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for neo-nazi holocaust deniers

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 12:07 PM
[4] At the apex of this vast financial and economic administrative structure was positioned Reichsleiter Martin Bormann. Manning’s ‘Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile’, explains:

He had retained his grip on the pulse of German finance ever since the day he took charge of the finances of the Fuehrer, and the vast funds of the Reich chancellery. His friendship and association with Dr. Herman Josef Abs predated Abs' move into the management of DEUTSCHE BANK. Dr. Abs had been a partner in the prestigious private bank of Delbruck Schickler & Co. in Berlin. Recalling those days, Abs has written: The Reich Chancellery in Berlin was its largest account, and it was through this account that Adolf Hitler received his salary as Chancellor of the Reich.

The relationship of Bormann & Abs

Martin Bormann, whose control of the Reich chancellery was Absolute the moment he succeeded Rudolf Hess, maintained a cordial relationship with the Berlin banker. Dr. Abs moved to the DEUTSCHE BANK on December 30, 1937, where he became first a member of the board of management, later the chairman of the most powerful bank in Germany, which was to tug the German financial apparatus ever forward into new areas of financial expansion and power throughout the world.

Reichsleiter Bormann knew that his relationship with Abs would tighten as his own power grew. Remaining on friendly terms with the Third Reich's leading banker was a contentment. He knew in 1943 that with his Nazi banking committee well established, he had the means to ultimately take the reins of finance unto himself. Through this committee and through the power that flowed from Hitler to himself, he could set a new Nazi state policy, when the time was ripe for the general transfer of capital, gold, stocks, and bearer bonds to safety in neutral nations. Bormann, like Hitler, had no illusions that victory would be theirs on the field of battle. Hitler had settled in his own mind that a sort of victory might accrue to Germany only with a compromise peace with the adversaries.


In the summer of 1943 Hitler requested Bormann to call a meeting of his SS security chiefs. Present were Hitler, Bormann, Himmler, Heinrich Mueller of the Gestapo, and Schellenberg, head of SS foreign intelligence. Foreign Minister Ribbentrop also sat in on the conference because his ministry was to supply essential data in the game plan now being devised. It was a new, cagy diplomacy, in which negotiations were to be opened with the West, while simultaneously establishing contact with Moscow.


It was decided at the conference that Himmler should make the approach to the West, while Mueller would begin a "Funkspiel," a radio game using captured communist wireless operators to send messages to the intelligence gathering center in Moscow. This center, so-called, controlled all Soviet agent activities outside Russia. It was the net that pulled in all communications, which were then distributed to the various intelligence chiefs in Moscow, according to priority and need. Anything dealing with shifting strategy in Berlin, London, and Washington went directly to Stalin. Mueller was very good at forcing captured "enemy" wireless operators to work for the Germans, using their transmitters, codes, and personnel to cause London or Moscow to believe it was their own agent on the air still transmitting valid information.

Back in 1943 at the start of Operation Bear, with a peace approach to both sides agreed upon at the above-mentioned conference, Himmler and Mueller locked horns. Himmler was SS chief and minister of the interior; Mueller was SS Oberstgruppenfuehrer and Generaloberst der Waffen SS-that is, SS chief group leader and highest general of the SS force. They disliked each other intensely. Himmler had been in chicken farming before the war; Mueller had been inspector of detectives on the Munich police force and had been taken into the Gestapo by Heydrich, who needed a core of professionals to make the German Secret State Police more efficient. Their open hostility to each other made Hitler angry too, and he had ordered Bormann to be not only an arbitrator between Himmler and Mueller but to be personally in charge of the wireless game deceiving Moscow.

This was fine with Mueller, who had cultivated Bormann ever since the day the Reichsleiter had succeeded Rudolf Hess. He perceived that this was a leader who knew what he was doing, and who would go far.

Mueller, Himmler, Dulles

Himmler made his peace approaches to the West through emissaries he sent to Stockholm and Berne, confirmed by Soviet agents in these cities. Himmler's men carried documents, falsely drawn to show Stalin's eagerness for a separate peace pact with Hitler. Himmler had a long talk with one German resistance leader about the desirability of peace with the West. But the fellow sent to Berne almost brought about Himmler's undoing. He carried a suitcase filled with undeniably authentic documents provided by Ribbentrop's Foreign Ministry. The man, Herr Langbehn, went first to the British Legation in Berne and asked to see the British military attaché. The German then tried to see the head of the chancellery in the British Embassy, but was rebuffed there. So he went to the American Legation and repeated his story. A Legation secretary, deciding this was cloak-and-dagger material, sent him on to Allen DULLES, head of the OSS in Switzerland. He heard out the German's story, viewed the documents, realized they were genuine, and reported them to Washington immediately.

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posted on May, 20 2008 @ 12:09 PM
[5] The relationship of DULLES TO MUELLER & BORMANN:

The documents were duly copied and sent to Washington with DULLES' opinion appended that all evidence pointed to their being a genuine approach by the Germans for a peace with the United States and Britain. Copies were also sent to the OSS in London, which made them available to British intelligence. At this point Kim Philby, the British traitor who later fled to Russia after serving it for thirty years, took charge of the documents and of the DULLES memorandum, and reported their contents and the German peace feeler to his control in Moscow.


Moscow received an additional confirming report from their man in William Donovan's OSS headquarters. This communist agent was a chief of the desk staff in the Washington office, and his position gave him access to all incoming reports of OSS station chiefs around the world, including those of Colonel David Bruce in London, chief of the OSS in Europe.

According to Manning, :

It also explained why many of Allen DULLES' most secret memoranda were blocked on receipt in Washington, never to reach the commander in chief, the president. After the war, I visited Donovan in his Wall Street law office; he confirmed the story and remarked sadly, "It was all too true."

Himmler, however, made a couple of mistakes. One was his rendezvous with a German resistance leader, which was observed by two of Mueller's men. Another was sending an emissary to Switzerland, whose information was too good and too secret-and the man had opened up too much with Allen DULLES. Later, a message from a British agent in Switzerland to London carried by a man who had talked to DULLES, was intercepted by Mueller, who showed it to Bormann, who in turn passed it on to Hitler, who hit the ceiling over such detailed revelations. Himmler survived this only by arresting his own emissary to Berne, and cutting off all further overtures to the West. Everything was now in Bormann's hands, and he preferred dealing with Stalin at this point in history. He thought that with German armies pressing hard a better peace accommodation could be made with Russia than with Britain or the United States.

However, Hitler considered substantial the gains from Operation Bear. He had, thanks to it, planted divisive distrust among the Big Three.


The people in the occupied nations had meanwhile settled into the mold imposed on them by the German army and the economic experts of the Third Reich. Their banks and industries and agriculture had been brought into Bormann's Four-Year Plan, for greater efficiency and prosperity. All nations on the Continent, whether occupied or neutral, now looked to Germany for economic leadership, as they were to resume doing in the years following World War II, when the Common Market was formed.

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:46 AM
NWO neo-nazi/fascist Henry Kissinger brought over Erik Traub, top of Hitler’s bioweapons R&D. As you read this reply series of posts keep in mind that Hermann Schmitz co-owned and co-directed DEUTCHE BANK and MERCK and BAYER.

A routine audit in UK Government’s bio-warfare research lab…revealed a container of foot and mouth virus was missing two months before the outbreak.

Plum Island Animal Disease Center had been researching foot and mouth disease since 1954. It is the repository for the North American Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Bank, which keeps vaccine for the US, Canada and Mexico. Merial is a Merck and Aventis company with foot and mouth vaccine production labs close to the government’s Institute for Animal Health at Pirbright, Surrey.

(For Bormann/WO/NWO-related West Nile Virus & Antrax & Aids see & see “2012 food supply destruction is proceeding on schedule”

Here’s Merck of Merck Pharmaceuticals .

In fact, the president of Merck, George W. Merck, was America's biological weapons industry director, personally appointed by President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stinson in the early 1940s. And in 1945, when Hitler realized he was going to lose the war, he ordered Martin Bormann, the Third Reich's economic chief, to bury his war chest to assure Germany's economic recovery after WW II, but also to assure a virtual monopoly over the world's pharmaceutical and chemical industries and the "rise of the Fourth Reich." Much of that money went into Merck & Co.

Now this at the exact time that George W. Merck is advising President Roosevelt on America's biological weapons status, as director of the industry. And follow the history of those Nazis, including Erik Traub, Hitler's top bioweapons developer -- who was brought over by Henry Kissinger and General Bolling in Project Paperclip -- and the exportation of 2000 Nazis into the U.S. industrial and intelligence organizations. And Traub went to work for the U.S. Navy biological research lab, which is affiliated with many of the academic institutions in the U.S. that are the premier biological weapons development and testing operations.

You have to begin to see that there is a whole underlying network of extraordinarily wealthy individuals, in fact, who have an ideology for population reduction, and specifically, the Merck company's fund as well as the Rockefeller Foundation, two of the premier American population control funding agencies. And when you see that these people are multinational supporters, and you understand that their ideology for population reduction follows the same reasoning that Hitler followed with racial hygiene: to make it American intelligence's and national security's primary interest for foreign policy.

This policy was funded by Prescott Bush (George Bush's father), General William Draper, and the Rockefellers -- the first people in the congress in 1968 that came out in favor of population reduction in the third world -- and translated into legislation by Henry Kissinger in National Security Memorandum 200, penned in 1971.
So you begin to see that these are the same people with the same agenda and the same money. And far more money because they've invested it all those years. And today's history that is unfolding before our eyes is a repeat.

WT: According to the U.S. Army Medical, Chemical, and Biological Defense Program [10] the Anthrax vaccine licensed to USAMRIID is a killed vaccine tested to be free of mycoplasma incognitus (although the Army admits that "It is a difficult organism to detect under some circumstances") and has been available since the early 70s. So what makes you think it's potentially contaminated?

LH: That's the exact period of time I've been talking about. It doesn't matter of it's dead or alive. The anthrax bacterial protein, when it combines with your own host cell proteins, forms what is called an "antigenic complex": a combination of your own host cell protein with a foreign bacterial protein. The body recognizes the entire complex as foreign, and it mounts an immune response against the entire complex, including against your own host cell protein. And now you have an autoimmune illness developing that results in autoimmune diseases such as lupus, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis and doctors say "We don't know what caused this." They're doing it for population reduction.

WT: Of course, unlike bioweapons, vaccines can target specific groups (except perhaps for genetically-engineered bioweapons).

LH: Exactly. For example, the most plausible vaccine that initiated AIDS was the 1976 and 1978 strain of hepatitis B given to retarded children, gay men, and blacks -- the same targets as Hitler. And now they're targeting militia groups.

biowars may be out there along with biomaterials, biomimetics, bioproduction, biocoupling, bioremediation, biocomputers, biochips, biosensors, biofeedstocks, biogenetics & other assorted bios.

Vaccines and drugs were deployed in the field to combat infectious diseases that have historically taken the greatest tolls on every battlefield.

Biotechnology Workshop 2020, would focus on battles to be fought in the future. These battles would not be limited to the hand grenades, assault rifles, and land mines of the 20th century - they would feature entirely new categories of weapons, munitions based on the biotech advances that would occur in the interim. The army, I concluded, was looking to produce fleets of attack microbes - maybe even a race of supersoldiers - by tinkering with DNA, the molecular basis of all life.

Army people, some in uniform some not, were from Fort Knox, the Pentagon, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and so on, & were attached to places with names like Future Battle Directorate, Battlefield Environments Directorate, & US Army Chem/Bio Defense Command.


stealth microbes could destabilize economies," says Jay Valdes at Edgewood. "They could selectively wipe out crops & livestock, &they could do it with plausible deniability

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:48 AM
Army ‘STAR 21’ REPORT: Strategic Technologies for the Army of the Twenty-First Century

"Strategic Technologies for the Army of the Twenty-First Century," it

sketched out a representative sampling of biotech weaponry
. Capping the read-ahead were two SAIC-produced white papers titled "Biotechnology - Projections," and "Biotechnology - Military Applications."

"Some potential adversaries may be ahead of us in this technological area," says the army's STAR 21 report. "The United States did not keep the secrets of atomic warfare for long, even in the secretive atmosphere of the 1940s and 1950s. In the communicative, mobile, commercial world of the next 30 years, the data for both defensive and offensive biotechnological breakthroughs will be uncontainable and, essentially, public information. Almost any country will be able to possess the data."


the world's farthest-out, cutting-edge, and high-technodazzle biotech thinking is now being done not by scientists or academics but by the military, and not just the army. The air force's scientific advisory board has done a study, known as "New World Vistas," that looks 20 to 30 years into the future and foresees many of the same biotech devices and gadgetry.


"Defense Planning Scenario 1."
July 2020, and Turkey is at war with Iran and Syria. The latter two countries, sick of their constant water shortages, have invaded Turkey and taken control of a major dam and reservoir. Turkey, after mobilizing its troops, calls upon the United States for assistance.

The US sends a total of 300,000 troops, plus navy and air force backup units, into the area. Together, the combined US forces are supposed to (1) throw the invaders out of Turkey, (2) advance into Iran and Syria to incapacitate the main forces of those countries, and (3) "locate and neutralize Iranian and Syrian nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, their means of delivery, and their production facilities."


“Defense Planning Scenario 2”
…not much different, except for the fact that Iran and Syria were now threatening to drop a nuclear bomb on a major Turkish population center. The US, in response, sends in eight army assault units plus special operations forces, to (1) attack enemy headquarters, (2) destroy their command, control, and logistics sites, and (3) wipe out their weapons facilities.


The evidence is overwhelming, the United States Government and the World Health Organization collaborated on the development, production and proliferation of a synthetic biological agent that subsequently became known as HIV and AIDS. It is a fact that people are unwittingly used as guinea pigs in covert medical experiments. The Army's '___' experiments, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Agent Orange, the exploding Persian Gulf War Syndrome, the human radiation experiments, as well as hundreds of documented biowarfare experiments conducted by the military on unsuspecting civilians. And the National Academy of Sciences is silent on its cooperative role with the military in the development of secret biological weapons for mass killing.

AIDS and Ebola, two of this century's most virulent diseases. Why was AIDS originally known as "The Gay Plague" in America? Is AIDS merely a freak accident of nature caused from an African green monkey virus? Or is AIDS a government-sponsored genocide program that seeded a laboratory virus into select populations for political and social purposes? Is it possible to create pathogenic viruses by genetic engineering? Scientific arguments have been made to support various theories of an artificial origin of AIDS, though these arguments have been suppressed in both the mainstream press and in scientific literature. The AIDS pandemic started as a direct result of genetic experimentation and military madness. The most damning evidence that AIDS was man-made comes from the Department of Defense (DOD) Appropriations Hearings for 1969 wherein Pentagon officials, namely a one Dr. MacArthur requested an AIDS-like virus, and biowarfare labs dutifully provided a virus which would destroy the human immune response. This genetically-engineered germ would be very different from any previous microbe known to mankind.


Dr. Horowitz notes that two of the worlds leading experts in monkey virology have declared that Ebola and Marburg were also artificially created. Horowitz documents a complex network of U.S. government officials and departments, drug companies, international agencies, and well-known scientists that in the last 50 years has vigorously pursued biological warfare as a defense alternative to nuclear war. The U.S. has the largest arsenal of chemical and biological weapons in the world.

Dr. Cantwell explains how the AIDS virus was predicted by the biological warfare establishment and how biowarfare experimentation during the 1970s paved the way for the "introduction" of HIV into the gay and black communities. In the 1970s, genetic engineering of viruses was commonplace. In many laboratories it was common to transfer animal cancer viruses between animal species. And dangerous animal cancer viruses were transplanted into human cells. These experiments form the basis of human genetic experiments that now utilize animal cancer viruses to replace genetic material into human cells. By design, the public is kept ignorant of the new supergerms, microbes and viruses perfected by the biowarfare establishment over the past half century.

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:52 AM
(cont from previous page)

When virologists shotgun viruses into tissue cultures and create new germs, they have no idea what kind or how many Frankenstein monsters they are creating. HIV was created in a laboratory by combining lethal animal "retroviruses" in human cancer (HeLa) cell cultures and/or calf serum. Such research, conducted in the world's most prestigious medical institutions and laboratories, is veiled in total secrecy. The Pentagon is supporting research on biological warfare in over 100 Federal and private laboratories including many prominent universities. (New Scientist, London, 5/19/88).

If you carefully study the roots of AIDS, only biowarfare makes any sense. But be careful! What you read will surprise and shock the hell out of you. You will read about military biowarfare experiments, and animal cancer experiments that will sicken your stomach. And when you finish all this - you will know what I say is true." -- Robert B. Strecker, M.D.

"THEY KILL PEOPLE & ANIMALS" -- the reptilian brain ... as I recall the human fetus looks like a reptile in its initial stages. Apparently some people never evolve into humans.

Women want Obama to use this research to end AIDS epidemic. From a letter by E. Faye Williams, Esq., National Chair, National Congress of Black Women, Inc.

a letter from Pentagon official A.H. Passarella from 1999 in which the official

"confirmed AIDS is a synthetic biological agent."
Graves , who has long championed federal and other investigations into the root causes of the AIDS epidemic, said his research traces the virus's origin to a disease called ‘visna’ that began killing sheep in Iceland in 1932. He contends that deaths were associated with experiments by Nazi scientists.

furthermore, according to Williams:

15 progress reports of the U.S. Special Virus program (1962 - 1978), the evidence is overwhelming. ANY REVIEW TODAY OF THE U.S. SPECIAL VIRUS PROGRAM WILL SOLVE AND END HIV/AIDS.

In 1987, the World Health Organization was publicly accused of unleashing the AIDS epidemic in central Africa, as a result of its smallpox vaccine programs. The most logical explanation to account for the millions of Africans infected is that the vaccines used in the WHO mass inoculation programs were contaminated.

AIDS virus does not exist in man or primates. So not only is it improbable that the virus came from monkeys, it's virtually impossible. There is in fact a mass of circumstantial and scientific evidence that proves absolutely that American gays and black Africans were targeted for genocide via vaccine programs by America's military-medical-industrial complex and agents of the CIA.

A.H. Passarella, a Defense Department official, has recently confirmed HIV is a synthetic biological agent. The evidence is overwhelming, the United States Government and the World Health Organization collaborated on the development, production and proliferation of a synthetic biological agent that subsequently became known as HIV and AIDS.

It is a fact that people are unwittingly used as guinea pigs in covert medical experiments. The Army's '___' experiments, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Agent Orange, the exploding Persian Gulf War Syndrome, the human radiation experiments, as well as hundreds of documented biowarfare experiments were conducted by the military on unsuspecting civilians. And the National Academy of Sciences is silent on its cooperative role with the military in the development of secret biological weapons for mass killing.

Since the middle '70s, some 30 million people worldwide have died from AIDS and another 42 million currently have the disease, according to the BBC. It is also generally known by many that sex has nothing to do with the transmission of the disease.

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:55 AM
Merck vaccines have become a weapon of war.

After AIDS, the most publicized recent vaccination tragedy appears to be what happened to U.S. soldiers who served in the Gulf War, 1990-91. Virtually all the deaths, both of veterans and their families, are linked to two things: exposure to depleted-uranium ammunition, which causes cancer rates to skyrocket, and the vaccinations they received before they left to fight against Iraq.

The agony of American servicemen poisoned by their own government with coerced inoculations has been demonically exquisite. Here are excerpts from a report to a 1994 Senate committee:

"Many Gulf War couples also report that they are no longer able to make love. Intercourse causes the women to experience immediate abdominal cramping and intense burning sensations, as though their genitals were being torched. For many, their labias crack and bleed. Also, the semen burns both husband and wife within minutes of contact with skin. It causes open sores -- blisters that bleed.

"Many Gulf War families are being advised against pregnancy. Babies are being born with extra toes and fingers, undeveloped lungs, and missing body parts. One child was born with an oversized umbilical cord that wrapped around his body six times, nearly strangling him. This child appears to be developmentally delayed and exhibits other debilitating symptoms similar to his father's. Another child was born without a thyroid gland. She also has dozens of tumors all over her body and inside her mouth. Still another child has intermittent vaginal bleeding.


"The results of our investigation showed a reckless disregard that shocked me, and I think they will shock all Americans. The use of investigational drugs in the Persian Gulf is especially troublesome. The Pentagon...threw caution to the winds, ignoring all warnings of potential harm, and gave these drugs to hundreds of thousands of soldiers with virtually no warnings and no safeguards. If that wasn't bad enough, they administered these drugs and vaccines in such a way that there is a very good chance they wouldn't have even worked for the intended purpose. They would not have protected most soldiers from chemical or biological warfare."
This preceding information was taken from " Immunization Theory vs. Reality: Expose' on Vaccinations" – by Neil Z. Miller.

In 2002 it was discovered Gulf War illness is closely associated with an abnormal immune response to squalene, a substance used to enhance the transmission of medications.
Dr. Renate Engler, chief of immunology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center addressed a conference on the anthrax vaccine policy at Ft Detrick Maryland on 25-27 May 1999, reported many having chronic systemic reactions to the anthrax vaccine during the fall of 1998 ...
Squalene is a substance detected in both Gulf War vaccines and more recently anthrax vaccines given to service personnel. Squalene is NOT an FDA-approved substance and its consequences on health are unknown. As a vaccine booster ingredient, it is thought to increase immunity, but its use has been denied time and again by the Pentagon. Now they have been caught by scientific studies.

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:52 AM
(1-of-2) First Reich, Second Reich, Interim Reich, Third Reich,


The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire (the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, Heiliges Römisches Reich deutscher Nation, not the ancient Roman Empire), 800 - 1806. Charlemagne (Charles the Great) was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III in Rome on Christmas Day 800, this is normally seen as the founding of the Empire, but sometimes the year of 962 is used, that was when Otto I (Otto the Great) was crowned.
The Empire existed almost in name only following the Peace of Westphalia at the end of the Thirty Years' War in 1648, but was not formally dissolved until 6 Aug 1806 when Emperor Francis II (Franz II) abdicated.

The Holy Roman Empire was potentially Europe’s greatest state. By 1600 the Holy Roman Empire was a shadow of its former glory.

The heart of the Holy Roman Empire had been Germany. But by 1600, a better term for the area would have been "Germanies"

as the heart of the Holy Roman Empire had become split into a mass of princes and states who since the time of Luther had done what they could to extend their independence and power at the expense of the emperor. The real power within Germany lay with 30 secular and 50 ecclesiastical princes. The most important states belonged to the seven Electors - men who selected the future Holy Roman Emperor. … In theory, the princes in the Holy Roman Empire were subservient to the emperor. In practice the German princes could do what they liked free from Imperial interference and had done so for nearly 75 years since the time of Luther.
(click on the insignia patches (about 50-60) to make them larger)


Despite its name, for most of its existence the Holy Roman Empire did not include Rome within its borders…

The Holy Roman Empire was a union of territories in Central Europe during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period under a Holy Roman Emperor. The first Holy Roman Emperor was Otto the Great in 962. The last was Francis II, who abdicated and dissolved the Empire in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars. It was officially known as the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation from the late 15th century.
The Empire's territorial extent varied over its history, but at its peak it encompassed the Kingdom of Germany, Italy and Burgundy, territories embracing the present-day Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, as well as large parts of modern France, Italy and Poland. For much of its history the Empire consisted of hundreds of smaller principalities, duchies, counties, Free Imperial Cities, as well as several kingdoms and other domains. Despite its name, for most of its existence the Holy Roman Empire did not include Rome within its borders.

The First Reich: The Holy Roman Empire (800/962 - 1806)

Although the name dates to the twelfth century reign of Frederick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Empire was created over 300 years earlier.

In 800 AD Charlemagne was crowned emperor of a territory which covered much of western and central Europe; this created an institution that would remain, in one form or another, for over a thousand years. The Empire was reinvigorated by Otto I in the tenth century, and his imperial coronation in 962 has also been used to define the start of both the Holy Roman Empire, and the First Reich. By this stage Charlemagne's empire had been divided, and the remainder was based around a set of core territories, occupying much the same area as modern Germany.

The geography, politics and strength of this empire continued to fluctuate massively over the next eight hundred years, but the imperial ideal, and the German heartland, remained.

In 1806 the Empire was abolished by the then Emperor Francis II, partly as a response to the Napoleonic threat. Allowing for the difficulties in summarizing the Holy Roman Empire - which parts of a fluid thousand year history do you select? - it was generally a loose confederation of many smaller, almost independent, territories, with little desire to vastly expand across Europe.

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:56 AM
(2-of-2) First Reich, Second Reich, Interim Reich, Third Reich,


The Second Reich was the Hohenzollern Germany, from the unification of Germany following the Franco-Prussian War (1870 - 1871) and crowning of Wilhelm I as German Emperor at the Palace of Versailles, with Otto von Bismarck as the first Reichskanzler, to the abdication of Wilhelm II in 1919 following the German defeat in the First World War.

The Second Reich: The German Empire (1871 - 1918)

The dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, combined with a growing feeling of German nationalism, led to repeated attempts at unifying the multitude of German territories, before a single state was created almost solely by the will of Otto von Bismarck. Between 1862 and 1871 this great Prussian politician used a combination of persuasion, strategy, skill and outright warfare to create a German Empire dominated by Prussia, and ruled by the Kaiser. This new state, the Kaiserreich, grew to dominate European politics at the close of the 19th, and start of the 20th, century. In 1918, after defeat in the Great War, a popular revolution forced the Kaiser into abdication and exile; a republic was then declared. The German Empire was the largely the opposite of the Holy Roman, despite having the Kaiser as a similar imperial figurehead: a centralised and authoritarian state which, after the dismissal of Bismarck in 1890, maintained an aggressive foreign policy.


The Hohenzollern Empire was followed by the Weimar Republic (1919-1933), but this was not seen as the Third Reich, but rather as an Interim Reich.


Germany under Adolf Hitler (1933-1945) is referred to as the Third Reich… The word Reich is hard to translate to English, but realm or empire are probably the best translations. … The term Third Reich was most likely taken from the book "Das dritte Reich" published by Arthur Möller van den Bruck (1876-1925) in 1923.

The German word 'reich' means 'empire', although it can also be translated as government. In 1930's Germany the Nazi party identified their rule as a third Reich, and in doing so gave English speakers around the world a new, and wholly negative, connotation to the word. Some people are surprised to find that the concept, and use, of three reichs is not a solely Nazi idea, but a common component of German historiography. This misconception stems from the use of 'Reich' as totalitarian nightmare, and not as empire.

The Third Reich: Nazi Germany (1933 - 1945)

In 1933, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of the German State. Dictatorial powers and sweeping changes soon followed, as democracy disappeared and the country militarized. The Third Reich was to have been a vastly extended German Empire, expunged of minorities and lasting for a thousand years, but it was removed in 1945 by a combined force of allied nations, which included Britain, France, Russia and the US. The Nazi state proved to be dictatorial and expansionist, with goals of ethnic 'purity' that formed a stark contrast to the first Reich’s broad assortment of peoples and places.

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:59 AM
(1 of 3) Fourth Reich and Fifth Reich

(For info about Jim Marr’s new book, ‘Rise of the Fourth Reich: Secret Societies Threaten To Take Over America’, see posting

(Plus, I've queried Jim with a dozen questions at his expert forum at

(The Marr’s book won’t be released till summer this year, so I’ve not read it. Consequently, the info in this string is a result of research of Dave Emory , (among others), who’s been documenting the Fourth Reich for the last 20 years on radio. Emory really doesn’t focus on the Bank of England or Fed as the main culprits (as I do). It will be interesting to see if Jim Marrs goes after the Fed and Bank of England and Bundesbank, Deutch Bank, Merck (and current biowarfare and vaccine warfare), etc. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.)

Again, this stuff (following) is not a review of the Jim Marrs new book, which is not out yet. The following stuff is my attempt to understand how this country turned fascist right before our eyes.

0800-to-1806 - First Reich
1871-to-1919 - Second Reich
1919-to-1933 - Third Reich (underground)
1934-to-1945 - Third Reich (emerges under Hitler)
1941-to-1988 - Fourth Reich (underground) Rockefeller, Harriman, Bormann & Gehlen
1988-to-2001 - Fifth Reich (underground) BOE-Fed-Bundesbank-petroleum-industry
2001-ongoing - Fifth Reich Rockefeller-Thyssen-Bornemisza-DeutschBank-Merck Orgs.

Actually, Rockefeller, Harriman, Bormann & Gehlen, BOE-Fed-Bundesbank-petroleum-industry, Thyssen-Bornemisza-DeutschBank-Merck are overlapping in Reichs Third, Fourth & Fifth.

The 98% world population reduction/genocide is in step w/neo-Nazi “peak oil” prophets, such as --


Thyssen-Bornemisza Group (TBG, Inc.)
The IHS Energy Group, formerly known as Petroconsultants of Geneva, is a subsidiary of Information Handling Services Group (IHS Group), "a diversified conglomerate owned by Holland America Investment Corp., IHS Group's immediate parent company, for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Group (TBG, Inc.)."

"In the 1920s George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law, Prescott Bush, had helped the Thyssen dynasty finance its acquisitions through Union Banking Corp. and Holland-American Trading Corp. (Wikipedia, 2003). Until his death [in 2002], Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, the nephew of the Nazi steel and coal magnate, was one of the world's richest men."

In a late 1998 merger Petroconsultants became IHS Energy Group, a subsidiary of Information Handling Services Group (IHS Group), a diversified conglomerate owned by Holland America Investment Corp., IHS Group's immediate parent company, for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Group (TBG, Inc.)
In the 1920s George Herbert Walker and his son-in- law, Prescott Bush, helped the Thyssen dynasty finance acquisitions through Union Banking Corp. and Holland-American Trading Corp. (Wikipedia, 2003). Until his death last year, Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, the nephew of the Nazi steel and coal magnate, was one of the world's richest men.

HIS Energy Group is a subsidiary of the Thyssen-Bornemisza industrial group, a core element of the Bormann capital network and the Underground Reich. For more about the Thyssen connections to the Bormann group, the Underground Reich and the Bush family.

HIS Energy Group (formerly Petroconsultants). It is altogether significant that the data produced by HIS Energy Group/Petroconsultants is fed to the outfit by the very petroleum and geological engineering firms that stand to benefit from the alleged scarcity of oil! “

The leading trio of Jean H. Laherrere, Colin J. Campabell, and L.F. (Buz) Ivanhoe have worked for, or with, the leading firm modeling oil fields, Petroconsultants of Geneva. Since the 1950’s, they [Petroconsultants] have been fed data on oil exploration and production by just about all the major oil companies, as well as by a network of about 2000 oil industry consultants around the world. They use this data to produce reports on various matters pertinent to the oil industry, which they sell back to the industry.

Kenneth Deffeyes writes, ‘the loudest warnings about the predicted peak of world oil production came from Petroconsultants’” ---from (“The Coming Panic over the End of Oil—Coming to a Ballot Box Near You’:

According to Paul Manning’s, ‘Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile’

The Bormann organization continues to wield enormous economic influence. Wealth continues to flow into the treasuries of its corporate entities in South America, the United States and Europe. Vastly diversified, it is said to be the largest land-owner in South America, and through stockholdings, controls German heavy industry and the trust established by the late Hermann Schmitz, former president of I.G. Farben, who held as much stock in Standard Oil of New Jersey as did the Rockefellers.

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(2 of 3) Fourth Reich and Fifth Reich
FTR #534, Peak Oil, Fascism and Genocide| Listen
FTR 534—Peak Oil, Fascism and Genocide
Summary of FTR#534

According to Dave Emory;

A paper written and published by leading figures in the Peak Oil movement advocates a draconian, eugenic program of systematic murder in order to reduce the world’s population sufficiently to meet the alleged threat of Peak Oil.

In addition to eliminating civil rights and most of the basic tenets of popular democracy, the paper advocates getting rid of the vast majority of the earth’s population over the period of the next century and a half.

What the paper does not spell out is just who will make the decisions as to who lives, who dies and who gets to reproduce?

Program Highlights Include: Discussion of the epicenter of the Peak Oil movement—HIS Energy Group; HIS Energy Group’s status as a subsidiary of Thyssen-Bornemisza industries; review of Thyssen-Bornemisza’s links to the Third Reich and the Bush family; review of the Bormann capital network’s pivotal stock holdings in Standard Oil; review of the fact that HIS Energy Group uses data fed to it by the petroleum companies to justify the Peak Oil deception, which justifies enormous profits for those companies!

Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) Newsletter and defended by Colin J. Campbell, that periodical’s leading figure. The document speaks for itself—it advocates a murderous, genocidal “New World Order” as a solution to the dubious question of Peak Oil.

Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas
ASPO Newsletters, Article Number 573 (July 2005)

According to Stanton,

The population of the World expanded six-fold in parallel with oil production during the First Half of the Age of Oil. [The] population will have to return to pre-Oil Age levels

I discuss ways in which a global population reduction of some 6 billion people is likely to take place during the 21st Century.

Probably the greatest obstacle to the scenario with the best chance of success (in my opinion) is the Western world's unintelligent devotion to political correctness, human rights and the sanctity of human life.

Reducing Population in Step with Oil Depletion

by William Stanton

From the article:

Recent articles in the ASPO Newsletter have agreed that the explosion of world population from about 0.6 billion in 1750 to 6.4 billion today was initiated and sustained by the shift from renewable energy to fossil fuel energy in the Industrial Revolution. There is agreement that the progressive exhaustion of fossil fuel reserves will reverse the process, though there is uncertainty as to what a sustainable global population would be.

… in this article, I discuss ways in which a global population reduction of some six billion people is likely to take place during the 21st Century,

When, probably before 2010, the price is so high that construction of new airliners, airport terminals, Olympic villages and traffic reduction schemes judders to a halt, uncontrollable inflation and recession will spread round the world. The oil price may stabilise for a while, as manufacturing wilts, along with demand for its products.

In Third World nations, without oil, that can neither buy food nor grow it in adequate quantity without mechanised agriculture, a Darwinian struggle for shrinking resources of all kinds will be in full swing. Tribe against tribe, religion against religion, family against family, the imperative to survive will be driving strong groups to take what they want from weak ones. The concept of human rights will be irrelevant: "How can the weak have rights to food, when there is not enough even for the strong"?

enlightened governments and their peoples, with astonishing foresight and determination, take positive action to reverse population growth by new, draconian, laws. China has pioneered such an approach, by its one child per family policy

ASPO's Oil Depletion Protocol (Campbell 2004) is a scenario that aims to persuade national governments to cope with declining oil production equitably and peacefully, on the world scale. An annual depletion rate (the percentage of remaining global oil reserves produced each year, currently about 2.5% per year) is calculated by experts, after which nations agree to reduce their consumption and/or production of oil year after year strictly in accordance with the depletion rate. How population reduction will be achieved in step with growing oil shortage is not spelt out.

Probably the greatest obstacle to the scenario with the best chance of success (in my opinion) is the Western world's unintelligent devotion to political correctness, human rights and the sanctity of human life. In the Darwinian world that preceded and will follow the fossil fuel era, these concepts were and will be meaningless. Survival in a Darwinian resource-poor world depends on the ruthless elimination of rivals, not the acquisition of moral kudos by cherishing them when they are weak.
So the population reduction scenario with the best chance of success has to be Darwinian in all its aspects, with none of the sentimentality that shrouded the second half of the 20th Century in a dense fog of political correctness.

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(3 of 3) Fourth Reich and Fifth Reich
(cont from previous page)

Individual citizens, and aliens, must expect to be seriously inconvenienced by the single-minded drive to reduce population ahead of resource shortage. The consolation is that the alternative, letting Nature take its course, would be so much worse.

The scenario is: Immigration is banned. Unauthorised arrives are treated as criminals. Every woman is entitled to raise one healthy child. No religious or cultural exceptions can be made, but entitlements can be traded. Abortion or infanticide is compulsory if the fetus or baby proves to be handicapped (Darwinian selection weeds out the unfit). When, through old age, accident or disease, an individual becomes more of a burden than a benefit to society, his or her life is humanely ended. Voluntary euthanasia is legal and made easy. Imprisonment is rare, replaced by corporal punishment for lesser offences and painless capital punishment for greater

A rough calculation suggests that by following these Draconian but simple rules UK population could be reduced by five to ten million during the first ten years, without excessive pain (compared to the alternatives).

UK military forces should be maintained strong and alert, given that other nations working to different scenarios, or to none, would certainly attempt Darwinian piracy on UK trade routes, or mount mass immigration invasions of UK coasts.

Initially the greatest threats to UK security would come from rogue nations unwilling to curb traditionally high birth rates but lacking the means to feed the ever-growing numbers of new mouths. In the past, these were the poverty-stricken nations that repeatedly received humanitarian aid and famine relief, which did nothing to reduce the birth rate.

After four or five decades the populations of the UK and other nations following the same scenario would probably be halved. In the rest of the world, where Nature was doing the reduction in an ambience of massacres and destruction, the proportionate fall would be greater and the pain would have been terrible. In the UK, in contrast, where orderly population shrinkage would have outpaced resource shrinkage, a relatively comfortable quality of life would have been enjoyed throughout the period.

After a decade or two of unrestricted population growth, with limited income from oil and terrible shortages, especially of water, Nature will begin to reverse population growth around the Gulf.

Another problem is likely to be the residual opposition to population reduction from sentimentalists and/or religious extremists unable to understand that the days of plenty, when criminals and the weak could be cherished at public expense, are over. Acts of violent protest, such as are carried out today by animal rights activists and anti-abortionists, would, in the Darwinian world, attract capital punishment. Population reduction must be single-minded to succeed.

The Coming Panic over the End of Oil

On May 27th, 2003 Simmons addressed the second international conference of ASPO, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil [and Gas] which was meeting at the French Petroleum The leading trio of Jean H. Laherrere, Colin J. Campbell, and L.F. (Buz) Ivanhoe have worked for, or with, the leading firm modeling oil fields, Petroconsultants of Geneva. Since the 1950s, they have been fed data on oil exploration and production by just about all the major oil companies, as well as by a network of about 2000 oil industry consultants around the world. They use this data to produce reports on various matters pertinent to the oil industry, which they sell back to the industry.

This much is known, Kenneth Deffeyes writes, the loudest warnings about the predicted peak of world oil production came from Petroconsultants

In a late 1998 merger Petroconsultants became IHS Energy Group, a subsidiary of Information Handling Services Group (IHS Group), a diversified conglomerate owned by Holland America Investment Corp., IHS Group as immediate parent company, for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Group (TBG, Inc.). In the 1920s George Herbert Walker and his son-in- law, Prescott Bush, had helped the Thyssen dynasty finance its acquisitions through Union Banking Corp. and Holland-American Trading Corp. (Wikipedia, 2003). Until his death last year, Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, the nephew of the Nazi steel and coal magnate, was one of the world's richest men.

In 1995 a report by Campbell and Laherre on world oil resources, World Oil Supply 1930-2050 (Petroconsultants Pty. Ltd., 1995), written for oil industry insiders and priced at $32,000 per copy, concluded that world oil production and supply probably would peak as soon as the year 2000 and decline to half the peak level by 2025. Large and permanent increases in oil prices were predicted after the year 2000.

Errata: As documented in the Rainforest Action Network and Project Underground report Drilling to the Ends of the Earth, ongoing exploration threatens old growth frontier forests in 22 countries, coral reefs in 38 countries, and mangroves in 46 countries.

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Emory – Underground Reich – Underground Reich in WTC/911 – Bush Administration obstructed Operation Greenquest -- Loftus – Bush & GOP in bed with Al Taqwa -- Blood from Stones – Operation Greenquest –

Dave Emory:

In carrying the message to others, understand that it is your duty as a citizen and as a human being to do so. As the dying Captain Miller (played by Tom Hanks) said to Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon) in Saving Private Ryan—“Earn this! Earn it!”

According to Al Calame at

It is recommended you use this info and e-mail it to others

According to Emory,

The common denominator in the Underground Reich is “the F word” -- fascism … in the United States and everywhere else. For much of humanity it will mean annihilation. For the rest—fascism, under the domination of the Underground Reich
is just like a slight-of-hand artist waves a magic wand to distract the audience while the trick is performed, so the diversity of players on this infernal stage masks the nature of the forces at work through them.

For free FTR audio files,

(For add’l info on the Underground Reich, RFA#37 & FTR’s 48, 50, 180, 248 , 273 , 283 , 305 , 332 , 343 , 356 , 357 , 370 .

(For documentation on Underground Reich in WTC/911,
FTR#’s 454 , 455 , 456 .

From the focal point of the Green Quest raids, evidentiary and historical tributaries flow to critical junctions, which, in turn, embody the powerful, semi-clandestine forces of the Underground Reich.
(FTR#’s 356 , 425 , 433 , 435 , 447 , 462 , 464 , 467

According to John Loftus (FTR#357 ),

Treasury Department agents raided a series of overlapping institutions and related individuals on suspicion of being involved in the financing of terrorism. These institutions and individuals are connected to: the petroleum business milieu of George W. Bush; to the Islamofascist Al Taqwa milieu; to the Republican Party’s Ethnic Outreach organization and to pivotal GOP operative Grover Norquist.

(For more about Norquist, the Republicans and Al Taqwa/Al Qaeda, FTR#’s 356 , 357 , 358 , 359 , 400 , 404 , 407 , 414 , 415 , 423 , 425 , 433 , 435 , 447 , 462 , 464 , 467

From ‘Blood From Stones’; by Douglas Farah)

Years before the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda organization and other terrorist groups had systematically built financial networks capable of sustaining their aim of bringing their war to the United States on its own soil. Indeed, bin Laden initially rose to prominence not as a fighter but as the most influential financier of the Mujahideen fighting to drive the Soviet army out of Afghanistan. ‘It is this financial architecture that continued with him when he turned to terrorism, and it’s this financial architecture that is at the heart of how al Qaeda today gets its finances,’ said William F. Wechsler, who specialized in tracking terrorist funding while at the National Security Council during the last two years of the Clinton administration.”

(For Operation Green Quest, FTR#’s 353 , 356 , 357 , 358 , 359 , 382 , 387 , 389 , 390 , 425 , 432 , 433 , 435 , 442 , 447 , 450 , 462 , 464 , 467

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Talat Othman & Bush -- GOP connected to terrorists -- Sami al-Arian – Multi-national neo-Nazi financial Axis & Extensive Bush involvement – Thyssen-Krupp -- Bush/Thyssen connection


Bush family political ally and business associate Talat Othman interceded with Treasury Secretary O’Neill on behalf of the targets of the Green Quest raids … O’Neill resigned his cabinet post in early December of 2002

FTR#’s 356 , 447 , 464 , 390


Indictment of Sami al-Arian in connection with terrorist activities further underscored the GOP Ethnics’ connection to Middle Eastern terrorists.

FTR#400 , 462 , 464 , 467


The economic and political dynamic manifested in the 9/11 attacks was revealed in Green Quest raids. That foundation is the multi-national and financial axis that led to the capitalization of Adolph Hitler and the perpetuation of the Underground Reich and the Bormann Organization. The business and political relationships of the Bush family are inextricably linked with both. W’s progenitors were among the most important of Hitler’s financial backers.

FTR#’s 248 , 273 , 370 , 435


The investments of George Herbert Walker (W’s great-grandfather) and Prescott Bush, Sr. (W’s grandfather) in the Thyssen-Bornemisza financial engine underlying Thyssen (now Thyssen-Krupp) heavy industrial firm were handled by Sullivan & Cromwell attorney Allen Dulles.

FTR#’s 346 , 361 , 435

Dulles was also central to the realization of the postwar dispersal of Nazi financial assets.

FTR#’s 353 , 366 , 370 , 435


Dulles-supervised financial triumvirate of Union Banking Corporation, August Thyssen Bank in Berlin and the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvart in the Netherlands was faucet of capital that revived the Thyssen operation in the postwar period.

(FTR#’s 370 , 435

Prescott Bush Sr. was deeply involved with this three-way “money-go-round.” The manager of the Dutch bank (1947) and an investigative reporter pursuing this story (in 1996) died under ambiguous circumstances.
FTR#370 )


Liquidation of the Union Banking Corporation in 1951 was the basis for much of the Bush family’s economic largesse.

(FTR#’s 273 , 278 , 370 , 435

(For Bush/Thyssen connection, see “‘Bush-Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951’—Federal Documents” by John Buchanan and Stacey Michael ;. & Loftus’, “How the Bush Family Made its Fortune from the Nazis”

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:06 PM
Saudi Arabia – Sullivan & Cromwell – Dulles – Philby – Saudi Bin Laden Group (SBG)—Euro-fascism – Islamo-fascism – Lugano-based Al Taqwa Organization – Coogan – Huber -- Youssef Nada & Bank Al Taqwa -- Johann von Leers -- Joseph Goebbels


Creation of Saudi Arabia was realized by Sullivan & Cromwell’s Allen Dulles along with Axis spy Jack Philby and Philby’s protégé king Ibn Saud—a Nazi sympathizer -- all central to the creation of Saudi Arabia and the successful perpetuation of the house of Saud. (FTR’s 332 , 361

Mohammad bin Laden (a close friend of Ibn Saud’s and the father of Osama) founded the Saudi Bin Laden Group—the construction business at the heart of the powerful Bin Laden economic empire--in 1931 (a year before the formal creation of Saudi Arabia itself (FTR#369

Sullivan & Cromwell is the legal counsel for the Saudi Bin Laden Group (or SBG). ). (FTR#367

Sullivan & Cromwell also headed up a consortium of financial institutions that sought to weaken the provisions instituted by the Treasury Department (and the recently-departed Paul O’Neill) to stem the tide of money laundering. (FTR#367

Joining the American forces involved in the financing of Hitler to the overlapping milieu of “Euro-fascism” and Islamo-fascism, is the Lugano-based Al Taqwa organization.

Headed up by Egyptian-born former Abwehr agent Youssef Nada, the Bank Al Taqwa (later Nada management), engaged Swiss “neo”-Nazi turned Islamist Ahmed Huber as a director.
(FTR#343 , 335 , 352 , 354 , 371 , 430

Huber is a protégé of Johann von Leers, director of anti-Semitic propaganda for Joseph Goebbels propaganda ministry.(FTR#’s 354 , 371 , 377 , 378

Von Leers later functioned in a similar capacity as the head of Egyptian president Nasser’s “Institute for the Study of Zionism.”
(FTR#’s 333 , 335 , 340 .

The Bin Laden family was involved in the financing of Al Taqwa. (FTR#’s 342 , 356 , 357 , 359 Muslim

Brotherhood kingpin Said Ramadan was co-founder of Bank Al Taqwa (FTR#447

U.S. and international efforts at interdicting the operations of Bank Al Taqwa have been ineffective.
(FTR#’s 433 , 435 , 447 , 450

Saudi DMI is a principal shareholder in Bank Al Taqwa & suspected of involvement with funding Al Qaeda and the Saudi elite/Bush family axis.

Al Taqwa kingpins Youssef Nada and Ali Galeb Himmat lived in the U.S. for years, and had six children born in the U.S. between them. (FTR#442 The geographical base of Al Taqwa and closely-related Banca del Gottardo is Lugano (Switzerland)—the epicenter of the Thyssen/Bornemisza operations realized by, among other others, the Bush/Dulles axis.
(FTR#’s 343 , 370 , 425 , 433 , 435

(For more Al Taqwa, check Kevin Coogan’s three articles:
“The Mysterious Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler, Allah and Ibn Laden?” (paste name of story into Google to get site if url is over-written by Oracle Corp ;

“Report on Islamists, The Far Right, and Al Taqwa” available at: (paste name of story into Google to get site if url is over-written by Oracle Corp

“Achmed Huber, The Avalon Gemeinschaft, and the Swiss ‘New Right’” available at: (paste name of story into google to get site if url is over-written by Oracle Corp

Lucy Komisar’s “Share Holders in the Bank of Terror?”;

“U.S. Trails Va. Money, Ties” by Douglas Farah and John Mintz; Washington Post; 10/7/2002;

“Oil for Food Sales Seen as Iraq Tie to Al Qaeda” by Marc Perelman; Forward; 6/20/2003;,GGLJ:2006-42,GGLJ:en&q=Oil+for+Food+Sales+Seen+as+Iraq+Tie+to+Al+Qaeda

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:08 PM
Lugano – Al Taqwa/Banca del Gottado – P-2 Lodge – Alleanza Nationale – Ordine Nuovo – Nada – Founders of Al Taqwa -- Ahmed Huber – Muslim Brotherhood


With anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant sentiment being a major ideological tenet of the European far-right, these associations run counter to stereotyped ideological conceptions.


At the Lugano “pivot-point” of Al Taqwa/Banca del Gottardo, we find significant points of overlap with the Italian fascist milieu of the P-2 lodge and the Alleanza Nationale—the successor to Mussolini’s fascist party. Among the shareholders in Al Taqwa was Alessandro Ghe, associated with the Italian fascist group Ordine Nuovo.
(FTR#’s 359 , 377

Nada’s attorney Pier Felici Barchi--closely connected to the milieu of Banca del Gottardo president Claudio Generali—handles the Swiss legal/economic business for Italian Prime Minister and former P-2 Lodge member Silvio Berlusconi. (FTR#377

An account at Banco del Gottardo was also used by Elio Borradori, the Lugano-based banker for Saddam Hussein. (FTR#412

Barchi is also a former law partner of Carla Del Ponte, the prosecutor in the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic. (FTR#’s 359 , 387

Emory: [quoteThe Clearstream access for Bank Al Taqwa, Banca del Gottardo is the Swiss subsidiary of the Banco Ambrosiano. (FTR#387 .

For more Al Taqwa & Clearstream, FTR#’s 356 , 357 , 359 , 387 .


For Banco Ambrosiano, see RFA#17 from Spitfire & FTR#3. Gustavo Selva, a deputy of Alleanza Nationale (successor to Mussolini’s fascist party and a member of the Berlusconi coalition government) is associated with Ahmed Idris Nasreddin & Ali Galeb Himmat, founders of Al Taqwa. (FTR#377


The head of the Alleanza Nationale (Gianfranco Fini) was at a conference of European far-right leaders at Mont Pelerin in Switzerland, along with the aforementioned Al Taqwa director and neo-Nazi Ahmed Huber. (FTR#’s 377 , 378

Another of the business associates of Nasreddin was the late Ercole Doninelli, closely associated with the Fimo, a now-bankrupt company that helped to capitalize Berlusconi’s early investments in the construction industry. (FTR#377

Al Taqwa also has links with the royal family of Liechtenstein. (FTR#442


Linking Islamo-fascism to Euro-fascism, Al Taqwa is also inextricably linked with the Muslim Brotherhood, the progenitor of all modern Islamic militant groups and a political and ideological ally of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.

FTR#’s 343 , 354 , 359 , 369 , 377 , 381 , 382 , 425 , 433 , 435 , 467

(For more, “Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism” by Marc Erikson [Asia Times];
Parts I & II ;
Part III
Part IV )

Joining theocratic Islamic totalitarianism with the corporatist economic philosophy of Mussolini, the Muslim Brotherhood is parent organization, Al Taqwa.

(FTR#’s 343 , 359 , 377 , 378 , 382 , 414 , 416 , 435 , 447 , 450

Muslim Brotherhood (& Al Taqwa’s Ahmed Huber) has established connections with the British anti-Iraq war movement, the French Muslim electoral organization (UOIF) and with the Turkish Refah organization, which is connected to the governing Turkish AK party.

Muslim Brotherhood kingpin Said Ramadan was a principal figure in the founding of Bank Al Taqwa (FTR#447

Ramadan’s son Tariq (a supposed moderate) appears connected to Al Taqwa, & Al Qaeda-linked elements. (FTR#450 ).

Muslim Brotherhood has been very effective in reaching Muslim congregations in the U.S. (FTR#’s 381 , 439

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‘Earth Island’ -- Nadi aided Grand Mufti – World Muslim Congress – Grand Mufti recruited Balkan Muslims to fight w/Nazis –

Dave Emory:

Viewed as essential to the control of the world’s land mass, its population and its petroleum reserves, that stretch of land from the straits of Gibraltar running all the way across Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, India and China is dominated by a largely Muslim population. Controlling that Muslim population was seen by the Nazi geo-politicians as the key to world domination.

It is in the context of world fascism and the Underground Reich that the Euro-fascist/Muslim Brotherhood relationship embodied in the Al Taqwa nexus assumes the clarity and relevance it deserves.

Central to an understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood’s alliance with the Axis in World War II (and with the Underground Reich after the war) is the geopolitical concept of the “Earth Island.”

(FTR#’s 344 , 345 , 365 , 366 , 369 , 381 , 400 , 414 , 416 , 455 , 456 .

In attempting to realize their domination of the Earth Island, the Third Reich utilized the considerable skills of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.
(More Grand Mufti, FTR#’s 330 , 332 , 333 , 340 , 341 , 343 , 352 , 354 , 367 , 371 ,

In addition, Al Taqwa’s Youssef Nada aided The Grand Mufti’s postwar flight from Germany to Jerusalem. (FTR#416 ).


The World Muslim Congress, founded in the aftermath of World War II, was a principal link between the former World Anti-Communist League and reactionary Islam. (FTR#367 .

WMC was a principal tool of the Western intelligence coalition that prosecuted the anti-Soviet Afghan war in the 1980’s—the conflict that spawned Osama bin Laden as a warrior, as well as Al Qaeda. (FTR#369

The Grand Mufti recruited Balkan Muslims to fight alongside the Nazis—their successors in the Balkans also worked with Al Qaeda-linked elements. (FTR#330 , 400 , 414 , 433


Holding the rank of major in the Nazi SS, the Grand Mufti was one of the most important Axis spies in World War II. He was a major influence on the aforementioned Ahmed Huber and worked with the Muslim Brotherhood and king Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia.
(FTR#’s 332 , 341 , 343 , 371

The first leader of the Palestinian national movement, he was related to, and an inspiration for, Yasser Arafat. (FTR#340

One of the Grand Mufti’s most important associations was with key Nazi operative Francois Genoud. (FTR#’s 333 , 354 , 359 , 360

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 11:13 PM
Genoud – Huber – Genoud money laundering – Genoud financed defense of Klaus Barbie & Adolph Eichmann – Genoud associate is defense attorney of 911 plane hijacker – Baader-Meinhof gang & Genoud – Baader-Meinhof gang plotted to send Anthrax through mail – Dunand was attorney for Genoud – Dunand was CEO of holding company for Saudi Bin Laden Group (SBG) – Dunand moved money for Khalid Bin Mahfouz family (intermarried w/Osama’s sister – Bin Mahfouz protégé owned Al Shifa Pharmaceutical factory targeted by cruise missile – Dunand fronted money from Saddam Hussein


Although he died in 1996, Genoud’s name crops up in a number of ways in conjunction with 9/11.

(See Kevin Coogan articles cited earlier in this reply series; and
“The Swastika and the Crescent” by Martin A. Lee; Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report;


A source alleging Genoud founded Al Taqwa, an alleged Al Qaeda backer before & after 9/11.

Genoud was close to Ahmed Huber. (FTR#’s 343 , 354 , 371

In interviews with the financial journal Plus/Minus and with Bavarian State Radio, money laundering expert Ernest Backes alleged that the 9/11 money trail would be traced back to corporate fronts set up by Genoud and, apparently, still in operation.
(FTR#’s 354 , 357 , 376

Among his (Genoud’s) associations was Said Ramadan, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood and the architect of the Brotherhood’s redeployment to Germany, and then Switzerland. (FTR#’s 343 , 350 , 351 , 378 , 408


A key operative in networks helping postwar flight of Nazi war criminals, Genoud financed the legal defense of Klaus Barbie (the “Butcher of Lyon”) and Adolph Eichmann.
(FTR#’s 333 , 352


One of his protégés and the defense attorney for Barbie was Jacques Verges, whose law partner (Isabel Coutant-Peyre) is the French attorney for Zaccharias Moussaoui, the accused 20th hijacker.
(FTR#’s 341 , 344 , 354 , 371

It appeared that Verges was also going to be the counsel for Saddam Hussein. (FTR#453


A major backer of the PLO and other Middle Eastern terrorist groups, Genoud was a principal player in the world of international terrorism. One of the many organizations with which he was associated was the Baader-Meinhof gang.
(FTR#’s 333 , 354 , 371 , 383


Baader-Meinhof at one point plotted to send anthrax through the mail, not unlike what happened after 9/11. (FTR#403 It is in this context that Genoud’s friendship and professional association with Beaudoin Dunand assumes special importance.

11. When Genoud stood trial in France in connection with terrorism, his attorney was Beaudoin Dunand, who was also a close friend.
(FTR#’s 354 , 377

Dunand was also the co-chairman of the board of SICO—the European-based holding company for SBG. (FTR#354


In addition, Dunand was involved with moving money for the family of Khalid bin Mahfouz--married to Osama bin Laden’s sister, implicated in the 9/11 scenario and closely connected to the milieu of the BCCI.
(FTR#’s 356 , 357


A Bin Mahfouz protégé was the owner of the Al Shifa pharmaceutical factory targeted by American cruise missile strikes in 1998.
(FTR#’s 342 , 344 -346

Dunand was also involved with setting up fronts used to secret money from Saddam Hussein. (FTR#463

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Saudi petro-dollars – BCCI – 911 – Bin Mahfouz – James Bath – Salem Bin Laden – Bush’s Harken Energy – Bush’s Arbusto – CIA aids Bin Mahfouz against 911 survivors’ suit – Abdullah Barksh, Gaith Pharaon – Bakhsh put Othman on board of Harken Energy – Barksh now works for Halliburton – Carlyle Group – Bin Laden family allowed to fly out during 911 – Abdullah bin Laden linked to Operation Green Quest suspects – Saudi Prince Ahmed – Elder George Bush


Representative of the power of invested Saudi petrodollars, the nexus of the BCCI is at the foundation of the investigation into September 11. Touching upon activities ranging from the Iran-Contra Scandal, the Iraqgate Scandal, the Mark Rich affair, the financing of the Afghan Mujahadeen, drug trafficking, and terrorism—this now-defunct bank involved many key personalities involved with various Bush family business ventures.


Khalid bin Mahfouz was a principal figure in the BCCI investigation, and was represented in American business by James R. Bath, an early investor in George W. Bush’s first (failed) oil business—Bath also represented Salem bin Laden, the older brother of Osama. (FTR#’s 329 , 330

Bin Mahfouz also allegedly helped to capitalize Harken Energy, the successor firm to Arbusto. (FTR#’s 353 , 464

It appears that elements of the CIA are helping Bin Mahfouz in a nuisance lawsuit against the advisor to a suit by survivors of the 9/11 attacks against elements of the Saudi elite. (FTR#403


Another of the BCCI principals held sway in Harken. Abdullah Bakhsh (the North American business representative for much of the Bin Laden family from 1976 until 1982) was a protégé of Gaith Pharaon, a principal capitalizer of BCCI. (FTR#’s 376 , 464

Bakhsh placed his protégé—Talat Othman—on the board of directors of Harken Energy.
(FTR#’s 356 , 357 , 376 , 447 , 464

Bakhsh now works for a subsidiary of Halliburton—Dick Cheney’s old firm. (FTR#447

It was Othman who interceded with the recently departed Paul O’Neill. Another dimension of the BCCI aspect of the 9/11 investigation concerns the role played in the “investigation” of the BCCI affair by Robert Mueller, now head of the FBI.
(FTR#’s 310 , 325 , 349 , 462 , 464

That inquest was less than vigorous. The number two man in that purposefully inadequate investigation was Rudolph Giuliani, the “hero” of 9/11.


Another important embodiment of the investment power of Saudi petrodollars is the Carlyle Group. Yet another of the business ventures joining the Bush, Bin Mahfouz and Bin Laden families
(FTR#’s 329 , 334 , 342 , 435 ,

the Carlyle Group was holding its annual investor conference in Washington D.C. on 9/11.


At that conference, members of the Bush milieu and Bin Laden family members watched as the World Trade Center Towers collapsed. Within days, members of the Bin Laden family were flown out of the United States before they could be interviewed by the FBI—they were the only civilians able to fly in the United States in that time period.
(FTR#’s 334 , 337 , 347 , 423


Among the Bin Laden family members allowed to leave was Abdullah Bin Laden, linked to terrorism, Al Qaeda and the milieu of the OPERATION GREEN QUEST raids of 3/20/2002


In addition, Saudi Prince Ahmed—alleged to have been a go-between for al Qaeda and the Saudi royal family was allowed to leave as well.


The elder George Bush was in Washington, D.C. on 9/11/2001 and flew out at approximately the same time as the plane that struck the Pentagon flew in.

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Ashcroft – Norad – P-Tech – Pakistani Air Force Commander – Air Defense interference? – Marvin Bush involved w/security for WTC – Wirt Walker involved w/security & ran flight schools in Florida – Jonathan Bush involved w/Saudi financial networks – Neil Bush involved in Mid-East business – Bush-linked company handled security for WTC, Dulles Airport & United Airlines – GOP Wahhabi-Al Taqwa/Al Qaeda connections – Karl Rove Islamo-fascist coordinator within GOP – Crusade for Freedom – CFF an attempt to eliminate the Jewish vote --


There are a number of interesting questions about the performance of civilian and military aviation units in connection with the attacks of 9/11. Attorney General John Ashcroft stopped flying on commercial flights in late July of 2001—why?!

NORAD had conducted training exercises simulating the events of 9/11, giving the lie to the administration’s claim that the attacks hadn’t been anticipated (FTR#459

The administration was lax in alerting airlines about the warnings of the hijackings (FTR#459


The anomalous behavior of air defense units on 9/11 may well be due to the fact that “threat assessment” software for both the FAA and the Air Force was developed by a company called Ptech, that had many links to Al Qaeda and the Al Taqwa milieu.
(FTR#’s 462 , 464 , 467


One of the alleged collaborators of Osama bin Laden was the head of the Pakistani Air Force, who was killed in a plane crash in February of 2003.
(FTR#’s 460 , 462 , 467


Expertise such as his (Air Marshall Ali Mir—head of the PAF) combined with the software developed by Ptech may well have been used to interfere with the performance of air defense units on 9/11.


George W. Bush’s brother Marvin was a director of a number of companies involved with electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles Airport and United Airlines, as well as another that was an insurance underwriter for the World Trade Center.


Another Bush relative, Wirt D. Walker III, was involved with the security firm, which also ran flight training schools in Florida.


George W. Bush’s uncle, Jonathan Bush, is a director of the Riggs Bank, which is deeply involved with Saudi diplomatic/financial networks implicated in the operational aspects of 9/11.


The President’s other brother, Neil Bush, is also heavily involved with Middle Eastern business interests, in turn, overlapping some of the Texas/petro-business connections that are to be found at the heart of the Bush family’s contemporary business dealings.
FTR#’s 346 , 438

“Bush-linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United” by Margie Burns; Prince George’s Journal [Maryland]; 2/4/2003; ,

“The Best Unregulated Families” by Margie Burns;


In examining OPERATION GREEN QUEST raids, it is interesting to note the presence in the GOP’s ethnic outreach organization of Wahhabi elements connected to the Al Taqwa/Al Qaeda milieu.
(FTR#’s 356 , 357 , 415 , 425 , 433 , 435 , 462 , 464 , 467


Bush “Svengali” Karl Rove helped put together the Islamofascist element in the GOP.
(FTR#’s 415 , 433 , 435


A traditional repository for Central and Eastern European fascist elements, this Nazi faction of the Republican Party was the outgrowth of the Crusade For Freedom.
(RFA#37 & FTR#’s 248 , 346


The brainchild of Bush family associate Allen Dulles, overseen by Richard Nixon, fronted for by Ronald Reagan and arranged by William Casey, the CFF was created for the dual purposes of promoting anti-Semitism in the U.S. and anti-communism abroad. Was there a similar attempt (to counteract the “Jewish Vote” at home and promote anti-communism abroad) during the closing phase of the Cold War? Were Islamofascist elements brought into the country for this purpose—a “Jihad For Freedom?”

(more GOP/Islamist connection, “‘Countdown with Keith Olberman’ for Oct. 23”; MSNBC News; 10/23/2003;

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Jihad for Freedom & Saudi/Islamo-fascist influence in U.S. – Jimmy Carter & ‘energy conservation’ – Phony oil shortage – Loeffler – O’Neill’s 911 investigation sabotaged by Saudi oil connections – 1980 Bush oil scam – Republican/Wahhabi Axis in Camp David Peace Talks – Yassar Arafat walks out when Bush names Cheney vice president running mate – James Baker & Dick Cheney – Baker’s Dozen – Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak – Yasser Arafat is a protégé of Odessa Chief Otto Skorzeny – Likud Party – Saudi/underground reich & Otto Von Bolschwing


Adjacent to the hypothetical concept of the “Jihad For Freedom” is the reality of Saudi/Islamofascist influence within the US, partly as a result of the petroleum business, partly because of the enormous investment of recycled petrodollars in the American commercial and political economy.


Noteworthy in this regard is the alleged role of Saudi Arabia, the petroleum business, the “oil faction” of the CIA and George Bush in the destabilization of Jimmy Carter—whose promotion of energy conservation instead of development was anathema to those interests.
(FTR#’s 314 , 337


By creating a phony “oil shortage,” those interests helped defeat Carter by increasing oil prices—damaging the economy and inflaming public opinion against Carter.

As war with Iraq loomed, Carter’s characterization of the need to reduce energy consumption as “the moral equivalent of war” loomed large indeed. Exemplifying the petro-dollar connection to the Republican establishment, the Saudis hired powerful former GOP Congressman Tom Loeffler’s law firm to represent them.


In addition to being “one of Bush’s top moneymen” Loeffler is close to former petroleum executive Dick Cheney.


It appears that the late John P. O’Neill, who headed the FBI’s investigation into 9/11 had his investigation sabotaged because of the Saudi oil connections.
(FTR#’s 310 , 325 , 326 , 348


In an echo of the 1980 Bush oil scam, Prince Bandar (Saudi Ambassador to the U.S allegedly promised to reduce oil prices, thereby bolstering the economy and boosting George W. Bush’s chances for reelection.


In the hypothesis Mr. Emory has been developing about the events of 9/11—the hypothetical question of interference by the oil/Republican/Wahhabi axis in the Camp David peace talks in the summer of 2000 looms large.


On 7/25/2000, petroleum executive George W. Bush named petroleum executive Dick Cheney as his Vice-Presidential running mate. On that same day, Yasser Arafat walked out of the Camp David peace talks.
(FTR#’s 334 , 337 , 346 , 449


Had Clinton successfully brokered a lasting peace agreement and the establishment of a Palestinian state, it might very well have given Al Gore the presidency in 2000. Many of the “moderate” Palestinians who comprised key elements of the negotiating team at Camp David were protégés of Republican operative James Baker (like Cheney a member of the elder Bush’s cabinet).
(FTR#’s 334 , 337 , 346 , 449


Coached in the latest PR techniques by the CIA, they were dubbed “Baker’s Dozen” by the Agency. Madame Chenault (closely affiliated with the American far right and the “China Lobby”) interfered in negotiations between the North Vietnamese and the Johnson Administration in order to prevent Hubert Humphrey from benefiting from a cease-fire in 1968. Did the Republicans interfere in the Camp David peace process for the purpose of domestic electoral gains?

In connection with the breakdown of the peace talks in 2000 (which also doomed Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s government), it is worth remembering that the PLO’s chief financial source is Saudi Arabia.
(FTR#’s 340 , 449


The successor to, (and cousin of) his political mentor Haj Amin al-Husseini, Yasser Arafat is a protégé of ODESSA chief Otto Skorzeny, having become acquainted with the ex-SS Colonel when the latter was in Egypt as a contract employee of the CIA.
(RFA#22 & FTR#340 Arafat’s heritage is at one with the Bush/Saudi/Underground Reich axis.

Another consideration in evaluating the breakdown of the Middle East peace process concerns the deliberate courting of the Israeli right-wing by the Republicans, to the detriment of the Clinton administration. FTR#’s 139, 345 , 346 , 430 , 449


The Republican subversion of the Clinton policy toward Israel, effected in part by courting the Israeli right is particularly interesting in light of the fascist heritage of the more reactionary elements of the Likud party.
(M30, M58 & FTR#’s 346


In addition to destabilizing the Clinton administration’s Middle East policy, this utilization of the Israeli right at the same time as (apparently) courting the Saudi/Underground Reich-influenced PLO might be seen as the ultimate “Final Solution.” Polarize both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and instigate a war of mutual annihilation between the Arabs and Jews. Third Reich SS strategist Otto Von Bolschwing may have drawn on his World War II experience to engineer scenarios in which Jews would be scapegoated for the excesses of the Underground Reich.
(FTR#’s 399 , FTR#403

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