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for neo-nazi holocaust deniers

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 02:05 AM
Soviet counter-offensive drove Wehrmacht back, out of Russia and Eastern Europe, from territory Germany had conquered and occupied.

Nazi High Command tried to hide evidence of its butchery of war prisoners, and civilians. Slave labor was organized to dig up corpses of victims, then burn them in bonfires. Bonfires burned for days. Bones not destroyed in fire were crushed in machines designed to crush human bones, then slave labor scattered crushed bones and ashes into fields.
June 1943, Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himmler, and Major General of SS Police Katzmann, issued orders to dig up and burn corpses of civilians and war prisoners tortured to death or machine-gunned near Lvov. Sodenkommando No. 1005 consisted of 125 men, commanded by Hauptsturmbannfuehrer Scherlak.

They removed corpses from mass burial pits, 1,600 corpses they stacked in piles, covered with tar and gasoline, then burned. Ashes were sifted to collect gold teeth, rings, and watches executioners had missed. The Sodenkommando recovered one-hundred-and-ten kilos of gold teeth, watches and rings from several sites …then, sent it to Germany.

In Yanovska Extermination Camp in Lvov, Germans had a special school for extermination camp commandants from Lublin, Warsaw and Cracow. Chief Scherlak, Sodenkommando No 1005, taught commandants to dig up bodies, stack them, burn them, sift ashes for gold, crush the bones, fill-in the pits ...then, plant trees and shrubs for camouflage.

Fall 1944, Red Army troops reach Tody German Extermination Camp near Looga Estonia. Smell of burning human flesh comes from the forest. Red Army finds four huge, smoldering hills of corpses ...3,000 men, women, and children ...recently butchered …intellectuals from Vilan, Riga, and Tallinn …including Soviet prisoners of war.

Yanovska Extermination Camp in Lvov produced concrete, but that day, prisoners collected pine logs, bringing logs to a forest meadow by Yanovska. Germans had them put the logs on the grass in rows, made prisoners lie face down on logs ...then, machine-gunned them. Victims screamed. Then, more prisoners were made to lay a row of logs on the murdered people, and lie face down on those logs ...then, they were machine-gunned. Their were five layers of corpses sandwiched with four rows of logs. There were more logs to lay on the victims, but Germans knew Red Army was nearing, so Germans poured gasoline on the corpses, and burned them.

SS returned to the Yanovska Extermination Camp in Lvov, herded remaining women, and children, into barracks ...forced them to lie on the floor ...machine-gunned them ...then, set the barracks on fire. Several men and women who weren’t dead tried jumping out windows of burning barracks, but were shot. Their half-burned bodies lay on the ground, when Soviet liberation troops arrived. Some Red Army soldiers found corpses of their wives, and children, burned at the camp …no, Russian soldiers would show no mercy to Germany. British and Americans were not as determined.

Nazi Germany was suffering military defeat. But, the battle to win the peace was just beginning. General Staff considered military loss of World War II ...a temporary defeat ...just as they’d considered military loss of World War I, temporary military defeat ... in the 1,000 year Reich new World Order. They prepared plans to win the peace ...have a Third World War ...a fourth ...a fifth, as many as were necessary for a handful of German and American and British ruling families of the new World Order … to rule the world, with Fed majority shareholder financing ... the masters of war.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 02:05 AM
From 1939 to 1941, Gehlen and Nazi Wehrmacht over-ran borders of peaceful countries, into Soviet Russia ...led by Fehme death squad leaders, spies, sadists, and anti-Semite gangsters of Schwarze Reichswehr. Wehrmacht was led by murderers, assassins. Wehrmacht officers included SS and Gestapo officers ...Ordensburgen graduates. Ordensburgen ...a special military school for training SS and Gestapo officers to degrade, kill and torture.

Wehrmacht cut a path of human suffering through the countryside. Ordensburgen graduates, from Berlin and Munich, preyed on citizens of Paris, Brussels, Prague, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Kiev, and Kharkov. Factories in Hamburg, Berlin, and Dresden were built ... to provide Gestapo and SS with torture tools ... pliers to pull out fingernails ...thumbscrews ...hand-presses ...shackles ...chain-handcuffs ...racks ...whips ...bludgeons ...electrical devices to burn men and women alive, to scald people ...presses to crush bones.

In four years of German occupation of Paris, Nazis tortured and murdered 75,000. Germany military prisons in Paris had baths of freezing water to submerge prisoners until they were unconscious ...rooms of men and women burned with electricity ...prisoners shackled to walls, then burned with fire. Nazis called torture, ‘interrogation’ ...striking the face, the body below the belt ...beatings with truncheons, cat-of-nine tails ...tying people to tables, then, beating them ...hanging people from ropes, then, whipping them, then, letting them fall on pointed wooden blocks ...burning people with lit cigars ...crushing fingers in screw-presses ...burning people with electric needles.

The techniques of Wehrmacht brutality, and terrorism, was not restricted only to trained officers, Gestapo agents, and SS men.
Wehrmacht brutality was designed to stamp out opposition, to terrorize indigenous populations in invaded countries. And, at the same time, to create morale in German troops.

Each German soldier became a team player, led by German General Staff. German General Staff psywar experts made each soldier an accomplice to Wehrmacht’s criminal war, issued standing orders that German soldiers ...rape women ...torture people ...assassinate citizens in Nazi occupied countries … business as usual. Looting, rape, murder, and robbery by German soldiers in Europe was proven, German psychological terrorism.

July 17, 1941 Nazi Supreme Command issued orders to Wehrmacht Propaganda Company Commanders . ‘Foster in every German officer and German soldier, personal material interest in war.’
So, in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and the Mid-East ...German officers and German soldiers ...ransacked homes, stealing clothing, shoes, watches, kitchen utensils, baby wear, underwear and furs ...drove army vehicles up to shops, and looted them, removing entire inventories ...stripped civilians on public streets of shoes, cloths, jewelry, glasses, wallets.

Nazi Supreme Command scheduled needed transportation, for German soldiers and officers shipping booty home. Freight-train cars, and truck convoys, filled with stolen goods, flooded into Germany. German homes were furnished with stolen furniture. German pantries filled with stolen food. German farms received stolen livestock. German shops sold stolen clothes. German women and children wore clothing stolen from women and children of France, Belgium, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by counterterrorist

Craig Roberts’, General Reinhard Gehlen & The OSS: “The countries of choice were Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Within a few years after their arrival, right-wing government ‘death squads’ made their first appearances.

Dr. Joseph Mengele, who specialized in crude genetic experiments on Jewish concentration camp inmates, and mass murderer Klaus Barbie, the ‘Butcher of Lyon’.

Serge Klarsfeld’s, Holocaust, Children of Izieu, described Nazi Klaus Barbie. In 1944 the Nazi Gestapo from Lyon, under Klaus Barbie, sent two vans to the French village of Izieu to exterminate children of an orphanage.

Klaus Barbie was born in Bad Godesberg, near Bonn, Oct. 25, 1913. He joined SS, the began a career in espionage. May 1941, Barbie was, posted as an intelligence officer to the Nazi Bureau of Jewish Affairs. He was attached to Amsterdam Gestapo, in Nov. 1942, was posted to Lyon, France. He was to penetrate and destroy the resistance in Lyon. He carried out his task with brutality. Simone Lagrange, a soft-spoken Holocaust survivor, whose family was exterminated, recalled the arrest of her father, mother and herself, Jun. 6, 1944. Denounced by a French neighbor as Jews, Simone and her parents were taken to Gestapo headquarters.

He was caressing the cat. And me, a kid, 13 years old ... During the following week, Barbie hauled her out of a prison cell each day, yanked her by her hair, beat and punched at her open wounds ... to get information.

Another survivor, Lise Lesevre, recalled how Klaus Barbie tortured her for nine days in 1944, beating her, nearly drowning her in a bathtub. She told how she was hung up by handcuffs with spikes inside them, then, beaten with a rubber bar. She was ordered to strip naked, then, get into a tub filled with freezing water. Her legs were tied to a bar across the tub, while Barbie yanked a chain attached to the bar, to pull her underwater. During an interrogation, Barbie ordered her to lie flat on a chair. He struck her on the back, with a spiked ball attached to a chain. It broke a vertebrae ...she suffered the rest of her life.

Another survivor, Ennat Leger, said Klaus Barbie ‘had the eyes of a monster. He was savage. My God, he was savage! It was unimaginable. He broke my teeth. He pulled my hair back. He put a bottle in my mouth and pushed it, until my lips split, from the pressure.’

Jean Moulin was mercilessly tortured by Klaus Barbie, and his men. Hot needles where shoved under his fingernails. His fingers were forced through the narrow space between the hinges of a door, and a wall ...then the door was repeatedly slammed til knuckles broke. Screw-levered handcuffs were put on Moulin, tightened til they bit through his flesh, breaking the bones of his wrists. He would not talk. He was whipped. He was beaten. His face was unrecognizable pulp.

A fellow prisoner, Christian Pineau, later described the resistance leader as, ‘unconscious, his eyes dug in, as though punched through his head. An ugly blue wound scarred his temple. A mute rattle came out of his swollen lips.’ Jean Moulin remained in this coma, when he was shown to other resistance leaders being interrogated at Gestapo headquarters. Barbie ordered Moulin put on display, in an office. His unconscious form, sprawled on a chaise lounge. His face was yellow, his breathing heavy, his head swathed in bandages. It was the last time Moulin was seen alive.

On behalf of his cruelty, and especially for the Moulin case, Barbie was awarded, by Hitler himself, the ‘First Class Iron Cross with Swords’.
After the war, Klaus Barbie was recruited by the Western Allies. First, he worked for the British, until 1947. Then, he switched his allegiance to Americans. He was protected, and employed, by American intelligence agents ...because of his ‘police skills’ and anti-communist zeal …he penetrated communist cells in the German Communist Party.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 12:26 PM
Oswieczim ...known by its German name, Auschwitz.

Harriman’s Soviet cartels would deliver the raw materials, Rockefeller’s high-tech German companies …the Thyssens …would process the manganese into steel for Harriman’s railroads. To save transportation costs, the robber barons looked for middle ground in eastern Poland for a future factory site. It had to be in the coal fields of Silesia, on the banks of the Vistula river, where a canal could be dug to ship materials in cheaply, from Russia. The Polish town was named, Oswieczim, ...later known to the world by its German name, Auschwitz. It was not a killing factory then, although slave labor was always contemplated for the maximum profit factor. Auschwitz was designed to process Silesian coal into tar additives necessary for Russian aviation fuel. It was a high tech German chemical factory, built to balance out Harriman’s Russia-to-Germany export trade.

The Rockefeller-Harriman front company that financed Auschwitz was called, Brown Brothers Harriman. It is still around today. Our President’s great grandfather, Herbert Walker, founded the company and appointed his son-in-law, Prescott Bush, to the boards of several holding companies, all of which became Nazi fronts. The Walkers and Bushes never really liked the Nazis, any more than Harriman liked the communists. To the robber barons, they were just dogs on a leash.

The robber barons saw it coming. Their lawyers, the Dulles brothers, had a contingency plan. They established three banks in Germany ...Holland ...and, New York (Union Banking Corp., headed by the ever-useful son-in-law, Prescott Bush. No matter who won World war II, the corporate stocks would be shifted around to whichever bank was in a neutral country when the war was over, to avoid seizure.

After World War II, the Dulles brothers’ shell game deceived a gullible and war-weary world. The ‘neutral’ Dutch bank reclaimed their German assets as ‘stolen’ by the Nazis …and, the whole merry fraud continued.

Prescott Bush got his Union Bank back from the U.S. Government in 1951, despite its seizure in 1942 as a Nazi front. Prescott Bush, and father-in-law Walker, were paid two shares worth ...about $1,500,000 in 1951 dollars. It was a petty payoff for a job well done. Nearly 4,000 shares …98% of Union Bank holdings …were held by Roland Harriman, in trust for the Rockefellers. That’s about 3 billion dollars in 1951 dollars, more than 30 billion dollars in 2004 money. Most of it was reinvested in post-war Germany, where they made even more obscene profits. After all, Germany was just as cash starved after World War II as they were after World War I.

It was just another cycle in the robber baron’s spreadsheet. Everyone made money off the Holocaust, except of course, the Jews, and the Allied soldiers, and, the dead people.

A few decades later things quieted down, and all the Nazi money finally came home to Wall Street. By 1972, one of Rockefeller’s assets, Chase Manhattan bank in New York ...secretly owned 38% of the Thyssen company, according to internal Thyssen records in my custody. Not a bad payoff for the robber barons. The Auschwitz investment paid off handsomely. Thyssen-Krupp Corporation is now the wealthiest conglomerate in Europe. WWII is over.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 01:51 PM

This is a fascinating piece, although I think that you need to differentiate between the Wehrmacht and the SS divisions (and I am not sure why you have included Gehlen in there :puz
. Is this the full version of Buchanan's investigation for the Alex Jones film? I only ask because you say that you have certain documents in your possession, and I wondered if they were your words or Buchanan's.

I would be very interested in knowing where you found the information, although generally sound, there are some interesting omissions and inconsistencies that I would really like to clarify if you can help me at all.


posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by KilgoreTrout

Sure, I'd be glad to help. I don't have original documents, but have read many author's who did original research, throughout the 20th Century. The postings are a compilation of several authors, and several researchers. The reason there are omissions is because I'm trying to give an overview in limited space, and was responding somewhat to recent neo-nazi holocaust deniers.

If you can take the time, and have the patience, to ask me specific questions, then perhaps I can provide the sources for the answers.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 06:22 PM
Sayers and Kahn, The Plot Against the Peace, and, a book by General Baron Hugo von Freytag-Loringhoven, Lessons of the World War.

1918, Schwarze Reichswehr Fehme & Freikorps death squad terrorist teams

In 1917, a year before the Armistice would end the first World War, General Baron von Freytag-Loringhoven outlined German strategy for a second World War …it was essential to preserve intact trained terrorist officers from the Kaiser’s army that tore through France and Belgium ...German General staff adopted this tactic.

With the signing of the 1918 Peace Armistice, German Officers Corps went underground into Schwarze Reichswehr Freikorps death squad units. Freikorps terrorist guerrilla bands of officers formed, under supervision of German General Staff, on pretense provide national defense against Bolshevism. General Staff made secret agreements with the new, anti-militarist German Social Democratic regime, to preserve the underground German Officers Corps …on pretense destroy Bolshevism in Germany, and destroy democracy Bolshevism was spreading in Germany, and Europe. Not all Freikorps members were Germans.

Many were mercenaries, working for German General Staff before, as paid agents, propagandists, spies, saboteurs, and assassins. Freikorps leaders were also terrorist White Guards from Finland, and Baltic states, ex-Ochrana agents and Black Hundred pogromists from Czarist Russia, thieves, cutthroats, and degenerates from military jails in Europe.

In 1918-1919, Freikorps units stormed through German cities and countryside, looting, torturing, raping, and murdering German citizens ...that believed in Democracy.

Freikorps units were housed in Fehme units. For centuries, Fehme terrified Germans, as secret, terrorist death squad societies of medieval Teutonic Knights, predating German General Staff ...but, with positions of equal power. The great, ruling families were land owners of Medieval Germany. They used the Fehme to wipe out rebellions by peasants. Back then, when ruling families bought a piece of land, they bought peasants with it.
Working in secrecy, Fehme death squads kidnapped victims, bringing them to secret Fehme Courts of Vengeance, Fehmgericht ...where, victims were formally excluded from the Teutonic community, beaten to death, hanged, bodies left hanging in public, as reminders.

The Emperor protected Fehme death squads ...because they destroyed revolutionaries, against him.

So, in Germany after World War I, the Fehme were revived a secret weapon of the underground Officers Freikorps, reporting to German General Staff ...while German General staff itself, was financed by ruling family Junkers and ruling family industrialists in Westphalia ...the task of Freikorps and Fehme, was to kill leaders of the German Republic.
Investigations of killings in newspapers and courts led to Junkers, or heavy industry Fehme cleared the path for Nazism to grow in Germany. By 1921, Fehme carried out 350 assassinations against Germans wanting democracy and peace, murdering leaders of German democracy one by one …the killers were German army staff officers of Freikorps Fehme units of Schwarze Reichswehr. Each Freikorps and Black Reichswehr unit had its Fehme death squad.

For high-ranking officers, murder of a German who believed in Democracy ....was a privilege, only for them. Fehme officers openly warned victims, bragging of murders. In 1918, Fehme victims included Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemberg, leaders of the German workers’ revolution ...murdered by Fehme unit Garde Kavallerie Schutzen Freikorps Division ...a counter-revolutionary, officers’ regiment.

German courts and German government covered-up Fehme death squads. Their next victim was Kurt Eisner, Prime Minister of the revolutionary Bavarian Republic ...destroyed by Schwarze Reichswehr Officers Corps.

In 1919, revolutionary Bavaria was a concentration-point for Fehme covert operations. Bavarian Junker estates hid Schwarze Reichswehr secret arms caches, and death squad, training centers. Fehme was used to silence any German citizen talking out ...about secret war preparations of General Staff ...Fehme murdered them.

One by one, leaders of the Bavarian democratic revolution were murdered, by the Fehme. Before long, no one was powerful enough to slow German General Staff war plans. German newspapers reported Fehme were gone Fehme terrorists and death squads attacked the German public, on a daily basis. Workers were beaten to death, merchants and intellectuals tortured and shot, farmers hanged, bodies found drowned in ditches.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 06:50 PM
In 1918, the revolution in Germany was defeated. Ludendorff returned to Berlin. The Thyssens, Krupps, and Stinnes resumed control over their war factories, and mines. Germany was safe for Junker barons. General Staff continued preparations for the new world war. German Officers Corps Freikorps and Fehme Black Reichwehr, tentacles of the Reichswehr, operated illegally in the Democratic Republic of Weimar Germany, crushing the German revolution.

German General Staff rule began again. Revolutionary German democracy was destroyed by terrorism, and atrocity. Freikorps units roamed Baltic states and Polish Silesia, slaughtering people who wanted freedom, and democracy, looting their belongings.

In 1920, the Allies gave the German government a list of German war criminals. There were 896 names on the list ...Generals Hindenburg ...Ludendorff ...von Mackensen ...von Stuelpnagel ...Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria ...Duke Albrecht of Wurttemberg ...ex-Chancellor von Bethman-Hollweg ...Admiral von Tirpitz ... these war criminals were never brought to trial. Of the 896, six were brought to trial. Three got light sentences. Instead of being held accountable for crimes in the first World War, 890 war criminals remained free, to carry on secret preparations for a second world war.

Psychological re-armament & mobilization

Until 1918, Germany was a Monarchy under Kaiser Wilhelm II. After 1918, Germany was a Republic under Social Democratic ministers.

But, the same men ruled Germany. A small group of ruling family military leaders, industrialists, Junkers, scientists, and bankers ... comprised German General Staff. The government didn’t rule Germany ... they did ...German General Staff was the permanent government of Germany. The Order controlled German military affairs, the economy, technology, schools, universities, and politics.

Financiers and industrialist ruling families backing Kaiser’s attempt to dominate the world ...Krupp ...Thyssen ...Hugenberg ...Stinnes, ...Kirdorf ...Siemens, now financed Hitler, and Germany’s war machine. They planned, one day, to follow behind the Nazi army, making ‘economic colonies’.
Von Rundstedt, von Brauchitsch, von Kleist, von Bock, von Witzleben, were Prussian military ruling families, they were instrumental in Kaiser’s war.

Colonel Walther Nicolai, head of the Kaiser’s Military Intelligence ...was now, secretly organizing Nazi Military Intelligence. Admiral Canaris, head of the Kaiser’s Naval Intelligence ...was now, secretly organizing Nazi Naval Intelligence.

Freikorps systematically, and, in crimes of opportunity, neutralized the insurgent subject population. But, the Order after 1918, needed more. Baron Carl von Clauswitz told German General Staff, German society had to be mentally re-constructed, so it could fight a second world war.

The Order had to enslave the minds of German society, control what it would think. The Order needed, Thought Police ...a mass movement to distract German people from targeting the money-issuing class and their ruling families’ motives. The Order needed to operate German society like a marionette ... as a whole ... ideologically, religiously, dedicating German General Staff in military, political, academic, and industrial life to this goal. Baron Carl von Clauswitz called, motivating German masses, ‘psychological re-armament’.

Psychology would be instrumental for war, psychological warfare, propaganda, mind control ...used to manipulate politics, and politicians, diplomacy and diplomats ...a tactical weapon of military strategy, deployed against German society.

So, German General Staff scientifically began psychological re-armament of German society, after the war. The Allies didn’t perceive use of German psychology as a weapon of war. Because, German General Staff masked its psychological re-armament program naming it, ‘anti-Bolshevik’, ‘anti-Semitic’, ‘anti-communist’, and ‘nationalistic’.

Colonel Walther Nicolai’s book, Secret Powers. Nicolai wrote, after Armistice German General staff start planning the second world war, using morale-remobilization of German society with psychological, propaganda agencies ...the Pan-German League ...the Fatherland Party ...German Workers National Socialist Party. Psychological warfare was now, the new weapon of choice for German ruling families to hide behind. Nicolai said, propaganda replaced military considerations, and became a political weapon.

More books on German Psychological Warfare, appeared. Der Feldherr Psychologos: Ein Suchen nach dem Fuehrer der deutschen Zukunft (War Lord Psychologis: A Search for the Leader of the German Future. Deutsche Propaganda: Die Lehr von Propaganda als praktisches Gessellschaftslehre. (German Propaganda: Science of Propaganda as a Practical Social Science), arguing for a new education system to build German power. Die Kunst der Massenbeeinflussung en den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika (The Art of Influencing the Masses in the United States of America), and Die Wirtschaftlichen und politischen Aufgaben des Auslanddeutschtums (Economic and Political Tasks of Germandom Abroad).

Spring 1919, a Reichswehr ‘instructor’, a spy, Adolf Schickelgruber, was stationed as a corporal at the 16th Regiment in Munich.
He got orders from Captain Ernst Roehm, founder of Freikorps Reichsflagge, in charge of Reichswehr espionage in Munich, to go join German Workers Party.

Adolf Schickelgruber, and other Reichswehr agents, were to infiltrate the German Workers Party ...and take control of the organization. Then, re-organize it, and make it into a propaganda machine ...useful for domestic psychological warfare.

Adolf Schickelgruber, a former German propaganda writer from Vienna, did his writing under the alias of, ‘Adolf Hitler’ ...was currently being trained by Political Department of the District Army Command under General Vlassov be an agent provocateur ...mass agitator.

Pan-German League and Kaiser’s token Socialists, the Social Democratic political ministers in the German Cabinet, co-founded German Workers Party get public support for Kaiser’s war aims.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 06:52 PM
Konrad Heiden’s, Der Fuehrer: Hitler wrote, in Mein Kampf. “I joined a regiment, then in garrison at Munich, as instruction officer. One day, I was ordered by my superiors to look into an apparently political organization that, under the name, ‘German Workers Party’, was soon to hold a meeting which Gottfried Feder was to speak,” Hitler said.

“Hitler joined German Workers Party, as Member #7. Reinhard had his number, other members included ...Captain Ernst Roehm, the Reichswehr secret agent ...German propagandists Gottfried Feder ...Anton Drexler ...Dietrich Eckhart ...and, Freikorps leader General von Epp. These men, schooled in psychological warfare, re-organized German Workers Party it, ‘German Workers National Socialist Party’, the Nazi party,” Konrad said.

“The first recruits were Egyptian-born mercenary, ex-officer Rudolph Hess, and a Czarist Baltic White Guard, anti-Semitic propagandist from Czarist Russia, Alfred Rosenberg. In this satanic alliance of German propagandists, Reichswehr spies, Freikorps leaders, mercenaries, psychological warfare experts, and Czarist intelligencers, the Nazi Party was born.

“Nazis began to mobilize Germans living abroad, to help German ruling families with re-colonization plans, re-organizing international German cells into international Nazi organizations. Hitler’s job, was to sell it to the German people. Hitler wrote, Mein Kampf, a collection of all German, fascist, anti-Semitic propaganda and theory, to date. General Staff propaganda writers had written much, since 1918. Mein Kampf became propaganda of choice ...for the Nazi Party. Nazi strategy, the world thought Adolf Hitler invented …was a German General Staff psychological warfare program ...before the Nazi Party was founded,” Konrad said.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by counterterrorist

"Just as Czarist and White Russian spies jumped to the Nazis when their own army was defeated in World War I, the German Nazi and Russian Czarist spies together jumped to the American army as the German Wehrmacht was defeated in World War II.

"This is how a Czarist spy ring inside a Nazi spy ring became the inner circle of an American spy ring …as it became the national security and foreign policy instrument of Washington and Wall Street.

"Everything Washington and Wall Street would know about the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe came from Czarists and Nazis installed at the center of the U.S. intelligence system.

“How can a naive, trusting, democratic republic give its secrets to crime, and its innermost ear to the spirit of Central European Fascism ...and, expect not to see its Constitution polluted ...its traditions abused ...and, its consciousness of the surrounding world manipulated ultimately out of all realistic shape.” ~by U.S. Intelligence historian Carl Oglesby

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 07:23 PM
Raphael Lemkin was a Polish scholar and attorney ...his book, Axis Rule in Occupied Europe had a problem. There was no word in English to describe General Staff policy of insuring long-range biological inferiority of enemies. Lemkin created a new word …derived from the Greek, ‘genes’, meaning race or tribe …and from the Latin, ‘cide’, meaning killing …genocide …the policy of exterminating whole races, tribes, and nations.

Lemkin’s, Axis Rule in Occupied Europe, described German General Staff genocide policy. “The enemy nation within control of Germany must be destroyed, disintegrated, or weakened in different degrees ...for decades to come. Thus, German people in the post-war period will be in a position to deal with other European peoples from a vantage point of biological superiority. Because, imposition of this policy of genocide is more destructive for a people, than injuries suffered in actual fighting, the German people will be stronger than the subjugated peoples after the war ...even if the German army is defeated. In this respect genocide is a new technique of occupation aimed at winning the peace, even though the war, itself, is lost,” Lemkin said.

German General Staff used genocide in World War II to cripple neighboring countries …Poland, 5 million civilians killed, 2 million deported …France, 250,000 civilians killed, 2 million deported, 3 million prisoners held in Germany, 700,000 children dead of starvation …Belgium, 20,000 murdered, 600,000 deported …Netherlands, 125,000 dead, 565,000 deported …Greece, 85,000 murdered, 325,000 deported, 600,000 dead of starvation, 80% of all children starving or diseased …Yugoslavia, 1,500,000 murdered, 350,000 deported …Czechoslovakia, 60,000 murdered, 300,000 in concentration camps, 750,000 deported.

Cold pogrom
The Jews of Germany were the first targets of General Staff genocide. When Hitler came to power, the Nazi Government tried exterminating the Jewish population of Germany. Genocide was a curtain for the real oppressors of the German people, German General Staff and the Fed majority shareholders, who had bought up German industry after World War I, and who financed the rebuilding of Germany to fight World War II. Nazis began genocide of Jews, by driving Jews out of German political, economic, and social life. Jews were deprived of basic rights of citizenship, jobs, and income. This was the genocidal period, of the Cold Pogrom.

Later on, tens of thousands of Jewish men, women, and children would be rounded up, herded in cattle cars, railed to extermination camps, sterilized, butchered, executed in mass ...and, fall in bloody pogroms throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union. As Nazis drove through Europe hundreds of thousands of Jews in occupied countries were slaughtered.

Dec. 17, 1942, a Joint Declaration was issued by governments of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, United States, UK, USSR, Yugoslavia, and the French National Committee. “From all occupied countries, Jews are being transported in conditions of appalling horror, and brutality, to Eastern Europe. In Poland, made principal Nazi slaughterhouse, ghettos established by the German invader are being emptied of all Jews, except a few highly skilled workers required for war industries. None taken away, are ever heard of, again are worked to death in labor camps ...infirm are left to die of exposure and starvation, or deliberately massacred in mass executions. The number of victims of bloody cruelties is reckoned in hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children,” the declaration said.

When Red Army liberated thirty-eight Russian and Polish communities, they found the number of Jews was reduced by Nazis from 400,000 to 3,122.

In Dvinsk, not one Jew was found. By 1945, Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews in Europe, and Soviet Russia.

Nazi genocide of Jews was different from non-Jews. Nazis wanted a final solution to the ‘Jewish question’, a total and final extermination of all Jews ...whereas, with genocide of non-Jews the Nazis planned to retain certain drastically reduced populations as slaves of the Reich.
Genocidal extermination of innocent and helpless men, women, and children was applied to all conquered peoples outlined by General Staff.

Conquered peoples were impoverished ...their standard of living, drastically reduced ...their food rationed by ‘racial principle’.

Only Third Reich citizens, people of German origin, were properly fed. For forgotten thousands of people the Nazi system, food rationing meant starvation.

Oct. 1942 Reich Minister Goering issued an edict. “German people come before all other peoples for food,” Reich Minister Goering said.

As planned by General Staff, ruling family financiers and industrialists, health of whole populations deteriorated. Food prices soared …but, the Germans kept down the price of alcohol. Drinking was encouraged. Peasants were forced to accept alcohol for payment for produce ...part of a psy-ops program to debase conquered peoples, lower their moral standards, eliminate their national identity, and their will to resist. Germans distributed pornographic publications, and movies, in occupied territories ...took measures to deprive minority groups of firewood, medicine, warm clothing, and blankets.

Nov. 6, 1941, Nazi Lieutenant Beyer issued Order No. 1422-41 to the German Northern Army Group. German orders required violators of this regulation to be shot. “All felt boots in the possession of the Russian civilian population, including children’s boots, are subject to immediate requisition. To own felt boots is forbidden, and is punishable as unauthorized carrying of arms,” Beyer said.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 07:25 PM
Special measures were taken to decrease enemy birth rates. Thousands of men, and women, were sterilized. Marriages among Poles were forbidden ...without approval of the Reichsstatthalter Governor of the District.

In occupied countries, millions of men were separated from the women ...when deporting them for forced labor. In 1944, 3 million Frenchmen were being held in Germany. A million were prisoners of war. Two million had been brought in as slave labor, and political prisoners. Germans cut down the French birthrate. Germans undermined the health of French prisoners, in case they ever returned to France. By 1944, to keep from starving, French prisoners of war in Germany ate rats, mice, and boiled flower bulbs make soup.

Letters got past German censors, and reached France. “We tried to cook dahlia bulbs damaged by the first frosts. They appear to be edible. I hope the cold will make the fleas and lice disappear. The rats, and mice, are amusing animals, and very good to eat,” a letter read.

Hitler spoke to Hermann Rausching. “One of the chief tasks of German statesmanship for all time, is to prevent by every means in our power, the further increase of the Slav races. Natural instincts bid all living beings not merely to conquer their enemies, but to destroy them. In former days, it was the victor’s prerogative to destroy entire tribes, entire peoples,” Hitler said.

After Germany invaded Soviet Union in 1941, High Command had their military school instructors lecture on the necessity of exterminating the masses of the Russian people.

Senior Corporal Retzlaff, an official of the German Secret Field Police, described his training in the Altenburg Special Battalion. “Several special lectures were arranged and delivered by leading officials of the German Field Police. They lectured that peoples of U.S.S.R., and those of Russian nationality, were inferior ...that, the vast number of them should be exterminated, while a small section should be utilized by big German landowners in the capacity of slaves,” Retzlaff said.

In summer and autumn of 1941, Nazi Wehrmacht drove towards Moscow, and massacred tens of thousands of Soviet men, women, and children. Mass executions were not necessary for military reasons. Mass executions of Slavic peoples cleared the land, for re-colonization by German settlers. Soviet villages, towns, and cities were stripped of citizens …citizens were rounded up …loaded into German trucks …driven outside of town ...emptied from the trucks …shoved into crowds …forced to dig huge ditches. German soldiers pointed machine guns at crowds of Soviets …and, shot them down. Soviets were buried in mass graves, in ditches. Others were made to stand near pits, and ravines ...then, shot.

Counter-attacking, Red Army forces found hundreds of mass graves, exhumed hundreds of thousands of corpses …at Babar Yar ravine near Kiev, corpses of 80,000 Soviet civilians and 25,000 war prisoners were found …a ditch outside Mineralnye Vody, bodies of 6,300 Russian men, women, and children …80,000 Russian war prisoners were executed, buried near Glinischen village …in thirty-four mass graves in Blagovschina Forest near Minsk, Nazis buried 150,000 people …another 10,000 in a ditch near Drozdy …254 children in a ditch near Kerch.

When bodies were exhumed from these mass graves, Soviet medical experts established many victims were buried alive …mutilated, and tortured. Bodies of fathers and mothers were found with dead children, and infants, being hugged in their arms.

Soviet novelist and journalist Ilya Ehrenburg described his feelings. “The word, ‘ravine’, used to be a good word, it spoke of grass, rivulets, sand, and big-eyed daisies children used to pull apart murmuring, ‘He loves me, he loves me not.’ But, the word, ‘ravine’, has become a terrible word. One feels at any moment, dead will come stalking out of a ravine. And, not only the ravine in Triplolye, there is a ravine in Kiev, too. Every Ukrainian town has its ravine. And everywhere, it is the same story, scraps of under-linen, rigid corpses, children’s toys sprinkled with blood,” Ilya Ehrenburg said.

Alexander Bespalov, a Soviet citizen, described to Soviet authorities what he’d witnessed in a forest near Kharkov, June 1943. “At the end of June, last year, I saw as many as 300 girls and women brought to the woods in ten or twelve motor trucks. These poor people ran from the trucks weeping, tearing their hair and clothes, many of them fainted, and fell to the ground. But, Germans paid no attention to this. Germans punched them. Germans beat the women and girls with rifle butts and clubs to make them get up. If women and girls did not stand up, Germans tore their clothes off, threw them in the pit. Several girls, and children, tried to run away. They were killed. After a volley was fired from automatic rifles, I saw several women stagger and throw their arms up helplessly and, uttering heart-rending shrieks, run towards Germans standing about. Germans shot them down with pistols. Mothers driven out of their minds by fear and grief, ran shrieking through the glade, pressing babies to their breasts, seeking safety. Gestapo men tore children out of mothers’ arms, swinging babies by their legs or arms, threw them alive into the pit. As mothers ran after them, they were shot down,” Alexander Bespalov said.

In 1942, the General Staff of financiers and industrials, profiting Fed majority shareholders, decided extermination of Soviet citizens wasn’t happening fast enough. They wanted to get re-colonization plans underway ...seize assets of Russian banks, factories, farm lands, minerals, timber, oil Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Ernst Kalterbrunner met around a conference table. Ernst Kalterbrunner was Chief of Sicherheitdienst Security Service Special Operations Division of SS. Hitler, Himmler, and Kalterbrunner discussed options ...agreed poison gas should be used ... the fastest and best way to kill large numbers of people.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 07:27 PM
A former official of German Secret Field Police, Senior Corporal Retzlaff, told Soviet authorities after his capture, what he knew about this. “Wholesale execution by hanging, and shooting, appeared to German Command too bothersome and slow a means of fulfilling tasks delegated to the punitive organizations. It was deemed necessary to devise simpler means of exterminating Soviet populations ...and, it must be said, these means were found.

In 1942, I saw a large, gray, strange-looking automobile, standing near the entrance to one of the Gestapo prisons in Kharkov, surrounded by German policemen. I asked a police official I knew, named Kaminsky, what sort of an automobile it was. Kaminsky told me that it was a ‘gas van’ ...used for killing people. Later, I had numerous opportunities seeing this automobile work. On several occasions, I helped load the gas van with prisoners from Kharkov prison. On these occasions, I was able to convince myself, that the gas van fully answered its purpose,” German Secret Field Police Corporal Retzlaff said.

In 1941, Nazis brought the Gaswagen gas vans into the Soviet Union ... to speed up processing Soviet citizens to be exterminated. Gaswagen were large, covered automobiles, painted dark gray. They had diesel engines. The inside of Gaswagens were lined with zinc-plated, galvanized sheets of iron. In the rear of the Gaswagens, were double doors ...that, could be sealed, air-tight. On the floor inside the Gaswagens, was a metal grate. Beneath the metal grate, was a pipe connected to the exhaust pipe of the car. When the car’s motor started, exhaust fumes from the diesel engine poured up through the grating in the floor. Diesel engine exhaust contained carbon monoxide, caused rapid poisoning, death from asphyxiation to persons locked in the rear compartment of the vehicles. Thousands of civilian Russian men, women, and children died in Nazi death vans.

In Aug. 1943, in a village near Rovno, a conference was held, of twenty-eight Regional Commissars of the Ukraine. Reichskommissar of the Ukraine Koch directed proceedings. From reports of Regional Commissars, it was clear to Koch, the Soviet population was resisting forced deportation to work as slave labor, in Germany.

Koch addressed the commissars. “We must control the population by shooting a few thousand Russian citizens. I want to send able-bodied citizens from districts in Northern Ukraine to work as slaves in Germany ...kill everyone else. Exterminating the bulk of Soviet Russians will be to Germany’s advantage,” Koch said.

But, mass gassings of people in Gaswagens ...and, mass shootings of people in ravines, could not kill people fast enough please General Staff. A bigger solution was needed. Then, General Staff first gave the order, build Concentration Extermination Camps.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 11:26 PM
Michael Sayers and Alfred Kahn, two San Francisco journalists, researched this meeting ...the historical beginning of the Cold War. “June 1921, a group of former Czarist officers, industrialists, and aristocrats called an international Anti-Soviet Conference at the Reichenhalle, in Bavaria. The conference, attended by representatives from anti-Soviet organizations thru-out Europe, drew up plans for a world-wide campaign of agitation, against Soviet Russia. A Supreme Monarchist Council was elected by the conference. Its function was to work for the restoration of the monarchy, headed by the lawful sovereign of the Romanov house, in accordance with the fundamental laws of the Russian Empire.
The Cold War had begun.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 11:41 PM
Germany was in postwar crisis jobs, ...mass unemployment ...widespread hunger. Rent, impossible to pay. People lived with relatives, in the streets, in parks. Inflation, highest it had ever been bought nothing. While Weimar Republic presented a facade of Democracy, it was secretly co-founded German High Command, an inner circle of Prussian militarists, Junkers, and industrial magnates ...planning rebirth and expansion of Imperial Germany.

Unknown to the world, in a secret research and development laboratory, constructed by the firm of Borsig, in a forest outside Berlin, Germany’s future rearmament program was milestoned and mapped out, by hundreds of engineers, draftsmen and special technicians ... working under German High Command supervision.

German Military Intelligence, Section 111B, was not disbanded after the war, as thought. Military Intelligence, Section 111B, was reorganized, here Borig, Krupp, Hugenberg, and Thyssen.

Anti-Semitic, Colonel Walther Nicolai was Chief of German Military Intelligence, Section 111B. Walther was strategically planning the next phase of Germany’s century-long war. From feudal Czarism and reborn Twentieth-Century German Imperialism, Nazism took form offices of German Military Intelligence.

Arnold Rechberg, a major ruling family financial contributor to the underground campaign to revive German Imperialism ...his, was an industrialist ruling family owning the great German potash cartel ...potash was an expensive ingredient of explosives, gunpowder, and fuel. Arnold was former personal adjutant of the Crown Prince, close friend to members of the old Imperial High Command. Arnold co-financed the secret leagues German Nationalist League, and German Anti-Semitic League.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 11:52 PM
In 1920, Nazi Hermann Rausching wrote Voice of Destruction. Rausching wrote, Hitler will follow a war strategy Carl von Clauswitz incorporates into German policy, a military strategy of systematic de-population ...of certain European geographies, with rich gold, mineral, and timber resources. So, Hitler looked for a strategy, a military tactic to accomplish this. For the next twenty years, German General Staff conducted scientific studies of techniques to completely destroy, or permanently cripple, enemy nations. Under General Staff supervision, military experts, and specialists in medicine, psychology, economics, and sociology detailed programs to systematically undermine physical, cultural, economic, spiritual, and political life, and culture of enemy nations.

This strategy became known, as, ‘destabilization’.

Here's a typical Nazi viewpoint about destabilization:
Different cultures block our way. Whole civilizations are against us. We need the least-expensive techniques to de-populate foreign cultures. We must remove entire racial units. When we can send the flower of German youth into the hell of war without pity for spilling German blood, we have the right to remove inferior human races! We must dam the fertility of our enemies. Separate their men and women. Consciously cause undesirable races to die out. The fabric of enemy nations must be rotted.

Destroy enemies’ health, their economy, their political structure, their railroads, their culture, their symbols of security. Terrorize them, kidnap them, torture them, wreck the country’s psychological morale. Destroy their will. That’s how to do it. We must control the minds of our subject populations, how they think, how they act. We must control money, the means of creating and holding wealth, and exchange. We must control law, carry out the will of the state. We must control history, what people believe happened in the past.

We must control psychological warfare, control what people think what they say. We must control subject populations with death, terror, and mind control. We will be masters! The World Order will rule the world! Americans believe the State exists to serve the individual. That’s wrong! Democracy is counter-revolutionary.

The individual exists to serve the State! War teaches us, individual rights mean nothing. Rights of the individual must be sacrificed for the World Order! The individual can find freedom in blind obedience to the World Order! God guarantees us!

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 03:58 AM

Originally posted by counterterrorist
If you can take the time, and have the patience, to ask me specific questions, then perhaps I can provide the sources for the answers.

I appreciate your efforts, I attempted a similar undertaking
but from a more specific angle in this thread

I still have part five to do, but I needed a break from the senselessness of it all and it was invading my thoughts a little too much. I will get back on to it soon. There is no immediate hurry though as I can't say I have attracted too much readership lol. You have to be saying it didn't happen to do that

Anyway enough about me. I am interested in the infromation from your third post on this thread, no specific questions I'd just be interested in your sources for that information as it ties into areas that I am very much interested in and I am a huge believer in the devil being in the detail. Any books that you can recommend would be much appreciated. Anything specifically about the Dulles brothers in particular would be great...

Many thanks for your help with this.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by KilgoreTrout

I have the sources, and will post them this evening ... I just have to re-research them with a search&find function ...shouldn't take long at all. I'll aim for posting them at 10 p.m. west coast time, U.S.

Please keep in mind that Hitler started as an propaganda writer for German General Staff. Therefore, he received orders from German General Staff. His initial job was to combine all existing anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-minority, anti-gypsy propaganda into it's most effective grouping. As all Geman military intelligence reported to Hitler, it's inconceivable he didn't know about liquidation of Jews. I hope you're not trying to win an argument with a holocaust denier ... even though I did this post to rebutt a holocaust-denial post, I try to provide positive information to folks who can use it rather than to those who can't.

Someone suggested to me I keep the big picture in mind and grow my research and url documentation (in a separate file) to provide rapid-fire counter-arguments.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by counterterrorist
I have the sources, and will post them this evening ... I just have to re-research them with a search&find function ...shouldn't take long at all. I'll aim for posting them at 10 p.m. west coast time, U.S.

That'd be great thank you, as I said it is just the material from your third post that I'm interested in so no need to go to too much effort.

Originally posted by counterterrorist
Please keep in mind that Hitler started as an propaganda writer for German General Staff. Therefore, he received orders from German General Staff. His initial job was to combine all existing anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-minority, anti-gypsy propaganda into it's most effective grouping.

As I understood it he was employed by the Reichswehr, particularly Captain Karl Mayr to attend meetings and infiltrate far-right groups that were believed to be covering for communist groups. Although he may have been responsible for collating propagandist literature as part of this work it was by no means his primary responsibility. Apart from the one letter that we know of, that he wrote at Mayr behest, he was at no time employed specifically as a writer and as those parts of Mein Kampf that he actually wrote attest to, he had no real skill in this department.

Originally posted by counterterrorist
As all Geman military intelligence reported to Hitler, it's inconceivable he didn't know about liquidation of Jews.

German intelligence reported to Himmler or up to his arrest, Admiral Canaris. Hitler is on record as requesting that the Einsatzgruppen report their activities to him. These reports certainly were transmitted regularly to Berlin and are very well documented (including via Ultra intercepts). If you read through the thread in its entirety I think that you will find that my posts speak for themselves on whether I believe Hitler was free of culpability.

Originally posted by counterterrorist
I hope you're not trying to win an argument with a holocaust denier ... even though I did this post to rebutt a holocaust-denial post, I try to provide positive information to folks who can use it rather than to those who can't.

I got a little tired of merely entering into discussion with those that wanted to debate the existence of the gas chambers. I am very interested in the WW1 to WW2 period, and IMO there are many aspects of this period that warrant as much discussion as the denial of the holocaust. My motives for starting the thread have more to do with balance than winning arguments, plus there is always the chance that someone will be able to point me to information that I have not considered. This to me is the beauty of ATS, the sharing of information.

I have been engaged in many, many threads relating to holocaust denial since I joined ATS, they are, sadly a regular occurence. It can get a little frustrating to be told that the information I have acquired is all lies and an example of victor's history. That thread does and will allow me some retreat from that, why should the deniers be the only ones to explore WW2 conspiracies? I have a genuine interest in the period and am not simply interested in counter arguments, it would be nice to develop my own once in a while. That thread provides me with that option, I have no intention of appealing to the lowest common denominator, quite the contrary, it makes little difference to me whether it is read or not, that is simply a bonus. It is a chance to voice my opinions, I make no bones of that. By writing them out and freeing them from my mind, I hope to be able to develop the direction of my studies further. Plus, so many people base their knowledge of the period on out of date material that has since been ratified, I hope in a small way to expose other members to the fine body of research that has been conducted in the past decade.

I hope that has clarified your concerns.

Once again thank you for your help with this, it is much appreciated.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 12:05 PM
i have always enjoyed the hypocrisy and doublespeak of the deniers and the neo nazis. first, we have them denying that the holocaust never happened. despite all the evidence like you have presented. witnesses, survivors, perpetrators themselves, etc... but watch them when they get angry. they say that we should continue and finish the job that hitler started on the jews!?

thanks for the post! great thread!

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