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Middle East on fire

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 12:29 AM
this is a telling piece, although obviously partisan, it speaks volumes...

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 11:49 PM
Libyan fighters spotted in Syria.

Islamistas libios se desplazan a Siria para «ayudar» a la revolución

ABC is a spanish MSM.

Summary in english

MADRID, (SANA)- Correspondent of the Spanish ABC newspaper, Daniel Iriarte, revealed in a report from Idleb Province, northern Syria, that there are Libyan fighters in border areas in Idleb.

The Spanish correspondent, who stayed in Kansafreh village in Idleb with a team of Spanish journalists, said that three Libyans, who showed their IDs, told him that they are close to the current military ruler in Tripoli, Abdul-Karim Balhaj, and were formerly linked to al-Qaeda.

Iriarte said that one of those three Libyans, who is named Mahdi al-Hatari, was well known by the correspondents who covered the battles between the forces of the Libyan Transitional Council and the Libyan forces, as he was the former leader of Tripoli Brigade.

The second Libyan, called Adam Keikali, told the ABC' correspondent that he worked in Tripoli and lived as a refugee in Britain for two decades.

Iriarte added that the third Libyan is named Fu'ad and seems to be just a companion, pointing out that Adam confirmed that they came to Syria with other few tens of Libyans.

In this framework, News 1 website published an article by journalist Pazit Ravina in which he talked about the Qatari role in what is happening in Syria, saying that Qatar is involved in operational acts against Syria represented in sending shipments of weapons and Libyan fighters into Syria.

Mahdi al-Harati

October, 11
Libyan-Irish commander resigns as deputy head of Tripoli military council

THE LIBYAN-IRISH commander [Mahdi al-Harati] who led the main anti-Gadafy brigade into Tripoli in August has resigned from his position as deputy head of the Tripoli Military Council.
Mr Harati, an Arabic teacher who moved to Ireland almost 20 years ago and who lives in Dublin with his Irish-born wife and family, could not be reached for comment last night. He returned to Ireland earlier this week to visit his family in the south Dublin suburb of Firhouse. One of his associates in Tripoli told The Irish Times Mr Harati had tendered his resignation last Friday for “personal reasons”.
Mr Harati’s brigade is the largest of the anti-Gadafy units that swept into Tripoli on August 21st. It counts several thousand men within its ranks and contains many expatriate Libyans, including several from Ireland.

Mr Harati’s Irish-born brother-in-law Hosam al-Najjair, who lives in Dublin’s Portobello, is the brigade’s head of security.

In a recent interview with The Irish Times , Mr Harati said his priority was helping to ensure stability in post-Gadafy Libya.

“My agenda, for the time being, is to help gather and unite people until the country is stable, and there my role will finish and I will go back to my home and family,” he said. Asked if he had political ambitions, Mr Harati replied: “No, but I might go for it only if people need me, and ask me to.”

His brother-in-law : Tripoli Brigade and the Fall of Bab Azizia
The first link is a 25mn TV report which follows Najjair's unit on its way to Tripoli. Skip to 1:30.
The whole report is well worth a watch.

Travellers rob €200k that spook gave Libyan freedom fighter living in Ireland

A GANG of Irish traveller thieves are in the middle of a holy war - after liberating €200,000 cash destined for Libyan rebels. In a tale worthy of the John le Carre thriller Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the scam artists from Rathkeale in Co Limerick hit the jackpot when they robbed a home in Dublin's Firhouse.

As well as a haul of family jewels, they stumbled upon €200,000 in €500 bills hidden in the hot press. But the homeowner was well-known Irish Libyan freedom fighter Mahdi al-Harati, who was one of the leaders of the bloody revolt against Gaddafi.

He has told cops that the cash was a gift from US secret agents to aid the war effort in Libya. Now the money trail has led to the traveller strongholds in Rathkeale, where €500 notes have been popping up all over the place.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 12:19 AM
The english summary is incomplete.

From the spanish article :

Spanish reporters are trying to find a way out of Syria.
Members of the Syrian Liberation Army help them cross the enemy line by car.
They stop in a camp.
They are told another group is waiting for an evacuation.
Surprise, they are 3 Libyans.
They say they are not there to fight but "to evaluate the needs of their Syrian revolutionary brothers."
They don't try to hide their identities.
Adem Kikli says he works for Belhadj [Abdelhakim, commander of the Libyan Rebels, LIFG]
The Spanish article says the third one Fu'ad is a bodyguard.
Kikli says "they are there at their own initiative, not following orders."
He says he's been in Syria with "several dozens" of Libyans at their own initiative to help the rebels.
On the way to the border, Harati says :
"If it depended solely on us, we would send arms to the Syrians tomorrow. We don't need them anymore. But they would have to enter through Turkey and the Turkish can't permit it because there is no consensus in NATO."
They split at the border saying they are returning to Libya.

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