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The Tarot - Your Card Of The Day by Woodwytch

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 04:13 AM
Hi woodwytch I would love a card also, this stuff is interesting to me

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 04:40 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Thank you very much Woody!

Once you're settled in, I'll book a full reading with you. Hope your move goes well for you

posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 11:13 AM

Originally posted by tport17
Good luck with your move! I have enjoyed this thread and I am interested in what you see for me. No worries if it takes a long time to get back to card reading, I'm pretty patient!

Hey there tport17 ... so pleased you've enjoyed the thread so far let's see if we can keep the interest going with a good card for you.

The Card Drawn Is - THE LADY

This card is all about abundance / passion / healing / fertility (either literally and/or psychologically) ...But the intuitive feeling I get initially is that you have had your defences up for a while maybe that's just your nature to be overly cautious (not always a bad thing) but now you need to lower your defences a little and open yourself up to some deeply buried feelings or let go of any uneeded possessions ... you need to take a calm rational approach to any challenges in your life.

If you find it difficult to let go one thing you could try (works for me) is opening up to the Goddess (nature) that surrounds and embraces you breathe some fresh air into your lungs and make that connection ... you may think this sounds a little 'hippy trippy' but give it a try it's the best medicine in the world. Once the healing begins there is much happiness / creativity / sensuality waiting to come into your life ... stop blocking it.


posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 11:32 AM

Originally posted by Newleague
Hi woody

I would love if you would draw a card for me
Dont know much about Tarot cards, but i find it quite interresting, thank you for doing this

Hey there Newleague always happy to draw a card for those with an interest so let's see what waits for you.

The Card Drawn Is - JUSTICE

Always good to know you have Justice on your side but I'm guessing the knowing of that doesn't make it any easier to confront a long standing situation ... there may have been some difficulty maintaining peace whether that is on an inner or outer level only you can say ... but just ask yourself for a moment if you might progress past this point faster if you were to take a different perspective ... see it through fresh eyes so to speak ... I think the first thing you should do is try to redress the balance in your life because we can't see things clearly when we are out of sync.

This is the time to make that decision or choice that you may have been putting off but as long as you act with the honesty and integrity that is demanded by Justice you will succeed in your endeavours ... be true to yourself and your nature ... remember whatever choice you make ... justice is on your side if you follow the advise of the card whatever area of your life this card falls in.


posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 11:34 AM

Originally posted by scubagravy
reply to post by woodwytch

Thankyou very much Woody, after reading your reply on the 8 of Pentacles, it is eerily spot on. I thankyou for your time you put aside for me. You have a Knack, job well done.

Cheers mate

Thank-you for the kind words I genuinely appreciate them


posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 11:38 AM
Back tomorrow with a card for sykonot ... I'll try to get a few more done tomorrow as we seem to be building-up on requests again ... damn the packing I'd rather be reading Tarot Cards


posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Wow, I must say before I read any words I saw a card with a pregnant woman and my heart skipped a beat. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year. But then, after reading your interpretation, your words to me hold so much unrealized meaning I nearly started crying! It is something I needed to hear. I have been in a funk for quite a while now for no really good reason, and it really is time to stop pushing it away and hiding it and start to analyze it so it can go away.

Thank you very much and you truly are good at what you do!

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 07:07 AM

Originally posted by sykonot
May I have a card?

Hey there sykonot short and polite request so lets crack on.

The Card Drawn Is - QUEEN of SWORDS

This Queen represents someone (male or female) who is experienced in loss and/or separation either through the break-up of a relationship / the result of a divorce / the grief of bereavement / the loss of a job but don't let your exerience of loss harden your heart ... use it to gain wisdom ... I feel there is about to be an opportunity for liberation and change in some way but this won't last long so act quickly in order to get the most from this chance ... just because you feel that you have been pushed to the ground and/or betrayed in some way do not allow yourself to become a victim or deny yourself the chance for intellectual development / carreer success ... you can draw wisdom rather than bitterness from your experiences.

There is an urgent need to be objective and then you will gain much success in communication ... ideal forums to turn your past pains into future achievements would be in fields such as writing / politics / debates where communication skills are important ... or particularly in the field of therapy where you can help others come through their own problems and dark experiences ... you can draw on your own wisdom to help others and find yourself being healed at the same tme ... the balance of giving and receiving.


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 07:24 AM
Hello woodwytch! Whenever you get the chance, if you could pull one for me I would definitely appreciate it. Please and thank you!

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:44 AM

Originally posted by copperhead12
reply to post by woodwytch

Geeze, you have been really busy. Whenever you have two minutes to rub together I would love a reading.
You are a Past Life Regression Therapist? I had a reading a few years ago and was told to go to a therapist like you because something in a past life was still bugging me muchly!
Thanks and no real hurry. I will keep checking back.

Hey there copperhead ... you'd be surprised how many people bring through debri from their pastlives without knowing it and it can cause all kinds of problems and setbacks from minor to major. Obviously it's best to have a Pastlife Regression session face to face by someone who is experienced in what they do and can help clients get past any traumatic memories they may recall (it's these memories that usually bring the most value as once you realize they are past and have not purpose in your present you can let them go and get on with your future).

That said there are not that many reliable regression therapists around ... and even fewer who do not use hypnotherapy (this method risks inadvertantly creating 'false memories' and defeats the whole object of genuine recall).

But I made a thread some time back called;

What Would You Like To Ask A Pastlife Regression Therapist

You might find it interesting and there is also a script for 'self-regression' that I added due to numerous requests ... self-regreesion can be quite effective for some people whilst otheres gain nothing but a little relaxation
either way you might like to give it a try to see if anything crops up ... just remember though that there is no substitute for a 1-2-1 session.

Ok back on topic
let's draw your card (focusing on your pastlives).

The Card Drawn Is - THE LORD

I make it a rule never to tell people about who they were or what they did during a pastlife ... the whole idea is for the client to retrieve the memories themselves so that they can put them in their rightful place ... all I will say is this card will tell you so much of the story if you study it and meditate on it ... sorry to be cryptic but I won't break my own rule.

You might want to focus mentally on this image when/if you try the 'self-regression' technique ... I'd be very interested to hear what you come up up with if you decide to give it a try either on the thread or via u2u in your own time.

The keywords that go with this card are; (divinatory meaning) - Masculine Power / Fatherhood / Leadership / Boundaries / Accomplishment / Order
(reversed meaning) - Loss of Authority / Lack of Clarity / Power Struggle / Indecision / Dictatorship / Weakness

It's important for you to have both possible meanings of the card to awaken any recall without influence.


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:52 AM
I would very much like you to pull a card for me.
Thank you, and I understand from reading this thread you are very busy, so when ever you get time.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by Bombshell01
Ahhh the card that was pulled, is very refreshing. Thank you. Seriously. I hope your move went good. And I will keep you posted on what the verdict is in a few weeks. Seriously thank you again!

xoxo Bombshell01

Pleased to do the follow-up draw for you ... keep me posted on the outcome and good luck to you throughout.


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:56 AM

Originally posted by Caver78
Congratulations on the new home! Wishing the best for you in this ''new start''.

Thank-you so much ... I'm ready for the move and the frsh start ... just in time for spring ... wonderful


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:58 AM

Originally posted by ns9504

Originally posted by woodwytch

The Card Drawn Is - THE SUN

The initial feeling from this draw is that you are experiencing a time of difficulty (which I knew from your message so that doesn't make me pschic
) ... however, I also feel I should advise you not to dig your heels in if it's not necessary as it will only drag matters out ... act with integrity even in adversity.

The Sun card indicates that the desired outcome will soon come to fruition ... it also indicates liberation from everyday worries and constraints so all in all the feeling is that it will be a favourable outcome for you ... just be patient/


Brilliant! Thank you! and here is the back story for you, in case you might like a little validation...

My car was driving funny so I took it in to the shop. Guy calls, tells me he can't find anything wrong, so I go pick it up. And backing out of his shop, I slam into a utility pole, out of nowhere, going a few mph, completely SMUSH the back of my car. Dammit! Called insurance, got it fixed, but when I picked it up the second time, I just had a terrible feeling. It felt like the universe was trying to tell me something, but I was caught up in my head and just explaining it away as spooked from the accident, etc.

But I take the car in for a second opinion - this guy (who I trust) tells me the brakes are completely shot, totally unsafe to be driving, and this would be the third year in a row that the brakes have failed (I'm not that crazy a driver!). I had a few days of no sleep, dreams of car accidents, do I pay to get it fixed (its an older car) or spend even more money to get a new one, blah blah blah, this went on for a week.

Long story long, I now have a new safe car. I'm finding peace with the amount of money I'm out, but man o' man does it feel awesome to be safe and sound on the road.

I *never* would have made this choice on my own. I guess I just needed to slam into a pole.

OK Universe, I'm listening now...

This really is a brilliant card to come out and it will shine light in all those shady corners to give you a good clear view.


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 09:20 AM

Originally posted by powerstation88
Hey there woodwytch, could you draw me a card dear?
Would help a lot in my current circumstances

Hey there powerstation88 ... let's get on and see if the card can help give you some direction.

The Card Drawn Is - KING of CUPS

This card represents someone who is tolerant / sincere / compassionate ... someone who can empathize with emotions of others because they have experienced their own ... I think this card represents the way you feel at the moment and I think the way you feel is taken for granted / put upon ... frustrated because someone in your life is taking more than they are giving ... this is taking a lot of your energy ... don't worry this is about to pass.

You have a lot of creative ability but have either chosen not to use it ... or have been stopped from using it because of someone else demanding time and attention ... I feel that you are in danger of 'losing' yourself if you don't stop now and take stock of the situation ... you feel like the salmon in the card who has spent so long battling against the current to get to where they should be ... don't let an opportunity slip by because you are too damn nice and worry about upsetting someone who is being selfish and holding you back ... someone who might even be jealous of you.

Note the dog behind the Kings throne ... this is your loyalty ... but don't become the loyal dog who has their dreams whipped out of them by someone elses attitude ... and don't allow depression to take a hold and lead you down a dark path ... look forward and be brave think of yourself for a change.


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 11:05 AM
So sorry guys I'd hoped to do more cards today but 'real' life got in the way again bah humbug !

Back tomorrow with a few more


posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 03:18 PM
I would like a card, please.
It's spring and time to clear out the cobwebs, understanding is the first step. Ready but dragging my feet. Easier to do for others than for myself. Maybe you can shine a light into my world so I can see a little clearer.
Hope your move and fresh start go well for you.

posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 03:40 AM

Originally posted by plube
thank you very much for the read....I know for me it sounds a bit bad...but that is it does fit at this particular time...well read....We are entering a interesting phase during this time of human evolution and yes.....I my will have to somewhat unscrupulous in odred to achieve some of my endeavors....I live a very precarious exsistance on this planet earth and it involves some very unscrupulous people as they say one needs to sometimes fight fire with fire.....

All my intentions are good...but to get things resolved when dealing with people whom feel they have power one must use whatever means are available to them....

I hope your move is going to go alright....and keep up the good work....

one thing i know is what you seek is going to find it's way right to you.....and you will be blessed with the knowledge of an enlightened spirit which will even shake your well rounded foundations....

Please Let Us Be Enlightened.

Thank-you for the kind words and good luck in your quest ... stay safe and legal


posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 05:46 AM
Hey Woody I've decided to take up that offer of my second reading. I'm going through extremely tough times and your guidance would be appreciated. Also a p.m. to let me know you've replied would be appreciative. ~Sighs~
edit on 7-3-2012 by Rishiana because: More info needed

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 06:02 AM

Originally posted by amarenell
Hi woodwytch,

Last July you did a reading for me. I told you at the time that usually when I get a reading it applies more to the reader than myself (which as I write this, I realize is probably the reason it happens...Because I believe it
- I should know better by now.

In that reading you drew an Ace of Swords and added:

There is part of you that may have been considering leaving a situation or even relationship ... but the time for that might not be quite yet. The cause of the problem seems to be insufficient attention to your emotions ... as I said ... this is not the time to force things ... to get a successful result that will allow you to move forward without baggage you need to be patient a while longer ... the reason for this patience will become apparent very soon and then you will be in the right position for progress to be made. It will be the 'clean' break that will herald your new beginning because you will then have perfect clarity of the situation ... at the moment some areas are still a little cloudy. Woody

(I was gonna paraphrase, but figured this way if you were interested you wouldn't have to look it up

Well, it took me a bit of stretching to see how it fit me, but I decided to view it from a macroscopic view . From my reply post.

I am ready to move on to a higher version of myself but it doesn't seem to be happening, as of yet. However, you have given me a focus to find what might be keeping me from that forward step. Thank you so very much for not only the reading and the suggestion of looking to my emotions, but for the feeling of "it will happen, and soon."

The reason I am writing all this is 1) to give you extended time feedback. To be honest, nothing much has changed for me. Other than I spent less time on ATS. A mental health break if you will.
2) to see if this reading did apply more to you. I see that you have recently moved, but this may just be coincidental.
and 3) to ask for another reading to see if I should just hush and keep waiting, or if I missed something all together. Also, because I think your awesome and would just love a reading.

Thanks in advance

Hey there amarenell ... don't think I've ever ben called 'awesome' before

Some of that certainly could fit in with what's happening with me at the moment I suppose ... alternatively I could just have got it wrong ... or you misread the definition as it applies to your life ... sometimes the translations are more subtle than you think ...either way it was the card drawn for you at the time and I stand by it so take from it what you will

Let's see what a second card has to say shall we ?

The Card Drawn Is - PRINCE of SWORDS

Well as you can see it's another card from the suit of 'swords' which indicate obstacles / problems etc ... I'm inclined to feel from this card that you are a person who generally has some kind of chaos going on in your life (big or small) things rarely seem to tick along in an orderly / peaceful fashion ... even though you might grumble about this I think there are times when you get a little bit of a buzz out of it ... and I'm also guessing that there have been occasions when this has been due to your own words / actions

Before we crack on with the specific definition of this card I need to point out something you probably already know and that is that there is an air of deception and dishonesty around you ... now whether that is coming from you or aimed at you it is about to be revealed ... you may notice someone acting a little over-cautions for fear of being caught out ... whichever way this is going to fall you must be careful not to act inappropriately ... step back and slow down.

This card tells me that there is about to be a radical change in your lifestyle and or routine that might see new friends coming in for you. This card relates to an articulate and intelligent person who may be a little impetuous (is this you or someone you know) ? Stay alert and on top of your game at this time.


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