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My abduction experiences 1

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 09:40 AM
Hello it's Jaluna25. This board is so frustrating. The following has happened to me since I last posted this thread.

I tried to log in to post a reply, it said password not recognised.
I tried to post a reply anonymously. It never appeared.
I typed in my email address for them to send me a new password. They sent me a new password. I tried to use this new password to log in. It said password not recognised. This was a new password they had just sent me out! What's going on?

I have had to make a new account and I am trying to post now. will the post appear, that is the question?

Looking at all the posts I will try to reply to as many as I can. I know I dont have sleep paralysis, that seems like a term conveniently coined to explain symptoms thousands of people have. It doesnt explain half of what has happened to me. I have felt in the night like my leg was being sliced open, and then i woke up the next morning with an angry red scar on my leg.
Actually i'll see if this post gets posted before i post a really long msg. Come on moderaters let my posts be posted!!!

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 09:54 AM

Originally posted by riggs2099
Another thing is why do these abduction cases take place in North America or with people who have been influenced by North America. There are very few cases of this phenomenon taking place outside of North America. Other countries do not have abduction cases going on. The majority of the world is ufo sighting and very few abdcution cases outside of North America. Most of the abductions that do take place outside of our continent do not contain the greys, that is an North American problem...why is that? I doubt alien have decided that North America is considered the most important place to do these abductions.
While Greys make up 75 percent of all reported alien encounters in the US they appear in fewer than 20 percent of European reports. As such, Europeans are several times more likely to report encountering a Nordic alien than a Grey.
"Why can't we get evidence to support alien abduction stories? How come authentic alien abduction pics don't exist? When will the truth come out?There are many missing pieces vital to solving the mysterious phenomenon of alien abductions. Until scientific evidence comes forth, alien abductions will merely be a pseudoscience. It is worth noting that many alien abductions parallel anthropology, folklore and religion. For example Carl Sagan pointed out that alien abductions are similar to demon abduction that is common throughout history. Perhaps, abductions are due to a chemical change within the mind. During altered states of consciousness, such as sleep paralysis, there have been many accounts of seeing nonexistent creatures that are described as demons or aliens. In a research study, psychiatrist Rick Strassman found that 20% of '___' (Dimethyltryptmine) users saw "machine elves" or little grey men."

I'm not from north america. Im from europe, (this is jaluna, had to make new account)

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 12:44 PM
Yes I have heard the word sleep disorder allot.Only in my case as well as others . Most of the time we are awake. People will always come up with reasons other what might possible be.If they cannot think outside the box of this life.I myself have had at least 11 so called experiences only for have been when i was in bed the others while being with others.Several times with my brother .Another time with my friend Scott.And one time early on with my father. Why some have these things happen to us is anyones guess.And thats all it would be.Some will say they are making hybrids from our D.N.A. My only problem with this is why would such a advanced race who can abduct us and put us back.Want to dumb themselves down. it is very hard and on the lines of impossible to prove these things happen abductions or contacts. For most it would be people have watched to much TV. but for us who have the experiences it is just happening. Are we better then the ones who do not get abducted . No is one cow better then another.When you see a cow in a field that will be eaten do you know which one was on your plate.Answer again is no. I do not believe the friends from space want to hurt us in any way.If they did none of us would even be talking about the experience.They would just throw us out in space or the ocean. I myself am happy to think that something so intelligent would even bother with a dumb human like me at all. And think of me in such a way as to let me still continue my life as a human on this very small planet.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 07:19 PM
Newby here. I must say that you have a very good point. What is good to us, can be evil to them...and vise versa. The only thing I believe in is the Golden Rule anymore. I haven't much more to say at this point.

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 02:58 PM

Originally posted by Malevolent_Aliens
Let's separate some of those people from the (legitimate case) real abductees because the one's who DON'T KNOW what happened to them but feel like they MAY have been abducted from a sleep paralysis-dream induced state of mind were probably NOT abducted at all...Most of this group of people probably only did experience nothing more than SLEEP PARALYSIS---Some of this group may also be suffering from some of things you mentioned. Delusion, a great imagination, fantasy even mental illness. Someone who has had physical contact awake knows for sure that it took place and never even questions it.

Take Travis Walton, Betty Barney Hill, Jim Sparks and many other cases for instance. (Just a tiny example so we don't mix up sleep paralysis with real physical contact experiences where the people were never asleep to begin with in the first place.) Let's seperate those who are seeing ET's while asleep and those who are seeing ET's while awake into two seperate categories.

Why are you so certain that "real abductees" are those who are firm in their convictions? People who suffer from mental illnesses with delusional disorders are just as certain of their own perceptions even though they are derived from pathology. This is NOT to suggest that abductees are delusional. My point is that we know so little about this phenomenon that to claim we have a basis for segregating some prospective abductees from others is, at the very least, premature. In fact, I'd argue that those who question what they have experienced might be the most level-headed!

Most alleged abductees are very spiritual people and as such, may be less inclined to question their experiences (entities often fit into some pre-existing schema of the world/reality). Someone with an entirely different background (i.e., scientific) who is inclined to test and reproduce may have a very difficult time accepting what has happened since there would be no basis for comparison. Such a person might be inclined to search for evidence and, upon failing to find anything conclusive, attribute their memories to dreams (not because they are uncertain, but because this is the only way to COPE with what has happened to them!). Bruises, scratches, and other injuries of unknown etiology can be easily explained away ("I don't remember doing that! When did that happen?") and trace evidence (assuming it ever existed) is just as transient. As soon as we move, the scene has been disturbed.

Questioning one's sanity under these circumstances is perfectly normal. In fact, I would worry about anyone who did NOT question that they were able to recall about their experiences. Whether we like or not, society is indoctrinating everyone to accept one version of the "truth": Aliens are not visiting Earth and in fact, we don't even know if microbial life exists on other planets. Biopan experiments support the likelihood that microbial life could exist in some very harsh places (by terrestrial standards), but nothing conclusive has been published on the topic. People who willingly throw science and logic out the window could be very vulnerable to suggestion. If you lie to yourself long enough, you will believe that lie is true. If your perception of the world is tied to shared experiences and the reproducibility of experimental results, then is it really so difficult to see how a rational person might ascribe their memories of abduction to other things (sleep paralysis, dreams, etc.)?

It's simply too early to tell the difference between a bona fide abductee and anyone else.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by X-tal_Phusion

This is the op, can i just say i have a degree in science, and you're forgetting I DO NOT IN A NY WAY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME! i wish more than anything else in the worls tha ti t would all go away. You have no idea how I feel. The helplessness...the absolute loss of control of my body, being prodded and poked, i hate every aspect of it, how dare they do this to me. Im so happy i found this forum because who could I tell? Everybody would think I was nuts? I have slept in the same bed as my boyfriend and when i wake up terrified i try to wake him up and it is like he is in a coma. Its like im not even safe ehn im not sleeping alone. Its like nobody can help me. if there are other people on here that it is happening ot please give me ur email address or something i really want to talk to somebody else who's been through it.

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