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Warnings From The Benevolents!

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by Klaatumagnum

According to RA the nature of true simultaneity is that, of course, that all is at once. However, in our mode of perception, it may be appropriate to consider planting works as growth (outward) from the center or core.

From that point it may be said, that indeed, one infinite creator infinitely experience itself simultaneously via each its infinite individual point.
Although, It is important to realize that each individual point of one infinite creator is infinitely potentialized, yet finitely realized one infinite creator in itself.

However, each its infinite individual point, i.e. us and everything feels itself as a progression of itself outward and inward, i.e. from unrealized perfection to realized perfection. Everything perceives this distortion of infinite progression or, let us say exploration of self, which is one infinite creator, as time and space.

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes, I did get that. I am not taking away from ET Man. He is doing what he thinks is right.

A person must understand why he/she does things. The only way is to understand the programming of a person's machine. Whether the programming was put there or not is not an option. We all get it, even the humans who think they have some sort of pact with ET will find out just where they stand.

When people figure out the Bible is another big program, then what? The other half of the world population who do not recognise the bible have another similar program called Islam.

At the moment, this whole world is reacting to ET programming. They are playing us like puppets against each other.

Try to understand why you do what you do. Who wrote the program? It likely wasn't you.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by win 52

Which program, the hijacked streaming in, akin to David Icke's new book because that oen is pretty close to the truth? Or, the entire Universe? There is a quantum physics, that taken along logical paths and questions actually corroborates all he is sharing, and those in the system, the Dracos and reptiles, are not = to the Family of Light, the Programmers of the School. Nothing happens that is not allowed. We do have free will and can chose the wrong course, choose to commit evil or negative acts that have consequences attached to them under Universal Law, and they do have many things coded, language, religions, institutions, and put alot of karma on us. But first of all, its whats in our hearts that counts, for we are judging ourselves, and its our love that really determines our destiny. And for those more fully awake, renouncing codes and running with the pure intent of heart, and yearning for a truly equal world and being generous satisfies our conscious and the law, and there is something else.

The law of consequence to the ones setting these traps for others, and who have ever harmed or enslaved anyone, that they will, once awake, feel great sorrow and shame and undergo the same kind of treatment themselves, without great forgiveness and effort to work through this now, in time. They've really been misled by their "handlers".

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by dryadlover

Hi Dryadlover,

This makes sure that everything of one infinite creator is individualized and forever will be as one infinite creator feels itself infinitely, for it is infinite.

I don't think we are that far off and I do see many truths in the law of one material mixed in with other perspectives and in your words just coming from a slightly different perspective but very similar really. I also view everything as being One-1 in design and part of One-1 infinite Design especially when it comes to the connection/relationship that all things have One-1 with another. The only difference here is recognizing that we have a connection/relationship with all things as they are eternal and infinite one-1 in likeness/design but all things are not literally all things in the sense that we are other spirits only that they are brothers and sisters to us in spirit but are infinite One-1 in likeness/design and share an eternal connection/relationship with us and everything just like we do with them and all things in One-1. So in that sense all things are One-1 in connection/relationship to each other but not in the literal sense that we are the murderers and they are us only that they are brothers and sisters to us in spirit and One-1 in likeness/design and the same in relationship/connection being connected with all that is and One-1 in the Infinite One-1 sense.

Everything would not be infinitely individualized if everything were not one infinite creator.

Depends on a persons definition of a One Infinite Creator. When using just one Infinite Creator to represent All things in existence then one must really mean Infinite Creators since ALL things could never be placed together in One-1 or Infinity would not be Infinity. So it's the Infinite One-1 connection that All things have One-1 to another that makes all things Infinitely One-1 in likeness/design with Infinite equal opportunity/potential.

If we were to say there is only one world for example in comparison to the infinite universe that one world could not represent all the other worlds in existence but it would resemble all the other worlds in design/shape among infinite other worlds in the Infinite Universe having a infinite connection/relationship with all things being eternal.

Eternal progression can be found on infinite levels of Creation among the Infinite Creators that differ in progressive states of existence as the stars differ one from the other in brightness so do the Infinite Creators differ one from another through Eternal Progression.

Infinite Creators with a Infinite connection/relationship One-1 to another.

You see there is no One creator which creates everything, there is One infinite creator that focuses its awarenes on infinite ammounts of it's individualized parts in order to feel itself as it is.

Infinite Creators could be looked upon from such a perspective as long as it's understood that infinite levels of Creation exist among the Infinite Creators differing in progressive states of existence as a star differs one from the other in brightness so do the Infinite Creators differ one from another in Eternal Progression.

One-1 in Infinite connection/relationship One-1 to the other being eternal.

because we are all one infinite creator, for one infinite creators is us and everything.

This perspective is very similar to there being Infinite Creators among Infinite Creators that are on infinite levels of progressive states of existence differing One-1 from the other through eternal progression as one-1 star differs from the other in brightness.

On a basic level of understanding,however, there is infinite ammount of individualized Creators/Designers, which infinitely create/design everything, yet it is important to add that you are also one of them.

This is exactly the message I have been sharing.
That we are the Teachers/Creators/Designers among Infinite other Teachers/Creators/Designers coming from the Infinite Perspective. Now this does not mean we are creating universe's, worlds and such things yet on this level of existence it only means that we all share an equal One-1 opportunity/potential being Infinite One-1 in connection/relationship. The Teachers/Creators/Designers above us where there's no such thing (Technically) as above to the infinite were once just like us in our stage of progression experiencing duality universes/worlds and someday where there is only one day we also will move ahead in progression and be in their state of existence on a higher level of existence where there is no higher coming from the Infinite/Eternal perspective.

Eternal progression goes on forever infinitely and all things share a common One-1 infinite connection being infinitely One-1 in likeness/design possessing Infinite One-1 equal opportunity/potential.

Love and Peace.

Love & Peace back at you.
Best Wishes!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by win 52

Hi Win52,

Nice to see you back around.

So I guess you believe that everyone who has ever had an NDE, Spiritual experience or Contact experience has been fooled and/or misled. It's all a big setup and everyone is doomed by the Lizards as you put it. There is nothing anyone can ever do about it.

Is that correct?

What do you recommend?

How do you know all of this by the way?

What makes you so sure of yourself?

Did you read it somewhere online or was there a good youtube on it that you would like to share with the rest of us?

Best Wishes!
Best Dreams!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I could never choke down the Icke fantasy. The whole thing goes much deeper than what he is talking about. His work leads people to the wrong conclusions, I am sorry.

Your last statement is kind of what it is about. Though even some wrong thinking here could be eternally deadly. The energy will never be lost, just re-cycled. both good and bad. What will be lost is a soul consciousness unity 99 unit.

I am talking about why people do what they do. I hear a person say he/she is good, all the while doing things that are not so nice, when no one is looking. Why is that the norm? Heck, I even do it, but now I catch my self. Understanding why you do things is a big key to understanding the situation humanity is in.

Saving your self is not stock piling food and water, though that is a good idea. Saving your self can only be accomplished by understanding your self in psychological terms. To do this, you need reliable information that you can trust. Not surprising that Rome destroyed all the ancient records. They had a mandate for population control measures.

Ask a Monk. They have ancient information.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by Imprtracr1
I would like to know when this insane and unjustified war against cannabis consumption and production for industrialized uses will end here in the United States. Being that you're familiar with various points on what we perceive as "time". When will the United States citizens be able to legally consume cannabis in a Legal, National market? This may seem trivial but its really not when one looks at the subject in its entirety and how the laws are what have destroyed peoples lives, not the natural living plant.

Hi Imprtracr1,

This question was not directed to me specifically.

I do not have the answer to your question.

Best Wishes!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by win 52

The moon is used this way, those who hijacked the links to our minds that enable a false matrix to overide the program, have used a variety of methods, and what David wrote is a good step. It doesnt matter the ways, because our Higher Selves are the ones in the Highest Position of Control, nothing ever can interfere with them. Its up to us, and also they make decisions based on a variety of things in our lives, with a great deal of compassion and understanding and we must never judge another.

The curtain is coming up for everyone, and only those who have participated in and done hurtful things to others, can ever be placed within the negatives reach, and even that is temporal from an infinite point of view, though in our temporary form here we can suffer at the hands of dark ones, they have no power over us.

And yes, this is what is being said in this thread often, to get our houses in order, and to love each other, and forgive each other. There are terrible sell outs of the human race, and underground bases and altars for rituals, with trains from fema going there. They, the elite doing this are unaware that the curtain is rasing on them too and their "handlers" have misled them.

We need to grow in awareness and start to really realize what life is about, before the curtain raises.

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 05:09 PM
Hi Win52,

You may have missed this post.

Originally posted by ET_MAN
reply to post by win 52

BTW, the only communication we earthlings get in the form of visitations are organised by the Lizards, so beware.

It's ok for the Dark-Side to make visits and intervene but not for the Light-Side?
What happened to opposition found in all things and balance?
If one-1 understands the set laws of opposition found in all things one to another than one-1 understands that if one thing exists and takes place so does the other within duality Light to Dark universes/existences.

The problem with the KJV, which I have read and studied, is that it was written by the Romans 2,000 years ago. It is made up of old legends and stories from ancient times as well as giving direction on how people should behave in a submissive manner. It's a set up! The world has taken the bait, the hooks have been set and people have no idea that they are in trouble.

No comment in regards to my own personal beliefs/opinions about the Bible and it is a deep topic to get into that would take up a new thread. The Prophecies section has been presented in all fairness as it goes into many other ancient prophecies that were made throughout history not just from the KJV of the Bible but Nostradamus among many others.
Here it is:

The pulse frequencies of the microwaves used to operate wireless devices are numbing peoples minds into submission.

I'm very aware of what microwaves do to food and personally do not use microwaves but what you have suggested is lizard paranoia. Everything you seem to suggest has to do with reptilians/Lizards, there is much more to life than just reptilians/lizards.
Here's a few links you might find interesting.

You seem to think things are all good

I've never stated such a thing so you are wrong in suggesting such a thing, there are dark forces among light forces on Earth working against each other as opposition can be found in all things so is there opposition on a spiritual level among all things on Earth at this time where there is no time.

and you will retain your soul unit in tact by being nice. There is no such thing.

Please share with us what makes you so very sure of yourself?

You can't earn a ticket to 4D or any place other than primordial soup. Just by what you say, it is clear you do not understand humans are enslaved right now, as I write. All of us are in the same ark on this one.

It's quite clear that if you had read the entire thread then you have not understood it or you would already know where I stand on the subject. I've also noticed your posts throughout the thread and see that your mind has gone from one way of thinking yet to another. Agree then suddenly disagree, then you read up on some other documents and linked them to the thread that I took time to review and felt they were incorrect. Respectfully Win52, I think you are still lost and seeking answers and fear comes from being lost and of the unknowing/uncertainty. I hope that you can find your infinite self and realize that you have always existed and will always exist and there is nothing to fear for those who have discovered such knowledge for themselves. One-1 must come to the realization of such things for themselves in their own heart. If it doesn't happen in this lifetime it will happen when one-1 wakes up on the other side and remembers and they will also know who I am when that time comes and know that I am someone who has known them.

Nothing is by accident or coincidence from an Infinite/Eternal perspective.

I believe in every pure loving good word of Jesus Christ because what He taught was of pure unconditional Love and Truth and was the right path back to the Heavens/Utopias above where an Eternal “Family of Light” awaits them and is already there now where there is no time. (ETERNITY)

Everyone will have their own Utopia/existence according to their own/design where everyone's DREAMS will someday where there is only one day come true.

There are infinite things to look forward to that some if they only knew what awaited them would do anything to get there. But the road is very simple, live your life to the best of your ability in the best way you can striving to have more love in your hearts for others with unconditional love and forgiveness and I'm sure you know the rest of the list.

I am ok, have been taken and programed many times.

If you feel that you have been taken and programmed many times how can you trust your own mind and your many thoughts on this subject knowing that you have been programmed? You need to trust your heart and find the answers within yourself then you will realize that Darkness does not have full power over all things in existence and it does not rule over Light. It does not have the power to destroy and overcome the “Light” and overtake/conquer good “Light” souls it just doesn't happen but what it can do is overcome those who call evil good and good evil and those who believe it's ok to go out and hurt, steal, harm another person.

The Infinite/Eternal perspective.
What you do unto others you only do unto yourself from an Infinite/Eternal perspective.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Love your neighbors as you do your children, brothers, sisters and loved one's.
Forgive those around you of their wrongdoings unconditionally.
Always maintain Love in your heart and let your good works be an example to others.

Most people have the mind of the predator.

Ask yourself why they have the mind of a predator?
Is something perhaps missing within their hearts?

You will just have to start learning from scratch again, because you did not learn the proper lessons on this pass.

Respectfully, those who live good pure lives to the best of their ability full of love doing good to those around them, seeking to live their lives in a better way with unconditional love, forgiveness have succeeded just in working at becoming better more loving, caring, sharing, giving people. That is why Eternal things of the soul are the most important of all things because they go with a soul upon leaving the flesh while materialistic things of this world remain and can never be taken with them. Focus on that which is Eternal and you will move to the above and beyond, I know this for myself and could never prove it to you but I can say that I do know this for myself and it is within my eternal soul heart and you can find that within yourselves on your own where there is no all.

Kindergarten is grass, rocks and etc.

I'm glad you recognize where you are.
What is a 80year lifetime to Eternity that infinitely never ends?

These soul units are pretty basic at this stage. They are like new borne children. They mature to 2D which is made up of the animal kingdom and our 2D friends, cows. Lots of lessons to learn there before 3D, which is where the human race on Earth is right now. The Lizards are at 4D and interact with us like we do with cattle, pigs and chickens.

Respectfully, if you believe in the above please share what is at 5D, 6D, 7D up to the very top D if you can go that far?

Where is a human's free will when it comes to Lizards manipulating us?

Are you fenced in with zero freedom or are you in the luxury of your own home and with internet access typing?

The only way out is to know the game and the players. By reading what you have put down here in these 160+ pages, is is plain you do not understand what you need in order to keep your soul in tact.

If it's true that you have read the entire 160+ pages than you have read them based on your own current level of interpretation-understanding/awareness/perception.

I know very well what everyone needs to do in order to keep their soul in tact and I cannot deny what I know in my eternal soul heart. I came here to share some of that with others. You can take whatever you want from this thread and yes you do have freewill and you are not locked up behind an electric fence right now.

ET_MAN: “The decision is very simple, understand who and what you are to better understand that regardless of what happens you will live on forever as you have always been and nobody can take that away from you where there is no take. It's the here and now that counts and how you continue to live your life in the present.”

Win52: “This statement demonstrates a lack of understanding that leads a person directly into the soup. This is exactly what the Lizards want humans to think. They think of us as filthy, vile creatures who deserve to be made into soup.”

Ok let's just say you're right, let's pretend that it's Reptilian/ET/Demon type entities that look at humans as filthy vile creatures who deserve to be made into soup as you've suggested.

What do the 5D's think about the 4D's?
What do the 6D's think about the 5D's?
What are the above D's doing to the lower D's?
Does it ever end or do they all make soup out of each other?
Why have they not already cooked up the human race if they have absolute control/power over the filthy vile humans as you have suggested?
Why wait?

Humans have no hope of becoming free,

So there is no hope then?

unless we clearly understand all of the issues we deal with daily when interacting with other people.

It all comes down to the thoughts, actions and heart of person?
It really is BLACK and WHITE.
(Metaphorically Speaking)
Opposition one-1 to another.
It's a game of checkers/chess and souls on Earth are enrolled in this school of life hoping to pass the test and move on to the next level.

Everything around a person- the system/structure has made it as confusing as possible to distinguish one Light square from the other- dividing/mixing/confusing Light To Dark making it easy to confuse/overlook the simple BLACK and WHITE decision squares deceiving many into thinking that Evil is Good and Good is Evil in many various deceptive even subliminally/programing ways without many realizing/knowing it because they follow the system/structure believing that everything must somehow be regular/common/standard and just ok. It's the human mind that mixes these things up but the HEART recognizes one from the other so FEEL with your heart rather than think with your mind.

As an example of this we can refer to the invasion of another country and killing innocent people in War. Some believe in their minds that what they are doing is only a good and right thing-protecting their family and loved one's while others support them and finance it. If everyone searches deep within their hearts they will know that nothing justifies being part of the killing of innocent families, women and children. Who is financing and supporting the wars back home in the power country? It is a black square not a white square and many have been deceived in this world to believe that what they are doing is good when it actually is the opposite.

Choose wisely and ALWAYS follow your heart.

Make the Good decisions and live better lives with LOVE being the foundation.
Love, Kindness, Charity, Giving, Sharing, Helping, Forgiveness, Respect.
These are some of the things people should have written in their hearts.

Do good unto others and treat them as you would your children, brothers, sisters, parents because from the infinite/eternal perspective they ARE your Eternal family.

Some light souls/squares are more dirty than others and need be cleaned up a bit. Spiritual preparation is necessary and today is the time where there is no time to work on making amends with those around you. Forgiving everyone and fixing/patching up your life, clean off those light squares and become the infinite one-1 light square you have always been and will always be from an Infinite/Eternal perspective.

The Lizard's plan is a good one. One that has us held in check, much like the electric fences we use on cattle.

Awareness is important and one must be aware of the enemy and the electric fences in order to avoid them and the traps. Doing the WHITE squared things does not lead to the electric fences at the harvest or when the school bell rings. (Metaphorically speaking)

That is the problem, people willingly go because they are taught to be nice and obey. People haven't been free on Earth since the take over, some 300,000 years ago.

Where do you get such information from?

True, if you understand what it is that you exactly want. A child wants candy all the time even though it is not good for him/her. These guys have set us up to want what is not good for us, in all the things we do and how we treat other people. They have us in a fence some have called the Matrix.

The World System/Structure/Matrix/Empire (Call it what you will) is temporary/temporal and there are limitations on people's freedoms in the physical world but there are NO limitations to the freedoms of the heart and soul that are eternal.

Best Wishes,
Today, Now & Forever!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 05:58 PM
Hello again, ET_MAN!

How are you doing? The times are surely changing, aren't they?

As you might have guessed I stopped by to ask some questions after a long time again, but they are relatively short and simple

1) What is your opinion of the Ancient Aliens series currently airing on History Channel? Is it accurate or even that is still far from the truth? I find it pretty interesting to watch and definately closer to the truth then the average history books.

2) One of my sources says there will be an important event happening in autumn this year regarding ET life, some information coming from an agency regarding a moon of Mars. I also see some sort of pre-disclosure/informal disclosure happening this year along with the event I mentioned above. Do you see things the same way?

3) I have heard that the phases of personal contact are as follows (regarding positive ET's): see ships in the sky -> meet them in dreams -> meet them physically. Is that correct? I do assume it's not always the case though and it's individual?

4) How much has time speeded up in the past couple of years? I see it accelerating faster and faster with each month or so. Am I delusional?

5) Do you have any statistics on how many inhabitans of planet Earth are extraterrestrial or different than human in source? I think I am sensing them more and more (even some lizard-like creatures, though I do not mind their presence).

6) Is there a way to "sense" or find out wheter I will be moving to 5th density/dimension with some other people?

7) If I am seeing ET craft from a higher dimension at night, normally not visible to other people, does that mean I have a chance of being rescued/evacuated by them, if a doomsday scenario were to occur?

8) What is the approximite true capacity of the human brain? And is there a safe way to measure it?

9) Yesterday and today I was a few times capable of knowing what will happen ahead with a 5-10 second headstart. Usually when that happened before, it was just 2-5 seconds ahead. Is there a way to master this ability?

10) Do you have any favorite music you would recommend for meditation?

Thank you very much friend for your input!
Love and Light!

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Obviously, you missed my reply.

It is clear to me that you do have correct information mixed with dis-information. Using Ra material gives you about a 75% accuracy rating.

What parts are you missing and could those important bits distort your position/view?

Not saying I have it all either.

By your making light of what I said, it is clear that the information you are working with is not correct. You are trying to turn on my programming by what you say and how you say it.

Guess what? It didn't work. Tell your handlers so .... oh, forget it they already do know and are working to discredit the truth.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 07:41 PM
Crap... hmm If I ask you directly can you come up with the answer?

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by Klaatumagnum

Hi Klaatumagnum,

It's all very exciting isn't it? It is extremely hard to wrap one's human brain around it all though. In synopsis anything and everything is possible and where we place our thoughts, our power of intention, that's where we will end up, and/or progress to. (If you think about it hard enough that's where you will end up). I just want to get out of here. It is a Beautiful planet, but it's time to go home.

Many feel the same way you are myself included. I was given the option in a near death experience to come back or move on and I chose to temporarily come back for my wife and children among others.

My mission is done and I'm just waiting for some transition. I've been told that it is to be soon for several months now. It is so frustrating because things move so slow in the 3D.

It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one-1 who feels this way.

(Metaphorically Speaking)

So slow for the Teachers/Creators/Designers that they read all about it all the time where there is no time.

I getting very tired of having to do things physically. One should just have to think it and it is so. So what seems like an eternity in 3D could be a flash, a blink of an eye in another dimension or Universe.

Very true it's the current perception of an individual experiencing that makes something slower or faster according to their current level of awareness/perception/consciousness.

I must be patient, sit back and enjoy the show so to speak. Thank you again for responding.

Your welcome

I acknowledge the divinity in you all.

I acknowledge the divinity love & light found in everyone!
We are all Infinite One-1 beings possessing equal opportunity/potential where there is no greater, lesser or more special than having an Infinite One-1 connection/relationship one to another being brothers and sisters or (Family) from the Infinite One-1 Eternal perspective.

Blessings & Love!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by Tingopoo

Hi Tingopoo,


Thanks for the thread, it is extremely enlightening.

Could you please answer some questions i have.

Those that chose/volunteered to incarnate here to help their brothers and sisters through the changes ahead. Have they come from a different dimension?


Or the same dimension/level of existence we're in but just a different time/space/place?

A different time/space/place is a different channel/station/dimension/existence (Call it what you will.)

If from a higher dimension, does that mean that they have already learnt the lessons needed to pass the tests of this existence?

They are on a higher level of awareness and some with special privledge/knowledge that most do not possess.

Does karmic law/law of consequence to action still apply to them?

Yes, consequence to actions applies to everyone in this existence and others.

Did they still chose lessons to learn here, or do they as one member has tagged/labelled/titled them, just wander through until the time is right?

There is always ongoing eternal progression and just re-living an experience can be a progression for some. The difference between some souls that have incarnated on earth out of choice to assist family members or earth occupants is that they do not technically need to be on earth's level experiencing but came to assist out of freewill/choice. It would be like a high schooler going back to middle school to help students in middle school. I'm sure the high schooler would learn something new along the way while helping the middle schoolers but technically they already graduated from middle school and didn't really need to be there.

Are some peoples DNA pre-encoded to awaken at a certain time, or detonate to spark a change at the cellular level so they can enter/transmit into the 'new (environment)' or dimension/vibrational state?

It's a good question and a difficult one to answer collectively since everyone has a unique vehicle/body/vessel that is specifically designed for them individually or for that specific soul coming into the body. This includes their level of perception, feeling, sight, senses and some could call this their special vehicle/body/vessel wiring/programming or the functions of that particular vehicle/body/vessel. Some of the vehicle/body/vessels are BMW's while others are Toyota's and everyone has different additives/features/talents in their vehicle/body/vessel that is customized specifically for that soul and their reason/purpose for experiencing temporal/mortality/existence.

Is this what you mean by 'transformation of the body/vessel'?

Half and half, a transfiguration/transformation could occur by higher dimensional beings assisting to change/alter/transfigure a vehicle/body/vessel in certain ways but it also can happen as you have suggested. Like a car it would need an upgrade and the engine/parts come from the mechanics that are higher dimensional beings assisting. They ultimately would fix up the vehicle to make it capable of long distant travel without breaking down/over-heating etc. (Metaphorically Speaking)

When a ET/soul/spirit walks into host body(a walk in), do they keep/retain their memories/interdimensional consciousness?

Some can and it depends on the situation. It also depends on if they were born into a physical body or already had a human body/vessel/vehicle ready for them to occupy that is a special type of body/vehicle unlike the standard/mortal human bodies. They will look human but they do not require the same things as most humans. They are temporary bodies to be used for some who can go in them and come out of them for temporary use to further interact on planet earth and they do this behind the scenes and most are unaware of it.

And the host body, do they keep that persons memories/traits/personalities?

If you are referring to a type of possession it doesn't happen the way one imagines. In order for an ET/Entity/Spirit (Call it it what you will) to occupy a human body it requires that the body/vehicle/vessel be empty. There can only be one driver per vehicle/body/vessel so the current driver or soul would need to leave the passenger seat and the ET would take over and drive temporarily having access to all the memories/traits/personalities in memory storage accessible. (Animals are different) But keep in mind possession is not a frequent occurrence and doesn't happen as often as people imagine.

Most of the so called possessions out there are not full take over/possessions of one's body but entities messing with a persons vehicle/body/mind and disrupting them from properly driving the body/vehicle/vessel. Like a hijacker in the back seat of the car holding a gun to one's head telling them drive this way, go here, do that. (Metaphorically speaking) ET's that interact physically on earth usually do it behind the scenes and they don't need to occupy a human body they can work in many mysterious ways but some do occupy human bodies but rarely through human possession as they have their own bodies if needed that are special types of bodies and they can have many of them not just one.

This planetary body/celestial object/brown dwarf that's heading our way, along with the cataclysmic events/pole shift etc. Will it be the cause of the dimensional shift because it will be entering earths personal space and therefore disrupt the sensitive nature and relationships of celestial body's, changing the actual vibrations that will change every level of reality?

I guess you could say earth occupants are on a need to know basis and everything coming in the future (According to human understanding/definition of the word future) is part of the learning experience/school/test including the suggestion of a celestial object such as a brown dwarf heading towards earth. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't and maybe at the same time where there is no time there will be greater changes coming in energy that will affect the entire planet including solar/galaxy/system on a much greater level than what is presently observed affecting all things shifting earth's current state of existence into another like the flicker of a station one to the other. Upgrades do happen and that is all part of life's school/experience/test---eternal progression.

Also you use the word 'LIGHT' a lot. I was wondering if you could elaborate/define/describe its meaning to you. As i'm sure you don't mean it in the conventional sense.

LIGHT is infinitely greater that what man understands/defines it to be where there is no greater from an infinite/eternal perspective and the finite temporal body/vehicle/mind (understanding/comprehension) of it falls infinitely short to what LIGHT really/truly is on infinite levels. The human finite body/vehicle/mind could never bend/wrap their minds around it.

I have many more questions, but i'll leave it at that, i understand if you don't answer them all as i'm sure i could find the answers within the thread, it's just that it would take about a week to do so! Thanks in advance.
Much Love

Your welcome!
Much Love back at you.

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:11 PM

1. What is the purpose of the Veil of Forgetfulness?

2.a. Is it true that after death, the person is brought up before a group of spiritual teachers to evaluate the life experience that the person lived through and to learn more spiritual teachings?
b. Is this "between lives experience" taking place in "anti-matter" space?
c. Does the person get re-united with loved ones in this realm?

3. Can a person really incarnate into whatever they want?

4. Is life (for a person) ultimately uncertain or is there a life-path planned before a person is born?

5. Is there such thing as "real magic"? I am just curious about this.

6. Is there any significance behind the number 13? Is it a ritual number?

7. What is spontaneous human combustion really?

8. Is Nibiru a spaceship?

Thank you very much.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by Lisa12

Hi Lisa12,

"Many others have come a great distance to help assist with these events as they unfold."
The many others you speak of are not logging into ATS to string people along.

Do you believe there are people on ATS sincerely sharing information to help others?

I post on many forums and am very active in helping communities, homeless, people in need, sick, afflicted and others to the best of my ability. I've dedicated the rest of my life to help others and think not for myself but only to help and assist others. I am not anymore special or greater than anyone here and they can make it their choice in life to help/assist others as well. It comes down to a choice by simply deciding to help others finding a little extra time making an effort to help/assist others. Most people are to engaged in work related activities trying to pay the bills and send their kids off to school or whatever. Perhaps some can make a choice to take a simple 1hour break from the schedule every week to help someone in need, just a thought. Everyone can help assist in bringing earth to a more peaceful state if they would merely take a little more time to help assist others most of which are in dire need of help/assistance both on a spiritual and physical level.

Those 'beings' who are here to aid will make their presence known if and when there is a need.

Those beings are making their presence known in many various ways and do not sit back waiting but are continually here serving. They are the high schoolers that came to assist the middle schoolers and they are not here on vacation but to tutor, help, assist and serve and they are doing it now and will continue to do it until the end of the harvest when all things will change to a new level/state of existence/grade.

There is no need to post all this information, again. It can be seen all over the internet for those who are 'awake' to find out.

So perhaps there is no need for anyone on ATS to post any information at all?
Perhaps there is no need for anyone to post online or setup websites at all?

People will make subconscious choices to be where they are supposed to be, and those who are here to help will be where they're supposed to be to aid, if that is what is necessary.

I believe that to be true and people should also recognize that people are among you now and around you now out there working for the betterment of mankind and to help assist in preparing this planet for changes that are inevitability coming. Many are called and few listen but there are many out there calling and those with an ear to hear and spirit to feel do listen and recognize the call of sincerity, love and those who only have the very best intentions in mind to help serve and bring up the love vibratory state of humanity and the planet. Follow your heart always!

Blessings & Love!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by dryadlover

Hi Dryadlover,

According to RA the nature of true simultaneity is that, of course, that all is at once. However, in our mode of perception, it may be appropriate to consider planting works as growth (outward) from the center or core.

From that point it may be said, that indeed, one infinite creator infinitely experience itself simultaneously via each its infinite individual point.

Do you suggest that there is only ONE Infinite Creator being out there somewhere fully conscious of all that is and all that will ever be?

Do you suggest that all souls are fractions within that ONE infinite all knowing Creator being?

Do you suggest that this ONE infinite Creator is everywhere but yet all alone being the only ONE infinite Creator yet part of all that is and every soul in existence?

I would like to better understand what you suggest when you say that there is not a ONE Creator but only a ONE Infinite Creator?

Please further explain in greater detail what you suggest/mean exactly?

Thank you,
Blessings & Love!

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by win 52

Hi Win52,

At the moment, this whole world is reacting to ET programming. They are playing us like puppets against each other.

Try to understand why you do what you do. Who wrote the program? It likely wasn't you.

With this reasoning Win52 what makes you so sure of yourself that you are not simply believing and writing what you are based on that very same programming as you've suggested being your own program manipulating what you believe/write?

Obviously, you missed my reply.

You mean the many Cow metaphor posts that you've made throughout the thread? I have to say those were quite entertaining to say the least where there is no least.

It is clear to me that you do have correct information mixed with dis-information.

So what do you feel to be correct information?
What do you feel to be disinformation?
Let's further discucss.

Using Ra material gives you about a 75% accuracy rating.

You do realize that I do not use Ra material correct?

Most of what I've shared is based on the understandings that I was shown on what earth life is about and where we go from here some of which came from questions that I asked that I had answered and was shown from a near death experience along with those same Light Beings (Family) let's just say for now some of which visited me frequently after the near death experience and I was given a choice on whether I wanted to come back or not and I chose to come back for my children and family among others.

I felt like sharing these experiences and I do realize that everyone is on their own path and journey in life and ultimately they will find their own answers to life. My modo has always been follow your heart and do not be ashamed of who you are so go with the flow of things in life and just be who you are and follow your true inner self and heart. That is all I'm doing here in sharing, I'm really not obligated to share any of this and I wasn't asked to either but I chose to and I always follow my heart.

I've always felt strongly about following the heart and letting it be One-1's guide and not the world around a person that expects a person to live a certain way or be different. More successful, popular, physically fit, wealthy, successful and so on for example. The world around a person should not be the decider or influencer for a person of who they are and how they should live their life and the best way for someone to live in my opinion is to just stay true to their inner self and do their own thing following their heart/ambitions in life---> Wishes/Dreams/Desires etc.

Nobody can change who a person really is deep down inside and nobody expects anyone to change either so one-1 should never be ashamed of who they are and just be one-1's true self. When it comes to people changing their habits/ways/direction in life that is their own freewill agency/choice.

I have learned if I may share that wickedness never was happiness and those who chose to live their life in this way are only on a path to more sorrow. I don't think anyone out there enjoys depression and sadness but maybe I'm wrong and they do. If they do than that is depressing and saddening to think about in itself from my perspective and I only wish I could do something to help such people because happiness is the better feeling wouldn't most of you agree.

Not saying I have it all either.

I'm glad that you can admit/recognize that because from the beginning of this thread to present you have changed your views from one thing to another so perhaps you are still in the process of figuring things out. Am I wrong in making this suggestion?

By your making light of what I said, it is clear that the information you are working with is not correct.

How is that so?
Please be specific?
What information do you believe to be incorrect?
Let's further discuss.

You are trying to turn on my programming by what you say and how you say it.

You do have freewill/agency to think/believe anything you want to think/believe.

Tell your handlers so .... oh, forget it they already do know and are working to discredit the truth.

What is wrong with the basic message being shared?

What is wrong with doing good to other people and helping those in need?

What is wrong with having more love and forgiveness in one's heart?

Is there anything wrong with this message?

Blessings & Love to you always!

Never forget to do it your way and always stay true to your heart.

I did it my way,
You did it your way,
We all did it our way,
The infinite one-1 free way!

Best Wishes!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 10:51 PM

Originally posted by ET_MAN
reply to post by Tingopoo

Half and half, a transfiguration/transformation could occur by higher dimensional beings assisting to change/alter/transfigure a vehicle/body/vessel in certain ways but it also can happen as you have suggested. Like a car it would need an upgrade and the engine/parts come from the mechanics that are higher dimensional beings assisting. They ultimately would fix up the vehicle to make it capable of long distant travel without breaking down/over-heating etc. (Metaphorically Speaking)

Would the upgrades be harvest related? Do the ones with evil intent have access to the process? Is it one group of higher dimensional mechanics or something more akin to a competitive Nascar event? Thanks as always...

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

That is the problem, people willingly go because they are taught to be nice and obey. People haven't been free on Earth since the take over, some 300,000 years ago. - quote Win52

Where do you get such information from? - quote Et Man

This info seems to me stuff from the Cassiopaean site, ouija board channelled stuff. It's a bit like the Ra material, i.e. accurate in places, deceptive elsewhere, and the Cassiopaeans also claim to 'work' in concert with Ra. However, I will go along with Win52 about freewill being almost non-existent, not so much of having the Predator mind, but total conditioning, not just by the system, but by the environment - "Man is glued to his senses" - Socrates. Thus, we live as reaction machines, thoughts enter automatically via associations, emotions, fixed opinions and very rarely seeing our own contradictions. According to Gurdjieff, internal buffers prevent us from seeing these contradictions, otherwise we'd go mad.
Maybe I'm wrong, I often am. Just thoughts, really.


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