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conscious Oobe....It's Real!!

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by NZkraw

try Carlos Castaneda[the journey to ixtalin ]-or dr. Tuesday lobsang rampas[ the third eye.]the first one deals with learning how to journey within at first then it deals with turning it outwards into the creation .rampas deals mostly with the third eye and how to see -also known as sight beyond sight .time space and distance do not exist for the seers as these things as we know them to be are irrelevant or non existent.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 02:46 AM
Ive been practicing for OBE and just totally relaxing myself, i was asking my God for help to achieve it, and i got a really loud ringing in my ears and i felt like my spiritual soul was trying to pull away from my physical being, i also felt like there was something looking on at me, i decided to let myself slip into sleep- and i had a really weird lucid dream.

The next time i attempted (about a week ago) i was sitting in my lounge recliner and i relaxed, and got the ringing sound again, my Nan came home so i had to snap out of it, i was looking at my feet and i was seeing my aura and i could see this kind off stuff that looked like gas fumes emitting from me.

Weird as experiences, hopefully if i keep trying and studying on OBE soon it will be my turn to be spiritually free?

Great post RiverGoddess

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by picrat

Thanks for the book suggestions
Ill have to have a look for them next time im in town.

posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 04:38 AM
Any thoughts?

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 04:38 PM
I too have been trying to astral travel for the past year or so. I cannot remember any actual 'out of body' experiences, but the first time I tried, I got the tingling, then the total body shaking/vibrations, then I got to the blackness and 3D 'place' that felt beautiful. I was so shocked that such an experience can be real and I'd never known about it before.

Since then, I have continued practicing and all I seem to get are the vibrations and a small sense of floating. I would really love to get beyond this and have total out of body experience and achieve the ability to do it frequently. If anyone can do this and help me?

posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 02:36 AM
I've been following this thread for a few years, and it was a big part of deciding to join the site, though I've taken my time to get the hang of the forum before commenting.

Fascinating, all of it. I've read it start to finish a handful of times, and there are a lot of informative posts. I've had only one true experience with astral projection, and it obviously sealed my belief in the phenomenon, as well as many other things.

A statement I found interesting, on page 127, The River Goddess says that the assistance from The Yanker was somewhat of a hindrance. I feel the same about my experience, in a way. I woke up with sleep paralysis and was able to simply will myself out of body. It spoiled me. It has been over five years since the experience, with no significant experiences since. I am unable to enter the mind awake body asleep state, nor meditate, it begins as relaxing but quickly becomes draining, so most attempts end before they start, which is pretty frustrating for someone whose goal is to be able to do this at will. I was lucky to have the one experience, as I needed a sort of confirmation of the soul at that time. Ultimately I think I am just very physically grounded and connected. I am very aware of being inside my own head.

Reading through the thread I can't help but wonder how many others have been helped in the way TRG was. Not specifically by The Yanker, or even anyone on this site, but I wonder if it can be used as a sort of training method. Astral projection was a very physical experience for me, so I can't help but think that the more it is done, the easier it is to do. Like swimming, riding a bike, shooting hoops, whatever. As I've touched on in another thread, it is just very difficult to get a decent string of experiences in a row, so practicing by yourself is often a long, difficult process. Having an experienced friend seems like it would help acclimate you to the process if done frequently enough. I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts on that.

Anyway, that's my take on the matter. River Goddess, thanks so much for starting this thread back in the day, it's given me a lot of information and enjoyment over the years. Same to the rest who have actively participated.

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by Morgenstern89

Hi Morgenstern.........THANKS for adding your insight here, and for paying attention. As you can see I also am paying attention to this thread and am usually only posting IF I think I can add something.......I can add a warm welcome, as well as wonder as you do, just HOW MANY folks have had some 'outside help' out in acheaving OOBE?
Its a good question.......

The last few months I keep finding myself lucid in dreams, to realize they are not really dreams.......they are experiences in other dimensions.

posted on Nov, 3 2011 @ 01:49 PM
Last night the pulsing sounds came to me and it woke me up fully........I remained as relaxed and unafraid as possible and decided to see if I could lift out. I shout up and out so fast it was a bit of a shock really, and when first being out I could see quite well all of my room. I decided to try and use this chance to go to a freind and see if I could assist them in coming out, and once I was there (3 walls away) I had that brown murky blindness.......I think I was spinning and zooming all around them, and I got the destinct impression they were not coming, so I flitted back to my body, to find the sounds still strong, so back out I came.
I was trying to see, telling myself to see, and the eyes in my body came open and this sent me back into my body.......I still had the pulsation sounds with me, and felt like maybe someone was in the room with me, also OOBE trying to possibly 'play'??? I was a tad unsure........
Then it seemed I just could not overcome this darn 'blindness' ack ack ack.......but I swear I heard a male voice singing some kinda rock thing, and I could hear electric guitars?? weird as Ive never heard such a thing in this situation I was communicating, "CavemanDD.......... is that YOU?" as it sure was not a calm amusement of my yanker, this was some wild playful I came out and tried to find this person in the darkness. I was SO FRUSTRATED at not having clear vision that it started to effect me ability to even BE out....
It came to mind that I was so FULLY conscious I couldnt be more aware, and decided that in itself is somewhat of a miracle......and I was bouncing in my body, back out, back in, attempting to really focus on the sensation, to realize there wasnt much of a sensation to it at all........then I clearly heard the male voice again and it loudly said in a singsong manner, "I really AM a nice guy" and then it was laughing a joyous laugh that faded........

SO Caveman, I am asking you here........was THAT you?
it was between 2 and 3 am mnt time........
I checked the clock.

I settled back into my pillows and as long as the pulsing sound was there I was going in and out trying to find the best way to clear my sight, using all the techniques Ive used before to no avail..........
When the sounds were gone my throat was parched, so dry all the way back and through my nasal cavities that I had to get up and drink a large amount of water.

Then I went to bed and 'sleep' where in a wild dream I exchanged faces with the ones that I love.........and wore the different faces and then had conversations about 'me' with family members who had no idea it was actually me........a very ODD dream IMO.

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posted on Nov, 3 2011 @ 05:11 PM
Not that I know of. These days I'm just happy to get a decent night of sleep. Everything I want.. or should say everything in my focus is in this physical world right now. I don't recall dreams much anymore, and I stopped OOBE'ing sometime last year. I had a good run for a couple years and then it was a build up to the last 2 ones which were incredible before I realized I got all I was presently looking for. I'm sure I described at least one of them here.

And I would never proclaim to be a nice guy.
I just tell myself that but lately I think I'm showing nothing but an ugly side to certain few people but its good timing because I just happened to stop caring what people thought of me or my process.

Maybe it was, some imagination of me, concept of me.. literally me to some extent. The astral is a house of mirrors to me, I don't cling to any of it. The most valueable thing to me there is the symbols, the real feelings, the connections, I don't try and place them because I can't. House of mirrors. So I stopped all together until I get what i'm after here. I got what I wanted there, now I must focus here. I hope to return with renewed interest.

posted on Nov, 3 2011 @ 06:11 PM
I forgot to mention one of my cats reaction to me last night..........this cat is newer to the family and hasnt been in the house during any conscious OOBE event until last night......during the latter of this event, this cat was attempting to play with me as if I was another cat. It was crouching low and coming in close to bite me, gently and jump around and jump back only to come in close to chew on me some more........and it was doing allot of vocalizing.
Now THIS cat has never done such a thing at all..............and it seemed to me he was super excited about my comings and goings and was attempting to take part........maybe it was just this cat I was sensing as another presence, but I dont think for a second it was what was speaking to me.......but there WAS another presence that was being very playful, and from my learning's and experience it could have just been this cat. I am noting this, as this was HIGHLY unusual behavior from the cat, and it was his messing with me that ended the experience.......yet it seemed like he was trying to get it to continue somehow.........silly thing

THANX caveman for getting back to me on this...........I am in the know that youve been jammin guitar of late so THATS why I thought it could have been you.
...............BUT, being an other worldly experience it might have been someone somewhere else or even a different time.......hmmmmmmm
Makes me wonder haha.
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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 06:48 PM
After thinking about it, Ive decided nobody was attempting to visit me, and it was just the random sounds of the astral plane. It SEEMED personal, but thats how it feels sometimes I guess.

Ive wondered WHAT took so looooong, for me to have such experiences again, after such a long break? It just happens to coincide with my being prescribed a thyroid med that I started taking, and the experiences stopped.......and now I have been off this med for just over 28 days..........hmmmmm.......seemed like a placebo anyway and I am fine and clearer headed without it.
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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 11:13 AM
Whoa! I think i've had someone yank me into an Out of Body Experience!

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by Morgenstern89

I feel your pain brotha. That sleep paralysis thing is nutty and scary!!! You know your awake, but your body isnt responding. I freaked out when it happened to me when i was young, and i havent told a single soul till now. The weird part about it was i had a strange visual while it was happening. I'll try to describe it to the best of my ability.

The visual that i saw, looked like the inside of a lock mechanism. I saw multiple tumblers and as i thought harder about moving my body, one of tumblers would elevate into position. I struggled for what seemed like 2 minutes trying to force all the tumblers up. I dont know why i did this, but i felt i had control over the situation. After all the tumblers were in upright position, I felt a powerful wave of energy rush through my body and i was sitting up in my bed. I was very very scared at this point, because it was unclear what had just happened to me. I didnt tell anyone though, because when your young you tend to ignore the truly out of this world "gliches" that happen. It happened to me again recently but my memory is a little hazed on that account.

Anyways yeah. It sucks!

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 01:53 PM
To leave your body if you lay down and close your eyes, now really slowly sit up keeping them closed. This is how I project and it always works for me (using your will to sit up) Sometimes I'm layed in an orquad position so I have to twist a little to become loose. Off the top of my head id say I've seen my silver cord around 100 times now. Every time either in a lucid dream or OBE i'll put my hand to the back of my head and its always there. Most of the time its like a thick piece of string and silvery white in appearance and this changes depending on how 'far' away I am. If I've just projected and I'm out and about on my street, there's rarely anyone about and I sometimes start shouting 'is there anybody here!?' or 'where am I?' I never get an answer. The last few out of body experiences I've had I've noticed a white foam like substance all over the ground outside, I touched it and my hand went straight through it. I'm still baffled with the electric lines that run across the street there so annoying as I keep getting tangled in them and they prevent me from flying higher. A few week back I had an OBE and I was experimenting by shifting my consciousness from physical to astral. After I projected I slowly moved upto my physical body and put my hand out in front of me and touched my arm and my face and I 'felt' this touching through my physical body. I kept doing this several times over seeing how it feels from an astral point of view and a physical point of view - very unusual but fascinating!

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 02:51 PM
ATTN to whoever is the medium. I have been trying to Astral for a long time and I really cannot seem to budge it. I have been studying the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, which actually speak a lot about OOBE's. Meditation is my main way to be myself and become once again who I am. I have been trying to quit smoking cannabis which i think is interfering with my progress, even though my closest attempts I have been under the influence. I have been studying this for quite some time and I am a very careful person. Please U2U me so I may make further progress.
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth has shattered my world and made it so this world contains none of the knowledge I seek. Please help

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 10:44 AM
I have had 2 successful astral journeys where 1 was fully conscious and at-will and second one I'd rate about 80% success. I have not gone thru the whole thread, but do we know who the mystery helper was who helped theRiverGoddess when she first started the thread?

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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by Clarky

interesting find and post clarky ,but should it not be in science.
speed of light or speed of thought -interesting idea`s.
considering that in the astral time or oobe time-to think is to move -to move is to the power of thought alone gives us the ability to transcend time and space and distance.these 3 things do not really exist as we were all taught them to be real to us.
time- is not measured by a clock or a watch.
space-is not the area of a box or the vastness out there.
distance- is not the 3 inches of the length of a finger or the miles to where we are going say for vacation.
an interesting point here is how do we as beings -produce our own thoughts-considering that our brains are hard wired as super computers that have their own source of -[ELECTRICAL ENERGY].AS IT`S POWER SOURCE lets quote star trek -the nero net.or positronic brain .ours is not circitry ours is neurons and electrical pulses.we actually think faster than we are able to move why is it that we can astral travel or do oobe,or have nde`s and report back as to our comings and goings.and our bodies are never moved out of our time and space as we know them to be - Castaneda teachers always said that he had to do his travels and hide the physical being,could it be that he was traveling for hours days or weeks at a time ,and if he did not want to be found in a coffin when he came back -hiding was best.
it would not be that our brains are not just grey matter or so they try to tell us all ,if you have ever watched some of the tv shows on the brain and it`s workings they all seem to have come to the same conclusions ,all of this activity upstairs is done at the speed of light-THOUGHT and yet we as a species are not fully aware of just how fast the mind works.
what would happen if the so called sciences of our species were turned on their ears concerning these facts.
the christ also said [i am the way i am the truth and i am the light.]so what is the truth behind these words.was he trying to teach the world and its people to wake up to the truth with his teachings ,and where did all of his actual teachings disappear to as in the holy scriptures all there is left is examples of what he could do and not how to do it . he also said [be as i have been, learn as i have learned ,and become as i have become.] he traveled the world to learn from all the mystics and all of their knowledge and the he tried to teach the world .i want the truth and not the lies of our churches as they seem to have decided that all things are gods will and his way - what a lame excuse for hiding all of the mistakes that we as a species have made ,talk about being ostriches and burying their heads in the sand.
what else did he say [i am the way , i am light and i am the truth.] add to this his fathers words I AM THE POWER. or is it that the power is within us all and certain groups of power mad men don`t want us to learn anything of the actual truths that were known to him .
with these truths we would not need these men and their enslavement of our species .
something to think on clarky.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by theRiverGoddess

picrat here river goddess instead of trying to open your eyes don`t.if you wish to see perceive it in the mind not as the actual effort of opening the eyes ,even though we seem to be SEEING with our eyes in this special time we are not looking through the eyes. we are in fact using what Dr. tuesday lobsang rampa called the third eye,not the physical eyes.
next time you are out and about go farther back into the body that you are using ,astral or oobe and look forward you will notice something that is a little bit different than when you look through your physical eyes.
practice makes perfect and you are getting there slowly like the rest of us in the begging. congrats.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by picratus

THANK YOU so much! I never considered working on it from the 3rd eye perspective........

posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 02:49 PM
Blessed be all,
First off = Congratulations everybody that have successfully had an OoBE or have Astral Projected!
I will post my technique for reaching that profound level of relaxation, try if it works for you:
Lie down in a comfrotable position
Close eyes
Inhale deeply drawing in Positive Energy ( LOVE )
Exhale deeply ( emptying your lungs ) expelling Negative Energy
Repeat this until you have done both 7 times
Picture your favourite colour and then Feel this colour
Smell this colour, Taste this colour, Become this colour and then go even deeper
Enjoy this ride

Oh yeah, for protection = Make a small charm out of something simple and ask your personal God(dess(se)(s)) to Bless it with the Most Positive of All Energies....LOVE and wear this when you begin this journey.


Oh yeah I almost forgot to explain that you can also use this technique for meditation, visualization and all other Will exercises as it helps to open your third eye further ( quick warning for the Empaths among us, it will enhance your Gift and help increase your range ( mine is quite large as I have been doing this for over 10 years ))
After years of practice you will do it at Will ( I "zone " out quite often during the day ( Lucid Dreaming, Trances, Astral Projection/Traveling, Visions, etc.))

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