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UFOs, USOs and the Island of Puerto Rico.

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Humanoid encounter - multiple witness report:

In another interview with several young men in Vieques who were members of the local "Cadetes de la Marina" group
(a Sea Cadets organization of the US Navy), we were informed about a series of enigmatic encounters they had experienced in some of the lagoons in the eastern part of Vieques, specifically in the area of the Navy’s shooting range near Camp García.

According to the boys,on several occasions during drills and exercises conducted in the area of “El Tapón” lagoon, they had encountered some “... very strange ... little dark men, gray or black in color ... who were very fast, and ran speedily from one place to the other, sometimes in a zigzagging motion and at other times in jumps. They would stand suddenly in front of us ... so that we could see them, and then they would leave, running really fast,” explained one of the young men while the others approved.

"They were 3 or 4 feet high, and were skinny, with long arms...and their heads were kind of big and egg-shaped ... They were weird,” he added. Due to the darkness of the night and the speed of the movements of the strange figures, the boys couldn't see details such as eyes, mouth, nostrils, etc.

The ex-cadets added that occasionally the little dark men would jump into the lagoon, disappearing underwater.
They also revealed having observed, "...various shining blue-white spheres that vary in size, from 4 to 8 inches in diameter, that enter the water of the lagoons in the area,” something similar to the ones observed by witness Encarnación and his fellow fishermen. Due to these incidents and their degree of high strangeness, the young men decided not to perform any more exercises or drills at night in these areas.

At the time of wrapping up the interview, one of their instructors joined us and corroborated what they had said, and assured us of having been a witness himself to such encounters in the area.


UFOs seen over Puerto Rico Airport:

Date: Since early 2007. Cases reported in March 2007

Location: Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, Carolina, P.R.

Time: Daylight hours; at night between 8:20 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Witness: Airport worker (The pseudonym "Mr. Rodriguez" is used here, as the witness is fearful of being dismissed should his real name become known).

Brief Description of Object: Round light larger than an airplane, very bright; other lights of greater intensity and size, white in color, triangle shaped.

Summary: Mr. Rodriguez (pseudonym) works at one of the airport's offices. He has a view of the new airport control tower from his window, as well as of El Yunque and other landmarks.
Rodriguez claims that this year, some lights have been seen hovering over the new tower, remaining static and then disappearing.
These lights are either white or red in color
(Note: researcher Ana Rios has seen lights similar to those described by Mr. Rodriguez from her apartment in Isla Verde, and which appear to be triangular when making a turn).
Rodriguez also claims to see a very large, powerful light between 8:20-8:30 pm, white and triangular shaped. He compares this light to the brightness of an airliner belonging to San Martin Air, adding that the UFO's light is even stronger than the lights on this aircraft.
He says that whenever he's with a customer and sees the lights, he points them out and they too are startled.
When he makes inquiries among pilots, they always say they've seen nothing at all. (He believes they've been told not to speak for fear of dismissal).
The triangular UFO impresses the witness greatly for its size, shape and brightness. When he realized that at the time that his sightings usually occur, there is also a scheduled American Eagle flight at 8:20 pm toward Vieques, he decided to board this flight with a skeptical friend to see the object more closely and to get his friend to believe him.

Rodriguez says that as the American Eagle flight gained altitude, it was necessary to look toward Route #3, as this is where the light appears to emerge from, toward the beach area.
The UFO approached the plane sufficiently [to show] that it was larger than the airliner and made a U-turn, heading toward Fajardo,and then Vieques, as though heading for nearby islands.
Rodriguez says that he alerted all of the passengers and asked the co-pilot about the strange light. He replied [in English]: "Forget about it", which led Rodriguez to believe that the pilots are forbidden to discuss what is going on, or else did not want to alarm them.


Report of sighting on mounts of the Sierra Bermeja Mountain
(very,very rough translation):


February 18th 2005

Prof. Reinaldo Rios

The day before the incident of the Campers witnessing the UFOs in February of 2005:

Friday,18th about 6 :30m I was visiting the zone of highway 303 throughout the route between Lajas and Red Cabo Rojo country when I noticed a presence of a luminous object suddenly moving from the West towards me. The object moved quickly and was a shining clear color - it sounded like a washing machine. It went towards the top of mountains".

Several other people stopped on highway 303 next to Reinaldo Rios to try to observe the object more closely - similar reports were telephoned in to the police station from the area including another sighting near the radial transmitters.


Boomerang UFO spotted:


Abduction Report from SW Puerto Rico:

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:18 PM
Security guard and policemen witness UFOs.


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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 04:44 PM
Hi karl 12.
I post this remarkable USO case also in your thread because it happened in the waters around Puerto Rico.

It involved a sighting of two pilots, one of them member of the Police of Puerto Rico of a huge underwater object.
The police officer told us that they decided to examine it, circling the object and discovered, with great amazement, that the object measured at least a mile in diameter. It took them seven minutes to totally circumvent the object!


Reserved Matter: Gigantic UFOs in Our Coasts

Among the incidents of this type that occurred in recent years, which have upset the federal and local authorities in the Island, there are two that we will discuss briefly.

The first one has to do with the sighting, two pilots, one of them member of the Police of Puerto Rico, had in the summer of 1995, of an extraordinary flying saucer type craft in waters south of the municipality of Guayanilla.

In a conversation, the officer, who asked us to maintain his identity as anonymous for the moment, told us what they saw: "That it was incredible - said the officer.

We left in a private Cessna airplane from “Cabo Rojo (West)” to the Airport of Mercedita, in Ponce [south of the Island].

It was about 3:00 PM and it was a beautiful day, sunny, clear, without clouds. We were flying a few miles to the south of Guayanilla, over the sea, and suddenly we saw that object.... It was an incredible sight...There, submerged just below the waters, surface, was an object similar to an enormous flying saucer.

It was submerged, under water, but not very deep, and we could appreciate its details. It was a very big object, round and appeared to be metallic, opaque gray in color, like flat pewter aluminum.

It had four stories, with each smaller in diameter, like a cake, and in each floor it had what seemed to be many square windows. On the top floor or section it had a large dome, very big, also metallic. It seemed to us that it was 400 some feet in diameter. We could not believe what we saw. It was something extraordinary.

The police officer told us that they decided to examine it, circling the object and discovered, with great amazement, that the object measured at least a mile in diameter. It took them seven minutes to totally circumvent the object! The enormous object, in the shape of a disc, was just lying under water without any sign of activity, either in its interior, or outside of it.

With great astonishment and a bit scared, they decided to leave the area, landing later at the “Mercedita” Airport in Ponce. Once there, they told other people about what they saw, and they were told of similar incidents that had occurred in the region.

As it were, a couple of days after the sighting of the great UFO, better described as USO (unidentified submerged object) two fishermen from the area had an impressive encounter with a similar object perhaps the same one, of gargantuan dimensions, that exited from the sea in front of them surrounded by great luminosity. Both fishermen suffered what appeared to be severe radiation burns and were medically treated.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 05:30 PM
Star and Flag.
Isn't this the location of the bermuda triangle aswell?
There's lots of disppearences etc around there.
I think i read a thing about it and that it could be an interdimensional space port, or something along those lines.
That would explain UFOs.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by JacobNH

Jacob thanks for the reply -theres certainly a large amount of credible reports and testimony coming from the place

Heres the map of the Bemuda triangle and the Puerto Rico appears to play a prominent role in it:

Common myth about disproportionate disappearances:


“A check of Lloyd’s of London’s accident records by the editor of Fate in 1975 showed that the triangle was a no more dangerous part of the ocean than any other. U.S. Coast Guard records confirmed this and since that time no good arguments have ever been made to refute those statistics. So the Bermuda Triangle mystery disappeared, in the same way many of its supposed victims had vanished.”


This is completely false. Lloyd’s does not insure the smaller stuff, so all yachts go unreported and uncataloged in statistics. Lloyd’s seldom insures the smaller charter and private aircraft, so likewise for them. Lloyd’s is not the ultimate source. It is not a marine investigation bureau. It reports on sailing news relevant to insurance.

US Coast Guard SAR (Search and Rescue) statistics for all districts are published yearly in a thick voluminous report. This details the statistics for calls of assistance, causes of accidents, weather, deaths, conditions, whatever. However, missing vessels are not readily included. In reality, the designation Overdue Vessels are more important. But because it is hard to determine the number of people on board and exactly where the vessel last was, “missing” or “overdue” cannot be easily calculated. They may be catagorized under “caused by other factor” if at all. I have just received a list of vessels from the 7th district after 12 years of asking for and being denied missing vessel statistics, always receiving the reply “nobody tracks such statistics.” For the last 2 fiscal years this includes about 300 vessel names or types. And now I must start my search, to see which reported back to port (if any), what the weather conditions were like, etc.
The Coast Guard is not even capable of accurately determining the numbers, and therefore could never have conducted a study. What they probably did was comment on the popular notion that 20 aircraft and 50 ships are missing. That number was bandied about incessantly in the 1970s and is still in the Encyclopedia Britannica. This number is not extraordinary for 100 years, though it is more aircraft than elsewhere over seas.
NTSB database searches reveal that in the last decade only a handful of aircraft disappearances have occurred off New England while over 30 have happened in the Triangle. These are American statistics only, and do not reflect other nationalities.
Then there are those who claim the disparity is due to the Triangle’s greater amount of traffic. In reality, the 1st Coast Guard district answers about just as many calls for assistance as the 7th, but the number of disappearances is still remarkably different.


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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by spacevisitor

Spacevisitor -great find there matey

It had four stories, with each smaller in diameter, like a cake, and in each floor it had what seemed to be many square windows. On the top floor or section it had a large dome, very big, also metallic...

Some other incidents:

UFOs During War Exercises:

Sociologist and professor of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Gazir Sued has been a very active member of peaceful civil disobedience groups fighting for the US Navy to stop its military exercises and bombing exercises in Vieques.

In June we met with Sued in the Camp of Justice and Peace, in front of the entrance to Camp García. This camp was organized Mr. Roberto Rabin and his wife Nilda Medina. Sued reported something that he and several other companions had observed inside the military zone:

"One night, between the 27th and 29th of April 2001, at about 9:30, we were up on Mount Carmelo, observing the zone with binoculars hoping for a sign, a Bengal light (similar to fireworks or flares) to alert the civilians that were in shooting range ... and all at once we saw an object. It seemed to be a star, but much too large, and very brilliant. It appeared suddenly, and was very brilliant, very illuminated. There was no moon that night, so it could be clearly seen and identified by the light that emanated from it, if it was something recognizable.

"We began to observe it with binoculars. It was a long oval with approximately seven smaller brilliant ovals in its interior, all along the length of its structure. It was emitting a very brilliant bluish-white light, like the light from an electric welder. It was suspended in the air, completely static and motionless. It was neither a plane nor a helicopter, nor a dirigible or blimp. We observed it for approximately fifteen minutes. Someone called us and we turned our heads for a few seconds. When we looked back again, it was gone."

Sued indicated that "... the object was suspended at an average height, and what we saw was not very far from Observation Post #1 or from the soldiers' barracks inside Camp García.That night there were a great number of Navy personnel and civilian protesters inside, so they definitively had to notice this display."

Finally, he said, "We all saw it, and we began to discuss the details of the sighting among ourselves ... but found no explanation. It was an objective fact, something we could neither deny nor explain, but it was there and we saw it.
It is not that we believe in extraterrestrial beings or anything of the sort, but a person with a scientific background could not deny the fact of what we saw. It was an unknown.
We think that it may have been one of the Navy's strange exercises ... it might be something we don't know about. Decidedly, it was an unidentified flying object suspended in the sky .. and it disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. In all honesty, I must say that there are strange things happening that cannot be accounted for, but I saw it and stand by what I have said.
It was comparable to what they mention in so-called UFO case phenomena. I think it is something that must be investigated."


UFO Formations on the Firing Range:

Testimonial evidence from Mrs. Mercedes Sanés and her husband,Don Luis Ortiz, the sister and brother-in-law, respectively, of the late David Sanés.
Mr. Ortiz was employed at the Sun Bay resort, south of Vieques, for many years. He is dedicated to part-time fishing, as are a good number of other witnesses.

"Now that you ask us about this," Don Luis Ortiz said, "I will say that I have seen some strange objects in the sky. They are large and very bright, and they are always followed by four smaller objects, also very bright.
At the distance I have seen them from, they are bigger than my Jeep" (his vehicle is about six to seven feet long).
"This gives you an idea of the size of these things. I have always seen them around 9:00 - 9:30 at night, often while working at Sun Bay.
They come from the west, moving eastward toward the area of Camp García and the navy's firing range.
I have seen them often, and for years. I have always wondered about the sound, because they are not airplanes or helicopters or anything I know of. They don't make noise, they don't have engines or turbines -- nothing at all.
They have an oval shape and are rounded. And the other smaller objects always follow the large one, as if they were in formation.The large one has a very bright yellow-orange light, and the other four are also bright, as bright as stars, and each one has a different color: white, yellow, red and blue ... and sometimes they just stop in the air."

In turn, Mercedes indicated to us that on one occasion she saw them next to her husband from the balcony of their residence in La Mina: "It called me," she said, "and when I went out, I could see it. It was a very large, very bright, golden-yellow light. It was going towards the east, towards Camp García. It always goes there, or it comes from there going to the west. That time it remained suspended in the air, very quietly, for half an hour, more or less ... and then it was gone. It was something very unusual, but we thought that it was probably something from the Navy, so we just left and didn't talk about it to anyone."


More eyewitness testimony of humanoid encounters near near Puerto Rican Lagoons:

We were talking about the different testimonies that we had collected from the islanders -- among these were some incidents describing encounters with humanoid creatures in some of the local lagoons. At that very same moment Mr. Ortiz became somewhat exited and told us, "Yes that is true. Those little men are seen here, and not only now, they have been seen before, since long ago, for many years now."

"I am telling you this because I have seen them," he indicated. "And not only me, but also those who fish in the Kianí Lagoon. Many times, when we went fishing during the day, we saw them. They are quite quick ... and they have an incredible agility."

"Please, would you describe what you saw?" we asked.

"They are strange, Very thin, with very skinny legs resembling those of chickens. I say that because on their feet they have long thin toes, three or four of them, and they look like chicken feet because they are long, thin and opened. They are pale, white or gray, and very small, no more than three or three and a half feet in height, on average, and they have small human-like faces ... with eyes, a small mouth, nose, but with flattened, pushed in faces, not like ours since we have protruding noses, unlike them. The eyes are dark."

My wife Marleen asked how they had their hair and Ortiz answered, "they don't have any hair, and their heads are very large compared to the size of their bodies, the heads are smooth and bald."

Ortiz added that when they went to the Kianí Lagoon, located in Vieques' extreme west, they always saw several of these creatures:"We saw a few," he said, "but they were moving at an incredible speed and they were jumping and plunging into the waters of the lagoon. Their arms are also skinny ... and they have something ... I cannot explain it well, because it was dark, but it was like they had a fleshy web between their chest and their arms. And it also seemed to me that they had webbed fingers on their hands, but I am not very sure."


Multiple UFO/OVNI sightings in Anasco:

According to the Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero, "flying disks" were sighted by several eyewitnesses during late April 1997.

People living in the Playa section of Anasco, P.R. "reported the presence of strange flying objects over Anasco's skies. Although some of the residents declined to be identified out of fear of being laughed at, they stated that the flying disks crossed the sky in a south-north direction."

"A worker at a filling station located near State Highway 2 explained that one of the objects was circular in shape, extremely shiny, and moved at a prodigious rate of speed. 'It stood still for a moment, and six more lights came out of that thing. They flew off in different directions,' noted the witness."

"Following this, he explained, the strange flying discs fell into formation and returned to the larger object. 'They flew two-by-two and reentered the large light,' he indicated.

This version was confirmed by an Anasco farmer, who claimed having seen the strange lights as he traveled along State Highway 2 from Mayaguez to this community (see few posts back).

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 03:31 PM
Timothy Good discusses strange goings on in Puerto Rico (see 1:00:18)

X Conference – Timothy Good, Beyond Top Secret.

Google Video Link

Timothy Good's workshop presentation will include some extraordinary cases, such as the encounters reported by a witness in Italy in 1993 who took a series of remarkable color Polaroid photographs of an unusual creature. Officers from the US Embassy in Rome attempted to steal the Polaroids and the witness was eventually arrested by the Italian military police. Good will also describe some of his investigations during seven visits to Puerto Rico in the 1990s, including an animal mutilation apparently monitored by US federal agents, the shooting by a police officer of an alien creature at point-blank range, the teleportation of a British Airways captain while flying a light aircraft, and the disappearance of an aircraft and its young pilots after reporting a UFO. Trips to alien bases in the Andes and the Pacific Ocean reported by a South American witness will be discussed in depth.

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posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 04:10 PM
Puerto Rico: A Luminous Object Over Guanica:

Witnesses alleged seeing the maneugers of a huge object that flew over the Vivones District of Guánica, as reported by one witness, Dolores Toro, who was sitting in his home's balcony. Mr. Toro suddenly became aware of a huge yellow object that came from the coast toward the north at high speed before vanishing into the mountains of the littoral region. A small community, Barrio El Tumbao, can be found in those mountains. Toro states that many people in that community must have seen it, as the object hovered over the mountain before vanishing in a matter of seconds. He added that everything occurred so quickly that he didn't have enough time to summon his wife to join him in viewing the enormous object that flew over the nearby mountains.


Ambulance driver reports strange creature:

In 1975, during a particularly heavy period of UFO activity in Puerto Rico, Orlando Franceschi, an ambulance driver for a Catholic hospital in the city of Ponce had returned home after 8 p.m. on the evening of April 17 when he realized that "something" was roaming around his back yard. Whatever it was, it caused Franceschi’s dog to jump into the air in a furious attempt at jumping over the fence and away from the patio. Thinking that some children may be playing a prank on him, Franceschi went outside to take a closer look, arming himself with a shovel.
The curious homeowner was soon faced by a creature he would later describe as a "zombie."
The entity allegedly had long, pointed ears, a long nose, lipless mouth and appeared to have grayish, ashen skin. It had black spots for eyes, and a jawline reminiscent of an ape’s. It ambled toward the human with a jerky, stiff gait.
Taking no chances whatsoever, Franceschi struck the five foot tall intruder with the shovel.
The creature suffered no ill effects from what Franceschi himself considered to have been a terrific blow. It merely backed off, allowing the human to strike it a second time with the garden tool, also without visible effect. When the ambulance driver was about to deliver a third shovel-blow, he felt himself becoming paralyzed and helpless.


Three Ruby Red lights witnessed over Puerto Rico

South East Coast -- A former US Infantry officer and 3,000 hour commercial pilot writes, "My wife and I live on the SE coast of Puerto Rico and we are in the habit of sitting on our roof at night looking at the sky, since it’s cooler and breezier up there.
Three months ago, at about 11 PM, on a clear night, we both became aware, simultaneously, of three ruby-red lights, bright and distinctly visible, like car taillights or red aircraft navigation lights, approaching us from south to north, as we viewed them, in a symmetric V formation, one leading and two trailing.
After three seconds of this motion, the three lights diverged, the lead light continuing straight, each of the trailing lights turning 90 degrees away from the original direction of motion. The lights passed more or less overhead as they made this divergence, then they didn’t fade away into the distance but simply vanished out of sight in about two seconds, pouf, they’re gone. We had the "impression" that they were several thousand feet above sea level, and that the rate of movement must have been much faster than our fastest fighters.


Puerto Rico: Strange Lights Reported in the Southwest -01.07.09:

On Monday, January 5, 2009 at 11:00 pm, several witnesesses reported the maneuvers of two red spheres coasting along the sea, parallel to State Highway 2, which connects the cities of Ponce and Guayanilla. According to several witnesses, both objects were traveling in formation, one following the other at prodigious speed and low altitude toward the West. On January 6 at 7:34 p.m. witnesses from Lajas, Cabo Rojo and Guánica reported three red spherical lights moving at high speed. When interviewed, these witnesses confirmed that the objects were noiseless and traveled from West to East along the sea.


Puerto Rico: Strange Lights in Late 2007

On December 22, 2007, Wilmar and Frank were heading back toward Bayamon from the city of Ponce. Upon reaching Av. Los Filtros around 6:10 p.m., they watched the sunset and the arrival of twilight. Suddenly Wilma looked at the sky and saw what she at first thought was a jet. She quickly realized this was not the case, and that it could be a shooting star, but dismissed the possibility as the object remained in view and grew larger in size. She then thought it was a meteorite or something that had broken away and was falling toward the ground. That's when she asked Frank to look up, thinking that it was a meteorite or something similar. Frank told her it was a jet airplane. Wanda replied that those airplane left smoke in their wake, and this one had light. She added that it wasn't a normal aircraft, as it was flying forward and not the customary route followed by commercial planes.

Frank agreed with this assessment, and continued driving as they kept their eyes on the object. When they passed the Military Academy, the object stopped. Judging by the way the light came down, [the object] appeared cone-shaped. Suddenly, Wanda realized that another light of the same size pulled up beside it and then over the object. Unlike the first one, Wanda did not see a descending shaft of light from this craft. It only hung above the first one for some seconds. Then the cone-shaped object made a right turn (as if heading toward San Juan) making an "L" turn.
It did not turn like a commercial airliner would, rather in a perfect turn that startled the onlookers. Both objects moved in unison and the lights suddenly disappeared.


UFO Reported over Mayaguez Zoo:

Date: 4 February 2007

Location: In front of the Mayaguez Zoo

Witness: Pedro Navarro

Time: 11:10 AM

Object Description: Shining metallic oval (glowing silver) like two superimposed plates. Material glowed, no lights.

Summary: When Mr. Navarro drove past the Mayaguez Zoo, he saw a plate-shaped UFO in the sky. He described it as a shining metallic oval flying under the clouds, thus placing its altitude at some 3000 feet. Approximate angle of altitude: 15 degrees; Compass direction: SW. Movement: SE. Material was shiny and without lights.
When the witness saw it, it was static and in a matter of seconds (15 sec. Approximately) it zigzagged and headed toward a cloud, where it hid. Mr. Navarro did not get out of his car to follow its maneuvers.


Ponce, Puerto Rico: Low Flying UFO Reported.

Date: 01.08.06

6:27 pm

Place: Ponce, P.R.

Summary: "I would like to report the strange movement of an object flying over Ponce last weekend on 01.08.26 at 6:27 pm.
The object was dark and made erratic movements on its axis.
Its forward movement was very slow. At first it resembled a balloon, but its flight path was orderly. Given its altitude, it is unlikely that it could have been a conventional remote-control plane. I can more or less place the elevation at 1000 feet.
I love aviation and am planning to take courses to obtain my license, as I have studied aircraft since middle school fifteen years ago. As far as I'm concerned, it was neither a Cessna or Tiger small aircraft - the observation lasted some three minutes as it moved from west to east at between 15 to 30 MPH.
It flew behind OfficeMax and Wal-Mart; once it was over this last store, it made a left turn of some 100 degrees and headed toward Playa de Ponce.

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posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 10:46 AM
Space Shuttle Footage - UFOs flying out of Puerto Rico:

Dr. Mark Carlotto recently made public an excellent report and scientific analysis on the several anomalies that appear in the videos of space shuttle STS-48 and STS-80 missions. (See Anomalous Phenomena In Space Shuttle Mission Sts-80 Video in Dr. Carlotto's 'New Frontiers in Science' web page -

Something that called our attention more specifically in that report was the event he identifies as F-1 in the STS-80 mission video, that originates, according to Dr. Carlotto's findings, in an area located to the east of Puerto Rico, specifically in a zone south of the island of Vieques.

The 'anomaly' consists of a large luminous object that seemed to come out from the sea at a point located in the south of the island of Vieques, and ascends to space, all the while being registered by the shuttle's camera. As it approaches the space shuttle, the object veers to its left and disappears from sight.


Anomalous Phenomena in Space Shuttle Mission STS-80 Video:

Analysis of video from Space Shuttle mission STS-80 provides new insight into a number of unusual events captured by a camera aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1996. Three different phenomena are analyzed: 1) two slow moving circular objects, 2) a number of fast moving objects in space near the shuttle, and 3) a strange luminous apparition near the earth's surface. The two slow moving circular objects have attracted a great deal of popular interest due to their disk-like shape. One seems to appear out of a cloud layer, the other moves into the camera's field of view.
The fast moving objects in space near the shuttle appear as bright streaks moving rapidly across the video frame. Analysis of their speeds and directions implies that they are not shuttle debris or meteors. Perhaps the most interesting observation is a rapidly moving burst of light that appears near the earth's surface off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Occurring well before sunrise, away from thunderstorm activity, and moving at an estimated speed of over 500 miles/sec., this is one of the most unusual phenomena observed to date by the shuttle. Its similarity to certain ground-based sightings suggests that it might represent the first observation of a new kind of atmospheric phenomenon from space.

Images and further information (pdf file)


President Clinton's Secret Special Order:

After the arrests of many civilian protestors on Vieques on May 4, 2000, other events took place, some of which surprised even the political leaders of Puerto Rico. One such event was the blockade made around Vieques by US Coast Guard ships, not allowing Vieques fishermen to go out to sea and earn their daily sustenance.

A popular radio program in Puerto Rico, "Fuego Cruzado" (Crossfire), which analyzes political and social subjects, questioned the action taken by the Coast Guard. During the program, panelist Carlos Gallis, a pro-Independence analyst, asked under what orders the US Coast Guard acted in such a manner, as normally they would not be authorized to put up a blockade.

Soon it became known that the Coast Guard was acting under a classified order issued by President William Clinton, who declared the zone of Vieques as " in state of rebellion." Why would acts of peaceful civil disobedience be considered acts of rebellion?, asked the panelists.

The so-called secret, special order had been issued by President Clinton under the provisions of the US National Security Act, and it stated that the situation taking place in Vieques dangerously affected the relations of the United States with another nation, a foreign power, and emphasized that this was very dangerous to the national security interest of the United States.

The panel on the radio program asked which nation this was, as such a justifying statement to issue the order "...did not make any sense." Without knowing it, the panel touched a nerve on the subject of Vieques; it was something never discussed, having major implications and which worried US national security strategists.

The truth is that none of the nations which participated in bombing exercises with the US Navy and experimented with new weapons around Vieques represented any danger to the United States. So, to what nation or "foreign power" was President Clinton referring when he issued this classified order, and why was it classified?

The answer to this could very well be that the "foreign power" President Clinton was speaking of was an alien civilization represented by beings who seem to live underground in the areas of the El Yunque Rain Forest, in the east region of Puerto Rico, and under the sea around the area of Vieques, several miles off the west coast of Puerto Rico.


UFOs Linked to recent Cattle mutilations:

On January 12, 1997, at 2:30 a.m., Pedro Viera, a retired police officer, was driving home on Route 40 between Caguas and Humacho in Puerto Rico. All at once, he saw a disc-shaped UFO hovering over a field, levitating a bull with what he described as "a tractor beam." Bellowing in terror, the bull passed through an aperture on the bottom of the saucer and was lost to sight.

Viera immediately stepped on the gas pedal, setting off in pursuit. Speeding down Route 40, he managed to keep the UFO in sight. All at once, he was cut off by a late-model 4X4 pickup truck and forced to the side of the road.

According to Viera, two men in black BDU uniforms emerged from the truck, walked over to his car and "told me to let them do what they were doing." At first he didn't understand what the man meant; then he realized he was talking about the saucer. Having lost sight of the UFO anway, Viera continued his journey home.

Five hours later, shortly after 7 a.m., several Puerto Ricans found a mutilated cow further along on Route 40. The animal, they said, "looked as if it had been dropped from a considerable height."


Cyndrical Orange UFO/OVNI sighted in Puerto Rico:

On Friday, March 24, 2000, at 6:50 p.m.,Luz Guzman and Orlando Pla were driving on Monserrate Avenue in Carolina, Puerto Rico, approximately 8 kilometers (5 miles) east of San Juan, when they spotted a UFO.
"A high altitude unidentified flying object was seen flying across the skies from north to south over the San Juan and Bayamon metropolitan area. The object looked like a thin orange line of about one inch length at a 20 degree angle from the observers' position."

"The object crossed the skies in a few minutes at the same line of horizontal trajectory until it was out of view."

"The orange color was very vivid, maybe was a result of the sunlight shining from below since the incident occurred during sunset. The perfect horizontal trajectory also dismisses the possibility of it being related to a burning satellite re-entering the atmosphere" or a meteor glancing off the atmosphere.


Two more UFO sightings in Puerto Rico:

On Saturday, March 25, 2000, at 5:50 p.m., two high-flying UFOs were seen over San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.
"The objects were seen by several dozen eyewitnesses as they were traveling in opposite directions,one was traveling west at an approximate heading of 295 degrees magnetic. The other was traveling east at a heading for 115 degrees magnetic."

"At least one of the eyewitnesses, Celestino 'Junior' Ortiz, popular radio announcer on (radio station) Alpha Rock 105.7 FM, was able to capture both objects on his camcorder."

"As he was leaving his house, Ortiz, his wife and son, and friends spotted the mysterious object heading west at a 20-degree angle. He reached for his camcorder and began filming. The objects initially looked like comets or meteors entering the atmosphere. The object traveling east passed high above the eyewitnesses, said the members of his family. No sound of jet engines or sonic boom was heard as it flew by."

In early March 2000, Wally Durand Urbino of the Puerto Rican UFO Research Group reported a UFO sighting in the city of Isabella, P.R. "Luminous balls were seen. The witnesses reported that the luminous spheres departed in the direction of the mountains, heading north
and then veered towards the east, heading out over the Atlantic Ocean, becoming lost in the sea mist".

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reply to post by karl 12
I was looking to add to your thread and found that whatever I found is already present
I began writing about the Inexplicata blog then noticed that you've already covered it! Is there an 'angry fist' smiley? Anyway, I think I've found something you haven't covered. A sighting and images from March 17th 2008...

May 2, 2008-sighting date: March 17, 2008-Technical personnel from the PRRG performed an optical and scientific analysis employing Adobe Photoshop 6.0 on three photos depicting an unidentified flying object with a solid shape that made peculiar and typical movements. These movements created a plasma vortex, which is nothing more than the accumulation of energy made up of radiation and heat. According to the witnesses, the object emitted a very potent and intermittent light. This indicates that high levels of radiation took place in its surroundings, interacting by colliding between the Earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic force lines of hydrogen and oxygen in the planet’s atmosphere, causing it to glow in various colors and generating a significant amount of positive ions.
UFO Casebook

Both images sourced from UFO Casebook

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Hey bud, thanks for the reply -please don't use the angry fist smiley, I'm sure there are plenty more reports out there!

Thats certainly an interesting photograph you've posted -I have no idea what the object is but it does look a bit similar to this NASA one.

Other Links:

Puerto Rico round up:




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USO tracked near Puerto Rico at a depth of 27,000 feet (travelling 150 knots)

Puerto Rican USO Incident -February,1963:

100 miles off the northern shores of Puerto Rico lies the deepest valley in the floor of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Puerto Rico Trench. It is a crescent-shaped formation 1,090 miles in length and 60 miles wide formed by shifting plates in the Tertiary period (66.4 million years ago). Part of this trench is known as the Milwaukee Depth (so named after the vessel which first measured it) and descends to 27,493 feet below sea level.
In 1963 the United States Navy had a fleet of ships, submarines and aircraft off the coast of Puerto Rico performing training in antisubmarine manoeuvres, with the USS WASP (CV-18), an aircraft carrier, serving as the command ship.During the exercises the vessels detected an unknown sonar target moving in the area. One of the submarines moved to pursue and investigate. The submarine could not catch it.
For four days the fleet tracked the unknown object and recorded that it moved at more than 150 knots (over 170 mph) and descended to over 27,000 feet. The fleet communicated this encounter to their Naval base at Norfolk, Virginia.
At the time of this incident, the top speed of submarines was 45 knots and their greatest depth 3,000 feet.

In 1960 a bathyscaphe (Trieste 1958-1963) reached 35,800 feet below sea level but had only slow movement capabilities.

Relative depths:

Fifty Percent of UFOs come out of water?

It was author and researcher Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson who suggested that aliens could remain undetected by building their bases beneath the world's oceans.
Dr. Sanderson found that by actual count, over 50 percent of the UFO sightings had occurred over, coming from, or plunging into or coming out of water.This includes oceans, seas, lakes, and reservoirs. Of the oceanic UFOs (some term them USOs or Unidentified Submersible Objects),one was tracked by the U.S. Navy near Puerto Rico in 1963.
Of course many of these objects have been tracked over Puerto Rico since that time.
On a training maneuver, a sonar operator detected a sub aqueous object traveling at over 150 knots! The technicians tracked this object for four days and it maneuvered down to the incredible depth of 27,000 feet.
Submarines of 1963 could not dive further than a fraction over a mile into the ocean deeps.
What kind of submersible could withstand the tremendous ocean pressures? And how could it overcome the tremendous resistance of water moving at such incredible speeds?

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UFO Filmed over Santiago, Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico - "I installed my Canon Powershot S80 camera on a tripod to film the landscape for 3-4 minutes. I was using a film speed of 15 f/p/s. At second 40, the object flies across the path transversally to the top in approximately 1 second.
I only realized the object was there when I was watching the film on my television. This is the clearest sighting of many which have been made in Santiago, Chile. There are many other witnesses that back up this type of sighting. What I am sending is a frame capture of a 200 megabyte video file".


Puerto Rico: UFO Sighting Over Guanica -August 7, 2007:

An Unidentified Flying Object was seen overnight in the town of Guánica on Puerto Rico's southern coast. Several witnesses spending the night at one of the many beaches in this community, commonly known as "el pueblo de la amistad" (the town of friendship) reported seeing the object from a beach known as El Tamarindo, located near the Copamarina Hotel. The witnesses numbered some 17 people, some of who were enjoying the cool seaside breeze, others fishing.

At approximately 21:00 hours (9 pm), a strange light reportedly emerged from nowhere, described as a multicolored object shaped like a spinning top. Witnesses Maritza Martinez and her husband Geraldo Cuevas contacted this researcher to say that a smaller light emerged from the object and fell into the sea; another witness who did not want to be identified said that this was not the first time that he had seen lights exhibiting similar behavior, and he had had other experiences as a nocturnal fisherman in the vicinity of the Guánica beach area.


Another Giant UFO Over Guanica:

January 19 2008-Last night, January 18 2008 at 10:15 p.m. on the coastal sector of Guanica (southwestern Puerto Rico) an enormous classic "flying saucer" object was reported, with hundreds of rows of red lights surroudning it.
Before the sighting, the witnesses alleged -- and I confirm what they said -- having heard an airplane flying overhead at exactly that time, as I was watching television at that hour. The witnesses were more numerous in the upper area of Vivones when they observed the transit of the airplane, followed by this round, enormous flying artifact with red lights.

The object rested for several minutes on a nearby hill, at very low altitude, nearly treetop level, blinding witnesses with its red lights. Among them were Roberto Garcia and wife Patricia, who tried to photograph the object with their cell phone but didn't manage to obtain an image. Other local residents were frightened and unable to sleep that night after the object took off toward Lajas at high spped. The witnesses told me that this is not the first case that they've seen in the at this hour of the night.

The object made no sound whatsoever, the night was clear and full of stars, and the aerostat could be seen at low altitude and in the distance. It is impossible to mistake the Lajas Aerostat with the object reported by the witnesses.


Two reports:

Puerto Rico: Startling Light Appears in Guanica's Vivones District

October 20, 2007 - A strange yellow light was reported today (Saturday, October 20th) in the Vivones District of the city of Guanica.
Mr. Dolores Toro and his wife, accompanied by a niece, were chatting calmly when they suddenly heard a sound described as "when a damaged hen's egg explodes." Shortly after, the witnesses reported seeing a reddish light appearing from the balcony to the house, and then passed in front of them. A neighbor [interviewed by J.A. Martinez] remarked that she had seen the strange light that lit her house "like daylight", according to Mrs. Diana Santiago, a neighbor of Mr. Toro.

Mrs. Santiago thought at first that Mr. Toro was shining a flashlight into her home, and he quickly told her that no, that it was that strange light that came out of nowhere and vanished. Another local resident was able to see the luminous object as it descended from the sky and according to her, the object that caught everyone unawares had something like "two tails".

Strange Object Reported Over Ponce

As of the time of this writing, the Puerto Rico Police and the Rangers Department of Natural Resources of the City of Ponce (southern P.R.) have advised us that a strange fiery object has fallen from the sky before the startled eyes of hundreds of witnesses in the Anon District of the Ponce.

The exact nature of these events is unknown; lights are emerging out of thin air in Guanica and travel across back yards, and now this object has fallen out of the sky in Ponce. We will see what the local press has to say about this in coming minutes. For the time being, authorities are classifying the strange fiery object as "a private plane."



UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Island of Vieques, US Navy Base, Ammunition magazine area

Description: I was on radio watch at Roosevelt Roads Weapons building. We were responsible for the ammunition area on Vieques. They had a roving patrol who radioed his status once an hour to me. He called me, very excited, saying he was 'buzzed' by something and emptied his .45 at it. I woke up department and base senior staff, who responded.

Color/Shape: Cigar shaped with lights.

We were interviewed at length by Navy and Air Force officers and instructed to keep silent. I don't think it made the news.



UFO Sighting Report - Puerto Rico:

1982 : El Tuque, Ponce

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: El Tuque Ponce Puerto Rico

Date: 1982

Time: 20:30

Number of objects: 5

Shape of objects: round

Weather Conditions: clear sky

Description: These objects were flying in a triangle formation.

They were moving not too fast not, too slow, in a manner of no noise no strobe lights, just those steady lights flying in a uniform way. These lights came from the mountain betwen the city of Ponce and el sector el Tuque going towards the ocean. The lights were not brights they were soft light.

I know this happened years ago but I still remember this experience.



UFO Sighting Report - Ouerto Rico,1985 : Ceiba

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ceiba, Puerto Rico

Date: 1985

Time: Around 4 pm EST

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Just a large circular light

Weather Conditions: Clear and sunny

Description: Sitting in vehicle facing a hill at a stop sign just having driven off of United States Naval Air Station Roosevelt Roads. A large flash catches my eye about 2 stories up in the sky. No solid object is visible. It flashes on and off quickly in a steady line horizontally until it can no longer be seen. The light is a white-blue color. Cars stopped on the highway briefly to watch it go past. It was very bright and very large. About the width of two vehicles.



UFO Sighting Report - Puerto Rico

May 2nd 1997 : Luquillo

Date: Around 2 May 1997

Location: Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Description: I live right next to El Yunke and one night I was with my family eating and we saw a bright light in the sky but very high and it was not a airplane for sure -we saw it for one minute then it disappeared in seconds,my friends and my family saw it too.
Sorry for my English I dont know English all that much.

Color/Shape: Fire with colores under

Direction: Going up

Height & Speed: It was like 70,000 feet I dont really now I saw it coming from El Yunke

TV/Radio/Press Coverage: No it was not reported but everybody saw it in my town

Steven Delgado


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Puerto Rico : Follow up on the Guanica UFO ~ Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

January 25, 2008--We are continuing our report on the sightings of strange lights over the town of Guanica which have been taking place since last Friday. The sightings are ongoing. The day after having reported on the huge, classical saucer-shaped UFO, more detailed information was received from another district near the previous one (Vivones).This time the report came from Puig, near the town of Guanica. Behind this district we find the notorious Lajas Valley. Several witnesses reported seeing a strange light, bright orange in color, appear out of nowhere at low altitude close to them.

This luminous phenomenon did not make any noise or perceptible sounds. This incident took place at an early time -- 8:10 p.m. -- and the objects maneuvers were a zig-zag in the same location very low altitude before taking off toward Lajas at an incredible speed. Jose Hernandez is not a believer in UFOs and says that he had never seen one in his life until that evening, and cannot explain what he saw with his own eyes. His brother in law added that he nad never seen anything like it either, and that he was impressed to see this object such a short distance away from them.


Two Police Officers from Guanica Report UFO on Guanica Back Road Toward Lajas:

Sunday, January 20, 2008-Two municipal policemen on their day off were spending time with their families at La Parguera, Lajas. (The officers' names will not be disclosed at their request). When both families departed the La Parguera district, they made ready to return to Guanica using a back road known as Los Hornos, a lonely road that runs from Ensenada de Guanica to Parguera -- deserted and without electric lighting except for some intersections and the odd house.

Taking advantage of the darkness, one of the officer pulled over to urinate. When this physiological imperative was nearly over, he noticed that there was on object nearby -- hovering at low altitude and perfectly dark. Frightened, he ran back to his car. The object suddenly turned on its lights and followed them all the way back to Ensenada de Guanica. The object stopped following them once they reached the area that has good public lighting.


Aguada Cell phone image:

Cellphone video of UFO sighting in Aguada, Puerto Rico -I had to share this with you. Enclosed herein is a recording of a saucer shape object for your observation and analysis to supplement the UFO sightings


Puerto Rico may build UFO Airport:

LAJAS, Puerto Rico Mayor Marcos Irizarry's is supporting the building of a UFO landing strip to welcome extraterrestrials that are frequently seen over the area. A green sign in southwestern Puerto Rico proudly displays a silhouette of a flying saucer and two words: "Extraterrestrial Route," for Route 303.

The majority of the people in the town have seen UFOs and other strange phenomenon. "It's a very mysterious place," said Irizarry, who says he once saw red lights zigzagging above the hills.
Francisco Negron, the farmer who put up the sign and allows UFO watchers to gather at his ranch, volunteered his property for the landing strip. They estimate the project could cost up to $100,000. They claim they heard a boom and saw the hill go up in flames when a UFO crashed on the hill in 1997.
The mayor hopes that UFO enthusiasts will flock to Lajas. Hundreds of visitors have already come to check out the Extraterrestrial Route since the new sign went up, Irizarry said.

Lajas is unique because of its numerous UFO sightings and Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife Refuge and lagoon that is known for bird watching.

Besides UFOs, 127 different types of birds have been observed as well as balls of light coming and going into the water.
At 10:30 PM, on May 30, 1987, a large red buzzing ball of light was seen descending into the lagoon.
At 2:AM on May 31st, people in the area were awakened by a blinding white light and saw a huge disc shaped object with brilliant lights circle slowly over the water, as if looking for something.

The following afternoon at 1:55 a huge underground explosion followed by a tremor shook the area. Cracks opened in the ground and cobalt blue smoke issued from them.

As if an earthquake followed by blue smoke wasn't jarring enough, residents whose houses bordered the lagoon were forcibly evacuated by members of the U.S. military in grey HUMVEE's and tan four-wheel drive vehicles sporting radar-like rotating antennae on their tops.
As they were being herded away from their homes, residents saw men in what appeared to be decontamination suits sweeping the ground with long-handled devices reminiscent of metal detectors and taking samples of water, plants, mud and grass.
The next day a helicopter lowered an instrument package into the lagoon. For the next several days witnesses saw a strange flying dumbbell come in from over the sea and hover over the lagoon.
It was a metallic cylinder with large balls of greenish-white light on the ends and a beacon-like red and blue light on its underside.

During the next several days reports of UFO activity in the area increased dramatically, but also a large four engine commercial jet made a low pass over the lagoon.


A Ufo Base Beneath the Sierra Bermeja Range in SW Puerto Rico?

During his recent visit to Puerto Rico, Bob Pratt, U.S. investigator, said: “Puerto Rico is incredible. In other parts of the world you see a wave of a certain type of case for a certain time and in a certain place - but here all types of UFO cases are occuring everywhere all the time. You see UFOs entering or leaving the sea, entering into mountains, landings, encounters with entities, abductions, physical examinations, military jets pursuing UFOs and vice-versa, encounters with “Bigfoots” - in fact the lot! Puerto Rico is a veritable “paradise” for the investigator who has dedicated himself to probing the entire UFO situation”.

On many occasions the residents of Boquerón, Las Palmas, and Betances (all in Cabo Rojo Municipal Region) and of Olivares (in Lajas Municipality) have observed large UFOs of different shapes (triangles, discs, cigars, etc.) hanging stationary over the Cayúl Peak and over the mountain where the building of the alleged Voice of America Station is located. What are the UFOs looking for so persistently up there?

In our last issue (EVIDENCIA OVNI No.1) we published an article on the strange death of Diego Segarra, the fisherman from Cabo Rojo.

We reported on the experience of a person close to him, who made a video film of the landing of a UFO on the Sierra Bermeja, and of the emergence from it of two “Grey” beings and of a tall, human, ‘albino’ type of person who left the site in a military jeep driven by two soldiers. The spot where this happened, according to the fisherman Segarra, was at the foot of the El Cayúl Peak.

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Sighting and photo of Strange Object over island near Puerto Rico, 06-28-05:

On Tuedsay, June 28, at about 10;15, an enormous flying ship was seen that glowed red. Several lights could be seen underneath as the ship approached the ground at regular intervals of time.

The flying craft was seen northwest of the island of Puerto Rico by residents in the Esteves Quarter of Aguadilla. A young man by the name of Carlos Hernandez provided the photograph taken with his digital camera.

I went to the area to make the appropriate interviews with the witnesses. According to the eyewitness accounts, the craft hovered in one spot for quite some time as it made constant color changes of its lights.
The photograph included with this report was provided by Channel 12 of WOLE TV in Puerto Rico after a request was made.


Photograph of possible humanoid in Puerto Rico:

I was on a visit to the Forest Reserve of the Yunque, a place highly identified as one of many sightings of UFOs in the Island of Puerto Rico. This report of Reinaldo Rios is committed to study a photograph taken by one of the assistants of a UFO group that visited the area on Saturday, June 11 at 10:00 p.m. approximately.

I was present on the day the photograph was taken. Apparently the photo was taken randomly. It reveals an unknown entity, which could be an extraterrestrial being, or another rare creature. The certain thing is that I was a witness when the photo was taken in the dark during a long walk and after viewing the digital film, it impressed all those that were present. We must understand that the zone is one of high incidence in phenomena/paranormal activity. Hopefully this has exposed an extraterrestrial being in a close encounter of the third kind.


Shiny, Silver Triangle seen in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico:

On Thursday Febraury 25, 2003 Mrs. Elba Rivera and her husband, as well as other several people, sighted from the parking lot of Santa Maria Shopping center located in Rio Piedras (metropolitan san Juan), a large sized shiny silvery isosceles triangle shaped UFO.
The triangle seemed to be motionless in the sky, and even though it appared to be miles away, they described its size in some 3 inches at arms length. This indicates it must have been huge in size. It seemed to be suspended over the region of the city of Bayamon.
The triangle remained motionless in the sky for about a minute until a dark cloud came from the east and covered it. When the cloud moved away the triangle had disappeared from sight.

Last Thursday March 4, 2004 she, as well as several other people, observed another UFO, this time it was a shiny large silvery cilynder shaped object. She described its size as "...almost six feet long", again, seen from a distance of several miles away. The object flew from west to east and dissapeared from sight in a matter of seconds. In this ocassion the UFO was sighted by residents in the areas of College Park and Altamesa, in Rio Piedras. On both ocassions the sightings occurred around 5:00 - 6:00 P.M.


Unknown Objects in Photograph from Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico-12-2007-On December 8, 2007, my friend was taking pictures of the surf and cliff of Cerro Morillo on Coffin Island (Isla Caja de Muertos), approximately 5 nautical miles southeast of Ponce, Puerto Rico. No one sighted anything unusual during the day trip to this island.
However, upon receiving her pictures back from the developers, she noticed the strange object in the upper right portion of the picture. It appears to be symmetrical and disc-shaped.

The photographer's immediate reaction was that it was a UFO. In fact, she was so concerned about the object that she kept quiet about it for several days before forwarding it to a few people for their opinion. I have zoomed in on the object several times in an effort to "debunk" it, to try to see if it might be a bird, hat, frisbee, kite, or anything else, but I cannot based solely on its appearance.
Submitted by MUFON 8899


PUERTO RICO: Fireballs over Ponce:

January 14, 2008-A cellphone report received on Saturday 01.12.08. Domingo Morales phoned Andrew Alvarez to make a report on sightings in the City of Ponce. Mr. Alvarez told him to phone me. Mr. Morales reported the following:

1. His brother, a resident of Valle Alta, Ponce, told him that on Friday, January 4 2008 at 9:30 p.m,., his wife called him over to look at a fireball over their house.Upon going outside , he saw an immense ball of red fire. The wife didn't see it approach, rather she saw it suddenly appear and light up on the spot. It remained static for some 20 minutes at an approximate altitude of 300 feet. It spent 20 minutes lighting on and off. The fireball finally diminished the intensity of its color and began moving SW in a zig-zag pattern, going up and down. It had the apparent size of a baseball stadium floodlight.

2. On Saturday January 5, 2008 at 9:40 p.m., Domingo's brother phoned again, this time to have Domingo climb onto the rooftop of his house to see if it was possible for him to see the fireball, as he (the brother) was seeing it. Domingo lives in Los Caobos, but was unable to see the object from his home. According to Domingo's brother, the fireball was over the same site, above his house and exhibiting the same behavior.
At 10:40 p.m., the fireball reappeared. This time, Domingo's brother saw it with nearly all of his neighbors. .

3. On Sunday, January 6, 2008, Domingo and his wife decided to visit Domingo's brother to see if the were lucky enough to see the fireball. Just as they got out of the car, at 9:30 p.m., they saw two white balls of light to the SW which appeared to be joined. They looked like two orbs to the naked eye, but binoculars revealed them to be two plate like objects joined together. These were higher up, at some 5000 feet. (Domingo is a pilot, and is therefore able to calculate altitude better than the average witness). In plain sight they looked like two joined golf balls. They separated a minute later -- one heading south and another to the north.

5 minutes later, Domingo phone FURA [P.R. police aerial reconnaissance] and was told that they were going to send their helicopter for a look. Domingo never saw the helicopter engage in a fly-over. Domingo recalls that while he observed the two orbs, a woman and her daughters stopped to ask him if they were seeing the fireballs. She added that the fireballs had been visible since November in that location, becoming apparent between 9-10 p.m. and as early as 5 p.m.


Puerto Rico: UFOs Over Quebradilla

January 14, 2008 -Mrs. N.R. reported the following to Ovni.Net on 01.12.08 :

"I live in Quebradillas's Barrio Cacao, near the Guajataca River. In recent nights we have been looking at the starlit sky. On December 18, 2007, we saw a brilliant light toward the south that changed colors and pulsed, remaining static. It was possible to see the colors red, green and blue, all very dim and at a great height. Today, January 12, 2008 at around 9 p.m., we saw three brilliant lights moving in different directions toward the same vicinity -- south over the river, I'd say.

They joined and separated without following any specific pattern. They did this for an hour or more and suddenly vanished into infinity. This is new to me. What it is that I saw?"

She further reported that the sighting lasted nearly 90 minutes and was an enjoyable experience for all 3. The objects were oval shaped and shining, were at an approximate 45 degree angle over the surface and toward the south, moving southwest.

Regarding weather conditions, she said that there were a few clouds in movement, there was no rain, and the temperature was pleasant. No sounds were heard, nor were any strange odors or tastes perceived. There were no tremors nor electromagnetic alterations. The objects moved up, down, sideways and in a circle. When asked about their size, she said, "not so big."

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Very strange individuals reported outside plaza over two day period -multiple witnessess:

Date: April 21 2007

Time: 13:00

Several witnesses, including a Ms. Gonzalez and a Mrs. Perez (both fictitious names) reported seeing two “strange characters” at the Centro Comercial Plaza del Norte shopping plaza. One witness saw the strangers at the entrance to the Marianne store and described them as very tall in height with extremely white skin, strangely their facial features were difficult to discern.

Immediately she entered the store and made one of the employees accompany her outside, but once outside the strangers had disappeared. The witnesses further described the strange beings as having long hair and with strange facial “profiles” difficult to describe.

The following incidents were further reported apparently in the same shopping mall:

Location. Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Date: April 22 2007

Time: 13:00

At the Centro Comercial Plaza del Norte a Ms. Bujosa noticed two strange “men” sitting in front of the Marriane store. She thought they were a bit strange but continued on shopping. She estimated their height as about 6’4” tall.

They had very pale features, and appeared to have “dark ears” and eyes completely black in colour and long straight white hair. They both wore loose fitting cream-colored tunics. A few moments later she came back and they were both gone.


Location. Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Date: April 22 2007

Time: 1400

A computer engineer and his wife were on their way to shop at a women’s clothing store in the Centro Comercial Plaza del Norte. As they arrived at the entrance to the store, they observed, sitting one on each side of the main entrance and in “Yoga”-like postures, two strange characters or entities which made the hair on their heads stand up on end.

The two “characters” were males, very tall, with extremely pale skin, almost the color of paper, expressionless facial features and long completely white straight hair. They both wore a sort of cream-colored tunic, similar to a chef’s robe. Their skin appeared unnatural almost like those of wax figures, their facial features were also unnatural appearing somewhat “flattened”.

The two witnesses were so taken aback that they had to stop in order to stare at the strangers. At this point the strangers seemed to notice the witnesses and appeared somewhat surprise and afraid. One of them briefly looked at the other one as if saying,

“They spotted us”. The witnesses thought that the strange pair belonged to some type of religious “sect” and immediately walked inside the store where they spoke to one of the employees and made sure that the two strangers were not part of some type of product promotion.

The employee, accompanied by the two witnesses quickly walked out the store but the two strangers had already vanished. According to the witnesses only about 20 seconds had transpired.

According to the employee about ‘30’ other customers had inquired as two the nature of the two strangers sitting at the entrance to the store and had described almost the exact same features.

The witnesses further described the strangers as having completely unnatural skin tone almost translucent in nature like those of “shrimp”. Their face was human like with large expressionless eyes and somewhat “flattened” cheeks.

The witnesses also remarked that at the same time that they had seen the strangers there had been other customers entering the store and these had apparently ignored the strangers or “had not seen them at all.”


Doctor sees strange creature in El Yunque rainforest:

Location. Vereda La Mina, El Yunque Puerto Rico

Date: Summer 1994

Time: afternoon

The main witness, Dr Jorge Arroyo, and his wife were walking along a wooded near the waterfalls when Dr Arroyo became separated from his wife. He suddenly heard a noise in front of him. Looking he saw a strange creature that with a look of surprise was staring at him. The creature was only 3 meters away from him as it suddenly scurried, almost gliding, into the brush.The creature was described as 4 ft tall, thin, gray in color, arms somewhat longer than normal. It had a large head with huge dark slanted eyes, lacking any whites. It wore a form-fitting one-piece gray colored suit. It was baldheaded and had no visible ears.


UFO hovers over car:

Location. Near Mayaguez Puerto Rico

Date: August 21 1994

Time: 0300A

A white light from an unknown source illuminated a motorist driving on State Road 114 suddenly. He stopped the vehicle and looked around. He then noticed a huge metallic round object hovering over the car.
The craft floated silently overhead revealing several octagon-shaped protrusions on its underside. A white light shone from inside the protrusions. The witness became frightened and attempted to leave but the car would not start. The car eventually started and the witness then drove away. As he left the area he noticed four human-like figures that were totally dressed in black, standing on the side of the road. The beings were about 5 feet tall and very slender. Their heads seemed a little larger than normal and they had large slanted white eyes. The witness had not intention of stopping and drove quickly away from the area.


Big headed naked 'little man':

Location. Sierra Bermeja area, Puerto Rico

Date: February 11 2003

Time: 0030A

Upon hearing noises outside Ismael Velez looked out to see a short apparently nude “little man” with a large round head and large slanted dark eyes running down a concrete stairwell in the yard, it disappeared from sight behind some parked automobiles.

HC addendum
Source: Wilson Sosa, Confederacion De Ovnilogia de
Puerto Rico Type: E


Another bizarre encounter in El Yunque rainforest:

Location. El Yunque Puerto Rico

Date: late February 1991

Time: 1930

Freddie Gonzalez, his wife and their young child were taking a drive around the rainforest area on Route 191, after cruising the area the road took a turn and the pair inadvertently took a detour deep into the forest. After a while they came up to a camouflage gate deeper into the forest and after inspecting it they decided to drive through it.
As they drove on the path in the woods they noticed that it was well lit by blue light bulbs on each side of the road.
They drove through some hills for about 2 miles when the road abruptly ended. At its end there was a large metal gate and a building like structure on the other side of it.
At that moment two six-foot tall man-like figures appeared and ordered the pair to stop and asked who they were.
The men wore tight-fitting black one-piece suits, resembling diver’s outfits, a wide black belt, black gloves, and large black boots with gold-colored metallic straps. They also wore large dark oval shaped helmets with dark visors. Their faces were not visible. In eerie metallic-electronic sounding voices the strangers ordered the witnesses to step out of the car. The child remained sleeping in the back seat. One of the men took a long thin metallic tube with a mirror like tip and seemed to examine the vehicle. The figures asked the witnesses how they got there and then looked at the sleeping child inside. They then held a short conversation in a grave guttural language resembling German. One of the “men” then left the area and a blue pickup truck now arrived at the scene.
Two men wearing blue coveralls were in the vehicle and spoke in Spanish to the witnesses, again asking them how they got there. The men then looked at the child and commented something in a low tone of voice to the strange figure in black that remained on the scene. At that moment Freddie noticed a glint of light coming from what appeared to be a rectangular shaped hollowed out area in the nearby wooded slope of a hill. There appeared to be several huge glass like doors and inside there was a disc shaped object, that was encircled in rectangular shaped windows and was 30 ft in diameter, it appeared metallic & aluminum in color.
Thinking that he was seeing something he was not supposed to see, he quickly averted his gaze. The men did not appear to notice that Freddie had seen anything. The men in the blue pickup then ordered the couple and their child to follow them out of the area in their vehicle. They were quickly escorted out onto the main road.
HC addendum


Pilot sightings over Puerto Rico (PDF)

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 10:45 PM
Amazing article related with USO phenomenon in PR:

Unidentified Submerged Objects near Lajas

November 17, 2008

Laguna Cartagena, a lake near Puerto Rico's UFO hotspot of Lajas, is itself connected to a similar phenomenon dubbed "Unidentified Submerged Objects" by the late, great investigator Ivan T. Sanderson. These USO's have been seen countless times over the years both at the lake as well as in the deep ocean waters surround the island. Some who study this phenomenon believe it indicates the presence of a secret underwater base from which extraterrestrials launch their craft.

Among those who study USO's and UFO's in Puerto Rico are the members of "Project Argus", and it is primarily through them that much of this is known.

On the 8th of October 2002, a police officer and Project Argus member, Carlos Torres, claimed to spot a red USO fly out of Laguna Cartagena and then hover. Torres said it then flew away, returned a short while later, and hovered once more before it dove again into the water.

On November 20, two years later, Jusepe Quiñonez shot video [click here] of what he believes is either the same USO or a similar one. It, too, was hovering in the vicinity of Laguna Cartagena.

Drivers all along Route 303 near Lajas have reported sighting UFO's, USO's, and strange lights. In 1997, locals claimed a UFO crashed nearby. Many spotted its fiery descent as they drove along this winding road.

In what was probably an effort to promote tourism in a fatigued economy, the mayor of Lajas took a page from towns like Roswell, NM and declared Route 303 as "Extraterrestrial Route 303". A large sign has since been erected along the road, complete with the image of a UFO.

Some might be tempted to blame at least part of the sightings on an aerostat balloon that is launched regularly nearby. Officially the purpose of this baloon is for atmospheric monitoring. However, for the indefatigably paranoid UFOlogist, its presence can only mean the government is clandestinely observing these USO's and UFO's.

These experts, such as the members of Project Argosy, believe the deep waters surrounding Puerto Rico (especially those of the Puerto Rican Trench, one of the deepest spots in the ocean) house a secret alien base from which they launch missions of unknown purpose. They believe that using the water allows these USO's to move from one spot to another without being noticed.

South of Lajas is another active location, La Parguera. This tiny but picturesque village on the sea, according to Jose Martinez, houses one of these USO bases. It should be mentioned however, that if strange lights have been seen beneath the surface here, they may owe their presence to the phosphorescent bay upon which La Parguera sits.

Not all Puerto Ricans are so quick to believe in such fantastic tales. Marcelino Canino, of the University of Puerto Rico, says that while many Puertorriqueños will jokingly discuss such things as UFO's, the Bermuda Triangle, and El Chupacabras, most don't really believe in them.

So, are there indeed USO's, UFO's, and the like basing themselves in the deep waters off shore and frequenting such spots on the island as the town of Lajas or the mysterious mountain, known as El Yunque? It's difficult to rationalize, especially when most of the witnesses belong to a group devoted to such study. I question their objectivity. However, if further and better videographic evidence, physical evidence, or eye-witness testimonies arise, we might just find ourselves agreeing with the locals: Lajas IS a UFO hotspot.

Posted by Cullan Hudson

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 10:46 PM
A new USO case from Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico: Another Guanica Sighting By José A. Martínez From Inexplicata, April 13, 2009

Puerto Rico: Another Guanica Sighting
Source: Argus-PR
Date: April 7, 2009

At 6:45 a.m., employees of the Public Buildings Authority (Autoridad de Edificios Públicos--A.E.P.) witnessed a luminous object crossing the horizong from West to East along the southern shore between Lajas and Guánica. According to the workers, the briliant object resembled "acetylene light". Upon reaching a certain distance, the object shattered in two and fell into the sea. We cannot dismiss the possibility of an aerolith that broke up after reaching a certain altitude, being subjected to drastic temperature changes that resulted in a mid-air explosion. I will continue looking into this matter with other potential witnessses to the case. Meanwhile, I have already contacted the Puerto Rican Police's Joint Rapid Response Force (Fuerza Unida de Rapida Reaccion - F.U.R.A) to see if they have any details on the case. More information to come.

(Translation (c) 2009. S. Corrales, IHU)

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 02:49 AM
Uha..Puerto Rico. Armoury Rivera, 1988, reported Internationally in 1994. That's the pictures (6) we have seen all over the Internet.. F16 near the appx 40' disk.

Was actually THREE F16's taking turns looping into the gun metal 40' disk above Cabo Rojo. Pics taken by Amaury Rivera after being returned close to his car. He walked to it (car) and retrieved his camera and took six shots.

Puerto Rico is the Ace of Spades re EBE stuff. Particually Laguna Cartagena and El Yonke.

Don't hold your breath my ATS UFO researchers and enthusiasts.. keep you camera close and look up.

I'm presently working with an Abductee. Initially abducted in the state of New York and still being Abducted since husband retired and family moved back to Pureto Rico.


posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Decoy

Decoy,appreciate the reply-interesting stuff

Other reports:

UFO Witnessed in Aguada - friend sees strange humanoid in same area:

Date of Sighting: December, 1990

Time of Sighting: About 11 PM Local Time

Duration of Sighting: 30 Seconds to 1 Minute

Date Sighting Reported: November 14, 2006

Location of Sighting: Aguada, Puerto Rico

Description (In Witness's Own Words):
This was in Puerto Rico back in 1990 around 11:00pm in the evening when my friend and I were leaving a party next to our house. As we left the party my friend Benny went to his house and I went to my house, but before I went home I stopped in the bushes to "go to the bathroom" when I noticed a red moon in the sky instead of a white moon. This triggered my thoughts back to a few years earlier were from that same section of the bushes my two sisters had encountered two balls of fire flying right to in front of them and then going back into where they came from.
With this thought in my mind I got scared and walked opposite of the direction I went to the bathroom, when I realized that next to my neighbor's house I see a saucer like half shape with smoke coming out of it and different color light moving in a sequence, with a type of L shape artifact on top of this thing.
Even though it was late at night I could see all of this because the thing was directly underneath a light pole, so I could clearly see the smoke, and that L shape artifact on top. I lived on top of the hill of what I was seeing so, I figured if I went to the top I could look down and prove myself that what I was seeing was what I thought a ship.
This encounter lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute when I reached the top of the hill, the thing vanished. Freaked out I ran to my house woke my parents up and in total emotion, I drew what I saw.
Until this day I could draw what I saw with my eyes closed. The next day when I got up I immediately contacted my friend Benny to tell him of what I had encountered. To my surprise he explained that when he went through the short cut which was on his aunt's property to go to his house. He encountered the unexplainable. He said that a 3 to 4 feet tall thing crossed right in front of him in the direction of what I was seeing, at a very high speed. Benny described this thing as similar to a monkey because of its height, and similarities of the body, long arms? We both left at the same time and experienced something not from this world. Is there any type of way to find out if this incident resulted in what we saw only, or did this escalate to something else?
Since this day on my beliefs have been very strong towards extraterrestrial life, because I have seen things that I could say, but someone may not believe. Feel free to contact me if you need any information on this matter. Thank you.

Investigator's Notes: The witness has described a close encounter and given the experience of his friend a possible entity could be associated with the sighting.
The witness immediately responded to questions that I posed. He stated that he did not previously report the sighting because he considered the sighting very "personal and serious." He says that after 16 years he still discusses the incident with his friend who experienced the enounter with the entity. The witness was 14 years old at the time of the sighting. The witness now holds a respectable position in a company and vividly recalls his experience. This case falls into the "unidentified " and "close encounter" categories.


UFOs sighted in Cayey, Puerto Rico - sighting lasts 45 minutes. Photographs taken:

Date of Sighting: July 31, 2005

Time of Sighting: 510 AM PDT

Date Reported: August 13, 2005

Location of Sighting: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Sunday, 31 of 2005 July some people on their way to Lajas stopped at a friend's house in in Cayey, Puerto Rico. They noticed the following sighting. They noticed initially a brilliant light Apparently the light split into multiple lights (see photos above). One of the witnesses then begins to take photos. A Kodak Digital Camera (EasyShare CX7430) was used.


Man Takes Photo of Cigar Shaped UFO:

Date of Sighting: June 28, 2005

Time of Sighting: 2:30 AM AST

Date Reported: July 10, 2005

Location of Sighting: Lajas, Puerto Rico

This sighting occurred on June, 28 2005 at 2:30 a.m. Visitors this summer were on their way to visit relatives in the Sector White Hill.They were driving on highway 116 that leads from Guanica to Lajas.
They sighted a powerful white light over mountains in the direction of Lajas . The sighting was noticed by the families Perez Cintron who describe the adventure like one of sentimental type since she brought memories to them of a familiar event.
The object moved slowly disappearing between few existing clouds. No sound was heard. Object was traveling from south to north. The duration of the sighting was approximately 15 seconds. The light was powerful and had some horizontal lines of yellowish color.


Photo Taken of UFO Over Bermeja Mountain Range - Puerto Rico:

Date of Sighting: May 28, 2005

Time of Sighting: 10:45 PM

Date Reported: July 13, 2005

Location of Sighting: Puerto Rico, Over Bermeja Mountain Range

The location is in the Bermeja Mountain range, Highway 303, also now the declared ."EXTRATERRESTRIAL ROUTE PR 303", km 7, Hm 8 of Lajas.


Seven People See Huge Airborne Oval Shaped Object:

Date of Sighting: March 2, 2008

Time of Sighting: 1 AM Local Time

Date Sighting Reported: June 18, 2008

Duration of Sighting: Unknown

Location of Sighting: San Juan, Puerto Rico

At 1 AM seven of us were sitting in the backyard of a friend's house in University Gardens, San Juan Puerto Rico. Three of us were lying on chairs looking up at the sky. We saw a silver oval flat object the size of a football field, maybe two football fields. It was HUGE. It flew silently over us. Three of us saw it and validated each other as a UFO. It was low flying below the clouds. It was silent and made no sound. It had no bright lights, but it had a metallic glow to it. It was flying towards the ocean in San Juan going to the Bermuda Triangle. It appeared to be coming from the El Yunque Rainforest area.

Comments: The witness has described a metallic oval object. Apparently several saw the object, but only three thought that it was a UFO. Assuming that the report is accurate I have no conventional explanation for the object.

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