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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:42 PM
FINALLY he's gone now begins a new chapter in the region's history which way will it lean pro western or pro Islamic fundamentalism only the people can decide I really wish luck to the Egyptian people for the future.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:47 PM
We will see if his resignation does any good. But we can only hope for the better of the egyptian people, so their efforts weren't in vain.

We'll see where this leads in the next couple of days.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

I am stunned!!! What a surprising result.

The army always was in charge, but clearly they have taken the Egyptian people into consideration. They do serve the nation, that is how it should be. And clearly the voice of the people was heard.

Now the political games can begin in earnest, but i'm sure everyone in Egypt would believe that now they have a chance. 17 days to topple one of the most entrenched dictatorships in the world

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 01:51 PM
Damnit,missed it
Why do Humans need Sleep,arg

Anyway,Congratulation to the Egyptians,you´ve done it


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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 02:25 PM
Don't get your hopes up. The country is in the control of a military power now (what are the odds that it is a triumvirate?). Freedom will not arrive for some time, yet. If a second wave of revolutions breaks out before a civilian government is established, then the army may break into factions and there could be a real revolution. This is only the first act of a much more involved historical drama.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 04:50 PM
Algeria or Lybia will be next,within the week or maybe starting now. I do hope the great and brave people of Egypt get their freedom,their civility is quite comendable. If that were to take place here in America it will be much more bloody,any group who goes against our constitutional republic is my immediate enemy,they wont have to worry about the police,they'll have to worry about patriots. So dont even think it.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:30 PM
Switzerland freezes any assets tied to Mubarak

The Swiss government on Friday froze any assets belonging to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or his family in Switzerland.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lars Knuchel said the order took effect immediately but gave no details on what bank accounts or other assets Mubarak or his family might have in Switzerland.

He spoke as pro-democracy demonstrators in Cairo were jubilantly celebrating the announcement that Mubarak has resigned after nearly three decades of authoritarian rule and handed power over to the military.

"(The government) wants to avoid any risk of misappropriation of state-owned Egyptian assets," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. It also forbid the sale of any assets, especially real estate holdings.

Swiss Finance Minister Widmer-Schlumpf was asked earlier this week by Swiss national TV station SF whether Mubarak or his family had any money in Switzerland.

"We're in the process of clarifying this and we'll act appropriately," she said, adding that the Foreign Ministry was investigating the issue.

At the end of 2009, Egyptian deposits in Swiss bank accounts totaled 3.6 billion Swiss francs (about $3.5 billion), according to the Swiss National Bank.

Good move by the Swiss government now a majority of Mubarak's holdings have been frozen.He's not gonna get to leave with the people's money.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by mike dangerously

At an estimated value of $70 billion, that's only 5%. You can be sure he'll have a cosy retirement until death.

I've been thinking though, it all came down to mubarak's order to fire on the protesters, which the army declined. That was the crux of his rule, any rule in fact. The military could have, but they didn't, that was the single motivating factor for his fall. All western governments colluded with, supported and encouraged his reign of terror while it lasted, and even barry would have stood aside if the troops had fired.

The next step, IMHO, is to ensure that mubarak, and others of his ilk, are hounded the same way as Tahrir, to their graves. This has redefined 21st century politics, protests DO count, and unless the government and all the people in it are willing to cause a massacre, they will win. Shades of Ghandi i guess. The next regime will be more violent though, that's the down side.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 03:44 AM
reply to post by harryhaller
That's 5% of his money yeah,not much.But Harry this is just another blow to his ego.Mubarak and his wife and what few retainers they have left are hiding in the resort for now...

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 07:20 AM
Move on over to Algeria,Jasmine revolution is an export business it seems. This wasnt planned or organized nope this is just all a coincidence,yeah right.

This one may get nasty,Algeria is another brutal dictatorship.

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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:51 PM
Algeria :
2,000 demonstrators force police cordon in Algiers
Good for them!

Israel :
Knesset urges $1.4 billion Iron Dome buy

The Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has recommended the military buy 13 batteries of the Iron Dome anti-missile system at a cost of $1.4 billion amid repeated warnings by military commanders of the threat of a major missile blitz.

Iron Dome is designed to detect and destroy short-range missiles and rockets like those used by Hezbollah in Lebanon on Israel's northern front and the Palestinian Hamas group in the Gaza Strip in the south.

Lebanon :

5:21pm Well-informed diplomatic sources to Al-Markazia: Cabinet formation has been postponed until after the indictment is issued.

5:16pm Well-informed political sources to Al-Markazia: Miqati made a tempting offer to March 14 forces so that it would reconsider its participation in the new government.


4:26pm Hizbullah MP to Akhbar el-Yom: Nasrallah will deliver a televised speech on Wednesday being to respond to Dar al-Fatwa statement.

Dar al-fatwa statement :

"The majority of the Lebanese people and the families of the country's martyrs will view any government's abandonment of its commitments to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, whether blatant or masked, as provocation and an abandonment of justice," said former minister Omar Masqawi on behalf of Sunni council Dar al-Fatwa on Thursday.

Important dates concerning Lebanon : February 13 : Anniversary of the assassination of a high ranking member of Hezbollah in Syria. February 14 : Anniversary of the Hariri assassination. February 16 : Hezbollah's chief speech on tv.

Egypt :

Al-Jazeera: Egypt youth to maintain protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square until ‘all demands are met’

Egypt's chief prosecutor on Saturday banned former prime minister Ahmed Nazif from leaving the country

Mubarak slammed U.S. in phone call with Israeli MK before resignation (Reuters)

So ungrateful...

Swiss government freezes Mubarak's assets (DPA)

All countries should do that.

Top U.S. military officer to visit Israel after Mubarak's ouster (Reuters)

Probably to see what new war plan Israel needs to create... just ``in case``...

Thousands celebrate in Tahrir Square as day breaks (CNN)


Egypt's state TV, radio vow to present honest coverage (DPA)

Took them long enough...

Mubarak not booked in Germany, says hospital that treated him last year (DPA)

Because he doesn't want to be arrested...

Reopening of Egypt Stock Exchange put off by 3 more days to Wednesday (AP)

Minister Steinitz welcomes Egypt military's statement in support of int'l treaties (Reuters)


Muslim Brotherhood: We do not seek to rule Egypt in wake of revolution (Reuters)

Which they said many times, but the MSM and the warmongers don't want to accept this.

MK Tibi: Values demonstrated in Cairo protests must be copied by entire Arab world (Ch. 10)

Good! Maybe some people in the Israeli knesset changed their views on the ``arabs`` after this peaceful revolution in Egypt?

Barak conducts phone conversation with head of Egypt's ruling military council (Haaretz)


Iran :
Iran will not allow “illegal” opposition rally
Of course...
Key powers to study more Iran sanctions: diplomat
Fact is, Russia will likely veto them as they said earlier... NO MORE SANCTIONS...

Gaza :

Abbas says UN Security Council to discuss settlements next week (DPA)

Report: Saeb Erekat resigns from his position as top Palestinian negotiator (Haaretz)

Of course... Wikileak/Palestineleak just crushed his credibility...

Hamas rejects call for new Palestinian elections made by President Abbas (Reuters)

It's been almost 5 years since the last elections... I think it's time.

Pakistan :

Pakistan court issues arrest warrant for Musharraf in Bhutto murder (DPA)


Tunisia :

Tunisian exodus to Italy since uprising continues unabated (DPA)

I'm sure Italy is thrilled with that... not.

Bahrain :

Bahrain King to pay citizens equivalent of 10,000 NIS each to not demonstrate (Ch. 10)

Someone scared?
10 000NIS is about 2700$US... crazy. What about people take the money... and use it to hire more protesters?
Wouldn't surprise me if Saudi Arabia is bankrolling a part of the money unofficially.

Anyway, protests are planned for February 14.

Turkey :

Turkey police arrest 162 military officers connected with alleged 2003 coup attempt (Reuters)

Could be interesting if some information leaks on who funded the coup...if it was a coup to begin with.

The "Sledgehammer" plot allegedly involved plans to bomb historic mosques and provoke conflict with Greece, as part of a plan to undermine the government and enable a military takeover.

The defendants, important figures in NATO's second biggest army, deny any conspiracy and say the 'plot' was a war game exercise at a military seminar seven years ago. If found guilty, they could face 15 to 20 years in prison.

Since false-flags are involved... wouldn't surprise me if there's some trace of US-Israel government backing there.... it's their style.
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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 10:44 PM
Everything on the ground in the Mideast is Misdirection from whats to be seen from the sky during 3/11/2011 thur 3/12/2011 in different world locations.Especially on 3/12 2011 at 22:33: any seconds on stellarium.Watch as the egyptian/christian religion and all their stories take the sky.Dim the sun and atmosphere and see the milky way and the star Altair form geb/nut and Mary/angel who with the planet Venus/love/spirit gives birth to the rising sun/son/Ra/Jesus as the planet Saturn/Set/Satan is couching nearby.The chemtrails are trying to hide most of the religious players in the sky.All of the other planets are on the other side of the galaxy, leaving earth by its self to witness the rest of the planets,stars,and moon form the early religions/astronomical stories.The people never existed in the bible or any other religion,the characters are celestial objects in formations that tell their stories as people and events......will you please thaw out from your frozen thinking of 32 degrees and accept illumination to help you thaw to a warmer 33 degrees and join the global warming.Right About yesterday the pope and other "religious" figures should be shaking in their fading authority as their plans to continue to mislead the masses has ended.There's nothing new under the sun, it was here in another time,made by men who WILL be remembered and put on the report.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 08:18 AM
Jordan :

U.S. official meets Jordan's Abdullah in wake of Egypt unrest (Haaretz)

Scared for Abdullah 2?


Jordan leaders say Israel's obstinacy in peace talks only aggravates Arab anger (DPA)

Indeed it does.

Senior Israeli, U.S. officers conduct cyber simulation of defending attack on Israel (Israel Radio)

As I said yesterday... to create new war plans in light of the Egyptian revolution... ``just in case``...

Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to monitor movement of Egypt forces in Sinai (Haaretz)

Definetly doesn't trust the new leadership in Egypt uh?

Syria :

U.S. condemns Syria for secret trial of young blogger detained since 2009 (AP)

At least he has a trial... unlike people in Guantanamo and in the secret detention/torture prisons the CIA runs. But yeah this is nasty business.

Red Cross: Israel to transfer 12,000 tons of apples from Golan Heights to Syria (Haaretz)

Good move!

Iran :

U.S.: Ban of opposition rally exposes Iran's hypocrisy toward Egypt protests (Haaretz)

Indeed. When people protest against the G20, this ain't much better...cops hitting the protesters with everything they've got, from tasers, rubber bullets, heat ray, sound ray... yeah total freedom uh? Iran are hypocrites but they are not the only ones.

Gaza :

Erekat: I had to quit as PA negotiator after Al-Jazeera published stolen documents (Army Radio)

Saying the obvious as always..

Egypt :

Witnesses: Egypt army starts moving in on Tahrir Square (Reuters)

Egypt army forcibly evacuated protest leaders from Tahrir Square (Ch. 2)

Revolution didn't last long...

Egypt police fire warning shots to clear protesters from Cairo square (Reuters)

Thousands stream back into Cairo square despite army attempt to stop demonstrations (Reuters)

18 artifacts disappeared from Egyptian Museum during anti-government unrest (AP)

Hundreds of Egyptian police join protests, demanding higher wages (DPA)

They are not giving up!

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 10:12 AM
Yemen :
Yemeni forces repel massive protest march towards presidential palace

"People have one demand, ousting Saleh along with his family members in military," protesters shouted as they approaching the Presidential Palace, marching in long and crowded rows from Sanaa University.

Protesters also chanted other slogans such as "People want the regime to fall. After Mubarak, it's Saleh's turn."


Report: Iran's opposition defies government warning, calls for solidarity rally with Egypt

TEHRAN, Iran - An Iranian reformist website says the opposition is defying a government warning and calling on people to stage a rally in solidarity with Tunisian and Egyptian protesters. published a statement Sunday by a council of opposition groups inviting people to attend a peaceful rally on Monday.

The opposition statement also accused the government of double-standards, by voicing support for Egyptian and Tunisian protesters while refusing to issue permission for Iranian political activists to stage a peaceful demonstration.

Tomorrow will be interesting.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 01:44 PM
Everything on the ground is misdirection by the TPTB to try and keep its sheeple from paying attention to the world sky events that will set them free from this prison of their mind planet during 3/11/2011 THUR 3/12/2011.Go to stellarium to be illuminated. Without the chemtrails blocking most of this once in a progression/lifetime event of all of the worlds religions past and current characters in the sky rising in their respected airspace from the cardinal points for your jaw to drop to the floor. At all of the myths,legends,gods,goddesses,titans,saviors,angels and demons taking the stage in the sky.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 06:39 PM
And now there's news that Mubarak is in a COMA... yeah total coincidence...

Either he was offed by the elite because he knows too much... or he tried to kill himself to save face/die in Egypt..

Reports: Mubarak in Germany for medical care after falling into a coma (Haaretz)

Time to arrest him... even if he's in a coma. Screw him. If he ever wakes up, put him on trial.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo
Hm,so Mubarak is supposedly in a coma? perhaps his reward for losing Egypt? I agree with ya if he comes outta of it he should be arrested.Also,good for the movement for refusing to leave.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 10:25 PM
Holy cow V, what the heck is going to happen next, eh?

And admiralvenderfry, what are you trying to say? Please clarify?

Man, I had a really bad feeling about this thread way back when it was only about Lebanon.

Thanks again V, we may not see eye to eye in this situation, but props to you man.
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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 08:24 AM
Syria :

Syria gives aid to families in need in bid to avert protests in light of regional unrest (Ch. 10)

Scared regime...

Lebanon :

12:33am Israeli warplanes overflew Nabatiyeh, Iqlim al-Tuffah and Khiam.

Nasrallah to Miqati: STL Should Not be Mentioned in Policy Statement

Me thinks Mitaqi will resign... anyway his government is not yet formed... IMO he won't even be able to form it.

New Cabinet Faces Obstacles of Distribution of Portfolios: Vetoes on Both Sides and Impossible Demands

The upcoming two days are expected to witness intense efforts to tackle the distribution of portfolios and the appointment of new ministers, even though Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati still faces obstacles through "vetoes" from the March 8 and 14 political camps, as well as impossible demands by the new majority, informed political sources told the daily An Nahar Monday.

Indeed... Impossible to do.

Iran :

Al-Arabiya reports clashes between opposition protestors and security forces in Tehran

Iran police blocks access to opposition leader's house

Vising Iran, Turkey President Gul urges Islamic Republic to respect people's demands (Reuters)

They won't listen... and if the Azerbaijan-Armenia situation goes hot... yeah Turkey-Iran relation will be blown to bits.
Iran 'steadily' produces enriched uranium: IAEA head

Iran is "steadily" producing enriched uranium, the head of the UN nuclear monitoring organization said in an interview published The Washington Post Monday.

"Iran is somehow producing uranium enriched to 3.5 percent and 20 percent. They are producing it steadily, constantly," Amano told the paper.

But the IAEA did not have hard evidence implicating Tehran in nuclear bomb making, he said.

"We are not sure if they are hiding something," Amano noted. "We don't have a smoking gun. We have concerns."

I have concerns the IAEA is being paid or pressured to make it look like Iran is developping nukes... see? I can have concerns about anything. I have concerns the moon might fall from the sky...

Jordan :

U.S. assures Jordan of long-term backing in wake of Mubarak ouster (DPA)

Someone's scared?

Israel :
Netanyahu: Israeli army is ‘ready for all eventualities’

"An earthquake is shaking the whole Arab world and a large part of the Muslim world and we don't yet know how these things will turn out," the premier said at a swearing-in ceremony for new army chief Major General Benny Gantz.

And you make it worse by supporting Mubarak until a few days before he resigned... and continuing flying over Lebanon...

Yemen :
Thousands of Yemenis demand president step down

Thousands of students and lawyers took to the streets of Sanaa for a second straight day on Monday demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, witnesses said.

The crowd of about 3,000 protesters tried to march from Sanaa University to Al-Tahrir square in the city center where Saleh's supporters have been camped since last week, but were prevented by security forces who erected razor wire.

3000 protesters... that's not much.

Yemen police block anti-government protesters from entering presidential palace (Reuters)

Clashes escalate in Yemen between pro and anti-government protesters (Reuters)

Last time they used guns... wouldn't surprise me if this is the case again.

Algeria :
Algerian opposition calls for protest march next week

Saturday, the CNCD sent around 2,000 protestors into the streets of Algiers in defiance of a ban on public demonstrations across the country a state of emergency put in place in 1992.

Algerian authorities deployed around 30,000 riot police across Algiers to smother Saturday's demonstration, anxious to stop a wave of popular opposition inspired by events in Egypt and Tunisia.

30 000 cops vs 2000 protesters... yeah... insane much?

Algerians inspired by regional unrest vow to continue protests until government is changed (Reuters)

Good luck to you, freedom fighters!

Tunisia :

Tunisia foreign minister steps down after criticized for ties with French counterpart (Reuters)

One more gone!

Iraq :

Iraq man dies after setting himself ablaze in protest of rising unemployment (DPA)

Brave soul... wanted to start a revolution in Iraq...

Egypt :

Egypt's higher military council says will suspend constitution and dissolve parliament (Reuters)

Martial law basically.

Report: Mubarak's sons came close to blows as their father was nearing Egypt exit (Reuters)

A loving family!

Interior and Security Committee members meet to discuss Egypt and implications for Israel (Ch. 10)

Not total control over Egypt...sure will scare the control freaks in the US government and the Israeli government.

Egypt PM says country's nuclear power plant projects will not be affected by upheaval (Reuters)

And now let's hear the propaganda against Egypt's nuclear program?

EU deputy: Not concerned about Muslim Brotherhood because Egypt is a moderate country (DPA)

Finally one guy with sense...probably Nigel Farage... the only one with a brain in the EU parliament.

Egypt's ElBaradei urges army to bring civilians to participate in transition process (Reuters)

Yes please.

Egypt army orders last protesters out of Tahrir square (Reuters)

That's freedom! Oh wait...

Hamas leader in Gaza urges Egypt to amend peace treaty with Israel (Israel Radio)

What about no?

Egypt stock exchange delays reopening again (Reuters)

Not a big surprise.

Sudan's ex-revolutionaries warn Egypt to be wary of early elections (Reuters)

Yep, as it would allow only the richests to really have a chance... you know publicity...

Thousands of protesters return to Cairo square (Reuters)


Gaza :

Saeb Erekat: Palestinians do not have a peace partner in current Israeli government (Ch. 10)

No they don't.

Erekat: Whichever faction wins September elections should rule over Palestinians (Ch. 10)

There's elections in Palestine in September?

Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad dissolves cabinet (AP)

Bahrain :

Police, protesters clashes ahead of planned 'Day of Wrath' protest in Bahrain (DPA)

People didn't take the money? Good for them!

And about Mubarak being in Germany, there's conflicting reports... so...
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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 07:27 AM
Lebanon :

11:46am MP Amin Wehbe to OTV: We hope that not a single Lebanese would be accused in Hariri’s murder.

1:05pm Iranian ambassador Roknabadi : The resistance plan emerged victorious and the U.S.-Israeli project is on the verge of collapse.

1:58pm The Spanish ambassador: The cabinet should include all political sides.

Ashton in Beirut on Wednesday to Inquire About Lebanon's Commitment to Tribunal

Samir Franjieh expects a collapse of Mikati cabinet

Hariri says March 14 will enter opposition, calls for rally


Syria sentences anti-government 19-year-old blogger to jail for 5 years (Army Radio)

This is bad..

A top American Jewish leader said Monday that a secret visit he recently made to Syria could be a sign that President Bashar Assad wants to improve relations with the West.

Report: Syria considering building first nuclear power plant for electricity by 2020 (Reuters)

Which they can do. But of course, let the ``nuclear program`` propaganda begin!


Future News reports “sharp deterioration” in health of toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Egypt's ruling military council calls on labor leaders to stop strikes, protests (AP)

What about they do what the hell they feel like doing?

Luxembourg urges EU freeze of Mubarak's assets (AP)


EU: Egypt has asked us to freeze Mubarak's assets (DPA)

DO IT then!

ElBaradei says Egypt needs president in 40s or 50s (Reuters)

To understand the youth I presume...someone who lived under the Mubarak dictatorship...for all his life..

Egyptian army appoints head of constitution body (Reuters)

Step in the right direction.

US studies Egypt requests to freeze assets of former officials (AP)


Hillary Clinton: Restricting internet freedom in Arab world will not stifle demands for reforms (AP)

Then why you're government is trying to do it here?

Increasing reports indicate that Hosni Mubarak has fallen into a coma (Haaretz)

Hopefully it's true, and like Ariel Sharon the war criminal, stays in a coma for a very long time as payback for his crimes.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood plans to set up party (Reuters)

Didn't they say that they had no intentions to be part of the government?

Egypt calls for international aid after unrest (AP)

Even more aid?
Suez Canal traffic disrupted after ship runs aground
And the price of crude oil is going up...

Bahrain :

Al-Manar: Thousands rally in the Bahraini capital of Manama while security forces retreat


Witnesses say protester killed in Bahrain 'Day of Rage' (Reuters)

.. now two dead confirmed.

Bahrain Shi'ite opposition bloc suspends membership in parliament (Reuters)

And the revolution has started!


Jordan justice minister calls for release of soldier who shot dead 7 Israeli students in 1997 (AP)

Jordan revokes public gathering restrictions, protests no longer require government permission (AP)

And here we still have those, the protest permit, and we claim we are free.

Iran :

Report: Iran police fire teargas at protest marchers (Reuters)

As do police here... so why is this reported?

Amnesty condemns break up of rally in Tehran (Reuters)

And here, when it happens, amnesty doesn't say a thing.

Clinton expresses support for Iranian protesters (AP)

But eh, when people protest against the G20 or NAFTA, Clinton bashes the protesters or ignores them.

Report: One person killed at banned Iran rally (Reuters)

Remember when a protester was killed at the G20 2 years ago in London? Yeah.
[URL=]Talks only solution to Iran nuclear issue: Gul

Yemen :

U.S. to spend $75 mlllion on new Yemen military training (Reuters)

Really? US isn't bankrupt enough? What about spending that money on the American people who need it? That military training will be used against protesters too, you can bet on that.

Israel :

Former IDF Chief Ashkenazi: Recent events in Egypt are blow to the moderate camp (Israel Radio)

Yeah right. Peaceful protesters winning a revolution against a brutal and violent dictator is a blow to the moderate camp? You're full of it!

IDF to build base in East Jerusalem (Haaretz)

Yeah that will totally help the peace process...

Report: Israel embassies throughout world receive threats suspected from Hezbollah (Haaretz)

Because you murdered one of his top people.
Israel's exports of weapons and military technology fell slightly in 2010 and are expected to drop further in coming years, Israeli business newspaper The Marker reported on Tuesday.
Israel to build more east Jerusalem homes

Jerusalem's municipal council on Monday approved the construction of 120 new homes in the Jewish settlement neighbourhood of Ramot in annexed Arab east Jerusalem, a councillor told AFP.

And the peace process is hit by another blow.
The United States, a veto-wielding permanent UN Security Council member, will use "the tools that we have" to block a resolution condemning Israeli settlements, a top US diplomat said Thursday.
Of course.

Sudan (not really middle-east but eh)
More than 200 dead in south Sudan "massacre": officials

Attacks by a renegade militia in south Sudan's Jonglei oil state left at least 211 people dead, a southern minister said on Tuesday, doubling earlier estimates of the death count.

Afghanistan :
Afghan war costs $300 million a day: Pentagon

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