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Middle East on fire

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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:46 PM
There's been a report by BBC that a fighter jet had crashed in Ras Lanuf , who was at the wreckage to take pics of it. It was believed to be downed by a 50 year old man with only one day's training with a single barrel anti air gun.

Kudos to him IF he indeed had shot it down, a jet at that, something not many highly trained soldiers with years of experience could do with even a propeller based plane.

But the reality may be something else.

A jet aircraft is made up of thousands of parts. The pilots are the glory boys whom takes all the credits, but the actual work is actually the ground technicians, for without them, the plane would not have been able to fly without their checks and maintenance.

The ground crew are Libyans too. They are not blind to what is happening to their nation.

As there are thousands of parts, the pilot, whom will make a cursory overall 5 minute exterior check on his aircraft, may not be able to check every part. All it takes a loose screw securing a vital part such as the fuel lines or the avionics, and as the aircraft flies, the vibrations will do the rest of the job, and down that jet goes.

I fear for the ground crew, regardless if my hypothesis is true for they will get the blame and face reprisals from the beast, well known for his magic of making his opponents tortured mercilessly and dumped callously away.

Many of them are only blue pill addicts, have no wish to fight, and just doing their job to feed their families, believe that they are protected by their masters, but all it takes is just one amongst them to do the job and everyone of the ground crew will be suspected and tortured.

May they make their getaway quickly and be spared the beasts reprisals. There is no escape. The only ones to be blamed is Gaddafi and sons. They could have just simply bow out, take their billions and enjoy life, but no, they had to cling on to power. I am beginning to believe in Tolkien's analogy of power - the ring. It is corruptive and deadly to others.
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

I must say that is an interesting analogy with the ring and all but if this was indeed a technician or "saboteur" as it were the next question is ... will others follow suit and how many tanks, APC's & self propelled guns have been "checked" i know that this is reaching but could the army LITERALLY tear it's self apart?

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by rationaluser

I wouldn't call it a tearing apart of the army, but rather, an awakening of their senses on the role of the army, which is to protect the nation - meaning the people.

Rulers come and go, but the People are forever. The majority had risen up against the current mass murdering ruler, and if the other military personnel do not wake up from their slumber, they will only become pawns, to be used and discaded later callously by the ruler, including their own families and tribes.

In this epic struggle of the Libyan people, the beasts are caught in a bind of their own. They need the oil refinaries, but they need to protect themselves too. They are a minority, and so is their military equipment. With half hearted measures, they could not hold on to anything, as their failures to retake key cities had proven.

Let them, infact, invite them to retake the key cities and have their military forces and equipment attrited away. There are more of the rebels than the beasts minions. As Libya is now almost owned by the rebelllion except for Tripoli, they should seize the military airfields from 'within', denying them their air superiority. With that in place, the final showdown in Tripoli will be made easier, not that it was in any easy in the first place.

Now, the beasts are resorting to lies and propaganda of victories to keep those loyal to them unaware of the realities facing them. Gaddafi and sons are grabbing at straws, the final signs of the end. It will be a terrible struggle, a Duel of Fates - of which freedom and moral authority always win in the end, as it had since the dawn of our civilisation no matter who rules.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

May have been a lucky shot. It happens..
During WW11 it was said that a farmer took down a German plane with one shot from a .22 rifle..
Lucky shot..

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 08:56 AM
Perhaps there had been a military confrontation between the rebel forces against the beasts' minions WITHIN Tripoli this morning.

It was reported by news correspondents staying there that they heard continual shootings, as a battle shoot out was in progress. However, the beast's propaganda machine claimed it was a victory celebration for the retaking of cities by Gaddafi and sons, an attempt at best to coverup for the battle, as it continues to rage on even now in Tripoli.

Perhaps the army in Tripoli are revolting now on their own, fighting with the remnant loyalist troops? .

Which may explain the feverish push by gaddafi and sons to prevent AT ALL COSTS the joining up of rebel forces outside the city into the capital.

It may be time for some 'international hobbyists' armed predator planes to take flight and hit at the beast's armed equipment along the way to Tripoli.
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posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 02:21 PM
Gaddafi was reported to favour France for mediation now.

He has to. France is the only few allies left whom had not been calling for military intervention. Gaddafi would most certainly welcome that. Afterall, his troops and equipment is growing scarcer by the day with each loss, and cannot be replenished easily. He is on his last legs, but as long as his head is intact, it would be fine for the rebellion and world's humanity.

For his crimes, his head is needed to be cut so as to show what happens to man whom turned beast against his own kind..

If the world is adverse to sending its pilots, predator drones would do fine as an immediate solution to the horrific murders taking place in Libya now till the pilots come later. A tanker filled with barrels of oil oughta be enough to pay for a few squadrons of such armed drones and maintenance off the coast of Libya on a carrier, if the govs are worried about costs.

Russia and China best agree with an UN Security Council Resolution. The beast is operating with impunity killing the masses wantonly, far more than what those 2 repressive govs had done in recent times. The taint will stick if they refuse, and their own masses will know for sure that their dictators had not changed, and will rebel when the opportunity arises with equal fervour as the Libyans. China and Russia may not have enough bullets to kill their billion masses before they themselves are gotten rid off.

Not to mention to the more pragmatically minded that there's plenty of oil gushing onto the desert floors to waste as the world are paying a premuim for it, ( unless of course, they want their masses ill afford now to pay through their noses for oil and the continued enslavement of another nation).....

and the air force drooling at the chance and experience to use drones to fight full wars and win a higher budget for their next military budget appropriations....

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posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 02:52 PM

Around 500 protesters, demanding the closure of the secret police headquarters, were met with violence by security forces wearing civilian clothing on Sunday, AFP reported.

To stop protesters from storming the building — where documents were reportedly being destroyed that proved human rights violations — the army fired warning shots and used batons to disperse the crowd, witnesses said. brutally-attacked/
Video of Crowd Dispersed

1925 GMT: Egyptian State TV is reporting that 27 protesters were arrested in front of the State Security Headquarters in Lazoghly in Cairo (see 1740 and 1755 GMT).

Apparently security forces were destroying evidence of atrocities, and crimes. Crowds were able to gain some of the documents(visible here), but were later forced back by soldiers when they tried to take the building where the documents are held.


Thousands of protesters have gathered outside the prime minister's office in Bahrain to demand that he step down, as their campaign for reform in the tiny Gulf nation enters its fourth week.

The demonstrators massed on Sunday at the Al-Qudaibiya Palace [Ministers' Council complex] in the capital, Manama, chanting slogans against the government and King Hamad, but failed to disrupt a government meeting in progress there.

Demonstrators shouted "Topple Hamad! Topple Hamad!" and "Hey Khalifa, get out! Get out!", referring to the country's long-time prime minister, Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa.

Al-Khalifa, who was presiding over a weekly meeting of government ministers inside the palace, later told the state-run Bahrain News Agency that changes are under way and the kingdom's "reform march will continue".

"The government's development policies will continue upbeat as we are determined more than ever to achieve our goal of upgrading the citizens' standards of living by providing them with the means of decent life," he said.

The demonstrators want al-Khalifa to step down over alleged corruption and a deadly crackdown on the opposition in which seven people were killed.

"We want the prime minister to go," Alaa al-Nasr, a 24-year-old demonstrator, was reported by the AFP news agency as saying.

Protesters on Sunday also chanted for the 2002 constitution, which they say gave too much power to the monarchy, to be scrapped.

Crowd Outside Minister's Home


Protests continue to grow, and keep their resolve. Rebel groups are taking advantage of the political unrest to increase attack. This government can only survive for so long.

4 Yemeni Soldiers Killed

Pro-Government Forces attack Protesters

Mass Graves of Protesters

US Issues Travel Warning


Thousands March in Beirut


2030 GMT: Thousands of Moroccans have gathered in Casablanca's Mohammed V Square, demanding government reform and an end to corruption.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 05:51 AM
reply to post by stephinrazin


Israel :
Israel grouped with Iran, North Korea as world's least popular countries
Gee I wonder why that is...
Most hated : Iran, NKorea, Pakistan and Israel.

Israel eyes diplomatic initiative to end isolation

Facing growing isolation over the impasse in peace talks, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu is planning a new initiative to set up a Palestinian state within temporary borders, press reports said on Friday. The Israeli premier is largely expected to announce his new diplomatic initiative during a visit to the United States in May, in an address to the US Congress or at the annual meeting of the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC.

Please this be true.

Israel deputy FM: It is crucial that the model of Iran's 1979 revolution not repeat itself (Haaretz)

Netanyahu: PA taking advantage of international community's Pavlovian reflex in its favor (AP)

Oh you mean they should continue doing the usual stuff which leads them NOWHERE?

Israeli ambassador Michael Oren: Young American Jews have become alienated from Israel (Haaretz)

Because jews outside Israel know what Israel's government is really up to.

Barak: Israel is helping itself, not the Palestinians, by making peace, (Israel Radio)

One sane guy...
Libya :
Report: Libyan rebels shoot down two Syrian planes; Gaddafi hires paid fighters from Eastern Europe, Arab countries.

A conversation purportedly between Richard Northern, the British ambassador to Libya, and a spokesman for Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the former Libyan justice minister, who now heads the rebel National Libyan Council in Benghazi, has been intercepted and released on Libyan state television.

Report: US Asks Saudi Arabia to Help Libya Rebels

Egypt Quietly Invades Libya

The rebellion against the Kadaffi dictatorship in Libya has not produced any official outside help, but Egypt has apparently sent some of its commandos in to help out the largely amateur rebel force. Wearing civilian clothes, the hundred or so Egyptian commandos are officially not there, but are providing crucial skills and experience to help the rebels cope with the largely irregular, and mercenary, force still controlled by the Kadaffi clan.

Any Egyptian involvement in Libya has to be handled very carefully. While the two countries fought a three day war in 1977, the real cause of tension is the fact that for thousands of years, most of Libya was considered part of Egypt. Given the fact that Libya has all that oil, and less than a tenth of the population of Egypt, well, then, you can figure out the rest. But for the moment, everyone is a revolutionary brother. At least for as long as the moment lasts, then history takes over.

Kickass In Libya

In Libya, the Kadaffi clan is desperately trying to suppress an uprising among most of its six million inhabitants. The Kadaffis have found that the most dependable troops can be obtained from the nomadic Tuareg tribes in the southwest, and further southwest through Algeria Mali and Niger. There are about five million Tuareg in these countries, but only about ten percent are in Libya. The most likely recruits are to be found in Mali and Niger, and that's where men from the local Libyan embassy have been offering young men $10,000 to join, and several thousand dollars a week to fight in Libya. This is nothing new for the Tuareg, who have been serving as mercenaries for Kadaffi since the 1970s. But now thousands of them are being hired. Times are hard for the Tuareg in Mali and Niger, where drought, and hostile locals have made life difficult. Kadaffi is offering a large payday for those who join. Even if the Tuareg men don't come back, their families have the $10,000, and whatever else their sons send back. If the Tuareg succeed in putting down the rebellion, Kadaffi will likely reward his Tuareg warriors, as he has in the past.

Report: At least 30 killed in Libya's Zawiyah (Reuters)

Gadhafi sends additional forces to Zawiyah in attempt to recapture it from rebels (Reuters)

Gadhafi forces launch new attack on central Zawiyah, tanks firing (Reuters)

Rebels say they downed warplane in east of Libya (Reuters)

Rebels in east Libya set up crisis committee to cover military, foreign affairs (Reuters)

UN: Thousands of migrant workers try to flee Libya (AP)

Libyan rebel Council expects international recognition soon (Reuters)

Gadhafi supports a UN investigation into Libya (AFP)

Sure he does.

Report: Libya rebels capture British soldiers in secret mission (Reuters)

Report: Heavy fire exchanged between Gadhafi's forces and rebels in Tripoli (Reuters)

Report: Gadhafi forces attack rebels near coastal town of Sirte (Reuters)

Report: Libya rebels shoot down Gadhafi forces helicopter in country's east (Reuters)

Libya scraps custom duties on imports, abolishes taxes on production, consumption (Reuters)

UNHCR concerned with dramatic decline in migrants fleeing Libya to Tunisia (Reuters)

Because they are

At least 18 dead in Misrata fighting in Libya, doctor says (Reuters)

British diplomatic team left Libya after 'experiencing difficulties' (Reuters)

Yeah ``difficulties``...

Libyan rebels say not contacted over Chavez international peace plan (Reuters)

Of course, this is just for international PR that Gadafi is doing that.

Gadhafi forces strike opposition fighters en route to the Libyan capital of Tripoli (AP)

Gadhafi's forces seen heading to rebel-held oil town in eastern Libya (Reuters)

Pakistan :
New US envoy visits Pakistan amid tensions
Pray And Prey

In the last eight week, two senior Pakistan politicians have been murdered for speaking out against Islamic radicalism. While the government went through the motions of prosecuting the arrested killer of the governor of Punjab province, and seeking the killers of the Religious Minorities Minister (a Christian), there was no big public outcry against these crimes. Instead, the killer of the Punjab governor was hailed openly by lawyers and clerics, and quietly by many government officials.

Despite the terrorist sanctuaries in North Waziristan and Baluchistan, fighting continues in Pakistan along the Afghan border. So far this year, there have been nearly 800 deaths from this violence in Pakistan, compared to less than 150 terrorism related deaths in India. The Taliban also continue to destroy secular schools, particularly those for girls, in the tribal territories. In the last three years, the Taliban have destroyed over 500 schools, and that campaign continues.

Pakistan appears to be building at least twenty new nuclear weapons a year. Pakistan currently has over a hundred nuclear weapons, and is apparently working on building over 200. Given the degree of corruption in Pakistan, there is fear that some of these nukes may be sold, to nations (like Saudi Arabia), or even Islamic terrorists (much less likely, but always a possibility).

Yeah this ain't good.
Bahrain :
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is widely reported to have told the Bahraini authorities that if they do not crush their Shia revolt, his own forces will.
This ain't good at all. Iran would be very pissed. And of course, you wouldn't hear anything from the White House.

Thousands of Shiite protesters in Bahrain besiege PM office (AP)

China :
[URL=]China says police did not beat foreign reporters

Sure they didn't....

HK protesters march against unpopular budget

China security tight after new protest calls

China has mounted a huge security operation in the capital in response to renewed online calls for protests.

Anonymous postings had urged people to stroll silently in areas of major cities, as a way of calling for change.

The BBC's Damian Grammaticas in Beijing says crowds of shoppers were out but it was not clear if any were protesters.

The massive police deployments are being seen as a sign of the Communist Party's nervousness at the civil unrest and revolutions across the Arab world.

The security blanket thrown over the parts of Beijing on Sunday afternoon was extraordinary, our correspondent says.


Beijing tightens controls over foreign media

China's capital further tightened restrictions on reporting by foreign journalists on Sunday, the latest sign of the government's determination to prevent the formation of a Middle East-style protest movement.


More than 100 arrested as police and activists clash in Hong Kong (DPA)

Iran :
Iran Special: First-Hand from Tehran "The Government Is Finished"

For 21 months friends and family have been exceptionally careful about what they discussed on the phone or email. Yes, they talked about the economy, the high prices and difficulties they were facing. They even talked about the increase in crime --- unknown in our area before --- we have all questioned if this is connected to the economic difficulties.

Then a young unemployed vegetable vendor, Muhammad Bouazizi, set himself on fire and sparked revolutions in Tunisia and then Egypt. The consequences of his actions appear to have broken the last bonds of fear that held my friends’ tongues in silence.

I hear the same thing being repeated: the regime are terrified, divided and thus making very bad decisions. (Bad for them, and their survival!) People are agreed that the arrests of [Mehdi] Karroubi, [Mir Hossein] Mousavi and their wives will only create more enemies for the regime. People who have consistently supported them are now beginning to turn against the regime, saying ‘enough’. Even my contacts [within the regime] are aware that, with every passing day, more and more hardliners are turning against them. One friend told me, “There are too many bosses, but no one is really in control”.


Lie Loudly And Carry A Big Stick

In the last two months, reform groups have tried to organize large street demonstrations, but have only been able to bring out thousands, not tens or hundreds of thousands. The problem is that the government has been quite effective in using carrots (jobs, access to university, medical care) and sticks (increasing brutality against public demonstrators, and execution of protest leaders).

Kinda like in the west... except for the leaders, instead of killing them and putting them in jail, they just hijack the movements with government agents or cops.
Egypt :
Nearly 4000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes in Egypt, Torch Church

U.S. offers aid for Egyptian democracy, but quietly

A high-powered delegation of U.S. officials visited Cairo last month to find ways to support the revolution. They, along with diplomatic and development officials, have been working quietly, meeting with residents, activists and the leadership, and asking how best to spend the $150 million that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has said would soon be available to help shore up the economy and provide technical assistance in the move toward democracy.

By the time the U.S. delegation departed, no Egyptian pro-democracy organizations had asked for assistance.

Good for them.

Egyptian protesters breach ‘torture center,’ seize files

Egyptian protesters breached a secret police compound in eastern Cairo on Saturday and carted boxes of files, according to rights activists and Egyptian media reports.

Report: State security building torched in Cairo (Reuters)

Two killed in Muslim-Christian clashes in southern Egypt (AP)

Report: Forty armed men attack Egypt antiquities store (Reuters)

New Interior Minister appointed in Egypt (Israel Radio)

Syria :
IAEA in Iran deadlock but slight progress on Syria
Iraq :
Thousands of Iraqis defy curbs to protest

Roadside bomb kills 6 people in the southern Iraq city of Basra (AP)

Ivory Coast :
That Didn't Turn Out Too Well

Ivory Coast has suffered over 400 dead in the last few months, as the loser in a recent election disputes that outcome. Actual losses may be 2-3 times higher, because journalists and other investigators are getting shot at. More than 250,000 people have fled the violence. The most important export, cocoa, has become increasingly difficult to get out of the country because of the increasing violence. Thus the price of cocoa has hit a 32 year high of over $3,700 a ton. It was not supposed to work out this way.

Laurent Gbagbo, who won a legitimate election in 2000, declared the vote a fraud, and had himself declared the winner, with 51 percent of the vote. But the foreign observers and the UN insisted that Ouattara had won with 54 percent. While Ouattara has the support of most of the people, Gbagbo has the support of most of the people with guns, and those guns are increasingly used against anyone who openly opposes Gbagbo.

Palestine :

Hamas announces plan to launch national unity initiative to join forces with rival party Fatah (DPA)

Palestinian leader: No state with temporary border (AP)

In response to rocket fire, IAF targets terror sites in the Gaza Strip (Haaretz)

Egyptian diplomat: We are considering easing Gaza blockade (AP)

Hell yeah.

Army fires in air at Cairo protest, witnesses say (Reuters)

Cairo reform activists say met by plain-clothed men armed with knives (Reuters)

Cops obviously.

1,000 protest at Egypt interior ministry, demand to access human rights abuse documents (Reuters)

Armed men attack protesters outside Cairo police headquarters (Reuters)

New Egyptian prime minister names most of his new cabinet (AP)

Saudi Arabia :

Saudi Arabia bans all protest and marches (Reuters)

Report: Saudi Arabia forces detain at least 22 Shi'ite protesters (Reuters)

Saudi women protesters arrested after breaking ban on demonstrations (DPA)

Oman :

Oman replaces three top government positions in attempt to quell more protests (AP)

Yemen :

Yemen President says he will remain in power until end of his term in 2013 (Reuters)

Israel issues Yemen travel warning, urges citizens to leave the country (Reuters)

Suspected Al Qaida militants kill 4 Yemen police officers in ambush east of Sanaa (Reuters)

Turkey :

Turkey sends leading journalists to jail pending outcome of coup plot trial (AP)

Turkey jails two more journalists over coup plot (Reuters)

Lebanon :

Around 8,000 protest in Beirut against Lebanon's sectarian political system (Reuters)

France :
I'll talk about France just this once... because this is quite big.

Poll: French far-right leader Marine Le Pen would beat Sarkozy if presidential vote held now (AP)

If you don't know, Marine Le Pen is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, a piece of filth really... Marine Le Pen is very anti-muslim, but also anti-globalism and anti-EU and would be a revolution in France if she got elected. France would probably leave the Euro.

This is a sign France might be heading towards revolution too.


The “day of rage” in Saudi Arabia will take place today, Monday, March 7th, instead of Friday. The organizers of demonstrations in the Saudi Kingdom have decided not to wait and to take to the streets in many Saudi cities – not only in the Shiite areas around the Persian gulf, but also in major cities such as Medina, Jeddah, Hijaz and Taif.

And let it begin!

Update 2 : Croatia :
Thousands protest in Croatia

Several thousand anti-government protestors, mostly young people, marched through the Croatian capital on Wednesday demanding conservative Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor to step down.

The protestors initially marched through downtown Zagreb without incident, four days after violent clashes between demonstrators and police left dozens injured.

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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 10:15 AM
Under battle stalemate conditions, the game of nerves will start. Whomever are the mentally strong, able to rise and focus above the carnage, the defeats, the weaknesses, will win.

The Beast know this full well, and started his game a few days ago. Even with the worse defeats, a world condeming him, he remained confident, poised and articulate - cool, projecting that image succesfully even if his balls had already disappeared, that others around him are infected with it.

Even amongst the worldwide intellectuals, let alone those in Tripoli, are beginning to have doubts in the rebellion, rather believing in lies and deceptions just because the leader seemed fearless and unshakable.

And he will use every ounce of it to play it on the rebels, every day.

As for the rebellion, they are only simple folks, largely honest and straightforward, ordinary people performing beyond human endurance daily, heroes everyone of them, in fighting against the mass murdering regime.

But being simple, they are brutually honest and dont play mind games. They express how they feel. They had high hopes that they will succeed, but such beliefs when not achieved within the short time, disillusionment creeps in. More so when the other side is playing its mind game so well.

Many are tired and sicken, and may be thinking defeatistly, while strangely enough, their compatriots whom were injured or closed to dying are the ones who wish they could return to the field again. Seems that they have more courage than those physically capable - signs of mental strengths or the lack of it.

The truth is, there can be no turning back. Gaddafi had already proven what he is capable of - lying and murdering. Any olive branch offered will be accepted on one hand, but the other hand silently and swiftly used to wring the offerer's neck. Not many will be allowed to live, and those that remain alive will bear his anger silently and made to suffer.

With his oil weath, he has no need of Liyans anymore. Huge imports of slave labour from Africa and poor ME states will flood Libya. The only true Libyans left will be Gaddafi and sons. Even the military will be expunged, the way Stalin had ruled in Russia. and Mao murdered his current generation so that the new will never know the past.

Thus, it is a mental game right now, and something the rebellion can win against, as they have the numbers. The beasts weapon may be mighty, but the mind is far more cunning and flexible than the best weapon can be used against it andTruth is the best shield against tricksters and mind games.

Furthermore, what is winning a battle if they cannot hold the ground? Today, they may have levelled a town with their bombs, but then, who will be left to garrison it? And can the beasts maintan its garrisons in every town, with its scarce forces and the provened mentally weak whom had believed in the beast lies, without them being annihilated the next day?

Good luck and blessings to the National Libyan Council and the courageous rebels. They need it and need rest as well. It is one thing to be dedicated and work 24hrs a day, but humans have their limitations. Better get proper rest or only worse mistakes will occur. More so at this stage of mental games, when the mind is a necessary weapon to win battles, war and nation.

Even though physical help from outside is in the comming, I am sure that world's humanity is praying for the success of the rebellion and a quick end to the bloodshed. Sometimes, positive thoughts are a power in itself, more so when the world is on it.
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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:26 AM
This just in.

It seemed that as world leaders are discussing no-fly-zones, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has reiterated his opposition to military intervention in Libya, the RIA Novosti news agency reports, and holds the power to veto any UN Security Council resolution. I guess it's time for the pirates to hoist their flags? Smuggling is a lucrative trade, more so for weapons of war and protection.

While at it, may they head for the shores of Russia as well, and every Russian gets a piece and hide it well, just in case its repressive leaders start to follow along the lines of Gaddafi whom they support. At least the Russian masses will have a better chance to gain their freedom from proven oppressors than the Libyan masses had.
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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 12:45 PM
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Detains Protesters as Clerics Ban Protests

Saudi Arabia Drafts 10.000 Plain Clothes Police for Possible Protests

Will Money Alone Quell Unrest?

Soros says ME Governments Should Share Oil Money with People


SAIDYOUSIF #Bahrain hundreds are protesting now opisite of #US #Empassy in manama #Feb14 #Lulu

Prostester Accounts

Bahrain King's Speech


1715 GMT: Tunisia's Ministry of Interior has announced that it is dissolving the State Security Department, widely accused of committing human rights abuses during the rule of the ousted President Ben Ali.

The announcement comes soon after interim Prime Minister Caid Essebsi made ministerial changes, with the new government free of members with ties to Ben Ali.

The Ministry of Interior said its move was a "definitive break with any form of organisation resembling the political police at the level of structure, mission or practice....These practical measures are in harmony with the values of the revolution, in the wish to respect the law, in word and deed, and in consecrating the climate of confidence and transparency in the relationship between the security services and the citizen."

A Good Synopsis of the Main Events of the Weekend

10. In the Sunni-ruled monarchy of Bahrain, which has practiced employment discrimination against the Shiite majority of citizens, the Ministry of Interior has announced it will create 20,000 security-related jobs, apparently intended to be filled mainly by Shiite Bahrainis with college degrees. The protest movement, however, is unlikely to be satisfied unless there are political, not just economic concessions. Bahrain is an absolute monarchy where the senate is Sunni and court-appointed and both king and senate can over-rule at will the elected lower house. Because of gerry-mandering, although the Shiite party got 60 percent of the vote in the last election, it gained only 18 of 40 seats there.

9. Women, including journalist and human rights activist Tawakkul Karman, are playing a central role in the protests against long-time strong man Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen.

8. Although president Saleh again refused to step down this weekend, several prominent members of his ruling Congress Party resigned in sympathy with the protest movement.

Aljazeera English reports on the resignations:

7. Some 5000 leftists and Muslim activists were able to protest in Amman, Jordan this weekend because the Jordanian cabinet has amended the Public Gatherings Law to allow peaceful assembly without prior government permission. Five other parties have put rallies on hold while they pursue political dialogue with the new prime minister, who was brought in to replace his unpopular predecessor as a result of the protests.

Aljazeera English reports on Jordanian calls for a constitutional monarchy in that country.

6. Sultan Qaboos of Oman has sacked three cabinet ministers and ordered the creation of 50,000 public-sector jobs under pressure of protests by oil workers in cities such as Sohar. This weekend oil workers in Haima demanded more government investment in their area, which is remote from the capital.

Aljazeera English reports on the Oman protests:

5. Tunisia’s provisional government has laid out a road map to the future, under pressure from continued protests. A constituent assembly will be elected this summer and a wholly new constitution will be drawn up by elected representatives of the people. This past week, protesters forced the resignation of the prime minister, as having been too close to ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

4. Egyptian protesters stormed the HQs in Cairo and Alexandria of the State Security Police, the dreaded secret police who used arbitrary arrest and torture to keep strong man Hosni Mubarak in power for decades. They said they had been afraid that security officials would shred documents implicating them in crimes, and they carried off many documents. Some were former prisoners who had been tortured in the cells of the building they invaded.

3. The invasion of the security police HQs forced Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to replace Mubarak crony Mahmoud Wagdi with Mansour al-Issawi as minister of Interior (the cabinet ministry in charge of police).

2. Former feared Egyptian Interior Minister Habib Adly, who had served since 1997, has gone on trial for alleged human rights abuses.

1. Libyan rebels precariously extended their sway to the oil and refining town of Ras Lanuf, launched a fierce firefight in the capital of Tripoli itself, and fought off three concerted attacks on the western city of Zawiya, as well as fighting off an attack on the large western city of Misurata / Misrata.

Juan Cole's Blog

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 11:56 AM


Thousands of community police in Algeria have rallied in the capital Algiers despite a protest ban in the city.
The officers had gathered outside parliament to demand better pay and pensions.



Bahraini protesters turned out in defiance of police orders in order to put more pressure on the ruling al-Khalifa dynasty, witnesses said.

Protesters surrounded Bahrain's Cabinet building during the weekend, forcing a halt to government activity. Demonstrators demanded Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa step down.


Three hardline Bahraini Shi'ite Muslim groups said on Tuesday they had joined together with the goal of bringing down the Bahraini Gulf Arab monarchy and setting up a republic.

Do they not deserve representative government?

A senior opposition leader says he would support demands to oust Bahrain's monarchy if that becomes the overwhelming sentiment of protesters.


Bahrain's housing minister has announced plans to build 50,000 homes at a cost of more than $5.3bn, as the government reacts to protests gripping the kingdom.

Bribery might be too little too late.

Bahrain Protesters Reach US Embassy(Yesterday)

Documentary on Bahrain Bringing Immigrants in to Change Demographics

Much more going on in the region will add some more later.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 06:42 PM

2035 GMT: In Egypt, a Coptic Christian man has reportedly been killed in clashes this evening between Copts and Muslims.

The death of Mina Fares Hanna occurred in the poor working-class district of Moqattam, but no further details were immediately available.

Fighting broke out mid-afternoon on Tuesday when dozens of Muslims showed up in Moqattam, inhabited by Copts who work as garbage collectors and who had blocked a main north-south artery in the capital.

Today, on International Woman’s Day, Egyptian men and women activists organized a Million Woman March for women’s rights in Tahrir Square, which turned into a violent scene of confrontation.

The New Egypt:Leaving Women Behind


23:25 SKY News Hillary Clinton: we stress that the UN should make the decision for a no-fly zone and not the US. We will support the international effort, we will not lead it.

22:24 MUST WATCH: The moment an explosion took place in the area of ArRajmah. Translation coming shortly!

2211 Al Jazeera correspondent right now: Today in Ras Lanouf there were 9 deaths and 30 injuries from the revolutionaries’ side

2211 Al Jazeera Live call with political activist in Zawiya who has just reported that the Gaddafi battalions are in control of the main coast highway from both sides of Az Zawiya. He also stated that they conducted an operation today to bring a large group of reinforcements from Tripoli. The caller also confirmed that the revolutionaries are in control of the city of Az Zawiya

2120 GMT: Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has arrived at Tripoli's Rixos Hotel, where many foreign journalists are staying. He is expected to hold a news conference soon.

1912 – SKY NEWS Reports of 50 tanks bombarding Zawiya

18:07 BBC Witnesses said a five-year-old child was among the dead in Zawiya, reportedly killed when militia burst into the house to put snipers on the roof.

18:06 Sky News reports that eye witnesses say approximately 50 tanks are bombarding Az-Zawiyah. Buildings and mosques have been completely crushed according to witnesses.

The first delivery of UN food aid to Libya since the start of the fighting is due to arrive in Benghazi some time tonight. A convoy of trucks carrying 70 metric tonnes of high-energy, fortified date bars entered the country from the Egyptian border last night.

Preparations are under way for the delivery of another 70 metric tons of the locally-produced date bars, and 150 metric tons of wheat flour. A shipment of 1,182 metric tons of wheat flour which turned back from Benghazi last Thursday due to security concerns, set sail for Libya again today

Muammar Gaddafi will not prosecute for crimes they claim to have been committed by him, the Libyan leader to leave power in the next 72 hours, said the president of the National Council of Libya, on Tuesday."If he leave Libya immediately, within 72 hours, and stop the bombing, we, the Libyans, we will not pursue him for his crimes, " said Mustafa Abdel Jalil by telephone, a former justice minister of the country
Al Jazeera


Security forces in Yemen have opened fire at a large protest outside the university in the capital, Sanaa.

They were trying to stop thousands of people joining a protest camp at the university calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign.

At least 50 people were injured. Medical sources told the BBC that five were in a serious condition.


Image of Man Wounded in Yemen. Warning Graphic. Sadly, the man passed on soon after.

The attack began two hours ago when security forces opened fire on the protesters. Early reports indicate three died. Over 30 were wounded by gunfire and another 40 were injured after being beaten with clubs or choking on tear gas.

Several witnesses reported the medical professionals rushing to the scene were stopped by police. At the same time, the protesters appealed for blood donations and medical supplies via twitter stating several people are bleeding out near the gates of the university. Two medics were beaten by state security.

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 10:02 AM
A crowd of pro-government forces armed with weapons stormed into Tahrir Square earlier.

Hundreds of people armed with knives and machetes have clashed with pro-democracy activists in Cairo's Tahrir Square, Egyptian state TV says.
More than a dozen people were injured when violence erupted in Cairo's Tahrir Square Wednesday, the second day of unrest and protests in Egypt's capital

Using this as an excuse the military moved in, and removed all protesters.

zores7 RT @MinaNaguib90: Confirmed: The army is arresting everyone with cameras in #Tahrir and there are a lot of clashes bet protesters and thugs HELP #Egypt #Jan25

The #Tahrir Camp has FALLEN! It's completely cleared from protesters now! #Egypt #Jan25 7 minutes ago · reply

litary attack was extremely sudden. People were running everywhere, jumping over cars, fences taken down. complete chaos!! #tahrir

It seems that the government paid security thugs to cause chaos in order for the military to crush the pro-democracy protests.

Main stream media.....Deafening silence........

It is very clear now that Egypt will likely become MORE tyrannical, MORE totalitarian with the removal of Mubarak.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 10:07 AM
And so the mind games continue on by the Beast.

Massive firepower and troops used on Zawiya, attempting to level it. With the beast minions claiming it is imperative to win Zawiay, at all and any costs, including murdering every Libyan citizen there. Seems he is getting truly desperate now.

A win will be great for morale to his brainwashed supporters including those outside Libya, even if it is only an illusion.

He can level the town and kill everyone including his own troops, but in the end, what would he had left with? A wasteland town, lessened troops, fuel and equipment, hatred by even more Libyans if it had not been that many before, and most critically, an entire country that he can never win anymore.

What does one do when a horde of wolves are baying outside the door, sniffing humans and clamouring to get in?

Set traps, and hide behind the couches, and wait for the wolves to charge down the door, and into the traps they go.

So let the supposedly 'fearsome' tanks and troops occupy the town square. It is only just another piece of real estate. thing is, can they hold that square by the next morning or the following mornings? Their presumed victory is hollow when every one of his murdering troops are annihilated by nightfall.

I am sure the inhabitants of Zawiya, espacially the courageous men, are NOT going to sit around and wait for the troops to come for them with swords or bullets, for that is what the troops are instructed to do. Remove all to safety, and let the bombardment begin, and when they come into the square, feel victorious and secure, that's when they will meet their doom.

Gaddafi does not have enough bullets or troops to kill everyone. Anyone that believes he has that capability, is deluded. The rebellion has more whom have nothing more to lose now and fight to the end. Gaddafi still have his sons and billions stashed away, memoirs to write, hate to stir when amongst his beast buddies. The door is open for him to leave, and the clock is ticking.....

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 10:13 AM
Here is footage of pro-government forces and soldiers forcing the protesters out.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 10:59 AM
This just in - 2 critical issues facing the Libyan Rebellion group.

1. Eastern Libya will be down on fuel supplies. Conversely, what would that mean for Western Libya? Are their war machines running out of fuel as well? Maybe not, as the beast will do all it can to save fuel for war machines, rather than for their own citizens or hospitals electricity generation, unlike Eastern Libya whom will do all it can for its people.

The Rebellion has best think of ways on how to make the odds even so that the beast have no fuel as well.

2. No Fly Zone Issue.

Gaddafi's son had play the mind games well when he claimed that if his beast daddy were to toppled down, the 140 tribes will start killing one another. Many of the western powers are concerned about this issue. Would the NFA help topple the beast or help the various tribes kill one another?

Right now, at this moment, the various tribes are bounded to each other by one common aim - topple the beast. But what happens next is equally vital - will they fight amongst themselves for the Throne of fabulously weathy Libya?

Al Queda was formed to fight the USSR and supplied with western arms. After the USSR left, western arms were used against US and the free world. Will this happen the same with Libya, this time NFA and any equipment supplied to fight not only with the western and freeword, but with each other as well?

Rest assured, the Beast will use this mind game to play on the Free world. It is a straw no doubt, as no matter what he says, he is still a mass murderer and will face his crimes one day, but there legitimate concerns about the NFA.

Best the various rebel groups act IMMEDIATELY to allay those concerns with sincerity so that the beast's mind games will be nullified. Even though many rebels and groups are dispersed and wide from contact with each other and that flag that they now brandish may mean different aspirations amongst the diverse groups.

Each and every tribe must SWEAR loyalty to that flag, and never to hurt or harm each other from this day forth, but to allow discussion and debates to flow on the direction, common aspirations and future of the New Libya, no matter how fiery it gets.

There is enough wealth to be shared equally amongst all to jump start the new Libyan nation of an ancient civilisation to progress and evolve into the future as one human race with fellow humans on Earth.

Those that use violence upon another human will be ostracised, hunted down and brought to secular justice by every Libyan tribe and every Libyan member, for they are no better that the beast that thousands of precious human lives had been sacrificed.

Good Luck.

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:27 PM
Hook, line and sinker! Knew Gaddafi and his minions are on ATS!

They had decided to equal the odds with the Rebellion on the fuel issue and started bombing refineries. If this still does not make both the Rebellion and Free world act fast on the NFA issue before more reineries and even oilfields get destroyed, oil prices gonna stay up for long.

[ middle finger up to Gaddafi - SUCKER!]

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 12:40 PM
Indeed the fool gaddafi and his morons had been on ATS. Now they avoid blowing up the oil refineries!

Another day gone by and the smirks and smug grins as well as passing the back to and fro from TPTB over the issue NFZ is still not implemented.

The Rebellion should finally wake up by now that they had been played all along. They are the current new Rwandas, Somalis, and a whole lot of 'unwanted' people, ignored and fed with BS by TPTB.

There NEVER is gonna be a NFZ. Wake up..

The freedom of the Libyan people will be in your own hands. You are on your on. Tell Jalbri to show his middle finger to EU, UK and France. It all had been play acting and delay for 2 things to happen so that TPTB can continue with biz as usual.

1. The Rebellion dead with no more troops to put on field.
2. The Beast succeeds in putting its BS, lies and fear into everyone to give up.

The truth is, the Rebellion CAN win, with or without TPTB's help. The beasts morons are only less than 1% of the population, but the other 99% lost their balls? Cannot be, as arabs are one of the most fearsome ethnic human on Earth.

The Vietnamese never had AIR COVER that the americans had. Yet they succeeded. No doubt Vietnam is not a desert but with jungle camoflage by day, but by nightfall, aircrafts are useless against small troops travessing the terrian to get ot their objective regardless of nature

The americans used B2 bombers to bomb for years and it was most terrifying, and yet, hiding in bunkers underground, they survived and middle fingered up to the fleeing B2s.

But if indeed the Rebellion had lost their marbles, then it is ok, just go back to the state of slavery and domination as Gaddafi and sons rob and lie to you blind. It is your fate. To be controlled by the 1%. The wounded and the dead have sacrificed much, and nothing more should be expected from them, more so for those alive and unhurt whom had just lost their balls.

This had been a test on how world humanity and leaders will react to a protest turned bad. Libya was but a trial for a bigger fight to come so that all mankind may be prepared. And the leaders had been found wanting, as well as the bootlickers out to spread outright crazy lies so that they may retain their own security at the expense of their fellow men.

The Rebellion had tried, and shown that they had tried, and had failed because they lost their ingenuity and their marbles. But it does not mean mankind at large will fail. The fight for freedom of humanity still goes on unabetted. Iran, Russia with its soon to breakaway states, China from the countrysides, Europe from the austerity drives, Asia from domination, USA from its nazi zionist dictatorships,etc, etc.

Each and every world leader had failed, and had proven that they had lost their mandate to rule, and before the end of the year, many heads will roll. They are only puppets, for a bigger enemy awaits. Best we mankind get rid of the puppets, set up our common aspirations and be united to fight for the threat is real.

And when we had gotten rid of the puppets, you in Libya will be freed, for real leaders will rule instead of current lip servicing leaders whom will go to war on a threat of presumed WMDs but NEVER for the spilt blood of fellow humans.

We are annonymous and we are legion. You too are one if you care about the human race and our evolution based upon our common aspirations.

I am insignificant and only a nobody. There are millions out there like me, using every possible way to reach out to others in different cultures,lingos, different groups and different aspects but bonded by our common aspirations, not just on the internet or twitter alone, but everywhere for we are fully integrated and intwined into TPTB's social, political and economic systems that to destroy us, they too have to destroy themselves.

2008 had been the year of rude awakening gradully. 2011 is the dawn of war against TPTB by humanity

. And the clock is ticking......

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 05:01 PM

Special operations forces target IMU(Chechen/Uzbek)-linked Taliban commander in Afghan north
I guess this is the objective according to some US military strategists. Create a war to attract all the radicals in the region. I guess they did not think that they would increase the number of radicals exponentially.

Fox News-NATO Intrecepts Iran made Rockets Going to Taliban
Who knows if this true? Iran may indeed be sending weapons, but it could be more pro-Iran war propaganda.

President Karzai's Cousin Killed by Coalition Forces
"It was a mistake," he said. "The forces conducted an operation, he was at his home, he came out and was shot."

Great job. Winning more hearts and minds every day...

Fox News Blames Taliban for the Majority of Civilian Deaths!
Tell that to the sole survivor of the nine children collecting firewood that were mowed down by NATO helicopters.

Heroin, the CIA in Afghanistan, 9/11 and the Mujahadeen
Interesting information on the history of Karzai, and Afghanistan.


Sectarian clashes at Bahrain school
Sectarian clashes have broken out at a Bahrain school, fuelling fears a planned march on the royal court could inflame tensions on the Gulf island where the majority of citizens are Shia but the ruling family is Sunni.

Witnesses said fighting broke out at the school in the town of Sar, where both Shias and Sunni live, when some Shia pupils launched anti-government protests on Thursday.

Divided Bahrain

As resolve deepens among the Shiite-led protesters — who mark their first month Monday — so does the backlash from hard-line Sunni factions that fear their privileges and way of life could hang in the balance.

UN: Bahrain can settle unrest through national dialogue

Bahrain MPs warn against 'illegal' rallies

GCC foreign ministers pledge SR75 billion aid

In a major move to calm anti-government protests in Oman and Bahrain, the foreign ministers of the six nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) approved an SR75-billion aid package to create jobs and implement a range of development projects in the two Gulf states.

Bribery and force are the tools of the power elites across the region.

Bahrain's impoverished villages see little benefit from billions of dollars being invested in the glimmering capital.


ElBaradei 'to run' for president
I guess that is good?
Egypt helping Libyan Rebels

Egyptian army condemned over Yesterdays Tahrir Square protest breakup

No Counter-Revolution in Egypt
The interim cabinet warned against counter-revolution attempts and vowed to thwart such efforts as it works to fulfill the demands of the revolution.

Real democratic change is not acceptable to the institutions of power.

dianaiak RT @Egyptocracy: EgyptianTV: 3 months prison sentence to anyone breaking curfew. #Egypt #Jan25 33 seconds ago · reply

This is what many feared. The Egyptian people dove from the frying pan into the fire. As the world fixates on Libya the Egyptian military security complex regains total control over the country.

Continue in a bit. Saudi police fire into crowds, France recognizes Libyan rebels, and unrest continues in Yemen.

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