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Baddogma's Meta Cafe- Polite Discussions About Scientific Mysticism and General Weirdness

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posted on Oct, 14 2016 @ 04:50 PM
This is me just being generally weird...

I am now starring every single DP I run across! A little anarchoterrorism from TEOT!

[ETA: There was this noob who got 5?, 6? DPs! Explained that they hit "reply" and nothing happened (normal ATS hiccough [or is it hiccup? *shrugs* probably just another ME]). So they just kept hitting the button!]
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posted on Oct, 14 2016 @ 08:54 PM

Quite the role that must keep you very busy in "every"... wait am I the only one that thought of the triple X meaning for the acronym?

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 03:49 PM

originally posted by: Serdgiam
a reply to: Anaana

Thank you

Would you mind expanding though? I don't quite see it the same way, so I'd love to gain greater insight into it.

Apologies, things came up that couldn't be put off and this fell by the wayside, rather than procrastinate further, I'll at least drop a quote.

"...dynamically conservative systems normally protect themselves against ideaswhich cannot be brought to the public attention without disruptive consequences... The means of protection vary. Ideas may be relegated to private spheres or to the margins of society. Where ideas have not penetrated the general consciousness but suggest themselves at all sides, the may be repressed - that is, held back from conscious attention - or like ideas discussed under headings such as philosophy or change, they may be relegated to a kind of intellectual never-neverland, disconnected from action where ideas have become subjects of explicit attention, at least on the part of the few, those people may be suppressed, forcibly prevented from entering the arenas of public inquiry and debate. The movement from repression to suppression is a characterisic pattern in the emergence of ideas into good currency; as the ideas become more powerful, the defence against them shift."

Donald Schon "Beyond the Stable State"

While not explicitly relating to "woo", it can, I think, quite readily be applied, both in terms of what is done to suppress some ideas (experiences) and what is done to support, or even promote, others. What finds favour, what appeals to the lowest common denominator, is of particular note when it comes to woo topics both in terms of generating ridicule for particular ideas, and for reaffirming the status quo of what is permitted woo and what is disruptive. Invariably, in the process of ideas moving from the fringe to being in "good currency", economic considerations are a prime factor. To use your examples, we know that money is not food, and that feeding starving people is more important than money, but the illusion that money = food is supported by the food producing industry, as well as the financial services industry. We have to believe in the illusion to maintain their stability (and dominance), so they will do all that they can to ensure that the illusion is maintained.

Does that sufficiently expand? Not at my sharpest, so do quibble please.

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 03:59 PM

originally posted by: TEOTWAWKIAIFF
Did you read the North Bend, Oregon report from the random ATS link? It was very strange! People hallucinating due to unknown chemicals and it is passed on through contact! Reminds of _9Mother_9_Horse... story!! What if it was true! Strange place we inhabit. Where did I leave my flesh interface...

Read it and suspect hysteria rather than an actual contaminant.

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posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 04:01 PM

originally posted by: Reverbs
Hey Anaana.. You said that last song was for me.. It was kind of a perfect song for me actually. Just funny is all.. Secretly looks around suspiciously...

It was for the line about the "asphalt flower", matching it up with your Tupac quote. And I like the song, I use it from time to time to get me through the cracks.

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 05:08 PM

originally posted by: Anaana

It was for the line about the "asphalt flower", matching it up with your Tupac quote. And I like the song, I use it from time to time to get me through the cracks.

that's what I thought but I wasn't sure, because Laura is also one of my exes names..

so the song was perfect for what you meant, but then it screwed down even more specifically haha.

So I had a bit of a moment there. Especially because of the exact asphalt flower part.. It was a conversation we had a few times.. She wouldn't let go, and I needed her too because my flower wasn't growing anymore... basically lol..

I worded it a bit differently

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posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 02:11 AM
a reply to: Reverbs

Ah, I see...sorry about that. I had no idea, it wasn't due to any special insight on my behalf I can assure you.

Funny though, never thought of it as a song about personal relationships, it has always, a bit like the Tupac quote, been for me more of a statement of my relationship to the world in general.

I find that those who have little control of themselves seek out control of others, often destructively but with very, very little self-awareness. It's like they misread the message about being child-like and just become child-ish without understanding the distinction.

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: Anaana


posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 12:25 PM
Let the woo begin!

So, sitting here at werk. There are like three people in this side of the office. I sit by the back entrance where the light switch is located. Normally, I come in, turn on the lights, go over to my cubical h3ll, and listen as people trickle in. We had a mild wind storm last night here in town. We never lost power but some people to the north did. Even had a grass fire (snow has not fallen yet) when a power line was blown over onto it.

Co-worker standing at her cubical, other one sitting at his, both on the far back side several cubicals behind me, I am typing up an email saying I am going to be leaving at noon when: blackness. The overhead lights go out for the whole half of the office. Nobody was leaving or coming in. Nobody was near the light switch at all. I stood up, "Did we just lose power?" Nope. Computer still on. The HVAC is making noise. Huh!??? So I walk over to the light switch to see if was still in the on position... it was not! It was in the off position! I turn on the lights. I looked at my co-worker with a look of disbelief, "It is turned off!!" She answerd back, "What??!" with a half chuckle.

There was nobody even close to the switch and it turned off! Witnessed by the three of us sitting in the dark!

Let there be woo!
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posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 03:25 PM

Woo # 163

The mysterious case of the work place light switch caper?

A man sits in the dark wondering wth??

The switch is....


Did the light switch turn itself off, or is there more to the story?

to be continued next week on "Woo to you mr boo, woo to you."

uh oh.. I just heard someone talking in my house and there shouldn't be anyone here.. I'm a bit creeped out.. That went from 0 to 60 real fast..

Dog in the house he's not barking..

I blame you teot. This is all your doing..

please let my hearing be way too good today.. Maybe it's someone outside..?

meh whatever.. No weird vibe in the house haha so we're all good.
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posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 03:46 PM
Still on a strictly controlled woo-free diet... don't have to answer the phone just because it's ringing, and if it's important, they'll call back.

posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 10:16 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

The lights were on and the switch was on! Then the next second, they were off. But only on our half of the office.

Here's the kicker. One week ago, my supervisor gets a personal call (can tell by the ring tone). It goes very quiet in her office. Then she goes over to the female co-worker mentioned in the lights go out post. And it get even quieter. Then there is this full on emotional sob talk (everybody is standing wonder why my super is sniffling) which erupts into a full on wail... "She ppp-asssss--asssss---edd errr-sob-ly this morning". And the waterworks started. She was telling my co-worker, her subordinate, who also worked with her friend that just passed, who also happened to be her BFF, that she had just found out she had died.

And i am not kidding here. Last week sucked. The lights out... one week to the day, might have even been the same time, that that particular outburst happened.

The lights turned themselves off.

posted on Oct, 18 2016 @ 11:02 PM
I think I got some woo. I don't know if you could call it that. 2 people I know just randomly showed up while I was out today. I don't know what the point was. It's ambiguous. I wanna believe that theres more to it and its not just randomness.

posted on Oct, 20 2016 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

They were there to "witness" YOU.


posted on Oct, 20 2016 @ 11:52 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

That's it, huh... Weird. I saw my psychiatrist today. I come here to keep up with my "friends", but looks like I almost killed the thread. awesome. go me.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 12:33 AM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

Just a simple Jehovah witness joke... maybe you should have a sign on your door to flip that says: The goddess is out kinda like how Lucy has that whole the psychiatrist is in sign in the Peanuts comic.

I pull threads out of fabric; it's fun to watch it all seemingly unravel.

I have the ability to make psychiatrists need psychiatrists and not for a second opinion :p just so that they don't fall off the face of the earth because they need someone else to validate reality and to me that's the sure sign of insanity needing two more eyes or ears than one has already to be "So um; this is happening right now... yes?" Becoming subject of one's own observations is bad enough; paying another to do the same seems even more insulting.

I don't want to get into your personal business; but my friends only seem to show up when they need saving from themselves... sad really, it's not like I can't talk about pop culture but it's as if I'm expected to cure all of their ills from the metaphysical plane while it's just stuck in some banal mundane trope or role they weren't even aware of being in, that comes after walking through all four doors in the matrix and not noticing the names, scenery, and faces may have changed but it's the same as it has always been while what they are looking for is in that hidden closet behind the bookcase when they pull on the one title called: Soap Drama the closet just has a bucket and a mop; tears fill the bucket while the mangler drys out the heart of the matter leaving things squeaky clean to walk in a better direction than the circular that doesn't lead to any lasting happiness despite vows to insure it... effort to see the coping skills that aren't helping anything but hindering things as well as attachment to others that don't accept that the floor is wet and go all walking on around anyway is the atypical in how to free oneself from mental anguish.

Of course past abuse can be hard to overcome; it sort of creates a mental pause in conversation like in a mini flashback where now you have to edit because then the story gets too long and complicated for any casual acquaintance that may become more than they could likely bare. My advice? People should prattle that sh!t out anyway, if there's no accepting you then over time is even less likely and will be used as an excuse to leave later after the doors of trust were unlocked and months or even years wasted.

Anyhoo sorry you missed your friends here and had to encounter me instead.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 12:46 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Lol, smart alec. you can be my friend too. I realize no one is out there making arrangements to have me as their roommate so I will have to figure that out myself which is fine. but I told the psychiatrist how I feel this time, I usually don't tell her anything. I mainly told her not because she is my psychiatrist, but that she is the only real life person I can talk to about my situation. I'm sorry but I would very much like you to write as plain as you can. I'm afraid I'm just not sharp enough to get all your meanings.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

You did not "kill the thread"! Just that people are distracted by other things. Heck I am probably like two pages back right now and have not kept up with Reverbs and Peeple's conversation (so nothing meaningful to add there). I just posted some weirdness that happened when it happened and have been caught in other things (we had an audit here at werk and had to create/run some reports for them). That and there is Swanne's thread and the fusion record thread I started... so kind of distracted. Heck, haven't done an acronym in a couple days (which is probably a record! LOL)

We are not here to judge anyway! Remember, it is a polite café we inhabit!


Cafeterians! I know this is not "general weirdness" but it is still a fun spectator sport.

We are currently having our first snow fall of the year here in Anchorage! My bet (with my co-worker) is over 250 accidents today. We shall see.

It would be really weird if there were none. Already people say there are cars in the ditch and even one on fire! Oh the humanity!
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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 01:11 PM
a reply to: Baddogma

In my opinion there's only 2 sides. God and Satan. All of what you mentioned: spirits, ufo's, esp, ghosts, aleins, monsters, and other paranormal falls under the power of Satan and demons that have the abilities to act as these "other creatures" in the attempt to deceive man. Get man confused and thinking there's "all these possible realms" out there. Because evil is not about honesty. It's about deception.

Personally even though I believe this, I also feel to a large degree we're on our own. Good luck in getting either side to notice and or work with you in any capacity. And why would you want either camp to anyway as they're too whimsical. Today they want the best for you, tomorrow they want to kill you or ruine everything you built. I've sort of grown a bit of a slight distain for any thing in the spirit world. You can't trust anything out there, you can't rely on it, you can't expect much if anything from it, (except bad things) that you can be sure both camps will give you. heaven's camp to teach you lessons (and we supposedly need all these endless lessons ahhh), and hells camp to make you suffer and or try kill you.

Like I mean what kind of a system is this? It's nuts. It's just nuts, and largely unreliable. The last time I prayed for something, you know how long it took??? 8 years for the thing to materialize. 8 F*CKING YEARS! I'm not waiting that long again on any supposed "entity" out there. In future if anythings gonna be it's up to me. Because the spirit world is a total and complete gong show. I mean it's not my world so I didn't make the rules but the way the rules are it often feels like it's just impossible to win. So why even try.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: bigpatato

In my opinion you have absolutely no clue. What are you thinking? God sits on a cloud waiting for you to demand xy? The word pray comes from praise, not order or demand.
3 paragraphs of egoistic ignorance, I wish I never have read.

I know it's 237 pages, but read a little, it has lots of information. Page 5 for example:

originally posted by: KellyPrettyBear
a reply to: Baddogma

Oh lots of good answers...

All of man's religions.

The god man created.


"God" (meaning the god man created due to the scare marks).

Lots of good answers.

I think you basically got it.

Now.. next question...

Is that rational to you?

Some chimps and dolphins pass the mirror test,
yet we use chimps in labs and give them diseases,
and dolphin's wind up as tuna far too often.

Now for the extra credit that you won...

Where is their god?

Too lazy to learn, but self righteous like ...

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