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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 08:46 PM
Bahrain :

Hundreds of Bahraini protesters block access to parliament building (AP)

Libya :

Anti-Gadhafi forces shoot down military aircraft, capture its crew (Reuters)

Jordan foreign ministry: Libya arrests four Jordanians (AP)

Ex-British PM Tony Blair says Gadhafi in denial over events in his country (AP)

EU approves Libya arms embargo, travel bans (Reuters)

Clinton: It's time for Gadhafi to go - now, without delay (Reuters)

Source: East Libya could face food shortages soon (Reuters)

Libyan foreign ministry accuses U.S. of 'blatant interference' (DPA)

Anti-Gadhafi protesters storm Libyan embassy in Berlin (Reuters)

Gadhafi appoints foreign intelligence chief to talk to eastern region leadership (AP)

According to what people were saying earlier, wouldn't surprise me if the resistance arrest him.

Pentagon: U.S. repositioning forces around Libya (Reuters)

Gadhafi to ABC: All my people love me and would die to protect me (Reuters)

Denial is strong with this one...

Several killed in Tripoli after pro-Gadhafi force opens fire on protesters (Reuters)

Official: Libya does not rule out force against rebels (Reuters)

Because you were restrained before?

Gadhafi laughs when asked by ABC if he plans to step down (Reuters)

U.S. freezes 30 billion dollars in Libyan assets (Reuters)

Egypt :

Egypt's public prosecutor issues travel ban on former president Mubarak and his family (Reuters)

Report: Egypt sets date for referendum on constitutional reform (Reuters)

Palestine :

Hamas breaks up peaceful protest in Gaza (DPA)

Israel :

Right-wing activists protesting in Jerusalem, blocking streets (Haaretz)

Iran :

Report: Iran arrests opposition leader Mousavi (Reuters)

Iran denies arrest of opposition leaders (Reuters)

Norway: Iran trying to buy nuclear missile parts (Reuters)

Nuclear missile parts? This is BS. The company they were trying to get missiles from is the Kongsberg Defense Systems company. They do anti-ship and anti-air missiles. Nothing in the ``nuclear missile`` department.

Iran probably did try to get parts for missiles from that company... but nuclear missile parts is just propaganda.

posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 11:36 PM
Libya :

Reporter on @AJArabic: Poisoned weapons found, which explains why non-fatally injured people not recovering/dying

War crime right there.

Clinton effectively gives greenlight for youth uprisings across Middle East - BBC

Clinton, I'm sure, didn't mean it that way, she's gonna be pissed.

latest from Zawia, 2000 police have joined protestors and set up barricades to defend the city

Former head of Libyan Special Forces tells AJE that he is not ruling out calling in foreign air support,but says no foreign boots on ground.

Zanzour, AlMaya #Libya under heavy arms fire from #Gaddafi tanks. Mercenaries breaking down doors and dragging away teenage boys.

France announced it is sending two planes with humanitarian aid to Libya’s opposition stronghold of Benghazi on Monday, in what its prime minister described as the start of a “massive operation” to push Gadhafi from power.

Saadi, #Gaddafi's son, says lawyers to challenge travel ban, complaining it will interrupt hobbies of “hunting and going on safari”.

Then arrest him.

Fighting has been ongoing for the past hour in Zawiya, my sources on the ground confirm it's a full out battle, not just a skirmish #libya

Al Arabbiya TV reports 2 cars of #Gaddafi forces attacked city of Az Zawiya

Confirmed in #Zawiya there was major battle, khamis battalion defeated and forced out of city, people captured tanks, jeeps, hostages #Libya

Many prisoners from khamis battalion captured in battle of #Zawiya, young boys18-20 forced to fight

Austria : 1 Billion $ in Libyan assets frozen

Reports coming in that Gaddafi has only 3 loyal brigades left

That's still 9000-15000 soldiers...

Gaddafi kidnapped youth in eastern libya, forced them to fight in west

Al Hurra: Eyewitnesses: Gaddafi regime deploying tanks in Tripoli to deter protesters & is trying to regain town of Zawiya.

the people of Zawiya have good defences, not strong enough to attack tripoli yet, he's made sure the city is well protected #Libya

Nato actively considering the no fly zone.

Formation of a 15 member military council by #Feb17 movement. It includes 11 colonels and 2 Generals #Libya

People in Tripoli have NO WEAPONS at all, we're unarmed and can't fight Gaddafi's mercenaries! Unlike #Benghazi etc #libya #feb17

#Gaddafi' today arresting anyone in Tripoli who appeared in Youtube videos, went on news media, or tweeted.

Crazy if true.

One Egyptian said he was forced to kneel in front of members of the Libyan army who carried out a mock execution. Another man locked himself in his home for five days, running low on supplies and hearing shots and screams outside. A group of Indian workers hid in the desert while awaiting a rescue plane

8:38pm Our correspondent in Washington DC has more details on US naval ships that are currently positioned in the Mediterranean Sea.

There are currently eight ships of the US Navy's Sixth Fleet deployed in the area at the moment, with the USS Mount Whiney, a command and control ship, being the largest.

Abdullah, a witness speaking to Al Jazeera from Misurata, about 200km east of Tripoli, says:

There’s now artillery shelling on the suburbs of Misurata and on the Air force college, south west of Misurata. There are also helicopters trying to bomb the local broadcast.

They are also using heavy weapons against the protestors ... also last night helicopters dropped leaflets and threats from the regime.

Libyan oil output 'cut 50 per cent'

Yemen :
Another day of rage planned for March 1.
Saudi Arabia :
Wikileaks Goes After The Saudi Royal Family

The 1996 cable -- entitled "Saudi Royal Wealth: Where do they get all that money?" -- describes legal and illegal ways that royals grab money, according to Reuters.

For legal ways, there's the monthly allowance given to thousands of princes and princesses. This ranged from $800 a month for "the lowliest member of the most remote branch of the family" to $270,000 a month for sons of Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud.

For illegal ways, schemes include skimming $10 billion yearly from off-budget projects related to defense and infrastructure. One Saudi prince complained: "One million barrels per day" go entirely to "five or six princes."


posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 04:10 AM

Earlier today, we reported that the US military is in the process of repositioning its forces in the area around Libya "to be able to provide flexibility and options." And while we have yet to get an updated US naval map for this week (the last one can be found here), it appears that the USS Enterprise which was previously on its way to the Straits of Hormuz has made a 180 and has now backtracked completely through the Red Sea and is now once again north of the Suez, where it has joined the big deck amphibious warfare ship Kearsarge. This means that the USS Vinson is again left alone to protect the highly combustible gulf region, which now includes both Bahrain and Oman, in addition to Yemen and of course Iran and Saudi, on revolutionary watch. It may be time to send Abraham Lincoln, which in turn is patrolling the South China Sea, back to the Persian Gulf as the possibility of a flashpoint escalation there is far greater than around Indonesia (which however would leave all of Korea and China unguarded). Keep an eye out on CVN 74 and 76 - Stennis and Reagan. If those two start making a move west, then next steps can be extrapolated quite easily.

Source: Zerohedge

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 04:31 AM
What would be crazy is if North Korea attacked the South, China attacked Taiwan, Russia attacked Georgia, Syria and Hezbollah attacked Israel and Iran attacked the only US aircraft carrier in the gulf... while a revolution happened in Saudi Arabia.

All at the same time... it would literally be WW3....

Anyway, fact is that the Ronald Reagan will be soon leaving port to go in South Korea. Probably in the next few days.

Libya :

NATO forces at a base in Greece , planning on making a military no fly zone over Libya

U.S. hesitates to support Crown Prince and define post-Gaddafi Libya

the world rallies and Chinese workers flee, but China runs stories that Tripoli is calm and unrest is from foreign intervention.

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were massed in the west of the country on Tuesday, residents said, and the United States said it was moving warships and air forces closer to Libya.

Residents feared pro-Gaddafi forces were preparing an attack to regain control of Nalut, about 60 km (38 miles) from the Tunisian border in western Libya, from protesters seeking an end to Gaddafi's rule.

We'll use military force to free Libya, vows PM: Cameron plans no-fly zone over country and even threatens to send British troops

Sky Sources: UK government is considering basing typhoon jets at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to enforce a no-fly zone”

A fearless RAF Hercules pilot steered his 150 passengers to safety despite a bullet being fired in to the cock-pit and boucing off his HELMET. the airman was trying to pick more Brits up when REBELS mis-took the aircraft for one of Gaddafi's near Benghazi on Sunday.

If true... crazy.
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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 11:26 AM
What a Timing eh?

If Gaddafi drags the US into a War in the Middle East,N-Korea and China could go ahead and take over S-Korea. I don´t think the US could afford to fight on 2 Fronts right now.

Dont know about Russia,but i dont think they are happy watching everything unfold right now. Especially if the US and/or UK are executing an "Military Intervention" without other Nations/UN´s agreement...again.

Dont know about you Vitchilo,but everything that happened lately is looking like a prelude to a much broader Conflict...if not a World War...

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 11:43 AM
Don´t think you posted that yet:

STOCKHOLM (AP) — An arms trade watchdog says it suspects Libya received a shipment of military equipment from Belarus as Moammar Gadhafi's regime started a bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters.

One Link of many (Google "Belarus Weapons" in the last 24h)

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 12:33 PM
There will be a broader conflict to come, but it will not be WW3. It will be a war against dictators that had ruled for too far long a time whom had instead of meeting the masses aspirations, had rather line theirs and their bootlickers own wallets thick.

The masses are sick and tired of it, and are finally awakened to fight back, to take back what is rightfully theirs by sharing.

As for the fighting in Libya, the capital city is now fully surrounded and a seige will be in place soon.

1. All 'safe' reaching out to the pro-Gaddafi forces as well as those forced Gaddafi supporters must be carried out to give them a chance to switch sides. They too are humans and Libyans, whom are only miguided, misled and duped by the beast's incessant proganda.

When faced with the truth, they will make choices and the choice is clear. Humans anywhere have the basic instinct for survival. No point in continuing on to support a losing side, more so when that side only offers death to all. With the rebellion, amnesty and a chance to life is offered..

2. There must be continous broadcast of the truth to these people, so that they may make the right choice, to convince others amongst them as well, and should those whom prefer bloodlust and tyranny be heaped upon brothers, they themselves be the first to be stopped in anyway possible.

And for that to happen, broadcasting stations by the beast must be targetted and replaced by the rebels' and international broadcasts.

3. When all that is done, the march on Tripoli will commence for the final showdown with the beasts, and the outcome will be predictable. Just in case, every rebel must bring along gas mask and decontamination/medical centres be made known to them.

Isolated and alone with just the few remnant misguided fools facing the many, his wish to die will come true finally, but not as a martyr,only as a despised easily kicked aside pariah dog that he truly is.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 02:01 PM
So here is the end result after the naive young street protesters have been used and are no longer needed in Egypt.
Watch the video. This was on Feb 28 according to the video.

Is this what they fought for?

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Shenon

Belarus doing that is quite sick... Belarus is a dictatorship after all... and very tight linked to Russia... wouldn't surprise me if Russia knew about this...

There will be a broader conflict to come, but it will not be WW3. It will be a war against dictators that had ruled for too far long a time whom had instead of meeting the masses aspirations, had rather line theirs and their bootlickers own wallets thick.


Jordan :

Relatives of jailed Islamists protest in Jordan for their release (DPA)

Libya :
Libya beefs up troops at border with Tunisia
EU crisis summit on Libya set for March 11
Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Tuesday said he believed a no-fly zone should be imposed on Libya to stop a "danger of genocide".
Libya no-fly zone would require bombing raids: US

Enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya would first require bombing the north African nation's air defense systems, top US commander General James Mattis warned Tuesday.

The general told a Senate hearing there should be "no illusions" about what would be required if the United States and its allies decided to ban Moamer Khadafi's warplanes from the skies.

Western countries fear Gadhafi may use chemical weapons against rebels (Israel Radio)

EU border agency chief visits evacuation hub Malta to discuss Libya crisis (DPA)

Malta refusing to return Libyan fighter jets that landed on island after pilots defected (AP)

Libya frees 4 Jordanian workers detained in unrest (AP)

France urges aid, not military action for Libya (Reuters)

Libyan oil head says oil sites undamaged (Reuters)

Russian Kremlin source says Gadhafi should step down (Reuters)

EU to hold emergency summit on situation in Libya on March 11 (DPA)

Top U.S. official says U.S. will keep squeezing Gadhafi until he quits (Reuters)

Clinton: U.S. may seek prosecution of Gadhafi for 1988 Lockerbie bombing (AP)

U.S. sending hundreds of marines, 2 amphibious ships to Mediterranean (Reuters)

Many African planes landing in Tripoli, may contain mercenaries (Israel Radio)

Lebanon :
Future bloc: Hezbollah’s arms are illegitimate
Sakr says Hezbollah’s “bullying” is over
Yemen :
UN rights chief warns Yemen against violent repression

Yemen president accuses U.S., Israel of unrest in Arab worls (DPA)

U.S. says there is no foreign plot behind Yemen unrest (Reuters)

Oman :
Oman forces disperse protesters peacefully

Oman deploys army units near capital Muscat, border with U.A.E. fearing more unrest (AP)

Oman deploys army units fearing more anti-government unrest (AP)

Bahrain :
Saudi Arabia sends tanks to riot-hit Bahrain – paper

Saudi Arabia has sent dozens of tanks to Bahrain, where anti-government protests continue for about two weeks, Egypt's Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper said on Tuesday.

Not good.

Bahrain protesters call for cabinet to step down (DPA)

Israel :
Russia urges progress on nuclear-free Mid-east meet

Settlers rampage in Palestinian villages after outpost dismantled, witnesses say (Reuters)

Israel envoy to Africa quits post, slams Netanyahu for not advancing peace process (Haaretz)

Bill to remove landmines approved for 2nd, 3rd readings in Knesset (Ch. 10)

Obama reiterates U.S. support for Israel’s security in meeting with Jewish leaders (Haaretz)

Tunisia :

Tunisia Minister of Higher Education resigns from interim government (Reuters)

Tunisian opposition leader Nejib Chebbi quits unity government (AP)

Tunisian PM will announce creation of Constitutional Council by Wednesday (Reuters)

Saudi Arabia :

Saudi authorities detain Shi'ite cleric over sermon calling for reform (Reuters)

Egypt :

Egypt delays expected reopening of stock market (AP)

Iraq :

Iraq's February oil export highest since U.S.-led invasion (AP)

Iran :

Iran says treatment of opposition leaders is internal affairs (DPA)

Iran forces fire teargas, clash with protesters in pro-opposition rally (Reuters)

Iran refuses to answer questions on status of missing opposition leaders, feared jailed (AP)


German president: Contacts with oppressive regimes must be severed (DPA)

Yeah that won't happen... or you won't talk to anybody.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 07:28 PM
Just a thought,
are we witnessing the beginning of WWIII?
As foretold by the bible,Nostrodamus and so on?
Just wondering.
What if that crazy SOB has a nuke hidden somewhere!

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

*Tinfoil-Hat on*

Hmmm...Russia (and China) are the ones against a No-Fly Zone over Lybia...Russia may as well have a Hand in it. You know,like giving Gaddafi Weapons trough a Middleman (in this Case Belarus) so the Crackdown continues,which would pretty much force the US to intervene sooner or later...

You know those Situation better then to enlighten me how Russia may benefit from a Situation like this?

*Tinfoil-Hat off*

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 09:50 PM
Cameron backtracks on Libya no-fly zone plan as US distances itself

Britain has backtracked from its belligerent military stance over Libya after the Obama administration publicly distanced itself from David Cameron's suggestion that Nato should establish a no-fly zone over the country and that rebel forces should be armed.


posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by Shenon

I think Russia would prefer either a civil war in Libya, or that Gadafi or one of his sons stay. Why? Arms contracts.

If Gadafi falls, Russia will lose 4 billion $ in arms contracts... that's a hell lot of money.

Russia could 'lose $4 bn' in Libya arms deals

Russia could lose almost $4.0 billion in arms export contracts to Libya after Moscow joined other world powers in slapping an arms embargo on Moamer Kadhafi's regime, a report said on Sunday.

The Interfax news agency quoted a military source as saying that Russia had a swelling order book for contracts from Libya worth $2.0 billion while negotiations had been in progress for deals worth $1.8 billion more.

"Among the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, Libya is one of the main buyers of Russian weapons," the source, which was not identified, told the agency.

"As of today, contracts for military hardware of around $2.0 billion had been agreed with Libya.

"Work on contracts for aviation equipment and air defence was also in the final stage. These were valued at $1.8 billion," the source said.

That's lots of $$$.

And for the whole middle-east ``revolutions``... Russia could lose around 10 billion $...
Libya arms bans will hit Europeans

According to defense industry sources, Russia stands to lose $10 billion in arms sales to Libya and other North African states hit by the wave of political unrest.

That's what rules the world... arms and money.
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posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 01:36 AM
Breaking : Libya unrest: Huge explosions in capital Tripoli

There has been a series of large explosions in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

A BBC correspondent reports seeing plumes of smoke, police and fire engines.

The cause of the blasts is unclear.

Maybe the no-fly zone has started, the counterattack has started...

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 02:13 AM
'US warships set to enter Suez Canal'

Two US warships would be entering Egypt's Suez Canal on Wednesday morning as the threat of military intervention in Libya looms large, an Egyptian official says. Earlier on Tuesday, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the USS Kearsarge, an amphibious ship capable of carrying up to 2,000 Marines, and the USS Ponce assault ship will be passing through the Mediterranean shortly, Reuters reported Tuesday. According to top US military officials, the Kearsarge warship will be carrying 400 Marines from the United States and will be joining the USS Enterprise, which is in the Red Sea en route to the Suez Canal.


a lot of news coming in fast atm..

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 02:18 AM
Indeed, there's amphibious ships going back in the Suez Canal to go off Libya's coast.

Libya :

Al Jazeera: The Tunisian-Libyan borders have been closed because of the huge number of refugees

From the Tunisian side.

Zawia saw some clashes last night, around 200 gaddafi militia, however the people of Zawia managed to overcome them #Libya #Feb17

A funeral in Libyan capital Tripoli turns into a protest against Gadhafi - Guardian

Gadafi wants to start serious dialogue with protesters as soon as possible

Hopefully they tell him to go screw himself.

No foreign intervention, Lybian people can manage it alone

tomorrow in benghazi, thats the day to burn all school books from the gaddafi green book classes


Due to the roadblocks set up by #Gaddafi, protesters in #Nalut are running out of food, fuel and other basic supplies.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast on Tuesday warned West against any military intervention in Libya, the local satellite Press TV reported.

Saif Gadafi : People of Zawyiah are terrorists

Benghazi rebels say they'd welcome turkish mil force to save them from Ghaddafi's jets. Strong no to US role though. #libya.

convoys from regime sent to benghazi, carrying food and aid.. What does gaddafi have in store now?

Eyewitness went from Tripoli towards Azawiya and described the military build up by Gaddafi forces...
He's gone beyond tanks & infantry, he's brought in Grad rocket launchers.

Canadian Forces plane denied permission to land in Tripoli . Government may send Canadian warship to #Libya

AJE : The Italians have said they will allow the use of their bases for possible action against Libya

The UN High Commission for Refugees says 140,000 have fled Libya to Egypt and Tunisia since February 20th. - with 14,000 crossing the border into Tunisia yesterday alone.

Yesterday UNHCR erected 500 tents, and last night each was sheltering between six to eight people. This morning work continues on erecting a further 1000 tents so that a total of 12,000 people will have shelter by the evening. An additional two airlifts are planned for Thursday with tents and supplies for up to 10,000 people. The water and hygiene situation remains precarious. UNHCR has requested ICRC and UNICEF to help with improving these facilities.

Confirmed heavy mercenary activity in Sabha. The city is pretty much surrounded. They're flying them into Tripoli.

Attack on Misurata of course failed and Gaddafi's men ran away leaving behind their weapons. #Libya

It was also reported that a U.S. destroyer had crossed through the Suez Canal over the weekend Sunday and taken up a position in the south-western Mediterranean and an amphibious assault ship, the USS Kearsarge, with helicopters aboard, was in the Red Sea and heading toward the Canal. Anonymous official sources added that the USS Ponce amphibious assault vessel was “moving toward the area.”

And there's people from the US-UK on the ground in Libya helping the resistance, arming them and advising them. There's also warships from 8+ countries off Libya... it will grow to more countries.

A Chinese navy frigate has already reached mission waters off Libya on Tuesday to offer support and protection for ships evacuating Chinese nationals.

New Delhi: India is sending three Naval ships to evacuate its citizens from Libya. 18,000 Indians are currently based in Libya, many of them work for construction companies.

Credible reports that a major air base in Tripoli has fallen to the opposition. #Gaddafi. #Libya

Libyan revolution is now training its men militarily to "finish the job in Tripoli" with help of defected army in Benghazi #libya #feb17

#Libyans in liberated cities across the nation are planning for huge demonstrations on Wednesday for the freedom of #Tripoli. #Libya #Feb17

British special forces are poised to seize caches of mustard gas and other potential chemical weapons being stored by Col. Moammar Gadhafi's regime in the Libyan desert.


AJE : demonstrators were fired on during protests in the outskirts of Tripoli

In a sign of mounting frustration among rebel leaders over Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s diminished but unyielding grip on power, rebel leaders here are debating whether to ask for Western airstrikes under the United Nations banner, according to four people with knowledge of the deliberations.

Top diplomat back from Libya as 14,000 Filipinos remain unaccounted for

A ragtag army of opponents to Col. Moammar Gadhafi began moving west toward Tripoli from the east and the U.S. ordered two warships to the Mediterranean Sea, as the prospect of an extended war loomed over Libya.

UK Clashes With UN Over Libya No-Fly Zone

Tripoli blasts update: Oil truck ablaze in Libyan capital; many Gadhafi supporters at scene, according to Sky News' Lisa Holland

AJE : Residents attacked foreign reporters who rushed to the scene and chased them back to a nearby hotel where many of them are staying

And by residents, they mean pro-gadafi supporters.

AJA: Journalist Faraj Al-Maghribi from Ajdabiya city: There's a battle between the people Qadhafi's troops in Briqa city.

AJA: Journalist Faraj Al-Maghribi: Qadhafi's troops are firing indiscriminately in Briqa, which is near oil installations.

AJA: jounralist Bayba wald Mhady from Benghazi: According to my info. installation near Briqa only produce 20K oil barrels.

Gaddafi forces retakes Brega and heading towards Ajdabia.

Pakistan :

Pakistan minister shot dead on way to cabinet meeting in Islamabad

Not good.
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posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 05:36 AM

How convenient.

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:00 AM
The russian advisors in Gaddafi's group are working hard now, as evident in the counter attack and propaganda efforts.

1. The counter attack has 2 aims:-
a) To keep the rebels off balanced and off focussed/distracted on marching on to Tripoli.
b) To assess the strength of the rebel forces

The attempts failed miserably because:-
a) The rebels have superiority in numbers. Fresh troops and unlimited ammo, compared to to Gaddafi's fast dwindling armed numbers. No matter how many units the beast unleashes, it can never match the numbers by the rebels, whom have the support, strength and moral resolve to destroy the beast at all and any cost to save the nation.

b) Those troops that are counter attacking are 'shanghai'ed' units composing of forced mercenaries with only a sprinkling of experienced troops. The best of the troops will NEVER be released by Gaddafi. They are there to protect Tripoli and him.

Thus, the rebellion needs not fear any further counter-attack. They have the numbers so long as each rebel is properly equipped, motivated and led, with more than enough left over for the final showdown in Tripoli. They must be confident, for they cant lose at this stage BUT they must never be complacent, and must be alert at all times for those staying behind to guard won possessions.

Aircrafts are not invincible. They are only machines, and can be shot down with equipment, and airfields targetted and destroyed. During the Vietnam war, Americans had air superiority for 10 long years, and yet, they lost to sandle footed smaller build Vietnamese army. Therefore AIR SUPERIORITY had been proven not as vaunted as it was fearsomely believed.

Futhermore, those oil fieds that the air force are attempting to bomb are only to strike fear for the new Libyan gov that is being formulated. Without the oilfields, the nation's wealth will be less. But that mad dictator still believes he will still win and will NOT destroy all the fields at the present moment, at least until the last moments.

But stand in the shoes of the pilots. If they carried out that order to destroy the oilfields, their own and their loved one's future are equally doomed, for they too are only Libyans, who want to live or face criminal courts later on.

Even if the oil fields are destroyed, there can be no more worthier price than freedom. Oil eventually will run out anyway and today,alternative energies are being developed.

For with freedom, the nation is free to develope and find its own niche to contribute to the world. Just make sure to claw back every single dime the dictator and his bootlickers had stolen. It is worth hundreds of billions, enough to feed Libyans for a generation while they get their feet back.

There prioritize and do not fall prey to the russian advisors and lunatic Gaddafi's mind games. Focus.

2. The counter attack includes a propaganda effort at the Tunisian border. Gaddafi is attempting to secure the border, and had been distributing food and aid to the refugees. This is a TRAP!

The rebellion figher units MUST NOT engage with the Gaddafi troops, for this is what the russian advisors want. When bullets fly, BLAME will be heaped upon the rebellion for firing upon the refugees, to turn world opinion against the rebels.

Rather, the refugees should be stoning the beasts minions themselves for forcing them into this predicament. They may not had made a stand in the Libyan cities, but the suffering they had undertake was due to the beast and his murderous troops.

IF their pain and hunger still does not make them wake up to facts, then let them be, and let Gaddafi feed and care for them, for no matter what Gaddafi does at this stage, it WILL NEVER absolve his crimes and murder against his own people who had begged for salvation peacefully.

Focus instead on the endgame-Tripoli, where it will all finally end.
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posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:29 AM
In Iran yesterday, again protestors were fired upon by the armed units of the illegitimate gov.

I wonder what it takes to pull that trigger upon unarmed protestors?

Perhaps there is a thrill, a sense of superiority and power when one actually pulls the trigger, and watch that soft skinned human tossed back by the bullet's impact, and crumbles to the ground, in pool of spurting and spluging blood from the bullet hole, his eyes glazed and breathes his last....

But a ...momentary sensation.

The pain comes later, when that scene gets replayed in his mind, in many variations. What if that had been his own father or mother that he had just murdered? Perhaps EVERY armed unit of the executioners have their names listed down or be found out, and let him know what's it like if it was THEIR own loved ones whom are to be executed?

But no, the crimes of one pulling the trigger is his blame alone. No one else should be harmed because of him.

He will attempt to justify it using all means, but there can be no escape from retribution.

Retribution is real, and everyone, no matter how they attempt to escape from it, will be haunted for life, where no drugs from shrinks can ever heal.

Just ask those ex nam soldiers involved in the My Lai Massacres. NONE, NONE, not even one of them escaped the retribution and hauntings despite the huge amounts of drugs. Life became hell for them, needlessly, but due to a moment of sheer folly.......

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by Mdv2

Sorry, but I'll believe thousands of people on the ground in Libya over Russia Today... Russia have billions of $ to lose if Qaddafi falls. It's not in their interest if NATO comes in and overthrow Qaddafi and Libya becomes friend with NATO, while buying NATO weapons.

Bahrain :

Bahrain protests spread from central Manama square to other parts of the city (Reuters)

Saudi Arabia :

Report: Saudi Facebook activist planning protest shot dead (DPA)

Heating up quite fast.
Palestine :

PLO envoy tells U.S. Jews: Peace process must lead to Palestinian state (Haaretz)

Norway mulls recognizing Palestinian state if peace process remains stalled (Haaretz)

Yemen :

Yemen opposition hands Saleh transition road map (Reuters)

Syria :

Syria agrees to allow UN nuclear inspectors into acid plant (Reuters)

Israel :
Israel's new anti-tank system tested

A new defense system for Israeli tanks has successfully shot down a missile attack on Israel's border with Gaza, an army statement says.

The Israeli Defense Ministry said the Trophy Windbreaker system "identified, alerted and intercepted" an anti-tank missile fired from southern Gaza on an Israeli army patrol in the western Negev region.

If the trophy system is working, great!

In video :

Israel destroys wells near Hebron: witnesses

Israeli troops on Wednesday destroyed three water wells belonging to Palestinian villagers living near a sprawling Jewish settlement outside Hebron, witnesses said.

Rightists plan secret 'day of rage' over West Bank outpost demolition (Haaretz)

Libya :
Air strikes target cheering rebels in Libyan port

Out of nowhere, the jet screeched low overhead and slammed two missiles into a street just metres (yards) from where jubilant rebels pumped bullets into a poster of Moamer Kadhafi.

NATO allies debate Libya military option

As US warships entered the Mediterrenean Wednesday, NATO allies were divided on whether to use military might in Libya while Moamer Kadhafi warned that any Western foray would leave thousands dead.

Warning that military action could turn Arabs against Europe, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe insisted that any operation, including policing Libya's skies, would first need approval from the United Nations.

Libyan government denies reports of attacks in east (Reuters)

Report: Iraq FM calls on Libyan leadership to stop bloodshed, respect demands of people (Reuters)

Spain blocks Gaddafi luxury housing project (DPA)

Libyan state TV shows Gadhafi attending political celebration in Tripoli (Reuters)

Spanish Foreign Ministry: We will freeze Gadhafi's assets in Spain (AP)

Gadhafi: U.S. faces bloody war if it enters Libya (Reuters)

Gadhafi's explanation for revolt: U.S.-freed terrorists trained Libyan al-Qaida (Ch. 10)

Senator Kerry: International community should prepare to implement Libya no-fly zone (Reuters)

Rebels in East Libya call for UN-backed air strikes against Gadhafi (Reuters)

Gadhafi's military spending lowest in Mideast, making army coup difficult (Bloomberg)

Clinton: U.S. long way from Libya no-fly zone decision (Reuters)

Libyan warplane carries out air strike in Brega (Reuters)

Libyan Human Rights League claims Gadhafi has killed 6,000 in last 2 weeks (Israel Radio)

Arab League says it could impose Libya 'no fly' zone with African Union (Reuters)

FREAKING A!!!!!!!!!! That would be ideal.

UN sees 100,000 Africans fleeing Libya to Niger (Reuters)

UNESCO suspends cooperation with Libya (AP)

British, French specialists disarm Libyan jets in Malta (Reuters)

Waste of time really.

Over 180,000 refugees flee to Libya's borders (AP)

Iraq :
UN worried over 'rights violations' at Iraq demos

The United Nations voiced concern on Wednesday over allegations of human rights violations at recent demonstrations in Iraq, and called for those behind the abuses to be held accountable.

The statement from the UN mission in Iraq came after protests across the country on Friday left 16 people dead, as well as multiple allegations from journalists of assault and detention.

"The UN in Iraq notes with concern that several instances of human rights violations in relation to the demonstrations have been reported," the statement said.

"The reported violations include disproportionate use of force by Iraqi security forces that resulted in the death and injury of a number of citizens; restrictions on the media and attacks on media organisations; and arrests and detention of, in particular, journalists."

Afghanistan :
Nine Afghan Boys Collecting Firewood Killed by NATO Helicopters
That's sad.
Iran :
Iran slams US over Afghan arms accusation

Iran has blasted arch-foe the United States over accusations Tehran is arming and training militants in Afghanistan, where US-led forces are battling a raging Taliban insurgency.

Fact is that some Talibans are hiding on Iran's border, just like some are hiding in Pakistan.

Iran warships to transit Suez Canal Thursday: officials

The two Iranian warships that passed through the Suez Canal last month en route to Syria, a move Israel branded "political provocation," will make the return trip on Thursday, an official said.

Funny how they were supposed to stay there a year... and they are already coming back... yeah they TOTALLY DIDN'T deliver weapons to Hezbollah... totally not...

Iran opposition says 79 arrested in protests government denies took place (Reuters)

Egypt :
Egyptian military jails activist

The arrest and sentencing of Amr Abdallah Elbihiry, 33, an Egyptian activist, has sparked outrage among pro-democracy activists and human rights groups in Egypt.

Elbihiry was convicted and sentenced to five years in military prison on Wednesday by Egypt's Supreme Military Court, after being charged with assaulting a public official on duty and for breaking curfew.

Elbihiry was arrested during the early hours of Saturday morning, in front of the Council of Ministers headquarters, at a peaceful demonstration demanding the resignation of Ahmed Shafiq, the interim prime minister.

He was one of a group of protesters that took part in a peaceful sit-in, which was violently dispersed by the Egyptian armed forces, and military police. Protesters were reportedly beaten with sticks, others with electric shock batons.

Lots of thugs still in the military...

Arab League postpones summit to May, Egypt state news agency reports (Reuters)

Too much trouble.

Jailers fire live bullets at prisoners in Egypt jail riots, says Egyptian newspaper (Ch. 10)

Egypt frees two senior Muslim Brotherhood members (Reuters)

Lebanon :

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton: U.S. must continue to fund Lebanese army (AP)

To help them stay on the side of the moderate...
And the most insane news item :

U.S. Senate considering sending aid package to Arab countries to 'encourage reform' (AP)

Really? They don't get enough US aid? And the US isn't bankrupt enough? This ``aid`` is more like bribery to keep the US puppets in place.
Revolution spreading to the UK :

U.K. lawmaker calls for prince to reform British monarchy (Reuters)

Finally some balls to ask for this. Should have been done 200+ years ago. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
And China is really scared :
China warns int'l media not to cover protest calls
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