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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 02:07 AM

Alone, under her cryoblanket with sleep stealing over her, Whispers minds danced between consciousness and dream state. An eventful day, her last thoughts before succumbing to sleep are of Scurvy.

Whisper continued to be enchanted by this male Rigellian. Earlier in The Swamp, Yydryls bar and recreational center, she and Scurvy exchanged theories on a myriad of topics including dark matter and the ‘Big Rip.’ If Scurvy hadn’t revealed his own poignant theories first, she would have thought he was merely mirroring her own hypotheses in an attempt to appease her. How novel and rare to meet another Rigellian of such similar minds! She found most Rigellians did not bother themselves pondering the mysteries of the universe and abstract thinking regarding their own relationship to these ideas. How little did Rigellians know these theories would soon have a direct consequence to their day to day lives.

Conversation turned to a more personal nature which Whisper usually avoids at all costs, not allowing anyone to become too close. It was also part of her rigorous training to not divulge this information. Whisper spoke briefly of her mother. Her father, she never knew. What she did know, that she didn’t share with Scurvy, was that she was actually an offspring of ruling Rigellian bloodlines. After spending a short amount of time cohabiting with her mother, Whisper was transferred into a demanding, esoteric elite program.

Scurvy stood, stretching his masculine tentacles. Her heart skipped a beat at this attractive display. Their dialog creating a natural aphrodisiac, Whisper fully expected to be asked to join him in private for some late night gwarking. He surprised her, again, by not extending an invitation but, politely taking his own leave. This behavior confounded her as most males were quick to bow on their tentacles to please her, or running away like a frightened Rigellian child. This action, or non-action, created a greater sense of respect and a deeply felt physical yearning for Scurvy. Whisper had shifted her attention to the high spirits of her security staff. She observed their bonding rituals complete with libations and laughter. Unexpectedly, Scurvy came from behind and gave her a sultry kiss. She could still feel the vibration of his lips upon hers even now.

Her eyes being closed as she languidly lapsed into dream state, she did not notice the mysterious opaque orb in her room beginning to shift with color. Sleep fully abducted Whisper from this world.

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posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 02:30 PM
Rising from sleep earlier than usual Scurvy attends to his hygienic routine quickly. While washing his suction cups he notices a black marking branded into the underside of one of his tentacles... The flesh surrounding the marking appeared to be charred and burned but did not cause him any pain at all. Dumbfounded he finished up and set out to find Antar. If anyone on this ship had a clue pertaining to his vision, and now this marking, it would be her.

Passing the bridge on his way to the R.B. Scurvy peeks in to see if anyone had yet checked the ship's auto pilot. With their Navigation Officer Sky now floating in the endless expanse the ship itself took over control until he could be replaced. Scurvy notices the bridge is vacant and so goes and checks his terminal to make sure everything is running smoothly. Everything seemed fine except that their was an odd gravitational wave reading being sensed by the ship. He'd mention it to loam later, right now he needed to see Antar.

As he approached the door's protective field turned green and from somewhere within the RB Antar's voice came, "Enter." Slipping through the doorway Scurvy bares his wicked teeth in a warm smile.
"Antar I have something I wish to discuss with you," he begins, "Last night as I was sleeping I was overcome with a vision. The figure was terrifying, the way it moved... was unnatural, and it beset these words on me." He grabs his recorder pad, opens it, and reads aloud the words within.
"I am alive, yet I am dead.
I am a creation with a consciousness.
I am alone with my thoughts.
I am a living key,
an artifact of a world that could have been."

"Not only that but look at THIS!" He reveals the symbol to Antar and as she muses over the words and symbol his third brain began running over the previous nights encounter with Whisper, while the other two yearned for knowledge and answers.

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 01:46 AM
With a gasp, Seeker opened his eyes.

They burned and watered. His limbs felt stiff and clunky. He stretched tentatively and groaned in pain at the ache in his right arm. There was no scar or mark of incision there, but he could tell that something foreign lay beneath his skin. It wasn't unpleasant, just intrusive.

He stood as his neural network began to boot up. He was still in the white room and still on the white table. All the other furniture was gone, and there was no sign of the NI operative Thanatos.

Once his neural biometrics were online, he analyzed the foreign object in his arm. Detailed schematics scrolled across his vision detailing the specs of a Mark VII "Zone Killer" class packaged plasma emitter.

He had never seen plans for one so small. With trepidation, he sent a signal to the implant with orders to remove safeties and engage the weapon.

There was a snap and it slid up and out of the tissue on his right forearm. No pain or blood was involved, it just felt wrong somehow. With another neural command, the weapon vanished beneath his skin.

Seeker shivered at the feeling. He looked for his standard issue white clothing, but it was not where he had left it. Instead, sitting next to the table was a Naval Intelligence jumpsuit. It was complete with his rank insignia, the NI Qzero designation.

He put it on and jumped in surprise when it tightened around him. The interior of the suit snugged tight while the exterior looked completely unchanged. Suddenly, the suit queried his neural net for data access. Seeker allowed it.

Apparently, the jumpsuit was some kind of new armor system, complete with top of the line barrier technology.

Seeker was troubled as he exited the white room. The door irised closed behind him and he began his walk back to the docking arms, where the Penelope awaited.

For some reason, NI thought it necessary for him to have a defensive weapon grafted onto his arm and a protective armor suit practically fused to his skin.

He began to question what NI:Thanatos had told him earlier. Was he more free now than he had been before?

Or was this simply another step on an ever-shortening path to becoming an unfeeling, heartless machine built to follow orders?

Seeker felt like he was on a ride that was gaining too much momentum, perhaps already too much to be stopped. Maybe he was already too far gone to salvage what was left of Asher.

Dark thoughts echoed in the cavernous expanse of his mind, a mind on a slow march to slavery...

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 10:11 AM

Originally posted by Scurvy

"Antar I have something I wish to discuss with you," "Last night as I was sleeping I was overcome with a vision. The figure was terrifying, the way it moved... was unnatural, and it beset these words on me." He grabs his recorder pad, opens it, and reads aloud the words within.
"I am alive, yet I am dead.
I am a creation with a consciousness.
I am alone with my thoughts.
I am a living key,
an artifact of a world that could have been."

Reaching beside her seat antar pulls out a golden sphere from a small metallic cylindrical box.

"Come sit beside me Scurvy."
Running the orb along each tentacle and then up and down the length of his body, she pauses at the heart region and takes a moment look at him and they share a knowing smile.
"Scurvy have you ever been known to have prophetic dreams? I mean dreams that eventually come true?"
"Not to my knowledge antar."
"OK so in this dream vision were you able at anytime to see the entity which was speaking?"
"I will be honest with you Scurvy but I also must ask that you keep this completely private, at least for the time being."
"Gwarkssth antar!"
"Just letting you know that what I am about to tell you may come as a surprise. Long ago my Father commander Z, was working on a special merging of nan-"
"antar everyone in the known Galaxy 'knows' what your Father was working on when he was...urm, killed..."
"Yes Scurvy but what they do not know is that off world on another of the 13 floating planets he had another lab, unknown by the Allegiance to the Alliance, one where his work took on different, objectivity."
"Yes I know , but it had to be so, you see the Rigellian Yylrons had already made several attempts on our family by the time he decided to move a portion of his work off planet, it was the only way to insure that his work could continue in the event of his death."
"Good Scurvy, because what I sense within you is a connection somehow to that experiment, to the Loyal few who vowed to support the project and to protect all the secrets, until such time the need arrised for it to be brought forward."
"Now I need for you to understand that there were chips placed in some of the most Loyal and trustworthy to the Mossian-Slea, that would do everything possible to activate these chips when the time was right and when all hope for the Universe was at its peak. Many would not even know of their connection until the time of the great tear or as you know the big rip."
"How would one know if it was activated?"
"You will receive a symbol, and once received the chip will be activated and you would know that time is running out for all existence, for all dimensions within our Universe."
Scurvy looked down at the symbol, "Gwark."
"Scurvy, you know that our interrex Captain is of MS lineage right?"
"There is no mistake that he leads this mission at this time, our own Captain Cadbury has most likely never been in any true danger, just taken out of the position of command temporarily."
"And for Skyfloating to have chosen this precise moment in time for his awakening, his ascension was not because of some accident, it was because now he is free to conduct his work unhindered by a physical body."
"I think I can explain better if you follow me to the Aquarium."

"And one more thing Scurvy, if the time has come, then you will have to understand that it will take delegates from each known dimensional plane of existence to repair the rip, that means working together in unison for good of the whole."
Scurvy, snarled back his teeth in a most deadly show of momentary agression and said only, "Uu-mansss!"

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 10:50 AM
Studious started pace back and forth in his wheelchair.

Studious began to think of the Tribunal and what its outcome might be.

Just then he heard a strange noise....."Was it the silhouette again?"

"No, that familiar shape was nowhere to be seen. But if not that, than what was it?"

Being thorough Studious wheeled around the Medical facility. All the other noises in sickbay he had become used to. But this one was different and he only heard it once. Studious had a bad feeling about it.

It was faint and fast something was suspicious about it. Perhaps something was going on...

"But what?"

Deciding to look for the answers on the "Galactic Interweb" Studious found something totally different. The Colonel found that significant gravity waves had been detected by the LIGO 2 laboratories located in Livingston, Louisiana and Richland, Washington. LIGO working with GEO 600 in Sarstedt Germany first reported. The waves were then confirmed by the LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna).

Soon reports flooded in from the CLIO (Cryogenic Laser Interferometer Observatory) and TAMA 300 in Japan. The MiniGRAIL at Leiden University in the Netherlands, and the Virgo interferometer at Cascina, Italy within the EGO (European Gravitational Observatory)

"Wow, something big just happened." Studious thought

Studious continued. "Luckily gravity waves themselves are not dangerous and are barely even noticeable by anyone. Only these sensitive pieces of equipment could detect them. However, something happened out in deep space..."

"But what?"

Now Studious had two questions he could not answer.

The Colonel's thoughts drifted back to the Tribunal, What would they do?

With those three questions lingering in Studious' mind he drifted off...

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 08:09 PM

Whisper awoke with nescience to the activities of the now translucent orb. She did not even take notice of the ‘artwork’ in her room, not in the slightest. Awaking refreshed but, with a slight tingle on her head and in her third brain, Whisper attributed this odd sensation to the previous days multitude of events. Both personally, and as a crew member aboard the Yydryl, Whisper knew her life would never be the same regardless of the mission which was still obscure and shadowy. She was appreciative of the alteration to her life. Existence on Rigel had become monotonous in its routine.

Having skipped her tentacle regimen the previous evening, Whisper now gracefully applies her rare oil to each tentacle providing extra suppleness. Even though she could adjust the humidity in her own quarters, she found space travel added an uncomfortable dryness to the air. The fragrant, aristocratic brand Whisper uses is made from the blubber of an undisclosed Earthen aquatic mammal. Whisper wasn’t one to read the label of ingredients; her supplies were always well furnished for her.

Personal preparations for the day complete, Whisper begrudgingly gathered her remaining bottles of BetelJuice and U-man jerky. She was tempted to keep back a few pieces of the jerky but self discipline followed and she relinquished, not wanting to disappoint the captain or jeopardize the mission in wake of such a petty indulgence.

Whisper eerily snakes along the walls of Yydryl, easily bypassing the ships busy staff on their way to engineering or post rotations. She makes way into the RB and does not see antar present but her scent lingering. Another scent as well, bewitching and enticing – Scurvy!

Whisper emptied her personal treats of choice into a container and left a note:

As per your request ~ Whisper

Rationalizing that she should advise antar in person as well as to practice her tracking skills, Whisper sets out to find antar - knowing full well her and scurvy had left together and in the same direction. Not choosing to hear her third brains musings, she focuses fully on the faculties of her first brain…hunting.

Scurrying along the ships ceiling, almost invisible, she rounds the corner to the aquatic center seeing antar and Scurvy deep in conversation. The light reflective and changing, making them both appear ethereal. Whisper drops from the ceiling and approaches them directly. With a salute followed by a sharp toothed smile, Whisper addresses them both “Great gwarking morning eh friends?”

Antar looked at Whisper with initial horror then wonderment. Making eye contact, Scurvy could hardly pick his jaw off the floor. Having well oiled herself and tending to her hygienic needs just recently, Whisper couldn’t fathom the cause for their stares.

Whisper uncomfortably says “Can someone say ‘awkward’.... Either of you? Pretty please with a U-man on top, why are you staring at me like that?”

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:26 AM
Soon after Captain Loam left us in Ships bar, a droid arrived bearing a uniform, it‘s twin for a spare, high glossed boots, a Verbalizer, Ships headband and directions for Carpet to escort me to my crew cabin.

Taking the bundle from the surprisingly graceful machine I automatically thanked the droid.
Carpet gave no thanks only grunted something foul at the droids retreating back and without comment to me lay a wide path before my feet in a silent command to follow.
With something like dread I complied wondering to myself what had possessed me to join the Yydryl.
Only moments later at the end of a short corridor the path stopped.

“Your quarters Attendant to Ship Silo.” Carpet said formally all trace of friendship gone from it’s once kind voice.
“Your verbalizer attaches to the wall socket outside the door, it reacts to your headband which you’re required to wear at all times, check it often. The door is sensitive to your unique frequency, it will open and close as you enter and exit. There’s a call button inside the door should you need a droid. Ship will contact you when you’re required for service. When not actively in attendance to Ship you’re encouraged to help where you’re directed by other crew members.”
Welcome aboard the SS Yydryl ATS Silo.” And with that verbal salute, Caret was gone.

On queue the cabin door slid open with a hiss beckoning me inside. With trepidation I entered, the door closing fast behind me, the audible click of the locking mechanism making me jump.
Though the room was over all larger than it appeared from the corridor, the evacuation and hygiene room was small, the view port smaller still, the plastiscine floor efficiently rendering me alone, exiling Carpet to the corridor outside.
I was going to be perfectly miserable.

Storing my two-skin in a uniform chest I unwound the crate packing I'd used as leg and feet wraps. Thinking twice, instead fo throwing them out I stored them beside my two-skin and donned my uniform.
The artificial fiber scratched making my skin crawl inside it’s foreign feel.
Stretching too tight across the mounds of my chest I pulled at the material trying to stretch it but it clung back stubbornly binding me as tight as before.
My feet and legs were so confined in the high black boots they couldn’t breath and felt dead beneath me.
The headband with my Attendant to Ship badge squeezed at my antenna getting in the way of their retracting fully back into my forehead.
The percentage of miserable I felt was closing in on maximum.
Somehow in picturing staying on to help find Captain Cadbury I hadn’t envisioned living in a tiny cell, my body encased in another, hardly able to see the stars, a cabin less my Friend.

Stepping up to leave the room the port opened automatically, I entered the hall calling softly.
No answer.
“Carpet?” I repeated louder this time.
My antenna took in both ends of the corridor, a lawn of gray green fiber stretching before me but Carpet still didn’t answer.
“Well this is just ridiculous!’ I grumped, turning back to my cabin.
The door opened and closed after I stepped inside.
Shutting my eyes and counting to three I turned, the door opened again.
“Carpet!” I said louder stepping back out into the corridor.
The door promptly shut.
This was becoming irritating.
“Carpet?” I tried again, pleading.
No answer.
Bending down my boots cut cruelly into the soft patches behind my knees.
Rocking back on my heals I brushed my fingers over the firm fibers beneath me.
My hand snapped back like I’d been bit by a friendly pet.
“May I be of assistance ATS Silo?” Carpet’s voice sounding military precise and empty.
“Carpet? What’s with you?” Tears choked my voice as emotion lumped great in my throat.
“If I can't be of assistance ATS Silo I’ll return to my duties.”
“Your duties? What are you going on about? Carpet please!”
Carpet didn’t answer, and though the corridor flooring hadn’t changed, the uniform strands still running the length and breadth of the hall, I knew once again my Friend was gone.

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:01 PM
Walking together through the massive portal into the Aquatic Center the silence was at last broken as Scurvy let out what could only be compared to an orca whales screech when seeing a large Pod of females.

"Scurvy welcome to the new Navigation command."

"Navigation antar? I dont understand, looks like an exquisite dinner buffet to me!"

"Yes I would imagine it does, however these are not you everyday mammals Scurvy, as you know our ships Navigator Skyfloating has left these highly evolved beings in our company for the remainder of this mission."


"Well what I need to tell you is that when I was asked to fill in as interrex navigator, I first came here to just sit with these great creatures, a relaxation spot if you will, on any account as I raised my vibrational frequency to match that of the whales, it became clear to me that they were the vital source which Skyfloating used to direct his equipment for Navigational purposes."


"Yesss Scurvy, these phenomenal beings were taken from a specific time in Earths history, long before the Dark Years of Earths past."


"Yesss Scurvy, Atlantean Whales."

"The conversation was pleasantly interrupted as Whisper came cascading in to join the two standing before the enormous Aquarium."

Aside from the blinding shimmer being reflected off of her scintillating tentacles, what stood out even more pronounced was her Tentagram in the middle of her forehead!



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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 03:57 PM

Luder gave Seeker a nod as he passed him in the corridor outside the tribunal chambers. He was stewing over the fact that people in such high positions had the ability to make arbitrary decisions that affected people and their careers. He could only hope they recognized the facts for what they were and chose to not act on political basis alone.

His com chirped, indicating an incoming message. He walked over near a wall in order to get out of the way of the hordes of beings passing through and opened it, checking the message.

Captain mf_luder, USS Penelope, Commanding. You are hereby ordered to take your ship and take command of Battle Strike Group 75 in preparation for deployment to Alpha Centauri. You have 72 hours to comply with this order. Fleet command out.

Luder frowned. "Fleet command?" He looked around and made sure he wasn't being watched. The entirety of "Fleet Command" was still sitting in that tribunal chamber, talking to Seeker. Either someone thought they were being cute or - - - one of the admirals sent it out during the tribunal... That would be highly unusual considering the circumstances, but he didn't put a second thought to it. He placed the com unit back in its pouch and headed toward umbilical ring 94, where the primary crew umbilicals connecting the Penelope to the dock were located.


The command center of the Penelope was eerie. The time was late and there was hardly any activity as most of the primary crew were either on the station or Earthside. The only sound was the nearly imperceptible movement of air between the life support vents and the cabin of the center. The massive drives were offline, getting worked on by the Penelope crew and by station personnel so their characteristic rumbling was gone. All major stations were shut down as well, so the center was truly a center of quiet.

Luder walked over to his station and stood there, looking around the interior of his command. Many long years had been spent to reach this point in his life. Many trials and tribulations, triumphs and failures.... Luder sat in his chair and thought back to his previous assignments. His most recent was as the first officer of a small frigate running border patrols near the edge of known space. That had been a fun assignment. There were always new things to experience, new places to see, new friends to be made. When the promotion to Captain came, it was nigh unexpected and at first had been a point of concern for Luder. He had developed a good working relationship with the crew of the frigate and had no want to leave. His Captain, James Tyson talked him out of putting in a request for rank extension. Tyson felt he was excelling at the first officer position and had talked a good deal of sense into him when it came time for progression. Luder accepted and finally caught a shuttle run back to Earth. The frigate, the USS Norfolk, was destroyed three weeks later in a freak accident. Luder sometimes wondered if it was luck or if fate had a hand in things.

Luder shook his head and punched a button on his com.

All hands, this is the Captain. Effective immediately, there is a 24 hour recall. Return to the ship and begin combat preparations. Captain Luder out.

If fleet was going to send the Penelope in to the maelstrom, he was at least going to have his crew ready.

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 04:52 PM
Another corridor, another turn...still no Space Bar.
Growing increasingly disgusted I trudged on, all the this way that way winding through coridors causeing my antenna to throb.
I hadn’t relied on my own memory always trotting around after Carpet now had I, I berated myself.
In fact I hadn’t relied on “me” at all.
Yes, there were some really bright sides to being without my Friend, I tried to convince myself.
No more endless bending and stooping to run my fingers through it’s fibers.
No more sitting and laying-about on the floor for endless hours.
I was much better off back up to my level and depending on me!
Just like I was...before I had Friend.
I caught a sob before it started and made another wrong turn.
This time I blamed it on something in my eyes.

I found the Bar empty, but luckily for me the bulging bag of snacks laying on the long counter was not.
Playing the thief I snuck closer to the pretzel sack, my hunger providing the rational they were for the crews consumption so I shouldn’t feel guilty eating them.
So I wouldn’t.
Well, maybe just a little.
With not a little hesitation I reached for the sack, my mouth juicing in anticipation.
Just as I clutched a big handful the bag crinkling at the seams the center of my head gave a sharp zap!
Startled clean silly I shot into the air like I’d been phasered, pretzels flying from my hands to rain down like fodder. Again.
I was sure I heard a gasp coming suspiciously from around my heals but my attention returned in whole to the sound emanating from the center of my headband.

“ATS Silo, report to Ship Center - Yydryl Code Green,” Ordered a genderless computer generated voice.
“Code green? What?” I wondered aloud.
A noise from behind me caused me to whirl in anticipation my heart soared with joy! Carpet!
Joy pinched tight and fell hard to the floor like so many snacks laying there.
It wasn’t Carpet.
A tall thin droid stood before me it’s great green eye revolving slowly atop it‘s head.

“ATS Silo, you’ve been ordered to report to Center Ship, Code Green. I’ve been sent to accompany you to save time.” It’s slightly metallic female voice rang prim and nasal.
“Droid, what significance is there to Code Green?“ I spoke gruffly in clipped tones hoping to sound crew like.
The effort was lost on the droid.
“Code Green indicates you should comply to said order as soon as you’re finished with whatever task you have at hand.” The droid continued without being prompted.
“Code Yellow, you’d be instructed to turn your task over to the first crew member available and proceed directly to Ship Center.
Code Orange, you’d proceed directly to Ship Center in all haste forgoing the reassigning of your duties.
Code Red is a specific code for battle. Code Red would compel all Ships crew to report immediately to their stations, armed, and ready for instructions from the Captain.” The droid finished repeating Ship protocol with a belabored sigh.

I stood stalk still trying to take in everything the droid put to me. Sinking in, albeit slowly the realization I was part of a Star Ship’s crew was becoming all too real. Battle stations, color codes, security measures, headbands that thwacked me between the antenna and scared my leg hair straight, yes, it was all becoming quite real.
I might have even enjoyed it had I not missed...

Pushing that thought aside I began cleaning up the mess I'd made.
‘May droid make a suggestion ATS Silo”
“Sure droid, what’s that?” I asked, surreptitiously popping a few crunchies into my mouth completely forgetting my crew like façade.
“Though Code Green does indicate you may finish your current task before reporting to Ship, as this will be your first visit to Ship’s Center it would be the wiser course to leave the cleaning up of this, disaster, to, the Rug.” Said droid it's nasal whine pronounced like it sensed something distasteful.
“The Rug?” I asked dumbly.
“Yes - the - Rug.” Spitting the words out in sharp little points droid swiveled on it’s base and sped off down the hall.
“Come along ATS Silo,” it called behind, “Let’s not keep Ship waiting!“ The sing song voice carrying a unmistakable note of smug superiority.
Trotting to catch up with the droid I was sure I heard a *Gwark!* spat out from somewhere behind me in the bar.
But I'd no time to look back to see who it was.

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 06:25 PM

All hands, this is the Captain. Effective immediately, there is a 24 hour recall. Return to the ship and begin combat preparations. Captain Luder out.

What the hell is going on?

The Chief was up and dressed in a matter of seconds. The ship was alive with activity, Crews rushing to and fro at a feverish pace. Orders and counter orders could be heard over the com as everybody was shuffling to their assignments all departments were alive and busy, The pace only quickened as more and more staff began their shifts or returned from shore leave.

Combat? With whom?
The Chief kept asking himself.

We have been in port. Have the politicians started another conflict? Remembering the all too recent fiasco, I would have thought Command and the Captain would be walking a little bit softer.

Knowing the Chief was do any minute ensign Horn finished his shift report and loaded it onto a data disc, the Chief walked in and they acknowledged each other. Horn handed him the disc and quickly made his way to the fighter launch bay they were having some issue with the outer launch doors.

The Chief quickly uploaded the data and reviewed it, made some mental notes. Then started on the long Pre-flight check list. As he sat there working out which team would handle specific tasks, he thought for a moment about bringing what they had discovered earlier about the alien Nano technology to the Captains attention but thought it best to first begin combat prep and was sure the Captain would call a dept heads meeting before they saw any action and at that point he would bring the discovery to his attention.

Chief made the rounds crawling through Jeffery tubes and climbing up ladders from level to level. Everywhere he looked engineering was humming with activity as every crewmen was checking and securing their stations. All non essential equipment were stored, all emergency systems were checked and rechecked as per the Chiefs orders! Fire control were checked and halon gas levels topped off.

Emergency bulkheads were checked, all firefighting equipment were prepped and stored for easy action. The Chief realizing after checking the ships active duty roster noticed that Nenothtu & Seeker had not reported in yet. So he sent one of his engineering teams to work closely with their teams prepping all weapons systems. They ran weapons lock diagnostics and checked alignments. System by system was gone over with a fine toothed comb nothing was to be over looked.

If the Captain was going to take the Penelope into combat he and Nenothtu will need all weapons systems working in optimal performance. The last thing we need is to have a systems failure in any subsystem while in the heat of battle. They made sure all capacitors were functional at optimal efficiency, there were a few bugs and kinks that needed attention nothing major. Torpedo launch bays were checked and cleaned. Fighter launch controls were checked and certified.

Trying to anticipate all possible scenarios the Chief also gave orders to have the armory bring up and store some weapons locally in engineering just in case they were boarded. He was proud of these young men and women. They truly were the best of the best. The Chief stood back and watched as his crews threw themselves into their tasks. A lump swelled up in his throat. He was proud.

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 07:56 PM
QA rolled over as she was becoming lucid from a troubling nights sleep. She was not restful nor refreshed.

Many troubling thoughts and chills came rushing to her as she remembered she had awoken to a shadow in her room, during the night.

As QA struggled to become fully awake, she glanced over at her wires. She froze a second upon seeing the glowing urgently flashing red light, demanding her attention.

Though she did not want to sit down at the wires, she knew she had no choice, if she did not, she would get another visit from her handler, which she knew to fear.

QA hesitantly stood up and forced herself to walk towards her chair, once there she began a very slow and regretful process of placing the wires on her head. Once the wires were in place, she flipped "the switch".

She was motionless as she began to receive her orders from the "rulers", but if anyone had been observing her face, they would see complete horror and dismay at the information being relayed to her, through the wires.

Once the reception of information was completed, QA in a zombie type state of disbelief, took the wires off her head.

The unveiled threat she received from the rulers was serious and there was no mistake of their intent of what they would do, if she ever doubted her job for them.

In distress QA, sat back, barely breathing as she forced herself to take breaths to fully comprehend the information she received.

Her mind was going a million miles an hour as she tried to figure out, how she could get away, and not do what they wanted her to.

After a long time of staring into space at her blackened walls, she knew there was only one way to get out from under the rulers for once and for all. She also knew she was going to get to work on Theresa immediately, to restore Theresa back to herself as she was 20 years before. QA would also make sure Theresa had her memories of intimacy with mf_luger and would feel the emotions they had shared together, when QA had really been the one directing them.

The rulers had threatened the lives of everyone on the ship of Yydryl if she ever went astray again, or even if Captain loam ever pulled the wires out again. QA could not let that happen, since she was the one who the rulers were actually directing their anger to.

QA, fully comprehended she would have to leave Yydryl in a way, where the rulers would not take their revenge upon the crew of Yydryl.

Before she would fully put her plan together for leaving Yydryl, she sat back and put on her wires, due to them making her mind much stronger to work on Theresa.

With this action QA did it with deliberate and exciting motions, she was happy she was going to be giving a life back to a person, compared to taking it away.

After the wires were on, QA sat very still, closing her eyes to fully visualize and give Theresa memories of occurances over the last 20 years along with her life and personality back.

A few hours had gone by when QA opened her eyes to her black room again. She felt excitement and joy over what she had accomplished during that time. Theresa had awoken and had wonderful memories along with the recent events of how she got to where she was. QA had given Theresa the full information of how QA had controlled her over 20 years and nothing she did that was in anyway bad, was Theresa's own fault.
QA also relayed her sorrow at taking Theresa's life away, but it was due to QA's own ignorance of the world and she had only lived her life up until that point doing as others told her to do. QA relayed, she herself had in fact not had her own life either and the epitomy of life had just come to her for the first time. QA, let Theresa know, she needed to keep cover for the day still, as QA needed time to get away from Yydryl before the rulers found out Theresa was "alive and well". QA, also informed Theresa how to block the area of her mind, so no one could ever take control of her again. The two continued a conversation back and forth, though Theresa was angry at having been controlled for 20 years, she was also grateful to be given her life back and given memories of things that had happened during the 20 year span.

When QA's eyes were fully opened, she saw the bridge red light flashing for her attention. When she responded and was relayed Captain Loam needed her to go on an important mission, it hit QA... perfect this was it, this was her escape from the rulers, this was the way to protect the crew on Yydryl and the crew of Penelope, as she would not be able control or wreck havoc upon them again at the rulers request.

QA jumped up from her seat with energy and excitement, freedom was calling her.

QA had seen a report of a black hole being within a pod distance from Yydryl, that was her ticket. What was in the black hole, she did not know, but she did know - no one could come after her inside one and the rulers could not touch her again. Would she lose her life by going into one? She did not know, as no one had ever come back out of a black hole before, when they had been sucked into one. Could there also be something wonderous inside one, and it was so magnificent, no one ever wanted to come back out? QA was willing to take the chance, her life was not a real or joyful one as she had lived it and was living it at the point of her realizations.

With determination, QA took a confident stride towards her door to report to Captain Loam, to find out the message he needed sent and to be on her way for the mission. Though Captain loam, will not know it was actually two missions she would be departing on, one for him and one for herself along with all the crew members lives aboard Yydryl.

QA felt excited and energized.... a new adventure was about to begin, where it would lead who knows... but QA felt good about it.

QA hurried to the bridge.... feeling like a million pounds had been lifted off her shoulders, knowing she had given a life back. She had to hurry and leave, because once the rulers found out Theresa was herself, they would take vengence upon QA and the crew of Yydryl, as they threatened her with earlier.

She reported to Captain loam, to await her orders and message for her mission.

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Originally posted by mf_luder

All hands, this is the Captain. Effective immediately, there is a 24 hour recall. Return to the ship and begin combat preparations. Captain Luder out.

Studious heard the order and he never liked being late as it always drew a lot of unnecessary attention. With that line of thinking the Colonel decided to set out for the ship.

Studious was well enough to leave the medical facility but would still be in the wheelchair for a few more days.

He slowly pushed his way toward Penelope still in dock. He passed by the NI section of LagrangeTwo. Studious felt uneasy about them, some of their tactics were shady at best. Rumors swirled about NI spying on citizens. The Colonel a man of honor preferred the good old days when intelligence services had honor and decency. "Will those days ever return" he thought.

He began thinking back to Garbo in Spain and later Portugal. How in 1939 he had decided to make a contribution “to the good of humanity.” He offered his services to British Intelligence but they rejected him. So Garbo alone approached the Germans and fed them lies pretending he was in Britain. He even faked forming an intelligence network there. He took the initiative and alone carried out more effective work than he ever could have done with any weapon. Eventually British Intelligence realized his importance and accepted him.

Funny he was being paid by the British and the Germans. The Germans paid him not only for his work but for all 27 “agents” in his fake intelligence network inside Britain. He was the only man to receive a medal from both sides during the war. He received the Iron Cross from the Germans ironically after his misleading reports on the D-Day Landings and the MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire. His real name was Juan Pujol and he died in Caracas, Venezuela long after the war.

Wheeling his way to the Penelope he arrived on board. There was that noise again this time it seemed garbled, more like static. Then suddenly the noise came again the same noise he had heard in the Medical bay. “What the heck was that?” Studious began to think something could be wrong with him.
Maybe it wasn’t real. Maybe it was part of the injuries he had sustained. But then again why would the noise keep changing? The ship was almost totally empty, as few at arrived back on board yet.

Then as he rounded a corner he heard another noise.

“Not again. I must really be going nuts.” He said.

Then thinking about it longer he realized that he had just spoken… himself.

Probably hearing him speaking someone then opened a door in the compartment bay a few doors down. Studious quickly wheeled himself into another doorway to hide. He saw the woman he had ran into before…..literally.

“Again!?….. there’s no way…...I must be nuts” Studious was careful this time and thought it instead of saying it.

“Oh well…..Tally ho!!!” He began to ride forward toward the unarmed and unaware individual.

Riding up quickly behind her she turned around and noticed him. Perhaps it was the spinning wheels that gave him away…..or maybe it was the fact that he had just yelled “Tally ho!!!” He was traveling very quickly now. Then he heard a familiar voice say “Stop!” Unfortunately Studious was traveling too quickly to stop instead he put his cane down and rolled right past a very confused Theresa. He stopped around 4 doors down from her and then rolled backwards to talk with her.

He told her

“Sorry I hit you head with my bed but I thought you would have fled.”

She gave him a confused but lucid look.

As if trying to remind her he said

“Let me explain first I fought you with a cane then I ought to have caught you on that journey on top of my gurney, but I bled on my bed and you fled.”

She almost started laughing at Studious. Then she started to make a run for it.

The Colonel was confused. “Was it something I said?”

He took off after her “Wait…..wait…….Ms. stop!!”

Finally he started traveling faster than she was and began to catch up to her. He raised his cane once more and knocked her left leg. She fell to the ground. Theresa struggled to get up. Studious tried to stop her but then eventually pulled back and said.

“We’re not just gonna let you walk outta here.”


“My cane and me”

She then just got up and still tried to run for it. Studious carefully took aim. She was getting pretty far away. Then he threw his cane at her, it flew through the air and as she was running it hit her in the head and knocked her out cold.

Studious then approached her and carried her toward the brig on the Penelope.


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Seeker received the captain's message just after boarding the Penelope. He sent along an affirmative.

The Penelope was quiet. Most of the crew had disembarked to see friends and family. Seeker felt a pang of regret at the thought. As he walked through the pristine corridors he wondered what that would be like. The small part of him that was still Asher thrummed with sadness.

When he stepped on to the bridge, he was surprised to see Captain Luder sitting in the semi-darkness, thoughtful and serene.

"My apologies for disturbing you Sir," Seeker said when Luder looked up. "Reporting as ordered."

Seeker crossed to his station as it cycled online to greet him. A deeply buried part of himself was beginning to hate the interface device that was becoming less of a novelty and more of a prison to his keen sense of logic.

Reluctantly, Seeker plugged in. Immediately, a file requested his attention, citing top priority. The packet was heavily encrypted but unlocked the instant he queried it.

It was titled "Apotheosis".

With a gasp Seeker recoiled from what he was seeing. The office of Naval Intelligence had covertly installed a new weapon system to a small segment of the Penelope's exterior while everyone was on leave. It was a payload deployment system...

Seeker was appalled. This weapon had been banned for a good reason. Its very existence aboard the Penelope seemed to contradict Order: Adamant Resolve.

Seeker then did something he had not done in a long time.

He bypassed his order/logic routine and choose to openly violate a gag order.

His well kept projection appeared before the Captain on the bridge. The image looked haggard and frightened.

"Captain, you must be informe....."

The image flickered and died. At the same time, every electrical system aboard the Penelope spasmed before returned to normal status. The lights flickered before stabilizing.

The image did not reappear. Instead, Seeker's voice echoed across the control room.

"Belay last statement. All systems in order and on standby. Awaiting further orders," the voice said haltingly.

Inside the virtual reality of the interface, Seeker was waging an all out war within his own mind. His enhancements had struck suddenly and with tremendous force, shattering the 5-fold geometric encryption he had placed around his brain patterns.

In the brief instant that was the initial skirmishes of a climatic battle, Seeker had lost control of his higher consciousness. All control was wrested from him and his thought processes were shunted to an observer position.

The prison bars had slammed shut, the iron collar had been locked around his neck, and the whips were at his back. What he had most feared moments before had become reality:

Seeker had become a slave.

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Droid hadn’t spoken a word to me while we made our way around twisting halls, down elevators and through ship decks.
In fact besides telling the lift what level to deposit us droid had gone strangely silent as soon as we passed beyond hearing range of Bar.
It didn’t take instinct to realize the whole conversation before had been staged, acted out for another's benefit.
As I’d not be given the opportunity to ask, I let my assumptions who it was go unasked.
I don‘t think droid would have answered me anyway.
That it was all business droid had made clear, if the only thing it had made clear since leaving Bar.
I’d received orders to report to Ship’s Center and droid, following orders of it’s own, deposited me without any further instructions at that very destination.

But now what?

In all the scenarios I’d had time to imagine during the silent passage, to be left standing before the largest door I could never have imagined in all my life wasn’t one of them.
Huge became a small description.
This thing was beyond any measure I knew.
There was no more than a few strides from where I stood in the corridor to the door but the ceiling rocketed above my head and out of sight to soar somewhere far above.
That it was a door before me and not a sheer wall was made obvious by a bifurcation groove so like the one on the door of my cabin, though the line of comparison stopped there.

Taller than me by uncountable body heights it was impossible to take in it's width, even if it had measure to its end at all.
Stepping closer to stand near the sill I was overwhelmed even more by its magnitude.
My antenna pointed straight up and at this angle with my eyes full atop their stalks I still couldn’t make out where the door stopped, the ceiling began.

Reaching out to touch its soft gray surface I was surprised to find it warm under my hand, like something radiated a gentle heat from within.
“It’s warm” I whispered, the shear mass of the door having dwarfed not just my body but my voice.
I lay my cheek against it’s warmth and surprisingly tears pricked behind my eyes.

A biomechanical sound like well honed muscles stretching and singing with life thrummed under my ear, shivered under my hands.
The door begin to slide under my touch, I stepped back.
Opening only a mere fraction of it’s size the gap welcomed me.
I stepped through the crack into Ships Center the opening smoothing back into place leaving all else behind.

My work had begun.

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Regaining his composure Scurvy dramatically put a tentacle under his jaw and pushed it closed. His multitude of eyes were still bulging from their sockets as he raised his branded tentacle and showed it to Whisper while stepping aside so she could see her own reflection in the glass of the aquarium. She takes a moment but notices the glorious tentagram that once crowned her forehead was replaced by the same symbol that had been left burned into Scurvy's own tentacle. Her eyes shot open in astonishment as she raised two tentacles to her forehead and prodded investigatively.

"Awkward indeed Whisper," Scurvy begins, "it would appear as though we both seem to have this mysterious marking. Antar was just explaining to me the significance, I think it would be best if we go over it all again."

He turns to Antar and allows her to get Whisper up to date with the information she had just heaped upon himself minutes before. Hearing it a second time didn't make it any less intimidating, the end of all existence was not a trifle matter after all. As Antar was speaking Scurvy couldn't help but shift a couple eyes in Whisper's direction and admire the marvelous shimmer of the aquarium's lighting reflecting off her freshly oiled skin.

Scurvy lazily leans against the glass of the aquarium and is hit with a blast of energy while his mind becomes overwhelmed with a series of visualizations and mental phrases...

Scurvy, I am Saraswati. As Antar mentioned I am an Atlantean Whale. You and your partner Whisper are vital to our efforts to overcome the tipping of the celestial balance. The universe is held together by opposing forces and should one side become stronger than the other this universe will cease. There is one who seeks to tip the scales in favour of the dark side and in turn destroy existence as we know it.

This is the Dark Lord. He is of an ancient race known today as the Light Flayers. Their planet was destroyed millenia ago during an epic battle between the Light and Dark forces. The Dark Lord is the last of his kind and seeks vengeance on behalf of his people. He intends to merge two black holes into one enormous negative energy force that will be enough to overpower the Lights forces.

Black Atlantis is the Dark Lords hidden temple. Its whereabouts are unknown. Earth has spawned many different species and races in the universe, each migrating when its growth was complete. Earth is very conducive to harboring new life and is one of a number of nursery planets throughout the multiverses. The Dark Lord hopes to muster the necessary energy to merge the black holes by drawing from the life essence of the creatures currently being developed. He has led them to believe in a ruse of a single god and absorbs the energy the humans put into the entity through prayer and meditation. The humans of present day Earth have been having their essences drained by the Dark Lord for thousands of years. This has delayed their enlightenment and thus bound them to Earth and keeps them unknowingly in the vampiric aura of the Dark Lord.

This is Earth. You, Scurvy, are part of a key. The Loyals all contain chips each containing a unique piece of information that will allow the Light forces to access a celestial being created by Dr. Z, this is the project Antar spoke of earlier located on the floating planets. There are Loyal representatives from all of the races developed on Earth. Some of these representatives are already among the crew. We are traveling to the floating planets in order to unlock the biotechnology developed by Doctor Z.

This is the facility we must reach for here is held the project. Many other ancient sea creatures protect it for the time being and it is sealed with an organic forcefield also designed by the late doctor. Your chips are the necessary tools for unlocking this shield and the only way of now accessing its contents.

It was a pleasure meeting you Scurvy. Antar will answer any questions you may have. We will speak again.

... The vision ceased suddenly and Scurvy jumped back startled. He looked at Antar with awe prevalent in each of his eyes. She smiled knowingly at him and walked towards him. Taking his tentacle with the marking, which was now glowing a brilliant sapphire blue, she placed it on Whisper's forehead marking without a word. Scurvy could feel his vision being shared with Whisper and saw her eyes glimmer with what he could only describe as excitement. After the transfer was complete Scurvy took two strides backwards before collapsing to the ground due to the mental torrent of newly acquired knowledge.

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“Yes Silo?”
“It’s so vast”

“Yes, vast and empty. It will be your job to fill it.”
“Fill it?”
“Yes, I’ll show you what's required, the droids will help.”
“What will I fill it with?”
“We’ll soon be docking at Earth. Earth is nothing if not the nursery for the Galaxy. Life as you’ve never imagined grows on Earth and it will be your job to bring it here.”
“How will I know what kind to bring?”
“So many questions Silo. Don‘t worry, you’ll understand more as we go on and I‘ll be with you, of sorts.”
“Ship, why now? Life, I mean?”
“Death is coming Silo. A fight for life past, life future, life, now. In fighting there’s destruction, and death. I don’t choose killing lightly Silo, but kill I must. Therefore I need a balance, we all do, everything in the Galaxy is a balance. If I’m going to kill, I must also sustain life.”
“What will the Regalians think?”
“If you do your job well the Regalians will be pleased.”
“Even the Captain?”
“Especially the Captain.”

“Yes Silo...”
“Why... Why wont my Friend... Why did he leave me alone?”
“Wipe your eyes Silo and stop your heart from breaking so. Are you so sure he’s left you?”
“He wont talk to me anymore.”
“Love is also made of balance Silo. It brings great joy, and also great pain. Only when you feel nothing, indifference, will he have left you. And, he has not.”
“Enough questions Silo. There are memory disks in your quarters for you to study. You have much to learn.”
“Can I come back if I have any questions?”
“I’ll be with you wherever you are little Silo. You chose to remain with us to help find Ship's Captain, and yet you‘re not comfortable with the Regalians. In your quarters you’ll find a token of my appreciation, a small gift. Wear it always in health Attendant to Ship Silo.”
“Thank you for letting me stay”
“You’re quite welcome Attendant Silo.”

From behind my back came the soft hiss of the door. A cold breeze crept up my back making me shiver.
Ship’s interior was warm and slightly damp, the cold air on my back was not welcome.

“One last thing Attendant Silo.”
“Before you reach your quarters, remove your headband.”
“Goodbye Ship”
“I’ll call for you again before we reach Earth”

I slipped out through the crack in the great door into the corridor beyond.
Not a step had I gone before I wished I could return again, back to the warmth within.

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Arriving at the brig Studious reached up to his right ear and radioed the Captain.

"I have Theresa.....again. She seems more lucid than the other times we caught her."

Studious tried to talk to her but she would not say anything. It is as if she was trying to protect someone. The question is, who exactly is she protecting and why is she protecting them? Hopefully the Captain will be able to talk some sense into her.

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Whispers brains were overwhelmed, synapses firing in all directions. The reflected image staring back at her, disfigured. Not simply an illusion created by the distortionary quality of the glass, but a real alteration of her physical being. Her majestic tentagram, a regal physical attribute Whisper admired about herself almost to the point of vanity – gone, in its place a yet undefined symbol. With two tentacles, she validates the reality of the image she sees. Whisper touches her forehead with amazement combined with trepidation.

Whisper listens intently to the explanation by Antar of the significance of this symbol. She also senses the calming effect Antar is attempting to bestow upon her but, is resistant. Even though it is morning, she is tempted to ask Scurvy for his flask. All of her eyes being focused upon Antar, she fails to see the admirations of Scurvy or the dreamlike quality that befalls his features upon leaning against the aquarium.

Antar reads her old friend Whispers body language and the questioning in her many eyes and continues with story of Commander Z, the Loyals, and the nanobiotech research. Whisper, maintaining a defensive and distant posture, watches Antar gently and gracefully approach Scurvy as he had suddenly jumped appearing to almost be electrified through the glass by an eel that was swimming within the aquarium. What happened next further fueled her own bewilderment.

Antar took Scurvys tentacle in her hand and turned it over, revealing to Whisper a glowing blue symbol matching her own! Antar took Scurvys branded tentacle and lowered it to Whispers forehead. As the two markings met, Whispers minds were inundated with a series of [color=306EFF]visions. Words and pictures of a profound nature, ancient secrets revealed and creatures unknown to Whisper to have intelligent capabilities weaved a story of plans within plans. Unbeknownst to her two fellow crewmates, the vision of the Dark Lord remained in her third brain, Whispers eyes lighting with excitement.

Scurvys many eyes never left her own during this transmission. This type of visual sharing she had never experienced with another, not even Antar. She felt their bond instantly solidified and for a moment, their souls intertwined. Scurvy took a few steps back then collapsed onto the floor! Part of her wanting to go to him, her first brain recognizing this was a situation better suited for Antar, Whisper became lost in ponderings of the implications she had seen and felt. Antar tending to Scurvy and Whispers back to the aquarium where even Saraswati could not see her expression, she mused over the image of the Dark Lord ever present now even in her first brain. A sly, menacing smile crept across Whispers silvery sharp teeth.

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