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I am so tired of all the Jesus and God threads.

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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by TobyG3

Thanks for clearing up that never never ever will I follow your God who would do that to my Child.
Thanks for completley making up my mind that your brand of religion is the wrong one.
-1 Jebus cookie for you.
Oh and he is not my Lord at all so I can call him Jebus all I like thank you.
In fact I think they need to rebrand Jebus into Buddy Christ your religion may last another 100 years then.

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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:24 AM
reply to post by againagain

You don't understand what Faith is.

There are going to be challenges and deceptions, enduring these with Faith and Strength are what pleases the Lord Jesus.

that's what Faith is, strength in belief.

it has nothing to do with knowing that God is real. Just because you know God is real doesn't mean you "don't have faith".

That's ridiculous, so you're saying if someone actually does know God is real they're supposed to REMOVE this knowledge so that they can have Faith instead of knowledge? No. And that's not what Faith is.

I didn't ever claim I understood everything about the unknown, or even came close to doing so.

The only things I said that I knew are that "Jesus is God" "Jesus has the keys to the unknown" "Jesus/God are almighty"

I didn't ever say anything along the lines of "I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSE AND THE UNKNOWN!!!!!"

In fact, I'm kind of flattered that you get that impression of me when I didn't even suggest such a thing.

I have a PUSHY attitude because I'm in the minority. I appear to be among the "worst" because I have to use the most fierce defenses of all categories of people to defend myself and keep myself from being oppressed.

We are 10 to 1 here on ATS. about 10 atheists to 1 christian ratio.

Therefore, if a Christian DOES want to speak up and get something heard, they have to PUSH. because they are pushing through a TEN FOLD FORCE.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:27 AM
reply to post by boymonkey74

God will not be mocked.

You will reap what you sow regarding those comments to me.

I belong to no religion.

You chose to lose your Faith because you can't understand the answer to your question.

I did not say your children were damned to Hell.

I told you that you had an opportunity to KEEP them out of hell.

What I hear you saying is that you're too lazy to have continuous Faith to keep your children out of Hell.

You just want it to be automatic while you are a fat-lazy ass.

Just like it should be automatic for the devil "Ah, geez... it doesn't matter that he's pure evil in every sense of the word, he should just automatically go to Heaven cuz... I mean, God is all powerful and he can do anything."

Absolutely Ludicrous.

Your comments show you are truly confused.

I would feel sorry for you if I were not so angered. I will pray that you do not reap what you sow in that comment.

I really will. I ask Jesus now to put it upon me as a part of our discussion.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:27 AM
reply to post by TobyG3

Just because people do not follow your brand it doesn't mean everyone is an atheist you know, many people are good decent people who do not follow brands.
But they goto hell don't they

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:32 AM
reply to post by TobyG3

Nope wrong again, my child is a decent young man who I have always told to follow his heart, his mother has tried to get him to become a christian but he thinks the same way as me, he is a little bit buddist at the moment because it brings him peace from his stressed out life (his words).
So don't call me a lazy and don't say I have a fat ass because I have not forced him into something he feels is wrong and untrue.
In fact why am I bothering you are brainwashed, you even say I follow no religion but go on about Christ like it is the absolute truth, you may not goto church etc but you sure was told what to believe in by someone else..
Iam out.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by TobyG3

If you are a Christian, then you should repent for your wicked words. But you don't sound like a Christian to me. Say yo howdy to Beelzebub for me.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by Wonders

Originally posted by FreeThinkerbychoice

Originally posted by AkumaStreak
Being emotional is part of being human -- Jesus understands. He loves you despite. He died so that you could consume Big Macs and trash talk the son of God on ATS. Now go read your bible sinner!

Seems to me that you are taking personal offense to someones entitled opinion, it's ironic how you label the OP as a big mac eating blasphemer and sinner when clearly you have not even taken the time to have a proper conversation with this individual. Is it insecurity in your own faith that you need to be so over zealous in your replies to other people or are you just an unhappy christian? (respect to the character Jesus though, don't think he would of approved your judgements)

You know, it seems to me that a free thinker by choice would not automatically assume AkumaStreak to be a Christian, because it seems to me that the person you have replied to was objectively mocking Christianity, because of the sum of unfaithfulness as shown in today's society. Akuma's suggestion to read the bible is a sensible one, in my opinion, if one who sees Christiandom as an opposition, they ought to read the bible in it's context, to understand it for what it says, then you would be more inclined to discern with more clarity the type of folk you are dealing with, because so far as I can tell, Akuma is either not going to respond or going to fess up about not really caring about the truth. And I think you would have known as much if you had taken consideration to Jesus and his judgements, because Jesus said that he was to go away so that the Spirit of Truth would come and guide us into all truth and remind us of everything Jesus has spoken.
In order to be guided anywhere, one has to be willing to get there through guidance. We know that there are people who don't know the truth leading people who don't know the truth, we know to choose whom we want to trust. The truth is that I put my security in God's hands and my life is sustained by him.
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I seem to have sparked another offense by giving my opinion. Yet someone else s opinion gets a probable and respectful reply by me and just because I am still on the search and raise questionable remarks by retaliating rude and biased comments of conviction and judgement. Why is it that so many Christians get so easily offended when your claims of absolute faith would lead you other wise.

If you are so sure in your beliefs would you not rather refrain from intervening in opposition by practicing the teachings of your deity (turn the other cheek and do not judge). It is so ironic that a savior who does not judge and ostracize people have so many followers that do the very opposite.

No need to reply this conversation will just lead to another pointless debate of your wrong and I'm right.
When in turn you should realize that complex tissue in your head acts as a universe by itself and what you believe is the truth to that realm of existence but not necessarily of everybody else.

In fact I think if a rigorousness study is done on individuals and the views and values associated with Christianity, the results would be shocking as to how each indivdual pictures the monotheistic god they believe in. Keep doing what brings you comfort, just be weary that others have a natural predisposition to question everything in their realities for a bigger understanding of the bigger picture.

Good things fellow human

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:52 AM
Gotards are under real fire of late and it will only get worse. What, with all the endemic, institutionalised paedophilia surfacing in the Catholic church, Islam's age-old problems, Jewish paranoia and designs on Middle-East conquest.

So, it follows that sensing this 'extinction', the godtards have upped their online rhetoric and spamming.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 07:54 AM

Originally posted by daryllyn
If you don't wish to read the type of threads that you are referring to, then don't click on them.

Instead, click on the little 'minus' sign and they will magically disappear.

I am of the opinion that people should be allowed to discuss whatever they wish and if someone doesn't like it, that is their problem.


Sound judgment here, admit it. ^ ^ ^
Most people wake up, take their meds. if needed, put on some coffee or make their 'green juice' and go right to email or facebook and see whats happening. Then to whatever facepage to get their news. Mine used to be yahoo, but as of late I'v migrated to 'Bing', in my opinion it is better as NPR is better than FOX news. As I said, it's just 'my' opinion. Then theres usually a trip to whatever forum or webpage one enjoys. Invariably we that subscribe, end up here on ATS. For me, it's about 4th or 5th on my routine. Others may have a different agenda, but most follow along the lines I'v illustrated. So some of you will notice the new threads following on the heals of Coast 2 Coast AM with George Noory, or Cryptamundo, or the Drudge Report or the Huffington Post or some such parroting. The old timers here at ATS will likely post topics more inclined towards true conspiracies or odd news, or astonishing occurrence.

I'll agree, at the moment Feb 28, just a day before March 2012, there may be several threads God/Jesus oriented, but there far more dedicated to Guns and the Pope or the immediate news of the week. Just 4 months ago it was 2012 and the Mayans, then the disappointment of the failure of that topic. Theres always a political jab going on, or second amendment topic circulating. People here by and large are somewhat shallow, and you will find, if not good orators, they get lively on Youtube videos to include in their topics. To me.... if you cant something, something, dazzle them with Bull stuff. Most threads loaded with videos turn into half day events, and who has the time? So I think the OP's feel they win by discouraging comment to such ponderous thread fillers.

It's been said that there are a couple topics which will never turn out well, Religion and politics. I think that holds true to this day.

Most are creatures of habit...... take a look in the mirror... creatures of habit, or contentment in whatever form.
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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by Nettlas

I do hope your still at least reading this (your own) thread, as this responce is directed towards you.
Looking at only the content in this thread we can see that it is not the religion that is the issue, rather the individuals who wield it as a weapon.

Which is worse in your opinion, those who try to spread love or those who try to spread hate?
Now tell me who is who?

There are many threads here that make many claims,which ones are true? I certainly dont know, that is why i read many of them, to learn for myself. The one thing i do know is that whether people beleive in god/jesus or not is irrelavent, the people on both sides are afraid and are searching for some comfort, for some way to make an impact.

There are many in these forums, whom i beleive have a better understanding of the faith than i do, they tend to keep to themselves and not project thier ideas onto others in a forcefull manner. Instead they create a thread to discuss thier ideas on the topic, i think that if you entered some of those threads you would be surprised at thier content.
You say that you want to read about conspiracies then you should read some of them.
I find the threads in regards to the predictions of revalations very interesting, though it is just as annoying to see how many enter those threads to rant about thier hate and contempt for those ideas, but it is ok for those same people to make other wild predictions/claims in other threads....

Personally i know jesus is there somewhere, i have seen his spirit, and felt his power, it was an experience that is as real as these words you are reading and yet i have still failed to be able to explain it.
Sure i make the occasional comment in seemingly non related threads, not with the intent to convert but more because that is how i relate to the world.

The ideas i learned from christianity as a child are good ideas, the ten commandments are good "laws" to live by, i think the life lessons jesus taught me are good lessons to learn, they embody what most of the people on this site seek, honesty, justice, trust, tolerance.
People who take those teachings (ie. Westboro baptist church is the best example) and pervert them into hatred and fear are the ones who dont understand...imo

Im not telling you all this to say that my ideas are right, or that yours are wrong but i hope that you will at least give my words concideration as i do not wish to add to the contempt this thread has fostered.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 08:36 AM
I am so tired of all the Jesus and God threads. . . that I think I'll just start my own thread about God!
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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by Nettlas

I think it's because we are only permitted to discuss one of the two main manifestations of emotional crutches. So the one we can discuss is done so overwhelmingly.

Not that I take issue with any form of crutches. Live and let live and all those cookies.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by TobyG3

Wow, do you think I was taking about you specifically there? Is that how you read your bible? Are you accusing me of what I am not guilty of? I hope not, that would be delusional. Where is the love? I was taking about "pushy know-it-all Christians". One's that would say "I know I am going to heaven" and continually spam their unprovable dogmas as fact. Is that so hard to understand? Why would anyone like any pushy people like that? Why defend pushy people? Now if you are one of those pushy know-it-all types and my comment offended you, then I'm sorry as I have little time for you, as you should for me if your a Christian, right? As for faith, I think I understand it's various meanings, I could always be wrong on some points and I'm willing to learn more. I guess what you are telling me; for Christians faith is knowing. Hmm, I never new that, and I doubt that's true, but I could be wrong but I have faith that God is fine with that (If there is a God and he even cares about this trivial blather). I guess I don't understand how knowing something is faith. I'm not telling Christians how to express their faith, I'm saying people that act like God (know-it-alls) turn me off. It's one thing to try to be like Jesus, but to act like you are Jesus seems so wrong. Don't you believe that there are people who think they know they are going to heaven, but on judgment day Jesus will say they do not know him? It's like, I may have an extreme faith that I will never leave my wife, but I can't know that. I don't know the future, do you? You know what I'm taking about, that extreme 'fake it till you make it' kind of faith. Maybe you are just more liberal with the word 'know' than I am. If so, we need not rant over semantics. Lets clear the air and start over. Do you feel the love?..... That all said, I'm new here and I suspect we are off topic now. I suggest you start a new post about faith and maybe I will learn something new. All insults aside, I really hope our love will prevail here, not our hate.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 09:08 AM

Originally posted by dellmonty
You know you don't have to read the jesus god threads.It is obvious your just whining.It isnt as if you have to read every thread on ats.If a thread is written you don't like - don't read it.I'm sure scince you can write you can read as well.So why make a thread whining about anothers thread?Please stop whining.

Hi there, as I understand, not only can you read, but, you can also write. Well now here is a little lesson for you:

Please, before you answer to a thread, read the whole thread. If you go to page 2, and read the last post on that page (made by me) You will have clear answer to your "question"? or more likely your´s "jump to conclusion" reply.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 09:13 AM

Originally posted by Evanzsayz
reply to post by Nettlas

You registered in 2012 how can you claim ATS wasn't like this before. It has always been like this, that is why there is a religion forum. If you don't like it don't read it.

That is true. All I have to say to that is so? Did you sign up the first time you visited ATS? Maybe so, but I didn`t.
I might have been here 1 year before I signed up, maybe 5, or more...How long anyone has been a member of ATS isn´t equal to how long he/she has been visting ATS.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by TobyG3

Hi Toby. I have never said anything bad about the Christian religion. All I have said is that I´m tired of the religious threads on ATS. I don´t have any problem with what people belives, I do however have a problem with the growing number of "Jesus/God loves me" threads.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by Nettlas

I am so tired of all the Jesus and God threads.

What, all the one's in the 'Religion, Faith and Theology' Forum?

It's always been a busy Forum, well at least as long as I've been visiting ATS.

If you don't want to read them simply don't read them - work's for me.
Can't expect everyone to be interested in the same things - the diversity of topics is one of this site's attractions.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 09:18 AM

Originally posted by TobyG3

Also, another 'What-If' scenario...

What-if God/Jesus were real?

Wouldn't that make ATS and all places relevant to the discussion of him?


OP needs to get right with Jesus, and so do many of you.

OH YEA. you say you see this place quickly turning into a Christian haven.


This is a downright HATE thread, it SPEWS with denial, the denial is obvious due to the fact that what the OP is saying isn't even REMOTELY true.

He uses a day, ONE day where there are three God threads, out of many days where there are NO Jesus/God threads (I know because I frequently visit the site) as an excuse to make these LIES up and spew this hatred of his.

The OP KNOWS that Jesus threads are not over-taking the site, as do any of you.

Which is the second biggest and most obvious reason that you are FULL OF IT.

This is proof that you are full of hatred, and in denial. Because you had to make this thread.

If nothing else, good job OP for re-affirming doubting Christians in the Lord.

Look at all this anti-God drivel on this thread, man.

What are you people? The scum of the freaking universe? There IS a God. Whether you argue about it for a billion years and come up with what you think are the best arguments of all time for a billion years straight it doesn't CHANGE










Hi again Toby. For a person who clearly is a christian (a loving and beutiful religion based on kindness and forgivness?) you seem like you got a lot of hate in you. If you are a christian and I have offended you in some way, then, forgive me, as a true christian would do.
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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by MamaJ
reply to post by Nettlas

Ha. Well i could say the same back to you.

Im so sick of people like you who think they should be catered to, to their likes and dislikes.

If you do not like a certain thread, dont click on it.

Its really that is simple.

Religious beliefs can be looked at as a conspiracy to control people. These threads, if you read them as you say you have do not have just Christians in there discussing their beliefs.

The rant section is not a conspiracy .... Nothing cool about a temper tantrum.

Just wanted to make sure you get what ya give instead of treating you how i want to be treated as Jesus says. Lol

I don`t click them read last post on page 2. Well the rant forum is for tantrum. I don´t click the religious threads, so why do you have to click this thread? I knoiw what I´m gonna get when i click a religious thread so I don`t, you knew what you would get when you clicked this one and still you did it, and must now preach to me. Sorry, I don`t buy it.

posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 09:25 AM
There are many, many threads on jews, satanist, Marxism, atheist, new age, name it, it's here also. Why must you pick just on the Christians? I'll say what a few others have already said... If you don't like that topic then don't read it! You don't have to read it!

What I hate more than anything about forums like this is to see the hashers go into a Thread...any thread and immediately start making stupid post that have to be waded through to see what other people like minded to the "thread" have to say. I personally find that a lot more irritating that a Jesus thread or a New Ager thread.

I hope your fever goes away

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