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Are People Waking Up or are They Just Being Reprogrammed?

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 12:32 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

It is as the vitrual family, the digitized family is replacing the corporal familiar unit.

This phrase, and another where a poster said that we gather "in proxy" while engaging in digital communications, seems very allegorical. We are becoming our Artificial Personas.

Of course there are more followers than leaders. But do we need either? Followers have a need to be instructed and told what to do. They give up their power---but why? Is it laziness? Is there some solace in not having to exercise their reasoning powers? Are they genetically "defective" in some way?

The only way things could ever change would be if everyone accepted responsibility for their own actions. If their word could be their bond. If they understood what honor was about. But when it comes to those principles, what I see is people who justify themselves when they are wrong, immoral, inconsiderate, disloyal to their own conscience. And become defensive when corrected or presented with another view. The world does need all these rules and laws and statutes because of people who will not behave and do right and they must be regulated.

Why have people gotten so off track? Maybe because they have been coddled by trading their self reliance and self determination for the system of benefits and punishments.

Maybe the masses are more comfortable with rituals than conscience. Maybe it's easier to follow man made rules of a few Hail Mary's for forgiveness than to make face to face restitution with those you have wronged.

I believe there are a few who will understand and will be turning off the white noises, walking namelessly, and doing whatever it takes to reclaim their Human status.

Too many are under the assumption that they HAVE to do certain things to survive in this system. It is an illusion. They may feel they are being coerced, but they really do have a choice. Many still do not realize that most of the mandates choking us are all actually voluntary. And should they no longer "volunteer" many fear the hardships because they are not sure how to function without the technology with which they have become accustomed. And then again, others will simply shrug and say why should I have to give up anything?

2012....It will either mean graduation or repeating.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 12:33 AM

Originally posted by Aquarius1
reply to post by Auntie Matter

I guess that is what confused me about your post, the questioning, I also question everything and by doing so and looking for the answers it awakens me more and more, I agree it can be scary but what is the point of asking the questions if you don't want the answers, just my take on it. I choose not to live in fear.

Thank you for your reply.

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Cheers, and my pleasure. Not to hijack the thread, but I think what is "awake" to one may constitute blissful slumber to another, no?

I'd wager lot of people figure they and their views are right. Period. But who is to say what is right or what is absolute truth; it's only theory and opinion, and somehow we all need to find a common unity and compassion for one another as citizens on this planet.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 12:33 AM
Lots of people are waking up now, very slowly....they understand whats right and whats wrong but they are scared to omit it from their lifestyle. Such as the TV for example, they may know the effects but they will never stop watching. Just like someone would know the effects of smoking and never quit, so have they truly woken up?

In my experiences, the people who i found to be truly awake seemed to be in depression. They had nothing to lose but everything to gain and small things like mainstream music, TV, newspapers, social sites etc...did not appeal to them. I found this striking since the depressed individuals would not socialize often, therefore they did not have to impress their colleagues and contribute to the 'Twilight' chitter chatter of the sleeping sheep.

I also discovered that people realize that our governments are screwing us over, but they still vote? doesn't make sense to me. They know about the NWO and the depopulation programs but do nothing to stop it or spread the message. All i get is...."If its Gods will, there is nothing we can do about it", now it really pisses me off when they act helpless. My family is asleep, iv tried to wake them up since i was 14...I'm in my early 20's now and I'm frustrated. To them ignorance is smaller brother 11, seems to vibrate at the same frequency as me. I had over 500 friends and to be honest, only 3 of them were in the same mind state and truly awake (so i have 3 friends now). My girlfriend is waking up....the catch is the more she wakes up the more depressed she gets.

I've been severely depressed ever since i woke up and it just gets worse every day. I see my closest friends and family selling themselves out willingly and I'm sure many of you out there know how painful this is. I do not see any future for myself, I never see myself getting a family of my own or working for a large cooperation (Basically money means little to me).

Just curious about how many people out there feel the same way, I guess I'm gonna start a thread about it.

The Price of being Awaken!

Peace, Serizawa the beast.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 01:00 AM
You know what is an interesting thought ? Maybe it's not TPTB that are doing the programming now. Maybe there actually is someone else that opposes them for whatever reason and which can not go against them openly ( would 99% of the people of this social order do something against it when they will loose their privileges even if they would actually understand something is wrong ?). Call them whatever you like ... The Illuminati ( it has been theorized that TPTB have used this name to actually make people fear their saviors) or Ashoka's Council of Nine ... hell know.

What if what we see now is just a global battle, but not one for power, money and possessions but one for minds and souls and freedom. I know it's a long shot, but I'm just asking myself ? What if ?


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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 02:06 AM
A species saving mission would never include much more than people that have skills. Money means nothing when you start from scratch, it's all about the resources. This makes you think a little bit about the Norway Seed Bank (Noak's Ark)

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 03:25 AM
The title question of the thread alone helps people to awaken a little more. "Awakening" mans becoming more aware of reality. Taken in this sense, many of those claiming to be awake are indeed only re-programmed.

As you correctly observe, they havent even overcome basic programming-codes such as "I am so damn important", "If you disagree with me, you are dumb", etc.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 03:50 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I wouldn't expect the awake to all agree on McDonald's tonight

I would like to see factual evidence of these so called AWAKE folk.

Just WHO is awake? Why? What validation do they have.

Who is still asleep? Why? What negates them from being awake?

I'm sorry, but this "Are you awake" guff irks me. It's baloney. Unless you can categorically prove a difference between someone with a nifty idea and someone who is 'awake' - I can't consider this concept rationally.


posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 05:48 AM
Let's put it this way...

The realm of conspiracy theory is being manipulated to further agendas of the same old crap.

This is why I'm cautious about conspiracy theories, because A) They're largely full of sh*t, but still contain nuggets of truth, and B) Their implications, once believed in fully, are dangerous. Personally if I'm to believe something with dangerous implications, it better damn well be the absolute TRUTH and not simply satisfy some inner need for drama, rebellion, entertainment, paranoia, and herd behavior.

In my view, people like Glenn Beck or even Alex Jones are taking people for a ride. Glenn Beck especially is tapping into serious paranoias and crafting them to his own views/agendas. And as most of us should know... he's wrong about a lot of things. Personally I see desperate times giving way to desperate attempts to maintain control, even using the most anti-establishment conspiracy theories to actually REINFORCE the establishment. But of course, this is a conspiracy theory in and of itself, I suppose... Though to some degree it is undeniable. Currently the right-wing is drawing on conspiracy to generate popular support and hatred of the left, the left has done this as well, and in general most Americans seem open to one conspiracy theory or another, most Americans, no matter their political stance, don't seem to trust government or corporations. What we must realize is that just because we mistrust these entities doesn't mean they're not or cant use our mistrust against us. So... REMAIN VIGILANT and deny ignorance, but before you deny ignorance, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
The title question of the thread alone helps people to awaken a little more. "Awakening" mans becoming more aware of reality. Taken in this sense, many of those claiming to be awake are indeed only re-programmed.

As you correctly observe, they havent even overcome basic programming-codes such as "I am so damn important", "If you disagree with me, you are dumb", etc.

Thank you so much for this reply. This is the feeling I've been getting with an acquaintance of mine. I've asked her on several occassions why label people as sheeple, etc and the race to be a superbeing/awakened, to the point where it's about ME ME ME and almost looking down on people who don't share the same opinion and being intolerant.

This person will always say how much they're awakened and because I haven't read or seen a certain documentary by or agree with a 'well-known' personality in these circles then I still have a long way to go until and I'm still programmed.

And the question I have is how can you take what someone says as the gospel truth? It is possible that whatever it is that the person preaches was influenced by something else. As free as you maybe, there was most likely an external influence that you got you to that state.
And the never-ending obsession to be even more awakened and not even stopping enough to enjoy something as simple as breathing.

or maybe I'm still asleep/programmed...I don't know

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 07:08 AM
I love seeing how this thread has grown overnight!! As predicted, I did not sleep well, tossing these thoughts around in my tiny brain

After mulling it over and then reading all the posts since my last, I have come to a few new realizations and in doing so, have come up with more questions (question everything, right?)!

Here is my own personal dillema, I am very aware of the manipulations that are in place in today's society and I DO question everything, even my own thoughts, beliefs and personal agendas or motives. I am the mother of three boys who are all very different! My oldest child is not much of a child anymore, he is 14 and rebellious would not even begin to cover it. He calls himself a non-conformist and calls me and my husband (also teachers, and other "authority" figures) out on anything we say or do that could be constrewed as furthering conformity. If we tell him that he has to brush his teeth he'll say something like "You only say that because the American Dental Association makes you believe that, all the while they are pouring flouride down our throats in order to dumb us down." I love this child and support his non-conformist views completely, but dear lordy he's a difficult personality to "raise" lmao!!!

Then I have a 12 year old who is very much so into the aforementioned video games! I see how controlling these things are, although we do not have any where he can communicate with others while playing to enhance the experience (but my sister's son does and you NEVER see the kid, he's always in his room playing this war game online with headphones and most likely 100 other kids)! He would play all day, everyday if we let him and his social structure is set up in just such a way that he is not "cool" or worthy of friending if he hasn't got the latest and greatest games. To this end it goes further into the whole "But so-&-so's parents got him this, so-&-so has that, you hate me because you won't do the same for me!" Now this child is 100% conformist if you will. He goes to his Monday thru Friday prison (public school) and gets involved, gets good grades and makes many friends with similar interests. You could most definately catagorize him as a sheeple.

Finally I have a 7 year old who only knows the world as a place full of easy gets; i.e.: gimme, gimme, gimme and gimme RIGHT NOW! He manipulates everyone from us; his parents, to his extended family, friends, teachers and even random strangers, like grocery store clerks!! We do not give in, but others will and it seems to perpetuate the problem. He doesn't know that only a few short years ago, when mom and dad were young, more than half of this technology and easy gets were simply not available (although all the ground work was being laid).

I completely believe that we are being reprogrammed and in that sense, thank you Proto for the thread!! I am truly enjoying keeping up with it, contributing to it and learning more from it!!

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 07:12 AM
Most people are not awake when they think they are.
They simple going to be brainwashed by others. So instead of TV they believe
what every "alternative site" says. I experienced the same.
When I started to "awake", i believed most things on blogs etc.
I did not make own research. I was really fooled, i believed in things
that are so ridiculous... Anyway, I was young.
I did not research 9/11 myself. I bought
what some youtube videos said. Now I am still searching for the
truth, but it's harder to fool me now(I think so :-)). It is good
that i was brainwashed, so now I learned what real critical thinking
I also called people "sheeple". But it stopped after i realized
that it is simply stupid. Think about it.
Finally, I lost many of my believes. For example:
2012 will be just a year like another if you ask me.
Ask yourself:
-Who started this theories and spreaded it? Do you know?
-What says that on 21 dec 2012 [insert something] will happen?
-How can we know that the mayan calendar is converted to ours
I don't believe in aliens who are visitng us anymore, or at least,
contacted us. I'm not sure if I believe in extraterrestrial life
According to my research, there is simply no REAL evidence for
this stuff.

Please question what you are believe in (or believe to
know). I haven't some years ago. And it made me sick for some time and
depressive. Some conspiracy theories are dangerious. Keep this in
I may be wrong in my oppinoins now though.

So if you ask me everyone is a little bit brainwashed in some subject.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 07:18 AM
'They' do not hold as much power over the human spirit as 'they' believe themselves to hold!

We are all subject to 'programming', that's how and why advertising works! But!!!!!!! Not all 'knowledge' is gleened through 'them'! And 'they' may have identified neuro receptors and how to manipulate them but 'they' cannot control every variant received.

As for who is awake or aware, well that is entirely subjective except for one thing; only those who distrust the veracity of everything can be described as aware!

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 07:45 AM

Originally posted by teapot
'They' do not hold as much power over the human spirit as 'they' believe themselves to hold!

We are all subject to 'programming', that's how and why advertising works! But!!!!!!! Not all 'knowledge' is gleened through 'them'! And 'they' may have identified neuro receptors and how to manipulate them but 'they' cannot control every variant received.

As for who is awake or aware, well that is entirely subjective except for one thing; only those who distrust the veracity of everything can be described as aware!

Teapot, I like this VERY much and it follows a sort of theme we have going here. The theme of question (or distrust as you say) everything! I would also like to state for the record that I do not believe myself to be "Awake"!! I do, however believe myself to be aware!! I know for a fact that there are brainwashing, mind controlling, mood altering techniques working in our every day lives! One must then question, are these techniques truly being used by TPTB? Or are we simply lulling ourselves into this belief through our own paranoia associated with the knowing and awareness of said techniques?

The questions just keep coming, bubbling up from within; or maybe from without?! All I know for certain is that I am aware and I do see all of these on a daily basis. Mostly through all forms of media, one can truly see how manipulative advertising is and how it has infiltrated every facet of our day-to-day lives. If we are watching TV, reading the papers and rag sheets, listening to the radio or surfing the net, how much is getting in whether we consider ourselves awake, aware or likewise?!

Even here on our own beloved ATS we are subjected to ads (I know, I know; this is what helps keep it a free website lol)!!!

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:36 AM
Well I am awake this morning, but just barely, and am reprogramming myself to drink my coffee absent my favorite flavored creamer which I forgot to pick up more at the store of yesterday.

So instead I had to replicate my favorite flavored creamer with what I did have on hand, some cane sugar, some organic half and half and some Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract.

Ironically my alterative tastes better and importantly is absent all the chemicals, preservatives and dyes in the commercial creamer I usually buy.

Alas it is not as convenient, three things to measure and add and mix instead of one.

It is that ease of convenience in so many things that like my normal coffee creamer makes what is really a worse choice seems like a better choice.

I have absolutely no idea what impact those chemicals have on my health, my mind, my body, but for the sake of saving a few seconds and a few pennies, I don’t care.

In many ways that’s how easy it is to reprogram us, offer us a savings in time, an added convenience, and to save a few pennies and most of us would become susceptible to just about anything, and any unseen agenda that can be woven into them.

Yes I am awake this morning, but as I make a mental note to pick up more flavored creamer at the store this morning, how awake am I?

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:46 AM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
The title question of the thread alone helps people to awaken a little more. "Awakening" mans becoming more aware of reality. Taken in this sense, many of those claiming to be awake are indeed only re-programmed.

As you correctly observe, they havent even overcome basic programming-codes such as "I am so damn important", "If you disagree with me, you are dumb", etc.

Simply put yet in many says it all. Over the past few weeks somewhat to my alarm, I have witnessed more and more members who proudly bandy about the “Awake” badge in reference to themselves adopt some very rigid and close minded positions regarding a few of the emotional hot button topics that have made their rounds of ATS recently.

It’s been pretty alarming, in part because Awake really is not developing a close minded position, based on limited information and a wholesale rejection of scores of pertinent facts that undermine it.

Yet that’s what has happened far too often, even to the extent of some of the self described awake pursuing petty grudges and persecuting others in an identical manner as those they claim to have woken up to in regards to those kinds of tactics to shape and form public opinion.

So the real question is not only are we waking up or are we simply being reprogrammed, but are we actively engaged in trying to reprogram others, to accept a new version of reality.

A even more disturbing reality where the ‘awake’ embodied with a enhanced sense of moral superiority advocate the most extreme measures to reprogram and even eliminate those they consider to be asleep.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by teapot

'They' do not hold as much power over the human spirit as 'they' believe themselves to hold!

In many ways through religion, text books, and medical science psychology, they have created the preferred definition of the human spirit.

You are right that not everyone subscribes to it.

Yet the Powers that Be typically have the means, the will, and the ability to hijack movements and schools of thought.

Look how quickly the American Tea Parties were hijacked by people like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin.

Once dominant personalties and money comes into the picture, the picture rappidly changes.

It could be argued for better or worse Beck and Palin are trying to reporgarm the Tea Parties to make it a tool exclusively for them, instead of it's original intent.

Where people become succeptible is celebrity and money is flattering to the ego.

We are all subject to 'programming', that's how and why advertising works! But!!!!!!! Not all 'knowledge' is gleened through 'them'! And 'they' may have identified neuro receptors and how to manipulate them but 'they' cannot control every variant received.

They will keep working on this though, and once again with no shortage of money to throw at the equation and no shortage of people looking to get rich who are prepared to use their talents to any end as long as it enriches them personally, the awake might not be able to afford the luxury of assumption in this regard.

Very disturbing technology has not already been developed but is being further developed.

Time continues to be a finite thing in all regards.

As for who is awake or aware, well that is entirely subjective except for one thing; only those who distrust the veracity of everything can be described as aware!

It is entirely possible to be aware in the middle of a stampede, and entirely possible to be crushed by it too despite that.

We live in a world where action prompts reaction, where few people, except those bent on power and riches tend to be proactive that cause the actions purposefully that lead to reactions that they know they can manipulate for effect.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:20 AM
hi people, its been a long time since i came on here i fell out with alot of you as you were all ranting about everything and anything and made me post something which i were'nt too proud of......anyway...........

this is an excellent thread and everyone seems to have grown up a bit since i was last here lol i would would like to add my 2 cents worth if i could???

i too started my awakening by investigating the technolgies they have at their disposal and how the intend/use it on us but i soon realised in my case i can only give my perspective soplease take it with a pinch of salt, accept that tptb are evil/corrupt.......(put your own description here)etc etc etc then concentrate on your own spirituality, that is the only thing i can effect and see progress on. i have friends whom i "awoke" with and they concentrate on proof of all these technologies whether that be ours, stolen e.t. stuff etc etc but they have no faith or proof of themselves and how you can change your outlook on our situation. i do also keep abreast with what they are up to but i also try and try and try to expand my consciencenes to try to align it with "THE" consciencenes as for me that is where the truth lies.......good or bad. i know alot of you will say this is new age bollocks and i will accept whatever you say against me. but it does cut down drastically on the doom and gloom factor and puts a positive spin on everything. all i can hope for is for the # to hit the fan financially/NWO collapse etc etc etc and get cracking into looking after myself,my soul, my family all my loved ones and anyone else who requires it. thanks for reading my little spout of # lol

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:31 AM
I have experienced an ego collapse, a shedding of all my labels. In that I experienced the Void or as the Vedas call it Lila, the Ultimate Reality. The Tao is that which cannot be spoken. The Tao exists but it can only be experienced. Anyone who attempts to write or speak of IT is no longer IT. In other words, I have Nothing to say on the matter.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by maximusthegreat

From the religious books onward we are truly bombarded with doom and gloom?


Many of us belief in a God who has been forever dissapointed with us as a creation, that insists we will all but a chosen few have to be destroyed, the slate wiped clean, and the whole process started over again.

Of course everyone who believes in this God hopes to be one of the chosen few, so there is that hint of a promise there, the same kind of hint of a promise a erotic dancer gives a partron of a strip cabaret to entice them to spend more money on a lap dance!

No gaurantee but try if you dare and are so inclined and willing to pay the price.

Ultimately in the masses, 2/3rds of whom are religious and buy into these doom and gloom prophecies, it actually sets up a mindset where doom and gloom becomes preferrable, because the only way to know for sure, for sure, you are one of the chosen few, is to have that appocalyptical event happen.

So from early one in life, most people are taught, submission to doom and gloom, to accept bad outcomes as potentially good things.

Of course this is part of programming, a very important part of programming, but...

What then happens when it's the powers that be, that use this desire to submit to doom and gloom to their own advantage as they drive events to an appocalyptical type conclusion that most of the world will in fact submit to as a part of prophecy?

The people who are chosen through selection or luck to survive the doom and gloom, now have to be reprogrammed since there will no longer be any way for them to hide that the prophecies were all falacies being manipulated by the powers that be to that end of depopulating the world and bringing the herd back down to manageable numbers.

If you were the powers that be would you start reprogramming the people you want to move forward with, to begin accepting a new reality ahead of time, or would you wait until the confusion and chaos reigned supreme in the aftermath?

Are we being reprogrammed now through things like 2012 and the New Age Movements to begin accepting what comes next in how the Powers that Be want to manage the world, and are we falling for it, because we actually believe these beliefs will harm or limit the powers of those currently in control?

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

We come to this world fully awake and aware of everything without knowing.

Meaning we see everything for what it is exactly and we are conditioned, later.

Yes, conditioning, programming, information induced mental coma, call it what you will.

Our species, mankind, is the only one taught, specifically to train out our instincts.

We start out with an awareness of everything as it is exactly as we see it.

Our parents, schools, friends, Government are who all "condition" us.

It is not one source over another, nor is it as easy as one simple explanation.

If you think about it, it begins at home with our parents cooing, ooing, and awing our actions, teaching us to respond to noise, food, reactions.

Next we are taught our A.B.C.'s by mom and dad, if they are that attentive, my mother was, I was reading before I ever reached Kindergarten.

Next comes the family unit, our familial ties, chores, birthdays, the lies of the Easter Bunny, Santa, both teaching us to hunt (Easter) and blackmailing good behavior (Santa), and even the church has a hand in our conditioning.

Receive "Christ" or go to the worst place in the Universe, Hell.

These are all universal and easy to see conditioning processes.

Next comes peer pressure, do something against your conditioning, to belong.

I've never believed in peer pressure, but then again, I was conditioned to buck that.

I was taught to never be a lemming, never follow the herd, if the herd was ignorantly running towards the cliff, do something of my own free will.

If I so chose to do so.

As well, when Hurricane David hit Florida, in 1979, I was conditioned to not fear.


A hurricane is a force of Mother Nature, or God, depending upon your conditioning.

Fearing that force, will do nothing, except make you panic.

Panic will get you killed every single time.

If the hurricane wants to rip you up and flip you into Kansas or Oz, nothing will stop it, excepting being prepared, in a bunker or sheltered location.

Even that has its limits due to techonology, condition of the facility, and if you were indeed within its confines prior to the hurricane, some call that luck.

I have laughed, scoffed, and even chastized people over my lifetime about panicking about some silly old hurricane, due to my conditioning to never fear.

But are we waking up or being reprogrammed?

Excellent question.

Personally I guess that depends up whether you were simple-minded enough to stay conditioned, or broke your conditioning along the way, or if you want to remain in the information induced mental coma, to begin with.

Some call this The Matrix.

For myself I began seeing the code, if you will, for that Matrix.

At the age of six years old.

With my stepfather having been a Marine during Vietnam he taught me many things.

One such thing he taught me through conditioning was to see that code.

He taught me that it is not just as important as what you see, hear, and believe, but what you do not see, do not hear, and do not believe.

As well, he taught me, the history books were written by the victors, not the vanquished.

It was not just important to read what was written, but what was not written.

And to read between the lines.

But are we waking up or being reprogrammed?

You are only waking up if you allowed yourself to remain asleep.

You are only being reprogrammed if you did not learn to not only see the code, but how to write your own code, for yourself, but to help others breaking their coded conditioning, and do it with honor without malicious intent.

Policy, procedure, and protocol are things, conditioned into me.

I live them on many multi-faceted levels and the only thing higher is honor.

Many people saw the lessons Morpheus taught Neo, in the movie The Matrix.

But so many people were asleep, many people only went back to sleep, or saw that movie and went into a conditioned coma, due to their ignorances.

Far too many people did not realize that movie held more lessons about life.

It all depends upon your conditioning and your ability to either see it.

Or not.

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