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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 08:50 PM
"The spec ops Marines looked at each other then stopped the security team and the Captain. One of them said.

"Si.... um..... Mr. .....uh..... you have been relieved of command. I had orders to take you directly to the brig, but with these doors sealed this will have to do. Besides with all these doors locked I don't think we would get to your quarters anyway."

Studious was still losing a small amount of blood. The Doctor would have to get here soon.

The Colonel decides that trying to stay awake was fruitless, and would probably get him killed. After all worrying was Lt. Jones job now. With that Studious laughed as he slipped off to sleep.

The recognizable silhouette entered his dream.

"Don't give up on me now. Don't you dare not ever."

"Are you really......."

The silhouette faded and Studious awoke.

Determined to stay alive he yelled for the medical assistant. Jim came running.

"Darn it Jim, I'm a live patient not a bloody corpse now do your job!"

With that Jim said in a most unusal way of speaking.

"I'll do....what.....I can"

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posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by Studious

"Son, I'm the Captain of this ship, first of all. That means I have the codes to get us between the sealed bulkheads. How did you people intend to move me from point a to point b? Second of all - I will voluntarily relieve myself of command, but no one here is putting me in the brig on my own ship. I can still be of use and I intend to do what I can from my quarters. There is something going on and if we all get put away in cells, who does that leave to solve the situation? What if we all just sat here until the air ran out?"

Luder looked at the Sergeant for a bit longer and started back down the hallway.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by mf_luder

"Captain, good to see you up and well. I have pertinent information for you. A signal of unknown origin and makeup has been controlling various crew member's mental capacities on occasion for days now. I have records of a quantum wave distortion sweeping across the Penelope at the time of every "lost time" incident.

"I have initiated communication with the source and have not received a reply. I hope it will be enough to stop these incidents until I can design a way to block this particular quantum wave.

"I can, however, detect this and similar wave forms as they sweep across the ship. You will have notice to initiate lockdown if it happens again.

"Now that you are awake, I am awaiting your orders to remove the lockdown and return to normal operating parameters. It is my suggestion that CSO Neno be released as well. This was not his doing, after all.

"I have not yet located the one you called "Theresa" but she is still on board somewhere. More time is necessary to locate her.

"I'm afraid I must fail to comply with your order to route all systems through my station. I cannot do that while my Captain is in full operating capacity. Good to have you back, Sir."

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by SeekerOfAUTMN

Luder smiled.

"I've got command back...."

"Seeker, relay that information to Colonel Studious at once."

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by mf_luder

"Already done Captain. I've taken the liberty to relay it to CSO Neno as well. Hopefully he is out of the brig and back in control of security as soon as possible."

"Captain, I've reviewed the video recordings, and I must suggest that you keep an eye on Colonel Studious. I have reason to believe his sanity may be suspect. I hope that is not my fault..."

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 09:43 PM
Jolted awake by the sound in his ear Studious sat up in the bed.

Reaching his hand up once more to his tired old head The Colonel said "Control from outside the ship, some sort of quantum tunneling, so it's not Cold Harvest."

Calling the Marines in engineering Studious said "Release the Captain. He is hereby reinstated."

Then Studious readied himself to call the Captain personally and began saying

"It's good to have to you back sir..........I thought we had lost you."

"Oh and sir, I apologize for being nothing but a mutinous, disloyal, son of a computer"

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posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 10:22 PM
"Excuse me one moment Scurvy, I will be right with you."

"As I was saying, High Commander I have found the anomaly which was detected, it appears the ships com systems have been compromised and there is indeed a live organism which has infiltrated it, befriended it is more like it." Since I have dealt with this type of organism in the past I will take full responsibility for it's capture and subsequent detainment until further orders from the High Command."

SS Yydryl
Empath Chief Medical Officer

Antar quickly turned to face Scurvy who was still standing in the doorway and addressed him to come in.


"Antar we have a major incident here. Whisper found an unknown entity near the Captain's quarters. I also have a message here that was left by Cadbury on his Verbalizer. Whisper will be here shortly with the alien. I apologize for my hastiness but this creature will be coming back into consciousness and the Captain needs to be alerted. I will return shortly."

"Wait!, tell me what the Captain said?"

Looking strangely impatient Scurvy tossed antar his V Chip and turned rapidly, tentacles flailing in every direction as he scampered down the corridor towards the Captains quarters.

Placing the chip into the ships com. the message was heralded loud and clear, and most certainly it was Captain Cadbury:

To all staff aboard the Yydryl,
This is Captain Cadbury. At this moment I am *he groans painfully* being dematerialized. I don't have much time. The Betelgeusian rebels are planning... *a load scream*... you can't allow them to get this ship. Cargo hold... there... find help... Sil... *another low groan*

A flood of emotion forced anter to clutch at her breast and she closed her eyes and began to cry with a shaking quiver.

"This just has to be resolved quickly! Yydryl! ETA Betelgeuse!"
The familiar voice came on and said, "ETA Betlegeuse T. 3 hours"

Whisper came gliding into the data center carrying the lifeless blob of what antar had already suspected as the intruder.

"Quick! Whisper place it in the waterfall bed."

As Whisper reached close to the bed she tossed the creature onto the flat foot of the bed as slid back teeth in snarled disgust.

"Please help me sit it up with its head up on the pillow."

"I really didn't want to even touch that nasty thing antar... can you smell it?"

No sooner than they got the creature into an upright position Captain Loam enters with Scurvy at his side.

Officer Scurvy and Officer Whisper please keep our new guest secured until I return.

Officer antar come with me, you and I have a more pressing matter to attend to.

"Yes Sir"

antar gave a sideways look to Whisper, one that told her to be gentle, if possible. Whisper simply pulsed out her center eye and telepathically said, "If possible."

Not a single word was issued as they practically ran down the turning corridors to Qa's quarters, simply keeping up with the stride of the Captain was like 1 step of his for every 3 of hers.

Before they entered Captain Loam turned to antar and stated matter of factly, "penetrator."

That was all that was needed and antar followed him into Qa's private space.

The room was dark and no light filtered in and as the Captain stepped expeditiously across the room he ordered the lights to full intensity.

Watching without judgement as the Captain ordered Qa in a most unsympathetic manner and then abruptly turned to me and with all of the calm assurance and manners asked that I help assist her back to us, or let him know the final assessment if she were not capable of psychologically handling her position.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 10:28 PM
Nenothtu was awakened by the comm buzz at the brig attendant's desk. He listened as Seeker explained that he had been 'mind controlled' and recommended reinstatement. Neno bounced off the cot, and seeing that the attendant punched in the barrier release code, he bounded forward.

The barrier made a PFZZZZZZT! noise, and neno was promptly bounced back into the cell on his fanny. He shook his head and, regarding the barrier with a skeptical look on his face mumbled " My daddy used to work on them thangs."

Standing up, Chief nenothtu surveyed the situation critically, and smacking himself on the forehead, he yelled to the attendant through the barrier "Of course! Private, we're on quarantine lockdown. We ain't got the code to open that door!"

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

Attention Penelope crew. The quarantine lockdown is lifted as of now. Maintain intruder alert. All security teams conduct section by section sweeps until our guest is located. Captain Luder out.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 11:50 PM
Seeing the extreme vulnerability in Qa antar walks softly over and kneels beside her.

" Qa, what are you feeling right now?" I am sensing that you are not so sure as to why you were chosen for this assignment."

Qa simply looks down and begins to gently rock as she holds herself with folded tentacles in an almost fetal position.

" We have a short time before arriving at our first and possibly most dangerous stop on this journey, will you be able to pull yourself out of it and stand alone and strong?"

Her dried tentacles slithered in a flowing motion to across her eyes as she sat now blinking and turning her head towards the wall.

"I understand what your life must have been all these years, yet the time has come for you put the past behind you, to face the future and your destiny as you chose to create it. You no longer have to receive secret orders from them, you are now part of our crew, the finest combination of souls in this Galaxy."

Qa stuck out one dehydrated offshoot and nonchalantly stroked antares smooth and silky one. Something was stirring deep within Qa antar could sense, but this was a situation which she knew better than to invade upon.

Reaching into her pouch and pulling out a small piece of what looked like cooked seaweed and handing it to Qa, antar then stood up and tilted her head and pointed to her mouth in a gesture of "Eat."

Without hesitation Qa placed the semi crunchy substance into her mouth and within an instant her tentacles began to swell and vibrate, oil began to secret from her pores and the luster of her skin began to sparkle and shimmer with hydration and mineral balance.

" I am going to leave you now as the Captain needs my attention and I want you to meet me at the Recovery Bay just as soon as you can, I have a fountain which can help you to reach your fullest possible health potential, it is not uncomfortable and actually is quite a pleasant experience."

"And no Qa I am not your handler. I am an independent just as you are, and as your crewmate I have to say we need you right now, we need you to trust your abilities, to trust this higher calling as your abilities are going to be needed in just a few short hours."

antar turned to walk away and she could almost hear Qa mutter something under her breath, but she didn't have time for this right now, the Captain Interexx needed her to help deal with the intruder.

As soon as antar slid out of the room she changed back into her full humanoid figure and jogged toward the Recovery Bay.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:08 AM
Racing into the RB stopping where Whisper, Captain Loam and Scurvy were standing close by the intruder she changes into a species that they all had to take a second look at.

Tall, thin and violet toned with small gray splotches mixed about with springy eye sockets which extended well beyond the top of her head, a striking green in contrast to her bright red hair which stood out straight from the sides of her ear holes. antar changed into a semi nude form without visible sexual identity.

" I want to get answers from him and this is the best way."

" If you don't mind it would be easier if you went to the observation deck as I wake the intruder."

"It's alright, now go we have very little time before arriving at Betelguise."

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:29 AM
Whisper continued down into the complex interior of the Yydryl, continuing to follow the horrific, pungent scent. The lingering scent appeared to be erratic in its markings, sometimes almost seeming to disappear all together, only reappear several feet away. She followed the odor, now taking an upward direction all the way back to deck six and crew quarters. Whispers tentacles whipped quickly, propelling her closer to this ever stronger caustic smell. She slowed down as she realized from where the stench was emanating. Whisper began to stalk, slithering once again on the ceiling, then sliding down the wall just outside Captain Cadburys quarters. The sniffing from her nostril slits quickened. She saw nothing but the acrid smell was undeniable.

Whisper, still attached to the wall, dragged two tentacles in front of the Captains quarters, three more down the door. When her seeking tentacles grew closer togeather, there was an obvious mass lying outside the Captains door! Her silvery, tiny sharp teeth revealed with a sneer, Whisper pounced on the invisible lump. Tentacles surrounding the mass on the floor, her tiny head dipped down smelling the invisible intruder. “Gwarking, stinking, sneaking, son of a human!” she growled.

Just then, a handsome set of tentacles rounded the corner. Her crewmate Scurvy, the only other natural looking entity she had yet to see on this Rigellian ship. He slid out one tentacle to meet hers in a gesture of greeting. No doubt he wondered what she was doing sprawled out in front of Captain Cadburys quarters. Normally a confident creature, she felt a pang of self consciousness upon the pleasant oily touch from Scurvy but flashed him a sly, toothy grin and met his gaze.

Quickly, Whisper revealed her reason for her curious bodily position: “We have a stinking mass of something here. It has some type of cloak rendering it invisible but, I tell you I could smell it a mile away.”

She could tell there was doubt in his eyes so she nodded to the area just below her. Scurvy reached down, causing her to naturally pull back ever so slightly. Whisper was sensitive to others invading her personal space, but the nearness of Scurvy caused her to have an unusual emotion…nervousness? She requested Scurvy to please advise the Captain and meet her in the Data Centre where she’d take this caustic smelling lump. This would get Scurvy out of her space and an opportunity for her to regain her icy demeanor that he thawed if only for a moment. Scurvy nodded in understanding and slid away. Her many eyes watching Scurvy until he rounded the corner.

Whisper scooped up the stinking mass and made her way to the Data Center. Gliding in she addressed antar.

“Antar we have intruder.”

“Quick, Whisper, put in on the waterfall bed!

Whisper tossed the mass onto the bed with an audible ‘THUD’. Once on the bed, the uninvited guest became visible. It looked about as good as it smelled. Whisper sneered. Antar requested she adjust the being so it’s repulsive head was upon the pillow. With complaint, she complied. Her back to the door of the Data Center, she could hear the footsteps of Captain Loam and smell the fragrant oil that could only come from Scurvy. She respected her Captain greatly but would never understand why he chose the ugliest of human forms. She kept her back to the Captain under the guise of guarding the intruder.

The Captain ordered antar to come with him and for her and Scurvy to watch over the new guest. “Gwark” she said to herself. The thought of being alone with Scurvy once again brought up those unusual nervous feelings. She must get her flight physical with antar soon, she was not feeling like her steely self ever since that last Betelgeuse Juice binge.

Captain Loam and antar scurried out of the Data Center leaving her Scurvy and this stinking pile alone.

Originally posted by Scurvy

"This is beginning to shape up to be quite the adventure. What do you think our 'guest' is?"

"Care for a drink while we wait?"

Whisper smiled coyly and turned to Scurvy. Reaching out a slick tentacle, her underside suckers gently grasped the small flask and brought it to her lips. Her body absorbed the Rigellian ale at once having needed a drink of any libation since the moment she was made aware Captain Cadbury had been abducted right under her tentacles. Keeping Scurvys gaze she took another long sip then politely handed back the flask.

“I don’t know what this entity is but, I do know I have lost my appetite.” Whisper flipped a tentacle back and continued. “Thank you so much for the ale, I had previously looked in the mess hall without success of finding anything strong. I have heard there is a bar on this ship but, I don’t thing we are going to be making much use of it on this mission. Not a pleasure cruise we are on here. If we survive this adventure, let me return the favor of buying some rounds on the return trip.” Whisper cast her eyes downward and bit her inner lip.

Just then she heard Captain Loams footsteps approaching the Data Center and returned to her rigid posture. Soon after the Captain entered, antar followed approaching the group now surrounding the intruder on the waterfall bed. Suddenly antar began to transform to reflect the being laying upon the bed. Seeing the sight of her dear freind antar transformed into this hideous being, Whisper had a little of the ale creep up the back up her throat.

Originally posted by antar
" I want to get answers from him and this is the best way."

" If you don't mind it would be easier if you went to the observation deck as I wake the intruder."

"It's alright, now go we have very little time before arriving at Betelguise."

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:04 AM
Warm feathery touches swirled around and through me, cool tendrils caressing every measure of my skin, delving deep into my center.

Ahhhh, how wonderful, the feeding, rejuvenation, it’s building pressure intoxicating my senses, teasing me to wakefulness.

I sighed low, growling in low tones, my body running hot and cold colors as the sweetness ran through veins, pulling at me, drawing me out...

Diluting my soul...

Lurching from the platform with a horrific scream I dug my fingers into my eyes bringing lightening strikes of pain.
“Damn me to blackness NOOO!!!!” I could barely hear my voice, it was like something else outside my body I ran towards, had to catch.

But I was flowing, away...

“Hit me for the Creators sake, HIT ME!” I screamed at my reflection standing there looking down on me wonderstruck.

A voice from a place near to lost in my being rose up and let out a wail so pain filled and terrified the room shook.


I bolted straight at my reflection, my eyes wide, fists raised to attack.

Just at arms length my reflection pulled back a hand and struck me full force to my face, knocking me back onto the floor, knocking me back into my senses.

Shaking my head, my conscious finally merging with my being I hung my head panting, not daring to look up.

“Thank you,” I said though not knowing if the thing that stood before me, my mirror image had been real, had merged back into my body, or had simply vanished.

What I did know is someone, something had tried to kill me.

I’d woken up, in water!

My head lay fallen between my knees.
It was just too much.
First being hit on the head Shanghaied.
Then waking in a storeroom on a live Ship filled with Long Arms.
Fainting and remembering a Captain I didn't even know at Space Bar - the same Captain who went kidnapped from the very Ship I was on.
To this.
Someone putting me in water!
Heavy Sobs shook my body, salty tears fell from my eyes to fall in splotches on the plastiscine floor beneath me.
Awwww damn, wherever I was didn't even have Carpet.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 06:17 AM
"Captain it's a pleasure to have you back sir."

He was relatively pleased that things were returning to some form of normalcy. Having a real leader back in charge felt a little more comforting than being under the command of someone who's first officer was a mechanical squirrel...

And it seemed now that these Enhancers may actually be of some use, without Seeker's diagnostic capabilities the Penelope would probably be floating around a leaderless tin can infested with mindless drones.

Hopefully they could now punch in their coords, make haste toward earth, and he could take a much needed bathroom break... being locked in the bridge for hours on end right after dinner was not his idea of a good time.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 06:26 AM
"It's good to be back, Mr. Rabbit. It's good to be back."

Captain Luder sat back down at his command station after what had seemed like an eternity buried away in other parts of the ship. All eyes were on him, as the Penelope hung there in the blackness of deep space.

Mr. Rabbit, take us home.

Luder watched as the bridge crew started returning to their normal activities. He punched a control on the station.

John, give us full power to the engines.

It was high time to return to Earth. He could only begin to imagine the conversations he was going to have with the Admiral once the Penelope returned to dock, but the ship was badly in need of replacement starfighters and the UEF was at war. Maybe it was time for the Penelope to join the others in the battle.

Something was itching in the back of his mind. Something distant. Like something he should have remembered, but couldn't quite grasp. Luder closed his eyes and saw images of a red-haired commander on the bridge. He frowned and looked around. She was still missing from the bridge crew. He was seriously starting to wonder if she had ever existed at all.

"Security Chief Nenothtu, I trust you can locate our intruder while we are en route to Earth?" Luder waited for a response from his security chief.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 06:38 AM

Originally posted by mf_luder

Mr. Rabbit, take us home.

Aye captain.

Looking out from the bridge, at the vast expanse of space before him, surrounded by the most advanced technology the Human race possessed, he couldn't help but let his mind wander back to something he had read in grade school...

"The skies are painted with unnumber'd sparks,
They are all fire and every one doth shine"

It was these two lines that had made him determined to see each and every one of those faint glimmers of other worlds.

"Coordinates for Sol Solar system inputted Sir, prepare for wormhole entry in T minus three minutes."

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by Whisper67

“I don’t know what this entity is but, I do know I have lost my appetite. Thank you so much for the ale, I had previously looked in the mess hall without success of finding anything strong. I have heard there is a bar on this ship but, I don’t thing we are going to be making much use of it on this mission. Not a pleasure cruise we are on here. If we survive this adventure, let me return the favor of buying some rounds on the return trip.”

"Not a problem, I always carry some on me, good thing too. After the run around we've had today I needed some." He sips generously from the flask, screws on the cap and puts it back into his pocket. "WHEN we return from this adventure I'll definitely take you up on that offer. I would enjoy that much."

The moment the last syllable left his lips they heard loam and Antar approaching. Antar morphed into a hideous abomination, more than likely a simulation of the invisible creature in the waterfall. Scurvy noticed the lack of genitalia... poor creature. As soon as the transformation was complete Antar asked the rest of the crew to wait on the observation deck for her.

Scurvy walked alongside Whisper and loam in awkward silence. The way Whisper stalked was pleasing to Scurvy. He enjoyed the fragrant aroma of her slicking oil wafting over him. She glanced in his direction and Scurvy averted his eyes quickly, he didn't want her to notice him observing the delicate movements of her tentacles. Loam hadn't said anything to either of them. He came to a sudden dead halt at one doorway and informed the two that he would join them shortly, saying only that he had 'something' to attend to.

Scurvy jokingly extends a tentacle in a formal manner towards Whisper, says to her, "Shall we continue on our merry way my dear?" and lets out a rumbling laugh. Giggling she lightly wraps a tendril around his, her suction cups grabbing his flesh. They casually stroll to the observation deck in a nervous and slightly awkward silence.

Upon the door to the observation deck this picture was etched:

With a caption reading "The Orion Nebula from Deep Space sector N212"

They enter the deck to find it completely deserted and dimly illuminated by coloured lights hanging suspended by vines from the roof. Looking to the aft of the ship Scurvy sees they are leaving M42, the portion of the nebula containing the planet Rigel and Scurvy's home planet of Plague.

It really was a beautiful sight to behold. The atmospheric gases created such a wondrous hue of red it was breath taking. He pointed it out to Whisper who smiled but seemed deep in thought.

Looking across to the fore of the vessel Scurvy can see that they are approaching the Betelgeussian system.

He and Whisper walk over to the large cushion located in the middle of the deck. He lowers himself and gestures for Whisper to do the same. They sit there a while in silence, observing the ever approaching Betelgeussian system. The atmospheric gases here were not as vibrant and were much older than the ones around Rigel. Fascinatingly they were blue instead of red.

Scurvy ponders this in his mind for quite some time. He closes his eyes, causing him to become vividly aware of Whisper's scent beside him. Testingly he reaches down and connects one of the suction cups at the end of his "arm" to one of hers. She flinched but did not withdraw. He looks into her eyes and smiles. She looks slightly uncomfortable, despite the small grin on her face, so he withdraws his tentacle and returns to his observations. They were coming up on Betelgeuss quickly now. Planets were coming into view.


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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:07 PM
The image of antar morphing into that repulsive creature still haunted her thoughts as she slithered slowly. Always allowing her Captain to take the lead and be a few steps ahead. It served a double purpose as a show of respect and, secretly, she wouldn’t have to make eyes contact with the humanoid features of her Captain. It caused a stirring hunger in her as she hadn’t consumed human flesh for a long time due to a recent Rigellian diet craze.

She felt his many eyes upon her and glanced in his direction. Scurvy quickly looked away, his eyes not exactly in full unison. Was he a shape shifter, she wondered? He smelled Rigellian but then, her senses have been off since the whole Cadbury abduction. He obviously took great care tending to his tentacles and his teeth were silvery sharp. At that moment, Loam took his leave and Scurvy exhibited the strangest behavior:

Originally posted by Scurvy
"Shall we continue on our merry way my dear?"

Extending his tentacle, she latched onto it, her suckers kneading the Rigellian flesh attempting to detect any deception in his appearance. She naturally snickered at this bizarre display still searching for any signs of camouflage. They slithered to the observation deck in an uneasy silence.

Gazing out the window Whisper watches M42 grow increasingly smaller. Her thoughts drifted along with the Yydryl. Watching the beautiful nebula she wonders when and if she’ll return. For just a moment, becoming lost in the red hue of M42, she almost felt the sense of peace so many claim to receive from antars sculptures. This was where she thrived, out on the edges of space. Whisper had no need of the social interactions that seemed painfully expected in the Rigellian cities. Whisper carried out her orders and kept to herself.

Approaching the system of Betelgeuse, Whisper eyes light with excitement. The possibilities in this system, on this starship, were endless. Locating and eliminating the captures of Captain Cadbury, perhaps picking up a new Betelgeusian artifact, and of course restocking her supply of the rare Betelgeuse wine. Her eyes reflecting the blueness of the atmosphere she takes her leave of the window and makes her way to the sitting area, still a perfect view. Lost in her passionate thoughts of artifacts, she was startled when Scurvy, without permission, took her tentacle against his own. Her many eyes stared into his, a slight smile grazed her mouth. He retracted his tentacle but Whispers world shimmered ever so slightly at his touch. She returned her sight outside to the approaching planets and pondered.

Love and friendship were foreign to her. The few friendships she had she guarded, nurtured, and protected fiercely. True friends of Whispers, such as antar, understood her ways and the burden of servitude she abided by. No room for such luxuries of romance. Whisper was extremely fond of the intense, ritualistic union of Rigellians. But, she was a one lunar night kind of creature. Gwarking was a sport to her. It was her way, the only way. Years of conditioning had taught her the pitfalls of such luxuries. These were a danger to her and to whom ever she may be connected to for any period of time. The Watchers always knew, thus giving any enemy a target or an opportunity to distract her from her orders. For all she knew, Scurvy was just such a Rigellian. Sent to watch her, or perhaps sent to test her. Trust from Whisper did not come easy; it was earned as was her respect.

Her guard lifted for a moment as she looked up into Scurvys eyes. She peered into them, still searching for cunning or malice but her gaze was returned with something so rare to her, purity. An honest moment passed between them. Maybe it was the dim atmosphere, the approach to Betelgeuse, perhaps the hundreds of lonely years spent in quiet, violent service but just for a moment, Whisper fully let her guard down and to her surprise – she experienced a feeling. Fleeting as it was, it shook her to her core. No, this couldn’t happen now, not here, not during this mission. Admittedly, upon first seeing Scurvy she’d had her wicked fantasies. But what passed between them just now was something more then just hormones and fragrant oils.

Becoming steely again and dropping Scurvys gaze she reflected on how many of those close to her she’d lost. The grief and yearning too much for her to endure at times.

“Where is that bar?” she wondered to herself. A stiff drink would squelch these flights of fancy and return her to her icy, intimidating self. Focus on the upcoming challenges.

That was another curiosity about Scurvy that led her to question his sincerity or perhaps his nativity. Most Rigellian men feared Whisper. Hardly could they take one night in her presence without trembling like a fledgling child. Not Scurvy, he approached her confidently and seemingly without reserve. Perhaps he was not aware of her rank or her reputation. Or, perhaps he was.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:21 PM
Floating in space near Betleguise in her bright blue Merkabah Light ship
Cindymars sitting with one leg propped on the console, listens to some Earth music from the 20th century Earth a group called Pink Floyd. She is broadcasting this particular song "Hello" whilst sending a hail on a private channel to her ship the SS Yydryl. "Cindymars crew member paging the USS Yydryl".

She could have just appeared on the vessel however she had been monitoring the happenings and did not want to do that as her contact was Captian Cadbury who had been taken "supposedly" by the Betelgussians!
They had already found some strange intruder and she wanted a more formal introduction.

She was not quite sure what Cadbury had in mind for her on this mission but it was merely a way to means for her. Surely he wanted to use her abilities in some way for this unknown mission.

Being an Acturian Dimensional Time Space Traveller had its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantages obvious the disadvantages were that you never got to settle or become close with anyone or thing.

The aim of a DTST was to be an objective observer and recorder of events in DTS events that you were on assignment in. Acturians of her clan are humanoid, with a generally blue cast however much like the reptile on Earth the camellion they can change color as well as texture.
They also can be completly in light body and undetecable by most.
She appears to be in her late 20's but she really has no idea of her age.

Gazing into the nebula her thoughts go to Spera her Zengloth lover. She had gone through DTS forever alone, except for her parents until recently falling completly for this hansome Zengloth and now suddenly he is missing. Her sources informed her Spera had been aboard some human vessel.

Well I will find him, she thought to herself. It is going to be intriguing pretending to be a bartender, not like she hadn't been many things while on assignment.

The sensors on the console indicating something approaching her sensor range.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:55 PM
"Attention! Attention! Prepare dock for USS Penelope!"

The huge grey moorings on the space dock Lagrange 2 began to slide apart, making a space in the massive station like some prehistoric beast opening its jowls to accept a meal.

Out near the moon, a bright flash of purplish-pink light occured, and from the center, out shot the USS Penelope. The sight that awaited them was astounding.

Luder sat forward in his command station and watched intently on the displays as they neared the blue and white orb of Earth.

There were hundreds of ships staging near the planet. Hundreds. Everything from the smallest Axiom-Class frigates to the super-huge Event-Horizon Class Super Carriers. Amidst all that, there were literally thousands of star fighters moving about, like a cloud of angry bees or hornets trying to find some unseen threat to their hive. Luder had never seen anything like it.

The communications relays on the command center crackled.

"USS Penelope, welcome home. We are expecting you in Lagrange 2, please proceed there at once. Admiral Gordon is expecting you." The relay went silent. Luder took a deep breath.

"Mr. Rabbit, take us into dock. One quarter thrust."

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