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Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway killer

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posted on Dec, 13 2011 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by starviego

I doubt it. Anders' apprentices are probably all much closer to home. To be "in" they'd have to make their reasoning clear. Which this kid didn't.

Sad kid, looking for a death by cop.

But it makes a great story. I could make a great book out of that premise.
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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 07:10 PM

Breivik's hideous deeds prompted a moment of introspection in Norway — whose government has played such a prominent role in trying to author peace in other parts of the world — regarding the rise of far-right extremism there and elsewhere in Europe.

Congratulations, you're a "Times Person of the Year" "People Who Matter."

It's the Popped Collar. Works everytime.

Of the Breivik has been read from their defenders, it is partly factual and ideological issues he believes are wrong reproduced, misquoted and taken out of context in the report.

Personally, Breivik invoked a psychology degree without having studied it through formal channels. He believes that his job as a salesperson is the best way to study psychology at.

Apparently taking a red pen to his psychology report. I find this very interesting. I would suspect that they are indulging him in this because it makes for an interesting psychological study in and of itself.

Am I being pretentious here by having an interest in psychology and sociology and reading about it for my own purposes? Tsk Tsk on me.

A Swedish academic has come under fire in Norway after writing an article suggesting that Israel played a part in the July 22nd massacre carried out by Anders Behring Breivik that claimed 77 lives.

Even academics aren't immune from the forces of conspiracy theory! Jews man. Its all about the Jews. And the free masons. And the reptilians. (and yes you can find videos on youtube about that).

In various other news articles, Casseri the shooter in Florence has been linked to "extreme right wing" and Breivik here.

Since the authorities and media seem to be ignoring the differences, I assume that this is part of the media build up to having the population agree to monitoring of groups right of center. Particularly since they also are trying to say that he percolated in his own juices as loner. How you can be both "influenced by deadly political ideology" and never leave your house seems to be of no consequence.

Sense. In the media's depiction of things, you don't even need to make it between one paragraph and the next.

I've also seen the guy in Belgium being associated to Anders Behring here. This effect looks to be like the one that the Islamist Terrorist groups use, where they just claim every big violent event. Only no one has to make a phone call for these events to be tied to Anders Behring. Very efficient.

This guy makes an EXCELLENT point. That Casseri and Anders Behring are both political and like "fantasy."

By fantasy I assume that they mean the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres. These erudite well read journalists apparently never step foot in a book store to know the difference, and apparently have some attitude about it.

"It's part of a wider discourse. Far-right movements are obsessed with narratives that put emphasis on apocalyptic scenario, in which they portray themselves as heroes."

How dare they. We all know that only insurance agencies, left-wing academics and economists can save the world.

My bookshelf might make these guys eyes bleed. If they saw the biographies of Kissinger and Churchill amoung all the sci-fi, Darwin, and Locke, they might might have a panic attack.

I want to know why Science Fiction authours and Enlightenment Governance books aren't being targeted as radicalizing influences! Heinlein and Locke have much to answer for!

Conveniently, Heinlein is pretty fascist.
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posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 11:11 AM

Another set of analysis on the methods of terror outlined in Book 3. I posted another previously, which mostly dealt with the nuclear details. This one is more wide ranging.

Take the case of the terrorist Anders Breivik,who massacred 68 innocent people in Norway this year. Had he been of Afghan descent,or from another country outside the charmed civilisational circle of the “West”,he would - correctly - have been classified as a mass murderer. However,because he is Norwegian,Breivik cannot by definition be anything other than “civilized”.After all, Norway is a country that eases its conscience at making money from polluting the world through petroproducts by spending millions of euros “civilizing” barbarians in Asia and Africa. So it is hardly a surprise that Breivik has been found to be not a criminal but insane.

Whine either way. He's not called a terrorist. He is called a terrorist. Doesn't matter.

You can probably be insane, a terrorist, a mass murderer, and any number of other things ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

However, I will put here that I feel way more free to comment on him because of a shared European racial type. I can't be accused of anything other than being a groupy. I feel very free to comment on what I see, and know that I know about this "type."

If anyone should carry out a terrorist act against the government, because they are dissatisfied with the way they manage to, it is understandable that the Bombardier a government building, he says in a documentary made by the Swedish state channel SVT.

The informant plant has been instructed on using the piece of ideology that actually resonates the best to see what flies it draws. Isn't that nice.

"On the island Utøya Breivik someone said:" You can not murder me,. It was a you, a face, eyes. He survived. That has to do with language, how society is structured linguistically and what it means to stand outside society. Breivik stood out and was not checked and corrected.

Yes. Yes. This is on the right track. Okay, I'm going to write out something I've written and deleted dozens of times now.

I mentioned way early on that I recognize Anders Behring because I know I have a similar internal cosmology. I see it in his writing, in his interests, even his body movements, etc. That his sister gets recommended to be on Facebook as a friend regularly just sort of confirms I exist in some similar psychological cohort.

I know this type. I've caught this type going off the rails before, and put them back on. I had a long term love that had some of these traits. No one could read him, he was inscrutable to everyone. Men were drawn to him, knew he was wired up differently, and liked him. Only, I could read him. Hell, I could smell his moods change. He lived with his Mother. Even the woman he ended up having children with can't read him. Not his mother, not his sister. To me though, his emotional states, his internal commentary I could read it from across the room. Just knowing that he could be SEEN, that he was human and could be corrected put him back onto stable ground.

He found it vastly amusing that I could spot him in advance. A hand gesture to say, I see you, no you don't need to come over here, I can deal with this guy myself - Down Boy. I could see it, he knew I could see him, and no one else had any idea whatsoever.

The "we" is why they stay in their family group. They need to move from one "we" to another. If they have children, that's their new "we." If you want them in another function, they need to be motivated by their sense of "we." Which isn't apparent to others, because they aren't emotive the usual way.

Just the fact that they are floating around without any ties, that they are existing outside people's normal range recognition almost makes someone feel like they need to use it. Jobs are required, and clearly they've been made to do them.

A "we" not an "I." Having dealt with this type, there are guys who respond to the "we." If you have their allegiance, they'll literally do anything for you. Even something stupid. Even if you don't ask.
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posted on Dec, 17 2011 @ 09:27 PM
Breivik was of course diagnosed as a psychotic and schizophrenic by the shrinks. Here is an unintentionally hilarious comment by a police spokesman:
Police lawyer Pål-Fredrik Hjort Kraby... says the medical team at Ila not considering Behring Breivik as acutely ill, and that he therefore will remain in jail.
- Should he (become) significantly sicker or become subject tvangsmedisinering, he (will) enter the Dikemark(hospital) or a similar place.

Apparently murdering 77 people while suffering under your delusions isn't considered to be that sick to the Norwegian mental health community. I guess maybe one is supposed to murder 100 or more to get that designation.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 10:34 AM
Yes, his diagnosis suggests that he's severely vegetative. As I said before, if *this* is what one does when they are vegetative, I might be gobsmacked to find out what they might be like fully on.

Quite a bit of what the police / prosecution is doing doesn't make sense, unless you assume that they aren't motivated by his punishment. Which they aren't - regardless of how this falls out he's going to jail or a psychiatric hospital for a set period of time. Nothing is going to change that.

Okay, that isn't totally true. His sudden death on the steps of the court house for example might solve quite a few problems.

They don't care if his questioning gets partially or fully thrown out. All of their behaviour pretty clearly demonstrates that. The main motivation is security related for them.

He has spent the most time to read the report. He says he is looking forward to Christmas so that peace can settle and he can spend even more time reading up on it, says Green. Breivik disagree with the conclusion and argues the report is full of lies and untruths. - He believes the experts have turned and twisted what he said to them, says Green. Pending the Commission although Breivik disagree with the conclusion he has not yet decided whether he will require new experts.

They saw what they want to see.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:53 AM

Discussion of the hard time that the defense team is having.

It comes when we shall obtain the witnesses, what strategy we should follow and what areas we should focus on. We know that our choices will affect the people involved. We must constantly weigh the considerations against each other, weigh how important something is to the case against how harmful it can be for the person concerned. If I do not consider it, but just running in to get the most out of the light, we can carry completely wrong place. We need to make assessments that are legal, but they must also be moral, says Lippe City.

This is an interesting take on things. Is this a component of the Norwegian legal system? I'll have to look.

Does your client agree with this take? Probably. Intended damage done. Mission accomplished. Further havoc on specific individuals is no longer necessary, and likely counterproductive.

Be nice to everyone - one day that person you were pleasant to in the lunch room might change your whole life.

When I educate female colleagues, I urge them not to participate in online debates, says Huitfeldt.

In particular, women are subjected to unfair coverage of the debates, said the Minister.

This piece mentions Anders Behring as the woman who disagrees with her is a listed target of his.

Dear Culture Minister - strap on an extra pair of ovaries and buck up. You notice that people in your culture are reluctant to stand out in the face of the crowd, and want to use this to your advantage. This is a form of tyranny, that doesn't stop being a form of tyranny because you reframe it with compassionate words and doe-eyes.
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 11:30 AM

- It's going to be terrible. The accused will give very detailed descriptions of their misdeeds. In the courtroom, it appears movies and pictures from Utøya. Indescribable bad it is. I want to warn people, especially young people, not to attend the trial, said Lippe City.

- Extreme cruelty

Breivik also in police interrogations described in frightening detail about the bomb explosion in Oslo and the mass killings of Utøya. Although the right-appointed experts have declared Breivik to be a paranoid schizophrenic, the accused have ample opportunity to give testimony in court, along with other defendants.

Here you are starviego. They are going to show the videos and pictures in the trial.

I'd take Lippestad seriously. Real video and photos of real horror isn't TV and movie like. They are less horrifying and more horrifying at the same time.

Being explicit is probably one of Anders Behring's strategies for inflicting terror. He'll want you to be crystal clear about what he considers to be the natural consequences of not taking him seriously are.

Underestimating his commitment to his true goal is likely to leave you quite traumatized.

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 11:40 AM

Paul Ray is now asking the police to investigate the meeting in 2009, and find out the identity of the second-blogger Lionheart. Ray says he does not know the name of the person, but he knows with certainty that they exist. Paul Ray estimates the man to be late 30's.

Man, this guy plays all sides. Like an elephant playing piano.

Of course Lionheart exists. As a guy in his late thirties? Maybe as a go-between to another person.

Pictures of damage inside the government offices.

Wonder if anyone is now looking at the usefulness of building government buildings with explosion chambers around the exterior base. The usefulness of such has been clearly demonstrated here.

The approach of identifying possible lone wolves and then persuading them that they are part of a plot might be having the effect of turning armchair observers into active radicals. Who is to say they would have progressed to the point of actually carrying out an attack if they had not had the support of the network of undercover law enforcement operatives around them?

Yeah, I think I suggested that several weeks ago.

One might also want to consider the fact that trying to provoke their paranoia might not always be effective on people who are only usefully paranoid. The slightly less dedicated, or slightly more crazy people might become unpredictable. The usefully paranoid just become better.

Until this ideology fades, we will continue to see the emergence of more lone jihadists.

Which ideology? The method, the politics, the lifestyle, the utopian fantasy? Which part?

Cleaving the method from the rest can be accomplished. I doubt very much that the basic issues can't be synthesized and modeled, which is of course the basis of a solution. Silence isn't conversion, and it never will be.

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 10:57 AM

- I have failed as a father
Breivik doing yard work 22 July. When he learned about the bomb, and the day after, his son's face in the news, he could not believe his eyes. The period after the terrorist attacks 22 July has been heavy, he admits. He has previously described his son as "a quiet and kind of weird kid."

Just my type. I'm being glib, in case it isn't obvious.

Must live with shame
Aftenbladet reporter asks Breivik if he can forgive his son.

- No. It is impossible. He is the worst terrorist since the Second World War.

Daddy Dearest here is a Narcissist. He's having problems because what his son did reflects on him. However, he's also just a bit intrigued, and would like to find a way to own the "magnificent" minus the "bastard" part of this equation. He's setting himself up to go either way on this subject, while maintaining normal public decorum.

His son has made this easier for him in that he identifies as Behring, but this persona he gave the name Breivik to.

The two prosecutors will present evidence investigators have against Breivik. It means they have a desire to read up on other fields. Breivik uses both in his manifesto, in interviews with police and in conversations with the experts of several political and historical ideas concepts, but also concepts taken from the game world and the internet.

Breivik picks much of their image of reality from games like "World of Warcraft (WoW)" and "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2".

- This is preferably the two games he has spent a lot of time, said prosecutor Christian Hatlo to Dagbladet.

For the two prosecutors, this is a world they have little knowledge.

- We have not just spent our time in front of a gaming machine. There are clearly some things we need to get a better grip on before trial, says Holden.

Is it just starting to occur to these people that they aren't operating with the same cultural context he is? They have overlapping delusions. The common accepted delusion of Norway, and then he has a whole other set. Some of which are propped up by a charcter work up on his part, and some of which are him having a completely different view of culture and societies.

I'm looking forward to seeing them trot out academics to debate someone whose views are across doctrines. Historians to talk about sociology and politics. Sociologists who are steeped in Marxism to talk politics and history. Pyschologists who are steeped in their personal cultural delusion.

If they aren't careful, they are going to end up putting the Crusades on trial, and debating the finer points of how he doesn't get it and the Islam was wonderful for Europe and people who don't see that just don't understand history the way that professionals do. Leave understanding history and politics to the professionals. Internet amateurs are causing problems in society.

Won't that be fun?
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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 01:13 PM

Clumsy and careful
Teenager Breivik describes him as a bit cautious and clumsy.

Undiagnosed sensory disorder. Prioprioception related. He grew into it. Learned to use the extra control necessary to control his internal environment to become very precise in how he does things. You can see this in his descriptions in 2083; for example about how to learn to shoot precisely. How to train your muscles by being slow and using your natural bio-feedback mechanisms.

- If he ever wakes up and finds out what he has done, I think he's going to be absolutely terrible. If he kills himself it would not surprise me, he says.

You ever wake up to what you did and feel terrible? in Thailand. Right. No.

Anders' mother has fantastic taste in men. They even seem to think that interviewing might make them look better.

She herself could be a case study.

The forensic commission is not yet finished its review of the report. But according to the channel, there is great disagreement about the conclusion paranoid schizophrenia.

More is also critical that the terrorists political opinions have not been addressed in the report.

His political opinions should be addressed in a psychological report?

Really now. How....interesting. Interesting in the same way as watching a truck plow into a light standard at 100 km/hr.

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 01:37 PM

The court has also sent a copy of the document they have received. It contains a single sentence:

"There are no significant objections to the declaration."

- We have no expertise in this, and must trust that those who have it do its job. It's difficult for many, but we must still deal with the experts, said Deputy Chairman of the national support group, Tove Selbekk, told VG Nett.

More of the same here:

There are tons of articles in many languages about the Forensic Commission putting their stamp of approval on the report.

The increasing failed appeal to authority. Spread wide. Stop questioning! Authorities are okay with this. Shh.

Psychiatrists and psychologists aren't necessarily the guardians of sense and logic. Though if they put out enough articles Appealing to Authority (a logic fallacy), they can hope people will shut up.

Conveniently, as I showed previous, when this goes unchallenged the authorities intend on using this as a way of moving the blame from Anders Behring onto the Right Wing (even if they have to jiggle what the Right Wing means, or what constitutes extreme) as a delusional state worthy of more explicit monitoring. Oh, and of course making them an enemy of the state.;art16698,6518931

Like here:
Apparently Germany is looking to step up its monitoring, and it combination of statistics for "right wing" extermism. Including Neo-Nazis.

Neo-Nazis, are usually left-wing. National Socialists. Just showing more examples of trying to group anything they dislike into one category, even if it means completely ignoring reality.

They call him a "young man" in this. I've seen this a couple of times. 32 isn't a "young man." 18 is a young man. I've seen this with some other people recently. I think this is probably intended to downplay their age so that they are less appealling to real young men.

Some people say that Breivik is just mentally ill. Well, probably he is, but this doesn’t annul the fact that crimes like his one are caused by problems which really exist and are really serious. Relations between indigenous Europeans and people who come to Europe from Moslem countries are not always smooth – and it would be wrong to say that only one side, be it the Europeans or the newcomers, is to blame for that. The integration of people of one culture into a country where another culture dominates is not an easy process. Conflicts are sometimes so tense that now, more and more European politicians are starting to doubt whether the policy of multiculturalism is a good one.”

The process has only started to break seriously in the last decade or so. While there has always been problems, this problem coincides with the development of legal and bureaucratic reasons to muzzle people, a concerted attack on the meaning of words, and the full scale fast introduction of Islam. Which apparently is "necessary." I haven't figured out why yet. Phillipinos seem like such a better bet.

And, if he is imprisoned, nationalistically-minded people in Europe may look upon him as a martyr. Unfortunately, the current situation in Europe gives grounds to worry that new “fighters against the onslaught of Moslems” like him may appear.

Earlier this year Lacoste asked that Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in Norway in July, be stopped from wearing shirts bearing the Lacoste logo after he was photographed in a police van in a top with the brand's distinctive crocodile logo.

Several articles on this. Lacoste - poor Lacoste. Their attempts to be linked to Anders Behring more just keep falling down.

Though I still very much am amused by them retooling their 2083 commercial and re-releasing it.
The guy in it is even so appropriate to the Computer Sim Trained Genetic Super Soldier theme. If only someone other than me had noticed and made a big deal out of it that might have triggered it off.

Empathy divides into at least two components: "cognitive" and "affective". Cognitive empathy is the drive to identify someone else's thoughts and feelings, being able to put yourself into their shoes to imagine what is in their mind. Affective empathy, in contrast, is the drive to respond to someone else's thoughts and feelings with an appropriate emotion. People with autism typically have difficulties with the cognitive component (they have trouble inferring what other people might think or feel), but have intact affective empathy (it upsets them to hear of others suffering). So Breivik is unlikely to have autism.

In contrast, those with antisocial personality disorder (including psychopaths) typically have the opposite profile: they have no trouble reading other people's thoughts and feelings (intact cognitive empathy) but other people's suffering is of no concern to them.

It is not for me to speculate on Breivik's diagnosis, and in some ways the precise formulation is of secondary importance. The more important issue is to understand what factors can lead to empathy erosion.

More appeal to authority - in this case by specifically bowing before it.

However, I'd like to address this concept of empathy. He has it. He can turn it off. Has been working on developing this trait for years. The components of how to do it, how to reinforce it, ways to redirect it.

Which fits neither category here. Rare animal in the zoo.

May be admitted to a psychiatric facility for observation.

More expert objections, aid lawyers changing their requests for new analysis,

Never underestimate the broadly applied, explicit first strike.

Give people a reason, words, and the feeling they might not be alone in questioning and they might start doing so. They suspect they might have support to object about something that they might otherwise quietly accept with reservations. That they won't stand alone in front of the herd.

Slowly mounting pressure as more people come out of the wood work from places sometimes you aren't expecting them from.

Sometimes you don't need to continue to husband the thing - you just release it the right way and it finds its home in enough people.

It is an object lesson, that shows you how Anders' object lesson works.

(If you'd like, come have a talk with me and we can discuss why the drowning people out with stupidity, paid for shill noise, and trying to control the debate singularly is counterproductive.)
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posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 03:00 PM

Breivik wishes to be considered by someone who specializes in politically motivated violence, a historian and political scientist. These specialists will be called as witnesses during the trial, said Lippestad.

That should be interesting.

More of the same:

So Broadcasting Corporation documentary on cell defenders also says that Anders Behring Breivik have seen yesterday documentary on NRK where his father and stepfather talking about his childhood. - He thought it was an interesting program to watch and he thought it was special to see his father and stepfather. He also expressed that he thought they spoke of him in a better way than he had expected, says Lippestad.

During questioning the mother to Anders Behring Breivik have explained that his son underwent a major personality change from the time he moved back to his bedroom in 2006.

About the time he decided to commit himself to this plan of action fully, and started playing with his internal chemistry and finding groups to train with? Sociopath realizes he's a sociopath?

The police were at the start of the terrorism investigation very interested in the role of "Fjordman" had played in relation to the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik (32). blogger is heavily cited in the manifesto of the terrorist, and it was in the media first speculated that it was "Fjordman" who was behind the terrorist act. "Fjordman" ANSWERS: - I have played with open cards are now clearly refuted, but in conversations with the police "

Relocation Plans "Fjordman" continues to say that he was planning to move from London to somewhere else in Norway before Breivik case - which probably would have happened sometime during the next year. - The main reason for this was that I wanted to be closer to relatives and family, but also because Oslo is becoming a very unsafe and unfriendly city that slowly destroyed by immigration. Parts of the capital is not Norway. Like many other native Norwegians, I can not see any future in the family and have children to school in Oslo, where they will be harassed minority in their own country, enter "Fjordman" - who insists to be quoted on this.

posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 01:43 PM

Rosenqvist also thinks that the details about Breivik's life on which the evaluators based their diagnosis aren't very convincing. For example, they note that Breivik lived with his mother and let her do his laundry and cook for him, and that he no longer had much social contact after 2006. But, in Rosenqvist's opinion, "Those aren't such unusual living conditions for young men."

32 isn't a young man.

Nor is allowing someone in your household do your laundry and cooking a psychiatric disorder. And if it is, there are billions of people suffering from it.

Even the two psychiatric experts who wrote the official report gathered a series of signs that tend to speak for pathological narcissism. For example, when they asked Breivik what he thought the youths probably felt when he was shooting at them, the killer merely responded by discussing what the deeds meant for him. "On this day," he said, "I was waging a one-man war against all the regimes of Western Europe. I felt traumatized every second that blood and brains were spurting out. War is hell."

I bet he did feel traumatized. Horrified as he put it before. Parallel processes.

If you change this around and consider that he has boundary issues, he may not be narcissistic. The indistinguishable state between himself and others is less about narcissism than about a modified sense of "I."

They asked about his victims. He answered in a personal way - he is one of his own victims.

Torgensen gets the impression that Breivik found an ideal place to nourish his delusions of grandeur in the anti-Islamic scene full of crusader fantasies. "This was coupled with an extremely sadistic disorder," Torgensen says. "This disastrous combination could explain the scale of his violence."

No it doesn't. Narcissists are lazy when their source for feeding their narcissism isn't available. This is the part of this diagnosis that people miss. It is a crucial part of their mental make-up. Where an easier source exists, they'll transfer to that.

Though if you consider that the states promotion of state as Mother, Father, Wife and Husband actually worked........ ah the irony extends in so many directions.

What's more, Torgensen believes that officials are trying to use a diagnosis of mental disease to make Breivik disappear as quietly as possible. One thing that leads him to believe this are rumors that a new wing is being built in the prison that will be dedicated to psychiatric detainees.

Don't worry, without dealing with this properly you'll be seeing this again. This is such a vast improvement on the previous versions of this that if this one isn't the one, the next one will be. Burying it in a psychiatric wing deactivates this one man. It doesn't deactivate this culture-meme.
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posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 03:00 PM

But is it true? Well, not really. Three (3) of the 1516 pages of Breivik’s 2083 are taken from the Unabomber Manifesto, from a section where Kaczynski attacks the "left". The rest comes from elsewhere. Looking at Breivik’s main influences, four influential thought currents may be identified: contemporary Islamophobic ideologies, cultural conservative/neo-Confederate traditions, elements of modern White Power thinking, and anti-feminist thought, all framed by a distinctly romantic male warrior ideal.

The "hodge-podge" of 2083 actually suggests he is not narcissistic. The invitation to edit his actual work is the same. It is an indication of subordination to a "we."

The Left would still really like to not have to acknowledge that Anders Behring took his model not from any of the sources they would like to pin it on.

He modeled on Islamic Terrorism. Pointedly.

You know, the thing that the Left has spent the last decade shining up to be romantic. It isn't terrorism, it is militancy and insurgency and freedom fighters. The right-wing didn't romantize this.....the left did.

The left never understood the concept that you can understand their motivators, and you tell your own government to stop importing them, arming and training them without having to become their defenders.

These people also cherry-pick out of his ideas. Is he anti-feminist? Yes. Except, when he's trying to come up with ways to preserve it; Cultural confusion, made animate.

(As to the bias of this site, notice their "arab awakening." More of the left putting shine on a rotten apple, where they are trying to pretend not to notice that the thing people like me have been pointing out for years is true. 70% of the Islamic nations support anti-liberal extremist Islamism. Because it has turned out this is inconveniently true, now they are trying to tell us that this is just wonderful. Awakening. Spring. Like this is GREAT. This site has it for you to see.)
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posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 11:18 PM
A link to the actual leaked psychiatric report.

The psychiatrists say he doesn’t express emotions when speaking of his family or childhood, and add that he tends to stare a bit, blinks quite often and uses few gestures. Breivik has a slightly rigid body language, which they believe is linked to his diagnosis.

I'd like to address these.

Eyeblink rates in schizophrenics are increased. This is why this is in the psychiatric report as a supporting piece of evidence.

My suggestions all account for all of this, and the above links will give a description about the increased and decreased eye blink rates and why.

When discussing and trying to control the conversation and figure out what the people he's talking to are doing and were they are going next and how he's going to deal with it and inject his goals into the discussion for dissemination, his eye blink rate goes up.

When he's observing and listening or already knows what is going on and is just waiting, he stares.

The "rigid" body movement is the sensory disorder, and he uses his visual system to compensate as biofeedback.

Meditative behaviours in schizophrenics can set off episodes of psychosis, an effect of serotonin. He knows he's been screwing around with his serotonin levels - he specifically mentions this in 2083 and in interviews. However, people who engage in these serotonin and dopamine altering behaviours can mimic the effects of schizophrenia. page&q=schizophrenia%20meditation&f=false

You can find some discussion of these effects here, along with a discussion of the modified sense of "I" as well as depersonalization.
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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 11:22 AM

Quite early in the so-called manifesto Breivik writes that he "strongly recommends" that the "patriots" undertake to translate and transmit the work which he laid out on the internet shortly before he began mass killings at 15.30 on Friday 22 July.

But no government or NGOs that NTB has contacted know that Breivik's advice about the translation has been followed.

"I do not think it means what you think it means." - The Princess Bride

The audience he garnered, understand English.

So this guy is right. Anders Behring didn't and doesn't appeal to the stupid. This isn't a triumph.

Nothing much in the news currently. After the forensic group put their stamp on the report, did they start treating him for schizophrenia?
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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 04:46 PM
I think his manifesto is pretty stupid. It's a cut-and-paste job.
It's like some instruction booklet on how to commit acts of terrorism mixed with his personal dellusions.
I'd translate it if it was shorter and more interesting, but I also don't want to encourage his wild ideas.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:54 PM
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That's probably a good idea. I wouldn't translate it either.

Mostly because I don't want to give anyone ideas.

Have you read it Sorg? Your analysis is the common one being promoted by the media.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:08 PM

Originally posted by Aeons
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That's probably a good idea. I wouldn't translate it either.

Mostly because I don't want to give anyone ideas.

Have you read it Sorg? Your analysis is the common one being promoted by the media.

I haven't actually heard much about his manifesto from the media, it seems like they deliberatly want to hide it to "lessen the spread" of his ideas(?). I don't own either TV nor radio, although I do read alot of online newspapers, and I hardly come across anything regarding his manifesto.
Yes, I have read his manifesto, although I skipped much of it (such as the lists on power plants ,and where to buy weapons and other, for me, uninteresting things). It was a long time tho, and a "quick read", and it couldn't hurt reading it again to refresh my memory. When I read it I didn't know much about ABB and wasn't as interested in the whole ordeal as I am now.
This thread has really dug up some interesting things. I'm not really certain about ABBS character. He confuses me. The manifesto s truck me as sterile and unemotional, that's why I wanted to read some of his forum posts(we discussed this further back in the topic).

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 09:50 PM
I'll reiterate what I said up front. The thing I'm interested in isn't specific to his crimes. You might say it is the medium that the thing I'm interested came wrapped in.

Though the things you skipped, I found absolutely fascinating. Horrifying, but fascinating.

While I agree with quite a bit of his analysis - not all of it - and have been following about the same trend he has, I don't think this is the path. Or at least, I damn well hope it isn't. I've been following this trend outside of the Counter-Jihad and the like groups. My views prior to this event were untainted by their views and rhetoric, which I find intemperate often and prone to taking things too far or being led by the nose to do stupid things.

Some are clearly happy to act as a gateway to real hate groups, instead of political activism and clear political boundaries about real issues of culture and governance. Their motives are not what they are suggesting they are. They've merely found that this issue draws flies.

I believe this tendency to act as a gateway to stupidity is the number one problem in tackling this problem. It effectively and consistently disables the debate in a more profound way than any left-winger ever does. A point you may notice Anders Behring made as well in one of his most lucid sections before Book 3.

What I do find interesting is that some of them have found and incorporated some of *my* views that I've been posting the last decade. Under various names - I recognize my own touch when I see it, particularly on things that no one was saying before I did.

I was just starting to think that I needed to look far more closely at how Europe's governments were functioning on these issues, because Europe's governments were consistently not acting in a manner I found consistent with my expectations of their governance models and the protections of their own people's interests. That's right about when this happened.

The left will want to sink the real necessary debate with this, and continue their plague on language. The counter-jihad movements will do the same with how dumb they are being with this. Those who actually care about our type of governance are being fracking cowards and so this debate is happening in shadowy corners.

Some of these governments will want to use this to crack down in a insensible ways, which further my personal distrust of their intentions. (Some will of course just watch. Enjoy. Yes, I really do just do this all on my own.)

So you could say that I am interested in this for several reasons. Social, political, psychological and personal. Since I'm looking anyways, and Jaaman has a thread up for this.....I figured I'll just post what I find, and see. Except when I don't

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