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Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway killer

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posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:55 PM
Maybe reducing jewish physiognomy?!

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:48 PM
His nose was one normal for Norwegians. So no. You can look up his childhood photos if you like.

Though I think the obsession with Jewish genetics is quite silly. He's right, he really didn't need to do that to himself.
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posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 05:02 PM

And here it is. 24 hours. Full debate starting up on how anyone who questions should be monitored or be considered delusional.


You realize that Anders would be plenty fine with the idea that he made them worse, right? Just like he'd be fine with making Jihadis worse?

An entire diagnostic manual, and they pick the poison.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:21 AM

This is a complete list of comments Anders Behring
Breivik has left at

Link to PDF

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 11:12 AM

If I have misjudged and no one wants to work with me, I have missed so badly that I will "selvterminere" after the trial. But the requirement to live is that I can fight on, and I will do if only one will continue to work with me. If I have been wrong and no one wants to work with me, "selvterminerer" I repeat Breivik.

It would be so simple to make this paper dragon live in the hearts of an army of shadows. I think in one of my next posts I'll give you a taste of how easy it would be.

"Selvterminere" is a word Breivik has made even to mention a suicide. He claims to have constructed a series of words, allegedly because he thinks the Norwegian language has many gaps.

Crazy. People who work across multiple languages notice that missing words is very frustrating.
A single person non-gender not-self-referential formal pronoun missing drives me insane all the time.

Just Psychiatry believes Breivik murder thoughts are dynamic and all who are near him are in danger of becoming a part of his paranoid delusional world and included in his thoughts of murder.

Thoughts of murder translated into english as killing tanks. Interesting mental images for that one. Language, you think that it is crazy to splice words together, even though you do it all the time. Drapstanker. Perfect example of one.

It was a brutal operation, but ingenious.

True. Even when he loses, he wins. Other people just don't eschew their humanity, or transfer up their loyalty to the pack until they can see the threat.

He's too vicious. He knows his audience is lacking self-control, and tries to inject a structure to make them more useful - he tried to chain the vicious pit-bull. I think he over-estimates them again. They are crazy crazy. Not controlled crazy.

I know already. Thousands of hours of sales has enabled me to predict with 70 percent probability what the person I'm talking to think. (sic) After the VG is illuminated believe the experts that Breivik's belief that he knows what others think, is psychotic founded.

This is a trait of good salesperson. He didn't say he knows what everyone thinks. Just that he can predict where people are going a goodly amount of the time. Delusions, with statistical deviation worked in. Arrogance isn't a delusion - its just annoying.

Plus, its a pretty decent technique in provoking people to control the conversation. Probably not as useful with psychiatrists.

"One thing I want you to know, we are willing to use any illegal strategies," said Breivik said the report. threats and demands Breivik joined in the last meeting with the right psychiatrists, were the psychiatrists Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim interpreted as a clear confirmation that he was psychotic.

No, it is a clear indication that he knows that you are publishing things he says and he's continuing to issue directions.

Norway is so weird. Rationality doesn't appear to be their strong suit.


Those "global capitalists", the people I call the "Corporate Oligarchy" and their frankenstein marriage to communists live in the bubble of reasonable doubt where people aren't 100% convinced that they would really be that traitorous to the cultures that have given them more access to wealth and power than their ancestors could have ever imagined.

Anders Behring eschewed his "reasonable doubt" at some point and sees them for what they are. They are what he's been diagnosed as, only their primary loyalty is only to their power alone.

It is a nice reminder that the real Liberal Class (oh yes, really. Unlike the psychiatrists, I know my political theory.) the ones that haven't been bought, aren't quite as stupid and complacent. I have very mixed feelings on it. Something that see-saws between wide-eyed stomach churning horror and bubbling terrified hysterical maniacal laughter.

That those who "rule" do so as a covenant, and it is a covenant that people know is broken fundamentally at the extra-national level. On the street level, people believe conformist lies that are not rational. Norway's particularly is very prone to ignoring reality in order to get along. Not my opinion - actual studies have been done on this.

That some of those people, they may have the cross-section of the ability to see it along with the will to do something extreme about it, and the mental tweak that allows them to live in the same not-giving-a-care-about-individual-humans mental space that those operating on the extra-national level have. You know, the ones willing to allow millions to die for political theory or profit expansion.

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 11:54 AM

oh look. Someone agrees with me.

From what has emerged, according to the two that there is a significant risk that Breivik trying to take his own life, preferably through an action which takes lives of others. He appears as both suicidal and that a real danger to others, said the report by the VG is lit.

No arguments here. I totally believe this. I rather imagine that he evaluates for weapons pretty consistently.

A kind of "nice pen, bet I could put it through your left eye before someone stopped me" kinda thing. Even if he doesn't do it, if probably makes a pretty decent mental exercise about your relative "place" in the crowd.

Darn it. I lost track of two other sources. I'll just address the points that were in them.

That his mother said that he liked to come and sit on the couch close to her to watch TV. I see the beginnings of the Oedipus diagnosis. This might just say more about his Mother being uncomfortable with normal intimacy. A diagnosis that may be just as likely considering the childhood reports. Guy likes his Mom. Terrifying.

It said that he moved back to her place and didn't help around the house. Okay. Then again, he moved to the farm and appears to have functioned well enough. This point is pretty wish-washy.

I've addressed the point of him thinking that he was being monitored for terrorist actions as paranoia. They continue to develop them. They also undermine them by telling you that he thinks that because he *was* under extra-scrutiny, and had looked into how other terrorists were monitored. Like wondering if cameras had been installed in his farm because that is how agencies had tracked Al-Qaeda, after seeing police go by the farm. If it was a delusional state, then after he looked around to assure himself that the cameras were not there he would have continued to obsess about it.

He checked his suspicion against reality, and then let it go. How does that qualify as delusional?

They said that he didn't like the spiders, insects and reptiles in his house on the farm, and this is an indication of phobia. If it was a phobia, he couldn't BE there. Not liking your old house being infested isn't a phobia.

If this is a phobia, how on earth did he ever go hunting?

I saw the photos of the inside of that place. If that pink, lace, cluttered monstrosity was also infested due to not being inhabited for a while, I have to say it must have taken some serious self-control not to practice blowing things up by blowing that house up.

There was another one about not liking being sick and wearing a face mask around when someone is sick. This is a cultural conformity statement, not a diagnosis. I see Japanese tourists and immigrants do this pretty regularly. Frankly, I bet I could change his views on what viral infection is in one or two conversations if he weren't focused on his one subject so specifically.

If someone with access to him at some point wanted to give it a go, the crux of the argument would be around the use of infection for passing survival information inter and intra species and the use of viral infection to provoke rapid RNA changes in relation to the changing environment. That most viruses aren't the problem, it is being healthy enough not to manifest symptoms that is important. Considering his other views, it should tie nicely into them.

Now, my destruction of the psychiatric report still doesn't mean that I AGREE with his actions. Splattering the blood of terrified teenagers over the walls of their tents to make a political point isn't acceptable.
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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by Aeons

Darn it. I lost track of two other sources. I'll just address the points that were in them.

That his mother said that he liked to come and sit on the couch close to her to watch TV. I see the beginnings of the Oedipus diagnosis. This might just say more about his Mother being uncomfortable with normal intimacy. A diagnosis that may be just as likely considering the childhood reports. Guy likes his Mom. Terrifying.

I was reading the same thing somewhere today.
There found it.

At one point he called the family doctor, accusing his mother of infecting his sinuses, but then failed to turn up for the appointment.

He often refused to eat anything she cooked, although he sometimes sat unusually close to her on the sofa, Mrs Behring said.


posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 01:15 PM
Who likes a sinus infection? When I turn up at work sick, my coworkers flee like the parting of the red sea! I have a coworker who still curses the day that I turned up at work with a flu and it was 4 years ago.

Maybe his Mom is a bad cook.

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 04:38 PM

I've seen multiple variations of this sorts of comments over the last couple days.

The Islamists and socialists are offended at his diagnosis.

I like there idea that the "far right" ideologies being integrated into politics are undermining the World. Again, the things they identify as "right right" things that they don't like are traditionally liberal concepts about nation-states, while co-opting the rhetoric of depicting the struggle of the elitist vs. everyone else. Then with some propaganda gymnastics still trying to suggest that the working class they are saying the represent might not actually *be* the same people that they are screaming about.

I would be very amused if this worked, they got what they wanted, and he was then tied to Russia. It would be so deliciously cold-war-esque.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 05:51 PM

After meeting with Behring Breivik to call a dozen times, they hear from the terror accused 32-year-old that they had now been included on the death list.

This report is about how his death lists are quite extensive. Is this psychological issue? Terrorism. It is terrorism. It is about the same thing Al-Shabab does, and Norway works with them.

Also, you couldn't read 2083 and figure out this was going to happen?

I wonder if they were on his list before they put out this piece of political voodoo disguised as a report?

That's not really fair of me. I don't think they did it intentionally. Observer bias, political bias, confirmation bias, and a significantly reduced field of political knowledge seems to be the main culprit. Still political poison.

About the demands that he's making. All political in nature.

One organization would work for "the Norwegian indigenous people's interests."
The second was to stop the "Islamization of Europe."
The third and final organization was to provide for "reproduction".

A new daily newspaper will get 20 million.
There shall be established a right version of Blitzhuset.
"If these are fulfilled, we shall refrain from chemical, biological, and flame weapons. Shall refrain from beheading and obliteration of the families

I had to look for what Blitzhuset was.

Blitz is an anarchist, communist and socialist youth community in Oslo, Norway, founded in 1982. The group has often been criticized for their use of violent methods of political protest.

The house
The Blitz House is an autonomous house in the centre of Oslo, Norway. It started out as a squatted building in Skippergata 6 in downtown Oslo in the 1981 and has since been a centre of socialist, communist and anarchist activism.

In 1982 the movement were kicked out of Skippergata and moved in to Pilestredet 30c, where an agreement was made between the city and the squatters. They were allowed to rent the house for a symbolic rent, and in return they would maintain the building. In 2002 the city council, then led by the Conservative Party, put the Blitz house on sale. The activists responded with a massive action and, among other things, battered the entrance part of the Oslo City Hall, and the sale was stopped.

Among the activities of the house are a bookshop with political literature, the Anti Fascist Action (AFA) network, a group supporting Mumia Abu-Jamal, a feminist group, a children's power group, a non-profit printing office, a photo group and a feminist radio station, radiOrakel. Blitz also has a café specialising in vegan food. The practice rooms, sound studio and concert facilities are a centre for ska, hardcore punk and hip hop music. Concerts are held within the house from time to time.

Ah. Well then.

He has assumed a feeling that there are several from the idea that "there can not be only me who thinks right." We shape may be an attempt to consolidate his position as "not alone" but as "the head of (eg) an army." He sees himself as the supreme leader, then it must also be someone he is head of, say Værøy.

- It may seem as if Breivik not fully understand the situation he is in?

- The demands he makes shows that he has a lack of insight into the judicial process, or that he has not taken it over him. There is also a possibility that he understands the process, but denies it and talking as if nothing of the action relating to him.

I would suggest that he doesn't care about the situation he is in. Which isn't the same thing as not understanding it. 75% of people in Norway will conform to the group given the possibility that they might be exposed for not conforming. Of the 25% left, most aren't going to agree with his methods. I didn't pull those statistics out of thin air.

Does he know that he had quite a bit of media? Probably. This is more likely that he's talked to his lawyers, assessed that he has an appropriate amount of media, and that the diagnosis increases the likelihood that people are watching right now. Now is a good time to strike out with some new political demands.

Even the damage control blogosphere serves his purposes.

But just by being so demanding he is resetting the parameters. Does nobody in Norway have the slightest conception of strategy?
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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 11:36 AM

He points out that the things psychiatrists believed Breivik had found himself, are common on the web. And you do not have to be paranoid to fear police surveillance while planning one of Europe's worst terrorist attack.

This goes on about the online hate culture.

Here is what people seem to miss. He rejects it. Actively tried to created a superstructure that wouldn't appeal to them.

Studied his pool of potential resources, and tried to appeal to only the best of them. That is quite a bit of psychological judo for someone who is insane.

must sit behind a glass window while the defenders Odd Ivar Green and Isolated Ground reads aloud from the report.

He is normally very calm and polite. He shows signs that he is somewhat abandoned, but beyond that there is no physical reaction. He is very interested in what it says in the report.

He finds errors on every page, and they've gone through about half the report. It probably isn't necessary to put him behind glass. He doesn't get anything about of attacking anyone between now and the trial.

He is concerned that the experts do not have the necessary experience with political ideologies.

What he said.

Wow, they only just interviewed his sister. Amazing. With the help of the FBI.

If they had wanted information on his childhood, I can't understand why they didn't do this first up.
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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 03:13 PM

Any empathy he might have had for his victims was overwhelmed by his disgust and hatred for what was happening to his people (hence he is not at all a sociopath).

An interesting read.

After an all out attempt at trying to contain this with a variety of other methods, we are now moving back into using the old school methods. Jews. Its all about the Jews man.

Somehow. Jews to the left. Jews to the right. Jews under the bed. Let the games begin!
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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 11:36 PM
You know, I've taken another go at looking for more of Anders' handles online. I keep running into the same thing over and over with different ones that I think are him but are not quite lining up. Often enough now over several names, with the same emerging pattern that I am pretty certain his alternates are often Swedish.

I could be totally off on the wrong track, I admit it. Perhaps my abstract patterning thing is totally leading me astray the same way over and over.

His ongoing attempts to make the World make sense are heartbreaking seen from this perspective. People attack him all the time. He is undoubtedly a bit of a black and white thinker, but not necessarily because he won't change his mind he just wants reasons. Whenever he asks questions even if they aren't really anything all that odd, people go frackin' berserk. Act like they are being attacked.

He's been clearly trying to make the World not black and white, and it hasn't been working because whenever he asks questions of anyone about anything from hardware to abuse people go nuts. I've been online for most of my life, and I've never seen someone so consistently produce these results in people's posts. For posts that I consider mostly pretty mild.

I've seen some people who are autistic online suggest that they think he might be. When I see these posts that I am sure are him over and over, I wonder if he isn't a very high functioning autistic as well. Not because of his posts, but from the responses he gets. I've seen many high-functioning autistics online get these sorts of responses from people. Not from me usually, I'm more likely to make someone who is a high functioning autistic to go off their rocker usually with my overly-rational approach than the overtly rational autistic. They are very forgiving about it though.
I suspect they get lots of practice at being attacked and not getting why.

I wonder what it would be like to live in a society of conformists, not conform, be politically different, be attacked constantly for not conforming, not understand why people are doing it, be highly rational and then try to apply that rationality to why people are doing it, reassess, try to figure out how to conform, try to find points where you can conform appropriately and not offend your basic nature, be attacked some more for still not conforming enough. Take notes. Research it. Take more notes. Try to see where the cross section of rational and what everyone is doing is. Try it again. Try to deal with childhood trauma. Take more notes. Get attacked more.

What if there is a 50,000 foot in the air perspective autism? That the details-obsession you're attracted to are not obvious because they are so very broad? Chess, over-time and with real pieces.

Only to figure out over time that people around you are really really actually insanely not rational. Even when you find people that are, they are willing to give away being rational to just be inconspicuous. That they love their irrationality to death.
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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 01:10 PM

A slightly more complete aggregation of the released diagnosis criteria being used.

I've addressed most of the other points made, and I stick by them. They misidentify strategy and political statements as delusions.

What they see as grandiosity is partially a hyper-development of the persona, exacerbated during the attack by depersonalization intentionally reinforced by anabolic steroid use.

I'm going to address the flat affect. I can see that he has emotions in both his writing, his posts, and in the photos/videos. Reduced response, controlled response, or culturally unrecognized response isn't the same as no response or not feeling "it." Facial expression that doesn't display one's emotions is very common in people with high functioning autism.

As are the impressions that they are arrogant, superior, smart-asses, full of audacity and socially "isolate."

The fact that he is attractive has probably made for it to be easier for him to hide it. You can even see him discuss this in 2083. What it means seems to pass people by. He has evaluated facial expressions, and people's responses to them. Looked into research about people's responses. Then he uses those ones.

A World constructed through reverse engineering.

As is being unmotivated by usual cultural conditioning or usual rewards. Like marks, degrees, money. Note that his interest in money is a function of recognition of status regulation, and that he's got a specific purpose in mind. The money isn't the motivator in and of itself, nor what he can get for it. Not motivated by school, but willing to drill down deeply on one's interests. The "lack of initiative" for someone who clearly was highly motivated by his interests. Can't keep a job, or made *this* into a job. I think the answer to that is pretty clear.

Guerrilla savant.
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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 02:19 PM
Anyone mind sharing his account name on

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 05:35 PM

Originally posted by Sorgmodig
Anyone mind sharing his account name on

I haven't looked at this site. It does look like something he would have at least looked at. I'll see if I can spot him.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 12:41 PM

More critism of the psychiatric report.

“I can’t find any documentation of the ‘bizarre’ delusions,” Torgersen told Aftenposten. He referred to a request from Breivik to dig up the remains of an old Viking king for DNA testing to see who among living Norwegians has the most similar DNA today. “This was called ‘bizarre” but it’s not,” Torgersen said. “It’s fully possible, has been done in Asia to confirm descendants of Genghis Khan, and isn’t science fiction. It’s today’s science.” Thorvik also called it a “weakness” that the report didn’t look for other clarification of Breivik’s statements than psychosis.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 03:48 PM
Now I did promise to at some point give everyone a little taste didn't I, of how easy it would be to make Anders dreams start to come true? I'll do it before they finish with the psychiatric review. It'll give people a nice way to ignore what I say here when they rule in its favour.

I am a direct Grand-Daughter of Charles Martel. My family were Knights Templar.

On July 22 of this year, Norway screamed and I looked. What I saw has captured my sense of horror in a way that I have never experienced before.

A green eyed man covered in the blood of tens of innocents, with the fire of God in his heart and a vicious demon in his mind, laid in my lap a Paper Dragon and put an Army of Shadows at my feet to tear out the throats of my enemies.

The magic the Paper Dragon needs is to be spoken to. Whisper to the Army of Shadows that I see them, that I love them for what they are.

Anders spoke some about God, and much about Mother Nature. The doting eye of the Mother of Warriors has the power stir the hearts of men. Believe it.

I have no will to live in the World Anders wants. I am not the enemy of these men, no matter how much people have told you that strong women want to crush you. I also don't want to live in the World being wrought by current policies that seek to destroy families and cultures.

But if I become required to make a choice between the survival the peoples of my ancestors and the things that I think made us all great including those tendencies to want to help the whole damn World, or being overrun by corporate greed holding hands with Islamists..... I know which way I will pick.

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 05:59 PM
"Det forum han skal ha skrevet flest innlegg i er kommentarfeltene til har lagt ut alle hans kommentarer. Ut fra hva jeg har lest over av disse kommentarene er de velskrevne og moderate, han gir inntrykk av å være sterkt anti-islam og pro-israel, han uttrykker misnøye med pro-hvite nasjonalister og kaller seg anti-rasist. De virker rett og slett ganske mainstream. "

The forum on which he wrote most of his posts is in the comment section of has published all his comments. From what I have read he writes well.
He give sof the impression of beeing a hard core anti islamist and pro-isreal, he expresses his (discontent, grievance, dissatisfaction (i dont know the english word)) of pro-white nationalists and calls himseld an anti-racist.
It all seems pretty mainstream"

I'm happy I got his email, atleast.

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 10:20 PM
He had about 40 online names that the police have accounted for. So the ones you've seen in the media are just the ones he left around, had active, and left so that people could find them.

Friends and acquaintances looking to talk now, just like I predicted.

Why you shouldn't take this seriously, because he's just insane. Ignore the politics. Its inconvenient.

More on the worries of Danish intelligence about a race war.

You know Europe, you tried using the New World model. Only, to make it work they first wiped out the indigenous population. And some of those tribes, they still aren't happy about it. They call themselves Warriors, and continue fight for their own destiny. Maybe you looked at the model from the wrong damn perspective.

I suggest you review your point of view, and look again.

About how Anders Behring is now reconciled with this diagnosis and thinks that it gives him new opportunities. Never stop strategic thinking.

Oh, and apparently people like me annoy Lippestad. I understand, it is really not that awesome for the case he wants to make.
My concerns are all more political, so I don't care. Anders already threw himself off a cliff, my view one way or the other won't bring back the dead and won't change that he's guilty.

He can do his job, and I'll continue to do the one I assigned myself. Mine doesn't pay as well, so I'm sure he can wipe his tears with Kroners and soothe his heart with government invoicing.

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