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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 01:54 PM
now watch the islamic extremists take over and suddenly find themselves with ICBM's.... then the world will be on fire

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:47 PM
Iraq :

Iraqis also using Facebook & Twitter to spread the word about Friday's protest in #Baghdad #Iraq #Revolution #Egypt #Libya #Tunisia

Big big big protest planned for tomorrow. Food and energy were subsidized under Saddam... not it isn't. Not to mention they only get electricity about 2-3 hours a day... in the best parts of the country. Lots of infrastructure not rebuilt yet...

So you can see why they are protesting.
Saudi Arabia :

"Thousands of workers strike in Saudi Arabia"

And so the revolution begins.
Jordan :
US Embassy warns Americans to avoid Friday protests in Jordan

The U.S. Embassy has issued a warden message warning Americans to avoid what could potentially be large anti-government protests in Jordan.

Jordan is bracing for nationwide demonstrations on Friday to protest against physical attacks by so-called "thugs." Eight activists were wounded in clashes with pro-government protesters last Friday.

Great! More protests in Jordan! Don't give up!

Jordan launches electoral reform in bid to appease protesters. (DPA)

Won't work.
Afghanistan :
It's A Strange World

The American decapitation (concentrate on killing or capturing leaders) strategy is causing a split between the senior Taliban leadership in Pakistan., and the mid-level commanders who actually run combat operations in Afghanistan. The Taliban has a sanctuary in Baluchistan (southwest Pakistan), where CIA UAV missile attacks are not allowed. It's an open secret that the Taliban leaders are in and around Quetta (the capital of Baluchistan). There are also rest camps for Taliban fighters operating across the border in southern Afghanistan (mainly Kandahar and Helmand provinces.) The growing problem is that the Taliban senior leaders, safe in Quetta, are demanding that the Taliban middle management across the border in Afghanistan do more to keep the foreign troops away from drug gang operations (poppy fields and labs for converting opium into heroin). During the past year, doing that has become suicidal for Taliban leaders operating in Afghanistan. While the U.S. can only track and kill Taliban leaders in Pakistan with missile armed UAVs, in Afghanistan these leaders face far more danger. U.S. troops prefer to capture these guys (as a source of information), but will otherwise kill them with ground fire, smart bombs or whatever. Rewards are paid for targeting information, and few Afghans are adverse to making a few thousand bucks at the expense of the hated Taliban (who continue to behave badly with the civilians they claim to be protecting.) As a result, morale is very low among Taliban field commanders. Some men are refusing promotion, even though it brings with it more money, and sanctuary for your family in Quetta. While the Taliban has a form of life insurance, it does not make the widow and her kids rich. Taliban middle-management is increasingly calling for peace negotiations, but the Taliban senior leadership, safe and sanctimonious in Quetta, refuses to negotiate. It's victory or nothing. Pakistan is unwilling to remove the sanctuary status of Quetta, as powerful groups in the Pakistani government see the Taliban as a key tool for controlling events in Afghanistan. This offends the Afghans a great deal, but Pakistanis in general agree that, left to their own devices, the Afghans would become allies with the evil Indians.

Israel :
Democracy And The Next Wars

With the military now running Egypt, until elections can be held in about six months, Israeli officials are quietly calling, and visiting, Egyptians who might lead the new government, as well as generals who are running things now. Decades of anti-Israel media activity has created a popular Egyptian hostility towards Israel, and Israel is hoping a free press might be inclined to take a less hateful view. Most Israelis are optimistic that they can establish better relations with a true democracy in Egypt, but it will be a year or more before anyone will really know if it will all turn out that way.

Hopefully the new elected regime in Egypt can be friendly with the Palestinians and Israel...
Iran :
AP Exclusive: Iran hunts for uranium

Iran is expanding its covert global search for the uranium it needs for its nuclear activities and a key focus is Zimbabwe, says a new intelligence report acquired by The Associated Press.

The report is in line with international assessments that Iran's domestic supplies cannot sustain its nuclear program that could be turned toward making weapons.

Two reports in two days about the Syria-Iranian nuclear programs... yeah total coincidence...

#Iran Large number of anti riot guards,plainclothes on major streets across #Tehran

Libya :
Latest word with evacuations is that if Qadafi forces attack them... NATO will respond with full force. And the expectations is that they will indeed attack them.

No fly zone establishment is VERY LIKELY. Meaning to take down all Libyan aircraft trying to get in the air.

Another caller from Misurata tells Al Jazeera that up to 1,000 members of Gaddafi forces - the "Hamza Brigade" - mounted an attack on protesters near the city's airport and were repelled, but later launched an attack on the centre of the city, and fighting continues. He says anti-Gaddafi protesters are holding their ground.

Chinese citizens fleeing across the border into Tunisia confirm to Al Jazeera's Nazanine Moshiri in Ras Ajdir that there was fighting in the nearby Libyan cities of Az Zawiyah and Zuwarah.

Miftah Mohamed, a caller from Misurata, tells Al Jazeera "the revolutionary forces have driven Gaddafi's forces from Misurata".

US military now preparing "options" for coordinated military effort in Libya

Gadaffi has now labelled western journalists in Libya as Al Qaeda agents and will treat them accordingly

NATO secretary general says the alliance will not intervene in Libyan conflict - AP

In Brussels, senior officials said the European Union was weighing a range of options to evacuate 5,000-6,000 EU citizensstill in Libya, many of them oil company employees, and said one possibility was a military humanitarian intervention force.

plans for a massive people protest in Tripoli tomorrow.

They got guts.

Oil engineers in Libya have blockaded all exports to Europe. Southern oil fields all under opp'n control.

Surreal being in a sacked city. People say they can breathe for the first time in their lives. Exiled Libyans pouring in.

Indian Navy now sending 3 military vessels for evac

Gaddafi's phone speech is very different from last one. No threats by him, no saying he would fight till end #libya #feb17

AJE At least 26 nations trying to get their people out of Libya.

Gaddafi's Private Plane, Reportedly Loaded With Gold, Ready To Leave For Zimbabwe As Early As Tomorrow
Leave already.

Long live freedom drugs RT @ceoDanya Just want to thank the #tunsians and #Egyptians for passing on the *drugs* you guys were on to #libya

South Korea talking to US and others for assistance with over 1000 of their nationals who are trapped

They also diverted the ships they sent to fight Somalian pirates to Libya.

HMS Cumberland arrived to port, guarded by soldiers... "Labour MP for Plymouth Moorview, Alison Seabeck – who sits on the influential Defence Select Committee, said: "HMS Cumberland was the only naval ship available to send to Libya, yet she is due to be scrapped once she returns to Devonport."

Germany sending three ships: the frigates Brandenburg and Rheinland-Pfalz and a supply ship

A few countries to go still. Yemen, Bahrein, Algeria, Palestine #15March, Saudis #20March plus all those who are starting up now

China and Russia don't support resolution against Libya

You sickos!

#Egypt to send more medical supplies to Libyan border #Libya #Unrest


complaints from UK politicians that the UK Prime Minister is out touring the Middle East accompanied by British arms dealers to drum up business whilst all this is going on

Wouldn't surprise me. US probably doing the same thing. There's a big arms convention in Dubai right now.
Award-winning journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave tells Newsmax that the increasingly volatile situation in the Middle East could push the price of oil quickly to $300 or even $400 a barrel.
15$ a gallon at the pump... Yeah that would be nice... NOT.

the airforce in Benghazi declare in video speech their complete defection to the 17 feb revolution and vows to defend the city against Gaddafis forces!


UK Deputy PM cuts short holiday to return for urgent military talks

AJA Libyan expert:I have confirmed reports Qaddafi sons planning car bombs all over country to prove Al Qaeda after evolts #Feb17 #Libya

richardengelnbc ‎ #libya.. CWs; Sulfur mustard and nerve agents to include sarin and VX.

Noooooo! Not sarin and VX!!!! If he uses chemical weapons on his people, NATO needs to take him out, screw international law.

#AJE protester on phone claims approx. 100men killed + 400 injured in raid on 'martyr's sq' in al-zawiyah #Feb17 #Libya

Confirmed via sources at #Cairo airport. Ahmad #Gaddafi ilDam left on a flight to Syria today at 12:30pm. #Libya #Feb17

The people of Zaywa, who are armed (primarily AK-47s) have announced that they are moving on to #Tripoli. #libya

The final battle approaches. Ak-47s VS tanks...

BBC > Foreign nationals in Benghazi are now boarding HMS Cumberland. The ship is due to set sail to Malta this evening. #Libya

HMS Cumberland ready to leave for Malta

This has now started to take affect and explosions can be heard across Tripoli, this is not alqaeda but gaddafi #Libya #Feb17

Protestors in Zawia has burned down Gaddafi's house and now heading towards Tripoli. #feb17 #gaddaficrimes #libya

AFP : members of the pro-Qadafi forces executed people in hospitals of Tripoli

Killing people in hospitals... REAL FREAKING CLASSY!

Gatwick airport confirm plane carrying 191 British nationals travelling from Tripoli via Malta will arrive here at 1920gmt

‎ Tribe in eastern Libya threatened to destroy oil platforms if Obama doesn't do more to stop Qaddafi. Sharp realpolitik from the protesters.

What about manning up, ignoring international law and ASSASSINATING QADDAFI ALREADY?

AJArabic caller from Zawia says expecting air strikes withing next 2 hours, and 30000 on the streets (pop is 300000 ) #Libya #Feb17

Odarhobi: #Libya telecom co, state owned give 100 dinar calling credit for every SMS U send supporting #Gaddafi how desperate he for support CONFIRMED

100 dinars being about 80$US

texts being sent in #libya saying you will receive 100LYD credit if you send a text saying to people to remain indoors tomorrow

William Hague - British will extend their role to evacuate people from other countries and not just UK


AFP > Switzerland has ordered an immediate freeze on any assets that may belong to Col Gaddafi and his entourage. #Libya

Switzerland.... way more for freedom than the US government.

Adm Mike Mullen - US and allies monitoring and coordinating efforts on Libya

Canada: After cancelling civilian flights earlier due to safety concerns, PM Harper now announces military flights will head to Libya for evac

Ooo I bet Libya NOW is gonna be scared.

Update on Tripoli ferry: Ship expected to depart Libya in next several hours, depending on weather - Reuters

Tripoli airspace confirmed closed. Airmalta flights cancelled until further notice

AJEnglish Some captured #Gaddafi troops had gas masks. Does he plan to use chemical weapons?


US State Dept wants to expel Libya from UN Human Rights Council

Really? Seriously, you people are wasting your time with saying stupid things like that?

LibyanAffairs ‎ Internet is coming back slowly in Tripoli, this is my first tweet since Feb20 #Feb17

At least one American citizen has been detained in the Libyan uprising. LLHR calls upon the Libyan government to immediately release all political prisoners currently in government custody.

Yeah, I bet Qadafi is gonna listen...

bencnn Storeowners in Benghazi refusing to take money from journalists. Just happy to have us here. #Libya

Chinese evacuees from Libya arrive in Greece

U.S. Fears Tripoli May Deploy Gas As Chaos Mounts

mercenaries are still entering homes outside Tripoli--answering land lines when they're inside!! #libya #feb17

‎ all army bases are armed and ready with aircrafts, tanks, artillerries and man power all heading to free tripoli soon

CNN: protesters have liberated Misrata, Libya's third largest city.

Ahmed Gaddafi Damm have resigned and sought political asylum in Egypt!/AJA

He's one of Qadafi cousins... big blow to the dictator.

Saudi Arabia says it will increase oil production to match that lost from Libya


#Libyan demonstrators are now in full control of vital oil terminals in the port cities of #RasLanuf and #MarsaElBrega. #Feb17

The #Tebou (or Toubou) people in southern #Libya are the tribe of Chad's president, and #Chad is supporting #Gaddafi. #Feb17 needs outreach

Al Jazeera: Major in Libyan air force tells Libyan pilots to land in Misurata airport following its capture by protesters


#Gaddafi has sent 1,000 loyalist soldiers into #Misurata to reclaim the city. Protesters are defiantly standing their ground. #Libya

StateDept‎ There are 285 people on the ferry awaiting departure from #Libya: 167 U.S. citizens and 118 international citizens

Liberated' from Gaddafi, Libyan city of Tobruk constructs committees for order

This is good, but this is not the majority of cities that are doing this. There is fighting between tribes in most cities. NATO expects it to get worse, even if Qadafi is gone.

France now calling for urgent security council meeting requesting "concrete measures" - AFP

France has more balls than America! That is crazy!

Al Jazeera receiving reports live ammunition being fired on protesters marching on #Gaddafi compound in Tripoli #Libya

Operation clean up Tripoli is well under way ahead of the foreign media entry #Libya #Feb17

State Dept upgrades urgency of warning to Americans in Libya: "depart immediately."

Gee after thousands get killed. State Dept, fail as always.

German president calls Gaddafi a "psychopath"


AJA Breaking: Gaddafi thugs trying to raid Qatar Embassy in Tripoli. Diplomats already left.

Not good.

Rumors that Senussi & his guards fled Sirte. Control of Sirte key. It stands in way of eastern rebels looking to reinforce Tripoli. #Libya

Alzawya is under attack right now eyewitness reports #libya #tripoli #feb17

#Libya: HIGH RISK OF HOSTAGE SITUATION for US CITIZENS remaining in TRIPOLI. Advice to "STAY PUT" NO GOOD. HIde with neighbors if possible

#Libya: Five flights have departed - or will imminently be departing - from #Tripoli today

"Maybe the troops from the east will come, maybe the ones from the west will prevail – we don't know. But tomorrow is our D Day.” #Tripoli


CNN: Reading that some ppl in #Libya feel tomorrow is Friday & will be a big day saying Ben Ali fell on a Friday, so did Mubarak #Tripoli #Feb17

The Libyan government has formally requested the return of two Mirage F1 fighter jets flown to Malta by defecting pilots on Monday.

Now that's funny!

Mercenaries gather in Tripoli for final battle - Independent

Hopefully they get wiped out.

Oil production in Libya is expected to shut down completely and could be lost for a prolonged period of time, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Thursday.

Bank of America... proping up their bets on oil.

Opposition member in #tripoli: we have 5 tanks on our side in the green square right now. We are here until #gadafi goes, that's a fact.


AliTweel Tripoli is deciding to go in a big march on Friday after the prayer (around 2:00pm).

Mr Shadi Sabri Al Friqya Airlines CEO has been arrested in Malta, Sabri responsible about bringing mercenaries 2 #libya

Graphic video of fighting in Zawya :

Tajoura shouting loud - Down Down with Gaddafi!


Libya: Col Gaddafi's son 'in hiding on Venezuelan island'

Turkey-bound ships evacuate 3,028 Turks from Libya unrest (DPA)

Al-Qaida calls upon Libyan Muslims to revolt, overthrow Gadhafi (Army Radio)

Please shut it Al-CIAda?

Russia evacuates hundreds from Libya (DPA)

African Union condemns violence in Libya, sends mission (DPA)

China says suffers 'large-scale' economic losses in Libya (Reuters)

And you still blocked the resolution against Libya at the UN...

Gaddafi offers condolences over deaths in Libya unrest (Reuters)

You're kidding right?

UN: 16,000 people flee Libya to Tunisia (DPA)

Gadhafi will take his own life rather than surrender or flee, says former Libyan minister (Reuters)

He already did when he started this whole thing.

Libya Foreign Ministry denies Gadhafi has assets in Switzerland (Reuters)

Egypt :

Egypt confirms Suleiman survived assassination attempt after appointed VP (Haaretz)

Former Egypt information minister and state TV boss arrested on corruption allegations (AP)

Bahrain :

1000 protesters sleep overnight in central square protest site of Bahraini capital (Israel Radio)

Protesting Egyptian style! Nice.

Lebanon blocks Bahraini activist from flying home (Reuters)

Yemen :

Bomb kills 1, wounds 2 at protest march in Yemen (Reuters)

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh orders protection for protesters (Reuters)

Syria :

Former Syria deputy to Assad: Advance political reforms or face risk to military rule (Israel Radio)


The world stands ready to help, but self determination must be Libya's fundamental right and initiation.

This is what they are doing right now.


posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 10:57 PM
The great global intifada continues unabated and it's has inspired the people of Wisconsin to stand up to the governor as well.Friday will be historic the end of Moammar's run as "King of Kings." I agree with an earlier post where a member of the African Union called him The Monkey of Monkeys."

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 05:07 AM
Iraq :

Five protesters have been killed and 10 others wounded when security forces fired warning shots to disperse a demonstration in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police say.

What kind of ``warning shot`` is that?
Syria :
Top US lawmaker sounds alarm over Syria nukes

A top US lawmaker pressed President Barack Obama on Thursday to impose new sanctions on Syria after photographs emerged suggesting its secret nuclear program was broader than previously revealed.

Libya :

Sky sources: UK Government paid Libyan officials to allow Britons to be evacuated from country


#AlJazeera Arabic: discussions underway b/w defected Libyan leaders to form a body to lead the country in the transitional period

Two pages on the social networking website Facebook called for mass demonstrations in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, after Friday prayers.

Each family will receive 500 Libyan dinars ($400) to help cover increased food costs, and wages for some categories of public sector workers will increase by 150 percent, the television station said.

Bribery uh?

heavy fighting on the western outskirts of Tripoli

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights now reporting the death of "many thousands" in Libya and calls for vigorous and urgent response by the international community - BBC

Tanks moving to Tripoli

Anti-Gaddafi revolutionaries take over the Libyan Embassy in Paris.


Saeed Awad Rashwan, CEO National Commercial Bank of #Libya joins the Feb 17th youth revolutionaries.

BBCWorld Italy preparing a 'military operation' to rescue Italians stranded in southeast #Libya where supplies running out

David Cameron holding emergency session of COBRA and National Security Council - meeting with military officials

Reports: Gaddafi is hiding in underground bunker on outskirts of Tripoli #news #libya #gaddafi

Who's the dirty rat now?

Protests planned in Venezuela today!

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 03:41 AM
Egypt :
Thugs still are in the police...
An Egyptian police officer had an argument with a driver, the policemen simply shot the driver dead in Cairo at noon... Basically assassinating a citizen in broad daylight like that...

Egyptians pack Tahrir Square for protest and celebration (Reuters)

Egypt military uses force on protesters demanding Mubarak-appointed cabinet be purged (Reuters)

Libya :

Venezuela: U.S. fomenting violence in Libya to justify an invasion to seize its oil reserves (AP)

Just... no.

China evacuates 12,000 from Libya, sends frigate to help (Reuters)

Former Libya minister: Gadhafi may use biological, chemical weapons as last resort (DPA)

UN Security Council to consider action against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi (AP)

ABC Obtains Text of Draft UN Sanctions on Libya Which Targets Gadhafi's Inner Circle

Report: Two people killed, several wounded in Tripoli protests (Reuters)

Germany calls on the EU and UN to implement sanctions against Libya (AP)

Libya orders massive cash handouts amid popular revolt (Reuters)

Libya protest leader: We will retain oil deals that are legal and beneficial (Reuters)

Libyan army and police in city of Adjabiya join anti-Gadhafi protesters (Reuters)

Report: Gadhafi's son vows his family will live and die in Libya (AP)

Report: Libyan ambassador in France resigns (Reuters)

U.S. considers closing embassy in Tripoli (Reuters)

UAE, Turkey plan humanitarian aid for Libya (Reuters)

Gadhafi addresses Libyan people, urges supporters to protect country's oil interests (Reuters)

They are protecting them alright... from YOU.

EU members have agreed on Libya sanctions, formal decision to be taken next week (DPA)

Next week? You're kidding right?

Libyan mission to the UN in Geneva resigns (DPA)

Libyan UN envoy says expects oil exports to stop (Reuters)

Way to make money on oil stocks...

U.S. suspends embassy operations in Libya, will temporarily withdraw embassy employees (Haaretz)

U.S. says all options on table for Libya response (Reuters)

Ban Ki-moon tells UN council it's time for action on Libya (Reuters)

Just now?

UN draft says Libya may have committed 'crimes against humanity' (Reuters)

MAY HAVE? You're kidding right?

Gadhafi's son says he hopes for peaceful settlement 'by tomorrow' (Reuters)

In another statement, Hitler, from the grave, said he hopes for a peaceful settlement with the jews.

Ferry with Americans aboard finally reaches Malta, after 3-day delay leaving Libya (AP)

Pro-regime militiamen open fire on protesters in Libya capital (AP)

Obama imposes sanctions on Libya government for violent repression of a popular uprising (Reuters)

Jewish organization slams Libya's Latin American allies for failing to condemn Gadhafi violence (AP)


U.S. freezes assets of Libyan government, Gadhafi and four of his children (AP)

Took a while.

UN agrees to meet Saturday on Libya sanctions (AP)

Please pass the sanctions Saturday!
Iraq :

Thousands of anti-gov't demonstrators descend on Baghdad's Liberation Square (AP)

Thousands rally in Iraq 'Day of Rage' in which 5 killed and 75 injured (Reuters)

Iraq's largest oil refinery shut by bombing (Reuters)

Hopefully this is not the start of a new trend.
Pakistan :

4 killed as gunmen attack a NATO oil tanker convoy in north-west Pakistan (DPA)

Jordan :

Thousands of Jordanians demonstrate in Amman calling for political reforms (DPA)

Iran :

Report: Iran is taking advantage Libyan turmoil to sell more crude oil (Reuters)

And? Who wouldn't?

IAEA: New information shows possible military aspects to Iran's nuclear program (Reuters)

I've read a bunch of article on this, and no proof is given or even quoted. They just say that Iran continues to enrich uranium and plan to open another enrichment plant by summer. And they don't talk to the IAEA...

And they say that uranium could be used for military purposes and civilian purposes... and they just say that western intelligence sources SUSPECT that Iran is developing nukes... with no proof of anything. They don't even make stuff up. They just ``hint`` that Iran MAY be developing nukes.

IAEA: Iran plans to start operating second uranium enrichment plant by summer (DPA)

Report: Iran encountering problems in Bushehr nuclear site (Haaretz)

The virus hit harder than expected...

Iran rejects nuclear watchdog's charges on developing nuke (DPA)

Well they don't have any proof either.
Yemen :

Tens of thousands hold rival rallies in Yemen (Reuters)

One killed in anti government protests in Yemen (Reuters)

Turkey :

Sarkozy tells Turkey he opposes EU accession (Reuters)

This won't help relations at all. Stupid Sarkozy. We need Turkey to stay with ``us``...
Saudi Arabia :

A group linked to al-Qaida calls on Saudis to oust Saudi Arabia's royal family (Reuters)

The propaganda begins early...the ``protesters are al-Qaida`` phase is already on....
Bahrain :

Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters march in Bahrain (DPA)

Al Jazeera reports Bahrain king sacks three ministers (Reuters)

Not enough.
Syria :

IAEA sees possible step forward as Syria approves access to Homs acid purification plant (Reuters)

And I'll at least mention the freedom fighters in Mauritania...

Dozens stage anti-government protest in Mauritania (DPA)

And Uganda :

Ugandan president dismisses opposition call for mass protests (DPA)

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 05:49 AM
Libya :

Gaddafi has ordered all the mosques to be surrounded by armed guards to prevent the mass protests

1000s die in Libya, reports of poison gas
But the report is likely bunk.

HMS York is now being sent to Libya

The Imam during the friday prayers on state tv said to disobey the ruler is like disobeying people started shouting and screaming him down and the camera changed the view

People aren't buying the BS anymore.

There has been a remarkable lack of looting and chaos in free zones in #libya pple say they have a new sense of civic pride #feb17

Qaradawi gives very emotional speech asks for the killing of Gaddafi and he will take responsibility #Libya #Feb17 #Gaddaficrimes

Qaradawi is a television preacher best known in the Muslim world for his encyclopedic knowledge of Islamic law.

A resident of the increasingly violent Libyan capital of Tripoli told CBS Radio News Thursday that armed supporters of Muammar Qaddafi, the country’s longtime leader, have stormed into hospitals to shoot wounded demonstrators and take dead bodies to an unknown location.

That’s not the only action being taken to cover up what is happening in the capital, Adel said. Armed pro-government supporters Thursday were forcing people to help clean up parts of downtown Tripoli and paint buildings.

“There are some streets where he’s using the people in the houses; if they don’t go out, he will shoot them with gunpoint to do that,” Adel said.

Amid Exodus From Libya, Europe Braces for Refugees

Image of Underground Prison in Benghazi

bbcworld: Colonel #Gaddafi's son, Saif, says family will 'live and die' in #Libya and won't allow 'bunch of terrorists' to win, from AP

A bunch of terrorists uh? Terrorists are those who force people at gunpoint to paint streets to cover war crimes. The terrorists are those who enter hospitals and kill injured people.

Reinforcements from Misurata Zawya Zintan Benghazi have arrived at the outskirts of #Tripoli to support demonstrators

State tv now showing a pro ghaddafi demo... about 50 to 100 protesters

large contingent of pro-Gadaffi are now shooting indscriminately in Tripoli at anything that moves

Gadaffi now mounting a major offensive, Heavy firing ringing the entire city now and moving towards the centre of Tripoli from many directions

Mutiqa airbase in #Libya announces that it has joined the revolutionaries

Army still loyal to Gadaffi have sent "multiple batallions" to Tripoli

a thousand protestors along with the army are coming from #tajoura to #tripoli

"We do not wish any international intervention to take place. We don't want to turn into Iraq."

Gaddafi men emptying the Central Bank in #Tripoli

Tajoora Barracks now behind the protesters BREAKING #Libya #Feb17 (district of Tripoli)

So now army from INSIDE Tripoli is with the protesters!

bbcbreaking: Eyewitness tells BBC that troops loyal to #Gaddafi opened fire on worshippers during Friday prayers in #Tripoli

Numbers of wounded and dead in #Tripoli escalating #libya #feb17

Protesters joining ranks and heading to Martyrs Square (ex-Green Square)! People of Tripoli rising! #tripoli #libya #feb17

Deathtoll is believe to have reached 7000

That is quite crazy and sad...

A man who left from the airport last night told CNN that it is complete chaos with the security hitting people with batons and firing live ammo into the air.

NickKristof#Libya: security forces apparently entered Suq Juma in Tripoli in unmarked car, started shooting protesters. Poss 5 dead

Eye witness reports number heading to green square in Tripoli is reaching 20,000 to 30,000

Libyan State TV asking Libyans to kill any Egyptians they see in the country on behalf of Gadaffi - saying Egyptians are working with the enemy

Youth In benghazi getting ready to head for Tripoli the Capitol of Libya

a lot of army generals have turned against #gadaffi and marching towards martyrs square

Tajoura protests reached arada area now & any house they pass by all men inside join them marching together2the green square!

Reports from eye witness number now 60,000 and army generals with protesters heading to Martyrs

reports of merca backing down in many areas of #tripoli

Dr. Ahmed Mohm on AJA: I just witnessed them shoot a boy dead who was not older than 18 to 19 years of age #Tripoli #Libya

Gaddafi loyalists attacking as-Zawiya (45 km west of Tripoli) - reportedly fought back - battle not yet over #Libya #feb17

using machine gun in Alhani area to prevent protestors coming from Souq Eljouma arrive there. #Libya #Tripoli

Biggest fear is if he flees to Chad and wages a mercenary war from there, across the border. #Feb17 #Libya

Reports of a split between members of the Khamis brigade, when confirmed this should signal the end of the tyrant #Libya #Feb17

The Khami brigade is the best trained troops of the Lybian army... like the presidential guard or something.

Labour leader Ed Miliband says there is a 'worrying whiff of incompetence' in government's handling of situation in #Libya

#Tripoli: Protesters went out peacefully, caught off guard by live ammo & tear gas. #Libya #feb17

‎ People carrying the injured towards ambulances, ambulance doors open & men inside open fire on them. This ends tonight.#GadaffiCrimes #Feb17

#Gaddafi the psychotic self declared King of Kings of Africa now only in control of Bab Alazizya (his military compound home). #Libya

Democracy now says that some of the banks in the east are open and being guarded by the protesters to keep them safe.

Snipers on rooftops in Souq al-Hayes in Nouflieen suburb in east Tripoli #tripoli #libya #feb17

Paris: police forces cordon the Libyan embassy after protesters broke into it #alarabiya #Gaddafi #Tripoli #Benghazi #Feb17

Eye wittness: 3000 Mercaneries are runing away from protestors

Protesters take control of eastern Libyan city of Brega and its oil terminal, port official tells CNN

Gaddafi: the people that does not love me does not deserve life!

Gaddafi: I will open the barracks and arm the citizen against the trouble makers

Inciting civil war uh? You stinking piece of trash. Hopefully he's not mad enough to give chemical weapons to people.

Gaddafi : US-Zionist plan to overthrow me

Changed your story again?

demonstrators left tajura area and marched towards soog eljum3a area - mowed down by bullets near elhaany bridge #libya #tripoli #feb17

#Libya #speech Signs indicate #Gaddafi has brought in Tuareg people from south+people from his home town of Sirte, but many from #Tripoli

@AJELive @AC360 Protestors coming from #Tajura were shot @ with anti aircraft 100s killed corpses laying on the streets #Libia #Libya #Feb17

That is SICK.

This is what #Libya's people are: Caught a mercenary, instead of tearing him to shreds they protect him

+1 Just like in Egypt.

#Ghiryaan in #Misrata being hit randomly with different missiles at 2km range. Death toll expected to be very high.

What the hell! Short range rockets and artillery so far... it's explosives for now... could be biological/chemical in the future... very very very very sick.

Source from inside pro-#Gaddafi military says they are drugging kidnapped protesters, perhaps to use for #Gaddafi's theories.

Gadaffi - I will burn Libya to the ground if the people are not with me


Gadaffi supporters trying to retake Misrata airbase

heavy sniper fire in Martyr square

Also reported that some Arab nationals, esp. Egyptians & Tunisians, are being rounded up and taken in buses to unknown locations.

Probably connected :

Tunisian flees #Libya, says "numerous" bodies line road out: "They had their hands tied behind their backs"

Libya The last British flight will be leaving Tripoli tomorrow (Sat 26). It is important UK nationals go to the airport at first light.

The UAE will send 2 plane loads of humanitarian aid 2 Libya, where protesters are battling the regime

They seem to be rounding up people according to their accent. That can distinguish a Libyan from a non-Libyan Arab.

They are good.

Some friends reporting very loud explosions in #Tripoli NOW

US committed to utilizing the full extent of it's capabilities--WH

Military intervention... no invasion please, just bomb the hell out of Qadafi conpound.

African migrants cannot arrange evacuation, and are being targeted on suspicions of being mercs.

Libyan Embassy in #WashingtonDC has changed the Flag!!!! #VIVALIBYA #Feb17 #Libya!!


10s of martyrs today in #Misrata due to rockets and missiles fired by nearby brigade, number will be confirmed soon. #Libya #Feb17

Treasury Dept telling banks all across the country to search for any accounts connected to Libya and Gaddafi. CNN

Benghazi vows to march towards Gaddafi's palace in Tripoli #Libya #Feb17

International pressure should be put on #Chad to withdraw their forces from #Libya immediately


Libyan State TV: Foreign Ministry: All the world countries have called & told Libya that the Islamic militants are causing trouble in #Libya

Libyan State TV: Foreign Ministry: All the world countries have verified that there was no aircraft shelling in any of the Libya towns.

Libyan State TV: Foreign Ministry: All the world countries have verified the numbers of deaths mentioned by media channels are exaggerated.

Libyan State TV: Economic news: Life has gone back to normal in all Libyan towns, stores have re-opened. #Libya

Libyan State TV interviewing citizens who are condemning those "misguided people on hallucinogens", "Everything is fine" #Libya #1984

Now that's funny.

BBC News - Tripoli resident: 'The sky is raining with bullets'‎

Lots of SAS + chinook helicopters + hercules planes + paratroopers in Malta being readied for operation in Libya

Libya: UK officials tell Gaddafi loyalists to defect or face war

The UN's World Food Programme warned on Friday that Libya's food supply chain was "at risk of collapsing", as aid agencies raised fears that many people were trapped inside the country.

many people in the UN meeting crying and all hugging the Libyan ambassador who is in tears

Gee... actual HUMANS at the UN? This is new.

#Libya News Flash Qaddafi submarine waiting in Tripoli

What I heard from activists today is that they're just waiting for a no-fly zone, then they can march on Tripoli.

Just got a phone appeal: #Libya navy ships sent to bombard Benghazi. They fear attack from air force if they run for Malta.

So they asked if they can get some kind of NATO protection for trip to Malta if they announce they are fleeing #Qaddafi.

Gadaffi family plan to start negotiations with rebels tomorrow in the hope of a new constitution

Yeah too late you bastards. Time to hang high, all of you.

Human Resource informed that there are bank robberies in Tripoli tonight made by distinct members in revolutionary committees and relatives of Gaddafi, primarily AlOmma bank as it was stolen all of the money contained in it's safe and even gold in an indication that these members are going to escape Libya tonight.

‎ Libyan Naval Forces announced a statement saying that they have joined the revolution. #Libya #Gaddafi #TRIPOLI #Jan25

Mercenaries and forces loyal to #Gaddafi have launched an assault against demonstrators in the southwestern city of #Sabha. #Libya #Feb17

Al Hurra: The Announcement of a temporary 14 member local governing council for the city of Benghazi. #Libya

UN representative of Libya – “Gaddafi says ‘I will rule you, or I will kill you.’” #Libya #Tripoli

Clearly freaking insane.

Complete chaos in #Tripoli #Airport, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have camped at the airport. #Libya

More than 200 Arab groups from 18 countries call for Libya no-fly zone to protect civilians

Just put a few F-16s in the air, and it's done.

The street where Gaddafi's son and his right hand man live in #Tripoli has over 200 machine gun armed forces. #Libya

Multiple reports confirm that military airplanes are bombing protesters in Tripoli. #Libya

"Defecting generals from Gaddafi's eastern army units said Friday that they'd moved 1000 troops toward Tripoli" #Libya

Army outside Tripoli is unwilling to move on the capital unless they are sure Gaddafi can't use his air force to wipe them out. #Libya

Brigadier Abdul Salam Mahmoud Al Hasi, #Libya's Private Forces Operations Chief joins the revolutionaries.

Germany is pushing for a boycott of Libyan owned filling stations. There are over 400 in Germany and many others across Europe

COLONEL Gaddafi secretly deposited 3 billion pounds ($4.8bn) with one of London's Mayfair private wealth managers last week as he sought to protect his family's fortunes.... However, when that stockbroker discovered the ultimate identity of the source of the funds, it advised the intermediary to take his business elsewhere.

AK-47's are being distributed to Gaddafi supporters with directions to shoot unarmed civilians if they protest.

Confirmed that in #Tripoli's outer suburbs, people are armed but not by the army; they took weapons from camps they overran.

AP reported #Gaddafi troops retook part of the #Misrata Air Base with a force of tanks The city remains in opposition control. #Libya

Confirmed that many people in #Tripoli are still able to get satellite TV and even Aljazeera sometimes, they keep finding ways

They also told me he is paying anyone who can be bought to support him, and yet he's losing supporters by the minute in #Tripoli.


They said that Tripoli is in fact not completely locked down, although there are some road blocks manned by mercenaries.

I spoke with family in Benghazi, which is proof no foreign intervention needed, they formed a gov, no looting everybody at peace

In the East of Libya, shops open Banks open food available. Everything shuts at night but open during the day

Benghazi: 50.000 refugies, 1200 wounded. No official death count yet.

Al Arabiya: Airplane carrying ten tons of medical aid to #Libya takes off from Kuwait

gadaffi is now handing out heavy weapons and small arms to his supporters. He is clearing his arsenals and delivering by truckload

It's gonna be bad.

For the no-fly zone, they plan to wait for the evacuations to be over before imposing it... costing many lives... but eh, governments think THEIR citizens are worth more than the citizens of Libya... doesn't matter that we are all humans uh?

The no-fly zone could be in effect as soon as today.

And just a word about Iraq... people are protesting because the situation is still as bad as it was 2 years ago. The western medias say there's change, but there's really not. In one article I've read
Demonstrations Turn Violent in Iraq

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s “day of rage” on Friday ended with nearly 20 protesters killed in clashes with security forces. Dozens more were wounded, and several local government offices lay smoldering and ransacked.

“We want a change,” said Ali Ahmed, a demonstrator in Baghdad. “The ballot box has failed, and we are the ones who are losing. But we will change that.”

The anger at Iraq’s political class has festered in the months since Mr. Maliki assembled a coalition government that tied together Iraq’s main ethnic and religious groups. On Friday, protesters called for the resignations of local officials and demanded that Iraq’s leaders provide better jobs, regular electricity and a more transparent judicial system.

The protests began with tumultuous calls for government reform, as about 1,000 people shouted, waved flags and called out, “No, no to terrorists; no, no to Baathists; no, no to Maliki!”

Yemen :
There's more live firing into crowds... getting worse by the day.

Syria :
Russia Vows to Sell Missiles to Syria

Russia announced Saturday that it intended to fulfill its contract to supply Syria with supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles despite furious condemnation of the deal by Israel.
"The contract is in the implementation stage," news agencies quoted Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov as saying.

The sale is believed to be worth at least 300 million dollars and is meant to see Syria receive around 72 cruise missiles in all.

The missile is quite good... it would be able to hit Israeli boats...and sink them. Israel will be pissed for sure... the US too. Syria could send a few of those to Iran, so Iran could copy them... and use them against ships in the persian gulf...
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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:38 AM
The time for talk had long been over for Gaddafi and his countrymen. For opened arms by his countrymen, they were met with bullets from the Beast. It continued, unabetted, and even murdering his own countrymen while they were at prayers, a sanctuary respected by every religion on Earth, more so their own gov. But it was not to be. Blood flowed upon the polished tiles of the Mosque, dishonouring the communtiy hall where the faithful are gathered to worship our Creator.

It can only be the work of beasts. The time to talk or protest is over. The beast and his minions must be taken down before more lives are sacrificed.

When the minions and their aircraft can only work in the day, the Libyan men own the nights. Blindfolded, they will know every nook and cranny of the backlanes and streets. The leaders of the minion troops are to be be targeted, for the libyan army are robotic and act only with commands. With the commander put out, the minions will voice a thousand directions and conflicting orders and prey for singling out one by one.

There can be no turning back. Despite the tribal differences, the beasts made no differences and mow down all. It's time to work togethers, each with a sector within cities to work on and destroy the beasts.

The situation is precarious now. To falter would mean even more will die, if not absolute genocide on hand and Libya replaced by africans loyal to their new master. Let it not be said that Libyan men lack courage, for courage is in all men. It springs naturally in defence of one's loved ones and future generations.

Let the weak, the infirmed, the aged, women and children flee to safer lands, but the men of Libya must stand, or there will be no Libya for Libyans anymore, a People with a culture and history that dates back even before the Romans entered the world's stage.

There can be no turning back now or seek for mililtary intervention by other nations. It must come and will come from Libyans, or suffer the fate of the Burmese and North Korean slaves today.

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:55 AM
We'll soon need west on fire if the petrol prices continue to rise.... so i guess all our oil loving gov officials are wanting to sort this out, therea only so much you can take advantage of a situation.

freedom is addictive once you've tasted it, you want more and will do anything for it. Come get some, Its not over not by a long shot...

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Thanks again for the Updates.

The Anger in my Gut is growing bigger and bigger every Day due to the BS the UN is doing. They talk every Day about implementing Stuff that won´t do #. I doubt the Gaddafi´s will care about some stupid Sanctions or a No-Fly Zone.

But a Military Intervention from the West isn´t a good Idea either (at least not from the US for obivious Reasons) But might be unavoidable due to the Bio-/Chemical Weapons Gaddafi has. I just hope he doesn´t have any Nuclear Weapons...but you never know with this Animal.

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Vitchilo, thanks for all the news and updates, I think these events in the middle east is what my intuition has been screaming at me about all week. I have been getting a weird feeling as of late, and I think it has to do with the events down in the Middle east. I am not saying I am a weirdo or anything but I am not getting good feelings about what is going on down there, and what it can lead to. Just in the short term gas prices on the rise do not make things feel so good around my neighborhood.
I will continue to hope and err pray, for everything to work itself out for the better in the coming months and years with the unrest in the middle east. Again thanks Vitchilo, your reporting of news around the internet on current events is a good contribution to ats.
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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 08:23 PM
Syria :
Russia vows to sell missiles to Syria

Russia has not officially confirmed making any Yakhont deliveries to date.

But Interfax cited one unnamed military source as saying that Russia had already sent Syria two Bastion coastal defence systems that can include up to 36 Yakhont missiles each.

"The question of these missiles' deliver to Syria really has triggered a negative reaction in Israel," Dorit Golender told the Interfax news agency.

"And this is understandable since Hezbollah has repeatedly used weapons that they received either from Lebanon or Syria."

A source in the Russian arms exports industry said this week that the fall of the region's regimes may see the country lose about $10 billion dollars in contracts.

So... since Russia will be losing money due to those revolutions... will they be more willing to sell weapons to Iran and Syria?

Not to mention... if Syria has already received those anti-ships missiles... is the Iranian supply ship there to get a few for retro-engineering and production? We shall see in the next few months if Iran rolls out a new anti-ship missile.

Libya :
Italian report details arms sales to Libya

Italy has sold Libya explosives, gun targeting equipment and other military hardware worth tens of millions of euros (dollars) in the past two years, the Corriere della Sera daily reported Saturday.

Missile systems maker Mbda Italia signed a deal worth 2.5 million euros in May 2009 to supply Libya with "material for bombs, torpedoes, rockets and missiles," the interior ministry report was quoted as saying.

Helicopter maker AgustaWestland signed two contracts with Libya in October 2010 worth 70 million euros. Also last year, Selex Sistemi Integrati signed a 13-million-euro deal to provide Libya with gun targeting equipment.

Commentary: Manic depressive megalomaniac

The Libyan dictator staged his Sept. 1, 1969, coup with exquisite timing. The CIA station chief was taking his time sampling the Michelin Guide's three-star restaurants as he drove through France to Marseilles. The British MI6 chief was on home leave in the United Kingdom. And King Idris was on his yacht in the eastern Mediterranean, soon to land in Turkey for medical treatment.

For this journalist who interviewed Gadhafi six times over the past four decades, the Libyan absolute dictator is a megalomaniac manic depressive. In his first year in power, he endeared himself to most Libyans by showing up at the back door of a hospital disguised in rags as a poor, stooped old woman. He explained in a high-pitched voice that he needed help as he thought he was dying. He was told to come back in the morning and the door was slammed in his face.

Next day, Gadhafi closed the hospital and sent the staff to look for work elsewhere.

His popularity soared.

Then, with a mix of lavishly funded propaganda, subversion, assassination and terrorism plots, he went on to interfere in the internal affairs of no less than 40 countries over his four decades in power.

Very interesting article on how crazy Qadafi is and how he took power...

Libya's U.S. ambassador: I support caretaker gov't led by former justice minister (Reuters)

White House: Obama says Gadhafi needs to leave now (Reuters)

Al Arabiya: Gadhafi's son says Libya people have no future if no agreement is reached (Reuters)

UN council envoys clash on referring Libya to International Criminal Court (Reuters)

Former Libyan justice minister announces new interim gov't based in Benghazi (Reuters)

Former justice minister says new Libya will not take revenge on Gadhafi's tribe (Reuters)

Report: Employees at Libya's Arabian Gulf Oil Co join anti-government protests (Reuters)

Turkey's PM speaks out against Libya sanctions (AP)

Kuwait :
Kuwait marks liberation with massive parade

The Gulf state of Kuwait Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of its liberation from Iraqi occupation with a massive international military parade as 17 world leaders watched.

Opposition political groups seized the occasion to press for wider political reform in this state, which was the first to embrace parliamentary democracy in the Arab states in the Gulf 49 years ago.

The newly-formed liberal Kuwait Progressive Group called in a statement Saturday for a change of government and appointing a new prime minister as a first step toward reforms.

The group also called for the closure of US military bases established after the liberation of the country, saying their presence is no longer justified since the toppling of Saddam's regime.

Palestine :
Israeli jets hit militant camps in Gaza

Israeli warplanes bombed militant training camps in the Gaza Strip for a second time on Saturday, wounding four people including a toddler, Palestinian officials and medics said.

The jets hit two training camps of the Ezzedine al-Qassem Brigades, the armed wing of Gaza's ruling Hamas movement, in the southern city of Rafah, Hamas security officials said.

A family of four, including an 18-month-old girl, were lightly wounded, after their vehicle was hit by shrapnel as they were driving by one of the targets, Adham Abu Selmiya, a spokesman for the Hamas-run rescue services, told AFP.

A third air strike hit an Islamic Jihad facility west of Khan Yunis, witnesses said.

In response to mortar attacks and recent rocket attacks.
Iraq :
Iraqi journalists allege torture during demos

Four Iraqi journalists detained by security forces during protests in Baghdad said Saturday they would sue Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after alleging they were physically tortured while being held.

The group said they were arrested without a warrant after the conclusion of the protests while eating together at a restaurant, and condemned what they said was the targeting of free expression in Iraq during the demonstrations on Friday.

"Freedom of opinion is going through its worst days in Iraq," they said in a statement read at a news conference in Baghdad.

"The targeting of freedom of opinion and journalists represents a major strike against a pillar of democracy in Iraq."

Not a big surprise.

Top cleric calls for progress after Iraq demos

Iraq's top cleric called on politicians to slash their benefits and improve public services on Saturday, a day after thousands of protesters took to the streets in a nationwide "Day of Rage".

A human rights group, meanwhile, said investigations had to be opened into the deaths of demonstrators who rallied against high levels of corruption and unemployment as well as poor public services.

In Baghdad, traffic was once again allowed to pass through the capital's Tahrir Square where 5,000 demonstrators had gathered, the biggest of at least 17 separate protests across Iraq.

While the majority of protests were mostly peaceful, clashes with police left 15 demonstrators dead and more than 130 injured, according to an AFP tally based on official sources. Four government buildings were set ablaze and one provincial governor resigned.

Egypt :

Egyptian army apologizes for dispersing protesters in Tahrir Square overnight (Israel Radio)

Egypt committee proposes reducing president's term to 4 years, 2 terms maximum (Reuters)

United Arab Emirates :
Despite turmoil, Mideast arms sales boom

Despite unprecedented political upheaval across the Middle East and North Africa, the United Arab Emirates has announced defense contracts worth $3.8 billion at the close of the region's biggest arms exhibition.

There was little indication that the unrest that has driven the president of Egypt and Tunis from office, after 32 years and 23 years respectively, and threatens to topple the entire regime of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has stifled the arms business in the region.


Battlehawks Confront Iran

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is converting 23 of its 40 UH-60 Black Hawk transports into AH-60 Battlehawk gunships. This will cost about $12 million per helicopter (including training, parts and support.)

Bahrain :
Bahrain to go on nationwide strike if government refuses to resign

Protestors in Bahrain will stage more protests and a nationwide strike if the government refuses to resign on Thursday, an opposition activist told RIA Novosti.

"We have set Thursday as deadline for the government to resign. And if it fails to resign on that day, we would expand the protest. If they ignore the call of the people, we will have to take further actions, including a nationwide strike to begin next week," the source said.

HELL YEAH! The US must be scared as they might lose their 5th fleet. Since that was said Thursday and the government HAS NOT resigned... this week, we shall see the start of a nationwide strike...which is what brought down Mubarak.

Bahrain Shi'ite opposition leader to fly home to join protest movement (Reuters)

Iran :

Iranian opposition plans new protest demonstrations next week (DPA)

Report: Iran, Syria navies to cooperate on military training (Reuters)

Diplomats: Iran may have to exchange entire nuclear plant core (DPA)

Iran confirms it was removing fuel from nuclear reactor at Bushehr (Reuters)

Yemen :

Five more die after protests in Yemen city of Aden (Reuters)

Leading Yemeni tribal figure resigns from ruling party, says Saleh must go (Reuters)

Tunisia :

3 killed, 12 injured in renewed Tunisia clashes (DPA)

Soldiers confront Tunis youths said ot be Ben Ali loyalists (Reuters)

Traffic banned on main Tunis avenue amid violence (AP)

Oman :

Oman reshuffles cabinet a week after protest (Reuters)

Oman protesters block traffic at shopping mall in new protest (Reuters)

Algeria :

First Algeria protests since lifting of emergency law (DPA)

And at least a mention of the freedom fighters in Vietnam :

And Ireland :
Ireland's new government on a collision course with EU

Exit polls and early tallies from Ireland's general election heralded political annihilation for Fianna Fail (FF), the party which has ruled Ireland for more than 60 years of the Irish Republic's eight decades of independence.

The unprecedented and historic defeat, Fianna Fail's worst result in 85 years, makes the Irish government the first eurozone administration to be punished by voters in the aftermath of the EU's debt crisis. Voter turn-out was exceptionally high at more than 70 per cent, indicating public anger at the government and the EU.

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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 04:06 AM
Palestine :
Protest to start on March 15, but not just in Gaza and the West bank, but in Palestinian refugees camps in Jordan and Lebanon... so this could be quite a show.
Libya :

Al Hurra: Military planes fly over Zawiya, citizens try to use anti-aircraft weapons they obtained to block attacks. #Libya

More than 300 British soldiers in #Libya to prepare 2 avacuationareas #Saif #Gaddafi calls it invasion.It' only 2 save foreigners #HispArab

BBC Arabic estimates that Gaddafi has 8,000 armed security men (controlled by his sons) after 5,000 deffected to the revolutionaries. #Libya

Al Hurra: Eyewitnesses: Gaddafi regime deploying tanks in Tripoli to deter protesters & is trying to regain town of Zawiya. #Libya

#Khamees Militia airdropping troops on Refinery of #Albrega and oil dispensing facility @Ras Lanuf

The 32nd Brigade led by #Gaddafi son Khamees totalling 10,000 men They are better equipped & more loyal than the rest of the military #Libia

Al Arabiya: Reports of Gaddafi's wife & daughter had departed #Libya to Vienna with his private pilot

Qadafi to the arab league : Shakespeare was an arab, America was founded by the arabs, when the Emir Ka settled there, the name came from there

You're smoking good stuff dude.

Al Jazeera: Eyewitness in Tripoli: vehicles labelled "Revolutionary Guards" are shooting at citizens.

Al Jazeera: Libyan Ambassador in South Africa condemns the violence & says the embassy represents the people only

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev condemned on Friday the use of force against civilians in Libya and warned that Libyan authorities would face prosecution under international law if they did not stop the violence.

british oil workers heading to the coast in armed convoys.

SAS have started the evacuations it seems.

Qadafi : DemoCracy means ruler of the chair. Cracy in arabic : chair/throne.. so democracy means ``Ruler of the throne``

That's nice twisted logic right there.

security situation at Tripoli Airport deteriorating rapidly - British Foreign Office

UK Foreign Office - 600 Brits so far evacuated

#Algeria's corrupt regime deny reports of responsibility of one plane's landing in# Tripoli #Libya full with hire killers to support#Gaddafi

Erdogan : Turkey will vote against sanctions at the UN

He says the sanctions will target the Libyan people and not the Qaddafi family only... I don't know if this is true, I have not read the sanctions bill. Remember the sanctions against Iraq back in the 90s... it was to stop Saddam to build WMDs... but it also sanctionned medical equipment who in the end, killed over 500 000 people, mostly kids and women.

Soon you will discover that what you have heard about Libya is only a joke. A big joke," Gaddafi's son stated during a press conference at the Rixos al Nasr hotel in Tripoli, "here we laugh about the news speaking of hundreds or thousands of victims, bombings in Tripoli, Bengasi, Zawiya or any other place, and of mercenaries." .

Deny is a powerful thing.

Reuters : #Gaddafi's security forces have abandoned parts of Tripoli, where protesters now openly defy the regime #Feb17 #Libya

Mercenaries run away from protesters in Benghazi

Misurata actually said they will arrest any envoy from #Gaddafi who would dare talk about negotiations.


Maltese Government urged all the Maltese nationals in Tripoli to catch one of the two catamarans tonight

The "voluptuous" Ukrainian nurse US diplomats believe accompanies Libyan ruler Moamer Kadhafi is about to return home to Kiev, her daughter said in an interview published Saturday.

Many flights rerouted away from South of Malta area

Well well well... the no-fly zone about to take effect?

CTV: Canada suspends diplomatic presence in #Libya

As for the vehicles that mercenaries/Khamis brigade had...
Tanks, pick-up trucks, land rovers, jeeps, all fitted with anti-aircraft guns. Troops themselves had AK-47s.
Reported deep divisions and internal fighting among #Gaddafi's sons.

Helicopter into #Misrata brought armed mercenaries into radio station to destroy antenna.

Mercenaries which attacked #Misrata radio station were chased away, none caught. #Misrata radio operating again.

battalion of Gadaffi troops opening fire now on protesters in Sabratha - severe number of casualties

SkyNews : Tony Blair called Qaddafi yesterday telling him to surrender peacefully or Libya would face a NATO invasion force

Seems he didn't listen.

fights breaking out on Tunisia-Libya border - Tim Marshall

UK Ministry of Defence : military assets are now in place for "whatever mission may or may not be required of them"

mercenaries firing from helicopters in the air into crowds in Misrata

Ègypt provided the largest humanitarian aid so far

Which is awesome since they already have big problems..

US pushing for chapter 7 resolution at the UN security council

Which is the use of force. And they want it passed tonight.

Fresh demonstrations have broken out in Tripoli, just now

British embassy now evacuating staff

boarder town Wazin has joined the revolution (libya/tunisia)

Interesting things happening in Kufra (Jawf). #Gaddafi plane landed with money & guns. #Libya

planes landed with 18Mil LYD & 3000 AK47

African fighters vow to support Gadhafi to the end, 16000 tuareg are believed to be in the Libyan army

Not good.

Qaddafi "furious" that UK forces entered and left Libya in secrecy

Eyewitness: Fierce battles between rebels and Qaddafi's Mercenaries in Tripoli

After protesters gain many neighborhoods in #Tripoli, #Gaddafi brings in hundreds of armed supporters

Essentially right now #Tripoli is being invaded & occupied by armed pro-#Gaddafi "supporters".

Qadafi family ``ready for sanctions`` ``We have no money, we just hold funds in trust to help the people of Libya. It is their money``

Yeah sure.

Attempts have been made to poison water supplies of cities by Qadafi mercenaries

That is sick.

U.S. revokes visas for senior Libyan officials and their family members - AP

HMS Cumberland to return to Benghazi tomorrow

"I've been here for six days. We have only eaten biscuits. Sometimes there is even no water," said one man from Egypt at Tripoli airport.

#Gaddafi's forces abandon poorer neighborhoods in #Tripoli after people rise up against them

Egyptian doctors with medical supplies had been waiting hours to cross into #Libya. Egyptians very sympathetic to Libyan plight. #Egypt

Former Justice Minister speaks of chemical weapons and now #Mercenaries found with GAS MASKS #libya

Libyan rebel stronghold to send force to aid Tripoli uprising, general says

Contact in liberated Az Zawia speaks of an imminent attack being prepared on the city by regime forces #libya #feb17

NicRobertsonCNN: #Tripoli: hear sporadic gunshots, automatic weapons fire. Normally, people wud b in cafes, streets wud b busy at this hour-- not tonight.

Official: US military options for #Libya being planned

Royal Jordanian airline refuses to collect stranded Jordanians from #Tripoli unless they paid air fare, told them wait 4 Jo military plane.

That's some sick behavior.

#UNSecurityCouncil trying to agree the wording of Resolution. China is stumbling block, Remember Tiananman Sq? It also kills its own.

#Zimbabwe's #Mugabe has offered Col Gaddafi exile, according to @France24 correspondent on Sky News. #libya

reports coming from Tripoli of an underground system for gaddafi to get from green square to home and many more #Libya #Feb17

Pic of outside the Tripoli airport

Reports of 30 armored Land Cruisers loaded with heavy machine guns stopped by protesters in #Misurata

Gadafi executed 600 prisoners in Abu Salem Tripoli prison just because they went on strike

#Zawia #Libya: tanks, armored personnel carriers & heavy military equipment being amassed close to the Eastern entrance of the tow

President Robert Mugabe has sent troops to #Libya to defend Colonel #Gadaffi, his long-standing ally and financier

What about... we bomb Mugabe too?

#Tripoli: #Gaddafi forces are surrounding the city, preventing anyone from coming or going. #Libya #Feb17

latest draft of UNSC #Libya resltn, language potentially authorizing force has gone; clear ICC referral remains + asset freeze, travel ban

That's some big fail right there.

#Libya: UN Security Council UNANIMOUSLY votes to impose sanctions on Gaddafi regime

But they remove the use of force, which basically strips the resolution of anything real. ICC, asset freeze and travel ban is a joke really.

Pro-#Gaddafi brigade near #Misrata using students from college nearby as human shields.

UN's Ibrahim Dabbashi confirmed the deaths of 1270 prisoners in the Abu-sleem prison in a matter of hours.

Libya commentator on @AJEnglish Gaddafi controls about 12 km of #Tripoli. Impressive #Libya. You've almost got the entire country!

A small group of 22 rebels and soldiers that set out from Benghazi on Friday encountered pro-regime forces near Gadhafi's home town of Sirte and were executed, Gatrani said, in just one illustration of the hazards that any such army would encounter in attempting to traverse 600 miles, pockets of which remain under government control.

Kenya recognize that there r 5,000 mercenaries from kenya went 2 Libya since 14 February. May allah help us all. I think they r in tripoli.

It was the first time a country has been unanimously referred to the International Criminal Court by the council

Nic Robertson CNN:
Just met Saif Gadhafi in hotel corridor. Smiled, at ease but anxious. Was particularly keen to hear what UN Sec Cnl decided re sanctions.
Saif Gadhafi said doesn’t want more killing —said this is difficult time for #Libya but can be ended.
Saif Gadhafi also told me he believes his father's regime can survive, mentioning situation in Sudan & Algeria not good either.

Asharq Al Awsat: Libyan diplomat: Ten senior Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement personnel (regime's backbone) fled to Egypt. #Libya

And a mention of China...

Twitter hacked by CHINA gov't today due to Jasmine revolution.It is network's "Pearl Harbor". #libya #jasmine #cn220


And something funny to calm ourselves...

And even funnier :

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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 04:42 AM
1. Reinforcements to the resistance should have been done at nightfall, not in broadlight and should be scattered in teams, avoiding roads.

2. Tanks and other military equipment are not as fearsome as they may seem. They are only bunch of electronics, and more critically, run from fuel. Destroy the ammo and fuel dumps in Tripoli and those tanks will be crippled, as well as the tankies have to open up their hatches for the airconditioning or blowers would be out of battery, so will be comms running on batteries that are recharged by the engine running on fuel.

3. It would be vital for the commanders of the pro libyan forces be eliminated first. They are soldiers. Without commanders who gives the orders, espacially in a dictatorship, the troops are headless sheeps and easy targets.

For the Tripoli resistance, each Libyan knows full well what are their orders without any commanders. At this stage, failure is not an option. Only death awaits for each and everyone of them.

Better take that chance for who knows, they might win, as other cities had already been won by fellow courageous Libyan men, rather than to listen to the lies of the dictator, kneel meekly before the foreign mercenaries and die a cowardly death.

They gonna need all the luck and support all humans can give to battle with the beast in his ending throes.
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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 06:11 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Yeah but you still have to get into Tripoli with heavy firepower to take out commanders, ammo and fuel depots. I'm sure they are heavy guarded... and the whole city is blocked by tanks. Of course, NATO could take care of that with a few bombing runs...

China :

The small ``revolution`` in China is already having it's effects :

China PM vows economic policy changes amid calls for anti-government protests (DPA)

They've just removed 13 crimes from the death penalty list...

Smuggling of artifacts, smuggling of precious metals, smuggling of endangered animals and their products, smuggling in general, receipt fraud, securities fraud, credit fraud, export tax return fraud, counterfeiting tax return certificates, robbery, teaching criminal methods, ruin and grave robbery, fossil robbery.

And added 6 more on the list, all but one of them for organ trafficking.

Organ smugglers, organ thieves, forced organ donation, taking organs from minors, organ sellers and accomplices

The other one is for manufacture or selling of toxic food. If it results in death, the death penalty will apply.
Palestine :

Gaza militants fire Qassam rocket into western Negev; no injuries reported (Haaretz)

Libya :

Asharq Al Awsat: The Intelligence Officer fled to Egypt after being sent on a trip of African states to source additional mercenaries #Libya

NATO countries might act militarily outside of UN authority, using Kosovo as legal precedent

SkyNewsBreak: Foreign Secretary: Diplomatic immunity for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the UK has been removed

following #airports are open/operating in Libya: Tripoli, Sebha, Mitiga

Total refugees so far : 120 000+

Gadaffi offers $400 to every family that agrees to support his regime

Saw pics of a scud missile seized by rebels today. Three more now in opposition hands near Benghazi. #libya

Fishermen at Benghazi port said 2 boats traveling west hit by missiles filed from Sirte

What the hell!

Reports of #Gaddafi showing foreign journalists round Tripoli, in desperate efforts to portray to the world he is in control of #Libya.

AJE : Reports of 45 tanks of the Libyan army heading west and 30 tanks to the South of Tripoli, all backed by "batallions" of men, fear of an imminent attack against protesters

Australia slaps sanctions on Gadhafi; Foreign Minister says Gadhafi and entourage should leave (DPA)

NicRobertsonCNN: #Zawiya: Anti-Gadhafi rally in center of town. Civilians w/guns on rooftops, securing area, fear will be attacked by regime. #Libya

Forces loyal to Gahdafi take over control of border crossing with Tunisia - Al-Arabiya

Oman :

People protesting by the thousands, tear gas fired

2 fatailties reported as police fire on pro democracy protests - Reuters

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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 10:43 AM
1.The online edition of the Libya's Quryna newspaper said on Saturday former Justice Minister Mustafa Mohamed Abud Ajleil had led the formation of an interim government based in Benghazi. Libya's envoy to the United States supported Ajleil's move.

2. Last info from CNN is that a group of rebels had captured the closest city to Tripoli, when the gov troops switched to their sides after a skirmish, and are ready to march on to the capital city Tripoli itself, only 35 miles away. The beast's end is now counted in mere hours, and not days.

3.Lastest breaking news is that a group of rebels that seized the eastern cities had formed the National Libyan Council, and interestingly, considers themselves NOT an interim gov, but the face of the revolution.

National Libyan Council

a. Some will think that a conflict may be brewing. Interim gov means that within months, a new gov will be elected. But a Council may mean holding on to hold power longer.

However, in view of what's happening right now in Tunisa and Egypt, where the leaders and their lackeys are still within the gov and protests still going on, the position held by the National Libyan Council is comprehensible.

No doubt the interim gov may mean to hold elections, have democracy, were horrified by their leader's bloodlust, they still are apointees of the beasts.

Thus the fear from the rebels, whom were merely peaceful protestors, but within hours, saw their own brothers and sister being mowed down by the regime, and had sacrificed their lives now to make a stand, would be extremely cautious.

Ultimately, the country the rebels had shed blood for was their own. They have the right to decide the nature of their own governance, and as they were protestors themselves, their aims would be what the protestors were seeking - the common aspirations every human on Earth that seeks for - peace, progress, justice, equality, prosperity, freedom and progress.

May the bloodshed ends once the beasts and their minions destroyed and peace reigns, through intelligent dialogue, discussions and debates. Violence and repressions must end, and all tribes united under the flag of a new Libya, with a new direction as its ancient ancestors had once lived under....

And most vital and critical of all, to honour the fallen, in the protests and in the fight, for they did so, sacrificed their own precious lives without fear or favour, so that generations other, from whatever tribes or differences, may be free.

Let not whomever rules Libya forget, for without them, the nation would have never attained the courage and will to be free. Let not their precious blood be in vain, the blood spilt from our fellow brothers and sisters by divine creation.... or the gov will be no better than the monster they had sacrificed so much to replace.....
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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 04:45 AM
Lebanon :
March 14 Declares Refusal to Join New Govt: We Reject to Legitimize Coup

As expected, the March 14 forces on Sunday officially announced their refusal to take part in the country's new government.
The March 14 forces "reject to legitimize the coup … and reject to turn into observers who cannot prevent violations," the coalition said in a statement recited by ex-PM Fouad Saniora after an extraordinary meeting for its 60 MPs at the Bristol Hotel in Beirut.

Outgoing premier Saad Hariri, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel also took part in the meeting.

March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator Fares Soaid told As Safir newspaper in remarks published Saturday that the March 14 leadership will hold a meeting on March 6 at the Bristol Hotel to announce a political document and roadmap that the forces will adopt.

Finally doing something after doing nothing for weeks....

Beirut: Hundreds demonstrate in protest of Lebanon's sectarian political system (Reuters)

Iran :
Iran To Build Advanced Fighter Jet

The new fighter jet is similar to the U.S.-built F/A-18, while its appearance is similar to F-5E/F Tiger II, according to Press TV.

Totally ridiculous.

Iran's ex-president calls for release from prison of two opposition leaders (AP)


U.S 'strongly' condemns Iran's organized intimidation campaign against opposition (Haaretz)

Syria defense minister: Iranian ships in Mediterranean testimony of Iran's strength (Army Radio)

Iranian opposition leaders under house arrest secretly moved from homes (Reuters)

Iraq :
Iraq PM gives cabinet 100-day warning after demos

Iraq's prime minister warned his cabinet on Sunday to shape up within 100 days or face "changes", as protest organisers called for a fresh set of rallies and religious leaders demanded reforms.

He doesn't get it does he? Get the hell out Maliki!
Tunisia :

Tunisian army struggle to control chaos on border as migrant workers flee Libya (AP)

New prime minister of Tunisian transitional government appointed (DPA)

Bahrain :

Obama welcomes Bahrain cabinet reshuffle (Reuters)

Except it's a joke.
Libya :

Farrakhan: If Gadhafi is tried for war crimes, George W. Bush should also be tried (AP)

Good. Try them together and hang them together.

Watchdog agency: Libya possesses deadly mustard gas but no weapons to deliver it (Reuters)

Hmmm no, he got ways to deliver it. Scuds, airplanes, artillery...

In new television interview, Gadhafi slams UN censure of Libya crackdown (Reuters)

Venezuela foreign minister calls for dialogue between allies and adversaries of Gadhafi (AP)

French PM: France to send 'massive' aid to Libya's Benghazi (Reuters)

U.S. considering no-fly zone, hacking communications in Libya (Army Radio)

Chinese government evacuates 30,000 citizens from Libya (DPA)

U.S. wants tough European sanctions on Gadhafi (AP)

Gadhafi: UN should investigate situation in Libya (Reuters)

After you erased your warcrimes and tried to hide bodies?

Clinton: U.S. reaching out to Libyan opposition groups in country's east (Reuters)

UNHCR: 100,000 people have fled Libya in past week (Reuters)

Other estimates I had were 120 000 people...
Revolution spirit reaching Congo :

Assailants attack Congo President Kabila's home; 9 dead (AP)

Yemen :

Yemen's opposition political parties to join anti-president protests (AP)

Oman :

Omani protesters block road to port after 6 die in clashes (Reuters)

Jordan :

Jordan PM promises to introduce laws to increase public say in politics (AP)

Don't get it yet uh? Abdullah 2 must get the hell out!
Egypt :

Report: Arab League Secretary General to run for Egyptian presidency (Reuters)

And about China :

China's Wen vows action, police smother 'rallies'

For the second straight week, several hundred police officers were mobilised to squelch gatherings in Beijing and Shanghai following the anonymous appeal for citizens to press the ruling Communist Party for greater openness.

Hundreds of uniformed and plainclothes police smothered Beijing's designated demonstration site on the Wangfujing shopping street, aggressively pushing away foreign reporters with cameras and briefly detaining several.

Similar scenes took place at the Shanghai protest site near the city's People's Square.

The mysterious online protest appeal has urged citizens to gather for subtle "strolling" demonstrations in 13 cities each Sunday at 2 p.m. (0600 GMT) to highlight public anger with the government.

China has a history of inflation-triggered public unrest and Wen vowed the government would ramp up supplies of affordable housing, punish property speculators, and ensure output of grains and other key goods.

"Rapid price rises have affected the lives of the people and even social stability," he said.

Inflation remained near two-year highs in January despite a string of measures taken to dampen price rises for food and other items, including three interest rate hikes in the past four months. Housing costs have also soared.

Basically there's almost no one protesting...

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 06:14 AM
Libya :

Reports of Libyan customs officers deserting their posts in Ras Ajdir along the border with #Tunisia #Libya #Feb17

Ghaddafi orders anti-government graffiti to be hidden to pretend it's not happening

On 40 min drive from #Tripoli to #Zawiya, stores mostly shuttered & closed, big lines at bank, ppl going to cllect govt handouts.

Inside #Zawiya, stores closed, people shout welcome! hello! Plenty of traffic. 'Get out Gadhafi' written on wall in English

Standing in midst of anti-govt rally in #Zawiya, several thousand demonstrators shouting anti-Gadhafi slogans, ppl standing on tanks

Anti-govt demo in center of #Zawiya, residents tell us 16 people killed in recent violence, soldiers tell us they switching sides

In #Zawiya, burnt-out police station & govt buildings, but banks and private businesses untouched. Protesters call for Gadhafi overthrow.

‎ Gaddafi obviously launches Sunday military offensive towards Misurata and Zawiyah

EgyptAir to operate 35 flights to return Egyptians escaping Libya

Reports coming from Tripoli, Mercenaries are leaving westward, but we are getting rumors of Zawia becoming closed from all 3 entries

#Gaddafi's aunt in #Israel disowns him, says even Israel didn't do to the Arabs what he is doing

That should piss him off.

#libya.. Govt still claiming rebels drugged.. TV Report claims pills from china

Peaceful negotiations between tribe leaders to handover city of #Sert to Revolutionaries.

SAS to continue evacuations, 300+ UKers still stuck in Libya, in much more dangerous areas

Egyptian Foreign Minister: We will not allow foreign military intervention in #Libya.

WTF! Hopefully they change their minds or this is just talk...

Red Cross Red Crescent working to get into western part of country but need to get into tripoli to treat wounded

Khadra Hospital in #tripoli reserved solely for gaddafi supporters

Aid organizers say that many egypt ian doctors crossing border to eastern #libya to help along with Libyans living outside

Tunisia border still controlled by #gaddafi forces so aid & supplies held up there, road to tripoli very dangerous

Azawya : town in hand of protesters. Pro Gadaffi only on outscirts. Tried to enter but beaten back.

African mercenaries in Libya nervously await their fate

Mercenaries captured in Libya are facing an uncertain future, writes Nick Meo in Al-Bayda.

Mohammed, a boy of about 16 from Chad, said he was offered a free flight to Tripoli but found a gun thrust into his hand on the plane. By Nick Meo, Al-Bayda, Libya 7:30AM GMT

Some were virtually children.
"A man at the bus station in Sabha offered me a job and said I would get a free flight to Tripoli," said Mohammed, a boy of about 16 who said he had arrived looking for work in the southern Libyan town only two weeks ago from Chad, where he had earned a living as a shepherd.

They were basically tricked into going there. Sick.

Gaddafi vows to hold accountable all the families who disowned him...#Libya #Gaddafi

bencnn: Thousands of Bangladeshi, Pakistani workers abandoned by companies that hired them to work in #Libya, stranded in Benghazi.

Gee that's nice...

Al Jazeera: Misurata is now in the hands of the revolutionaries #Libya

Rebels Take Misurata, Tripoli Reinforces Zawiya Massacre: 100+ Gunned Down

Libyan citizens show they have successfully defended Misurata air-strip from regime counter attack

council says strategically very unlikely that gaddafi will come back with more mercenaries #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes

Misrata being attacked by helicopters. #Tripoli #Libya #Feb17 #gaddaficrimes #Gadhafi

Confirmed report from eyewitness says regime taken over Misrata airport and flight college by Khamis Gaddafi's batallion. #libya #Libya

Al Khums is the next main city west of Zlitan and Misratah on the way to Tripoli. Latest Tweets

Le Monde reports that al #Khums near #Tripoli is now controlled by the people #Libya #Feb17

The Broadcast station in Misrata providing information on behalf of the protesters is under attack from the air #Libya #Feb17

#Libya "govt" takes journalists to #Zawiya but they find city held by pro-democracy fighters


Misrata broadcast house not damaged by the attempted air strikes, No reports of Martyrs #Libya #Feb17


"massive" pro-Gaddafi army convoy is heading towards Misrata

Govermnent tanks and armored personal carriers surrounding suburds of al zawia tripoli #libya #tripoli

Flag of independence replaces the green flag in 2 of the biggest cities near Tripoli, - Misrata and Zawia

Air strikes in Misrata: Broadcasting station is targeted by jets, helicopters and artillery

I have confirmation that Zlitan has been reoccupied by Gaddafi. It's unclear how many units he has there.

Zlitan is west of Misrata, east of Tripoli and in the middle, there's Al-Khums, which, was according to the latest reports, was controlled by the revolution.

Holding Zlitan would be necessary in order to attack Misrata and open the road to Sirt, the base for Ghadaffis traditional tribe. The way for a counter attack on Bengazi would then be clear.

Sirt is even more east...

Gaddafi has a battalion at the town of Al-Mayah (also called Km 27) on the road between Azawiya and Tripoli

Mitiga airport, rumored to have fallen, is in fact a Gaddafi stronghold. He has infantry and tanks there.

Still within Tripoli, there have been strange activity at Mitiga airport. Suspect that more mercenaries have just been brought in

Also heard about attempts to fly in "supporters" from Sabha, of course paying them handsomely. Don't know how that went

My contact says three youths they know were asked at gunpoint to call TV stations and report that "everything is quiet and normal."
After they made the calls, their mobiles were taken away. They were told to stay at home, or will be shot.

LPC #Tripoli: Stores closing, not much food being sold. Price of flour and rice have gone from 11 dinars to 50 dinars per bag. #Libya #Feb17

Reports from the ground that #gaddafi loyalists from sirte heading towards misratah tonight

#Gaddafi has sent his warplanes into the #AzZawiyah City skies to bomb protesters after his forces lost it to the people

Al Jazeera: meanwhile, on eyewitness accounts, Gadhafi-loyal battalions seen headed from Sirt/Surt to Misurata via land

CNN Arabic: Prominent Islamic scholar Ayedh Al Garni "Saif Al Islam Gaddafi asked me for an anti-protest Fatwa"

Chavez : there's no real public uprising in Libya, protesters are CIA agents

More kidnappings occurring in #Misrata, including businessman Suleiman Issa who's family are "being pressured" by regime. #Libya #Feb17

Zawiya is moving against Kadhafi, with the help of some military deserters.

CONFIRMED: Ghadamis today lifted the flag of independence and is now under the control of the protesters #Libya #Feb17

Gadhamis very important crossing between Tunisia and Libya

Defence Minister Peter MacKay says two aircraft left Libya without rescuing any Canadians because they ran out of time, and were ordered to depart by local airport officials

Lockerbie bomber 'blackmailed' Gaddafi

LOCKERBIE bomber Abdel Baset al Megrahi blackmailed Gaddafi into securing his release from a Scottish jail.

Megrahi threatened to get "revenge" and "spill the beans" on Gaddafi's involvement in the bombing if he was not "rescued" from prison, Libya's former justice minister Mustapha Abdeljalil said in an interview with British newspaper The Sunday Times

SAS evacuates dozens of UKers from pro-qadafi territory

Great job!

Bodies of executed imprisoned dissidents discovered in Tripoli #Libya #Gaddafi

Soldier kills security battalion commander

a security battalion commander in az Zawiya was killed by a soldier in the battalion. Soldiers refused orders to shoot and the commander was determined on the implementation of the orders of Khoweildy. One of the solders stepped forwards and rendered him dead with a bullet to the head. The soldier then said: It’s better that you die rather than the victims be tens of youth."

That is what all soldiers in the world should do to their commanders. No more commanders and troops unwilling to fight : NO WAR EVER AGAIN.

Reuters: Gaddafi in new interview: "#Libya is absolutely peaceful"; “The people of Libya support me"

CBS News producer in Eastern Libya reports Benghazi mobilizing for jihad against Qaddafi

I know this may be old news but an inside source at the Tripoli airport has confirmed that Algeria is sending planes of mercenaries. #Libya

Libyan militias prepare to join forces before assault on Tripoli

Heavy weapons seized in Zawiya prepped for use against Gaddafi's forces


A UK RAF plane on a rescue mission in #Libya has reported being hit by small arms fire according to the BBC.

Libya: African mercenaries 'immune from prosecution for war crimes'

African mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime to kill Libyan protesters would be immune from prosecution for war crimes due to a clause in this weekend's UN resolution that was demanded by the United States.

Say what?

#Tripoli: #Gaddafi will only supply food 2 army & his special forces. "This is the war he wants to try on the people." #Libya #Feb17

We're getting reports that the country's second most important military airport, not far from Benghazi, has fallen to the protesters.

Qaddafi flies troops from S. into Tripoli to defend capital. By this morning capital surrounded.

bencnn‎ Ferry coming into Benghazi port now, more ships on the horizon. #Libya

Dozens of Africans feared killed in Libya in backlash against supposed Gadhafi-hired mercenaries

That's sad.

Saw a lot of Libyans arriving in Benghazi today on a Greek ferry. Not everyone's fleeing.

Anti-Gadhafi forces shoot down Libyan military aircraft near Misrata and capture its crew, witness tells Reuters

Libyan Govt spokesman - this is an attack by Al Qaeda to control our oil

Al Arabiya: Reports that hundreds of students at the Marine Academy in Misurata have been taken hostage by Gaddafi Forces. #Libya

Al Arabiya: Reuters: Clashes between Gaddfi forces & pro-democracy revolutionaries in Misurata. #Libya

A good map that explains it all.
Lebanon :
New protests planned for April 17.
Iran :
New protests planned for March 1-8-15.
Saudi Arabia :
Day of rage planned for March 11.
And a word about the Mauritanian freedom fighters :
[URL=]Young Mauritanians pushing for social and political reforms continued a sit-in Saturday in the capital a day after a street protest demanding change.

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 10:20 AM
Cameron says to work with allies on Libya no-fly zone

Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday that Britain would work with allies on plans to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya to protect its people from military attacks by Muammar Gaddafi's government.

Speaking to parliament, Cameron urged Gaddafi to step down and said that all measures would be considered to increase pressure on him to go.

"We do not in any way rule out the use of military assets," Cameron said.

"We must not tolerate this regime using military force against its own people. In that context I have asked the Ministry of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff to work with our allies on plans for a military no-fly zone."

More than sanctions, finally.

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by john124

"We do not in any way rule out the use of military assets," Cameron said.

"We're just having a hard time deciding who to aim them at"

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 01:10 PM
Seems like Battle of the Bulge WW2 reharsh, this time perhaps Gaddafi had russian advisors for his currently counter-attacking troops?

Any case, here goes to success to the rebellion!

1. Gaddafi's loyal troops, regardless if mere troops and tanks or his son supposedly 'elite' troops, are only humans,mortals. They too will bleed just like anyone else. There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

2. And like all armies, more so a dictatorship, they are conventional armies with strictest heirachial chain of command. Locate their field and Tactical HQ and it will be a treasure trove for chaos and mayhem to occur when their logistics centres and chiefs are taken out. Communications, weapons, fuel and food.

3. Military men are not robots, as much as their leaders would like them to be. They are human, with human base instincts for survival.

String up loudspeakers and broadcast everywhere:-

- proclaim amnesty to soldiers/mercenaries who drop their weapons, remove their clothings and surrender immediately. They will be given immunity and sent home to live in peace or be allowed to work in the new Libya.

-Their cause is already lost, as most of the country is already in the rebel hands. NO SENSE IN MORE BLOODSHED. Gaddafi is fully isolated and surrounded, not only in Libya, but by the world. No point fighting against the world and on a losing side, be persecuted for war crimes later.

- Gaddafi only offers death for his troops, as the horrific evidences of him ordering the murders of his own troops who do not wish to hurt their own fellow citizens, sooner or later, but The New Libya offers life for all.

4. Even as such honest truths are revealed to them, the rebels will have to form smaller units and cells and attack the military weak points - recognise their patrol patterns, their resupply points, each patrol's usual predictable habits,etc to stop those whom are hell bent on further bloodshed.

While the army may have the firepower and the trainning, the rebels have the numbers, the flexibility to manoeuvre and adapt quickly to situations.

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