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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 05:27 AM
reply to post by 00nunya00

Ah shame, poor guy. No investigative journalist that ever lived would voluntarily leave. Either he is just a fancy face or he got told to leave by CNN. That matches curent US state position.

Vitchilo, thanks again!! What is happening elsewhere? This is so dominant now almost nothing else is getting through. I can add that Zimbabwe has also seen anti govt violence over the last few days, not sure if it's linked though.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 06:31 AM
reply to post by 00nunya00

Well I didn't know that Anderson Cooper did that in Haiti... great stuff. And yeah I saw his reports during Katrina... was quite something. I'm not ``blaming him`` because yes, reporters were beaten up, one was killed, their equipment was confiscated, destroyed... And he got that Vanderbilt money... so that he's doing that in the first place it's great, even if he does from time to time lots of propaganda.

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe is saying that he will not tolerate protests... and that one of his youth group, the ZANU, will send text messages to people to do a one million pro-Mugabe protest... it seems on Facebook, people in Zimbabwe might be organizing a protest against Mugabe... we'll see if that happens...

1:17pm Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Rokn-Abadi: Iran will remain by the side of the Lebanese people and its honorable Resistance.

Basically beside Hezbollah...

8:47am Lebanon First MP Ziad al-Qadiri to VDL (93.3): Should a government be formed of only March 8 members, then we would have headed towards a greater problem than the one we faced in forming a Cabinet.

A threat or what?

AFP: Egyptian regime begins talks with Islamists

Thousands demonstrate in Milan calling on Italy Prime Minister Berlusconi to resign (Israel Radio)

Good, the guy's a scumbag.

ElBaradei: Egypt protests could get 'more vicious' if U.S. backs Mubarak (Reuters)

Yep... and it could end up like another Iran... especially if they back Suleiman as the ``guy who will do the reforms``... Suleiman is probably the only man more hated than Mubarak in Egypt.

Natural gas exports from Egypt to Israel may be halted for 2 weeks, not 1 (Bloomberg)

Muslim Brotherhood says it is willing to negotiate with the Egyptian government (Reuters)


Egypt negotiations begin Sunday at 11 A.M. to resolve country's crisis (Reuters)

So they negociate with terrorists?

Hamas terrorist escapes Egyptian prison and flees to Gaza Strip (Israel Radio)

Report: Egypt government will restore operation of banks and businesses Sunday (Ch. 10)

Hundreds demonstrate in U.S. cities in support of Egypt protesters (AP)

+1... also many cities around the world.

Former U.S. VP Cheney: Mubarak is a good man and ally to the United States (Reuters)

Gee a war criminal supporting another war criminal. What a surprise. Cheney, you're really a big scumbag, and just because of that statement, you should finish the rest of your life in jail.

Roadside bomb in western Iraq kills prominent Sunni Muslim tribe leader (AP)

This ain't good.

U.N. Secretary-General: Unrest in Egypt has serious implications for Mideast peace process (AP)

That was a waste of saliva...

Muslim Brotherhood: Demands of Egyptians are clear. Mubarak must step down (DPA)


Barak: Egypt's stability rests in the hands of the Egyptian army (Ch.10)

Barak aligning with Mullen...

Iran bans state TV from teaching foreign recipes (AP)

Garbagemen, police, transport back on the streets.#egypt about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

All back to normal it seems.

AJELive Reuters says #Egypt stock exchange will remain closed for an eighth day on Tuesday

norashalaby Quite crowded in tahrir. Spirits high #Jan25 20 minutes ago via TweetDeck

moftasa My mother who have always thought I shouldn't go to protests for my own safety & cause I'm her only child is in Tahrir sq. holding a sign 29 minutes ago via Mobile Web


bencnn : US interests in #Egypt: "stability," Suez Canal, peace treaty w/Israel, gas, oil. Record shows democracy always low priority. #Tahrir #Jan25 28 minutes ago via web


bencnn : # Suspicions are US would rather deal with Military/Muslim Brotherhood regime than real democracy in #Egypt. #Tahrir #Jan25 41 minutes ago via web


SultanAlQassemi Al Arabiya: Naguib Sawiris, Muslim Brotherhood & a representative of El Baradei amongst those in current talks with VP Omar Suleiman about 1 hour ago via web

norashalaby Traffic back to normal. Long lines in front of banks #Jan25 about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

bencnn : Mubarak regime, Brotherhood live off one another. Both know in truly open system they'd lose. So now, let's make a deal. #Tahrir #Jan25 about 1 hour ago via web


@blakehounshell: Question of the day: Will Brotherhood sell out Tahrir and cut a separate deal with Suleiman? Answer: YES about 2 hours ago via web in reply to blakehounshell

bbclysedoucet Large queues banks. Police won't let us film/record without official letters - a bit of normal life returns! #jan25 #egypt about 2 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

HalaGorani Today, govt will issue a "roadmap" detailing "principles of how to establish a peaceful transition," incl constitutional reforms. #Egypt about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

And it will be BS.

hebamorayef military officer stationed in downtown Alexandria tells my friend the military will stay on the streets until October #Jan25 #Egypt about 3 hours ago via web


Seems backroom deals, diplomatic maneuvers and pressure trying to rob the anti-Mubarak movement of momentum. #Tahrir #Egypt #Jan25 about 3 hours ago via web


ianinegypt That was the first night I didn't hear gunfire. More cars on the road today. #jan25 #egypt about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

Egyptian flags now on sale entrance Tahrir Sq. A popular item. #jan25 #egypt

RT @BBCWorld: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton backs involvement of Muslim Brotherhood in talks in #Egypt, from AFP about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter

bbclysedoucet : Tighter control Tahrir Sq. Soldiers now say we can't bring in our equipment without permission. #jan25 #egypt

occupiedcairo Normalcy in some areas, but Tahrir packed again. LOADS of people, singing, chanting, carnival atmosphere #jan25 18 minutes ago via TweetDeck

monasosh To those joining us in Tahrir, will be greatly appreciated if you could get common cold medicines & vitamin C #Jan25 17 minutes ago via web

ielsakka MB shifted their position, a leading member in the MB is now talking about " Egyptian crisis" instead of " Egyptian revolution" #Tahrir about 1 hour ago via web

Already backstabbing people eh Muslim Brotherhood? Didn't take long.

JawazSafar Protest planned for next Saturday In Nazareth in support to #Jan25 revolution about 2 hours ago via web

mosaaberizing The Coptic mass at Tahrir just took place. Many Muslims joined and listened. #Tahrir about 1 hour ago via Mobile Web


joshuahersh Forget rock-wielding thugs. The new weapon of choice against the demonstrations is imposed normalcy. Might work too. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

ronhaviv Equipment being taken at airport on way in-some arrests of journos continue after curfew outside the square... about 2 hours ago via Echofon

HannahAllam Just came from the bank. Hundreds of ppl, yelling, fighting, shouting, cursing the "crisis." took me 2 hrs to get $. #egypt #jan25 about 2 hours ago via web

Muslim Brotherhood to a launch a press conference at 4 p.m. to talk about earlier meeting with govt #alarabiya #egypt #jan25 #FREEEGYPT 12 minutes ago via web

Tunisian police fire on crowd, killing 2 & injuring 17 #Tunis #Revolution #Egypt #Jan25 21 minutes ago via web

Egypt says foreign officials should stop giving lessons #alarabiya #egypt #cairo #jan25 #FREEEGYPT #Internet #25jan 30 minutes ago via web

Funeral procession of Egyptian journalist to take place in Tahrir square: Alarabiya reporter #alarabiya #egypt #jan25 #FREEEGYPT #25jan about 3 hours ago via web

Hurdles disallow entrance of food and beverages to protesters in Tahrir square:Alarabiya reporter #alarabiya #egypt #jan25 #FREEEGYPT #25jan about 3 hours ago via web

No cars passing through Tahrir square after its closure by army: Alarabiya reporter #alarabiya #egypt #jan25 #FREEEGYPT #25jan about 3 hours ago via web

Thousands of Egyptians aim for a 'million protest' head to Tahrir square: Alarabiya reporter #alarabiya #egypt #jan25 #FREEEGYPT #25jan about 3 hours ago via web

New gas finding can triger a new 'fighting' between Lebanon and israel about 3 hours ago via web

Indeed it can.

Army tries to minimize area allowed for protesters to demonstrate in Tahrir square: Alarabiya reporter #alarabiya #jan25 #FREEEGYPT #25jan about 3 hours ago via web

Some of the new comers said army soldiers didn't inspect them and only saw IDs. Hence the smooth passage into Tahrir. about 1 hour ago via Mobile Web

Hearing from a MB figure they aren't really negotiating with VP. Merely reiterating people's demands & checking if govt. serious abt talks. about 1 hour ago via Mobile Web

The Army isn't anti-Mubarak. So far they've been unbiased but we know they could be on his side anytime. He's the head, afterall

richardengelnbc #egypt, mood still very anti-journalist.. We were asked by several angry crowds if we worked for al-jazeera about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

aisaad Egyptian Copts to hold Sunday services in Tahrir tom, Muslims to surround them for protection - returning Friday's favor
#Egypt #Jan25

It is a good thing, Its just odd looking out the window and seeing everyone going about their lives like nothing happened 29 minutes ago via web in reply to HadilHammad

Traffic flows normally around #Tahrir square. Banks have reopened. It seems every1 has entered into a pact to pretend #Jan25 never happened. about 2 hours ago via web

Which is the strategy here. In the west, we protest, but 99% of people just do their normal business and it has finally no effect. Which is what Mubarak wants.

Palestinian hackers attack Israeli site

US bribed Mubarak to support Israel
That is well known.

'Egypt's MB leading political power'
Except they said they would not provide a candidate... and just NO...

Security forces and thugs have raided and looted the International Center for Media in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as the revolution in the crisis-hit country enters its 13th day.
Not a big surprise there.

Much larger crowds of Egyptian protesters have been entering Cairo's Liberation Square on the 13th day of anti-government protests as the government is trying to back everything to normal.

Mubarak's wealth could reach 70bn

Egypt's military-industrial complex

Seems to me the ``revolution`` is over... IMO they won't get much from it in real changes on the ground since Suleiman is still here... and even if Suleiman and Mubarak are gone... the thugs in the state security and the corrupt police are still there... the torture rooms too...ect...

Hopefully there's free elections before the end of 2011, a new party takes power and start prosecuting people. If there's no prosecuting, there will be no real change... and since that kind of action is very unlikely... real change is unlikely.

But at least a few millions Egyptians found their dignity back and have more courage now than in any time in their life, so all this wasn't for nothing.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 09:42 AM
Nope. The revolution is far from over.

Despite the political moves, nothing has change in the bellies of Egyptians. Actors and players, theocratic or democratic, may assume leadership or broker for power, but they come and go.

The rich and the well off will still be able to withdraw cash, drive around, gripe about the masses, go to work and get on with their lives. Normalcy is for them on well fed and apathetic tummies.

But for the many million others Egyptians whom are facing doom of poverty and hunger, or will soon face as much, they have no normalcy with a dictator or preening actors on the helm. Even cornered rats will fight back, how much more humans will fight back against supposed govt well armed agents or torturers, more so if not for themselves, but for their solely deprived loved ones and future?

Only when their hunger is assuaged and a measure of prosperity is given to them, will the revolution end, and that can only come from a new and powerful national constitution that seeks to leave none behind and ensures balanced interests of state (The People) as well as for other nations that seek for cooperation with Egypt...

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

You get a star for your excellent SAT word usage. "Assuage." Nice!

Back on topic: LOL, so "major concessions" have been made to the protesters. Oooh, they can have a "free" press and the emergency laws will be lifted "when security permits." Yeah, that'll pacify them.
It's just so stunningly clearer every day that Mubarak and company are desperate to retain power and totally do NOT get it. They really need to be worrying about their lives. And dude, screw Obama for caving in to the pressure to intervene and backing some lame "gradual transition led by Suleiman." I'm an Obama supporter, but I'm not blind to his screwups. This is a major screwup, IMHO. Negotiating for anything less than 100% of the protester's demands for Mubarak to step down, and negotiating in the name of the Egyptian people without their consent is WRONG! I'm seriously disappointed with him for this.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 05:13 PM
The cynical, analytical side in me tells me it's over- The MB will join the NDP in making a government that's just as bad as Mubarak's, nothing's going to change, and the protests did nothing but bring back the MB into the government. This could have been the MB's goal all along- To make up for the corrupt elections...

The optimistic side of me hopes that this will not die out until the Egyptian people get a real democracy...

But how will that happen when they have no one honest to lead them? No middle class? Poverty?

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 09:39 PM
So,Mubarak's regime is trying the old American tactic of "ignore them and they will go away."I don't think including the MB will solve the nations problems.Like a poster above me said The Revolution is far from over.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 10:32 PM
I actually think it is over... I think the numbers are going to decrease and this will be swept away.

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 12:33 AM

Originally posted by Resurrectio
I actually think it is over... I think the numbers are going to decrease and this will be swept away.

But the problem will remain. This is a demographic/generational problem, not a political problem. About 1/2 of Egypt's population is under the age of 25. And about 90% of them are unemployed. Egypt graduate about 700,000 students a year from colleges/universities, and most of them cannot find any meaningful work. This problem is going to get worst, not better.

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 02:24 AM
This cannot end, certainly not as easily as the regime would like it to.

Smoking and non-smoking sections have been setup in the square. Christians and moslims are united, and everybody involved has 1 simple demand, mubarak get out.

They cannot go home, if they do, the security police will kill them one at a time. Their ONLY hope for survival is to stay in tahrir, together and in numbers. They have no jobs to go to ... they have nothing else worth doing. That alone is mubarak's fault.

I also saw the comment that the Egyptian govt is warning of a "constitutional void" and "anarchy" ... but that is exactly what the people have been given for 30 YEARS. The country has been under emergency law for 30 years, is THAT not a case of "chaos"?

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 03:11 AM

#Egypt today RT @SultanAlQassemi :Father Fawzi Khalil holding Bible standing by Imam holding Quran Tahrir Sq:

bencnn : The one week with closed factories and minimal traffic has given us clean air and a blue sky

BBC: Vice-President Omar Suleiman has turned down a call to assume President Mubarak's powers, according to a participant at the talks, the AFP news agency reports.

Business Insider: Senior US Marine Says "Multiple Platoons" Are Headed To Egypt

Officially to ``evacuate US citizens``... and how many there are... we'll never know. If they are to evacuate safely Mubarak and his crew...Egyptians sure will see this as further proof Mubarak was a US puppet.

Protest in Alexandria.

bencnn : Al Hurra: Businessman Naguib Sawiris "Omar Suleiman told us there won't be any more arrests

Yeah right. Secret police will stop arresting people? Really?

RT @Dima_Khatib: Sources in Mansoura tell al Jazeera that "thugs" are attacking people

Al Jazeera: there are about one million protesters on Tahrir Square #jan25 #egypt

BBC : There's an Art Exhibition at Meydan Tahrir of drawings that portray the chronology of the pro-democracy protests


BBC : Egypt's state news agency reports all parties at talks agreed to a 'peaceful transition of power in line with the constitution'

Actor Khalid Abdalla speaks | ... | Tahrir Sq has become/will remain a mini State until we get what #Egypt deserves


RT @bbcbreaking: Government and opposition agree in #Egypt talks to review constitution, reject foreign interference and aim for peaceful transition

Opposition groups still want Mubarak to go...and he won't, he seriously said he would not go until september, he doesn't care about protests or foreign pressure.

Nothing, absolutely nothing has changed in #Egypt #Jan25 RT @Reuters Opposition figure ElBaradei slams Egypt talks


Al Arabiya: Netanyahu orders to speed up the work on the Israeli-Egypt border security fence construction.

Karzai to announce Afghan handover start March 21 (Reuters)


Islamists reject offer to join new Jordan government (DPA)

Israeli source: Syria, Israel were on brink of direct talks in 2008 (AP)

Interesting uh? What happened in 2008? Invasion of Gaza.

Former Egypt trade minister: Mubarak's role in transition to democracy 'critical' (Reuters)

Yeah right!

Army fires shots in the air to disperse sleeping protesters in Cairo's Tahrir square (DPA)

So far, the army had only shot in the air to disperse pro-Mubarak protesters... Army turning against the people?

Mortar shells fired from Gaza at western Negev; no casualties reported (Army Radio)

Obama: Muslim Brotherhood does not have majority support (AP)

From an Egyptian I talk to, he said a maximum of 30-40% of Egyptians would support them... think is, people think they are not fit to rule...they have no leaders, no experience, ect...

Obama: Egypt will not return to what it was, time is now for change (Reuters)

Yeah right... because you know anything about change? All your ``change`` was utter BS. All the same corruption of Bush/Clinton/BushSr./Reagan...

U.S. President Obama wants 'representative government in Egypt' (DPA) long as it's pro-US.

In Alexandria, a demo that started wt 5000 has turned into 300,000 + in Moharam beih #Jan25

RT @Sandmonkey: Code Pink is collecting money for food and supplies to be sent to Egypt. Please stop them. This will be used against us. #jan25

RT @muiz: via @SandMonkey > Please explain to @CODEPINKALERT that they will accuse the revolution of being foreignly funded . It will hurt us. #jan25

A tank has now rolled up to clear out the spectators/rock throwers who tend to hang out on the 6th of October overpass these nights.

RT @monasosh: The army were trying to block this entrance wt wire, ppl prevented them,army shot in air to scare them and arrested 1 (maybe 5).

Egypt ex-trade minister plans to return to Egypt, after arriving in Dubai and finding his assets frozen

Protests planned monday in Iraq

nytjim RT @blakehounshell: Interesting. Emerging split between Brotherhood leadership and youth wing

CAIRO—Google Inc.'s top executive for the Middle East, missing for 10 days after participating in Egypt's largest demonstrations in decades, will be released from government custody Monday, according to family members
Canada's hired guns in Afghanistan rejected by U.S. for unsavoury ties
Beyond Mubarak (and ElBaradei): 10 Men to Run Egypt Next
"The Brotherhood aims to create an Islamic state in Egypt, but insists that it would not force women to cover up in public in line with Islam's teachings and would not rescind Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel."
Syrian Security Forces Crack Down on Rallies
Israel says no to more Egyptian troops in Sinai

Thing is ... people have good reasons to think that if they stop protesting and all ``becomes normal``, the secret police, who have been filming the protests and probably identified a bunch of them, will go and arrest them at their homes where there's no cameras.

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 08:34 AM
If true, this could be great news.

REPORT: Mubarak To Leave Egypt, Go To Germany For "Health Check" And Hand Over Power

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is to leave Egypt for medical treatment in Germany, at which time he'll give up his power as president, according to Der Spiegel.

The report suggests the plan is for Mubarak, who had been rumored to be suffering from cancer, to head to hospital near Baden-Baden in Germany. The hospital in question is Max-Grundig-Klinik Bühlerhöhe, and it is already in talks over the move, according to Der Spiegel.


posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 08:57 AM
I am glad that Mubarak is leaving, but what will replace him? It is becoming clearer that this revolt might very well have been born in Washington DC.
The telegraph reported a wikileak that showed one of the leading social media groups associated with the protests had sent their leadership to the US for training.

We have pressed the MFA for the release of these April 6 activists(US official wrote). xxxxxxxxxxx(name of protest leaser) expressed satisfaction with the December 3-5 \"Alliance of Youth Movements Summit\" in New York, noting that he was able to meet activists from other countries and outline his movement's goals for democratic change in Egypt. He told us that the other activists at the summit were very supportive, and that some even offered to hold public demonstrations in support of Egyptian democracy in their countries.


An Al Jazeera magazine makes several thought provoking points about the protests.

We tend to forget that well over a year ago, political actors in America and allied nations had full knowledge that Egypt's Hosni Mubarak was terminally ill. Certain that his reign was coming to a close, they devised a plan to compensate the inevitable loss of Mubarak's unconditional support.

Media 'pundits' are eager to blame the timing of the protests in Egypt on economic hardships. Citing Egypt's jobless and inordinate poverty, they would have us believe that the American 'social media', Tweeter in particular, has prompted and aided the protests. They would have us believe that in spite of the fact that the Egyptians cry over the price of wheat, they have cell phones and access to social media. We are to accept that the poor, hungry, and jobless Egyptians are revolting against their lot by 'tweeting' in English.

But Mubarak is dying. Fearful of losing an important ally in Egypt's Mubarak, the political elite in America have undertaken a calculated risk: siding with the Egyptians to promote 'democracy' - hoping to help put in place one of their own

Amongst the neoliberals, a new wave of thinking emerged which endorsed the idea of promoting 'democracy' ("liberal Imperialism") in order to evolve hegemonism to imperialism. Their thinking emphasized the 'character of the political leadership'. A wave of books centered on 'democratic transitions' that focused on the character of the leader with the right ideas appeared. They planned to emphasis new successful leaders such as Vaclav Havel, Nelson Mandela, Lech Walesa in order to promote their own in places of interest.

These neoliberals believed that "transition to 'democracy' required focusing on "political strategies" and introducing "indeterminancy" and "uncertainty" into the process of political change which they believed would be ground for cautious optimism that 'democracy' could catch on. Laureates were appointed: Shirin Ebadi, El Baradei, Obama, Liu Xiaobo...

Al Jazeera

I do not know for sure that the US is responsible for the protests, or if they supported them to a degree before they gained their own life. It is clear from Iran in 09 that social media is used by intelligence services to fuel unrest, or give the appearance that unrest is legitimate. Until more information is discovered this is still speculation.

Even if the US is behind the protests it does not mean that Mubarak's fall is not positive. Any circumstances that remove a tyrant should be hailed as a victory. It should be remembered that the decades long investment by the US in a security/military apparatus still exists. The probability is that someone from within that apparatus will rise to power, or will be behind anyone who does rise. A noble laureate can allow parties, give lip service to democracy, and at the same time still be reliant on a military apparatus for real power.

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo
As long as Suleiman is President. Mubarak will be running Egypt.That's what the US government and the MSM won't mention.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:58 AM

8:44pm Ahmad Nagib, one of the organisers of the protests in Tahrir Square told Al Jazeera:
"We are not scared of being martyred, but we don't want to be shot at the back by state security." We will continue to protest in Tahrir Squrae until he [Mubarak] steps down. It is safer for us to camp out here in the open, some of our friends that left the Square were kidnapped and tortured inside the museum by state security.
We are still resilient and we will carry on, real democracy can only be achieved by involving all of us in any talks, but any talks will happen after Mubarak leaves. Our voices have not been represented, and we call for the Egyptian state TV to be prosecuted for playing an instrumental part in inciting hatred towards us and encouraging the 'baltageya' thugs to attack us.

Justice, is there no justice in the world?

What has now happened is that there will be no peaceful revolution. It will take blood. And thanks to barry, there can be no reasonable handover of power. They are determined to play their charade to death.

On the upside, suleiman has reportedly already have 5 heart attacks. May he have many more ... fatal of course.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 07:02 AM

Militants attack police base in Egypt's Rafah (Reuters)

As I said last week would start if Mubarak didn't happening... this is just the beginning, as were the bombs on the pipeline.

Iran claims to have built four new space satellites (AP)

Two injured in attack on Egyptian security barracks in Sinai (DPA)

Former Mossad chief Halevy: U.S. and Israel are winning the war against Iran (Haaretz)

Turkey and Iran aim to triple trade volume to $30b despite nuclear sanctions (Reuters)

Jordan's Bedouin tribes warn of revolt if government reforms not taken (Reuters)

NATO warns Egypt and Tunisia unrest may cause economic hardship and illegal immigration (AP)

Probe finds Sinai pipeline blast was caused by bomb (AP)

As I said earlier...

Egypt approves 15 percent raise for government employees (AP)

More money for the government goons uh?

Egypt's ex-police chief appears before prosecutors (Reuters)

Ex-police chief? What about the current one?

Ashkenazi at Herzliya Conference: We must be ready to fight on more than one front (Haaretz)

Hamas/Hezbollah/Syria/Egypt... worst case scenario... Saudi Arabia, if it's overthrown, NATO will not let that happen.

Protesters try to block Tunisian parliament (AP)

U.S.: Muslim Brotherhood's anti-American rhetoric goes counter to regional stability (Haaretz)

What Muslim Brotherhood anti-american rhetoric? Mubarak is a US puppet and Egypt shouldn't have US puppets in power? Hardly anti-American rhetoric.

U.S.-based rights group: 297 killed in Egypt revolt (AP)

And the US government called that what... restraint?

WikiLeaks: Israel has long seen Egypt VP Suleiman as worthy Mubarak successor (AP)

That is sick.

Egypt government, opposition to hold 2nd day of talks amid continued protests (DPA)

Report: Saudi authorities forced students to participate in pro-Assad protests (Ch. 10)


Funeral for the journalist killed by a sniper going on in freedom square

More protests in Yemen

"The army soldier on the ground stated that he has orders to confiscate any supplies going into Tahrir." #Egypt #Jan25

Journalists now have to register with #Egypt's Ministry of Information if they wish to enter Tahrir

That is sick.

Army removing portable toilets in Tahrir square and confiscating all supplies going in

Heavy army, police presence outside Israeli embassy. Flag removed. #Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir

bencnn: Crowd banging on closed doors of bank in Agouza. Not yet back to normal. #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

Indoncensorship: reports that Index free expression award winner Kareem Amir has been picked up by authorities in #egypt

WilYaWil: Walking towards tahrir sq. @ simon bolivar sq. Multiple army checkpoint asking for ID. No access to tahrir

US special envoy to Egypt recalled due to ties with Mubarak regime

Egypt's stock market is expected to reopen on Sunday February 13 #jan25

Youth unemployment: #Yemen 49%, #Palestine 38%, #Morocco 35%, #Egypt 33%,Tunisia 26%. Europe: 20-40%. USA: 20-50%

Some protests in Tehran and Syria but small ones

AJE "the army is slowly squeezing protesters in Tahrir" but numbers r still the same. That's not stopping them! #jan25 #egypt

ajimran: #Egypt: Hundreds gathered outside the Cairo Governorate, demanding the apartments promised in return for attacking anti-Mubarak protesters.

ElFoulio: Can't stop laughing abt thugs protesting for not getting their promised apartments for attacking #tahrir protesters #jan25

#Paula #Slier in #Cairo Zimbabwe defence minister warns that "those who...emulate...#Egypt will regret it bc we will not allow chaos

Nasrallah on Egypt: RT @Naharnet You are leading battle of Arab dignity and restoring Arab dignity that was humiliated by some rulers #jan25

DailyNewsEgypt: Army allowed to open fire on those violating curfew, says police official #jan25 #egypt #mubarak

Hezbollah's Secretary General has announced backing for the Egyptian revolution and said it will create a great impact on the region. Nasrallah dismisses claims US is over throwing Mubarak

Muslim Brotherhoood hails Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei for backing Egypt

Many protesters in Alexandria still

"# the tora cement workers have started a sit in over work conditions. #egyworkers #jan25


another sit in is going on now in Suez Trust Textile plant. #egyworkers #jan25

the employees at Workers University in Nasr City r staging sit in. #egyworkers #jan25

the university employees besieged Mostafa Mongi, vp of the state backed federation of trade unions. #egyworkers #jan25

Despite what appears to be greater calm on the streets in Egypt over the weekend, the State Department sent out a new Travel Warning on Sunday, Feb. 6, that instructs all American citizens to leave Egypt now.

The BBC's Kevin Connolly reports from Cairo: "Egypt now finds itself in a curious position where both the government's depiction of returning normality and the protestors vision of unstoppable change both have a degree of validity. It's not clear which will prevail or when."

BBC: hat draws to a close today's live coverage of events in Egypt, where some of the chaos of the last two weeks has subsided. But as we've seen, life is far from back to normal. And the protesters camped out in Cairo's Tahrir Square are promising not to go home until they see President Hosni Mubarak driven from office.

Police shoot boy in cold blood From Egypt :

Iran mass producing new anti-ship missiles: Guards
It's solid fuel and go at Mach 3+, range of 185 miles and has a 650kg warhead... looks like an improved Sunburn missile... those seems very very very dangerous...

Iraqi PM: we have no secret prisons

Egyptian police use Facebook and Twitter to track down protesters' names before 'rounding them up'

Why Kim Jong-il wished Egypt's Mubarak a Happy New Year

5 arrested in connection to the gas line explosion in the Sinai

The general feeling in the crowd of protesters in Mehrir square is that they are being bettrayed by foreign powers and opposition parties cutting a deal without listening to them...Remember ``no talks before Mubarak get out``? Yeah the hell with that uh?

There's fears that a group might attack the Suez Canal... if it happens.. not good for oil prices... even if only 2.3% of oil goes through the suez canal...

Protesters and reporters on the ground are scared because the medias are not talking much about Egypt no more...and when the world doesn't watch... dictators do horrible things.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 07:42 AM

etharkamal: Tomorrow, millions will come to #tahrir. Tomorrow, things will happen and things will change. Tomorrow might just be the end #jan25

"In Tahrir Square in Cairo, men and women pray together just like at the Haram in Makkah, gender boundaries have been transcended and the only thing that matters is that they are Egyptians who want freedom!"

BBC : Muslim Brotherhood threatening to pull out of talks if demands aren't met


AlArabiya_Eng Egypt protesters call for mass rallies to eject Mubarak, amid reports that Mubarak might go to Germany for treatment

Sandmonkey: RT @ahmed: Wael @Ghonim was blindfolded for 12 days in detention! Bastards! #Jan25 #Egypt

nancyelattar Reports r that Etisalat claims that govt has seized ALL USB internet keys. No longer in stock. #egypt #jan25 #tahrir

Crazy if true.

pressfreedom: #Egypt military is obstructing journalists and refusing many entry into #Tahrir Square. #jan25

Tuesday 8 Feb there are several marches/demonstrations in Cairo against Mubarak and the Regime#Egypt #Jan25

Lots of foreign journalists checking out of Ramsis Hilton. The story, however, is far from over. #Jan25 #Egypt #Tahrir

Suleiman: #Egypt President signs decree to form committee to amend constitution #Jan25 #Tahrir #BREAKING

Suleiman: #Egypt President orders that #Tahrir youth NOT be chased after #Jan25 #BREAKING

Yeah right.

Omar Suleiman: Mubarak committed to allowing the protesters continue practicing free speech. #Jan25 #Egypt

Yeah right. Like he was before uh when he sent his thugs kill and wound protesters?

1+ million people at Tahrir square

Tanks and APCs lined up as far as eye can see at Unknown Soldier memorial in Nasr City

About 100+ from sources on the ground...

300 University teachers join a demonstration heading towards Tahrir to join protestors/AJA

Protestors surround parlament and interior ministry in the heart of Cairo/AJA

10 000+ and growing around those buildings.. and talks of marching on the palace.

Kefaya movement files a request with public prosecutor to open investigation of Mubarak family fortune


Famed #Egypt scientist Farouk El-Baz tells protesters to hold their ground until #Mubarak leaves.

Protest in front of Ibrahim mosque in Alexandria full of people & smiles

3.5+ million people protesting around Egypt today

Google Executive and Blogger Gives Emotional Interview
Good stuff.

The interview in video... that is energizing the revolution!

State Department confirms Egyptian military “elements” participated in crackdown
Ya think?
Interview with Sandmonkey
U.S. eases off call for swift Egypt reform
Makes me sick.

Amazing poster
Opposition says no deal until Mubarak steps down
A Billionaire’s Plan for More Egypts
Statement from Cairo University- faculty of law

On Monday the 7th of February 2011 the professors of the faculty of law at Cairo university met and after many fruitful discussions and thorough analysis of the parameters of constitutional thought and what is best for our country in order for it to correspond with the great leap & the revolution of the Youth of the Nation which has both been welcomed and backed by many communities within the nation , presented to the nation from a pure conscience and in reaction to the new developments that have affected the entire nation’s sentiments . Presented here to the great Egyptian nation are the results which the forum has reached in regards to what must be done for the good of the nation at this historical juncture in our beloved country

Great stuff.

Talks of the military arresting/kicking out Mubarak TODAY... that's why there's lots of tanks lined up...

Who knows...

Protestors outside parliament hinders Ahmed Shafik (prime minister) from reaching his office/AJA


Israel went into Gaza a few hours ago with bulldozers and some tanks, opened fire on several targets and withdrawed

President Bashar al-Assad promises elections and press freedom after seeing groundswell of protest across Arab world. Egypt impact!

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 09:46 AM

heading towards downtown. Demonstrations at Egyptian Television Building, People's Assembly, Tahrir Square & other locations.

The girl who fabricated & lied about protest leaders being all Israeili agents admits she fabricated it

6+ million people protesting in Egypt now

Protesters are also gathered in front of Ministry of Health, as well as other government / State buildings

Sounds as though protesters are spreading out, gradually taking over Cairo. Soon ALL #Egypt will be part of #Tahrir! #jan25

Even in private sector, companies are faced with strikes and demos by employees asking for better living conditions

AJ : A makeshift school being set up on Tahrir square for the kids


Numerous reporters suggest Tahrir Sq has more people today than on the Million Man March

Tahrir is positively jammed today. Took me an hour to make a loop. Lots of families seem to have turned out today too.

Guys, the Egyptian Revolution is clearly stepping up its pace. Army still standing by, as protesters spread to new ground

Thousands of engineers coming to #tahrir through ramsis street

It will be a huge strategic step if we take the streets around the parliament and the cabinet building. Head there now

Chants of 'Mubarak, you are violent...your plane is waiting at the airport


Google exec Wael Ghonim is among huge crowd in Tharir Sq today.

Switzerland Is Examining Whether Mubarak Has Assets in Country

UK sold £16.4m worth of #arms to #Egypt in 2009; refuses to suspend them now

#Jan25 #Egypt Security & military have increased their already strong presence around State TV & radio.

AlArabiya_Eng: The German govt denies that Mubarak has requested a medical visit in their country #alarabiya #egypt #jan25 #Internet #25jan @ghonim #wael


#Telecom Egypt employees striking now on Ramsis #cairo #25jan #jan25 #revolution #mubarak #tahrir #egypt

Jan25voices: AJA: Wael @Ghonim speaking to protesters in #Tahrir. #Jan25 #Egypt

bencnn: Man in #Tahrir warns: if we aren't allowed to express ourselves peacefully, there's danger some will do it "by other means." #Jan25 #Egypt


Lots of people in #Tahrir for first time today? Reasons: curious, Wael Ghonim interview. tired of staying at home.

Lots of 1st timers in tahrir today. Fencesitters who either decided it was safe or inspired by @ghonim

At the main square in Stockholm, for 14 days now, a banner has been hanging which says “All squares are #Tahrir”

BBCWorld: French PM admits Mubarak lent him plane & paid for family holiday in #Egypt

revolution fever reaches all state-owned newspapers and they are kicking out the Editors-in-chief.


Ahmed Ragheb of Hisham Mugarak Law Center says military police told him some 10,000 people detained in Cairo alone since Jan 25

haaretz "#Egypt has released 34 political prisoners, the state news agency said..the first men set free since the gov..promised reforms"

34 out of 10 000! Yeah great reform there!

Suez Canal Company workers from the cities of Suez, Port Said, and Ismailia began an open-ended sit in today. Disruptions to shipping movements, as well as disasterous econmic losses, are expected if the strike continues. Over 6000 protesters have agreed that they will not go home today once their shift is over and will continue their in front of the company's headquarters until their demands are met. They are protesting against poor wages and deteriorating health and working conditions.


'An Island In An Orgy Of Violence' -- A Firsthand Account Of Being Detained In Cairo

An egyptian I'm reading almost everyday says that more people are on the street now because of the news of the Mubarak's wealth and his cabinet stole to the country...and people want it back...also the google executive who got released and made a terrific speech on Egyptian TV.

Seems today are the biggest protests YET! Crazy!

I'm happy to have been wrong!

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo


Why America?

POLL - 52% OF AMERICANS HAVE HEARD LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT THE PROTESTS IN EGYPT /6011468-egypt-crisis-flying-under-americans-radar


posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by Foxoutfoxing
Wow that is quite a moving video. Thanks for posting. It should have one hundred thousand views instead of one.
Der Speigel Photo Gallery

This al jazeera footage of pro-government supporters being lynched by an angry crowd, and one being killed. It also shows a sniper shoot an anti government protester.
Al jazeera
An op-ed about the new vp.
Suleiman: CIA's Man

Egypt Central Bank sells Debt to Stabalize Pound

Police Stations Attacked Across the Country

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo
This maybe the final push against Mubarak he goes I can guarantee Suleiman and the others won't hang around,Vitchilo.53% of Americans are unaware of The Movement? not surprising if it's not sports or reality tv most people in the US are not gonna care.
Great vid Fox! and great pics and articles everyone!

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