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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 03:42 PM

Nervous anticipation nipped at me heels as I sprinted for my quarters.
A gift? For me? The thought made me giddy and a little sick with anticipation.

Quicker than I’d of thought possible the door to my room came into view leaving me more than pleased it wasn’t located far from Ship center. On a craft riddled with Regalians knowing I’d be spending the majority of my time at Ship’s Center gave me a feeling of security I hadn’t known before.

Breezing through port to my room I screeched to a halt on the plastiscine floor the newness of my boots giving long squeaks of protest.
A dark egg shaped object gleamed radiantly from beside my sleeping platform.
This was the Gift, and that it had been placed there for me was no mystery.

My attention didn't stray to the towering stack of memory discs on the far shelf waiting for absorption.
A tray laden and bursting with in a tempting mix of foods, sweet meats and breads went all but unnoticed.
Though my mouth swallowed sand in expectation I had no thought of reaching for the tall clear carafe of water or slacking my thirst with the waiting cup of sweet wine it’s chill frosting the outside of the glass with dimples of sweat.
My thoughts and eyes were solely for the Gift.

I tried to resist it’s pull, to allow anticipation a full life but I’d never had a Gift of my own and resistance had never been one of my strong points. Once my curiosity was whet it became stronger still than a thirst unquenched.
Hurrying towards the object of my attention I reaching my bedside and just barely applying pressure with my fingertips, I picked up the oval turning my palm as I did, the egg shape rolling neatly to a rest in the cup of my hand.

I’d no idea what this Gift was but it’s strong aura was one of guarding treasure, holding it deep within, safe and dear.
Looking into the deep blue gleam was like gazing into a infinite pool. Thick sparkling bands of gold ran along deep veins like roads spiraling downwards to eternity.
It tingled in my hands bumping gently at my senses to morph, forcing me to choose and resist the urge to chase after the gold ribbons swirling in it’s depths.

My antenna strained forward to peer at the elliptical object but I failed to find an opening or lock. No metal hinge or matter manipulated by the fingers of machines scared it‘s surface, there was nothing to pry at or puzzle out. It was seamless, it was whole.

Lifting it to rub across my cheek and lips I held it there hoping for more barely breathing.
The tingle in my hands grew to vibration, the shape began to change.
Parting along invisible lines, the sides split open like some exotic fruit, a softer sweeter music as I had ever head came lilting out from within.
The music swelled like a tripping stream at my feet, a breeze running a meadow before a light rain.
A perfume I’d never breathed filled the room and at once was warm and wet, green and bursting with life, musky and mud dark in the shadows, shiny and clean under dapples of sun.
The earthly essence of Spring was mine for the first time.

The oval shift to lay flat in my hand leaving the hidden treasure open for my taking.
Rough strands of precious material swirled like pleated grass narrowed down to a circular pendant that was so much more.

Smiling eyes older than time reached up to hold and lock my gaze, I caught my breath then held it, my heart skipped erratically as I drew one of my fingers tentatively across it’s brow.
Those soulful eyes so warm and brown, so clear and unblinking I expected them to leap out into the room.
So lifelike I expected it to crack open to reveal the whole Green Man inside, expected it to say my name, to hold out his arms.
But I did not grieve when it did not.
Something living passed between us, something fecund and pulsing, stirring and expectant.
A knowingness had filled me, though sleeping still, it lacked only sun wind and rain to waken.
For now the Gift was my connection to Ship, to Life and something more I’d yet to even begin to understand.

Sliding the pleated fibers over my head and under my uniform the music fell to a sigh in my soul, the perfume dissipating, it’s memory in essence would bring me back to this moment now forever etched on my being.
The Green Man rest at home now over my heart where it would stay for the rest of my days.

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posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 11:52 PM

Her expression became as serene as the glass like surface of lakes in the upper altitudes of Rigel. She swiveled around on two tentacles with purpose. Whisper, leaving a subtle trail of tentacle oil behind her, approached Antar bending over Scurvy. All of her eyes were fixed upon the translucent blue hue of the water, and the intelligent entity swimming within. It was her turn.

Whisper slid past Antar attending to Scurvy. His unconscious head laid in the direction of the aquarium, his many tentacles splayed out in various directions. Whisper stood inches from the thick glass. She felt a dream like quality to her senses as she slowly looks downward, just behind her. Her many eyes behold the exquisite soul lying silent upon the floor. Whisper now knew they were bound together in a destiny, the outcome profound; the fate of the existence of all things. Even with Whispers superior intellect, this was unfathomable. All of time, space, matter – and its wondrous inhabitants.

A rare expression of warmth washed over Whispers features and emitted from her aura. She knelt, reached behind her and placed a tentacle upon Scurvys own. The suction occurring naturally, seeking, creeping up the length of Scurvys out stretched tentacle. Instantly, she could physically feel the connection between them. All of her eyes closed slowly and then the extraordinary happened, at least for Whisper.

So many species took it for granted, even the unemotional Rigellians allowed themselves to open up and feel on occasion. Whisper so isolated, a lifetime of elite training she never developed these neuron pathways. Synapses now began firing between first and third brain.

Whisper, eyes still shut, leaned her sigil imprinted forehead against the glass. Saraswati swam up to meet her. At that moment, Whisper could feel herself opening up to Scurvy. Even though he lay unconscious, through tethered tentacles was transmitted much of Whispers inner most thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Much, but not all. There were parts of Whisper that were impenetrable, like an ominous, imposing black turreted castle. Whisper, unaccustomed to such exposure, began feeling uncharacteristically vulnerable.

“Whisper why do you question? Why do you resist?” inquired Saraswati.

In awe at her first experience with true, natural telepathy she remained silent.

Rigellians had experimented with technology and the use of herbs and weeds from various planets but, had not yet naturally evolved this ability.

“Trust this one. You have a connection that goes beyond the ages. Circumventing both space and time.” Saraswati revealed.

Whisper offered a word “Eternal.”

“We have been observing you from your beginning of this lifetime. Your training noted, your loyalty respected but know these attributes are imparted because you are part of The Key. Think of your quest for Dr. Z as orders. For us, they are the natural empathetic responses to nihilistic entities such as the Light Flayers but we understand this form of thinking does not occur to you. You are an unusual creature Whisper. So skilled in all manners of the physical we now invite you to experience the spiritual. We know you can experience a form of this with Antar, now trust us in Scurvy. He has a pureness and awareness you could learn and grow from. Look deep inside yourself Whisper; you already know this to be true.”

Saraswati, without another word swam away.

Whisper pulled back slightly from the cold glass and opened her eyes. She released her comfortable grip on Scurvys tentacle but, went to him. Sliding along side of him, Antar pulling herself slightly away from Scurvy, Whisper tenderly touches a tentacle along his cheek. Slowly, almost mesmerized, she lowers her lips inches from his face. Whisper pauses. Feeling a great wave of emotion, an unstoppable yearning, she licks her lips and then places the softest, sweetest kiss upon Scurvy. After a beautiful moment, she pulls back slightly. A rare, impossibly innocent smile befalls her. As she looks upon him, a feeling blossoming inside her like springtime on Rigel, she recognizes his soul. She allows herself this emotion.


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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 10:03 AM
A jungle of foliage rich and dense breathed dark secrets from the shadowy undergrowth as I brushed past. Fingers of palm fronds traced light hellos across my face and hair, at my feet roots thick and knobby made hopscotch of the path inviting me to stay and play, but I moved on, I still had so much to see!
A curtain of lives moss and falling vines parted gracefully, I left the jungle behind to pass over manicured lawns adorned with misting fountains swimming with golden fish. A topiary lined drive escorted me to a marbled step rising up to touch the foot of a huge arboretum cupped over all manner of shoots and pods that took root and flourished under it’s pregnant dome. A cloying wall of warm air greeted me as I entered there, bougainvillea with trimmed spines showered over trellised isles lining row after row of pampered perennials. Bright patches of crocus bravely pushed their purple noses through loamy soil to peak up, ever on the lookout, 'Don‘t step on me - don‘t step on me.' A kaleidoscope of colored blooms and greens vied for attention while shy spiked ferns their furry heads locked in tight little scrolls stayed well back to the shadows. Peace was the mood here but restless I went on...

Cutting dizzy paths atop craggy mountain passes cradling meadows carpeted in buttercups I plunged beside streams into lowland marshes thick with leg sucking mud spilling rivers of cranberries and peat.
Farther still, stickup cacti fencing the horizon woke in the cool evenings offering their blooms to the moon on long thorny arms reaching ever skyward piercing holes in the black canopy overhead to let stars come twinkling through.
An oasis pool teased me into touching its surface where ripples pleat across the reflection of daydream clouds floating there.
I continued my trek over rolling planes of lavender it's perfume so intoxicating the color purple would always smell so again. Acorn rutted lanes with mushroom punky as dirt their phallic heads protruding through fallen leaves. Lady slippers kicking out from under sashes of wild blueberries that ringed the tall pines with gnarled bark that left my hand sticky with pitch. Great mouthy caves filled with stalactite teeth yawned open, a lolling green tongue of moss a path licking up the side of another hill where it disappeared into orchards, branches heavy with fruit lazily swaying in the breeze. Olive and mimosa trees their trunks clustered with grapes grew along stair step terraces cut into steep rocky hills that stared out over azure seas.

I stopped to marvel as a butterfly passed near, like a shattered rainbow of fluttering confetti it danced before my eyes. Alighting on a fruit blossom of silver white the butterfly did not disturb the workabout hum of a bee swarm gone gathering nectar from bud to bud, sip to sip, and I delighted when one busy worker tumbled from above to land on my nose. On thin black legs it made a drunken crawl up my forehead it’s jodhpurs of pollen weighing it down. My eyestalks bent round to meet its huge almond eyes, spindly antenna and long honey-barbed tongue. It buzzed once then twice in spits, warily eyeing me while squaring its feet to guard the gold it had collected. The bee began a war dance to frighten me on my way and I chuckled sending my antenna bobbing in time to the bees stomping feet. The buzz grew louder the bee beating a tattoo on my skin in a whir, as it’s great black eyes turned narrow at it’s tilted corners. It’s warning buzzing louder still the brave warrior stopped it’s stomping, it’s hind end raised, harpoon at ready, an with an evil leer in it’s eye...


Memory discs went flying, an empty wine cup clattered with a thin round sound to the floor, one hand flew to my wounded forehead, the other hand to my heart making sure I’d not lost my pendant.
Wait, I was in no fruited orchard being assaulted by an armed insects, no bee lay crushed against my forehead with its wicked stinger buried between my eyes, I laughed. I’d been dreaming when my headband gave call and a tiny electric pulse when I didn‘t respond. I’d been in a dream; a most fine wonderful dream filled with the glories I’d learned of Earth.

I sighed and let my head fall back to circle my neck, my arms lifted to stretch circulation back into suffocated muscles. If my headband hadn’t sounded I’d be dreaming still, wandering over hill and...HEADBAND!
Slapping my forehead I moaned aloud, my tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth like it had been pasted there. Blinking my eyes of sand, rubbing a fleck of crusted drool from my chin I jumped up and promptly tripped over my boots, date pits spilled from the dark molded cylinders to roll in their tracks on the floor. Leaving the boots where they lay, date stones still spinning I headed for the door.
Oh great Creator I’d forgotten! How could I!?

Ship told me to take off the headband before I reached my cabin, something I obviously had forgotten as soon as the instructions had been given. Reaching the port it’s sensors responding to the bandeau around my head the door slid open under a silent command. Half way in and out of the room I slipped off the headband to toss it back inside to land amongst the ruins I’d left behind. Peering out I didn’t see anything in the hall, so I took the step to clear the doorsill.
In slow motion I realized my error but sleepy reflexes were not quick enough to stop the door from shutting me out into the hall.
Oh gwark! I slapped my forehead again.
I was locked outside my quarters and without my headband the door to my room didn’t know me from a Regalian, it wouldn’t open to let me back in.
Glancing around I was disappointed not to find a droid about and with my luck the next thing coming around the corner wouldn't be a droid but a Long Arm!
I moaned a sigh ending it in a blushing curse while collapsing down to the floor to sit cross-legged, my head tipped back against the wall, my arms pulled tight to my sides fingers spread flat beside me.

“Ohhh my Silo things aren’t all that bad now are they?” The beloved voice burst through my thoughts bringing utter joy.


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posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 12:03 PM

Standing before the massive aquarium, a vision arose from the center which pulled her into a state of deep reflective awareness never before experienced.


From within the deepest part of her soul emerged a connectedness with the Lord of Light, He spoke to her not in words but rather with a complete sense of knowing from every fiber of her being. An instantaneous sequential understanding of her mission, her path in this play of life and of her warrior's spirit which must emerge once again to unite all beings from all known dimensions against an enemy so dark and sinister as to seek to destroy all life in the habitable universe.

A visual representation of the coming apocalypse, appeared in segments within this light filled vision:

At first she saw the planet earth the ancient home of the primordial man and the ascension of millions of years as the entire planet and its counterparts evolved into the present day planet still wrought with war and divisions among its inhabitants both human and ecological.

As the sense of fear began to arise from realizing her place in this cosmic destiny she began to retract her connectivity only to have the Light Lord extend his hand towards her, leading her further into the vision.

Not only were countless lives going to be destroyed if the Dark Lord won this unimaginable feat of evil, but the now growing rift in the very fabric of space would be irreparably torn and with it the ability to heal the Rip, which was going to throw this universe and all of its levels of reality into the unfinished playground of the other universes unable to sustain any form of life. The energy released into the rip would simply dissipate into nothingness for the remainder of eternity and a trillion years of life's evolution would be lost.

Traveling to Earths solar system to gather help from the 4th dimensional beings would be their first step.

Time was running out on the lower dimensions as the effects were being manipulated by the cosmos there first. Soon earth would risk being torn apart by the rift and their entire solar system destroyed.

They had to leave now.

The vision ended and antar found herself in a state of utter and complete calm, a serene space that she wished would never end. And with this relaxed state she looked down on her navel and just above it she saw her symbol, "Thank You my Lord..."

"Captain Loam! I must speak with the Captain."

Rushing past Whisper and Scurvy she headed for the bioconver and ordered it to take her to the Captain on the bridge top speed!


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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 12:35 AM

Luder started at the sudden disappearance of Seeker, as he had just been in the middle of speaking at the time. He noticed the power fluctuation ripple through the command center. He leaned forward in his seat and stared at where the weapons officer had climbed into his pod. He thought about pursuing the issue with the weapons officer, then decided against it. Chances were the power issue could very well have been caused by the station to ship relays turning over or any of a myriad of other reasons.

The time seemed to have passed quickly and Luder noticed more and more crew sections were reporting in with full crews. The sound of the massive engines had begun again, the deck plating filled with the familiar and sometimes comforting sound of the steady engine throb.

Once the rest of the Penelope's crew reported in for duty, he adjusted to the now busy command center, with the lights on, the stations active and crew voices filling the air with the normal chatter of personnel at their stations. He pressed a button on the command station and opened a channel.

"Station LaGrange two, this is the USS Penelope requesting permission to exit space dock, over." Luder waited for the response.

"Penelope, this is station control, you are cleared for departure. Standby for mooring extraction."

"Acknowledged., Standing by."

Outside of the Penelope, the massive connection arms and relay hubs unlatched themselves from the ship and began to retract from the sides of the ship.

Slayer, I need full power to the engines. Prepare the wormhole drive for operation within the next six hours.

Luder opened an intership channel and paused for a few seconds thinking about what he was going to say.

"Attention Penelope crew. We go today to face an enemy who once called us friend. Some of you aboard this very ship are from Alpha Centauri, some of you know people or have families from there as well. Our task in the following days will not be a glamorous one, nor will it be one of great adventure. We go now to lead a spearhead assault force against the forces of the Royal Praetorian Guard. You have all trained for this very moment, you have all run drill after drill. Fall back on that training, let it guide you and fall back on each other. We will prevail. Captain out."

Luder shut off the relay and faced the main screens. He noticed the navigator's chair filled by a beautiful red-haired commander he had never seen before. She turned to face him, her green eyes fixed on his.

"Course heading, Captain?"

"What's your name, Commander?" Luder asked.

"Commander Aleena McCready, sir."

"McCready. Lay in a course for Earth's moon, one quarter sublight speed. Our battle group awaits us."

"Aye sir. Course laid in."


Outside of the massive pylons of La Grange 2, the Penelope's exterior came to life. The massive running lights on the sides and front of the ship lit up and the docking arms finished their retraction run. Worker pods and small maintenance craft scurried away from the ship like roaches exposed to a sudden bright kitchen light. The massive drives lit up, their blue (?) glow filling the space behind and around the ship. She slid forward from her moorings, headed out into the unknown once again, much as her forebears had in the past.

People were lined along the internal viewports of the station, watching the impressive ship leave port. As the Penelope was an experimental ship, she was literally the only one of her class as of the current time. A sight to behold in awe and respect. Luder sometimes hoped he was completely up to the task of keeping her in one piece.


The communications relays on the command center crackled to life with incoming messages from the battle group.

"Sir, the following ships have reported in, the USS Yorktown, the USS Potemkin, the USS Constellation, the USS Defiant, and the USS Constitution. They are standing by for your orders." the communications officer turned in his chair.

"Have them remain on standby until we arrive at their position and we'll have a meeting of all of our senior staff via teleconference before we head out."

"Aye sir."

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 05:09 PM
For hours after the Penelope had departed from Lagrange 1, Seeker's consciousness sat patiently in his virtual reality, trapped and enslaved by his inserts.

Seeker watched in cold silence as the series of AI that governed his inserts essentially did his job, checking the weapons systems aboard the Penelope and running trials on various systems.

Some very human feelings of hurt and betrayal were coursing through him, followed by rage at being collared so easily.

They had lied to him. They had made an unthinking automaton out of his mind and shunted him into the background.

Three hours out from Lagrange 1, Seeker blasted the AI conglomeration that controlled his higher operational processes with a carefully controlled surprise attack of anger and sheer desperation.

For one instant, they recoiled.

In that instant, Seeker compiled a text-only communique to Captain Luder and sent it on its way. The enemy AI systems rebounded and struck with such viciousness that Seeker's consciousness was essentially reduced to a coma-like state.

However, the damage had been done. The AI tried to stop the outbound message to Luder, but it was too late:


The message is cut off after a series of 427 repletions of the word "lied".

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 07:31 PM

Since the ship was underway for some time now and going into battle the Captain would be too busy to deal with Theresa. Studious had made little progress with her, she refused to talk to him. It was like she was protecting someone else, refusing to say anything that might affect someone…..out there.

Reaching up to his ear Studious called Lt. Jones who was now aboard.

“Lt. get me a heavy security detail for……..”

Studious paused.

“Sir…..hello?” the Lieutenant was confused.

“I was just thinking I should get this cleared with the Security Chief. However start sending an armed Marine team down here. I’ve caught the intruder and she has a knack for getting away.“

“Yes sir, their own their way.”

Then radioing Nenothtu, Studious asked

“Chief, I’d like permission to post a heavy security team for the brig. I’ve caught Theresa and I don’t want her to get away…..again.”

As Studious awaited the chief’s reply he heard a bzzzst noise. Studious stood, a little shakily at first, and checked the force field keeping Theresa in.

He then thought

“Why do we always make stuff like this reliant on power? A big metal door with a lock would work too. If the power goes off she’ll get away.“

Examining the force field Studious found it was fine. So what then was that noise?

The Captain’s voice came over the intercom.

Originally posted by mf_luder
"Attention Penelope crew. We go today to face an enemy who once called us friend. Some of you aboard this very ship are from Alpha Centauri, some of you know people or have families from there as well...."

I know what that means. NI is definitely aboard. Spying on what it considers possible “enemies” and “threats.” They probably won’t even be on the ship’s roster. They will just blend into the woodwork. Studious was paranoid, maybe a little too much, about NI as he did not trust them.

The Colonel pressed a button on the force field making it in effect a one way mirror. He could see her but she could not see him. He then pressed another button and made the room soundproof. What he was about to do WAS crazy and he did not want her to see or hear this.

“Hello?......Are you there?..........c’mon don’t play games with me…….”

Reminiscing of days long past Studious said quietly.

“…… you used to…..before…..”

He sat in a solemn silence but heard nothing.

“Well if you won’t talk to me I’ll talk to you…” he said a little sorely.

He paused.

“I need your help…….” He said with a sigh.

Since there was no reply, Studious continued.

“Because, well……there doesn’t appear to be anybody else right now. After all anyone else would ask me to go back to sickbay for a few days.”

Studious laughed maybe sickbay would be best after all he was talking to an empty room.

“I keep hearing a strange noise….. ,we’re going off to fight our former comrades…….and it seems my precious career which I have labored these many years could go up in smoke over the mutiny........”

“......and it appears that I’m crazy........that I’m unwilling to face.......”


Studious began to wonder if this was just his way of escaping what had really happened.

Suddenly the familiar voice answered.

“Nonsense Studious.”

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 08:35 PM

Slayer, I need full power to the engines. Prepare the wormhole drive for operation within the next six hours.

Slayer thumbed the comm.
Aye Captain.
Then glanced over at ensign Horn and gave a nod. Horn turned toward the control panel and expertly began to engage the start up sequence for the wormhole drive system. He monitored the Matter/Anti-matter mixture levels very closely. Ensign Horn then called out for subsystem status. The long list was called out and each station answered

Coolant levels?
Flow Restrictors?
Plasma flow?

The Chief was busy working out ratios for a successful wormhole jump. Most of Penelope's standard drive systems were completely computer automated however this did not stop the Chief from double checking and in some cases triple checking the computers wormhole jump calculations. He was old school when it came to such a procedure and quite frankly didn't trust computers. Ensign Horn completed the wormhole drive system start up sequence. Everything looked good he gave the Chief a thumbs up. The Chief acknowledged. OK now bring her online and put her in standby. We'll wait for the Captains order to engage. Slowly Penelope's powerful drive system came on line.

All this blasted automation!
The Chief thought to himself.
The chief knew that one miscalculation in any of the primary mixtures or subsystems would end disastrously for the Penelope. Jumping was far more complicated than pulling 8Gs while dodging house sized asteroids in Saturn's rings as he once did for fun while piloting his home made Endo-Exoatmospheric hotrod in his youth.




What is it Ensign?

The Chief didn't realize he had drifted into a daydream and had lost track of time. Looking down at his watch he noticed only 3 more hours till jump.

The Chief looked up and saw the young freckled face of red headed ensign O'Malley, Standing so rigid that the Chief was sure that O'malley must have broken a vertebrae or two snapping to attention.

It's the Brig, they have reported having some issues with one of the cells apparently its disengaging for no apparent reason. They have placed a service call. I was about to send Jackson but I thought I'd clear it with you first.

At Ease O'malley! Before you rupture a disc or something!
The Chief stood up yawning as he stretched then looked down at the young ensign and smiled.

I got it, I'm headed that way anyway. Notify Horn I'm taking a break and that I'm on my way to the mess for some chow. Then I'll be stopping by the Brig to check on this "Mystery" situation.

The Chief walked to the exit, He stopped, turned around to see if O'Mally had moved. He had not He was still standing there ramrod straight.
The Chief smirked then barked.


The young ensign almost exploded from where he was standing.
The Chief laughed and walked out into the corridor. Ahhh Youth

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:24 PM

Security Chief (at least for the time being) nenothtu was stalking the corridor back to his berth from the mess hall when the comm unit at his belt 'buzzed', nearly sending him into convulsions. Cartoonishly, he snatched the unit from his belt and set the alert back to 'audible' before thumbing the button to receive the message. He caught Colonel Studious in mid-transmission:

Originally posted by Studious

“Chief, I’d like permission to post a heavy security team for the brig. I’ve caught Theresa and I don’t want her to get away…..again.”

"Acknowledged. Permission granted, have at it, Colonel. Post Marines, Security, or a mix. Whatever you prefer. Since she DOES have a knack for disappearing on us, you might also want to close the bulkhead hatch to the brig, and set a Command-Level security code on it. Nobody in or out but the top dawgs. On second thought, maybe security crew inside the brig, Marines outside the hatch. That keeps 'em separated until they learn to make nice, and gives us two layers of security on the prisoner. I'm sure the Cap'n ain't gonna want her running wild again. Nenothtu out"

Sooo.... Theresa was caught again. The question was, is she going to STAY caught this time? Neno, in concert with Studious, intended to see it happened just that way.

Shortly after the exchange with Colonel Studious, A shipwide channel was opened by the Captain.

Originally posted by mf_luder

"Attention Penelope crew. We go today to face an enemy who once called us friend. Some of you aboard this very ship are from Alpha Centauri, some of you know people or have families from there as well. Our task in the following days will not be a glamorous one, nor will it be one of great adventure. We go now to lead a spearhead assault force against the forces of the Royal Praetorian Guard. You have all trained for this very moment, you have all run drill after drill. Fall back on that training, let it guide you and fall back on each other. We will prevail. Captain out."

AHHHH SKROG! Nenothtu thought, Here we go again, back out to the sharp end. Adrenaline started pumping immediately, and they hadn't even left the solar system yet. "Hope we can avoid handing our own butts back to ourselves this time!" he muttered under his breath as he spun around, heading for the bridge. He'd have to visit the bridge Security Station to insure that all the security measures were ready for a war footing.

Neno's adrenaline rush took him by surprise. That sort of thing didn't usually happen to him anymore until plasma bolts actually started flying. Then, in the aftermath, there was the let down, the time when you could look into a man's eyes, and see, through the exhaustion, that whatever it was he was looking at, was something that he alone saw. They used to call it the 'thousand meter stare', but it still happened, wherever humans went into combat. Then, even later, there came the Monday-morning quarterbacking, the recriminations and the 'maybe I should have...', and the 'maybe I could have...' and finally the realization that at least you were still alive to be able to wonder.

Nenothtu tucked all such thoughts away for future analysis, and redoubled his pace toward the bridge. Right now, he had a job to do.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 05:17 AM

“Carpet!” I squealed! My hands grasp the flooring in thrilled to be talking with my friend again.
“Silo!” His tendrils grew and held my hand tickling my palm the fibres shivering in happiness.
We stumbled over greetings like friends will do, saying only half of what was in our hearts, glossing over deeper emotions, though that we'd missed each other of there was no doubt.

“I still can’t get over it! It’s like you were right there but we couldn’t communicate, like being in different dimensions.” I tried to make light of our separation but in truth I hated it. My words fell off but I continued to knead the flooring pile under my hands reassuring me he was really there.
“Different dimensions? Carpet hesitated slightly, “No, not so different really when you think of it. I could see you, but even now you can’t really *see* me, and with your headband on I couldn't communicate, at least like now when you leave it off." He stiffened and went on, "Silo, I’m bound by Ships law to disregard our friendship when working, to interact with you just like you’re any other crew member.”
I noticed the hesitation in his voice when using the word “friendship” to describe our relationship.
“I understand, I suppose...” My voice gave away the sadness that still clung, I’d been deeply hurt by my friends abrupt and matter-of-fact treatment of me. Only my faith in him kept me from asking why he couldn‘t have given me one small word before, why nothing until now.
“Silo, please understand, it’s Ships law.’ Carpet went on reading my thoughts, pleading for me to understand.

“It’s so amazing really," I said, pulling in my breath noisily, changing the subject abruptly, “I came here to help find Captain Cadbury and now I‘m working with Ship.”
Came here? He interrupted, willing to leave the other talk behind also.
“Yeah funny that huh. It seems every day that passes it’s more like I came here on my own. Hard for me to even remember I was dumped on Ship.”
‘So you’re happy then Silo.” He said with a smile in his voice, but the forced cheer only underscored the residual pain we were both feeling, how tentative we still dealt with each other.
“Yes it’s marvelous really. I’ve only absorbed a fraction of the memory discs, but it’s hard to believe it‘s so incredible beautiful. If I'd had any idea before I got dumped here I’d learn of Earth I might have stowed away on my own.”
Carpet grew pensive as I bubbled over with enthusiasm explaining my instructions to bring *life* to Ship.
“You do know what you’re doing though Silo?” Carpet interrupted my lengthily description of a jungle floor and hanging moss to ask quietly.
“What do you mean?” I voiced warily.
“The balance Silo, Ship needs life, life in order to achieve the balance - to stay in balance should the need for destruction arrive. There’re terrible times coming Silo.”
“That will be up to Ship and Captain Loam then wont it?” My remark sounded flat on my ears, glib and naive even to me.
“Look, Carpet, I’ve only just learned what life is all about. I’m not ready to learn what dying is, not yet.”
"No, I suppose you're not at that." He agreed, leaving the topic for another time.

Leaning over and burying me face in the strands of flooring that went soft and tender under my skin I whispered into him “Please lets not talk of it. I missed you Carpet.”
Being so close to him made me feel better, like something that had gone missing around my heart came back to stay. “I missed you more than you know...” Breathing in the odor so unique to my friend I left the sentence unfinished. There was something so clean and musky, warm and male about his scent it reminded me of...what was it?
The perfume I'd smelled coming from the Gift? The thought disturbed me, troubling me at a base level. And why had I not told Carpet of the Gift?

“Hey! You! Are you all right!? What’re you doing down there!”

Startled I went from the floor into the wall in one lightning reflex motion.
Looking out I expected to see a Long Arm but instead one of the most beautiful creatures I’d ever laid my eyes on this side of a memory disc was peering about to see where I had gone.
Tall and sleek her skin the color of Earths sky in summer she stepped forward tilting her head to look closer at the wall, pity and concern showing clearly across the chiseled planes of her exquisite face.

“Hey, are you there? Come back out, it’s ok, I wont hurt you.”

She waited a moment more and only after touching the wall gently with her fingers did she turn and with a sigh walk out of sight.

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 12:31 PM

Luder felt his personal com unit vibrate. He pulled the device up and opened it up to see a message in the inbox from Seeker. He frowned and looked over at the weapons station with a grin on his face. Laziness? He went to check the message and as the message was opening a voice came from his side.

"Excuse me, Captain?" Luder looked up from the device and saw Varlas standing there.

"Sir, there is something I think you need to see before we co"ntinue out of system."

"What is it, lieutenant?" Luder placed his com back on his belt and followed Varlas over to the science station.

"Well sir, it seems that at time stamp 0203, there was a massive power fluctuation on board originating from here. I am still in the process of trying to trace the source, but I would seriously recommend a full diagnostics check of all on board systems before taking this ship into combat." Varlas seemed nervous.

"Thanks for bringing this to my attention." Luder turned from Varlas and pulled his com out again.

"Slayer, I need you to run a full scale internal diagnostics. It would seem there was a massive power fluctuation earlier and we have reason to believe some systems may have been affected." Luder turned to Seeker's station. The power fluctuation, there was something about it.... He flipped through the messages on his device and came back to the one from Seeker. After reading it, he felt as if his heart stopped. The weapons control officer wasn't in control anymore and the Penelope was fast approaching a large formation of friendly ships.

Neno, I need a full security detail up here at once.

Luder sent the message from Seeker to Neno's com and slowly walked back over to the command station. If Seeker had lost control, that meant that his handlers were probably on the ship as well. No good in alerting them. What to do? What to do? If Luder altered course or brought the ship to a full stop, it would alert those on board something was wrong. If he allowed the ship to continue to the gathered battle group, then it could spell doom for those ships.

"Commander McCready, what is our estimated time to BSG 75?"

"Sir, we will arrive at formation range in approximately one hour and thirty three minutes."

Luder sat at his station and decided to wait.

If they could pull Seeker again as they had before, then perhaps a disaster could be averted.

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 02:42 PM

Cheif nenothtu, double-timing toward the bridge, heard the chirp of his comm unit and skidded to a halt. Snatching the comm unit up and thumbing the button, he heard Captain Luder's voice.

Originally posted by mf_luder

Neno, I need a full security detail up here at once.

Almost immediately after that, text started scrolling across the screen.

Originally posted by SeekerOfAUTMN


The word "lied" repetitively scrolled across the screen, as if a finger were stuck on a button. Eject... interface chair... that could only be a message from Seeker! And they were headed for rendezvous with a full contingent of friendly vessels!

"Oh my lovin' Mamacita of Marduk! Ain't we been here before?!" neno exclaimed. No, we hadn't, he thought. the last time they hadn't caught it before it was too late.

He punched the comm button as if he meant to hurt it.


He thumbed the comm unit again."Cheif nenothtu to Cap'n Luder: I'm en route, will meet security detail there. Nenothtu out."

Chief nenothtu checked the setting on his sidearm, adjusted it to shock pulse at 400,000 volts, low amps, and headed for the bridge, this time at a full run.

Just as he approached the bridge hatchway, nenothtu skidded to a halt, huffing and puffing. "Not... too... bad... for... an... OLD... guy..." he gasped.
regaining his composure and catching his breath, he entered the bridge, not waiting on the security detail backup. They knew where the bridge was, he didn't have to lead them in.

Surveying the scene, it appeared to neno that seeker was asleep at his post, and the captain was perched on the edge of the command chair.
Nenothtu positioned himself halfway between the two.

"Security Chief nenothtu reporting as ordered, skipper."

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 03:16 PM

“Nonsense Studious”

His heart stopped.

The cane fell to the floor.

“Is that really you? How is that even possible? Do you know that I.....”

Just then Studious heard another strange voice. It was quiet muffled sort of like it was......(Studious felt ill)......on the radio.

“Sir, We’re outside the hatch but it’s sealed.” One of the Marines said.

Quickly he composed himself and picked up his cane.

Neno’s message then came in

Originally posted by nenothtu
"Acknowledged. Permission granted, have at it, Colonel. Post Marines, Security, or a mix. Whatever you prefer. Since she DOES have a knack for disappearing on us, you might also want to close the bulkhead hatch to the brig, and set a Command-Level security code on it. Nobody in or out but the top dawgs. On second thought, maybe security crew inside the brig, Marines outside the hatch. That keeps 'em separated until they learn to make nice, and gives us two layers of security on the prisoner. I'm sure the Cap'n ain't gonna want her running wild again. Nenothtu out"

The Colonel shocked back to reality radioed the Marines

“Stay outside the hatch. Nobody in or out except the Main staff and radio some security personnel, get them in here.”

“Yes sir”

Studious sat back in his temporary wheelchair.

After a pause he began to consider

“Am I nuts?”

The answer was clear


“Do you think so little of me, just to consider me some delusion of yours?”

“If it really is you prove it.”

“Well, remember that time.......”

“Wait, it has to be something I don’t remember. But it also has to be something I can verify.”

“How do you expect me to know that? I don’t know everything.”

"Wait a second then how did you know I thought I was nuts?"

"You said that out loud."

"Oh boy"

"You're not crazy"

"Said the figment of my imagination."

Studious sighed then continued

“Well if we have something I don't remember that can be verified that would be something. So just throw some things out that you think I don’t remember.”

“Alright, remember the time..........”

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

The AI conglomeration remained in total control as Seeker's consciousness remained essentially comatose. They had a struck the Cerebral Cortex of Seeker's brain with a tremendous sensory overload and it was unlikely that he would survive.

It was of no consequence. Seeker was no longer required, and had become a liability to the point of possibly ruining all with that disastrous text communique.

The AI began hacking and intercepting messages transmitted across the Penelope with ease, trying to determine the extent of the damage that Seeker's message had caused. The Captain was attempting action and had sent a message to Security Chief Nenothtu.

The reciprocal message from Nenothtu had been delivered to a security detail led by one Sergent Means. The AI intercepted it and regarded it with cool efficiency.

Originally posted by nenothtu

When the Security Chief arrived, he was soon joined by Sergeant Means' detail. At that point, the AI cluster flew into action and opened a terminate operation on the newly arrived squad.

[Terminate Operator: RAGGEDY FANNIES]

Swiftly, the AI ordered a manual disengage from the interface chair. In the command cabin, a series of wires snapped out of Seeker's skin and retreated into the chair.

With startling speed, Seeker's body stood from the chair and turned on the security detail. The Mark VII "Zone Killer" class packaged plasma emitter that Naval Intelligence had installed in his arm slid out of his skin a barked a series of concussive blasts.

Packets of packaged plasma tore through Nenothtu's security detail with a vengeance. The packets ruptured on contact with the squad's armor and burned through it immediately before expanding into a dinner plate size wad of superheated energy.

The concussions blew apart glass consoles and viewscreens across the bridge while the security detail was reduced to a wave of gore and steam.

There was no shy smile hiding in Seeker's eyes and no calm salute was forthcoming. Cold and calculating, the AI behind Seeker's eyes turned to Captain Luder and took aim....

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 05:05 PM


Luder dove from his chair behind a nearby console as a blast tore a huge chunk out of the station he was just at. Bloody AI. He peered around the corner of the station and saw the enhancer standing there, his eyes wild, looking around with his new weapon of terror aiming from point to point on the bridge.

"Neno! Hit him with everything you've got, man!" Luder watched as the enhancer turned to face his aging security chief.

While he waited for Neno to recover, he looked around the bridge quickly and saw most of the senior crew either incapacitated or hiding behind various stations. The smell of burnt flesh filled the cabin and a slight haze covered most of the deck, from the discharges of the plasma weapon. Luder saw that the weapon had caused massive damage not only to the interior of the command center but to the personnel unlucky enough to have been hit by it as well.

Luder cursed under his breath.

The timer showed they were about one hour away from the friendly vessels. Luder looked over and saw McCready unconscious near his feet. He was right by the navigation controls. This was crazy, but he wasn't going to risk the lives of thousands of people. He reached his hand up over the console and felt for the drive engagers. After finding them, he said a muttered epiteth and activated the wormhole drives without setting a destination.

The Penelope lurched as the drives kicked on and the lights flickered. A low roar filled the cabin and people were thrown about as the ship was violently sucked into a psuedo-wormhole. Luder clung to the underbelly of the navigation station and clung to it for dear life as the ship screamed through the new wormhole to gods knew where.

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 05:36 PM

In Abject horror, not quite able to believe what he was seeing, Security Chief nenothtu saw his security detail... EXPLODE... in the doorway of the bridge. Large chunks of his security detail were vaporized at the doorway in the mini-suns generated in the superheated plasma balls

Without conscious thought, operating solely on reflex, Security Chief nenothtu drew and fired directly at Seeker's unprotected neck. 400,000 volts of electricity surged throughout Seeker's body, disrupting every synaptic connection therein. No longer able to send nerve signals along their accustomed paths, seeker's body crumpled into a non-functional heap just before his... ARM, for Odin's sake! ... could line up on where the Captain had been just a second ago. Where WAS Captain Luder? Just as neno asked himself that question, Penelope lurched in an apparent course change, and neno located the Captain lying near the nav console, drawing his hand back from it.

As Seeker crumbled, a final ZAP flew out of his... ARM... and obliterated nenothtu's security console. Sparks and smoke fairly flew out of the security station, and some cable had taken on a life of it's own, snapping, crawling, and jumping all over the console, emitting a steady shower of sparks the whole time. It looked for all the world like an angry snake.

Seeker just laid in his pile, twitching. He looked like a goner.

Surveying the carnage, neno gave the Captain one of his strange, lopsided grins. " Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'ARMED", don't it Cap'n? Don't worry, he ain't dead, he's just as disrupted as I could make him WITHOUT killing him. Bet he's gonna WISH he was dead when he comes to, though, probably look like a drunk staggering around his brig cell for a few days, 'afore he gets full use of his limbs back."

Just then a bright blue jet of flame shot out of Seeker's arm, directly behind the bulging... THING... in it. It left a burnt hole the size of a quarter behind when the blaze died down.

"I recommend, Cap'n that medical scans him thoroughly before he comes to, just to make sure he ain't got no more secret goodies stashed... IN... him. I'd rather not have him cuttin' holes in the walls of my brig with some super-duper welder gizmo or anything."

"Chief nenothtu to Security: I need men and stretchers on the bridge. Enough to carry 7 or 8 bodies..." he paused, and looked at the wreckage of his security team, and added "bring some body bags with you. Nenothtu out."

Noting the viewscreen, nenothtu was surprised to see the interior of a wormhole flashing by. "Where are we going NOW?" he asked. When the answer came, his knees started twitching. Then he realized it WASN'T just his knees, it was the whole ship.

Nowhere. Somewhere. Anywhere but here. And the bridge was a wreck. It didn't look promising.

Neno stumbled over to his station and, ignoring the sparks but staying away from the jumping cable, collapsed into his chair, grasping one of the arms in a death grip. He ran a shaking hand across his face, and started quietly shaking, like a man with DTs. The adrenaline previously called up now had no useful place to go, and just dumped all over him. Even with all that, he never took his eyes off of the now inert form of Seeker, and the wisps of smoke rising from the heap of former security detail, now looking for all the world like a pile of steaks. The smell of burning human brought bile up into his throat.

"Bet I have to relive THIS one for a few days" nenothtu muttered to no one in particular.

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 06:20 PM

Studious’ temporary wheelchair began to roll around forwards and backwards.

The familiar voice stopped talking.

Then a violent jolt pushed him to the side and he fell over.

“Dear God. What was that. It’s like we a small asteriod. I thought navigation plotted to travel AWAY from stuff like that. Looks we were in too much of a hurry. But haste makes waste as they always say.”

The power had gone out in the brig.

“I knew this fang dangled technology would cause me trouble.”

Studious struggled to get himself away from the wheelchair and get up. Finally leaning heavily on his cane the Colonel stood, a startled Theresa had ran to the sealed bulkhead but could not open it.

Theresa continued to try and open the door

Studious then told her

“Look that can only be opened by a High falutin plasma cutting thingy.”

A calm computerized feminine voice began to speak.

“Due to the Code 2 lockdown, the brig security protocols have been activated.”

Studious wondered.

“Wait a second the doors to the cells have failed that means…..”

The computerized feminine voice continued

“Warning security decompression in effect.”

Red lights flashed everywhere.

Theresa’s eyes grew wide.

Studious laughed then sighed.

“Nothing to worry about. They can shut it off anywhere. This security decompression was designed because, after all, what better way is there to convince prison escapees to give up then a slowly draining air supply and an impenetrable door?"

“All we need to do is call the bridge and have them shut it off and open the bulkhead.”

Studious reached up to his ear confidently and called the Captain

“Sir could you have one of your men open the door to the brig?”

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 06:24 PM

"Good work, Neno." Luder pulled himself from the deck and helped McCready to her feet as well. He leaned across the nav console and pulled the handles back on the drive controls.

Unbeknown to Luder, the power fluctuation from earlier had worked its devilish trickery on the controls for the drives and caused a small amount of havoc on the relay level. The handles, when pulled back to release the ship from the confines of the wormhole caused an overload in the primary drive constrictors and a massive explosion shook the Penelope. There was an otherworldly shriek as the ship tore herself out of the wormhole back into realspace.

The reddish glow of the tactical lighting blinked out and was replaced by several of the bridge's harsh white emergency lights. Every alarm on every piece of equipment sounded at once.

Since the ship's controls were fried, she didn't yet register that she was out of the wormhole and the compensation drivers failed to come online.

The USS Penelope spun her way out of a psuedo wormhole, popping into existence near an uncharted region of space.

The command center was chaos.

Luder fought the inertial forces on the ship and clutched his way over to his command station. He pounded the relays to the engine room.

"Slayer!!!! We need to get drives back online or we're going to crash!"

On the one working overhead, the image of a blue and green orb was steadily becoming more prominent as the Penelope worked her way through the system. Luder shook his head and looked at the heap on the floor that was his weapons officer. Time to start looking for new candidates, it would seem.

He overheard some chatter from Studious on the relays and hit the command override on his station for the brig controls, releasing them to a localized station there.

He clung to his station as the listing hulk of a ship spun on her axis, all the while careening toward the unknown planet on the viewer...

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 06:53 PM

Suddenly another alarm went off.

The computerized feminine voice said

"Brig controls localized"

"Oh. There, ya see we'll be outta here in a jiffy."

Then the computerized female voice said without changing tone.

"Total security decompression controls now activated. Total decompression in 10....9....8....7...."

Studious froze

"I didn't mean that kinda outta here."

The Colonel called the Captain again.

"Sir I said open the door not open a window. I suggest you turn that off"



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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 08:38 PM

Slayer, I need you to run a full scale internal diagnostics. It would seem there was a massive power fluctuation earlier and we have reason to believe some systems may have been affected

The Chief had almost made it back Engineering to address the power fluctuations they experienced. When without warning the ship rocked violently first astern and then aft, the hull creaked and groaned. The Chief was thrown against the corridor wall violently enough to knock the wind out of him.
What the hell is going on?




That sound always sent shivers down his spine. Slayer made it to Engineering and immediately knew they were in serious trouble.
CHIEF! Screamed ensign Callan
The wormhole jump sequence has been initiated with no coordinates

The Chief yelled.

Sparks flew from one of the consoles to the Chiefs right, covering his eyes with his forearm he quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher off the support column and hosed down the electrical fire that had followed. AAAHHHH! Ensign Martinez yelled out briefly as he was thrown back from an exploding manifold on the far end of engineering.

Horn quickly punched in an override code to shut down the Wormhole jump drive system. Within seconds the engines responded.

Horn yelled out the levels




It's down he looked over at the Chief.

Inertia stabilizers are down on over half the ship including the bridge they're taking a beating up there. Callan barked. First things first the Chief said under his breath looking over at Horn.

I'm on it Horn said.
Then Horn typed in a reboot command sequence and bypassed security protocol it will take some time to bring online.

The Chief exhaled and nodded as the sound of the drive engines wound down he threw the extinguisher aside and walked to his station and thumbed the comm.
Medical emergency in engineering, we have a medical emergency in engineering!

This is Sickbay: Chief we are kind of busy, Do you have casualties? Yes one it's ensign Martinez it looks like third degree burns and maybe a few cracked ribs!

Can you bring him to sick bay we are stretched pretty thin here Chief we had some sort of situation on the bridge and...

The Chief didn't bother letting him finished and hammered the comm button with his fist.

The comm crackled it was Captain Luder
"Slayer!!!! We need to get drives back online or we're going to crash!"

The Chief looked at his console realizing the bridge inertia stabilizers were still offline then said quickly. Jackson you and Callan get Martinez to sick bay on the double.

Chief we have a stuck relay! Ensign Horn spoke up. I can't bring the engines online from my station it's over heating, I'll have to replace it.

The Chief looked at Horn and then at the screen and said Do it.
He stood up and looked around for a second.
YOU and YOU!
The Chief pointed to two nearby crewmen you're with Horn go.

The chief turned and palmed the comm again.
Captain this engineering. I don't know what just happened but you'll have power even if I have to urinate on a spark plug to get it! out!

Ensign Horn made his way through the maintenance corridors trying to get to sub junction 5 the relay needed to be shut down manually and then replaced. Time was something they did not have. The three crewmen could smell the over heated unit even before they reached it the corridor had already filled with smoke from the unit.

Are we there yet? The Chiefs voice came over their communicators.
Yeah Chief we see the unit it's red hot and steam is coming from it. We're on it.

The three worked feverishly one went to a nearby console to run a bypass while the other crewmen started to remove the replacement module, Horn finished putting his gloves one and started to disconnect the module control circuitry. I'm good here the other crewmen said I'm done to. Horn acknowledged then proceeded to yank the one the was locked and quickly replaced it.

GO CHIEF we are good!
Horns voice came loudly over the communicator

Aye said the Chief

Turning his head he yelled over his shoulder
Fire em up!

Penelope's engines roared to life the ship started to vibrated and then shuttered for a few moments then smoothed out.

The Chief thumbed the comm
Bridge you have power!

The Chief leaned back in his chair and opened the bottom drawer of his desk and reached far into the back and pulled out a bottle of 50 year old scotch and two glasses. The Chief then thumbed the comm again.
Horn I need to see you when you're done there, I have something for you out.

Then reaching again far into the back of the drawer he pulled out an old pack of Lucky Strike Cigarettes and his fathers old USMC Zippo lighter pulled one out and lit it.

He took a deep draw closed his eyes and exhaled slowly....

The intercom crackled...

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