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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 12:45 AM

Marvelling at the spectacle he had just witnessed, nenothtu allowed as how the good Colonel must be getting delirious from blood loss. he rushed down the hallway and stopped the bed in it's headlong rush, Then returned to the inert form on the floor. If Studious reckoned she ought to get whacked with a cane, neno figured there must be more there than meets the eye. Binding her thumbs together behind her back with a bit of braid off of his uniform, he paused to call the Captain before escorting her to the brig.

"Nenothtu to Captain Luder: I have a female prisoner in custody, en route to the brig. Don't rightly know who she is, but we don't need but one Captain, so I'm putting the spare on ice in the brig. Nenothtu out."

Neno took the prisoner to the brig, meeting no resistance from her in her zombie-like state.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:01 AM

"Good work gentlemen. I'll be down there shortly."

All hands, this is the Captain, assume station procedures. 72 hour shore leave enacted. Luder out.

Luder stood up and steadied himself as the ship jolted slightly under the crew transfer umbilicals. He adjusted his uniform and headed down to the brig.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:31 AM

Seeker walked haltingly to the nearest airlock to the bridge, blinking like an owl. His eye were dry and his knees felt weak. Too long in the chair, it would seem. He vowed to remember some exercise next time.

At the airlock he called a shuttle over with the manual computer interface, feeling like a geriatric while doing so. Incredibly slow and clunky compared to what he was used to.

An hour later, he was marching smartly down the halls of the NI hub. There were no secretaries or lobbies or waiting rooms here. If you were meant to be in the Hub, doors opened for you. If you were not, you were carved up by x-ray lasers like a thanksgiving ham.

At the end of a long hallway, one Seeker recognized clearly, a door slid open. Seeker turned to it and walked in, a very human shiver running down his spine.

In this room, on that very table, they had made him what he had become.

He was not alone. A man in an all black uniform signifying Navy Intelligence stood up from a chair in the corner of the bare white room.

"Asher, I am NI:Thanatos. Good to meet you."

Seeker saluted smartly and said nothing.

"Son, it's come to my attention that Adamant Resolve was manipulated from outside you neural matrix, causing you to use extreme force to carry it out."

Thanatos paused awkwardly.

"I'm a senior director of the Enhancer project Asher. I was the only one who pushed to keep you as human as possible. You see, I believe a human can analyze a situation from a personal perspective and with regard to loss of life, something a machine isn't capable of. This may make you less efficient, but I firmly believe that it allows you to make better decisions that are situation specific.

"Would you agree?"

Seeker replied in his soft, self conscious voice, "It would seem that way Sir."

"Anyway, I asked you to come here for a reason Asher. We're adding a top secret payload to the Penelope before she leaves dock. No one but NI and yourself is to know of its existence. Not even Captain Luder, is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

Thanatos continued.

"These orders come from the very top Son. R&D has been working very hard and long on this project and I've been told that it makes them nervous, and that's saying something. Data packages are awaiting you in your secure storage files onboard. They will detail you on its capabilities and usage parameters."

"Also, I've asked you here so I can analyze your neural network. I want to make some changes. I think the other directors decided to sneak their own agendas into your Order system, and I'm going to add some code that will ensure that you will have the final say in a decision, regardless of what an order directs you to do. I trust that you have the correct logical thought processes to decide if an Order applies to a situation or not.

"That's why we picked you, after all."

Seeker looked at Thanatos with a small amount of surprise showing.

"Thank you, Sir. I have done much... thinking... on what I am becoming after the incident involving the Nimitz. I am... concerned... that I am losing a part of myself to the Enhancer Project that I cannot afford to lose."

Thanatos smiled a tired smile back at him.

"Have a seat on the table Asher," he said, patting the smooth white interface bench. "We're also adding another small enhancement to you today, call it an insurance policy."

Seeker, in the midst of laying back on the table, looked up at Thanatos in alarm.

"Don't worry Son, this one is 100% under your control. It's being installed in your upper right forearm. It's a retractable Destructor pistol. We can't have you totally vulnerable when you're not at your console, now can we?"

Seeker slowly leaned back and let the table take over, falling into a REM sleep state instantly.

Thanatos sat down in the nearby chair and watched as mechanical medical equipment descended from recesses in the ceiling and began sawing away at the boy's flesh.

He sighed and let his head fall into his hands. He hated lying to them, especially this one. There was no helping it, however. The Navy didn't need more men, it needed someone capable of making decisions men can't.

Slowly, NI Thanatos stood up and walked from the room where his 23 year old son, Asher, lay upon the operating table, dreaming peacefully. Asher would never recognize him as his father, it couldn't be allowed.

When the doors closed behind him, he talked into his palm, where a tiny dermal microphone was implanted.

"Steven Sorokov, reporting. Subject 8241 is on the table and receiving enhancements. Estimated time to completion, 27 hours."

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 02:36 AM

Hydryl: Command recording Captain Loam. Recipients: Officers Antar and QA. Delivery at 0530 hours.

I want the two of you to assist Skyfloatings companions to operate as our temporary Navigation and Helm control until we have someone more senior available.

They will need the proper interfaces. Report on your progress as events dictate.

End of Message.

antar was at her data center once again attempting to place Bio stats on Scurvy and the Yydryl. She heard the message yet was unaffected by the message as the news was most expected after the loss of her friend Skyfloating.

Looking over on the edge of her work station a message handwritten by Whisper along with 3 bottles of elixir she had left to be analyzed. After reading the message she places several small stones in a circle around the bottles and they immediately began to light up with gray and black tones.

"What the..."

Taking the bottles and placing them into a secure locking compartment, she shuts down the data center and sets off to locate Whisper. The readings spoke volumes about why Whisper had not been herself recently, something very subtle on a mental level had been bothering her, and antar just figured it was the fact that she had found herself obviously attracted to the handsome young Officer on board.

Making a mental note to stop in on the S.I.L.O. and perhaps attempt to connect again to discover what he was thinking hiding on a Star Ship.
After-all she was familiar with the species and liked them very much.

Honored to be taking over the care of Sky's Aquarium was something positive to look forward to and she could not wait to have a chance to go check it out and spend time with the aquatic creatures. Her favorite being the Rainbow jellyfish, a magical animal with a direct connection to Unicorns and the ethereal Dimensions.


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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 05:36 AM

After arriving at the brig, Luder was shown by the staff to Theresa's cell. She was standing there, facing out toward the grey corridor, staring at the far wall. She didn't move save for her steady breathing. Luder walked right up to the screen separating her from the outside. He noticed out of the corner of his right eye, the two security personnel with their hands on their weapons.

"Easy guys, I'm not going to let her out this time. You can go." The two looked at each other and nodded.

After they were back at their stations, Luder turned to the woman he hadn't seen in what seemed like ages. Footsteps approached from the end of the hall.

"Sir, we were told to come conduct a scan of the prisoner to check her health. May we?" A red-haired medical officer approached with two orderlies, no doubt sent by the doctor. Luder nodded and allowed her to pass.

The scan lasted for about 10 minutes and when they were complete, the red-haired officer walked up to Luder.

"Sir, it's strange. She's there, but she's not."

"What does that mean, Commander?" Luder asked, frowning.

"Well, she's completely normal. No sickness, breathing checks out, no sign of any illness, but its as if there's no one in there at the helm. If you get my meaning." She looked distressed telling Luder this.

Luder chewed the inside of his cheek.

"Yet she was fine earlier, in engineering. She made it out into the ship. So what happened?"

"I - I don't know. It's as if she's in a waking coma."

"Move her to sickbay under guard and keep her there until further notice. Keep an eye on her and let me know if there's any change in her status."

"Yes Captain."

Luder walked down the corridor.

"You two, accompany the medical staff back to sick bay with the prisoner and keep a close eye on her. I don't want her escaping again, but she's in need of medical attention." They acknowledged and picked up their weapons, headed off to sick bay.


Captain Luder stepped across the threshold of the docking umbilicals and entered station LaGrange 2 for the first time in nearly 5 years. It was as he remembered it, a flurry of activity. Even more so because of the upcoming battle deployments. There were people from nearly a hundred different worlds all moving about. Blue skinned bipedal lizards from Draconis, bug eyed greys, their grey skin glistening in the overhead lights of the station, humans, and the furry "yeti" from Cygnus. The place was crowded and loud.

He straightened his tunic and walked toward the main turbolifts.

"Destination please." The lift asked in a pleasant female voice.

"Command Office." Luder said. He felt a bit nervous. It wasn't the first time he'd disobeyed orders and it probably wasn't going to be the last. This time though, he had good reason and the proof to back it up. He though about it a bit longer. "Hell, let them fry me. They won't get any of my crew." He'd stick his neck out for all of them. Even Studious, who'd nearly blown his head off. Admirality be damned.

The lift slid to a stop at the command level and Luder exited, spotting Admiral Gordon across the "bridge" of the station, with his back to the lift.

"Here goes nothing....." Luder walked across the bridge and stopped.

"Captain Luder reporting as ordered, Admiral."

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 07:21 AM

The Admiral eyed Luder with anger.

"You disobeyed a direct order to return to this station Captain."

Without waiting for a reply the Admiral read the Tribunal details.

"The Tribunal will be held in the Military Judicial Chamber aboard this station in one hour. Rear Admiral Hollingsworth III, Admiral Stevenson and myself will judge you and your crew's conduct.

The charges are as follows:

Against Captain mf_luder:

Failure to comply with a direct order from the Admiralty.
Inaction in detaining a suspected murderer.
Unwarranted release of a prisoner.

Against Weapons Control Officer Seeker:

4,079 counts of Murder in the first degree.

Against Security Chief Nenothtu:

One count of murder in the first degree.

Against Colonel Studious:

Assault on a superior officer.
Failure to comply with a direct order from a superior officer......and"

The admiral stopped.


"Seeker has been taken by NI and I still need to straighten that out. Studious is in the medical facility. However, I expect the rest of you to be in the Judicial Chamber in one hour."

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by Studious

"Aye sir, one hour."

Luder turned and exited the command center.

After leaving the hornet's nest, he got on his peronal comms.

Colonel Studious, Security Chief Nenothtu and WCO Seeker. We are all to report to the judicial chambers in one hour for our hearings. I have the evidence from the Penelope and all the data which shows we are justified in our actions. Let us hope they see it that way too. See you all soon.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:30 AM

Finding Whisper sitting at the bar with exotic looking drinks in two tenticles was a welcome sight. Obviously she had not drank the toxic liquids she had tested.

"Hello Whisper, just wanted to stop in real quick and let you know the results of your tests. I do not have much time as I need to get back to the RB but this is what I found in small quantities:

A mix of Mithridatum and Natron the (fiery poison) or better known as arsenic trioxide." A colorless odorless mixture which is a slow poisoning, eventually it would have killed you. But how did you know?"

Whisper began to tell antar the story of when she first boarded the Yydryl and having gotten drunk on the substance and also how upsetting it was to have been out of it while the Captain was being kidnapped and the stowaway entered the ship.

At this point one of the most beautiful and visually stunning faces came over to introduce herself to me. Our introduction was cut short far too quickly as I received a strong sense that the Silo was awakening.

Promising to come back soon and to have more time to get acquainted I said goodbye to both whisper and our newest and most interesting crew member CindyMars.

"Whisper you will have to bring me any other bottles you may have as well as any edibles in your private reserves, let me run tests on them and plan to spend a few minutes yourself, I want to take some blood samples from you too."

With that antar turned and quickly walked away back toward the Silo.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:54 AM

QA had finished everything asked of her by Captain Loam when she heard an annoucement:

Originally posted by cindymars

The bar will be offically open for business, please come and let me meet my crew and lets name this place!

Bar? QA looked around and saw many excited and anxious faces hurrying to finish their various task, so they could go to this "bar".

QA lightly touched another's shoulder asking.... "what is a bar and what do you do there"? The crewmember starred at her in utter disbelief...... saying "there is no way to explain, you have to experience it".

With that information, QA decided to step into the unknown.

As QA was following the carpet halls of the ship - seeing new signs installed by cindymars for directions to the bar, she was not paying complete attention to where she was going. As she rounded a corner she bumped into Captain Loam.

QA slinked back and recoiled for a moment, she was not sure if Captain Loam disliked her due to her "wires" and mental abilities. QA could feel the mistrust from him, but also felt the belief in her abilities for confidently handling her communication tasks from him. There seemed to be a mixture of thoughts she could feel him emit.

QA, also took a moment to take very long look at him for the first time,

She realized, she had not seen anyone before looking like he did..... other feelings stirred, but she had no clue to what those were and did not have time to think about them.

Captain Loam informed QA he had a message for both her and antar, the two of us would be handling skyfloatings position until a permanant replacement was found.

Loam then said "he was going to the bar, before crashing". QA piped up, she was also headed that way, though she had no idea what a bar was. Loam gave her a sideways glanced, as if he had just himself seen an alien. But he made no comment.

The two walked in silence, but as the doors of the bar opened, the silence was broken. The music and voices were loud and joyous throughout the whole bar, everyone was smiling.

Captain Loam went in one direction as QA looked around.

QA slinked over to a crew member from the bridge and sat down next to her. She turned giving QA a sharp toothed smile.

QA casually mentioned, she had never been to a bar before, nor did she know anything about them. The shocked and completely disbelief in her eyes and face at the news, made QA gasp.
She proceeded to stand up and announce to those closest - I was a "bar virgin".... everyone laughed at the news, she then called cindymars over and told her the same thing.

Cindymars and QA introduced themselves as Cindymars began making QA a special drink. Still not understanding what a bar was completely about, QA accepted the drink, though not realizing a drink of the sort she was about to have would alter her senses and brain power.

As QA accepted the drink from Cindymars and was about to take a sip, she was grabbed from behind and the glass knocked out of her tentacle by a crew member she had not come across onboard as of yet.

The crew member had a very mean and cruel face with a look of utter hate, as he began dragging QA away. Others tried to stop him, but he gave them a shove, letting them know, they were not to involve themselves in this matter.

He managed to get QA outside the bar despite the protest from others.
Once outside the doors he threw her against the wall, trapping her there and abruptly giving her a very painful squeeze of her arm. He got within inches of her face telling her in no certain terms was sheEVER to drink anything in the bar! It would never be acceptable, as they had spent years training her mind and capabilities to be sharp and focused and they were not going to let drinks, ruin the 60 years of the intense training QA has received.

He continued to inform her, he was her handler onboard, but he was also a shape shifter, so she would not recognize him the next time or ever. He would appear only once each time with a certain look and would continually change his looks, so she would never know who he was or when he was watching her.

QA had been shaking as she was pinned against the wall and paid careful attention to everything being said to her. She was confused, as she did not understand what was wrong with a drink, but she also knew she had to follow orders from the handler. She knew and could do too much and if she ever went rogue then she also knew the rulers could not afford for her to live.

In the back of her mind, she also wondered if there would ever be a way out, of the rulers and handlers grips?

The handler told her, she was to go to her room immediately and to concentrate on her ongoing and years control of Theresa, as needed work with her was required.

As the handler released QA, he turned around and briskly disappeared around a corner. QA stood still for moments making sure he was gone, before she took a shaky step forward towards her room.

As she slowly made her way to her room, she fleetingly thought of the bar and how people there seemed to be having so much fun... wishing she could join in the fun, but knowing she had other work to get accomplished.

Upon entering the dreariness of her room, she saw her wires still askew at her computer, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw something was missing.................... she fully turned to see her reflective shiny surface was gone from the wall, where it had hung before. A form of punishment had been enforced upon her.

QA sat down with regret, but immediately began her continuing work with Theresa.

QA felt Theresa and her as one, since she has had control of Theresa going on 20 years. So in essence her and Theresa were one and the same.

It was a project from the rulers 20 years before. They wanted QA to control Theresa full time. QA was able to perfect and take her over easily. The main reason, was the rulers wanted to be able to be close to the Earthlings and especially a certain Captain mf_luger.

Theresa was found to be a perfect vehicle for control. QA had been able to coherce a close relationship with the Captain, the only problem with Theresa was... though QA had the control of her at all times, Theresa was catatonic unless QA concentrated in using her. It was never a problem before, due to QA being in an underground world and it is all she did, 24/7. But now that QA was out and about, Theresa had been neglected by QA.

QA became quiet and awoke Theresa.............

Theresa became alert ... surveying her surroundings and where she was. She spotted guards but without moving, still pretending to be "out of it", she began gagging for air and convulsing. Two guards ran to her, as another called the Chief medical officer to inform him she was having a problem As the guards picked her up, in her gasping for air state, one went to get oxygen out of another room, the other went to get a medical rolling bed................ as the one guard left was trying to help her.

She abruptly stopped gasping, grasping the leg of a table next to her as she forcefully and immediatly ripped it out of it's socket and hitting the guard over his head with it. It took only seconds for her to complete the sequence. Without hesitation nor wasted seconds ran and escaped to the halls outside.

She regained her composure as she confidently strided to the opening and entrance to the Lagrange 2 station from Penelope. This was her ultimate destination, this was where she had been working and hiding out to get to.

She had finally arrived.................................................


QA was exhausted and decided she would get Theresa to a safe hiding place and then rest. Once Theresa was safely and securily hidden away from prying eyes, QA laid down to sleep..........................

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:00 PM

I woke to a grumbling stomach, the hollow feeling reminding me just how long I’d gone without food.
A cursory search of the little room turned up a washstand littered with bottles, tiny boxes and pots, strange looking tools and brushes, but to my disappointment nothing I could eat.
Opening one bottle and tube after another I was astounded by the mixture of creams, pastes, liquids and color sticks all presumably to be used on Regalian skin, eyes, oily mouths...
UGH! I made a face in disgust, my stomach rolling over in something which had nothing whatsoever to do with being hungry.
Unstopping a particularly lovely container clothed in gray hide I found it held a soft glowing substance that smelled so wonderful I splashed some on my skin. What a lovely scent! I was astounded such bizarre life forms would appreciate something so fine.
For a species so hideous they sure tried to look and smell good! "Tried" being the key word, I snorted in laughter.

Chuckling merrily I let myself out of the room following the path Carpet opened before me.
Why I was so cheerful beat even my imagination.
Still a “guest” aboard a Regalian Ship I shared with a bunch of antagonistic flippered reptiles and it was just my luck one was a Captain who’d yet to tell me my fate.
Compounding the situation I had no idea how to ask or tell Ships Healer Antar a piece of information I couldn’t imagine she’d find anything but disturbing.

In my early years at Lab I’d heard many stories surrounding the man responsible for my DNA structure, my life.
The Composer as he was called, was a man known throughout the cosmos for his brilliance, vision, his aid to all life, a true Healer, a phenomena.
A master at combining Life Forces, he crossed and re crossed DNA samples collected throughout the worlds to create Beings perfectly designed to inhabit, to flourish and adapt to their surroundings and all importantly to do so in peace.
Where the dying out of whole species due to mass genocide and wars brought near extinction, he brought life back to galaxies left crippled and abandoned, repopulating planets left spinning endlessly alone and uninhabited.
S.I.L.O lot 13 was one of the last experiments undertaken by the Composer, some say the torment the man was living under was the reason for S.I.L.Os’ failure.

The greatest scientist know to history was suffering from delusions, a malady of the spirit that came to him over the last few decades in his life threatening his very mind and soul.
His family, it was reported, knew nothing of the torment, the Composer rarely saw his life-mate or his only natural child, one he unwillingly gave his life-mate only to appease her.
A daughter if I remembered the story correctly.
And after seeing the Healer Antar so readily wearing the guise of a S.I.L.O?
There was no doubt in my mind, the only explanation for Healer Antars ability to mirror my image?
She had to be the Composer’s daughter.

For years the rumors circled the Composer and his life-mate had been killed, the very young daughter a witness to their death. Details of the incident ranged from fantastical to dreary, but no matter, he was never seen again.
Some said it was an explosion, others a vessel wreck, still others an even more gruesome ending claimed their lives.

Still others said the death was a was an elaborate ruse devised by his colleagues who’d taken him by force and hidden him someplace safe to heal, to save him before he went completely and irretrievable mad.
But in staging his death there’d been an accident of unfathomable loss.
His life-mate was killed along with all the colleagues so intent on saving him.
His daughter, rumor was she lived, I didn’t know anything more, until now.

But rumors of another kind told of a Bounty placed on the Composer, a Bounty larger than any kind in the history of Galaxy and beyond.
These were stories whispered between drinkers well into the night at Space Bar.
My heart that pumped the blood of the Composer told me these stories were true.

The Composer was alive.

What did the Healer Antar know?

My stomach gurgled again having grown now to a physical pain.
I had to eat.
The mystery of the Healer Antar and who or what she really was would have to wait until I was fed.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 02:58 PM

Nenothtu surveyed himself in the mirror, ensuring that he was 'presentable' to the higher-ups for his... 'interview'. He snorted. "Probably more like a massacre" he said to the reflection.

Neno tugged at the bottom edge of his tunic, a fresh one, with all the braid intact. It also had the 'scrambled eggs' and all the other shiny doo-dads that he so detested. "Nothin' but the BEST for the boss-men" he mused to the reflection. He had even shined his shoes, and scraped off 4 days worth of beard.

The ever-present comm unit chirped, and spewed out the captain's voice.

Originally posted by mf_luder

Colonel Studious, Security Chief Nenothtu and WCO Seeker. We are all to report to the judicial chambers in one hour for our hearings. I have the evidence from the Penelope and all the data which shows we are justified in our actions. Let us hope they see it that way too. See you all soon.

Nenothtu thumbed the button. "Aye aye, skipper. Judicial chambers, one hour. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Nenothtu out"

It appeared that the powers-that-be were going to boil them all in the same kettle. What kind of 'evidence' did the captain have that would absolve a wayward officer of a murder he couldn't even remember? How could neno even testify in his own behalf to an event that as far as his own memory went, never happened? Surely there couldn't be 'justification' for it.

"This ought to be fun - well, if it didn't end in my disintigration, that is" muttered neno as he headed out the door. This was a BIG ship, and even if it hadn't been, it was going to be a long walk. "Dead man walking!" shouted nenothtu into the empty corridor, as he headed toward his fate.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:09 PM

Studious listened into the radio in his ear the assistants were supposed to have taken away.

“Oh hell no…..first someone stole my cane in the jello line and now this”

“Sir, sir how how did you bring a radio in here….Hey what do you think you’re doing!

“My job.”

With that the old Colonel grabbed his IV rack and began to push it against the ground. The bed began to move.

“What are you doing now?”

“Well I don’t expect anyone to help me this time.”


With that Studious began to push the bed but he was not going to make that close coroner to get out the door. Suddenly a convenient gust of wind….or perhaps ventilation as this was a space station pushed the bed perpendicular to the door.

Studious began to push against the ground with the IV rack and then shifted to the other side pushing down with IV again.

The colonel then flew past amazed patrons at the local mess hall….

“I’ll have what he’s having” One of them exclaimed. Another simply looked at his glass set it down and walked away to rethink his life.

The Colonel grabbed a cup from one of the patrons….it wasn’t alcohol after all Studious was on “duty.”

Like a relay racer The Colonel, the bed, the IV and the cup raced on.

Next the Colonel flew past a stunned young man who had stolen Studious’ cane. The Colonel grabbed it and took off. As he left this man said,

“Is he rowing…..down the hall!”

Now like an angry relay racer the Colonel, the bed, the IV, the cup and the cane raced on.

The Colonel then rushed right past the three Admirals from the Tribunal.

“You said he was in sickbay Gordon”

“Uh……oh forget it….”

Finally this woman was in his sights again……but he had control this time and was racing forward at a good speed……But he could not steer. He was going to MISS. Then a gust of wind..ventilation occurred again and set the Colonel, the bed, the IV, the cup, and the cane on a collision course with this woman.

The bed slammed into her this time but at half the speed it had been going…..last time.

'Stunned looking' she stared back at the Colonel.

Studious simply replied…

“I know what your thinking did he lose six pints of blood or only five, well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But I believe this is an old man cane the most powerful kind of cane in the world and would knock your head clean off……..So you have got to ask yourself one question “Do I feel lucky”…..“Well do you miss?”

She catatonically stared back as Studious thought anyone would under the circumstances……….

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by mf_luder

Seeker was once again uncarnate, except this time, he was hooked up to the NI hub's computer mainframe. While the operated on his comatose body, his brain was still very much alive.

He was reviewing the data being uploaded into his brain when the Captain's transmission came through to inform him of the upcoming hearings.

The Lagrange station had been the first facility to receive "extrovertive" projection systems. The hardware was located throughout 100% of the station.

While needles and scalpels prodded and pinched his body, Seeker activated a projection of himself near Captain Luder.

"Captain, it is good to see you. I am currently undergoing a procedure initiated by Navy Intelligence, so I will be unable to attend the hearing in corporeal form. Do you think this will do as an alternative?"

"You shouldn't have to face their wrath alone," Seeker said, smiling on of his rare smiles.

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 02:35 AM

He awoke to the sound of the alarm clock blaring.

Another day...

Slayer sat at the edge of the bed in a cold sweat trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes. WOW what a dream. He could not remember the last time he had such an erotic dream. That face! He kept seeing this face it was so haunting and soothing at the same time. He shook his head.

Morning already?

Glancing over at the clock he noticed that he had slept a full 6 hours, yet he still felt as if he had just gone to sleep a few minutes ago.

The intercom crackled


Chief you awake?

This is ensign Horn sir...

WHAT IS IT HORN? Slayer snapped

I'm sorry if I woke you but we are having some issues with the new plasma flow voltage regulators we just picked up and...

I'm on my way just hold it together until I can get some coffee OUT.
Slayer replied and with out waiting for a reply he click off the comm.

He showered, dressed and was out the door in 10 minutes. Making his way to engineering he could tell that something was just not right. The ship just did not feel right. He knew instinctively what it was and would address the situation first thing when he arrived.

The Penelope was a good ship he studied her inside and out even before he was assigned second engineers mate behind John. But the Captain had asked him to step up to the plate and assume the position recently vacated by his good friend John and he was not about to let him or the crew down, Not on his watch.

He glanced at one of the panels and noticed a few odd readings. Nothing major he thought to himself and pressed on to Engineering. As he passed the galley he remembered he desperately wanted, no needed coffee. The mess hall was all a buzz with scuttlebutt.

Nothing concrete all hearsay. Nothing new to Slayer, He was a lifer with 20 years already to his name, he knew when a story was good and what was Mars pucky. He downed his piping hot joe and was off.

As he boarded the lift he almost ran right into nenothtu. He seemed in a big hurry and was dressed to the Ts. He didn't even bother to say hi or acknowledge his presents.

No matter! I have my own pressing issue this morning, Slayer thought

As he stepped out of the lift in engineering he was approached by several of his team all yapping like school kids needing the teachers attention and help as if with a new problem they don't know how to do.

ok OK!

HORN you're first. What have you found out about those anomalous readings we discussed earlier?

Ensign Horn handed Slayer a data pad with the latest readings and a proposal of how the problem should be solved. Slayer analyzed the data and read the young ensigns recommendations.

Everything seemed to be correct. Horn seemed to know what he was doing although he did second guess himself. Slayer knew Horn would have to shake that before he would be able to advance.

Horn I want you and Martinez to go replace the Ion couplers in section g1 and then meet report back I have a project for you when you're done.

It's going to be one of those days!
Slayer thought to himself as he walked to his work station already the monitor indicated multiple messages were waiting for his attention.

Slayer slumped into his chair and with a heavy sigh tapped the return key...

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 09:41 AM

Making her way back to the RB wishing it could have been under better circumstances that she was able to meet the SILO.

Knowing that it was actually her Fathers labratory where these entities were first created. They were the hope for bright new future in advanced nanotechnology merged seemlessly with the biological functions of a new species that could actually repair ships without command, be utilized for their abilty to blend in with their surroundings and threfore would have made the perfect spies for the Alliance.

The experiment of course was shut down after her Fathers death and no more would the Alliance allow his work to continue as there were just too many unknowns when conducting such a blending of realities.

After checking in on SILO and watching over it as it slept peacefully merged into the carpet of it's quarters, she left to finish the crewmembers Bios.

Entering the RB she was greeted by her little friend deez, another one of her Fathers experiments, one that she had fallen in love with at first sight. And since it was a combination of the Plantus Imatus and Rat species it had the ability to rejenerate itself to become almost immortal.

Deez had traveled with her for over 100 years and been her best friend and most trusted companion during her times of war and of tranquilty.

"What are you doing out of your box deez?"
"Ah but 'how' did you get out of your box Deez?"
"Not telling!"

Deez could easily be the most talkative and inquisitive little creature ever, like a 5 year old child, always wondering about the secrets of everything...Yet when enough was enough she simply placed him into his little metal box and he instantly went into hybernation until awakened.

"Well sit quietly Deez I have a lot of work to do."

Walking over to the nutritional storage and taking out a small bowl filled with little green pellets she placed it in front of Deez and scratched his tiny head and set off to the Data center once more to finish the work that the High command had requested be finished before they left for the mission.

Deciding to simply store the Data to be relayed later she began once more to attempt what up until now seemed impossible with all of the constant interruptions.

"Age: 233 SY
Height: 5 feet
Weight :102
History: Highly trained in Weapons array and deployment. Excellent ground combat records as well as perfect scores in weapons technology with ability to make weapons from practically anything. Has been used in some of the most violent wars and battles and has made his way through the ranks in a very timely manner.

Species/Genius: Molesca/ Cephalopoda/Coleoidea/Especialalis

Special Abilities traits: Has been used since the time of his conception by the Orion alliance to be trained in weapons and battle operations, special abilities and talents unknown at present. Top Secret clearances in both Orion and Rigellian Alliances, extremly trustworth and a violent soldier during combat.

Hobbies and personal interests: Enjoys being ingauged in high stress situations where his leadership qualities excel. His interests are varied and have never conflicted with his enjoyment of personal time with the female of his species. Never having settled into any real relationships, he is an known ladys man amoung his own species, which is his only preference.

Personal observations: I find it most important to always appear to Scurvy in a Male molesca form as his anger and resentment of my natural state would repulse him and cause a distancing in our relationship, so for Scurvy antar apears to be an older male molec one he can confide and trust in. Not exactly his same species but close enough to consider worthy of his truest trust and confidence.

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 09:54 AM

"I will be back Deez, you stay in the RB and stay out of trouble please."

Checking the stations systems interface and coms relay, she sets off to the aquarium to find out how or what she is to do with the daily routines of caretaker of the majestic space whales and dolphin and connect the situation via her interface so she could keep in constant contact from any place in the ship.

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 11:37 AM

Standing before an open doorway it didn't surprise me the path Carpet has lain down led me to the Healer and not a kitchen. Maybe Carpet found the opportunity for me to talk with the Healer alone too opportune to resist, my stomach gnawing in hunger or not.
I agreed.

Watching her across the massive bay I was fascinated seeing Antar interact with the great whales who gently bumped their noses against the inside of their tank just where her hand rested on the outside.
The dolphins made me smile with all their flitting around the calmer whales in antics proving they weren’t being all that cooperative, their minds focused on play.
Incredible beasts these large Earth mammals.
I wondered if they were still extinct, if earth had a scientist like the Composer to bring extinct virtually back from the dead.

She must have sensed me, probably had known I was there all the while but I wasn’t prepared for the sadness I saw in her eyes when she turned to look at me.

‘He’s not dead you know...your Father...” I didn’t regret my abruptness though I softened my tone.
Something inside said to deal directly in facts, that niceties and how-do-you-dos would be wasted on the Healer.
I continued looking in her but at the mention of her Father she drew up an inner wall covering her eyes effectively hiding anything I might have seen there.

“He’s alive. Don’t ask me how I know, just know its’ true. He was secreted off to heal. He was going mad. Not on his own, he was under a mental attack, but it doesn’t matter, he was going insane.”
I continued in clipped sentences almost as if reading through the list of points on a page of notes.
“There’s been a Bounty placed on him. I don’t know by who but as the word gets out every Space Pirate with a craft will be hunting for him.”

I cleared my throat and continued.
Now came the hard part.

“I didn’t board Ship on my own, but you probably already know that too. I don’t know why I’m here but that’s beside the point, it’s also beside the point I’d rather be anyplace else than this Ship filled with Regalian. But, for whatever reason this is where I am and it’s looking to me the reason might have something to do not only with the Captain but the Composer.“

“Why?” Was all she said, turning back to the huge mammals though her piercing attention was still focused on me.

“Why what? Why I want to help?”

I knew she wasn’t asking just about the Captain when her head nodded once, her chin lowering to her chest.

“Because he’s my father too.” I said softly, knowing she heard.

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Originally posted by silo13
‘He’s not dead you know...your Father...”

Although antar had more than sensed as Silo approached her standing before the massive Aquarium, she allowed her the privacy of what this must mean to her, to see another of similar features for the first time.

Again continuing on the set up the verbaltranslators for the aquarium, antar simply listened as the Silo again attempted to connect.

“He’s alive. Don’t ask me how I know, just know its’ true. He was secreted off to heal. He was going mad. Not on his own, he was under a mental attack, but it doesn’t matter, he was going insane.”

Although she had heard the conspiracies of her Fathers survival, she gave up attempts of disclosing the facts long ago as it always lead to the same conclusion, her Father was killed by the Yylrons over 200 SY before and nothing was going to change the fact.

"There, just one more connector, and we have it!"

“There’s been a Bounty placed on him. I don’t know by who but as the word gets out every Space Pirate with a craft will be hunting for him.”

Suddenly turning to face the Silo for the first time, "From where do you get your information Silo13?

And what can you tell me of the fates of the previous 12 Silos my Father and Mother created? He had 13 sucessful in total, 7 male and 6 female, you of course being one of the 6.

When the Yylrons invaded our floating planet Father allowed several of the Plantus Imatus species escape, the Silos being the first to be released.

“Because he’s my Father too.” I said softly, knowing she heard.

"Yes. I know you on many levels my old friend and for you to have forgotten me must mean that you have been through a living nightmare since we last played together."

I remember that you were one of the most special Silos as you were the one Father placed his own DNA into to creating an entirely new species of Silo, so in a sense we are family, related, and you are the only Silo of your unique composition in all the Universes.

“I didn’t board Ship on my own, but you probably already know that too. I don’t know why I’m here but that’s beside the point, it’s also beside the point I’d rather be anyplace else than this Ship filled with Regalian. But, for whatever reason this is where I am and it’s looking to me the reason might have something to do not only with the Captain but the Composer.“


And turning back to do the work she had decided would be one of the most fullfilling jobs she had ever had, left the conversation with the silo for another time.

Silo knew that the communication was complete and slid back into the carpet and slipped away as quietly as she had arrived.

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Silos words had touched her more deeply than she would ahve wanted to admit even to herself, thinking about the last time she saw her beloved Parents and the memory of her Fathers face as he told her to run to run and hide in the forrest.

His face, his beautiful face, one that would be etched upon her soul for all eternity. If only it were true, if it could somehow be possible that he survived the gruesome attacks that horrible day.

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After what seemed like an eternity of bumbling through hallways Scurvy happened to notice a hanging on the wall. He slides over to see what it's all about and realizes he has just found an on board map of the ship. Wiping a tentacle down his face in an exaggerated motion he finds the "You are here" marker and plots a course to the bar. Now that he knew there were maps it would be one less confusion he had to suffer.

Entering the bar Scurvy notices amongst the few scattered individuals Whisper sitting at the bar involved in conversation with a blue enitity who he guessed to be Mars. She looked like an interesting character. Unwilling to break up what appeared to be a meaningful conversation he begins to casually slither his way around the bar observing the artwork and the brilliant display of lights. When Mars was occupied with another patron of the establishment Scurvy made his way over to the bar and placed himself a couple of seats from Whisper and took a seat. Catching her eye he smiles and nods, time to test the waters. He sat in silence, partially awaiting Mars attention and a stiff drink, the other part wondering if Whisper would strike up a conversation and expose her intent.

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