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To All TPTB/Black Ops, Time To Wake Up To Equality and Love

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posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 02:51 PM
Within humanity, there are many awakening, who are not only are aware of your matrix, the conspiracies you spin to divide and conquer and play your duality checkerboard floor, white and dark, represented in two ways: enlightenment, knowledge versus darkness, ignorance, (the elite way) or STO versus STS, the definition given to the public. In reality its a blend of both. But who also have memories returning of who they are and connections to their Higher Selves.

Though you yourselves strive to be masters of the known universe, and to set yourselves up as designers/creators yourselves, in your fascist dark handed way, there is a huge flaw in your thinking. One that will only cost you, though you cannot see it, for you in truth are being "handled" yourselves, that lead to even more controllers and more compartmentalized information.

The duality is not something that pertains to souls. All consciousness/soul/life = LIGHT!. We are the inifinite family of light. And though you attempt to ensure we see the universe as a creational moment in "time" where in reality, there is truly NO TIME, the truth is, its an infinite universe/school that streams in from zero point all the time, from the Beyond, and all from Beyond the Beyond, and Beyond this, into infinity where there is no possible stagnation, and all is infinite evolution and growth and knowledge.

We are the Many In One, Family of Infinite Light. The universe could be compared metaphorically to a computer, or even a dvd player, and this matrix to a dvd, where we merge, project our consciousness into, and each scene in our individual lives (selected either as a school, learning, advancement lesson, or as a prison for some perhaps, each picture has a bare set of outlines, and we create our version of reality by coloring in the pages, though the whole dvd, has set beginnings and ending, we create throughout it.

You of course know this to some degree, and think you're playing true yourselves by preventing awareness, by controlling and enslaving.

In the cosmos, as in the Beyond, when planets such as earth, some free and some enslaved, for we are in a duality in structure, leave their 3D "space/time" they are also in "No Time" expanded consciousness, and we are infinite in boht directions, and into the beyond, and beyond this.

In this universe, there are huge stars representing huge consiousness and equal numbers of dark stars, the structure for the duality. To go behind the veil, in dream time, we go through our Sun, our collective consicousness, our phone home, our streaming in, our doorway.

In this diverse universe/school, where many different dvds are playing, there are Big Fish and little fish, and many view humanity as ants, as humanity view ants as less than equal.

But we're all on learning curves, a steep learning curve that goes all the way up to the Infininte Beyond, and Beyond/Beyond/Beyond.........Therefore the big fish are subject to exams as well.

Some imagine they are maintaing a fair system of punishment, through karma, by subjecting others to prisons and a life of misfortune.

There is always higher wisdom in the beyond, that which is just out of sight of those "managing" things.

The Highest Wisdom in these matters, is love and healing. And the best life to overcome criminal behavior, is a life of love and abudnance, and equality. No karma, healing.

There is another truth, one that many in this Universe/School, on higher levels in the duality need to address as well, for they are also in lessons.
That every being here, every soul/consciousness, all Light, is always Light. There is only duality in structure, but none in soul. That all Light becomes all Light in the end.

That there are no lessers or greaters, highers, or lowers, just as in infinity there is no beginning or ending, even though there is an illusion of division, and developmental stages. Within the great beyond, on the higher levels, though infinity stretches further yet, WE ARE ALL TOGETHER IN EQUALITY. All possibilies exist at the same time, for this moment never began, began, and has long since passed, in No Time, where these is not beginning, and no passing.

You are not off the hook, you are also here, to develop your own light, awareness, understanding, for the duality is only structure.

You are being misled, and sadly mistaken about those here. We are all on fire with love for each other in the beyound.

When a soul passes on, having followed their heart, and ready to go on, they awaken to joy, and Dreams Do Come True!

What Dreams May Come ( Studio Trailer )

When a soul passes on, and has done to others terrible things, when they realize who they truly are inside, the Infinite Light being they are filled with shame. Though in truth for all, I hope you can love yourselves and forgive over all karma, even self, and say, "I guess I missed the hoop!" Though you could have made it.

Wake up, and turn within your hearts, your phone home to your Higher Self in the great Beyond and turn this around now.

This message is being said out of great love and encouragement for you and your loved ones, forever.
To Infinity and Beyond!

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posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 03:14 PM
In other words, you yourselves are not off the hook, for no one in this university/duality school is, and the duality has nothing to do with the nature of your soul. A very important clue in to you.

Its time to demonstrate your own awareness and activate memories beyond this master of the known universe box, which could really fit in a brief case on the other side.

We need you to step forward, and turn this around, by pulling away from the controllers, no matter how great, how big, how strong they are, for nothing happens that is not allowed by our Higher Selves, and turning Light & Love, brings them in, literally to this world. In otherwords, it doesnt matter what happens in the temporal, for doing the right thing is infintely more important than feeling fear. And, not only this, but acting from Love connected to the Beyond, and Self/Source brings in protection and miracles and Superman!.

We need you to disclose all things and redistribute all things, and step down, dismantle all power structures that do not support the leadership within all people.

Its time to create a new era.

And bring in the change we need.

You are welcome to advance as well, this message is said in Love.

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posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 03:21 PM
I applaud your efforts here Unity 99

however, I dont think they care anymore

most of them will do their job to get a paycheck

they could care less what happens to themselves
or us after they leave their respective conclaves.

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 03:23 PM
This duality school is about many things. Ultimately, about advancement in Love & Equality!

Within this system there are many other elements as well. The test within the test is to wake up, to become yourself again, this is yourself from the Beyond, the one reading the paper, or watching the dvd. Who you really are. True light, and True love!

In addition, the coloring in the pages is creational, for our understanding and wishes, experiences, create our actual stages/worlds our next steps and add to the overall.

Important. Note, again, that all Beings are Light, and in Infinity are profoundly equal in a way that we don't understand, for the potential is always in each "moment" as there is no moment.

That creation of dark or disturbing dreams, is torture to the Light you are trapped in darkness. This isn't affecting those you enslave, for many of them, already yearn for something far better. Its your vision for yourself, that I'm concerned about. Light suffers in darkness, and you will not be happy with this choice. Though we are all through in the great Beyond!

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 03:25 PM
One of the best ways to deal with the darkness is too shine a light on it.

Shame people do not get informed but we are all taught a certain way, and the ptb exploit this.

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by boondock-saint

Yes, maybe so, yet it must be said, for I'm very concerned for their choice, and the coloring in of their own pages, something that will affect them more than others in the end. Out of love I must say this, the sadness at what they will discover in their own illusion and dark dream breaks my heart already.

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by andy1033

Awareness, waking up, connecting dots, yearning for something better, and striving to nudge others into awareness, is all a part of what we're creating ourselves in our own coloring book/dvd, and a part of our life lessons.

And we need to do the right thing the best way we can.

But its the elite/PTB and their workers that I'm really attempting to shine some light on here.

They're being misled, and don't understand the individual lessons and the individual nature of the life review. And why we color in these pages.

When someone who has worked hard to harm others awakens to who they are truly, the Infinite Light Being they truly are, and realizes what they've created for themselves they are filled with so much shame and sorrow, unless, there is much mitigating this, and for some there is. Imagine growing up a child in an elite family, and the ritualistic abuse and conditioning involved. We can't judge anyone at all. Truly. But our own souls reveiw our own lives.

We're all many in One. One for All, and All for One!

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 04:09 PM
Meditation has been controlled and made so difficult for so many. I'm sure that black ops for example, have limited time.

Connecting to source is not that hard. While I recommend longer meditations I am aware that many consider themselves to be very advanced and knowledgeable in this area, for their mystery school knowledge.

Its best to approach this as a small child however, and never use the mind/intellect/rational overlays. Reach with heart, insight, feeling, soul, within.

So to bypass some convoluted intellectualized meditational practices, often ritualized, and charged with negative energy, its time to set that aside and let some real Light in, love Love & Light!

Beyond our Universe - Infinity Zoom [HD]

Very simple video, ending is all in this, watch a few times and then, reach in, view that infinity and reach to beyond. Do this frequently. Who am I truly? What did I really come for? How do I wake up truly to who I am and how do I free myself? Over and over, love, connect, reach in.

May true love and light be with you always!

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 04:23 PM
The dark brotherhood do not care they think their way is right and that might is right etc. and that they are building themselves a kingdom of power in which they rule and others do not matter. Some my turn when they fully realize what they are involved in but the more advanced dark brothers will not turn and thier goal is to turn this planet into a prison for us where darkness rules and is no longer contested by the light.

We are in the battle now and most do not know it. What we do know will determine which way this planet goes. I know some think light and good will always prevail but there is no guarantee we will win. Other planets have lost the battle with darkness we can to if we do not step up. As the saying goes evil prevails when good men do nothing!

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by hawkiye

I understand what their goal is not only for this planet, for there are millions/billions of earth like planets in this galaxy alone with humans,yet its a duality, and for every strong presence of darkness there is equally a strong presence of light, for every planet enslaved is a planet freed, and there are both cold wars, and agreements and wars due to this....for every star there is a dark star/dwarf. Only one is real, the other is just a program in that the dvd player/computer, runs.

Also, while they really are limited in their scope to this universe, and do not glimpse beyond with any comprehension, for if they did they would understand, that in infinty there is 11111111111111..................and that we are only 0.000000000000000001............% of our Higher Selves, the 1111111111111111111.1111111111................% of us. The Creators/Designers/Programmers manage the entire system, they and they alone supernova stars when the program is no longer needed, they use black holes as windows waste baskets, but all data, consciousness is reoroganized, and only old programs get recyled. There is nothing they can do to make this world only darkness, wherein the equal presence of light exists, for they are not the designers, nor are any beings in this universe school, unless it is the actual presence of Superman, which is the presence of Light & Love, the Creators/Designers/Programmers, ourselves!

They're operating as most humans do, out of a lack of understanding, and arranging what is only temporal and cannot be run as a dark system.

We are here, with some outlines and colors to fill in ourselves, and create our dreams. Some are creating their own harsher schools, and there are consequences to this, but they're more individual than they realize. Though they code, and plan and attempt to make karma fall on many they don't realize it doesnt fall quite the way they imagine, and its very personal, always, so in the end, its their lesson too here.

But the entire dvd is already a structure, and it does have a "beginning" and and "ending" that is out of our hands, and tptb, in "no time" where there an be no "beginning" or "ending".

This is being said out of love for them for them to make some connections to the Beyond and change the ending for their own play.

Its also a call for them to see, this would mean changing their plans here as well, no matter what is pulling their strings, even if its Godzilla.

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posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 05:22 PM
The other side to all of this, is is truly time for all of us to realize WHO WE ARE and Wake UP!

Imagine the Beyond, and in a lesson examining and studying from dvd's, this one is 3D earth with its own duality, lessons and challenges to awakening, and offers great potential in adding to our level of consciousness, in the beyond where there is no such thing as "level" and that beyond the beyond, the beyond, we're all completely equal.

We are a little more projected and involved than you or I would be watching a movie, or reading a book, but this is good metaphor.

The equality we need to see on earth is intrinsic, in other words, nor should we attempt to control others or force them into corporate slave jobs, nor should we endorse slavery at all through banking, but we cannot allow anyone to be homeless, disempowered without right to land and harvesting and their own equal independence, sharing everything, volunteering. We are the FAmily of Light and we Love each other, feel each other, know everything the other experiences or feels. And we accept each other completely.

When we wake up, and yearn for a wonderful equal world, we are going beyond to that wonderful Where Dreams Do Come True, home.

In addition, we're the Creators/Designers/Programmers, and this is our world that they are working so diligently at hijacking, with disregard to their own lessons and souls prgression.

Activating our memories and our creational abilities can make a very big difference here.

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 05:50 PM
Its well understood that unless a huge number step out from this group that it would be very dangerous to do, much like the rest of humanity, I'm sure. However, the way is to go within your heart/feelings/soul now and connect for awareness (and I do renounce the a war ness within this coded word and run with the meaning my heart), and directions, help.
For one willing to serve and really grow, the way will open. Miracles can happen. This is no reason to be be fearful, and the income means nothing, its never meant anything. This is only a system of scarsity, not abundance, which is the true goal.

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 06:21 PM
Here! Here! I totally agree Unity_99

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

A pleasure to read Unity_99, thankyou. I dont expect to find positivity on ATS so when I do its a nice surprise. Im going to step out of the big picture for a minute, but one thing Ive been coming to the realization that the real PTB in the upmost echelons, come from 6th density. They are voluntarily playing the role of providing our negativity for our earth school. They themselves love us and although they were negative for most of their own path, as they grew through 6th which is where they are from, they like all entities dropped the negative path to pursure unity and love of all things which is positive. They must have a very difficult job providing catalyst for us. You see im the type of person that doesnt even wanna choke my dog to train it, so the death, pain and suffering they inflict on us (even though they know its for our own good) would be very difficult indeed, it must make their heart ache at times. Most of us are like kids who dont understand why our parents can be so crule to us, to use an analogy. The love and wisdom it must take to do such a thing is great indeed, and they are doing a fantastic job of it. I appluad their efforts, my initial assumptions about them having left loose ends like 9/11 were flase indeed, for the most part the average person has no idea about just how well they have done in terms of paradigms and altering our reality perception and ability to grasp the nature of ourselves. They have accentuated our seperation to the extreme, providing so much catalyst that it is an honor to be incarnate here, we chose level "very hard" in terms of earth schools.

To know TPTB love us dearly, they love us so much they will do things that must be painfull for them to do personally, all to help us grow. They have sacrificed their own pursuits on what must be a heavenly like dimension to come back down here and help us grow. Its like the endless line of each brother reaching behind and helping the brother behind it up the hurdle, and that brother the helps the one behind it, in an infinte chain. But I must stress this point, not all TPTB are of this level, most of the so called minions are aiming for a fourth density negative harvest, the positives role playing the negs will not let the others under them know who they really are for risk of it ruining everthing. These negative do hate us, well more precicely they just dont give a rats about us and want to use us only for their own benefit, and they are learning hate to help them make the negative harvest, the role players are teaching them negativity from their own negative past, so they simultaneously help both the negative PTB and we the positives to make the harvest in our respective orientations. The situation is made more complex by the much lower minions such as certain oligarchs and their servents who are positive by nature but have been caught up in the ngativity, risking their own harvest to positive.

So I have come to feel great love for TPTB. First it was for the role players but even now I am becoming very fond of the negatives, they are an essential part and are playing it well. Everything is perfect.

Ill leave you with a quote from Ra it goes something like, "To consciously see the love in all things, that is the lesson of this density"

At a stretch, I am beginning to see love when I look at ground zero, love when I look at hirmoshima, love when I see the pain and suffering we are going through.

What an epic we live in huh, just epic. To think when looking out at the infinity zoom you posted that similar games are played out all across the universe, and unsimliar games across the broader universe/multi verse. We play such as amazing saga of learing about ourselves that will continue forever in an eternal present.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:08 AM
Thank you Unity_99 for starting this thread filled with many truths and "LIGHT."

reply to post by polarwarrior

Hi Polarwarrior,

To know TPTB love us dearly, they love us so much they will do things that must be painfull for them to do personally,

Murdering, bloodshed, rituals, sacrifices and war is not a good thing and I will respectfully say this about your belief in Ra and the law of one. There are some truths to be found in the law of one where “Light” resides with “Dark” truths mixed in with lies and calling good evil and evil good is one of the biggest manipulative, deceptive lies there is.

Evil never was Good.
Good never was Evil..
Light never was Dark.
Dark never was Light.
Murder never was Good.
Doing good never was Evil.
Wickedness never was Happiness.
Happiness never was Wickedness.

Search inside your Soul/Heart for the truth in this matter.

Opposition truly does exist within all things and that includes emotions, feelings and intent of individuals who choose to commit such acts based on their true desires, feelings and intentions of the heart. If someone commits an evil act they have lost their path/way and have become dark/evil going against their “INFINITE” true selves and soul/nature of who they really are. Do not be fooled in believing that Evil is Good and Good is Evil, it never was and never will be being an opposite to the “LIGHT” and that which is “RIGHT.”

These negative do hate us, well more precicely they just dont give a rats about us and want to use us only for their own benefit, and they are learning hate to help them make the negative harvest,

With respect to your personal beliefs I must point out a very well thought out manipulative, deceptive even twisted way of thinking, it's OK for one group to do evil and commit horrible crimes to humanity with bloodshed, murder, rituals, sacrifices, abuse, war etc while on the other hand it's not OK for the other group because one group does it out of love and the other group doesn't do it out of love?

How does that make a difference to the many who experience painful, miserable, horrendous, brutal, horrible experiences?

For the victims who experience such horrible, painful, horrifying, miserable experiences what is the difference for them who commits these acts? They are experiencing regardless of which group commits these horrible EVIL miserable, painful, horrifying, sacrificial, murderous and hideous acts.

So I have come to feel great love for TPTB.

Do you really know who TPTB are?
Have you ever considered that Channeling RA comes from some of the real PTB behind the scenes who would of course seek that everyone follow them, obey them and even “LOVE” them for their horrifying, sacrificial, murderous, painful and hideous acts?

Have you ever considered that the Channeling Law of One material doesn't actually come from pure “LIGHT” sources but very manipulative and well thought out places to setup a new belief system that sounds really good to people mixing it in with “LIGHT” and empowerment and some “TRUTH's” that many can recognize as “LIGHT” just enough to slip in the “LIES” ---“DECEPTIONS” & “DISTORTION.”

Ill leave you with a quote from Ra it goes something like, "To consciously see the love in all things, that is the lesson of this density"

The above quote is clever but can be a very manipulative statement that should be interpreted correctly. “LIGHT” should recognize that Good is not Evil and Evil is not Good. That doesn't mean that those who are lost in the “DARK” committing “EVIL” acts are not “GOOD” deep down inside somewhere within if they could only find their true “INFINITE” ---”LIGHT” Selves- only that they have lost their way and path and remain in darkness living dark/evil lifestyles committing horrible, painful, hideous and EVIL acts to others. Upon leaving the flesh for such they will come to a realization of the “TRUTH” of who they really are and why they came to earth and when they realize all the horrible things they've done it will literally be pain, misery and a type of soul hell for them to understand who they really are and what kind of horror they did unto others. For them - what they have done unto others they have only done unto themselves from the "INFINITE" perspective.

At a stretch, I am beginning to see love when I look at ground zero, love when I look at hirmoshima, love when I see the pain and suffering we are going through.

With respect for what you believe in, be wise is my best advice and it sounds like such a belief that it could be a very clever, manipulative setup to convince someone to believe that Evil is Good and Good is Evil with a master of deception end game plan. The next thing very well may be to harm others believing that one is only doing them a favor and doing good when committing horrendous, brutal, horrible, painful, miserable and hideous acts to others.

Best Wishes always!

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

I read hidden hand, and there are parts that I agree with, but not in the way he meant them. I've never read the law of one, but know many follow this. The Egyptian trinity is Isis/Ra/Osiris, and this sun god trinity is a very large part of the mystery school symbology and focus. They code the religions and our language, court documents, to these "dieties/ets" and Saturn.

This is actually form Atlantis as the bloodlines also come from, they are the annanuki, reptilian hybrids. There is alot that can be said, but I knew that there would be a twist of information in the Law of One.

What I agreed with, was that, in the Beyond, we are all there together. We are profoundly equal and love each other, the family of Light. Yet, there is not any point where their actions can be justified or construed as love when they serve the dark side.
And it is going to break their hearts when they realize that they, with their infinite light natures could have down these terrible things to others, WHO THEY LOVE in the beyond, like brother, father, sister, child, and who they would never harm. I want them to turn inside.

This system works by them mastering the known universe, the leaders here see the finite better than the infinite, and they are being fooled by the draco ets they serve.

This rationalization is something we need to see through, and they do too. If any of them truly believe this, they're being lied to, but instead I see it as a twist, a way to try and promote opposites, good as evil, evil as good. To have others think of Love as something capable of torturing or ritualistically sacrificing humanity in wars, starvation, poison, disease, and even on altairs.

Love is patient and kind, it bears all burdens, and encourages, protects and strengthens.

The duality is also a test for them, for they are misled and also they're being handled, they are literally contracted to dark beings, and have sold out humanity to them.

One of the tests we have is to wake up to our true natures and selves in this nature, and to be Love and yearn for equality.

They need to wake up, for they are light within and light is tormented living in darkness.

And we really love them unconditionally, and everyone, we're family. We're profoudnly equal and beloved to each other in the great beyond.

Love & Light!

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

All is one. All is perfect.

I only get my truth from looking within, but needs words from texts like Ra to explain it in words. Your writing from the perspective of a positive, I dont expect, furthermore it is not even important in this density, that you see it from the unity perspective. Everything happens for a reason. The creation being one thing, it is either love or it is not. There are only areas where the illusion of lack of love can be percieved and we are in one of them. One day you will look back to see how perfect it all was, all along, from the broader perspective. But for now you seem to be doing just fine and are way ahead of most people in grasping the situation at hand. I perhaps should leave the concept for time beyond words. In our little duality game were playing it is not necessary for us to realize that all is one. So I perhaps shoudlnt bother getting people to see beyond the narrow duality scope for the present, other than the fact that it can alleiviate fear.

I would reccomend much deep oneness meditation to aid in seeing all beings as one regardless of the side they take to play out our little duality games of polarity. There is a bigger picture to be seen.

All is one, and that one is loving.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:03 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by polarwarrior

And we really love them unconditionally, and everyone, we're family. We're profoudnly equal and beloved to each other in the great beyond.

Spot on, yes we do love each other in the great beyond. But we never left the great beyond, there is not really a past or future, we just experience the illusion of doing so, and an extremely difficult task would be to still show love for a brother who is playing on the other side in the duality game, something we dont have to do yet but its something meditation has been giving me so thought id share. The part of me which is positve, does not like the negatives and thinks their actions are just plain wrong. But the one infinite me still loves them and sees them as a perfect part of my infinite creation. In infinity everything is explored. When one can only see a small portion of the infinity it is all but natural to have a bais for certain things, but in the scope of the all, its perfect, every bit of it.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

You are very aware, with memories.
Thats why I can feel your energy.
Thank you for your well thought out posts, with much insight into infinty and beyond and our family, the Many In One.

We are all love for each other, and of course we're all there, and Beyond the Beyond, where we have all attained equal wisdom and love, and are all equal, though in "time" there are "stages" in lessons where there cannot be stages for there is not time. So we have great love for everyone here, including the bloodlines, leaders and all darksiders. Yet this is still when all they have graduated to love and positivity, though that moment cannot defined in no time. But a kazillion trillion years can be one second later, where there is no second in infinity.

The "INFINITE" You is only positive. Nobody moves up the ladder until they learn their lesson, like in school if they don't pass they are held back until they learn what they need to do in order to move up.

But ALL move up within Infinity forever. Nobody is Infinately held back.

But nothing makes good evil and evil good. We are here to learn wrong from right and murders and killing others can never be justified as right.

They are being so misled. The fourth density, negative harvest simply means they failed the test and are being handled taken by the empire to a negative planet as slaves.

And to do this after their learn who they really were it breaks my heart.

There is much we don't know in every case, for there is ritualistic abuse of children so we cannot judge either, but when they meet themselves they will be the ones doing that.

If people don't get it RIGHT this time they will have to live with that and learn and get it RIGHT sometime
or they will not ETERNALLY PROGRESS into the "TRUE"---LOVE & LIGHT

For those having connections with their Higher Selves and memories returning of home, we wish to help people so that they can get it RIGHT this time and find out who they truly are.

Because we don't want them to suffer and go through more sorrow in the afterlife when they wake up and realize who they really are and what they did.

I know we have never left the beyond. My higher self showed me this, as I became myself, walking down the stairs each step grew bouyant and joyful. I was feeling this wonderful, light hearted, teasing, way of being, and suddenly said to myself. "Where do you think you are anyway? Do you think you ever lleft your home?"

I had impressions of laying on a cot with viels around me, and could make out the outlines of my family. Then next I saw a movie curtain, and it pulled back and the movie was playing, the dvd. And I realized that this was being recorded and so we had to smile, for we're on candid camera, and we should make all our moments filled with light and sharing, giving hand over hand to one another to assist those who need to be nudged and reminded, who they are, and for this dvd to show our true natures, LIGHT & LOVE always.!

In our little duality game were playing it is not necessary for us to realize that all is one. So I perhaps shoudlnt bother getting people to see beyond the narrow duality scope for the present, other than the fact that it can alleiviate fear.

I see the message of awareness here, your emphasizing that we need to see all in love, including the bloodlines and those who are doing their work, knowing that Love is our natures, and we are all one together after these lessons are over.

That is what this thread is about as well, connecting to unconditional love for all, and a wish to nudge all to connecting within and doing the right thing.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Hi Polarwarrior,

I only get my truth from looking within, but needs words from texts like Ra to explain it in words

You can find the "INFINITE" words within yourself that comes from the "INFINITE" connection to your "ETERNAL"--- "INFINITE" self in "Awareness." There's no need for Channeling or Ra! You are the "INFINITE" and have that capability already within you to connect with your true "ETERNAL"---"INFINITE" self to find greater understanding where there's no such thing as greater coming from an "INFINITE" Eternal perspective.

I see you have many pieces of the puzzle/truths in you. The words I have to share do not come from me but from the "INFINITE" understanding and I see that you also have that perspective and see it very close to this as well.

The message I've always shared that comes from the "INFINITE" has always been right in line with the U2U and you're previous last two posts in this thread. From an "INFINITE" ---"ETERNAL" perspective everyone will make it to the "INFINITE" as our INFINITE selves have always existed in the INFINITY & BEYOND and they are part of the Designers/Creators but the Designers/Creators are "ONE" in likeness and we are not merely fractals/fragments or pieces of them but we are merely fractals/fragments of our "INFINITE" selves.

There are "INFINITE" Designers/Creators so the "ONE" part is in likeness and the codes I use to show this are 111111111111111111 that go on forever and ever because there is no beginning or ending therefore there cannot be numbers to distinguish one from the other as there's no such thing as higher/lesser/greater or more than from an "Infinite/Eternal" perspective.

I see truths in the Law of One but there are "INFINITE" Designers/Creators and each one of us is one of them and "ONE" in likeness/design but that does not mean "ONE" being as there are "INFINITE" beings among the "INFINITE" Designers/Creators but we are interconnected to all that is in "LIKENESS" within "INFINITY."

I'm aware that the law of one is very close to this but believes in "ONE" being however if you connect and feel with your Soul/Heart about the "INFINITE" and "BEYOND" then you may realize that "ONE" being could have never existed within the "INFINITE" because if "ONE" being did exist what would be "BEYOND" that one being?

If there was only a "ONE" being that would mean there was a beginning and if there is a beginning that would mean there must be an ending but that is not the case with "INFINITY" where there was no beginning or ending and there's always a "BEYOND" and a "BEYOND" forever infinitely and never ever forget the "BEYOND."


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