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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 05:55 AM

You said you are of the same density, but a different time.
I believe this to be true,

and if it is, you must hold the Priesthood.

Do you?

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by dryadlover

The Ra material? To begin with, I've never been able to get into the material, though I've tried, as it is definitely channeled, and there's an energy that I can pick up. But I not a disciple of Ra, or anything mystery school. The coding that exists in this world is very real, so why would I wish to embrace what is related to the same "deities"/entities, that the illuminati and historical bloodlines have and do. Have you noticed the way the world is. This plane is run like a hell zone! So those dieties aren't good!

Secondly I've encountered the principles given by those who are following this blindly. From what they maintain, this is simply another net, like the religions are. This one appeals to idealistic seekers. But the message is subtlely the same:
1)instead of grassroots equality. Instead of the Hopi's elder's message: that instead of waiting for a "leader" to show up, to give our power away at all, instead: we are the ones we have been waiting for.

The law of one subsitutes a group of supposedly higher dimensionals for the divine authority of El in the bible. Again, we are to accept their higher level status, and their right to rule. They also love us, but for our own good, run a very harsh murdering hell like planet to make us suffer so we can grow.

Oh really? Interesting. Right is never wrong. Love is not hate. Helping is not hurting.
Don't give your power away to any Big Daddy, especially one that the dark sided controllers of this planet venerate already. Someone that the Rothchilds already venerate is NOT my friend!

Equality and empowering others instead is a crucial undertanding to pass the test, when the curtain raises.

There are people here from Beyond itself. And higher dimensions than 6, which is just a metaphor, for in No Time, and Infinity, there is truly no higher, lower, bigger, smaller. We're all equal. The infinite film roll or lives extends in both directions infinitely. We are the whole thing at once, though metaphorically progressing with lessons. But we're all equal.

2) Those following this are following a message similar to Hidden Hand, that something From Light & Love is claiming to help us by doing evil things to us. Love does not ever, ever ever do this. Do you think that anyone who truly passes this test, can actually harm, hurt, murder, rape or torture others? Drop bombs on babies? Bring in 100,000 machetes from China to Rwanda? Starve to death half the world?

Love doesnt do this, ever ever ever! Only dark siders do. This is a subtlely different method already there by the Egyptian trinity, in the Judaic religions, of a Harsh, punitive Diety depopulating planets, demanding animal sacrifice and that all women and children in war are murdered. That children who disobey parents are put to death.

Like I said, two different nets by the same enitites, the dracos, reptilian/annunaki controllers of this slave planet.

Also, we all exist individually, connected, in the Universal Understanding, joined in telepahty and love, after this test is passed. But we truly are the Many In One forever!
The law of one tries to diminish everyone to a hive mentality of joining together as ONE, losing individuality, sounds like a spiritual form of fascism and communism to me.
The emphasis is on the whole, not all the progressing individuals.

Anyone who thinks this but truly rejects harming people for love and authority as having natural rights over people, but yearns for a truly equal loving world where no one goes without, and all live in peace, will be very surprised in the end with the joy of what is to come when the curtain raises. And all our brothers and sisters will be reunitied by their Family on the other side for they love us so much and are trying to break the chains here that bind us, to free our minds and hearts to pass this test and return back home.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thank-you for clearing this up fpr me, Unity_99. Much appreciated!

My personal perspective on what is being discussed about the RA Material as well as the Hidden Hand ATS thread is that ''evil''/''negative'' HAS to exist in order to show people what ''good''/''positive'' is.

As Hidden Hand put it, they (the ''Illuminati'') have agreed to their ''mission'' on Earth (apparently a mission given from the Council of Elders, if I remember correctly) to be the ''catalyst'' in the world, showing people who they ''aren't'' by doing/being as negative/evil as they can.

This logic I can understand, since it would make sense that without ''evil'', nobody would really know what ''good'' truly is, for example. Does this mean that a certain chosen group of people have the ''right'' to carry on these acts of evil? I would say no, because it is in our nature to see bad/evil as it truly is - the ''wrong'' thing to do. So with that said, I can also see and respect the conflicting points of view on this matter, as they also make sense.

Then again, I could be misunderstanding everything completely, which I can never rule out...

Just my thoughts!

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by truthbringsfreedom777

The duality does exist in this University/School. There was no utopia in a golden "before" age, before the hidden hand group came to "torture us for love". For this universe is coded with programs throughout it that are dualities. This is the nature of the test
In our bodies we have physical death of these suits, illness, and biochemical imperfections, emotions that can react in violence, truamas that can turn inward and create psychopaths. This is not an easy test. We don't need to be run by controllers to still be challenged by Love.

In the cosmos there are infinite planets, in our galaxy millions/billions of planets with people on them. Roughly half are unders controllers, roughly half are free. That has to do with how many people fail the test, not pass it. In the cosmos for every Star that is like a projector beaming the images to our reality out, in this dvd player, there is a dark star, a dwarf star, and all systems are subject to cyles and cosmic events, disasters.

Anyone, including a so called higher dimensional ET/entity in this universe that has not briefly come in from the Beyond to assist, HAS NOT PASSED THE TEST YET.

Potentially you can pass it from square one, 3D earth zones.

This should give us pause. Without passing this test and going to the Beyond where you would never have to come here again, and could assist on the other side (remember the picture of the Designer/Teacher/Programmer holding the newspaper, for the universe is akin to this on the other side. We could be editing and sending help without entering this system! But some do for their personal families and to accomplish things. For example there was a great man from Galilee who has come many time, not just once, who was hijacked.

THe law of one, like our religions, has to have truth in it, and love. For if it doesnt shine love and truth, light souls would not graviate to it. And then there are critical moments where the traps are laid to control one and prevent them from going within their hearts to discover themselves, their memories, and from equality and love to flourish. For they substititue hurt and harm as love. And focus your attention on beleiving there is something bigger than you. You are the one you've been waiting for, you're neighbor is the one they've been waiting for, We are the ones, we've been waiting for. No one is greater, smaller, higher, lower, we're equal.

If one understands infinity, one understands why. If you understand what happens in an Infinity System when you come down to experience individual separate consciousness as we do in all 3D grass roots, foundation type planets, one would understand how this becomes the foundation of your unique journey. For it just became real, your individual nature, in infinity!

Your life stretches as an individual, instantly in all directions without beginning or end, and each scene is an endless progression. Suddenly quantumly, if that could be a word, I will pretend, there are infinite you's stretching from the past to the future, where in "no time" there is no past or future merely concepts. As you progress the other you's progress as well.

A very big you on the other side is always assisting and so are many other you's as well, and your Family of Light.

But its a mistake to assume we need oppositon in the form of a dictator

In this duality universe, there is already a lot of opposite hardwired, programs in the system.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I fully understand you my friend.
In this world as it is here and now and they way it is manipulated, it is very difficult to trust anything. The things are very harsh to cope with for an awakened person full of compassion and love and who have seen the light. Yet, unfortunately, things are the way they are and there is very little one can do about it.

However, i do suggest reading the material and trying to comprehend/understand it, and to clear out the misunderstandings that have been accumulated in your mind, for one has to read and understand something in order to have an opinion.

However it may be, that you have read it, yet i see some false conclusions, that were created in your mind after accepting the information.

By no means Ra states that his group consciousness is a diety. They were in great despair, that people started worshiping them as gods after they came into this planet in order to help with the evolution of consciousness...

You have stated, that, The law of one tries to diminish everyone to a hive mentality of joining together as ONE, losing individuality, but isn't that so that everything in existance is already one infinite creator? Yet do you see someone who has lost his individuality even on our planet?
Individuality of one infinite creator is infinite as much as oneness is..
Ra clearly states that in his message. Were are all infinitely one and yet infinitely individual, isn't that remarkable how it makes our existance what it is here and now?

Ra clearly states that everything, absolutely everything everywhere and everytime has the absolute power of one infinite creator, for we are all one, equal yet different with everything that is and ever was.

I truly appreciate your cautious approach to any material, yet i seem to come to the conclusion that the Ra material have created some sorts of false opinions about their message that were concluded from some sorts of misunderstanding.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 10:00 AM
The idea you need these "higher level" dictatorial Big Daddies to murder, rape, dismember, torture billions all the time to provide a duality for our souls is obscene. These guys are dark, they've muddied the light on their souls, and need to turn inward and start to recover. We must renounce all darkness, all murder, all rape, all torture, all methods of accomplishing anything that are violent and abusive. Love does not use these methods to procure the results it desires. Love does not stop alleged terrorists by bombing civilians, women and children and blowing their heads and limbs off in a "war" against terrorism.
What we call demons do that.

Look at the native/indigenous groups that lived in North America, not the Mayans or Aztecs for they were under harsh strata priestly rule and human sacrifice, but the natives here for over 10,000 years.

Did they need bloodlines for their tests? Hell no! Life is hard enough, with enough daily challenges in it, moments to be peaceful or warring, moments to love and empower another, or dominate and take from. Yet, they were free overall.

As far as planets and civilizations go, and the natural cosmic disasters that occur. The Drakes Forumal, if reduced to the smallest possible fraction tells us a lot. Even if we were to believe in a finite system with a beginning, the big bang, which is a moment in Infinity instead, there are Stars billions of years older than ours. Even with the tiniest reduction of possible life, I mean the kind that evolved first on its own (for as soon as it did, and as soon as it made it to a class 2 or 3 civilization, the universe became a project, planets not considered capapble of producing life can be terra formed, even hollowed out inside and can be made habitable, and there is no longer natural evolution needed, for many are cloned and hybrids, many experiements are made!)

But for the ones supposedly in the beginning, the very very few scattered around that made it to a level 2 or 3 civilzation inbetween natural disasters, or by preparing well ahead of time to continue the knowledge, did so by peace, and unity and an end to wars.
Some did it by fascism and forceable rule to make peace. Dualism! The dark way isn't the right way. These worlds advanced to a level that could surpass cosmic events and they now run the various systems of the cosmos.

This also means that even if one thinks the universe is cosmic, there are races in its enormous landscape that are billions of years above us in technology!

Are we alone?

This is a video a friend made, that is sometimes hard to read the writing on, but its a very good video, puts the information together just right, so I couldnt find a better one!

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by dryadlover

Ra clearly states that everything, absolutely everything everywhere and everytime has the absolute power of one infinite creator, for we are all one, equal yet different with everything that is and ever was.

I literally can't read the material I get a headache and feel the hooks in it. I've encountered this with other channeled material, and a very psi Celtic friend of mine told me that this is due to "runners", entities.

All I have to go on is the occasional arguements others bring out. One brought out is the idea of 6th dimemnsional beings who are Love & Light, playing bad guy roles for our own good. Ie. A similar message to Hidden Hand. This came out in a prolongued discussion on my thread to reach the Bloodlines, black ops and ask them to go within and begin to recover, it also is about our Infinite Natures, Infinity and basically written for everyone:

This is the very conversation I've been having with two idealistic and intelligent posters, concerning the darksiders. They considered it close minded, judgmental to renounce and denounce evil , missing the whole purpose of the thread which was to reach out to family and loved ones to spare them that moment's intensity where they would literally judge themselves harshly for doing such things.

I have memories of many lifetimes in many systems, and up until now have been strongly pushed ever more so, to find the next step in my path, the next diamond. Now the pushing is gone, more of a flow with experiences of the Family of Life shining through.
I understand we're here to help others get out of this DVD, cause they've been doing this long enough. So many are my family. I've listened to Steven Greers Orion Transmissions and my heart lit up and suddenly I was saying, yes, dear ones, in joy. The Taurus system, so many systems, obviously there is a duality, light and dark in all these places, and the hybrid race here, the annanuki as well, that runs this planet for the reptilians, they are also so loved, they are connected to the two systems I mentioned too. They need to get over this, wake up, Love, and pass this test. Enough is enough.

The other hiccup in understanding on that thread with the law one one supporters was in the concept of ONE. They truly believed we weren't individuals and missed the quantum reality of Infinity, and that while united, and connected and a wonderful team spirit, joined in the Universal Understanidng, where our innermost thoughts are understood, we are individuals, unique rays, progressing.

So, are you saying that they were misinterpreting the Law of One themselves?

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

The headache you get is from the structure of the channeling sessions, that are used as a form of sharing the information. The thought complex of higher dimensional beings is very different from ours, and to share their information they have to literally project their form of being, so that the thought complex is lowered to our wave of understanding, that is why the choice of vibratory complexes ( words) may seem to create a form of collision with our normal way of thinking, especial if it is read in the original language of the channeled sessions, i.e. english. When it is translated the pressure seems to go away.

It may also be due to the fact, that you are being observed by negative astral entities that literally do not want you to read this material and try to create disturbances in your energetic field and that may be manifested as form of distortion known as headache. Yet this scenario is unlikely, although possible.

The message of "hidden hand" is distorted so it may be favourable for the TPTB to share with the general crowd. It is covered with deception, yet it has some core truths...

Also i have a question for you. Do you remember yourself between lives, i.e. in the astral or time/space choosing your incarnation?

As for the people who fail to understand the concepts of the law of one, this indeed may be so, for it is very difficult to understand what Ra tries to share with humanity.

You understand the idea of one infinite creator as it should be understood.

Love and Peace.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by dryadlover

The lifetimes I've had ranged from lyrae, or the planet it symbolized. I'm never quite sure if the systems we're given are accurate, or its protocol. And a very very long journey, a chapter if you will, that encompassed the systems we are told (protocol or reality?) about, pleiadies/taurus/orion/somewhere else too, there were other steps, andromeda is familiar. When I looked at that system I got really confused, the room spun and I said, what am I doing here? Where am I?. When I took a portal in a spontaneous remote viewing of an andromedan base, I recongized the energy strongly. Also got into a little spot of trouble there, as you really shouldn't get too curious about bases and they always pick you up, and then the flashes begin, checkups, so on and so forth. Actually that was when I had my recent encounters with the Taurus/Telos group and their physical checkup on monitoring began after that "spontaneous" occurrence, along with patroles and no more greys allowed here.

The Taurus group from Mount Shasta obviously had connections to the South American Andromedan base that got me in some trouble when I recognized the energy there. The man who was guarding the female technician doing the examination, was phased, stealthed, except when he had partly materialized and showed himself to me, when my younger son was heading to the door to check out the huges flashes with me, and had said, "Do not involve the children!"

He later identified when I asked him to do so after a full examination in the bath the next day, when I though greys were there, and experienced some foggy or time lapse when I tried to get him to leave after it became clear that he was guarding the female doctor/technician, a huge 8 foot tall, built like Triple H, man in some kind of armor, long blond hair. Later he said a name I couldnt catch and said he would it to me, I was hearing something like "Jer-ok-strom" but apparently not right. Then he said he was form the Taurus constellation, 65 light years away. And from Telos. It ended then, and when I checked downstairs, aldebaran was 65.1 light years away. Then for a few days, there were patrols, and contact.

Since childhood I've always had negatives monitoring as well, and abductions. In addition, anytime you shine light or connect to the Family Of Light, the dark side is there, trying to disconnect you. That is why its essential to be love & light in your repsonse, not to grow agitated or swear, or be angry, but calm and send love, and tel them to turn to their hearts and recover but also to denounce negativity, and renounce their dark side platform, and behavirors and tell them they must leave, they have no authority over Light, they must leave you and your home, family now!

It takes time to connect within and work at peeling back the darker layers, programs, doubts, reacting buttons when you're tense or tired, things that were less than lovign, to clean off the smudges so to speak, so that this "command" to leave, done in love, becomes more effective. But ultimately everything is in the hands of Our Higher Selves.

When I'm shown eutopian worlds, and a council meeting by my family, I can't tell which ones are Beyond. But I've come to realize that the positive encounters I've had, and being called Mother by some of those in the crafts we saw and the incredible light ship as well, not everything is from here. Some is our family in the beyond. I recognize so many people, here and in the crafts, and feel such love. I am always saying, yes, dear ones, to the energy and even the orion tones. There is a surface layer, a block and under it I know fully well who they are, to me, but have glimpses of times and places related to all these systems, and from the Beyond.

I was told I've already done this, I didn't have to come, from childhood, I knew this. I've been shown an image of myself, dreaming this, in the Beyond, with a very translucent veil where I could see the outlines of my family. And made to know I'm here to assist and help family and loved ones get through this. And shine my light. Its also for the progression of all, for as we move ahead, so does everyone. But this also applies to many when they turn within.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 11:38 AM

The other hiccup in understanding on that thread with the law one one supporters was in the concept of ONE. They truly believed we weren't individuals and missed the quantum reality of Infinity, and that while united, and connected and a wonderful team spirit, joined in the Universal Understanidng, where our innermost thoughts are understood, we are individuals, unique rays, progressing.

what is this connectedness that humans can share, is it then as concepts of one or as a type of duality. when individuals can know what another does, can feel what they feel, can sometimes see what they see. does this not attribute to being as one, still living as individuals but with a connection to another as their connection is same to you.
is not duality the opposite as in good vs evil only, where the one is good but the other bad.
what is then the connectedness of good vs good, if not as one. or even bad vs bad in a duality kind of way, is this not all just parts of the whole/learning experiences some might face or just something else altogether.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by redgy

We are the many in one Infinite Family of Light, sort of like an infinite strand of Fibre Optics, with the Divine, Creator if you would the fabric that connects us all, the Force in the Fabric of all including this Duality Universe School, the Love between us, and we're unique but united. Once you leave this plane, of separation you are joined in the Universal Understanding, the telepahty where you know and feel each other and where innermost thoughts are understood. Its a touch of heaven and is heavenly. No microchip needed by the way for that. I stepped into that in August when I recognized so many and had more of myself step in, come forward, and the isolation here was far too hard on me, I just couldnt understand the feeling and instinctivley reached up into this connection and my entire family was there, it was wonderful. I had just walked outside reaching out and up into my Family of Light and was greeted, welcomed back, and had a few moments of Heaven. I realized I missed this the most here.

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 06:24 PM

Some have misinterpreted/misunderstood what's being shared in this thread.

Opposition MUST exist, that is part of duality.

The NIGHT is not evil.

The SPACE man perceives with the absence of Light in duality is not evil.

Void of DARKNESS is not Evil.

BLACK is not evil.

Let's not mix up the word DARK with EVIL.

There is an opposition to Love that is Hate.

In duality existences both Love and Hate MUST exist as choices that can be made or it would not be duality.

In duality, choices of opposition must exist and be available to one through freewill/choices/agency.

Doing good unto others on one hand is a choice through helping, caring, sharing, loving and so on.

Dong evil to others on the other hand such as abuse, rape, stealing, using, abusing and so on.

There are consequences to all actions based on one's decisions/choices/actions.

Murdering, raping and such evil acts will not get you to utopia existences unless you consider utopia existences to be places where everyone is murdering each other and committing evil acts.

Someone can also call the day full of light the night full of darkness and the day night and the night day.

Some can call Love Hate and Hate Love or Good Evil and Evil Good.

Words are just words based on someone's understanding/definition of something but they do not change duality and the truth of one from the other only the understanding one has or THEIR own understanding of Love and Hate, Good and Evil.

For the Teachers/Creators/Designers existing outside of mans perceived universe and mans TIME-zone of duality they know one from the other and choosing one from the other is part of life's school/experience/test.

EVIL is an act of committing Evil against another.
GOOD is an act of doing something good to another.

Do not misinterpret DARK as Evil because that is not the case at all.

Evil is murdering, raping, taking advantage of another and doing horrible acts of evil to them.

There is a difference between evil and darkness or a place that exists absent of light.

Evil is an Act.

Darkness is just there but it's not raping, abusing or killing anyone.

Here are some further visualizations/examples of what Evil is to further think about.

Basic visualizations to send a message and I'm sure you can only imagine what it's like for children who are being slowly torchered, abused, raped and murdered though of course that is not the case in these pictures and I've only used them for visualization.

The law of one is mixed in with fundamental concepts/understandings/truths weaved in with deceptions/lies and twists on those fundamental/concepts/truths/understandings that can confuse some of the best.

Opposition Evil from Good and Hate from Love MUST exist in duality and is necessary being one of the most fundamental basic understandings/concepts there is and the most important thing that everyone needs to know in order to make the right choices over the wrong or murderous, abusive evil one's.

So if anyone has misinterpreted what has been written, the error lies within those reading and misinterpreting what has been written.

Believing murder is doing good and doing good is abusing, raping and murdering is a minority way of thinking.

Most in the world within religions know better and recognize Evil from Good.

The law of one followers if one was to make an estimate would fall in the 0.01% or less category if that in comparison to the roughly 6.8 Billion on earth. But that is an assumption/speculation of course based on the information available at hand.

I hope we can further discuss and in a friendly manner as we are all brothers and sisters---> Family from the Infinite/Eternal perspective so let's further discuss this with that understanding.

Best Wishes &
Love to you all!

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 06:44 PM

Originally posted by truthbringsfreedom777
reply to post by Unity_99

My personal perspective on what is being discussed about the RA Material as well as the Hidden Hand ATS thread is that ''evil''/''negative'' HAS to exist in order to show people what ''good''/''positive'' is.

As Hidden Hand put it, they (the ''Illuminati'') have agreed to their ''mission'' on Earth (apparently a mission given from the Council of Elders, if I remember correctly) to be the ''catalyst'' in the world, showing people who they ''aren't'' by doing/being as negative/evil as they can.

Your right. The charges between positive and negative entities remain in a cosmic balance. Some positives have been manipulated into wanting to disrupt the balance by attempting to "stamp out" evil or make it go away which is practacing control(an evil trait) rather than acceptance(the positive trait)

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Something in what you've been taught, or understood, whatever reason this occurred, is confusing the "duality" which is opposition with, action, thought, words that are either good, loving or evil, hurting. The one, the first is the way this Universe/School is structured, so that we grow and develop a sense, a permanent sense of Love and Equality, this has to do with our progression, and passing the test, the reason we, everyone here came.

The second has to do with the actions we take, and determines how long this journey that will eventually end in choosing love takes. We all make it out on the other side.

The system is a DVD and the DVD player is being run by the Designers/Creators. Actions have consequences. The lessons come from ourselves, our Infinite selves.

To understand, through direct memories activated and information, and to share this to help others choose before its to late, and get their houses in order, on assignment, doing the work one came to do, from their Higher Selves, is not forcing anything or upsetting a balance, that in this negative system is already completely upset and run by those siding with negatives beings. Writing and sharing truth is a very good thing.

Technically speaking there need be no evil for a duality to exist. If everyone "chose" the loving response, the duality universe would still be here ,but they'd all pass the test and probably ascend out. No amount of sharing experiences and insights are considered "forcing" for this is our nature and assigments to do so. It wouldn't be a cheat, sharing is also free will and lending a helping hand is what our Creators/Designers/Teachers naturally do.

For those who chose deliberately to side with and co-create or approve murder and negative things, the consequences, "temporally" will be living in a hell zone where the same occurs, and this could be for those who are alseep and participating without realizing, so those who understand the issues, are trying to shine as much awareness as possible.

There is a consequence to that action. It happens the same way for everyone in existence, in Infinity.
It's always been that way...Freewill. The lessons come from ourselves, our Infinite selves .

You have confused duality with the resulting actions, and suggested that its wrong to share wisdom and insights, to lend a helping hand. Sharing is an action, and act of Love. The more the better.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:19 PM

Technically speaking there need be no evil for a duality to exist. If everyone "chose" the loving response, the duality universe would still be here ,but they'd all pass the test and probably ascend out.

There need be no evil for duality? If your talking about the good/bad duality this is wrong. You cant have a one sided duality or else it aint a duality, you can have a one sided planet but on the whole over the universe there must be two sides for it to be called a duality.

You have confused duality with the resulting actions, and suggested that its wrong to share wisdom and insights, to lend a helping hand. Sharing is an action, and act of Love. The more the better.

I think you have been confused by me. I never ever would say dont share wisdon or insight or to lend a helping hand. It is the reaction that your opposite is wrong and has no place I find folly. For the positives, yes by all means chose only love and kindness its how to polarize which is the goal of this school. But dont try to bring the negs around to positivity or anything, they are inherently the way they are and have a divine purpose in being here. The creator wanted them here. Its ok for a positive to be horrified at their actions and not like them, thats only natural. But sooner or later you will come to see the big picture in that it all had a purpose and things were the way they were meant to be. All will be seen to have been perfect all along.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Duality does not mean what you're saying. The actual duality is where the options or choices exist for us to respond one way or another. But there is absolutely no requirement in the duality school that anyone chooses an evil response. The resulting behaviors are not the structure of the duality system, which is like the classroom, that has opposition in it. The reactions or behavior is like the term papers handed in for passing grades or failure.

One, the duality, is the school, the other, behavior that is deemed good or bad/evil, is the students progress or work, resulting in grades given.

My thread is currently discussing these issues. To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yeah your right it could just remain a choice, if the universe was finite. But all things are explored in the infinite universe, when you get free will combinded with the duality of choice the result is what we see as TPTB today.

By some of them choosing negative actions they are then providing the duality of action. Hence allowing a positive action to no longer just be the neutral norm. They have introduced contrast. It is living beside our opposite on this planet that teaches us about ourselves. So it would be very slow learning if nobody chose to follow the negative path.

There is no right or wrong path back to the all. The positive path is not right and the negative wrong as you are suggesting, it is only this way from the perspective of a positive. Your suggesting it would be a good thing if nobody choose the negative path and hence we only had a finite creation.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 08:14 PM
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Actually the Universe is Infinite as are we, but we do not walk every path or both sides. Some do go from wrongdoing, and after purging themselves and perhaps in several or many lifetimes, even, eventually start to feel this is enough, and start to realize. But for those who chose to love ,they do not ever need to walk a dark path, for they empathize and love strongly all who are hurt, wounded and victimized and already light candles to them, imagining it as if it was their own child or themselves. Also, they imagine the trauma and great sorrow of waking up as the perpetrator of violence and finding out they harmed others, and want to rush in and spare them, wake them up while there's still time. Even imagining what people must feel like accidentally harming another.

No, we don't need to walk all paths. We just need to chose Love. It empahtizes with all and walks in others moccasins already.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 08:33 PM
I would like to know when this insane and unjustified war against cannabis consumption and production for industrialized uses will end here in the United States. Being that you're familiar with various points on what we perceive as "time". When will the United States citizens be able to legally consume cannabis in a Legal, National market? This may seem trivial but its really not when one looks at the subject in its entirety and how the laws are what have destroyed peoples lives, not the natural living plant.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 08:39 PM

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No, we don't need to walk all paths. We just need to chose Love. It empahtizes with all and walks in others moccasins already.

Agreed, furthermore it would not be reccomended for a positive to explore walking the negative path personally. Im only saying that in an infinite universe your always going to have at least a few who have chosen to explore that path, as all possibilities are covered.

The amount of entities that have chosen the negative path on earth is part of whats making our school so hard. Temptation to join them on the negative is abundently presented to positives. We will pass this school just fine and in our place of comfort and peace will look back on our time on earth and be thankfull for having chosen level "veryhard" in terms of earth schools. If we had chosen a school with no negative entities I dont think we would have such a first hand understanding of the terrible implications of negative actions. Althought having negatives in our school stops much other types of learning because of their secrecy and truth supression, we can learn those truths in a more suitible body some other time anyway. We learn here how to still love and be peacefull in a place that seems like hell. We learn to be that candle of light in the dark room, and not be phased or intimidated by the lack of love, but continue to spread our love with others. If we chose this challenge on a utopia it would have been to easy for us. I thank the negatives for their lessons in how not to be. And I love the creation as a whole.

Both positve and negatives end up polarizing each other so its a symbiosis of advancemnt down our chosen paths. Eventually we will reunite and leave the polarity game behind. All that was broken will be healed, all that was done will be forgiven, and we shall have a big cosmic reunion party.

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