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UFOs, USOs and the Island of Puerto Rico.

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by ls1cameric
lots of good reading to go through. Nice job... But I didnt see any photos of the aliens in the forest as you sugested.

Thanks for the reply,the quote came from this site and the images from the El Yunque Rain Forest are shown in the film -can't find them elsewhere on the web (but it doesn't help that all the websites are in Spanish.

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by observe50
Sometimes I just want to sit and scratch my head and just think..... you can tell them but they don't have the sense to know when they are being told something that is truth.

Observe, the sheer number of reported cases is certainly impressive - especialy when you factor in all the U.S. Naval reports of fast moving USOs from around the island as well.

I think Timothy Good just about sums it up

".. the weight of testimony emerging from Puerto Rico is breathtaking.."

Timothy Good



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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:51 PM

Originally posted by Zachman225
YES! I'll be in Puerto Rico in two weeks, I'll keep a look out haha.

I'm jealous - Puerto Rico is certainly on the list of places to visit.

Perhap you could do a live ATS satellite feed from the El Yunque

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Interesting thread. In the case of the fighter jets going up into the flying triangle, seems like family members would have put 2 and 2 together and figured out their loved ones went missing at the sametime the jets did.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by PammyK
Interesting thread. In the case of the fighter jets going up into the flying triangle, seems like family members would have put 2 and 2 together and figured out their loved ones went missing at the sametime the jets did.

Pammy, thanks for the reply- its certainly is a bizarre case.
This clip covers the incident and has got some great interviews with British researchers in Puerto Rico -it also shows an artists impression of the object that was seen when the two planes disappeared.

And another clip dealing with the incident (both in English


San Juan, Puerto Rico -1999:

Morovis ,Puerto Rico:

Ponce-Puerto Rico:

UFO Footage Compilation-Puerto Rico:


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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 02:47 AM
Hi karl 12, this case is about an interesting sighting of a very strange underwater disturbance seeing by pilots from the cabin of a Boeing 707 on a routine passenger flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to New York City. The sighting was over one of the Atlantic's deepest canyons, the Puerto Rico Trench, north of Puerto Rico and east of the Dominican Republic.


Among the most convincing eyewitness reports of strange surface and subsurface goings-on are those reported by experienced pilots whose vantage point thousands of feet overhead has the unquestionable advantage of taking in the entire phenomenon at a glance. One such sighting occurred on April 11th, 1963, from the cabin of a Boeing 707 on a routine passenger flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to New York City. The sighting was over one of the Atlantic's deepest canyons, the Puerto Rico Trench, north of Puerto Rico and east of the Dominican Republic. Here the sea reaches a depth of five and a half miles. The coordinates recorded by the crew were 19° 54' north latitude, 66° 47' west longitude.

The copilot was the first to see the underwater disturbance. It was 1:30 p.m., about 20 minutes after takeoff, when the jet was at its cruising altitude of 31,000 feet. The copilot saw, approximately five miles to the right, a portion of the ocean's surface rising in what appeared to be a great round mound. He described it as "a big cauliflower" in the water, like an undersea atomic explosion that was about to burst through the surface.

But nothing broke the surface. He called the captain's and engineer's attention to it, and they observed it for about half a minute under the clear sky. Both men unfastened their seat belts to move over to the right side for an unobstructed view.

The three crewmen agreed the great mount of water was between half a mile and a mile in diameter and had risen from the surrounding ocean level to at least half its width. The captain, adhering to the policy of maintaining the flight schedule, did not circle back for another look. As they left the area of the great boiling mound of water, they noticed it was beginning to subside. Later, the copilot made inquiries at several government agencies, as well as with a seismic specialist, but none had reports of tidal waves, earthquakes, or waterspouts in that area.

Strange, indeed! What kind of force could cause hundreds of tons of churning water to rise from 1300 to 2600 feet above the surface of the ocean? And be so contained and controlled that it would not break free and cause a monstrous tidal wave in all directions? Whatever became of the physics law that says water seeks its own level? Clearly, this strange power is not a part of man's modern scientific inventory.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by spacevisitor

Spacevisitor -thats another strange case.

Don't know what that particular phenomenon could have been but I think its becoming abundantly clear that the USO subject has a comprehensive history and a great many unknown objects have been witnessed by a great many credible people over the years (not to mention being captured and plotted on sonar screens).

Managed to get Google to translate some of the Puerto Rican OVNI sites - this account goes into more detail about the F-14 incident:

More on the Navy F-14 UFO Incident, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico - 28th December, 1988

The case of the huge triangular craft was about the size of a Base Ball Park for the year 1988 occurred in the town of Cabo Rojo, where a large number of witnesses present at the evolutions of an unknown device.

One of the witnesses was the main investigator Wilson Sosa, Director of Civil Defense at the time and hundreds of witnesses who saw three F-14 U.S. Navy rioja being followed, but the great object is moved without heeding airplanes, people described the F-14 as three mosquito turning on all sides of the object.

People were so scared that he was under the engine, fearing for the worst and that the planes had attacked a disaster of major proportions. When one of the planes went through this behind the UFO stopped listening to the engines, later swallowed the other, I heard the engines, the third jet began to leave the place, the object begins to split in two, took a course due north along the jet and the other headed east coast towards the village of Guánica (where the server resides) and was seen by many people after their journey.

In some investigations it was discovered that rigor had two Navy F-14 low without explaining what happened to those units that are supposed to be in service (Will was the same as triangular UFO?), All that is known is that the families of the pilots indicated that he died in a "practice" in Puerto Rico


Witness testimony-UFOs near Aricebo Observatory

(Rough Translation)

On several occasions, my neighbor told me about an intense yellow light that I saw along the mountainous horizon, saying that the suspected presence of the UFO.

For my part I really much doubt this theory, until you finally saw through my own eyes. One night we were talking in front of my house, and suddenly I said "look at the light of which you had spoken."

I look to heaven and was an extremely bright yellow light, the greater the light that a star and was moving at a speed.

This light traveled in my view 1 / 4 part of the sky at high speed, then began to decrease speed.

After slow the object made a U turn in impressive.
He will not turn that airplane more sophisticated than would be done.
After making the turn a little traveled stretch and faded. Were shocked by the spectacle.
Curiosity kept us watching the sky waiting for another appearance.
After 15 minutes appeared on the horizon again, you see this in a quiet place, light the lights shine up and then disappears once more.

After having seen this is another red light appears in the sky from left to right, the light is divided into 2 parts, then 2 red lights were in heaven.

These last 2 lights began to go round in circles, both horizontally and vertically into the sky.

These red lights never lost my sight, and flying at high speed.
While these red lights, close the sky intense yellow light was not visible.

After several minutes, the intense yellow light appears again, this time moving from left to right at a speed of bionics, and vanished like a leak.
The disappearance of the yellow light the other red lights did not take more than 1 minute to go.

When I saw this at the time thought it was possible that UFOs exist.
And so far I still believe the same.
My neighbor and I came to one theory.
This happened very near the radar "of Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.
We believe that the UFO was detected by radar and immediately sent aircraft of the armed forces of the United States.


OVNI Testimony:

Sunday, October 3 in the morning at about 2:00 pm in a direction from east to west along I saw a small group of friends a huge orange light that was moving slowly without making noise. The same color change to yellow and then white. Change to circular, elongated oval. sighting lasts about 2 minutes.
I assume it was about 1000 feet and a reasonable height. After sighting the light disappears leaving several horses in the vicinity and causing some dizziness as a present.


Unknown sea lights spotted near lighthouse,Cabo Rojo:

We reported in early May 2004, the 5th of this month since a town Cabo Rojo in southwestern Puerto Rico and more specific to the lighthouse of the people. Mr. Aguirre, a fisherman and resident of the place we evident that many fishermen are reporting rare lights come and go as the early hours at sea and the cliffs near the lighthouse.


Mysterious object crashes in Puerto Rico:

An afternoon of Monday, May 5th 1997 at around 6:00 pm about the owner of the farm sector in Fajardo, 7.8 km of the highway 303, Lajas, Puerto Rico gave the Campamentos Ovnis to address the Francisco Negron who nicknamed Cuckoo saw an object that shuddered through the air. Suddenly note will decline slightly when he hears an explosion, then followed by a stronger. Going to compare what happened to me says that he saw a fire that left the ground with flames but not great. The fire hard couple of hours and smoke couple of days.

Burned an estimated 35 cords of which are from the nearby federal property. The fire that spread to kill birds which showed that it was something that fell. On the evening of that day Monday, May 5, 1997 people entered nearby. No left turn to the firefighters or the Honorable Mayor Marcos Irizarry who has stood by his statements in support of UFOs seen in addition to his people to witness them.

In this exclusive interview with the server of the Civil Defense Director Freddy Cruz me that there was presence of radiaccion, nego days after these statements. People who tried to reach the crater on the slope of the mountains where the rare Rebaza dropped or subject felt nauseated, vomiting up various psychic experiences. The owner of the farm told me that he refused even to some strange men who passed by the scene.
The media of Puerto Rico tried to explain what happened but could not complete its analysis.
This led to mysterious events. Many other witnesses who saw the object before falling on Rebaza or the farm would not be identified, others disappeared or were never seen again.


Triangular UFO witnessed and photographed-May 15, 2005,Puerto Rico:

Wilfredo: I hear the dogs barking, birds singing, I noticed that the animals were desperate, I fear that it will be.So when I I see that I look back I see a big glow, but can not see the ship because I'm in the car, then stop the bus and exit the vehicle and when I see this immense triangular craft are talking about ... I do not know exact measurements, I can not speak of meters, but you can compare and say which is the size of a park ball or two enormous ball park. So it was slow, and just step over me.

Willie: Was it doing some sound in particular?

Wilfredo:No sound, just a light coming from the center.

Willie: Did not feel a warmth, a change atmospheric temperature at time of passage of the object?

Wilfredo: Yes, it seems that the light gave some heat, I do not know what kind of heat could tell, it's like a light of much voltage so I felt the warmth of that light.



On the night of March 23 2008 @ 19:20 a big yellow witish light moved from SW to NE on the north side of Puerto Rico over an impeccable clear night sky at the border of the Barceloneta to Manati region. The movement was at a speed of around 150-200 knots after around twenty seconds the light started to fade and dissapear from the sky. It was not any typical aircraft, no navigation lights of any kind and no noise. Altitude range between 10,000 to 15,000 feet.

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:40 AM
Retired US Navy Lieutenant UFO sighting - Puerto Rico,3/31/1967:

My name is [------], I am a retired Navy Lt. The following is an account of an actual experience that happened to me while I was stationed at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.

It was a beautiful warm tropical day, scattered clouds dotted the sky and a gentle breeze could be felt as I worked on the aircraft assigned to my squadron.

I left my work area a few minutes early as I had finished the day's work sooner than anticipated. I was alone, traveling homeward to the housing area a few miles away from the hangar where my squadron was stationed. I knew my wife and children would waiting there for me to return from work.

I had always been skeptical about UFO reported sightings and truly believed that all sightings were either swamp gas, temperature inversions, weather balloons, or some other explainable phenomena. Needless to say, I was shocked wh4en the following experience happened to me.

As I road my motor scooter home, I followed the frontage road until I reached the main thoroughfare. Turning right I headed up the hill. Suddenly, and without warning, an object appeared traveling from the right to the left. It cut directly across the road I was on. My first reaction was one of astonishment and my second reaction was one of fear. I immediately recognized the craft as something not of this time or place. I had been a mechanic on U.S. Navy aircraft for 11 years and I knew instinctively that no such flying machine existed in any service or out amongst the civilian community. There were absolutely no familiar aircraft characteristics about this craft at all - except the fact that it was in the air and moving.

The total length of time I was able to observe the craft was very short, 30 seconds at most. Its rate of accelleration was remarkable.
I would liken it to dropping a marble in a perfect vacuum from atop a tall sky scraper: in other words it appeared to be accellerating at the rate of 32 feet per second, a guess of course. Its trajectory or line of flight was approximately 30 degrees above level sight and it passed through the astomsphere as straight and unswerving as if it were traveling on a tight wire that was anchored at both ends. I continued to observe it until it was out of sight.

I estimate that the craft was about 300 yards ahead of me when if first appeared coming from the side of the road. I was traveling about 20 mph and did not let up on my accellarator as I was climbing up the hill. The craft was out of sight before I could reach the crest of the hill.

I tried to dismiss the encounter from my mind until the next day when the base paper came out. As I glanced over the first page I was again astonished to see what appeared to be an exact visual description of what I had seen, only this time there were two of them and the view was from above looking down, an arial photograph. The bold caption stated that Roosevelt Roads had been visited by strange visitors and the article made fun of the sighting. Further persual of the paper revealed that there were many other atricles that were written to be humerous and beyond credibility. It was then I realized what the was, April 1st or April fools day.

I thought, my god! The sighting I experienced was true beyond a doubt and the Ship's Travel newspaper article was planned to coincide with a time that would discount the credibility of anyone reporting such and incident, how clever.

During the next few weeks before my pending transfer, I found myself seeking more knowledge about UFO's. As I poured through Frank Edwards book "Flying Saucers Serious Business." I found several things that coincided with my sighting with amazing accuracy. Searching my mind I recalled my experience and took note of the similarities.

1. The craft was a great deal like many of those documented.

2. The color had an aluminized glow.

3. There was a total lack of sound during its flight.

4. The shape was definately saucer like from a side view.

5. Speed of travel was remarkable.

6. Length of craft was approximately 38 to 40 feet.

I came to the conclusion of the length because the craft, when directly centered at the road, it overlapped both sides of the black top by 3 to 4 feet, the black top was right at 30 feet wide.


Witness report:

I was driving with my family back to my home in fajardo,my wife and two children were sleeping in the car.It was a beatiful clear night and I had been looking at the sky ever since we got in the car.At first i thought it could have been an antenna for cellphones,but then I began to look more closely at this foreign object.I woke up my wife to have her take a look at it.She also saw it too.The object was oval shaped with lights around it and it was just stationary over a mountain.I was truly impressed with how still it was holding up. Then after 40 something seconds it just disappeared.


Report (very rough translation):

"In the night the two spheres in the sky moved slowly parallel towards the Ponce area.
Then one moved to the north and other south and the light off and on and other big red ball with fire move in the same area many days after.many people see and the airplane move around big red ball fire.
This big ball red fire move in zig zag and stop more the 20 minute and move again to the south west slowly and repeat the same one hour later.
and repeat the same other days".


Testimony (photo)

In September while I was outside the house contemplating the stars. I have seen many airplanes in that area but what I saw was completly different. It was like two stars in form and color, one was behind the other and both had the same size and goes at the same speed very slow. I though maybe could be one single object but I keep on watching it and wanting it not to desappear but instantly it desapeared the one in the front first and then the other. The were no clouds in the sky, it was completely clear.



Object photographed:

On 08DEC07, my friend was taking pictures of the surf and cliff of Cerro Morillo on Coffin Island (Isla Caja de Muertos), approximately 5 nautical miles southeast of Ponce, Puerto Rico. No one sighted anything unusual during the daytrip to this island. However, upon receiving her pictures back from the developers, she noticed the strange object in the upper right portion of the picture. It appears to be symmetrical and disc-shaped.

The photographer's immediate reaction was that it was a UFO. In fact, she was so concerned about the object that she kept quiet about it for several days before forwarding it to a few people for their opinion. I have zoomed in on the object several times in an effort to "debunk" it, to try to see if it might be a bird, hat, frisbee, kite or anything else, but I cannot based soley on its appearance.



UFOs/USOs witnessed and radar corellated aboard USS Waldron ,1968 -Puerto Rico.

If you don't believe they exist and that we are not alone in this universe, you can ask two bridge watch sections on USS Waldron, the destroyer that I served aboard from 1967 to 1970. One night in 1968 while on an operation in the Caribbean, I went up to the open bridge to relieve the watch. At 23:45, the other watch section wouldn't leave – this is really unusual because typically they want to get what’s left of the mid-rats (sandwiches and soup served on the mess deck) and hit the rack However, they stayed to observe two UFO’s that were being tracked on radar by CIC.

They were tracking two bright lights, that didn't answer up to IFF – they weren't enemy, friend, foe or commercial aircraft. And were flying at speeds in excess of 400 knots and making turns at right angles. Nothing we knew of could do this but they did.

We saw them hover over the water within eyesight at about a few thousand yards, one submerging and the other as if standing guard above, waiting for the other to resurface. When it emerged, they buzzed off in formation at about a 45-degree angle to exit our planet. As they became distant, turned color from a bright white to a burning amber, and disappearing within about 10 seconds. I presume the colour change was due to the craft heating up as it whizzed through our atmosphere.

All this happened in the Bermuda Triangle! We were on an operation called Racer Run near Puerto Rico. Ship officials supposedly logged a report to Washington but we never heard anymore about it.

I've told several people about this and many acted as if I had 3 heads, but I have witnesses and evidence: there were about 20 in the 2 bridge watch sections, the combat watch sections (CIC), the ships log and the report sent to Washington.

Please, don't tell me it was swamp gas or that I was hallucinating. When I mentioned this to someone years later while working in Porto Rico, he told me that UFO sightings are not unusual and he’s seen them himself.
G M Brinkman

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:10 AM
Sixteen security policemen observed in Puerto Rico what was believed to be known as an unidentified flying object


UFO Phenomena in Puerto Rico by Sebastian Robiou L.

Another interesting incident in Puerto Rico took place on August 18, 1968, at 2:30 a.m. at Ramey AFB, and involves Sgt. Thomas Carulli, who signed a statement for APRO. The statement, which was obtained through APRO Field Investigator John R. Artie, an Air Force member now stationed at Beale AFB in California, goes as follows:

"At approximately August 18, 1968, at approximately 2:30 a.m., off Borinquen Beach, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, fifteen other security policemen and myself observed what was believed to be known as an unidentified flying object.

"Visibility was unlimited. The UFO seemed to be rising from the ocean but when first seen it was appearing to be at a 45-degree angle above the surface and rising. While also rising it seemed to yaw to its sides emitting a very bright, almost florescent light which was similar to that of an unblinking strobe light.
[as printed-CF] ward from within its structures. The reason why it seemed this way was because there appeared to be struts or bars or (you could say) window panes. These struts were verticle (sic) and there were about six of them. They reminded me of the crown on the Statue of Liberty but their greatest width seemed to be in their center.

"When it reached its zenith, which in itself appeared to be no more than 1500 ft. off the ground, it lingered there for a few minutes; all the while it emitted thin light which lit up the whole area which before was in complete darkness.

"It was circular or sphere-like, more like if you held only your fingertips and your wrists together not letting the palms of your hands touch, in fact, if you would do this with your hands and turn your hands to your face with the fingers at eye level this is what the UFO most nearly looked like.

"Its size was close to a half-dollar at arm's length. It emitted no sound. Lights around us didn't dim either. While in its zenith the UFO seemed to pulsate and fluxed from side to side or wobbled. Then another orb of light came from it.

"This was a light about the size of a dime held at arm's length. It stayed by the side of the first UFO, then it too fluxed or wobbled and shot straight upwards until it was nearly invisible. Then it just seemed to hang there almost indistinguishable from the other stars. After two or three more minutes passed, the first UFO wobbled, turned on its side and darted upwards and outwards in a north-north-westerly direction until it disappeared."This whole spectacular phenomenon took about 12-17 minutes in its entirety."

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 07:06 AM
reply to post by karl 12
You are definitely one of the the leading lights for putting a thread together

Puerto Ricans appear to log a report to Mufon every week. Some are intriguing and some are simply outlets for the socially challenged.

From March 6 2009:

Two bright, globular lights were seen dropping from a large low-flying, airplane-like craft, which will be referred to as the "drop-craft". In less than five seconds the lights stopped their descent and began moving away from each other at right angles to the flight path of the drop-craft. One of the lights climbed at a 20 to 40 degree angle, then became stationary, looking much like a bright star or planet. The other light continued moving at unchanging altitude until the view of it was obstructed by trees and hills
Continues here

This account is interesting as the two witnesses go on to describe the two bright lights being dropped from a large plane. Could they be UAVs, although the behavior appears unusual?

Out of interest, how do people feel about Jorge Martin? I suspect mischief when I read his reports and am reminded slightly of Jaime Maussan. There's a lot of evidence in the OP to make Puerto Rico interesting without Martin. He characterizes PR as being the main place on Earth for visiting aliens of all shapes, sizes, colors and haircuts. Glowing red eyes and luminous green blood, his accurate recall of conversations etc. The major aspect that provokes my distrust is his narrative style of writing. He relates the expressions on people's faces and supposes the thoughts in their heads. Charles Berlitz had an identical writing style and he was a dishonest man.

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 02:35 PM
Part one.
This USO/UFO case is absolutely interesting because it is about the experience of a regular “abductee” who is taken along with a being that was estimated to be about 5'3" tall and winds up underwater and gives a vivid description of the UFOs effect on the water, from the INSIDE of the craft.


Note: This case is very valuable in that is yet another “abductee” that winds up underwater and gives a vivid description of the UFOs effect on the water, from the INSIDE of the craft.-CF-

A Similar Case in Puerto Rico.

Reverend David Delmundo (a pseudonym I have used to protect his real identity), an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Conference, has been having direct contacts with UFOs and their occupants for over 15 years. He is at the same time an executive in a successful company in San Juan, Puerto Rico and minister of his church which also operates a mission and clinic in the mountains above Bayamon.

His UFO contacts all began back in 1964 when his mind suddenly went blank and he couldn't think. Then he heard beeps in the air above his head. It got louder and an object passed in the sky and then the beeps stopped and his head cleared. Later, in 1952, when he lived in New York he woke up with a start feeling like someone was in the room. He got up and looked around and then looked out the window and saw a bright disc-shaped metallic object with a yellow-orange halo around it flying very low above the Hudson River near the tri-borough bridge. It was so low that he thought it would hit the bridge but it raised up and passed over safely. He heard the beep . . . beep . . . beep sound again as the object operated in the vicinity.

Then the beep contacts began in strength in late 1968 or early 1969 and for a three month period he heard the beeps four or five times daily. Then they progressively increased in intensity and came more often until every 15 minutes he heard in his ears a very fine strong high pitched noise which lasted for only a small fraction of a second. This happened frequently and it was very high pitched and loud. Then he noticed a new development. Every time he got near an electric motor the device made strange noises and sounds—even if it was turned off. He felt a strong electrical charge about his person at these times, which grew and increased in intensity steadily. Then he seemed to notice that every time he heard the beeps in his head, he could look up and see the object in the sky somewhere in the vicinity.

An airline pilot and his crew, flying for a Puerto Rican air passenger line, about that time, observed one of the greenish-blue lens-shaped luminous objects close to the airliner in flight. He called the passenger's attention to the UFO and many others saw it also. Upon landing he reported the experience to his company and to Air Traffic officials. Later he consented to a newspaper interview and the story was published by the paper and subsequently was also picked up by others and re-printed. The airline at this point issued a denial and a short time later dismissed the pilot from service with their company. He has been unable to find airline pilot employment since.

The frequency and intensity of the sharp high-pitched tone increased daily and bothered the witness considerably by this time.

Then came a day late in 1972 when Delmundo heard the beeping sound again, and the loud high pitched tone came every few seconds, and he observed the strange flying machine in the vicinity. Suddenly it seemed to fly off and disappear. Then he became aware of a very strange human-like creature standing beside him. He did not see him arrive. The being was estimated to be about 5 feet 3 inch tall and he was dressed in a thin one-piece uniform-like coverall garment which covered him from feet to head. He had thin lips and a small nose and looked very stern. Delmundo could see no teeth when he opened his mouth which was seldom. The stranger had wide wrap-around eyes of an elongated oval shape that slanted up on the outer sides. He wore a sort of wrap around turban-like headdress that had a 10 or 12 pointed star set into the front of it. The turban was thin and light weight and of a dark color. The eyes were the most striking thing about the figure. They were a pale bright green; almost the color of new grass or a new leaf shoot and the whole eye was the same color throughout, having no "white" as we are accustomed to. The eyes also had no pupil like ours. At times he thought he detected a ladder of slits in the green color of the eye but he couldn't see them all the time. The green elongated orb of the eye had an uncountable number of flecks of what looked like sliver points of light that appeared and disappeared in the green of the eye that seemed to make them scintillate and gave them radiant light. At times the eyes seemed to flash and the gaze was very intense. The skin was pale gray.

The uniform-like garment was of some very lightweight material and was a pale gray to smokey gray in color. The hands were covered with a long gauntlet and the feet were covered with an extension of the uniform that became a little heavier and formed a kind of boot. The neck of the outfit ended in a narrow band of material sort of like a minister's collar. There was a silvery colored metallic rib-like device fastened to the uniform that came over the mid-shoulder from back to front, and below the ending of that in front there was an angled "U" shaped device of the same metallic material that was mounted on the breast with the open part of the "U" pointed toward the center of the waist. They seemed to be emblems of some kind.

The alien being's nose was a small fleshy nub with no bridge structure. It had two nostrils like ours but they turned into the head in a different way. The ears were also small and not much more than a firm ridge but they didn't have any openings. The ear structure seemed to consist externally of a pair of membrane covered pits in the head. There was no jaw development and very little brow or cheekbone giving the head an almost melon-like appearance. The face muscles were also underdeveloped and the face had little mobility, giving the head a stern expressionless appearance. When asked about this later the being said that they had essentially overcome their emotional natures and there was little of that nature to be expressed in the face. The eyes were the center of attention in the face and they seemed to be very alive. They seem to flash and the image is very intense.

"He took me by the hand and I became totally controlled. He was shorter than I am. That's why I say about 5'3", very thin with a garment similar to a coverall but tighter fitted... I would say something like a nylon type of fitted overall, grayish white in color. It was completely closed but I couldn't see how it was fastened. The material looked thin because it was right against his body."

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 02:37 PM
Part two.


"We walked, say like a distance of a couple thousand feet over a hilly type of terrain. All of a sudden there was the craft, waiting.

The ship must have been 30 feet or better in diameter— from this point to this point. As soon as we ... yes, it was sitting on three legs... and as we got close he used his hand again. That little box he had in his hand showed a thin beam that went straight into the . . . this was completely dark . . . the ship was dark... it wasn't shiny or anything ... but as soon as he flashed the beam it became bright... this lower part....just this part (indicating the lower half of the ship below the rim)... luminous ... radiantly luminous... bright.. .just this part. And then a part of this came down... like a ramp... and there was a greenish light inside ... luminous pale green light throughout. And we walk in ... .and as we walk in there are four cushioned seats... just four... all cushioned ... two at the controls ... just four seats ... two in front and two in back. And then I could see that if we were to look behind... it was like in front. It was all transparent... all around . . . and we could look out all around. The whole cabin was enclosed in the same metal. And we could see through it... even sideways and so on ... The seats were of a leathery type of material... soft... very wide ... very comfortable ... and very low . . . similar to an airplane, but completely different. It (the material) was a sort of pale ... like tan color ... pale brown, and as you sat the hind part sort of sank, and something came up and held you this way ... holding. It was an automatic thing. There wasn't any seat belt of any sort."
"No word... nothing was communicated to me at that time... I knew as I sat over here ... in the seat... I saw the whole panel arrangement... no gages... completely different... all kinds of colors going on and off... yes, colors, colors, colors... every little section had more colors, and there was at one point a lever . . . right here (indicating), that's all. And this lever moved that way, that way, that way and that way... and here everything was... At one point I did notice that there was something that was ... like when you draw a graph . . . You know, when you draw a graph you go this way and this and like this . . . and that was right on the panel... on the panel. The line changed at first and then it got to a point when it stabilized, and all of a sudden I see myself looking outside and we are above the west northwest side of the island (Puerto Rico) shifting toward the southwest. I remember very distinctly that we came over one of our cities... and that village is called Agua Dia. I remember very distinctly going over Agua Dia. And I looked down and I recognized the village. Ramy (sic – Ramey)Air Force Base was to the right side . . ."

The being said that Delmundo could call him Ohneshto, that his origin was a planet called Koshnak located in our heavens in the direction of Orion. It would be considered about 1,200 light years from Earth. He said that there were many many other beings in our universe, some from Orion, some from the Pleiades and many from other places.
Ohneshto discussed energy briefly and explained that we are limited in time and space, and therefore he could only speak of simple things. He discussed the Law of Parallels. He discussed matter and anti-matter of the universe and why man dies, and why he exists at all. Delmundo suddenly realized that he was now aware of knowledge he never had before, he now had the answers to many things that had vexed him all his life and he was alerted to many many mysteries of our vast universe— unknown to contemporary man. He felt enlightened in many ways.
"All of a sudden we shift at that point south by southwest... and he said, We are moving at a very slow, slow speed, and we're not utilizing the normal travel energy that we use for high speed travel through the universe. There was an alternative propulsion system, like a little motor, for coasting this way . He says, 'Now we are going,' and then is when I saw this graph-like instrument very clearly. And he said... 'Thirty-five miles southwest of your island...,' and they gave me latitude and longitude... And now we're going down, down into the water, and there wasn't any splash... They had enough energy to displace any type of matter . . . because they create their own field around the ship to displace, not only air, but also more solid things like water and even other matter... They came down this way 9,000 feet... and there was a drop... the water was displaced and we went down... and it wasn't dark. There was enough energy around the ship to see where we were headed."
"And then ... this is the way they went... and they came this far... in ... to a rock formation under water... got this close... and when it was close to the wall here he used exactly the same beam and the water was displaced between the rock and the wall ... and an opening appeared and we went in and it closed back again ... and we found ourselves in a very deep cavern ... and this was very... there was no water there... just a cavern... and they propelled the ship onto an area ... and I could see no less than 25 or more of the same (ships) . . . Other similar ships . . . smaller ones and a real big one ... but many, many small ones and many similar ones. And we stepped and walked on solid ground... and when that took place it was just like being home... and we then started talking. There were no lips . . . just an opening... slant... just like that... an opening. When you said teeth it didn't occur to me, you see, because only I spoke . . .He never opened his mouth. I was so over whelmed by the whole thing and then he said there are close to 700 (individuals) here in this camp. I saw many of them ... He, Ohneshto, walked into an area that looked similar to an eating place. And there were these small round tables ... like transparent... like plastic, and there were sitting stools, like this... like an inverted 'U,' more or less and someone handed me a platter with a funny looking bowl and they had a creamy stuff in it. It was a white creamy similar to cornmeal... and it was semi-solid... It was given to me and they each took one and we had chow ... we all ate ... the three and myself... four... we who had arrived in our spacecraft. The food was like a ... something cooked ... like a ... I’ve always tried to memorize that taste... because it wasn't sweet... it wasn't salty... it wasn't like anything... it was like something, and it was very nourishing. It was very good. It had everything you needed and it was very good. It was not a matter of flavor.. it was just nourishing... that is all you need. That was the way I was feeling in my mind. I was very satisfied."
"Then they took me to another area, which stood from here, and we went into another location where they had a complete panel similar to the one they had here ... and there we could sit like if we were watching the sky ... right from there, and we could see the stars and all ... People were standing m front of panels ... and it was just like a big, big, laboratory."
"At this point we are talking about pretty deep down underground. It is something that just breaks my mind because I just don't know how to think of this. They said we were down 9,000 feet There were in the vicinity of 700 of them at that time, and that is also when they advised that they were working on six other camps, to make it seven camps throughout the world . . . and this was just one of them ... and that there were 83 contactees eventually through them for definite reasons that they were being needed ... and they were requested by higher forces unknown to us to aid and help at convenient times... and at that time they said 1976, and that was 1972 ... and it (the contacts) will continue for the next years. They said, 'You will be hearing from us oftener and in different ways ... different people ... we cannot be here too long because we cannot be exposed to your environment too long. We are allowed to be only six months here at a time.... The north of Puerto Rico is favorable for our operations because it is highly magnetic and helps trap energy that we need to leave your atmosphere. And that is why we have chosen this point. Also we cannot give you any more than six months (of our own time before we are rotated)... and the most favorable times are usually around the middle of March and the middle of September for leaving and coming. That is when others come and replace those about to leave.' The alien being said, 'We are allowed to operate in our specialized field (space travel) only seven years out of our lifetime. Otherwise it can hurt our civilization ... by being exposed for more than that period of time.' "
"They showed me a type of sleeping cot right in the same rocks ... on different levels ... and they were fat but yet small... no luxury... nothing out of this world .. .The thing that impressed me most was that I could see all of this and also the laboratory... The rest of the installation was like normal but austere . . . like eating and sleeping."
"The aliens were not super beings... they were humanoid and very similar to us....just of a different shade of color and unique in many ways... and they looked very much alike... all of them. I couldn't tell them apart. Without expressive features they seemed so alike ... so strange ... but yet I could sense LOVE ... but they don't show it.

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Part three.


Ever since going aboard the UFO, whenever in presence of someone deceitful he sees a warning beacon of light on their head. He has developed other remarkable faculties that he cannot explain. He remembered that the alien being spoke of the law of the speed of thought.... which he did not quite understand. Ohneshto had also said at one point that one hour of our time compares to 200,000 hours of their time in their own dimension. He had also mentioned that molecular structures can be made to travel in a linear direction at up to seven times the speed of light. ...

He said it took about four hours of our time to come to Earth from Koshnak in Orion. He said they travel in the seventh and eighth dimensions, unknown to Earth humans, and that they are aware of 13 dimensions of being. Ohneshto pointed out references in our bible pertaining to UFOs. He said that their normal span of life is about 800 to 1,000 of our years. Their normal intelligence would be over 200 by our scales. He explained that they could continue life forever with only one cell of the body. Ohneshto said that the axis of the Earth has changed four times as far as they have checked this out, that it tilts about every 20 to 25 centuries. He said that man is as old as his Earth, that more ancient races were the ancestors of nearly all the inhabitants of this planet.

The Orion said that other beings in our universe become very active other Earth, studying and recording just before each tilt. They are standing by to assist and help prevent the total loss of life on Earth in these catastrophes, to aid in the re-growth of humanity on a new scale. They are much concerned about avoiding the mistake of 1943 where the development of atomic sciences occurred before they were due.

On subsequent contacts where the aliens had occasion to communicate between each other he heard the language used, which was articulated, and it sounded slow and slurred to his ear. They used a lot of gla, o, a, I,II, and m in their intercommunication.

They didn't seem to communicate much between each other. Everyone seemed to be occupied at his particular task and they all seemed to be quite busy. They appeared to be well organized and they operated with great efficiency.

From this time on the electrical charge around the person of David Delmundo increased until 1973. Whenever he got near an electrical device it would make those strange noises. He seemed to be carrying some kind of electromagnetic charge on his body because if he touched grounded metal or electrical circuits, or even water if it was grounded, he would draw sparks and he could see a flow of bluish energy from his fingertips to the object. Even if the electrical current to the object was turned off he would feel a strong electrical charge.

The beeps continued on a more or less frequent basis, and every time he heard them he could look up and see the bright and often luminous object in the sky above, even in bright daylight.

In 1973, during another UFO flap over Puerto Rico, seven people from the mission, including David Delmundo and his elder daughter Moira and son David Junior, were driving the highway below Mayaguez near Cabo Rojo on the southwest corner of the island. When they were about ten miles from the lighthouse they began seeing the now familiar bright greenish-blue disc- shaped self-luminous objects flying all around them. As they made a turn and came in sight of the water south of the cape they saw several objects go into the sea and disappear beneath the surface. They could see the glow in the water for a few seconds after the objects submerged. It was just dusk and they could see the objects and the skyline quite clearly. The most notable part of the observation was that the objects had a glowing greenish-blue field around them and they entered the water at considerable speed without any splash. The water just parted ahead of the visible field and the objects flew into the hole and it closed up behind them with only a flurry of ripples. Other disc-shaped objects came out of the water the same way and flew northeast over the island. After the UFOs entered the water there was a greenish glow for a few seconds that faded as the objects presumably went deeper. Conversely, when they came out of the water they were preceded by the greenish glow and then the water would part and the ship would emerge—again with no splash and no water dripping from the object.
As the mission group drove away some minutes later, two very bright greenish-bluish-white discs of light rose out of the water south of the lighthouse and flew away to the south.

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Thanks for the replies.

SpaceVisitor - some crazy accounts there,very interesting reading!
The 'high pitched beeping noise' has also been mentioned in other UFO reports and I've now lost count of just how many reports there are of unknown objects entering and emerging from the Puerto Rican sea.

Kandinsky - You may have a point about Jorge and some of his 'versions of events' do seem a little embellished but I think, on the whole, the essential facts of his reports are straight - I've read about the 'green blood' incident (and other accounts) from different researchers and, although they do sound completely outlandish, the witness accounts don't seem to differ.
Also,the sheer variety of different humanoid descriptions reported in Puerto Rico is quite an eyeopener - Jorge's claims of Puerto Rico being an 'unprecedented UFO hotspot' may well be right.
As for his cheeky mannerisms, maybe he's just excited because he receives so many unexplained and bizarre reports from one tropical island.



More incidents:

The 1977, Mayaquez UFO Incident -Puerto Rico


Humanoid report

Location. Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

Date: February 28 2006

Time: 0030A

Miguel Camacho and other witnesses observed a large very intense bright white object descend and land on the ground at about 600-700 feet away. Soon after the UFO landed they observed three to four alien figures that appeared to be working or gathering something around the bright object. The aliens had large heads, with large almond-shaped eyes that swept back and up at an angle and long thing arms and bodies with four fingered hands. The fingers were very long also. They stood about 3 to 4 ft high. The witnesses could not see their skin color or their legs. After about 60 minutes of this activity the glow appeared to be surrounded by some sort of covering or possibly closing whatever access or hatch that was opened. A sequence of lights started to flash from the top and sides of a bell-shaped area of the craft. This went on for about 20minutes then afterwards all lights except for a probe-like arm with a single white light on the end went dark. It hovered and moved within 20ft or so of its original position on the ground. This activity went on for several hours until well after sunrise. At this point a second object was observed flying/hovering about 500 ft directly above the object on the ground.
HC addendum
Source: John Hayes from UFOINFO, Brian Vike HBCC


Humanoid Report

Location. Puerto Rico

Date: April 22 2006

Time: 2100

At a ranch in a rural area the witness suddenly sees a bright light coming from the area of the granary. She went outside to investigate and as she walked closer to the area from out of some brush emerged a short humanoid figure, green in color and black staring eyes. The humanoid then pointed a finger at the witness, who terrified ran into the house and did not see the entity depart.
HC addendum


Baldy Humanoid Report

Location. Near Añasco, Moca, Puerto Rico

Date: March 3 2005

Time: 2230

The witness, Wilmaire Roque who lives in an isolated area reported seeing a white figure about 5ft in height, baldheaded descend slowly from the sky into a wooded area. Afraid he ran into the house and went to sleep,
HC addendum


Puerto Rico USO Report:

UFO in the Atlantic Ocean, Dec. 1995

MR Jonathan Beaston, US Navy, Retired

"I am a retired Machinist Repairman First Class U. S. Navy. I never really believed in UFO's to much until December 1995 when I saw one from the ship I was on, the USS Comte De Grasse DD-974, in route to Norfolk, Virginia from Puerto Rico. The sighting occurred about 250 to 300 miles Northwest of Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean.

I was standing the mid watch sounding security watch and always went to the fantail on my rounds to talk to the seaman who stood watch there. It was around midnight and we were just talking, looking up at the stars when this UFO just lite up in the sky about 1000 feet high and a quarter a mile away aft of the ship so the bridge could not see it. It did not come from anywhere that we could see.

We don't know if it came out of the ocean or what but all we saw was it just turned on it lights and was just sitting there. It did not make one sound and it had a few different color lights on it, red, blue and white I believe. I said to the seaman on watch, "do you see what I see" and he said yes so I told him to call up to the bridge and see if they can see anything on their radar.

They replied that nothing was showing up on the screen and as soon as they told us that, this UFO took off like nothing I have ever seen. It looked like it traveled a 1000 miles in just a split second in a zig zag motion not making any noise or even a sight of smoke. We looked at each other and said " I didn't see anything if you didn't. Their was only two of us that saw it because it didn't lite up until our ship was forward of them".


Sighting Report of UFOs Emerging from Ocean -Puerto Rico:

"I am a 53 year old Social Worker that grew up in Puerto Rico. Since the age of 13,I have been surfing in the west coast of PR, and on many times UFO have been sighted by me and other surfers! At that time, we did not make much of it because we thought people would make fun of us, or say that we were high on drugs.
Later in my life after realizing that other people came out to tell their stories, I have decided to come forward.

On one occasion, around 6.30. A.M. that is the best time to surf by the way, several silver colored objects came out of the water about half a mile from were we where waiting to catch a wave.

These objects were round and hovered in one position, then they took off straight up at a speed that I can not explain, but they disappeared so fast it was incredible. About a half hour later, the objects came back, I think it was around 6 or 7 of them, and went into the ocean.

We never reported it to anybody, we just thought it was a military practice or other things that we did not know about. This all happened in the year of 1971, January, I do not remember the exact date. I am only reporting this one event but we had many more sightings of this kind since we surfed in the west coast of Puerto Rco. By the way, this event happened in Rincon in a beach known to surfers as Tres Palmas, and there were about 8 to 10 surfers that day".


Actor Pedro Juan Figueroa sees UFOs in Puerto Rico:

"We all were serious people and truly impressed with what we saw... We went up to the forested area and way up top we found a plateau in one of the mountains of El Yunque where we had enough visibility, mainly to the east.
About one or one fifteen in the morning our attention was called to five luminous objects that were standing next to each other in a formation that seemed to be organized in a very intelligent fashion.
Standing... Suspended in the air. And there they were… therefore I would tell you that they were not so far from the coast, but one could see that they were on the sea and they were stationary.
Those 5 objects stayed there for some 20 to 25 minutes, without movement… and they neither enlarged nor diminished in size, which means that they were in the same position, at the same distance.
They were like 5 lights put there in a quite fixed form. They were there some 20 minutes approximately, and after those 20 minutes each one of them was entering towards… what it seemed to us... the sea.
It gave us the impression that they entered the sea.
It was as if they were diving at an angle of 45 degrees, and in that same position they entered the sea one by one.


Witness report:

Sighting Description: One night in May of 1978, around 10:00 P.M., Manuel Cancel, his two children and a friend, residents of Mayagüez, observed an enigmatic object of large dimensions and elongated form, leaving the sea in the area of Punta Arenas, between Mayagüez and Cabo Rojo.
The object emerged about one half of a mile from the shore. Two smaller oval objects emerged from this object and left at great velocity in direction to Hormigueros.



..Two days later, in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, various witnesses observed on the bay a “fire ball” and notified the authorities thinking it was an airplane crash. The coast guard services dispatched, that same evening, two airplanes and a reconnaissance helicopter, but the search
did not discover anything unusual. A lost airplane was never reported in the area


Underwater UFOs:

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On September 20, the farmer Rafael Monje Solís, proprietor of the farm Juan Martín, in Luquillo, reported to the Police that same afternoon, that at 3:30, he saw an "airplane that was traveling in the direction of north to south and that was flying at low height, that suddenly crashed into the sea in flames, at about three miles between Luquillo and the lighthouse of Fajardo".
During two days, the Coast Guard searched all the area for the remains of the accident reported without obtaining positive results. In turn, the Federal Agency of Aviation (FAA) reported on the 21st that "it had not received notification of any missing or lost airplane ". The case finally was filed without explanation.

The reader will remember that other similar cases have been reported in Puerto Rico through the years. It may be recalled, for example, "the airplane wrapped in flames" fallen in the bay of Aguadilla the 14 of November of 1970.
That these cases are airplanes is a very remote possibility, since in none of them, missing airplanes were reported. It forces us to think about the possibility of meteors or bolides, although the behavior of the objects seen, do not necessarily agree with that of these natural phenomena. Therefore, we should not rule out that perhaps we are up against UFOs entering the sea, a type of case reported in several latitudes.



AGUADILLA, -- Strange objects that go in and out of the sea, lights of incredible brilliance that cross the sky at dizzying speed, rare ships that land on the Navy’s elevated water tower and a UFO in the shape of a disk that surge and disappear with unknown course, are some of the phenomena with no explanation that occurs continuously in this part of the Island.

Witnesses of such sightings are neighbors from the western area, that for years kept silent, but now they wish to talk about their experiences. This is the case of Wilfredo Cofresí, Cabo Rojian residing on West 171st Street of New York City. He was traveling together with his wife on the 25th of May 1975, when they had the opportunity to sight a UFO of great size that stayed suspended at a short distance from the sub-regional Hospital of Aguadilla.

At the time of that occurrence, my wife and I were going from the town of Boquerón in Cabo Rojo to San Juan”, emphasized Cofresí. The couple was traveling on Highway Number. 2, when Wilfredo maintains that he saw a bright star in the sky that excelled from the rest of the stars in size and brightness.

"When I looked towards the heavens, I saw something that at first sight looked to me like a bright star ", he commented. However, the witness maintains that this supposedly bright star came toward the Earth until it seemed like a moon of extraordinary size. “As soon as we finished talking about what we had seen, something moved towards us at a speed that I could swear it was like lightning.”

Artist Impression:

He continued relating that the UFO, of circular form and with precious colored lights on the sides, had settled upon the sea, behind the hospital of the Medical Center of Aguadilla. My wife said, "We have to call the Police.” But I responded that I would not call the police, because by the time they arrive the object would be gone.

Cofresí and his spouse continued their trip towards San Juan, carrying in their minds the image of that “round and pretty object, with lights of all colors”. The Cabo Rojian indicates in his missive that he never dared to comment the matter with anyone fearing that they would have branded them as a “couple of lunatics”.

On the other hand, Wilfred Irizarry, junior, living on Santiago Vivaldi Street in Yauco, indicates to have had reports of an alleged sighting of an unidentified flying object on Mount Florida of that town. According to the version of the Yaucano, the incident happened in December of 1991, about the 10:00 P.M.

“There is a person that tells and swears to have seen a flying object the size of a school bus, that traveled in a northern direction, settling down at about 200 feet from the La Quinta borough”, indicates Irizarry. He said that the UFO also could be observed from the freeway in front the commercial center of Yauco Plaza.

As in the case of Cofresí and Irizarry, there are hundreds of sightings stories that have occurred for more than 20 years in Puerto Rico and other parts of the world. If you know of any such case or have had a personal experience with the so-called extraterrestrial phenomenon, do not hesitate in writing to us so that the readers of EL VOCERO have the opportunity of learn about the experience.


USO Witness Testimony - Humanoid:

On the 30th of November of 1979, around 8 PM, Mr. Radames Torres was watching television with his wife in his beach house in EL COMBATE in the coastal sector of the town of CABO ROJO, when his wife observed towards the ocean a bright light a little smaller than the full moon, more or less the size of a street light. This light was, according to her statement about 100 feet above sea level and approximately 300 yards from their location.
After approximately 15 minutes the light diminished its brilliance, until it extinguished completely. Soon after it regained its brilliance and was lit for a few minutes. When the light returned it seemed to have many different colors and they noticed cloud like formations or smoke surrounding it.
The light remained in this manner, suspended in space for about 20 minutes and then dropped slowly towards the ocean surface. When it reached the ocean surface it began to blink on and off.

About 15 minutes later, according to Mr. Torres, ”a very bright light appeared and it filled the house interior, and it was the reason why my wife covered her face. Something peculiar that was noticed by the witness was the gases or clouds that they saw when the light hovered over the ocean surface, were also surrounding it, when the light invaded the beach house.

At this point the witness’ wife rose from the place that she was seated and ran outside to see the source of this light.
Once outside she saw a shinning center that originated from a platform that was approaching the beach house. This platform was approximately 8 feet by 5 feet and was of solid construction. It was about 150 feet from the beach house.
Of greater astonishment for Mr. Torres was to see on the surface of this platform a small man, about four feet tall, he was dressed in a very tight suit silvery white in color and covered his body completely.
It wore a helmet, so the witness could not see clearly any details of his features. According to Mr. Torres wife the “humanoid” wore boots and gloves. One detail that we do not want to forget is the fact that the witnesses used binoculars to observe the light as well as the creature on the platform.

This “ship” kept approaching the beach but at no given time there was any noise from motors or oars that could be used for its propulsion. Its speed was of approximately 5 or 10 miles per hour. Seeing all this, Mr. Torres exclaimed “look Rita, it is one of those flying saucers that everyone speaks about”
It appears, according to the opinion of the witnesses, that this demonstration of emotion caused the humanoid to turn, changing direction and return. Also at this time the light that was next to the ship, extinguished itself. The witnesses noted that at the same time that this light turned itself off, the other light that hovered over the sea at 300 yards began to blink on and off again. When the platform or ship was going back, it turned on the light again and illuminated a shed that the local fishermen used for scaling fish and also shined on the water surface. Finally, the platform went towards the object that was about 300 yards from the beach.
At this point the witnesses returned to their beach house without noticing how long the unknown object remained in the water.


1. When interviewing Mr. Torres we understood that he was a serious person, not capable of inventing such tale. In addition to that, his neighbors affirmed to know him well and gave testimony as per the manner in which this family conducted them selves.

2. We could note that part of the object’s description is similar to that of an object investigated by C.R.E.O. Inc. This object appeared in the bay of Mayaguez on September 13th, 1977.

3. The versions of the individuals (Mr. and Mrs. Torres were taken separately, and all the data coincide with the exception of small, insignificant details.

4. We visited the area and established the fact that this is a region where the presence of the UFO phenomenon is greater than the rest of the island. Also we interrogated witnesses of other incidents similar to this one.

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I lived in Puerto Rico, I know for a fact that these UFOs in the island are real. I would not be writing at this board if were not for the UFOs I saw back then in Puerto Rico. Up front about 300ft in the sky. A real flying machine, and also metal spheres that send you empathic messages. They are all there, anyone who really wants to see an out of this world space ship please visit this island. Aliens have been seen there too. I don't know why they go to this particular island, but they are there!

Here check this particular story out about UFOs visiting the Arecibo Observatory from SETI.

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 04:53 PM

Originally posted by The Coward
I lived in Puerto Rico, I know for a fact that these UFOs in the island are real. I would not be writing at this board if were not for the UFOs I saw back then in Puerto Rico. Up front about 300ft in the sky..

TC-thanks for the reply and appreciate you adding your own witness account to the thread

Its got to be said theres a huge amount of unusual testimony coming from your island and its revealing that many boats and warships also report a lot of USO activity in the area as well.

Thats a great link you provided and there are a few incidents on there that certainly deserve a mention:

Security Officers at Aricebo telescope:

The first security officer, Pedro Perez, revealed to us that he had personally seen a "...very unusual flying device" while driving his car on highway #635, heading away from the Observatory toward the town of Lares.

"It happened a little to the south," he said, "south of the Radio Observatory area, not exactly above this site. I was with my son, and we both saw it.It was quite a large object, with a spherical shape, like a huge metallic sphere, silver-plated, with a brightly polished surface. It was suspended in the air, in the sky, totally motionless."

He continued, explaining,"It did not have any doors or windows, any motor or engine, nothing at all. It just remained there, suspended in the sky, and at one moment it made a sudden fast movement to the south and went away, and it was lost from sight."

According to Mr. Perez, the large silver-plated metallic sphere he observed did not emit any sound, and as already stated, was totally fixed in the sky in a position close to the Radio Observatory facilities, until the moment it departed.

"The so called OVNIs (UFOs) are real," he added, "we have seen them here, so I do not have any doubts about that any more. However, we have to find out where they come from and who are behind them," said the security officer.

A second officer, Mr. Jose Vélez, stated that he has made several observations of "...some large mysterious spheres of light shining with a bluish-white hue, similar to the light emitted from electrical arc welding." These objects approach the Radio Observatory and suspend themselves over the area, increasing and decreasing in size.

"For me," Vélez said, "that growing and diminishing in size could very well be an optical effect. They are probably approaching and moving away and we perceive this as if they were growing in size or getting smaller."

"I have seen those balls of light several times," he added, "and I have tried to explain to myself what they are, but they are definitively something non-identifiable, and they seem to be under intelligent control".

We asked both security officers if they had notified the officials at the Observatory about their sightings of such anomalous objects in the area, and they both responded, "No."

When asked about secrecy, they stated that the scientific officers and directors of the Arecibo Radio Observatory have never prohibited them from speaking out on this subject, but they added that, as a matter of fact, the UFO subject is not discussed there at all.

Other reports:

Here are a few of the reports we have received from serious and reliable witnesses, but there are many more:

1. Policemen have witnessed a large, luminous, cylinder-shaped object suspended nearby in the air, directly over the Radio Observatory.

2. Residents of the area have observed landings of silvery, metallic, saucer-shaped craft. They have also observed both human-looking and humanoid-looking crews, dressed in tight-fitting, silvery suits.

3. Witnesses have observed silvery, saucer-shaped craft on the ground. After being in close contact with human personnel, who depart from the landing site in a white van-type vehicle, the craft take off into the sky. The area where this has happened is a flattened mound at the edge of Road #10, close to the Radio Observatory facility.

4. Witnesses have observed fully armed U.S. military personnel in "Hummer" type jeeps pursuing brightly lit ovoid objects that fly into the Rio Abajo forest, located behind the Radio Observatory.


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posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 07:59 AM
An interesting UFO/USO case from Bob Pratt [deceased].
Two glowing objects pass over the Puerto Rican city Mayagüez and settle down in the ocean, attracting a huge crowd and causing a massive traffic jam.

Thousands watch floating UFO’s/USO’s.

Two large glowing UFOs drifted slowly over a Puerto Rican city, settled down in the Atlantic Ocean about a mile off shore and appeared to go into and out of the ocean a number of times as about two thousand people watched.

Two fishermen in a boat nearby were so frightened they could hardly get their motor started, and some people on shore thought the world had come to an end.

The incident occurred in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico’s third largest city, located on the western end of the island.

The objects were first seen around nine to nine thirty in the evening on September 13, 1977. The first object vanished after half an hour or so but the second was seen moving about Mayagüez Bay for hours, finally disappearing around three in the morning.

A lot of people were afraid,” said Mayagüez Police Sergeant Ramon Ramirez.

He watched the objects for a while but then devoted the rest of the night to keeping an eye on the crowds and the traffic. “It was a strange object to them and they didn't know what it was.”

One of the witnesses was Juan Perez Rodriguez, then twenty six, who operated a hamburger stand on the beach where the biggest crowd gathered.

“Some people were frightened, especially old people,” he said. “They were afraid. They didn't know what it was. Some people thought these were things of God and thought it was the end of the world.”

Rafael Lopez and his half brother, Arturo Rivera, were in a boat out in the bay fishing when one of the objects came down near them. Both were frightened and they went into shore.

“Once I got to the beach I wasn't even able to stand up at first because I was trembling,” said Lopez, then twenty nine. “My whole body was trembling. I was pretty shook up."

He and Rivera, then thirty six, had been fishing since four in the afternoon about half a mile from shore. They were due west of Columbus Landing, a housing development along the bay. Lopez said they saw only one of the objects. That was at about nine thirty in the evening.


“It just appeared close to us. We didn't see where it came from. We just all of a sudden noticed it close to us in the water, and when we first saw it, it looked small, and then it seemed to grow very large.

“In the beginning we weren't afraid. We were glad because we thought there was another boat coming close to us. Then we realized it wasn't a boat and we started to get frightened.

We were hearing a sound like a cricket screeching. I had the impression it was a cricket inside the boat. I've had crickets in the boat before and all you have to do is pound on the sides of the boat and they usually shut up. But as much as we pounded, it didn't quiet. It kept on making sounds.

As long as we didn't move, the object stayed steady in the water and seemed to get smaller and then larger. And when it got larger, it got much brighter and then it would change colors. When it would grow brighter, it would get from like yellow to an orange color.

“Than we got frightened and decided to leave. But the boat had run out of gasoline. We had a little bit of gas in a bottle but we were really nervous by that time. We were trying to get the cap off the motor to put the gasoline in and we couldn’t because we were real nervous.

“And all this time the object kept getting closer and closer to us and we were getting more and more nervous. We finally got the cap off, and it finally started and we were able to start toward the beach.”

After they got to shore and recovered from their fright, the two went to their respective homes.

“When I got back to my house, which is very close to the beach, I started to watch the object again,” said Lopez. “This time it was moving around real fast. It would seem to disappear and reappear again at a great distance from where it had disappeared from, darting back and forth.

“I've been a fisherman for a long time and I've been out on that water for a long time and I've never seen anything like what I saw that night.”

Asked what he thought the object was, Lopez said: “In my opinion, it was a UFO, a flying saucer."


Mayagüez Police Lieutenant Cesar Grácia watched the objects most of the night. Other fishermen were on the shore that night, he said, but the police wouldn’t let them go out in boats to investigate because of possible danger. “But the fishermen said very clearly they had no intention of going out there for any reason."

Grácia, who was in charge of the police shift that night, said he watched the objects off and on from about nine o'clock until one in the morning. He was in a patrol car by himself when he first noticed one of the lights.

“I saw something in the sky that I didn't know what it was,” Grácia said. “It was over Highway Two about fifteen hundred feet, a large, lighted ball about six feet in diameter. It was going toward the beach very slowly.”

He was headed for the Mayagüez Hilton Hotel in the hills on the north side of the city at the time and he continued on to the hotel.

“I was in the parking lot of the Hilton when they called me from the police department,” Grácia said. “They told me to go to the beach because a great many people were watching this object.

When I got there, the object was already hovering over the water about two or three miles off the beach. There were about five hundred people watching. There are about four public housing areas right there and all the people from the housing areas were there.

“I saw one light coming down but when I got to the beach I noticed there were two objects in the water, not together but about a mile away from each other. They were hovering over the water, right about at the water level.

“Because of the distance I couldn’t tell if it was a few feet over the water or if they were actually touching the water. The first object stayed about an hour but the second one lasted at least four hours.

“I wasn’t able to stay because I had other obligations, but I was there for quite some time. Later I returned again and it was still going on. And I left once more.


“When the first one disappeared, I saw it go. When the second one disappeared, I was no longer there. I stopped more than one time that evening for maybe five minutes at a time to watch. I couldn't say exactly that it hadn’t moved but it was more or less in the same area.”

The first time he saw the first object, he said, “it was reddish-orange. When I spotted it in the sky it was a reddish color. It was bright but it wasn’t overpowering.

“There were maybe five hundred people in the area where I was watching and all along the whole coast there were other people watching. A group of officers on duty that night also saw it, between five and ten.

“We called the Coast Guard but the Coast Guard didn't come. The answer they gave us was that the police had to verify it first, that if there was a real emergency then the Coast Guard would be dispatched."

The U.S. Coast Guard had a small contingent of men with several helicopters stationed at what used to be Ramey Air Force Base near the city of Aguadilla about thirty-five miles north of Mayagüez.

“I know of no other helicopters in this area,” Lieutenant Grácia said. “The Coast Guard is the only military unit here.

“There were many, many phone calls to the police station that night. The next day another object was seen but it seemed smaller, and there have been other sightings since but we haven't made any reports on them."

Police Sergeant Ramirez, then an eleven-year veteran of the police force, was close to the area where the object was first seen.

“I saw people gathering along the beach so I stopped my car. I was very curious, not only because there were people there but also because they were looking up. So I stopped and saw the light, which was very bright.

When I got out of the car I saw the object fall into the water, very bright and it like divided. First one sank into the water. About twenty seconds after, the other one went into the water also. It zigzagged a little before it went down and turned off. That was about nine thirty.

“I stayed around to keep traffic moving and see what the people were doing in case there was an accident or anything. Word got around and there were over a thousand people watching these things.

posted on Mar, 14 2009 @ 08:00 AM
Continuation of two glowing objects pass over the Puerto Rican city Mayagüez.


"People came out of their houses to see the view and people came in cars, parked on the side of the street and went to the beach to see what was happening. I stayed until midnight, mostly keeping an eye on the group so there wouldn’t be any problems.”

Ramirez said he stayed until about midnight directing traffic. In describing the object as he first saw it, he said: "It was pretty high, like an orange-yellow light. I don't know exactly the size. As it came down it got larger. It was pretty good sized.

“The police got many, many phone calls, all night. We called the Coast Guard but they didn’t come. They said it wasn't an emergency.”

Asked what he thought the objects were, Ramirez said, “I think they were mystery objects. I was impressed by what I saw."

Mayagüez Police Lieutenant Luis Comacho didn't see the objects but said: "There were many other officers who saw this."

Juan Perez, who owns the hamburger stand on the beach, said: “A friend got worried and called me at home because there were too many cars in our parking lot. I came over about ten o'clock and I saw one of the objects.

It was about the size of a basketball, very bright, yellowish-orange. It was about two hundred feet high and then it went down and stayed close to the water and disappeared into the water. It hit the water and the light just faded away.

The second one came up and went down again, sometimes like it turned on and off. It just came up and down again and it was steady. It went in and out of the water about ten times. It took about four or five minutes each way. It would go about twenty feet above the water and come back down.”

He said a hundred to a hundred fifty cars were parked in the lot next to his hamburger stand “and about seven or eight hundred people. I sold plenty that night. I sold four hundred dollars more than what I usually make!

“I don’t believe it was an airplane or helicopter or the Coast Guard or some boat. I think they were strange objects. I'm used to seeing boats and planes and all these big ships coming in, and this was way different. People were very shocked. People were asking me, ‘What do you think it could be?’ ”


Victor Mantilla, a business student, had just returned to his home at the Columbus Landing housing development about eight forty five and was talking with several friends, all about his age. Speaking for himself, Alberto Sojo, Angel Bellester, Orlando Neves and others at the interview, Mantilla said:

“I had just come home from school. I sat down with the guys and all of a sudden we saw a light crossing overhead toward the beach. I saw two objects, two lights, yellowish-orange. We ran over to the beach, about two blocks away. They were about a hundred feet apart. People just started coming.

All of a sudden, one light just went into the water and turned off and all of a sudden it came out of the water. The first one turned off. The next one crossed to the right north and stayed about two or three feet above the water until one in the morning. I left about one o'clock but people stayed because it was still there."

Mantilla had a pair of binoculars and said the object looked “like a ball of fire maybe two and a half to three feet tall. I didn’t hear any noise.

There were thousands of people over there that night. They were all over the beach. The group around here was about eight hundred and there had to be hundreds more elsewhere, so there could easily have been two thousand.

“Everybody that went by in a car parked their cars and looked. You could see it very clearly. A lot of people were afraid.

It was a pretty strong light. It lit up the water. You could see the reflection of the light and it was so strong you could see the waves. When it passed over, all this area at the housing project got very bright.”

One object appeared to be having problems as it passed overhead, Mantilla said, “It stopped all of a sudden and then it kept on going. It made a jerking motion. It dipped, would go again a little to the right and then it stopped again.”

When the objects got out over the water, “the one to the left went dead, turned right off like it fell in the water. The other one crossed to the right and went around a buoy."


Luis Baez, who also lived at Columbus Landing, said: “I was playing pool and someone said, 'Look!' I came outside with my pool stick and I see this thing. It was something nice to see. It was round looking, like an apple. Nice, round, beautiful. It went toward the beach.

"I put my pool stick away and went down to the beach and looked. A friend said, ‘That thing that's waiting over there is not a fishing boat.’ I said, ‘Sure it's a boat’ and he said, ‘It’s not!’ So then the one that came by overhead was coming down near the other one. They stayed like that for three or four minutes maybe a thousand yards apart.

“The bigger one, the one that was waiting, tipped on its side and BLOOM! Into the water! The small one stayed for a while. After half an hour or so I went up to the roof of this garage and laid down and watched. I wanted to make sure if it moved or not.

“And I could see this thing goes up… down… this way to the right, back again and a few times it went this way into the water. You could see the water flashing. It never went all the way down in the water.

“It did that a few times, it goes up, comes down, moved toward the beach but not too close and it goes back. At one o'clock in the morning I went home to sleep. I have to be up early in the morning.

“So I slept, went to work and when I come back I asked a few friends of mine what happened to the one that was up there. Well at three o'clock in the morning it disappeared. There were about a thousand people at the beach where he was.”

Asked if he thought what he had seen was a boat, plane or helicopter, Baez said: “We might have no schools but we are not dumb."


Another witness was Mrs. Auria Andujar, who lived on the beach less than a mile south of the hamburger stand. She knew nothing about the objects until her husband came home from work about ten thirty that night and told her about the crowds of people he had seen.

"I went out to the beach to see what I could see,” Mrs. Andujar said. “As soon as I realized this was something out of the ordinary, I stayed to see what it would do. And it started to move down into the water and then it would rise up again above the water and go back down into the water again. By then, I realized it wasn't something from this world.

“It was a large, very brilliant light between yellow and tangerine color, like the color of flames. It seemed to have a greenish light on the top of it. My daughter, Ida Luz, who lives close by, came to watch also.

“On two occasions it rose up off the water and came close to the house. When it was halfway from where it began, it seemed to be shining a light toward the house as though it were a beacon. Then it would go back down in the water and when it was under the water it would go back out to where it had been and then rise up again.

“I watched it until about two o'clock in the morning. It was still there when I went to bed. I was afraid to go to bed but I was afraid to stay there on the beach by myself.

I was frightened because I was convinced it wasn’t anything from this earth."

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 01:43 PM
Spacevisitor, great post (again) - the Mayagüez incident is certainly a very strange one and possibly one of the largest ever group witnessed UFO events (2000+ people).
I started a separate thread on this one here but didn't get much feedback.

Whatever the origin of the objects its a very unusual and intriguing case-thanks for posting

There are some more UFO/USO incidents listed below including another 'group witnessed' report of a giant UFO (posted by Frank Warren):

Giant UFO Over Guanica:

Last night, January 18 2008 at 10:15 p.m. on the coastal sector of Guanica (southwestern Puerto Rico) an enormous classic "flying saucer" object was reported, with hundreds of rows of red lights surrounding it. Before the sighting, the witnesses alleged -- and I confirm what they said -- having heard an airplane flying overhead at exactly that time, as I was watching television at that hour. The witnesses were more numerous in the upper area of Vivones when they observed the transit of the airplane, followed by this round, enormous flying artifact with red lights.

The object rested for several minutes on a nearby hill, at very low altitude, nearly treetop level, blinding witnesses with its red lights. Among them were Roberto Garcia and wife Patricia, who tried to photograph the object with their cell phone but didn't manage to obtain an image. Other local residents were frightened and unable to sleep that night after the object took off toward Lajas at high spped. The witnesses told me that this is not the first case that they've seen in the at this hour of the night.



Huge UFO Absorbs Water from the Ocean:

During our recent investigation of Vieques, resident Mr. Angel Encarnación reported the following:

"One night fishing out at sea, to the south of the shooting range, in the east of Vieques, we saw a really big and shining light in the distance. Getting closer we saw that it was suspended in the air.It was ... a huge object, ... a round and huge flying saucer with lots of lights turning on and off intermittently all around the object. There were yellow, green and red lights.

"On the bottom, right in the middle of the saucer, there was only one really big green light, focused at the ocean\'s surface. It wasn\'t more than 100 feet above the ocean. But that thing wasn\'t from this world. What shocked us the most was seeing that the object was absorbing seawater from the ocean. You could actually see the water rising and entering the object through the area where the green light was coming from. It was a really big column of water going up. You could not see any fish or anything else ... just the water going up ... and all of that without a single sound. Nothing.

\"As we got closer to the saucer,” continued Encarnación, “it stayed still for a while and then it immediately left, flew away very fast in the direction of El Yunque [a forested area in eastern Puerto Rico where there has been a lot of UFO / alien activity] or Ceiba [where the US Roosevelt Roads Naval Station is located], on land, in the island of Puerto Rico. It was really fast. It was gone in seconds ... Incredible.

“We looked at each other and said,'We have seen something extraordinary that has never been seen before. Let\'s not say anything on land, because they won't believe us.' I only told my family about what happened."

On another occasion while they were fishing at night, the witness and his partners saw a shining green light rising from the bottom of the ocean. They thought it could be a US Navy submarine surfacing in the area, but just when the submarine’s light should have surfaced, the green light disappeared and everything was dark again. They immediately heard the sound of water falling to the ocean near them. Whatever it was that emerged, it rose and took to the skies in the middle of the darkness of night and disappeared in total silence, and a subtle humid sprinkling fell over the group of fishermen. After the incident Encarnación and the others left the scene as soon as possible, returning to Vieques.

\"Besides that,” said Encarnación, “we have seen shining objects coming out from the lagoons, after which they leave at high speed, and get lost in the sky. They are shining lights, orbs or balls of light of a blue-white color. Of course, they could be something from the Navy ... since they have done lots of things of which we don\'t know yet.

“But what we saw in the ocean,” he continued explaining, “was similar to what some people call a flying saucer. I have no doubts about it. And I don\'t think it is from the Navy, because nobody on Earth can manufacture, I believe, something like that, an artifact like the one we saw, because that object disappeared in the sky in seconds, in the direction of El Yunque.”


‘Triangle-shaped’ UFOs Suspended Over US Navy Airstrip, UFOs Come out from the Sea:

We interviewed the Director of the Vieques Municipal Police, Officer Wilfredo Feliciano, who informed us of a series of important observations he had experienced.

His first sighting took place during the summer of 1997, at around 9 P.M. Feliciano was driving his car on Route 997, which runs from the Esperanza sector to Isabel II. At the intersection of a place known as Marta’s Alley, he became aware of an intense yellow light hanging motionless in the sky some distance away. Intrigued, he parked the car at the left edge of the road to observe the light more carefully.

“It was a real big triangular object,” he stated, “completely engulfed in a bright yellow light ... It seemed to be at an altitude of about 500 feet above the ground, over property belonging to Camp García. I calculated the altitude based on the height of some trees in the area. What intrigued me the most was that the thing was suspended right over the area where the US Navy has an airstrip or runway for their planes to land and take off ... And that it was an unidentified flying object.

“There were no military exercises at the time, so what was that object, that triangle of light, doing there over the runway? Thinking that I was observing something I shouldn’t be seeing, I left the site at once. But from that moment on, I realized something very strange is taking place on the land controlled by the US Navy

“Some days later, my wife told me that she saw a similar object, also at night, suspended over the exact same place where I had seen the object — over Camp García’s runway. The next weekend, as we were driving to her mother’s home, we saw another triangle. This time our sons were with us in the car; they saw it too.”

Feliciano and his family observed the object from a distance of two miles, and even from that distance, they described its size to be three to four feet in length, which indicates the object was very large.

He also told us that, as part of his duties with the municipal police, he had to patrol the land west of Vieques, at the time still under US Navy control. On many occasions he witnessed brightly lit UFOs emerging from the sea in the Punta Arenas area, flying away at great speed into the night sky. Often the objects would make several fast turns before leaving the area.

“This has happened on many occasions, sometimes between 9 and 11 PM, and sometimes around 2 or 3 in the morning. They come out from the sea at a spot right in the middle of Punta Arenas and Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba.

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