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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 10:14 PM
"This was more than I could have imagined, to be able to actually meet a real crew of U-mans that were not part of Fathers experiments."

"Go slow antar as the Humans are not always what they appear to be, and since they do not live in the same reality, frequency as we do they have the unconventional ability to deeply hide their true emotions and feelings, often so deeply that they do not even know what they repress below the unconscious level and that alone makes them dangerously unpredictable."

"Yes Saraswathi Mother also worried for me around the U-mans but I remember the kindness I always felt from their presence."

"You were simply reflecting like a mirror reflects what stands before it, if you step aside away from the mirror only a potential remains, not the actual image. Humans are evolving rapidly but they still hold deep unknown variables which should not be underestimated for your own safety."

"And what of you Saraswathi? after all these millenia to finally come face to face with another species of your home world?"

"The bliss we feel at the presence of our fellow earthlings is just that, a joy beyond words, yet bitter sweet as well."

"Why bitter sweet?"

"Because the humans will never know that we exist, that we have evolved and hold the Master Keys to not only their past but their distant future as well."

"I see, it would be difficult to be so close to one of your own and yet not be able to connect."


"Thank you Saraswathi for sharing with me, I do feel strongly your heart."

"As we do your antar. And one more thing, there is one on board the human crew that is a direct descendant of the Dark Lord. He does not know it at this time, I tell you this not to frighten you antar, but to warn you to be careful, be careful of the Humans."

With the end of the telepathic transmission antar looked up to notice Whisper and Silos disappearance.

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 10:49 PM

All stop. All hands secure from general quarters. Engineering crews, standby to aide Asher in whatever he is doing to disable those N-Bombs. Maintain Standby Alert.

As the Penelope slowed to a silent standstill, Luder stood up from his station and paced the length of the command center. The long-range communications were still out, rendering the ship unable to send any messages back to the Federation. He looked up at the overheads and saw the point of light that was the alien ship starting to take form on the screens. It was odd, like some type of mythical bird, with its wings out and a beak for the front of the ship. Truly interesting design. Luder noticed a readout from his station on another pass and paused to read it.

"Effective immediately. Transfer of prisoner: Theresa Jackson to USS Penelope."

Luder frowned and noted the timestamp. Just before the Penelope left dock to meet with the task force. Why the blazes would fleet order the prisoner back onto the Penelope? He felt mixed emotions and punched up a line to Studious.

"Colonel, when you are able, I want you to report to the command center and bring Captain Jackson with you." Luder turned back to the strange ship growing closer on the screens. He sent out one more hail.

Unidentified ship, this is Captain mf_luder of the USS Penelope. Please respond on any frequency.

Fleet regulations were pretty specific as to the measures that would have to be taken in order to safeguard the ship and the lives of the crew aboard. Luder didn't want to have to turn and run without having a clear idea of the location of the ship, but he would rather be even more lost than risk the unnecessary loss of life a fight would most decidedly bring.

"Commander McCready, lay in a course heading best possible guess toward Sol and have the ship on standby to jump on my order." Luder watched the red-head work at her station. Why did she look so familiar?

He chewed the inside of his right cheek and crossed his arms, facing the viewscreens.

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 03:02 AM
Marine: "Are you alright sir?

Studious: "Yeah, yeah I'm fine."

Wife: "That's a lie Studious go to sickbay"

Studious: "I SAID I'M FINE."

Marine: "Uh...yeah I heard you the first time." The sgt. said as put his hand to his ringing ear.

Originally posted by mf_luder
All stop. All hands secure from general quarters. Engineering crews, standby to aide Asher in whatever he is doing to disable those N-Bombs. Maintain Standby Alert.

Originally posted by mf_luder
"Colonel, when you are able, I want you to report to the command center and bring Captain Jackson with you."

Studious walked over to Theresa as she was just waking up from her helpful coma.

“You are going to go the bridge and if you escape one more time…….BANG ZOOM TO THE MOON… it.”

She nodded. Or at least Studious took it as a nod. Under guard she left for the bridge.

"Now what’s this Standby Alert for, what the heck is going on here. Sgt. tell me everything."

After being briefed on the unknown ship, Seeker's new actions and the escape of someone named Asher Studious asked.

"So there's a ship out there and who's this Asher is he a threat?"

"Uh...he's the enhancer sir."

"What! We're going to trust him again. Look where that got us. First he blows up one of our carriers all of our fighter craft kills my team and turns a security detail into....."

Studious paused. Images from his nightmares had not been as terrible as the reality. In his dreams no one had actually died.

"That's it Sgt. something has to be done."

"But sir, he says he's trying to disable the N bombs."

"An N what?"

"Oh sorry I forgot to tell you....their big nova causing bombs. You see they cause the outer layer of a sta..."

"Dear God." The Colonel whispered in horror.

"Yeah I know, it's facinat...."

Studious began running down the hall.

"Hey, where are you going? Colonel?.....Colonel?"

Studious, sweaty and wide eyed, ran to the holding cell where the enhancer had been kept.

The security team there was surveying the large hole cut into the floor and the broken restraints.

"You don't look so good, maybe you should go to sickbay sir."

"There's no time. The N-bombs"

"Don't worry about it Asher’s going to disable them"

Studious: "Was I in crazyland or have I just entered it?"

Wife: "No this is reality, Studious" she said matter of factly.

Security: “Nope your still on the Pen.”

Studious: "I wasn't talking to you?"

Security: “Then who were you talking to?”

Wife: “Don’t tell him. He can’t see me. They’ll just put you away.”

Studious: “Your…..” The Colonel realized the security team was still watching him and was unable to say ‘your driving me nuts.’

Security: “My what sir?”

Wife: “Just like they put away Johnson’s…..aunt was it?”

Studious “.....Mom.”

Security: “Your mom. Very classy sir.”

Wife: “I’m not his mother. You know we never had kids.”

Studious: “I’m sorry.”

Wife: “It’s ok, it wasn’t anyone’s fault.”

Studious: “Not you. I’m sorry I said your mom.”

Security: “Sir I think you’d better lie down.”

Studious stumbled near the hole in the floor.

“Security: “Woah not so close to that hole there you might just fall in.”

Studious leapt through the hole.

Security: “What are you doing?!"

"My duty.”

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 02:24 PM

All stop. All hands secure from general quarters. Engineering crews, standby to aide Asher in whatever he is doing to disable those N-Bombs. Maintain Standby Alert.

Aye Captain
Ensigns Horn and Jackson Replied over the comm.

The Chief following the Captains orders assigned a few others from his dept to now search for and assist Asher if he was to be found in time to prevent a possible disastrous first contact situation. The Chief continued his analysis of the Alien vessel. The Penelope's scans had been good enough to display some higher resolution images and the Chief was able to bring up a detailed description for the Captain.

The Chief turning to Captain Luder and said.

Here you go. I have been able to compile the scans. I'm uploading them to our data base. Just in case we have to leave in a hurry at least we will have compiled some data. I sure would like to get a look at her propulsion system. It appears completely different than ours.
The computer beeped a few times then started to show some new data. Captain we are obtaining some data but its incomplete the computer is still chewing on it but here is what we have so far.

Length: 2500 meters
Width: 1900 meters
Breadth: Compiling............._
Hull: Organic Membrane. Composition Unknown........._
Power Generation: Compiling............._
Engines: Compiling............._
Life Support: Life support systems on board include the following:
Oxygen/Breathable Air Generation: Composition Unknown........._
Water Purification/Production: Compiling............._
Crew: Compiling............._

That's it for now Captain. The Chief turned around and started to see just how much information he could squeeze out of Penelope's scans.

Horn and Jackson continued their search for Asher. They had not had any luck. Making their way through the ships maintenance corridors.
I'm not picking anything up. You?

Nah said Jackson.
Nothing on the scans.

Where could he be? Lets check out some of the Jefferys tubes on deck 12 section D-4

They both started out for the new search location

Meanwhile back in Engineering
Ensign Callan was at her station prepping the worm hole jump drive procedures when she notice the computer at her station started to act strange. Then without warning it started to flash through all of Penelope's security data.
She thumbed the Comm...

Chief, we have a major issue down here.

The Chief logged on to her station from the bridge he saw what was happening. He turned to the Captain.

We better find Asher and fast! The NANO bots have broken through my lockout program and are now rifling through launch sequences and they are almost ready to fire the N-Bombs. Times running out.

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 02:49 PM
Scurvy watched the crew stumble about their assigned tasks as Antar's words sunk in. He was now in charge of the most advanced ship the Rigellians had ever produced. He was in shock but adrenaline was pumping through him eliminating all uncertainty. Commanding others had been his life for so many years he slipped back into the role with ease.

Slithering over to his command post he brought up the diagnostics array for the ship's magnetic field. Drawing a slight amount of energy from the ship he increased the range of the field so as to encompass the alien vessel if it came within firing distance. He made the proper adjustments so that if things got hairy he could activate it and disable anything metallic within the field. From the information the ship had gathered already it appeared as though the entire human craft was composed of metallic substances, including most of their weapons. His screen flashed at him as the ship noticed a very frightening looking contraption strapped to the bottom of the ship. Scurvy had looted similar devices from military wreckage in the past and immediately recognized the signature. Those were microwave-makers. If these beings were crazy enough to run around with Rad. Bombs strapped to them he would have to approach this communication with caution, he had no desire to be bathed in solar radiation. He targetted the bombs with the ship's Pinpoint Annihilator and set them to standby. He then adjusted the Yggdrasil Pods so as to be able to engage in a fire fight if it came down to it. With that he slid from his console and looked to see how everyone else was doing with their tasks.

The small creature Silo appeared uneasy and approached Antar. They exchanged some short words and as Silo turned away from Antar he noticed her slightly stumble and a look of pain wash over her face. She collapsed shortly afterwards but before anyone else could move to Silo's assistance Whisper gracefully dropped from her vantage point on the roof and landed right beside Silo. Whisper carried Silo out of the bridge to the corridor and layed the small critter on the ground. Tendrils of the ships flooring reached up and entangled the small one. Scurvy was fascinated but right now they couldn't afford any more time. The communications console emitted a startling beeping sound and Scurvy's attention whipped to the blinking buttons.

Turning back to the communications console Scurvy took a deep breath, reached over and flipped the toggle to hear the incoming hail.

Unidentified ship, this is Captain mf_luder of the USS Penelope. Please respond on any frequency.

"Without further ado ladies, let's get ready to meet our guests." Adjusting the switch to send outgoing transmissions Scurvy straightened himself and began.

"Captain mf_luder I am Captain Scurvy of the Yydryl, we fly for the Orion Alliance," Scurvy didn't want these humans to know he was only acting Interrex and spoke in a strong commanding tone, "Your ship is in our scopes and we are requesting your complete co-operation. We have no hostile intentions but will react with appropriate force if necessary. You appear to have a cluster of Nova Bombs in your payload, I demand you power down those units before I disable them and your ship for you. We will be approaching your vessel, I will establish visual transmission when in range. We have some things to discuss."

Scurvy punches in the Send button and swings to face his crew.
Whisper if everything is all right over there please resume your post, I want your full attention on this screen and your input afterwards.

CindyMars when you have completed the cleansing and vibratory field work please join me up here. I want these things to see more than just Rigellians on board this ship. You have a pleasant face and in my past experiences these beings shy from anything that does not look humanoid or attractive. I do not want to frighten them into aggression, last thing we need is a fire fight while we are short two Commanding Officers.

Antar please remain behind myself and Cindy, keep an eye on Silo and make sure she is all right. I do not know what just happened to her but I need Whisper paying full attention, not playing medic. When Silo is up to it get her back on her feet and back to duty ASAP. Also get ready to contact the higher ups in case this meeting escalates for any reason.

"Questioningall I need you..." Scurvy glanced around, the sudden realization hit him that Questioningall was nowhere to be seen and he hadn't heard anything of her in quite a while. "Anybody know where she is?" The crew looked around and then at him with confusion in their eyes and he knew none of them had knowledge of her whereabouts. "We'll figure it out later."

Everybody finish up and let me know when you are ready to establish visual contact.

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 03:55 PM

So focused on expanding her frequecy capsule out to buffer, the approaching ship, CM had missed the little alien Silo's distress, but had caught Whisper whisk her away.

This vessel looked like a new Earth ship,CM had seen similar fleets on her most recent visit to Earth.

Curious if anyone aboard this U man ship knew anything of her birdman, Spira?

Scurvy shook her from her thoughts.

"CindyMars when you have completed the cleansing and vibratory field work please join me up here. I want these things to see more than just Rigellians on board this ship. You have a pleasant face and in my past experiences these beings shy from anything that does not look humanoid or attractive. I do not want to frighten them into aggression, last thing we need is a fire fight while we are short two Commanding Officers. "

"Aye, aye Captain!" she salutes smiling and moves to stand besides IC Scurvy. "Good idea, I know humans and they will feel better seeing a humanoid. We need to talk as soon as possible but for the moment, I have abilities and if we are in danger I can freeze time. I am much more than a bartender but friend and ally, that you can be sure of."

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 05:13 PM

“Silo, wake up...” Ship's voice caressed my conscious like a cool hand on my forehead.
Awakening wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, surprisingly all I did was open my eyes.
While in suspended animation with my pendant monitoring my vital functions I’d been frightened at first, fearing I might never again regain control of my body, be able to move, to talk, but with one word from Ship I slid back into control of my body, opened my eyes and smiled.
I was at Ships Center where the humid warmth and quiet filled me, gave me peace lying there on her floor.

“How did I get in here?” I asked, still supine, looking up into the soaring beams of Ships inner structure.
“It doesn’t matter. What matters is you’re ok. How do you feel?” Ship asked gently.
“I’m ok Ship. Better now.” I did a mental check of my body, lying still, breathing deeply.
“You were poisoned Silo, but you already know that don’t you?“ Ship stated the obvious.
“Yes, I knew it as soon as I walked onto the bridge but I couldn’t control myself.“
“That’s what poison does when it doesn't kill outright. It’s insidious and debilitating. It takes over your senses, robs you of your actions and words, even if you don't die you're as good as dead.
“Yes” I laughed softly out loud. The poison hadn’t robbed me my memory of the debacle on the bridge with the Healer Antar.

“Do you know anything of the other suspected poisonings aboard?” Ship asked with some curiosity.
Though I knew Ship could read my mind at any given time I was grateful I was given the chance to respond in my own way.
It gave me validation and a sense of comradery when Ship had more respect for my individuality than to intrude on my minds solitude, to trespass where no one had the right. Nothing was more precious than the ownership of my own thoughts and actions, my free will.

“No, I didn’t know there was poison on the Yydryl. It was the nut wasn’t it?” I replied, half guessing at the answer.
“The Yydryl has been fraught with troubles long before you arrived here Silo, and yes, it was the nut. If you had eaten it instead of choked you would have died.” I could feel the nervous tension returning to Ship, and felt the more sorrow for being in part the cause of it.

“Don’t worry Ship, I’ll talk to the Security Officer as soon as I can.” I tried, hoping the idea would please Ship.
“Well well well, what an abrupt change this is! From hiding in walls to seeking them out! What's happened to your fear of the Rigellians?” Ships bearing became lighter and cheerful at my revelation.
“I don’t know really. I was feeling like my next breath would be my last, I remembered what you said about S.O Whisper, I looked up and there she was, and I didn’t feel any fear.”
“I’m happy for you Silo, and for the Rigellians.

Ships voice held a smile and a secret left unspoken, none the less I felt content wash over me in waves.
That Ship held back knowledge of the poisons ability to cause a sense of euphoria, (thus my sudden change of heart over the Regalian), was a secret indeed, and one Ship was wise enough to keep to herself.

“It’s good you’re better. Exciting times have come to the Yydryl Silo,” Ship sighed happily, “Your gaining a tentative trust of the Regalians at this juncture pleases me, as it should you. It’s good when something positive comes from a tragedy.” Ship finished, closing the subject.

“What do you want me to do now Ship?” I felt like even better than when I’d first woke but small shadows of confusion still lurked in the corners of my mind.
“For now, if you’re up to it, you’ve got someone outside the door who’s very concerned for your welfare.”
“Carpet!” I cried, hoping my friend wasn’t too worried.
“Yes, and I think you better go cheer up the old Rug. I hope you’re pleased I’ve given Carpet permission to enter your private quarters.”
My eyes must have betrayed my joy, Ship laughed again, vibrating gently under me as my heart soared.

Pulling myself up from where I’d lain I let my head stop spinning before I righted myself to my feet.
“Silo, when you’re satisfied you’re quite well report to Captain Scurvy for conference. Then you’re welcome to return to the Whales. You professed a desire to communicate with them, do so, maybe you can give them comfort. They do suffer so on board and their sacrifice is great. Do what you can to see to their happiness.”

“Anything else Ship?” I asked, pleased Ship had given me permission to spend time away from studying to be with the Whales.
“Yes. Don‘t waste time getting get back to your memory discs. If need be work on them near the Whales or in the Swamp when you’re helping Leisure Officer Cindymars, but I expect you to apply yourself will diligence. Goodbye Silo.”
“G’bye Ship” I turned to go.
“And Silo, from now on stick to pretzels.” Ships voice was full of warmth and content.
I laughed as the mammoth door to Ships Center parted to let me slip outside.

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 05:49 PM
Asher moved through the storage compartments and toward the cargo elevator. The airlock array was located in upper engineering and the small freight lift was the quickest way to get there, assuming that it would work for him.

If not, he would just have to put more holes in the ship and risk the chief engineer's wrath, but there was nothing for it.

He stepped around some packaged cargo and into the lift. He took a deep breath and placed his palm on the activator and jumped in surprise when it pinged green. He quickly keyed the lift to take him to upper engineering and it bolted off at speed.

Moments later, the lift doors slid open and Asher was faced with a pair of reactor engineers who gaped at him (mostly the apparatus jutting from his arm) in shock.

Asher pointed the weapon at them and spoke.

"Listen, I don't want to hurt anybody. Just let me pass. I've got some bombs to defuse. Lot's of lives are at stake."

To his surprise, the techs backed away immediately without even going for their sidearms.

"Sir," they said. "We've got orders to let you pass and help you if we can."

"What's the quickest way to the airlocks?" Asher replied.

The techs pointed down an adjacent corridor in unison and Asher darted down it without a second glance.

He smiled to himself as he followed the signs that pointed to the airlock array. For some reason, the Captain trusted him. That had to be a good sign.

With renewed determination, he moved into the deserted white paneled airlock array. Inside, standing booths were arranged around in a semicircle in the center of the room. Asher stepped into one and within seconds, it had excreted and secured an EVA suit around him.

He shuffled as quickly as possible to the nearest lock and engaged the inner door after stepping into the cramped compartment. He stood in silence and stared at the myriad of warnings on the outer door for a moment before he pressed the release.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the chamber vented and Asher was hit with an immense feeling of vertigo. Space looked so much different from behind a computer screen than it did in reality. Enormity didn't translate well it seemed.

Tentatively, Asher stepped out onto the outer hull of the Penelope, his magnetized EVA boots locking his feet securely to its armor plating. He felt a wave of nausea come over him and focused on his footsteps until it passed. Throwing up in one's spacesuit had to be one of the most unpleasant things he could think of, not to mention embarrassing.

Asher cautiously made his way around the hull and to the underside of the Penelope over the next half hour, using a combination of the magnetized boots and gas maneuvering pack he wore.

With quiet sort of malice, a matte black protrusion the size of a large bus came into view, looking every bit like a cancerous tumor. It appeared to have been welded and secured into place hastily.

Asher touched down and secured his footing ten yards from the protrusion and looked at it with measured disgust. Such a thing simply shouldn't exist.

Suddenly, a large hatch on the fore of the protrusion irised open and vented some kind of gas into space. Without warning, a bulbous missile the size of a terrestrial horse jettisoned up and away from the Penelope.

Asher watched in horror as the N-bomb delivery system drifted away from the Penelope, gaining distance until it was safe to activate its onboard fusion propulsion system. For some reason, the hostile programming governing the capsule had decided it was threatened and ordered a launch. It could very well be that, in its alerted state, his approach had activated it.

Without knowing how he knew, Asher knew that the "Zone Killer" plasma delivery system grafted to his arm would be able to penetrate the N-bomb's unit shielding and destroy the device.

Only then did Asher realize his planning error. The "Zone Killer" was grafted to his arm, which was at the moment protected from the vacuum of space by his EVA suit. Shooting the N-bomb down meant rupturing his suit...

Asher glanced down at his arm snugly protected in the white EVA suit and then back up at the N-bomb slowly drifting up to ignition altitude.

"Forgive me...", he whispered into his suit com, not really caring who heard.

He raised his arm and deployed the "Zone Killer". It slid out of his flesh and snapped off a concentrated shot at the departing missile.

The plasma package struck the N-bomb just as the fusion drive activated. There was a blinding light and silence for a moment, and then the hurricane of venting atmosphere from the hole seared in his EVA suit.

Before he lost consciousness, Asher lowered his arm and fired the largest plasma package the unit could produce at the cancerous protrusion on the Penelope's belly. Even brighter was the flash.

Shrapnel sprayed out in every direction. A shard pierced his lower abdomen just below the kidney and continued through and out the other side. Another piece of debris punctured the propellant holding tank of his maneuvering pack.

Like a rag doll, Asher was punched in the back and slid across the hull of the Penelope at tremendous speed as the pack blasted propellant into space, leaving a frozen trail of blood on the armor plates. He rolled and was suddenly catapulting away from the ship and into the void.

The darkness was closing in at the edges of his vision as Asher watched the Penny shrink through the clear plastic composite of his helmet before tendrils of frost obscured the view. He was moving away from the ship far too fast to mount a rescue. An EVA team wouldn't stand a chance of catching him and a fighter would only serve to collect his corpse.

He tightened up into a ball and moaned as the cold started to set in. His suit would soon stop venting atmosphere and the vacuum would have him.

For a single moment, as he rolled and tumbled through the void, he thought he saw a shape in the distance, a shape vaguely reminiscent of the alien craft he had seen in his dream that was not a dream.

Asher's vision failed him as he plummeted toward the alien craft.

"I am a man..." he whispered as the darkness swallowed him...

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 06:36 PM
Scurvy looked at Cindy and bared his teeth in a Rigellian smile. "Stop time you say? Good to have you on our side, friend."

A large explosion occurred outside and the ship rocked slightly from the waves emitted from the blast. Staring in horrified awe at the flash that consumed the Penelope Scurvy's heart stopped. It only took a moment to get beating again though; as the flare died down and the dust departed slowly into eternity Scurvy could see the Penelope still fully intact a few miles behind the explosion. There were a couple of dings and burns but the ship appeared mostly unscathed.

"What is that?" CindyMars asked, pointing to the underside of the ship where a small white blip could be seen floating slowly away from the Penelope.

Antar came behind them and replied, "I believe it's human but he is very hard to sense, his lifeforce is weakening at an alarming rate."

It would appear the deactivation of those N-Bombs did not go entirely successfully. Officer CindyMars, you said you could stop time? Now would be an opportune time to show us this feat. That man needs help.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 08:47 PM

"Sir! We have a return hail coming in on all short range bands. As of now, it's audio-only."

"Let's hear it, Lieutenant."

"Captain mf_luder I am Captain Scurvy of the Yydryl, we fly for the Orion Alliance, Your ship is in our scopes and we are requesting your complete co-operation. We have no hostile intentions but will react with appropriate force if necessary. You appear to have a cluster of Nova Bombs in your payload, I demand you power down those units before I disable them and your ship for you. We will be approaching your vessel, I will establish visual transmission when in range. We have some things to discuss."

Luder half grinned. This he liked. Disable his ship for him? Nice.

Captain Scurvy, we are doing everything we can to stop the armament of those devices you mentioned, believe me when I say we did not request their presence here. We will hold position here until they are no longer a threat. When you approach this ship, maintain a holding distance of no less than three thousand kilometers and power your weapons down. Luder out.

Luder heard a crackling in his ear from the communicator link with Asher. He heard him speaking with a couple of technicians in the belly of the ship. A few moments later, he could hear the sounds of an airlock decompressing, then Asher's breathing. A few seconds later, Luder heard Asher say, "Forgive me." There was then the sound of air escaping into vacuum and a harsh scream. A bolt of fear shot through Luder's heart. He listened a bit longer and barely heard the words, "I'm a man...." come across the earpiece. He slowly sat down in the command station, stunned at what he had just heard.

He removed the earpiece and placed it on the command station's arm rest. He clenched his teeth and turned to Varlas.

"Have an EVA shuttle launched to pick up Asher at once." Varlas nodded his ascent and turned to his panels.

Engineering, I think we can forget about the N-Bombs.

Neno, I want you to pull up the service record of everyone on this ship and find every NI agent on board. Then, bring them to me.

Luder felt tears beginning to well up in his eyes. He bit his cheek and waited for the next transmission from the alien craft.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 11:19 PM

The desperate and horrified Colonel was racing through the corridors trying to reach the enhancer.

His heart stopped when he heard Seeker talk to the technicians. He was sure it would only end with more bodies, but it didn't.

He reached the outer hatch a few minutes after Seeker. Donning the cumbersome EVA suit Studious opened the hatch into the void. The silence out here was errie. It was total silence....the silence before something very bad happens.

A rocket launched and broke that stillness. It wasn't the sound of it's engine, sound didn't travel through the void. It was the sound of Studious' horror stricken "NO!!!!." Believing he had been too slow, knowing the unbelievable terror that had just launched. Believing that he had failed and thousands would die...

But out from Seeker's suit a device broke through and fired. The rocket exploded in a ball of light. Studious while blinded by the light could only think


The light lasted as if another blast kept it lit.

"Wait that must be it, he's destroying the other bombs."

Shrapnel flew everywhere. Studious could see Seeker was hit in the chest then in his maneuvering pack. In an instant Seeker blasted across the side of the ship. A trail of frozen blood marked his path. Blood, not Hydraulic fluid, not coolant, blood.

Studious was getting ready to propel himself after Seeker but then her voice cut in.

"You're too far, you don't have a chance."

"I have to tr.."

That strange noise he had heard at LangrangeTWO pierced through the his words.

A male voice cut in.

"Hello Studious, come to the mess hall."

"Who are you?"

There was no reply.

Unwilling to leave, but knowing trying to reach Seeker would fail he looked out to the enhancer and heard his timeless words...

"I am a man..."

Studious realized that out there in the cold void, alone and bleeding. Asher was free.

He wept as Asher floated further and further away, toward the imposing alien ship.

So close but unable to help. The teary eyed Colonel turned and re-entered the ship.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:08 AM
"Captain should we lock on him and bring him on board, or just do a direct beam and place him back on his own ship? All I can sense is his growing panic and at the same time a relaxed state as if he has accepted his unusual fate. One thing for certain he will not last much longer if left out there."

"On your command Sir, so if you are to bring him on board I shall return to the RB to accept the arrival, however I will need at least 2 security personnel to accompany me and to stand by. I will stay in direct contact with you at all times via the coms."

"Whisper is needed here so if she could send two of her best that would be fine with me."

"You know Captain after the training I received from the Zzysins, a mere mortal human would be nothing to subdue if the need arises."

Captain Scurvy and antar met eyes and each gave a little knowing smile.

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In the midst of the veritable silence of the shock of what Asher had done, luder heard the doors to the command center open and several people move into the command area.

"Sir, we've brought the prisoner as ordered."

Luder looked up from the deck upon which he had been staring and saw her finally for what seemed the first time in an eternity.

"Thank you, you may leave us now."

"But sir, Regulations state that we cannot leave a declared prisoner in the presence of the commanding officer without posting at the very minimum, one guard on her." Luder shook his head.

"Fine. You stay, the rest of you aid Neno in locating the NI personnel aboard this vessel." Luder watched as they all headed off to complete their tasks.

Theresa looked like she had been without sleep for nearly a week. Her eyes had dark marks under them and her hair was out of sorts, hanging around her shoulders. She still had her uniform on from her command of the Nimitz, with one captain's bar still on her shoulder board. Luder took in her dark brown hair and blue eyes and even in her current state, she still struck a deep chord inside of him just as she had on the first day they met.

"Theresa." Luder said, standing up. She stared at him for a bit then shook her head as if trying to clear a fog out.

"Lu- Luder?" She appeared confused.

"How much do you remember? Do you know where you are?" Luder asked.

"I - I - can't..... I remember walking with you after class to go watch the football game and then... I..." Luder's jaw dropped.

"Theresa," he said, placing his hand on her upper arm, "that was over fifteen years ago. We're not cadets anymore. You're not on Earth. You're a Captain now, or you were." She looked distressed.


"Yes, Captain. You rose through the ranks just as I have and got your own command, but something terrible happened to us all. I can't explain everything just yet. Do you remember anything at all from your time in space?" Luder peered into her eyes.

"I - wait. I can remember some things. Flashes of being on a bridge during a battle with someone.... They were supposed to be friendlies but for some reason they weren't listening to us. Alpha Centauri. That's where it was. My crew, they....... they all were..... killed..... my God. Luder..." She gripped the edge of the command station and slid to the floor, her eyes wide. Tears were forming in them. Luder kneeled on the deck next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"There was nothing you could have done. Forces were at play that have no business existing in reality. Mind control and the like. Theresa, I need you to get control of yourself. I need a first officer. Fleet never assigned one to the ship."

"Luder. I don't even know what ship I'm on."

"This is the Penelope." Luder said, smiling at her. She wiped her eyes and smirked at Luder.

"That's pretty gay."

Luder's head popped back a bit on reaction and he stared at her in shock for a bit. Then he laughed.

"I don't like the name either, but come now. She's a fine piece of machinery." Luder stood up from his kneeling position and offered her his hand. She took it and rose to her feet. He brushed her hair back from part of her face and wiped another tear away.

"So what do you say? Are you with me?"

"I need a new uniform. I'll be back up in a moment.... Captain." She saluted and headed for the command center's exit. Luder called out.

"Oh and Theresa..."

She stopped and peered back at him.

"Don't salute in here."

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Satisfied crewmate Silo would be cared for and heeding Scurvy words to return to her post, Whisper made her way. Rather then sliding up the walls, this time Whisper balanced on her most posterior tentacle that was longer and stronger then the others providing her with propulsion and balance if she needed extra height during a battle.

Just as she reared up on that single tentacle and took a leap towards the ceiling, the ship rocked from an exterior explosion and only one of her anterior tentacles made contact leaving her dangling by three suction cups like one of the scrawny animals at the zoo in Parthan'arth City. Whispers eyes quickly darted in Scurvys direction but, gratefully, she was far from a thought in any of his brains as he was clearly focused on the screen before him. Scanning the bridge to make sure no other crew mates saw this embarrassing faux pas, Whisper swung her other tentacles with a more characteristic display of agility latching onto the ceiling.

Firmly now secure in her bodily position and hearing Antars request for a security detail, Whisper engaged her com unit:

“Security: Darus, Durin: you both are to report immediately to the Recovery Bay. Be advised, we may be transporting a life form aboard. Condition and species unknown. Assist Officer Antar in any way requested however, do no get in the way of her duties.”

“Confirmed Officer Whisper, Darus and Durin in route to the RB” replied Darus.

Whisper continued her assignments “Security: Moloch: Please provide at least one security team member outside of the weapons depot on each deck in the event the staff of the Yydryl should need to arm themselves. I want this in effect until further notice so please design a rotation schedule for the security team.”

“Ah, Whisper how should I..” Moloch stammered.

Whisper hissed before engaging her com unit again “Moloch, this should be a simple task for my 2nd. You are one communication from being demoted. Staff aboard the Yydryl are expected to be professional and skilled in their duties. I will be checking your assignment records and professional history at my earliest convenience. And you will address me as Officer Whisper. Can you complete the assignment Moloch?”

Moloch responded with a conflicting trembled confidence, “Yes, Officer Whisper.”

“Very good, Whisper out.”

With anticipation and fierce focus, Whisper waited.

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"It would appear the deactivation of those N-Bombs did not go entirely successfully. Officer CindyMars, you said you could stop time? Now would be an opportune time to show us this feat. That man needs help."

With all due respect Captian Scurvy, I said if WE are in real danger. I cannot do this to help this human. I suggest conventional means of rescue. The Yydryl has some amazing capabilities does it not? Time incursions are not something I can do lightly. Also in needs to be on a need to know basis, not really wanting this to be commom knowlege, I will explain it to you all later. For now only ranking crew,ok? She ask with a pleading expression. I hope you understand?

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Pacing the room with Carpet clearing a way for my boots, I stopped before the window, long tendrils of the live flooring reaching up to my calves as if trying to see out the window with me.

“So there’s this poor U-man out there huh?” By twisting my antenna this way and I still couldn’t see the U-man, or the U-Man Ship. It was the first time I was glad the port was so small, even though I was looking, I was relived I couldn’t see the drama and suffering outside.

“Yes, there's a man out there and if he’s to live we’re going to have to pull him in. Bring him on board. Something. Whatever it is Scurvy isn’t going to just leave him out there to...die.” The emphasis on the last word reminded Silo how upset her Friend had been by her poisoning.

“Well, I guess all we can do is wait and hope it all goes well. Or do you think there’s something I can do to help?” I asked reflexively, knowing there wasn’t anything I could do but I felt such a need to make a contribution.

“It’s a U-Man out there. U-Mans aren't a favorite of the Rigellians as you probably know, but, the officers of the Yydryl know the difference between playing with their food and saving a fellow Space Traveler.” Carpet snorted cynically. I didn't laugh, or comment, the subject of the U-Mans disturbed me.

After a lengthily silence Carpet nudged my ankles, I stooped down to run my fingers through his fibers in a comforting caress.

“You know, you really need a name there friend. Next time I die it would be nice to use your name not just *Carpet*”

“How do you know I don’t have a name?” Carpet asked nonplussed, the hurt smothered but still evident in his voice.

“I, well...I don’t know, I’ve never...I mean...” Stumbling over my words.
I felt not only embarrassment but ashamed, my face flaming.

My headband buzzed, I jumped, but for once was glad of it’s intrusion.

“I gotta go, friend. We'll talk later?” I asked but got no reply.

Rushing out the door, I followed the Mille-Being as Carpet, always duty first, had gone ahead of me to wait at his post in the corridor just off the command center.

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Nenothtu was... shocked. Machines do as they're programmed to do, but Asher was no longer the tin man neno had become accustomed to thinking of him as. Only a living thing is capable of the sort of sacrifice Asher had just made. Certain he was going to his doom, disregarding all personal safety, he had just sacrificed to save his crew mates, as well as an alien crew he had never even met.

But it was more than just that.

The angst, and the... FREEDOM... that came through in Asher's final transmission, spoke eloquent volumes in a compact package. Forceful in it's whisper.

"I am a man..."

And so he was. Undeniably. If neno had had his doubts, that simple phrase obliterated them.

As these thoughts were registering in his mind, the captain spoke to him.

Originally posted by mf_luder

Neno, I want you to pull up the service record of everyone on this ship and find every NI agent on board. Then, bring them to me.

Nenothtu caught the Captain's drift. There would be hell to pay for whoever was responsible for Asher's predicament, if they could be located on board.

There were no 'currently assigned' NI officers aboard Penelope, of that neno was sure. He would be aware of the fact, and a working relationship would have been arranged. Nenothtu stalked to his bridge security console, and began a thorough search of all crew service records. With over 15,000 crew aboard Penelope, the search seemed to drag on forever. it took the computer a full 7 seconds to churn through the records, and deliver the pertinent results.

There were a total of 4 crew members who had been NI at some point in their careers in the past. Cynical as ever, neno wondered just how 'past' their NI assignments were. One, surprisingly, had been Seeker. What in the devil would a Weapons Control Officer have to do with NI? Nenothtu decided that in his current incarnation as Asher, Seeker wasn't the culprit. Sending a list of the remaining 3 names to the Security Duty Sergeant, neno gave him instructions to round up all 3 for questioning, and deliver them to separate interview rooms in the brig. Of course they weren't under arrest, just detention pending interview, but neno figured the sight of cells might jitter the culprit enough to cause him to tip his hand, even if ever so slightly.

Talking wasn't necessarily the best form of interrogation. Sometimes, people tell you exactly what you need to know, before they ever even open up their mouths.

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“Come to the mess hall now.” The male voice called again.

“No, I’ve got better things to do than blabber on and on with disembodied voices.”

Wife: “I resent that.”

Male voice: “If by better things you mean rescuing the enhancer I may be able to help you…but only if you come here now.”


“Come here and find out.”

“How will I find you?”

“Just come here, I’ll find you.”

The Colonel peeled the EVA suit off as he was running to the mess hall. Taking a small table with two chairs he sits down. Out of nowhere a man approaches wearing a regular crew uniform.

“Hello Studious, I’m Horkos.”

“I’m guessing that’s not your real name.”

Horkos just laughed haughtily and took a seat at the small table.

“Horkos, god of broken oaths. I thought people only met you when promises were broken.” Studious said.

“They do.”

“What promise have I broken?”

“Studious, surely you know.”

“The mutiny?”

“That is but one of many, many things”

“Oh really?”

“We do not have time to go into them all, there’s just too many to mention. I need you to bring Seeker back and quickly.”

“You’d better mean alive.”

“Yes, yes of course alive Studious. I mean rescue Seeker……. before he falls into the hands of the enemy."

“Enemy? This sounds all “Greek” to me.

Horkos gives a sigh and begins to whisper

“The mind control of the Nimitz Incident was uncovered by Seeker. An analysis of this has yielded very little information on how the mind control works but has yielded information on how it was transmitted via Quantum tunneling.”

“How does this relate to that ship out there?”

“The scans the chief engineer took of that ship revealed something. It seems to be a device that transmits these signals came from that ship. Luckily we still have the protective field Seeker set up to prevent this control. Half of NI has been scrambling to figure out who caused the Nimitz catastrophe and now we know. We cannot allow his implants, active or not, to fall into enemy hands, especially an enemy this heinous.

“Why should I help you?”

The others will be tied down by protocol. They won’t act quickly, but you never listened to regulations anyway when it came in conflict with principle.

You see you and I are very similar, we both bend the rules when it is necessary.”

“We have one key difference, our principles are not the same.”

“How do you know that? We’ve just met.”

“Your “name” gives it away. Tell me, why does NI have such a propensity to use Greek mythology?”

"Ah, you don’t trust me because I’m NI.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“What we do IS mythology, in the sense that no one will ever truly know if they understand whether anything we did happened or not. No one knows the how or why or even the if of our actions, but yet they will remember and fear it.”

“I don’t work with NI.”

“Studious, you were going to try and rescue him anyway. You’ll have a better chance if you work with me.”

“No thanks, I’ll do this alone.”

“Well then, I’ll have to tell the Captain about you little….”conversation” in the brig.”

“Your watching me.” Studious said angrily threw his teeth.

“Think of it as observed. I’m just here to insure you fulfill your oaths.” Handing the Colonel a small electronic device Horkos continued. “Here are
your instructions.”

“I assume I’ll be seeing you again then.”

“That is entirely up to you. If you do as you are told…you will never see me again. But, break your oaths and well, we’ll have to have another talk.”

As Horkos stood to leave he said.

“Good day Studious and take no offence when I say, I hope I never see you again.”

With that he turned and left blending into the crowd gathered in the mess hall and disappeared.

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 11:26 AM
As QA opened her door to run to the bridge, answering Loam’s beckoning…….. she stepped through a dimensional portal and found herself in another time and place.

She had been expecting to run down the corridors of carpet inside the ship – instead she was in the middle of a tropical forest – the likes she had never seen before!

Fear gripped her, she had never been afraid before, but she had no idea where she was, nor how she got there. She only knew she had opened the door of her cabin and was transported in another dimension.

QA stood silently, as she slowly turned 360 degrees to look at her whole surroundings. She saw the most beautiful flora, as she breathed in deeply the scents and aroma relaxed her whole body. She was smelling things she had never smelled before – to her it was the most wonderful scents ever. QA began hearing a hum coming from everywhere, she could not pinpoint the source. She began to carefully walk through the thick forest. She gently touched and examined various plants she had not seen before. But since she had been hidden in her room her whole life – she was not sure if all the plants were normal and everywhere in the universe.

Peace and Joy came to QA, along with a tingling throughout her body, she felt she was in a very safe place and to her this was much better than having to enter a black hole as she had planned to! Was she in heaven or was this just another world and she happened to walk through a portal at the exact right moment of it passing by? Were their portals to other dimensions and at the right second she went through one? Do dimensional portals happen randomly are they throughout the universe and she was lucky enough to enter one? Questions kept flying through her mind. But she knew where ever she was – she was safe and felt the most peace she had ever experienced in her life.

As QA made her way through the forest – she was a clearing ahead, she also began hearing water rushing down a path. QA began to run with excitement to find what lay on the horizon. As she neared the edge of the forest the sound of rushing water became stronger, at the last corner turned, she saw a sight – making her gasp in wonderment! The most beautiful majestic landscape laid right before her eyes! A towering waterfall with small rainbows all the way down both sides as the water flowed down elegantly in it’s arc from the soaring height of the cliff above. QA closed her eyes and opened them once more, just to make sure she really was seeing the most beautiful scenery she had ever glimpsed before. QA sat down on a water sprayed wet rock to fully take in the view in front of her, she wanted to encompass everything into her every cell so she would be able to bring it back at anytime as if she was experiencing it all over again.

QA sat staring and not moving at the scenery, she closed her eyes at times to soak in the memory to recall every stone every rainbow as she felt the misting of water spray on her face. Once she felt she had been able to fully experience the view and feelings she wanted to see more of her new world.

QA stood up as her body vibrated as never before the pure joy and pure love she felt all around her was something she never wanted to have to give up. She was experiencing the most complete universe in her opinion – she also knew, she did not want to hit the dimensional portal by accident to take her back to the world she had just left!

She did not want to go back to strife and death – she knew all of that was wrong, she knew where she was – was suppose to be what everyone experienced! Love pure unconditional Love is what she felt in her every cell, she also felt the love coming from everywhere around her. She felt it from the plants, from the water, from the rocks, from the grass, from the dirt! Love that was it, that was what Everything Really is – she was getting it, she was understanding!

QA began skipping as she touched the velvety flora around her! As she skipped, she wondered if there were others in this world with her? She thought – there had to be!! She could not be the only person who had ever slipped through a portal before!

As QA skipped in delight and joy – even more Joy and happiness came to her as she saw in the distance houses and people! She squealed in delight! QA’s skip became a run, to hurry down to see the others who were sharing this place with her!

As QA made her way down to the village, the other people saw her coming from a distance. All who saw her stopped and dropped what they were doing, they began running towards her with opened arms. The group and QA came together in a space of pure love – everyone began to hug her and welcome her. They said, she would always be safe now and her experiences as all of their experiences were strictly of love and joy, there would never been anything but that in the new home she had walked through.

As they led QA to the village taking her hand, QA stopped for one moment and told the people she needed to do one last thing before walking down with them, somehow she knew once she walked through the village gates there would be no other contact possible for her in the dimension she just left.

QA stopped and stood very still, she closed her eyes and concentrated on seeing Antar – she began relaying a message to Antar, all about what and where she was. She was not sure if the message was getting through, but she wanted Antar to know and pass along to others, there was a new place and her world was now nothing but love.

QA opened her eyes, once she nodded to the others she was fully ready to step and live in her new world, they grasped her hands as they smiled and said “Welcome, we are happy to have you”!

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"Captain I shall head now for the RB, there seems to be no doubt about the arrangements for the U-man now that the blast has sent him our way."

Captain Scurvy was for all aparent reasoning not even paying attention to antars gently spoken words but instead had his enire focus and all of his eyes on the scene which was playing out before him.

It was instead CM who took the time to glance at antar and with the nod of her head antar was set in motion towards the RB to prepare for the incoming arrival.

"Deez! What are you doing my little one?"


" Deez I am sorry that I have not had time for you in the past days but I did leave you the nutrition pellets in your box, wait a minute how did you get out of your box Deez?"

"No Tell!"

"Ok I dont have time for this right now Deez we have an injured U-man about to beam straight into the RB and I must make preparations with the power signatures for the transporter to be spot on."

Taking more of the nutrition pellets and setting them into the little metal box, antar lifts Deez in and sets the pellets beside the little alastarmonk.

"Captain, I am just putting the finishing touches on the..."

As antar lay on the cold RB floor, a tall dark figure walks over and places a triangular medallion upon her breast and then dissapates into thin air...

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