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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 03:58 PM

Al Jazeera: Journalist Ahmed Abdel Jawad: Around 4,000 protesters are in front of the Egypt State TV building which is heavily protected

Al Jazeera: Journalist Ahmed Abdel Jawad: There are Presidential Guards around the State TV building and on the first floor of the building

9.48pm GMT: Mubarak's address was watched by President Obama onboard Air Force One. He is planning to go straight from his plane to meet with his national security team at the White House.

"This is not what the [US] administration was told President Mubarak was going to do," reports CNN political correspondent John King

Yeah... maybe this is just for internal consumption. The US government always says one thing and does the opposite.

RPG fired at Egyptian Security HQ in Rafah

And so it begins... UPDATE : CONFIRMED ON THE GROUND...

Almanar TV saying that this speech is recorded and Mubarak is already in GERMANY

Now if that's true...

Update : From an Egyptian... there's a meeting within the army still happening right now... they should make a statement after they finish... no time... hopefully they side with the people and say enough is enough and march on the palace.
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jeremyscahill‎ Whoever gave Leon Panetta that "intelligence" on Mubarak stepping down tonight, awesome job

Alhura TV masked men firing machine guns and RPG at security forces in Rafah #Jan25

Hundreds of armed Egyptian Bedouins take control of security buildings in Rafah near #Gaza and other areas in Sinai. (via @ajtalk) #Jan25

The army is installing loud speakers in north area military command center, seems we will have an announcement #jan25 #Egypt

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 05:45 PM
I have a theory about why Mubarak refuses to step down he knows now that the people want to put his entire regime on trail for crimes against The Egyptian people.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by mike dangerously

If they go down the road of crimes against humanity,then half of the American controllers may be asked to account for their shenanigans.Talking about crimes Against humanity anyone loosing their home is one as well.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 01:19 AM
Pakistan :

India, Pakistan to renew peace talks for first time since 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack (Ch. 10)

Finally good news...

Report: Pakistan appears to expand nuclear site (Reuters)

Of course... and no one says a word...but when Iran have ONE nuclear reactor, it's all doom and gloom.

Israel :

Opposition leader Livni: This government weakens Israel, it's my calling to replace it (Ch. 10)

Speed it up then.

Army demolishes Negev Bedouin village Al-Araqib for 16th time in 6 months (Army Radio)

Think they might be pissed at that?

Israelis warned of terror threat on anniversary of assassination Hezbollah officials (Haaretz)

Which is February 13.

Gaza :

WikiLeaks: Syria, Qatar transferred $50 million to Hamas to keep holding Gilad Shalit (Ch. 10)

Really... Qatar too?

Abbas says UN Security Council to discuss settlements next week (DPA)

And the US is gonna veto.

Egypt :

Report: Saudi king told Obama he would fund Egypt if U.S. withdrew support (Reuters)

Let them do it then! So when Mubarak is overthrown, Egyptians are pissed at Saudi Arabia's government, not the west.

China rejects foreign role in solving Egypt crisis (AP)

Because it would be talked about in the Chinese press... and might create a revolt within China...

Egypt bus drivers go on strike as unrest spreads (AP)

Good...but they should only strike for normal passengers... they should only use their buses to get people to Cairo.

Opposition party Tagammu pulls out of Egypt dialogue (Reuters)

Good. Shouldn't talk with terrorists.

CIA chief: Mubarak likely to step down this evening (Reuters)

That was EPIC FAIL.

Egypt information minister: Mubarak not stepping down (Reuters)

For once the propaganda wasn't lying... who would have thought?

Al Arabiya: Mubarak travels to Red Sea resort with army chief of staff (Reuters)

Taking a little trip... like nothing unusual is going on... the guy really is in his world.

Member of U.S. embassy in Cairo who went missing is confirmed dead (Haaretz)

It's supposed to be an Egyptian carpenter who worked at the US embassy...and not an actual US citizen...

Suleiman: Mubarak's announcement emphasizes his will to yield to the people's demands (Haaretz)

Mmmm no.

Defense Minister Barak: I don't see 'Iran scenario' happening in Egypt (Haaretz)

Well if the US still support the power transfer to that psycho Suleiman, it might happen.

Obama: Mubarak unclear, must speak clearly about transfer of authority in Egypt (Haaretz)

He was clear. He stays there till September while giving a bunch of his powers to the crook Suleiman.

I watched Amanpour's report on Egypt w/ several people and our jaws collectively dropped at her pro-Mubarak pro-Suleiman spin #jan25

jonsnowC4: There is talk of a General Strike in Egypt after Mubarak flunks leaving office

10 Thousand Protesters or More Currently Surrounding the State TV HQ .. #Cairo #Egypt #Day18

Reports that the road to cairo airport are now closed #egypt #jan25

Iran :

Turkish president to visit Iran to build trade ties (DPA)


Iran opposition leader put under house arrest after voiced support for Egypt protests (AP)

Ridiculous. Mullahs support the protests... but the opposition can't?

Rallies begin in Iran to mark the 32nd anniversary of the 1979 Revolution (DPA)

Hopefully turns into revolution.

Iranian Dissident Says Planned March Will Test Regime

Lebanon :

U.S. Treasury: Lebanese bank laundering millions to Hezbollah-linked group (AP)

Hezbollah linked group? Like one guy who runs a charity who talked once to a member of Hezbollah back in the 90s?

Albania :
NATO urges Albania to peacefully solve crisis

NATO's chief called on Albania on Monday to uphold the alliance's democratic values, urging a peaceful resolution to a political crisis that has left four protesters dead.

Of course nowhere in the news in the west.

Afghanistan :
NATO general warns of more bloodshed in Afghanistan

NATO-led forces have dealt significant losses to the Taliban in Afghanistan but the rebels are spoiling for a tough fight in the spring to regain their sanctuaries, the alliance's top commander warned.

So let's stay in Afghanistan 10 more years uh?

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 02:07 AM
NATO-led forces have dealt significant losses to the Taliban in Afghanistan but the rebels are spoiling for a tough fight in the spring to regain their sanctuaries, the alliance's top commander warned.

So let's stay in Afghanistan 10 more years uh?

10 years more like forever V.I am not sure if you know this but,our bases in Afghanistan are all on the pipeline Unocal wanted to build before the Allies came in.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 02:50 AM
I know all about the pipeline, the opium, the precious metals and stones...

More protesters are making their way from #Tahrir to the presidential palace in #Heliopolis

Army officer Ahmad Shuman speaking on AlJazeera from Tahrir: I joined people. Army should protect people not regime

Al Jazeera: Around 7,000 protesters have reached the presidential palace.

I don't know if they are really AT the presidential palace... or blocked by the Presidential Guard...

At checkpoints leading to TV building, TV employees are not allowed in

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 03:59 AM

from presid. palace: we receive commands directly from Mubarak. He ordered to shoot, but no one here will follow this command #jan25 #tahrir

Egypt's Minister of Finance Minister Samir Radwan is putting out the message, "The nightmare of a coup is very bad for everybody, for the young people, for the economy."

Gaber Asfour, who resigned as Minister of Culture this week "for health reasons", has set out the real motives behind his departure. Asfour noted that the situation had become so bad that no policeman would sit at the same table with former Minister of Interior Minister Habib El Adly, "who was behind the attack on the young demonstrators". He then said that he was "very surprised that [the new] government is not a government or a coalition of national salvation" but is still in the hands of the ruling National Democratic Party.

State TV says Vice President Omar Suleiman has asked Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq to appoint a Deputy Prime Minister from the Council of Elders to "lead the national dialogue".

"There is no question that what we are seeing happening in Egypt will have tremendous impact," Panetta told the House Intelligence Committee. "If it's done right, it will help us a great deal in trying to promote stability in that part of the world. If it happens wrong, it could create some serious problems for us and for the rest of the world."

Army statement : go back to work, stop strikes, wait till September.. but will not fire on people

Basically siding with Mubarak in a transition of power in September...

Sick really.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 04:14 AM
Somehow,i doubt that last Statement was really from the Military. It sounded too much like Suleiman in my Opinion. And wouldnt they make this Statement themselves instead of letting it beeing read by "Propaganda" State TV?

Something is not right...

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 04:16 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Army statement : go back to work, stop strikes, wait till September.. but will not fire on people

Basically siding with Mubarak in a transition of power in September...

Sick really.

No, I don't see it as sick..
I see the Army is saying what they need to say but at the same time telling the people to revolt and they will not be attacked..

A smart call by the military leaders IMO..

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 04:30 AM

Big confrontation building at State TV. Army protecting it. Crowds gathering in siege

army provided buses to get people home from the palace, asking them not to protest - AJE

Army officer tries to read out Mil Communique to protesters outside palace but gets heckled

the new statement from the army was an edited version of what Mubarak said last night - people very annoyed

Army is definitely saying protests must end now... and supports Mubarak's plan... bunch of traitors of the people.

But eh, really, how many times in history the army have sided with the people? Probably less than a handful over thousands of years.

1+ million in Tahrir square already... a few thousands near the Presidential Palace

"If they threaten you with the whole world will fight you, don't fear them, If they threaten you with all the weapons in the world don't fear them, because God will give victory to the people of justice and not people of tyranny!/Friday prayer speech in alexandria

Some reports that people are asking to god for martyrdom and doing the prayer muslims do before going to war in Tahrir square

End of peaceful protests? Or the march on the palace, no matter what, no matter how many get killed?
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 05:46 AM

Hundreds approaching State TV from backroad parallel to Corniche.

Egypt's military has endorsed the transfer of powers from embattled President Hosni Mubarak to Vice President Omar Suleiman and called for a return to normal life in the Egyptian capital, wracked for 18 days by anti-Mubarak demonstrations.

Reports of snipers on top of the Presidential Palace and on buildings around the palace

Confirmed. Those are presidential guard... THEY WILL SHOOT.

Army officer in front of palace told protesters they should treat Mubarak with "dignity"

Are you freaking kidding? That lunatic should be hanging high!

March from Alexandria to the palace going on...

More news coming up as it develops.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 06:31 AM

Govt. buildings in Suez being taken over & reports of police joining protesters there.

Army at the palace spoke now that he is Egyptian and won't harm us but pls don't pass the closed line

Mahalla, Tanta, Mansourah, bani Sueif, Cairo, Alexandria, Suez - all have major demonstrations demanding ouster of Mubarak/Suleiman

NDP website seems hacked. Now reads: "Closed until dropping Mubarak & the regime"

The barbed wire fences around the Presidential Compound have been electrocuted. Please warn people! #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

Wael @ghonim demanding the resignation of the information minister, demanding 'freedom of expression' #Jan25 #Egypt

Danish PM becomes the first EU leader to call for Mubarak to step down. via Al Jazeera English #Egypt #Tahrir #jan25

Mubarak and his family left CAIRO for a break : Al Arabiya

For a break... meaning HE'S NOT STEPPING DOWN.

Field hospital already established on grass near presidential palace managed by sweet Santa-like volunteer doctor #jan25 #Egypt

Military blocking the road to the Presidential Palace but numbers there are still increasing - up to 1000 people at the moment.

AJ : 100s of thousands heading towards El Tin Palace in #Alexandria

Mubarak's gamble

Earlier yesterday, I spoke to Wael Ghonim and he told me to expect some very good news around 5 pm that night, but he never elaborated what it is. Around 10 am, we heard that Saudi Arabia, alongside UAE and Kuwait, are creating an aid package to Egypt to possibly replace that of the US. Around 4 pm last night, we recieved the news that the President itends to step down tonight and give all of his responsbilities to the VP, Omar Suleiman. The Army then convened and issued its first statement, in a meeting without Mubarak or his VP around 5 pm. Around 9 pm Egypt time, Obama did a speech congratulating the people of Egypt for their march for democracy, so it seemed like a done deal. Finally, an hour later than originally announced, President Hosny Mubarak , against all expectations and information, refused to step down from his post, and said that he refuses any foreign interference in Egypt. The White House then announced that it has been double-crossed by the Egyptian regime.

Now, what does this all mean?

Well, 4 main things:

1) Mubarak is not going to leave Office without bloodshed. Any attempt for a peaceful exit has been discarded by his regime, and they are intending to fight the will of the people until the end.

2) Mubarak has burned the image of Hossam Badrawy and the Wisemen council with his speech. Hossam Badrawy, the secretary general of the NDP, was the face of the NDP that announced Mubarak's intenetion to abdicate power later tonight. Now the man has no credibility. Same goes for the Wiseman Council, since Mubarak's speech was focused on how he has met their demands, which don't include him leaving. If most of them don't quit their posts today, I would be greatly surprised.

3) We are seeing the first possible split in the power structure in Egypt: It seems that the Armed forces are in one camp, and the president, intelligence agencies and the republican guard in another camp. If you add to the equation the Ministery of Interior and the protesters, you have 4 players right now in an intensely unpredictable power struggle. We are now awaiting the second statement from the High council of amred forces to clearify their position once and for all. Whether the Army is with or against the people will determine a lot of today's outcome.

4) Mubarak has now put the US in a corner: He double-crossed the White House, and announced his intentions to fight foriegn intervention. Adding to that the news of the arab aid, he is sending the US a clear message: "I could tell you and your aid to go to hell, and get the money from the arabs instead. Where does this leave your precious Israel? If you don't want us to cause problems on that front, you better shut up about what we will do and get with the program, or else!"

If you take all of those factors into consideration, the situation starts looking intensely ominous. If the regime and the army has split, we could see major fighting and bloodshed today. If the Army is with the President, then they will all turn their guns on the Protesters, who are determined not to live under Mubarak rule for one extra day. It also means that he put on the line the future of the transitional government with Omar Suleiman in charge, because Suleiman's fate seems intensely intertwined with the President now. This has become a fight for survival: it's either the regime or the people. The bad news is, the regime has all the weapon and organization. The good news is, the people are determined and increasing in numbers and the army might step in and save us all unnecessary bloodshed.

It all depends on the army's statement now.

And remember that Saudi Arabia pledged money to Egypt if the US drops it's support? That might change the mind of the army who could have sided with the people over fears of losing their check...

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 06:49 AM

1-200 civilian pro mubarak, peaceful, near protest by heliopolis club but no interaction. #jan25 half a minute ago via TweetDeck

All protests staffed by @wsj reporters in Cairo peaceful so far, incl pres palace and state TV bldg. and Tahrir #egypt #jan25

Crowds growing outside tv bldg, some tried to push down fencing other protesters stopped them. #jan25 1 minute ago via txt

More protesters have joined pres palace protest, ppl excited and cheering #jan25

Protester tells me: these r presidential guards here, but they erased their signs so as not to b identified. #jan25 1 minute ago via Mobile Web

The crowd heading to the presidential palace is now easily 2000 or 3000 4 minutes ago via Seesmic for BlackBerry

Mother who lost son in protests outside Pres palace with burial wrap of 2nd son #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

tanks in front of the tv building. 1st floor soldiers have stationed machine guns pointed in our direction. #jan25 6 minutes ago via Mobile Web

Barricades between Tahrir and Maspero broken. Ppl now entering area en masse #jan25 8 minutes ago via YoruFukurou

More than 50,000 protester in Qina. via Al Jazeera Arabic

bencnn The helicopter is back over central Cairo. #Egypt #Jan25 #Egypt

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 07:19 AM

bencnn Crowd swelling dramatically in front of State TV. Estimate 15,000...and growing. coming from #Tahrir, 6 Oct bridge. #Jan25 #Egypt

Almazza Air Force Base The Presidential Airbus left For UAE this morning.

If this is true... awesome! Update : The plane is not at the usual spot... location : unknown... so it might be true!

Military police patrolling amongst protesters at pres palace, but very few #jan25

wow airport police on strike, economic demands apparently but still that's a first #Jan25

3rd Armed forces announcement being made now. Promising free and fair elections but no date.

Protesters surrounding Channel 5 Building in Alexandria

MB spokesman Kemal Helbawy says army opinion is split. Says 40 - 50 army officers are already in prison. 2 minutes ago via web

Amanpour : # Senior egyptian official tells me Mubarak has left Cairo. Remains in Egypt as figurehead Prez. He left last night after speech to nation , # MORE: Official tells me this in keeping with promise to hand over powers to VP.

Al Jazeera: More than 20,000 anti-Mubarak protesters marching to local council bureau in Arish

AJ : State TV people pulling away barb wire and people going thru

Latest numbers : 10 million protesters across Egypt!

3 aircraft carrier groups + 1 amphibious ship in the middle-east...
That's a lot of firepower...

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:27 AM

Group of young doctors just arrived at pres palace to staff field hospital here #jan25 #egypt

Two marches meet in Abbaseia. Now I cannot see either end of it. Heliopolis Palace will see a big crowd in an hour #Jan25

Egypt's Mubarak and his family have reached Sharm el-Sheikh, news agencies reported.

From a friend in Assiut: no police, no army, people throwing stones at the NDP HQ #jan25

1mill protestors at palace in Alex. Cairenes join us at Helio palace #jan25

80,000 protesters are on their way to the presidential palace in Cairo. via Al Jazeera Arabic #Jan25 #Egypt #Tahrir

Palace in Alexandria is close to a huge naval base. Snipers on roof. Huge military presence.

Sudan AP - Southern Sudan army says clash with rebel faction kills nearly 140 people, mostly civilians.

blankets arrived at pres palace for sit in #jan25

Hundreds of thousands of protesters trying to march as closely as possible to Palace in #Alexandria. #Jan25 #Egypt

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:52 AM

Al Jazeera corrects its numbers. 3 helicopters land at the presidential palace in Cairo #Jan25 #Egypt #Tahrir

People getting txts saying palace will release statement soon. Won't hold breath. #Egypt #jan25

Egyptian TV to air an important statement in few minutes #Egypt #jan25

So what are they gonna say? More BS? Anything at all?

Report: Mubarak will again appear on state television tonight. Lets not get ahead of ourselves this time. #Egypt #Cairo #Tahrir #Weissink

Will he resign then?

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:59 AM
Vitch, your continued coverage of this is appreciated. Between this and the NK/SK conflict, you have done ATS members a great service. Just know, your due diligence is noticed and appreciated.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by Resurrectio

Well thanks but I think I've slacked in the last two days...

Al Jazeera reporting police station in northern Sinai has come under RPG fire. #jan25

Reporter on arabiya saying that source in military told her that army is taking over for interim period #Egypt #jan25

Once again with feeling - Badrawi tells me #Mubarak will resign in anouncement expected tonight.

He's the secretary general of the ruling National Democratic Party.... so this could be it... but eh....

French Sources: Indictment within 10 Days

Pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat on Thursday quoted high-ranking French sources as saying that the indictment in the 2005 assassination of former PM Rrafik Hariri is likely to be issued "within the coming 10 days."
The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is reportedly poised to indict Hizbullah members in the Hariri murder.

Lebanon might flare up again...

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 10:11 AM

tahrir square erupts in cheers as they hear President Mubarak has resigned 5 minutes ago via web

Gunshots in Nasr City. Everyone is celebrating. #Jan25 5 minutes ago via Echofon

Celebrations in Cairo as Mubarak steps down and transfers to power to army #jan25 #egypt 5 minutes ago via web

bbclysedoucet VP and Pres out, Supreme Council army taking over #jan25 #egypt


Well... almost!
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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:04 AM
As the Egyptians finally gotten rid of tyranny and the cheers rang out, there's still plenty of work to be done.

Everyone had won a victory today and should return home for their much needed rest, while the gov takes form from dedicated and responsible egyptians, to restructure their constitution and the economic mess left by the corrupt rich elites.

Of more vital importance is to feed the masses. Millions need not go hungry as there are plenty in wharehouses and neighbours. It is a time to share, in good faith and good will to all fellow Egyptians.

The neighbouring countries will start to wobble, and espacially Israel. The Jews must now take the opportunity to cast off the yoke of Zionism, which is nothing more than a politcal idealogy hiding under cover of religion and nationalism akin to facists Nazism, to enrich only the elites and give them further power to enslave mankind.

Egypt is not an enemy of Israel. Egypt is a soveriegn nation and if treated respectfully as one, it will return that respect to others, regardless if it is to be theocracy or democracy. Whatever cooperation Israel and the world needs from Egypt, it will only be acted upon with approval by the masses through their elected representatives, never agains through the whims and fancies of one dictator.

As heady as the Egyptians are feeling today, they must take time out to honour those whom had fallen and given up their lives for the revolution, so that more may 'wake up'. It is sad that only by sacrifice of precious lives with death will the apathetic open up their eyes, to firm up the numbers and make revolutions strong.

Some of the fallen were those whom had spoke out against the tyrant and his policies, but were humiliated, tortured, and murdered. And may no one ever forget Ahmed Hashem el-Sayed, the man who self immolated himself, in protest, gave up his life so that others may see reality finally to what had happened to Egypt for decades, which began our current known civilisation.

Lets hope no more precious lives be sacrificed so that others may see and galvanised into action. It's too high a cost to those whom had loved and lost....

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