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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on May, 1 2010 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by stereologist
reply to post by DClairvoyant

Thanks for pointing out the dangers of fear mongering.

That's okay, that's what I'm about helping people become aware of the things that people helped me become aware of. I believe its only fair to point people in the direction I believe will be safe for them
And thankyou for commenting also as its always good to hear feedback from member's here

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

how do you think the survivors would then react after such a disaster of death and destruction, in which no one but the elite has known about, after they come out of their safe bunkers with all their goods and supplies, showing the world how prepared they were.

would anyone want to ever believe in them again, allow them to take control and power on a new earth like nothing ever even happened.

after allowing millions to fend for themselves without warning, would those that were in charge be able to give this excuse that riots would have started if they were warned, that the populations would not have had any chance of preparing anyway.

the only way these powers that be, could ever take control again, would be by force and through war, not by any love or respect from those who were forgotten and left for dead.

posted on May, 1 2010 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by redgy

Its not like that, please understand, this time we will all be entering "no time" and the curtain is going to raise on everyone, including "tptb", they don't realize this yet, it includes them as well. We all need to ,including them, go through our hearts, using the heart phone to reach our Higher Selves, and ask for whatever blocks us from progressing and our love and compassion for all people, and yearning for a truly equal world, to be removed, and to perfect self, and to try and make ammends with others, to forgive all and to ask for forgiveness, and truly seek to raise vibrations. For everyone here is our Family of Light, and we really love each other, so this world is not a good expression of how much we do, this will make so many ashamed in "no time" and its going to be heartbreaking for us to realize who we truly are, to remember, and what we've done.

There is time to turn within. The spiritual is even more important than the phsyical. Many are here as Light nudging as well, and trying to get us to understand before the end of time. The curtain is raising for everyone, without exception on this planet.

We must not show fear or anger, or direct this to them, the negative ets/entities, anyone. We need to respond to all with love in our hearts, and then we are protected, or at the very least, whatever will occur is what is meant to for our development.
This is what I wrote just a short while ago concerning this, and not showing fear or anger.

I was just told by our mutual friend what he had already said many times that you need to stay calm without fear and continue connecting with your Higher Self and Family of Light, in your heart. Phone home through your heart. That no one can harm you if you are connecting to your Higher Self and family that you would only be allowed to go through any experience if it was in your best interest from the Higher point of view to experience such a thing, and that they would only protect us though, if we were striving to be Light & Love and operate and react calmly out of that frequency and level of understanding no matter what the situation or the people, entities, ets that were involved.

We should never show fear, and always have unconditional love and understanding of the others, the dark side, but. .. Renounce and Reject the darkness, evil itself and let them know they must leave, (this works for negative ets/entities) but in the case of leaders it works that we state clearly, in our minds, and could even write that we withdraw all support for their ways and programs that we choose right,not wrong, and reject their behavior.

The curtain is going to raise, end of a cycle, "no time":


"Hey, I'll break the chains that blind your faith!
Hey, I long to touch your sweet embrace!
After time, after time, it'll be too late, after time."

We're all soul mates on the other side. Its that simple. We don't have one, we have an infinite number.
And family!

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 09:42 AM
I felt this to be an important post to add for those who subscribe to the Law of One-1 Ra material.

This is a discussion on the Law of One-1 Ra material with Universal Light.
More can be found on this thread:

reply to post by Universal Light

Hi Universal Light,

And you and I have a good relationship so please do not take any of this personally.

I never do and I hope the same applies to you.

These are false statements.

Murdering, bloodshed, rituals, sacrifices and war is not a good thing and I will respectfully say this about your belief in Ra and the law of one. There are some truths to be found in the law of one where “Light” resides with “Dark” truths mixed in with lies and calling good evil and evil good is one of the biggest manipulative, deceptive lies there is.

Evil never was Good.
Good never was Evil..
Light never was Dark.
Dark never was Light.
Murder never was Good.
Doing good never was Evil.
Wickedness never was Happiness.
Happiness never was Wickedness.

I stand by the above 110% with a 110 where there is no %.

The Infinite is One. We all came from the Infinite.

When one-1 says the Infinite is one-1 what does one-1 truly refer to and/or mean?

If one-1 is referring to the law of one-1 concept on the infinite one-1 then one-1 is missing what the Infinite one-1 truly represents/means/is.

That includes evil, good, light, dark, wickedness, and happiness.

The above are oppositions one to another and not one-1 and the same.
Truths are not Lies and Lies are not Truths and in writing this I speak the Truth and those who hear the Truth and understand the one-1 infinite Truth recognize the one-1 true relationship of all things one to another on an infinite level.

One-1 in likeness with infinite levels of one-1's self.

One-1 in likeness not one-1 being alone consisting of all things in fractals.

One-1 being alone consisting of all things cannot exist and never has existed within Infinity where there is no within or without.

If One-1 takes more time to ponder where there is no time one-1 can realize that one-1 being consisting of all things could never be put together within Infinity where there is no time and there is no one-1 alone but infinite one-1.

Code infinity one-1.


If One-1 being consisting of all things came together then infinity could not be infinity as it would become limited/finite with beginning and ending. A one-1 start point of only one-1. A one-1 start point must always have one-1 end point. Infinity never had a start one-1 point but infinite one-1 points that have always existed without beginning or ending where there is no time thus code “Zero Time.”


As snowflakes come in all sizes, shapes and patterns coming from a snow storm source- so do the Infinite Teachers/Creators/Designers above and beyond sharing individuality, personality , pattern but are one-1 in likeness/design constructed of the same intelligence/light/energy source as a snowflake from the snow storm- connected made of the same light/love materials of the soul in likeness and infinite One-1ness with infinite one-1 freewill/individuality the greatest eternal one-1 infinite gift that all souls share and have in common being eternal and infinite one-1.

Thus code Infinity=1
But not just 1 alone but Infinite-1

One-1 being alone consisting of all things cannot exist without putting an ending, limit or stop to Infinity and the best part of the one-1 infinite truth of all eternal/infinite one-1 souls are they did it their way with free will and the infinite one-1 gift of individuality free choice/agency that has always existed and will always exist.

There are infinite one-1 snow flakes/Teachers/Creators/Designers existing on Infinite levels one-1 in likeness and one-1 in infinite one-1 light/design.

They/Us and Infinite others are “The Family Of Light” all eternal/infinite souls are part of that Infinite/Eternal---“Family of Light.”

We all derived from the same source so to say war and murder are not good things is to say that you are not good, that I am not good.

In saying that all souls were derived from the same infinite one-1 source you have said correctly but one-1 must understand clearly what coming from the one-1 infinite same source truly represents/means/is.

One-1 source in likeness does not mean one-1 being alone separated into fractals of itself experiencing but it means infinite one-1 souls in likeness/design derived from the same eternal materials/light/intelligence source.

In one-1 recognizing dark from light and the opposition of dark to light in nature that runs against one-1's true infinite material/light/intelligence – (Source )– one-1 recognizes truthfully that Evil goes against what Light and Love truly means/represents/is in choices/decisions/actions.

The infinite one-1 soul derived from the same source of light/intelligence consisting of the same eternal materials/source is “Light” and “Love” and from the same “Source” but with freewill and free agency to act and choose as one-1 pleases living their life their way constructed of the same eternal soul/material of one-1 coming from the infinite/eternal one-1 source that is “Light” and “Love.”

Everything is One and it is crucial to one's advancing of their own consciousness to understand this.

That is a very big statement for one-1 to make where there is no big to make but mistake in suggesting that all things are one-1 whole alone where there is no whole and nobody alone. When one-1 refers to all things being one-1 what is one-1 truly referring to?
The soul?
The source?
The likeness/design of a soul?

I will stand up for the Light and Truth.

Good is not Evil.
Evil is not Good.
Love is not Hate.
Hate is not Love.
Lies are not Truths.
Truths are not Lies.

Calling good evil and evil good is not manipulative or deceptive.

There are billions of people out there in religions all over the world that know better than to call evil good and good evil. At least the larger majority amongst the religions of the world recognize the truth about one from the other. Evil is not Good and Good is not Evil if the law of one-1 RA can convince the world to believe in such things then Evil reigns in this temporal existence and those who believe in such things are being greatly deceived make no mistake about it.

From what's being suggested it makes absolutely zero difference what people do with their life. Everyone can pick up a gun and start blowing each other away, nobody has to care about anyone again because doing Evil is only doing Good. Murder is doing someone a service out of Love along with stealing, killing, raping, torchering, abusing among all those other EVIL things or GOOD from RA's perspective etc. etc. etc.

It's ok if someone invites one's family over for dinner and then after the dinner takes their children and wife and does horrific/horrible things to them while hacking them up into bits and pieces.

Torcher, rape, murder is Kind, Gentle, Friendly, nice and Evil is merely Love and Good.

Murder, Rape, Abuse, Torcher is only doing that family a service and is really only Kindness and Love.

From such a perspective no preparations ever need to be made because regardless of what one-1 does “All is Love” and “All is right” therefore murder, bloodshed, torcher, abuse, theft and war should continue and much more of it. Nobody needs to spiritually prepare or care for another person because they are already loving everyone just doing whatever they want raping children, hacking neighbors up in bits and pieces, burning people in fires and slowly torchering others to death.
That is Love, That is Love, That is Love...

But is it really?

Does one-1's heart deep down inside tell one-1 that doing such EVIL acts is only really LOVE?

Find the one-1 truth in your infinite one-1 soul that is one-1 in likeness/design but not one-1 fractal of the whole where there is no whole but infinite/eternal and one-1 may find the truth.

It is the truth when one takes the perspective of the biggest picture....The Infinite Creation. Everything falls within.

One-1 can only begin to touch on the fundamental basics of the infinite where there is no beginning but to even come close where there is no close to the infinite cannot be done, not by you, me or any other finite temporal being occupying earths finite/temporal level of existence. What one-1 feels they know or comprehends outside of the fundamental basic understandings of the infinite where there is no out or in is less than a grain of sand and yes that is this infinite universe and all one-1 can see/understand/comprehend for the time being where there is no time. Nothing but a grain of sand understanding missing the infinite elements, existences, realms, dimensions, stations, channels and infinite/endless others incomprehensible to the limited finite temporal vehicle/body/vessel for the time being where there is no time.

The world one-1 knows/understands/perceives to be living in for the time being is nothing more than a blade of grass to the infinite where there is no more or less or whole to the infinite. There is no all or whole to the infinite but infinite one-1 and same.

FWIW, the Law of One is the most accurate source of information on the planet.

The law of one-1 is cleverly put together with truths mixed in with lies and great deceptions. Many have been deceived and have swallowed the grass of lies mixed in with truths. Most who believe in such things surely have hearts of gold but they have been deceived nevertheless as the law of one-1 is manipulative lies preying on those who are full of love & light as those who believe willingly accept that they are all fractals/parts of a one-1 whole being of their one-1 infinite self thus taking upon them the many evils of the world believing that all of the murderers, rapists, killers are part of them and only themselves. All murder, rape, torcher and evil things are for the betterment of all but in truth they truly go against the true infinite one-1 nature of all eternal “LOVE” and “LIGHT” souls.

The one-1 infinite you in the here and now where there is no here or now only IS---IS the one-1 infinite/eternal you. The infinite one-1 you is the one-1 you now not the murders, rapists, killers - be not deceived and open your hearts to the infinite one-1 truth that is found in LOVE not HATE and EVIL.

Those who swallow the RA pill have been gravely deceived and have greatly mistaken LIES for TRUTHS in believing evil to be good and good to be evil accepting such things in their hearts brings disruption/corruption and blindness within one-1's soul. Their connection to the truth of the infinite one-1 LOVE & LIGHT source has been severed.

Choose the path of LOVE and LIGHT and that which is RIGHT.

Follow NOT entities channeled. Evil is not Good and Good is not Evil. Truths are not Lies and Lies are not Truths. Do not be deceived and misled down the wrong path. The one-1 true Love & Light calls them back to the infinite-1 truth that is LOVE & LIGHT not Evil/Hate/Murder. Entities mock and laugh as they entrap “LIGHT” souls into such a belief willing to support their EVIL acts in heart/mind that goes against their true infinite one-1 Love & Light nature/self. Some of the darkness/entities are not what most think or one-1 makes of them in which I will leave these words to be interpreted however one-1 chooses to interpret them.

Nothing in this matrix is 100% accurate as this matrix is full of distortions.

There is truth and LIGHT and there is deception and DARKNESS.
Try to convince someone in great pain/suffering that they are not really in pain/suffering but only experiencing joy and happiness. Most in this world know the difference and know better, be not deceived.

Those with clean/clear eyes and hearts distinguish one-1 from the other recognizing one-1 from the other. Everyone-1 deep down inside knows the difference from Evil and Good so feel with your heart rather than follow channeled material. The infinite one-1 Love & Light soul is the eternal/infinite guide that can make a connection to the “Family of Light” that are continually broadcasting for those tuned into that station of true Infinite “Love & Light” The true infinite one-1 station can be found within the infinite one-1 soul heart and one-1 can tune in from the heart through LOVE, Kindness, Giving, Sharing, Caring, Helping, Compassion, Forgiveness, Charity and all the good things one-1 has within their infinite one-1 soul if they pay attention. Feel the love/light infinite/eternal force and tune in. Listen to the still small voice of peace, love and light within that whispers direction and guidance.

However, TLOO is 82-85% accurate which far exceeds the accuracy of other texts.

Never make assumptions/speculations as foggy and light as an object may seem/appear there are truths mixed in with deceptions/lies and there are no accidents in which I am here sharing this now where there is no now but I am and you are. This message will be shared with all of the law of one-1 followers where there is no all so they can see/recognize and re-think/distinguish the one-1 infinite truth for themselves.

There are reasons for the distortions such as the narrow bandwidth from the sixth density they use for communication. But there are not deliberate lies in the text only distortions.

Opposition can be found in all things in duality existences and that includes emotions, feelings and intent of individuals who choose to commit such acts based on their true desires, feelings and intentions of the heart/soul. If someone commits an EVIL act they have lost their path/way and are doing it the dark/evil way that goes against their true “INFINITE” self way and soul/nature of who they really are being eternal souls of “LOVE & LIGHT.” Do not be fooled in believing that Evil is Good and Good is Evil, it never was and never will be and is an opposition to the “LIGHT” and that which is “RIGHT.”
Love is not Hate. Truths are not Lies and that is the TRUTH.

There is a split in the Harvest in the fourth and fifth densities. It must be this way. Everyone rejoins in the sixth to finish their completion before everyone returns to the Creator.

There is no such thing as fourth, fifth or sixth to the infinite. Such words/numbers/labels are for the limited/finite temporal time being on earth based on human understanding/definitions to better explain something that they know very little about where there is no little, very or there.

It makes a huge difference because of the Law of Karma. Those who have caused much pain here in the third density and graduate to the fourth density negative will suffer even worse than what they have done onto humanity. It is the only way. Everything balances out so by the time we are to reunite, everything has worked itself out.

The law of consequence to action, what a soul sows so shall they reap, in the above statement you have said correctly. Evil is not the path to Light and every soul on planet earth has that freewill choice/option to do GOOD and LOVE. Nobody is forcing anyone-1 to do EVIL, nobody but themselves as they choose THEIR own path/way and are making THEIR own decisions on how they live their life. Nobody is forcing one-1 to murder another and that is NOT part of the Infinite/Eternal Love & Light plan. Nevertheless those experiencing are free to choose with freewill agency/choice to decide choose and learn for themselves. Eternal progression is a never-ending story and will always exist but duality is a big step through to the infinite where there is no big, step only through. Duality will seize to exist upon through for the infinite one-1 love & light soul where Dreams DO come true and “ALL” things are possible where there is no “ALL” but infinite one-1 eternal YOU and ME and THEM among Infinite Others--- The Eternal “Family of Light” and Fathers/Designers/Creators in Utopia/Heavens.

Please brother, remember that this game of chess is only an illusion. This is not the reality you are Cosmically aware of. Pain and suffering are an illusion.

Suffering, pain and misery for the time being and those experiencing earth reality is REAL to them even though technically from an infinite/eternal perspective could be viewed/looked upon from another perspective/angle --- dream/state existence even illusion. The time beings experiencing do feel/perceive their current state of existence and it is very REAL to them who are experiencing/suffering. Go find someone that is in pain suffering and explain to them that what they are feeling is not really pain/suffering but happiness/joy and only an illusion. Most in this world know the difference and feel the difference. Whether it's technically an illusion from another perspective or not it's REAL for the time being experiencing. Have you ever felt pain and did you actually feel it? Was that happiness/joy to you and not pain but illusion?

And you and I have a good relationship so please do not take any of this personally.
I Never do and I hope the same goes for you. I truly hope that you can find the infinite one-1 truth within yourself and please further question the law of one RA material.

I used to be like you, I despised TPTB.

In suggesting such a thing about myself you have made an assumption that is false as I have never despised TPTB or anyone-1 for that matter where there is no matter but hey no matter.

The first time I looked at them in meditation and sent them Infinite Love and Light,

Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Understanding is always there for one-1 who truly understands the infinite one-1 eternal soul knowing who and what really/truly lies behind the dark/evil costume. One can recognize one from the other and Evil is not part of the Light but an Opposition to Love. Evil is not the path one-1 should take and everyone-1 has freewill with free agency/choice to choose for themselves, nobody is forcing one to rape, torcher, kill and do all kinds of evil to another.
Be wise and choose LOVE coming from the true infinite-1 LIGHT which is RIGHT.

In these times where it is very apparant that the cycle is closing and it most certainly is, making advanced spiritual preparations is a must.

From such a perspective why would spiritual preparations be important if Evil is Good and Good is Evil and everything leads back to the One-1 infinite Love & Light?
What does it matter what anyone does if that is the case?
If everyone committed suicide today or murdered each other and blew up the planet what difference would it really make?
There is a FAIL and there is a PASS to the test of Life and EVIL is not a pass where LOVE is the truth, light, path and way and YES way. I did it my way, you did it your way and everyone did it Their way. I am what I am, you are what you are and it appears to look like an infinite one-1 star with freewill/agency to act choose/decide for one-1's infinite eternal existence never to be taken away and YES way where there is infinite way. If such a freedom was taken away nothing would be infinite one-1 free way with eternal individuality/equal opportunity from an infinite/eternal perspective. The greatest of all gifts--- Eternal freewill/individuality to think, act, choose and decide for one-1's self.

Blessings to all. You are loved.

Are Cursings and Blessings the same?
Is being loved the same as being hated?
I wish you true Blessings of infinite one-1 Love & Light truth.
I know deep down inside one-1 can find those answers out for themselves but only you can find them. I know that everyone-1 will eventually find the infinite one-1 truth as they have always known them but it must be in their own infinite one-1 way on their own time-0 where there is no time-0 but only one-1 infinite LOVE & LIGHT way.
From the infinite/eternal perspective everyone already has and IS.
But you did it your way, I did it my way and we all did it our way being infinite one-1 light souls with infinite free way----> freewill/choice agency making one-1's decisions/choices and following one-1's eternal path/way and yes way.


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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

ET-MAN, Whats the most recent thing the Benevolents have said to you?

Does your original message stand?

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 12:09 PM
ET_MAN, concerning the RA material, I recall reading that 2011 is given as the year in which ''the harvest'' will begin to take place. I found that interesting in relation to your 2011 earth changes warning.


posted on May, 2 2010 @ 02:20 PM
It just occurred to me this could be taken the wrong way, when I said this, as its difficult to grapple with:

We're all soul mates on the other side. Its that simple. We don't have one, we have an infinite number. And family!

We have are all Infinite Family of Light on the other side, and there are potentials, all according to our Free Will ,and Unique As Snowflake paths, that anyone that we could harm if we were in darkness burying our Light and our energy recognition, our awareness of Light in others, under layers of smudges and fog, to harm a True Love. But in truth the special category of True Love and Soulmate(s) refer to a Select Few, or One as we have arranged or chosen, all within Free Will and Choices. Yet there is still a kind of gallant romantic exuberance of Love that unites us all and Family ties that we do not break. And everyone, without exception, here, is our Family of Light, and they really are loved on the other side, so its up to us to turn within and begin to work on becoming conscious of the programs running, the anger buttons and reactions we all have programmed in us, the buttons that get pushed, the sudden need for recognition and status many have, the way we disassociate from a bother in need and think we have so much more entitlement because things went our way, and we had no roadblocks that could not be surmounted to becoming an ideal slave citizen (ie. good family, support, good health, IQ, employment, personality, lack of heart breaking, life altering childhood abuse and traumas, or if we did experience this we had someone to turn to, some love in our lives). Yet so many think there success = their righteousness, and those who have none of these elements and end up sinking under the waves of life (the vast majority of citizens on this planet are the ones who are sinking in meeting basic needs), are rationalized as lacking and therefore deserving of their fate.

I dont know what people rationalize when here, for their programs, but those programs are just biological chemicals running in the system. They are not us. Embracing them creates smudges and distortions of our light, and dulls our ability to connect and see truth. We need to become conscious and look for tests and moments we react or judge others, and cancel them, reach into love, realize we don't know what others are going through, peel the layers away in us to shine our light up clear and Loving!

Because we're all True Family on the other side.

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 06:16 PM
Adding another post on the Law of One Ra Material that I feel to be important.

reply to post by Universal Light

Hi Universal Light,

I respectfully write this to you, this message goes out to everyone reading and I must stand up for what I know to be true. Nobody is forced to believe a word of what I write but I will write it and share nevertheless and with good reason/purpose as I only want the very best for all souls on earth which are family from the infinite-1 eternal perspective. heart broke as I read that. I cannot continue on this thread. It is painful to hear these words. And none of this, as always, is personal.

I'm sorry you feel the way you do and for me this is a very important subject that has to do with the infinite one-1 eternal family of light brothers and sisters heading in the wrong direction and I will stand up for the truth of what I know and I only hope/wish/desire the best for such souls because they are headed in the wrong direction through murdering, abusing, torchering, killing and so on.

I will say that I am sorry for false suppositioning you with TPTB comment.

Of course apology accepted and I never hold anything against anyone nor do I take offense from what anyone writes. I understand how it could be a simple misinterpretation as words can easily be misunderstood/interpreted but I must follow up when someone makes a wrong assumption/statement on my position of how I really feel.

It sure seems like you have major issues with the dark even though they are your Cosmic Brothers and Sisters.

If you believe that I have problems with the infinite one-1 family of light souls that are lost in evil murdering, killing, raping others than you have truly misinterpreted who I am and what I stand for. I stand for unconditional love, forgiveness, understanding, sharing, caring, giving and all of the LIGHT things that represent LOVE and good things. The true infinite one-1 LIGHT that forgives everyone unconditionally but renounces/denounces evil and wants no part in it because it is not LOVE and not part of the LIGHT. That does not mean we despise, hate, curse or any such evil that comes from an evil nature/negative origin. The Light has no part in such things and we stand up for what is TRUE and what is RIGHT which is LOVE and LIGHT.

Our infinite one-1 Love & Light brothers and Sisters have slipped and fallen in mud and they need a good clean up LOVE & LIGHT shower and we are there to help them in anyway we possibly can with unconditional love, understanding, compassion. (Forgiveness is not necessary as the TRUE Infinite -1 Family of Eternal Light has already forgiven every infinite one-1 regardless of what any infinite one-1 family of light member could ever do) This is coming from the PURE LOVE and Infinite one-1 love from the Family of LIGHT above where there is no above to the infinite/eternal perspective but always a never-ending beyond.

Evil/dark materials is not what infinite one-1 light souls are made up of but light/love/intelligence materials and EVIL acts and murder is not what LOVE & LIGHT souls do nor can any such things exist within our hearts. EVIL is not part of the infinite one-1 FAMILY of LIGHT.

I have seen what Evil/Dark souls reap and where they go upon leaving the flesh and if you think they go to be rewarded in LOVE & LIGHT utopia existences for murder, rape, torcher and evil acts then you are gravely mistaken and being deceived.

The law of harvest is always in affect to the infinite one-1 freewill soul. If that soul chooses darkness/evil over love/light then he will surely REAP what he SOWS.

That does not mean the Family of LIGHT does not LOVE that soul on an unconditional basis showing unconditional compassion for that infinite one-1 soul but it means that the Family of Light feel sorry for that soul that it must suffer the way it is and they only hope/wish/desire they could do something to help that infinite one-1 brother/sister soul but every infinite one-1 soul needs to do it their way with freewill/agency choice. Every infinite one-1 soul needs to find the LOVE & LIGHT within themselves and choose that path for themselves on their own. There are infinite unalterable/unchangeable laws that have always been and will always be. (Technically) there are no laws or law givers but one-1 WAY that always has been in the LIGHT of DAY where there is only today, today and today beyond TIME-0 where there is no beyond, front or before where there is only an Infinite one-1 Love & Light door.

The law of consequence to action.
If someone jumps off a cliff they can expect to fall.
If someone murders their neighbor they can expect a just consequence in this lifetime or the next.
If someone shows love, compassion, charity, forgiveness and shares with others there is also a consequence on the opposite spectrum being positive in Love & Light to such good deeds that returns to the infinite one-1 soul/heart/spirit and so on.

The Family of Light is always there for all souls whether trapped in their own mistakes from committing evils or not. Everyone is loved because everyone is infinite one-1 and the same from the infinite/eternal perspective. There are infinite amounts of TIME where there is no TIME for a soul to find their true infinite one-1 soul/nature that is LOVE & LIGHT and get it RIGHT. Duality existences is a learning process and experience and there is a RIGHT and a WRONG and murdering people is not RIGHT but WRONG... There is a PASS and a FAIL to the test I only wish/desire/hope more and more make the right choices turn to the LOVE & LIGHT so that they do not have to go through horrific soul pain, suffering, sorrow, misery upon leaving the flesh after murdering, abusing, using and doing horrific evil acts believing that what they were doing was only GOOD and LOVE.

That is FALSE and not TRUE but lies and deceptions.

Do not be deceived, I'm writing this because I can say that I know and I feel it my obligation knowing to speak up and testify that what I write is the infinite one-1 LOVE & LIGHT truth and I only care about the “Family of Light” and souls that are lost doing evil acts believing that what they are doing is good have been gravely and greatly deceived.

Make NO mistake about it:
Evil is Evil.
Murder is Murder.
Hate is Hate.
Anger is Anger.
Greed is Greed.
Fear is Fear.
Selfishness is Selfishness.
Abuse is Abuse.
Torcher is Torcher.
Suffering is Suffering.
Pain is Pain.
Misery is Misery.
We can go on and on.
To the finite temporal Time being
these FEEL very REAL and are to those
experiencing no matter what perspective/angle
one-1 looks at it. Souls experiencing do FEEL and
pain, suffering, torcher, misery is REAL to them.

Life is not just a game this is the infinite progression one-1 test
and murder is not fun and games, killing, abusing, torchering is not OK
unless you want the same done to yourself again and again.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“Reap what you sow.”

"So Blessings are Cursings?"

Even though you don't believe it, this is the truth.

That is NOT the truth and I denounce it because EVIL is not LOVE or GOOD but an opposite to that which is GOOD and LIGHT.

If RA the great deceiver full of LIES and DECEPTIONS can make one-1 believe that they are truly on the right path when they are headed in the wrong direction then these poor unfortunate souls are being led away to suffer unknowingly. Such souls are in for a big surprise upon leaving the flesh if they contribute and support murder, evil acts, deeds, blood rituals, hate, wars, rape and so on.

Doing EVIL does not reward someone to LOVE & LIGHT existences but EVIL/DARK one's.

What a person sows so shall they reap, a soul is choosing their own path/journey through free will/agency and decisions and they ultimately decide/choose that path for themselves.

Punishment of a temporal existence of committing evil is a temporal punishment for such acts and works perfectly in justice/balance to the infinite/eternal scale of consequence to action which is unalterable/unchangeable. You the infinite one-1 you decides your own direction/path/way, you are making the choices MAKE THEM GOOD and with LOVE otherwise if you choose to abuse, murder, rape you can expect that to fall back upon your own head from the infinite/eternal perspective whether in this lifetime or the next all things do catch up and have perfect infinite-1 balance with justice for all where there is no all.

One-1 has nobody to blame but themselves for choosing to do such acts.

Forgive yourself today and you are forgiven by the “Family of Light” already.

Live everyday forward to the best of your ability where there is no forward but only today, today and today from the infinite/eternal perspective so make every day count full of Love & Light and the Right way infinite one-1 eternal way..

Choose LOVE.
Choose WISELY.

And you say there are no higher densities.

Perhaps you have misinterpreted what I've written in making the above statement. To the infinite there are no numbers and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, mean absolutely nothing to the infinite.

There are infinite densities but there is no such thing as higher or lower from the infinite/eternal perspective only to the finite/temporal conscious observer based on one's current level of understanding/comprehension according to what they see/know/comprehend/perceive being finite/temporal/time beings on planet earth.

Well then I do not exist because I am from the higher realms of the fifth density.

There is no such thing as the 5th density (technically) from the infinite/eternal perspective but to the finite/temporal time beings that use mathematics, calculations, numbers and count there is a 5th based on their current level/understanding/comprehension of what the 5th means for them. The finite/temporal time being only perceives/comprehends/understands it's current level of existence based on it's current state of awareness/intelligence-level/knowledge ---> Consciousness.

If one-1 truly understands the infinite and their true infinite one-1 nature then they understand that there are infinite-1 levels of their infinite selves existing to the Infinity & Beyond. What does this mean?It means that ALL souls exist infinitely on all levels forwards and backwards where there is no forwards or backwards with the absence of time coming from the infinite/eternal perspective. YOU and I and THEY exist on all levels/states of existences due to the absence of TIME. A very difficult concept for one to bend/wrap their minds around indeed but yet a fundamental basic understanding/concept of the infinite where there was no beginning or ending and all things have infinitely/eternally existed with the absence of TIME. There are Infinite perceptions of time based on one's current level/state of existence/awareness/perception ---> State of soul Consciousness. Eternal progression goes on forever and ever and has always been and will always be. Try bending/wrapping your mind around that where there is no around, where, there but infinite soul/consciousness mind.

It takes a courageous effort to say a sixth density entity such a Ra is wrong when your and my perspective is nowhere near as broad.

RA is a deceiver and full of deceptions consisting of some fundamental infinite truth principles mixed in with lies. We have gone over the 6th as it (technically) does not exist to the infinite and never take the deceiver RA's word for such claims. RA has lied about the true infinite one-1 nature of existence and much of the law of one is FALSE and not TRUTH and I denounce such deceptions/lies KNOWING what I know 110% where there is no % but 110. If one-1 chooses to really ask questions with an open understanding/mind for comprehension I can SHOW them in clear understanding that RA and the Law of ONE-1 material CANNOT be true and is FALSE. But in order for one-1 to better understand one-1 must empty their current glass of water based on what they currently believe /understand and try to look at things from a new infinite one-1 perspective with a new glass of water.

This absolutely is my last post in the thread. It hurts too much to read especially coming from people I love so dearly.

There is a saying:

The TRUTH hurts!

I also want to add to make a point that when you state you love us so dearly does that mean it's ok for you to invite us over for dinner than murder us?

If I invite you over for dinner then decide to murder you is that OK with you?

The vibration from it is causing significant discomfort in my auric field.

Do not stay close to RA and other such entities that are very manipulative/deceptive and have been around for thousands of years at the same time where there is no time. Such entities including RA have fooled many in Ancient times to present and will continue to do so as long as they can convince infinite-1 souls that EVIL is GOOD and GOOD is EVIL then they can truly take them captive when they support such things and take CAUTION in ever committing murder and evil acts against others because those who do such things will GET what they have GIVEN and I say this with the purest/sincerest intentions of only forewarning and helping those who are in this trap believing that doing EVIL and MURDER is good and right and will be rewarded with LOVE & LIGHT...Do not be deceived into doing such things, they will NOT take you to Love & Light places.

The Teachings of Jesus Christ are as close to the truth as it comes. (Whether one believes in Jesus Christ ever existing, the bible or not the stories of LOVE speak for themselves and are Infinite One1 Love & Light Truth when it comes to how one-1 should live their life in perfect infinite one-1 LOVE)
Follow the footsteps of pure love and the footsteps of examples of pure loving LIGHT beings that showed a path/way/example to make it back to the Heavens/Utopias above and beyond where there is a Father and “Family of Light' in Utopia/heavens “INFINITE” are “THEY” and “BEYOND” all human understanding/comprehension.

Living your life in such a way with unconditional love, forgiveness, sharing, caring, giving, compassion, charity and so on is the WAY, the LIGHT and the TRUTH back to Infinite One-1 eternal/existences where dreams can/will and do come true. There is so much to look forward to beyond all comprehension for those who make it past earth life and correct their mistakes.

Forgive yourself today for all evil you have committed and you are forgiven by the FAMILY OF LIGHT always. Live starting today in the best way you can live with LOVE & LIGHT doing the right things which are the LIGHT things. The list of good things is written and known by everyone deep within their infinite-one1 soul hearts. Make that connection and stay in the LIGHT and you will be rewarded for good works according to that which you put out and shared with others. You are choosing your own path/way and what you sow you shall reap so be WISE and learn the ways of the infinite-1 Love & Light way.

I have used my discerning heart when reading TLOO and that is far from my only source of info btw.

You have discerned parts correctly but the traps/deceptions/lies mixed in you have missed so please thoroughly re-question/ponder and I will be putting together something in a much clearer format. These basic fundamental infinite one-1 concepts/understanding are not my words but coming from the truth infinite-1 eternal principles/fundamental basic concepts of Love & Light that have always been and I ask you to go over them and simply use your own discernment to find the truth in them. Nothing can possibly offend me when it comes to what I know to be the correct ONE-1 Infinite/True path/way back into the LOVE & LIGHT presence of an Eternal Family of Light that is full of LOVE for each and every one-1 of us where there is infinite/eternal one-1 of us and yes way we did it our way.

I know who/what RA is/represents/means and I denounce RA in misleading infinite love & light souls in the wrong direction. Such entities have come and passed where there is no time for pass. Do not be misled and I send Love & Light to everyone including all entities lost in blind darkness NOT knowing/realizing what they truly do being lost in soul/heart/mind connection to their Infinite One-1 LOVE & LIGHT Infinite one-1 selves. I will stand up for the truth in what I know and am not ashamed of the LIGHT but I have unconditional forgiveness/understanding even for such entities as RA and others who are not what people/really truly/believe think.

Do not be Misled.

Maybe in the closing of this cycle, the consciousness compounding upon the planet will show you a different perspective.

Do not misunderstand or misinterpret my intentions for sharing this I am not anymore special or better than anyone-1 and I do not write this in a boastful way at all but respectfully and with unconditional love and the purest/sincerest intentions in heart/soul/mind. I will say that I do know and have been to places off world and beyond and have ongoing communication/visitations with those in the beyond and I feel it my duty as a brother of the “Family of Light” to share some of what I know especially when it comes to the mixing EVIL” with “GOOD and I will do everything in my power to help those who believe in such things turn their ways back to the Love & Light way that leads to LOVE & LIGHT existences. Take caution in your thoughts and actions---The family of Light never wants to see more suffering and good infinite one-1 souls get trapped/deceived and many have/been and are/being. I have unconditional Love for everyone and am only wanting the very best for everyone and that is why I am taking such a stand on this subject and more than just that. I will be releasing youtube/google videos, pdf documents a website all focusing just on the law of one RA deceptions and lies and I will be sending the material out to as many people as I possibly can.

I have been pushed in this direction and I always follow my heart knowing who is guiding/directing.

My deepest heartfelt Love and Infinite gratitude.

I feel the very same way and you are great person Mike but please don't kill me after dinner and please don't hurt others after dinner as well. I think you already have the answers deep down within and know that LOVE is not EVIL but the teachings of TLOO and RA material has really put it in a different perspective/view that makes one somehow feel that it makes perfect sense that all souls are coming from ONE-1 being alone and are merely small pieces of the ONE-1 being therefore we are the murders, killers, rapists and those are just fractions of our ONE-1 self experiencing therefore it's OK what they do because they are US and we are THEM so let them do whatever they want and forgive them and accept that you are a murder and evil but murder is love and evil is good.

That is FALSE and I denounce that.
You are You the infinite ONE-1 you and you have
Infinite ONE-1 levels of yourself eternally progressing.
There are Infinite ONE-1 souls 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 never-ending to Infinity & Beyond but there is NEVER EVER only just ONE-1. Use that comprehension and imagine there only being ONE-1 being alone yet all things are Infinite. That is an impossibility and when that ONE-1 being joins back together what is beyond that ONE-1? If ONE-1 comes together that puts an END to infinity and we all know where there is no all that when there is an END there must also be a BEGINNING and if there is a beginning and ending then there is no such thing as INFINITE but FINITE but that is not the case and you can comprehend/understand that therefore think Infinite-one-1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 and you are one of those infinite-1 souls as a freewill individual to choose/act/decide and live as you will taking your own path/journey to wherever you choose/decide to go.

BE WISE and make the RIGHT---> LOVE & LIGHT choices!

If you want misery, pain, suffering and sorrow then all you have to do is make others suffer in pain with misery and sorrow.

If you want to visit Love and beyond all comprehension existences/worlds full of Where your DREAMS do come true then love your neighbor, do good unto those around you. Help the poor, sick, needy and afflicted. Show unconditional Love and forgiveness, patience, understanding, compassion, sharing, caring, giving and the rest of the GOOD infinite one-1 loving qualities that the eternal “Family of Light” possess.

Focus on that which is eternal not that which is temporal and materialistic that cannot be taken with you upon leaving the flesh. Focus on the eternal soul qualities of LOVE & LIGHT that can and will go with you upon leaving the flesh.
What you do unto others will come with you.

Best Wishes/Dreams!

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN
iknow this sounds pathetic but im scared because right know i think im so small in all of everything, but in my heart i know im not, we're all just pieces of one thing arent we? sorry to sound so weak.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 08:43 PM
I couldn't care less about the benevolents, or any so-called warning from them. I hope me not caring a jot about the world or anyone in it helps in some small way to bring about our entire and complete destruction.

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 08:56 PM

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by strangleholder1

No, it won't acutally, due to the plan and outline for the DVD already existing, the only thing we can do here is color the scenes with our own crayons and sometimes we can bend the lines and alter a scene, but never the outline of the DVD, nor its ending when the curtain comes up and we all know who we truly are, and who everyone is. And how much we love them. This is very big. And eveyone will experience this including TPTB. And those who have not loved, but harmed others will be so tormented and ashamed.

There are many who come to help and nudge and get their family out from the inside and assist, those who are taking the long road home, for we love each other truly.

In any case, many are growing in awareness and waking up,and as they turn within and connect to their Higher Selves, there is stronger and stronger Light. Superman (our HS, and Family Of Light are the Designers/Teachers/Programmers of this Universe and are like 1.11111111111111111111. to all of our .0000000000000000009 %, this small part of the whole that we are, so will never let anything happen to these ones that is not in the Highest Good, so all is on time, nothing by coincidence.

You also are much loved, and have those yearning and waiting for you to go within your heart and begin to connect, and overcome blocks and progress.

Love & Light!

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by darkday
reply to post by ET_MAN
iknow this sounds pathetic but im scared because right know i think im so small in all of everything, but in my heart i know im not, we're all just pieces of one thing arent we? sorry to sound so weak.

Hi Darkday,

Most understand how you feel and I'm sure you're not alone in feeling that way considering that there are roughly 6.8 Billion humans on the planet with roughly 100+ Billion Stars and 100+ Billion Brown Dwarfs in the Milky way galaxy alone among Billions of galaxies observed that go on forever to Infinity & Beyond.

You are not one-1 piece of everybody but you are one-1 piece of YOUR Infinite One-1 self with only a fraction of your Infinite One-1 self's consciousness/awareness/memory temporarily experiencing part of your Infinite One-1 self on earth. Once you receive an upload in memory/awareness/consciousness of who you were before this life you won't feel small anymore you can count on that where there is no count.

Hang in there, I feel like an infinite one-1 super ant myself on this planet along with the others that are aware of how tiny earth really is in comparison to the grand scheme of things to the Infinite with innumerable realms/existences/channels/stations/worlds incomprehensible to the finite mortal vessel/body/mind---> Time being. Just wait until you meet your future self and “Family” and remember who you really were before coming to earth in the pre-mortal existence...

That will be a celebration day with popcorn and movies for most to remember.

Best Wishes!
Best Dreams!

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posted on May, 2 2010 @ 10:06 PM

Originally posted by truthbringsfreedom777
ET_MAN, concerning the RA material, I recall reading that 2011 is given as the year in which ''the harvest'' will begin to take place. I found that interesting in relation to your 2011 earth changes warning.


Hi Truthbringsfreedom777,

No comment on the link between RA-2011 but we do understand that there are no accidents or coincidences and especially since TIME does not (technically) exist but only infinite perceptions of time for the time being.

From the Infinite/Eternal perspective today is today, today and today.


Comes to mind!

(Not sure how far we can get into that rabbit hole)

Some entities/deities are shooting for 201 or is it really---110 code!

Just A Thought...
Best Wishes
Best Dreams!

posted on May, 2 2010 @ 11:06 PM

Originally posted by Esrom Escutcheon Esquire
reply to post by ET_MAN

ET-MAN, Whats the most recent thing the Benevolents have said to you?
Does your original message stand?


I've been assured that things will work out for the Infinite/Eternal betterment of everyone-1 according to earths temporal/existence- school time experience/recess breaks based on eternal progression.

There is nothing to fear but fear is one-1 of the most difficult obstacles for most to overcome whether they can admit it or not.

It's time to let go of all fear:
Attachment to
materialistic possessions!

It's time where there is no time to start thinking about the Infinite/Eternal outcome of your infinite one-1 eternal soul.

It's time to prepare to get ready to meet the Family of Light being in their presence unashamed knowing that you lived your life to the best of your ability in the best way you knew how.

It's time to STEP IT UP and help out a neighbor in need.

It's time to be more loving to your family and let them know how much you love them every single day.

It's time to start getting the act together a little more and forgiving everyone making amends with people that you've wronged in the past asking forgiveness of them.

It's time to drop the macho macho man or cool Joe attitudes a little that goes along with temporal 3D personality ego with pride in the mix and embrace all things with acceptance, appreciation, thankfulness/gratefulness in heart. Let go of all and any shame that you have about yourself. Do not be afraid of what other people think and dis-attach yourself from worry about what others think being comfortable with who you truly/really are knowing that you are an Infinite/One-1 Eternal Super-Star!

It's time to start viewing everyone as equals and that includes the people you pass up all the time. Stop and say hello, drop someone a gift or card. Do something special for someone that will uplift them and make their day.

It's time to pray/meditate/connect however you choose to your Parents/Family in Utopia/Heavens above making a connection with that infinite one-1 Love & Light---> Answering service with the Eternal Family.

The Infinite Family of One-1 Light is there waiting on you to make the call and have been nudging many but not everybody is paying attention or listening to those nudges.

It's time to start tuning in a little more to the spirit within and feel with your heart the communications coming your way...Listen to that still small voice within, take a time out in a nice quiet place and start connecting through prayer/meditation/pondering however you want to do it and make that connection with your Infinite one-1 self and Family of Light.

It's time to dis-attach yourself to the materialistic things of the world and start focusing/concentrating on that which is eternal.

It doesn't mean throw away the technology and toys, it means to dis-attach your heart from these possessions and if something were to ever happen you could let them all go and it wouldn't affect you since you value more the spiritual things coming from within your infinite one-1 eternal heart/soul rather than the temporal materialistic things on the outside that are always left behind.

YOU did it YOUR way.
I did it MY way.
WE all did it OUR way.

Best Wishes!
Best Dreams!
LOVE Always!

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN


Comes to mind!

(Not sure how far we can get into that rabbit hole)

Some entities/deities are shooting for 201 or is it really---110 code!''

Thanks for replying. ET_MAN. However, I'm not sure I follow your rather ''cryptic'' answer, to be honest.

RA-IS-EL...The first thing that comes to mind is Israel. What is meant by this, if anything...? Or am I on the wrong track altogether?

I have read the Law of One before, and if anything, I found it as interesting as what is being discussed in this thread.

So who or what is RA, exactly?, ET_MAN? Are you basically suggesting that RA is a ''negative'' ET that is seeking to ''trick'' people into believing certain things that will harm them in the long run?

Just trying to further understand your perspective on this - wishing you all the best!


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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by truthbringsfreedom777

Israel= Is Ra El (El =Saturn and Osiris) Back to the Egyptian trinity of Isis Ra Osiris, Sumerians, and Egyptians all the way from Atlantian days, the tribes of Judah, the mystery school, Rome, everything comes from the Annanuki.

All our language, religions and insitutions are coded to this.
The Code to the Matrix - Final Copy (Good read, once you do you can decipher just about everything. Its free to download)

The rabbit hole is very deep here. And Ra is the author, channeled of the Law of One. Different nets for differnet people, the webs are spun everywhere.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Ra material and the law of one is the most non biased, thruthful and wise information that is available for the general crowd today.
The mindset/personality of most of the people is still situtated in the field of duality, i.e. friend/foe. Most of them still think that some entities wish them harm, some entities wish them good. Guess what you have been controlled and manipulated into this mindset by you body, temporary personality and by the collective consciousness of this planet. It is all being manipulated and controlled by TPTB/negative entities with one single purpose, so that your soul could experience and see throught it in order to understand itself and make a choice of what path to follow.

It is so easy to think, that you are enslaved, while in reality these are just the thoughts of your soul conflicting with the thoughts of your body/personality and trying to pierce throught it.
It may be said, that your soul is endeed "enslaved" in the physical body, yet it has been chosen by you and your free will and is not permanent.
Remember whom you were in astral/spirit world before this incarnation, and everything will become clear.

In reality negative entities care about you, as much as positive entities care about you, just in a different way. Harming something and/or wishing suffering to something is a very primitive act both for positive and negative entities. Negative entitities may indeed want to enslave or controll you, but they do not care about you specifically, the care about collective. It is important to realize, that negative entitites are very wise and in most cases wiser than positive entities. They appreciate and respect every rule of creation, yet are playing according to their chosen path.

Ofcorse, we walk our own paths and are free to choose and believe in anything we want. What you believe in is real.

Yet, the ones who truly understand the teaching and message of RA will realize, that there is not teaching or message, only answers to the questions, that may be useful to some people here and now.

Ra is just a name and like any name can be used for anything.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Greetings ET_MAN

Every word stated in that last reply to E.E.E is pure gold. It's exactly where our focus should be at this time. As the veil gradually lifts, many will recognise the significance and 'light' of that wonderful post. Very inspiring to me as it covers so many bases. Thanks again for your contributions.

In Light and Appreciation.


posted on May, 3 2010 @ 04:17 AM

Originally posted by dryadlover
reply to post by Unity_99

Ra material and the law of one is the most non biased, thruthful and wise information that is available for the general crowd today.
The mindset/personality of most of the people is still situtated in the field of duality, i.e. friend/foe. Most of them still think that some entities wish them harm, some entities wish them good. Guess what you have been controlled and manipulated into this mindset by you body, temporary personality and by the collective consciousness of this planet. It is all being manipulated and controlled by TPTB/negative entities with one single purpose, so that your soul could experience and see throught it in order to understand itself and make a choice of what path to follow.

In reality negative entities care about you, as much as positive entities care about you, just in a different way. Harming something and/or wishing suffering to something is a very primitive act both for positive and negative entities. Negative entitities may indeed want to enslave or controll you, but they do not care about you specifically, the care about collective. It is important to realize, that negative entitites are very wise and in most cases wiser than positive entities. They appreciate and respect every rule of creation, yet are playing according to their chosen path.

I think you've got it spot on. The catalyst is great enough in third density, then combine with a harsher than normal planet and youve got a potent mix. The negative energy influx can cause spiritual disorientation amounst entities. A clear sign is when a belief is held that has the capability to cause fear.

For the negatives to "win" this game they must convince us of fear and control rather than love and acceptance. They must do this on all levels so spiritual seekers get lots of attention too. Seperation rather than oneness causes the fear. And the notion of evil being a bad thing is nescasary so that we attempt control such as avoiding evil or attempting to eliminate it rather than praticing what we're supposed to, acceptance.

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