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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 04:11 AM
Vitchilo if i may, this is the full text of the Ministry of Interior "plan of action" ... taken from your link, most importantly, the origionals are available at the above link. t-captured-from-egyptian-thugs

Text of the document:
Ministry of the Interior:
Minister’s Office
Circular No. 60 / B / M
Secret and very important (written by hand)

Topic: Plan to address the mass demonstrations
1 – Allowing the demonstrations to pass in the streets of cities and villages of the country since today, without objection, and to exercise extreme caution while shooting the live, rubber bullets and the tear gas. This must be done according to the competent jurisdiction mentioned in the table sent to you.
2- To employ a number of (thugs, criminals, bullies) and to pay them well after meeting them at their homes in private and at gathering places by authorized elements, without official mission status and to explain to them the deployment plans according to the attached table of the sites entitled to -1- and tell them about the times of their movement and the plan to create scalable chaos mentioned in the statement.
3 – Controlling individuals, parties, organizations through coordination with printing and publishing houses and communication facilities; keeping a complete record of incoming and outgoing messages and calls and analyzing its content by writing reports about the each case since the information is received.
4 – We will cut the communications (Mobile – Internet) services from 6 AM on Friday, 28 1 2011; we will keep the landlines in service. All our officers and elements must be ready to use wireless communications devices, and to be sure that they are able to use encryption devices.
5 – The plan of the deployment of police, detectives and secret service personnel will be in civilian clothes, according to the annex entitled B-2.
6 – The demonstrations of Friday 28 01 2011 must be held in public squares and other central locations. The events must be stopped from access to the areas on alert, according to the attached map entitled 3.
7 – To make sure to arm the elements in civilian clothes with wooden sticks, small iron pieces for use during arrests of the main elements and the leaders of the demonstrations, without showing any violence.
8 – Firing rubber bullets and tear gas but without using live bullets, which are only allowed by alarm and only if absolutely necessary.
9 – Show partial disability from 4 PM on Friday, which shows that the police force is unable to guarantee security, and show the superiority of the demonstrators, while allowing the infiltration of elements of item 2 (thugs and criminals) to cause limited chaos during the demonstrations and according to the plan agreed with them before that.
10 – A full withdrawal of police, the central security forces, the traffic police and reassigning them to guard and protect government sites and institutions … wearing civilian clothes; and to be present on side roads and “around trees” and to engagement between the lines of the organizers of the demonstrations and in the parking lots without interfering in any negative phenomena and without revealing their identities or interfering in the street movements until they receive orders to do so …
11 – Emptying the police stations of weapons, ammunition and prisoners and transferring all to the central prison and place them under heavy guard; sending specials forces, private security elements, collaborators and secret service elements to jail instead of them. (Comment: so that they will be freed instead of the original prisoners).
12 – Broadcasting rumors through all media about acts of looting and theft; this will be accomplished by placing by our female elements at different locations, near the foreign media, who will cry and tell about strong panic. The rumors spread will be according to the plan of spreading rumors attached to you.
13 – Broadcast direct messages through individuals or indirect messages distributed through leaflets to the foreign media located near the events about of acts of looting and breaking into banks, shops and police stations to coincide with the deployment of the bully plan mentioned in item 2, in order to spread the impression a state of general panic and terror in the streets and to show that there is civil and popular demand for the presence of police, military, public security organs in these locations.
14 – Issuing direct and indirect hints through national and foreign media about the formation of committees to protect the popular neighborhoods in order to cause members of the demonstrations to go away or to their sites without the need of imposition of any force by the army on them.
15 – Spreading false rumors and false information through all means, through foreign media stations only, and then correcting that information through local media stations, in order to gain the confidence of the public and divert the attention from these stations and so discredit them in all incoming calls to the local media stations.
16 – Broadcasting strong rumors through the national and foreign media about the existence of chaos and the escape of prisoners and stating a fake big number of the prisoners who escaped, specially of dangerous prisoners, and claiming that those dangerous prisoners have been seen within residential areas.
17 – Calling upon all people across the media to format popular committees to watch day and night to protect the living. The calls must be send through the voices of women, members of the security as was agreed in the meeting with you earlier.
18 – Following the situation on the ground by the security forces who will find out the approximate number of opposition elements and demonstrators, according to item 2.
19 – Extensive contacts and personal calls to all media which show that the presence of people’s committees for the protection of neighborhoods, residential and commercial areas make things better.
20 – Start gradually showing solidarity with the regime and the leadership by raising signs of support for them at the right time, according to the plan.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 04:28 AM

ProducerMatthew AFP photographer: Defense Minister Tantawi is speaking to demonstrators at Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt

Iran's Khameni calls Egypt uprising 'Islamic liberation', calls on Egyptians to unite around religion - Reuters

BBCTimWillcox‎ Dr Ibrahim Kamal of ruling NDP party says west betraying Egypt and backing wrong horse. Silent maj of millions Egyptians back Pres #Egypt

SultanAlQassemi Al Qaradawi "Take this power from the Vice President & give it to the people. The Parliament Speaker is a fraud, even Mubarak agreed"

RT @BBCBreaking Ibrahim Kamel of NDP party says #Mubarak will 'not step down' despite 'conspiracy' by Western media

RT @ajtalk: AJ Talk Reporter : Protesters About 150 Thousand In Tahrir Square and people still flowing

saviqbachdar‎ Where are religious leaders? Fyi they are paid by the state, they do what the government tells them to do #egypt

Freaking scum.

Al Qaradawi said that the Qatari Embassy in Cairo has been closed because of the protests on Mustafa Mahmoud square.

current estimate is 250,000+ in the square

ProducerMatthew Al Arabiya: Egyptian army has been put on a heightened state of alert ahead of the "Friday of Departure" March in Cairo, Egypt.

Big trouble might start soon since it's already 0.30PM in Egypt... Prayers at 1PM... then the big march is supposed to happen.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

They might not actually march anywhere. Supposedly the march to the palace is like 10 miles. Plus the protesters don't want to give up their position that they've fought so hard for. If they don't have the square, the protests might be over. So they are highly reluctant to even leave.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:12 AM
Boatload of people!

ProducerMatthew New: @AlArabiya_Eng: 1 RPG and 1 bomb attacks on 2 different security posts in Nothern Sinai

DNE reporters say numbers flocking to Tahrir today exceed 'million man march' last Tuesday


Egypt’s top religious leader, who’s dependent on Saudi Arabia for financial support, has issued a statement that will be influential with traditional, religious Egyptians, backing Mubarak and telling protesters to go home. Ali Jomaa, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said

ajtalk AJ Talk Reporter : 15 demos from different parts in Cairo heading to Tahrir Square

BloggerSeif: Imam talked about Christ and Mohammed, their teachings and relating it to oppression. I came across two nuns

More than one Million man chants the national anthem and demands mubarak to leave

Soldiers & protestors work together to move crowds into Tahrir Sq

Only in Tahrir the number is one million and many more coming, goverment thugs try block the roads

rania_masri at least 500,000 in Alexandria

Live stream Al-Jazeera!

Crazy numbers!
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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:33 AM

SultanAlQassemi Al Jazeera: People committees in Alexandria organising the anti-Mubarak rally speak of strong bond between Muslim & Christian protesters

Jan25voices LPC: Much talk of moving the protest from #Tahrir to #Mubarak palace in #Heliopolis today.

SultanAlQassemi BBC Arabic: There is no harassment of the media today covering the protests

Desert_Dals‎ Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi calls Mubarak wise man, says he should stay in place during transition: #Jan25 #Egypt


Only 3000 pro-mubarak protesters in almohandisiya a rich part of Cairo

matthewteller BBC: Amr Moussa says he would consider running in elections to replace Mubarak

IMO he would win.

muslim cleric during friday sermon in tahrir said: The spirit of Islam and Christ hav been shown in tahrir these days

evanchill The current chant names the entire govt roster and accuses each of being 'corrupt'


Jerusalem: Blasts heard at Dung Gate following Friday prayers

ProducerMatthew Just in: Egyptian military using tasers on demonstrators

Qassam explodes in south Israel

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:38 AM

Khamenei hails 'Islamic' uprisings: Iranian supreme leader urges Egyptians to follow in the footsteps of Iran's ...


The last thing the world would need is another Iran. This could well be the beginning of WW3, but I doubt that the ^Nutbag^ would care.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:42 AM

Originally posted by flk1331

Khamenei hails 'Islamic' uprisings: Iranian supreme leader urges Egyptians to follow in the footsteps of Iran's ...


The last thing the world would need is another Iran. This could well be the beginning of WW3, but I doubt that the ^Nutbag^ would care.

What have Iran done wrong in the last 100 years??
Have they attacked anyone??
Please tell me their crimes...

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:42 AM
Sounds like they aren't going to march.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:56 AM

Qassam rocket lands in western Negev, no damage or injuries reported (Haaretz)

Amr Moussa General Secretary of arab league (Arabic EU) is on his immediate way in to Tahrir Squeare!/AJA

+1 this is quite big backup there.

LisaLaFlammeCTV‎ Pro-Mubarak demonstrators now making their way to Sq. Army arrests a group. Using headscarfs as handcuffs. #egypt #jan25

ITwitius #Egypt Crowd of 3000 crossing nile bridge to sq.

This is so great to see so much people together... and no violence! Also those sick pro-Mubarak bastards are nowhere to be seen!

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by backinblack

I have a soft spot for people that incite war.

The spiritual leader's remarks were received by cheering crowds of worshippers who, raising their hands, chanted "Death to America! Death to Israel!"

This doesn't sound very friendly to me.

Also, if Egypt is to follow Iran in its footsteps, christians wouldn't be so happy in a country with the Sharia law, which, IMO, isn't that friendly.

PS: I also do not condone the actions of any non-secular gvt.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by flk1331

Obviously still no anser to my question..

When was the last time Iran started a War.??

If the question is too hard maybe I can ask you another one..
Like when was the last time Israel or the US started a War??

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:10 AM
As much as we all want the Egyptian people to have a peaceful and prosperous nation; here's another senario:

George Noory (Egyptian father and Lebanese mother) and Alex Jones:

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:15 AM
Where have I said in the first post that Iran started a war? And what does this have to do with it? I didn't specify WHO starts the war, and, just to let you feel better, if it's after me, Israel would be my bet of starting WW3.

inciting wars =/= waging wars

I just don't approve either of them. Wars are bad.

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:26 AM

Originally posted by flk1331
Where have I said in the first post that Iran started a war? And what does this have to do with it? I didn't specify WHO starts the war, and, just to let you feel better, if it's after me, Israel would be my bet of starting WW3.

inciting wars =/= waging wars
I just don't approve either of them. Wars are bad.

You actually said this..

posted on 4-2-2011 @ 21:38 this post Khamenei hails 'Islamic' uprisings: Iranian supreme leader urges Egyptians to follow in the footsteps of Iran's ...
The last thing the world would need is another Iran. This could well be the beginning of WW3, but I doubt that the ^Nutbag^ would care.

looks like accusing Iran of leading to WW3, though I note you now think Israel would be the more likely to do that..
Sounds like a safer bet than Iran..

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:41 AM

This is where all the rhetoric breaks down. People of faith standing together. This is NOT an islamist anything, this is about honest average men and women.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:44 AM

Blair: Mubarak is a "force for good" http://(link tracking not allowed)/hzrgBE #fb #Egypt #jan25

Him again?

Al jazeera Arabic's Cairo office has been stormed by unknown men and the office has been trashed #Egypt


Army securing the streets leading from 6 October bridge to the Egyptian museum and Tahrir Square. Four tanks, one APC and soldiers on foot.

Egyptian National TV confirming live : Tahrir is over 1 Million. #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

It was about time for them to see that.

Hundreds of thousands of people are taking part in "Day of Departure" protests in #Egypt. for the latest. #amr moussa

Stymied by army chkpoint? Take a water taxi on the Nile.#egypt

Many ppl wear construction & mototike helmets today to protect against any danger of flying rocks #Egypt #Jan25

#egypt protests huge, peaceful so far

Hope they stay that way.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 07:33 AM

Egypt’s embattled President Hosni Mubarak’s and his family’s net worth is estimated to be between U.S. dollars 40 and 70 billion, a media report said. The wealth of the Egypt’s first family was built largely from military contracts during his days as an air force officer; Mr. Mubarak eventually diversified his investments through his family when he became President in 1981, the ABC News quoted experts as saying.

1 tweet said that the republican guard had left the palace, although i can't find anything to support that.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 07:37 AM

State TV putting out pictures of Tahrir square, saying they R gatherings 4 stability.

Food running out in many areas of Egypt

The leftist Tagammu party, the largest opposition party in Egypt's Parliament, called for the prosecution of former Interior Mininster Habib al-Adly for his role in repressing protests against the regime.

+1 Not to mention the torture and the rendition flights.

Very upbeat atmosphere in #tahrir. Peaceful, friendly, welcoming, dedicated, determined. This is the real #Egypt.

Some of hundreds injured past 2 days rest or pray makeshift "field hospital"edge Tahrir

Protest organisers throw bags of food & medicine over razor wire while soldiers watch


hundred of thousands in damanhour protesting against mubarak

hundreds of thousands in Ismaliya demands prosectioun of mubarak

Al Jazeera confirms its Web site was hacked earlier today

RT @BreakingNews: Speaker of Egypt's state-backed Al Azhar mosque resigns and joins protesters in Tahrir Square


Reports there are massive anti-Mubarak crowds heading from Mohandeseen & other districts to Tahrir

AlArabiya_Eng Egypt police detain 10 men with explosives


fears of Palestinians shifting from Gaza to egypt across the borders. army is called to protect the border

oxfordgirl There are some reports that pro Mubarak protesters have gathered but the army is keeping them

AlArabiya_Eng around a thousand demonstrators in Jordan demanding political reform insolidarity with the "revolution"

evanchill A friend in the square tells me that if the pro mubarak crowd really cared - if they weren't paid or ordered to come - they'd still be here


BREAKING: Jazeera offices in Cairo has been ransacked. Perpetrators unknown

only about 3000 pro-Mubarak protestors out and 2 million anti-Mubarak protestors

Beirutspring‎ > Some People Wrote Their Will Before Going To Tahrir Square #egypt #jan25

That means they've got real guts!!!!!!!

Al Jazeera: Several prominent Egyptian actors, artists & musicians have joined the people in #Cairo to call for the end of #Mubarak.

Red Cross: Health workers blocked in Egypt turmoil

RT @BBCWorld: Prominent anti-Mubarak activist Asma Mahfouz says received death threats from ruling party members

NicRobertsonCNN‎ Calls on street in Alexandria are for unity, one voice, keep up the demands #egypt #jan25 #mubarak

deena_adel 800,000 protesters in Alexandria.

noornet #egypt #jan25 RT @allawati: Army has received orders that no one is allowed to approach #Tahrir sq. Not accessible from any entrance now

Sandmonkey: RT @5thEstate: RT @soniaverma: Army deployed in great numbers and w more weaponry than yesterday #egypt #jan25

Al Jazeera: Protest organisers announce that next week will be "Resistance Week"

Al Jazeera says that a few pockets of Pro supporters have shown up on the 6th Bridge.

CNN India: Egypt: Protestors march towards Mubarak's palace "several thousand protestors started their march.."

wikinews030: RT @Absology: ElBaradie says he is working with other opposition figures and writing a new constitution. #AJE #egypt #jan25

evanchill Rock throwing betw protesters and mub supporters has erupted in talaat harb square 40 meters ahead of me

Military Police and Paratroopers are filling Roxy Square in Heliopolis. Reports of this happening in areas near presidential palace

1329: From the BBC's Mark Georgiou in Cairo: "State TV has a split screen showing live shots of a pro-Mubarak rally on one side and the scene in Tahrir Square on the other. They describe the first as pro-stability and pro-dialogue and the latter as demanding political reforms. So, at the moment the two sides are busy with their separate rallies. The Tahrir Square crowd aren't going anywhere. Across town Mubarak's supporters are gathering.

"Talaat harb square east of tahrir is chaos now but the barricade itself not under attack, the fighting is in the street."

Tantawi visited the square earlier (defense minister, head of the Army). Anti-Mubarak protesters welcomed him. He may have been there to boost or ensure Army morale around the square.

Finance Minister has announced that $850M will be distributed as compensation for property damage during the protests.

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by backinblack

What have Iran done wrong in the last 100 years??
Have they attacked anyone??
Please tell me their crimes...

Can you please take that bullcrap and put it where it belongs please? :-)

Like in the fiction section at your local library.

You want to know their crimes? Take a look at the innocent people they slay. Take a look at what freedom the Iranian people in Iran have compared to yourself. You are free to type this in defence of the Iranian regime. Yet. If you were in Iran and you'd write ANYTHING in defense of any outside government, you could bet your ass on it you'd be hanging in a square somewhere after a speedy, not to forget unjust, trial.

It's as simple as that. Either you can compute it or not.

What I suspect though is that you cannot make a difference between the people and the government. You cannot speak of the regime as something that is part of Iran, in fact, if an Iranian is working towards enlightenment of her/his people, whether that be on political/social/religious grounds, he/she is instantly demonized and hunted by the regime. And you want to know their crimes?'ve been buying into too much propaganda.

Edit2: Khamenei is saying these things because he is afraid because Iranians were in the streets chanting "death to Khamenei" last year, was it not? So he jumps on the next best bandwagon cowards can find: Religion.

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by backinblack

I think he was talking about human rights.... If these protesters fought to simply fall into a Iranian mold, this will have all been for NOTHING!

Get off the defense Black.. Nobody spoke of Iranian crimes!

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