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A M a s s i v e UFO Fly Over Event coming soon!

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:07 PM

Originally posted by FremenBlueEyes
ok....... great. let the massive ufo flyover event happen.
i'm sick of all this waiting and whining.
if it's going to happen then it will happen, all this speculation and "predicting" is stupid. i'm ready, your ready, so what the hell are these aliens waiting for???

i really hope this isn't just all in our minds, that would suck.

to any et's reading.... would you come down already????? geez

There is a possible good reason for limited contact. Think back historically to when the Europeans came to this hemisphere. They brought typhus, scarlet fever, the plague, other infectious diseases. This pretty much wiped out the natives. We're the natives now.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:33 PM
Please say it is before April 15th.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 07:04 PM
I just have to go on record here as saying:

Wanna bet?

It ain't gonna happen folks, deal with it.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by son of PC

good call. i didn't think about that.
but i did just think about them being able to fix all that with their "technology". I mean if they can travel through space and time like they do then you think they can cure a disease, right?

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 08:08 PM
Alright people who can only believe whats in front of them, and care only about themselves. Keep an open mind, please. Don't get me wrong, truth is what you want it to be. But you could be wrong, same for me. The majority of people that lived in the 1500s, believed that the planet was flat, and that everything revovled around the earth. Individuals introduced the idea of the planet being round, and it revolved around the sun, to a minority of people. Those minority introduced the theory to the majority. Many were skeptical. What happend next? Some people looked to the skies with Telescopes and kept records of patterns. Others went across the Atlantic and Pacific and didn't fall off. Amazing! When they went back, and told someone else that they found more land, what did the disbelievers say? They wanted proof. What did they do? They brought proof and some rejected it. The ones who finally saw the truth accpted it and ignored the ones who rejected what was in their grasp. You get the rest of the story I hope.

templar knight
Our dreams are the center of creation. Some dreamed of flying, they were latter determined to fly. They invented alot of things that were meant to fly. Most didn't work. But the Wright Brothers managed it.

We dreamed about going into space. I can't recall, did we go to space.

Humans are all natural inventors. We invent what we want for our needs.

Anything is possible. Frankly we would all want ET to land and change our world for the better. Those who say they don't, don't know what they want.

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 08:29 PM
Hi h3,
I agree I have been with the others also and thankfully they were unique but nice.

hi thesaint,
I haven't seen you in awhile nice to see you again. Some of the things that are being done behind the peoples back is quite scary like you said.

ATSGUY hello,

Many of the different species that are being claimed by these people may or may not be. I know because I have experienced many things with different beings but unfortunately names were never used in my presense.

I DO feel as if there is something in the making but what I don't know. It does appear that things have picked up but the big question to me is:

Is all that is happening....happening for something that is about to take place soon or is it in preparation for something down the line.

Last Friday I was downloaded with Egyptian Symbols which I am trying to figure out and I was surprised when I watched the rerun of Larry King the other night and the one man that drew the symbols off of the landed ship seened familiar the second one in particular.

I always stunk at puzzles so I just observe and try my best to connect.

If at anytime I get something you know I share freely.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 08:54 PM
Wheres the HD pictures of the moon the japanees took. How come we haven't seen pictures of the areas were the anomlies are. I guess were not good sushi yet.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 08:56 PM
If it happens, then thanks for the heads up.. Altho I do look to the sky often!! If it doesnt happen, No harm done..
If anything you have promoted a good thing here. Your frequency level you project is helping those who dont look "up" all that often to take a moment in their lives to take a look skyward!

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by zysin5
If it happens, then thanks for the heads up.. Altho I do look to the sky often!! If it doesnt happen, No harm done..
If anything you have promoted a good thing here. Your frequency level you project is helping those who dont look "up" all that often to take a moment in their lives to take a look skyward!

I really like your post, i wish more people would think that way instead of just being so dismissive on everything because it doesn't fit well with them. I myself am willing to hear all sides of the story. Even when that religious guy posted a comment that said the devil will deceive us all, i still have that in the back of my mind as a possible scenario but i also have the fly over as a good thing too...and also i am willing to accept that if this doesn't happen i will be deeply saddened

you know i don't no the truth, and i doubt anyone else on this site does...i bet even Riley or Michael don't no it. We just have to wait and see until we do know what will happen, until then lets just not be so mean and take everything with a grain of salt!

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by ATSGUY

I think it's more or less people not wanting to believe in it, but rather are getting tired of being "Duped" or "Hoaxed" over and over again. Out of all the countless videos we have of alleged UFOs, a variety of them have been proven fake. If they were true, I'm sure a lot of people would be singing a different tune. Yet the UFO community has not been taken seriously thus far and can not only be taken lightly. We have no one to think but the hoaxers and others for that, and perhaps some of the people who tell wild tales, but because we don't see it or have anything to back it up with. (As well as getting really tired of hearing the same thing perhaps?) We close our minds, annoyed at the fact that another person is trying to deceive us, annoyed that we really can't tell at first if the person is truthful or not (Though most stories are taken as untruthful until pictures/video is provided!)

So as much as I admire your topic (
) I am probably like others, being tired of seeing various fakes/hoaxes, and those who decieve. I want to honestly believe something like this would happen, but living in a world in which one can't tell if one person is telling the truth or if another is telling a lie. Who is to tell what may happen, perhaps a hundred thousand UFOs have flown over US in a matter of seconds, or perhaps not even one has flown by in years. Either way, if stories like this are to be taken with a lot of merit, perhaps we should first evaluate the UFO/Alien field and even see if it should be split into two fields.

One being UFO/Alien pictures/Videos and the other being stories/tales. Although it may not help in the most, it would widely help this site as to give it's members a "warning" before they embark in territory, such as this. Leaving the pictures and video field open for those who have it, and leaving the stories/tales field to those who want to tell, letting the bad ones fall and the ones that most people believe to happen stay at the top. *Nods* I really think we need something like that for all the stories the UFO community has, even if a lot of them may be "Tales"

((No disrespect in the word tales, but kind of burned out and can't think of another word that means the same as stories that doesn't take it in a negative meaning >_< ))

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by ATSGUY

so what will happen in 2012?

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 11:13 PM
Check with LMH or G. Noory about the dangerous water parasite carried by ET/ alien characters.. Why don't you.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by mikesingh

Let’s suppose there IS such a federation. Now the question is why would they want or need Earth or the human civilization to join them? A federation is an association, especially of nations for a common cause. In this case a group of advanced civilizations united in a relationship and having some interest, activity, or purpose in common.

I can think of a couple of reasons

- cannon fodder
- slave labor
- we are food

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 12:24 AM
I'm not buying it. It could possibly be that my feeble little human mind can't comprehend it, but it all just doesn't make sense to me.

Step 1 – Step 1 entails a massive fly over event around the entire
world. ... It will be an event that the governments around the world cannot explain by
simply debunking it as "aerial flares or military aircraft." ... Energies will be
emitted by the ships which will make the public not react in a
chaotic or fearful manner. Love, Peace, and Joy will become the
mindset of the public viewing the ships .... Telepathic messages will be sent from the ships as the energies are being emitted which will state the following, "We come in peace and do not mean harm... " ... This will be something the public will feel in every ounce of their being and won't deny. This public awareness is what will pressure every
government around the world to tell the public what they know; and
any denial won't be tolerated. This is what could destroy the reins
of power the dark cabal have been holding for 13 millennia; public
exploration for truth.

Now here’s one part that doesn’t make sense. If these guys could dictate emotions and thoughts for billions of people at a time, they would be gurus of mental manipulation. Be that the case, why don’t they just use their “energies” and telepathy to “encourage” all the governments to disclose everything? It apparently would easily be within ET’s abilities to do so, and it would be a far more palatable source for the Earthlings to hear it from, as apposed to what would look like an ET invasion. Sorry, but as much love and joy I’d be forced to feel, I’d still have my wits about me. If we didn’t, there would be economic collapse within minutes, so we would obviously still be able to think and function. And while thinking, I wouldn’t be able to shake my whacky logic that it doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of ships to say hello. Yup, that’s an invasion force.

Skipping Step 2 because I find it neither here nor there.

Step 3 could be accomplished in Step 1, but anyway...

Step 3 – Step 3 is a full mass contact which will occur as mass
landings planet wide. This marks the reunion with our space brothers
and sisters and the beginning of a new era of life for humanity on
Mother Earth.

This is the three step process of First Contact. Now, I know you are
all dying to know of time frames, am I right? Well, as of right now,
those are unavailable. Time frames for these Steps to become active
are still being worked on at this time.

Still being worked on? How about......... 30 years ago? Last month? Today? Nothing has, or will ever change to make first contact ever be “a more favorable time.” Since they allegedly have the ability to control our thoughts and emotions, making their arrival akin to a breath of fresh air, any time would be a good time, so what’s the hold up?

Doesn’t add up.

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 12:32 AM
Since i got lost about 2 pages ago, and my laptop is older than dirt. Could someone please summarize what happened so far?

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 01:26 AM
Aliens and space ships are cool and stuff but I agree with a previous post in that we as a race need to look to ourselves for a solution to our collective problems and not some almighty god like beings.
I do like to entertain the thought of an intergalactic savior race coming to our aid and solving all our problems. But I don't think any "sane" interglactic saviors would set foot on this planet due to the uncivilized and war like nature of its natives.
So until we can play nice with each other and solve our own problems, the Galactic Federation (I wish they could come up with a better name, this sounds too much like a certain sci-fi show) ain't gonna be comin' over for a play date anytime soon! So I ain't quittin' my day job just yet..........

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 02:47 AM

Originally posted by Leviatano
I think it's more or less people not wanting to believe in it, but rather are getting tired of being "Duped" or "Hoaxed" over and over again. Out of all the countless videos we have of alleged UFOs, a variety of them have been proven fake.

Quite true, but there are two side to that... What better way to 'discredit' the UFO research than by flooding 'the market' with hoaxes? Like crying wolf... if Hoaxes outweigh the Evidence... then no one believes ANY evidence..

Also there are too many people who cry "Hoax" before even taking the time to look at something closely... would it not be a real joke on us if some that 'the community' decides is a hoax... is in fact a real case?

If they were true, I'm sure a lot of people would be singing a different tune. Yet the UFO community has not been taken seriously thus far and can not only be taken lightly.

So by what standard do we set which 'story' is true? Without knowing the truth, all we can do is decide on what WE THINK is a valid case...

The ease of photoshop has made most all photos suspect... anyone that is a professional at image editing can create a rally good UFO and simple Paintsho Pro clone brush is not so easy to spot like it is in Photoshop... but there are even better programs...

So we cannot believe photos... or videos...

Besides that... since we have yet to PROVE EVEN ONE photo as a genuine UFO aka Alien Space Craft... just exactly does one REALLY look like? My studies have shown me that I should expect an operating vehicle to be blurry and out of focus, due to the magnetic field created by the drive... [much the same as looking through heat waves over a radiator or hot roadway) Skeptics say "How convenient" We only THINK we know what we are looking for... and most go all gaga over the sharp clear hoaxes and ignore the fuzzy real ones

That leaves us with eye witnesses... which in a court of law can get you the electric chair or life... but what do we do?

If an 'insider' steps forward and 'blows the whistle' we work hard at making him out to be a fool or nutcase or worse... then we scream why does no one come forward...

If a civilian steps up to tell us his story... well if he says "I saw Sam Anybody shoot Mrs Jones right between the eyes" the Police take notes and make him a key witness, but if that person says "I was beamed out of my bed and had holes drilled in my head" we call him a nutcase...

Why? because WE don't believe its possible... we are willing to take his word that he saw the shooting, but not what happened to him... because of OUR bias...

(As well as getting really tired of hearing the same thing perhaps?)

But see I look at it this way... Hearing the same thing? If I am hearing the same thing from unrelated people I am more apt to pay attention...

The problem is that these days we are jaded... our attention span is down to maybe 30 seconds... we don't want an hour documentary... we want a 30 second youtube version....

I provide a link to back up an assertion... how many even LOOK at the link, much less read it and even less understand what it implies? (No answer needed just think about how many times you have done this

(BTW 'we' and 'you' in the above are the generic versions... not singling anyone out

Point is we demand proof, but when some is offered, we attack it, insult the presenter, laugh at the strange concept... etc...

End result... those with a REAL story to tell go away, not wishing to suffer the abuse... while the hoaxers stay and keep plugging their product...

And to see their success, you only have to look at a thread in ATS... and see how fast that thread gets flagged and starred with insane amounts BEFORE anyone even stops to ask... "Is there anything to this?" Maybe by page 10 people see they have once again been duped... but look at all those points collected...

We close our minds, annoyed at the fact that another person is trying to deceive us, annoyed that we really can't tell at first if the person is truthful or not (Though most stories are taken as untruthful until pictures/video is provided!)

Oh say its not so... ATS is supposed to be an OPEN MINDED forum

You tell me your story....

hmmm okay sounds good now prove it with photos/videos... [yes make sure you ALWAYS carry a ready loaded point and shoot just in case something weird happens]

You show me your photos...

Hmmm well those look photoshopped to me...

You show me the drill holes in your head...

You probably had a lobotomy when you were younger...

It this point the insults usually escalate as for each new piece of evidence that your debunker doesn't really want to see, he steps up the attack..

That is how it usually works... the 'witness' leaves in frustration, or gets mad enough to fight back and gets banned... but the Trolls remain and pat each other on the back... and wait for their next victim


Disclaimer... This may not always be the case, but I have screen captures

I want to honestly believe something like this would happen, but living in a world in which one can't tell if one person is telling the truth or if another is telling a lie.

There is one way... you have to do your own research... it is not good enough merely to wait here at ATS (or anywhere) and simply expect someone to hand you the 'truth' on a silver platter. The human species has the ability to instinctively know what is true and what is not... however most of us have buried the ability deep in our subconscious and let their conscious thoughts rule the day...

You will get a 'gut feeling' of the truth if you actually communicate with a person... If you truly want to believe ( I really hate that term) you have to do the homework... and you have to do it yourself... because only when YOU find the answer will you believe... No one can tell you...

Take John Lear for example... if you had a chance to talk to him at length... ask serious questions and meet the people he knows, you would have a much different perspective that what you get from his posts..

I once thought much of what he said was BS... but rather than ridicule him, I followed up on the leads and 'hints' he dropped... and found my own confirming sources... and now I do not believe... I KNOW

Off Topic for a minute to illustarte a point...

I will give an example... John says there is an Underwater Naval Submarine Base in Hawthorne Nevada... most ridicule this...

Okay so I start searching..

Here is a link to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Keyport Washington.

"Although NUTEC provides test and evaluation services wherever needed, the test center is focused at NUWC Division Keyport, Washington, building upon a foundation of over 90 years of undersea vehicle expertise.

Now in the first line of the home page they state this...

"Our main facility is located at Keyport, Washington, in the Puget Sound region near the major components of the Fleet we support. We have Detachments located near our Pacific Fleet customers in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and San Diego, California. Fleet testing and logistics sites are located at Nanoose, British Columbia, and Hawthorne, Nevada."

Well there it is... Fleet testing and logistics sites, Hawthorne, Nevada right from the horses mouth

Raytheon Team Wins Naval Undersea Warfare Center Services Contract. ... Maryland, USA; Washington, USA;
Nevada, USA; Honolulu, HI, USA ...

In this capacity, Keyport - with remote sites in Hawaii, Southern California and Hawthorne, Nevada - provides test and evaluation, depot maintenance and repair, In-Service Engineering and fleet industrial support for torpedoes and other undersea warfare systems including mobile mines, unmanned underwater vehicles and countermeasures. Further efforts include responsibility for undersea combat systems and foreign military sales to almost 39 Allied countries. To support these activities, Keyport maintains and operates three underwater, three-dimensional tracking range sites with the capability to conduct vendor acceptance and in-service testing and evaluation of undersea weapons.

The Center provides test and evaluation; in-service engineering, maintenance, and repair; Fleet readiness, and industrial-base support for undersea warfare systems, countermeasures, and sonar systems. NUWC has detachments in California, Hawaii, Nevada and British Columbia, Canada.

Clark County Nevada Pollution Control
Criteria Air Pollutant Emissions Report: U.S. NAVAL UNDERSEA WARFARE CENTER
Facility Information:
Address: Unknown
State: NV
Zip: 00000
SIC Code/Description:
4961/Steam and air-conditioning supply

If you click on the data on the site you get Basic Inc. and no further data. The address is listed as "Unknown" and Zip as 00000 yet the report is about Hawthorne Nevada

Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert?

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 02:47 AM

Last August I drove from Reno to Las Vegas after attending the Bay Area UFO Expo. As I drove through Hawthorne I came upon the entrance to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center which is on the north side of the road I pulled over to the right and took out my camera to get a picture of the sign. As I rolled down the window and lifted my camera I heard a bunch of shouting and guards waving their arms from the guard shack.

I pulled across the road to the entrance just short of the shack a lady in Army uniform came over and told me I couldn’t take pictures. I mentioned to her that I was just going to take a picture of the sign which was less than ten feet from the highway. She told me I couldn’t take pictures anywhere around there. John Lear 2007

Sharon Stuart-Brown's Blog

"My friends had prepped me for some of the things I would see along the way...bunkers, Area 51, etc. About 3 miles or so outside of Hawthorne, the bunkers popped up. For thousands of acres, all I could see was bunkers in the landscape. Picture the movie, "Alien", with all of the egg pods as far as the eye could see... and this was how the bunkers appeared - though elongated with doors on the side. A sign along the highway read, "NUWC"...then spelled out, Naval Undersea Warfare Center...Wow. In the middle of the desert....go figure. That's what the bunkers were for."

And then one more really interesting piece..

Armed Forces Day Celebration
1st Place ~ Naval Undersea Warfare Center

So for a place that doesn't exist, they took first place in a parade float... Guess where John and I will be May 17th

Now I only need to track how they get them from Hawthorne to the Ocean

The point of all this is simply that if you want ANY truth of what ANYONE says... this is the amount of research and following up on leads you need to do to convince yourself... with the end result being a TONE of evidense to convince others... I now KNOW that there is in fact and underwater submarine station in Hawthorne Nevada so have confirmed one of John's 'stories' It thus makes me listen a lot closer to what else he has to say... and more anxious to meet more of his contacts...

The moral of the story is without research of your own, you cannot dismiss out of hand what anyone says, no matter how crazy it may seem at first...

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by FremenBlueEyes I mean if they can travel through space and time like they do then you think they can cure a disease, right?

We can travel to the Moon and back and send probes out there... but we can't cure the common cold... Just because you have a space drive does not make you an expert in all fields. In fact if you are hopping from planet to planet would you not be exposed to all sorts of unknown diseases? And how can you have a cure for something you have never seen before?

And perhaps the limited contact is because they might catch something from OUR disease ridden species that could contaminate them... It works both ways you know

But having the ability to get here and back does not mean they are more advanced in every field... it is even possible that humans have a particular skill or two that are rare in the universe... which if true would give us some bargaining power...

I hear tell from certain "rabbits" that one such 'skill' is our computer tech...

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 04:52 AM

Originally posted by merryxmas
This whole galactic federation thing just sounds embarassingly ridiculous to me.

I know to some people it does, but if you believe that the world is run by Dark forces, who is keeping them in line? Someone must be or they would have total control of the planet.
Personally the only reason I believe in the Galactic Federation of Light is because I have witnessed them with my own eyes.

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