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How to control People

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posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 09:35 AM

The "experts" cited the lack of bonding with mature parents and therefore not being able make the transition to socializing with other humans. This lack of bonding seemed to have changed thier brain development which for many was permanent.

Well while I can't say I have experience with or knowledge of rabid groups of feral children...LOL...I do have to comment that I am concerned for society because of lack of parenting and not just the lack of proper supervision, but the very real lack of bonding and what it means for society

I was somewhat emotionally abandoned as a child and I do know the consequences are grave-it does change the brain-not just psychologically speaking of mindsets and emotions, but chemically etc. but there is an impression left and the inability to trust and bond are grave-and extremely hard to overcome

when I was younger and found a peer group I could trust, what I realize now what common bond we all had that truly brought us together, was the mutual inability to trust and bond with others, thus we shunned, and were shunned by more of the acceptable groups (the academics, arts, atheletes, religeos people etc) and no one respected or trusted or had close bonds with their parents most of all. And we were from ages of 12 years old to 40 for the most part, with the largest age group being from 15-30)

But it seemed to me, I was aware that while no one was outwardly willing to bond or trust-many hungered for it....while others were so drastically affected it was unfathomable...they were the chameleons...always knowing how to get to others by playing to their emotional needs, and always in control because they had no real emotional needs of their own-or rather thy did, but they had adapted them to become something else entirely. They were scarey. (They remind me of politicians! I'm serious! or most politicians remind me of those types on the street...whatever-scarey!)

These were sometimes even the younger ones in their early 20's that knew the psychological/emotional ropes...could say and act in whatever way was needed to get what they wanted...someones money, someones body for sex, someones loyalty, someones service, and even the clothes off their backs...these were the scariest of all because they would become the leaders-the local gurus...the ones with absolutely no real ability to bond or trust, but the ability to see it as a weakness in others and exploit it fully-and kids were drawn to them.

These were the guys when I'd get some of their guard down, or speak to their ego-letting them know I could see through them what they could/and did do to control those around them-feigning awe at this ability and they'd smile at my perceptiveness after some denial and then tell me things that are nauseating about themselves and their abilities.

How they were abandoned through parental death of one or both parents (mother being the biggest and most impacting loss), drug use, or other means or reasons early in life... how they'd been in foster homes, group homes they never bonded, but learned to manipulate their environment for security in lieu of developing/receiving real love, trust, and emotional detached manipulation became their security. Controling their environment became the very way they nurtured themselves and felt safe.

Ironically, this control and manipulation played out in many ways as controling their environment didn't mean having a good or peaceful one...just one they controlled

....acting good, and stealing money behind the innocent backs of do-good foster homes...ok...acting certain acceptable ways to earn the emotional connection others would feel for them...fine...people were predictable

...or acting up and fighting and playing up the troubled youth scenereo...typical

...anything that would control...and anything that would give a predictable outcome-was control.

So even if negative...fighting leading to punishments and 3 strikes and your out to the next foster home, etc...THEY were in control thus they nurtured themselves in this manner and didn't need to trust or bond or have emotionally fullfilling relationships with people...just some control over their environment...when they left the system at 18 they still had the need to manipulate and control for their sense of wellbeing and safety

I had my own issues and fears of intimacy and was known for breaking hearts because I couldn't commit to romantic/sexual relationships...

so many hungered for the romantic/sexual connection because often emotional needs are sexualized...admittedly my own needs were sexulized but not at the risk of trusting, so too few could ever get to me emotionally-even through sexual endeavors

anyway, it seems to me though this group would want to be considered anarchists-rejecting all rule-really they hungered for some nurturing control factor in their life...(one that should have come from a paretnal bond and influence and nurturing home environment)and found it in mutual discord and apathy and in the blinding influences of those that were truly beyond such a hunger being met by anyone else outside of their own nurturing contol, and thus manipluated those around them effectively.

They would control them knowing their weaknesses and become their hereos because finally someone knew how to tap into them when everyone else-and the system- had failed to do so-this action of having someone tap into their emotional core, felt like trust, and care to them-the lost boys (and girls) and they'd just about worship these cold hearted hereos because finally someone met the very need no one else could-someone could tap into their needs...

Isn't that how we are hardwired anyway? To respond to our needs being someone being able to tap into those needs...well thse kids have twisted needs because they aren't met early on....and then it just takes the right twisted person to tap into that need.

And the worst part is it isn't always tragic tales of obviously dysfunctional families and children...some kids were from decent homes in suburbia...and you have to wonder what went wrong...well often I will tell's as simple as fathers being absent through divorce, never marrying, or abandonemtn through work/recreation...and mothers being equally as absent through work/and or children to nurture themselves and bond to no one...shuffling the burden of raising them onto others, even their own reluctant and bitter and equally unnurtured siblings...

This is why I take parenting VERY seriously-I'd like to control my childrens environment so they don't have to substitute any other influence for nurturing

and I am sick at how a group of misfit kids can and are effectively becomeing a larger and larger subculture in society just waiting for the right influences to tap into their needs and control them-whoever controls that pack of ferral people is even more evil than any of them could aspire to be

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 01:41 AM
I've got to say it- I love you people. I just pray other people's spirits digest the 'good food' offered from your wise, kind hearts, that I've gratefully devoured.

Before I add more of my thoughts to this thread I have to make it clear that no one, other than God, is more aware of my many faults, failings and great mistakes in life, than I am. I share what I've learned to be of value through comparison with the too many 'bad buys' I've made. That said, here's my thoughts on kids....

Children NEED the love and care of their own. This is a 'scientific' fact. Bonding hormones and pheramones(spl?) of blood relatives exist for a reason. Though anyone can overcome the most depriving of starts to life, the greater the deprivation, the more to overcome and the less time at 'getting on'.

I don't know if I would have been a more valuable person to humanity if I too hadn't have been emotionally and physically abandoned as a child but strongly suspect I would have. My mothers first words at my birth were, "Oh God, why wasn't 'it' born dead" and it was pretty well down hill from there. Though this start and escalating trend of my life, graced me with God's gift of determination not to do it to my own children, I know it also robbed me of many tools for making a wonderful life for them, like wise spouse selection.

However I have to thank God for the many 'instincts' he instilled in me, and gave me the courage to practice, despite being so contrary to the advice and accepted norms of family, friends and most proffesional advice during my time as a young mother.

My children were never left to cry. Never given bottles or dummies. They slept with us 'till they were ready for their own bed, first in our room, and breast fed 'till they were ready to wean themselves, around 2y.o., give or take a couple of months. These were just some of the things all the old mothers warned me not to do for fear of making it hard for myself, tying them to my apron strings and not toughening them up. THEY WERE HELPLESS BABIES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! If helping the helpless is wrong then why didn't God let them be born like snakes, ready to go?

We passed this attitude on to each kid at the arrival of the next, that the little and weak need the help of the big and strong, so they all had a pride in helping and teaching younger siblings and cousins rather than dominating them. Even now they boast about each others successes as they KNOW they were a part of developing each others abilities.

By lovingly, joyfully, patiently tending to their needs from birth, as they arose, they were very content, secure, happy little babies. This security helped them grow into toddlers who didn't need to 'demand' attention as there was no sence of not having it, rather they'ld enjoy their own play knowing they could safely share the 'good bits' with us without being fobbed off or made to feel annoying.

With the first, everyone said I was just lucky to have a 'good' baby. Then they predicted disaster with the next. Though a very different temperment, that I had to take into account, the same basics produced another 'good' baby. By the time the third proved themselves 'good', most mothers just hated me.

One of the things I hate hearing is, "I raised them all the same, but that one's just bad". You can't raise them all 'exactly' the same as they all do have different charactors, but you adjust to bring out the best in each. No use yelling at a timid child or pleading with 'tough nut'. You let them see they all have their own role in the family and so are important for just being who they are. Kids can't believe you love them if you haven't cared to KNOW them. None of that, "why can't you be like..." cruelty.

Teasing is out. They'll get enough of that at school. Home is where they are safe, loved, wanted and learn that nothing makes them 'less than' and gives them the confidence to withstand bullies. All manner of kids, especially bullies, used to love coming to play at our place for the peace and rest from having to be tough. When your 6 y.o. tells you one of their bullying school mates is, "nice when they're here", you know you're doing something right.

What I'm getting at is that if kids have no sence of security to BEGIN with, you can't expect them to feel secure enough to face future trials successfully. If however, it is PROVEN to them, again and again, as they grow, that they are WANTED, reguardless, and that their pain is your pain but one you're happy to endure with them, a resilience develops that can carry them through the worst of traumas.

Discipline is VERY important but you'ld be amazed at how rarely you have to pull out the big guns if they get an early, regular dose of cause and effect as a fact of life. Sharing things like water play and mud pies, involving them in cooking and houshold chores etc., gives them a base from which to understand rules have reasons. "We do this so this doesn't happen", type stuff. Then later even if they don't understand why a rule exists or decision is made they can at least trust you have a reason. You won't often have to say, "pout all you want, I still love you", because they'll know it.

Being made to feel UNWANTED, left to grow feral, doesn't create a 'free spirit' but an extreemly dependant one. Whether that dependence is on other ferals, drugs or any number of harmfull options, any veneer of tough independence is just that, a veneer. I became dependant on animals, my only source of knowing unconditional love, to the point of working with damaged, dangerous horses from a very young age that nearly killed me too many times for me not to thank God for still being here.

So why is 'child care' being universally funded instead of stay at home parents getting tax breaks and funding when it's cheaper for a parent to stay at home than pay strangers? Dependant, sad people who feel worthless, are HUGE spenders for starters and easily lead and controled by those who offer them a "place", even if it's in hell.

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posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 05:35 AM
Question, now taht we are discussing all aspects of population control, how to control people, is there a way we can look at the way Drugs, illegal, and as well as legal drugs have a part to play in controlling people? For example, the pharmaceutical industry? have you all notice, that it's becoming more and more prevalant that ads on Tv, almost 75% of them , are for a new so called wonder pill, to help with your every problem?

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 05:57 AM
Well I find it "interesting" that at the same time the push to 'get help' for 'possible' emotional and mental problems, without fear of stigma, has been so public, privately, 'experts' have been collecting all sorts of data to justify removing children from 'mental health patients' while government bodies have been refusing to remove children from parents who do end up harming them, despite warnings and pleadings from other family members.

It seems that soon the 'statistical data' will support a law that says, "take a pill and we take your kids".

I wish I had more detail to support this observation but I first noticed it years ago when I was working in the field and it kind of made me too angry to let the subject stay in my head after exploding at each new indication of the trend.

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 08:18 AM

HELPLESS BABIES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! If helping the helpless is wrong then why didn't God let them be born like snakes, ready to go?


well FTR it sounds like we think alike when it comes to wanting to make sure our kids don't have to substitute *something* else for the core nurturing they need as humans from their earliest beginings. We too have a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, answer-their-cries-when-they-cry home much to the dismay of "experts" and "experienced" parents...

with all of their experience and wisdom they point out the fact our children *still* seek the comfort of our bed, or want us to snuggle them to sleep or during the night as "proof" we have "failed" as parents and are rearing children who are going to be weak and dependant pansies... (they are 2, 4, and 6 years for crying out loud!)

I point out that my oldest son was introducing himself to other kids on the playground at 2 years old and was in advanced classes in KINDERGARTEN for reading and in the first grade is the teachers favorite-often helping other kids with their work when not helping the teacher in some way- and in the 6th grade science class which only takes a few select younger kids upon teacher recommendation...and he loves the challenge and socializing with older kids

he also has played various sports for the "fun" of it (T-ball, flag football, wrestling) looking to get exercise, burn off extra energy, and socialize with his peers (he has no "natural talent" in sports and is a hoot to watch!)

so yeah, if this socially well adjusted and acedemically inclined child is "proof" of our "failure" as parents I'd want to know what "proof" of their success is...their kids sleeping alone and not crying by 1year old? Whoo-freakin' hoo

...I wont say what makes a parent successful or not...what I will say is I don't care if my kids barely get by acedemically, and never play sports, I really don't measure MY success by that, nor anyone's failure by lack in those areas...but I will not assume if my kids seek me for comfort at ANY age it is anything but success, never failure...I always want them to know there is unconditional love and security with me no matter what and no matter at what age

back to the control long as they know they are loved and valued anyway so that core nurturing need is met and doesn't leave a void to be filled with ANYthing else... I'm hoping they will be independant from the things that often control the masses, and are used to control those in society living with such voids.

Consumerism is all about flling a void...
drug use...filling a void...
TV watching...filling a void ( plus distraction from a void)

where do these voids begin? These are emotional voids

But without these emotional voids...there aren't the vast opportunities to fill them with other the voids are needed thus perpetuated

so you have all of these specialists saying "let the baby cry! Teach the baby who is in charge from birth! Teach them to be independant! But all you are really doing is teaching them they have NO CONTROL of their environment...from birth!!

I've even heard them say "Teach them who is in control!" (not them) etc!!!

They go on and on about how it's best to put the baby on a schedule...ratehr than to cater to their indivdual natural needs!

The experts will say "they don't need to eat every 2 hrs around the clock! Thats's not fair to you-you need your sleep...let them cry themselves to sleep...and after three days of crying it out they will learn to go to sleep on their own and not wake for those feedings...or not wake for that 11pm and 2am feeding..." They continue with "they are only eating out of habit at this age (6 weeks or some rubbish) so you just need to retrain them"

Yeah, so basically, teach the baby to soothe themself in some way...find a vice...because their natural instinct to cry when hungry or wet will yield no help from their parents...teach the baby to just give up crying and go to sleep by showing them no matter how much or hard they cry...their parents just don't care after 7pm...until 7am again...put them on a scehdule and teach them from birth they are not in control of their environment and that their basic emotional and physical needs must be denied when naturally occuring and they must adapt to what is offered and when instead...

it sickens me really-it grooms them to have natural emotional voids and to be willing to accept the cues from others over their own natural cues for hunger and affection etc...then step in society...and they'll continue to get their cues from elsewhere and seek other outside influences to fill emotional voids...

I'm not saying it's ALL due to this new way of acceptablly denying basic needs of infants-it's in the rest of the rearing too-but it sickens me that we are pushed to begin this agenda at birth

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 08:57 AM
Yeah for you Think2much! Stick to your guns and when folks start telling you they're 'old enough' to 'look after themselves', ask them if they are old enough to live in solitary confinement.

Teens are extreemly, emotionally vulnerable, with hormones giving them hell, and everyone needs MEANINGFULL human contact for health and well being.

Parenting is a life long commitment. If death or disaster leaves them alone or a single parent in their adulthood, they will cope much better if they know they are truely welcome and wanted back home, even if they don't take up the offer, knowing they can, can relieve enough pressure for them to get through.

Why do adult children get discouraged from going home for help, when everyone needs some sort of help, some time in their lives? So that government agencies get the job and CONTROL.

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 09:13 AM

So why is 'child care' being universally funded instead of stay at home parents getting tax breaks and funding when it's cheaper for a parent to stay at home than pay strangers? Dependant, sad people who feel worthless, are HUGE spenders for starters and easily lead and controled by those who offer them a "place", even if it's in hell.

Well yeah exactly! Start it at birth, abandon them as soon as possible to the "system" and then voila!-a society of easily control emotional consumers!

The ones perpetuating this lie don't worry about those on/in the system receiving government aid...because statistics show their offspring will be equally as dependent on the same system they were reared appeal to the intellect and emotional consumerism of the working familes...make them NEED two daycare is their only option...and tell them "studies show" there is no detrimental effects of children being put into daycare even as infants so as to appease their guilt

Now sometimes there are one parent families and they must work and use daycare...I understand and say choose wisely both your occupation and daycare situation...if you can have a job where you can be home in the evenings for a routine of family interaction I'd say that is ideal over not..but are their alternatives of care for children in home setting rather than institutional ones?

I worked for the government (yikes-don't shoot me) as a civialian as well as a "soldier" and in my civilian work I gathered statistical date for a recurring 4 year logitudinal study of the econonmic situation of the US...mostly it was to see who was in the system, abusing the system (it was highly confidential though and no information could be used against the individual) and also to see the savings and spending habits of all Americans, as well as, the general environemts in home-who was living there and if any daycare was used and if it was institutional, in home, by relatives-and the relation of that relative to child etc..

Anyway, it didn't take me long to figure out this survey I worked on was NOT just about what I was sold it was about to perform it...I increasingly became uncomfortable performing this duty...not that it had anything to do with the individuals participating-they really were protected by confidentiality and the govt didn't care if they were a stripper on the side making 3 times the welfare they collected...the government just needed to know EVERYTHING about peoples lives...more than the info they can get from mere tax returns, or statics from the welfare system...

so confidentiality is offered in exchange for telling EVERYTHING about your finances, household environment, level of education, investments..all the way down to who is watching your children when and how much Tv they watch a day and what hours they watch tv etc...

What was scariest is that I'd have people even in militia areas who don't trust the governement that I could/did sell on this survey..I proved the confidentiality and gained their trust...and one day....I woke up and said WTF? why does the governemnt really need to know who is in the home, who is watching kids, how much tv were they watching and when...

I was told it was for demographic purposes....yeah...ok....

I quit my job of course, but the survey continues...

and it very easily identifies the econmic situations which perpetuate the necessity of childcare-usually childcare is used most often by two working parent homes...when I'd encounter women who said they'd LOVE to be a stay at home Mom but couldn't afford it...I cited my experience in the study and how all they need do was downsize and change their spending habits...and they scoffed because they were willing to work to give their children this high standard of living they were giving...

High standard being defined by them of having huge house in subdivision two brand new gas guzzling SUVs etc...

all while someone else raised the children they worked to give this life to...anyway rambling, but Suzy you get what I am saying as these children are the very ones you identified as "HUGE spenders for starters and easily lead and controled by those who offer them a "place", even if it's in hell"

...all because their parents make their children's place in consumerism society from the begining instead of in a home.

..and the government perpetuates it and even studies the economic situations to see how to best know where the income and spending habits need to be for this structure of dependance on society vs families to succeed so they can predict and ensure future control over the society we are rearing our children to be


posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 09:50 AM

For example, the pharmaceutical industry? have you all notice, that it's becoming more and more prevalant that ads on Tv, almost 75% of them , are for a new so called wonder pill, to help with your every problem?

OMG it's freaking rediculous-for starters they have doctors so sold on vaccinations that my kids can't even go to school without be immunized for the horribly crippling and often deathly... CHICKEN POX! WTF?

The chicken pox? A routine childhood illness? Now the big bad wolf?

OK, so statistically some kids have died from the disease...but statistically some kids are killed every year by getting hit by cars...are we going to get rid of cars now too? The statistics are about the same

we choose not to immunize our children (GASP) in their younger years-are we putting our community and country at risk? No, but you'd think so by the hell I have to go through. I do immunize them to go to school, but I do not unnecessarily vaccinate them prior to that. SO far so good...oh and for the son got both whooping cough and the measles FROM THE VACCINATIONS-hows that for nice.

I've gone to physician sites and learned the propaganda sold to them by pharmacuetical companies in conjuction with the CDC who cite that it is much more effective to have a scehdule begining at birth to ensure complete vaccination as statistics show fully vaccinated children were the ones who vaccinated on a regular schedule...thus the 2 month, 4 month, 6 month etc "well baby" visits were born and enforced today.

Once upon a time if your child was eating, breathing and didn't go to the Dr unless one of those things changed...but not parents have to go every 2 months begining at birth (and the following 2 week visit) so they Drs can gauge weight and growth and health...and so the proper immunizations can be given on all of these visits...

When I said I would delay my vaccinations...I was met with..."well you've never seen the ravishing effects of polio...and the youngest babies are at the highest risks for adverse outcomes from serious illnesses that vaccinating could prevent...if you are going to vaccinate-which you have to to put them in public school anyway-then you should do it now when it is most likely to SAVE THEIR LIVES!" oh the dramatics.

But they are told to push for regular vaccination schedules begining at birth, and this scare tactic is the greatest as it appeals to the fear of new parents for the wellbeing of their fear was that the vaccination could do more harm than good...

it doens't matter if I am paranoid and they are right, I didn't like reading about how Drs should manipulate the parents into making sure vaccinations were given on a timely schedule because this yeilded the desired fully vaccinated status over kids who got vaccinations later in life (when only a couple of "catch up" vacs may be needed) when to be fully vaccinated only took about half the vaccinations

$$$$$$$$$$$cha-ching$$$$$$$$$$$$ get those kids vaccinated every 2 months

and what about the kick backs drs get for pushing a certain med? OMG I go to the Drs offices and they have all sorts of free samples and their precsription pads are even advertsising a brand...and funny's what theyre prescribing...everytime I go they want to prescribe me medicine for something my child may need even if it's for presription vitamins and flouride! I went once for one child and the Dr asked me the names of my other children and wrote scripts for all of them to have prescription flouride...and she just whipped that flouride prescription pad right out of her coat pocket and I had to wonder what her quoto was before she got a kickback that month...I ALMOST asked... but figured I'd play nice...

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 10:09 AM
OK, now that I got the vaccinations and flouride rant out tof the way...

Not only do they advertise drugs for everything from depression and social anxiety or sleeplessness...but to heartburn, arthritis and erectile dysfunction...all the while listing side effects that often FAR outweigh the beneifts of the product IMHO! WTF is THAT about????

IS that so they can then prescribe more meds to counteract all the side effects of the other ones?

Suzy isn't this along the lines of making "advancements" to counteract the "previous advancements" made? Sure sounds like it to me!

How about high cholesterol folks? its a killer! It'll getcha! It s hereditary so if you know anyone who had it in your likely do too...and if they died of heart disease, heart failure or the likes it was probably caused or exacerbated by their cholestrol levels... then after all this hype for a few years wham a bunch of cholesterol lowering meds...they wouldn't have been so successful if the hype hadn't been put into place first...

(btw EVERYONE I FREEAKIN KNOW EVER SCREENED FOR CHOLESTEROL has shown HIGH why? WHats being fed to us to make it so high-is it our diet...or what is PUT in our foods?)

so which comes first folks...thats my question...

is it the alarm of the dangerous conditions/ illnesses

or is it the pills to fix it...

I say the pill comes first!

...and then the pharm companies lie in wait until the conditions are widley spread by food additives (perhaps-could just be too parnoid in that thinking though) or just identified by the public, accepted and feared

...and when that peaks, when every Dr screens and finds everyones cholesterol high....

WHAMO the miracle lowering cholestrol pill! No special diet they come to save the day...the pharmacuetical companies...

whatever the condition-there is a pill...

but just watch how they sell the conditions before they start selling the pills....

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 02:58 PM

Not only do they advertise drugs for everything from depression and social anxiety or sleeplessness...but to heartburn, arthritis and erectile dysfunction...all the while listing side effects that often FAR outweigh the beneifts of the product IMHO! WTF is THAT about????

For Real! And we wonder, why 75% to 90% of people are out there sick, and always on pill, before they had pills, didn't people sleep? so all this stuff, about insominia, and all that, is a conspiracy!

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 08:15 PM

so all this stuff, about insominia, and all that, is a conspiracy!

Ok Crusader are you really my brother, cyber-lover or shrink posing here to give me (expletive describing excrement) about my sleeping pill adiction?!?!?!??!!

I NEED MY PILLS!!!!! I sleeeeepppp so much better, harder, longer and stronger with them...I'm not addicted....I think I'm just in love actually...

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 08:27 PM

It seems that soon the 'statistical data' will support a law that says, "take a pill and we take your kids".

Yeah but knock them around and treat them like crap and we'll just turn a blind eye as we turn our backs, right? Another kid on the local news last week died. A 9 year old girl beaten to death by her father. The neighbor had made 3 calls to social services prior...and no action was ever taken...too late now...

scarey about the pill theory Suzy...good thing my anti-depression meds are really a narcotic poppy derivitive anti-inflamatory pain reliever...the anti-depreessive selective seratonin reuptake inhibiting action is a side effect of this nervous system based pain killer.

The Good Ol' VA system (I'm a DAV) gives them to me like candy. But I don't take them like that....I do however totally abuse them in a sense though b/c I take them for emotional pain and the nice dside effect that de-stresses me and their prescribed for my knee and shoulder injurees-go figure-it works for me and all I have to do is make a phone call, punch in my prescription and my free refill is mailed to me...

seriously though it's sad, if I had no self control I could be easily dependant-yep, addicted...not all junkies use a needle my cyber-love reminds me...

so some fear it could be a possibility in the future if I don't nip my casual/ recreational anti-stress dependant use I plan to...but the govt doesn't care...they'd just hand me any pill I want I think...and keep refilling it for free...just drug up us vets-its the least they can do, right? Well, I can't complain they pay me some cash too, but I just like the free meds

(I('m REALLY not an addict nor emotionally unstable I swear)

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 11:33 PM
Well I have a very large extended family and my kids are often moved to thank me for not doing the whole vaccination thing, when yet another cousin has some health problem. We are the 'poor black sheep' and they have everything, yet all their money and 'high quality' lifestyle didn't protect their kids from just about every childhood disease under the sun where as mine rarely even get colds. Geneticaly and socio-economicaly, my kids should have been damn sick little buggers...Ummm...

Our government is pushing for a 90 plus % vaccination rate, to the point of withholding money from parents who don't vaccinate and the whole you can't go to school without it thing. What happened to not being able to 'force' drugs on people? The parents are being manipulated, in very many, direct and subtle ways, to do the governments, 'illegal' dirty work to their own children.
But I'm not writing well right now because.....
There are a couple of other threads going at the moment on the international sex slave trade and 'missing' children and child sex slaves, then today I just watched an Oprah show on the child sex slave trade and I am damn angry at how bloody hard it is to get people to accept that it's a "protected" Industry of the "best" and "most respected" people of the western worlds societies.....If I go on right now....deep breath... just PLEASE KNOW, this is a world wide (yes EVEN the good old U.S of A.) multi-BILLION dollar INDUSTRY that includes BABIES as young as a few months old and Ritual Child Sacrifice and the "root" of the "problem" is NOT poverty or ignorance but ORGANIZED EVIL.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 06:49 AM


organized evil :::::shudder:::::sex slave trade including children-is it any wonder nearly NONE of the missing children are ever found? Dead or this country...WTH do people think they went? Abducted by aliens?

though we may not know when... I'll take refuge in knowing there is AN END to this world. It's vile...and I don't care who is controling it anymore-I'll look out for me and mine and a few on the side because it's all I can hope to do...

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 07:12 AM
When you see how often threads on this subject, here on ATS, a "Conspiracy site", come up, yet so quickly die and disapear, it's no wonder so many children suffer the same fate.

Folks would still rather 'chat about aliens' then face the fact that those they depend on for business, golf mates, family doctors, and a whole assortment of other "good old boys" ARE DEEPLY INVOLVED. Oh and don't forget the "good women" of the community.

Actually I'm being too nice, I believe there are those here that KNOWINGLY face these people when they share their "common interest" but that's just my life experience talking.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 07:52 AM

I believe there are those here that KNOWINGLY face these people when they share their "common interest" but that's just my life experience talking

Yeah well all too often (maybe only a few times, but that is TOO often for ME) I've come across sites where people share experiences of deviant sex including children who are nothing more than sex slaves-and usually it's depicted as happening outside this country-but too often it doesn't sound as outside of this country as it does as subculturally underground...either way-it's Americans...and they are articulate and educated men of status it sometimes seems-these men reliving their experience online for extra gratification or to bond with others...its just like kiddie pron that pops up on the web WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!

And who is ignorant enough to believe all this underground trade is funded and controled at large by other than very elite?!?! And as you say we know who it's patronized by

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by ANOK

Originally posted by bsbfan1
Smart ppl and ppl with power know how to use all of this for money making purposes and also know how to control a populace of anywhere.
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Smart people? More like unscrupulous people....

They don't have to be smart, just lucky enough to have been born in the right family.

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True, it's just a matter of observation to find these in American Society, I see these all the time at work and in laws and policies. we have. Most of them seem a bit stupid, clearly a highly paid board of CEOs AND COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY grads can't understand the day to day logistics of a grocery store. So they treat their employees like children of different ages(especially on the front end, I'm not gonna say who I work for through.) from stockers, butchers, florists, and cashiers and baggers. I hate the Co-operate conditioning they try to put me through at work, it didn't work that well at home on me, so why do they assume it will work well on everyone there?

Sorry for the venting, it's been building since last friday. But yeah, if look through the grocery or department store(especially Wal-Marts), you see all of those at the time.

The saddest thing about society is only websites like this, music acts, and old(like 20 something or more) books can WAKE PPL UP! Maybe it's not so bad BSB cares. I don't like the UNESCO "Learning from Birth to Death" program can't we petitnion against to congress so they give it to each state's general assembly so the whole brainwashing can stop?

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 08:09 AM
I do believe sites like this CONTROL the amount of exposure this topic gets, with too many other "interesting" topics on offer, and so help stop and mass public action rising to name and shame those important people involved.

This is the terror America should have a war on instead of investing in the trade.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 09:08 AM

I do believe sites like this CONTROL the amount of exposure this topic gets

Well yeah hell they have to otherwise a cyber-circle-jerk might crop up from all the devients here crying the sky is falling about other topics while hiding their own nasty little secrets of perpetuating such crimes against humanity-the immature of humanity at that

did I already say

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by crusader
Question, now taht we are discussing all aspects of population control, how to control people, is there a way we can look at the way Drugs, illegal, and as well as legal drugs have a part to play in controlling people? For example, the pharmaceutical industry? have you all notice, that it's becoming more and more prevalant that ads on Tv, almost 75% of them , are for a new so called wonder pill, to help with your every problem?

Yeah, I was on ritialin for 3 years for my "ADD". I guess it was suppose to "control" bored and inquizative behaviors. I got off of it at 13. For 3 months, I craved, but used choclate as a supplement. I've been able to cut down on eating choclate to some extent through. I don't use drugs, unless I'm sick or for surgery.

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