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Middle East on fire

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 08:11 AM
Yemen :

Yemen government forces open fire on protesters in Taiz, wounding dozens (Reuters)

Palestine :

Fayyad: PA has crossed statehood threshold (Haaretz)

Shin Bet report: Weapons smuggling to Gaza from Sinai on the rise (Ch. 10)

Fatah and Hamas to hold first meeting since reconciliation (DPA)

Hamas: Israel arrests top Hamas official in Hebron, third arrest since unity deal (Israel Radio)

Really trying to get Hamas to launch rockets are you Israel? Pathetic.

Berlusconi: Italy won't recognize Palestinian state if Hamas doesn't recognize Israel (Israel Radio)

And? Who cares what Italy thinks? Especially that corrupt bastard Berlusconi...
Pakistan :

Taliban says deadly Pakistan bombing is revenge for bin Laden killing (AP)

Death toll in Pakistan bombing rises to 80 (Reuters)

Pakistan due to get $300 million from the United States for security reimbursements (Reuters)

US drone attack kills five in Pakistan: officials

A US drone fired two missiles into a vehicle in Pakistan's tribal district of North Waziristan on Thursday, killing at least five suspected militants, local security officials said.

Israel :
Israel Police on High Alert as 'Nakba' Events Begin

Israeli security forces were on high alert on Friday for fear of violence as the Palestinians begin marking the "Nakba" or "catastrophe" which befell them following Israel's establishment in 1948.
"The police are on high alert and we have deployed thousands of police officers in and around Jerusalem, as well as in the north," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Agence France Presse.

Israel army admits using dogs against Palestinians

Israel's army is using attack dogs to stop Palestinians trying to damage the West Bank separation barrier in order to illegally enter Israel through the gaps, the military admitted on Thursday.

Israel to spend $2B on missile defense

Israel's announcement that it will spend $2 billion on building up its anti-missile defense system over the next few years, on top of whatever it can squeeze out of the Americans, underlines the military's deep concerns that the country faces a new kind of war.

Jordan :

Thousands of Jordanians prepare for rally to commemorate the Nakba (DPA)

Syria :
Russia Warns Against Foreign Intervention in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned Friday against foreign intervention in Syria, calling on the Syrian opposition not to seek a repeat of the "Libya scenario".

"We are very worried that the process of reconciliation, the process of the start of dialogue ... is being slowed down by a desire of some participants to attract foreign forces to support their actions," Russian news agencies quoted Lavrov as saying.

Yeah if the UN goes in Syria, it won't be pretty since it would probably bring in Iran and Hezbollah.

Assad reported to have ordered no shooting on Friday protests in Syria (Reuters)

Syria security deploy tanks, troops ahead of Friday protests (AP)

700 dead in Syria crackdown, international jurists' group says (Reuters)

Syrian forces arrest veteran rights campaigner in city of Homs' (Reuters)

Report: Syria troops backed by tanks deployed around the central city of Hama (Reuters)

Syrian forces break up pro-democracy student protest at Aleppo, witness says (Reuters)

Two Syrian troops killed in clashes with 'terrorists': SANA

Two Syrian soldiers were killed and five others wounded in clashes with "armed terrorist gangs" in the protest hubs of Homs and Daraa, the state news agency SANA reported Wednesday.

Iran :

Russian says Iran atomic plant to be fully operational within weeks (Reuters)

Israeli ex-spy boss: Iran strike 'stupid'

Meir Dagan, Israel's recently retired intelligence chief who spent eight years trying to sabotage Iran's nuclear program, has declared a military strike against that contentious project "is the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

In April diplomatic cables from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, released by WikiLeaks, revealed that in 2007 Netanyahu expressed a willingness to join the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert if Israel initiated an attack on Iran.

"While an Israeli attack in the next six months is highly unlikely," Oxford Analytica noted, "the country will soon have to decide whether to go it alone before it is too late, or to rely increasingly on untested U.S. willingness to use its much more powerful forces."


Netanyahu expressed a willingness to join the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert if Israel initiated an attack on Iran.

Crazy Netanyahu....I knew from day one he was nuts, but now it just confirms it...

Sanctions hold up Iran nuclear drive: UN report

International sanctions are slowing Iran's nuclear program but the Islamic Republic has repeatedly sought to breach an arms embargo by shipping weapons to Syria, UN investigators said in a report.

Six of the nine violations of a UN ban on conventional arms shipments by Iran involve Syria, said the report, a copy of which was obtained by AFP.

EU says nuclear talks with Iran again in limbo

The European Union cast doubt Wednesday on hopes of a quick resumption of stalled nuclear talks with Iran, saying a message from Tehran to kickstart the negotiations offered nothing new.

While Iran announced it had sent a letter Tuesday to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton agreeing to a new round of talks with six world powers, her office suggested a fresh bid to resolve the festering dispute was premature.

"We are surprised to hear the Iranians talking about meetings. They have not been in touch with us with any proposals," said Ashton's spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic.

Iran to send satellites into space to prepare maps and photos

A senior Iranian aerospace official said the country will soon launch two satellites into space to take high resolution wall maps and aerial photos of locations around the globe, the local English language satellite Press TV reported on Tuesday.

Outside View: Iran and Bolivia

Yet another recent trade deal that received scant attention is perhaps far more important to American interests.

Last November, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced he would partner with Iran to develop the country's vast lithium reserves. Lithium is an important mineral with a variety of uses from producing rechargeable batteries to creating various medicines.

And yet a byproduct of lithium also has a little known and insidious application: It can be used as an alternative or as an enhancer to uranium, a key component needed to develop nuclear weapons. In particular, lithium-6 is an internationally controlled substance because of its "booster" role in smaller, highly efficient thermonuclear devices.

In other words, it makes bad bombs smaller, worse and also more portable. And thus policymakers should be concerned that the deal with Bolivia could bring the Islamic Republic one step closer to nuclear capability.

Bahrain :

Bahrain to try guards over death of Shi'ite activist in police custody (Reuters)


Bahrain military chief says Gulf troops to stay on even after emergency rule is lifted (Reuters)

Egypt :

Al-Jazeera: Egyptian authorities announce ‘state of alert’ on all Sinai exits and entrances

Egypt to interrogate former President Mubarak, his wife over corruption charges (Reuters)

Libya :
Libya will not try to retake rebel east, deputy FM says

Libyan authorities will not try to retake the rebel-held east by force, Libya's deputy foreign minister said in an interview in which he branded Tripoli's initial response to the crisis "a big failure."

NATO strikes Libyan capital after Gadhafi appears on state TV (AP)

Delegation of Libya rebel council to visit the White House on Friday (Reuters)

Libyan rebel leader: Rebels need more weapons to help in fight against Gadhafi (Reuters)

Libya rebels: We repelled Gadhafi forces from Misrata (AP)

NATO warships fend off boat attack on rebel-held Misrata

Libyan rebel chief in U.K. to drum up aid (Reuters)

NATO strikes Kadhafi compound after TV appearance
Too bad they missed him.
Lebanon :
Nothing final regarding cabinet formation, says source

AFP quoted an unnamed source close to Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati as saying that “it cannot be specified when the new cabinet will see the light.”

There has been progress in the cabinet formation process, but nothing is final, the source added.

It seems the 48 hours deadline was only a rumor... we'll see.
Iraq :
Iraq PM calls for national dialogue over US troops

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called for a dialogue on Wednesday with rival blocs to gauge whether or not US troops currently in Iraq should stay beyond a year-end deadline for their withdrawal.

So will US troops stay in Iraq? I bet they will.

posted on May, 14 2011 @ 06:11 AM
Syria :

Al-Arabiya: Tear gas used to break up demonstration in Damascus

Britain summons Syrian envoy, warns of new sanctions

Britain summoned the Syrian ambassador Friday in coordination with other EU nations to warn of fresh sanctions against the regime if it fails to stop a crackdown on protesters.

Syrian opposition figure: Freedom’s march will not turn back

Al-Jazeera: People protest in Homs, Raqqa, Al-Qamishli, call for overthrowing the regime

AFP: Activists say total number of Syrian protesters killed Friday is now three

At least it's better than the other days.
Lebanon :
March 8 has failed in forming the cabinet, says Geagea

Lebanese forces leader Samir Geagea on Saturday said that the other team has not succeeded in forming the cabinet and is claiming that foreign directives are blocking the cabinet formation process.

“The main problem concerning the cabinet formation is that Hezbollah and Syria want a [one-sided] cabinet, Geagea told Free Lebanon radio, but “President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati want a cabinet resembling the reality in Lebanon.”

A one-sided cabinet will be formed at the end, says Marouni

Kataeb bloc MP Elie Marouni on Saturday said he expected in the end, a one-sided cabinet will be formed in Lebanon.

The Kataeb MP also said that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s (STL) indictment is likely to be issued later this month.

“The STL indictment will be issued by the end of this month and the cabinet will be formed simultaneously,” he said.

Hopefully the freaking STL will end... hell it's been 6 years!

March 8 Refutes Claims of Deadlock, Says Portfolio Distribution Nearly Settled

High-ranking March 8 sources refuted claims that the cabinet formation process has gone back to the starting point over crippling demands by the new parliamentary majority.

The distribution of major portfolios is almost settled, the sources claimed. The Sunni sect has kept the finance and education portfolios while the Shiites kept the foreign, health and agriculture ministries.

Hopefully they get their government already.
US :
Obama: US Mideast envoy George Mitchell resigns

President Barack Obama said Friday his "tireless" Middle East envoy George Mitchell was resigning, but reaffirmed US commitment to forging peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Me thinks he's tired of both sides's BS.
Libya :
US cannot confirm reports Qaddafi wounded
11 Libyan Muslim clerics killed in NATO strike: spokesman

Eleven Libyan Muslim clerics were killed in a NATO air strike, a government spokesman told a news conference Friday at which an imam called for 11,000 Western and Gulf citizens to be killed in revenge.

NATO sees 'significant' gains against Kadhafi forces

A NATO air offensive around key Libyan cities has significantly impacted Moamer Kadhafi's forces, halting the shelling of the rebel-held port of Misrata in the last 24 hours, the alliance said Friday.

Warships shelling west Misrata, Zlitan, reports Libya TV (Reuters)

Wouldn't that be NATO warships?

International Criminal Court to seek arrest of Gadhafi's son, head of espionage (Reuters)

Egypt :
Egypt army fires shots to disperse anti-Israel protest

Egypt to review trial procedures, free protesters (Reuters)

Yemen :
Troops kill at least three during south Yemem demonstration

Yemen president: Will confront challenges from 'saboteur' opponents (Reuters)

That scumbag won't quit uh?
Pakistan :
US drone attacks must stop - Pakistan

Describing the continued drone strikes as "unacceptable'', parliament said in a resolution: "Such drone attacks must be stopped forthwith, failing which the government will be constrained to consider taking (the) necessary steps, including withdrawal of (the) transit facility allowed to NATO.''

We'll see if it's just words, because no way in hell the US stops drone strikes in Pakistan.
Bomb blast destroys five NATO oil tankers in Pakistan

At least five NATO oil tankers bound for Afghanistan caught fire on Friday after a bomb planted beneath one of them exploded, but there were no casualties, officials in Pakistan said.

US drone attack kills three in Pakistan: officials

A US drone fired two missiles into a vehicle in Pakistan's tribal district of North Waziristan on Friday, killing at least three militants in a Taliban and Al-Qaeda stronghold, officials said.

At least three militants...they never kill innocent people...right?

Musharraf says he will return to Pakistan despite facing arrest warrants (AP)

Good, I hope they arrest him.
Algeria :

Seven Algerian soldiers dead in terrorist attack (DPA)

Turkey :

Report: Turkey threatens to leave UN Gaza flotilla enquiry panel over Israel-favored draft (Haaretz)

Report: Turkey asks Israel to identify those who ordered Mavi Marmara raid (Agencies)

Easy. Netanyahu. Ehud Barak. Gabi Ashkenazi.
Israel :
Israel plans big boost for spy satellites

Israel has disclosed that a large, but unspecified, chunk of the funding for its upcoming multiyear defense plan will go to launching spy satellites to provide round-the-clock real-time surveillance of Iran and other "areas of interest."

Palestinians plan to march through East Jerusalem in response to teen's death (Haaretz)

Iran :
Russia calls UN Iran sanctions report 'sloppy'

Russia threatened Friday to block a UN Security Council report on Iran sanctions, calling the work which said Iran has been shipping weapons to Syria "loose and sloppy."

Russia's UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin said his mission did not agree with the report and would be raising objections with the 15-nation Security Council.

Churkin would not give details on the Russian objections. But it can block the report as the study can only be published if all nations agree.

Afghanistan :
Afghan policeman kills two NATO soldiers

The Taliban Seek Efficiency

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have shifted their main effort from roadside bombs to suicide bombers. This is another way of admitting they are losing. In the last few months, NATO troops have been discovering over 70 percent of the roadside bombs planted in their way. Using tanks and MRAPs, the mines and bombs that do go off are causing fewer troop casualties.

The Taliban have had some success lately. Bribing prison guards and getting nearly 500 captured Taliban out was an accomplishment. This replenished the ranks of bomb builders and planters, but many of those who escaped, it was later discovered, just quit the terrorism business. Several days of attacks in Kandahar, where the prison break occurred, failed to deliver a Taliban victory, but did get a lot more Taliban killed. The recent death of Osama bin Laden was supposed to create a lot of Taliban support, but it didn't.

Epic Fail For Osama

The Taliban are spinning their recent "Spring Offensive" defeats as victories, because they demonstrated that the Taliban was still around, and still able to attack and be defeated, as it has done so often in the past. For the last month or so, the Taliban have been promising a major "Spring Offensive," to begin on May 1st. Since Osama bin Laden was killed by the Americans on May 2nd, the Taliban reflagged their Spring Offensive as the Bin Laden Revenge Offensive. Different name, same result. All the attacks failed, and most of the dead were Taliban. That wasn't the only embarrassment. Taliban dying for al Qaeda does not go down well with many Taliban. Al Qaeda is seen as a bunch of arrogant foreigners who look down on all Afghans. This attitude is not appreciated by Afghans, and has led to the deaths of hundreds of al Qaeda members (at the hands of their Taliban allies) over the last five years. But for appearances' sake, the two terrorist groups still go through the motions of being the best of friends.

Funny uh?
Iraq :
The Oil Police And World Peace

In Iraq, oil production supplies 90 percent of government revenue. Terrorists still attack the oil facilities, but the big problem these days are thieves who tap into the pipelines and steal the oil. They then sneak it out of the country for resale to shady brokers. who buy it at a steep discount, then sneak it into legitimate supplies for export. Even if the thieves only get 20-30 percent of the current legal price (over $100 per 159 liter/42 gallon barrel), it's easy money. The oil police constantly patrol the pipelines, seeking to make oil theft less easy.

The success of the oil police have an enormous bearing on Iraq's future. Sunni Arab terrorist groups recognized this from the beginning. Between 2003-9, terrorists launched over 500 attacks on the oil infrastructure, and cost Iraq more than $12 billion in damage and lost sales. But between 2007-9, attacks on oil targets dropped over 80 percent. That was mainly because the U.S. helped Iraq recruit, and train a 17,000 man oil security force.

I didn't know they had an oil police. Funny.
Palestine :

Netanyahu thanks Merkel for opposition to unilateral Palestinian state declaration (Ch. 10)

Oman :
Hundreds arrested in Oman as security dismantles protest sites, disperses demonstrators
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:33 AM
Nakba day :
More than 1,000 Gazans march to Israeli border

Israeli troops opened fire as more than 1,000 Gazans marched on the northern Erez crossing with Israel, wounding at least 52 people, an AFP correspondent and medics said.

He said several hundred people had bypassed a Hamas checkpoint to come within a few hundred meters of a concrete border barrier, in a huge march to mark the anniversary of Israel's creation in 1948, in what is known in Arabic as the "Nakba" or "catastrophe."

Al-Jazeera: Two Israeli tanks advance to barbed wire fence on border next to Maroun al-Ras

Twenty-four Palestinians hurt in Nakba Day clashes, medics say

At least 10 hurt as Israel soldiers fire on Golan

Israeli troops on the Golan wounded at least 10 people as they fired live rounds and tear gas Sunday at protestors who broke though from the Syrian-held side of the plateau, medics and defense sources said.

Israeli media reported at least one dead and several wounded but there was no immediate confirmation of the toll, in one of the worst incidents for decades along a ceasefire line that has been quiet since a 1974 truce accord.

Medical officials said "between 10 and 20" of the protestors were wounded, with one feared dead, while three Israelis were said to have been lightly injured in the incident.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera television reported that four Syrians had been killed in the fighting.

NNA: Four dead, 11 wounded by Israeli gunfire on Palestinian protestors in Maroun al-Ras

Israel opens fire on Palestinian protestors at Lebanese border

LBC: Israel announces that its borders with Lebanon, Syria are ‘closed military areas’

Future News: The Israeli government holds Syrian President Bashar al-Assad responsible for Maroun al-Ras events

Jordanian students plan to march on Israel border

Al-Manar: More than 40 wounded protestors moved from Maroun al-Ras to a Bint Jbeil hospital

Future News: Six killed, 60 wounded in Maroun al-Ras by Israeli gunfire

Syria denounces Israeli actions in Golan Heights and Lebanon, AFP reports

Eight said killed as IDF fires on infiltrators from Syria and Lebanon

Four people reported killed on Syrian border and four reported killed on Lebanon border as thousands of protesters try breach the frontiers; dozens of Palestinian refugees enter Israel from Syria.

Future News: Israelis re-open fire at Maroun al-Ras, injuring protestors

An Israeli army spokesman described the demonstrations at Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria as an “Iranian provocation.”

Al-Arabiya: Israel sent reinforcements to the Golan Heights as its troops went on alert at the occupied territory.

4:27pm Clashes are still ongoing in Maroun al-Ras and the Israeli army has fired again at demonstrators. The wounded who suffered serious injuries were rushed to Salah Ghandour Hospital in Tyre and the state hospital in Bint Jbeil.

3:41pm National News Agency: Israeli helicopters are hovering over the area facing Maroun al-Ras amid the deployment of Merkava tanks and Humvees in the groves bordering Maroun al-Ras.

Army and UNIFIL on Alert over Nakba Rally as Israel Declares Border Region a Closed Military Zone

IDF says crossing the border into Israel is a red line

Police close in the South all roads from Yad Mordechai until Erez Crossing due to increased violence

Israel army deploys extra battalions

Israel Channel 2 news reports of Hezbollah presence among violent protesters on Israel-Syria border

IDF : 'thousands' breach Israeli side of Golan

IDF: Syrian regime is intentionally attempting to divert intl attention from their brutal crackdown of their own civilians


IDF confirms it opened fire 'to prevent 1,000s entering Israel'

Lebanese Army soldier injured from IDF fire

Israel media : at least 8 dead after they enter Israel from Syria

UNIFIL has called on Israel, Lebanon to exercise maximum restraint

IDF planes enter Lebanese airspace

IDF armored vehicles arriving on the border with Lebanon

1 Killed and 17 injured in Terror attack in Tel Aviv

Israel firing tear gas into Syria

At least 4 IDF injured

People crossing from Egypt into Gaza

IDF :Israel holds Syria, Lebanon & Iran as responsible for the violent protests

Israel channel 10: Jordanian army informs Israel that they will not allow protesters to advance on Israel

IDF: Golan incursion "very serious and violent"

Aljazeera: IDF shooting anyone who enters within 500 meters of the Gaza-Israel border

IDF northern commander holding emergency meeting to asses the situation with Syria, Lebanon

Syria TV: "Israel has commited a crime by shooting in Golan"

Lebanese Army fighting with protesters

Jerusalem: 4 police wounded, 30+ arrests

Lebanese Army: IDF firing on Leb troops

The number of IDF troops, tanks & other vehicles on the Lebanese border is increasing

IDF rocket warning to southern residents of Israel

IDF warns Northern & Southern residents of possible incoming rocket fire

Firebombs thrown at Israel sec forces in East Jerusalem

IDF jets over Gaza, near the border with Egypt

Reports of IDF sniper fire on the Isreal-Lebanon border

Syrian government condemns Israel's criminal actions

Aljazeera: IDF using live fire on the Lebanese border against protesters

Syria :

MTV: Syrian authorities have requested Lebanon close border crossings to refugees

Three killed in Syrian town of Tall Kalakh, witnesses say

BBC: Syrian youths at Wadi Khaled attacked a Syrian army position, kidnapping a soldier.

Syrian troops firing at Syrian troops near the border with Lebanon

Lebanon :

LBC: LAF fires shots in air to keep back protesters in Maroun al-Ras after they threw stones at soldiers

We are committed to Mikati as PM, Moussawi says

Al-Arabiya: LAF deploys heavily on border opposite Syria’s Tall Kalakh while shots are again fired into Lebanon

Berri: Government Formation Has Become More Complicated

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 09:52 AM
This ain't looking good at all.

IDF source : Israel fears Hizbullah retaliation for 4 Lebanese killed earlier

Syria calling shootings an act of aggression against their people

Protesters on the Israel side of the Syrian border are returning into Syria according to Israeli news

5:16pm Caretaker PM Hariri telephoned President Suleiman and the army commander to follow up on the developments in the South and discuss measures necessary to secure safety and defend national sovereignty.

5:15pm Caretaker PM Hariri: The Israeli shooting against peaceful demonstrators on our southern border is a blatant, intolerable aggression and we call on the international community and the UNIFIL force to hold Israel accountable for the crime.

4:45pm Al-Manar: Lebanese army troops are firing in the air to disperse demonstrators trying to reach the town of Maroun al-Ras out of keenness on their safety.

The IDF confirming they are coming under fire from Lebanese Army units. Also now blaming the Lebanese for the death of civillians at that border

Hamas PM Haniya: It is time to extinguish the Zionist project in Palestine

Netanyahu to make emergency statement at the top of the hour

IDF says 13 troops injured

Netanyahu to Issue live Statement at 11AM EST

Syria receives 10 dead bodies from Israel

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:10 AM
It seems Benjamin Netanyahu has declared full alert of military forces and escalation.

Now we'll see if he bombs Syria-Hizbullah in retaliation.... and they keep saying it's an ``Iranian`` provocation... according to an IDF source, Mossad had information that Iran was planning something this weekend. So this might be it and this is why they are blaming it on Iran.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:39 AM

FLASH: Death toll in Lebanon-Israel border shooting rises to 10, more than 100 protesters wounded - Lebanese security source

Reports of Syrians going over the border to Israel and IDF searching for them

Callers on Syria TV calling for attacks on Israel

Arab media: Syrians have kidnapped 2 IDF soldiers & 1 died in fighting

I hope it's not true, otherwise total war will break out within a few hours.

IDF confirms 13 "light" injuries to its troops

Update :

IDF buildup continues

IDF deploying more troops, fire power along Gaza, Syria, Lebanon

Netanyahu says he hopes for calm but will do everything in his power to protect Israels borders

Netanyahu --this is not a batle for the 67 border but for our existence

WHAT? Freaking nutjob Netanyahu... basically war talk.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Damn...maybe make a new Thread for this one? Even if its just to warn People who live there...

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Wait... Israel has borders? Someone should really ask him to draw them on a map while he's in the mood to acknowledge the concept.

Sarcasm aside, I find that comment about not fighting for the '67 borders worrying, to say the least. Is he signalling that a bigger than usual confiscation/occupation of land is about to go down?

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:00 AM

Originally posted by Shenon
reply to post by Vitchilo

Damn...maybe make a new Thread for this one? Even if its just to warn People who live there...

Well seeing that Israeli news sources are under blackout, I think something big might be coming down...but Israel does media blackouts all the time... so might be nothing.

There's also massive protests in Cairo and Tahrir square with people ready to march on the Israeli embassy.

If something really serious, like ``war`` is about to break out, I'll do another thread.

Sarcasm aside, I find that comment about not fighting for the '67 borders worrying, to say the least. Is he signalling that a bigger than usual confiscation/occupation of land is about to go down?

Well Netanyahu is like Ahmadinejad, he likes running his mouth off and being a drama queen.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:23 AM
My analysis of this situation starting off with the most likely:

1. This will not end any time soon, it will receive more media coverage as more events start to unfold, more people make their way to the borders and bigger clashes, the Egyptians will revolt as the Egyptian army stops them from reaching Gaza. However it will gradually fade away as another event elsewhere in the world will overshadow it, but it will not end.

2. This event will end after a few days with major countries making announcements, this event has not achieved much but has gained support for Palestinian state which will be discussed this September.

3. More people make it to the border, parts of the Lebanese and Syrian army support the march. Israel kills more and wounds hundreds more. Arabs retaliate and kill some Israelis. Israel hits back harder and deploys more troops, however they will not cross the border on land. they will hold the protesters on the border and deal with it their. No declaration of war.

4. being the least likely, war breaks out all the sudden (war could break out over many reason) Egypt's army will not intervene, Syria and Lebanon are quickly overwhelmed in the skies. worldwide condemnation as all eyes turn to the middle east. Iran makes statement. Israeli jets strike Lebanon and Gaza. Israeli troops deployed on Syrian frontier but no advance. rockets fired at Israel. Hezbollah mobilises, Lebanese army on high alert. Syria remains quite.

5. War with Syria, Iran and Egypt. Very very unlikely.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 11:31 AM

More Gazans enter Egypt

Cairo: Protesters at the Israeli embassy demand the closure of the Israeli embassy

There's no one in it anyways.

Protests on the Jordan border heating up

IDF Chief orders Syrian border fence repaired, tells army to prepare for any eventuality

Israeli jets strike Lebanon and Gaza.

If they strike Lebanon, Hezbollah will attack Israel for sure. And if Hezbollah attacks Israel, Israel is sure to bomb Syria... and if Israel bombs Syria, Iran will retaliate.

This whole thing is a powderkeg, always has been.

The only way to ``solve this`` is to make the whole of Jerusalem a nuclear wasteland like Chernobyl so no one can go there for a million years. Either side is too religious extremist to let it go.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 12:22 PM

Hezballah condemns Israel

IDF trying to stop Nakba march on Jewish areas in Westbank

Egypt foreign minister Nabil Al Arabi named new arab league chief

Jordan police attack protesters who are marching towards the border, 5 injured

Israel at highest alert level

They are expecting rocket attacks during the night. If they come from Hezbollah, full war breaks out.

Anti-Israel rally in Florence.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 12:39 PM
Things certainly are heating up, its gonna get interesting.

posted on May, 15 2011 @ 05:20 PM

Protesters: Egyptian police is firing live ammo and tear gas

Egypt deploying military to handle protest at Israeli embassy

Gunshot victims at the Israeli embassy protest in Cairo

15 injured at Israeli embassy protest in Cairo, Egypt

7:38pm PM-designate Miqati: The Israeli aggression against Lebanon proves once again that this enemy cannot survive on Palestine’s land except through killing, displacing and threatening its neighbors.

8:06pm Al-Jadeed: The situation in Maroun al-Ras is relatively calm after the departure of protesters, escorted by the Lebanese army, while Israeli troops are still patrolling the border.

9:37pm Lebanon filed a complaint with the U.N. Security Council against Israel over its “killing and wounding of civilians rallying in the town of Maroun al-Ras.”

Syrian army kills at least 7 in Tall Kalakh

A total of at least seven people were killed on Sunday as the Syrian army pounded the town of Tall Kalakh, northwest of the capital Damascus, an activist told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Unconfirmed :

Aljazeera: Syrian Army tanks enter Lebanon

What the hell are they doing?

Pics and video from the protests here :
Casualty Reported As Protesters Storm Israel Embassy In Cairo; Video Of Palestinians , Syrians Entering Israel-Controlled Golan Heights

Hamas, Fatah declares a general strike on Monday (May 16 2011), agrees to response in unity to Israel

IDF: Syria, Lebanon not interested in escalation

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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 05:38 PM
Interesting to see if this continues, should the Arabs feel empowered by other ME protests. The new heightened tensions between Israel and Syria are one of the more interesting developments here. Haven't seen these kinds of clashes between these two countries since the 1973 Yom Kippur war.
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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 05:58 PM
Syria :

8:14pm Hizbullah condemned the US sanctions against Syrian President Assad, describing them as “a blatant intervention aimed at settling accounts with Syria.”

Syrian, Lebanese armies reinforce border deployments

LBC television reported on Thursday that Lebanese and Syrian army members reinforced their presence along the northern border between Syria and Lebanon.

Lots of people fleeing Syria going into Lebanon.

Obama calls on Assad to resign, addresses other regional issues

Report: Syrian troops begin to pull out from Tel Kelakh near Lebanon border (Reuters)

Death toll in Syria protest town of Tel Kelakh rises to 27, says lawyer (Reuters)

Syria protesters call for one-day nationwide general strike (AP)

Palestine :
Hamas wants “concrete steps,” not “slogans” from US
You won't get more than slogans. Sorry.

Abbas calls “urgent” meeting after Obama speech

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called an "urgent" leadership meeting after US President Barack Obama's Middle East policy speech, a Palestinian official said Thursday.

Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the meeting would examine Obama's remarks, as he also called on Israel to "give peace the chance it deserves."

Netanyahu opposes withdrawal to 1967 borders
Of course.

Abbas says UN bid for Palestinian state no 'stunt'¸
I hope so.

Obama: Israel-Palestine borders should be based on 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps (Haaretz)


Bahrain :

Bahraini human rights activist said threatened with rape by jailers (Reuters)

Egypt :
Obama to pledge Egypt $2 billion in aid
The US ain't enough in the hole?

Amnesty demands deeper probe of Egypt violence (Reuters)


Egypt military rulers suspend sentences of 120 protesters detained for unknown reasons (AP)


Egypt ruling council: We will not pardon Mubarak of graft, abuse of power (Reuters)

Hang him. He deserves at least that for what he has done.

Iran :
New EU sanctions target over 100 Iranian firms
At least there's no blockade yet.

Iran says ball in major powers' court on nuke talks

Al-Jazeera journalist released by Iranian authorities, according to fiance (AP)

Iran FM: Bushehr nuclear reactor is now operational (Ch.10)

Diplomats: IAEA worried Iran may have accessed nuclear inspectors' cell phones, laptops (AP)

Jordan :

Obama: U.S. to provide Jordan with several hundred millions of dollars in aid (AP)

Israel :
Israel approves 1,500 settler homes in East Jerusalem
Slow annexation...

Russia expels Israeli military attache for 'spying'

Russia has expelled Israel's military attache at its Moscow embassy on "unfounded" spying allegations, the Israeli military said Wednesday, in a case that media say has officials here puzzled.

Really Israel? Spying on the few people you still have as allies?

Barak: Israel is strong enough to make Mideast peace concessions (Haaretz)

Barak the sane speaks again. Barak should be PM, not Netanayahu.

Russia confirms it arrested Israeli military attache while he received secret info (Reuters)

Abbas to U.S.: Will return to negotiations now if Israel upholds 'commitments' (Ch. 10)

Sudan :
Sudan warplanes stage Darfur air strikes: UN

The Sudanese military has carried out air strikes in conflict-stricken Darfur and on Tuesday stopped UN peacekeepers trying to get to the region, UN officials said.

Tunisia :

Tunisia denies Gadhafi wife, daughter in country (Reuters)


Report: Tunisia colonel killed in clash with al-Qaida linked armed group (AP)

Lebanon :
Tenenti: UNIFIL has no information on Israeli threats against Lebanon

Aawar says his bloc might stop backing Mikati

Mountain Unity bloc MP Fadi al-Aawar said that his bloc is “moving toward” withdrawing the vote of confidence given to Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati as the new cabinet has not yet been formed.

I don't think it will make Mikati fall just with this MP... but if one starts to leave, others will likely follow.

Nasrallah to Make Television Appearance on Liberation Day

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is scheduled to make a speech on the occasion of the Liberation Day celebrations on May 25.

Israel warned: 'Blast Hezbollah missiles'

In what appeared to be a call for pre-emptive strikes against Hezbollah's missiles, which he said "can reach every corner of Israel and threaten its entire civilian population, Arens said, "If these rockets are launched they could cause incalculable damage."

Basically calling for a preemptive strike.

Yemen :
Yemen Regime, Opposition to Ink GCC-Brokered Accord Sunday
Hopefully it will be the end of the crisis in Yemen.

Iraq :
Series of Attacks on North Iraq Police kill 27

Last of UK military to leave Iraq this weekend (DPA)

Afghanistan :
35 Dead as Taliban Attack Afghan Road Company

25 die in Afghan anti-NATO protest and suicide blast

6th U.S. soldier charged in plot to murder Afghan civilians for 'fun' (AP)


Libya :
Pressure piles on Kadhafi, oil minister in Tunisia

Pressure is piling on Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi after an apparent defection from his oil minister, a rebuke from Moscow, NATO air strikes on Tripoli and a leading prosecutor sought his arrest.

Another one leaving Kadhafi.

U.S. and European officials: NATO targeting more aggressively in Libya (Reuters)

Hundreds of Gadhafi loyalists show support in Tripoli, say rebel insurgency nearing end (AP)

ICC prosecutor warns Libya to abide by UN rules (Reuters)

Good luck with that.

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 11:27 PM

Israel Minister: Strike on Iran Could Be Necessary

An Israeli Cabinet minister said the civilized world must take joint action to avert the Iranian nuclear threat, including a pre-emptive strike if necessary.

Read more:

Same as usual,move along

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 11:32 PM

Originally posted by Shenon

Israel Minister: Strike on Iran Could Be Necessary

An Israeli Cabinet minister said the civilized world must take joint action to avert the Iranian nuclear threat, including a pre-emptive strike if necessary.

Read more:

Same as usual,move along


Israel ruled out military option on Iran years ago

2005 report says senior defense officials did not believe an attack similar to Israel's assault on Iraq's Osirak reactor was possible.

Senior defense officials ruled out an Israeli military attack on Iran's nuclear sites as early as five and a half years ago, telegrams sent from the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv in 2005 and 2006 indicate. The cables, which were revealed over the weekend, are among hundreds of thousands shared exclusively with Haaretz by the WikiLeaks website.

In the first telegram, sent on December 2, 2005, American diplomats said their conversations with Israeli officials indicate that there is no chance of a military attack being carried out on Iran. A more detailed telegram was sent in January 2006, summing up a meeting between U.S. Congressman Gary Ackerman (a Democrat for New York ) and Dr. Ariel Levite, then deputy chief of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission.

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 05:01 AM
Another big protest by palestinians today :

Palestinian groups on Naksa Day: world must help eliminate occupation

Hundreds of Palestinians clash with IDF soldiers at Qalandiyah checkpoint (Haaretz)

Syrian media: two protesters killed by IDF as hundreds amass on Israeli border

Netanyahu: There are those who wish to break our borders, threaten our citizens (Haaretz)

Israel on high alert for possible border unrest

Israeli troops disperse protest along Syrian line

4 killed, 9 injured in Syria border.

Lebanese army arrests 20 Palestinians trying to protest on southern border

Israeli gunfire kills three on Golan

Update :

IDF spokesman: Syrian government trying to provoke Israel into responding (Ch. 2)

Uh oh.
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posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 10:26 AM

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