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My abduction experiences 1

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:20 AM
What you dont seem to understand is that skeptics offer nothing new, no insight, no shining bright thought, just the usual clap trap. They are boring in the extreme and other than tell abductees they are either stupid or insane, what else have they offered here ? Tell me?
Abductees as a rule won't post under these conditions and will just walk away. They know what they have been through and they dont need the likes of Riggs to call them nuts. So arrogant of him!

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:28 AM
yes I was referring to skepticism in moderation. Not in the complete shut out attitude of riggs. There is no need to be crass about this subject, no matter how bizarre one's claims may be.

There always needs to be a balance.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:29 AM
It is possible , but I believe that if the government wanted to do that , for whatever reasons , the way you state it , they would be trying to reach much more people. That way you would have more "believers" and would be able to better control the people through fear of the unknown.

Not only that , you would have to think that all the governments are working together in that (which is not impossible also) , but we see in or world that our nations are not very united at all.

Now if you are just after a few people to abduct , and the matter is ridiculed by many others , I don't see how it can control the majority of people. More likely they are trying to hide it than use it as a fear control method.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by jaluna25

Hi - A very interesting post , and has created some interesting responses.. For my part it triggered a number of reactions and thoughts I would like to share.
1. Only you know what you have experienced, and for your own sake I would suggest that you do try to track down what is going on. Could be abduction, could be sleep paralysis, could be other types of triggered nightmare, or a combination . Why not set up either camcorder or cctv to record yourself ‘sleeping’ so you can check back yourself, and retrospectively see what is visibly/audibly going on. Also does any of this happen if you stay over with friends or family ? Once you have more information, you can do something about it .
2. Don’t get “put down” by the negativity or attacks of other people. For some reason, some people seem to automatically attack and put down people who have had off-normal experiences. Yes other people have similar experiences; you are not alone in this. However you cannot jump to conclusions as to what is going on, and need to narrow it down with help from others, people you know and trust.
3. Myself I have experienced sleep paralysis a few times - each time when disturbed during sleep (each time by what sounded like intruders), the brain partly wakes up and the body does not and phasing in and out of dream and reality and cannot move at all. Once I managed to force myself to get up and move to investigate (most weird sensation, like not owning one’s own body).
4. There is a lot going on in the world, a lot which is outside of ‘normal life’, a lot which cannot be proved or disproved... for my part I have seen sufficient evidence to say that aliens do exist. I also believe there is sufficient evidence to say that like us humans, there is both good and evil and all the shades between in non-human people . We cannot just put them all in the same bucket. I also suggest that there are human organisations who use the alien story to cover up what people are up to, and blame the aliens. I think that there is a lot of evidence that abductions do occur – and it is very confused as to what is truly alien, and what is man-made cover for “black” genetic experimentation... I will not say any more in this post but could be good topics for other conversations

Bottom line – take care of yourself and find out what is going on .... other people have similar experiences. Sometimes it is too much blue cheese and red wine before bed, other times a need to see a proper professional doctor and get one’s body back in biological balance, sometimes wrong place at wrong time with wrong “friends”, other times something paranormal...

Would be very interesting to hear more of your experiences...

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:53 AM
Another thing is why do these abduction cases take place in North America or with people who have been influenced by North America. There are very few cases of this phenomenon taking place outside of North America. Other countries do not have abduction cases going on. The majority of the world is ufo sighting and very few abdcution cases outside of North America. Most of the abductions that do take place outside of our continent do not contain the greys, that is an North American problem...why is that? I doubt alien have decided that North America is considered the most important place to do these abductions.
While Greys make up 75 percent of all reported alien encounters in the US they appear in fewer than 20 percent of European reports. As such, Europeans are several times more likely to report encountering a Nordic alien than a Grey.
"Why can't we get evidence to support alien abduction stories? How come authentic alien abduction pics don't exist? When will the truth come out?There are many missing pieces vital to solving the mysterious phenomenon of alien abductions. Until scientific evidence comes forth, alien abductions will merely be a pseudoscience. It is worth noting that many alien abductions parallel anthropology, folklore and religion. For example Carl Sagan pointed out that alien abductions are similar to demon abduction that is common throughout history. Perhaps, abductions are due to a chemical change within the mind. During altered states of consciousness, such as sleep paralysis, there have been many accounts of seeing nonexistent creatures that are described as demons or aliens. In a research study, psychiatrist Rick Strassman found that 20% of '___' (Dimethyltryptmine) users saw "machine elves" or little grey men."

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 05:07 AM
Why have the aliens changed throughout the years..they went from spacebrothers(alien that looked like humans) to these grey creatures. I think it is because of television and the interent.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:03 AM
We can't assume there are only these 2 races in the universe.

In Brazil there are quite a few documented UFO experiences.

There is one called "Operação Prato" , literally translated to Operation Plate , better translated to Operation Saucer. In which individuals from the air force were called to see what it was all about in the island of Colares.

There is an interview with the retired colonel Uyrangê Hollanda (whom commanded the act in the island) , that decied to come forward to speak about it decades later.

He conveniently got "suicided" shortly after that interview...

There is the Varginha Case , where suposedly an UFO had a crash accident near Varginha , and a few people saw the beings in the forest. They were captured by the police and passed to the army. Many people saw it , and even the police force that was involved would affirm it.

Some time later police would deny it , people directly involved would also deny it in fear and the media would always talk about it in a ridicule tone.

I am sure there must be abductions too , they just never take it seriously , nor try to validate it , just search for explanations that would validate it and accept it as thruth.

About the american abductions , I saw some interviews of William Cooper that affirmed that the US Government had an agreement with some extraterrestrial beings ... and I think most people agree that the US is the "strongest" of the nations , it shouldn't come as surprise aliens would try to contact people in key positions in the US.

I just don't think they would comply with the agreement and not contact other nations , I am almost sure they would contact others too , and take advantage of the lack of unity of the world.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:06 AM
reply to post by riggs2099

While Greys make up 75 percent of all reported alien encounters in the US they appear in fewer than 20 percent of European reports. As such, Europeans are several times more likely to report encountering a Nordic alien than a Grey.

I know for a fact that i have been/still are abducted. From what i have learned, by myself, not books or from the net or films, is that grey and nordic looking beings are connected.
Why less people report they have been abducted in Europe then in the US? Well, in my case, i live in a small country, where most people belive UFO is an American phenomenan, If i ever went out public about my story, with name, face and so would probably kill me, since all of this made me weak and "bad"nerves over the years. I would be ridiculed, laughed at...For me and where i stand today, i could not handle that. I know some people in same situation that feels the same way. Now, i dont say that we have less abductions in the world then in US or north america, i just feel it may be easier for people to come out with their story there. But then again, maybe they find americans more interesting then others...

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:12 AM
Hey.... everyone calm down...

What happened to OP?

There are several of us who have made inquiries for more details or offered advice and it is almost like whoever wrote this just . . . left....

Wonder what happened to OP?

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:16 AM
Now i am so happy. I just discovered the ignore button and have used it to wonderful affect. I can no longer see any annoying posts by "skeptics".

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by spacedout

I prefer not to ignore them myself

They could come with something interesting sometime and I wouldn't be able to add a possible missing piece of an equation!

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 07:37 AM
spacedout -

I am a skeptic, like Riggs, but I'd ask you politely not to ignore me. Whether you realise it or not, you are also a skeptic.

All anyone knows is that the OP - and many like her - have had a particularly strange and terrifying experience. I am skeptical that alien abduction is the explanation. You are skeptical that sleep paralysis is the explanation.

I would urge you to at least consider it as a possible explanation. Read the links Riggs provided. Read this article here, which is very accessible, and tell me it doesn't seem remarkably similar.

It is not an insult. It is not putting anybody down. I have suffered from sleep paralysis myself, and it's very scary and, until you understand what's happening, very confusing. I have a friend who experienced severe post-traumatic stress as the result of a rape, and she suffered badly from it too.

The only inexplicable element of the OP's story is the part involving the flatmate and her boyfriend. There are a number of possible explanations there, but I'll refrain from speculating.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 08:24 AM
if you catch one eat it they taste like chicken

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by Psychotic_Squid
Sounds like sleep paralysis with hallucinations to me. I also suffer from them (although much less often and without any hallucinations, thank God). I find that if I really focus on moving one part of my body like my arm, I can come out of it quickly. If you are very concerned I would actually recommend a dog, that could sleep in or near your bed. At least then you will have the knowledge that anything you experience will probably be picked up on by the dog long before it is by you.
If you read the entire thread op says she has found marks on her skin plus her flat mate shared the same dream as well as her mother heard engine noises outside and has shared same experiences-So there must be motre than "disturbed dreams"- paralysis and ect; ...Just broadening the spectrum here.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:00 AM
No offense or anything but in all seriousness have you ever considered researching sleep paralysis, it's happened to me a few times I've found it very frightning but completely logical...

I'd suggest looking it up, coupld with a fear of aliens, whiches, demons, and other stuff one can have a pretty convincing episode, which would undoubtedly promote ignorance, but what doesn't promote ignorance these days, my advice to you give it a shot, if you feel ademently about these occurances being abductions then I feel for you because that is truly and unfortunate event.

Good luck.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:08 AM
Wherever you share your story very few will ever believe and most will consider you insane or delusional. That is a natural reaction coming from a world full of skeptics and modern day scientists/doctors/people etc.

Those who have experienced contacts and abductions know for themselves, the problem is most don't know where to turn for answers and support, the worst feeling in the world is not having the answers or knowing WHY it’s happening and having nobody out there you can talk to. I have been there!

So I don't have to re-type myself I will cut and paste a few lines from another post I just put up that is relevant to this thread.

Most contacts/abductees have gone through the same kind of things in one way or another on all different levels.
As a small example I can find online,
Listen to Jim Sparks story if you haven’t already.

He went through his own type of hellish experience in the beginning, it turned his life upside down, he lost his job, family/divorce, started drinking heavily and pulled a gun out with a bottle of vodka in one hand and the gun in the other just waiting for the greys to show up and take him. He was planning on pulling the trigger when they showed up. It took him many years after to finally grasp what it was all about and calm down.

It took me personally 23yrs to deal with my own personal contact experiences and abductions before I finally received the assurance and answers I had so desperately once been searching for.

This is part of what I have come to realize and learn:

Contact experiences usually only become malevolent to us because we interpret them this way. When I use the word malevolent I guess I am meaning that is how I interpreted the experiences at the time because I DID NOT UNDERSTAND or know any better. LOOKING BACK, the experiences seem that way because you are facing beings you know nothing about for a first time and IT’S SCARY. So most people out there with malevolent stories are telling you their story from the way they interpreted what happened to them WHICH in most cases is not really the way it happened only from human perspective.. Quick comparison: Think of us pulling a monkey from the wild and caging it up, it will of course and naturally be afraid and the monkeys encounter of us would be SCARY and they would consider us evil and malevolent. SAME THING.


Et’s contacting and/or abducting us is no different from us studying animals in the wild. These ET’s are above us---far more advanced intellectually and in most cases spiritually and they feel it their so called not only right but responsibility. If you dis-agree with that, then so do all the animals on planet earth. They dis-agree with what we are doing to them and the only difference is they don’t really have a choice in the matter. Count our many blessings we are free souls to choose and act as we please!

We are lucky that ET’s are not as barbaric and cruel as we are or we might just never be returned ever. It’s no doubt we treat animals much worse than ET’s treat us.

I will also add that when people think of an ET most people think of some grey or gross, scary looking creature which is not the case at all. Most ET’s are magnificent and brilliant beings with visible auras, but the one’s most of us face are what we call biological manufactured clones or drone like robots which are basically in short terms-- a living and breathing physical being that is really nothing more than a worker for the ET’s, they are programmed by them for a specific assignment. These biological drones are without a soul. The real ET’s work behind the scenes, it’s not just these little grey biological scary looking beings that many of us think. Those are what most people face usually upon contact or abduction experiences. Oh by the way these little grey workers come in all sizes, shapes, variation forms and even colors and there not the only one‘s.

[edit on 27-10-2008 by Malevolent_Aliens]

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:26 AM

Originally posted by riggs2099
Why have the aliens changed throughout the years..they went from spacebrothers(alien that looked like humans) to these grey creatures. I think it is because of television and the interent.

I see your argument hasn't changed Riggs.

Of course if you get all of your information from television, movies and the internet then of course you would come to that conclusion because it’s not hard to look for the many twisted stories and reports out there that have intentionally been misleading people.

Looking at this from my perspective being a contactee most of my life NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Humanoid looking ET's are still here and have always been here.
Greys and other various small beings have always been here in one form or another, some of them originals and others copies or clones living breathing worker beings for the ET's.

Humans are now being cloned, yes on our very world with very few people knowing about it. The greys have been manufactured for a very long time and not only by their own race but by other ET’s. They make great little workers don’t you think?

I just wish they would make them a little more cute and cuddly then those they encounter might not be so afraid.

Please tell me Riggs what do you think has changed over the years with these ET’s? Because NOTHING in the world YOU DON’T SEE actually has at least for them.

These same ET's have always been around and are still here monitoring and engineering everything.

It's easy to find stories online of skeptics claiming your very argument and from the twisted propaganda media to altered and intentionally changed historical events it might seem that way but really have you not considered that it has all been engineered to appear that way? In the long run in actuality we all have been DUKED by the master MAGICIANS. Everything in our history has been engineered including our upcoming future events more than anyone could even imagine. Prophecies are nothing more than blue prints for upcoming events with construction on new homes if you get the picture?

WHY has this been happening is the big question? Inquiring minds really wanna know and so do most top secret cosmic head hancho officials that are left in the dark including many presidents. It’s a matter of national security Shhhh it’s a big secret and the very lives of everyone on the planet depend on this being kept a secret…Shhhh hush!

Clearly the ET’s want us to be left in the dark and never to find out about them. (They have their reasons that we may never fully understand or know.) But my guess is most of us in the world could probably not handle the full truth of disclosure even if they chose to dish it out, and I'm sure their super comps have already simulated the outcome if such a disclosure were to ever take place.

It’s a much bigger story than just extraterrestrials visiting earth, once the world learns they are here and have always been here that leads to the more serious questions--leading to more questions and more questions---Questions that could be never-ending and would never satisfy us. Most would probably demand cures for every disease, we would demand homes, food and shelter for all the poor the list would be never-ending I’m sure. How would people react? Would we blame them for all the wars and tragedies and deaths for not doing anything about it all this time? Think about it!

They don’t want us to know. All hell could break loose if the majority of us knew our true origin that has intentionally been hidden from us--Or for instance if we were shown how many ET's are really out there---much more advanced--- whizzing around our skys and running the show on this rock. It's much much more complicated than anyone could ever imagine and I don't even pretend to know a fraction of the full picture but have pondered a lot on this and I have asked questions to them before. (Not always to my satisfaction have I been answered.)

What I do know is they are real, I have seen them many times not just the little grey beings but other humanoid races such as the Nordics who are affiliates of those who we call the annunaki which are real and not myth. We got that much right or at least they allowed us to have that part of history. They could have erased and taken it all away you know easily like they have done with many other civilizations we will probably never hear about.

I could tell you that we have fleets of engineered space craft in space already, including bases on the moon, there are many humans living on the moon including cloned humans.
There are mining operations that have been there for years. The ET's have their own bases and mother ships located just about everywhere and if you could see them they would blow your socks off. They have underwater bases in our oceans and all over the world. I won't even go on Riggs because you and the other skeptics would never listen or consider. Well I hope one day you get the opportunity to experience this stuff and know for yourself.

You don’t have to be a believer to have a discussion.
Show me the data on what makes you believe everything has been changed over the years? I expect you to start pulling stories off the search engines on well “She saw this in 1920” and “He saw this in 1980”. The ET's have done their job well, I think they clean the slate for planet earth on what we know every ten thousand years or so but don’t take my word for it--that would mean were overdue soon.

[edit on 27-10-2008 by Malevolent_Aliens]

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:58 AM
Some of the most interesting accounts of abductions/contact come through the grass roots people, and they never will allow themselves to interviewed, in fact, they must remain low key. One thread in particular that has elements within that I recognize and so it resonates deeply, I would never reveal as on that forum, they do not have the kind of skeptics who attack the OP and others personally, or offer blanket explanations in a one size fit for the world. Rather, the skeptics on that thread are more into challenging the nature of his experience. Even the author of that thread is extremely skeptical himself and doesn't trust agendas easily. However, his family had moved from South America to the US, and his earlier contact from early childhood had been with Nordics, now it was with both Greys and Nordics. The groups that worked long term on the earth have territories they work with primarily. North America, for example, is Grey territory. Though on Burlingtonnews website, an article about nordics revealed that out of 100 cases, over 30, or roughly 1/3 were with nordics. When this occurs, they make arrangements with the other group to continue working.

Group hysteria. Wow. So anytime a group of people look up and actually see something, and are interested in it, its hysteria. You actually believe that most people just don't have a rock solid grip on reality. Its the other way around! There is no such thing as what you are talking about. Or, thats something more akin to slight of hand, or a highly charged emotional event. Its not looking and seeing a real object and being able to accurately describe it. As to television leading people on with their descriptions. When I was 5 and saw the grey do an unusual visit in the daytime, (they prefer night) in my grandmothers garden and scanned me while I was outside playing, I had no reference as to what it was.
I wasn't terrified for some reason, though this guy had suddenly appeared right in front of me and I could FEEL him, (now I know he was telepathic). He was very cold and highly intelligent. And he seemed interested in me. Though I should have been terrified I was fascinated and because I didn't have a clue what he was, I assumed that lepraucauns and
fairies were not as cute as I thought they would be. I told my mother. I took her out to the spot. He was gone! I thought about it for years, by my teenage years I was convinced that it looked more like an ant man or something and thought maybe there was a mutant race of them living secretly somewhere. All of this without seeing anything that looked like a Grey!
Then about 2 years ago, I saw some pictures on line. I saw ones that looked like drones or borgs maybe, the shorter ones. And ones that looked more like a person. What Jim Sparks calls the supervisor types. The one that scanned me was a supervisor type. The one my son saw was a drone type. Now neither of us has ever had an experience of being paralyzed during sleep or wake time.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 12:49 PM
Wow... this is a really a depressing thread to me, and I have some rather long winded comments to follow:

I have had lifelong ET contacts that I have kept them very secret until they stopped happening a few years ago.

I was having these abductions before the popular image of greys entered the culture which, in my mind, precludes the idea that I was influenced by popular culture to fabricate a story in my mind. I have also had a number of physical evidence situations to eliminate the idea in my mind that this is all purely fantasy, dreams, etc. Lastly, I knew my whole story of how the abductions took place, the sights & sounds, etc… a very long before there were other stories to even compare with.

After I got old enough to read I scoured the library for information on UFOs and abductions (I was born in 1968 so by 1975 the most you could find was Betty and Barney Hill’s account.). I was very surprised I couldn’t find many accounts of people being visited by the little aliens with big eyes & heads. (and there wasn’t any information on TV either – no cable or internet back then youngsters) Years later, the popular depiction, the one I had experienced over and over, became popular. I felt a bit vindicated that I wasn’t imagining it all, but now if I told others they simply would say, “well… maybe you heard about it on tv then imagined it”. Um… but… it’s the other way around! Makes you want to just keep you mouth shut, and that’s what I did.

Also, to answer other comments on evidence: It’s weird but something is programmed into an abductee that seems turns you off to trying to prove the experience. It’s weird. Weeks or months later I would think, “I should set up a camera or some other way of proving these experiences”. But then it would happen again and when I was fully conscious again I would find evidence on my body but wouldn’t take the time to document it. I don’t know why. A voice/feeling in my head would talk me out of it somehow. (Not like a schizo voice people… so don’t even say that! You just lose your motivation to try to prove it.)

I had not talked about these things in the past and am only now starting to speak about it since it’s been about 10 years since my last abduction. I posted the other day in the thread: ‘Tuning in to extraterrestrial contact’

and talked a little bit about my experiences. The reaction was largely one of “yeah that sounds like a stereotypical experience and I am very skeptical.” Well, at least they were polite about it.

Look… I don’t know what to say. I really don’t care if anyone believes me. I’m not writing this stuff to seek approval or to be part of any ‘I’m in the special club’ mentality that is often ascribed to abductees. I’m already in plenty of ‘clubs’ in life that make me ‘special’ and notoriety for being part of the crack pots who believe whole-heartedly in alien abduction is not super high on my list!!!!!

I post here only to share to get this stuff off my chest and to help validate the claims of other ‘true’ abductees so they are not feeling alone like I have for so many years, with the knowledge that they ARE real and abductions DO happen. I would also like to meet people in my local area (SE Michigan) who are real abductees to see if there is anything we can do to help each other or just to have someone to chat with.


(Edited to remove extraneous distracting information.)

[edit on 27-10-2008 by JonInMichigan]

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 12:49 PM

I’m posting about my abductions for the second time in a week because the OP sounded very legit to me and it inspired me to post. One thing we really have in common is that after I reached puberty I could no longer see the aliens moving around me. They were always in shadows. I don’t know if they did this at my request to spare me the fear or if it was their idea. One thing opposite to the OP is that I wanted to remember everything but wasn’t allowed to. I don’t know if that’s because when I was younger I felt the opposite way but as I got older I wanted to face it head on.

The second reason I wanted to post is this talk of buzzing in the head before it happens. If you notice in my posts on the other thread, I mention that I knew they were coming well in advance… (I know, I know, why not set up a camera?…. Hell if I know… something somehow would convince me that I didn’t want to do that…. Even though on the stretches between abductions I would always think, “I’ll do that next time for sure!”.)

Well, anyway, the buzzing…. Last time I was taken I paid really close attention to detail and one thing I noticed: It’s not so much a buzzing but as though one’s whole body is vibrating at a very high frequency. I mean, it’s not as much audible as I can feel my whole body vibrating from head to toe. My hair also was standing up on my arms as though in an electrostatic field. I was hoping to get the OP’s feedback on that characterization of the ‘buzzing’.

Oh yeah., the reason I find this topic depressing is because people are so skeptical, yet if I were in their shoes I would also be completely skeptical. I mean, I have to admit, as a scientist, alien abduction sounds like pure BS. No proof. Wild stories. Etc. Etc.

I agree with you but I have to tell you that as someone who has experienced it many times, it’s not BS. I have put a lot of effort in, over 30 years of experiences, in trying to debunk my own experiences, including climbing up on my roof to see if something I saw as I was floating out of my house was there, and it was. So, I don’t know what to say to convince you. Honestly, I don’t have a need to convince you. No one is ever going to believe any of this stuff until it’s on the front page that they have landed and want to chat with the Earth as a whole and I doubt very much that it will ever happen, so if you’re a skeptic just go away. Stop trying to convince us that we are nuts. Stop trying to convince us that we have something mentally wrong. We don’t. You’re wrong. You’re not helping us deal with something that IS real and IS happening. Most of us are here chatting to cope with the high weirdness of it all or to seek answers… that’s all. Telling us we’re nuts may help some people by putting them in a state of denial that they will have an easier time dealing with than the truth. For others, like me, it just ticks me off and makes me feel depressed that I can’t talk openly about something because, even on ATS, you get more insults than helpful comments.

That was my two cents,

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