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Middle East on fire

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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 03:53 PM

So why do the US need 2 battlegroups near Iran again if it's leaving Iraq?? To support Afghanistan? Please.

The LHD 5 is also there, amphibious warfare ship... sure would be useful for an invasion... by a small force.
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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 06:47 PM
Russia mulls building more Iran nuclear reactors in wake of damning UN report

Remark by head of Russian nuclear agency comes despite U.S., Israel suspicions that the Islamic Republic was secretly developing nuclear weapons capabilities.

Russia, which built Iran's first nuclear power station, said on Thursday it might help the Islamic Republic construct more atomic plants - dangling a carrot in front of Tehran amid tense diplomacy over its nuclear program.

Will that push the US to invade or will this deter them? Anyway this is dangerous business.

U.S.: Strike of Iran's nuclear facilities may have unintended consequences

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says attack on Iran enrichment centers ought to be 'last resort', and may only delay nuclear program by a few years.

Only idiots like Netanyahu think that all will be honky dory.

Report: U.K. government expects Israel to attack Iran within 2 months

A senior source in the British Foreign Office divulges that working assumption is that in order to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability, Israel may attack 'as early as Christmas.'

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 07:32 PM
Hey Vitchilo, I saw the link where the Israels gas lines exploded...My question is since they really want to bomb Iran, who's to say that Israel didn't blow it up themselves so they can blame Iran and use it to justify to the UN they started it. lol I know it sounds crazy, but we live in a crazy world.
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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by mytheroy

Nah. It happened a few times already... not to mention the line is in Egypt. Everybody in the area knows that it's local Egyptian groups that did this... so Israel isn't foolish enough to start a war with Iran over this. It would be way way way way too obvious.

Obama challenger Romney says 'prepare for war' against Iran

Accusing President Barack Obama of naivete on Iran, Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney promised Thursday that if elected president he would "prepare for war" with the Islamic republic.

Come on Romney, put on your uniform and go invade Iran by yourself. I'm sure Americans would just love another war... NOT.

Iraq pullout blinds U.S. intel operations

The U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq is cutting off vital intelligence bases and listening posts that have played a key role in clandestine operations that have scored major successes in the global counter-terrorism campaign.

Germany plans major Afghanistan troop cut next year

Germany is planning a major cut in its military forces in Afghanistan next year, according to a government document seen by AFP Thursday.


Feeble EU economy may stifle Iran sanctions drive

Panic over Europe's economic woes could scuttle hard-hitting economic sanctions against Iran, analysts said Wednesday, drawing the United States closer to a stark choice between military action or containment.


China says sanctions 'cannot solve' Iran issue

China said Thursday sanctions would not "fundamentally solve" the Iranian nuclear issue and urged further dialogue to resolve an ongoing impasse over Tehran's atomic programme.

No 'smoking gun' in Iran nuclear report: analysts

The UN atomic watchdog's hardest-hitting report to date on Iran's suspected nuclear weapons drive is probably too weak to convince Russia and China of the need for more sanctions, analysts said Wednesday.

Growing doubts in Israel about strike on Iran

Experts and political figures on Wednesday expressed growing doubts of Israel launching a military strike aimed at stopping Iran's nuclear drive, although such an attack hasn't been ruled out.

"Israel can not afford to act alone against Iran," said Uzi Eilam, former head of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission.

"We must guard against hysteria. Iran is not an existential threat to Israel," he told army radio.

"Even if Iran manages to detonate a nuclear device as did North Korea, it will take six to seven years to equip its missiles with nuclear warheads," he added.

Duh. Not that actual FACTS will sway that nutjob Netanyahu any other way.

U.S. Plans Bomb Sales in Gulf to Counter Iran

The Obama administration has quietly drawn up plans to provide a key Persian Gulf ally with thousands of advanced "bunker-buster" bombs and other munitions, part of a stepped-up U.S. effort to build a regional coalition to counter Iran.

The proposed sale to the United Arab Emirates would vastly expand the existing capabilities of the country's air force to target fixed structures, which could include bunkers and tunnels—the kind of installations where Iran is believed to be developing weapons.

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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 08:40 PM
This in a way sounds like Iran is whining that other people can have their toys why can we.. Kinda like kids on a playground one sees another playing with a cool toy and if they don't share the toy, they either try to take it or get a bigger better toy just to show off lol even if it means WW3
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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by mytheroy

Well here's why Iran want to have nukes :

Iran sees nuclear program as last line of defense against West, expert says

In interview with Haaretz, Mehdi Khalaji, senior Iranian scholar and son of Shi'ite Ayatollah, says sanctions, dialogue will not thwart Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

Mehdi Khalaji, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that the Iranian regime considered its nuclear program as the utmost tool to preserve its survival, meaning that pressure by the West could not sway Tehran away from further advances.

Just like when Israel developped nukes in the 60s-70s.

Speaking with Haaretz, the chief researcher said that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei believes that the West is trying to depose Tehran's Islamic regime, going as far as considering U.S. President Barack Obama's offer for compromise to be a scam.

Which it is.

He said Iran was very isolated, leading its rulers to believe that a nuclear program was the only way to forestall a future attack.

Thing is, this thinking is flawed... Pakistan hasn't been attacked because it's a US puppet. And North Korea hasn't been attacked because it's allied with China and it can rain hell on Seoul, not because they got nukes. Not to mention, Pakistan and North Korea don't have natural ressources.

So even if Iran were to get nukes, there's people in Washington DC, Israel and Europe crazy enough to want to go to war anyways.

U.S. soldier gets life sentence for killing three Afghani citizens for sport (AP)

U.S. may sell precision-guided bombs to U.A.E., source says (Reuters)

China says no reason to target its firms over Iran nuclear program (Reuters)

Mines planted on Lebanon-Syria border, man wounded in explosion (Reuters)

UN Security Council meets on Palestinian statehood bid (DPA)

Hezbollah: Israel will think twice before attacking Lebanon again

Israel is wary of Hezbollah's strength and will think twice before attacking Lebanon, the leader of the Lebanese militant group Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said in an address on Friday.

Nasrallah also said that any Israeli or U.S. strike on Iran's nuclear facilities will lead to a regional war

"I'm not threatening, but anyone with sense can see that an Israeli-U.S. strike on Iran, or military involvement in Syria, will lead to a regional war," he said. "And I believe Khamenei when he says Iran can thwart any attack on its nuclear facilities." .

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:03 AM
Hey Vitchilo I found his pretty interesting, and if I'm looking at it right all the blinking dots are places of attacks once all out war strikes. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:08 AM
If I'm right than there are a lot of nukes pointed right at our front door. now thats scary. Hope we have a big tennis racket lol. I also like this map because it gives live feed on natural disasters too.
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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:08 AM
My guess is that if the Mullahs had never taken power in Iran that the US would helped them build a reactor....maybe several.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by princeofpeace
My guess is that if the Mullahs had never taken power in Iran that the US would helped them build a reactor....maybe several.

Totally right. They had started with the Shah after all.

reply to post by mytheroy

I have no idea about that. Ask someone else... a bigger expert...
But in the event of a war, I think targets would be... power sources, military bases, food sources, banking system, internet systems, communication systems, oil/gas pipelines, ports, airports, nuclear silos...
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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

My question is ... When is the middle east NOT on fire?

I think in all honest if I read All is well in the middleeast I'd either think i was reading a gag paper or one I printed myself in my bunker AFTER all these yahoos blow each other up! I feel sorry for the innocents TPTB hurt just to continue this madness.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Saudi-Arabia is next Door...with alot of Oil-Fields.

Imagine if Iran blocks Homuras and blows up SA´s Oil-Fields
The Western Economy would crash within Days

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 06:38 AM
Iran Navy acquires new submarines amidst nuclear tension

Iranian state TV said the country has added three more domestically-built submarines to its naval fleet.

The report on Sunday said the vessels were delivered to the Iranian navy in southern port of Bandar Abbas.

It said the submarines were from the Ghadir class, of which Iran already has four.

This class of submarine can fire missiles and torpedoes and operate in the Gulf's shallow waters.

Ghadir class submarine

The Ghadir class submarines are capable of firing the Hoot supercavitating rocket torpedoes which travel several times faster than conventional torpedoes.

If they really got a supercavitating torpedo... uh oh. Those are the fastest torpedoes in the WORLD... Apparently Iran reversed engineered the Russian torpedoes... if they really did it... watch out.

According to Wiki, they've got 17 submarines like that. And they really are small... so very hard to find with sonar. The North Korean submarine that sunk the SKorean warship was exactly that size.

Iran TV: Syria is now pointing its Scud missiles toward Turkey

Tomorrow : Egyptian parliament election part 1

Lebanon government poised to fall due to Hariri tribunal funding

U.S. urges Americans to leave Syria "immediately"

Russia Arms Syria With Missiles To Defend Against NATO Attack

Report: Dozens of U.S. spies captured in Lebanon and Iran

Arab states, Turkey and US plan 'No-Fly Zone' over Syria

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

I think the problems in Middle East derive from two basic matters :

1. Energy providing for superpowers. Superpowers tend to took all the oil resources out , anywhere other than their country

2. NWO and helping a country with no border to get as much land as possible. All of the countries seem to agree on this matter.

posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 05:03 AM
Syria :

Syrian security forces storm areas near the capital Damascus (DPA)

Syria Economy Minister: Arab League sanctions ‘dangerous precedent’ that will harm Syrians (AP)

Lebanon will not implement Syria sanctions, says FM (Reuters)

Syria says Arab League closes window to resolve crisis (Reuters)

Syria: Arab League sanctions seal path to negotiated solution to political crisis (Israel Radio)

U.S. Vice President visits Turkey, Greece amid deepening concern over Syria (Reuters)

Turkey says to conduct trade via Iraq if Syria worsens (AP)

Report: Russia opposes imposition of arms embargo on Syria (Reuters)

Turkish FM: International community may decide buffer zone needed in Syria (Reuters)

Rebel army calls for air strikes on Syria

Free Syrian Army chief Riyadh al-Asaad on Thursday called for foreign air strikes on "strategic targets" in Syria to speed up the fall of the regime, in a telephone interview with AFP.

"We are not in favour of the entry of foreign troops as was the case in Iraq but we want the international community to give us logistical support," said FSA chief Colonel Asaad, who is based across the border in Turkey.

N.Korea 'Helped Syria Build Missile Factory'

Syria built a secret missile assembly line with the help of North Korea and Iran, German daily Die Welt claimed last Friday.

The daily said North Korea provided the technology to manufacture maraging steel, which is a restricted material under the Nuclear Suppliers Group and the Missile Technology Control Regime. It can be used for missile skins and centrifuges critical in uranium enrichment.

Iraq says sanctions on Syria 'not possible'

Iraq's foreign minister said on Saturday that it was "not possible" to impose economic sanctions on Syria, after the Iraqi president said he was concerned extremists might take over.

President Jalal Talabani said Iraq was afraid extremists might take over in Syria if Assad's regime falls, according to a Saturday statement on the presidential website.

"We are worried about the alternative... we are afraid of the extremist party, if it replaces the old," Talabani said in an interview with Iraqiya television, according to the statement.

"We are afraid that if extremist forces come to power, they would be hostile to democracy, and hostile to Iraq.

Syria is already hostile to Iraq. Saudi Arabia has been giving money and training to extremists, sending them to Syria so they could sneak in Iraq and kill lots of people...

Egypt :

Report: Saboteurs blow up Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan, Israel (Reuters)

Egypt’s military ruler inspects polling stations (DPA)

Supporters of disqualified candidate attack polling station in south Egypt (DPA)

Egypt's new PM says aims to announce his new cabinet by the end of the week (AP)

U.S. on Egypt vote: Religious parties can still maintain democratic principles (Haaretz)

Egyptians flock to polls on second day of voting (Reuters)

Egypt stock market spikes on elections (AP)

Polls open for second day of Egypt's landmark elections

Turnout slightly smaller than Monday, the first voting day, when long lines formed despite massive despite security concerns and turmoil over a deadly spate of violence in the week before the balloting.

A novelty in this Egypt vote: unknown results

Egypt now resembles a newly formed state that is trying to sketch out a map of its political forces on a blank page.

The most important and democratic innovation of Egypt's parliamentary elections that began on Monday is that we don't know who will win. We can probably assume that the Muslim Brotherhood will win much of the vote, but in contrast to Egyptian elections over the past 60 years, today there's no "ruling party" that was always the sure winner.

Iran :

Report: South Korea might ban Iran petchem imports (Reuters)

12 arrested in Iran for espionage, intelligence chief says (DPA)

Iran body passes law downgrading ties with Britain (Reuters)

Israel official: Iran explosion may delay Tehran's missile development track (Haaretz)

Head of judiciary in Iran city of Isfahan confirms 'explosion-like' sound from city (Reuters)

Blast may have slowed Iran nuclear drive: Israel

A deadly blast at an Iranian military base this month may have slowed the Islamic republic's nuclear programme, a senior Israeli military official said in a report on Monday.

"The explosion at the site where ground-to-ground missiles are developed could delay or even bring a complete halt to the production of these missiles at that site," said General Itai Baron, head of the military's intelligence research unit, quoted by the media.

We'll hit NATO shield in Turkey if threatened: Iran

Iran will target NATO's missile shield in neighbouring Turkey if it is threatened by military action, the commander of the aerospace division of the Revolutionary Guards said on Saturday.

Sure you will... I think you rather use your missiles on NATO trops in Afghanistan or Israel.

Israel :

Explosion from unknown source reported in northern Israel (Ch. 10)

Police locate a rocket that fell during the night near the Lebanese border (Haaretz)

Three rockets fall during in northern Israel during the night (Haaretz)

Israel's security forces locate fourth Katyusha in open field between two northern towns (Haaretz)

Yemen :

Yemen President Saleh orders amnesty despite ceded power (AP)

Iraq :

Suicide bomber hits Iraq military base, 11 dead, 19 wounded (Reuters)

Kuwait :

Report: Kuwait’s cabinet to meet amid political crisis (Reuters)

Palestine :

Israel mulling transfer of held Palestinian funds, citing PA's halt of unilateral moves (Haaretz)

PA’s Abbas announces Palestinian elections on May 4 (DPA)

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posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 05:13 AM

posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 06:15 AM
That's funny.

Iran to stage naval drills in international waters

Iran will hold large scale naval exercises in international waters, Navy chief Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said on Saturday.

posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 08:41 AM
Syria :
Turkey raises Syria military option; Russia urges caution

Turkish FM says Ankara reluctatant to use force, but preparing itself for 'any scenario'; Russian FM says ban on all weapons would be 'dishonest'.

Turkey on Tuesday raised the option of military intervention in neighboring Syria while Russia rejected even an arms embargo as Damascus tries to stifle anti-government protests.

Highlighting divisions among foreign powers on how to deal with the bloodshed in Syria, Turkey's foreign minister said Ankara was reluctant to take a military option but was ready for "any scenario".

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejected calls at the United Nations for an arms embargo against Syria, saying that a similar move against Libya had proved one-sided, helping rebels to topple Gadhafi in August.

"We know how that worked in Libya when the arms embargo only applied to the Libyan army. The opposition received weapons, and countries like France and Qatar publicly spoke about it without shame," he told a news conference.

True dat.

Egypt :
Egypt army sees 'unprecedented' turnout on day 2 of vote

Military council expects turnout in first stage of parliamentary elections to exceed 70 percent; elections commission says millions participating peacefully in poll.

Good news.

Yemen :
Hundreds of thousands protest in Yemen, demanding trial for President Saleh

Mass protests in the capital Sanaa, Taiz, Aden, and other cities call for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to face trial for charges ranging from corruption to deadly crackdowns on protests.

Hell yeah.

Iran :
UK Embassy In Tehran Taken Over By Protestors, Building On Fire Update : 8 people taken hostage


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 08:02 PM
Tunisia :

Tunisian ex-president Ben Ali sentenced in absentia by military court for torture (AP)


Qatar :

Qatar: West should embrace 'Arab Spring' Islamists (Reuters)

Yemen :

Report: Yemen forces shell city of Taiz, 5 killed (Reuters)

Iraq :

Biden: Iran potential to influence Iraq after U.S. troops leave is vastly overstated (Reuters)

Oh really? I call BS, but what do I know... Saudi Arabia is in the mix too...

Saudi Arabia :

Amnesty International accuses Saudi Arabia of legalizing repression by the government (Reuters)


Jordan :

Jordan's new government wins confidence vote (DPA)

Lebanon :

Hezbollah: We disagree with Lebanon funding UN-backed Hariri court, but we won’t act (Reuters)


Iran :

U.S. Senate approves sanctions on Iran Central Bank (AP)

Russia warns West increasing pressure on Iran will undermine chances it will cooperate (Reuters)

EU imposes new Iran sanctions, adds 180 names to list of targeted companies (Reuters)

Report: Iranian authorities behind protester attack on U.K. embassy (Haaretz)

Germany probing possible Iranian plot to target U.S. bases in its territory (DPA)

What are US troops still doing in Germany BTW? It's been 66 years since Hitler died.

Photos show Iran base decimated by blast

A recent deadly explosion at a missile base in Iran caused major devastation and will take much longer to repair than a top Iranian general has predicted, according to an analysis of new satellite photos of the site.

Lawmakers, Obama aides clash on Iran sanctions

The US Senate stood poised Thursday to adopt legislation imposing harsh new economic sanctions on Iran despite an 11th-hour plea from top aides to President Barack Obama to reject the measure.

What's ridiculous about those sanctions is that the only way they gonna be effective is if there's a blockade against Iran... in the face of China... good luck with that.

U.S. moves to supply 'bunker buster' bombs to UAE

- The Obama administration has proposed selling 600 "bunker buster" bombs and other munitions to the United Arab Emirates, which lies across the Gulf from Iran, to deter what it called regional threats.

The BLU-109 "Hard Target Penetrator" bomb, or bunker buster, is a 2,000-pound (900-kg) weapon designed to smash into buried enemy command posts, munitions depots and other hardened targets before using a delayed fuse to explode.

Well there ya go. Now the UAE will be equipped to take part in the war on Iran.

Israel :
Former Mossad chief briefed comptroller about Iran strike plans

On his resignation from the position of Mossad chief Dagan reportedly told confidants he intends to do everything he can to prevent an irresponsible decision regarding Iran.

In the interview to Dayan last night he castigated Barak's statement last month about Israel having a time window of less than a year for a military move to stop the nuclearization.

"I'm very troubled," he said. "What I understand [from Barak's statement] is that Israel must act within that time frame. I don't share that appraisal."

Way to go Dagan!

Barak: Israel isn't interested in war with Iran (Israel Radio)

Israel isn't, yourself and Netanyahu, that's another story.

Netanyahu's cabinet approves transfer of tax money to Palestinians (Haaretz)

For once Netanyahu does something good.

Obama: 'No ally more important than Israel' (AP)

What about Canada? The UK? Japan? No?

Israelis support nuclear-free Mideast: poll

A strong majority of Israeli Jews support a Middle East where neither Iran nor Israel nor any other country has nuclear weapons, according to a poll published on Thursday.


Berlin 'will sell Israel sixth submarine'

Germany is reported to have agreed to provide Israel with a sixth Dolphin class submarine, supposedly capable of firing nuclear-tipped missiles at Iran, and pay one-third of the cost after it looked like Berlin was prepared to scrap the deal.

Syria :
Report: Russia delivers supersonic cruise missiles to Syria

Military source confirms delivery of missiles, according to an AFP report; second official says missiles will protect Syria from 'possible attack from the sea.'

MSM late again...

UN: Syria now in state of civil war, death toll at more than 4,000

EU adopts new, wide-ranging sanctions against Assad regime; U.S. Treasury blacklists two top Syria officials.

U.S. Treasury imposes more sanctions against 2 Syria officials, 2 firms (Reuters)

Turkey slapped tough economic sanctions on Syria (AP)

Turkish FM: Syria has squandered every chance, come to the end of the road (Reuters)

Egypt :
Islamists set to dominate Egypt legislature as initial vote results emerge

Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's oldest and best-organized Islamist group, expects its new Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is on course to secure about 40%% of Parliament.
Parliament won't control much anyways till the power is back into civilian hands... which could take a while.

Egypt elections results expected to be declared Friday (Reuters)

Palestine :
Fayyad to Haaretz: I will not lead a Palestinian unity government

Survey released last week shows 57 percent Palestinians want Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to serve as head of the unity government.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said on Thursday that he would not serve as the prime minister of a Fatah-Hamas unity government, nor would he run for president.

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 12:16 AM
still got the house and the POTUS to go through, but, moving in that direction...

Another nail in the coffers????

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