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How to control People

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 08:40 AM
Yes Crusader, sound bites and simple statements are now the norm for a reason.

Now schools teach kids to write in short statements and point form, actually marking them down for useing too much punctuation and writing long sentances.

Gone are the days of, therefore, and so, not withstanding etc. as this form writing argues balanced, contextual truth, as opposed to, "can't argue with 'that statement' so it must be true", style of written communication.

My kids love books like "Middlemarsh" and "Screwtape Letters" because of the long, well justified sentances that "made them think", something all must be discouraged from, for the ease of bringing this New World Order to it's full force, with a minimum of resistance.

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 11:59 AM
Intresting point the direction from which I had not quite considered. Basically it seems to be a variation of dumbing down by degrading the learning material.

My point in this is could this by why the tendency in some of these rooms is to use emotional Jags in lieu of sound reasoning to make a point??? Some of us havent learned or adapted the method of rationally connecting point to point in our debates outside of emotions???


posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 05:04 PM

if no one ever watched t.v where would we be...

You know Toraylin, I was JUST THINKING about this today. we have a 1400sq ft home and 4 freakin TV's!!!! My 3 kids share 2 bedrooms, but each room has a TV! The exception is, they are only set up to play movies and some innocent-I hope-gaming....BUT...

For some damn reason a show I originally had banned in my home has become an OBSESSIVE favorite amongst all 3 of my children-even the 2.5 year is the ONLY show they will ALL agree on-and of course the merchandizing...I went to the store today and theres SPongebob everywhere and my 2.5 year old was freaking out and so excited at all the spongebob *stuff* you'd thought he was a rock star or Jesus Christ...

SO on the way home I thought that is it. ENough of the Tv...not to mneion as it's Christmas all I hear is "I want" THEY WANT IT ALL...they see it on commericals and I get toy magazines flooding my mailbox and they want everything and already have too much *stuff* toys etc...never too many books..but still...

I came home and that was it-no TV today and they were whinig, and under my feet and on my nerves more than usual, but I told them no TV today...and remembered how I'd said No Tv on school days originally anyway, but somehow that rule became flexible...and now it's the norm to watch tv every stinkin day in my house...from morning to night it's got to stop! or this is going to be a mind-numbing habit for them as it was for me growing up...

it's evil I tells ya!

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 05:25 PM

My kids love books like "Middlemarsh" and "Screwtape Letters"

Suzy...don't know about middlemarch but screwtape letters sounds really familiar-is it CS Lewis?

wow that is interesting how they are "dumbing them down" in school as I think orangetom put it...

I was talking to a canuck today who was playing the American national anthem on his guitar as a joke to me and he was saying how he probably knew more about my history than I did...and I thought about it and I'm inclined to agree...

Crusader-I am not myself in posting so forgive me if I adress any subject to the wrong persons, but as for otehr explanations of what other ways people are peer controled-beyond the whole peer pressure of teen agnst or college hijinks or premarital sex (of which I was all too aware of as a youngster when I was "saving myself" as a teen but lost my virginity at nearly 19 anyway) but I do see this in nearly everything

I have a lot of pressure from my two "best friends" even indirectly because I don't watch the same movies they do, I'm not addicted to the "reality" shows they are or the more hard-edged cable series...and one was brought up trying to be obsessed about sports to fit in and tries to pass that off on me...friends for 15 years and I still have to go "Why the hell would I know or care" about cocahes and players and the current dramas in's WEIRD but I see ALOT of it-but I think they are first sold on this crap and then keep selling each other on it with behaviousr they don't even understand.

I am probably not making sense and shouldn't be posting tonight-but anyway-yeah-I see it everywhere

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 05:31 PM
think 2 much that's an aweful alot of Tvs to have in one house are they plasma screens/ i think TV takes too much of my time so I tend to watch not much of it, for me the news is enough, and I have access to diffrent points of view from the likes of New Dehli Tv, Dubai, Tv BBC, Comeon guys it's time to get satellite. Anyway, I think the Tv has did too many of our thinking for us, it acted and made our descision to launch the iraq qwar, it has influenced our minds to our exctent in this lifetime, isn\t 4 tv's too much to have think2 much?

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 06:10 PM

isn\t 4 tv's too much to have think2 much?

oh entirely! Especially for 1400sq ft (maybe less!) it's rediculous-but we have a 3 bedroom home and each bedroom has a TV and the livingroom or "family" room has a TV that is seemingly ALWAYS on and we have sattelite for the livingroom...

I grew up with the tv on-at 8 years old it was my source of comfort at 10-11pm when my 11 year old sister was sleeping and my mother "working" was a constant for me when I was denied music or sports was never encouraged to read or bought books...I had nothing else... and so as with everything , I give my kids evertything I nevcer had...they get tons of attention, and my care 24/7, and have lots of books and ARE encouraged to read, play musical instruments and whatever sport or recreation they WANT to...but also it seemed a good idea to give them tv's in their room...just small one with vcrs to play movies...

but still I am just rethinkin gthe WHOLE thing...right now I'd like to sell them all!

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 06:20 AM
It is my personal belief that children should not have their own tvs. It tends to seperate them from the adults and into thier own world. Their own world complete with their own products aimed at thier souls. You tend in the long run to have children who know more about the products on a artificial enviornment ..the television ..than the world they live in. They soon through thier peer groups define themselves by products they consume not what they know or who they are. This cannot be accidental. They grow up into adults without personal experiences...they tend to define thier world by some movie they have seen ..their values are movie values. They become emotional political experts based on some movie they have seen or some tv program..not actual experience or knowlege. They are vicarious second hand to speak.
Notice something...about emotions...think2much...go down the aisles at a large toy store ..or a large toy department in the local stores. Look at the cross section of bright colours bombarding the senses to get ahold of one emotionally. Emotions of desire are easily preyed upon...understand?? By visual stimulus ..desire can be induced to want goods...especially through a visual avenue like television and using colours.
Go to a grocery store...and walk down the detergent is the same bombardment of colours brightly and incessantly attacking us...with the same goal in mind only this time to mostly women.
Psychologists know this about these two groups of people and have adjusted the sales of products accordingly. Understand???? Merchandizers hire teams these psychologists to sell thier merchandize and prey upon the unwary. It up to us to wise up to this trend.
I am saying to much television and children having thier own televisions tends to seperate a family not bring it together. It also tends to seperate your moneys from your wallet faster....making you and your family more expendable and disposable to outside influences which dont always have your family welfare in mind.

As to sports conditioning.. I long ago gave up sports when I realized it was conditioning to perform and continue performing for approval without the male understanding the true value of his performing ability.
Men in thier mental make up tend to be doers..not watchers per se...until the advent of television that is. The do ..they perform...many of us dont even think about it ..we just do. We tend to pick up on clues and cues from our women ..and through the women the kids and perform often without even thinking about the broader scope of what is really happening. It is sometimes a automatic reflex ..just do it ...and get it over with. Sports is the key to understanding this performance..and male disposability. I am not intrested in male disposabilty.
Nothing wrong with sports per se...mind you ..It just needs to be taken further the point that a male thinks more about his performing and what its real value is in the marketplace and not perform to the point of making himself disposable and expendable. This is a very dumb thing for a male to do as a career. Most men never think of it this way.
Few things bore me more than men at work talking about sports and sports gods. I can take this much further but this is sufficient for now.


posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 09:09 AM

They are vicarious second hand to speak.

I swear I've been that breed myself! Or at least that half breed...and I do not want my children becoming like this...already it is about what toys they have and movies they've seen....I'm going to make "Family fun" night about board games, thinking games more "movei night" what am I teaching my kids???? That to sit mindlessly numb in front of a box is good quality family time????WTH????

I must be lazy or crazy if I let the TV monopolize my chidlren's attention and sell them short on life-mindless consumerism life-and help this conspiracy of mind control by perpetuating it in my home myself! I swear...even now I want to throw out their Tv's and half of their toys...

My mother laughs at me because I always swore my kids wouldn't watch tv and would have books and educational games-wooden toys and puzzles and not all this bright toxic plasitc crap that now fills my home!!!!!!

but I wonder how I go through these phases in life where I *see* truth...and then find myselfself some years later the victim of it all anyway...


posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 02:02 PM
right, but have you noticed that over the past many years we have abandoned our children(i am saying our) I have none of my own, but you know what I mean. Abandon them , and we have let the Tv, magazines, the celebs, the showbiz, fashion etc, to babysit them, have you all ever thought about Sesame street? alot of kids grew up on it, worldover. It has some positives , but the negatives have far outweigh the positives. It has taught , subliminally, the Gay lifestyle, all sorts of nonsense, if u get the point what I am saying. But anyway that's just my 2 piece suit for now.

posted on Dec, 14 2005 @ 10:59 PM

Sesame street? alot of kids grew up on it, worldover. It has some positives , but the negatives have far outweigh the positives. It has taught , subliminally, the Gay lifestyle, all sorts of nonsense, if u get the point what I am saying.

It's more subtle than subliminal-it's definaltely right out there there in the opne all their agendas...problem is most parents don't watch TV WITH their kids but use it as a babysitter to keep the kids out of their hair...I grew up watching SS myself-and buying the merch-or asking for it- I had a stuffed Oscar the Grouch-wasn't so into ELmo those days...ANYWAY

I do know of what you speak. I have been GUILTY myself of using the TV to have a moment to myself to think, take a pee, check my email...guilty guilty guilty...but I'm becoming more alarmed realizing how HUGE the children's market is today...I mean when I grew up it was Sesame Street and the ELectric Company-thats it...Scooby Doo afterschool....

now it's whole networks dedicated to kids and kids shows and merchandizing to kids...its sick, but they know now that get 'em while they're young and you've got em for life usually, so the younger the better...

it's making me sick...

posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 10:05 AM
Take for example the video game market, what's it doing, Take the new video game by 50 cent, I mean it's huge, and I think they should really put a Big MA Rating on it(Mature audiences Only 21+) . Violence and gore. But they are still subliminally marketing that game to children, making their children more violent prone, and make Fiddy richer, lol.. I admire his business maverick, but don't do it at the expense of the young children.


posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 03:19 PM
I got so angry with Fox News last night that I picked up the remote and turned the channel. They didnt have a original " fair and balanced" thought in their format. It was disgusting. The usual suspects. Standard M1A propaganda. It was predictable just like a xerox punch in 50 and you get 50 copys of the same original. Nothing new nothing original.

The matter under discussion was the appointment and hearings coming up on this Judge Sameul A. Alito.

Immediately they break to their guests this pro Abortion group. Right here is where I picked up the remote and changed channels.

What is so disgusting and tiring is that all the news and information formats use this same default setting to play through....unchallanged. Not just Fox but all of them.

In my mind the question they need to be asking is ....Why is the sole public issue in any appointment to a public office thier stance on abortion?? Roe vs Wade??? The media constantly throws this out here with the concept by default that this is the sole determining factor of a judicial nominees qualifications. This is it...peake performance ...abortion.
Ive been around long enough to know that a Judge needs more qualifications than this ..yet this is the only issue that the media constantly use to insult those of us who can think outside the box.
Why do the media and politics use this one issue to hold the rest of us ideologically "hostage"???
You see what I mean by a default automatically goes there when you start it up like this computer. It plays through.
Its getting so bad that ...what is your qualification for dog catcher....your stance on abortion???
When is the public going to get tired of this canned and planned format..and expect something more refined and useful from our media and politics. Dont you the public get tired of watching this rerun over and over and over and over and naseum. How many copies can you burn off a xerox machine before someone figures out how to throw dirt to stop the machine or pull the plug.??
It is always the " Usual Suspects" in this format.
I just get weary of someone constantly trying to hold me hostage to this over used ideology to play through unchallanged. I am also very tired and disgusted with the media for not catching on to this concept. Obviously they are part of the contol mechanism..the default setting...the media is obviously part of the "Usual Suspects"

This is control.


posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 03:25 PM
Abortion divides America into two blocs. Convenient if you want to perpetuate the corrupt two party system.

[edit on 7-1-2006 by Nakash]

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 06:00 PM
I really wouldn't mind the abortion 'debate' if it existed. For that to happen, all those countless women, who were fully pro-abortion, yet found they ended up suffering serious, long term to permanant, medical, emotional and mental problems, would have to get proportionally equal time and expossure. They don't.

Abortion is a 'stick in the spokes' of the most powerfull biological, hormonal, chemical and 'emotional' cycles of a human life. Some can be lucky when they, 'fall off that bike' and not suffer too much injury yet it actually kills many.

Yes the media fully controls understanding of this issue, if it didn't no one would raise the issue of those killed by 'fruit loop' anti- abortionists, knowing it pales into insignificance against those who's lives have been ruined or cut short due to having abortions.

When you add all the ruined lives of children kept after abortions, due to the mothers now being unable to properly 'bond' or literally spoiling them 'rotten' due to guilt, anyone can see there is no debate but a constant stream of propaganda, used to control the lives of people who think they are making a 'choise'.

Telling people they are making a choise, while withholding, hiding and down playing facts that support one 'option' and constantly repeating a few 'emotional triggers' that promote the other, is manipulation and control.

If abortion is so 'good', 'healthy' and 'normal' why arn't all the full stats., facts and details of the 'negative' aspects of abortion (like the fact that many of those who support violence against abortionist, are those 'sent mad' due to post abortion effects) known and stated by people as readily as, "I support women's right to choose!", without daring to discuss what they are actually choosing between?

By the way, I'm pro "informed" choise, because I believe it would lead to an end of abortion as a "lifestyle choise".

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 10:23 PM
Thanks for your post.

I am not debating the abortion issue but more of why it seems to be the absolute default setting the ability to play through for some in Judicial nominations or even other public offices.
I am debating the media's culpability in this arena too...thier whoredom in using this issue to steer who is or is not qualified for office.
I am asking why no one seems to be asking the kind of questions I am asking of these abortion groups or even the politicians. Why this line of thinking is not being promoted even as a possibility.
When you gell down all the liberal or conservative news formats ..neither one of them even seems to be be able to think this through. How about a politician?? Why cant they even seem to be able to ask this simple question. How long must we be held hostage to this very narrow political and social thinking???
How long must we suffer this rerun after rerun after rerun after rerun???
Does anyone out here have any quasi original thinking going on anymore???
I appreciate your views on abortion Suzy but that is not the answer to the question I asked or proposed.
My question once why does this one issue gel down to the sole determinant of a persons qualifications for public office to the point that no other qualification matters. Why this double standard. And second ..does anyone else out there notice this rerun..over and over and over???? Like a one seems to get off...or think it through enough to get off!!
And third ..isnt it obvious to anyone out here observing that the media is very much a part of this control mechanism to keep the public on this treadmill???

Thanks Suzy,

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 12:21 AM
I did get your point Orangetom, that's why I said there was, no debate.

I added some of the issues that would no longer be ignored if it wasn't only ever raised as a "think stop", "with us or against us", "trigger word", that leaves the issue unresolved but still "too important" not to be raised to the level of The utmost importance, when choosing public representatives.

It's usefullness to politicians would vanish if it was actually fully and publicly debated rather than just raised, endlessly, as a, "are you pro life or pro choise" question.

See even that bugs me, "pro choise". Pro is positive, choise is freedom, is good, in the emotionally straightjacketed mind of most democratic peoples.

While America goes back and forth over abortion, there is so little time left to question the other policies, public servants want to legislate for, that could directly harm and even kill, more already born voters.

If you don't believe in abortion, fine, don't have one and look for a politician that will work to fix the poverty, education and domestic violence that pushes so many to make 'that choise'.

If however, some one gets elected on their pro-life stance yet makes it easier for companies to further spread slow, painfully deadly pollutants and drugs through working communities and lowers wages to the point that no one can 'afford' more than one child with both parents working etc., then you didn't elect a pro-life candidate, you were just emotionally tricked into picking 'a' side you have no real understanding of.

And isn't that just how "they" like it.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 12:44 AM
I just dont think it should be the sole issue as to a candidates qualification for any office..and to me it is misused most often to exclude candidates. In otherwords it is used by media and politicians to deceive the public.
Being a candidate requires so much more than this one issue. Especially a judge. This buisness up in Vermont recently where a judge gave a guy 60 days for raping a young girl over a four year classic...what is his qualification for this office?? Certainly not abortion.. I just happen to think by this recent event that perhapsed this judge is not qualified for the bench ..abortion stance or not. You see.
I dont believe that ones stance on abortion should be the sole litmus test for public office. It eliminates many qualified candidates. I think this is used by politics as a placebo for control over a unthinking public.
I also and especially think it is long overdue for someone in politics or the media to bring up this line of thinking to the public for their usage...and benifit.


posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 03:37 AM
Well I get fed up, all the way 'down here', hearing how often the issue is brought up (without actual debate) to distract voters from so many other issues candidates have to deal with, but to hear it's the sole issue on what appointments are made, is just plain crazy.

I know it's a highly emotional issue for 'both sides' but that it stops most of your country thinking about anything else nominees will have to deal with is past sad, to dangerous.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 05:34 AM
I am not sure what the link was about. Because I watch and play sports, read books, go to school and have a lot of time on my hand and do not debate the 'non-peripheral' issues of politics I am capable, maybe even being controlled right now?

Control what? My blood sugar level? The number of strings on my guitar? I am afraid I do not understand.

[edit on 8-1-2006 by Frosty]

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 12:33 PM
yes Suzy ,

I got it now this sole issue it also keeps many occupied and off other issues and qualifications of importance. Yes in this instance it works as a type of placebo or perhapsed a distraction is more appropriate..sort of like a magician does to distract their audience while they are making critical moves with the other hand. Yes I agree.
Nevertheless this should not be the sole qualification for office as is so often done by the body politic and the news media. By this predictable process..they control for thier benifit the public opinion. For thier benifit..not the publics benifit.
YOu may not get the same format down under as do we here but it is so predictable the way the politicians go back to this one issue ..and the media follow them with baited breath. It becomes clear to me that this is a single control mechanism to determine a candidate or nominees qualifications. It is political whoredom to me on the part of the body politic and also the media for not having enough intelligence of courage to present this view to the public when it has been done so often over 30 plus years.
Once again many times can you watch the same movie or production over and over without catching on???? The same cast..the same producers and directors...the Usual Suspects!!

It is about control.

Thanks Suzy,

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