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Middle East on fire

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posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 03:44 PM
Cnn on Syria

Sarkozy warned Arab leaders of same Libya military action

"France calls for there to be no violence against protesting civilians, it is their right to demonstrate," the French leader had said.

"Every leader, and (every) Arab leader in particular, needs to understand that the reaction of the international community will be the same every time," he said.

If only this were true....

Pictures of Todays Protests Across the Region

U.N. Rights Council Approves Investigator on Iran

The U.N. Human Rights Council authorized a special investigator on Iran March 24 to examine reports of excessive use of the death penalty, executions by stoning and inhumane treatment of political opponents.

I guess those Bahrain protesters who died in police custody died of natural causes. Shouldn't investigate that, or the 52 people snipers killed in Yemen.

Youth Activist in Iraq Kidnapped by Police, Tortured and Threatened
Mission Accomplished.

posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 02:26 PM
At this time, it seems a stalemate had occured with the Alliance and the Rebellion's advance into Tripoli.

So what happens when stalemate occurs, when neither sides can move?

The answer lays with intelligence. Only when armed with intelligence, better improved and improvised plans can be made over original plans to carry the fight forward.

1. Tanks and artillery.

The Rebellion had voice concerns over tanks and artillery that arbitarily fire upon innocent civilians as well as them by the beast and his minions, and had complaint about NATO's ineffective air cover, whom responded that they had to be very careful as the beast minions had mingled with the civilians.

Tanks and artillery/missiles, cannot fire within confined spaces such as those behind buildings, within buildings or even near buildings. They need to be in the open.

What the Rebellion needs is more info on the tanks and artillery sites. The civilians are terrified of the beasts, and will help to relay information if requested. Then it will be up to the Rebellion's scout units to verify, pinpoint and guide precision bombing upon those targets that are doing hefty damage.

If they are not near habitated areas, then it will be up to the scouts to range far and wide, in the night to avoid detection, to hunt those units down and bring bombings upon them.

With those heavy artilllery taken out, it will only be the miniscule beast's minions that the Rebellion needs to take care of.

2. HQ Command and Control units.

Such units operate by radio frequencies or cell phones. All the Rebellion and the Alliance needs are direction finders to trace and locate those hive signals and then will locate those units. Once located, it will be for the commando units to take care of them, NOT planes as most probably, they are using civilians as shields.

Once the vital units are neutralized, the surge to Tripoli will only be a matter of will and time. Just a caution:- as the Rebellion may read this, if they do, so too will the beast minions with their Russian and China military advisors, and will attempt to change their tactics. But the Rebellion, with the Alliance's help have far more better assets than the beast have, and it is practically impossible to lose.

Furthermore those assets that I mentioned are general knowledge and the beasts probably have them too. But unknown to them, NATO has more assets to be only use if an European war breaks out, but if they choosed to use it, the rout of the beast forces will be over soon.

Good luck and keep up the fight to my fellow human libyan brothers and sisters. This is your fight and must be your fight. The end is near.

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 09:21 AM

Gaza militants launch projectile at Israeli bus; 2 wounded one seriously

Aljazeera reporter says Israeli tank shells have hit near a Hamas outpost

Breaking: Clashes between Palestinian resistance & Israeli forces now in Eastern #Gaza

5 injured in Gaza

IDF says 3 injured on the bus

Residents of Gaza-area communities were told to go to fortified safe areas Thursday afternoon after an apparent anti-tank missile attack on a bus in the Sdot Negev area.

Breaking: Israeli F16s now entered Gaza in the sky

more mortar fire hits Israel

BREAKING: Israeli choppers firing ammunition towards residential areas in #Gaza

multiple attacks on Gaza right now, Apache's, tanks used by IDF

Boy, 13, critically injured as Gaza missile hits bus

13 year old Koby Mandell killed son of Rabbi Seth Mandell

4 Apache helicopters roaming sky East of Shojaeya

Barak orders "swift" action after #Gaza attack: Israeli chopper gunned targets in Gaza for 1st time since 2008/9 war

Oh boy.

Barak tells IDF to act on Gaza with all necessary means

Home in Eshkol, Israel near Gaza hit

50-year- old man killed in Gaza by IOF artillery

Warplanes bombed site Abu Jarad in #Gaza

Two rockets fall near the new site now Obeida east of #Gaza

Five large explosions rock #Gaza City now

The Israeli forces are currently bombarding the Eastern parts of Rafah & The Airport in #Gaza, we have reports on several injuries.

At this point 16 mortars have fallen in #Israel from #Gaza in the last hour.

Now eastern Gaza, northern Gaza, Khanyounis and other areas continue to be bombed by Israel warplanes.

Israeli drones and airplanes can be heard flying above #Gaza city. Explosions heard from time to time.

Breaking: Electricity is off now on several areas in #Gaza

Egypt FM warns Israel against attacks on Gaza

URGENT: declaring a state of emergency in all health facilities in #Gaza

fighting along gaza-israel border

This is another round of fighting... but with Barak saying to the IDF use all means to counterattack... this could be Cast Lead 2 beginning.

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 11:02 AM

16 mortar shells are fired from Gaza into Israel #alarabiya

Israeli Pres. Shimon Peres: "Negev bus attack shows Gaza is a terror state"

At least he's saying it's a state.

Breaking: Medics said 1 dead 15 inured including 2 women & 3 children after Israel mass shelling on Gaza

reports say IDF movement into Gaza likely

New Israeli strike in north of Gaza Strip

At least 4 large explosions in Gaza within 5 minutes

Israeli gunboats have joined the tanks, helicopters, drones and F-16s. #Rafah and Deir al-Balah are being assaulted. #Gaza

IDF attacking Gaza Egypt border, main target are the tunnels

45 rockets & mortars fired @ Israeli home front from Gaza Strip in past 3 hours

two consecutive explosions apparently the result of Apache's shelling in #Gaza city

Gaza media : ambulance hit 5 injured

IDF nabs 8 Palestinians in West Bank

Fresh explosions reported across the #Gaza strip. Residents reporting "major IDF" operation underway.

Iron Dome intercepts Gaza Rocket

So it's working after all?

Al-Qassam Brigades confirmed hitting of an Israeli Apache in sky of Khan Younis

HQ here in #Damascus seems to have been deserted in recent hours. Security normally seen outside has gone away.


posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 03:20 PM
I hope Vitchilo don't mind my further contributions on this thread with regards to the continuing middle east situation specially on Libya, as I have no wish to start another thread nor seek for flags and stars, would rather someone else gets it. Anyway, I doubt if anyone would read my insignificant musings. If he minds, I hope he lets me know and I will get off his thread.

Latest from Libya is that NATO had mistakenly bombed Rebellion tanks and troops.

A. COMPROMISED communications.

Within the NATO communications with regards to authentication and frequencies code, such events are evidences that such communications framework had already long broken by the Beast Gaddafi's forces, more so as he has Russian and Chinese CCP military advisors on his side, and thus NATO strikes were MISDIRECTED by the Beast forces to hit on Rebellion forces..

Thus it is imperative that a full review be quickly made and new concepts done before more Rebellion lives are lost.

A possible proposal would be:-

1. Use scouts to advance beyond the friendly lines to ascertain the exact locations of tanks, artillery and enemy HQs.

2. The Rebellion operation commander will then verify each location to ensure those are not friendly forces, and make that call for close tactical air support from NATO.

3. Only then will NATO issue strikes upon called upon targets BY THE REBELLION OPERATION COMMANDER.

No more will NATO operates independently without liason from the Rebellion operation commander in the sectors, unless it is certain there are NO friendly forces with those areas and MUST be verified with the Rebellion forces in advance.

A more simplified way would be the use of coded coloured smoke grenades to be use fo identify, which was often used during the vietnam war. But it can also be used by the beast's forces, so beware.

As for laser designators use to paint enemy forces, beware that the beast too may have such equipment from his russian and CCP advisors. The only hope is that the freq use would be better secured, or the above proposal be used.

It may be slower, but the Rebellion have all the time in the world to play it safe now, as the beast is quickly running out of time and options to save his and his family's head, to hell with the rest of his brainwashed followers.
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posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 11:29 AM
A report from UNICEF claims that snipers from the beast's minion snipers are targetting CHILDREN right now in the besieged town of Misurata. This alone is a horror and the beastly minions should be summararily EXECUTED on the spot!

The problem the Rebellion faced had always been snipers. They hide well and with potshots can easily disrupt any advance, more so in city held areas. So, what's the solution?

1. Snipers would often prefer the cover of annonymity for their job. Thus, empty or partially empty buildings, where no neighbours would know them or disrupt them, would be ideal covers.

Solution: The key is empty or partially empty buildings. The Rebellion forces must ensure that they check out every building including rooftops, every inch of the way for such buildings. Those civilians whom occupies such buildings must make sure that they inform the Rebellion forces of such strangers.

2. Operation K9

Dogs have senses far keener than humans and had been used to sniff out for humans in rescue operations such as alpine disasters or earthquakes. Thus the Rebellion can make use of such elements, which can be provided by NATO on humanity grounds, as the snipers are radomly killing unarmed civilians and children.

Germany has plenty of them as well as alpine nations.

Thing is, most muslims may not want anything to do with dogs. Perhaps they can pass this task to loyal muslims whom are not adverse or to those non-muslims within the Rebellion forces to do it. It would save lives.

1. Upon entering a city, such dogs would be sent out to EACH empty buildings and rooftops to sniff out human lives.

2. When encountering humans behind closed doors, the Rebellion must make sure to 'politely' knock upon those doors to distinguished between enemies and foes before entry.

( just make sure that the dogs are kept safe. They too have lives, and are far more precious than the beast's minions. The dogs are helping humanity to save lives while the beast is killing precious human lives. And the best part of it all is - when the sniper is discovered, he will go to hell knowing it was a dog that sent him there, the ultimate insult.)

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 12:02 AM
Yemen :

Hundreds injured in Yemen unrest (DPA)

Yemen's Saleh rejects Gulf Arab mediation plan (Reuters)

Report: Two killed, 25 wounded by gunfire in Taiz, Yemen (Reuters)

Yemen's Saleh rejects 'belligerent intervention' from overseas (Reuters)

Report: Yemen police use live rounds at protesters, injuring 409 (Reuters)

That's a LOT of people..
Bahrain :

Two Bahraini protesters die in police custody (DPA)

Torture is so fun uh? Sickos.

Bahrain human rights activist beaten, after kingdom launches crackdown on protesters (Reuters)

Haaretz WikiLeaks: Bahrain King boasted of intelligence ties with Israel (Haaretz)

Putting the Bahrain King in a difficult position...

Bahrain opposition newspaper resumes publication following ban, editor replaced (Reuters)


Gulf Arab states protest 'Iranian interference' over Bahrain demonstrations (Reuters)

You're kidding right? Iranian interference? Who the hell invaded Bahrain again to put down the protesters? Saudi Arabia.
Jordan :

Jordan man sets himself ablaze outside PM's office during political unrest (AP)

Libya :

Libyan government assault on Misrata kills at least 30 (Reuters)

Libyan rebels in Misrata say they see 'positive change' from NATO strikes (Reuters)

Libyan state TV shows Gadhafi on school visit, pupils seen shouting anti-Western slogans (Reuters)


Poland won't join NATO military campaign against Libya over Europe's 'hypocrisy' (Reuters)

Gee, one country who see the problem.

UN chief to chair meeting of League of Arab States to coordinate response to Libya (DPA)

Report: Five people killed in Libya fighting between Gadhafi forces and rebels (Reuters)

NATO airstrikes hit pro-Gadhafi forces' weapons depots near Libya town Zintan (Reuters)

Both Libyan rebels and Gadhafi loyalists welcome new Turkish peace proposal (DPA)

Peace would be nice.

Report: NATO air strike hits Libya rebel positions near oil port (Reuters)


NATO: Airstrikes have destroyed 1/3 of Gadhafi's weapons (AP)

Libya rebel official: Opposition seeks to install parliamentary democracy in Libya (Reuters)


Russia FM to NATO: arming Libya rebels would be 'interference in civil war' (DPA)

U.K. Royal Air Force chief says Libya conflict could last six months (DPA)

If he says ``could last 6 months``... that means it'll be years.

Pro-Gadhafi forces shelling residential areas of Libyan city of Misrata (Reuters)


Gadhafi regime, including sons, must go, Ashton spokesman says (DPA)


Italy recognizes Libya rebels as legitimate voice (AP)


Germany says may send soldiers to Libya to assist in humanitarian efforts (Reuters)

Washington says Libya war reaching stalemate (Reuters)

Ivory Coast :

Gbagbo's forces attack Ouattara's Ivory Coast base (Reuters)

UN finds 100 plus bodies in Ivory Coast, some burned alive and others thrown down a well (Reuters)

Totally sick.
Iraq :

Iraqi forces storm settlement of Iranian exiles, casualties reported (AP)

Will not help Iran-Iraq relations.

Roadside bombs in Baghdad kill 3, wound 11 (AP)

Iraq PM: International condemnation and intervention in Libya 'selective' (AP)

Indeed it is.
Gaza :

Hamas militant killed in air strike was 'directly' involved in Shalit kidnapping (Haaretz)

Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. We'll never know.

Palestinians report renewed Israel air strikes on Gaza (Ch. 10)

Mortar fire from Gaza lands in Eshkol region, damaging homes in area (Haaretz)

Hamas says its militants didn't intend to target children when they fired rocket at a bus (Reuters)

Just like Israel doesn't aim to kill kids. And that is not sarcasm. Seriously.

Hamas threatens to escalate if Israeli raids persist (Reuters)

Escalate with what? You ain't got much else.

IHH head: Activists to head to Gaza through the sea, air, and land (Israel Radio)

This spells big trouble.

Palestinians: Israeli tank shelling killed a man in Gaza (AP)

Grad rocket fired toward Be'er Sheva; no injuries reported (Haaretz)

Report: IAF strike kills Hamas commander and two of his bodyguards (Reuters)

IDF says over 60 projectiles strike southern Israel on Friday (Army Radio)

World Bank: core Palestinian institutions comparible with those in established nations (Reuters)

Basically the IMF supporting a Palestinian state.
Pakistan :

Report: U.S. doubts Pakistan's plan to defeat Taliban (Reuters)

No kidding?

Pakistan police: 41 killed in blast at Sufi shrine in east Pakistan (Reuters)

This is sad... the Sufi are a very moderate bunch...
Iran :

WikiLeaks cable reveals Iran was eyeing Swiss technology for possible military use (Reuters)

Russia says nuclear fuel being reloaded at Iran plant (Reuters)

Iran State TV: Four Iranian police killed in attack on border with Iraq (Reuters)

Not good.
Syria :

Syrian forces fire at mourners after mass funeral in Daraa, witnesses say (Reuters)

That's sick.

Syrian rights group says at least 37 protesters were killed across the country on Friday (Reuters)

Syria forces fire at Latakia democracy protesters (Reuters)

Obama condemns violence against Syrian anti-government protesters (DPA)

Syrian authorities arrest prominent cleric who supported anti-government protests (Reuters)

Yeah not a good move.

Syria reverses ban on Islamic face veil in schools (AP)

Man arrested for filming Syria protests denies any connection to Israel (Ch. 10)

Duh. He's no Israeli spy. Just regular guy documenting history in the making.

Freed Syrian activist says Assad reform not serious (Reuters)

Israel :

Iron Dome missile defense system intercepts rocket fired at Ashkelon (Haaretz)

Another hit, good!

Pelosi: U.S. support Israel, no matter who is in power (Haaretz)

We already knew that.

Ashton: I am deeply disappointed by approval of East Jerusalem settlement expansion (Haaretz)

Being disappointed won't change nothing.

Peres asked Obama to pardon Jonathan Pollard during Washington meet (Haaretz)

What about no?
Egypt :

Two die from bullet wounds after Egypt protests, medical sources say (Reuters)

Egypt military beats protesters at Tahrir square, fires shots (Reuters)

Egypt detains former aide to Mubarak for probe (Reuters)

Wall Street Journal report: 60% Egyptians support maintaining peace with Israel (Haaretz)


Egypt ready to re-establish Iran diplomatic ties (Reuters)

This is gonna worry Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US big time.

HR watchdog urges Egypt leadership to release blogger arrested for criticizing military (Reuters)

Army "ready to use force" to clear Cairo square

Egypt's ruling generals said on Saturday they were ready to use force to end protests in Tahrir Square after troops cracked down on demonstrators overnight and sparked violence that medical sources said killed two people.

Freaking military regime won't give power... the revolution in Egypt has failed. But I guess the majority of the people will wait till September to declare it officially ``failed`` if there's no election.
Saudi Arabia :

Saudis ask U.S. for price quotes for warships (Reuters)

Oman :

Oman protesters seek prosecution of those behind killings of demonstrators (Reuters)

Omani protesters vow to return after security forces stopped five weeks of demonstrations (Reuters)

Lebanon :

U.S. Embassy convoy attacked in southern Lebanon (AP)

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by Vitchilo

Poland won't join NATO military campaign against Libya over Europe's 'hypocrisy' (Reuters)

Gee, one country who see the problem.

The NWO is put in a tough position, they cannot kill Poland's government two times in two years without the people of the world knowing something is happening.

Oh well whenever something bad happens in Europe mysteriously Poland will be first on the chopping block because they have constantly stood up to tptb. Like how their previous President, the one who died in the plane crash, came out against vaccinations for the Swine Flu, criticized the Lisbon Treaty, and was an outspoken Polish Nationalist and anti-globalist.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by Misoir

Indeed they can't. Anyway they don't need to, Libya is under control. And the new government is still a puppet on the missile shield and all.

Hamas: Israel truce will be met with a truce

Israel warns of stronger response to Gaza rockets

New Palestinian military groups surface in Gaza

Attacks on Gaza continue

Interior Minister Eli Yishai calls for wider aerial campaign against Gaza to target bases, crossings, roads and infrastructure, calls a new ground operation in Gaza "unnecessary"

Earlier today Hamas declared a state of emergency because of the escalation

Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon (former IDF chief of general-staff): War is last option, but don't test us, "We have a lot of options," he added, "and the IDF is prepared for them."

2 rockets land in Israel

Israel vows to respond 'most harshly' if Gaza rockets continue

Israel fires on group launching Grad rocket from north Gaza

Israel's defense minister Barak says the country will not accept that people in the south have to live in shelters

Arab League Council Meets to Discuss Israeli aggression on Gaza

Israel's defense minister Barak: We hold Hamas responsible for everything in Gaza

Explosion in Gaza

Another rocket explodes in Israel

Turkey condemns 'disproportionate' Israeli violence in Gaza

More mortars land in Israel

Giora Eiland (former National Security Advisor): extensive military operation against Gaza "only a matter of time."

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 12:48 PM
....continuing in Libya...

Currently, the BRIC emerging nations block, representing 40% of humanity had condemn the Alliance bombings in Libya to end the conflict quickly and to save more of our precious fellow human libyan brothers and sisters life.

The BRIC is made up of Brazil, Russia, India and China, so it claims to represent 40% of humanity, are only representatiing themselves to protect their hold on to illegitimate power by enforcing tyranny upon our fellow humans, as is already long well knowned.

Where were they when the beast Gaddafi ruthlessly murdered our fellow humans when all they seek was a better representation UNARMED and yet were BRUTALLY MURDERED by the hundreds of the beast's sons and minions?

Where were they even today, right now, as the beast continued to bomb without any discretion at innocent civiliain habitats in Misurata????!!!!!!

Instead, they point condemning fingers at directed NATO attacks on the beast's powerful weapons of war and HQ that is harming civilians???

It sends a powerful message to ALL humanity. It only proves that by such condemnation, they are pursuing the right of nation's leaders to hurt, maim, torture and murder their own people at will.

And their own people, in this modern educated interconnected age, even without the media and internet, but by word of mouth, will know for sure of their rulers' message and policy. They will no longer be cowed, for the truth will set them free, to free themselves, and if not for themselves, it will be for their next generations.

Tyrants like China and Chavez may have well oiled propaganda machine to keep their people stupid, stupid enough to support their barbarian leaders, but in time, and quietly, they will do what they have to do to topple their regimes. Humans have natural abilities over freedom of expression.

Karl Marx was a visionary over his economic theories. It would have worked, had it not been for selfish leaders. The masses had been misled and knew it, as China had experienced in the late 50's with his insane 'great leap forward' of turning ploughsheares into machines of war. Millions of our fellow human there died in starvation as crops were not tended to.

After that incident as well as the repression of fear generated of their masters, the impetus and motivation to work for the state turned pale. Everyone was out for themselves instead of collective effort, and thus China and Russia FAILED big time. Regardless if one works or not, one is still paid, thus many choose to work at the minimum.

It became a natural freedom of expression, to express their disgust with their leaders, and so too today will the BRIC nations face that same expression when the truth is finally dawn upon them, that they are expendable and exist only to feed the corruption and power lusts of their tyrants controlling them.

The beast Gaddafi and sons had a death wish, and it must be granted, as most would to a dying man and his minions. They had professed to wish to die in Libya, so be it then, so that millions other innocent brothers and sisters life be saved, and hastened by NATO's further bombings.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 01:17 PM

Originally posted by SeekerofTruth101

Where were they when the beast Gaddafi ruthlessly murdered our fellow humans when all they seek was a better representation UNARMED and yet were BRUTALLY MURDERED by the hundreds of the beast's sons and minions?

Where were they even today, right now, as the beast continued to bomb without any discretion at innocent civiliain habitats in Misurata????!!!!!!

Gaddafi is no angel but he has done a lot for the Libyans. The have free health, free education (including post graduate at western universities). He has built the man made river which is one of the world's largest engineering projects. That water now supplies the whole country. Libya was on its way to being self sufficient. They have oil, water and money. In 2008 Gaddafi wanted to nationalize the oil, and there was severe opposition; both from abroad and within the government.

Libyans have the highest standard of living in North Africa, just something to think about as we watch the country slowly dismantled.

Makes me think about Confessions of an Economic Hitman. The military is the last line of attack, Gaddafi obviously did not want to support this €400bn project to power Europe!

The Desertec project aims to build solar power plants in several locations in north Africa. Jeworrek said the "most important criteria" was that the locations were "situated in politically stable lands". Morocco, as well as Libya and Algeria have been cited as potential sites, where land is also cheap.

Who is behind this project?

The companies – including Siemens, Deutsche Bank, and the energy companies RWE and E.on – will meet on July 13 in Munich to draw up an agreement. German government ministries as well as the Club of Rome, a Zurich-based NGO of leading scientists, managers and politicians which advocates sustainable development, are also expected to be present.

posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by deessell

He is able to do these things due to national socialism. But like all such governments, the price is freedom. Sorry, free stuff is good and all, but without freedom, what is its worth?

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by Gorman91

Gorman, as you know freedom is a concept, just like peace and democracy. Do you honestly think that the "people will be freer" under sharia?

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Just thought I would add to the discussion. Went to see Michael Scheuer speak about Osama bin Laden at a WAC meeting. Mr. Scheuer stated:

There are three main threats to United States security coming from the Middle East, 1 being most important:

3. Iran
2. Saud Arabia
1. "Al-qaedism"

One thing he mentioned that made me sit up in my seat: Iran has an extensive terror network here in the United States and Canada, ready to be activated. So, he gave a hypothetical:

If Iran is attacked, then the network here would be activated, which would mean a nuke/dirty bomb in a U.S. city with very large loss of life. Since the U.S would have no proof of who was behind the bombing, we would have to go after a large population centers or symbolic targets. So, he speculated that Mecca or Medina would be nuked along with Tehran. Yikes!!!

His fear is that we are very close to a full scale war in the Middle East, because of the Saudi and Bahrain treatment of the Shia. The Iranians are not happy about the crackdown in Bahrain. So if that worsens, Iran will act to stir up the Shia in the East, then we will redeploy from Afghanistan to protect the oilfields in the East of the kingdom, leading to an attack on Iran.

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:47 AM
Hezbollah terror attack on Israelis abroad ‘is imminent’

Cell seeks to avenge assassination of Imad Mughniyeh; attack could target Israelis in immediate future, security sources warn.

We'll see.

In other news, there's massive protests in Syria... and the Syrian army is firing on protesters with live bullets.

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 06:56 AM
Syria and Bahrain too ... the states are coming down HEAVILY on protesters. Libya is a warzone ... with no end in sight.

Not quite middle east, but Africa is having it's own fun too. Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa even. A protester, Andries Tatane was shot dead in a service delivery protest, 2 rubber bullets were found lodged in his chest. That these protests are against the "people's government" makes it only more of a farce, as they'll vote the same way (anc) in the upcoming elections. But African leaders are terrified right now, and the unified nature of the support for existing regimes is quite astonishing. Even the AU roadmap made no major changes to leadership.

I do think that all over, these will only get worse, because none of the issues are being dealt with, they're merely using violence to suppress and pretending it never happened.

posted on Apr, 23 2011 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by deessell

Not a concept. A universal truth. Right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Things that obstruct this are incompatible.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Syria is next looks like a Lybia 2.0 with almost the same moves leading up to an Military Intervention by the US.

Question are:
What will Assad do if it comes down to it? What will his Allys do (especially Iran)? What will Israel do if Iran decides to (or is forced to) defend Syria? What will Russia/China/BRICS do if they realize that they are beeing cut off from getting Resources in their own Terms instead of having to rely on the US (We all know the US will install a Puppet Goverment to get what they want when this is all over (if noone steps in or everything goes horrible wrong))?

I´m a little concerned that the US will use the "Humanitarian intervention" - excuse to move on Syria (it worked in Lybia after all...) Even without the UN approval (China would Veto it anyway,amidst other Nations) this could piss off many Nations and forcing Iran to defend Syria,which could be the perfect excuse for Israel to attack them...

To me,it looks more and more like a Build-Up to a possible World War...

It seems like Tunisia,Egypt,Lybia and finally Syria (in this Order...think about what happened in each) are some sort of build up for the means to and End: Intervention in Syria by the West -> Iran defending Syria -> US and Israel attacking Iran -> Russia and China attacking the US and Israel.

I don´t really know where to put Europe on this one (or the other Arab,African and Asian States), they do have some Reason to intervene,but which Side would they take?

Vitchilo,could you write down some Scenarios on how this Syria thing could play out,please? You know more than me about Politics over there...

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posted on May, 1 2011 @ 09:25 PM
Libya :

United States condemns attacks on embassies in Tripoli in 'strongest possible terms' (AP)

Russia FM: NATO using 'disproportionate' force causing death of innocent Libyan civilians (AP)

Report: Gadhafi's son Saif al-Arab killed in NATO airstrike (Haaretz)

Firefighting between Gadhafi's soldiers and rebel forces near Tunisia border (Reuters)

Libya forces artillery fire hits Tunisian border town (Reuters)

Britain expels Libyan ambassador after Tripoli embassy attack (DPA)

Libyan rebels report forces fighting Gadhafi soldiers for Misrata airport (Reuters)

Gaza :

Hamas official: Gaza-bound flotilla postponed to mid-June due to 'logistical issues' (Ch. 10)

Israel freezes cash transfer to Palestinians due to Hamas unity deal (AP)

Ridiculous. They should be encouraged to make peace and unity... but the warmongers don't want that.

Netanyahu: Those who wish for peace should worry about Hamas-Fatah reconciliation (Haaretz)

No. Those who wish for peace should worry about YOU Netanyahu.

MK Tibi: Israel withholding cash transfer to PA is criminal (Haaretz)

It's really bad, yes.

Fayyad: PA in contact with foreign powers to stop Israel cash freeze (Reuters)


Sallam Fayad: Israel cutting tax payments won't end Fatah-Hamas peace (Israel Radio)


Hamas political chief Mehsal arrives in Cairo for signing of Palestinian unity deal (AP)

Israel :

Tel Aviv U.: Fall in global anti-Semitic incidents, but number still high overall (AP)

Well when Israel commits less atrocities, there's less anti-semitic incidents worldwide. DUH.

Netanyahu: Israel is facing a real threat to its existence, not a theoretical one (Haaretz)

So much fun to stir up warmongering uh?
Yemen :

Yemen opposition: President Saleh thwarted power transfer deal (Reuters)

Deal to end Yemen crisis postponed indefinitely following President's refusal to sign (AP)

Iran :

Ahmadinejad backs down on political challenge to Khamenei (AP)

Egypt :

Egypt says it intends to open Gaza border permanently (Reuters)

Which pisses off Israel.

Muslim Brotherhood to contest half of seats in Egypt parliamentary elections (AP)

Egypt calls on US to recognise Palestinian state

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi on Sunday called on the United States to recognise a Palestinian state, as rival Palestinian factions prepare to sign a reconciliation accord in Cairo.

Arabi urged visiting US Congressman Steve Chabot to "press Congress and the American administration to recognise a Palestinian state."

Recognition "would correspond with previous statements by the American administration supporting peace based on two states," the official MENA news agency quoted him as saying.

Hell yeah!
Bahrain :

Obama urges Bahrain to respect people's rights (DPA)

Iran military commander: Saudi deployment of forces in Bahrain will spark unrest at home (AP)

Syria :
‘Doomsday scenario’ if Syria fails

The toppling of the presidents in Tunisia and Egypt precipitated a tumult of revolutionary fervor that promises to transform the Middle East, but the potential collapse of the Syrian regime could wreak havoc of a very different kind.

In Syria, the fall of President Bashar al-Assad would unleash a cataclysm of chaos, sectarian strife and extremism that spreads far beyond its borders, threatening not only the entrenched rulers already battling to hold at bay a clamor for democratic change but also the entire balance of power in the volatile region, analysts and experts say.

“If the regime collapses you will have civil war and it will spread throughout the region,” engulfing Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and beyond, said Hilal Khashan, professor of political science at the American University of Beirut. “A collapse of the Syrian regime is a doomsday scenario for the entire Middle East.”

Security forces arrest hundreds of pro-democracy sympathizers across Syria (Reuters)

Report: Syria security forces arrest top opposition figures (Israel Radio)

Syrian eyewitness: Convoy of armored vehicles and buses packed with troops rolling into Daraa (AP)

Syria army tanks shell city of Daraa in bid to quash uprising (AP)

500 arrests in Syrian city of Daraa (DPA)

Fifty members of ruling Baath party in Syrian siege town Rastan resign (Reuters)

And Obama is about to do a speech... hopefully not declaring war on Syria.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 05:24 AM
Finally something might be about to happen in Lebanon.

Sleiman, Mikati granted 48 hours to form cabinet, source says

So if no cabinet is formed within 48 hours, Mikati is kicked out and they have to vote in another PM. Will March 8 coalition get a majority or will it be the March 14 ?

If Hezbollah loses this one, will they turn to violence?

Bahrain government tortures schoolgirls as young as 12 while destroying 4000 years old cemeteries

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