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All Roads Lead to Rome

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posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet

HMMmmm that is a very interesting concept. But I think you CAN train the young to be free or not free.

I wish it were possible to train people to be free, but the reality is that all you can do is more or less enslave them to a broader set of constructs and parameters.

Freedom is self awareness, self indulgence, self responsibility, and basically not limiting yourself as others would otherwise see fit too.

So when people attempt to free the Iraqis or the Afghanis or the blacks in the Southern United States in reality all you are doing is introducing a new set of expanded constructs and rules, you thought of and created for them.

Let me try to provide an example you can work your way around.

You are free to levitate!

No chances are you don't believe you are free to levitate because you have always been told that's not possible for a human being to do. Therefore you have come to believe that it's not possible for a human being to do, and well if you don't believe you can do it, how could you do it.

Now I have in essence just given you liberty to levitate, in other words you have my permission to levitate, but in order to do so you are going to have to believe it's possible to levitate.

If you can't then no, you are not free to levitate.

I could teach you the mechanisms of how to levitate to train you in that too, but if you don't believe it's possible to achieve then no you still aren't going to achieve it.

Because it's all about freewill and your own self awareness and your own belief in self, and your own willingness to accept the consequences of your actions.

Choose to levitate at a popular restaurant and management may ask you to leave because you are disturbing the other diners, choose to levitate at an airport and the TSA might just have you shot.

So there are some responsibilities that come along with it, but lets say it works out a little different, CNN books you, and then a bunch of talk shows, but one day you fail to levitate and guess what? Now you are a fraud!

People like liberties as opposed to freedoms, liberties being permission to do certain things, that they then feel safe and secure in doing because they have been given permission and there is no real risk involved as a result.

Freedom is something people have to want, because the truth is you pay a really high price for it, being free on a world were only a very small number of people are, is not for the faint or faint of heart.

It's why it can't be trained, because real freedom in part can't be fully defined in a universe of infinite possibilities how could you define the parameters to something infinite? Only by limiting what is infinite and in so doing then negating the freedoms you failed to define.

By the way no I can't levitate, and don't actually try, but I don't believe it's impossible either, primarily because it is a universe of infinite possibilities and there is no concievable reason why a human being couldn't master the other elements in the universe one would likely need to control or use to levitate.

But when it comes to other people defining your freedoms, they only exist to the extent and ability they are able to imagine and define them or would like them to be, and that's why you can't teach people how to be free, they have to learn that lesson ultimately all by themselves, primarily by learning life doesn't work out so well often when you don't excercise your freedoms and take full responsibility for yourself.

That's a concept people are afraid to teach as well as embrace, but I still see it as a very real extentsion of reality.


posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
I KNOW I am free!

Then perhaps you just may be.

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
Though once again, where God is concerned who does speak for him, if he does not speak himself, and before you answer, think long and hard because in reality I just might be!


You have a good heart my dear Proto. It does not matter where you have received the understanding of things that you have. What matters is that you understand.

Of course you speak for God. Who else COULD you speak for? It doesn't seem to be "Proto" to me, but something much deeper than "Proto". That being who says you cannot contain me, I AM everywhere!

Good answers my friend. Be kind to my Brother Christ. He was of the same spirit as you.

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 10:37 PM
We all are still talkers, still talk and talk about facts straight in our faces, but we still just talk about it.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:06 AM

Originally posted by Ost33
We all are still talkers, still talk and talk about facts straight in our faces, but we still just talk about it.

Funny you should mention this, I just had a long conversation with someone regarding that.

In part people just talk about it because people can't seem to agree on taking the first step towards real change, and that first step is admitting and accepting personal responsibility for it.

People love to make excuses, justifications, and deflections to defer the problem to someone else, and to a later day, while in the process convincing themselves no action they can undertake is likely to help lead to change.

I remain optimistic though that people can accept their individual responsibility for the over all state of the world, and learn the simple principle of if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. To learn that yes, you too, can make a difference, and in fact the only way things can be different is if you too, and especially you too are prepared to be and do things differently to effect and create change.

It's actually a very simple task, made hard by people who want to make simple things hard and harder than they need to be, so they can avoid responsibility and having to change themselves.

You see my friend, we are all guilty when it comes to the state of the world we all share. We are all responsible.

The minute we all or a signfigant majority of us can accept that culpability and responsibility is the minute we can actually begin changing things.

Call me an optimist but I believe that can happen and I believe that change can occur.

It is in fact going to take some serious talking and communicating.

I still think that's better than plan B, giving everyone on the planet a partial frontal labotomy!

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I wish it were possible to train people to be free, but the reality is that all you can do is more or less enslave them to a broader set of constructs and parameters.

Perhaps I would better express it as the elite trying to put an invisible cage around a person starting at a very young age vs trying to give a youngster the tools to free himself. As you say it is up to the individual.

Whether someone is willing to walk out of the cage when the door is open is still up to him.

I have goats that free range during the day, but at night they come home to the barn and I shut them in. I do not even feed them except in the morning when I let them loose. The cage is around their minds and they never leave the property even though they could, the gate is open....

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by crimvelvet

Why would the goats want to leave, you give them food and shelter, and enough freedom to be goats.

You give them something called security.

Most people prize security over freedom. What have the governments of the world been selling for years now to justify the reduction in liberties within various societies?

Security, and notions of security.

Better safe than sorry, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, the best laid plans of mice and men often turn out for not are all mindsets that many people embrace for the sake of security and notions of security.

If you look around at the boards here on ATS the thing that drives a overwhelming majority of the discussions is fear.

Often, almost always the fears are imagined, but the people who are imagining those fears desperately would like security, someone or something that could actually protect them or give them the similiar illusion that what they fear can some how be prevented.

Fear and a desire for security is what drives animals and people too into herds. The bigger the herd becomes the more rules that are developed to keep the herd as together and orderly as possible to manage.

The bigger the herd the more rumors and fears spread within it.

The bigger the herd the more peer pressure and temptation to adopt it's fears.

An amazingly high number of members are concerned to down right afraid that something horrible is going to happen on the 15th of March, on the Ides of March.

Every day a handful of new threads appear, where what might happen on that day is made to be even more frightening in the minds of readers by an author who wants to have the readers of their theory even more afraid than the day before.

Every day a few more people who weren't afraid the day before, become afraid because well so many other people are afraid, and well there must be something to it if so many people are afraid.

The truth is a secure life is often a boring life, and as they stand there in the herd, grazing and chewing in that same boring routine they need and crave the drama, the excitement of thinking they are not secure, mixed with the interaction and the bizarre comfort that comes to them from knowing others share their fears.

Because most of what scares people is imagined they are even in many ways correct when they say "well there is nothing I can do about this".

So in this fashion most people become accustomed to basically being a hostage of the fate and prison they create through the fears that they adopt, and even when it comes to real issues that really do threaten their security they feel helpless to act upon them.

Yet they always hope in the form of some Leader, Government, God, Messiah or Hero someone will act.

They don't want to be the person who excersises their inherent freedom to act though, because they don't want to take the personal risk involved to suffer any consequence that robs them of their illusion of safety.

Trying to convince people it's not in their best interest not to act, that it's not in their best interest to just sit around breathing life into their fears and making them real in that way, is a thankless and almost impossible task, in large part because they already have utilized their freewill in a concious choice to be afraid and to essentially do nothing to end their fears.

In part this is because they deep down know that the bulk of their fears never do pan out.

This is what freedom is to most people, the endless ride on a roller coaster of their own making of imaginary dramas, acted out safely within the confines of their pastures and barns and herds.

What would be interesting is knowing the langauge of goats and finding out what they are communicating to one another all day long.

"I am telling you the guy isn't going to be there to let us in the barn tonight we are all going to freeze"

"You know by this time next week the grass is going to be all gone, we are going to starve"

"I wouldn't go past that tree, the earth is flat you know and if you stray to far you will just fall off"

"That's not true but over there is where the wolves live!"

People really just want security, not freedom, and I have seen person after person, after person, trade the freedom they really would like to have in life, for the security of a situation that they hope and believe will get them through life with a safety net underneath them they believe will make that journey through life safe and secure for them.

They know it's a compromise, and at times and even often a less than ideal and less than happy compromise, but when all is said and done, security becomes more important than their freedom and their dreams.

People don't want to be free they want to be safe and secure, and it's the pursuit of that, that usually does end up enslaving them to someone or something.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Mother America is brandishing her weapons She keeps me safe and warm by threats and misconceptions So if you break the chains you'll have to shake me

I just couldn't help a musical intermission at this point!

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

....People don't want to be free they want to be safe and secure, and it's the pursuit of that, that usually does end up enslaving them to someone or something.

Very well said.

People are very much a "herd animal" I read some where that in WWII prison of war camps they found there was perhaps one leader out of 100. Make an example of that leader and the rest are docile sheep.

The Nazi's used it to great effect. The Nazis made ‘examples’ of a few people in every town and village using public torture and execution. People were then afraid to make a wrong move for fear they would be next.

We are hard wired to be fearful. It is a survival trait in most animals, even predators. There are bears in the caves and leopards in the trees and lions and tigers on the ground. It is only during the past century that we did not have local problems, wild animals, diseases.... to fear. So instead the elite have invented problems to fear in order to control us. The Cold War, Nuclear Winter, the Population Bomb, Peak Oil, Global Warming, Environmental Degradation...

A fearful population is much much easier to manage.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet

Originally posted by crimvelvet
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

A fearful population is much much easier to manage.

I am completely in accord with you, TPTB knows that threats lead to terror atmosphere and they want to make us beleive we could not survive in the 21th century without their new world order because the world has become too dangerous...

A reform process to help TPTB to rule the world, a 7 billion world population, which has become too hard for them to control in the old world order system. They want to lead the world into a one world government but my fear is, did they planned to keep a 7 billion world population in their secret agenda or only 500 million...

reply to post by Ost33

Talks are the first step to stop oppression. This thread is not only a research plaform for the most interesting conspiracy theorie of all time, it's the most copied text in conspiracy sites, Proto's opening presentation is on thousands of internet sites. I think this thread has become a wakeup call all around the world...

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by mick1423

They want to lead the world into a one world government but my fear is, did they planned to keep a 7 billion world population in their secret agenda or only 500 million...

Given that the USDA funded Epicyte, to development a genetically engineered corn which contains a spermicide which makes the semen of men who eat it sterile. Epicyte has since been acquired by a North Carolina biotech company.

Couple that with this tidbit of info.

Baby DNA in Government Database?

.....They questioned their pediatrician regarding the access he had to their child’s genetic information. He told them that it was normal for baby DNA samples to be taken from new borns and tested to see whether the child was genetically healthy or not and to know whether there were any genetic predispositions. Moreover, the couple was shocked to find out, these tests are obligatory and are not necessarily carried out with the parent’s consent. In Florida baby DNA is stored in genetic archives for an indefinite period and other states also do this.

Not to mention the view point of the Rockefeller family:

The Long Road of Eugenics: From Rockefeller to Roe v. Wade
...More than 30 years after Roe and 60 years after the Holocaust, the fact that eugenic theory has been an important basis for U.S. policy on reproductive rights continues to have global implications....

...U.S. abortion policy is visible in the American Eugenics Society’s 1956 membership records, which reveal that its members included a Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, and at least two of its presidents, William Vogt and Alan Guttmacher.10 This fact alone ought to give abortionrights advocates second thoughts about their pro-choice politics: The AES had an ugly history of multiple ties to prominent Nazis in Germany, and its members even assisted Hitler in crafting the 1933 German sterilization laws...

...The AES lobbied, with equal success, for involuntary-sterilization laws in the U.S., which were to claim an estimated 63,000 victims.21 The laws were upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1927 case of Buck v. Bell,22 which was cited in Roe....

Justice Harry A. Blackmun’s 1973 opinion in Roe is traceable to eugenics through his direct and indirect citations of works by members of the British and American eugenics societies. Among the other authorities he cited were lower federal court cases that expressly invoked overpopulation as a basis for legalizing abortion; projects and organizations tinged with eugenics, including the Rockefellers’ Kinsey-based Model Penal Code and the American Public Health Association, which was on record in favor of abortion as a form of population control...

In terms of U.S. public policy—military and foreign affairs, economics, health care, education, social welfare, commerce, and science—the aftereffects of Roe are visible everywhere. The central institution that has acted in opposition to the eugenicists has been the Catholic Church: For a century, the Catholic hierarchy has often been the lone organizational voice denouncing the enactment of eugenic measures, including restrictive immigration laws, sterilization laws, and systems under which the government delivers birth control and abortion.25

Politicians in both political parties have often aligned themselves with a host of eugenic strategies—including human-embryo exploitation (nicknamed embryonic-stem-cell research), trafficking in fetal body parts, and euthanasia.26 In doing so, they have aligned themselves with one of America’s most important dynasties: Indeed, one can ask whether Roe in America, or the Holocaust in Germany, could have happened at all, were it not for the Rockefeller trusts.

Rockefeller money funded eugenic scientists decades before Hitler put eugenic theories into practice. After Pearl Harbor, the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil was still so heavily intertwined with Hitler’s powerhouse chemical concern, I. G. Farben, that in 1942 the antitrust section of the Justice Department filed criminal charges against both companies and their officers.

And finally we have Obama's Senior Science Advisor John Holdren.

...Holdren has co-authored works in the past that called for a campaign to “de-develop the United States” and said people need to eventually face up to a “world of zero net physical growth.” He also co-authored a passage that said:

“The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being. Where any of these essential elements is lacking, the resultant individual will be deficient in some respect.”

Let's face it, to the elite we are nothing more than human cattle or "The Great Unwashed as they call us". They certainly have no problem starving children to death.

When you read this last tidbit please keep in mind VP of Cargill, Dan Amstutz ,wrote the World Trade Organization Agreement on Agriculture (WTO AoA) in 1995, the Farm Act called "Freedom to Fail" in 1996 and then went to work for Goldman Sachs. The 1996 Farm Act did away with the US strategic grain reserves. The WTO AoA did away with third world countries food soveirignty as Bill Clinton just admitted about Haiti. And in 2008 Monsanto and Cargill posted record breaking earnings, while the USDA announced the "Cupboard is bare"

“How Goldman Sachs Gambled on Starving the World’s Poor – And Won,”

Goldman … came up with this idea of the commodity index fund, which really was a way for them to accumulate huge piles of cash for themselves …. Instead of a buy-and-sell order, like everybody does in these markets, they just started buying. It’s called “going long.” They started going long on wheat futures …. And every time one of these contracts came due, they would do something called “rolling it over” into the next contract …. And they kept on buying and buying and buying and buying and accumulating this historically unprecedented pile of long-only wheat futures. And this accumulation created a very odd phenomenon in the market. It’s called a “demand shock.” Usually prices go up because supply is low …. In this case, Goldman and the other banks had introduced this completely unnatural and artificial demand to buy wheat, and that then set the price up …. [H]ard red wheat generally trades between $3 and $6 per sixty-pound bushel. It went up to $12, then $15, then $18. Then it broke $20. And on February 25th, 2008, hard red spring futures settled at $25 per bushel …. [T]he irony here is that in 2008, it was the greatest wheat-producing year in world history....

....Suddenly, in the spring of 2008, food prices fell to previous levels, as if by magic. Jean Ziegler, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, has called this “a silent mass murder”, entirely due to “man-made actions.”

[What was actually done]
...Let’s say … you want me to invest for you in the wheat market. You give me a hundred bucks …. [W]hat I should be doing is putting a hundred bucks in the wheat markets. But I don’t have to do that. All I have to do is put $5 in …. And with that $5, I can hold your hundred-dollar position. Well, now I’ve got ninety-five of your dollars …. [W]hat Goldman did with hundreds of billions of dollars, and what all these banks did with hundreds of billions of dollars, is they put them in the most conservative investments conceivable. They put it in T-bills …. [N]ow that you have hundreds of billions of dollars in T-bills, you can leverage that into trillions of dollars …. And then they take that trillion dollars, they give it to their day traders, and they say, “Go at it, guys. Do whatever is most lucrative today.” And so, as billions of people starve, they use that money to make billions of dollars for themselves....[/v]

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by crimvelvet

It seems that Rome has even a little help from our government to brainwash and scare us of a imminent pole shift disaster. Like you said my friend: '' A fearful population is much much easier to manage ''

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by jackflap

HOLY COW!! Good to see you again Jackflap.

I saw Drivin' and Cryin' play on New Years Eve in 1988/89...

It was the first real "concert" that I had ever seen, and it blew my mind.

I kind of find it ironic that "Fly Me Courageous" was their song to hit it big.
I like the song "Scarred But Smarter"

Well I'm out of work, I'm out of hope
What should be of thee I spoke
Good times for the undeserved And bad times for the ones who work
Poor man, rich man, blind man, dead man
Hoped for more than they had all planned
Just then they suffered a serious blow As the real world cuts the line they hold
Nobody said it would be fair
They warned you before you went out there
There's always a chance to get restarted To a new world, new life,
scarred but smarter


posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

hi my friend, you have not been around alot lately,
Good to see you..!

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 01:30 PM
i found an article on a web site: ROME'S CONTROL OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER IN PICTURES

Interesting pics...

another interesting one:Conspiracy Theories, the New World Order and Rome

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 01:42 PM
I want to add a thought that would tie the two Drivin' and Cryin' songs played by both Jackflap and I into the Rome thread.

I was born in metro Atlanta in the early 70's. That would make my coming of age between 1988 and 1998.
(15 to 25)

And in that time, two major music scenes, with a minor 3rd (music joke) were all in competition to create the sound of that generation.

Because the creation of an identifiable generation with acknowledged "gaps" is yet another divide and conquer tactic employed by the Caesars, it is vitally important to have the generations oppose one another, but yet not to the point of open sedition. .

The music of Athens, Georgia, includes a wide variety of popular music and was an important part of the early evolution of alternative rock and New Wave. The city is well known as the home of chart-topping bands like R.E.M. and The B-52s, and several long-time indie rock groups. Athens hosts the Athens Symphony Orchestra and other music institutions, as well as prominent local music media, such as the college radio station WUOG. Much of the modern Athens music scene is based around students from the large University of Georgia campus in the city.
The University sponsors Western classical performances and groups specializing in other styles. Athens became a center for music in the region during the Civil War and gained further fame in the early twentieth century with the founding of the Morton Theatre, which was a major touring destination for African American performers. The city's local rock music scene can be traced to the 1950s, with live music at Allen's Hamburgers in Normaltown. International attention came in the 1970's when the B-52's began releasing the first of several best-selling recordings.
Athens-based rock bands have performed in a wide array of styles, and the city has never had a characteristic style of rock; most of the bands have been united only in their quirky and iconoclastic image. Music author Richie Unterberger describes the town as an unlikely center for musical development, as a "sleepy [place where] it's difficult to imagine anyone working up a sweat, let alone playing rock music." The success of Athens' local bands is apocryphally attributed to "something in the water." The contributions of Athens to rock, country music, and bluegrass have earned it the nickname "the Liverpool of the South", and the city is known as a birthplace for both modern alternative rock and New Wave music. Athens was home to the first and most famous college music scene in the country, beginning in the 1970s.The formation of local bands like the B-52s, Ravenstone, Pylon, Widespread Panic, Indigo Girls, Love Tractor, the Georgia Satellites, and R.E.M. had brought Athens rock to national attention by 1980. Also the singer-songwriter Conor Oberst of the band Bright Eyes has released a song called 'Southern State' on the album Motion Sickness which story takes place in Athens as he mentions in the intro.

link to source

90's Music Scenes
1st Major......... Seattle (the eventual winner for the sound of the generation, aka "Grunge" or "Heroin Chic". Nirvana (duh...), Meat Puppets, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Sleater Kenney...)
2nd Major .........Athens, GA (the 2nd place neo-60's generation movement. REM, The B-52's, Widespread Panic, Drivin' and Cryin', Jerry Joseph, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Pylon, Love Tractor....)

3rd minor...........Austin, TX (a solid, but minor third town that built a helluva blues sound around the playing of the one, the great, Bless Him, Stevie Ray Vaughn R.I.P.)

With TPTB now using their favorite form of thinking, Hegelian, the emerging generation must be set at odds with the previous generation.
The voice of the generation of the 60's was full of idealism. Hippies. Make love not war.
Therefore this generation's voice must be directly opposed to that idea.
And the Hegelian Dialectic then produces the newly branded voice of the next generation.

The Seattle scene is currently being mocked as a show called Portlandia on the Independent Film Channel.
Get it if you can watch it or try Hulu.
Everyone in the show works as little as possible. They are obsessed with the idea of individualism. And of course the dreary nature one endures during heroin addiction is promoted subtly throughout the show.
This is the "slacker generation"/"the grunge generation"/"generation x" who all have the look of "heroin chic".

(Jeebus, you might think that they were trying to induce latent addictive behaviors towards opiates into the viewers. I mean, the way those Armed Forces went in and bombed Afghanistan, one large literal plantation house used for growing Papaver somniferum. It's almost like they wanted us to all get addicted to opiates, to take our money, possibly kill us, and make us apathetic to the genocide and mass destruction currently being created on this planet, in our name)

But the previous, now middle aged, generation still needs a bit of representation. And that is where the Athens, GA music scene weaves the opposing dialectic. I could talk endlessly about this moment of time, as I was there as it was happening.
I have seen Drivin' and Cryin' twice, Jerry Joseph twice, Col. Bruce too many times to count, Widespread Panic too many times to count. Et al.
I have had a drink thrown on me by Michael Stipe(REM), and I have personally waited on both Mike Mills(REM) and Fred Schneider(B-52's). And they both tip well and are kind to their server. A quality rarely seen among those who feel "entitled.
The Athens scene was scattered but very positive and full of idealism, similar to the hippy/boomers.

While it is obvious now, the Seattle scene became the sound of the generation, introducing heroin to a completely new brand of users, and the Athens scene started the "festival circuit". Festivals that promote ideas like sustainability, but are large corporate trashing grounds.
They are also a way to weave in bands from the grungy scene into the remaining anti war crowd that had allied with the festival circuit where bands like Blues Travelers, The Black Crows, Phish, Widespread Panic, REM, and Pearl Jam have all played. While at these festivals, the remaining beliefs of the previous generation are portrayed as a Halcyon Dream (take Woodstock 99 for example), and then the old belief is replaced by the new, but slightly different, apathy covered in high gloss individualism.
Also, while at these concerts, the goers are exposed to countless numbers of drugs, which an eventual number will end up trying and becoming addicted to heroin. The money maker for the powers that be.

The current generation of millenials are born thinking that the world is an endless piece of pie that can be mastered through technology, directly opposing the beliefs of "generation x" (the previous generation), whose beliefs were apathy, laziness, and slack covered in high gloss idealism hiding damaged self-esteem)

And the cycle repeats.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

Hey my friend, its good to see you as well. A very informative and thought provoking post as usual. This song was put together with some paintings in a video. A very modern song and I'm not sure where it fits according to the information you provided, but it's cool just the same. The paintings are very cool.

There is the moral of all human tales; 'This but the same reheasal of the past.. First Freedom, and then Glory: when that fails... Wealth, vice, corruption.

Link to the paintings

This of course is an excerpt from the song along with the video.

Shattered windows and the sound of drums... People couldn't believe what I'd become...Revolutionaries wait For my head on a silver plate... Just a puppet on a lonely string... Oh who would ever want to be king?... I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing... Roman Cavalry choirs are singing... Be my mirror, my sword and shield... My missionaries in a foreign field... For some reason I can't explain... I know Saint Peter won't call my name... Never an honest word... But that was when I ruled the world

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

Pfft Seattle....try the Dunedin Music Scene of the late '70s, early 80s....cited by such as Sonic Youth as an influence.

Cursed by geography (seemingly isolated) yet taken notice of by those who apprehended the sound for their own.

Sorry, just had to put that out there....carry on

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by aorAki

Hey man... I am with you. Sonic Youth never got their just desserts. Thurston Moore is a genius of sound. I would put him up against Reeves Gabrels any day.

I merely referred to the sound and look that was promoted by the MSM of the day.
Many bands were typical of this sound and look, but were not from Seattle.

Jane's Addiction, Rage Against the Machine, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys (yes I said it)

I am also trying to name bands with whom most people are familiar. Unfortunately most people have not heard of Sonic Youth. Thurston Moore or Kim Gordon.

I also happened to catch a Front 242 show in 1990, along with Ethyl Meatplow.

But my all time, favorite two "saw them" moments were in 1989 at a New Order concert, and in 1993 at an actual rave (they were real back then). It was at a gay bar in Atlanta called "Weekends" and the DJ was a young man named Moby. This was when he was strictly a DJ and the movie Cool World had just debuted, which featured two of his songs, A-HA and Next is the E.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:50 PM
A Roman Legion Lost in China? - Part 1

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by Stormdancer777

WOW, That is a good find. It seems history is never quite what we thought.

Perhaps when part two comes out this should be a separate thread.

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