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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 05:52 PM
While nenothtu was standing there, surveying this new knot in his world, the captain's voice broke out over the "All Ship" comm channel.

"Attention Penelope crew. The quarantine lockdown is lifted as of now. Maintain intruder alert. All security teams conduct section by section sweeps until our guest is located. Captain Luder out."

The brig attendant punched in the code again. "We got a green light now, Chief. You can come on out."

Neno eyed the opening with mistrust. He grabbed the bedding off of his cot, rolled it into a ball, and tossed it through the opening. Nothing. Nenothtu wasn't sure if the containment field just bounced living matter back, or anything which came at it. He wished he had a cat handy to test the opening with. They always land on their feet, don't they? Nobody ever accused him of being TOO humane.

Drawing a deep breath, Nenothtu held it, and, squinting his eyes and screwing up his entire face, stepped through the opening himself. Nothing.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Neno started figuring out the way he needed to get about his business now. The desk attendant handed back his sidearm. Reaching for it on reflex, neno suddenly snatched his hand back, as if it burned. No, he'd not arm himself just yet. The memory of the memo from Medical, and his confusion, were still too fresh. He'd killed a man, a GOOD man, with that sidearm, and still couldn't remember the incident. Mind control, or not, he had no desire for a repeat. Besides, the weapon was still 'evidence'.

"Tag it, box it, and lock it up, private. I don't want it. I'd rather go naked for the time being." Neno activated his comm unit on the Security channel. " Security Chief Nenothtu to all Security personnel: we've still got an intruder in the wild. Redouble search efforts. I want that intruder, alive, YESTERDAY. Nenothtu out."

Shortly thereafter, a voice returned the message. It was Sergeant Means. "Chief (he stressed the word, eager to avoid 'boss', neno surmised), Colonel Studious has us on it. Besides, you give us STRICT orders not to listen to your orders until you was cleared. That was kinda contradictory, I might add, and not very nice to confuse us."

Neno could tell, by the tone of his voice, Means was enjoying this conversation a bit too much.

"Sergeant Means, I'm sure you've heard the ship comms..."

Means replied, and neno could actually HEAR a grin in his voice. "Nope. Talk is just talk, but 'orders is orders', Where DID I hear that?"

Nenothu broke the link before Means could actually laugh at him. THAT might cause blood to shoot out of his eyes, his head to explode, or any manner of dire consequences he wasn't particularly prepared for at the moment.

Right about then, nenothtu's comm unit chirped with a direct message from Captain Luder.

"Security Chief Nenothtu, I trust you can locate our intruder while we are en route to Earth?"

Nenothtu thumbed the unit. "well, skipper, I'm fresh broke outta jail, But I've got a... situation... already. Seems Security, in following my orders, REFUSE my orders until I'm cleared. That's MY doing, not theirs. They're just liking it too much. As far as the intruder search goes, Colonel Studious, since he's their boss at the moment, has 'em at it, full steam ahead. They'll find the intruder, I'm confident. It might help to have Seeker search for an untagged heat signature again, to narrow the search. If he finds anything, please have him relay it to either the Colonel directly, or the Security staff generally, until we get their chain of command unravelled for them. Nenothtu out."

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 06:57 PM




Navigation Officer Skyfloating is dead. In an attempt to escape the Yydryl during the transit, he surreptuously commandeered a survival pod and ejected into deep space during FTL.

His survival was short-lived. Proton cloud detected matched pod signature.




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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 07:21 PM
loam exited the Recovery Bay with QA, satisfied with her compliance. He didn’t mind the presence of a Regellian penetrator, provided the obvious risks were neutralized.

Leaving antar behind, loam and QA, made their way to the Bridge. He could see the obvious benefits of antar’s recuperative fountain on QA. Her flesh seemed fuller and more supple, and her skin tones appeared more natural than before. In terms of her disposition, he did not expect much change in her affect. In some respects, penetrators were tortured creatures. The best he could hope for was her functional competency.

When they had finally arrived at the Bridge, QA immediately positioned herself before the Communications Console.

loam assumed the Command Chair. For a brief moment he contemplated the news of Skyfloating’s death- essentially a second suicide. One was troubling enough. But loam did not have time to consider the implications more deeply.

Officer Scurvy, when in range, please target the third Betelgeuse moon, J’i Moden, with the modified HIPD and fire at will.

The High Commander had said, “Make a sound impression.”

loam intended to do precisely that.

Officer QA contact Prime Minister Gredask and tell him I have a proposal he can’t refuse.

The moment of truth was at hand.

loam could hear the aggregation of immense energy as the HIPD powered up. The lighting on the Bridge dimmed by several lumen as the intensity continued to build.

Finally, white light flooded the Bridge.

loam stood from the Command Chair and waited patiently, looking at the center display screen.

When the image of the Betelgeusian leader appeared, loam graciously said, “Thank you for accepting my communication request, Prime Minister.”

Uncertainty, fear, and anger commanded Minister Gredask’s face. “Are you responsible for…for this attack…attack on…......J’i Moden is gone,” he said in disbelief.

loam remained standing and replied, “The Regallians take responsibility.” He paused long enough for the words to sink in, but continued before the Betelgeusian leader could respond. “They intend similar action against R’i Moden and the larger moon, Kinde’l, if you do not accept their demand.”

“This is an outrage!” spat the Minister. “What demand? How, how dare you!”

loam remained impassioned, “Nevertheless, R’i Moden is next, unless you concede.”

Prime Minster Gredask appeared a man cornered, and then one merely resigned in the face of plain defeat. His face sagged and his gaze lowered. He weakly asked, “What are your demands?”

loam sat down in the Command Chair. “Hear this Prime Minister Gredask. I am Interrex Captain loam of the Regallian Starship Yydryl, and as such I come as an instrument of Their Majesties. You are hereby commanded to dissolve your Congress and replace its seats with as many as 1000 Bengai representatives. You will also discontinue all hostilities against the Bengai rebel forces in your southern continent, Pegann.”

The Minister remained motionless as he continued to listen.

“But hear this too, Prime Minister Gredask,” loam said, “as Interrex Captain of this Starship, I come with some additional manner of discretion in the execution of my duties. I am also Mossian-Slea and son of a Star-Witch. Accordingly, you know I would not freely offer assistance were it not genuine.”

loam waited for the Minister to raise his head before he continued, “I have arranged replacement of your moon with a Mossian-Slea Agri-moon. It is of comparable size to the one you no longer have. Upon its arrival, you may assume its management. It will offer your people the opportunity to grow well beyond your current means.”

The Minister’s mouth fell open, but issued no words.

“In demonstration of your compliance and acceptance, you are to contact the Bengai and apprise them of their forthcoming political gains. You, of course, may thereafter proceed to enjoy your commercial ones. The Agri-moon will arrive in one Betelgeuse month.”

“The offer and acceptance is done,” said the Minister with some measure of regained composure. “We will begin the political transition immediately.” With that, the display screen went dark.

Officer QA, please contact the Deern tug fleet and have them deliver the Agri-moon to Betelgeuse. Then, please contact the Bengai rebels and apprise them of our success relative to their demands. They are to deliver Captain Cadbury to the Ambassador at the Mossian-Slea Embassy in Pegann.”

QA nodded her head and began as instructed.

Moments later, QA interrupted loam’s contemplation of the most recent events and announced, “Captain, we are being hailed by a single passenger ship, 2000km off our starboard bow.”

loam nodded for QA to channel the communication to the open speakers.

The sound of strange music began to fill the Bridge…

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 07:33 PM
Gordon called Studious, he was still angry at Luder and felt he had no need to speak to him.

The Admiral began.

“There’s going to be a Tribunal. Rear Admiral Johnathan Hollingsworth III, Admiral Stevenson and myself will preside.”

“Rear Admiral ‘Hellacious’ sir.” The Colonel replied inquisitively.

“Yeah, He knew Fooks and he’s out for blood. It seems he feels he owes him in some way.”

“Sir, I may have rushed to judgment on these men.”

“Code challenge Colonel” The Admiral was becoming concerned and a code challenge had two options. One reply meant coercion or intimidation, the other meant all clear. These codes would be unknown to an enemy and were useful when someone was held prisoner. Being similar to a Code Green. They were different for each person and changed regularly.

“Code basic sir”

“Are you sure?.......You’re not being coerced in any wa….”

“No sir” Studious cut the Admiral off.

“We’ll talk about this in port I want you to report to me as soon as possible.”

“Well, sir I suggest you come to me. I’m in sickbay at present.”

“What!? You didn’t say anything about that!”

“Admiral I did say that if I died to expect foul play.”

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean….. Oh forget it……..Well are you gonna pull through you ol’ pain in the….”

“Well sir we can’t find the Doctor so I think it would be best if I was brought aboard the LagrangeTwo medical facility.”

“You got it”

“And for the record Admiral we all did things out there we are not entirely proud of. Some of us were under some kind of outside control…..However my actions were entirely my decision and I accept full responsibility for them.”

“This sounds like it’s going to be a long story Colonel….We’ll talk about it after you’ve docked.”

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 09:29 PM
Whisper can no longer tolerate the uncomfortable silence of the observation deck and remaining idle while so much happened around her. Although not empathic she couldn’t shake the sense that there were nefarious forces at work aboard the Yydryl. She hadn’t ruled out Scurvy all together but, the time spent with him had yielded some information about his internal character and mindset. She would remain cautious of him and keep him at tentacles length for now. As Special Operations Officer it was her duty to be mindful of the motivations of all crewmates. Final assessment and work ups done by antar would hopefully yield valuable information to Interrex Loam if a traitor was indeed aboard.

She stood up at once, banishing all internal musings as a sense of urgency descended upon her. Looking towards Scurvy she could tell he sensed it too!

“To the bridge!” She slithered with an eerily quickened pace, more rushed then her usual stalking manner of movement. Whisper glanced behind her, giving Scurvy a nod of respect and reassurance. She noticed a determined look in his many eyes and this pleased her. Perhaps his intentions to the Yydryl, and to her, were indeed of pure heart. Allegiance to the Yydryl would soon be tested.

They entered the bridge where Interrex Loam and QA were already in position.

Whisper raised a salute holding her body rigid, “By your command Interrex Loam!”

Whisper took her position, blending into the industrial looking ceiling as she couldn’t risk being seen by the Betelgeuse commanders. With her keen sense of sight, she saw the communication crumpled upon the floor advising of yet another apparent suicide related to the Yydryl! “Sky!” she gasped to herself. 27,002 reported suicides in just the last month. What is the meaning of this! While being privy to some of the shadow governments’ workings, she had no information regarding the sudden, apparent suicides.

Whisper watched with a gleam in her eyes and a guarded smirk as Interrex Loam gave the command to Scurvy to target and fire at will at J’I Moden. This would test his allegiance. The lights dimmed and then a brilliant light flooded the bridge. She was pleased with Scurvys resolve and almost enthusiasm at the task.

She sat in silence watching the demands of Interrex Loam to the Prime Minister Gredask. After much confusion aboard the Yydryl, Whisper was impressed with the leadership Loam presented. This is exactly the type of commander the Yydryl and her mission so greatly needed, strong and decisive.

Following the apparent successful negotiations, Whisper relaxed her position and stood in the shadows at the back of the bridge. Suddenly, a strange human music filled the bridge. Having been trained extensively in all forms of mind control and manipulation, this briefly caused her alarm. She drew her Hyper Vortex Proton Disintegrator and secured the perimeter around Interrex Loam, QA, and her now respected crewmate Scurvy. She growls “It’s in the gwarking ship!”

Two sets of the obviously human originating lyrics caught her attention:

“A distant ships smoke on the horizon”

“The child is grown, the dream is gone.”

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 01:43 AM
Earth loomed large on the overhead displays, the massive fleets gathering around the planet for the battle with the Alpha Centaurians to come cluttering the skies. The space port facilities were abuzz with activity, shuttle pods and worker transports darting back and forth between the facilities and Earth.

The USS Penelope slid into a berth near the Earth-side portion of the Lagrange 2 facility. Luder felt a slight jolt as the hard-dock umbilicals connected with the ship, holding her in place. The power flickered for a moment, then resumed normal.

"We are now on station external power, sir." Varlas said.

Luder nodded and smiled.

We are home, ladies and gentlemen. Standby for more information.

"Sir, the station is hailing us. Putting them on audio."

"Welcome home Penelope. We see that you are in need of some repairs and resupply. If you could, let us know what all you are in need of and we'll get you and your crew squared away for your next run."

"Acknowledged Lagrange 2. Recommend you keep your crew transfer umbilicals retracted until we get a minor situation resolved. We seem to be carrying a spare passenger. We'll get back to you after we've located her. Hopefully sooner than later, we'll see you on board the station." Luder closed the relay.

Attention Penelope crew. As soon as the intruder is in custody, I will enact a 72 hour shore leave window. All personnel are allowed to rotate out based on the discretion of your department heads. All command and senior staff are restricted to the ship and the station until further notice. Captain Luder out.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 12:47 PM

Feeling satisfied with Qa's progress antar sets out to complete the job at hand which the High Commander requested be her first order of business, logging the crews bios and making sure each one was 'fit' for this assignment, whatever that may be.

"Next bio is of Whisper67."

"Age: 342 Rigellian Solar years
Height: 4 feet
Weight: 86 lbs.
History: Highly Classified
Species/Genius: Molesca/Cephalopoda/Coleoidea Especialalis
Nutritional needs: Combination of small seacreatures when in natural enviroment however on board ship she eats many different types of foods as her ability to digest allows her freedoms most other species may not be able to. Favorite snack is U-man jerky.

Special abilities/Traits: Ability to hide or cloak herself into surrounding industrial objects. Extremely loyal and trustworthy. Ability to do best underpressure and has shown remarkable talent in tentacle to tentacle open combat as well as weapons match where she is highly reguarded for her precision accuracy. Will follow orders even if they go against her personal beliefs.Tendancies towards isolationism, and intollerance for other species especially those of the U-man DNA. Fierce battle manuvers have been shown with the downside being that she does not show any signs of remorse or mercy in intended enemy. Ability to emmit thick highly dense fog during battle which gives her the upperhand for those enemy reliant upon sight. Also to note, her eyesight is of exceptional ability and she can actually see in pitch darkness better than any other of her species I ahve tested thus far. Has accute problem solving skills and can make rapid descissions."

"Hobbies and personal interests: Collecting Rigellian artwork of all kinds, professional sparring in match tournaments (Three time Galactic Championships awards)" Whisper has a virtual museum of ancient and modern artifacts that is well know and widely revered for it's one of a kind and obsolete works, (but then you knew that.)"

An interruption came over the coms system disclosing the death of Navagation Expert Skyfloating and at the same moment a huge explosion occured in space as antar ran to the view port instintually.

Just in time to see the death of what was once a floating sun, antar watched in disbelief as it began to swell, crack and finally implode within itself.

At the same time as the explosion came a vision of Skyfloating as he ascended into a pure state of enlightenment.

"No! please dont let it be..."


Edit to Whisper's bio per Whisper's request.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 01:45 PM
Seeker panned about the Lagrange station, observing the facilities and ships there. A sizeable fleet was being assembled, but no ship present would dare rival the Penelope, even three to one.

Suddenly, Seeker received an encoded transmission from the Naval Intelligence hub located on station. He opened communications with only the slightest hesitation.

[Seeker8241, this is NI-Absolution. You are ordered to report to the NI hub as soon as possible. End transmission.]

Seeker reluctantly began the process of de-interfacing with the ship, a process that felt like one's brains were being sucked through a straw.

Once free from the chair, Seeker stood up and stretched before turning to the Captain. His biometric eyes ratcheted about the bridge, as if he was astounded to see it from a different angle.

"Captain Luder, Naval Intelligence has asked me to report to them at nearest possible time. I assume the Admiral's tribunal will wish to speak to me as well as yourself, but if this is not the case, I am requesting leave of the ship for no more than 2 days and possibly as little as a few hours. It depends on what they have planned, Sir."

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 03:05 PM

QA was feeling better than she had ever felt in her life.

Something had awaken deep within her black soul - a new wonderous feeling she was not familar with, nor had experienced before.

She wanted to take the time and go within herself to find out, where this new feeling was exploding from, since it felt like an explosion in her body, she realized it was a releasing of light, filling very dark areas.

But, Captain loam was keeping her busy, she was actually communicating over speakers and headphones, compared to wires upon her head.

Something else was stirring inside her too...... what was it?

Something ...a new feeling, it felt like a small microscopic piece of solid grain, within her abdomen, it felt was rubbing and growing bigger, she could feel the depth of it, yet it was all new. Was it something like excitement, to be part of a group for the first time?

She did not have time to fully explore what she was feeling, as Captain loam asked her to take on various task of communicating by voice compared to her mind.

Captain loam spoke directly to QA saying:

Officer QA, please contact the Deern tug fleet and have them deliver the Agri-moon to Betelgeuse. Then, please contact the Bengai rebels and apprise them of our success relative to their demands. They are to deliver Captain Cadbury to the Ambassador at the Mossian-Slea Embassy in Pegann.”

QA nodded her head and began as instructed.

Moments later, QA interrupted loam’s contemplation of the most recent events and announced, “Captain, we are being hailed by a single passenger ship, 2000km off our starboard bow.”

loam nodded for QA to channel the communication to the open speakers.

The sound of strange music began to fill the Bridge…

QA had never heard any type music before, that was another luxury not afforded her previously by her handlers.

The music she was hearing stirred something deep inside her..... she loved the sound and words...............

Hello....Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home? Come on, now. ...

Wow, it was an amazing sound which delighted her every cell of her body..... she began to turn the speaker volume up, as Captain loam admonished her.... "Do not turn that louder, it is loud enough for us all to hear quite well".

I turned and asked him, what the sound was..... Captain loam said it was music and that particular song was from a group of the 20th century named Pink Floyd.

Qa cataloged the information in the back of her mind, to remember it and get that music to play for herself.

QA interrupted the music to ask the arriving pod, who they were and what they wanted.

A transmission came back, with a person in a joyous voice annoucing her arrival as our newest crew member named, cindymars. There was a stir on the bridge, as many seemed to know her and were excited about her immediate arrival.

Captain loam nodded, it was ok, for her to dock to Yydryl and asked for me to procede with this other instructions of communications.

I relayed to cindymars her welcoming from the crew and Captain and asked her to keep the music playing, so I could keep listening to the most amazing sounds I had ever heard before. Cindymars laughed and said it would be her pleasure to keep the music jamming.

Captain loam gave me a disapproving look, but did not instruct me to turn the speakers off.

QA began to earnestly attack her job of making contact to all the other parties asked of her from Captain loam.

The communicationn with the Deern tug fleet to have them deliver the Agri-moon to Betelgeuse, was easy and quick.

She then competently began the communication connections with the Bengai rebels.

She told them using Captain loam's exact words of the political power they would have. The elation from the main rebel leader "reamok" a well respected and capable leader of the Bengais was instantaneous and cautious at the same time.

QA began to relay the demands of the return of our Captain, it was at that point the communication took a u-turn.

The leader reamok immediately demanded absolute proof of their gaining 1000 seats as representatives in the Congress, otherwise if they would not release Captain Cadbury. Reamok demanded to be put in communication with the person in charge. He would not release Captain Cadbury under any circumstances until they took their undisbutable place in the congress.

Once reamok took the communication to another level, QA notified Captain loam, he was requested to be spoken to.

Captain loam instructed QA to put reamok up on the screen.

QA sat back thinking she was really liking this new way of communicating, as she was able to talk to people live.

Yes, this all might just work out for her.

She pushed back the lingering thoughts of a secret handler onboard Yydryl, she was enjoying the new form of communicating too much, to have anything else bother her at the time.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by cindymars
"Cindymars crew member paging the USS Yydryl".

loam made his way towards the landing bay, considering the interesting diction utilized by the newest crew member. The assignment logs provided by the High Commander prepared loam for cindymars arrival. She was to be the Yddryl's Leisure Officer.

It was fortunate for her that her ship was not near J'i Moden, loam thought to himself.

He also considered what favor she represented to the Regallian Command-- perhaps even a debt paid by Their Majesties-- in order to attain the position of Leisure Officer.

Surely, there was more to this assignment.

Arriving at the landing bay, loam met cindymars with an open hand.

Welcome aboard, Officer. I have called for your escort to your quarters. Make yourself comfortable. We will have a chance to get more acquainted later.

loam nodded in departure and made way for his own quarters. He was exhausted and needed more rest.

Fortunately, the Bengai rebel leader received the confirmation he desired and Cadbury was safely delivered to the Mossian-Slea Embassy.

loam would sleep for as long as he could.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 04:29 PM

"Officer I would like to see the bar before my quarters."

"Certainly Officer Mars, this way please."

Cindymars is observing this magnificent creature that is a living vessel, a hybrid of organic's and technology, amazing. I am SO anxious to meet this
incredible assortment of creatures, that will really add to the volumes of data I have stored for Creator on my return.

Winding twist and turns and finally the officer stops.
"Here it is Officer Mars" He opens the door to an very polished space with bright neon lights.

"Thank you very much and my com badge?"

The officer replies "Sorry Officer Mars, I will get one for you, in the meantime, you can use this com station here by the door."

She nods her head affirmatively "Thank you, the sooner the better. I might want to leave this room without getting shot."

He nods and exits. She takes a com chip from her pocket and goes to a station behind the bar and plugs it in, still feeling the Pink Floyd she plays
"Darkside of the Moon" she really like Rigellian Opera and lots of other music but after seeing moons blown up today and expecting some bizarre
explainations if any were forthcoming this was good for the moment.

She taps the moniter and decides to see what inventory is in stock.
Rigelian Ale
Mossworg brandy
Bitter Acid (Is that safe for all life forms, she wonders)
Venusian Brandy
Acturian Blowbeet Juice
Betleguise Juice (Hmmm potenent stuff, I have tried that before, hurt both my brains) an extensive list.

Her thoughts drift for a moment to her clan and her parents, now retired on Acturus Prime. It has been awhile since she had visited its lovely green valleys.

Cindymars hits the com button!

The bar will be offically open for business, please come and let me meet my crew and lets name this place!

Mars out

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 04:36 PM
Scurvy enjoyed the time spent with Whisper. Somewhere in the dormant reaches of his third brain he felt a connection with her, something he had never felt with any of his previous infatuations. He had a glimmer of hope that he might have found his match but quickly crushed it. He'd learned long ago that his fancies of finding another soul to compliment his were folly. She was an intense individual, one who he enjoyed being around. He'd always been drawn to those who weren't normalized, they always knew something worth knowing. Her nervous response to his tentatouch confused him. He would never have imagined anything could have made her nervous. For the time being he would observe her from afar before making such another bold move.

His musings were abruptly interrupted as Whisper rose quickly and purposefully. He could see in her eyes something was wrong. He glanced ahead and noticed how quickly they were coming up to the Betelgeussian planets.

Originally posted by Whisper67
“To the bridge!”

She took off at a remarkable pace, one he had no wish to match. He walked behind at his regular speed, it gave him an opportunity to peruse his mind and observe her fluid movements. She glanced back at one moment but he had been so lost in his own thoughts that by the time he registered the fact and raised his eyes she had nodded and returned her gaze in front of her. He wondered what that implied.

Scurvy was very curious as to why Captain loam would have use for such a powerfully charged weapon. It was not his place to care about what it was used for but a regular HIPD blast was enough to disable pretty much any ship ever created to Rigellian knowledge. Loam must have some very interesting fireworks up his sleeve.

Arriving at the bridge he threw a salute in Captain loam's direction and seated himself at his weapons array controls. Everyone seemed to have gotten an air of melancholy after finding out of Skyfloating's unfortunate failed jettison. Scurvy figured that was Sky's fate for going AWOL.

Originally posted by loam
Officer Scurvy, when in range, please target the third Betelgeuse moon, J’i Moden, with the modified HIPD and fire at will.

This was his plan? A moon? I guess it would be a good show of our power... but wow. Scurvy began re-routing the necessary power from the ship and magnetic field generators. Within moments he was aiming the cannon and with a sly smirk he released his wrath. An unbearable white light flooded the front of the ship and within seconds the beam subsided to reveal a cloud of dust that was already beginning to disperse slowly. Scurvy was shaking uncontrollably. The adrenaline rushing through him was something he hadn't felt in nearly 200 years. It was amazing.

Scurvy observed the rest of the happenings aboard the bridge in silence. His job was completed, he would stick around to see if Captain loam had any more orders for him before retiring for the evening. Just as he was about to stand from his seat he heard something wondrous come through the bridge speakers. Unfamiliar with the music being played he was surprised to find he rather enjoyed it. Scurvy leisurely listened to music on Rigel but the style of music he heard now was entirely different. Being accustomed to the raw, grinding sound of the underground Rigellian music scene he was surprised to find he was quite fond of this new sound. QA had inquired with the captain to find out what it was. He had replied that it was an old human music group with the name Pink Floyd. Scurvy took a mental note of that name. A voice came through with the music. A very upbeat character had asked to board the ship and after a small discussion on the bridge the guest was given permission to board. Captain loam went to greet the new guest.

Scurvy was exhausted after such an eventful day. Never had he thought he would find this much excitement flying under the Orion Alliance. Without a word to anyone he makes his way out of the bridge and to his bunk. The door slid shut behind him and Scurvy collapsed into a pile on the floor. He began to undress but was interrupted by the voice that had hailed them while he was on the bridge.

The bar will be offically open for business, please come and let me meet my crew and lets name this place!
Mars out

Grudgingly Scurvy puts his uniform back on and departs on the epic voyage of locating the bar.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 05:43 PM

The quarters were small, but the door had no lock and Ship had not been ordered to monitor me as far as I could tell.
Oversight or a no, I was thankful.
I’d had no time to recover from my ordeal in the Recovery Bay before the Healer Antar was called abruptly away on yet another emergency.
It became clearer by the minute the Yydryl and Her crew were troubled and living under a weighty fate.

I’d been shown to my *temporary* quarters by Carpet and left with a direct order relayed by Ship I was on my Honor as a *guest* of the Yydryl.
Guest or glorified captive I was most grateful the rooms view port was tall and nearly as long as the room was wide. It granted me welcome peace in all the turmoil.

Sinking slowly to the floor, my back against a sleeping platform I tried to gather my thoughts that spun just as brightly and seemed as many as the stars I could see before me.

None of this made any sense.

Antar the Healer had taken on the form of a S.I.L.O.
But there were no other S.I.L.Os and one of the only attributes I had going for me amongst my vastly outnumbering faults was I couldn’t be morphed by just any life form.

The only being that could morph a S.I.L.O, was another S.I.L.O, or, more confusing still a Being with S.I.L.O blood.
That would mean the Healer Antar was...
No, the coincidences were just to vast to comprehend, to even contemplate.
Could this Regalian Healer be a Child of the Composer?
Could the Healer Antar somehow share his blood?
My blood?

All my questions would have to wait.
For now I was too tired and worn to care about anything more than dreamless sleep.

Curling up there on the floor a soft strain of music came to me from somewhere on Ship.
With Carpet covering me, laying soft under my cheek, cocooning me close and warm I drifted off to sleep...

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:15 PM
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"Seeker, you have my permission to proceed to NI to see what they need of you. I'm estimating at least a 96 hour layover here in port before our next mission, so take care of your business. Keep your comms open though, in case they want to try to hang us all. I'd recommend you take a shuttle down, because we still aren't connected with the station."

Luder picked up his comms.

Where do we stand on that intruder guys?

Luder didn't want to keep everyone stowed away in the bowels of the ship while in port, but he couldn't risk allowing a fugitive out into a UEF station.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by cindymars
"Cindymars crew member paging the USS Yydryl".

Whisper relaxed her protective stance around the crew members of the bridge and returned her Hyper Vortex Proton Disintegrator to its side holster. Interrex Loam stood and departed the bridge, apparently to meet the approaching ships occupant. Her attendance with him was not requested and she trusted his judgment.

She was about to take her leave of the bridge but first wanted to congratulate Scurvy on his technical precision having taken out J’I Moden. Whisper turned to compliment him and he quickly slithered past her without a word, his many eyes seeming fixed on the exit as if he was thoroughly involved in his own thoughts. She understood this as most Rigellians weren’t concerned with the manners normally expected throughout the galaxies. For all she knew, this might have been Scurvys first annihilation of a celestial body. She did pause to admire his rear tentacles as he slid from the bridge.

Knowing her tolerance, she was still concerned over her apparent loss of consciousness during the abduction of Captain Cadbury. On an hunch, she made her way back to deck six and her icy quarters. She had previously, and with haste, shoved all of her belongings strung out on the floor into her closet. She now dug for the three bottles she apparently consumed on the fateful night. Gathering these she made her way to the H.B. and to antar. Seeing antar absorbed in her studies, she left a note:

Antar, could you please analyze these bottles at your convenience. I’m interested to see if there are any unusual residues. ~ Whisper

She was about to make her last security rounds of the evening when she heard over the ships com:

Originally posted by cindymars

The bar will be offically open for business, please come and let me meet my crew and lets name this place!

Now, this was music to her ears. Whisper checked the onboard Yydryl map on a side panel at the end of the crew quarters hall and promptly made her way.

Upon arriving she was dazzled at the wondrously relaxing hues of the Yydryl bar. Apparently, she was the first to arrive. Whisper seeing that the height of the seats was taller then she, eerily twirled her way up the seat post. Adjusting her tentacles for comfort, Whisper notices an agreeable looking species behind the bar and makes her introductions to Cindymars. After a pleasant exchange, which Whisper usually doesn’t dispense with but decides it a wise decision, she orders her drink. She was going to order a simple Rigellian ale but upon reflection of her enticing interlude with Scurvy earlier makes the following request:

“If you have it available, I’ll take a Mossworg brandy and a shot Actruian Blowbeet Juice on the side.”

Whisper waited for her drink, soaking up the surrounds. Ineffectively, she tried to keep her mind from wandering to Scurvy. It was very unlike her to dwell upon any being. Something lost deep in the recess of her third brain was stirring whether she wanted it or not.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:26 PM
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Hello Officer Whisper... Some day today. You are the first to drink here, I say drinks are on
the house, what say you? She does not wait for a response but pours Whisper her drinks.

OK, so drink up and fill me in. Captain Loam told me nothing and ask me nothing,
Cadbury told me to meet him at a bar on Rigel and never showed. I bring my own Merkaba and see a moon blown up. I haven't even been to my quarters yet as I thought somebody needs a drink, including me.

Mars pours herself and Whisper another shot. "Cheers" and taps her glass.
"Old Earth custom, might say I have spent a good bit of time there." Mars smiles

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 10:37 PM

Two medical aids from the station arrived, sent to take him to the Medical Facility within LagrangeTWO.

Originally posted by mf_luder
Where do we stand on that intruder guys?

Studious tried to reach up to respond but one of the assistants take his mic away.

Studious picked up the cane on the side of the bed and pushed it into the assistant, right into his abdomen. Nothing too serious.....but the assistant was now bowing to the Colonel. The mic held out in front of Studious' face. Studious told the assistant.

"Ah, thank you. I must have dropped this."

Placing the mic back in his ear he called to the Captain.

"I've got Lt. Jones on it."

He turned back to the medical assistants and put the cane down, their faces were sheet white.

"What you've never seen a wounded man before."

"Not a violent one." The beaten down assistant replied under his breath.

"Well we can't go anywhere with that intruder on board, so get crackin' on something here." Studious said.

"Well in that case your going to need one of these" The assistant pulled out a Military I.D. badge."

"It will record your location and show that you are a friendly. With the war and all the admiralty has found it necessary to prevent friendly fi...."

"Well, I just have one question....Do you have a badge that prevents friendly firings......With the tribunal I may need one."

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 10:52 PM

loam found it difficult to sleep.

After trying for several hours, he found himself in the middle of the night, nearly alone on the Bridge.

Quietly, he watched the massive tank.

Yydryl: Command recording Captain Loam. Recipients: Officers Antar and QA. Delivery at 0530 hours.

I want the two of you to assist Skyfloatings companions to operate as our temporary Navigation and Helm control until we have someone more senior available.

They will need the proper interfaces. Report on your progress as events dictate.

End of Message.

loam considered QA uniquely qualified for the task. Her language skill and experience with electronic interfacing would easily guide her approach. antar would assist with the biological considerations.

Satisfied, loam made his way to the ship's Bar. Perhaps he could use a drink to help him sleep.

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Feeling the ship 'bump' into the docking facility, Nenothtu thought it best to head for his quarters and make himself presentable. Highers ups were likely to give him a severe 'talking to', if they didn't outright hang him. Did the Federation still hang murderers? Probably not, mused neno. He imagined they'd go for something more humane... like a painful dematerialization.

Lost in the thoughts of his imminent demise, nenothtu nearly ran smack into a female crewmember as he rounded a bulkhead. "'Scuse me, miss."

The other did not respond, and in fact blankly looked at him as if the lights were on, but no one was home. "Miss?" queried neno. No response. He examined her Federation uniform. No name tag, but strangely enough, the other had a Captain's rank insignia on her collar. "Miss? Captain?". Still no answer.

Nenothtu hit his comm. "Colonel Studious. Nenothtu here. Please send a Security detail to corridor G43 9201 forward, I've got an unaccounted for Captain here, and she's acting... strange. That's right, a FEMALE captain. Shouldn't be but one per ship. This makes my count TWO. Nenothtu out"

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 12:28 AM

Originally posted by nenothtu
"Colonel Studious. Nenothtu here. Please send a Security detail to corridor G43 9201 forward, I've got an unaccounted for Captain here, and she's acting... strange. That's right, a FEMALE captain. Shouldn't be but one per ship. This makes my count TWO. Nenothtu out"

Studious sat up and looked at the assistants.

"Wheel me to corridor G43 90201"

"Do you mean 90210 sir. How much painkiller did they give you."

"Come on there is an intruder on board now, MUSH!"

"Um.....we're not do..."

"Look all you have to do is wheel me down the hall. Me and my cane will take it from there."

"Sir you really should not get up."

"Who said anything about getting up."

"You mentioned your cane!"

"I'm not gonna use it to walk."

"Then what the heck are we doing."

"We can do this one of two ways, take me down the hall or someone is getting a cane upside the head."

The two assistants looked at each other and remembering what had happened before they began to wheel the Colonel down the hall.

Picking up speed they rounded coroner after coroner, nearly running into out a few crew members along the way.

Then Studious eyed a the woman he had seen in engineering.

"There she is"

They raced toward her. The assistants began to have trouble keeping up with the bed. The man with an injured abdomen tripped and the other just let go.

Studious raised his cane and as he flew past the woman he hit her in the leg and knocked her to the ground.

The attendants stood in awe for a moment. Studious called out to them.

"How's that for Cane-Fu"

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