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Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway killer

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 03:38 PM

A government switchboard operator noted the conversation in which an unnamed caller spoke of shooting youth members of the ruling Labour Party.

The caller, whose voice resembled that of Breivik, also talked of a manifesto.

Police were not informed because the threat was not considered to be serious at the time, an official said.

"The call was never considered as a real threat but more like a vague and incoherent conversation," Margot Vaagdal, communications chief at the government services centre, told AFP news agency.

When the man finally wanted to get off the train, the Breivik have taken hold of his clothes to the man to prevent him from leaving the train.

Before the man finally managed to get off the train, he had a note from Breivik. It contained Breivik's e-mail address and his phone number.

Been trying to warn people. Walks around in a bubble of suspended disbelief where people can't see him. Things just fall into their (horrible) correct place around him.

I'd lay money on him having deals with himself/God. I'll be guy A if X happens, and guy B if Y happens. And only Y ever happens.

Just like I said - trying to tell people what's going on outside and with himself. No one has any facts, no one addresses the reality of it, brush it off and so there are jobs to be done and horribly he's the one to do them.

Ugh. I can hear the way this narrative goes together. I wish I could go back in time and be the person on the train - people finding themselves with the need to talk seem to find me. People who know me consider it some unique phenomena that they only ever experience in my presence. Seen him and given him the possibility idea that there was another way. Fantasies - I have them.

Cultural insufficiency. Government and politicians of the collectivist state want to be the family? Here's your son and your husband. Congratulations. You're a crappy parent and a worse spouse. I bet you don't know how many of these men are walking around, one deal with God/Fate/Universe away from something.

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 08:59 PM
I have been reading your thread with interest. You are highly critical of the European ideological project (cultural Marxist/collectivist) and I agree wholeheartedly. Brievik is the son of this system, he is one logical outcome of it.

Originally posted by Aeons

Government and politicians of the collectivist state want to be the family? Here's your son and your husband. Congratulations. You're a crappy parent and a worse spouse. I bet you don't know how many of these men are walking around, one deal with God/Fate/Universe away from something.

I have a theory that the collectivist ideal tends automatically towards that which reduces population. Human beings create value (output) and consume value (need/demad). In a capitalist market, the two are supposed to balance and match each other, in theory if not in practice. In collectivist thought, however, the need/demand of each individual is "guaranteed" no matter what the output, so the system cannot work. To compensate for the excess demand, the system tends toward an ideology which involves destruction of demand: Through moral re-enginnering, through culture, and also through measures which tend to reduce human population (and thus reduce total demand).

Leftist/collectivist population-reduction trends can be seen in the trend to embrace homosexuality, to encourage women to work rather than to raise families, to denegrate the family in general (the family is also the prime competitor with the state for loyalty, so it must be erased...), to encourage men and women to wait longer to have children and then to have fewer children, and so on. In practice, this often takes the form of androgynizing and "culturally castrating" the male, of marginalizing the male, of removing his sense of diginity and making him appear a clown, and so on. However, the collectivist project has not accounted for any backlash, they have not calculated male response. Men are just supposed to roll over and "take it." Steam builds up in the system with no outlet, the pipes start to buckle and crack. The result = Brievik.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 09:43 PM
I'd agree, but I think that Islam itself is often left and collectivist and clearly don't have a fertility problem. I think that the left embraces Islam so completely because the underlying concept of jihad is very similar to the socialist-Engles-Marx concept of struggle.

With almost 3/4 of people their fertile years being unattached in a meaningful way - ever - I can't see how this can work. The entire system in Europe relies on people having no tribal affiliation, or their affiliation being a meaningless construct. A construct that only elitists are allowed to manipulate and create.

Cultural and genetic exchange is utterly normal - and frankly doesn't need to be pushed like is being done. Quotas? !? Seriously? Quotas? It happens completely on its own, and negotiates itself.

There is no primate where this works. There aren't that many mammals this would work with. Unless you destroy the tribes, then implement the new tribe with plenty of space. The model Europe is using is North America, only they didn't take into consideration that the original inhabitants were annihilated down to a minuscule number in two generations to make it work. That little fact seems to have escaped people.

I don't plan on becoming less of a person to make room for males. I don't think that it is necessary though. The problem isn't equality - the problem is clearly rooted in the fabric of society.

Clearly there is a problem. And my guess is that we have a lot more of these guys walking around, because the social model in the West fails to account for the tribal nature of the human and what functions made Europeans survive in their environment. I think the social fabric is damaged in a way that mimics the tribe in conflict, then when you throw in an aggressor tribe whose members are intent on creating parallel societies that it is a situation that begs to activate tribal wiring.

While I think that Anders Behring's father is a narcissist, I think that his essential point about how he should have been raised by his father is correct. His father is a functional narcissist, and that means that he has some skills to get along. Skills that someone with Anders' wiring needs to be taught, and needs to see, and needs to be challenged. The only people who see someone like this is....someone else like this.

The fact that he could literally tell people what he was doing, and they still didn't see it is insane. Another person with this wiring, like a relative with it, would have. Deconstruction of the family removes this knowledge transfer, and replaces it with nothing.

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by Aeons

You've probably run into Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs before in your travels.

Although this is geared towards individuals, I think a similar (not identical) schema can be created for cultures. As a mature and developed cultures "at the End of History" as Francis Fukuyama might say, seemingly untroubled by substantive cultural competition, the European societies seemed to be at the pinnacle of the hierarchy. Europeans, and males more than anyone, were asked to identify with the upper ranges of Maslow's triangle - To be altruistic, fair-minded, impartial, detached, anlalytically moral. At the same time, cultures were injected into their midst through immigration, manifesting a group of newcomers with needs that are much closer to the bottom of the triangle.

You can't train somebody to value fairness and impartial ethics above all else (the training of the European male) and then have them interact with a large number of people who have never been indoctrinated in this way, trained in this way, and do not operate according to gentleman's-club rules of "fairness." The result = Brievik. He is reacting to the perceived unfairness of what he is being asked to do, ideologically. His motiviation is ideological because he's been asked by the state to think ideologically his whole life. This is where the state has asked him to put his needs.

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 11:51 PM
It worked. He did put his needs there. In the most staggeringly horrible way I can imagine for a single person. If you can subsume your own so thoroughly, then valuing other's at the same rate of exchange doesn't seem that hard.

Europe isn't that big. How much of the world do they think that they can "save" through importing them into peace?

Fair is back brain wiring. It is primal, and screwing around with fair without giving a good solid reason for people to hold onto won't work long term. Challenging the way our brains function requires knowledge and reason. There is a distinct lack of reason going on with multiculturalism.

I like y'all with y'er high faluting ideas of renamed chivalry. I'd like to keep it that way, and turn it into a an export product.

posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 02:07 PM

- We have his statement when he started. We can control up to when we see that he began to make preparations. It happens two years in advance. Only when we see signs of concrete planning, says Kraby.

Claims that he has only been planning this since 2009. This is likely true from his online postings. In 2009 he had at least Book 3 done. All the subsequent planning is based on it. It is possible that Book one and two are more recent.

He has been developing the idea since 2002. Proof? The pictures were taken in 2005. Look at the bookshelf picture in one of the links from Denmark last page. I took a copy if it disappeared. There is a book about structural design. He's been evaluating targets and how they are constructed to take them down starting in 2002.

I earned one million Breivik, both in interviews with police and in the manifesto claimed that he was successful as a self-employed . Millions he claims to have earned to have been used to finance terrorist attack that claimed 77 lives. - We have not been able to see that he has had so much money to spend.

I believe that I have a link in this thread showing that he has been confirmed to have made 1.7 million USD.

He hasn't used all of it for this, but instead used fraud. What is that money he has in the tax haven for? I have one wild guess, and then another that is around the possibility that his bomb worked and he got away clean and needed the money. Entirely possible that he would have.

This further goes into his myriad of lies and semi-lies.

Lie early, lie often, lie creatively so that by the time they get the truth that it is mixed up in lies that you've wasted their time and given people time to get to cover. A simple lie is easier to believe than the complicated truth.

I use these arguments to prove why consistent use of institutionalized torture in anything but time-crunch situations is problematic. Apparently he has the same evaluation sort of, in that he's told them that if they were actually concerned the would use a form of institutionalized torture to get the information. Six months to determine what might be lies.

According to law psychiatrists have Breivik "a wealth of psychotic delusions of grandiose nature, exemplified by the ideas of his own sovereignty attached to his written work and the work's overall importance to the future of civil war and the seizure of power in Europe."

In this thread I have links to two experts who have suggested that they believe this to be an action that is inline with their expectation of a civil war in Europe.

Leak from documents in the case. About the changing police schedule around Utoya.

What happen to the ferry. This being set out as them saving nine lives. True. It is also an excellent hot point illustrating a behaviour that quite a few people will not find desirable.

Many of these adults are supposed to have some sort of military training aren't they? "Run for your lives." Clear thinking and directions to teenagers without any training. Run where?

I am sure that there were people who had clear thinking on Utoya. Too bad none of the people who are organizers or leaders could be counted in that group. I suspect that this is true regardless of the political leaning of any given group.

. He does not notice anything strange until he heard shots. "National Guard or refugee role-playing," he thinks, according to interrogation.

Refugee role playing? Indoctrination is such an interesting phenomena - this line of thinking shows the level of indoctrination training being used by this party. Though I guess that the other side was demonstrated here as "I was shot at and bombed for merely existing as someone who doesn't agree with an aggressive ideologist without boundaries."

The media is making sure that people know that Anders Behring is open to receive letters and visits.
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posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 11:37 AM

The terror accused 32-year-old would rather spend his time and his energy to prepare for the main hearing, and is more interested in communicating in writing with those with similar opinions, says lawyer

He says he is thriving in isolation, and that he does not want to have "energy leak" before the court case starts on 16 April, says defense lawyer Vibeke Hein.

Meiningsfeller – I ad-libed on this one. I was tempted to put in my version of it as the term I used previously: ideological compatriots.

Avoiding kryptonite. Maintaining mystique. Reinforcing psychological bulwarks.

He’s been training himself to be okay with his own company for several years, and is probably pretty pleased that it is working for him. Embrace the sociopath.

Some of the sequestering behaviour over the last several years was part of the “training.” Learning to game his brain to deal with isolation. I wonder what his new reward system is. It can’t all be about delayed gratification. Maybe gaming the World has turned out to be more satisfying than gaming pixels.

In the Focus documentary "Fathers" Jens Breivik said that he regrets that he has not doing more to get in touch again. He also says that he wants to visit the terror accused.
“When do I have the ask him what on earth he got to do something so terrible”, says Jens Breivik.

Narcissist wants to be seen to have this want and emotion. Person with this actual desire would do it and not tell the media how they want to do it.

Media watchdog concerned about interviews prior to the trial.

Court is looking for proposals for new experts. Looks like quite a few have disqualified themselves by speaking to the media.

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posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 11:53 AM
Today most of the news reports on this from around the globe focus only on Anders Behring being available for people to contact.

Starting to get the idea that this problem might be just a little bit bigger than they think? This is an excellent way to get a feel for its spread, and since they have to read his mail it might give an excellent indication of the quality of those who are motivated.

Maybe this will let them start seeing what I see. Your model - it needs aggressive updating.

posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 01:01 PM

Originally posted by Aeons
Today most of the news reports on this from around the globe focus only on Anders Behring being available for people to contact.

Anyone who was a serious "ideological compatriot" of Brievik and tried to communicate with him would have to be as dumb as a box of rocks. Heavy survalience would immediately become a part of their life. I can't see how this would flush out anyone who seriously was inspired by Brievik, although I guess its better than nothing, and there is no reason not to try.

posted on Jan, 10 2012 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

It would flush out those with no boundaries so they don't care about being tracked, those who already know they are on the radar, or the stupid and crazy. The stupid and crazy are an excellent bellweather for resonance of a narrative in the populace - they show it, but more controlled people do not.

He might also make an interesting study for how many women show signs of violence bonding, and the spread of the field.
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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 11:58 AM

Ex-leader of the Norwegian Defense League is concerned that her interviews have been leaked. Threats have been coming from the UK to her from similar groups.

These leaks are so very interesting. But I’ve been watching this little bit of drama between this woman and the UK. How odd, that so many people from the UK are having a reaction to Anders Behring, and he claims to have made his contacts in the UK, and the threats to this woman are coming from the UK.

Not that such consistency is suggestive or anything.

Many interviews have been leaked, and people are now refusing to be interviewed.

In one of the three cells Breivik disposes of Ila, the so-called PC-cell, he has gained access to a computer. He has been installed including a word processor and a computer game.

From what VG has reported, the Breivik to install fantasy game Heroes of Might and Magic, but this was rejected by the police.

Instead, he has been a strategy game in which he builds up a virtual city.

Sounds exciting.

In preference for him gaming pixels, they instead want to focus him on gaming the World. An excellent choice. Totally makes sense.

No indications of illness
Friends and family of Breivik have also told local media that they never saw any indication of mental illness, or that he was incapable of taking care of himself. Newspaper Aftenposten reported, for example, that one family member described him as articulate, knowledgeable and reflective, “like he’d always been,” at their last meeting during Christmas 2010. At a time when the psychiatrists claimed in their report that he had lost the ability to function, after moving in with his mother in 2006, friends said he was taking part in family dinners, café visits, trips to holiday cabins known as hytter and various parties. Aftenposten based its information on transcripts obtained from questioning carried out by police as part of their massive investigation into Breivik’s attacks.

There are multiple news reports about him wanting to interview with non-Norwegian media.

Also, it appears that Anders is inspiring a re-write of the Constitution in Norway. To address anti-Semitism. This is about as pleasing as the new German obsession with people who question Islam.

Might I point out that is very Shariah to institute a concept that says that you aren’t allowed to offend people?

You never convert people by silencing them.

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posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 12:06 PM
the fact that the worse mass murderer in europe has received virtually no press coverage alludes to brevicks claims of a conspiracy. The columbine killings received loads more press as did the steven lawrence case.
Where are the in depth documentaries?

posted on Jan, 12 2012 @ 12:25 PM
There have been a couple. There is "The Killer's Mind" and "Fathers" which is in Norwegian. There was also a really badly done tasteless "reenactment" of the shootings on Utoya. You can find the first one on Youtube.

I don't think they understand "The Killer's Mind" whatsoever, but then again I'm not sure I want most people to be able to comprehend this very well.

The spread is being contained to Europe and Russia primarily. There seems to be a concerted attempt to keep the media noise down in Germany, France and the UK particularly. The reactions are not muted in the UK. Everytime something comes out that leaves people an option to express their opinion, those opinions are not exactly the same as what you are being told they should be.

The reaction in the Golden Triangle must be somewhat alarming.

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 07:04 PM

"The court finds, after an overall assessment required to appoint two new experts to assess the accused's sanity. The court thinks the case exceptional and extremely serious nature dictates that sane safety issue should be investigated further.

Based on his own grounds, he experiences the first declaration so that 80 percent of the content was not correct. Therefore he says that does not believe new experts will have the knowledge necessary to understand him, says lawyer Geir Lippe City.

So a new psych assessment is ordered. With a potential for him to be forced to be hospitalized so that he can be administered an anti-psychotic to see if it does anything to him. There is the possibility that the new assessment could push back the trial date.

Now here is what is really interesting about this. This got wide play across nations. In none of them are comments allowed on this news.

Politics - sometimes is as subtle as the thing that ubiquitously isn't there.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 05:49 PM

According to Dr Rosenqvist, the mass-killer compared his life in prison to a "kindergarten", where "he can ring on a bell to get snus [smokeless tobacco] or cigarettes."
He spends his time weight-training, reading a series of books on the history of different countries in the world, playing a computer game where he builds a city, and watching films on DVD.
Dr Rosenqvist notes Breivik's "humorous" reaction to learning that he had been classed as schizophrenic.
"I asked what he thought about the investigators' conclusions. He took these almost in a humorous way and said he didn't recognise himself at all," she writes.

How could he not be amused by his treatment?

The immense difference between how he would hope that you guys deal with terrorists, and the way you actually deal with him would have to be sort of funny. They think he's insane. He realizes that the manner they are dealing with this entire event is delusional.

This trait in the people around him is a great trait, that is utterly unmoderated by sense.
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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 11:23 AM

Breivik must have been pretty quiet and pensive that night. But he described one of the seven partygoers to meet, and he seemed happy to be with their friends. At the same time he had a little bit sad shear over them. Breivik has himself testified that at this time in May was already well underway to build the bomb that was to be used in ministries around two months later.

Clearly he was attending a different farewell party than everyone else.

From 2010 describes mother a qualitative change in observed behavior. She describes him from that time were concerned about infection, own appearance, and was uncomfortably intense, irritable and angry. He became increasingly concerned to convey politics and history, and the mother felt pressured by him. She describes that she had difficulty understanding what he wanted to convey. She describes him as "totally beyond" and that he "believed in all the nonsense he said."

Mom missed the obsessive traits ( pulling) he’d been displaying for a number of years, and the increase in irritability he actually wrote about in 2083.

If I’m right, she’s been ignoring traits that needed more cognitive guidance since he was at least four, probably with a dismissive “boys” kind of attitude.

The best way to deal with someone you love becoming irritable and having intense opinions differing from your opinions is to be dismissive and consider them nonsense and ignore them. Passive aggressive barely touches the level this woman achieved. The psychiatrists should have used her statements to evaluate her. “He brought guns and armour into the house, was irritable, and intensely talked about politics of invasion. I found it unpleasant, so I ignored it in an annoyed fashion.”

I know some man-haters on a personal basis, and seen the havoc they can cause in their son’s psyche. This woman has all the call signs of a well-bred prim man-hater. The Love/Hate dynamic really messes people up. Explains the see-saw of woman love/hate he has going on too.

She’s not to blame; she’s certainly part of the overall story of what made the man. His choices are still his.

I’ve been looking at maps of the area of the farm – I think what Europeans call farms, we call acreages. I just compared size against my parent’s acreage. Not much bigger.

Did he scout his property out using google maps to see if it was isolated enough?

Thought I'd add in one more "sensory disorder" indicator. Writing and drawing both show it.

It looks like this one is saying that the people who critized the report did not come to the date for the assessement by the judges for new experts.
No, I live too far away and don't have creditials, just an eye for inconsistencies and logic.

Starviego – You’ve been a very busy boy. You are all over the net in relation to this case. A veritable force of “omgz, it must be-s da feds and da NWO and da posse!” You jumped right on my Gladio prong. I find this sort of thing interesting. You know why? Making it seem like one person just could not do this sort of thing is very psy-opy.

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 01:23 PM
There is a cluesforum that I've looked at several times in relation to this case. They make the most ardent ATS Reptilian UFO Hollow World paranoid schizophrenic here look positively a bastion of sanity. If you are looking for more entertainment than my dry logical style, you can find all the inverted pictures you could ever want there.


This video is now gone. It was widely attempted to have people watch it.

TemplarSupport, and PCCTS support names. However, I'm not convinced that the people doing this aren't Muslim extremists.

Reaching out to see if they can snare some dummies to do some dirty work for them, since apparently the white boys turn out to be much much better at it. Why sacrifice your own, when you can encourage someone else to do it for you? I'm just expecting someone to show up at the hospital sans testicles at some point.
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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 10:10 PM

When Behring Breivik came to Utøya he missed its primary goal: Gro Harlem Brundtland.

She was anything but queer. Her whole philosophy of equality was based on a very traditional notion of what it means to be a woman and everything about improvements for heterosexual couples in terms of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and shared responsibility, so even women could come back to work. All so that more white Norwegian children would be born. And build the country. It is an act of today's demographically obsessed Islamophobes should thank her for when they compare födslotalen in northern Europe, southern Europe's more traditional family patterns, resulting in much lower födslotal.

Instead Breivik wanted to murder her.

Gro Harlem Brundtland was the primary target, which is what I said from the t go. What I still don't put together is why it had to be *this* date. Things were not shaping up quite right, but he pushed on anyways. Too much pent up energy directed at it? He clearly wasn't totally bought into 100% on the bus ride - he gave the old man his phone number.... the one he wouldn't be at anymore if he followed through.

As to the piece about making it easier to be a Mom under Gro Harlem Burndland, I suspect his debate point here would be about making single mom-hood the norm. While Norway has a higher population rate than most of the rest of Europe, its rate of unmarried people in the fertile age group is higher. I can't really get a good idea by how much, but I'm going to estimate 5-10% higher.

I found the youtube video linked above on another site. It is *long* in three parts and I haven't seen the part that relates to this case yet. The guys contention is that many people in many events are actors, and he goes to great pains to show how they are. He maybe right on some of them.

If I find that Anders is an actor, than the fact that I "get" him so much will be of great amusement to me. Why on Earth would anyone try to make a character to resonate with a psychological cohort so damn small? Me, and the like 2 other people on the planet like me?
I'd have to assume that it would be accidental, catching some nice Mom with an Animus like mine.

Anyway, if you want the link you can u2u me.

An essay on Anders Behring compendium:
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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 12:20 AM
The link above gives several very good examples of the use of Kaczynski's manifesto in 2083.

I've yet to see anything in from him in the leaks, interrogations etc. that address this.

What I find interesting is that this unacknowledged use of the Unabomber's manifesto is one thing that might actually make the cornerstone of a good conspiracy. I'd be interested to know why he chose to use Kaczynski as a model.

He certainly went out of his way to extensively model on known terrorists: Jihadis and Kaczynski. How many others did he study to make this persona? And if he didn't study Kaczynski, then who gave him the model for these paragraphs unattributed?
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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 11:10 AM

- We believe that people will decide how he is treated and what he believes. We see that more and more people get involved and that it comes out more information. The amount of information increases. First it was manifest, as has been questioned in the media and many more will participate in the speech about what he preach, says Kristiansen.

This is such a staggeringly bad idea.

They see each other now. The Islamist extremists are out pretending that they are these groups provoking, and on the other end using provocative ideology in response.

You aren’t doing anything to counter it that is effective. Actually, I’d say you are doing the opposite. We’re right, because we say so. Oh, and did we mention that we are going to put even more emphasis on a tiny minority? What insanity drives you? You give no reasons, no real information.

The government is being owned on every level, and can’t mount an effective understandable reason, but plan on giving someone with a clear and understandable one a stage for people to evaluate his ideas, while the Islamists use the same opportunity to promote Islam Is the Solution.

You’re being owned on every level, with no attempt to come up with a clear, understandable presentation of your vision, which suggests you don’t have one. Some context, which is what all of these people are missing. Context, on every level of life. This is the main thing holding all of this together. They know that the world is lacking normal context, and there are people willing to provide some.

I admire Norway’s want to be open and not censor. Your nation – you are insane.

Your entire hope lies in people seeing an insane man. Have you never cracked a history book? The most popular ideologies on this planet currently were spearheaded by people that you could claim were insane.

I used to be more center-left than the center-right I am now. That ex I talked about before, he once spontaneously shared his vision with me about how our future should look. He wasn’t very political, but thought I was a good person even if he didn’t always agree with me (Oathkeeper type right-wing).

His vision on the future was that I should be in charge, and he’d stand beside me and make sure that anyone who thought otherwise could be taught how deeply incorrect they were. This idea came with a slightly disturbing laugh that suggested that my personal goon squad was already being planned. He also liked to challenge himself to be better because that would make me happy and then he’d be a better goon leader I guess. He’d started working out harder prior to this. I’m beginning to think that if I’d lived in somewhere other than here, I might have taken him up on it.

Willing to move his essential political flag because the World I presented was something that he liked. Something stable, worth promoting and protecting. Get it?

He found a slight increase of involvement in the voluntary sector, the first time after the attacks.

- It was a mobilization of community feeling after 22 July. This was especially true among the young, who are in a phase of life where they do not yet have a fully established value system. That many young people were affected did NOK also a strong impression on young people, explains Wollebæk.

According to the researcher, it is too early to say whether this indicates a permanent change in the Norwegian society.

Iron is hot. People are looking for some effective direction. The point applies across the political spectrum. If you see it in the more moderate populace, does the point come home?

It also contains information that extreme Islamists worldwide will be able to take advantage of, says security chief told VG Nett.

Thanks for noticing that. I gave an example above.

- The manifesto is a guide, a manual in how to keep themselves under a Security Service called radar. As far as I know, this manual translated into many languages and it is worrying, she said.

Several weeks ago they were very much on how this manual hasn’t been translated, and this is victory. I think it means that the people who are reading it are versant in English. Apparently not just socialists learn other languages.

Earlier this month, 25-year-old Sami Osmakac arrested in Florida on suspicion of planning a solo terrorist attacks based on attack 22 July.

Sami is an Islamic name, so I looked it up. Kosovoan Albanian immigrant to the US. Here you are. iHoP_story.html

Was banned from the local Islamic center, is said to have been a lone wolf, but I would pay attention to the last paragraphs in the Washington Post link.

The points I’m making – they apply to a certain set of Jihadis as well.
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