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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 02:42 PM

Resting my head on folded arms I tucked my chin in deep to my chest and by straining my antenna a bit I could just see the stars outside the tiny port hole from where I was sitting across the room.
I wondered if I’d ever see anything out there besides stars.
Like the other Ship we were supposed to be nearing, or planet Earth beckoning me for a visit.
Right now, all I saw was an eternity of waiting, light years of waiting.
Complacency had changed the view I’d first found so dazzling and full of possibilities into nothing more than empty promises.
Just endless blackness with tiny lights twinkling a facade.

I was beginning to view this whole *part of the crew* business as not quite the thing at all.
I had my Friend Carpet, I told myself. But I was growing tired of the awkward sit - half in and out of my door - if I wanted to talk to him, and even then I never could relax, my antenna constantly on guard patrolling the corridors so as not to be surprised by a Regalian.
Staring without really seeing I continued my list of complaints, the window to my room and the stars beyond quite forgotten.
The food was great - but I missed my pretzels.
My new clothes, I loved the way mine looked - as long as they were hanging up, the wearing of them I despised.
My boots were nothing less than torture devices and while in my room they stayed flopped at right angles in the corner, not on my feet.
My Ships headband was irritating to wear, it itched to no end and every time it sounded off the buzz always startled me sending whatever was in my hands flying to the four corners of the cabin.
And the room? Ugh. The whole cleaning thing was a galactic drag. Who’d a thought the price tag for security in having my own room would mean I’d have to clean it.
As for my sleeping platform, sure, I didn’t have to wonder each day where I’d go to ground that evening, but how horrid was that, tucking into the same bed each night.
But all in all what I couldn’t bare was the eternal brain numbing energy draining stuck-in-a-rut waiting.
I shuddered.
It was turning me peevish and churlish and into a whiner.

Focusing my eyes I caught sight of an errant nut that had rolled far under my sleeping platform.
Anything for a diversion I sunk out of my chair onto my hands and knees to crawl to the plastiscine palette.
My arms, not as long as Regalians (and for that I gave thanks) were still well proportioned to my body, but too short to reach to the farthest corner where the nut lingered just out of my grasp.
Wiggling my way under the sleeping platform I snatched the kernel and half propped on my elbows eyed it critically.
It looked ok, though a little dusty, but after brushing it off on my sleeve I had to admit, it looked good as new.
Squeezing it open with a deft *pop* I held the husk to my lips and wrangled the nut out of it’s shell with my tongue.

Whether my headband sounding off or the door to my room opening and someone calling my name caused me to bang my head on the pallet above me, it really didn‘t matter.
What mattered was I gasped and sucked the nut deep into my throat where it lodged painfully.
I choked. Then panicked. Badly.
In a deep physical distress I couldn’t morph, just another failing of my make up I despised.
Morphing would have solved the choking problem and allowed me to escape whoever was attached to the shiny black boots making their way from the door to the sleeping platform I was stuck under.

“Hey, Attendant Silo, you in here?” A muffled voice came from above me.
The boots came closer, so close I could see my face in their reflection, my mouth gasping fishlike, my eyes bulging.
“ATS Silo?”
I could hear the question in the voice and tried to respond, but couldn’t.
Not a gasp, not a wheeze, not a peep was going to squeak past the nut, no air exchange at all.
Frantic my mind spun, bright white stars blurred my vision, my lungs seized, my body bucked.
The pressure in my head increased, now blinding me.
"Carpet," I screamed, my heart busting in my chest it's galloping beat breaking stride, skidding to a tripping stop.
The fight to remain cognizant was lost, the lack of air too much to overcome.
My body gave in, the pendant near my center shuddered and I fell into a blackness devoid of stars.


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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 09:35 PM

Luder stepped out of the lift into the command center, where Slayer's crews had just finished repairing the interior. Their work had been quick and efficient. Impressive even. He noticed his comm buzz with a message from Studious about brig doors and saw the old Colonel was in some bind down there. Luder stopped near one of the technicians and whispered, "Son, there's an irate old Colonel stuck down in the brig area, you think you could go help him out?"

Without waiting for a response, Luder could tell something was going on and walked over to the command station.

Neno, status report.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:29 AM

Security Chief nenothtu was simply amazed at what the wizards, warlocks, and mages of Slayer's engineering work gangs had done before his very eyes. They had descended on the bridge like a swarm of locusts, and when the dust settled and most of them had cleared out, there was a shiny new bridge all around him. Clearly, this was some sort of sorcery. Glancing backwards over his shoulder, he noted that the seat cushion at his accustomed security station looked a bit drab amongst the new bridge, being the original cushion that he'd already painstakingly broken in. It was apparently the only remaining part of the original bridge.

Neno returned his gaze forward to the viewscreen, and the problem at hand. There, centered in the view, was the still unidentified vessel. At maximum magnification, it was still nothing more than a speck of reflected light, an artificial star among all the real stars. He returned to resting his chin in the palm of his hand, staring at the dot, drumming the fingers of his other hand on the arm of the command chair - careful to avoid all the buttons there.

Five hails to the vessel had as yet failed to yield a response. Scans had returned no recognizable information. Considering the problem, and the apparent recalcitrance, nenothtu spoke.

"Helm, start moving us toward that vessel, but slowly. We don't want to spook them, or make 'em feel threatened. Just creep along until we can get a visual identification."

Without even looking up, the helmsman said "Aye, Sir" and set about punching in the commands to his console. Chief nenothtu decided to let the response pass. He probably wouldn't be able to get ALL of these folks to talk to him right, ever. It was as if their responses were pre-programmed. Neno went back to resting his chin in his left palm, staring at the speck, and drumming the fingers of his right hand on the arm of the command chair.

Shortly after the order was given, there was a WHOOOSH as the lift door to the bridge opened, and Captain Luder stepped out. He stopped and muttered something to one of the engineering techs who was finishing up the last touches at one of the stations, then, walking over to the command station, Luder turned his attention to neno.

Originally posted by mf_luder

Neno, status report.

"Well skipper, we still don't know precisely what planet we're orbiting, or exactly where we are. Navigation has it narrowed down some, but they're still working to pinpoint our position. Having to work around the work of bridge replacement has hindered them a bit.

This is the same old bridge we had before. Nearly everything on it has been replaced, but it still occupies the same space. Now, Slayer has an engineering crew outdoors, going to tinker with some sort of 'extra' gizzy we seem to have grown, that ought not to be there. From what I gathered, it's a DANGEROUS sort of gizzy. Like a cancer, but worse. It's something or other that kills everything within a light year or two, and hurts everything for quite some distance more.

There is an unidentified vessel dead ahead now, and she's surprisingly untalkative. I've hailed five times, and gotten no response as yet. Scans are inconclusive. I've just directed the helm to try and creep up close enough to get a visual ID. I mean, we're in space, right? it's dark out here. Maybe they won't notice us creeping up. Plus, if they get hostile, we can back off quicker if we ain't charging in.

I sure hope yer here to relieve me, on account of my stomach has been cussin' me something awful for the last 10 minutes or so. Besides, I need to git, and write some letters to some families" he paused and cleared his throat "that my boys can't very well write for themselves."

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 01:38 AM
Time passed and Studious began reliving the same horrifying dream over and over again. It was of that world, the world he feared most.

“I’m starting to lose it. If this keeps up I’ll be become unhinged……….why I’ll be certifiably mad. You know, bonkers……. nuts, batty, bonzo, crackers, cuckoo, loopy, loco, crazy”

“They’ll call me a senile old man, a screwy whackjob, a crazed lunatic. A mental maniac, a delirious fruitcake, a kooky old kook, a psychotic nutjob, a head case, a loony toon, a nutcase, a nutter, a basket case.”

“Why they’ll say I’ve got screws loose, that I’ve lost my marbles.”

“They’ll think I’m of unsound mind, non compos mentis, physcologically challenged, mentally irregular, a 51-50, a Section 8.”

“All will believe that I’ve caught the doolally tap that I’m moonstruck, brainsick, daft, haywire, spacey, mental, balmy, barmy that I’m crazy like a fox…wait a second…”

“But what if I am bent, twisted, cracked, unstable, unsound, unbalanced….or is it imbalanced?”

Of course just talking to you is lunacy, so am I already… Stark Raving Mad, Margo kidder hiding in the bushes, round the bend, knitting with one needle, howling at the moon, not playing with a full deck, off my rocker, mad as a hatter, no longer in possession of my faculties, Cuckoo for Coco Puffs, three fries short of a happy meal, WACKO!!!!!!!!!!

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 02:26 AM

Luder listened to Neno's report and stared at the overheads at the pinpoint of light growing ever so slowly larger.

"Thanks for keeping things in order here, Neno. I'm back."

Bring the ship to standby alert. Raise shields and prepare one squadron of ready fighters. Just in case.

Luder took his place in front of the command station.

"Communications, open hailing frequencies again." The communications officer nodded his ascent when the channel was open.

Unidentified vessel, this is Captain mf_luder of the Starship Penelope. Please respond on any channel. I repeat, this is Captain mf_luder of the Starship Penelope. Please respond on any channel.

After the relay was cut, Luder turned to Neno.

"Regs require we go to full alert if contact is not made when they draw close enough to reach out and touch us, but we'll stay on standby until I absolutely can't wait anymore."

Slayer, what is the status of our engines? Can we get out of here if we need to? Also, please inform me once your crews are finished surveying our new toy. I do not want to risk a battle or a jump with them dangling to the bottom of this boat.

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 01:26 PM
A bone crushing squeeze, my diaphragm heaved, another squeeze and the nut dislodged to fly across the room and land spinning right back under the sleeping platform where I’d found it.

“Filthy things nuts, one reason I wont have them in my Bar. Couldn‘t do this to a Regalian!” A voice spoke from close behind my ear, a voice belonging to the strong arms circling my waist, the arms that had just squeezed the nut out, and the life back into me.

A whoosh of air as sweet and pure as I’d ever breathed filled my lungs, I gasped again and again shaking my head to clear the black spots that danced before my eyes.

“That does it! You should be ok now. Can you talk?“ Her voice soft and deep filled with concern.

I didn’t answer. What I did do was make the mistake of looking down and was so startled to see deep blue arms holding me up I let out a deafening scream, ducked from under her grasp and melted into the wall.

“Waaah!“ Cindymars yelped and jumped back her arms still curled in a circle before her.
“OH! I just knew you’d do that!” She sounded disgusted but chuckled anyway, dropping her hands to her hips.
“Look, you don’t have to hide. Really. I don’t eat little aliens.“ She said staring right into the place where I’d seemingly disappeared.
I stayed as still as the wall thunderstruck I was once again looking at the beautiful blue Leisure Officer.

“Silo, you need to come out, this isn’t a social call. Crews been ordered to the bridge. I was passing by your cabin and thought I’d stop to see if you wanted to walk up with me.“
“And thank goodness I did,“ she muttered, “You were as blue as I am when I got here.” She shook her head and I could see the warm humor in her eyes. Warmth or no I couldn’t answer her, I was tongue tied and had no idea what to say to the vision before me.

“Anytime you’re ready just pop back out here and we'll get a move on.” Her voice grew harder increasing my dread. The bridge meant the crew, and, the Regalians.
She sighed in exasperation and ran her hands over her brow, dropping her arms to her sides.
“Ok, I’m outta here.” She piped, “I hope you’re feeling better, see you on the bridge.”
Before she could turn to go I moved forward, I couldn't let her leave without thanking her.

“Wait, please. I’m sorry. I mean, thank you for saving me." I stood firm and tried to salute her but she took my hand and gave it a firm shake.
“Don’t worry Silo, as long as you‘re ok.” She said gently and lay a hand on my shoulder.
“And call me Cindymars, or Cim” She smiled and her eyes smiled too.
“Thank you, Cindymars” I shook her hand and grinned back not knowing if my lightheadedness was relief this goddess wasn’t mad at me, or the oxygen levels in my brain were still deficient.

“Ok, come on, we should try to make the bridge some time today.” She said, not unkindly.
“I’m ready.” I squeaked knowing my time of hiding from the Regalians had come to an end. Suffocating on a nut didn’t seem that bad a fate comparatively.

Cindymars eyes widened realizing her fellow crew mate's fear for the first time.
Why, She's almost humanoid Cim thought surprised and let her gaze travel from the Silos bare feet up her long legs to a body not unlike a young woman. Huge dark eyes made even larger in apprehension stared back at her from a head covered in spiky lavender hair where two antenna sprouted a second set of eyes round and blinking.

“Oh my, they are gonna just love you, “ Cindymars said thinking of the Regalian crews reaction to this little humanoid type creature.
“But don‘t worry. They wont eat you, it‘s against the rules.” She said grinning, the crinkles at the corners of her eyes deepening, just before she burst out laughing again.

“Get your things ATS Silo” She called over her shoulder on the way out the door.
Grabbing my boots and uniform jacket I tried pulling them on while hopping on one foot as Cindymars headed out the port where her laughter followed her down the corridor.
One boot on, the other crumpling half off I hobbled out the door to catch up with Leisure Officer Cindymars.

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 06:08 PM

Ensigns Kim and Horn were back in the Airlock within a matter of minutes. The Chief had informed them that they had to be inoculated against Theta radiation poisoning before they engaged the EMP emitter. Theta radiation poisoning is extremely dangerous to the health of humanoids. One of the first symptoms is hallucinations. The final stages of theta radiation poisoning involve the degradation of major body organs. What had come up on the Chiefs screen was a fail safe notification program that pointed out that when the power was disengaged the device as part of it's fail safe mechanism would release Theta radiation to keep the unit cool so it would not detonate.

Theta Radiation?
Horn blurted out over the comm.
Yes Theta Radiation! Came the Chiefs reply.

They were inoculated and given the standard run down on possible side effects and back out the airlock they went. It only took them a few minutes to set up and deploy the EMP devices. Everything went according to plan. They were able to scan the device and quickly figure out a defusing procedure. They disengaged one of the bomblets and brought it carefully back on board for analysis. The Chief set about placing the device in a containment unit for further study. Amazing piece of technology the Chief thought to himself. The scans were much more in depth than what the mobile hand scanners could do the ensigns used. The bomblet was held weightless in an electrgravitic field. The scans indicated something rather odd. The Chief recognized the signature. The NANO probes they had discovered previously. The bomblets micro circuitry were made of the same design. From his analysis he realized that these units were safe. He marveled at the Engineering that had gone into them.

After a thorough analysis the Chief ordered the unit to be removed from the containment unit and reinstalled back into the launcher. It was actually safer there than on board the Penelope. Kim and Horn replaced the unit and had just made it on board when the ship was put on alert status.

The Captain had put the ship to standby alert. The Chief was putting his crew lists together to prepare one squadron of ready fighters.

The fighters were on the flight deck within minutes being flight prepped. Munition had to be loaded, weapon systems had to be checked and fuel levels topped off. The fighters on board navigation computers were having a hard time locking on to known spacial coordinates. The Chief monitored the situation from his station. Watching the crews scurrying to and fro loading and prepping the fighters. He ran some scans of his own on their present location nothing matched, the computer was still chewing on the data.

He thumbed the comm..
Disable the fighters on board navigation computers. If they get in a hairy Dog fight out there they can use the Penelope as a point of reference.

Aye Chief
came the reply.

Just then the Captains voice came over the comm...
Slayer, what is the status of our engines? Can we get out of here if we need to? Also, please inform me once your crews are finished surveying our new toy. I do not want to risk a battle or a jump with them dangling to the bottom of this boat.

The Chief quickly replied.
Captain, We have all our crewmen on board and accounted for. As far as our new "package" they are safe and secured we will have to learn how to play with them on the fly. Since somebody at the station forgot to inform us of our apparent "pregnancy" anyway Capt we are prepping alert fighter one. I'll have the Engines ready in less than two minutes out

Spinning around in his chair the Chief started barking commands. The Engineering crews worked feverishly at their stations. There was a flurry of activity. The Reactor core started to glow. Bring her up to 90% and set to standby, The Penelope's powerful engines started to hum the deck plating started to vibrate. The Chief loved the sound it made. I'm reading plasma coil 513L as running hot. Check it out Callan. Aye Chief she replied.

The Chief thumbed the comm...
Horn hows the flight prep going?
Fine Chief Fighter Alert 1 is ready. I hope this is just a drill.

Don't count on it sweetheart.
The Chief said under his breath.

OK Chief we have the main reactors on line and everything is on the money. Coolant levels are good. Matter and Anti Matter levels are steady. The Engines are up and running Chief.

Said the Chief.

He thumbed the Comm..
Capt you have engines, the package is secured and we are ready down here when ever you are sir. We have full power and everything is running A OK out.

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posted on May, 11 2009 @ 02:52 PM

Walking down the corridors of the Yydryl, ATS Silo must have morphed into the walls 5 times. A couple of times she saw her walking all hunched over on one side with one hand occasionally touching the floor. What does makes this little alien as skittish as an Earth cat? CM thought to herself with a chuckle. Finally some answers and probably more questions.

Approaching the bridge, CM turns to ATS Silo, "OK ATS Silo, are you ready to meet the Rigilians?"

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 01:20 AM
Cindymars kept up a running dialog while we made our way to the bridge. I was fortunate she didn’t require answers, I still felt like I that damn nut was stuck in my throat
The Leisure Officer had been kind in stopping by my quarters to accompany me to the bridge, kinder still to save me from choking to death when she found me blue with asphyxia, so far be it from me to ask her to slow down - Her long powerful strides made it near impossible for me to dress on the fly and try to and get in a few words with Carpet in-between steps.

“You almost choked to death Silo!” Carpet cried the second my fingers grazed his surface.
“Oh give off Carpet I’m fine.“ I spat impatiently. “Look, is there anything more I should know about the Regalians? Something important? I’m running out of time here!”
I didn’t want to talk about my past near death experience, I was more interested in my upcoming near death experience, The Regalians!
I tripped again but righted myself just in time as Cindymars threw me a glance over her shoulder.
“Come on Silo, I don’t want to get there last, she said and picked up her pace.
I wondered why anyone would ever use the word leisure in conjunction with Cindymars.

“Regalians are strict disciplinarians Silo.“ Carpet spoke in snatches as I cuffed at the ground.
“Just respond when you’re spoken to, no mumbling. and whatever you do - don‘t ever...”
Nearly tripping I caught the wall as my foot finally slipped into my boot.
I pushed one arm through the sleeve of my uniform jacket, shot the cuff and snatched at Carpet again while bending my other arm over backwards trying to catch the cuff flailing behind my back.

“Don’t ever do what?” I hissed, inadvertently breaking off contact while fighting with the uncooperative sleeve.
“Hey, you coming or what” Cindymars muffled her laugh and rounded another corner along the walk to the bridge.
This was ridiculous. I was about to meet Regalians and I had absolutely no protocol to follow.
Cindymars should have let me die. Death by nut would have been merciful compared to death due to ignorance of Regalian etiquette.
Eyeing the wall with an overwhelming desire to morph I stopped and dropped to let my fingers graze the floor.
“Nice knowing you Carpet” I choked out only half teasing quickly clenching my fingers into the fibers at my feet for what passed between us like a hug.
Off like a shot before he could respond I came to an abrupt halt almost colliding with Cindymars who’d stopped at the entrance to the bridge.

"OK ATS Silo, are you ready to meet the Regalians?" She asked turning and yanking my sleeve over my arm.
I didn’t answer, I couldn't answer, my voice caught in my throat in disbelief.
Just past the doorway to the bridge over Cindymar's shoulder I saw something so incongruous to Ship I’d of wiped the vision from my eyes if Cindymars wasn’t still adjusting the cuffs at my hands.


Kicking Carpet away from my feet, mumbling a “Thank you” to Cindymars as I brushed past her I made my way onto bridge and across to the gigantic tank teaming with life.
Unconscious to the many pairs of eyes following me as I passed I stretched out my hands to touch the whale tank.

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 12:21 PM

Whisper slid in unison, tentacle and tentacle in anticipation with Scurvy to the observation deck. The rare emotional intensity of the morning had displaced her professional demeanor and she did not even notice the double takes of the Yydryl staff at the tentacle PDA between her and Scurvy as they made their way through the corridors. Her senior officer Moloch, another Rigellian of fine training, did attempt to approach her looking many bug eyed and frantic.

“Officer Whisper, um, I, uh, you, uh, should um, know” bumbled Moloch.
“Gwarking deal with it Moloch, I have no time for trivialities this morning.” Whisper hissed and followed with an all too familiar sneer.

Moloch snapped to attention and diverted his many eyes from the direction of Whisper and Scurvy. He respected her greatly but as of late, she had not been herself. As soon as Whisper and Scurvy were out of ear shot he relaxed his posture mumbled under his breath “Women.”

Listening to Scurvys tales as they approached the observation deck where they’d be able to speak more freely, Whisper absorbed all the information with keen interest. She shared in kind, as much as she could. As she looked into his many eyes she also got the sense he too was holding back some information.

They were about to slide into the observation deck when a communication was received from Antar to report to the bridge. Just two more swishes of their tentacles would have revealed a most surprising sight indeed! For just inside the observation deck, out the stately towering windows, a striking remarkable ship off in the near distance could be seen! So many eyes between the two of them yet this sight remained unseen.

Making their way swiftly to the bridge, tentacles untethered as the vibration in Antars voice signaled duty was at hand. With her first brain in conscious consideration, Whisper pondered if Scurvy was part of His plan. She was in dire need of some solitude to think all of this through, carefully. Everyone had an agenda it seemed, even the whales. There was the Orion Alliance, the Dark Lord, the Elites who controlled the Rigellian government, and who knew how many other factions, well meaning species, and ill intentioned entities existed.

Whisper knew who she served.

As Whisper and Scurvy entered the bridge, Whisper noticed the pleasant sight of Cindymars. Whisper nodded in acknowledgement with a rare, albeit somewhat creepy, unsettling smile to those unfamiliar with Rigellians. Whisper raised a curious brow as she detected some movement behind Cindymars. Tilting her head slightly, she noticed a pair of antennae emerge from along side of Cindymars leg. At that moment, Whispers tummies gave off an embarrassing, audible growl of hunger.

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 11:21 PM
Strapped to a hospital bed and confined to the medical ward, Asher slept peacefully and deeply. And for the first time in nearly a decade, he dreamed.

He was back on Earth, walking through a densely forested valley in Siberia. He had spent his childhood there until his mother had sent him to technical school. Those early years had been the best of his life.

Like a brutal curtain, the dream was swept away. In its place a wave a cold reality flooded in. His dream had become something different, something real, and it felt like death.

Lines of basic code streamed through the black dreamscape, and Asher read them like a book. Contact with an alien life form had been made. The code indicated that a ship of inhuman origin was within range of the Penelope's scanners.

The algorithm ran its course as Asher watched in a detached way, confused in this dream that was not a dream. The program began searching for an entity called "Seeker8241" but couldn't locate the individual, seeing as Seeker no longer existed.

Without Seeker, the program began priming its payload for launch should any actions it deemed hostile originate from the alien presence.

In abject horror, Asher read the final line of code at the end of the sequence. The program was originating from the N-bomb launch module. All three N-bombs were priming for launch, and because the program couldn't locate Seeker anywhere on the network, it was operating on its own.

Asher's eyes snapped open.

Somehow, he knew that what he had seen was real. He had no idea how it could have happened with all of his implants reduced to dead weight by an EMP blast, but it had. Now, he had to do something or that abomination of a weapon might be launched and start a war.

Frantically, he used his thumb to key the mic Captain Luder had given him.

"Captain... For the love of god, that thing's firing up!"

Asher paused for a moment. There was no time to explain himself. Once those missiles were primed, everything would be standing on a knife's edge, and who knew what the simplistic algorithm controlling the device might interpret to be a "hostile action".

With calm resolve, Asher ordered the last functioning non-organic piece of hardware in his body to engage. After hours of self repair, the Mark VII "Zone Killer" class packaged plasma emitter was back up to 86% operational capacity. It sickeningly slid out from the tissue of his arm.

[Captain Luder. This is Asher. I'm going to have to ask you to trust me now. The N-bomb launcher is acting on its own without an NI representative on board, namely Seeker. It's already started priming the payload to defend against an ambiguous "hostile action" from the nearby alien spacecraft. I can stop it, but I have to get to the launcher first.]

The Zone Killer focused and emitted a series of tiny plasma beams to cut the electromuscle straps holding Asher down, scoring tiny tracks in the walls in the process. Asher stood and straightened his uniform.

He hoped he was right about all this. If there was no alien starship, he was going to look very guilty indeed... But the dream had been more than a dream, he was sure of it. Certain in fact.

[There's no time to explain it all to you Captain, but I believe that the shielding units on the N-bombs themselves are keyed to ignore the plasma from the Zone Killer enhancement in my arm. I think that means that I can destroy them without issue.]

Asher looked around the medical holding room he was in. It was thankfully empty at the moment, but the door was closed and most likely guarded. He wanted to avoid encounters at all costs. He wouldn't be responsible for more deaths.

With precision, he focused the Zone Killer once more and carved a circular hole out of the floor, revealing the empty storage deck below. Asher jumped down through the hole and got to his feet before sending Captain Luder one final message.

[I'm going to be making an unscheduled EVA, Captain. Just trust me, I won't let you down.]

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 12:34 AM

I couldn't believe my eyes. Whales as big as life right there before me.
No memory disc hologram these, but incredible beautiful live Whales.

I'd seen whales of all kinds on the discs of Earth I'd been memorizing, but they left me wholly unprepared for the true size and majesty of these animals. The depth and wisdom in their eyes.
I was stuck by awe as two whales made their way to where I stood, their bearing solemn and majestic.

Laying my hand on the tank in supplication my heart gave an unwelcome thud in my chest, disappointed in the greatest way I couldn’t communicate with the great beasts only inches from my fingers.
I lay both hands on the cold tank, hoping for something.
I couldn’t morph, not so close to water, but my need to talk to these great animals was a need that wouldn't go unsatisfied.
No matter how long it took, no matter the means to arrive at my goal, the preternatural desire to talk to these whales filled me, the yearning would ache until resolved.

My hands dropped to my sides my eyes shining in promise to the Whales.
I would return.
The great beasts swam away leaving me staring and saddened.

“Silo, we don’t have time for this - you can come back and see the Whales later - let’s get a move on” Cindymars waited another fraction of a second before turning and resuming her way down the corridor.

Somehow it didn't feel right, leaving these beasts behind. The Whales belonged on the bridge of the Yydryl. But then I didn't suppose even the Yydryl's command post being large enough for their tank.

I broke into a run to catch up with the Leisure Officer waving to the Whales as I left.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 01:55 AM
“I need to get you out of here.” She said forcefully.

“Why?” He said whistly

“Because you really are going off the wall.”

“Well do you have any bright ideas?”

“Uh…..uh……wait, what was it my grandfather used to say?…uh…..anything mechanical give it a good whack.”

“Do you honestly believe that if I take my cane and whack this” Studious swings his cane for emphasis. "impenetrable……” The tumblers started fumbling around “…door?”

With the jam in the door undone the Marines began to spin the handle to open it.

“See Studious I told ya small things can change the world.”

“A small action like this can change a lot of things, but one word? Can one word actually change anything?”

“It’s not the word, it’s the idea behind it. All great things can be explained in one word. One of those great things is love. As long as there is love the world you fear most will never exist…. ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ love conquers all."

“Are you sure it’s not my cane conque…..wait that doesn’t sound right.”

With the handle turned the Marines began to slowly push the heavy door open.

“What about Theresa she slept through this whole thing. Wouldn’t sleeping have saved her?”

“For now, but in the long run she would have never been able to help herself. She would have perished without ever knowing she was in danger. You had to suffer but through that suffering you were able to save yourself.”

Studious’ vision disappeared as the Marines rushed in and began to look over the two weary survivors.

The Colonel asked one of the Marines fretfully “Is Theresa going to be alright?”

After doing a few checks he replied.

“Thanks to you sir, yeah.”

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 02:38 PM

As the crew members file onto the bridge antar stands at her station before the projection of the High Commander and bows graciously.

"Understood, Glaxersss High Commander."

"Rrrmeticxth antar."

And with the fading image of the High Commander antar turns to the crew members who have arrived on the bridge.

"Welcome to the bridge, if everyone could please stand before your stations, and Silo you will be in the area beside the Aquatic Navigation Center, here for the time being, and then once we have left the company of the U-mans you may resume your usual duties."

She points to a comfortable area lined with cushions and tables. Your responsibility will be in the comfort of the whales and to attend to their needs as well as direct com's monitoring of the aquatic balance." From time to time you will also have to follow Saraswathi to his private domain which I am certain you have familiarized your selves with on the private and observation decks."

"And Silo, you know the importance of protecting the whales right?" "Beside each holding tank is this area which if you slide your hand over seals the center to be camouflaged from sight by either a false wall or a series of lights and other interesting configurations of the architectural designer Deson.

"Scurvy you will be placed by order of the High Command in the number one position in the seat of Captain interrex for Both Loam and Cadbury. The HC has also informed us that Interrex captain Loam is still with us yet traveling between dimensional portals preparing our way into the next phase of our mission.

"Well, this has been a most interesting 72 hours on board the Yydryl. Seems High Command has assured us the nature of our mission to be provided very soon, in the meantime they have stayed in direct contact with our craft and of our interactions and they have decidedly made the decission to place us in contact with the USS Star Ship Penlope."

"So Scurvy if you could please begin the decontamination process, as well as the deactivation of their EMP devices, N Bombs, and bring all plasma sheaths to normal and stabilize all gravitational fields as well as full scan of all extra-sensors for potential problems from the Pen, we will then be in accordance with our safety protocols and ready to make contact."

Walking over and placing one tentacle along the invisible glass of the AQ, antar says a silent prayer to the Lord Of Light to protect them from these lower astrals and to provide strength to see them through this mysterious journey. As her gentle touch recedes from the tank, the AQ center becomes invisible to the bridge and instead becomes a wall that is covered in blinking and colorfully shimmering lights.

"CM you are to begin raising the vibratory fields on all U-mans aboard the Pen as well as neutralizing all negative Ion on board the ship which has decidedly been causing extremes in psychological as well as their physical conditions."

"Whisper the High Command has asked that you stand at code XrrstPth when the U-mans are in our company, until such time here are the links to the various networks through out the Penlope, you may find these convenient to have in your possession however I do not have to tell you not to let the U-mans know that you have this advantage over their Ship."

"Furthermore it is your number one task to keep them from discovering the Aq Center." As whales have been extinct on their planet for hundreds of years this could cause undue disruption from our mission."

"Once the task at hand is complete, I believe the U-man ship will be more than willing to open communication based out of a sense of trust rather than fear."

"Firstmate Scurvy, at your decision, please open all communication frequencies."

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:17 PM
Silo makes her way post haste to antar, " I can't communicate with the Whales.
I tried - I failed.
I have no idea what you're talking about in regards to what you want me to do with the Whales.
Now they're back on the bridge???
This is nuts.
I'm not a navigator, or communication - I'm Ships Attendant - not crews.
I will attend to crew as gofer sure - but communications?
I'm very confused.
Sorry - but I'm knocked way off my this sorry."

"Silo, you have many talents yet to be discovered, so relax, this is all going to be an extraordinary learning experience. Did you know I could not communicate with them at first either? It took some time but it was not impossible as you will discover. If the High Command believes you capable of this task, then I trust that and you should too my friend."

"And a little secret, the whales have the ability to travel within the entire ship, they will need no more than you to monitor their water balance, a simple task which is not complicated, in fact is a joy."

With that Silo, turned on walked slowly back tripping a bit on one of her little boots as she got closer to the now shimmering wall which hid the Aq Bridge Center.


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The Chief made his way to the bridge and transferred Engineering command to his bridge station. He turned and nodded to the Captain. Neno and Slayer acknowledged each others presents. The Penelope's hails went unanswered and this made the Chief nervous. The bridge crew seemed to be on edge. The Chief had never been a big fan of this location. He always felt out of place on the bridge. He thought the Chief engineers duty station should be in Engineering.
But it was standard fleet protocol that all departments heads had to be at their bridge stations when possible first contact was made with any Alien race. The Penelope was just close enough with the Alien craft for long range scanners. The Chief was able to bring up the long range scans for analysis.

He typed in a few commands the computer ran comparisons of all known types of crafts in the data base. No matches. The Chief then decided to place what the scans had found out on the over head view screen above his station.

Very interesting. He thought to himself.
The scans continued collecting more data and he studied the craft. Very advanced design. He had never seen anything quite like her before. He did not want to interfere with the bridge crews duties so he kept to his analysis.

A voice came over the comm at his station it was Horn
Chief we are picking some odd power readings from the cluster bombs.

What kind of readings? The Chief responded.

They seem to be powering up on their own. If I'm not mistaken they are activating and quite possible readying themselves to be deployed.

The Chief brought up a spectral scan of the cluster bomb power signature. The unique NANO Technology they used had created NANO bots that were attempting to reroute itself to bypass safety protocols. They were trying to select different power sequencing with random combinations in order to obtain full autonomy. The NANO bots were using the ships computer against itself to defeat its own security defenses.

said the Chief.

Horn this is the Chief, you and Jackson get to the mainframe and yank the plug if you have to I'll see what I can do from here

Well Chief it might be worse than we thought apparently the NANO bots seemed to have also shut down life support around the computer core.

Well suit up with rebreathers and make your way to the core OUT

The chief then set about writing a code that would interfere with the NANO bots from overriding their security protocols before the Ensigns could get there. He quickly employed a Quad-Terraflop numerical lockout sequencing. Knowing how powerful the computer on board the Penelope was he knew it would only buy them a few minutes if that.

Down in engineering the two Ensigns had donned their rebreathers and grabbed some tools, the corridors were dark apparently the NANO bots were not to making it easy for them. They switched on their flashlights and proceeded to the core.

The Chief over heard bits and pieces of the message to the Captain from of all people Asher.

Captain... For the love of god, that thing's firing.......There's no time to explain...........Captain, but I believe that the shielding units on the N-bombs themselves are keyed....................... I can destroy them without issue..........Captain.........This is Asher. I'm going to have to ask you to trust me ....................................It's already started priming.................. "hostile action" .........................I can stop it, but I have to get to the launcher first...................I'm going to be making an unscheduled EVA, Captain. Just trust me, I won't let you down

On their way to the core Horn scanned for anything out of the ordinary. I'm picking something up. What is it? Jackson asked. I'm not sure for a second it almost looked like a humanoid life sign but now it's gone.

After hearing the message the Chief thumbed the comm.
This is the Chief apparently Asher is loose on the ship. He may be making his way down to you stay alert. I have a feeling that he may know whats going on with the Cluster bombs. If you run into him notify Security Chief Nenothtu right away and just back off.

Repeat Back off...

Roger that!Came their reply.
It took them a few minutes to make it to the core. The secondary emergency lights were on and functional. They approached the control panels and begin to remove the panel covers to gain access to the motherboard. The heat sinks were hot to the touch.

Jackson went behind the main panel and began to download a shut down sequence to the main server in order to maintain ships functions as Horn tried to isolate and then compartmentalize the computers functions as to not interfere with it's other ship functions while they were trying to disable the Cluster Bombs and NANO Bots.

The bypass worked the ships functions fell on to the secondary processors and the power supply to the Cluster Bombs were isolated. Now all they had to do was to pull the main relays and in theory it should shut them down and disarm.

Ensigns Horn and Jackson quickly made it to the main power relay of the control unit. They located the main power module and removed it. The system shut down. They then contacted the Chief.

We did it they should be powering down and disarming now.
The Chief checked the status of the Cluster Bombs. They were still active.

Thumbing the comm again he said
No Joy repeat No joy, get the hell out of there and lets pray Asher is legit Out...

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Joining whisper at Scurvy Weapons Center, antar leans close to her and points out where the positions in highlighted areas are the ones to be focused upon. Taking a clear chunk of crystal and placing it in the area of a bright red colored portion of the Penlope.

"There , now just finish placing these on the other highlighted areas and we can go stand next to FM Scurvy for the hailing. I think we should all be standing beside him during this first transmission."

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 04:56 PM

Whisper finishes her assigned task with an untrained hand and looks questioningly at her long time friend Antar.

“Antar, respectfully, if it meets with the approval of interrex Captain Scurvy I will take my normal position at the back of the bridge. We know not who or what awaits us on the other side of that screen and as Security Officer, I would prefer to remain unknown to those who hail us.”

Whisper, at attention, address the interrex captain of the Yydryl “Captain Scurvy” Appearing focused and very much in his element, Scurvy merely nods in Whispers direction.

Whisper slides to the back of the bridge, deftly uses her tentacles to move up the side of the walls, and takes her place stealthily upon the ceiling looking ominously like a spider awaiting her prey. A thin cloud of fog begins to surround her.


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Something was wrong.
Deadly wrong.
Last thing she remembered she was walking down the hall following Cindymars.
Stepping onto the bridge her ears began to ring in pain, her vision blurred as she tried to look around.
Then Antar the Healer was before her, saying something.
Something that didn't make sense.
Beyond Antar she couldn't see anything, anyone else.

The buzz that started as soon as Antar began to speak became louder causing the sight in her antenna to shut down.
“Help...” She tried to squeak out - but a jumble of words, words that were not her own, fell from her mouth.
Words that made no sense, like someone else was talking for her, stealing her words, her thoughts, her very breath.

Antar the Healer began speaking again her words falling on Silo like blows, dripping poison into her senses.
Her legs weak, her feet stumbling, she tried to walk away, get away from Antar and the horrific buzzing in her head.

Her heart beating in an unnatural rhythm, Silo turned and began looking for the Security Officer, trying to walk toward her.
Ever sense screamed at her to run, run away from the bridge, the pain in her head, away from the Rigellian Security Officer.
But Ship had told her to report anything suspicious, to make sure she understood to find Security Officer Whisper.

The pendant at her chest began to vibrate and glow a warning as Silo, through sheer force of will continued towards S.O Whisper.
“Ship told me...” She panted, mumbling to herself.
“Ship told me to S.O Whisper...”
Sobbing Silo continued barely able to make out her words. “Report Suspicious...Please, help me...”

Silo didn’t know if Whisper heard her, even now the Security Officer was moving out of her line of sight, and up the wall.
Watching her go, through a cloud of pain Silo wondered how she ever could have thought the exquisite Rigellian was something to fear.

Silo’s vision left, her breathing labored, then stopped all together.

“Carpet..." She sighed...
And with that Silo crumpled to the floor to lay as still as death.

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 08:31 PM

Through the white misty fog surrounding her, Whispers eyes detected Silo staggering away from Antar heading in her direction. She also detected a mysterious glow coming from Silos chest and noticed it was emanating from a most intriguing, beautiful pendant. Silo did not look well. Not well at all. In fact, she looked as if she might be on the brink of death. Tears streaked down Silos cheeks.

Hearing broken, labored, and hard to understand words from Silo, Whisper detached from the ceiling landing on four tentacles only to have Silo collapse right there on the floor! The only word Whisper was able to comprehend from the former ship stowaway was a plea for “Carpet.” Whisper had heard the rumors from her security staff about the abilities of this creature to merge with carpet.

Whisper would normally leave this situation for Antar, a healer of extraordinary capabilities. However, she trusted Silos own self preservation instincts and heeded her request. Whisper placed a strong tentacle under the limp body of Silo and another tentacle gently supporting Silos head and slid with speed towards the bridge entryway and out into the hall. Unknowing and curious as to what would happen next, Whisper laid Silo down onto the carpet.

Whisper gasped at the sight before her and slid back a few paces. The carpet had begun to engulf Silo! Whisper continued sliding backwards onto the bridge watching with an inner horror as Silo merged becoming red, blue, and grey speckled berber.

Just then a small voice could be heard “Carpet…”


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