting it.. you just except it.. we are bombarded with this method everyday. You watch the news and they throw absolute answers at you, which for the most part are quite debateable in this society of deception we've become.

You might just read a book on chakra meditation.. maybe beause the buddha wrote it himself, and you might just actually believe it automatically.. but did you once ever test that for yourself?

The more I learn, the more I feel I need to do a complete overhaul and sift through it. I've never seen an atom under a microscope, so how do I know how to percieve my reality? I go with what I know... the basic laws of attraction, and the tiny specs I see in my vision with interesting fluctuations. I don't see electrons, I just see the universe in action.

Why can't we remember past life memories? So we don't dwell on habitual lines of thinking that imprison our mindset to accept things that are thrown at us without personally analysing them. Not until we have the ability to do otherwise I believe, then the memories will trickle in. Its the same thing as why don't must people lucid dream? Because they don't have the wisdom to use it constructively enough to do it repeatadly in exchange for their normal method of learning... and that in itself I think is less then set in stone then we think.. i dont think we are in someone's school and they are deciding what we can and can't do and how we learn.. I think it is completely related to our own thinking.

How well do you know your thinking? Unless you've learned to communicate and co-ordinate the movement of galaxies with concious thinking, i would guess you still understand less then you think.

Again, I was talking to shakesbeer about how we learn to move our energy around when really we are doing it on a different level of conciousness already, we ]just haven't realised it.. I tell all subtle functions of my body what to do even though I may not realise it. And I couldn't begin to calculate with concious mind, the physics of how I am able to move a paper sci-wheel... but part of me does, part of me that I haven't as of yet been able to fully understand.

How well do you know your thinking? How often do you fall into other frequencies without really thinking about it? Do I have long hair because I listen to Guns N Roses? Did I have a mohawk when I listened to punk rock just because "I" personally identified with it? Or was it that I need to redefine myself as individual, and how my thinking is affected.

Just some examples there for you. What type of clothes are you wearing, could we label you as something? I mean.. you have the choice to be naked right now, or wearing a bear skin if you wanted to.

How well do you know your thinking?

We think with intent, yet when trying to explain something we often fail because we think... oh i don't know how to describe this..when really you do, but your just having trouble finding the "WORDS". A STATIC..artificial language taking place of our dynamic thinking, our intention behind the expression.


posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 03:38 PM
I want to talk about a sometimes difficult subject, which.. its deffinition keeps expanding for me. And it seems to be our favourite thing in this society, based on our interactions, and our movies etc.. and that is LOVE.

Love... what is it?

I want to talk first about the heart chakra...

The physical body is a body of energy... matter is energy, so is a body of light,... it is a physical expression of the essence of our being. For instance..phyiscal problems can arrise in an area of a chakra if there is imbalance.. the same with the pathways of that chakra, which I believe to run all through your body... Again, this comes down to obesity... fat being matter being energy... being an excess of energy dwelling around your lower chakras, yet distributes lightly throughout your body.. in what I believe to be its pathways.

Again.. i'm just trying to touch on the universe being a holographic projection, and the physical world being an expression of spirit.

So back to the heart... lets talk about its physical function, lets leave the esoteric aside... It lies midway between the body..chakra wise that is.. it is in the middle... it also controls the circulation of blood (ENERGY!!!!)... through our body... and remember how you learn in school how you breath in and out... in oxygen, out carbon dioxide, and even some veins are blue and others are red because of these gasses?

If you're not seeing the picture yet, there is a BALANCE. When you inhale and hold, the oxygen eventually turns stale, the energy patterns used from it are gone and whats left needs to be discarded. Its just as bad to have no air in our lungs, as used up air.. whats consistant is the equal balance of the 2. The universe is binary, so is your physical body.

Ok so you breath in one aspect of energy, one pole or charge we'll say..... YIN... and you breath out YANG.. and inside these 2 forces move around in balance by means of your heart.

Back to chakras...

the heart chakra then...

It needs to be healthy... order to assure a stable flow of YIN and YANG energy through the rest of your chakra system.

And again, the heart chakra lies in the a balancing position if you think of the chakras like a scale... we think that love comes directly from our abilitiy to utilize the heart chakra but if you ask me its more complicated.. I don't think that love exists without the other chakras being balanced as well... we'll say... your lower chakras are balanced, the same with your upper... so there we have the balance.. there we have love... love being the balance. It is the aspect of the thinking of the universe that... well wait let me reword that... if its not EVERYTHING..then it holds everything together, or it is a truth of the existence of 2 poles in total balance. It seems each side is trying to make its side truer then the other, and its that dance that makes the universe moves, the love is in that dance.

Ok again.. back down to love... Say we want to focus entirely on our heart chakra, and put out lots of love... but is that even possible without a balanced root? Well we certainly can't love if we can't concentrate and be patient at all... i mean without the root how do we even know where we are, who we are? We need that connection, we need that patience... Or what about if our sacral is imbalanced? How well can we love if our feelings are all screwed up?... better yet.. what about the solar plexus, the closest chakra to the heart other then the throat... how can we love without the DESIRE to love?

If Chakras are a scale, then it moves up and down on both sides, but the heart is the pivit point and it remains firm, it does what i can... it just provides stability for both sides... i mean think how a scale works...without your rigid middle.. or heart, it would not work... therefore, the heart is necessary for balance.. but what if one side of the scale was overloaded hmm? Think about that one... there is your imbalance... and theres nothing the heart can do about it... it stays firm and rigid as one side of the scale dips down further and further causing more imbalance.

The true essence of the function of the heart chakra I believe solely lies on its role as the pivit point or zero point of the scale... For true balance, all chakras must be balanced, and thats when love... really shines.

SO THEREFORE what are the dangers of making a chakra in-active or over-active by soley focusing on it or neglecting it? It causes the scale to tip... but what about the heart, it lies in the middle, what affect would that have?

Well.. aside from it not really having much meaning (I would think) without the other chakras being balanced, i guess if you wanted to think of the heart as the rigid base of the scale.... lets say you neglect the heart... the base begins to chip, crack, bend, from a lack of maintenance, it might eventually fall apart if that were possible, but it would deffinately shake up the scale.. so therefore, having it inactive by this visualisation... you would think it would somehow represent the stability of your being. What I mean is, even if you are balanced, can you stay balanced? Again this is difficult because it relies on your other chakra as well. I really believe love means little as a balancing force, or rather.. is truth.. it is the nature that 2 forces co-exist and dance together... but what if the other chakras didn't exist? Well then there is no love, there is no dance.. there is no heart chakra.

But what of an over-active heart chakra? Perhaps its that it gets over-confident and becomes weak... appearing more stable being over-active, yet actually being quite soft. You notice how we say relationships end in heart break? Well I believe we need to keep the heart balanced, so it can take such abuse, the strength comes in stability... and if you observe architecture, you'd know this is true...

think of your being as bridge or arch, and the center stone being your heart, without that being stable, the whole system collapses.

Don't let your heart get too active or in-active.. no matter how "good it feels".. in fact if your stuck in that line of thinking, as seemingly pleasant as it is..if you can't get out of it, it demonstrates that you are imbalanced if you ask me... like i was in emotional bliss the other day (over-active sacral).. but i had a hard time getting out of it.. that is called imbalance... that tips the scale of your being....

But... so how do we really expand that love? how do we really grow?

I think its by remaining stable... all your chakras growing but in a controlled manner... the scale gets bigger we'll say but the stability remains.

If love is the dance of the 2 opposing forces, if it is the harmony... then love would expand.. it would be more understood if the deffinition/understanding of these 2 forces evolved... therefore... you'll truly understand love more by understanding all of your chakras more, by expanding your awareness of them.. to truly understand what love really is.

Do not meditate on one chakra... heart... root.. solar plexus (I'm guilty of that one).. And you know what.. I did focus on the sacral and I had a huge short term burst of chi.. i could move small light objects, but i could not for the life of me settle down.. I had to calm that chakra when I was done screwing around with it. I think it just made matters worse.. for if I wanted to get more out of that chakra.. then I should have just strived to understand it more with conjunction of its relation to other chakras, rather then to over-stimulate it.

If they could make energy drinks healthy, does drinking them every day seem like a normal life? is this the life you want to live... will being over-stimulated help you understand yourself better? Or will it create an inner-chaos? Possibly addiction as well.

Some people are addicted to energy, or danger. Perhaps this is from getting too comfortable with having an over-active root or solar plexus, that they begin to really really desire that.

Its reckless to neglect the other dimensions of your being.. Its a learning experience if you ask me, but its lately it seems less like it. I feel I learn much more from the balance, rather then the over-stimulation of a chakra, which I find to just draw my attention, divert my focus and kind of take hold of me, almost against my will it seems. You gotta keep everything together running smooth.

Your heart doesnt work unless you eat food, and dispose of the waste of that food.. you can make the connections with the other chakra, but in terms of the physical body rather then chakra... YOU DIE.. if you only focus on one of these bodily functions. And what is death? An instability...the breakdown of an energy pattern, buckling under stress.

I like to use physical references, because it helps to compare these things to stuff you really know. The physical reality, to me seems like a really simplistic simulation... like an educative toy for a baby, of shapes and such to try and roughly describe how things are.

I've typed enough on the matter. I hope it is read.

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 03:58 PM
Lets talk about one more thing about love..

hating someone because you think they don't love.. as in, you see them as inbalance... they are too much of one force.. and by you hating them, your just contributing to that force.. i really dont know how i didnt wrap my head around that one when i was younger.

Hate, is rediculous..

Don't get angry at some abuse, don't take a position as being the opposite force of something else, its enemy we'll say, because when you do you place yourself on one side of the scale, and that is not love. The love is allowing the 2 sides to co-exist in harmony.

I say this is red... you say this is blue... am I going to get all biased and worked up saying.. oh this guy doesn't know what love is.. hes a "bad" person, I'm a good person.. You see how silly it is, its a matter of perspective, its 2 sides of the same damn coin.

Science vs imagination rather then Science with imagination... both sides boast the truth... but both completely neglect the opposing factor, only really giving them half of the picture. They are both systems of belief, which are completely subjective to the individual who basically chooses how much they need to hear before it becomes truth somehow..? They decide..ok thats enough words and numbers, it must be true. Its blind faith.

If you wish to expand your awareness, maybe you should open your eyes instead of closing them? lol.. i'm not targetting anyone, just making a general statement.

truth is to see with eyes unclouded, and thats through love, the understanding of the co-existence of these 2 forces. To observe the whole puzzle.

I see people taking sides in the name of love, sounds like the crusades to me! My holy land! Not yours! Your god is false!

Truth is personal, so love must be as well... you decide what love is, don't even let me tell you what it is, or anyone else. Again like I said earlier.. think of me as one dimension of the thinking of the universe at your disposal.

I see a line drawn, and sides being taken from those who preach love.

Both sides only want love, their intentions are best, but I don't think they really understand is all. And that FINE.

I'll have no part in wars with demons and GE's and whatnot.. I don't consider them more evil then their counter-part... think of me as the referee, or the medium to which the 2 energies flow through. And think about that one... observe a thunderstorm... look at its magnificance, the lightning and such... thats the wonder of the 2 forces interacting... they mean nothing without thier interaction with each other. Harmony people.. god damn harmony.

Try thinking of your...well.. thinking.. as more magnetic then good or bad.. sure evil people rule the world, or is that universal forces have chosen a build of up that one force of energy? and if the universe keeps showing us anything, its that there is a balance... so this "evil" i see on this planet, will be countered with a "good"... the same as evil essentially...being all flowery and lacking tact.. submissive etc... you know what I mean? this is back down to strength of heart stuff. Both forces are incomplete and create problems... good and evil is a matter of perspective, and I believe balance will always be the answer,...unless the great code of the universe, the frequency comes to an end...

10101010101111111111111111111111111111111111 ? end of existence as we know it?

I think its more complicated then that... for something to exist, we need un-existence to compare to I guess.. I believe the balance will always be, and not be.. its just everything and nothing... its the dance... the great indecisiveness perhaps lol. Or rather, one just being the catalyst to the other, giving it deffinition.

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

amen brother preach on! -claps, tosses tithing into the proverbial collection plate-

True "soloist" this CavemanDD guy? Yeah you bet...

Everything he has said about what ever you did today has direct action related to chakra is very true. And like I have said many times, all of those actions and intentions carry over in their own way into your "sleeping life" as well. Without the balancing of those energy vortexes, there is no way to gain any sense of independent stability on the "astral plane" either.

Cave is also right about the heart containing that "zero point" on the AP too. I found that out on my own long before I met him and this psychologist guy named Christopher Holmes would probably agree with us too. Knowing how to converge the Kundalini down to a single point of consciousness kept me safe as a young child on my astral journeys. I had no idea what I was doing and thought everyone could do the same(silly me!
). I've since moved well beyond that and acquired the specific knowledge and applications of each of the 7 chakras with my own research. With Cave's help I was able to discuss & learn more advanced aspects of the chakras that I wasn't aware of (Hell yeah! thank you much
) as well as theorized together that has expanded my perception of consciousness ergo "astral consciousness" too.

We often discuss balance and how to maintain it and given the proficiency at which he is able to achieve all he does (work, paint, meditate & expand on practice, share that info with everyone here), I'd say he has an excellent sense of how to maintain it. In his own right he is quiet successful and accomplished. As his alignment with his conscious, subconscious, and super conscious (or higher self) continue to sync, all of these will be intensified(accomplishment & success). Through a true sense of balance, which stems from a true understanding of self, we can achieve this and transcend our consciousness to that "next level".

Balance is Harmony, Harmony is Joy, Joy is love(and them some

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

thanks man.

I'm suprised you learned something from me actually ha. You have a pretty firm grasp of these things I would say. Your oppinions on many things have helped give me some things to practise and ponder, that is to see if it holds up with any truth.

I don't know what I would do without my balance..

Judging by my life before meditation, comparing it to now, and that recent stuff I read about past life experiences.. it seems that now that I've been working on balance, that I've really been listening to myself.

I could not do what I do without balancing myself, theres too many extremes.. i would get stuck in a one chakra mindset... root.. sacral..heart..or completely in the throat or 3rd eye like i used to be my whole life. To be able to do diverse things, I have to be balanced. To be able to love I have to be balanced, and expand the deffinition of life.

wait a minute, if love is growth... i was talking about expanding all chakra to expand the love? There you go, another connection I over-looked.

Anyways, enough of that, glad you found the posts useful dude.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 09:03 PM
I'm so loving that I let mosquitos bite me.

haha, serious though, this is something new. I wait and watch them and let them get their fill. You gotta contribute to the ecosystem man, you can't get selfish, lol. Your skin is food for some dust mites, why not some blood of mosquitos? cuz it itches? not if its out of love, lol.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 12:24 PM
Caveman they were some very useful post; it has inspired me a lot to find my balance. Let’s just say I have been drawn into some drama for a while now and it’s time to step away and find balance within myself. I guess sometimes I put too much attention into other people’s problems and kind of turn my back on my own.

The best thing is I still feel very positive and still have the desire to seek balance, I know full well balance is the key but I have been finding it hard to find balance. However I have my goals set now and I need to stay focused, I have really nail the anger feeling and hopefully it’s a thing of the past.

Both yours and Shakesbeers advice has been fantastic and has helped me through some difficult times. So now it’s time for me to go deeper into what you saying, to understand myself more. Not any group or belief system, the real answers are within, there are too many theories and beliefs out there that tell you how to live, to many people in power telling you what to give.

Groups, religions and belief systems are there to tell us who we are “Or who we think we are” they are there to label us so we are no longer just a normal person (Note this is just my opinion) I do not judge anyone for their beliefs, just as I don’t want to be judged by mine. I do believe the truth is within us and not some content on the outside, the truth is within the oneness of life the same energy that connects us all.

For me this is about becoming God realized, when I say “God” I mean the creator of all, the source of life. In fact I think the word “God” has been misinterpreted and misused throughout human history. Why?
Greed and power.

So I think it’s time for me to become more aware of my Ego and most of all to keep balance.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by psycho81

I'm glad to hear you found mine and shakesbeer's advice useful.

Balance is hard to maintain sometimes. Once in a while something comes by that really stimulates us in one direction and it can be problematic. Right now I'm feeling a little stuck in illusion, the fantasy of my mind. I was like this when I was a kid.. this past life reading summed it up really well... good visualisation combined with powerful emotions makes me almost feel what I imagine. You know what I mean? I used to spend hours just imagining movies/scenarios in my mind, with clear detail, and I'd feel emotion from it. I could just in a fantasy world and all I gotta do is lie down and close my eyes.

I know its causing problems now because at work I was un-focussed and un-motivated. In fact while I was on the roof I took about an extra half hour break to file a rock with my multi-tool into an arrowhead. lol.. doesnt sound balanced eh?

I'm been slacking, this has been carrying over from the weekend, when I took the day off work just to try and get back with nature, trying to talk to animals and trees and stuff.. lol, it's gettin there. I can transfer intent to certian animals but I can't hear anything in return.

But yeah, anyways, point of this post was to illustrate how my current imbalance is getting in the way with work and other things. I should get a good meditation in tonight.

Hey don't worry about the anger thing man. I'm still dealing with some big problems too, which seem to arise when I'm not balanced. I will look at people and only see their flaws, and my internal dialogue can be a little bad, it used to be much worse, and i used to focus on these people as if it mattered.

You just gotta work it out with time and understanding. You'll find what you're looking for.

I agree, I think god is a force of nature, somehow thats been personified when really, I think these religions used to believe that too. It could just be an error with speech.. the way we word things. Damn language.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Well I sure know where you are coming from man, you seem to be going through the same little problems as me lol. The whole work and finding time thing has been a pain in the ass for me too, I also need a good meditation tonight. Going to really work on the balance, I can work past the crap that happens day to day.

As for you getting back with nature...

I was in Scotland not so long ago and I just loved the grounding feeling the Scottish Highlands were giving me. It was like I was totally grounded I could really sense my Root Chakra, I just seemed to gain more energy to work on my others. I was totally at nature there man is was awesome 

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by psycho81

right on dude that sounds cool. I need to get out to those areas.

For a basic quick balancing meditation, that file I uploaded of sounds works every damn time.. well it works better in guitar pro, I just let it ring, resonate and repeat, i dont even really gotta do much visualisation or much else.. the sounds alone heal me.

I find it for the most part kind of difficult to achieve a pretty solid balance. I've probably only experienced it a hand full of times. Somethings always even a little off. I guess its a matter of patience and motivation.

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