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Attention ATS! Know The Hidden Meanings Behind the Laws in America, Before it is Too Late!

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by sizzle

I realize that. I should have worded that better.

I'm sure there are bits of truth weaved in and I can only get a few minutes here and there to look for the originals. Searches can be tough when they don't get the titles of documents correct and I get frustrated.

Bringing all this together like this is a good idea

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 09:55 PM

Black's Law Dictionary, with his many definitions on common law lays the lawful foundation of the Constitutional Republic and American justice. Both America and the Dominion of Canada were founded under common law jurisdiction and the unalienable rights and freedoms enjoyed by our forefathers. The right to life, liberty and property, for instance, are lawful claims not legal privileges, the right to justice not sympathy. Legal privileges and sympathy sway with the wind and times, whereas unalienable rights supersede convention and legality. Lawful Government must uphold and protect the unalienable rights of its born or naturalized citizens. However, there is a second status of "person" or "individual" with which many people are unfamiliar. This legal or fictional "person" can also be described as similar to the straw man, as in the "persona" born without a brain in the movie Wizard of Oz. This also describes the persona of a Corporation, a legal fiction without a brain, except that is, for "its" articles of incorporation that define "its" character and legal capacity. Due to the fact, a Corporate entity has no life of "its" own, and that "it" serves only itself, "it" must derive "its" life from sources external to "itself" which is why Corporate entities often become such liabilities to both the individual and community within which they function. Unlike a natural person with autonomous volition, an entity or legal fiction not only doesn't have a brain, but also lacks the ability to act morally. Indeed, Corporations often violate human rights codes outlawing slavery by classifying natural persons as resources whom they include in the sale of the Corporation or entity as "intellectual property" or "good will." A straw man, legal fiction or entity could be likened to the image of yourself when you look into a mirror. The image looks like or has the "color" of you as in the "color of law," and even moves like you, but, "it" is not the real flesh and blood you. However, within the legal scheme of things, you "volunteer" to become this image, fiction or entity through an involuntary or voluntary act of legal joinder every time you file a domestic income tax return or apply for a drivers license (invisible contracts). This license is issued not to you, but to the entity.

"It is to the property of the citizen, not to the demand of the creditor of the State, that the original faith of society is pledged. The claim of the citizen is prior in time, paramount in title, and superior in quality." [Edmund Burke, Quoted in, The Coming Battle , Pub by, Paul & Loraine Walter]

In his arguments before the United States Supreme Court on behalf of the Amistad Africans, John Quincy Adams states, "I derive consolation from the thought that this Court is a Court of JUSTICE." Adams quotes from the 2,000 year old, "Institutes of Justinian," meaning, "the constant and perpetual will to secure to every one HIS OWN right." Adams also alludes to this mirror image, fiction or "color of law" as, "that it said the thing which is not, too unfortunately it was so, as he said." Meaning, the claims of the Spanish Crown and slave traders, while having the color or appearance of law, were in effect neither lawful nor predicated upon law at all. It must be noted, John
Now I have found what I was looking for. Please read. I might have to fix the link.

Edit: Can't fix the link, will try in next post.

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 09:57 PM
Flagged and starred indeed!

I have posted things along these lines before, based on a wide variety of sources. Therefore, I have in fact done research into this stuff and do agree that much of it is indeed valid. On the other hand, it seems that you have shown a light down the rabbit hole in which I travel, and I am seeing deeper now, to things that I did not know about or only brushed against in my research travels.

Excellent work. It looks like this thread is turning out to be a smash hit already!

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:03 PM

For purposes of understanding one's legal or commercial status under the Admiralty system, it is necessary to examine the curious use of all CAPS in legal and domestic income tax forms. While seemingly a trite concern, this apparently small detail has deep significance. In 2003 the Idaho Observer conducted an inquiry into the meaning, or basis of capitalizing a natural person's name in official Government and legal documents. A proper answer was never found. However, Canadian Rights researcher Russell Porisky has conducted extensive studies into common law versus Admiralty law, and its attendant natural persons versus legal fictions. Porisky provides us with the answer. In book one of his five part study series on, Canadian Rights and Freedoms, Mr. Porisky, who describes himself as a natural person brings forth definitions from two credible sources…...

Gage Canadian Dictionary 1983 Sec. 4 defines Capitalize adj. as… "To take advantage of - To use to ones own advantage."

Blacks Law Dictionary – Revised 4th Edition 1968, provides a more comprehensive definition as follows …

Capitis Diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status through the use of capitalization) In Roman law. A diminishing or abridgment of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man's status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.

Capitis Diminutio Minima (meaning a minimum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John Doe) - The lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man's family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation [pride] of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) [of his own right, not under any legal disability] or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. [Parental authority] It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered. See Inst. 1, 16, pr.; 1, 2, 3; Dig. 4, 5, 11; Mackeld. Rom.Law, 144.

Capitis Diminutio Media (meaning a medium loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John DOE) - A lessor or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man loses his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights.

Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) - The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man's condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.

Diminutio. Lat. In civil law. Diminution; a taking away; loss or depravation.

Capite. - Lat. By the head.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:07 PM

As Black's Law Dictionary explains, the full capitalization of the letters of one's natural name, results in a diminishing or complete loss of legal or citizenship status, wherein one actually becomes a slave or an item of inventory. The method by which the State causes a natural person to "volunteer" himself into slavery, is through forming legal joinder, implied or stated, with the entity or legal fiction (name all CAPS). Of course, most natural persons wouldn't willingly form such an unlawful but legally reductionist joinder, so trickery and obfuscation are used. The initial joinder is formed when a legal Birth Certificate is issued by the State, name in all CAPS. In fact, both the Certificate of Birth AND Social Security number, are for "inventory" control purposes, similar to the Amistad Schooner's manifest or those numbers or records used by legal entities or Corporations to track, account for, use and dispose of inventory. It is under the Admiralty jurisdiction Terri Schiavo's fate was determined, and under this alien fictional jurisdiction many of today's legal or other fictional entities such as "gay marriages" are fabricated. Commensurate with color of law, they appear to "be," but they are not. Indeed, under common law and the American Constitution, "gay marriage" is unlawful and an oxymoron (contradiction). This, no legal maneuver can change.

Whereas one may have legal recourse in a Corporate or Admiralty Court, no lawful or moral remedy will be found. Administrative directives of the legal tribunal or Admiralty jurisdiction, while having the color or appearance of law, may be legal but are in fact unlawful due to the nature or status of the Court's origin, which is predicated upon fiction. Admiralty Courts are in effect vastly inferior to the intentions and authority of those who founded the American Constitutional Republic. When searching America today, one would be hard pressed to locate an authentic Constitutional or Common law Court. This unlawful condition prevails in both Canada and the United States. A serious breech of Constitutional fidelity surfaced recently, when it was discovered Judges in Oregon were not properly sworn to uphold the Oregon Constitution and therefore were acting without Constitutional authority. The Courts and Judges in question, therefore, represent an alien power or entity.

I hope that this further explains the 'ALL CAPS' in a person's name on legal documents and your status under it. Any questions?

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:11 PM
Just an FYI. Some of you might find interesting for tax purposes. The website referred to here is mostly for Canadians, but there are references for some Americans:

Another "free will man," who is commonly called Eldon of the Warman family, has done extensive research into both the Canadian and American income tax schemes. His website is Detax Canada. Eldon points out how the word "person," as in Natural Person, is of the legal domain and associated with CORPORATE FICTIONS, due to it's Latin etymology, with "persona," meaning "a mask or fictional role as played by an actor." Eldon also provides a formula for both Canadians and Americans to use for filing "0.00 tax owing tax returns" for their "taxpayers" - for their, "agents in commerce." Highly recommended.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:15 PM

Through obfuscation and trickery America has been attacked and occupied by Corporate or pirate ships of war, which are the privately owned Federal Reserve and the IRS. Under Admiralty jurisdiction, commercial pirates have kidnapped and commandeered the American people into servitude. In fact, American’s today enjoy a legal status no different from that of the Amistad Africans had they been found by the United States Supreme Court to be slaves or items of cargo owned by Spain and/or Spain’s representatives. Under terms used to facilitate slavery i.e., cargo, inventory etc., both Americans and Canadians now fall under these definitions i.e., as articles of commerce under Admiralty law and the UCC (Universal Commercial Code). America and Canada have been surreptitiously hijacked by pirates under "color of law." It should be emphasized; piracy and kidnapping are crimes under most lawful jurisdictions. In law, today’s Admiralty courts are accessories to piracy.

In all human endeavors, it is the responsibility of each person to guard first his own dignity and freedom, then the dignity and freedom of his family, community and fellow man. Those who do not uplift and guard the freedom and dignity of their fellow human beings little deserve it for themselves. John Quincy Adams was successful in securing the freedom of his African defendants. Would it be he were here with us today and that all Americans could be the black Africans he so eloquently represented. His words are an inspiration for all time.

"Not slaves and therefore cannot be considered merchandise, but are free individuals with certain ethical and moral rights, including the right to engage in insurrection against those who would deny them their freedom. When there appears no hope at all, one must invoke one's ancestors, who we are, is who we were and who we must become." [Anthony Hopkins as J.Q. Adams in the movie Amistad]

This was a tremendous undertaking by John Q. Adams (La Amistad). Read up on it some time. He won the trial.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:29 PM

Invisible puzzles can be used to manipulate, but you can't prove this intent because the stated purpose makes the potentially manipulative purpose deniable. The interesting thing is, these invisible puzzles can be created through remote control. Every now and again a major world event hits the news, like the "9/11 terrorist attacks". Then millions of people everywhere are glued to the TV full of emotion over the event, waiting to see who is responsible and waiting to see what solution will be presented. Each time this happens no proof will be given for what really happened. That is one of the keys to their technique. This is because of the principle that when the truth is hidden people will then look to some other source for answers, like authority or stereotypes. At this point perceptions are being engineered for a purpose. The purpose is to mobilize large groups of people into specific actions that create and enforce new invisible puzzles. In the case of the 9/11 terrorist event our security spending was tripled, dozens of new track & identify laws were launched overnight that wouldn't fly previously because of privacy activists, several major legislative acts and antiterrorist treaties were mysteriously completed in a matter of days (hmmm, I would have thought they would need more time than that), and our president declares to the world "any country that is suspected of harboring terrorists will be attacked". Was this a declaration to the world that we intend to deal with terrorists everywhere? Or was this a bully tactic to get other countries to sign our antiterrorist treaties to avoid suspicion of harboring terrorists so that we won't attack them? Another invisible puzzle?

The "terrorist event" was a perception-engineering tactic. It is easy to see that it was rigged, so long as you don't fall for the mind control. Then the antiterrorist treaty was pushed on other countries through a deniable bully tactic ("will attack if suspected of harboring terrorists", therefore better sign that treaty to avoid suspicion). Then the antiterrorist treaties were used as the Trojan Horse to carry a slew of new invisible puzzles into other countries. This method accomplishes two things. First, it delegates the effort so the controlling entity has less work to do. Second, it cloaks what is really happening. Once this step is successful then honest people in key positions who are just doing their job will generate dozens of new invisible puzzles. Of course they are doing their jobs while under the influence of the perception game at hand. So without knowing it they will create these new invisible puzzles, which control us through two or more levels of deniability. For example, when Canada signed on with our president's anti-terrorist treaties, they rerouted a major portion of their legal system to make room for the demands of those treaties. Through this process a slew of new invisible puzzles for Canada went into place, with little or no additional effort by those who actually designed them. In other words, the "very few very powerful" can efficiently delegate their work while simultaneously creating multiple levels of deniability - pretty slick if you ask me.

Proof of intent behind these invisible puzzles cannot be found individually (unless they somehow slip up - and in these very rare cases they execute "black ops" to immediately eliminate the evidence). Despite this lack of proof, if you look at how hundreds of these invisible puzzles fit together you will see how we are thoroughly enslaved by them, while channeling power and wealth to the "very few very powerful". Invisible puzzles hide inside just about every system you interact with (laws, computers, commerce, traffic, finance, school, etc.) and they hide inside just about every product and service you buy. Whether by intent or by society's own clumsiness, my website shows how a network of these invisible puzzles form the infrastructure to an Invisible Slavery System. I show how the ISS is responsible for robbing 95% of what we do, through a myriad of seemingly unrelated issues that we are forced to contend with every day. Most people see it differently, because within this delusional perception-engineered-realm, the thought that they are actually slaves just does not make sense to them.
I found this very enlightening. as well as very true (at least to me).

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:37 PM

The net effect to living inside an invisible human slave colony is:

* Unending tangible issues that take away your hard earned money

* Severe reduction of your life span through manipulation of key cellular functions, plus the suppression and disabling of the human regenerating cell

* Severe reduction of your health through the consumption of garbage foods that we are taught to need and to like, and through the use of Trojan Horse consumables that carry aneuploidogenic substances

* Severe reduction of your intelligence through programmed psychological walls and triggers, shortened attention spans, altered brain chemistry, and keeping us too busy to ponder and question

* Stagnation of civilization as a whole as a result of the heavy burden and limitations imposed by the ISS

* Unending global issues that are never solved, due to all the lies that distort the truth about them

Why? To amplify and maintain control and profits.

People rarely question themselves, especially their convictions and their emotions, yet that is what's necessary to see the ISS. Our perspectives and emotions have been steered to support it rather than resist it. Our thoughts have been molded to work hard to maintain and operate the ISS, without any knowledge that it even exits. How can something so powerful take so much without our knowing it?

We interact within an environment that sets up the rationale and visualizations that make sense relative to each other, one thing explains the next thing, and so on, resulting in a complete circle of logical reasoning all based on itself, and all in support of a manufactured/manipulated world-view that they planned for our minds. I will show how these perspectives were engineered to get us to support and operate the ISS, and its diabolical web of deniable alternate purpose behind each of our actions. This oppressor is so good at strategy and mind control that he gets us to do his dirty work.
This post in particular helps put things in perspective for me. Please follow the link for more. I have skipped around on this webpage. There is much vital in formation.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:38 PM
This thread has a 'spark' to it, it should be interesting to see how soon it gets 'visited'.

A word about lawyers... Law schools were folded into the 'higher educational system' through regulation and codification (which they unwittingly unleashed upon themselves.) Corporatization (or the tamer phrase, commercialization) is a cancer that has virtually rendered every institution we rely upon incapable of 'evolving' with society. Thus a constant tension exists within it which, by virtue of the institution's inertia, is making the law pretty much a joke from a practical point of view. I can't attest as to why either a) no one noticed, or b) no one stopped it. Its pretty much the same with the medical arts, which also fell after the 'higher educational' paradigm was imposed upon it.

I have never attended law school, I am not a member of the BAR. I suspect that if I am limited to receiving their 'certification' via submission to their indoctrination, I may never suffer the privilege. Training for a career in law is less about being 'a lawyer' than it is about passing a test. If you have enough money to get special tutoring - you WILL be a lawyer. This is a cruel generalization of course, but it is mostly true. Have you ever sat down with two or three lawyers and listened to them talk about other lawyers..., you'll soon realize these are not all geniuses of juris prudence - the exceptions are noteworthy and few. When its all about the money, the law can be very 'simple' (for the lawyer anyway.)

The current breed of lawyer I have observed in both the highest and lowest venues are incapable of even conceiving how to 'improve' juris prudence. To attempt to discuss it with them is to have them stare glassy-eyed into space wondering what that has to do with billing time, sherpardizing, or co-mingling retainers.

I've been looking for the exceptions to that cruel generalization for years with no luck so far.

What I'm taking forever to say here is that our laws are in trouble. For laws to work they must remain relevant to society, they must be part of the social dialog. Yet the legal institution seems more focused on limiting the debate. This is most visibly evident in our 'halls of justice and laws' - the government. Go figure.

Our legal profession is obsessed with exploiting the law for profit. Thus we will see many of our lawyers will be at a total loss as to how to contend with the kind of gloomy scenario we may be facing in the future. And by then, it will be too late to learn. All because 'making a living' isn't good enough, you gotta make a killing! So Sad.

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:42 PM

When the truth is hidden from view what seems normal is accepted in its place. When we can't see it for ourselves, people in authority and others that we trust fill in the blanks for us. We get used to it, and it becomes "right" for us. And then we believe we did see it for ourselves, when we really didn't. Invisible puzzles are responsible for automatically organizing and triggering this process. It goes beyond manufactured world-views, as entire cultures and religions have been built from these manipulated perspectives. All to profit the "very few very powerful", or whomever it is that took control. In the end we are handed a delusional realm to focus on while we work hard as slaves to meet the demands of a ruthless oppressor. An oppressor who steals 95% of your effort (through the combination of dozens of systems that you believe you have to interact with), feeds your body garbage that makes you sick (one of the systems for making the ISS profitable), feeds your mind lies (to keep the perception cloak in place), makes you too busy to ponder and question (so that you will continue to fall for the mind control), and having no regard for life kills us off at a young age (so we cannot wise up to the system). As long as we are kept busy and we cooperate fully we may be allowed to live a bit longer, but for the most part slaves are the most useful while they are young, healthy and gullible. After that they are generally slaughtered for profit. (The "slaughter" part is cloaked as something else, like cancer, heart failure or old age, courtesy of the ISS.)

The outdated social/political systems of today are unknowingly the legs and arms of the ISS. Through control, deception, and force, today's political/social systems unknowingly (for the most part) are used by the ISS to regulate, feed and monitor humanity like a herd of cattle, as they are put to work and ultimately slaughtered. In this mode real solutions to the world's problems will never be found.

The ISS controls your perspective, consequently channeling your emotions and perceptions, thereby prompting you to do precisely what the ISS wants you to do. Awareness is key. Real knowledge is key. And "free will thought" is key. However, perspective controls all of it.
I hope I have now captured your attention enough to go and read the entirety of the web page. You might want to find a way to save it. I have seen links like this, mysteriously disappear.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Once again; Great insight.
I too wonder when the horde of skeptics, nay-sayers and dis-info's will abound.
All I can say is, "I don't write it, I just report it."

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by sizzle
Hi to you too, and thank you for reading and responding to my posts.I whole heartedly agree with the quote about only lawyers obeying the laws. If you decide to check into militias make sure that you are cautious. There are some out there that have a hidden agenda, but there are still some left that are concerned with protecting the people. I have family in MI and the militia near them was very helpful with informing them about the laws in thier area and thier meaning, they were especially helpful at explaining the laws that are there to protect them. They usually have very informative handbooks and are prepared for a variety of things, such as survival, taking a stance when and if the time comes,etc. Seems like they're getting harder to find lately, i think some of them may be turning into more of an underground thing for self preservation. It may be worth looking into though, if you can locate a good one they can be a very good source of information and helpful tips that will be needed if we keep heading the way we're headed.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 11:01 PM
Just wanted to add one more thing from the web page. The closing statement. It tells you among other things, who the author is and from what authority he speaks:

Poisoned thought is involved in every system around you, your work, your computer, your government, and the products you buy - almost all are designed to control you through deniable lines of function. If poisoned thought were removed from these things life would improve 20 times.

This variation to the Libertarian Philosophy depends on future information technologies to work. The design to this futuristic technology is the ultimate puzzle. Once developed it will be the most significant achievement of mankind, past, present, and possibly future. And once it matures, there will be no more invisible puzzles.

About The Author

Emmett Dabru has a Master of Studies from University of Oxford and an M.A in Political Science from UC Berkley. He is a Veteran of three named wars and (countless unnamed wars) served as a member of the United States Intelligence Community.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 11:23 PM

Covert genocide

“No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine!” --Ralph J. Gleason.

[In isolation any of these may be seen as just a money making Elite venture but taken in context (the wood from the trees), they are obviously also part of the depopulation agenda, which ranges from wars (they created Hitler and Lenin) to poisons (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) while suppressing medical cures and knowledge (1, 2, 3) and forcing people through ignorance to use toxic chemotherapy and radiation (Allopathy is the leading cause of death and disability 1, 2, 3, 4 outside of wars and famine (see), also created through WEATHER TECHNOLOGY). They broke cover recently with Depleted Uranium. It took a Presidential Executive Order from Reagan to get Aspartame on the market, engineered by Rumsfeld, also behind The Great Swine Flu Massacre. Orgonite disables the weather engineering and cell phone towers, while knowledge will kill the other poisonings. Misanthropy.]

This link might give you some ideas on how our guv plans to 'do us in.'
Also, don't forget the famous quote by former prez H.W. Bush, "If they knew what we'd done, they would hang us from the lamp posts."

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by chise61

Thank you for that.
I do intend to be very careful. I do not want to be involved with racists nor cults nor religious fanatics. I believe in, 'each to his own,' but that doesn't mean association.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:02 AM

[Fascism: Rule by Cabal, Oligarchy or Junta through Corporations. Hiding under names such as Globalisation and New World Order. If you study medicine and medical history you can easily see the drug industry Corporations, and one group of medical people, the Allopaths, have a monopoly. They could only achieve that through political control, so if follows there is no real democracy from that angle alone, before you look any deeper into world politics such as what is really going on with illegal drugs, all the wars, 911, the covert genocide, and so on.]

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:08 AM

The Medical Mafia
[back] Allopathy Cartels

"They are running a monopoly and they will lie, cheat and steal to keep it that way."---Dr Eva Snead

[The worldwide Elite (Boss) of Allopathy. Aka The Drug Trust, Medical Monopoly, Cartel or Industry. Think IG Farben and Medical Fascism. Only the top people in Allopathy know the whole truth on Allopathic medicine, and covert-vaccine agendas. Most visible entity would be the AMA whose antics over the years make Pol Pot look like a choir boy (he was funded by the CIA).
Best expose in book form is The Medical Mafia by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D, Naked Empress by Hans Ruesch & The Drug Story by Morris Beale. How the Drug Trust took over medicine can be read in Murder By Injection by Eustace Mullins. How they suppressed Homeopathy can be read in Divided Legacy Vol 3: by Harris L. Coulter. Suppressed or ignored dozens of disease cures in cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, cot-death, infections, arthritis, heart disease etc, as this Tyrant runs on Power & money fuelled by fear of disease, propaganda & it's covert monopoly. Ego denial helps keep her in power. This Empress when naked is Satanic (vaccination: 666) & run by psychopaths. One of the main money sources for the Elite, hence its power. Just like most soldiers have no idea about the real reasons for wars like Iraq, most medical workers have no idea Allopathy is run purely for profit, and is out to harm and kill. To see its true nature exposed see one of its main rackets--Cancer.]

I hope the mods and the readers do not feel that I am veering off-topic. Although it may seem so, my soul purpose for this thread is exposure. And I beg your tolerance and allow me to bring to you what I can for your discernment. You do not have to agree. But please read. Thank you.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:19 AM

The ethical obligations to protect the best interests of children (and adults) in clinical procedures are defined by The Nuremberg Code [9]. The Code was developed in the aftermath of atrocious human experiments during World War II, and provides guidance for protecting human experimental subjects from injury, disability or death. Its main principle is the necessity to obtain voluntary informed consent from the patient.

The latter day US Government, however, offers powerful incentives to pharmaceutical companies to test on children. Companies that voluntarily test drugs on children are given a "paediatric exclusivity provision" which adds six months of patent protection or market exclusivity to their product, and means more profits [10]. The FDA also imposed a "paediatric rule" that require companies to test on children under certain circumstances. The rule includes the likelihood that the drug tested could be used on a substantial number of children and in different paediatric age groups, leading to high volume sales. The trials in Peru of a remedy for diarrhoea appear to fulfil the criteria of this rule; as do the trials of an unapproved antibiotic for meningitis in Nigeria (see below). Unregistered antibiotic tested on children

The Washington Post revealed recently that d rug giant Pfizer Pharmaceuticals was accused of conducting unethical clinical trials on children in Nigeria in 1996 [11]. This accusation was made in a Nigerian government report instigated by a whistleblower. It's a real life story echoing the sentiments of the recent hit film The Constant Gardener (SiS 30)[12] that highlights the exploitation of African patients enrolled on drugs trials, often without informed consent.

I highly recommend that everyone follow this link and read the entirety of this information. Please.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by sizzle

I've run across some threads a few months ago that address this very same subject. Here's a couple of links to those threads so I don't wind up repeating too much...Also, the research sources used within those threads are still available there.

Driving Without A License / Sovereignty etc
Activist Group Considers 'Red-Light Cam' Lawsuits

Knock yourself out!

reply to post by Yarcofin

You're wise to want to check other sources...But probably the single best source would be the Constitution & Bill of Rights. For getting some other resources & relevant links related to the Constitutuion, I mostly use We the People Foundation; These people really do their research concerning the Constitution & how the government abuses it.

I also use Pushing Hamburger. While this source is laid out as more of a "rant" against the government, they do pretty detailed research to back up their rants.

Pretty much the best hope for America I've been able to find (currently involved in the whole mess) would be Ron Paul. He has an impeccable record as far as taking his vow to the Constitution seriously. If he should get into the White House (doesn't look very likely, but anything's possible, right?), then I think it's safe to presume that the "researchers in-the-know" about the extent of political corruption could count on him to start getting the mess straightened out.

Originally posted by sizzle
Also, I recall a reference from somewhere about laws and codes. That the reason they are called 'codes' is that the average person is not meant to understand them.

Well, that's the way it turns out but, to my understanding, if it isn't Constitutionally legislated by Congress or the State legislatures, then it cannot be called a "law"...Hence, Statutes, Codes, Regulations, etc.

Technically, by the Constitution (The First Amendment & the Oaths of Office clauses), each & every Officer of all three Branches on both Federal & State levels must swear/affirm to a legally-binding Oath to act "in pursuance of" the Constitution & cannot enact any "rules" that attempt to supersede the Constitution...Therefore, by chain of common sense logic (why is it still called "common sense" when it really isn't all that common nowadays?
) it goes without saying that the government has been violating their Oaths in every conceivable way for nearly the entire history of the USA as an independent nation. And by further reasoning, it doesn't matter what they drag you into court for, since there are so few of those "laws" that are even Constitutionally valid in the first place!

It's been too long that the government has been using Law as a weapon against US Citizens...If the Government itself cannot abide by the "Rule of Law" & the "Supreme Law of the Land," then they must be made to realize that the Supreme Law of the Land (ie: The Constitution) will backfire on them. Of course, that's only if the General Public can be educated in what the Supreme Law actually is & what it means.

Originally posted by sizzle
If I could find a balance, I would be interested in looking into it.
I am more interested in sustained communities. Where they grow their own crops, etc.

I'd still advise caution, at least until the whole mess gets straightened out...After all, the government has already demonstrated that they won't hesitate to justify (by "color of law" & military action) another Waco. Just make sure that your chosen community has a well-equipped & prepared Militia...BTW, a Constitutionally-defined Militia does not require any State or Federal approval.

Originally posted by tankthinker
i want to use some of these on my law teacher, he is 100% pro government
what do you think are the best arguments i could pass by him

Personally, I'd start with the Constitution itself & point out that any Law, Statute, Code, etc. that was not enacted with "pursuance of" the Constitution is automatically null & void & futhermore, just the passing of such Unconstitutional actions constitutes Felony Offense against their Breeches of legally-binding Oaths to the Constitution! Find out his answer to that!


Originally posted by tankthinker
i can't help but saying that the ones who set up these laws are very clever and i respect them because of their ability to achieve this, but i guess there are always those who can escape their grasp

Amen, Brother (Or is it "Sister?" Never really know for sure on the internet!)! A common quote used on ATS goes, "Free your mind & your @$$ will follow."


Originally posted by Maxmars
I have never attended law school, I am not a member of the BAR. I suspect that if I am limited to receiving their 'certification' via submission to their indoctrination, I may never suffer the privilege.

Originally posted by Maxmars
A word about lawyers... Law schools were folded into the 'higher educational system' through regulation and codification (which they unwittingly unleashed upon themselves.)

I'm glad that you said that you never got that certification. Considering that the BAR is an organization that has foreign roots, that means that certification would tie you to "foreign loyaties." In the Constitution (specifically, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8), specifies that no one with "foriegn loyaties" shall be qualified for service in Congress--Yet how many such lawyers get into Congress in the first place?
This is not to mention also how many lawyers practice within the legal system itself...In short, never trust any lawyer that can lay claim to any foreign title, such as "squire."
Sizzle, your references above, concerning the "invisible puzzle" system, has only confirmed the truth of what I've known & felt for years but I had been unable to coherently describe. It's that very same "invisible puzzle" system that has been used against people throughout the whole of the known history of human civilization--Just as I've described in the thread Future Shock just a few years ago.

As a word of warning: Anyone who contends that America is a Democracy or is committing to the "spread of" Democracy is just another shill with a smokescreen--America is a Constitutional Republic because the Founding Fathers abhorred democracy as much as the "Cold War Era USA" feared communism: This is due to the fact that the Founding Fathers were already aware that anyone that can wage a successful PR campaign can sway public opinion (& thus sway votes) to manipulate 51% of the public into "voting away" the Rights of the other 49%.
In the Constitution Article 4, Section 4), our government is obligated to operate as a republican form of government--Officially defined as follows:

republic n
1 : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and is usually a president; also : a nation or other political unit having such a government
2 : a government in which supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives governing according to law; also : a nation or other political unit having such a form of government
Source: The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary

In the context of the United States, both definitions apply.

All in all, I'd have to say that you've hit on something pretty good here...Count on me to bookmark the websites you've linked!

P.S. It should go without saying; flagged & starred!

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