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"The Ancients"

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posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 08:27 PM
Mengaurd, me saying we are warlike is hardly a step toward awareness. i think anyone you ask would say the same thing about us being warlike, but from the beginning of man until present day we are still warlike, so...
Mengaurd, i have for a long time been "aware" (since i was 18 and i am now 38) but i still fell to the "dark" side about a yr. ago when someone with my "awareness" should not have and now i have no idea what will happen to me when i die.

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posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 08:33 PM

What did you learn from this encounter with darkness?What was so bad that you don't think that you will asend to a higher state of being?I am being serious as a heart attack what could you have possibly done?

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posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 08:43 PM
How, no matter how much you know of light and dark, if you don't keep practicing the ways of the light like you know you should if you are "aware", the dark can get inside you and blind and fool you like you never thought possible. My pride and ego and anger that i knew i should not have but did not do enough to control ended up taking over me and went as far as national TV on a major national network where i gave a message to millions of viewers that could only hold them back if they choose to live the way i was living and was presented on TV. Of course the network presented it all in a "it's cool" package like they do with alot of things that can hold people back. I won't go further on what it was all about though.

posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 08:49 PM

That was very brave of you to post what is bothering you I know the cross from the dark to light is not easy by any means.This is whats happening now is the darkness is merging with the light.

posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 02:00 AM
quote]Originally posted by GREGNOW
YOU say the "ancients" are telling you things that to me seems like they are telling you things that would be of help to us but at the same time you say they are trying to hold us back and dominate us.

Just one example in your first post, you say they told you about a machine they have that captures souls. Why tell you this? If they want to hold us back and dominate us why bother telling you that they capture souls? They are then giving you info. that could possibly help us to avoid what they are up to. They are contradicting themselves and defeating their own purpose.
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Wow....for something so simple it is difficult to explain, I myself am having a hard time explaining this to you Gregnow but I am gonna try. Us, the Human Race is both Physical and Spiritual,Solid and Material. Through out our lifes we live in this very world of ours knowing that one day we are going to die and thats basically it!!!!!

Well since the Majority of us belive this to be the case the Ancients assume we are Ignorant and completely out of touched with our spiritual selves, they say that we have a light inside and make it clear that this light its part of the soul, yet not the soul but its the light within the soul.

Since we don't know what this light is they ask that if we trade this light to them they'll give us knowledge and show us how to discover all cures for anything and everything that Humans depend on, That means us in a material world.

They made it clear they need this light to feed on but yet I'm not sure if they mean to eat or whatever exactly they want with it. But since they made it clear they depend on it and they were honest about it, they aren't lying.

Since we are not in touch with or have any idea of this light then it should be no use for us as the asume. So if we exchange this light with them,then they'll help us. (They were trying to trick me)

( AM I clearing it up ,yet???)

This is what the Enascios/Ancients claime: Yes they'll trap our souls but not to destroy us but to estract the light from within the soul and in return they'll make sure we are planted to live once again here on this world.

Do you see what it's all about, they want us to have pitty and feel sorry for them, " Oh...poor fellas are going to die if we dont help!!!

Just another way to trick us and prevent us from reaching our true purpose to reach the next stage of our purpose. These Ancients are not evil by choice they are just surviving and its obvious that their is a higher One a being not these Ancients which they abide from, since we are to choose to help or not its basically our choice.

They aren't forcing us, its on our own free will that we fall for these lies, since they are honest about it all.

As in Adam and Eve it seems the sepents are at it, so we need to hold on to the light, thats only if you want to manifest your innerself toward the next transition.

Now I know what they ment by: ("What is the light worth, Forever" )

Like our Sun and the Stars; within us the light is the source in which all exist, it is within us and since we don't appreciate it's presence.

It's as if by just looking at the light in the sky that gives us all we need to live as an example.

These Ancients are Like Blackholes eating the Light from within our souls!!!!!! They said its all part of the cycle but are they really serious!!!!!

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posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 06:41 AM
I get the whole, "wanting to entertain the idea that this guy is telling the truth" (if only we paid the same attention to those in the world who are suffering with real problems) ... I REALLY GET IT.... I can understand the facination you all have that this could be a really interesting story and the guy (menguard) is going to tell a really killer yarn and its WAY WAY more entertaining then ANYTHING on TV so why the hell not listen and discuss, right?

Okay.. do you not understand that threads like this are the counter productive to making ATS a serious and important asset to the community?

C'mon guys... what if someone kinda semi important walked in and wanted to check out some sites to use one to launch something new and alternative that would have made ATS the new 'place to be' on the internet (perhaps as big as yahoo but for alternatives - which is personally what I want to see happen.. the owners deserve it.. this place rocks) and they see a conversation like this.

What if all you are doing is feeding some poor delusional youths scitzophrenic fantasies?

"Billy, you know we talked about this.. these aliens do not exist, its just your illness making you believe these things."
"BUT MOM! I'm talking to people on the internet and THEY BELIEVE ME!"

ATS gets in to trouble. Or just looks foolish.

Or maybe I do for making a deal out of this.. its early.. maybe I'm over reacting.

But I don't think so.. I think this is wrong to post 10 pages of nothing but someones pitch for a new scifi series.. WHICH IS ALSO what you could be feeding here... you could be doing the Sci-Fi channels test marketing for them right now. How would you feel about that?

Besides.. these Ancients?

Do they look like this...

(bottom left hand corner)

.. do they? Because then you have just been watching too much Sci-Fi there Mem.

AND TO MEM... sorry to talk about you like you are not here...

(I don't mean to be mean or rude here)

.. but if you REALLY believe you are having contacts with extraterrestrials who are talking to you in your head and telling you to do things.. then you need to talk to your doctor about it okay?

But the thing is.. I don't believe that you believe that you are being contacted by beings in your head. I think you are taking this board for a ride because you saw P.Y. do it to the whole world and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN HOAXES ARE ALLOWED TO RUN AMUCK... and perhaps you are even warming up a bigger hoax on ATS and using ATS as a spring board for it...

.. either way... I don't like it. Its insulting to the intellegence on this message board to pass off either your illness or your fiction as 'something that is truely happening to you'.

Do you other guys realise what the OTHER problem with feeding everyone who comes by with a lame sci-fi story to tell that they have perhaps put together from 100 other sci-fi stories and perhaps their paranoid fantasies?

#1) You're going to attract every nut on the internet eventually, which though might be entertaining to have them all in one place at the same time.. (actually.. my god would that ever be interesting.. how the hell would we actually plan something like that and MAKE it happen.. something to discuss later) POINT IS.. it isn't ATS. ATS is not a mental instiution and personally I don't want the paranormal or alien and ufo message board filled up with stories like these, THOUGH I AM NOT STAFF and I can't speak for them as I have no idea .. perhaps this is what they were going for all along

#2) ATS will lose credibility... AND FINALLY.. when someone DOES SHOW UP with A REALLY REALLY TRUE STORY that is perhaps .. the biggest story of all time.. and has proof and ... well you know what I mean .. A BIG STORY and they come and post it here.. if this place is filled up with fantastic stories and nothing to back up these gdmn stories then how we going to give special time and treatment to those who actually have something to back their stories up?

Don't you guys have ANYTHING better to do? There are WAY WAY better articles and discussions going on in this site you know?

Sorry for the kill joy, stick in the mud, I know this stuff is fun now and then.. but seriously guys.. enough is enough already.


PS: Thanks for the minute of your time... I've said my peace.. do as you will. I can't stop you.. but you should really think twice about what you are spending your time on in here. You can contribute in so many positve ways, you don't have to give your time to this type of nonsense... YOU KNOW its nonsense.. so cut it out already.. I have a lot of respect for a lot of you for just hanging out here in general.. you are unique people.. trust me.. so don't waste that, k?

posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 11:45 AM
"If by majority vote people feel the same then no hard feelings".If people feel this thread has no credibility then by all means post away to say please close thread.If this thread has not made people open themselves up to the possibility that we are indeed telling factual accounts post otherwise.

posted on Jun, 21 2005 @ 03:20 PM
Mengard, my questions to posters on any thread is to test is their threads/claims have any credibility (that is as far as it can be tested).
i know your last post was more aimed at the last guy who posted to you.
My main problem here is that Da2ndseed has been able to to try and atleast answer my question to the contradiction i have found in your story here about the "Ancients".
thank you Da2ndseed you have cleared up a bit of my question for me.
What i do not understand is why after I had asked the same question at least 6 times here that Mengaurd kept answering questions that i did not even ask and that i already understood anyway.
I simply wanted him to answer the question I asked about the contradiction i found in his story.
Why could you not answer this Mengard? i am not saying i believe in this story here either way. I do believe in a lot of things going on out there based on my own expirences.
when someone however posts a thread like this where they claim to have some kind of truth about what is going on, then i look at their story and see if i casn find any holes to it or if it could have some credability to it based on my own beliefs (which of course may not be someone elses beliefs).
I asked a simply question about 6 times and Mengard would not answer it and instead seemed to be avoiding it by answering other questions that i did not even ask.
that does not make sense to me at all.

posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 10:31 AM
Here is something I thought might be useful,this might sum up some information that maybe in some minds went unanswered.

heres a link:

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 04:29 PM
I brought this point up on another thread of mine. One of the ways I see this whole reptilian thing, is yes it could be true, but then anything anyone writes about could be true...or made up. For the most part all the reptilian thing is is stories people have written with not many reports of actual encounters.
Now if you take the "Greys" there are masses of reports of encounters with them.
Thing is these "reptilains" in all the stories i have read are said to have been here living in the earth since before mankind. Yet when it comes to the "greys" we had no knowledge of them until the 1940's.
Given that, don't you think there would be way more reports of encounters with reptilians then with the greys?
The whole "reptilian" thing is something fairly new to "believers" yet they have supposedly been around since before mankind where the greys are common place to believers and they have only been around since 1940's.

[edit on 22-6-2005 by GREGNOW]

posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 04:44 PM
Mengaurd, i just read some of the link you sent, what in the world does the author use as proof of any of what he wrote. i mean come on, people are expected to believe all that without any kind of proof?
Just one ridculous example of what he says is

" Then look at the Cold War, between the
Changeling "West" and the "Red Drac" Eastern block of the Soviets and
Chinese. Is it coincidence that we refer to the communists of Russia and
China as "REDS"?"

This is so insane, He says they are from the "Red Drac" race of aliens and that's why we have come to really call them "Reds".
Look, we call them "Reds" because both of their flags and main colors are red. It has nothing to do with aliens that we call them reds.
Are you kidding me? We are supposed to believe this story without any real proof?

[edit on 22-6-2005 by GREGNOW]

posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 04:50 PM
Here is another one from the story link you sent:

"I know for a fact that they have already opened portals and tapped into
the Antimatter Universe on several occasions. But what they don't seem to
realize is that their technology would not be able to contain those
antimatter energies for very long. Also, eventually those portals would
open up and split wide open causing the greatest matter-antimatter
explosion in the history of this Universe. I have had to do some major
work on at least 3 occasions, one just recently, to send all the antimatter
that they had collected back to where it belongs, and then close the
portals. I cannot possibly explain how I was able to do that, but just
know that I did it."

Ok, thank you to the author of that story as i guess he is saying is that he all by himself has saved the world and all us on 3 occasions. Do you not think if he really did something like this that he would not be in gov't. custody or something? If these aliens are smart enough to make these portals and they know about antimatter (as the author says) don't you think they are smart enough to know the dangers or at least see the dangers as they are happening?

Mengaurd, how can anyone read a story like this and just believe it with no proof? You have got to be kidding.

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 05:31 PM

Well, I think that it should still be analysed or looked at.Does anybody know this person?Does society play a role in what is known?Not everybody is locked on by the government.Who's to say this isn't or is truth.I bring it into the light because I want to know what others feel and think about it.

posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 06:03 PM
Mengaurd, let's say the gov't. knows nothing of this author of the link you sent. He says aliens have portals and are messing with antimatter. Then the author goes and say that he (the author) went and saved us like 3 times now as he had to go put the antimatter back where it came from because the aliens don't know how dangerous it is.
Mengaurd, don't you think if the aliens have the knowledge on how to make portals and knowledge of antimatter that they also know the dangers of it and if they are bringin to much of it over and that it is dangerous?
The author sounds like only he has knowledge of the danger of the antimatter and he saved us all from it (including the aliens) 3 times now.
Don't you think it is more likely that the author is either making all this up or that he actually believes it all but is someone with a boring life who wants to feel like a super hero saving the earth (3 times now by the way).

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 03:09 PM
really interesting.

a shame that the universal library states something different, but still entertaining to read.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 05:15 PM

Originally posted by Enyalius
really interesting.

a shame that the universal library states something different, but still entertaining to read.

If you did have access to this alledged "universal library" then you would have no reason for your smug attitude and snide comments. That is unless you are simply lying to make yourself appear superior. This preliminary assessment on my part is backed up further by the fact that you didn't specify who you were speaking to. You also were not forthcoming with what the differences were that you alluded to.

I would expect better from a self proclaimed "universal mage".

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 03:34 AM
my replies were to the topic started and his stories about an alien race living inside Gaia and manipulating everything.

First of all many aspects of life are shown in different formats, but all gather as one. you got aliens, spirituality, paranormal, religions and more. All gather in the astral realms where the truth can be found.

well the so called "alleged" library. people still seem to think only a few have acces to it. that is not true. everyone who can astral travel can find this library, also know as akashic records. As you'll notice many names are given to the same things on many occasions. Such as energy and magic, they're the same. well back to the library. everyone who can find it has acces to it, but only to a small aspect of it. this is the part with knowledge that you're already capable of handling. when you've taken in all that knowledge you move on to gain more. in short you get a "key" to enter another part of the library.

you also get knowledge not only from the library itself, but also from experiencing and meeting other souls. as you know earth is not the only planet, by far. we're not the most technollogically advanced nor the most spiritualy advanced. many races live on a higher vibrational level then the people on this planet do, at this time. so seeing and detecting most races that come here is difficult. unless you got your 3rd eye active and know how to use it. vibrational levels (something people also refer to as dimensions, i don't know why but ok) there are 13 in total and the planet as an average is at 4th. some people on this planet are at 5. a few exceptions are at 6 and even 7. now picture this. the so called "greys" move between 3 and 6 so people can actually see them at times, and at other times they can't.

there are several "ufo's" circling around Earth at all times. like a damn freeway. but because they're at a higher vibrational level most people, and science known today, are incapable of detecting them. but people will be able to eventually and science will shortly follow after. this type of progress has occured many times in the past.

anyway when you go to the astral realms you'll encouter souls from other planets all over the universe. you can actually converse with them and see what they're like.

now i haven't heard of all races, that's impossible seeing how many there are. but a certain race living in the magma of Earth having some machine that doesn't allow souls to leave this planet is shere bull#. sure there are entities living there, they're called elementals...the ones of fire in this case.

I'd suggest visiting Gaia herself and see if there is something inside her that doesn't belong there, or simply ask her yourself. I know that not all races are "nice and helpfull", but this one...nah i know 100% sure that there isn't anyone inside Gaia except those that belong there.

then you also got reptillians mentioned on this side of the boards. anyone noticed how much they look as "the greys"? some guys coming by once in a while (pretty regularly), who aren't nice and are selfish and technologically more advanced then us? they're not bad, they're just selfish and do what is neceserary(sp?) to protect themselves. using some people as guinea pigs.

then there are the ancturians. they're peacefull lot. several of their souls are incarnated in human bodies to assist us into our next evolutionary step. the step which doesn't mean we're going to a 4th dimension. it means our vibrational levels will go up. gifts considered to be paranormal will become stronger and more there. more and more people will be able to astral travel and grow spiritually. establisched religions will fall because people can find their own truths in the astral fields and universal library.

also on "aliens" and such people will learn a lot more. and also how humans as we are shaped today started to be. let's just say we're not an evolutionary step from fish nor from apes.

as for "Universal Mage" i think that i can be snotty and stuck up when i wish to be. you really think mages are always nice and friendly just because they're wise? that's a stereotype. it's called human ego and everyone has a different one. luckily my soul ego is nice and friendly, but gets irritated after having to explain the same things so often.

ps. the universe isn't infinite. the astral multiverse is. the universe itself is reborn once every so often. including "god" and "satan" that come from this birth, as the christians call them.

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 07:19 PM
Thank you for a thought out response. I didn't want to be too harsh in my early reply but I felt you didn't give anything to the conversation. Well, except showing your ego, which we all do. I don't mind though. Just calling you out on it.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 08:49 PM
very very interesting thread..also found it amazing how so many things whether I agree with everything is another question, but definitely getting some weird feelings just from thinking about it and looking forward to this threads development..

and Enyalius, I take great interest in the astral, but I'm still rather inexperienced..I've heard many many things about these akashic records though, so anything in specific you would recommend when wanting to visit them?

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 01:57 AM
not sure this works for you. everyone has their own methods and learning pattern.

but when you're astral think about the akashic records and you'll go there. you know when you're there when you see a big white dome from the outside and when you enter you see an celestial being in there.

as for what knowledge you want to take in. i suggest taking the first codex you find and the info gets "downloaded" into you straight away. take 4-5 codexes and then go back into your body. your mind needs time to digest and understand the information you've taken in.

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