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for neo-nazi holocaust deniers

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:09 PM


Porter Johnston Goss (born December 10, 1938) is an American politician, who was the last Director of Central Intelligence and the [quote]first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency[/quote] following the passage of the IRTPA 2004 Act, which abolished the DCI position. A CIA officer in Latin America during the Cold War, he served as a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1989 until he took up his post at the agency.[1] Goss represented the 14th congressional district of Florida, which includes Lee County, Fort Myers, Naples, and part of Port Charlotte.

He served for a time as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. [quote]Goss was a cosponsor of the USA PATRIOT Act and was a co-chair of the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry.[/quote] Goss resigned as Director of the CIA on May 5, 2006 in a sit-down press conference with President George W. Bush from the Oval Office[2] On May 8, 2006, Bush nominated USAF Gen. Michael Hayden to be Goss's successor. Mr. Goss is an avid organic farmer.[1]


WASHINGTON (CNN) – [quote]Porter Goss said Saturday that his surprise resignation as CIA director is "just one of those mysteries,"[/quote] offering no other explanation for his sudden departure after almost two years on the job.

But two months after Goss was nominated, Bush asked Congress to implement a recommendation from the 9/11 commission to create an overall national intelligence director, which would oversee the CIA and 14 other intelligence agencies -- a change that diluted the authority of the CIA director. Negroponte, the former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, was confirmed as national intelligence director in April 2005. After the restructuring, Bush began receiving his daily intelligence briefings from Negroponte rather than Goss.

Also, see ‘Could Terrorism Result In A Constitutional Dictator?’

From Daniel Hopsicker’s

According to numerous news accounts, the CIA recruited Goss during his junior year at Yale, where he completed his bachelor's degree in ancient Greek in 1960. "During his junior year, he met a CIA recruiter through his ROTC commanders,” reported the September 24, 2002 Orlando Sentinel, in a story headlined “TERRORISM FIGHT KEEPS REP. GOSS IN POLITICAL FRAY.”

[quote]“It is true I was in CIA from approximately the late 50's to approximately the early 70's,” Goss told recent antagonist Michael Moore. [/quote]

Barry Seal was then a young-looking 24-year old. Porter Goss was the same age.

The sensitive nature of this picture was confirmed to us by a person who had known and worked with Seal since 1964, an individual who had obviously been close with the Louisiana native, the basis for the hit song in the 'mid-60's by buddy Johnny Rivers, called "Secret Agent Man.”

[quote]Seal’s will had named this man executor of his estate.[/quote] And his reaction to seeing the picture was instantaneous and shocked.

“Where did you get that?” he demanded. “I didn’t know there were any…Where did this picture come from? ”

Let’s truthfully look at Goss thru the eye of Conspiracy Planet, , in excerpts form an article by Al Martin.

Secrets of Porter Goss: CIA, Fraud & Patriot Act by AL MARTIN
(((here’s a quote by George W. Bush at Al Martin’s site tto cheer you up:[quote] "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." -- George W. Bush (August 5, 2004) [/quote])))

Now, back to Let’s truthfully look at Goss thru the eyes of Conspiracy Planet, and excerpts from Al Martin’s article.

The most sinister of these is HR3179, sponsored by Representative James Sensenbrenner and co-sponsored by the infamous/sinister Porter Goss.

And who is Porter Goss? Porter Goss, (R-FL) is surprise! a former CIA agent who left the CIA under clouded circumstances. [quote]He was a field agent but was actually forced out because of a trail of bodies that got tagged to him, literally, all over the world.[/quote]

Porter Goss had been involved in the last-ditch efforts by the CIA to save the CIA-backed and -financed regime of Nicaraguan, tin-horn, right-wing dictator Anastasio Somoza, before Somoza’s fall in 1979. After that the Sandinistas were voted into power.

The CIA … In 1979, they undertook a last-ditch effort to save the regime by attempting to assassinate the leaders of the then-nascent Sandinista movement, which became a political party shortly thereafter. … Goss …claimed he was the one who ‘turned’ the man who would later become a member of the Sandinista ruling council, Tomas Borges. Borges was subsequently the CIA ‘s point man in Nicaragua pursuant to the CIA’s narcotics trafficking during Iran Contra.

The CIA made an effort to save the dictatorship by undertaking a multi-pronged program, one with assassination. Porter Goss became too high-profile.

The KGB was aiding the Sandinistas very early on with intelligence. They were also feeding the Sandinistas weapons from Cuba to pressure and unseat the right-wing dictator Anastasio Somoza.

The KGB, in late 1979-1980, informed the Sandinista ruling council, which was headed by Daniel Ortega and his brother, of the CIA activity and what they were doing in Nicaragua. Later Ortega’s brother was assassinated by the CIA.

[quote]Goss was the Agency point man to conduct this operation to save the flagging Somoza regime. Of course, he didn’t have a title. This was done covertly, and illegally, of course -- as always.[/quote]

This program entailed the assassination of senior Sandinista members. Daniel Ortega himself was targeted and very nearly assassinated by the CIA early in 1980. It was only at the last minute, as a matter of fact, that the KGB, operating out of Managua, saved Ortega’s bacon by foiling the plot. That plot was foiled, when the KGB informed Ortega in the still nascent ruling council. This is a few months prior to the actual elections that elected the Sandinista regime. Porter Goss then had to leave Nicaragua.

Porter Goss was supported by the Republican National Committee, in particular, the Republican State committee of Florida because of his CIA background and his long-time friendship with George Bush. Remember, he was one of George Bush’s rising stars when George was DCI.

Goss then won the seat for Sarasota, Florida and subsequently he started to become involved in 1983 in Iran-Contra profiteering with Jeb and Neil Bush.

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:26 PM

(cont from previous reply … thru the eyes of Conspiracy Planet, , in excerpts from an article by Al Martin.)

That is how he got subsequently exposed in his involvement in [quote]Neil Bush’s Destin Country Club development fraud–a fraud out of which he made about $3 million illegally.[/quote] He then became involved with Carlos Cardoen and Swissco Management, and the [quote]fraud that Swissco Management committed, not only in Florida, but throughout the United States, in those so-called illicit “tax-swap deals,” which Senator Bob Graham of Florida, senior Senator, also profited in.[/quote]

So how did Porter Goss get on the current short list to be the Director of the CIA after the resignation of George Tenet? … he took the heat in 1986 when, thanks to yours truly, Goss’s involvement in the Destin Country Club group, the Swissco Management fraud, the Topsail Development Ltd. fraud, the Destin Dome development fraud, and various other Bush Family frauds was revealed in the Washington Times.

Within the Cabal, it is a proof of strength. The Cabal is strong enough to get a guy with a long history, like Porter Goss, to be DCI, to be able to get that appointment approved in Congress. It’s a test of strength. It’s a re-affirmation that the Cabal rules.

[quote]Porter Goss, it should be noted, kept his mouth shut when then DCI director George Bush Sr. was arrested in a DUI while Goss was in the car with him.[/quote]

The Bush-Cheney Regime … [are] now in de facto control of mainstream media. So, therefore, how much of Goss’s past would be brought up?

If I were going to foment an incident for the sake of political terror, to use Patriot I to seize power, I’d want a Porter Goss as DCI. You’d want somebody that’s battle-hardened, a loyalist, one who understands the game, and someone who has liquidated people before and has no problems in doing it. [quote] Porter Goss is someone who has no problem with making American citizens disappear.[/quote]

…American citizens, we should say, who find out something they shouldn’t have found out and who become politically inconvenient.

If there’s a real effort to push Goss and if Goss becomes the frontrunner, then, maybe, this history should be known and understood. The other sponsor of this legislation is Jim Sensenbrenner, … also profited during the Iran-Contra period from frauds he got pieces of from Archer Daniel Midland and from Carl Lindner of Dole, [quote] from United Fruit. He was what they call a longtime Bushonian Ag Fraud guy.[/quote]

Sensenbrenner was the one that did what he could to attempt to prevent the Kerry Commission from being formed. Sensenbrenner was famous for the comments when Iran-Contra broke apart after `86 … Sensenbrenner in 1987 made a comment about the Honduran peasants picking bananas. And the CIA had taught Honduran security people different torture methods and [quote]he said, “Oh, you have to take the whip to these Honduran peasants to keep them picking bananas.” [/quote]

To get back to the passage of Patriot II… Ashcroft would sign a Blanket National Security letter, which would give law enforcement absolutely dictatorial power, with the specific provision in Patriot II, which increases the Patriot I so-called omnibus warrant powers.

[quote]In Patriot II, it allows law enforcement to completely circumvent grand juries.[/quote] Patriot I was the secret subpoena. Patriot II is the secret arrest. So now, [quote]post-Patriot II, law enforcement will have the right to execute secret arrests to hold citizens under false names in undisclosed locations to prevent them from speaking, from even being represented by counsel, and not to be accountable as to the whereabouts of said citizens to any supervising body above them, and not to have to disclose the ultimate fate of those citizens.[/quote]

An ACLU spokesman said that this legislation “may be un-American,” but I suppose it depends on what your view of America is. America has always acted to liquidate those who know too much, to discredit them, and to set them up on false charges.

[quote]The only thing Patriot I and Patriot II does is to make legal the actions the U.S. government has always undertaken to prevent the American people from knowing the truth.[/quote] People called in to radio shows very distressed about Patriot I and Patriot II. And I say -- What are you all upset about? It has always been this way. This just legalizes it. But they listened to the lie and they believed it.

That’s why I said in “The Conspirators,” – [quote]What about these 438 citizens that disappeared in the post Iran Contra cover-up, under clouded circumstances because they knew too much.[/quote]

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:42 PM

Returning to Daniel Hopsicker, and the picture a few replies back (scroll to bottom of page, then scroll up a few replies)

Seated with Seal in that nightclub in Mexico City in 1963 are men whose lives and careers comprise a large part of America’s recent secret history …

the CIA’s much-whispered about assassination squad, Operation Forty, first helmed by then-Vice President Richard Nixon.

Barry Seal was one of them. Perhaps so was Porter Goss.
There are many intriguing connections hinted at by Goss’s presence in the photo: at the time it was taken the

CIA's covert action chief in Mexico City was David Atlee Phillips, AKA Maurice Bishop, who reportedly met with Oswald in Dallas before the assassination.

Other connections: in the well-received “Deadly Secrets,” authors Warren Hinkle and William Turner name Rafael 'Chi Chi' Quintero, Lois Posada Carriles, Felix Rodriguez and Frank Sturgis as members of Operation Forty, under the overall control of E. Howard Hunt.

Sturgis, a member of the team that broke into Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in 1972, later admitted to having been part of Operation Forty.

[quote]More famous names: Thomas Clines, the notorious Edwin Wilson and "Blond Ghost" Ted Shackley, Mr. Spook himself… all involved with Operation Forty, as was Barry Seal. [/quote]

“Yeah, Barry was Op Forty,” Gerald Hemming confirmed to us. “He flew in killer teams inside the island (Cuba) before the invasion to take out Fidel.”

CIA Colonel William Bishop showed author Dick Russell a series of photographs of "Latin-looking individuals. On the backs of the pictures were the words

[quote]"Special talent 1960-65, Ice pick man ... Butcher... Sniper and demo [demolition] expert ... Propaganda ... Knife man... Pilot and navigator ... Mutilator."

When nephew Chuck Giancana wrote about Mob Boss Sam Giancana’s strategic move to Mexico in early 1963, he too touched on Operation Forty. "It was to be an all-out, no-holds-barred Latin American push. Mooney (Giancana) settled into a lavish Mexico City apartment and went right to work, drawing on the expertise and mammoth resources of [quote]the recently-formed CIA team of assassins and operatives specifically trained for Latin American clandestine operations. CIA insiders jokingly dubbed the team the White Hand, an allusion to the Mafia killer progenitors ‘the Black Hand.’"[/quote]

“Rep. Porter J. Goss has disclosed precious few details of his CIA employment from roughly 1960 to 1971,” reported a profile in the Associated Press. Reuters called him a “mystery man,” and said he had been “close-mouthed about his past.”

“He worked in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Mexico-tumultuous countries during that decade of the Cold War,” Reuters reported.

During a 2002 interview with The Washington Post, [quote]Goss joked that he performed photo interpretation and "small-boat handling," which led to "some very interesting moments in the Florida Straits."

He acknowledged he had recruited and run foreign agents and said he would be uncomfortable traveling to Cuba but wouldn't say more. [/quote]

After the CIA-backed coup against Castro collapsed at the Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy fired CIA chief Allen Dulles. That same year another young Ivy League graduate entered the high-stakes espionage game being played out between the Florida Keys and the coast of Cuba...

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 03:38 AM
Excepts from, Welcome to Terrorland Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press

“In the spring of 2001—while Mohamed Atta was at his school—Rudi Dekkers did something so incredible that we spent over a year examining it in befuddled amazement. At the same time he was receiving the most painful kind of humiliating coverage in the local press (‘Huffman Rent Is Late, Again’), Rudi Dekkers and Wally Hilliard blithely launch an airline. They called it Florida Air, or FLAIR.”

“We were not surprised to discover no one in the local aviation community thought the move made any business sense. All agreed that FLAIR was a doomed venture from day one. Once again, the question was why were they doing it. If both had not had business with Mohamed Atta, it might not have mattered. But they had. They chose, as partner, a man named Rick Boehlke, who owned an air carrier called Harbor Air, in Gig Harbor, Washington. Boehlke was also, just then, a participant in Portland, OR., in the $340 million looting of pension funds of mostly Mob-led unions, like the Laborers Union…”

“... What were the odds that Rudi Dekkers and Wally Hilliard would go looking for a business partner and come up with a guy with Mob ties who’s helping pull off a spectacular $300 million heist?...

Meanwhile, Mohamed Atta was still at Huffman Aviation, doing no one knows quite what. Was it outside the realm of possibility that all three men—Dekkers, Boehlke, and Hilliard worked for the same company? A company, or network, specializing in ‘niches’ like looting pension funds and training terrorists to fly?

What are the odds, that the men who helped terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta establish his American beachhead would be in business with a partner who robs banks... from the inside"

“Rudi Dekkers and Wally Hilliard were discovered to have been doing—and with whom—while Mohamed Atta practiced touch and go’s at their facilities in Venice and Naples. Florida Air launched with great fanfare in the Spring of 2001. Dekkers and Hilliard had started another aviation business that did not make business sense.”

“During its brief two-month existence, Mohamed Atta may well have flown for the airline as a co-pilot.

No one will admit it, but there were terrorists inside the cockpit of an American airline plane during the year 2001 who didn’t need box-cutters to get there.

“… take a closer look at Rick Boehlke, at Florida Air, and at Rudi Dekkers and Wally Hilliard… How many businessmen behind on their rent for six month in a row have the gall, or chutzpah, to at the same time start a new airline? Was it not enough for Rudi and Wally that they were already losing money hand-over-fist in their flight school venture, they decided they might as well be losing millions in an airline as well?”

“ ‘Rudi and Wally were running a whole bunch of companies as if they were just one entity,’ Bill Bersch explained. ‘They had Florida Air, Dekkers Aviation Group, Florida Air Holdings, LLC and even Florida Air Holdings, Inc. but since they intermingled funds all the time, I just thought of them as one company. They all had the same personnel and the same management, and they were all the same company.’”

“So commingling funds was the preferred way of doing business for Wally Hilliard. We’d thought it was illegal. This became more important when we learned that Hilliard was involved with another flight school bankruptcy, in Orlando, where hundreds of students at Discover Air were ripped off when Hilliard’s partner the school’s owner, skipped town.’”

“The chief and, indeed, only accomplishment of Boehlke and Dekkers’ unsuccessful airline was that it provided a rationale for the presence on the tarmac of the Venice Airport of a half dozen British Aerospace Jetstreams poised within easy reach of Caribbean hot spots.

Well the airline did have one other accomplishment: it was publicly endorsed by then-Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris…”

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 04:25 AM

Excepts from, Welcome to Terrorland Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press

“Boehlke’s Harbor Air had invested $8 million in new planes to accommodate more passengers in 1999, for example, and company officials said 2000 was a profitable year. But the firm’s debts had already mounted to the point where management just cashed out and split.

“... Was Rick Boehlke an innocent businessman having a horrible string of bad luck? Or had he been feathering a bank account in the Caymans? Like Rudi Dekkers, all his companies were losers … even his ‘flagship’ assisted living company. ‘Even Boehlke’s Alterra Health Care went sideways,’ said an aviation observer in Tacoma. ‘The stock went from $38 three years ago to 22 cents.’ The ‘cover’ story we heard was: Boehlke lost $40 million in the stock market…”

“Observers in Washington noted that he was not, however, running noticeably short of cash.’”

“... Eric Mason explained. ‘Richard Boehlke started in business creating freestanding retirement homes, and he at one point had the largest company, the largest holding of these freestanding retirement homes in the country. One of the retirement homes that belongs to the company that Richard Boehlke once held was just a stone’s throw from the airport where Mohamed Atta was trained.

But, just a few hundred feet down the block from Huffman Aviation in Venice, Boehlke’s company, Alterra, built a gleaming new assisted living facility during the 1990’s.

Surely there couldn’t be any connection between the assisted living industry and covert operations?

A block away from the Venice Airport, on the opposite side of the street from Boehlke’s assisted living home facility, is a large and stately colonial building which looks eerily like the plush digs of the law firm in the Tom Cruise movie ‘The Firm.’”

“The elegant building certainly seems out of place alongside the weed-strewn airport perimeter.

It was built, we learned, to house the national headquarters of nursing home giant Beverly Enterprises, which was owned at the time they built it by a name almost synonymous with American covert operations.

Gleaming like a movie set in Florida’s sunshine,

the opulent three-story red brick building is a monument to the rivers of money which have flowed through the financial empire of Jackson Stephens, whose name has been linked with every major American scandal of the past generation: from BCCI to contra coc aine through Mena, Arkansas.”

“In an ironic twist worthy of the spy fiction of John LeCarre, the very thing that made Venice seem to us such an unlikely destination resort for Arab terrorists—its elderly population—attracted the home office of a nursing home company controlled by a man whose name is synonymous with American covert operations during the past several decades…”

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 04:29 AM

Excepts from, Welcome to Terrorland Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press

“... On Friday morning, January 24, 2003, Rudi and his helicopter ‘splashed down’ at the mouth of a river spilling into the Gulf. He had been en route to a showdown over Huffman Aviation with his erstwhile partner Wally Hilliard, with whom he had been publicly feuding.”

“Just a few short months earlier it had been fellow Magic Dutch Boy Arne Kruithof’s turn. Kruithof was one of three men who barely survived the crash of their Twin Beech D-18, which plummeted from 100 feet in the air to a runway at the Venice Airport. The men were able to drag themselves out of the mangled fuselage and dash to safety moments before the plane’s 300 gallons of fuel exploded in a fireball. It made for a great picture in the next-day Venice Gondolier.”

“When the tumultuous Dekkers crashed his helicopter into the Caloosahatchee River, his latest misadventure made the news everywhere from Sarasota to South Africa.

“... Rudi Dekkers’ unexplained helicopter crash came while he was on his way to a Venice meeting to sign papers relinquishing control of terror flight school Huffman Aviation to Wally Hilliard. The two simultaneous events—the crash, and being forced out of business by his partner—weren’t linked by law enforcement.
But the strange timing added another bizarre twist to the saga of the 46 year-old Dutch national, who had already achieved international notoriety.”

“On Friday, Sept. 14, three days after the Sept. 11 attack, cab driver Simpson was contacted by the FBI, who questioned him closely about an associate of Atta’s, a Middle Eastern man who owned the convenience store across the street from the apartment building where Simpson said he picked him up.... ‘I said yes, I recognized Mohamed Atta,’ Simpson continued. ‘I’m the day driver for Yellow Cab in Venice, and he was in my cab a bunch of times in August, 2001. The night driver had him even more than I did.’”

“So the FBI clearly knew—much earlier than we—that Atta was in Venice just before the attack.
‘They were especially interested in a rich Saudi guy that I’d been sent to pick up at the Orlando Executive Airport. They said they already knew that he’d ridden in my cab because they’d gotten my cab number from a surveillance camera there.’ The FBI agents asked specific and direct questions focused on several trips to the Orlando Executive Airport beginning in December 2000, said Simpson.”

“Simpson told the FBI he had been asked to drive to Orlando by a convenience store owner in Venice, a Middle Eastern man who was an associate of Atta’s and who left town shortly after the attack. ‘I took the store owner, and when he got to Orlando Executive Airport, we waited together for a flight to come in. then out comes this really wealthy Saudi businessman, dressed in Armani and shades, as well as his wife, who was wearing traditional Arab clothing.’”

“ ‘The store owner knew him really well. They hugged, and I am sure he was bringing the store owner a lot of money, because you could tell that he had a lot of money. The first thing they wanted to do was go to a good restaurant, so there we were, steak, lobster, everything. The guy had a lot of money. I just know this meeting had to do with this wealthy Saudi businessman bringing him money.’ After dinner they proceeded back to the Venice apartment of the convenience store owner, the one where Simpson said he picked up Atta several times. ‘I took them back to Venice, and to the apartment, where I had to carry in luggage. I guess this wealthy Saudi businessman stayed there at the apartment too, at least that’s where I left him.’”

“Six weeks later, Simpson said, he drove the wealthy Saudi’s wife back to the Orlando Airport, once again leaving from the convenience store owner’s Venice apartment. When he arrived to pick up the fare, he was asked to help carry a chest down to the cab. The chest was so heavy, he said, it took two people to carry.

The man who helped him carry it down the stairs to the cab, says Simpson, was Zacharias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker.

“Simpson’s identification of Moussaoui in Venice added confirmation to the story we’d heard about the second ‘Magic Dutch Boy,’ Arne Kruithof, being grilled for two days at the Sarasota, Florida, Courthouse about his connections to Mousaoui by a Justice Department Asst. Attorney General and top-level officials from the FBI, there taking depositions from potential witnesses in Moussaoui’s upcoming trial. So Moussaoui was in Venice too. The FBI has said nothing about it.”

“Also of major significance was Simpson’s statement that on several occasions he drove Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi from Venice to the Orlando Executive Airport, a considerable distance, on one-way trips. This places the two men at the same scene where Huffman Aviation’s true owner, Wally Hilliard, lost a Lear jet after it was discovered to have 43 pounds of Heroin onboard. Hilliard also owns a flight school and commuter airline in Orlando as well.”

Also see 'the WTC/911 heroin connection'

and, 'May 7, 2008 -- Drug Pilot, VOTING MACHINE EXEC killed on CIA Plane'

and, 'Global X Group' ... CIA drug planes part of 50-plane deal -- linked to WTC/911

and, ''Saudi Flights' from WTC/911 on Mob, CIA-Linked Air Charters'

and, 'videos ... WTC/911 terrorist Mohamed Atta's blond girlfriend gives exclusive interviews'

and, 'Feb 2008 -- Same plane that flew McCain also flew Saudis out of U.S. after 911'

and, 'congrats on your new book ...The Rise of the Fourth Reich -- I have a couple questions.'

also, 'Jessie James, Ollie North, Ku Klux Klan, Special Forces linked to MLK,jr & Barry Seal murders'

also, Obama and the Bilderbergers'

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:45 PM
Excepts from, Welcome to Terrorland Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press

“... both Charlotte County Airport, and Venice 40 miles to the north were unlikely hotbeds of covert activity, and … Barry Seal’s Iran Contra buddies have their fingerprints all over operations at two tiny airports frequented by the terrorists. Still, Atta had hung out in both places.

“Moss also regularly dropped duffel bags—military issue, natch—filled with contra coc aine onto the Louisiana ‘farm’ of Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, according to the U.S. Government. Besides being big in the drug business, Seal was a life-long CIA operative, something which quickly became ‘inconvenient knowledge’ during Iran Contra."

“Moss had been under investigation for narcotics offenses since 1979, it turned out, by no less than ten different law enforcement agencies …[and] Moss was one of the first pilots chosen to fly Contra supply missions. He was there at the inception of the ‘contra coc aine’ business run with the tacit approval of shadowy government figures like then-CIA Director Bill Casey.”


“Atta had learned [to fly jets] at U.S. military facilities,
we discovered. As many as seven of the hijackers were in this country at the invitation of the U.S. Government. Keeping this knowledge secret has been an objective of the cover-up currently in progress.

On the Saturday following the Tuesday attack, the Los Angeles Times broke the story in a long article on their front page... ‘A defense official said

two of the hijackers were former Saudi fighter pilots,’ reported the paper, ‘who had studied in exchange programs at the Defense Language School at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.’”

Sunday, September 15th. Newsweek, the Washington Post and the Miami Herald all reported

as many as seven of the terrorist hijackers in the September 11th attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations.

‘Two of 19 suspects named by the FBI, Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmed Alghamdi, have the same names as men listed at a housing facility for foreign military trainees at Pensacola. Two others, Hamza Alghamdi and Ahmed Alnami, have names similar to individuals listed in public records as using the same address inside the base,’ the Washington Post reported.”

A man named Saeed Alghamdi graduated from the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, while men with the same names as two other hijackers, Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari, appear as graduates of the U.S. International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and the Aerospace Medical School at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, respectively,’ the Post said.”

“According to the Post, seven of the suspected hijackers had been in the U.S. receiving military training. Newsweek said U.S. military officials gave the FBI information suggesting that five of the alleged hijackers received training in the 1990’s at secure U.S. military installations.

Three of them listed their address on driver licenses and car registrations as an address on the base of the Pensacola Naval Air Station which houses foreign-military flight trainees. ‘Pentagon Spokesman, Colonel Ken McClellan, said a man named Mohamed Atta had once attended the International Officers school at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama,’ reported USA Today.”

Amanda [Atta’s girlfriend] had noticed discrepancies in Atta’s ‘flight student’ cover story. Mohamed wanted his commercial license really bad, she said. But that never made any sense to her. ‘It doesn’t make any sense because he was allowed to fly students at that airport... He was allowed to fly new students. He flew to Tampa with Timothy. But Timothy was flying and Mohamed was in the co-pilot’s seat, telling Timothy what to do, just like an instructor.’”

“ ‘Timothy,’ we later discovered, is Timothy Hupfeld, a German friend of Atta’s from Hamburg, about whom we have heard nothing from the major media. Timothy had a sister, Sabrina, who was close to Atta as well. Amanda had a nickname for Timothy Hupfeld. She called him the ‘Ice Man,’ she said. All of Atta’s friends already had pilot licenses from other countries, she said.

“ ‘This is what I don’t understand,’ she continued. ‘He (Mohamed) said he was a student, yet he was allowed to fly other students, he was allowed to go off on his own, and he had the privileges of an instructor, which is why Mohamed didn’t fly the plane when I went up (to Tampa) with him, he just sat there and told (Timothy) what to do.’ This is crucial information. It clearly indicates that the government and media have not come anywhere close to clean about the status of Mohamed Atta in the United States.”

“... Swiss police questioned Yeslam [bin Laden] because one of his companies, Avcon Air Charter, had offered flight training to clients at the Venice flight school attended by some of the hijackers.

As a result of what Le Monde called ‘a still unexplained coincidence,’ the pilots of Yeslam bin Laden’s company trained at Huffman Aviation in Florida, the paper stated.

‘I didn’t chose that flight school,’ Yeslam protested. ‘I don’t have contact with my half-brother since over 20 years ago.’”

“Swiss magazine L’Hebdo reported that Swiss federal inspectors were seeking information on the activities of several bin Laden family companies, including Geneva-based Saudi Investment Company, a financial clearinghouse for the family’s international investments, and Avcon Business Jets SA, which owned a fleet of private jets which it leased to clients.”

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 02:09 PM

Concluding excepts from, 'Welcome to Terrorland Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida'; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press

“Less than three weeks after Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi began flying lessons on July 6, 2000, a Lear jet belonging to the true owner of Huffman Aviation, financier Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, Florida, was seized by Federal Agents at the Orlando Executive Airport after they discovered 43-pounds of heroin onboard. In the drug trade, 43-pounds of heroin is known as ‘heavy weight.’”

“We first learned of the heroin seizure during an interview with John Villada, an aviation executive in Naples who was intimately associated with Dekker’s and Hilliard’s various aviation businesses. He managed the firm’s dozen or so jets, he told us, and he, too, had been shocked and amazed at the casual and arrogant way the two men dealt with various federal officials and agencies, like the FAA. Dekkers forged Villada’s signature on a repair order, he told us, stating required repair work on the helicopter had been completed. When he discovered it, Villada said, he was legally compelled to report the violation to the FAA.”

‘When Rudi was reported to the FAA for violations, an FAA guy came out and sat us down and said: ‘I suggest you back out of this.’ I couldn’t believe it. I called the FAA to report a violation and was warned to leave him alone.’ Villada dropped a bombshell. ‘After Wally’s plane was impounded with the heroin and his pilots had machine guns stuck in their faces, the DEA came to visit our maintenance facility and Wally shouted out to me—right in front of the DEA guy—‘Make sure all the heroin and coc aine gets hidden!’”

“Like Dekkers and Wally, Diego Levine-Texar had a ‘hall pass’ from the FAA, which might explain his casual attitude while being busted.
‘One time in Miami, Diego got busted because he had no pilot’s license,’ related a Naples aviation insider. ‘He was a terrific pilot, but he just hadn’t ever bothered to get his license. He should have been in trouble. But he said, ‘the FAA lost my file,’ and—as a courtesy!—the FAA administered a 4-hour test on the spot and let him go on his way.’ Diego had some juice.”

“What we heard about Diego: He flies a huge Gulfstream jet that looks like the interior of a Ritz Carlton Hotel... His father owns a big furniture manufacturing plant in Venezuela... Diego was trying to buy a Cheyenne (airplane) for the Venezuelan Air Force... Diego’s day job was chief pilot for Venezuela’s Air Force One. When he wasn’t arrested flying Hilliard’s Lear jet, was it just dumb luck? That’s too absurd. No, what we are looking at is protected drug trafficking. CIA-approved. Probably dressed up as a ‘controlled delivery.’ No wonder information about him was considered ‘sensitive.’ Whoever he was, Diego Levine was no amateur free-lancer. Diego’s calls to the FAA got promptly returned. Diego is ‘home team.’”

“Someone behind the scenes had been pulling strings in Virginia to win a government contract for a company housed in a hangar at Huffman Aviation in Venice. Nobody in Virginia could figure out why. And that’s when the CIA’s links to Rudi Dekkers and Wally Hilliard finally began to come into focus.

At a Lynchburg City Council hearing on the dispute, we learned there had been vocal objections from local aviation observers baffled at why a company with no qualifications was being awarded a contract over a much better-qualified local Lynchburg aviation company for a large regional maintenance facility designed for major carriers.”

“When Britannia was chosen for the contract in Lynchburg, local Lynchburg news reports on the controversy questioned why the tiny unknown firm from Venice [Britannia Aviation] was being shoe-horned in at the Lynchburg Airport. ‘Some commission members were concerned that they hadn’t seen details of Britannia’s bid until this past Wednesday, and that the company’s un-audited finances weren’t given to commissioners until some had asked for it,’ the Lynchburg News and Advance reported.”

“If ever there was a transparent dummy ‘front’ company Britannia Aviation was it. It didn’t even possess the necessary FAA license to perform the aircraft maintenance services for which it had just been contracted. Yet it had been chosen over a respected and successful local Lynchburg company which boasted a multi-million dollar balance sheet and more than 40 employees. No one knew anything about Britannia Aviation, other than that it had been housed at Huffman Aviation. Still, the airport manager, who had recently moved over from the FAA, greased the way for the company, and the City Fathers of Lynchburg agreed.

Out at the Lynchburg Airport, everyone wanted to know what gave Britannia its ‘stroke’ with government officials.”

“The Tampa Tribune report offered tantalizing glimpses of privilege accorded Saudi nationals denied to American citizens. We figured the evacuation of the Saudis to have been accomplished through the CIA
and tried to track down the owner of the Lear in question. Since the plane took off from a private hanger at Raytheon Airport Services in Tampa, we contacted them first.”

“Raytheon is a major defense-intelligence industry player which spent the past decade expanding, purchasing notorious E-Systems and then merging with Hughes Electronics’ defense operations (Hughes Aircraft). When we asked who had owned the Lear that took off from their facility that morning, we learned that Catch-22 is still alive and well. Raytheon said we would have to ask the owner of the plane to tell Raytheon they could tell us who owned the plane...”

“Later a knowledgeable aviation source told us that the Lear jet in question had come from a Naples, Florida charter service. ‘Wally Hilliard owns the only charter Lear service in southwest Florida,’ said the source. ‘If a Lear was flying that day, it would have been his.’ Hilliard is the financier who purchased Huffman Aviation for Rudi Dekkers, and it had been the terrorist’s American beachhead. So not only had Hilliard financed the operation which trained Mohamed Atta and assorted other members of his terrorist cadre to fly, but he apparently also owned a Lear jet used to extricate Saudis from the Raytheon facility in Tampa.”

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:57 PM
There's a very informative posting deeply tied in to this thread, about the network of nazis, neo-nazis, the Bormann org, the banks & central banks comprising the NWO & Third, Fourth & Fifth Reichs, I'd like to refer you to:

'Obama (almost?) backed by Bush & Deutche Bank, Union Bank, Brown Bros Harriman, neo-Nazi's & ex-Enron execs, (not to mention, Carlyle)'

Apparently the president-elect opened up a great can of worms for us because in picking Johnson we've reviewed the interlocking board directorate of Johnson's merchant bank, which includes UNION BANK and BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN and DEUTCHE BANK and former ENRON execs, as well as a host of investment banks that are major shareholdes of the Fed ... all of which we've dealt with extensively in this thread.

I'll be extensively going into the board members of Johnson's merchant bank and what companies they represent &/or represented, because that directorate and their orgs read like a who's who of:

Carlyle group
NWO conspirators
Bormann Group conspirators
2012 conspirators
Mortgage crises conspirators
High gas & food price conspirators
conspirators behind 30 ongoing oil & drug wars
Bormann pharmeceutical companies that may be involved in biowar

I'm going to be extracting the main points from this entire thread this coming week and putting it into newsletter article form and submitting it to ATS.

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:17 PM
(I'm just finishing up several days investigation on al Qaeda & Bush [CIA-MI6] & Rev. Moon heroin/coc aine smuggling interests in the Tri-Border area of South America and I'll be posting here soon on that. However, here's an interesting item involving al Qaeda & drug smuggling & MI-5.)

MI5 spy quits over sex scandal

He had responsibility for watching al-Qaida suspects, Russian spies, crime bosses and drug lords.

AN MI5 officer has resigned after admitting his wife was a prostitute who took part in a Nazi-style orgy

Well, THEY got rid of that specialist; he must have been on to something THEY didn't want anyone to know about.

ALSO, for to see what he was most likely aware of, see and

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 03:50 PM
al Qaeda (bin Laden & The Muslim Brotherhood) still involved with Bush clan, (& historically Ollie North & Monsar al Kassar) ... & the Rev. Moon cult, all in the Tri-Border Area of South America; added: Hezbollah

http:// youtube. com/watch?v=zRUXRbabnbY&feature=related
Bushes blow birthday candle for Reverend Moon's wife

Paraguayans accuse Moon of carving out an empire of smack

Moon's agenda in Paraguay: Ecological paradise without labor laws, or one-stop narcotics supershop twice the size of Luxembourg? ...Irish Times Oct 14, 2004, by reporter Seamus Mirodan of UK's Telegraph.

*** NOTE: The Iran contra affair was operated from Ciudad del Este" on the south-east Paraguayan border with Argentina and Brazil. ***

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, spiritual leader of the Unification Church, self-proclaimed Messiah, multimillionaire and a generous contributor to the US Republican Party, has been showing a strong interest over the last five years in little-known Paraguay at the centre of the South American continent.

Since 1999, Rev Moon has built his personal empire which begins on the marshy banks of the River Paraguay and stretches beyond the hazy, level horizon through 600,000 hectares of arid land - equivalent to more than two Luxembourgs - punctuated by solitary clusters of withered trees and sad bushes which struggle desperately for air.

It is here in the northern province of Chaco, directly above the Guarani aquifer, the largest resource of fresh drinking water in the world, where Moon's associates claim he wishes to build an ecological paradise.

Nevertheless, national Senator Domingo Laino sees a different pattern in Moon's acquisitions.

"There are two principal branches to Moon's interest in Paraguay," he said, "control of the largest fresh drinking water source in the world and control of the narcotics business",
which is so prevalent in this area. "President Lula told me that Brazil took serious measures to curb Moon a few years back as it became evident that he was buying up the border between our two countries," said the senator.

Allegations from local law enforcement officials support this claim. The so-called Dr Montiel, Paraguay's drugs tsar from 1976-89, said:

"The fact that they came and bought in Chaco and on both sides of the Brazilian border is very telling. It is an enormously strategic point in both the narcotics and arms trades and indeed the available intelligence clearly shows that the Moon sect is involved in both these enterprises."

Paraguay is the major drugs port through which virtually all the coc aine produced by Bolivia and Peru passes.
In the world's second most corrupt country, "the ease of buying influence is second to none", said Montiel. "Corruption reaches dangerous levels and he who wants transparency in Paraguay is a dead man.

Indeed the famous Iran contra affair was operated from Ciudad del Este" on the south-east Paraguayan border with Argentina and Brazil.

According to Senator Emilio Camacho: "The Moon sect is a mafia. They seek to subvert government control and are effectively building a state within a state. I believe they are hoping the local population will leave so they have unquestioned authority in the zone and are free to do whatever they want."

http:// youtube. com/watch?v=Hqm9JLZ2Rz0&feature=related
George Bush's world tour with Rev. Moon and Pat Boone

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al Qaeda (bin Laden & The Muslim Brotherhood) involvment with Bush clan & the Rev. Moon cult in the Tri-Border Area of South America & WTC/911; added: Hezbollah
Note: the Triple Border is where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet.

(for bizarre Moon sex practices, see

[Moon's] exorbitant spending on politicians, largely conservative, hasn’t hurt either; his Washington Times foundation gave $1 million to the George H.W. Bush presidential library and has paid the former president untold amounts in speaking fees.”
-- from

NEIL BUSH (2005)
from Moon praises RP officials for interfaith initiative, by Ben R. Rosario, Manila Bulletin Online

Together with peace leaders that included Neil Bush, younger brother of US President George W. Bush, Moon arrived yesterday as part of a 100-day tour that is taking him to 100 cities in 67 nations and covering a journey of almost 100,000 miles.

De Venecia was at the airport to welcome Moon and his 11-member delegation that included Dr. Chung Kwak, chairman of the International Inter-religious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP); Dr. Thomas Walsh, secretary-general of IIFWP; and Dong Moon Joo, president of the Washington Times.

from a Seymour Hersh article in New Yorker:

"Rumsfeld began complaining to his deputies about General Holland's caution soon after September 11th. A few days after the attacks, he asked Holland to compile a list of terrorist targets for immediate retaliation. Holland returned two weeks later with four possible targets—

suspected Islamic-fundamentalist redoubts in Somalia, Mauritania, the Philippines, and the Triple Frontier, the point where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet.

But the General also told Rumsfeld that an immediate attack wasn't possible, because the military did not have "actionable intelligence" on the proposed targets, according to a defense consultant. The retaliation would have to wait until the war in Afghanistan got under way. The Defense Secretary was not pleased.

"Latin America’s fastest-growing faith resents terror allegations from U.S."

Islam has become the fastest-growing religion in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

In Venezuela, rumors of a terrorist camp in Margarita along with 16 months of political unrest in Caracas have prompted officials and prominent members of the Muslim community to go on a public relations offensive.

Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians began migrating to South America with the decline of the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s. More recently, civil war in Lebanon, violence in the Middle East and economic stagnation have driven more Muslims to the New World. Muslims are found in every country in the region, from Mexico to Argentina. Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, Brazil, are home to an estimated 1.5 million each.

A ride along the broad, brown water of Guyana's Demerara River shows how much Islam has spread. About 45 minutes south of Georgetown, past clusters of Hindu prayer flags, a half-dozen green and white mosques stand along the East Bank Public Road. Ten years ago, Guyana had 100 mosques; today it has 130, with well over 100,000 followers among the country's 750,000 people.

Saudi Arabia, founded on the principle to spread Islam, has financed the construction of mosques and Islamic centers in Caracas, Buenos Aires and Brazil, including one in Foz do Iguaçu, on the Brazilian side of the triple border area.

The Sheik Ibrahim mosque in Caracas, the continent's second largest, was built with funding from the Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz Al Ibrahim Foundation, according to Iman Omar Kaddoura. The Saudi royal family established the foundation to help the spread of Islam. But according to published reports,

the FBI uncovered ties between the foundation and Osama bin Laden while investigating U.S. Embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in 1998.

The Saudis also built the Islamic Center in Buenos Aires, dedicated last year.

The $25 million complex in the upscale neighborhood of Palomar sits on land that former President Carlos Menem donated to the Saudi government.

The center, of polished marble, combines a mosque and library. Unlike mosques in other parts of the city, this one demands that everyone entering announce himself, state his business and clear security. The building is open to the public only at designated times, and only members of the diplomatic community worship there.

Signs of terrorism

In a low building tucked behind a business park near Miami's Doral Country Club, military analysts talk of a potential hotbed of terrorism near our shores.

Here at U.S. Southern Command there are concerns that the ingredients for nurturing Islamic terrorist groups already exist to the south: A large and growing Islamic population with historical roots to Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and India; rugged terrain and dense jungle that make it easy to hide; guerrilla groups willing to exchange drugs for arms; governments in the grip of economic downturns; police and military struggling to cover large territories with too few men, and too little training and resources. Legal systems are weak.

Law enforcement agencies rarely cooperate with colleagues across borders.

Now, with Colombian guerrilla and paramilitary groups moving their firefights from the countryside to the cities, and the re-emergence of groups such as the Shining Path in Peru, the U.S. Southern Command, responsible for the hemisphere's security, wants Washington to act. Without U.S. aid to cash-strapped governments, terrorist groups in Latin America and the Caribbean could grow, forge alliances among each other and make the conflict in Colombia and its threat to our national security look like a schoolyard fight.

from, "Hezbollah Finances: Funding the Party of God"

In the United States, law enforcement officials are investigating a variety of criminal enterprises suspected of funding Middle Eastern terrorist groups, including the stealing and reselling of baby formula, food stamp fraud, and scams involving grocery coupons, welfare claims, credit cards, and even unlicensed t-shirts sales. U.S. officials believe "a substantial portion" of the estimated millions of dollars raised by Middle Eastern terrorist groups comes from the $20 million to $30 million annually brought in by the illicit scam industry in America.

Recent examples include an Arab-American in Detroit caught smuggling $12 million in fraudulent cashiers checks into the United States, and a fitness trainer in Boston accused of providing customers' social security and credit card numbers to Abd al-Ghani Meskini, an associate of Ahmad Ressam, the Algerian convicted of plotting to blow up Los Angeles international airport in 2000. (73) A senior U.S. law enforcement official concluded, "There is a significant amount of money moved out of the United States attributed to fraud that goes to terrorism."

(cont) with a focus on South America & the Tri-Border Area

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 04:58 PM
al Qaeda (bin Laden & The Muslim Brotherhood) involvment with Bush clan & the Rev. Moon cult in the Tri-Border Area of South America & WTC/911; added: Hezbollah
Note: the Triple Border is where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet.

from, Hezbollah Finances: Funding the Party of God

In South America, Hezbollah operatives engage in a wide range of criminal enterprises to raise, transfer, and launder funds in support of their terrorist activities. These enterprises include, among others, mafia-style shakedowns of local Arab communities, sophisticated import-export scams involving traders from India and Hong Kong, and small-scale businesses that engage in a few thousand dollars worth of business but transfer tens of thousands of dollars around the globe.

In one case, Paraguayan officials arrested Ali Khalil Mehri for selling millions of dollars in pirated software and funding Hezbollah with some of the profits.

The tri-border area is especially important to Hezbollah, where the group raises close to $10,000,000 a year, according to a study produced by the U.S. Naval War College.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, Assad Barakat, “threatened TBA [triborder area] shopkeepers who are sympathetic to Hezbollah’s cause with having family members in Lebanon placed on a ‘Hezbollah blacklist’ if the shopkeepers did not pay their quota to Hezbollah via Barakat.”

The Treasury Department noted that Barakat is reported to be “the deputy to a Hezbollah financial director, Ali Kazan, and the primary liaison in the TBA for Hezbollah’s Spiritual Leader Hussein Fadlallah.”

Barakat not only served as a treasurer for Hezbollah, he was also “involved in a counterfeiting ring that distributes fake U.S. dollars and generates cash to fund Hezbollah operations” and personally couriered contributions to Lebanon for Hezbollah.

Hezbollah activities in Latin America, however, are by no means limited to the triborder area. Chilean officials have identified several import-export companies, primarily located in free trade zones such as the Iquique Free Trade Zone (ZOFRI) in northern Chile, that are suspected as serving as either

front organizations or shell companies for Hezbollah. These include Kalmiar Ltd, Bahamas Ltd., Las Vegas Nevada Ltd., San Francisco Ltd., Saleh Trading Ltd., Frankfourt Ltd., Guarany Ltd., Teen Chile Ltd., and Lucky Crown Ltd.

According to Chilean law enforcement officials, “starting in 1980 Lebanese members of Hezbollah have been expanding its presence in South America and continue developing its network of contacts in the Triple Border area.”

In 1994 and 1995, these officials note, Hezbollah operatives began visiting Chile “to establish a new operational center for the development of their activities since the authorities of the Triple Border countries initiated greater and more rigorous control with respect to the activities of these foreigners, especially the Lebanese, who according to information provided by international security services are associated with terrorist members of Hezbollah.”

According to a U.S. Naval War College report, “U.S. Southern Command estimates that Islamist terrorist groups raise between three hundred million and five hundred million dollars per year in the Triple Frontier and the duty-free zones of Iquique, Colon, Maicao, and Margarita Island.”

Hezbollah members in Venezuela—centered within the large Lebanese expatriate community on Margarita Island—helped several members of the Hezbollah cell in Charlotte, North Carolina infiltrate into the United States through Venezuela in 1992. (91) In the free trade area of Maicao, Columbia, Hezbollah is believed to participate in

cigarette smuggling
and may have operated a clandestine radio station broadcasting the group’s propaganda. (92)

Hezbollah also raises money from the drugs and diamonds to support their operations. Hezbollah benefits both financially and operationally from the Beka'a Valley's poppy crop, which the group trades to Israeli-Arabs for intelligence on Israeli infrastructure and placement of Israeli soldiers. Israeli authorities have broken up a series of Israeli-Arab cells working for Hezbollah in return for money and, frequently, drugs.

NOTE: regarding 'cigarette smuggling', this refers to the laundering of heroin with cigarettes, see "No. 3" at "The top 3 unknown conspiracies of our lifetimes", at

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:46 PM
al Qaeda (bin Laden & The Muslim Brotherhood) involvment with Bush clan & the Rev. Moon cult in the Tri-Border Area of South America & WTC/911; added: Hezbollah; added: oil.
Note: the Triple Border is where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet.

ALSO NOTE: to an extent, the Administration has switched from prusing Saudi-linked Al Qaeda -- to -- Iranian-linked Hezbollah, in general & specifically in Venezuela.

from, August 9, 2005 -- U.S. base in Paraguay established to protect Sun Myung Moon's water and land resources. & at the source

With U.S. troops currently protecting Halliburton's oil operations in Iraq and the CentGas pipeline in Afghanistan, U.S. troops are now being sent to Paraguay, complete with immunity
from criminal prosecution by Paraguay or the International Criminal Court,

to protect the millions of acres of Paraguayan water and land resources bought over the years by religious cult leader Sun Myung Moon. It is not coincidential that Moon's Unification Church has many followers within the Bush administration.

Last month, 500 U.S. troops arrived in Paraguay to expand the Mariscal Estigarriba air base to handle large U.S. military transport planes. Moon's land acquisitions in Chaco Province are just north of the huge Guarani aquifer, one of the world's largest sources of fresh water.

In addition,

Moon has acquired large tracts of land on the Brazilian side of the Paraguayan border. Local villagers in Paraguay and Brazil claim that most of Moon's land acquisitions were fraudulent and illegal.
Moon's World Unification Church operates in Paraguay under a corporate contrivance called the Victoria Company.

Paraguay has also announced that everyone entering and leaving Paraguay will be photographed and fingerprinted. Not coincidentally,

the new border control system is being financed by South Korea.

There is clearly a split within the Paraguayan government, with the Vice President and Pentagon neo-con ally Luis Castiglioni negotiating, along with a majority in the Paraguayan Congress, close bilateral military ties with the United States, apparently without the concurrence of President Nicanor Duarte. It is no coincidence that considering the oil-centric Bush administration, the Mariscal Estigarriba air base is close to large Bolivian natural gas reserves in the neighboring Bolivian provinces of Santa Cruz and Tarija.

The U.S. move in Paraguay comes at the same time the U.S. is stepping up its "counter-narcotics" operations from its Manta, Ecuador base
and Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is accusing the United States of using Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) personnel in Latin America as espionage agents trying to destabilize his government.

In addition, the Paraguayan military operations are seen as a Bush administration attempt to intimidate neighboring Bolivia, where MAS Socialist party and coca farmer (cocalero) leader Evo Morales is poised to become the next President
in scheduled December elections after years of popular demonstrations which saw Bolivian workers and peasants deposing a series of pro-U.S. presidents.

A Morales government would add another anti-U.S. and free trade government in South America, joining Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

So soon, the mothers and fathers of U.S. military personnel will be able to take comfort in sacrificing the lives of their sons and daughters for

[Moon,] a self-proclaimed Messiah, a non-English speaking Korean who claims to have saved the souls of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Stalin, and Hitler
and communicates regularly with others in his departed flock of adherents, including all the deceased Presidents of the United States (who, Moon claims, appointed Richard Nixon as their spokesman from the "hereafter").

from, The Political, Economic, Social, Cultural, and Religious Trends in the Middle East and the Gulf and Their Impact on Energy Supply, Security, and Pricing: Seminar Report

"Moreover, as the US considers its future role as the protector of the free flow of oil from the Mideast and into Asia, it will have to address domestic constituencies that may not fully understand the global nature of oil economics and will as such, question US military policies in an environment where the

imports entering the US may not in great measure be from the Mideast but rather from Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and Latin America."

Venezuela aims to increase 2008 oil output from old fields

17-03-08 Venezuela's Oil Ministry plans to focus this year on pumping more crude from the country's western region, an area known for its mature oil wells. The ministry will open more wells and use more drill equipment in these areas so that "in 2008, production can reach an average of 937,000 bpd," up from 907,000 in 2007, according to the ministry's plans outlined in its 2007 year-end report.

With this in mind, the ministry will drill 485 new wells and will repair another 374 oil wells, the document showed. Venezuela's western provinces include the oil-rich Maracaibo lake, as well as the country's Paraguana refining centre.

State oil company Petroleos de Venezuela, or PdVSA, aims to bring output to 1.2 mm bpd in the west by 2013.
Total crude output coming from Venezuela is a number few know with certainty. The government claims to produce close to 3.2 mm bpd, but data from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other sources puts total production closer to 2.4 mm bpd.

The country has struggled with oil production since 2003 and when President Hugo Chavez fired thousands of PdVSA workers and executives following an oil strike.

At her Senate confirmation hearing Jan. 18, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described Venezuela as "a negative force in the region," criticizing Chavez for his close ties to Communist-ruled Cuba and for moves to suppress internal opposition.

OPEC wants to lift production capacity by 5 mm bpd by 2012

22-04-08 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) plans to lift production capacity by 5 mm bpd by 2012, the cartel's secretary general Abdalla Salem El-Badri said.
Speaking on the sidelines of the International Energy Forum, El-Badri also said that the cartel aimed to boost production capacity by 9 mm bpd by 2020.

OPEC, which produces 40 % of the world's oil, comprises Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Its current output stands at about 32 mm bpd. Production costs have risen by 50-60 % in the last few years as a result of wage inflation and equipment costs.
"That's why oil prices haven't really been a boon to producers," he said.

The increased production costs could set back investment plans by around one year, he said. At present, the cartel had excess capacity of about 3 mm bpd, El-Badri said. OPEC's President, Algerian minister Chakib Khelil, had put excess capacity at just 2mm bpd.
El-Badri said that OPEC was currently investment $ 150-160 mm in 120 different projects.

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the Tri-Border Area of South America (cont)
(also, for S&M "nazi sex orgy" scandal removing an MI-5 agent likely aware of all this, see


from "Terrorism’s New Geography", by Sebastian Junger, in Vanity Fair, Dec 2002:

...the development of the Triple Border area of Latin America as an operational epicenter for terrorist groups. In addition to Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, the region has become a base for neo-Nazi operatives, as well as groups from European countries.

The area is formed by the junction of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and the proximity of these three enormously corrupt countries has made the region a hotbed of criminal activity of all kinds.

Among the most alarming aspects of this investigation is the apparent operational liaison between Al Qaeda and neo-Nazi elements.

. . . Hezbollah and Hamas cells easily integrated themselves into this tightly knit Muslim community. Not only is it an ideal place to blend in, but a huge amount of money is funneled back to Lebanon to support the cause.

Bank records show that a Lebanese businessman named Assad Ahmad Mohamad Barakat—who owns one of the largest shopping malls in Ciudad del Este—has transferred thousands of dollars to Hezbollah over the years. A month after the September 11 attacks, Paraguayan police, under intense pressure from the United States, swept Ciudad del Este and arrested a dozen or so suspected money-launderers.


Barakat himself managed to escape the raid, but in his office the police found

scores of copies of an al-Qaeda promotional video.
He had been making them, apparently, to distribute to extremists in Triple Border. Carlos Calcena, the Paraguayan prosecutor in charge of the case, has tracked tens of thousands of dollars in money transfers from the port town of Iquique, Chile, to Ciudad del Este, to a Chase Manhattan bank account in the name of “Mr. Barakat’ in Long Island City, New York.

. . . And there were Americans at the camp as well. Risi learned about one of them and on January 12, 1996, he says, he took a polygraph test and made a statement to the Federal Court in Buenos Aires testifying to everything he knew about this American. The man—whose name also won’t be divulged—is an ex-Special Forces soldier who had been a communications expert in Vietnam and had seen combat there. He returned home to join the Michigan Militia, then converted to Islam, worked in Jordan, and became associated with another American, who had been investigated by the D.E.A. for activities in Central America.

Now, according to Risi, the Vietnam vet, who speaks Spanish, is in Triple Border with two other American extremists,

acting as an instructor at one of the terrorist training camps.
He is also responsible for security operations and provided armed guards when top al-Qaeda and Hezbollah associates—in particular, Muganiyah—were in town.

Well, now & somewhat overwhelming, try this little 2003, 90-page Library of Congress report: TERRORIST AND ORGANIZED CRIME GROUPS IN THE TRI-BORDER AREA (TBA) OF SOUTH AMERICA

Library of Congress – Federal Research Division Tri-Border Area (TBA)

This report assesses the activities of organized crime groups, terrorist groups, and narcotics traffickers in general in the Tri-Border Area (TBA) of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, focusing mainly on the period since 1999.

Some of the related topics discussed, such as governmental and police corruption and anti-money-laundering laws, may also apply in part to the three TBA countries in general in addition to the TBA.

This is unavoidable because the TBA cannot be discussed entirely as an isolated entity. Based entirely on open sources, this assessment ... is based in part on the author’s earlier research paper entitled “Narcotics-Funded Terrorist/Extremist Groups in Latin America” (May 2002). It has also made extensive use of sources available on the Internet,
including Argentine, Brazilian, and Paraguayan newspaper articles.

One of the most relevant Spanish-language sources used for this assessment was Mariano César Bartolomé’s paper entitled, "Amenazas a la seguridad de los estados: La triple frontera como ‘área gris’ en el cono
sur americano [Threats to the Security of States: The Triborder as a ‘Grey Area’ in the Southern Cone of South America] (2001)."

This report also includes an appendix containing brief profiles of six alleged operatives of Islamic fundamentalist groups in the TBA and a diagram of drug-trafficking routes in the region.

Library of Congress – Federal Research Division Tri-Border Area (TBA)--EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Islamic Terrorist Groups and Activities in the Tri-Border Area (TBA)
… various Islamic terrorist groups have used the TBA—where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet—as a haven for fund-raising, recruiting, plotting terrorist attacks elsewhere in the TBA countries or the Americas in general, and other such activities.

Islamic terrorist groups with a presence in the TBA reportedly include Egypt’s Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (Islamic Group) and Al-Jihad (Islamic Jihad), al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizballah, and al-Muqawamah (the Resistance; also spelled al-Moqawama), which is a pro-Iran wing of the Lebanon-based Hizballah.

Islamic terrorist groups have used the TBA for fund-raising, drug trafficking, money laundering, plotting, and other activities in support of their organizations.

The large Arab community in the TBA is highly conducive to the establishment of sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists, including Hizballah and al Qaeda.

Nevertheless, as many as 11,000 members of the Islamic community in the TBA may have moved since late 2001 to other less closely watched Arab population centers in South America.

Library of Congress – Federal Research Division Tri-Border Area (TBA)
The TBA as a Haven and Base for Islamic Terrorist Groups

􀂙 various Islamic terrorist groups, including the Egyptian Al-Jihad (Islamic Jihad) and Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (Islamic Group), Hamas, Hizballah, and al Qaeda, probably have a presence in the TBA;

􀂙 Hizballah and al Qaeda are probably cooperating in the region, but definitive proof of this collaboration, in the form of a specific document, did not surface in this review;

􀂙 Islamic terrorist groups are using the TBA for purposes of safe haven, fund-raising, money laundering, recruitment, training, plotting, and other terrorist-related activities;

􀂙 terrorism within the TBA by Islamic terrorist groups has been limited to selective, mafia-like assassinations of business or community leaders who may be opposing their interests;

􀂙 the Islamic fundamentalist groups’ activities in the TBA are in support of their international organizations and the Islamic jihad against the United States and U.S.

􀂙 Hizballah has reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from narcotics and arms trafficking, product piracy, and other illicit activities in the TBA;

􀂙 a substantial number of members of the Islamic terrorist groups in the TBA have probably moved out of the region since late 2001 to other areas of South America, such as Chile, Uruguay, and Venezuela, where they may be under less pressure by security forces than in the TBA; and


if TBA-based Hizballah and al Qaeda operatives are plotting any anti-U.S. terrorist attacks, their most likely targets would be U.S. embassies and consulates in South America.

(concluded next reply post)

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the Tri-Border Area of South America (cont)
(also, for S&M "nazi sex orgy" scandal removing an MI-5 agent likely aware of all this, see

This assessment (continued from to wit: 2003, 90-page Library of Congress report: TERRORIST AND ORGANIZED CRIME GROUPS IN THE TRI-BORDER AREA (TBA) OF SOUTH AMERICA -- also concludes that:

􀂙 the Tri-Border Area of South America (TBA) is highly popular with other organized crime groups, which use the region to launder billions of dollars every year and to earn multi-million-dollar profits by engaging in narcotics and arms trafficking and other illicit activities;


an informal tripartite alliance exists among the Islamic terrorist groups, the organized crime mafias, and the many corrupt government or police officials
in the TBA and elsewhere in the TBA countries;

􀂙 this informal alliance appears to be primarily oriented toward reaping multi-million-dollar profits from illicit activities;


various Chinese Mafia groups operate in the TBA and are attempting to expand their activities into Argentina and elsewhere;


the Chinese and Russian (Chechen) mafias reportedly are collaborating with the Islamic terrorist groups in the region, especially with al Qaeda;


the Hong Kong Mafia, which has close relations with the Hizballah network in the TBA, is particularly active in the product-piracy business;

􀂙 indigenous Argentine, Brazilian, and Paraguayan mafia groups are also actively involved in the TBA.

Efforts to Counter Organized Crime and Terrorism in the TBA
This assessment also concludes that:

􀂙 widespread corruption at all levels of government and police in the three TBA countries is facilitating the activities of the Islamic terrorist groups and organized crime in the TBA;

􀂙 the capabilities of the security and investigative forces in the TBA are inadequate for ridding the region of the Islamic terrorist groups, organized crime mafias, and corrupt officials who do business with them; and

􀂙 laws for combating terrorist fund-raising, money laundering, organized crime activities in general, and official corruption are also inadequate.

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the Tri-Border Area of South America (cont)

"South America's 'tri-border' back on terrorism radar", November 8, 2002 ,

CIUDAD DEL ESTE, Paraguay (CNN) -- The area of South America known as the tri-border region, which drew the attention of antiterrorism experts after September 11, has again become a point of concern.

CNN has learned from coalition intelligence sources that several top terrorist operatives met recently in the area -- where the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay intersect -- to plan attacks against U.S. and Israeli targets in the Western hemisphere. (Map of the tri-border region)

Sources said the meetings, which took place in and around Ciudad del Este, were attended by representatives of Hezbollah and other groups sympathetic to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist network.

Two weeks ago, Argentina's security agencies issued a strong terrorist warning.

"We had intelligence that pointed to increased terrorist activity," said Miguel Toma, who runs SIDE, the Argentine equivalent of the U.S. CIA.


A Mini-chronology of Islamic Terrorist Activity
in the Tri-border Region

March 17, 1992
Terrorists bomb the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 people. Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for the bombing, stating that it is in reponse to Israel’s slaying of Shiite leader Sheik Abbas al-Musawi in February 1992. The State Department believes the Islamic Jihad claim is a cover for Hizballah.

July 18, 1994
Terrorists bomb a Jewish community center, the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA), in downtown Buenos Aires, killing 86 people.

July 19, 1994
A suicide bomber blows himself up on a commuter aircraft in Panama, killing twelve Jewish businessmen and nine other passengers. The State Department speculates that this may have been a Hizballah operation.

April 28, 1996
Israeli military officials indicate that a Hizballah guerilla squad has been arrested and detained in the tri-border area, as it prepared to carry out an attack against Jewish institutions.

April 4, 1997
In a video shown on Argentine television, the brother of a former Hizballah leader acknowledges Hizballah’s involvement in the 1992 Israeli embassy bombing.

Undercover Argentine SIDE (Secretariat of State Intelligence) agents report that they “had detected the presence of agents from the organization of Saudi terrorist Usama bin Laden in the border area, and had discovered that, for the first time in history, extremist Sunni and Shi’ite groups were working together in Ciudad del Este and Foz do Iguacu.”

January 1999
El Said Hassan Ali Mohamed Mukhlis, an Egyptian living in Ciudad del Este who was allegedly tied to Egypt’s Islamic Group and with a terrorist cell tied to Usama bin Laden’s al-Qai’da network, is arrested in the capital of Uruguay. Mukhlis is alleged to have had a role in both bombings in Argentina and the Luxor attack in Egypt.

December 22, 1999
Acting on information that simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paraguay, Argentina, and Canada are imminent law enforcement officials conduct simultaneous operations in their respective countries and in the tri-border area to intimidate sympathizers of Hizballah and Hamas whose leaders are reportedly planning attacks on Jewish targets in the Southern Cone and North America to undermine Middle East peace talks.

March 22-23, 2000
A former Iranian intelligence officer testifies at the Argentine Embassy in Mexico, accusing former Argentine president, Carlos Saul Menem, of accepting a bribe of $10 million to conceal Iran’s implications in the AMIA bombing in 1994.

April 2001
According to the CIA, al-Qai’da allegedly plans two attacks against U.S. embassies in Quito, Ecuador, and Montevideo, Uruguay. The attacks have not taken place to date.

September 19, 2001
In an interview with a Brazilian newspaper, former Brazilian drug czar Walter Fanganiello Maierovitch alleges that Usama bin Laden is setting up an al-Qai’da cell in the tri-border region.

April 18, 2002
Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage speaks before the House Appropriations Foreign Operations Subcommittee stating that the U.S. government suspects that al-Qai’da and Hizballah are operating near Ecuador’s borders with Colombia and Peru.

May 21, 2002
The U.S. Department of State annual report on terrorism indicates that intelligence and security organizations have not detected the presence of al-Qai’da, but have found groups linked to Hizballah and the Hamas in the tri-border area. [This contrasts Richard Armitage’s assertion in his April 18 testimony.]

May 24, 2002
Cairo’s Al-Qanat newspaper, citing “security sources in Washington,” alleges that the U.S. Army has formed a special commando unit to attack Hizballah facilities in the tri-border region.

Late 2001-2002
Using information uncovered in Afghanistan, U.S. intelligence agencies identify a group of Middle Eastern men in South America suspected of having ties to Usama bin Laden.


(below) Sounds like a mix of Odessa/Bormann Org German Nazis & Arab Nazis (not long after the CIA bought the Muslim Brother from MI-6).

"Terrorist threat in the Tri-Border Area: myth or reality?",
Military Review, Sept-Oct, 2004 by Philip K.

The TBA, South America's busiest contraband and smuggling center, is home to a large, active Arab and Muslim community consisting of a Shi'a majority, a Sunni minority, and a small population of Christians who emigrated from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and the Palestinian territories about 50 years ago. Most of these Arab immigrants are involved in commerce in Ciudad del Este but live in Foz do Iguacu on the Brazilian side of the Iguacu River.

According to international terrorism expert John Price, "The economy of Ciudad del Este is dominated by illegal activity focused on smuggling contraband products, pirating software and music, and money laundering of coc aine production revenue." (1)

Even though it has a population of only 300,000, Ciudad del Este has approximately 55 different banks and foreign exchange shops.
The United States estimates that $6 billion a year in illegal funds are laundered there, an amount equivalent to 50 percent of the official gross domestic product of Paraguay. Carlos Altemberger, chief of Paraguay's antiterrorist unit, says terrorists partly finance their operations by remitting dollars from Ciudad del Este to the Middle East. (2)

Ambassador Philip Wilcox, former Department of State (DOS) Coordinator for Counterterrorism, testified before the international Relations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives that Hezbollah activities in the TBA have involved narcotics, smuggling, and terrorism. Many believe the TBS's Arab and Muslim community contains hardcore terrorist sympathizers with direct ties to Hezbollah, the pro-Iranian, Lebanese Shiite terrorist group; Hamas, the Palestinian fundamentalist group; the Egyptian group Islamic Jihad; and even al-Qaeda. (3) However, Arab and Muslim TBA leaders claim their community members are moderates who have lived in harmony with the rest of the population for many years and have rejected extremist views and terrorism.

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the Tri-Border Area of South America (cont)

Brazilian director to make Hollywood action movie about Tri-border area

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Brazilian director Jose Padilha, who won the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival for his violent cop thriller "Elite Squad," is attached to make an untitled action movie at Warner Bros.

The story, by Jason Keller, revolves around an American Federal agent who goes undercover in South America's dangerous

tri-border area, described by Nunnari as a modern day Dodge City,
trying to dismantle a terrorist funding network. The project was at one point titled "A Willing Patriot."

The producers hope to pair a major American star with a major Latin star.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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Tri-border area of South America (cont)

Note the presence of Monsar al Kassar -- George Bush's via Oliver North's trading partner in Iran-Contra.

Also, note the presence of ENRON.

from, “Terrorism’s New Geography” by Sebastian Junger; Vanity Fair; December, 2002.

“The remarkable lapse of American efforts to monitor al-Qaeda in Triple Border can be traced back to 1999, when relations between the C.I.A. and Argentina’s Secretariat of State Intelligence (SIDE) suffered a complete breakdown. Several years earlier, the C.I.A. had asked its counterparts at SIDE to infiltrate the Triple Border area in order to obtain information on Islamic extremist groups there, particularly on Hezbollah. The operation was called ‘Centauro.’

“The report, which was handed over in 1999, contained information that the C.I.A. rejected as implausible, according to SIDE. (An intelligence insider believes that the C.I.A. did pursue the information, but encountered resistance higher up. ‘I was personally involved in tracking terrorists to Triple Border,’ says ex-C.I.A. officer Robert Baer. ‘We were aware it was a platform for them to go after the U.S.’)”

“SIDE agents had identified al-Qaeda operatives in Triple Border, recorded meetings of Islamic extremists in the mosques in Ciudad del Este and in Foz do Iguacu, infiltrated moles into terrorist groups, detailed al-Qaeda indoctrination and fund-raising efforts, and provided evidence of terrorist training camps on the Paraguay-Brazil border.

According to Argentinean news sources, the C.I.A. accused SIDE of retaliating by leaking a photograph of then C.I.A. Buenos Aires station chief Ross Newland to a local newspaper in January 2001. Several months later, Newland returned to the United States, and the C.I.A. severed almost all ties with SIDE, dumping it instead into the hands of the F.B.I., which also failed to exploit the information. The Centauro operation languished until the September 11 attacks, when the C.I.A. re-discovered its interest in Triple Border.”

“Terrorism established itself beyond a doubt in Argentina in the early 1990’s. Around 10 o’clock on the morning of July 18, 1994, a white Renault Traffic packed with 600 pounds of ammonium nitrate—a fertilizer—and fuel exploded next to the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association in downtown Buenos Aires. The explosion was so powerful that it brought down most of the seven-story building.

“Terrorists had struck once before. Two years earlier, a Ford F-100 truck loaded with the high explosive Semtex had blown up in front of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires and killed 29 people.

The truck had been bought in Ciudad del Este with hundred-dollar bills reportedly traced to a currency-exchange house in Lebanon that belonged to Monzer al-Kassar
, an infamous arms dealer. Al-Kassar had extensive ties to the Syrian government and its intelligence apparatus and was suspected of a laundry list of illegal arms deals and terrorist acts, including the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship.

He [al Kassar] was also suspected of brokering a deal in 1989 between Argentinean president Carlos Menem and Syria, whereby the Syrians would make a $100 million ‘campaign contribution’ to Menem in exchange for the sale of a nuclear reactor and an Argentinean missile system called Condor II.
A bilateral pact between Syria and Iran tied both countries to the purchases.”


“The Condor missile had a range of 1,000 kilometers and was widely considered to be superior to the Russian Scud missiles that were already available to Syria.

Under heavy pressure from the United States, Menem—a close friend of the first President George Bush, who forced through a $300 million deal for Enron in Argentina, in which the company received huge tax breaks
—made a goodwill visit to Israel and reneged on both the missile-system and nuclear-reactor sales. Critics accused him of pursuing a ‘carnal’ relationship with the United States, and within months terrorists had carried out the first of their two attacks.”

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CIA interrogation techinques in the Tri-border area; & throughout South America
(see links to operational interrogation techniques, at bottom of post)

The CIA used two secret manuals [see below for links] during Terry Ward’s career to train Latin American militaries and security services in interrogating suspects, one titled "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation - July 1963," and a updated version titled "Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual -1983."

These two documents were declassified in January 1997 in response to a 1994 Freedom of Information Act request by the Baltimore Sun, and the Sun’s threat of a lawsuit under FOIA. The Sun headlined its report on the documents (27 January 1997, by Gary Cohn, Ginger Thompson, and Mark Matthews) as

"Torture was taught by CIA."

The Sun’s story noted the admonition on page 46 of the 1963 manual that when planning an interrogation room, "the electric current should be known in advance, so that transformers or other modifying devices will be on hand if needed." The Sun reported that "...this referred to the application of electric shocks to interrogation suspects."

The 1963 manual included a 22-page section titled "The Coercive Counterintelligence Interrogation of Resistant Sources," which on page 100 admonishes that "drugs (and the other aids discussed in this section) should not be used persistently to facilitate the interrogative debriefing that follows capitulation. Their function is to cause capitulation, to aid in the shift from resistance to cooperation. Once this shift has been accomplished, coercive techniques should be abandoned both for moral reasons and because they are unnecessary and even counter-productive."

The 1983 manual as declassified included numerous revisions made by CIA apparently in July 1984

in the wake of public revelations about a CIA "assassination" manual used by the Nicaraguan contras.

The revisions added a full page following the table of contents labeled "Prohibition against use of force," and overwrote in hand-printed letters most of the manual’s references to "coercive techniques." For example, the 1983 sentence on the second page of the introduction read

"While we do not stress the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make you aware of them and the proper way to use them." The 1984 revisions overwrote "do not stress" with the word "deplore" and replaced the phrase "the proper way to use them" with the phrase "so that you may avoid them."


CIA Counterintelligence Interrogation … techniques used in South America

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 27


“The CIA in Latin America”, March 14, 2000

Washington Post featured an op-ed.“Hardly a Distinguished Career,” written by National Security Archive director Tom Blanton and commenting on the CIA’s decision to award the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal to the highest-ranking CIA official fired in a 1995 scandal for failing to inform Congress about the CIA’s ties to human rights abuses in Guatemala.

Document 1: The Biographic Register, U.S. Department of State, July 1973, p. 402

According to State Department biographical registers and journalistic accounts, Terry R. Ward started his career at the CIA in the early 1960s, initially in Laos as a paramilitary officer. He served under diplomatic cover in a series of CIA stations in Latin America: Argentina in 1965 to 1968, the Dominican Republic from 1968 to 1970, Bolivia from 1970 to 1972, Venezuela from 1973 to 1975, and Peru from 1975 to 1977.

By the middle 1980s, he had risen to the position of deputy chief of the Latin American division of the CIA’s directorate of operations. In 1987 and 1988, he was station chief in Honduras, supervising the CIA’s Nicaraguan contra operation. In early 1989, he returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, as chief of the Latin American division. In 1993 he became station chief in Switzerland, where he was when CIA director John Deutch fired him in 1995.

Document 2: CIA Training Manual, "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation," July 1963 (excerpt).

Document 3: CIA Training Manual, "Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual," 1983 (excerpt).

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