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Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway killer

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 10:43 AM

Court is reviewing a potential conflict of interest between the court appointed mental health expert and the lead of forensics psychiatry who reviews the work.

This is the sort of thing your defense team is supposed to pick up on.

But here is why they aren't.

The defense's defense, just as I have been suggesting, is that they are going to put on trial everyone on the 'net who questions Islam and immigration policies.

Come on. I dare anyone who wanted to take a swipe at me for knowing where this was going and taking a direct hand to it to challenge me now. I dare ya.

What is even better about this, is that some of the not-real actors on the 'net are plants who are whipping up rhetoric to make this case even better.

So my 'netizen friends, please view with a jaundiced eye those people amoung you or those sites amoung you who are showing tendencies in the last four months to become more extreme. Because, YOU ARE BEING SET UP.

Now, look at anyone you've been seeing who are attacking just regular folks in this group of questioning bloggers/websites. Look at anyone who has been pushing more extreme views in the last 4 months. Because those people, I'd suggest you might want to consider what they REALLY are.

It is like some people and websites just put their hands in the air and said, "I am not what I appear to be." Isn't that nice of them?

Now, trying the regular people on the Internet, and freedom of speech is a much nicer political case for the defense to make. It is easy, it also intersects with their personal politics making it ever so much more attractive.

Plus, it leads to a nice political case for the next election cycle about the limitations of your rights to question.

Far more attractive than to defend an intelligent man who commited a terrible crime that strikes terror in people's hearts.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 12:13 PM

And they are in the media going to put the political opponents of Labour on trial.

Politics - when you smell blood of innocents in the water you may rest assured the the TYPE of shark attracted really doens't matter to your survival.

I'll also continue to point out that Mr."Insane" would be totally okay with provoking the Left Wing to their Worst. It completely fits with his strategic style. In jail, in isolation, with a diagnosis of insanity.....and he's playing politics like a frackin' pro.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 04:50 PM

Just supporting my point about how European mutliculturalist supporters who support it without a full look at it, particularly from the point of view of original inhabitants are flying blind and provoking problems.

They saw themselves in the white people in the New World. They didn't look at the full picture, and anticipate the obvious problems.

Notice, the caption of the picture. Warriors. They aren't the only group calling themselves such.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 11:44 AM

It is important that you do not believe that the behavior that we hate or fear and therefore is abnormal, should be classified as sick. When we narrows our view of the mentally healthy human evil capacity, while the impermissible way dilute the concept of illness, he continued.

This swedish professional believes the report is unprofessional.

Much more harsh than I am. I just think they are deluded and uneducated about politics.

Showing what his brain might look like if he is a paranoid schizophrenic.

This isn't what I would expect them to find. But I do have some great interest in the scans they did of him on July 23 to look for explosive devices. I wonder if you can end run his wishes by obtaining them? Did the scans include a scan of his head? If there are more obvious organic issues, they might be in those scans.

I have a idea as to what they'd find if they studied him. But I've already written about that.
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posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 03:13 PM
Norway launched an "anti radicilization" website
Here (kripos)you can report people like ABB,by their internet activity

"Important: If you have concrete information regarding punishable racism and racist slurs, contact your local police force. Kripos tip reciever has been established to handle illegal racist slurs on the internet. If it's an emergency call the polices emergency line 112 or the local police, 02800

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 03:33 PM

Originally posted by Sorgmodig
Norway launched an "anti radicilization" website
Here (kripos)you can report people like ABB,by their internet activity

"Important: If you have concrete information regarding punishable racism and racist slurs, contact your local police force. Kripos tip reciever has been established to handle illegal racist slurs on the internet. If it's an emergency call the polices emergency line 112 or the local police, 02800

And this would not have caught Anders Behring. So I am amused.

Though do take this seriously. You may rest assured that unless you are taking steps to anonymize yourself and know they work, tying you to your online content isn't that hard. For example, you can assume that the authorities here know who I am and my participation in this thread certainly is now in my "doesn't officially exist" file with them. That's not paranoia, that's just the facts.

Personally, I suggest that anyone who believes that they are being silenced or taken out of context should immediately start filing civil/human rights abuse allegations with which ever kangaroo court deals with those in Norway.

If they want to stop radicalization, some real discussion of the facts might be in order. Inconvenient. There will always be people with radical views. So long as they have real leadership in a politically acceptable arena and don't feel silenced, generally those radical views won't develop into radical ACTIONS.

Silencing people because you cannot effectively challenge their core problems is a plan for failure. One that many governments of Western nations are courting actively. The last time that started happening in ernest, people who disagreed violently had a place to GO to. Places to get away from each other. That doesn't exist anymore. There is nowhere left to separate yourself.

Ever been in an argument, and the other person blocks your way out so that you can't get away? That's where this is heading, and there are no doors and no way out. And both sides are telling the other one to shut up.

This is being identified as good policy. What it is, is stupid.

(I would also suggest that if anyone gets enough people interested, that they could overwhelm this 'service' by reporting all the gender slurs. The number of those slurs being used should be more then enough to make an excellent point.)
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posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 04:42 PM
I know for a fact that they are monotoring certain individuals internet activity, such as mine.
After I had been searching for data on diffrent weapons (for my game, i'm a programer), people tried to pressure me for data. They would say things like "Don't you just want to kill politicians sometimes" in PM's on "anonymous" forums.
I was searching for clipsize, fire-rate, etc. And I noticeded how, using a certain program, how google sent some data to an intelligence agiency (nethttp? I can't remember). They where also sending something to the international copyright protection agency. Also, every time i open a program, system32.dll opens up and increases my CPU to 100% and the computer lags like hell.
Probably because i download stuff illegaly.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 04:53 PM
Ever wonder how many people radicalize because.....they think that there are more people like them than there really is because there is bait on the interwebz?

This idea preoccupies me on occassion, about how they keep themselves in business in some ways with their own techniques. Then they retire, and go use their skills to do the same thing for media and business.

A world of radicalization - created by the skillz paid for by tax dollars. Awesome.

I guess all those people who went to ideological vocation school need to be employeed somehow.

posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 12:17 PM

They give the man two GAF-score, which is described by scientists as he is in a vegetate state - it is hardly possible to be sicker.

He is described in the psychiatric report as being vegetative.

Good God, if this is what he is like when he is vegetative, I may be in awe what he might be like if he were not.

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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 11:49 AM

Here is a lovely piece of rhetoric that in the end says nothing. It both blames people for Breivik, and then blames people for having opinions. It says you can't blame anyone. It suggests liberal thought, without actually advocating it.

You can interpret this piece to mean just about anything.

It suggests to being neutral, without ever saying anything at all in the end. If you want a good example of how to write something that says nothing while seeming concilatory, I suggest it to you as a case study.

It appears a little strange. We have confidence in the system, it appointed two highly skilled experts who have done a thorough job and now we will allow the forensic commission have their say, says the barristers.

I think that all the people offering their professional opinions have to realize that the defense doesn't WANT to make that case unless it seems stronger than the one that they can make with Anders Behring being insane.

Anders Behring might care, but then again he might decide that he can make this work for him either way. I'm sure he could be convinced merely on the premise that more media exposure for his political statements would be worth it.

Aid lawyers are questioning the psychiatric report.

Monday some of his restrictions come off. Access to media, tv, radio, etc. No internet access, as per prison regs.

Here is an example of a picture displaying one of the meditative behaviours I was addressing earlier in this thread (and caused thread spin-off).


What do you think would happen if Anders Behring manages to not look insane in public, sound reasonable, and a serious attack gets through in Europe? How many has the US stopped in the last year on home soil? Thirty?

Insane. Not insane. Probably won't matter.

Making him into a mass murderer really would have been so much smarter. There would have been so much less gasoline on the floor.

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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 01:39 PM

Interview with an authour whose works cover the intersection of politics and religion.

I actually just fast scanned one of his books this morning. I put it back on the shelf. Instead picked up "Why The West Rules - For Now" by Ian Morris and "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond.

I'm liking the in Ian Morris's a description of the geology and physics of civilizations.

Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy have all recently claimed multiculturalism to be a failure in their countries. Cameron specifically called for better integration of young Muslims in order to combat home-grown terrorism. What sort of impact have these kinds of statements had on the rise of Islamophobia in Europe?

The alternative to multiculturalism is monoculturalism, which happens to be what Breivik fought for: a monoculturally Christian Europe.

This is a false dichotomy.

The "pluralism" and "multiculturalism" of Europe is set up in and of itself to create a monoculture based around economics and acceptable cultural concepts deemed acceptable only through extra-national treatises that end run Peoples.

He continues after this to essentially attack anyone who defends Western governance models, under the guise of attacking Fascism and Anders Behring.

He also manages to make anyone who might think that being great is a worthy thing into a shadow skulking criminal. More amusing in the context of Anders Behring here is that very Marx-esque.

Reasonable - or attacking of Western civilizations under the guise of being reasonable? There is no distinction between states. He starts with a premise reasonable seeming, and then runs it up to a ridiculous proportion. Reasonable language disguising black and white thinking.

What people like this are really doing is increasing radicalization by removing middle ground.

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 11:17 AM

- Should he, contrary to expectation reassessed, it could of course be a matter of trying to adapt. There he learns so much, can affect the way he explains himself to any new experts say the psychologist Paul Grondahl.

They didn't tape or video the original interviews? Then they can use those. Then they can go in and assess him with some new interviews. Which might also be different now, because the steroids are out of his system for a while. Doesn't seem hard.

Breivik In questioning, explained that he used the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for acquiring military experience and weapons training . During the bomb construction phase, he claims that he played "WoW" because it boosts morale and motivation.

I don't know why they don't believe him. These are probably both true. Organic usage of gaming to game one's neural wetware is what he is describing. If you read 2083, he explains several other ways of controlling one's internal responses and how to essentially game one's adrenal system and prefrontal cortex.

For example, when he explains the way he is using cigarettes, he's telling you the truth. He's looked into how these effect your performance, what they do to your body, your mind, and probably noticed organically the meditative effect of deep measured breathing that you do when you smoke.

And we know that he has explained that he did that on autopilot, or in a game, when he carried out the massacre of Utøya. I interpret it so that he almost did not experience it as real. When comparing it with the expert report, which concluded that he was psychotic, it is of interest to us. We will try to go in and look at the research results.

Then look into DARPA's recent calls for research into the use of narratives (games for example) on how people use dopamine, serotonin, and oxytoxin.

The way he's gaming his dopamine systems may mimic the effects of schizophrenia to an observer. It may be a form of schizophrenia that has been highly controlled - which would be way cooler. Someone who has been effectively organically controlling their schizophrenia for more than a decade and completely wrote how for you how they do it before they decided to engage in a "hero" narrative to try to shed their ego in an attempt at integration. That'd be fracking fascinating. Schizophrenia on a sliding scale, suggesting that there might more people in the populace with the same but whom have found organic control mechanisms. However, I think it is likely the other way around.

I would suggest again that what he is saying here is true, he created a game atmosphere and used the props of the game and steroids to enhance his ability to do so, that he did so with intent. He knew the effect he was looking for, and knew how to create it, and then did further research into how to harness the effect.

He may not have realized in advance just how effective the depersonalization effect would be.

He didn't train to stop himself. Didn't train to have any stop mechanism. His stop mechanism was death or being stopped by an outside agent. He requested to be stopped. Ten times. Tried to make it easy to stop him by making himself a target. This is the key to his psychological state at the time. Once he engaged, he couldn't disengage and to disengage in a way that would leave him exposed or didn't continue to press the advantage was insensible. He couldn't overcome what he trained himself for.

You can hear this in the phone call to. The practiced part was perfect. The rest of the conversation was not perfect, and is actually him only partially talking to the person on the other end. Part of it is him negotiating with himself.

He is not a man of one mind. He is a man of one goal.
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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 01:51 PM
There is an increase in tying to gaming again.
This isn't the only article/blog on it today. Just an example.

Polish psychiatrist this time. Still surprised.

Newsweek: Da Vinci, Bach, Einstein saw and heard something that others could not see or hear, saw it in a world invisible to other compounds.
Dr. Dariusz Maciej Mouse: But I have a real insight into reality: the objective world of sounds, colors and shapes , mathematical relationships. State is a state of psychosis and disintegration, plunging the individual illusion that distracts from the reality of man, and not revealed to him some hidden dimensions.

Can one be methodically disintegrated as a person?

They also identify him as a Nazi again.

But amusingly, they also brightened his eyes up for this picture and smoothed out some of the details. Some journals make him look worse, and some make him look better.

This one compares him to Einstein, Da Vinci, Bach, Stalin, Hitler, while saying that he might be psychotic.

So if you attack details which are incorrect, but then compare someone with Einstein and make them look better...what is your actual opinion?

In a more political notes, some victims in Norway have requested a reprieve in coverage for this case during the Christmas holidays.

In anticipation, the left wing media and blogosphere have started their ramp up about hate, tying everyone they've ever disliked to this, increasing reports on racism, etc.

The EDL, Alan Lake, Marchini, Weston.

What is awesome about this is that prior to this they've been suggesting that the support for these groups is waning. Reality - it really has no effect on what gets put in to the media. From week to week it changes, depending on how they want you to feel about something. If one tactic doesn't work, try, try, again.

From August - looking into the variety of opinions that have developed. From the Islamic Committee of Russia - this is the first act of a civil war in Europe.

I missed this one long time ago, but here it is. Anders Behring Breivik is an Enlightenment Fundamentalist. interesting. He's a man of all ages and types. Nazi, Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Enlightenment, Conservative, Neo-Liberal, Zionist, Darwinist, Christian, Atheist, Pagan.


Looking like my original analysis that it looks like this might be closer to being an attack out of the center (international) is playing out in non-corporate media, and even sneaking into corporate media's depictions on occasion.

For Sorg - Anders on

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by starviego
Here is yet more evidence that Breivik was living in the "game world," which indicates that he may have actually thought he was playing a video game at the time, and was not really killing people.
Brevik has questioned said that he spent much time in the game World of Warcraft... 32-year-old has previously explained his movements on Utøya as if he were in a violent computer game. Seven years ago he took a year off to concentrate on the game at full time.

The police have apparently come to the same obvious conclusion:
We know that he has been extremely keen to play, and we know that many of his concepts are taken from the game world. And we know that he has explained that he did that on autopilot, or in a game, when he carried out the massacre of Utøya. I interpret it so that he almost did not experience it as real.

Unfortunately there is no known precedent for someone who was genuinely mentally ill with schizophrenia to carry out mass killings while thinking he was "inside" a game. So Breivik is apparently a unique case in the history of mental illness.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 05:42 PM
I'm sure that is part of the case the defense will make. I am also absolutely positive that it isn't the 100% truth. The two states aren't necessarily equivalent though.

Yes, he was in "game mode." Of that I'm certain.

While I would totally love to explain what I think he's done so few people would even partially grok it, it is probably pointless. Which is why this will make for an excellent defense.

More people can probably do it - most them probably can't or cannot even imagine the concept of doing it intentionally or excerting some control over the process of turning it on and off. I would imagine a few of them that can are under the employee of some government agencies, or are working as mob assassins. Using it in this manner would never occur to most of them. That is the unique thing. The combination of *this* trait in a person with interest in the body politic as a primary motivator.

The great thing about some truths - that the truth doesn't matter. People can't imagine it, can't even begin to fathom the possibility, so their brains can't even see it.

Geir Lippestad warning people that the trial is likely to be hard on everyone, and that Anders Behring has no remorse for what he's done.

If someone is expecting that he is ever going to show remorse, I'm sure they will be disappointed. He's been working on extinguishing that for quite some time. The emotion he probably actually has, I don't know if there is a word in the dictionary for it. Remorseless nostalgic benevolence?

Probably similar the same emotion that some of our world leaders have when they go shake hands with children at a function, and then call in an airstrike in the same area.

On that note, today I think was the day that his media restrictions are lifted? Wonder if his attorneys put the article with the children's drawings in it in his package.

All people right of center are to blame for Anders Behring, and all of them are like Ted Kaczynski and Timothy McVeigh. Kaczynski was a true loner and a neo-Luddite. McVeigh was quite a bit more right wing than Anders Behring Breivik.

I've debated enough people who believe the McVeigh had a point and that his main mistake was the daycare. Those same people usually think he still deserved the death penalty. They just happen to also think that the government was and is out of control. Bet you never hear about that in the media.

McVeigh's expression was pretty similar to Breivik's. As are some of his core beliefs, and actions.

What you will notice over and over, is that these people (and their left wing counterparts) all radicalize when denied any possibility of a realistic means of political involvement. They only radicalize after they realize that they have no other means. This means that the attempt to control radicalization by shutting down debate is not only unlikely to work; it is likely to spur it. It presumes that in a vacuum of information, that nobody thinks anything but what they are told they are allowed to. Which I'm sure is a very comforting fantasy for governments and media.

If that were true, we'd all still be living as nomads wandering after herds.

That in the absence of the normal mechanisms tying them to their culture and acting as a moderating force, they transfer up their loyalty to the pack. In cultures where this mechanism has been deconstructed, and you then shut down means of political involvement.... well the likely result seems pretty obvious to me.

Which means that stupid people lead by the nose will do stupid things, and that smart people who can think on their own will just be more creative. Anders Behring, he's been pretty damn creative. Worse, unlike his example counterparts here, he figured out a way to replicate his meme.

Try, try again. Different minds come up with similar ideas around the same time, and eventually one of them sticks. If it has a core of some truth to it that resonates with some people, it replicates itself and starts getting used. This meme, it has been getting better at it for some time now. If this one doesn’t take, how much it is improving might be a warning sign that it is about to hit that critical mass that breaks through.

Personally, I think it would be better if it breaks through without the damn weapons. One is a set of ideas, the other is a mechanism for them to break through. They can be cleaved from one another.

While I know that everyone LOVES this selling of Right Wing types as being the only ones who do this, the fact is that they are really the only ones you hear about. The media doesn't bring lots of attention to the left wing ones. I know....I know someone who blew up an animal lab. You never heard about him in the media.

(No I didn't know him because I was looking to know people who did this, or for some political reason. Get your panties out of a knot. And no, it isn't some online person, but an IRL thing. Don't ask me why, I don't have a reason. I don't look for them, they just jump into my path. I'll never figure out how I can be a "soccer mom" type walking around in a David Lynch movie.)

Oh look, I'm not the only one who realizes that his writing isn't unattractive. The "rambling" is an effect of the wide topic range, and a lack of an editor.

Some publishers might publish something he writes. In today's world, him being published by a publishing house might actually be worse for him than him giving it out and it getting onto the net freeform again.

How interesting is that? If you don't care about the money, what is the advantage of the publishing house? In this case, it'd be that them publishing him would in and of itself be an attention grabber. Otherwise, he can just get his ideas out to someone to publish for him onto the Internet. And he'll have an instant audience.

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 10:46 AM

Originally posted by AeonsWhat do you think would happen if Anders Behring manages to not look insane in public, sound reasonable, and a serious attack gets through in Europe? How many has the US stopped in the last year on home soil? Thirty?

Insane. Not insane. Probably won't matter.

Making him into a mass murderer really would have been so much smarter. There would have been so much less gasoline on the floor.

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Gosh, someone of possibly Moroccan extraction just tried to kill and maim a whole bunch of people in Belgium.

It is claimed to be related to an escape attempt from a courthouse. Who was trying to escape? That is the question now isn't it?

Also, if he's been weapons and drug running you might assume that he's might be connected to political networks acting inside Europe. One's that like drug money, and need weapons. (one wonders why they didn't yank his citizenship)

It is NOT related to terrorism. Why? (cough) GASOLINE ON THE FLOOR.

The attack came a day after the Belgian court sentenced four members of a Pakistani family to prison for the murder of their law student daughter and sister in the country's first "honour killing" trial. The Daily Telegraph initially reported that the Karachi Post in Pakistan claimed that the attack was linked to a sentence in an honour killing case. It said the parents of Sadia Sheikh were sentenced on Monday when there had been a bomb alert in the court but this has not been confirmed by any Belgian authority or media, and the claim was not repeated in updated reports.

Not that a place like Pakistan would ever realize the potential here, and start pressing buttons. They love us.
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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 02:58 PM

Originally posted by Aeons
While I know that everyone LOVES this selling of Right Wing types as being the only ones who do this, the fact is that they are really the only ones you hear about. The media doesn't bring lots of attention to the left wing ones. I know....I know someone who blew up an animal lab. You never heard about him in the media.

Some decades ago, i believe in the 70's, there where quite a few left wing "terrorist" groups active in Europe.
Taking hostages, assassinations, hijackings, and sabotage where among their activities.
These where not small cases.
Some of these people (terrorists) became famous politicians later on in their lives.
One example springs to mind.

Joseph Martin "Joschka" Fischer
(born April 12, 1948) is a German politician of the Alliance '90/The Greens. He served as Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany in the cabinet of Gerhard Schröder from 1998 to 2005


During this period, he began attending university events as a guest, such as the lectures organized by left-wing revolutionary students by Theodor W. Adorno, Jürgen Habermas and Oskar Negt.[3] He studied the works of Marx, Mao and Hegel and became a member of the militant group, Revolutionärer Kampf (Revolutionary Struggle). Fischer was a leader in several street battles fought by the radical Putzgruppe (literally "cleaning squad", with the first syllable being an acronym for Proletarische Union für Terror und Zerstörung, "Proletarian Union for Terror and Destruction"), which physically attacked a number of police officers. Photos of one such battle in March 1973, which were later to haunt Fischer, show him clubbing policeman Rainer Marx,[4] to whom he later publicly apologized.
Wiki Link

You do not need a lot of imagination to think out why some of these politicians can be kind of biased against right wing politics, especially when you take the example of the man posted above.
I think there are quite a few examples like this from around the same time period, but i am not great at remembering the names of the places and people involved.

The left wing parties have had quite a strong position over the last decades complete with some former "terrorists" among their ranks and merging with the more extreme (non-violent) left wing splinter parties.
This is the political power block that the "extreme" right tries to fight, i think.
The main force behind the failed multi cultural society.

Some state that most of the mainstream news in Europe, or at least here in the Netherlands, has been dominated by this left wing power block over the last decades.
This arguments comes back to your point that certain topics are hardly discussed in the media and others seem to be used as tools for anti "extreme" right politics.

Here i find great similarities in the arguments that Anders Behring Breivik and for example Geert Wilders use.

I also remember this case of this politician from Austria i believe, ill look him up now.
There Jörg Haider
I am not good with details on this one but i remember that his party would be one of the, or the first "extreme" right wing partie to get a large majority in government in Europe in recent history.
This sheer chance of him reaching this possible position was met with an enormous outrage over large parts in Europe.
He did not get his majority after that i believe and he died years later in a car crash.

So like you say, it seems that when you try to silence movements and political ideas that there is a good chance that they will only grow out into more extreme forms.

Personally i do not really lean left or right in these matters, all i see is victims on all sides, mostly the normal people like you and me.
It looks like left and right are possibly played out against one and other by a much larger power.
In this way i even see Anders Behring Breivik like a victim of this force.
He wasted his live and the lives of many other innocent people for some stupid "divide and rule" plot.

I do not think you should "fight the system" with violence if you do not like your system, the best thing i found is non-cooperation and non-violent resistance.
The larger problem is, who am i actually fighting, who is the system, what is the system, and is the system really what it looks to be.
I think Anders Behring Breivik was not on the right track and tried to attack some symptom and not the source it self, at least politically seen, apart from his violent act.

posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 05:05 PM

Breivik is also concerned about the situation on the stock exchange today - and how the stock market reacted to the terrorist attack, according to the defender.

- And he is interested in how things are going on in Europe and the world at large. He has asked specifically about the conditions in Italy and Greece and other countries with economic turmoil, she says.

I knew this about you. I've been curious to see if they give him anything about the Islamist Uprising. I expect he'll be delighted.

Also, he's going to have a hard time finding anyone who has done an indepth analysis in print media of his political ideas. They are avoiding it like a plague, unless it is highly biased or focuses only on the people they want to annihilate of the non-professional media. The few people who made real comments on it did so in the first couple of days, and have since been beaten into silence. Professionals and politician that is. Not just us in the bourgeois blogosphere.

(Also, this is by far my favourite picture of him. I want them to stop using it. Even his staged ones would be better. The one in the re-enactment where he is aiming out at the ocean with that look of palpable enjoyment on his face while recalling shooting people, that one has the right amount of horror in it.)
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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 09:01 PM

Well, his defenders have compiled some blogs for him.

What an interesting thought. Maybe he'll recognize some people in those.

I hope that they don't include this thread. I have an idea that in his World I rank for a head being cut off with a chainsaw, and a medal put on my corpse.

posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 09:45 PM
Ross Pruett Ashley, 22, was the alleged killer of a cop and then suicide victim at Virginia Tech last Thursday(12-8-11)‘a-different-person’/
He said Ashley enjoyed NFL games and the popular fantasy game “World of Warcraft.”

I wonder perhaps if Ashley and Anders knew each other in the game world. I wonder if they played on the same team. I wonder if they planned and executed game 'missions' together. I wonder if Ashley also thought he was only playing out a 'game' scenario, like Breivik, when he went on his attack.

The game players have been activated. They have a mission to fulfill. Oh yes, there will be others....
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