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Blood On My Shirt - Where Are the Real Men At?

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by nightbringr

Originally posted by redCrow40
You don't hit a woman for any reason.

I would think if a woman killed my children, think Susan Smith, i would be quite justified in hitting her.

Ps. i call bullsh1t on this story too. If this really did happen, expect a visit from the police soon. Sadly, you will be charged with assault for defending this poor lady. And sadly, she will be beaten even worse when she gets home.

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Yes, unfortunately if the story did unfold this way he likely just gave the guy a get out of jail free card. Depending on what the women did with the child/girlfriend (they may have just took her home until she woke up, they were obviously afraid to call the cops) the OP will likely get blamed for hitting the child as well in any inquisition.

This guy wakes up in an alley after being smashed with a bottle. The "4 or 5" witnesses have dispersed. It would be very easy to say him and his child were mugged I'm the alley, his battered child is certainly not going to protest and would go along with the story.

A real man would have walked in and smashed the guy on the head with a bottle, and walked away thinking about the great service he'd just done. A real human would have sought legal intervention, and stood up in court as a witness to do some real, long term good by separating that man from the community. Maybe that's the problem with 'real men', thinking they've solved everything with their violence when they've probably just made it worse.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

Had a similar experience in college. saved a girl from being thrown down stairs by holding the guy to the wall. He hated me the whole year, and after that day I more or less made it my intention to make every moment of his life hell for what he had done.

I was evil for doing that. I felt good for doing it. I'm angry I felt good for that, now that I'm Christian. I'm happy I did it as a human being.

What can I say. People do get their just deserts. I don't believe in Karma though. I just believe that good people kill bad people in good time.

You gave the man a beating. I hope he wakes up in some ally and realizes he failed at life. Though I stress the need for you to seek out the three women and bare witness for your just actions. She may need your voice in court.
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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:39 PM
When and where did this happen, post city, state, date & time, I would like to check local police or county sherrifs records for the purported attack. They will be a matter of public record. You did report this to the police as you stood their & watched, right? IFif this attack happened as you say since your post indicates you were a witness to it AND as a "good citizen" you surley reported it, Please post the City, State, County, Date & Time (and if you have a copy of it, the police report #). Otherwise this post is just a line of B. S. from yet another drama queen here on this, the internets best fantasy entertainment & comedy site... ATS. Have a great day

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:40 PM
I usually just lurk on these forums, but I felt compelled to have my imput on this topic.

I have witnessed many acts of violance towards women (never children and I hope to god I never do) and I have intervened every time. I've taken alot of beating myself for this, and if I could go back, I would still do the same, just to know I helped that person even the once escape being hurt, even that once.

A REAL man should never raise his fist or vent his anger on a female or child. Those who do are sickening human beings.

I once had the unfortunate displeasure of finding out that my best friend at the time had drunkenly hit his fiancee', and I made sure he knew I wouldnt stand for it, he hasnt done it since, I dont think it will stay that way though, hes too self obsessed.

Many of you are speculating what makes a real man, I personally think a real man is someone who doesnt need to use violance, who respects EVERYONE, not just women and children.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:46 PM
oooh all high and mighty no need for violence no need for humanity lets all just be soulless robots and form under the 1 world banner of pacification government. As a kid who got beat up by my old man I can tell you it was necessary that's part of parental discipline and always will be until were all castrated a sexual beings that have no emotions. That being said I would have hit the guy with the beer bottle straight off the bat.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 03:57 PM

Originally posted by yaluk

Originally posted by NewsWorthy
True Story here: My friend was at a beach overnight with his girlfriend in Santa Cruz, California and at around 1am they realized they left a bottle of Hennessey up in the car on top of the hill in the parking lot. So he went up to the car and left his girlfriend by the fire. When he was walking back from the car he saw by the fire 2 guys holding his girlfriend down and attacking her/trying to rape her. He ran down the hill and silently ran up behind the closest guy. He smashes the bottle on the guys face and knocks him out and then jumps on the other guy on top of his girlfriend and cuts his throat with the broken bottle. As you could imagine the 2 guys are completely helpless at this point so he grabs his girlfriend and carries her back up the hill to his car to go to the police. At the top of the hill where he was parked there was a cop giving out parking tickets for parking after midnight an the cop completely freaks out (understandably) and thinks he just caught a murder/kidnapping in progress. Long story short after the cop realizes there is two gang members dying on the beach an my friend Andrew saved his girlfriend they arrested him...Turns out even though he was outnumbered an saving a girl from rape because he used a weapon it wasn't equal force so it was assault with a deadly weapon...He tried self defense plea in court but was told equal force is all that is allowed so he was sentenced to 3 years in San Quentin. The only thing they did to reduce his Sentence was they gave him the benefit of the doubt that it was a crime of passion in extreme duress so they didn't give him 10yrs.. He still to this day says it was worth it and he'd do it again even though the state wont treat it any different than a ordinary crime.

Okay, the only way you an break a bottle on a human is if you kill the human in the process. hennessey bottles are hard to break. I call bs.

okay sorry it took a few days to realize some1 was callin BS on my friends bad experience but i read it now so heres my response...I personally have smashed a Sierra Nevada Bottle across some1's face up in Hollister so I know a bottle can be smashed without killing the person, but it will however seriously cut the poor person terribly bad. And it helps if the bottle has a liquid still in it, a completely empty bottle is harder to break because the glass flex's more. But as regards to Andrews case you could probably google police records from Santa Cruz county..the year was around 1999 to 2000..and it did almost kill both of them..i was more surprised the guy he stabbed in the throat didn't die than anything but he said he only got him in the front of the neck by the trachea.. This Story is 100% Truth and if it was my personal case I would scan my court paperwork and post it but it's my good friends and I just think it'd be weird to ask him to copy his discovery Packet from his Trial so I can post it online on a conspiracy theory site lol I don't think it'd go over with him to well. I can even tell you the name of the beach it was Panther beach right outside Santa Cruz California and i'm sure there is people on ATS from the area that can verify that crazy gang fights and police intervention is pretty normal there.But if you choose not to believe me that this did happen on the sole grounds of a bottle will kill some1 before breaking you might wanna youtube bottles smashing faces lol because there is a buncha proof there that it doesn't inflict instant death like you claim. it has to due with point of contact, speed, and density of bottle/bone that determines if it's gonna break, just like breaking bricks with my hand it's all about speed/location

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by ElectricUniverse
The same thing happens when a lot of people see someone on the floor, maybe unconcious, maybe dead, and they do nothing to help them, and people do this because society has allowed lawsuits to occur against people who had good intentions and were trying to help someone else.

Well put. That reminds me of another personal experience. I was driving one day on an often traveled street in my city. Something caught my eye. Close to the train entrance and near a bus stop was a man laying in the street. People are coming off the train, people are waiting for the bus (usually a lot, because the busses are chronically late), and cars are slowing to a stop just past this area for a traffic light. After I noticed the man, I glanced around to see if anyone was coming to his aid. No-one. Not a one. People were right next to him waiting for the bus and essentially ignoring the fact that he was there. I immediately pulled over and called police. I wasn't sure if the guy was drunk, unconscious, or dead and explained this. Even if he was just drunk, he was still in the street and at great risk of being run over. I was on my way to an appointment, so I continued driving. When I passed the location again, an ambulance was pulling away and the street was clear.

The underwhelming response to help another human is disheartening. To each their own, but I wouldn't feel right if I had just passed him by. I would have loved to interview every single "witness" just to get their angle and try to understand the motivating force behind doing nothing in a circumstance like that.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:04 PM
I've stumbled in the past, allowing anger to cloud my judgement and decisions. I've also come to realize over the course of many years that a man's duty within the context of the family unit is to do 3 things:
1. Love: always be there when you are needed for comfort, encouragement, help.
2. Protect: always keep your loved ones from harm, whether from the outside world or even you.
3. Provide: always be ready to do what is necessary to keep your family fed, clothed and housed.
I've learned to live by those three words and I pass them onto all of you. No one is perfect and we all succumb to our lowest common denominator if there isn't a guide to live buy. Here's what I've lived by for these many years.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by Aeons

Yes, real men are often home with their wives. The violence witnessed by the OP is not necessarily a respecter of environment. This could have happened anywhere. "Real" men do step up to the plate in times of such events. Those who didn't were cowards. Men are protectors, or at least are supposed to be.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:27 PM
Reading the OP’s story bothers me immensely. I had an incident where two punks wearing shorts below their waist were walking in the middle of the road while sidewalks boarded both sides. I’ve had these wanna be gang members actually stop while crossing the road, stop traffic, and grab their crotch while looking me in the eye. At the time I was recently out of the military and had enough this particular day, so I locked my brakes up close to them as a friendly reminder that they can be splats on my grill. Of course they start cursing and then threw something at my car. I ran one of them down and asked why he has to walk in the middle of the road and why is he throwing things at my car. The punk then starts bouncing into my chest and draws his arm back as if to punch me, so I get around him and place him in a bear hug and tell him if he acts stupid I’ll squeeze the air out of him until he passes out. About that time the rest of the gang shows up and surrounds me. I let go of him and start walking toward my car, them screaming things like “hit him with it,” “we’ll kill you,”, and “bust his windows out.” It looked like something out of the LA riots.

They surrounded my car and it looked as if they were going to carry out their threats. I had been a T-ball coach for 5 years and had a trunk full of bats. I popped my trunk and grabbed one, they scattered. I then got into my car with many witnesses looking out their doors but none even called the cops. I drive back home when I see a van with dark windows following me and it pulls into my yard. I grab a bat and head over to it, they leave. The next thing I know I get a court summons and the story was so ridiculous I did not even think I needed to defend myself. The two thugs and their mother are dressed like they are going to church. They tell the judge that I tried to run them over while they walked on the sidewalk and then ran for their lives. After I laughed to myself I was fined $350 for simple assault and nothing happened to them, nothing.

Let’s bring up another one. My son was the only white boy on his football team, just to set the atmosphere. The first time we meet the coach he tells of how he was fired for hitting his boss in the face….go figure. We arrive about 15 minutes early for practice and find about 6 black boys throwing red clay clots at a small white boy, the coach is looking and laughing. They only stopped when I told them to stop or I’ll put them in my car and drive them to the police station myself.

I’ve had these thugs jump my fence numerous times, even while I’m in the yard. I had recognized some of the local kid’s parents at the football field and asked them to talk to their children or else the next time they jump my fence I’ll hold them at my house until the cops arrive. The parents of course say their children are angels and would never do anything. Well, two jump over my fence while I’m working in my yard and I ask them to go back…they wouldn’t. I then grab one in a bear hug and take him inside and get a rope, telling him he can sit there politely or I’ll tie him up. The mother arrives with the other boy, demanding her innocent child be allowed to leave. About that time the cops arrive and get into the boys face like a drill sergeant……it was great!

In baseball season……I’m coaching and numerous times the thugs would stop traffic and harass cars trying to leave. Nothing is done. I’m sorry but the thugs seem to be empowered at this point and unless people are allowed to stop this non-sense….it will continue. I agree with the old Chinese saying…”Evil exists because good men fail to act.”

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

I am old enough to have responded, in my fifties. The younger men have been wimpified my our PC society! I was brought up that gentlemen do not beat women. Now days the girls are doing the beating. Another fear is the fact that you may be sued later by the victim especially if it a family affair.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by hounddoghowlie

"She" did the right thing with what she had at her disposal. Better scenario is to have a carry permit and the will to pull it,. and demand "back off". Believe me, he will back off. Wait for the cops??? Not unless you want to go thru their interrogation and see everyone at the scene charged with "something". and end up having to spend a small fortune on attorney's fee's to prove your innocence. Do what has to be done to stop the violence, keep your mouth shut and disappear. It happens all the time with legal hand gun owners, only you never here about it.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by nightstalker46

I agree that CCW would have stopped the brute. I have a CCW and in my state like others there is a back off rule, where you if feel threatened and they do not back off, you shoot.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by pcrobotwolf
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

you strike a dude with a glass bottle then quote Gandhi lol. I think you might be confused. Real manly men hahaha get real guy, women and the media have been distorting the image of a real man for years. Its a tough guy no its a hard worker who makes enough money to care for his family, no its cold man who doesn't give a damn about anything and never gets hurt. Truth is nobody really knows what a real man is.

Why don't you tell us? You don't know, either?

How about going to church - I think they know.

SIlly getting your role models off the tee vee set.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 05:56 PM

Originally posted by garyglp
reply to post by nightstalker46

I agree that CCW would have stopped the brute. I have a CCW and in my state like others there is a back off rule, where you if feel threatened and they do not back off, you shoot.

I think that would extend to the victim as well, even if you aren't being attacked directly. If they are still threatened with serious harm and the attacker doesn't back off, you are in the clear to stop the attack.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

My true story from last May:

So the other day, I walk in the store to buy some tissues, and at the counter, I hear the manager talking about some skateboard punks in the back by the garbage bins. The guy said he was about to have to call the cops. I told him there's no need to, I'll take care of it myself. So, I walked to the back of the store, and lo and behold, a couple of good for nothings were tearing the place up. A couple of them asked me what I was doing here, so I took of my shades, looked them straight in eye, and said, " Well boys, I'm here to take out the trash, then I grabed one of their skateboards, and broke it over my knee. Then, one of them threw a punch at me. I caught it, and looked thr punk straight in the eye, and said " I'm afraid theres no need for you to be recycled, then I threw him straight over my head into one of the garbage dumpsters. Then, the rest of the kids ran away in fear. I was glad I could help my community, and look good doing it.

But THEN...

Would you believe it, me and one of my friends went out today for some dinner so we stopped at a pretty nice restaurant. I don't smoke and most of the time I sit in the non smoking section but I didn't feel like walking to the back of the restaurant today so me and my friend sat at the first table we came to in the smoking section. Since most ppl should be aware that I don't smoke I didn't think I would have any problems. I was wrong. This jerk lit up a cigarette right next to me. I couldn't belive this fat jerk was disrepecting me like this so I turned around and again looked him right in the eye and said " you might want to put that out f**..........That is,if you value your health". The guy said a couple of cuss words and told me to go to the non smoking section. Well that did it. I got up went over to the table and said "excuse me f** but you didn't clean your plate", and then I took his plate and bashed him over the head with it. Then his friend that was with him got up and took a swing at me, I ducked it and then gave him a swift round kick to the ribs. I then hip tossed him on the table and then I turned around and looked one of the waiters right in the eye and said "this orders to go" and then I tossed the table with the guy on it a good 14 feet across the room. As me and my friend were storming out the manager apologized to us but I told him it was too late as I would never eat there again...

The world is a cold dirty place, good thing there's guys like us to keep it clean!

Great thread!

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posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:03 PM
I do not know where you are from but feel free to move to the American South. Here we step in. I lawfully carry a conceled weapon and would not hesitate to use it if necessary to protect a child. We do what has to be done to care for ours and thoses who can not defend. Many men remain boys until they die of old age. If you are young it is your responsibility to stand and protect your own and others. If not you die a coward...

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:17 PM
Really? you knocked a man, unconscious with a glass bottle and then simply walked away? Maybe you'd have less questions if you stayed and learned if your actions were justified.

I agree though. What ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV? Everywhere you look, there's a face of somebody who needs you. Keep up the good work

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:21 PM
You did the right thing in the situation you described, imo. Because of the two ladies who were unrelated stepped in, and were getting hurt.

But do be careful every situation is different. As others pointed out it happens alot that when you try to stop a guy from beating on his woman, she then jumps on your back and tries to claw your eyes out for hurting her man.

For future notice if you see a guy beating on a young girl and a woman, you have to determin if they are a family, cause if they are, it's probably best left alone.

When you think about how touchy all these "domestic" violence situations are, you have a better respect for good Police officers whom a large % of thier calls are domestics. Very sticky situations that are hard to figure out exactly what is going on. Half the time you see a Wife with 2 black eyes and a busted lip begging the police not to take her husband to jail.

I'm just glad you weren't hurt. Best thing to do is to just try to mind your own, but in a situation where you can't; a situation like the one in your OP, some action HAS to be taken imo, so sleep easy, you did the right thing. The fact that the cops weren't stopping you on your way home, or at your home within the hour pretty much proves that.

But there may be a time where you may be saying to yourself I wish I had just walked away (I hope that doesnt happen to you) cause really if everyone just all looked the other way when crimes are being commited when one has the power to do something to stop it. Like the group of guys you mentioned just watching....., I mean what have we become then?

Also Karma is a beautiful thing, and you have just increased yours, imo.

It makes me think of the movie Training Day.

Where the first day rookie (played by Ethan Hawke) spots 2 guys raping a young latin girl in an alley, and jumps out of the car and saves her. Denzel Washington (his superior and the villian of the film) doesn't help his rookie partner and lets him fight the 2 guys himself, after Hawke subdues them, Washingtons character proceeds to let the criminals go.

Later on in the movie Denzel Washington sets the rookie up to be killed by some Latino gang members who find the young latino girls wallet that Ethan Hawke picked up after she ran off. Turns out the girl was this guys neice iirc (maybe cousin?) but they end up not excecuting Ethan Hawk, all because he didn't look the other way and stepped in to help someone who needed it, without regard for his own safety. Am amazing scene in a great movie. That's Karma right there.

posted on Aug, 18 2011 @ 06:24 PM
Kudos to you OP.

I have a similar story...

Not that long ago I was coming out of the liquor store to get some fresh air because my boyfriend was taking so long to choose what he wanted to buy.
I went outside to the parking lot near the entrance/exit and saw a bunch of people standing around on their cell phones... My first thought was "What the heck is going on? Some kind of contest or something?"
But then I got a glance of an elderly man a few feet in front of me, laying on the ground. No one was coming to his aid, everyone was just watching.
Since I am trained in first aid/CPR/defib I ran towards the man to check if he was conscious. As soon as I ran to help the man I became surrounded by everyone on their cell phones. I looked at the man while checking his pulse and I couldn't find one... and he was turning purple.
My first thought was choking... So I immediately put him in the recovery position. Then a small, elderly lady appeared out of no where and was quietly sobbing. I looked up, and asked if they were together... she only nodded yes. I asked if he has a history of medical problems and she said "stroke" I picked out a woman from the crowd and advised her to console the woman and picked out a man to get a supervisor from the store and check if they have a defib in there. All of a sudden The elderly man in recovery position started coughing. I was so relieved to hear that. I tried talking to the man and console him, telling him what I was going to do. He was unconscious the whole time though. He was breathing, but shallow. He was still turning purple. I was getting a little scared at that point. I kept one man with a cell phone with me to relay what was going on to 911 while we wait for paramedics to arrive (because clearly more than one person has called, but only the one man stayed on the line with them).
The man stopped breathing again. I was ready to put him on his back and adjust him for CPR. As I was doing this THANK GOD the ambulance already came into the parking lot. The man came out with a supervisor to tell me no one is certified for CPR/first aid and there is no defib. (what morons, I thought it was the law to have ONE supervisor per shift who was certified)
While the medics get to him I explained what I did and found out, grabbed the mans wallet from his pocket and gave it to his wife.
My boyfriend came out looking for me, and finally found me on the ground with the man helping paramedics.
I got up, and just left after that.

I felt so many emotions go through me. Angry that no one had stepped up until I got to the man. Happy, thankful, and joyful that I was able to help the man. Disturbed that the first thing people did was take pictures instead of calling 911.

But I would help anybody if they were in immediate life threatening danger. I would risk my life for another person's. Thats just how I am...
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