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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

Hi Il Papa ('brief'
response to catch-up on your posts);

'Spirits have no concept of time' (as we understand it), but I do believe there is some form of constraint ... just not sure what ... or even why I think that.

'Why is one past-life remembered' ?

Well, I've remembered 4 (so far),
but the first (Hilley), was without doubt the most detailed and extensive. Up to a point in this lifetime I was re-living very similar experiences ... that's why I think the memories were recalled at that time (to prevent me fully replaying it). Otherwise I might have had to come back yet another time (somewhere in the future), to do it all over again ... until I changed the outcome ... a bit like Groundhog Day
Don't know why I'm laughing that would be a nightmare.

I don't think spirits procreate !!!
(and yeah, what were you on)


All is as well as can be expected (thanks for asking). I'm so pleased the posts have continued between you / CavemanDD / Dock6. I know what you mean about living long enough to digest it all ... I was quite overwhelmed to see how much there was to catch-up with.

Interesting dream ... feeling like you were a fugitive running from Scotland. That's where I've just returned from seeing my daughter ... her husbands in the navy (based nr. Loch Lomond)

Hmmm ! Could that be synchronistic


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hey CavemanDD,

The numerology and birthchart thing sound intriguing. I haven't read the full links yet but I intend to.

I will send the rest of the Atlantean stuff tonight via email. Let me know what you think when you've read it.


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:13 PM
Well i cant believe it but this actually made me join just so i could reply to this thread about something I have been thinking on for years. I just didn't openly think about it so much untill now, anyways on with the story

I've had this dream before but it involves me going very fast paced on a creature, perhaps a horse then my view gets flipped upside down and an extremely warm feeling comes to my head, i awake after that but i decided to leave paper and a pen by my side for whenever i'd get a thought, well i did this while reading your thread and the stories of other people when my vision dulled and my thoughts went out of the norm. as in i was thinking of PL stories and then i heard a man, late 40's maybe even 50's speaking and i wrote exactly what it said "A day till we reach the city, nervous is the only thing i am, what if i die? What if we lose? My body in a constant shake, I cant seem to keep my arms steady, I am used to this sort of thing of course but i have an odd feeling"

Then i got a date stuck in my head, 321 A.D., it wouldn't leave my thoughts, I'd try to think of anything to get it out, but then i thought of what i wrote and just to please myself i googled the date , 321 A.D. only to find a biography of Craterus, a Macedonian Senior Officer, i read it and felt that feeling i got in the dream, where my head was extremely warm. I read on and on to discover he was killed after his horse flipped over in battle. I dont know why but this angered me, put me in disbelief and it made me get an adrenaline rush, i have yet to understand why, but when i think of this subject i get nervous, my arms shake and my thoughts are clouded.

Maybe my mind is making random connections to events similar to my dreams? I dont know but i've always been fascinated by Alexander and his army, his officers, his life. I've even held a debate on his significance. Its just something ive been drawn to since i can remember.

Any comments? I myself think it would be awesome to try anything to find out more about PLs and other things to this nature, Maybe you could help me out?

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by Dock6

Hi Dock6,

I totally agree with the statement you made about passing trends (in spirituality etc).

On a personal level I've not encountered too much trouble when relating paramormal experiences (I'm quite choosy - in the real world - as to who I tell). The area I received some adversity with was when people became aware that I am a witch (not so much now ... but in the earlier days)

People have some very, very strange ideas about witches ... and what they get up to. The common consensus seems to involve getting naked (skyclad) ... (bit cold on the Yorkshire moors for that kind of thing)
and having orgies during their rituals

(who knows ... maybe some do )
One reason I've never had the inclination to join a coven ... I'm quite content to be a solitary

But since I've been holding occasional workhops about the 'reality' and true intention of witchcraft things are a lot better. I love it when somebody says something like;

'Oh ! I never thought about it like that before ... that makes so much sense ... and it's not weird at all'.

And trust me, people say that often. So don't avoid sharing your paranormal experiences with friends and family ... I think the key is in the words you use to explain it. Certainly works for me anyway.

From your posts on this thread I think they are missing out on a lot of the wisdom you could offer them.


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by xiGnis

Hey there xiGnis,

Let me begin by saying welcome to ATS in general ... and particularly to our happy little band on this thread.

And well,
I can't believe you actually joined so that you could contribute here, fantastic.

You say you have already read through the posts so you will see the brilliant contributions that have been posted ... consider yourself one of us.

Now to your experience. How long ago was your dream ?

Have you had any other 'flashbacks' to add detail ?

If so how many and how often ?

How do you feel physically/emotionally after the experience ?

I was actually going to suggest trying to find-out what battles took place during that time ... but you've already thought of that ... one step ahead.

It certainly sounds like you could have found what you dreamt about ... as you will have seen in previous posts a good indication of PLR is knowing the difference between imagination and memory. Besides sights you will usually get one or all of the following;

smells / feelings / accented voices / emotional reactions to the images in your head etc.

Please don't hesitate to ask any specific questions you might have.


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 06:10 PM
Well as for feelings i get the nervousness and the extremely warm feeling around my head/neck area and then stabbing wound pain, almost as if my neck had snapped? I cant get much detail because the dream is so fast paced. I had it just last night as well which is even odder to me.

But when i think of how he died i kind of get depressed and angry.
But yeah this has all been recent occurences then me discovering this thread today, it put pieces in spots i hadnt thought of initially.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi woody,

Just quickly, I am getting up in about 4 hours time..I have a job in North Yorkshire Tuesday 18th !!!! Getting near woodwytch land I reckon...

Regarding past lives remembered, I don't think I worded it right. I meant, I was just wondering what it is, that sparks off any particular PLM off, that was all!!! Not that people remember one PL!!

Yeah the dream was strange. I say fugitive, I was just aware of the need to get away really but I am not totally aware of the whole dream. It is frustrating..when you know there is more...and as for waking up with someone there, I haven't had an experience like that since that hotel ghost woke and tickled me!!!

Well if it had any significance then I am sure it will play out again...I''ll probably be dressed as James Cagney next time.."Top of the world ma!!"!!

The Scotland Synchronicity...
..weird...although with my job I travel all over the UK so really one part is like another...can't think why Scotland featured though?? There again, I can't understand me dreaming of being a fugitive..I am the least likely person to be one....well in this life anyway..

Night, night all


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by xiGnis

this is interesting.. especially since you validated. And the emotions attached to the feelings. Theres no denying it buddy, you were that guy. The sooner you accept that which seems unbelievable, the sooner it starts to make sense and flood with more clarity.

You're holding on to some sort of emotion related to the death because you feel it wasn't how you were supposed to die. You were a warrior, you wanted a warriors death, not accident... that or to die old, comfortably knowing you could not be killed.

You felt cheated. You are remembering it because the thought affected you so much. You were probably thinking... if I didn't die I could have done so much more. More of the soldiers might have lived... I could have killed more enemies... Something to that degree, whatever your mind-set was at the time.

And unless you still think killing people solves a problem and ego-driven destruction is glorious (just typing this in my mind..I can feel the manly ego comming on, haha)... then I see only success, for your mind is not in this place anymore, and you're probably thinking you wish you could rectify it by killing people in this life

Dreams of metal and glory! haha, sounds pretty cool. Accept it as it is, it's a cool dream, and it was a different part of your life, but its not you now, you coulda been the biggest a-hole in the world back then but when it comes down to it, it matters what you are now, and what you're doing for yourself now.

Self-realisation is the meaning continued incarnation, I'll save you the wondering! Think about it, do you think at the end of your life you'll be a worse person, with more problems.. or do you think you'll be a better person, who's conquered fears, learned a great deal about people, the world and himself?

Self-realisation. Self-improvement. Awareness. Potential.

Again, wicked cool dream. But it sounds like it was probably not as good as one imagined, you were probably scared, or full of adrenaline/irratic.

I had a past life dream I was an ancient guard, but I don't recall fighting anyone. All i recall was I had some ego problems. I thought I was such a bad ass, haha
It's kinda funny.

Good post, please continue. And welcome aboard. I think it was threads like this too that eventually made me join this board a year ago.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Wow really everything makes sense when i say that to myself, everytime i have that dream im usually pumped with adrenaline and i wake up yelling something. I usually cant recall what it is or what it means, Its not english i know that much..Latin i guess? It might explain a lot of my other dreams of battle as well. I'd really like to do some PL work with a specialist or something to that effect maybe i could get more info on this? What would you suggest?

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by xiGnis

well its probably not my field. I just accept the past lives as they are.. I am curious about them, and I'll ask about them say on a message board or to one or 2 of my "aware" freinds. But I'd rather just work on developing that skill myself and hopefully I'll be able to answer everything myself.

You know what helped for me? I talked about it, that was enough to re-constuct some of the imagery, and then what I did was draw what I looked like, and put in some scenery or whatever symbolism you can remember. I did that one day out of boredome/curiousity and I must say, it had a profound emotional effect on me I did not expect. It felt like I was looking in a mirror, feelings of familiarity and loss.

If you wish to recall it, talk about it. Think about it, when someone asks you, what did you do this weekend? You can only recall a few major things, nothing little, but the more you talk about it the more it seems you recall the finer details. Your memory is like a computer, all the information is scrambled up, its all there but it might take a while to sort. Try talking about it.. do what I did, use drawing to help. It doesn't matter if your not any good at art, its just a rough sketch anyway, the idea is to incorporate familar imagery and see what affect it has on you.

Other then that, ask woodwytch, she might have some advice for you, or any others on this board for the matter, they seem to have used some interesting tactics for getting this information.

But I recommend, talk about it, now that you told us the story, tell it again, you'll probably find that you'll tell it in more detail. I came on here with a story, after 3 days it became clearer and clearer and I even remembered a completely related dream which actually gave me some closure on the troubling subject.

Draw it out too, just for the hell of it, see what it does. Write down any familiar words or whatever.

And most importantly, keep an open mind... We often see things in our mind as complete nonsense but I think if you look hard enough you can find a deep meaning to all imagery within.

Accept that you're not crazy, don't think of this like remembering a clouded dream, think about it as remembering who you were, don't remember the dream, remember the day, remember the man, the sky, the sounds, the smells, the feels, your strength, your pain, your mindset, the emotions etc etc... And remember the time between dreaming and conciousness.. That transitional point of "waking up" seems to contain a lot of messages. I think we do this on purpose to take the information with us because when we dream we think on a higher frequency...(take what you want from that, some say we leave our body OBE and enter another dimension...similar to this, but with more control.) But yeah, its because we lower back to our regular frequency that we seem to remember dreams so well for the first 15 minutes but then they dissapear all-togther, what is that do you think? It's like I read somewhere before, they said its like basically teaching a baby to learn calculus... When you dream you have seemingly unlimmited knowledge and learning ability, when we wake up we don't know how to interpret the information. Its like trying to run a brand new computer game/ program on a 10 year old operation system that doesnt even contain the code required to understand how to even run it.

But yeah, pay attention to this "waking up phase".. It contains the clearest message, or point of the dream. The dream is like re-education, a reflection of what happened, and we give ourselves these little messages subconciously to remember it.

You wake up with a year in your head, or a name, or a number, or a word or message... Pay attention to that part... i find it really helps put a lot of the pieces together..

Myself when I woke up from a dream, I had this feeling I was being like warped through time at light speeds back into the present, and when I awoke I had this number like 120 000 years or something in my head. As well as I said earlier, I had the word Atlantis in my head but I shook it off and forgot it because I thought that just didn't make any sense, I thought atlantis wasn't real, and theres no way I would be more advanced then compared to now, it just doesn't work that way..

Well I blame that mindset for making me forget this dream for 6 or so years.

I had a horrible sleep last night, I went to bed doing all this stuff in my mind like listening to sounds, (it apparently builds psychic awareness)..and I don't recall those 8 hours but I felt them, and they felt strainous, and I woke up feeling like I had a rough night mentally.

(that just goes to show you what happens when you sleep man.. The learning never stops... the body rests because it has to, the soul, the being, it craves more. It wants to live and learn, and when you dream its an avenue to learn on such a greater scale, but that doesn't make this form of living any less real or educational, or else we wouldn't be here.)

Theres my 2 cents. Well hell, that was at least 20 cents worth of typing.

Yeah, ask the others, but you should try what I said, it worked for me. Good luck, and have fun with the memories, its something unique to you. You can tell people you were a great general once. Give them the first hand edition of the historical event

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

Hi, Il Papa. You keep coming up with gems that really strike a chord ! It's difficult deciding what to quote. Easier to quote your entire post, but then there'd be no room to reply, lol.

So I grabbed this: Il Papa wrote: ' As for paranormal experiences. I still find my belief is that the mind is a powerful thing and capable of making us / it believe things are real..without knowing they are.'

Yes ! And another big 'Yes' concerning your comment along the lines of, 'With the paranormal, no-one can prove or disprove the claimed experience of another ... we just don't know ... there is no 'proof' '. I meant to respond when you wrote that. Can't remember whether or not I did, but certainly intended to echo your sentiments.

In fact, if we're honest, we're often sceptical concerning our OWN experiences. Or at least I am, moreso with some than with others. It happens. You're shocked or frightened or dazed. In no particular order, you think back over what occurred ... OR, you choose NOT to think about it for a while. The weight of society's disapproval, ridicule, disbelief etc. regarding experiences such as the one you believed you had, kicks in. These things shouldn't happen -- they aren't possible -- they're wrong -- they mean you're unbalanced. You've picked all this up on your trip through life thus far.

But your mind's integrity's at stake and it puts up a fight. ' You didn't ask for the experience,' it says to you, ' You didn't seek it, didn't want it, were getting along just fine until it happened. But don't start backing off on me now. You were there. You saw it. You hadn't been drinking or using any type of drug .. no, you were just plodding along as usual and it happened. So have the spine to at least acknowledge that to yourSELF for goodness sakes !' I have these little internal dialogues, anyway.

In one instance, the experience was just *so beyond the pale, that I couldn't cope with it afterwards (after I recovered from gibbering wreck fear and panic). If someone had claimed to have had the experience, I wouldn't have believed them. Would never have expected anyone to believe me. Wasn't even going to put it to the test ! 'You're going to bury this.' I told myself, ' It has no place, no precedent (as far as I was aware) no reason for occurring and no explanation as to how or WHY it occurred. So walk away. Disown it. Don't even think about it.' And I didn't .. very often.

Ten years or so down the track, in relaxed mood, I felt sufficiently distanced from the event to risk revealing it to someone I'd known many years earlier .. someone with lots of high-strangeness under their belt and who'd therefore at least give me benefit of the doubt, having known me as reliable for so long. Wrong. They almost physically backed away. My heart sank. I felt so alone -- as if i were standing on the edge of a ravine with just the wind for company. Then ... the unexpected, from the most unexpected quarter. My adult daughter entered the room, compassion written all over her lovely face. ' Don't worry Mum ... I know what you're talking about .. I saw them too, when we lived in that house.'

Can't tell you how that felt. Yes, it was good. Confirmation. After all those years. Big weight lifted from me. Someone ELSE had experienced it too ! Only those who've been in similar situation will understand how *important* independent confirmation IS ! The paranormal's so tricky. It bestows bizarre experiences on people then sneaks away like a thief in the night. We've all read or seen the person who turns to the person next to them to say: ' You saw it, didn't you ? Over there .. that thing .. that -- ghost? ' And the other person replies, 'No. I didn't see anything.' First person says in agitation: ' You *must* have done! It was right in front of us !' Second person replies again, ' Nope. I didn't see anything.' If the thing seen had been a zebra .. no problem. We all 'know' that zebras exist, even though the first explorer to have witnessed them must have been regarded askance when they described zebras to their friends and family upon their return to Europe. But now, we ALL know zebras exist. You can look at a zebra and turn to the person next to you and say, ' Hey, did you see that animal ... looked a bit like a horse except black and white striped ... ? '. And the person next you (with an expression of Where've YOU been?) would turn and say, ' Of course ... it's a zebra. Don't tell me you haven't seen a zebra before ?'

One day, maybe spirits and paranormal oddities will be accepted with equal equanimity, but in the meantime, when you've experienced something out of the paranormal-zoo, confirmation is like a soothing ointment on your grazed nerves ... and lack of confirmation can be like an itch at the back of your brain. A little itch you try to ignore, for lack of better remedy .. an itch that causes you to doubt your own mind's reliability. ' Why did you present me with that experience?' you ask your mind. ' I was getting alone just fine without it. It's done nothing but confuse me. I have no way of proving it, even to myself. It's an Out of Place event for which I have no file. Am I supposed to attach meaning to it, or what? What do you expect me to do with such a remembered event?
Then you might turn to your mind and say, ' I'm beginning to suspect I don't know you as well as I thought I did. So as far as this weird stuff's concerned ... put up or shut up, ok?'

And on at least one occasion ... it did. It sent me a series of uncannily accurate precognitive dreams, photo style. Wise through experience, I recounted the dreams to others at the first opportunity. Then the dreamed-events occurred .. with witnesses. They weren't huge, world-shattering precognitive dreams, but *were* odd enough to stand out. The weeks passed and the dreams kept coming .. and happening. People by this time were sick of it. I've discovered that generally speaking, most people do not *like* proof that events have in some way been predetermined. I don't blame them. If our lives or even a percentage of them have been predetermined .. what are we ... just puppets dancing to someone else's tune? Where's the free-will? We suffer enough in life and are told repeatedly to 'take responsibility' for our actions, etc. But if 'our' actions are simply a re-play of someone else's script (as indicated by proven predetermination) then why should WE beat our breasts in guilt and self-recrimination when all along, we've been played like puppets in someone else's production? We're copping the flak for stuff that's been imposed on us from 'out there', in other words. Hence my feelings that 'Fate' poses an injustice on the human race (but that's another issue).

Anyway .. lots of dreams which shortly afterwards came true, almost to the letter. They involved wild lizards, incidentally .. the appearance of wild lizards in a highly urban yard which to that point had had no lizards at all. So all this rules out to a large degree, any suggestion that I was orchestrating the events to coincide with the dreams.

There has to be a reason for this, I realised. But what? A possibility was that I was being shown, in no uncertain terms, to pay attention to those special-feeling dreams we come to recognise as precognitive.

Lizards and the dreams about them ended. Then, less than two weeks down the line, I had another precognitive dream. Woke up pumping with adrenaline. At that time, as now, I used to stay up typing late into the night. Hot, humid climate here. So I used to leave the doors and windows open (still do) while I typed or read or did whatever. Because of rampant insect life, doors and windows here are shielded by insect screens.


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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 11:06 PM

For years, I'd told myself that if a prowler or potential robber tried to get into the house while I had the doors and windows open, I'd be up like a shot and would send them packing. It's one of those things you tell yourself in order to keep functioning vaguely in the way you'd like. I'm fit, I told myself. I'm not afraid of physical violence. I'll stand up for myself .. have too .. have children asleep down the hall who rely on me to protect them. And I will. I WILL.

But the dream said otherwise. In the dream, there I was, typing away in my own home at night, with the open doors and windows providing some relief from the heat, etc. I was engrossed in what I was doing.

Next moment, like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, a man literally *hurtled* through the door, taking the flimsy insect-screen with him.

He rose, grinning at me in a way that transmitted very clearly, ' You don't have a chance. You've been kidding yourself '.

So, all those years, I'd imagined I would (a) HEAR any intruder before they even got near the doors thus (b) giving me time to leap up and slam the solid, main door in their face and stop them entering.

But the dream wiped all those pretensions right out of my head. In the dream, I didn't hear a thing beforehand. And I hadn't even had time to half get out of my chair before the man had thrown himself bodily into the room .. a good way into the room, too.

I'd been left (in the dream) flatfooted. I was still trying to rise from the chair at the same time he was getting to his feet and grinning at me. So much for my Superman pretensions !

And what did I do, when the man rose from the floor and grinned evilly at me? Answer: remained flatfooted, scared out of my wits. What little wits remained (in the dream event) were concentrated on my realising -- too late --- that I'd let my children down with my stupid beliefs I could handle whatever came along. And now this man rising to his feet was going to not only make me pay for my stupidity .. my children would have to pay for it as well.

It was as this realisation sank in, that I awoke, drenched in fear.

Did the lizard dreams occur in order I should listen to my dreams, I wondered? And if so, was the subsequent dream of the male intruder the dream 'someone' wanted me to well and truly pay heed to ?

Not long afterwards, two car-loads of youths were arrested. It was in the local news. They'd been breaking into and trashing homes. The damage caused was in excess of anything police had witnessed before. Savage. Violent. Tens of thousands of dollars worth in each instance.

Police cars were parked outside my home, late at night after the male intruder dream. I could hear their radios. They were the same police squad who subsequently captured the youths. And a neighbour from across the road revealed to me that on several occasions, she had seen two cars pull up outside my home with their lights turned off. On the last occasion, she'd seen the youths begin to scale the tall fence at the front of my home. She'd turned on her porch lights to let them know they were being observed. They'd immediately departed, still without turning on their vehicle's lights. Without going into too much detail, one of the captured youths turned out to be the son of someone known to me. The boy had for years exhibited increasingly disturbing behaviours. I had banned him from my home. But I would never have suspected he would not only target my children and I, but also bring his friends along with him.

I'm the first to admit, it could all have occurred coincidentally. There have been a number of other similar situations whereby I've been led to suspect that 'someone' was looking after me and later, my family. If this is the case (as I believe it to be) I honestly have no idea why I've been selected for such protection .. certainly haven't 'earned' it any more than anyone else. Honestly though, I shouldn't be here, based on some of the truly stupid (unintentionally stupid, but stupid nonetheless) things I've done or allowed myself to become involved in. I don't take the protection for granted, or at least try not to. I try to remember to give thanks regularly and I really am thankful.

Naturally, it's caused me to devote thought to what 'lies at the back of all this'. Still haven't come close to working it out. Not intelligent or dilligent enough. Used to think that later in life, I'd have enough free time to really put the thinking-cap on. But it's already 'later in life' and to my surprise, I've forgotten a lot that I used to know. Never thought that would happen. And I haven't grown 'smarter' as time has passed .. dumber, most likely.

So can't say if the 'protection' derives from the fact that we here only *believe* we're experiencing things for the first time, when in fact they occurred earlier and filter down spiral-fashion to the echo's of who we actually are ... or if there's genuinely minute by minute intervention (for some of us, some of the time) in what we regard as this 'real time' we're in.

The fact we have accurate precognitive flashes and dream indicates things that happen here are themselves the echo. Because personally, I think its just too complicated (and Nature likes it simple, path of least resistance) to say that someone/something determines our actions and writes a form of movie about it in another dimension, complete with speech, colour, action, lighting, ramifications, etc. etc. ........... and then sends it down the pipeline to us to reenact later on ... taking into account that many of us receive a 'sneak preview' of what are often disastrous events, via our dreams or visions, etc.

Why would someone/anyone go to so much trouble? If they have the power to manipulate us and our lives (thousands of details in each event) then clearly, they also have the power to just drop the events on us, without prior warning (thereby eliminating precognition and the two-step repeat of events).

Precognition is a fact, a proven fact. Yet scientists have no way to explain the workings of it. They rely on 'coincidence' or hint at less than honesty on the part of those who claim precognition. Or .. they claim the event was 'replayed' in the person's mind after the event so that they just 'thought' they'd known about it beforehand.

We're left to our own devices re: finding an explanation to all this. So we have to start with what we know and we know that some people, some of the time, are shown what is yet to occur in 'reality'. You can't be shown what doesn't exist. So the events must have occurred already in some dimension. And in that dimension, 'we' often play a role in the events we're shown via precognition, just a we play an identical or almost identical role when the events DO occur in 'our reality'.

So, are we in two (at least) places at once? Or .... do we *actually* exist in the ORIGINAL version ... the first-playing of the event ? If so .... what are we in *this, the secondary-location (the one we believe is 'our reality') ? Is it possible that 'we' (those we believe are the here and now 'we') are the *ghosts* of our 'real selves' ? Could it be that what we consider as the verification of precognitive dreams, visions, etc. are actually ECHOES of what has already happened ... and NOT 'precognitive' at all ?

Are what we regard as precognitive dreams not something that is yet to happen, but memories of things that have *already* happened ? Are we living in time running BACKwards, not forwards? If so, it would be us, and not 'fate' who is deciding what happens. And we may THINK we're 'alive', but instead, we could be echoes, ghosts, memories, of our true selves. If so, it's possible that our 'guardians' and 'protectors' .. are actually *ourselves*.

I'd better run up to the post-office now and get some fresh air.

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by xiGnis

Hey there xiGnis,

I told you these guys were good didn't I ?

CavemannDD has just given you some excellent advise, that is well worth following.

When I first started experiencing my flashbacks of spontaneous past-life memory, I was very confused ... didn't know what the 'bleep' was going on !

But something inside told me it was not only 'REAL' but also very important ... obviously at the time I didn't realize how important

I have no idea why I felt so compelled to write every little snippet down ... only that I did. It's because of all these random scraps of paper, that I was eventually able to reconstruct such a full and detailed account of that lifetime.

One thing that will always stand-out in my mind was watching the film 'The Crucible' on TV. (This was a good 12mths after I'd compiled my memories into a book manuscript). It was a weird sensation because I was repulsed by the story (at the deepest level) ... yet I couldn't bring myself to switch it off ... it was like I was tied to the chair with my eyes duck-taped open.

Then when it came to the part where the main character was being tortured I was horrified to see an instrument so similar to the one that had been used on Hilley (the big syringe filled with boiled water), that I felt physically sick. And seeing the woman tied to the wooden stake and the fire lit OMG it was like ... can't describe what it was like !!!

My memories of Hilley's torture were so graphic that I put off writing that chapter of my book until everything else had been written (then I went back to it). The reason for my delay tactics (other than the obvious horror of it), was because everything I wrote was like re-experiencing it again ... it was that intense.

This was fine with the mundane and happy events ... but it created a real physical dread in me as I approached the awful and sad bits. I always said ... 'if I'd decided to create this story in my imagination ... I would certainly have given it a better end'.

Even today, recalling anything from Hilley's lifetime is exactly the same as recalling things I've done / experienced in this lifetime eg; what I did/how I felt/conversations I had/ how the air smelt ... say, the last time I was up on the moors ... or went to visit my friend ... or went to a restaurant ... or went shopping (you get the picture I'm sure). So I knew how it would be ... not just to recall the memories of Hilley's torture and subsequent death, but to write about it in the tiniest detail. I was in tears and totally drained, I can tell you.

But it was something I had to do ... I embraced and accepted the memories as a past reality (after I'd done my research to confirm the details) ... and I can only say that without the experience (in it's entirety), I would be a very different person today ... and not in a good way !

So my advise is to keep a record of even the tiniest detail, and research the subject of the time / place / people, as thoroughly as you can.

If you ever decide to visit a regression therapist ... try to get one that's been recommended by someone who's been to them and had good results. And if possible one who DOES NOT use hypnosis (this can distort/cloud true recall). If you live in the north of England, feel free to contact me. Or you can email me for more advise ...

Keep posting. Woody.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by Il Papa

Dammit Il Papa, I wish I'd stuck around a bit longer last night and seen your post about being in North Yorkshire today. What part you been to ?

If you were in 'woodwytch country' you could have popped in for coffee.


posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 06:31 AM
reply to post by Dock6

Hey there Dock6,

Whoa ! that is a pretty freaky thing that happened to you with the guy bursting through the screen door (dream), then finding out about the guys who were arrested. I would have been curled up in foetal position under my desk ... I have a real problem with physical violence (for obvious reasons). No wonder you were shaken.

I'd love to hear more about the encounter at your old house ... that your daughter confirmed. I saw my first, fully manifested spirit when I was 3yrs old (although I didn't realize that at the time of course). But I also understand your reluctance in case someone at ATS knows you and works out it's you. Jeez, people can be such idiots sometimes can't they. Like scoffing and denying something exists means it's not going to happen to them.

But I suppose that's the thing of it. Unless you experience something for yourself there will (or at least should be) an element of doubt. That's why I love chatting with people like you guys because even though all our experiences differ ... we at least know/accept the possibilities of things not always being black and white. We like-minds need to stick together and hope that more people find a way to open their own minds to such possibilities.


posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 10:44 AM
You know
I was thinking earlier and i rethought everything, just because of a thought i had not a minute ago, of a name i randomly knew, i had not ever known, im recalling names of which im not very familiar, maybe i wasnt craterus but someone close to him?

Perhaps i was invisioning a story being told of the death? I know i feel odd when i talk about it like this but things to me make sense this way, i know ive had a strange drawing to alexander and his life, i feel cheated when i read about it, and sometimes emotional. Now im not sure or ready to even say this or not but maybe i was Alexander himself? Just saying that to myself makes my arms shiver and my head feels more relaxed/less stressed, im not sure whether or not which man i was if i was one of these great men. One could only dream of being.

Anyone have any comments on this? Oh by the way the name i recalled was Diogenes, a philosipher that met with alexander at the Isthmian Games. I felt respect when i said it in my head and also repulsed by it, almost angered after words? First it was respect, like meeting someone famous, then repulsed by that person.

But all comments on this are GREATLY appreciated.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi Woodwytche and thank you. (Hope your daughter's Ok. I've been thinking of you both. It's a very sad thing to happen and takes a lot of time to recover from.)

I've been thinking too, of your past life experiences. Have you read Jenny Cockles books? They may be out of print now, being a decade or more old (fast paced world) but I found them interesting and recommended them to many I knew, when they were first published. Jenny apparently had past and future life recollections, the latter covered in her later book. The first one, about her past-life, was published here under the title, 'Yesterday's Children' (I think) but I suspect it ran under a slightly different title in the UK.

You may have already read Jenny's books, but for those who haven't, they're well worth seeking out (on Amazon, perhaps?). Briefly, when a small child, Jenny Cockles remembered being someone else. She remembered where she'd lived and most importantly, grieved and worried about her 'children'. Overriding all these was her memory of lying ill in a large room with tall windows, separated from her children, about whom she could not stop worrying. Worry about her children filled her mind constantly.

Jenny, as a small child in England, told her mother about these memories. She also spent considerable time drawing as much as she could remember of her previous life .. little maps of where she'd lived, her house, nearby 'important' buildings .. the local shop for example.

Wisely (incredibly) her mother didn't scold little Jenny, or tell her she was
'being silly', as so many other parents would have done. Perhaps because she was not driven to repress her memories, Jenny not only continued to remember her past life, but managed to integrate it successfully to a degree within her present life.

The memories remained with Jenny as she grew older. By this stage, she of course realised that remembering past lives wasn't something that most people experienced or discussed. Nothing in her present life seemed to bear any connection to her previous life. In her present life, she was one of (I think) two children in a fairly average family. Yet her past life memories remained vivid through her school years and even after she married and had children of her own.

Once again, Jenny was fortunate in that her husband (from the way she describes him in her book ) was always very understanding and supportive. Jenny and her husband didn't have much money and were struggling to raise their children, but somehow, they managed to scrimp together enough money to allow Jenny to briefly visit the location of her previous life .. Ireland.

Prior to going to Ireland, Jenny had been seeing a therapist. My memory's a bit sketchy on this part, but from what I recall, the therapist/friend who'd been recommended to her, employed hypnotism, which Jenny did not enjoy. Nevertheless, from what I remember of that section of the book, the therapy resulted in a few more details of Jenny's previous life.

Jenny could only afford to spend a few days in Ireland on her first visit, but by this stage, she'd remembered her surname from her previous life, also the name of the village in which she and her family had lived. Whilst in Ireland, she managed finally to locate the ruins of her previous home, which had been a small stone cottage, or perhaps an old gate-keeper's dwelling. It had been just a rough old place when she'd lived in it during her previous life. Jenny and her children had suffered from extreme poverty. Now, when she finally located the broken foundations of the cottage beneath tangles of brambles ... Jenny knew she'd finally located the base-stone for the rest of her memories. Throughout, her search was driven by her continuing worry about her past-life children.

Having established the location of her previous home, Jenny was now able to further her search for her children. She was introduced to people who were able to give her more information, and bit by bit, she patched the details of her past-life together. She was able to trace her past-life identity to a hospital in Ireland and learned that in her past life, she had died there shortly after giving birth to the last of her several children.

After returning to England and her 'real' life, Jenny continued her records search for her children and incredibly, was finally able to locate several of these. They were still alive .. and living in England !

Next, came Jenny's many attempts to establish contact with her children, who by now were in their old age. The eldest boy (named Sonny, I think) was the most approachable, though he by no means accepted that this young woman could possibly be his mother, who'd died in Ireland when he was just a boy. From memory, it was Sonny's wife who gently persuaded Sonny to at least meet Jenny and hear her out.

Poor Jenny. Here was this gentle, introverted young woman whose life had been dominated from early childhood by unrelenting worry about her past-life children. She'd had only half a life, really, because she'd been as much in the past as the present. Her husband and children, employers, friends, parents, school days, etc. had all had to accomodate her overwhelmingly vivid memories of her past life, and their accompanying grief and worry regarding her past life children. Now, after years of hoping and searching, she'd finally managed against all odds to locate those past-life children ... but they didn't want to meet her and didn't believe her claims of being their mother. To add to the confusion and doubt of all concerned, Jenny herself was forty years younger (approx.) than her 'children', most of whom by now were retirement age.

Sonny and Jenny had a watershed moment during one of their touchy meetings, when Jenny recounted an event which had occurred near their poor Irish home when Sonny was a boy or perhaps nine or ten. Jenny asked Sonny if he remembered the day they'd caught the rabbit. It had happened when Jenny was frantically trying to feed her many children on next to nothing. There she'd been, making bread with a handful of flour, when she'd heard a commotion down in the field. Dusting her hands on her apron, Jenny and the younger children had rushed out do find Sonny and some of the older children had managed to snare a rabbit for tea. They'd all been delighted and Sonny so proud that he'd put food on the table for the younger ones.

As Jenny recounted this to Sonny, he sank deep into himself and saw Jenny with new eyes. He'd told no-one about the rabbit, he told her .. not even his wife of many years. As far as he could tell, the only way Jenny could have had such intimate knowledge of the event was if she'd been there. Finally, Sonny was prepared to seriously consider that the young woman next to him may ... God only knew how ... be his very own mother.

Sonny recounted to Jenny that after she'd died, he and the other children had been separated and sent to orphanages here and there. He said he'd get in touch with his siblings and ask them to meet Jenny.

Most of Jenny's children had been raised as strict Roman Catholics and as such, felt their church's teachings forbade the possibility that their dead mother could 'return to life' in another body. They were frightened by the whole thing, which is understandable. They had families of their own, as well. For all they knew, Jenny could be just a deluded and disturbed woman with an ulterior motive. They preferred to keep their distance, although by now, Sonny had gained confidence in Jenny and had established a reasonably warm relationship with her.


posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 11:40 AM

Sonny by this time had shown Jenny photos of the baby she'd had shortly before dying. Little Phyllis (I think) was now a grey-haired matron of sixty years or thereabouts. She still lived in Ireland and was the most reluctant of all the children to acknowledge Jenny as her mother. Nevertheless, Jenny at least did meet 'baby' Phyllis and the meeting if strained, still granted Jenny some peace of mind. Her tiny frail baby, the last she was to bear, had survived and lived a good life.

By now also, Jenny had grown to learn that the big room with the tall windows (this memory had haunted her since her 'real' life childhood) had been the hospital ward in which she'd lain as she died. No wonder it had made such a lasting impression and carried through to her later incarnation. As she'd lain there, aware her end was near (in her previous life) she'd worried endlessly about what would happen to her children after she was gone. This aching worry was what her mind had been filled with as she'd died. Her love for and worry about her children had continued, it seems, after her physical death. Somehow, it had propelled her towards another incarnation/life. That's a mother's love for you !

Jenny's husband in her previous life had been a bounder, a no-good. He'd beaten Jenny and the children, particularly Sonny (the eldest). He'd been an Irish man employed by the British Army and had kept Jenny barefoot and pregnant throughout her previous life. A heavy drinker who was seldom home, he'd not provided well for his family and had left them for most of the time to exist on nothing. He'd arranged for one or more of the children (including Phyllis perhaps) to be adopted shortly after Jenny's death. The other children had gone to orphanages, which back then were tough institutions. When old enough to leave, Sonny had worked and then gone back to rescue one or more of his brothers. All told, Jenny's children had had a rough time. As she'd lain dying, she'd known they would .. she'd stayed alive as long as she possibly could, but the last pregnancy had finished her.

Jenny was reconciled with her children as far as they were prepared to accomodate. Some (I think) simply refused to have anything to do with her .. they didn't believe it was possible for their mother to return from the grave and we can understand that. Jenny's children's religion was a barrier. From memory, a couple of her children sought advice and guidance from their priest. Hope I'm remembering correctly here, but the priest advised the children that it simply was not God's way to allow the deceased to return, no matter how strong their motivation or justification for returning.

When confronted by what evidence existed regarding Jenny's claim to be the children's mother, the priest delivered what I've always considered to be a comical rationalisation for the situation. He said (as far as I can recall) that God must have been touched by Jenny's love for her children, to the point he'd sent someone else ('real life' Jenny) so that she could tell the children how much their mother loved them. Something along those lines.

Sounded to me like stubborness on the part of the priest, when I read that. I cannot see the distinction the priest was at pains to make. What's the difference between Jenny reincarnating in order to ensure her children were ok .. and allowing someone else to return from beyond the grave so they could tell the children their mother still loved them ? The only distinction the priest seemed at pains to make, was that Jenny *herself* could not be (or allowed to be) the children's actual mother. So unable to brush aside the powerful evidence Jenny had at her disposal, the priest substituted a stranger, rather than acknowledge that Jenny herself was the reincarnation of her previous self.

Reincarnation seemed to be the one thing the priest was unprepared to acknowledge. Maybe, being just a local priest, he felt he was not allowed to grant credence to reincarnation ? I've met priests with only a rudimentary education ... in fact, not trying to be nasty about this in any way ... it astonished me at the time that a priest with an average at best intelligence and with very little academic learning behind him .... was put in place as 'advisor' (God-figure in fact) to people with ten or twenty times the life-experience and close to double the intelligence of the priest. What astonished me more was that these people were prepared, without question, to accept the often nonsense the priest dumped on them.

Anyway, the priest's goobly-gook held and Jenny's children felt it was 'against God' for her to possibly be their long-dead mother. It proved an insurmountable object, after all Jenny's efforts to reach her children again. But, in the end, I suppose she gained some comfort from the fact they'd survived.

Jenny appeared once or twice on US tv, with at least some of her children. I felt so sorry for her, seeing her up there on the podium (it was on the old Donahue show I think) next to her beloved children, who by this time were old enough to be her 'real life' parents. She clearly wasn't someone who enjoyed the spotlight .. it was all a bit awkward, but no doubt her publishers had insisted she take part.

The next I heard of Jenny, she'd written another book. Can't remember the title, sorry, but a search for Jenny Cockles should bring it to light.

In her new book, Jenny concentrated on her 'future life' as revealed to her throughout the years and as hinted very briefly in her book about her Irish past life.

In her future-life, Jenny believes she lives/will live, in the sub-continent I think it was ... possibly India or in that region. She does acknowledge that a detailed account of a future life may be more than some people are prepared to accept. It's quite a detailed account. Jenny said in her future life book that she'd had smatterings of future life memories alongside her those of her past life, all the way through, but her publisher hadn't wanted to include much of this in her Irish past life book.

Prior to reading the future-life book, I remembered being intrigued momentarily whilst reading (in her past-life book) one of Jenny's Out of Place memories, involving being in a car and looking down to see her lovely polished shoes and lacy stockings. She could tell from the size that they belonged to a child, with herself as the child ... and her skin was dark. Whilst recalling this memory, Jenny said she had a feeling of affluence quite apart from the poverty of her Irish past life, or from this, her current life. It is this dark skinned child who she believes she will become in a future life.

Anyway, hope some of you have the chance to read about Jenny's past life. It's definitely food for thought and a nice, easy read. Debunkers of course claim it's all the work of a deluded individual or sheer fiction. Always good to have various points of view. Personally though, I can't see what Jenny Cockles would have gained from creating a fictitious account of a past life. For one, she didn't make much money out of it at all. If you weigh that against what it cost her in personal and financial terms, it just wouldn't have been worth the exercise. She lost her anonymity, for one and no matter where she lives or works now, there will always be those who s'n-word' behind their hands about her being a 'crackpot'. She's a health professional, so this sort of ridicule would definitely impact on her. Then on top of that, her children and husband would be subjected to similar gossip. No-one needs or goes looking for that sort of disruption to their family on prolonged basis. I may be wrong, but I got the feeling Jenny was sincere in what she claimed, She certainly gave it her all despite the costs to her peace of mind and life generally and there has to be strong motivation behind someone coming forward that way

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 12:06 PM
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Hi Dock6,

My daughter came out of hospital today, I've spoken to her on the phone and she, my son-in-law and Phoebie (my 18mth old grandaughter), are coming down from Scotland on Friday for the holidays. I'm sure a good old fashioned 'family gathering' will be the best medicine she can have at the moment. Thank's so much for your kind thoughts, they're much appreciated. I couldn't help thinking how strange it was that this has happend at this time ... when I'd been recounting my story about losing Callum (on this thread). Truth really can be stranger than fiction can't it ?

Jenny Cockell; I read her first book when it first came out ... there was a lot of press coverage about it.

It was not long after I'd finished writing my own account about Hilley. I have to be totally honest here (and it shames me to say), that in the first instance, I was absolutely gutted ... how could somebody possibley have had an experience as amazing as my own ... in some ways even better because she had living relatives from her past-life.

(what a shallow person I must have been back then).

Even when I started writing my second book ('The Atlantean Analysis'), my heart would drop if I discovered someone had similar 'weird' hypotheses as me (it was almost like they'd stolen my thoughts and released them on the world before I had a chanse)

Thank the Goddess, I soon grew out of that pathetic stage of insecurity. Nowadays if I come across a book or article that divulges the same thoughts/experiences as me ... I find it really comforting. In the sense that other people actually think along the same lines as me.

On the subject of Jenny Cockell, it reminds me of a documentry I saw on TV. not too long ago. About a 5yr old boy who constantly spoke about missing his 'other mummy', when he lived on one of the Scottish Highlands'.

His family decided to take him there, to see if he recognised it. It was amazing ... they found the house where he had lived ... and confirmed that aeroplanes landed on a stretch of beach (just has he'd said they did). After his trip there, his (real) mother said that he had stopped being obsessive about his other lifetime and only mentioned it occasionally now ... when it was relevant. I think when these things come from a child, it adds a certain depth to the reality of souls experiencing numerous lifetimes.


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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi again, Woodwytch and once again, thank you for your post.

Re: the anonymity thing (sounds pretentious, lol) .. no, no problems at all on ATS. Lots of support here, regardless. Much wider mix on ATS and some very aware and astute members. It's been a joy, finding this place in fact. You can drop out for six months and when you return, can pick up without missing a beat.

I enjoy being able to discuss openly here, to recount experiences that often beggar the imagination, and be amongst like souls.

When I was younger, I tended to judge others by my own standards. If told something in confidence ... that to me meant it stayed with me. It was literally a shocking experience to learn that others didn't respect other's confidentality in the same way. And when it came to 'paranormal' experiences, I was again shocked to the core when those in whom I'd confided recounted my experience to others in a way that made me sound almost demented. ' Oooh ... you'd better not come with us ... you might bump into a ghost, right ? ' workmates would laugh if a social evening was planned. What do you say to something like that ? Nothing. You just hold your head high and accept that basically, you're friendless amongst people you have to be involved with on daily basis. It's lonely and it hurts. I didn't start out 'tough skinned'. I was sort of skinless at the start.

Or, to give another example: I used to share a house with two other girls. We'd known each other for years .. known each other well in some areas, not that well in others. So there we were, sharing a house, a kitchen, bathroom, secrets, fears, etc. We got along pretty well. I was going out with their brother, who used to come over to the house quite often. He was a bit wild. He'd had modifications done to his car which the police weren't appreciative of, apparently. They'd told him to restore his car back to 'standard'. He wasn't inclined to do so .. you know how young men are when they're at the stage their vehicle represents their masculinity to their mind .. and when all their mates' cars are throbbing weapons of destruction with massive tail-pipes and motors that threaten the sound barrier, lol.

So, all this to explain something that the girls with whom I shared a house noticed .. yet I did not. Their brother (my boyfriend) used to run the gauntlet of police determined to take his car off the road until he'd modified it. He enjoyed the challenge, I suppose. And in order to outfox the police, he'd follow a different route each time in order to come over to visit his sisters and me. As well, he'd vary the times he took the trip, again to outfox the police. So, even though he came to see us several times a week, we never knew when or via which route he'd be arriving.

As soon as he arrived, he expected us to throw open the doors of the vacant garage, in order he could zoom straight in from the street. Demanding boy. Some sort of technicality, I think, would prevent the police from accosting him if the car was stationary and on private property. They'd have to wait for him to take it back out on the public road, before they could give chase.

Ok. So there were the other girls and I, sitting most evenings in the living room, sewing or talking or watching tv. The house we rented was near a railway station and the main shopping precinct, so usually, we kept the doors and windows closed. More often that not, the boyfriends of the other girls would be there too, having something to eat, chatting, etc. It was a fairly busy little household. Would drive me crazy, these days, lol.

At this point, we fast-forward to a day or so after the other girls and I all went our separate ways. By this time, one of them was living with her boyfriend and they were soon to be married. The other had moved back with her parents, I think. But on this day, we were all at the home of the one who was soon to be married. She and her sister had been whispering together for a while, then later on, they told me that almost the entire time we'd all shared a house ..... they had been petrified of me.

Petrified ? PETrified ? Of me ? As far as I was concerned, I was the one who'd been .. if not petrified .. then distinctly uncomfortable quite often. They'd been very cliquey, those girls and their brother. I'd always felt on the outer. So now they were claiming to have been petrified of me, when it was my precious little things that had always 'disappeared' ... some of which I'd found stuffed behind the big wardrobe when we were moving. When I'd said to myself aloud ' Wonder how they got there?', one of the sisters laughingly told me that her older sister had shoved them there, to 'pay me back'. 'Pay me back for what?' I'd asked .. and had been told it was to pay me back for being 'skinny'. Oh. Right. Ok. No problem. It's my fault the older sister has a weight problem. Sure, stuff my precious little things for which I saved-up for weeks, behind a wardrobe. Perfectly understandable. That's a mature approach.

Maybe I'm thin-skinned and need to 'get over myself', but I'll admit to being hurt (obviously, seeing I'm still ranting about it close to forty years later) when they said they'd been petrified of me when we lived together, because I was a 'witch' and 'creepy'. I went red. I didn't understand what they were on about, but I went red as a beet and wanted to sink through the floor.

And why was I a 'witch' ? Well, apparently, I would get up from what I was doing and go outside to open the garage doors. Then I'd prepare my boyfriend's coffee the way he liked it.

This went on (I was told afterwards by his sisters) night after night, week in and week out, the entire time we lived in that house. I never said anything, just got up and did those things, they said. And, within five minutes of my doing so ... apparently ... they would hear their brother's car tooling carefully and quietly around corners .. virtually creeping into our garage, to evade the police (who probably had far better things to do, lol).

That's it .. those are my apparent 'witch' credentials.

They then reminded me of how they'd both hired a locksmith to install locks on the inside of their bedroom doors. Yes, I remembered. I'd thought at the time (and they'd claimed) that it was for 'security', because they had big, bulging 'glory-boxes' filled with expensive manchester and other precious items. I didn't have any of those and in any case, couldn't afford the locksmith, so my door remained lock-free.

'We didn't get the locks for security,' they told me after we'd moved. 'We got them because we were scared of you.'

'Why were you scared of me' asked red-face.

'Because you're a witch'.

'Why am I a witch? I'm not.'

' How else could you know when X (their brother, my boyfriend) would be coming around to the house. No-one knew. So how do you explain the way you always got up minutes before he arrived, opened the garage and had his coffee ready? It's because you're a witch. But it's ok .. we don't live with you anymore. And we know you can't help it.'

Idiots. But it hurt. They told others I knew. And people like to have something that to their mind, elevates them in proportion to your reduced status. Oh, another of my 'witch' credentials came when I broke up with their brother, because the minute I sat in his car's passenger seat to go out, I said, apparently, ' You've had another girl in here.' I got out. Turned out I was right. He had. Still don't know how I knew. Just felt it.

A lifetime of similar situations has made me withdraw. But it's ok on forums, particularly ATS. If people toss insults, they can't reach me .. it's Dock6 who takes the punch. And I don't even know Dock6 .. it's the name of a dock somewhere isn't it ?

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