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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 04:09 PM

Theresa looked at him and asked

"I got's to know."

"You have to know what?" Studious replied.

"Oh the blood loss, oh well......"

But before Studious could respond he began to black out........

......when he awoke Theresa was gone.

"Oh, I guess I did lose 6 pints instead of 5........... Well at least I got my cane back."

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 04:38 PM

Striding away from the Whale bay and my discussion with Antar I couldn’t decide if I should scream, cry, or go back and shake some sense into the Healer.
What had she been going on about?
Other S.I.L.Os?
There were no other Silos, they’d decomposed at birth.
And this “playing” with her in the privacy dwelling of her Father and Mother?
It was unfathomable!
If I wasn’t impervious to mind control I’d wonder at my own memories - she’s sounded that convincing!
What was the Healer thinking?
Was she in denial?
Had she suffered a post traumatic shock witnessing her parents accident, rewriting her lonely younger years into a wonderful life...that did not exist?
Shaking my head I strode with more purpose in the direction of food.
I needed energy to fight what was to come.
Captain Loam was next.

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 10:38 PM

QA was startled awake…. But kept her eyes closed, remaining motionless. Her breathing was belabored, as she listened closely to what the noise was which had woken her up. As she remained in her motionless state, she heard the scrapping again. Carefully she squinted her eyes opened to see who or what was in her room with her. Just as her eyes adjusted enough to see in the darkness, she saw a shadow slip out of her door.

In fear she remained as she was, until she was positive nothing else remained in the room with her. Confident in being alone, she slowly sat up, looking around, wondering what the shadow had been in there for.

As QA scanned the room, she saw the reason it had visited her room. Her wires were completely back to normal and hooked up to her computer. QA sighed a very heavy deep breath as her shoulders sank in disappointment.

The few hours and moments she had so far on the ship relating to and in physical contact with others, had so far been the best moments of her life. She felt a door was slightly cracked open and she wanted to yank the door wide to fully walk out into the sunshine. She looked around seeing the black and dark walls for the first time as a complete prison.

QA laid back down, closing her eyes, concentrating on what it was she wanted to do and wondered how she would be able to get from under the claws and grasp of the “shadow government rulers”?

QA from that small glimpse she had of another life so far, began to also understand for the first time, the previous actions the rulers had her commit through her mind was wrong. She felt guilt for the first time, as she had not fully understood the atrocities the rulers had her do before. QA’s heart began to pound fast and furious as sweat beads ran down her face, the comprehension was fully hitting her, that she had actually murdered many people through her mind.

She had never thought of what she was ordered to do before by the rulers as being bad, she had no concept of what the real outside world was like from her black room. She had thought it was normal to have done what she did in controlling others minds and creating an outcome the rulers demanded.

The small inklings of comprehension were seeping into her mind fully of the atrocities she had committed. Now with gleaning this knowledge and understanding, QA wanted to figure out how she was going to get out from the control of the rulers.

QA stayed lying on the bed as her mind began to go through all she could possibly do to escape from her own control by the rulers. As her mind went through the thousands of possibilities and ideas of escape, she bolted into an upright position, when the idea of getting Whisper involved in helping her. She had not yet officially met Whisper, but knew of her and had seen her for a fleeting moment in the hall before. QA though not knowing Whisper, felt deep within, she would be able to enlist Whispers help.

The handler onboard Yydryl was her first and foremost problem to being free of the rulers. Feeling confident Whisper would be on her side she laid back down. Antar also came to mind, she knew antar could help her in many ways in gaining the strength and courage to break free. By her confiding in them, of all the things she had done and the life she had lived up to the moments before stepping foot on Yydryl, she knew those would be the real first steps of freedom.

As QA closed her eyes to go back to sleep, another big worry and concern occurred to her….. Theresa….. what was she going to do about Theresa?

Though QA wanted to put that thought aside she could not. She began to question herself…… can Theresa become who she had been 20 years ago before QA took her over? If not, what would happen to her? Could QA end up keeping control of Theresa, yet use her for “good” rather than “bad”? So many questions came to QA’s mind, but she was tired and would think about them tomorrow. She also knew the next day would be the biggest of her life, as she would reveal to Whisper and Antar who she “really” was, up to now.

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 12:15 AM

from cindymars
I say drinks are on the house, what say you?

After the totality of the days events, Whisper was antsy for a drink. Unexpectedly, this was one of the most efficient and dexterous bartenders she had ever encountered. She had frequent experiences haunting underground dark, dive bars and never paid much attention to the help. Cindymars had lightness about her, an aura of wisdom and intelligence. Whisper didn’t think many other species beside Rigellian exhibit any sense of real intelligence. She pitied the amount of time CM stated she had spent on earth but, kept that to herself.

Whisper spoke broadly of the days events to Cindymars. Her minds were elsewhere and there wasn’t much to tell, and if there was, Whisper would not have revealed. She remained hospitable enough, graciously accepting another shot then freakishly lashing out her tongue to lap up every last drop in the shot glass. Waste not, want not she thought to herself with a sly smile.

Antars flowing garments made it seem as if she floated into the bar. Not having an opportunity to catch up with her since boarding Yydryl, Whisper was hoping antar was coming in for some relaxation and communing. Alas, antar appeared concerned and was brisk stating:

by antar
"Hello Whisper, just wanted to stop in real quick and let you know the results of your tests. I do not have much time as I need to get back to the RB but this is what I found in small quantities:

A mix of Mithridatum and Natron the (fiery poison) or better known as arsenic trioxide." A colorless odorless mixture which is a slow poisoning, eventually it would have killed you. But how did you know?"

This was exactly what Whisper suspected as she has an extreme tolerance for intoxicants of all kinds and for her to be rendered unconscious indicated a poison. She immediately had a few questions arise. Namely, who did this, when did they contaminate her supply – while aboard the Yydryl or back home on Rigel? She found the latter to be highly unlikely as her lair was virtually impenetrable. She then recalled the scattering of her belongings. Whisper had assumed she had done this in a deeply intoxicated state but, perhaps not as this was the same time Cadbury had been abducted. Whisper then assumed the assailants upon seeing her unconscious mistook her for dead. “Won’t they be surprised…and regretful” Whisper sneered to herself.

Whisper confided her story of the night in question to antar. With that antar then requested her remaining bottles of BetelJuice along with her personal supply of human jerky. This immediately caused apprehension, having been relieved that there was indeed a bar onboard and knowing Scurvy too carried some personal stash, Whisper was doubtful the ship carried her favorite snack. Without waiting for a reply, a busy antar scurried towards the door.

The bar was filling quickly but, CM kept the [color=E66C2C]Mossworg brandy flowing. Occasionally, also bringing two shots of [color= E66C2C] Actruian Blowbeet Juice for the two of them to share. Whisper was impressed at CMs ability to match her shot for shot and keep up with the demand of the ever increasing bar population. Whisper was pleased to see her security staff enjoying themselves. She didn’t know what they were yet to encounter but, Whisper couldn’t part with the sense of a looming unknown dark energy.

Whisper noticed QA enter the bar and uneasily, but with an obvious curiosity, sit down to order a drink. Keeping to herself and her thoughts, Whisper continually jumped back and forth between her first brain wondering about the attempt on her life and her third brain lost in musings over Scurvy. Would he show tonight? Being use to picking up young Rigellians at the dive bars she frequented and tossing them out on their tentacles the next morning, if not before, Whisper was intrigued by Scurvy. His aura gave off a sense of invitation, security, and trust. His record was extremely respectable. Scurvy has a keen knowledge of weaponry, one of her favorite subjects. She mused at the sensual way his tentacles moved when he slithered. And his teeth, she closed her eyes and bit her lip remembering how razor sharp they appeared. His prowl and seductive manner on the observation deck was not lost on her. Whisper was intrigued most of all by an instantaneous and lingering sense of inner connection.

Bemused in her thoughts of Scurvy, Whisper heard a loud cry of “Virgin” and laughter fill the bar. She hoped none of her crew were left virgins after tonight, no one knowing what tomorrow will bring and she needed her team focused. Let them have their fun tonight. The bar being crowded, and a buzz clouding her minds Whisper failed to notice the dark figure accosting QA.

Whisper was involved in a conversation with Mars about her travels to Earth. Hearing her speak about earthlings caused her tummies to give off a slight rumble. Out of the corner of one of her eyes she notices Scurvy slither into the bar. Appearing not to notice, she concludes her conversation with Mars then looks directly at Scurvy a few seats away and can not stop herself from giving him a wicked, sharp-toothed grin.

Her doubts of his dedication to the crew of the Yydryl being expunged, she gracefully glides across the bar, around the drinks, leaving a small trail of fragrant oil. She nods to Mars apologetically then turns to back to Scurvy.

She tilts her head flirtatiously, one of her tentacles tracing the side of his cheek “Come here often?”

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 04:08 AM

Slayer sat transfixed on the monitors

He just could not figure out what was causing these burnouts with the new nano pumps for the antimatter inducer relays. He had ran multiple simulations for over 4 hours, he even reran the last test five times. Everything checked out. so why have 3 fried in the last 24 hours?

He sat there leaning back in his chair stretching looking up at the bulkhead for a few moments.

Ah forget it!
I need a break

He stood up and told ensign Callan he was going to the mess hall and for her to continue monitoring the two remaining test simulations and to notify him if anything unusual happened before the tests terminated.

She replied with a dutiful
Aye Chief.

He walked into the lift rubbing the back of his neck

Deck four.

The computer acknowledged his command and complied
The lift started to hum as it ran along it's course.

Slayer closed his eyes and found his thoughts drifting away, the humming from the lift made it easy to pass just for a moment into a dream like state where the woman's face from his dream last night flashed in his head. He was feeling strangely attracted to her even though he had never met nor seen anybody remotely similar to her in appearance.

He opened his eyes and just about jumped out of his skin, he was startled to find an attractive young female ensign standing in the doorway staring at him as she entered the lift cautiously. He had reached his floor and didn't notice.

They made eye contact. He smiled, she returned his smile.
I'm sorry, It's been a long day I was just resting my eyes. Slayer said in a half apologetic half embarrassed manner and with that he abruptly stepped off the lift and made a right took a couple of steps and then realized he went the wrong way, he turned around and went in the apposite direction.

The ensign was grinning at him trying to hold back a laugh as the doors closed. He tried not to pay her any attention trying not to look like a fool.

Too late! He thought to himself.

Thanks just what I needed.

I made it just the way you like it Chief strong, dark, and bitter.

Slayer laughed "yup just like my X wife, Dark and bitter"

He sat there sipping his joe slowly enjoying the flavor. He had to admit at times like this he wished he still smoked, he had kicked that nasty habit a few years back, but he still occasionally missed a smoke with a nice hot cup of coffee on his breaks.

Didn't matter anyway! There was no smoking in the mess anymore. So he couldn't. Even if he wanted to. boy things sure have changed.

Now Slayer knew he was tired, if he was arguing with himself over doing something he chose not to do many years ago.

Looking at his watch he still had another two hours left before he could turn in.

He grabbed a slice of pie and filled his mug and started back towards engineering. He was determined to figure out the mystery of the nano pump failures. Nano technology had been failure proof for decades and he has had 3 in less than twenty four hours strange!

Very strange indeed, He reached his station and called ensign Callan and asked her to bring him some samples of the new Nano pumps from supply and to also bring him the portable electron microscope. He was tired of looking at simulations, he wanted to see the real deal in action.

Aye Chief was the reply over the comm...

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 01:47 PM

Ensign Callan watched as the Chief set the parameters for the test. Although she had been familiar with this technology most of her life, she was still amazed that such mechanisms could be made on such a tiny scale.

Chief It's almost ready
Very good Martinez, I'm almost done setting up the program on my end. Slayer responded.

Ok Chief go!

Slayer exhaled and in his deep voice said.
Ok Here we go....... Let's see what we can see.
The image came up on the screen at the Chiefs station.

The image was blurry the Chief quickly made some adjustments then the image came into focus. The Chief thumbed the comm, Go ahead and start at .5.

Ensign Martinez replied.
Aye Chief

The chief clicked over to the data stream and watched as the computer presented him with a performance graph. Callan stood behind the Chief watching over his right shoulder.

Well that can't be right... said the Chief.

Slayer thumbed the comm again.
Martinez are you running at .5?
Aye Chief came the reply

This can't be right those numbers are all over the place! Let's take a closer look at it, The Chief clicked over to the Pump in action. The image flickered for a few seconds then came up.

Chief are you seeing what I'm seeing? Martinez said over the comm

Well I'll be....the Chief said almost in a whisper.

That's not a standard configuration Chief, Hell that's not even our technology

I can see that!

The Chief sat there watching intensely first the data stream and then the image, He clicked back and forth between the Data and the image several times.

Well unless my cheese has slid off it's cracker. We have a major security issue. Slayer thought to himself.

The Chief thumbed the comm again, Bridge I need to speak with the Captain and the Security Chief right away...

No can do Chief!
What do you mean NO CAN DO?
They are still on station Chief, dealing with that big flap. I'll notify the Captain when he checks in?

Slayer didn't bother to reply he thumbed the comm again.

Martinez I want you to gather the samples and all the remaining new pumps from supply and bring them here to my station PRONTO!

He then turned to Callan and asked her to grab him a security holographic isoliniar bubble chip. He then turned and started to compile and encrypt the data. While he was finishing up the ensigns had followed his orders and all that he needed was then to put it into a security storage device which he intended to hold in a secure locker, until he could bring it to the Captains attention when he returned.

He looked up and noticed that Horn had begun his shift. He turned his station over to him and gave him instructions to be notified the minute the Captain was aboard. He then made his way to the Storage area.

Slayer made his way to the secure lockers and then he placed the device into it and locked the device then directed the computer to only allow himself, the Captain, and Security Chief access! The computer acknowledged his command then required security alpha one confirmation from the Chief it proceeded to scan him.

Once that was done the Chief made his way back to his quarters and was just about ready to collapse, he washed his face and got into bed he was asleep before his head hit the pillow...

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 11:24 AM

Finally reaching her quarters after many hours in "The Swamp" as the crew of the Yydryl decided on, cindymars does a bit of teraforming. The yydryl being an organic vessel was easily persuaded. She liked living in a very natural setting so she created a lot of lush vegetation to nestle her bed and a starlight atmoshere on the ceiling. In a matter of minutes she had transformed her quarters into a place of rest. She slipped an Acturian Opera crystal into the com and laid back to think and record all that had transpired since .000 the begining of her counter.

She hadn't gotten much from the Rigellian officer Whisper other than a deep sincerity. Understandedly Whisper could not say much or go into detail but CM didn't really need answers but more of an understanding of the crew on this vessel. She was somewhat suprised at the quality of light in so many of this assortment of beings from this particular universe.

Being what she was cindymars was not in the habit of interferring but rather simple observation, which was not so simple. Tonight when she saw that magical crature QA apprehended by that shapeshifter she wanted to do something but did not, things must unfold. A trip back to QA prior to .000 was a must.

Captain Loam came by an offered his apologies for bringing her ship in after the destruction of the moon but offered no explaination. Why would he to him she was a Leisure officer with bad timing. She started laughing to herself. Laughing was a human trait she admired and aquired.

The pivital axis in this wheel appeared to be the Healer Antar. Cindymars knew Antar was a complicated creature with a huge light quotent and was really looking forward to visiting her in the RB.

The music of the opera reaches an estatic crescendo and cindymars engages her scaler wave cloak of light a blue green teardrop shaped capsule. It starts spinning and oscilating faster and faster, cindymars is blinking in and out.

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 02:09 PM

Dreams of of my Fathers face seemed to reach out to me in my sleep for the first time in many years. His face, his beautiful face:

How I loved playing at his feet as he worked long hours in his extensive labratory on the peaceful floating planet of my childhood.

His legacy was to introduce the next higher dimensional reality to the Universe through the blending of technology and life. His biophysics had caused such a great discention among many that his life and that of my Goddess like Mother had been taken. She was always a divine presence in my dreams yet those dreams seemed also to fade with the years, and now only on rare occasions did she apear.

How did the Galactic life force take the direction it did and split intentions so completely? Knowing that there is always a balance in the Universe, and black and white energy to guide all souls to the ultimeate peak of consciousness it was still so painful to have the empathic abilities as there was always suffering and pain on the edge of my souls freedom.

When did it begin? Was it as the lower lifeforms developed and rose in their dimensional frequencies? Did they bring with them the consciousness of hate and anger? Why then did the Higher Dimensional Light Beings allow such things? Why not keep the lower dimensionals at their underdeveloped state until they were ready to accept the responsibility of the Higher Light Energy?

Sleep was replaced by a moment of visional excellence, a point that seemed to penetrate all boundaries of time and space, some place deep within me, within our Galaxy was calling for help, just out of the reaches of cognitive ability to comprehend...

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 07:24 PM
After seating himself at the bar Scurvy didn't need to wait long for his answer. Whisper rose from her seat with a nod to Mars. She elegantly placed herself next to him and with a titilliating touch to his face she asks:

Originally posted by Whisper67
“Come here often?”

He grins at her use of the old pick up line he's used himself hundreds of times in Space Bars. He innocently replies, "No never been before, care to show me around?"
She smirks at him and takes one of his tentacles in hers and in a teasing tone says, "Shall we my dear?" She giggles at her own jest and leads him to a table in a dark recess of the bar. After ordering a couple shots of Betelgeussian Juice and a Rigellian Ale each they take a seat.

Many hours later Scurvy stretches his tentacles out in exhaustion. Flirtacious chit chat had evolved into deep discussions regarding dark matter theories, the "Big Rip" cult and their absurd beliefs of an end to the universe, theories on the after life, conspiracies wrought throughout the galaxy, and some more intimate details of their personal lives. He regretfully admits to Whisper that he's exhausted and in need of rest. Rising to his feet he looks down at her, still seated, and smiles. She returns a sly grin and they hold eye contact for a moment. Accustomed to the scene at Space Bars and Electronica Clubs, and their treasure trove of one lunar nighters, Scurvy was suddenly struck with the feeling he had no idea how to proceed. Whisper was the first being he'd encountered in his 233 years of existence who held similar interests and beliefs. He was fascinated. As much as he'd like to ask this lovely creature to come and "see his room" he wanted to know more about her; he would not jeopardize that for the sake of fulfilling his "appetite". Gwark usually led to odd feelings of commitment for females in his experience and when he was unwilling to readily submit he found they became... upset.
Scurvy makes to leave the bar but stops himself. He quickly turns back and gives Whisper a single kiss. The surprise in her eyes was evident and Scurvy held a
on his face as he made his way to the door. With a quick wave to CindyMars he leaves.

Back in his room (quickly, thank the stars for those onboard maps) Scurvy flops on his bed fully clothed. Too tired and inebriated for thoughtforms he quickly slips into slumber's grasp. Sometime during the night his dreams ceased, a feeling like his mind were being penetrated overwhelmed him. An all too real vision overcame him...

I am alive, yet I am dead.
I am a creation with a consciousness.
I am alone with my thoughts.
I am a living key,
an artifact of a world that could have been.

Jolting upright drenched in slime Scurvy grabs his data pad and records the words. The terrifying figure haunted his nightmares the remainder of the evening.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 01:25 AM

The admirals discuss the Tribunal together in the Judicial Chamber...

Admiral Gordon "I think we must have a media blackout on this. If this ever reaches the public convictions would be necessary politically."

Admiral Hollingsworth "Does that mean you don't want convictions Admiral?"

Admiral Gordon "I never said that, However I feel that we would be forced to convict based soley on political and public pressure if this ever got out."

Admiral Stevenson "But then if this does get out in a few years we would certainly be hung out to dry for hiding this."

Admiral Gordon "If we handle the case well I doubt that. People right now are worried about the new war. Their fear and anger could force politicans to demand convictions of innocent men. If this information gets out now innocent men may be convicted for political expediency."

Admiral Stevenson "I see your point. A media blackout would also prevent a media circus over this. I have to agree Gordon."

Admiral Hollingsworth "I respectfully object."

Admiral Gordon "Objection respectfully noted."

Stevenson "What about the leader of the mutiny. He was supposed to be in sickbay....."

Hollingsworth "But was flying down the halls!!"

Gordon "He is back in sickbay under guard this time I assure you he will not try a stunt like that again. He says he was in search of an intruder that is still loose on this station."

Stevenson "That needs to be dealt with...But what of the enhancer?"

Gordon "I have been informed by Naval Intelligence that he will not be at this trial."

Hollingsworth "What!? They can't do that."

Gordon "They have jurisdiction....and they always act as if they are above the law."

Hollingsworth "We have to fight this! He kil..."

Gordon "I know what he did....There isn't anything we can do."

Hollingsworth "You haven't even tried"

Gordon "Continuing to beat my head against the brick wall that is Naval Intelligence will help no one."

Hollingsworth "You just don't have the patience or courage."

Stevenson "Let's move on,

(Before this comes to blows Stevenson thought)

Stevenson "we have 20 minutes until the trial."

Gordon: "Very well...we have gone over the data tapes and physical evidence. Now we need testimony from the crew.

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 01:56 AM

From the largest Betelgeusian continent, a green orb of energy arose in the direction of the Yydryl.

loam waited patiently for its arrival in the landing bay.

He had missed his opportunity for an extended drink at the bar, only managing a few brief moments with the new Leisure Officer before this newest interruption, and he had also missed the opportunity for sufficient sleep. loam needed rest.

Unfortunately, this audience would not wait for either.

When the [color=52D017]emerald light finally appeared in the landing bay, an old woman materialized from its spherical form. Her face read like green desert sands and her eyes held some portion of her former fire. She was tall and slender, and despite the absence of ample flesh, moved decisively in a manner unexpected for her apparent age.

She nodded acknowledgement to loam, and together in silence, the two of them made their way to loam’s quarters.

"Your destruction of Ji'Moden was extravagant," spat the old woman the moment the doors to loam’s quarters shut behind them. "I have lodged my objections to your Bishop."

loam regarded the old woman dispassionately. "The Rigellian Twins ordered the retrieval of the previous Captain. I have accomplished that end. I viewed the means suitable to the purpose."

"And what is your purpose, Priest?" the old woman asked in an accusatory manner.

"No doubt one you know better than I, Sister."

The old woman stared at loam for a moment, holding her fiery gaze. But then her face softened, and she began to smile with satisfaction. "Yes, we see it well enough,” she said, "but it is interesting to me that you still do not.”

She turned her back on loam and looked out upon the stars through the large observation window in his quarters. With amusement in her voice, she asked, "Are you therefore rudderless Sheppard Lo'am?"

loam considered the question. Indeed, he was rudderless. Beyond the pedestrian aims of the Rigellians, he had no specific notion of how to respond to the impending threat.

As one of the oldest living races in the Universe, the Mossian-Slea tended to see themselves as the stewards of nearly everyone else. Whether invited or otherwise, their level of interference could range from the trivial to the profound. They manipulated politics, commerce, and even the cultural institutions of most other races in ways that shaped entire galaxies.

But among themselves, the Mossian-Slea were barely a loose confederacy of certain pools of interests. While expert at making others races believe in the sincerity of common goals, the Mossian-Slea tended towards distrustful cooperation with one another.

"I sense the Tearing of the Fabric, well enough, Sister," he finally said. "I do not know how it comes to be in our time, but its darkness is nonetheless sufficiently felt by even the least skillful among us." Loam moved to sit comfortably behind his private desk. "The Bishop's Council has pursued your warnings, even if the precise danger is unclear to them. I am the product of that response. And while your own visions concurred with the choice, it is obvious to me that your self-interest brings you here to merely mock my ignorance. Has your enjoyment now been sufficiently sated, Sister?"

The old woman turned to face loam, at first frowning, but then grinning a broad toothless smile. "You always were so serious, Lo'am. I do not come to mock you- but to provide you with a warning."

She moved to the front of his desk and leaned across, peering into his face. "My Order sees a more immediate complication."

"What do you mean?" loam asked.

"We see a traveler in your midst."

loam frowned at the possibility. Mossian-Slea viewed Time-Walkers as grave threats to their interests. He returned the old woman’s stare.

“Where?” he asked.

“We do not see,” she replied, “but the folds in the Fabric are plain enough, Sheppard.”

Now loam had new worries.

Satisfied, the old woman straightened her frame. “I do not require your escort,” she said. Exiting the room, she finished, “Resist the urge to blow up the remaining moons, if you can manage it, Priest.”

loam watched the doors close behind her.

Drumming his fingers on his desk, he considered the troubling meaning of the Star-witch’s news.


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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 06:26 AM
reply to post by Studious

Captain Luder entered the large judicial chambers alone. The room was roughly the size of a basketball court, with rows of seat lining the rear of the chamber for viewers. The three admirals were positioned toward the back, sitting together at a mahogany table, facing the door. They all looked stern and unhappy.

He moved to a position approximately six paces in front of the table, stopped and saluted. After they returned his salute, they asked to hear his testimony.

"Gentlemen. To address the USS Nimitz situation. Firstly, upon our arrival in the Alpha Centaurian space sector, we failed to achieve contact with any of the Alpha Centaurians for nearly two hours. Finally, our first contact was with a belligerent Praetorian who eventually led an attack on the ship. His battle group was accompanied by the USS Nimitz." Luder stopped.

"What do you mean, accompanied?"

"The Nimitz was moving along at nearly a thousand meters behind the Praetor's battle group, primed for combat. After the triangles began their attack run, Nimitz launched her complement of fighters and opened fire on the Penelope."

The Admirals looked at each other.

"So, after that happened, I opened a channel to the Nimitz and tried to talk some sense into her Captain, who I thought to be Theresa Jackson at the time."

"It wasn't Jackson?" Admiral Hollingsworth asked.

"No, sir. It was some other female. We never made visual contact. After we closed the channel, I ordered Seeker to focus his weapons fire on the engines and weapons of the Nimitz, to diable her. My plan was to have a contingent of marines board the ship to regain control of her."

"But you had trouble convincing the marines of that, didn't you? Colonel Studious was disobeying you at every turn...."

"No sir. Colonel Studious had well-founded fears about sending his men into an unknown situation without all the details and as such, was acting to protect his marines."

"So you wouldn't say he was blatantly ignoring your orders?" Admiral Hollingsworth asked.

"Sir, I respect my mens' opinions, even during the heat of combat. I eventually convinced him to move some special ops marines over to make a grab for the Nimitz." Luder stopped, waiting for another question. After a few moments, he continued.

"The battle continued. Colonel Studious moved to the bays to carry out the order and I had navigation move us through a boarding sweep against the Nimitz. During that sweep, Seeker began his attack against the Nimitz."

Admiral Hollingsworth held up his hand. "But he had other plans, no?"

"Sir, it is my full belief that Seeker intended to carry out my order to disable the ship. We later learned there was a degree of outside influence involved in the events that took place." Luder said, quietly grinding his back teeth.

"What took place, Captain Luder?"

"Sir, after we began our boarding sweep, Seeker launched roughly seven of our highest yield torpedoes directly into the Nimitz, crippling her shields and destroying her, her complement of fighters and the remaining enemy ships all at once. His actions were not his own."

"Captain Luder, we reviewed those events in the data tapes, please continue."

"Well, sir - after that, I ordered Colonel Studious' ship brought back on board. Luckily, he survived the events of the battle."

"What did Colonel Studious do after he came back on the ship, Captain Luder?" Admiral Hollingsworth asked.

"Sir, you can see what happened in the data tapes."

"I don't care what the data tapes show, I want to hear it from you."

"Sir, Colonel Studious was understandbly upset due to the fact he believed we ordered him and our own pilots destroyed. He didn't have all the facts..."

"Captain. Tell us what happened." Hollingsworth was visibly agitated.

"Alright sir. He came to the command center with a weapon and demanded to know what happened."

"Was he attempting to take over the ship?"

"Sir, he felt the command staff had been compromised and was acting to protect the Penelope and her crew."

"By waving a weapon around on the bridge?" The admirals aked, skeptical.

"It was his last resort, sir. He presented no real danger to me or the command staff, we had a weapons screen on in the center. He withdrew, ordered his marines to detain us and moved to the sick bay. After my security chief and Seeker located what had actually ocurred, he was apprised and understood what happened was no fault on anyone in the ship."

Hollingsworth nodded at Luder and waved for him to continue on.

"After Studious was calmed down, I ordered a search of the ship to locate our intruder. She was eventually discovered in our engine room, hiding."

"And you allowed her to escape?"

"Sir, it was never my intention to do so. I was acting under an outside influence. I don't even remember letting her go, yet the ship's computers will clearly show that I did."

"Captain, you speak of this outside influence, can you elaborate more on it, please?" Admiral Gordon said.

"Sir, I cannot. All I know is that Seeker did a scan, which you can seek on the logs, and found that some type of psychic or quantuum tunneling connections was established between.... wherever... and the Penelope. Who or whatever was behind it was controlling the crew at will."

"With your crew compromised like that, what were your next steps, Captain?"

"After we discovered it, Seeker sent a burst back through and used his abilities to close its access off for the time being. We then returned to space dock."

Admiral Gordon shuffled his papers. "Captain, why did you fail to return to space dock as ordered?"

"Sir, our engines were down. Not only that, we felt there was evidence of nanotechnology from a project called Cold Harvest aboard ship and were trying to prevent its spread to Earth or any of the facilities here."

"Captain, why didn't you mention this during our last interaction?" Gordon asked.

"Sir, we weren't sure what was going on and rather than give you a less than full report and cause alarm, I thought it best to just seem disobedient until we could get the situation resolved." Luder moved his toes around in his shoes. He hated standing at attention for more than a few minutes. Stuff started to go numb after long enough.

"What of the death of your navigator, Fooks?" Admiral Hollingsworth asked.

"Sir, his death was caused as a result of the outside influence we discussed earlier."

"These logs show that it was discovered that your security chief was responsible."

"Again, Admiral, his actions were not his own and he cannot be held responsible for them. Nor can Seeker, or the Colonel. They were all acting as they felt necessary and in some cases, their actions were beyond their own control. These are all good men, Admirals. All of them. They are part of a fine crew and due to this outside inteaction it seems as if they are a mutinous bunch of ruffians hell bent on death, destruction and the disregard of my orders, but it is not the case, I assure you. They are my men, Admirals. All of them. As such, if there is to be anything done, I offer myself as being responsible for their actions aboard ship. Please take time to review the tapes and evidence and learn the truth before passing judgement."

"Captain, we will determine who is right and who is wrong. You are dismissed."

"Admirals, they weren't acting under their own influence. They can't be held accountable for stuff they were made to do!"

"Captain, you will leave this chamber at once."

Luder saluted them, turned on his heel and departed the chamber, furious.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 11:36 AM
Not long after he went into the judicial chambers, Captain Luder was leaving them, looking like a bottled up Martian sandstorm.

Seeker's projection snapped a quick salute to Luder followed by a knowing smile.

"All will work out in the end Captain. The Admiralty is not stupid, they will see the truth in the records and our accounts.

"Regardless of what happens, you are still my Captain. I will be duty ready in 13 hours Sir. See you on the bridge."

It was then that Seeker received his summons into the tribunal.

He flickered out of existence in the lobby and stabilized an image in the "hot seat" of the judicial chambers, a strategically placed area for the accused to stand that allowed the judges to look as intimidating as possible. This, of course, had little effect on a Enhancer, especially one who wasn't even physically there at the time.

Admiral Hollingsworth spoke first.

"Seeker8241, explain your actions against the USS Nimitz in engagement 7462B of the UEF Navy."

Seeker replied calmly.

"I was ordered by my Captain to disable the Nimitz and allow her to be boarded. It was my full intention to do so.

"My first action was to launch a live Quantum Buster class torpedo into the enemy fighter cloud. Doing so would eliminate much of the danger to our boarding crew and cause a minimum or friendly fire. Once the area was fighter-cleared, boarding operations were initiated.

"At that point, Sirs, the murder of chief Navigator Fooks came to my attention. I did a quick sweep of relevant data and ascertained that some kind of nerve agent, or possibly the terminated project Cold Harvest, was involved. At the time, this explained the Nimitz's sudden change of allegiance.

"According to Order: Adamant Resolve, an order you yourselves helped format, I had to take action to eliminate the threat of contamination that the Nimitz crew posed. The combination of the Nimitz and the Penelope could burn Earth to a crisp before other Naval vessels could be recalled. Adamant Resolve would not allow the possibility of a turncoat crew aboard the Penelope.

"I then concurred with Adamant Resolve and launched a full rack of Luminal class kinetic projectiles, rupturing the Nimitz's reactor cluster and destroying her as well as many of my fellow crewmen, a fact that I heavily regret."

Seeker then stood silent, while the Admirals looked at each other with some measure of discomfort.

"Son," Admiral Stevenson began. "Adamant Resolve was never meant to be taken to such extremes."

"The order was perfectly clear as to the action that was to be taken at the time, Admiral," Seeker replied.

Stevenson sat back with a sigh.

"Seeker, your Captain seems to vouch for you heavily. If not for this, and the fact that you can manipulate a weapon system more efficiently than a dozen battle AI, you would be removed from active duty and shelved on a rack somewhere for future Naval administrators to ponder," Hollingsworth nearly shouted.

Gordon leaned over and whispered something to Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth leaned back and huffed in disgust.

Gordon looked directly at Seeker and spoke.

"Seeker8241, you are re-assigned to active duty aboard the Penelope until further notice. I have been informed by Naval intelligence that you have received some upgrades to your command structure, and that will allow you to be more level headed in the future. Let's hope this is the case. We can't afford a loose cannon in the Navy."

"You are dismissed."

Seeker vanished from the judicial chambers. He was confused. During Order: Adamant Resolve, he had been more level headed than ever. If they were uncomfortable with what he had done, why had they sponsored the Order? Ultimately, his actions might have saved Earth.

He gave a mental shrug and moved on. In the end it didn't matter. He would do his job as best he could and let them be confused by the outcome.

He pondered such things as his body was being manipulated and upgraded...

Becoming more than human.

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Studious wheeled himself into the room in a wheelchair.

Hollingsworth asked “Why are you in that chair!?”

Studious replied “Well admiral the gurney’s a little hard to steer.”

Gordon 'corrected' “I think what the admiral means is are you alright?...... No permanent damage I hope.”

“Yes I’ll be fine. After the blood loss they want me to stay in sickbay for a few more days though. They also recommend I use a cane for awhile after at least until I am fully recovered.”

Hollingsworth mumbled “Sympathy eh.”

Studious thought to himself. “I may be banged up but I can still hear.”

To reassure them that he was not seeking their sympathy to get of easy, Studious forced himself up. Hiding his difficulty in doing so. The Colonel then approached the “hot zone.” The Marine Commander had been here before, perhaps too many times.

With that Hollingsworth raised an eyebrow.

Gordon began “How would you describe the actions of the crew of the Penelope during the incident.”

“Well sir, I attribute the actions of the department heads and the captain as acting under an outside influence.”

Gordon “Could you elaborate on that?”

“We were receiving some sort of energy signal transported through quantum tunneling….”

Hollingsworth “From where, by whom and for what purpose?”

“I can only speculate.”

Hollingsworth “So you’re telling me that at any time someone, somewhere can take control of our minds.”

“Yes sir.”

Hollingsworth “So I suppose you are going to explain away your actions as the act of some far away force.”

“No sir my actions were, are, my own. I accept full responsibility for those actions.”

Stevenson “You do realize you are admitting to mutiny.”

“Yes admiral, I am aware.”

The admirals looked at each other.

Stevenson “Are you sure you wish to have that on record.”

“Yes, to do otherwise would deny what really happened. It would deny the truth.”

Hollingsworth “Explain to us what you did.”

“When I arrived aboard the ship I ordered Lt. Jones to give me a sidearm. I then proceeded to the bridge where I threatened the bridge crew. I then ordered the captain detained.”

Stevenson “Why would you do that?”

“I thought the men in that room where responsible for killing our people.”

Hollingsworth “What would you have done if they had killed our people?”

“They would have been flogged.”

Stevenson “Where you correct in your judgment?”

“When evidence is presented to a computer it comes to a conclusion. No matter how many times you tell it to review that information it will always reach the same conclusion. In that sense a machine will always believe it is right. A human when presented with evidence comes to a conclusion just like a computer does. However a human can come to a different conclusion when reviewing the same evidence….A human can know they were wrong.”

Stevenson “So you admit you were wrong?”

“Misguided sir….I had been seeking revenge on the ones who caused this……..I was wrong about who to punish…..but my methods of punishment will be the same.”

Gordon said with a smile of understanding and respect “That will be all Colonel. Thank you.”

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Stepping into the shower for some refreshment and clarity, taking a couple of deep breaths and exhaling rapidly in constant succession 21 times, no in breath just exhaling as hard and totally as possible, then panting out with the who sound for another 21 times, I began to feel much clearer.

Finishing up with some silent peaceful meditation and just allowing my energy to move in what ever direction it chose I found my body slightly dancing to an inner rhythm of silence which in its own right were the sounds of the Universe.

Deciding to take advantage of a few moments of solitude began to do some intensive yoga stretching and ended with sitting comfortably tuning in with what could only be described as vibrationalsoundfrequency emitting transmission.

This was a technique enjoyed by all of the Zzonyas it was a way to connect with our inner selves and to the divine. In the song it came not from the breath or the vocal cords but instead from an unmentionable space between. The vibrationalfrequencies or sounds could be high or low pitched or anywhere in between depending upon ones choice. The sound because it did not come from the body but rather an ethereal ring of energy around inside actually the body, it had no real beginning or end. You just play it until you feel to stop. One continuous pitch, no stopping for breath I played the song for almost an hour before it ended and finally an in breath followed.

Feeling all Chakras open clean and aligned, I changed into a fresh comfortable turquoise colored wrap and stepped over to the nutritional simulator and with thought waves ordered a hot cup of Rigellian Sose tea with Honeysuckle.

The visions of my Father seemed to surround my thoughts in a sweet blanket of warm. Wondering again if there could possibly be any truth to what the Silo had said previously. If the Rigellian Yylrons were still attempting to have me murdered for teaching the basic techniques of his work merging nanotechnology with biological, then it was even more dangerous now if there was even a hint of truth to what the Silo had said.

After so long it was curious to think of what he could be doing, how advanced his art would be now unhindered by the Aliance and their watchful eye. One thing for certain if the truth be known as would be soon, his work would be the only hope for this and all the surrounding Universes.

Still feeling blissful from the tones reached earlier, the entire RB seemed to be glowing in a soft and melodious energy field.

Someone was coming in to visit as the entry portal turned a green color.



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A fold in the Fabric…

A Time-walker is aboard this ship
, loam repeated to himself.

Mossian-Slea nuns were very gifted in their ability to read the Fabric. The Star-witch would not be mistaken.

Time-walkers were to be feared in many respects. No matter how benign their intended purpose, they represented potential catalysts for colossal changes in the timeline. The Mossian-Slea viewed such possibilities with great hostility, fiercely believing in the protection of an unadulterated Universe.

But for the moment, loam considered other notions, too. Aside from any purposeful intention toward failure, the traveler’s presence could also mean either a desire to assist, or one to simply observe an already historical success. At least two of the three possibilities were somewhat positive.

loam also understood that whatever the intention, the traveler would remain undisclosed for as long as the traveler desired. For now, loam would need to move on to other priorities.

The stowaway, loam thought, requires my attention.

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Nenothtu arrived for his hearing just in the nick of time. His pappy always told him he'd be late for his own funeral, he wryly recalled. Just as he entered the waiting room, Colonel Studious was departing the hearing hall, a grim look on his face. This didn't look good at all. A guard appeared right behind Studious, and beckoned nenothtu into the chamber.

After neno has assumed the position of attention in his appointed place Admiral Gordon spoke.

"Cheif nenothtu, you stand accused of murder. How do you plead?"

"No contest, Sir."

Hollingsworth spoke up "No contest? Do you realize your facing the possibility of execution on these charges? What precisely do you mean 'no contest'?" Nenothtu could see veins starting to stand out near the Admiral's temples.

"Just what I said, sir, no contest. I find myself unable to dispute the charges. The data and medical findings clearly indicate that I committed the crime, but I seem to have no recollection of it. Therefore, I cannot contest or dispute the charges."

Hollingsworth opened his mouth again as if to speak, but was cut off by Admiral Stevenson before he could get himself worked up enough for his head to explode. "The records also indicate that you placed yourself under arrest for the crime. Why would you do that, if it wasn't a knowing admission of guilt?"

"Well, sir, the data clearly showed it was my weapon that fired the fatal shot, and whether I could remember it or not, I couldn't dispute the report. It seemed that it would be in the best interest of the ship if I removed myself from the ability to wreak any further havoc pending a psych evaluation. I felt it was a real possibility that I was going... nuts, sir, and had no desire to harm anyone else unintentionally."

"You came here of your own free will, without chains or escort, knowing you could be facing the death penalty. Why?"

"It was the proper thing to do, sir. I have no desire to spend the rest of my life on the run from justice, always looking over my shoulder. I'd rather have it done with."

Hollingsworth tried to speak, and couldn't get it out. He appeared to be on the verge of apoplexy. Admiral Gordon filled the void. "Sooo... you placed YOURSELF under arrest, and then marched yourself to a possible execution. Those facts alone say something about you, but frankly, I'm not sure what. Have you anything else to say in your defense?"

"No sir." replied nenothtu. "Since I can't remember the event, there's really not anything I can say either in my favor, or against myself. I have nothing further to add."

Stevenson then spoke up. "A crime involves three elements: ability, opportunity, and intent. I think we can pretty well establish ability and opportunity, but, taking your own testimony into account as well as that of the rest of the command staff, and the data records transferred to us, we are going to have to reach a conclusion as to the element of intent. When we have reached that conclusion, you will be notified. Until then, you are to confine yourself to the Penelope. Understood?"

"Yes sir!"

"That is all then, you are dismissed."

Nenothtu spun around on his heel and left the chamber, leaving Stevenson and Gordon shuffling papers, and Hollingsworth spitting and stuttering.

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“If I don’t get something to eat I’m going to be all stomach.” I growled.
Hunger stealing my patience I stamped off in what I hoped to be the direction of the galley.
“Silo, wait! Let’s go to the bar. You can’t go...Silo...Wait...!” Carpet yelped trying to stop me.
I closed my ears and kept going. I’d find the galley on my own or waste away to sand doing it.

A very long half hour later I was near to asking Carpet for directions when shear luck found me before a large door, open and revealing what could only be the galley.
But one like I’d never seen before.

Rows of huge vats lined the walls for as far as I could see.
I searched every corner, every cupboard and nook, not a crumb could I find, no cold storage, nothing but countertops and boiling pots.
Then it came to me.
Rushing back to the doorsill where Carpet abruptly left off I humbled myself and asked.
“I’m sorry Friend, you were trying to tell me something before, what was it?”
“I was trying to warn you about the galley.“
“Warn me? I demanded? Warn me of what?’ I could see no danger, only huge shiny pots.
“Silo, listen, the Regalians, their food staple aboard Ship...’ Carpet hesitated, then went on in a rush. ‘They eat snails Silo. Snail greens and snails. They’re stored on Ship and brought here by droids to be boiled.”

My mouth burst in wet waves of nausea the saliva causing me to swallow convulsively.
“Sssnails?’ I cried weakly ‘Sweet little snails...with little antenna...boiled alive in their little...houses...snails?”
“Yes Snails.” Carpet replied trying not to sound too I-told-you-so and failing.
“Oh my good Creator, get me the gwark out of here!” I wailed.

Both hands slapped over my mouth I spun about and ran.
Leaving the room of horrors behind I followed in the wake of a path opening before me.
I knew without asking Carpet was showing me the way to the bar.

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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 07:38 PM






Gravity waves detected

Location - NGC 6240

Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Object (MACHO) Two Supermassive Black Holes on verge of merging.

Constellation Ophiuchus - Earth Distance 400-million light years

Potential hazard:

Ophiuchus Consortium in state of disarray. Outposts warring.

posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 11:33 PM

HA! I was so happy I did a jig. Who’d a thought I’d find pretzels here on Ship!
Carpet caught at my tripping ankles so I fell sprawled in a heap where fingers of fibers held me, poking at my sides causing me to laugh harder.
“Why didn’t you tell me Ship had pretzels Friend?” I asked around a mouthwatering gob of salt and crunch.
“Because I loath the things. They crumble up and it takes forever to clean my hide, especially here in the bar where the crew tosses them about like so much confetti.” Carpet grumbled sourly.
“Confetti?“ I asked and stuffed another handful of bows in my mouth.
“Confetti, the bane of any living surface, trust me.“
“What’s it taste like?” I asked holding out a pretzel examining it for salt chunks I could nip off with my teeth.
Carpet answered by giving me a another jab to my ribs, it's effort catching me giggling again.

The sound of someone clearing their throat so startled me I was on my feet in a half breath the bag of pretzels exploding out of my hands it’s contents raining down like so much brown litter.
My eyes darted one way, my antenna the other looking for escape.
“Stand firm Stowaway! You’ve nowhere to run and I‘ll not talk to a wall.”
His command stilled my flight as much as the truth in what he said. The thing before me filled the doorway blocking my exit and since I'd already been spotted my morphing would be useless.

My eyes strained to the end of their antenna searching for a face belonging to the voice but the bright light coming from behind him created deep shadows leaving only black relief. All I could make out was a Humanoid form, tall and broad in shoulders, all of him radiating strength. By contrast his tone was gentle and didn’t incite fear, his voice clear of sarcasm and duplicity invited me to go on.

“Excuse me Sir, I was just, well, we were just, um...” I gave up.
“So, you’ve found something to eat have you.” He filled in around my stammering.
“Pretzels I see, my favorite.” He said pointedly. He made no move to enter the bar so it fell on me to go to him. Moving a step closer I handed out the bag and what few pretzels it was holding to the shadow.
“Thank you” he said.
The silence between us hung lightly and as he seemed in no rush to be gone I took the opening to explain myself.
“I was hungry, I started. You see, it’s been long since I ate and while on the way to the galley I found a pretzel bag here in the bar. I don't mean to be poking about but really, hunger can be quite impossible to ignore.”
I didn‘t tell him I couldn‘t have ignored a bag of pretzels had I only just finished a feast meal but his soft dry chuckle told me he was well aware of the fact.
“And now that your stomach has been silenced what are you about little Stowaway?” He said around a mouthful of snack.

I didn't take offence at his naming me little, the physical difference between us left me dwarfed, but I wasn’t about to be called Stowaway when I was not.
“A Stowaway? Forgive me Sir, no, not me. I was Shanghaied and left for good or ill on Ship. There was no free will in my getting here. I hid, yes, that I did, but mores the truth it seemed only prudent to do so.” Searching for his face again in the dark I readied for a reaction wondering if he would force me to the brig. He surely couldn’t have known I was a guest, unwilling or no, though it was painfully obvious I was not crew.

His voice peaked with an interest of another kind broke through my explanation.
“Shanghaied huh? I was Shanghaied once...” I could hear the longing as he continued. “One of the best experiences of my life.” He sounded wistful, like he’d enjoy reminiscing but curtly steered back to the discussion at hand.
“So, you’re no Stowaway, well, I’m more grateful that. I’d hate to have fouled Ship by stuffing you into a jettison port spewing you out into space little Silo.”

The description made me pale, my insides turned watery.
So, it was no ugly rumor after all, the jettisoning of Stowaways!
“No, we don’t do that anymore, “ He cut into my thoughts quickly realizing his jibe went too far.
“We’ve other ways to ensure Stowaways regret their profession, and, our Starship is not so meagerly outfitted. We’ve enough...” he gave pause, “...enough pretzels to go around.“ I was pleased to catch a glimpse of his very human looking appendage handing me back the bag. I was not so pleased it was now completely empty.

“Regretfully I've pressing matters to return to. Have you no wish to be shuttled ashore? No one waiting for...”
It was my turn to interrupt him and he took my intrusion with grace waiting with patience for me to collect my tongue.
“Sir, I’ve heard about the loss of your Captain. I’ve a mind to ask the acting Captain allowance to remain on the Yydryl to see if I can help find Captain Cadbury.”

I must have quite shocked the one who questioned me, his voice now verily rang with surprise.
“Yes, well, I don't suppose you have navigation credentials?“ Not waiting for my reply he answered his own question, “No, no I don't suppose you do. Well then Silo, report to Ship for orders. I must say it’s come to my attention you get along famously with Ship, so, continue continue.”

Turing to go he stopped to look back over his shoulder, the light falling bright on his face where green eyes twinkled with his secret.

Interrex Captain Loam!

“And Silo, that is, Attendant To Ship Silo... Learn to salute.” Captain Loam commanded as he snapped out a perfect ell before moving off.

The light from the now empty doorway hit me full force making me blink rapidly, my breath catching in my throat, my knees turning back to jelly.
As I brought my hand up slowly in a awkward copy of his signal I could only manage to squeak out, “Yes Captain!”

Carpet for once stayed firm under my feet.

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