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Spontaneous Past-life Memory.

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 06:47 PM
Hey Dock6 splendid stuff!!!

I been thinking some big thoughts the last couple of days....things to ask woody and the thread...but it's getting it from the noggin to the PC

But I really enjoyed your post, couldn't wait for each installment
...and I thought my posts were long....

I think that what you experienced / described is in part what I see as a major flaw in the whole paranormal gig. Our minds play such a part in it..and we can very easily create our own reality...or maybe our own version of it

You felt it was your super/sub conscious at first. Maybe it was and then something took over. Or was it a devious sly spirit from the start, gaining your acceptance?

I stopped using the pendulum because I got varying reactions...sometimes fast and vicious others just slow. I was not sure I was communicating with the same "force" all the time.

See the thing is the information relayed to you could have been that from a past life but maybe not yours. Perhaps it was the spirit you encountered regaling it's tale from the past?

What struck me most though was your stopping meditation because of the possibility of spiritual peril. This is precisely why I stopped meditating. I started to get voices and images...thoughts perhaps...firstly during meditation, then in sleep and finally during the day....while in contact with other humans.

I have been working, with clients and experienced stuff. I was with a client manager, in a department store (Leeds or Hull..but not sure) a year ago, when something pinched my side...not a vicious pinch but a playful tweek of the someone pinching an inch....this was under a fleece, jumper and polo shirt!! I don't know why but I said to the manager, a local lady "Is this place haunted?" and she said is a young lady ghost but it keeps away from the men because it doesn't like men. Most of the girls in the store have felt her presence and a couple have seen "something!!" but she usually hides from men...I then told her of the pinch and she said that I must have been honoured!! She said that she is usually in a corner or at the spot I was standing!!

I have seen so called photographic anomalies.."ORBS" with my naked eyes. I went to see Ross Hemsworth..(of Now Thats Weird fame..he's got a board here) about Orbs and Ghosts and I saw white / golden orbs above his head!!! I had to keep blinking..couldn't believe it!!

I was staying at a Hotel and witnessed a red "Orb" in my room...only to be woken at 2AM by something..invisible...on my back tickling my wasn't threatening, it was as if a lover were having a laugh, but it surprised me that much..that I searched the room and slept with the light 45 years of age

It is not that I actually fear what is occuring during meditation but I am always cautious with almost anything...I wont put myself in harms way..without knowing how to get out if it...I am not a gambler something else that is a hangup from a previous life?). People, more spiritual than I have said you can create your own reality, so I figure if you think that something may go could go wrong because of a positive reinforcement!!

I posted here in another thread about empathy. I understand that I have a huge dollop of empathy...but must learn to separate my feelings from those of others. I now live alone and find that I feel less overwhelmed by life...I really believe that being stuck here away from big stinky cities is benficial to soul batteries get recharged!! I smudge with white sage pretty frequently and often smile from the heart and project a golden eggshell of light around seems to work... I am a bit of a robber, I read and listen to a lot of stuff and pinch the bits that I feel comfortable with. Now I am a fence sitter....a sceptical believer
I would love to go back in time and meet the me from 5 years ago. I cannot even begin to imagine where the debate would start?

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hi CavemanDD,

You're so right ... the past is indeed the past, and we should not obsess about it. but it's natural to feel an emotional connection to past-life memories ... after all, they are still part of what makes us the individauls we are ... whether we're aware of them or not.

But I've had a theory in my head for some time now ... and it just won't go away.

Reading through the contributions on this thread alone, we can all see how many of us have experienced past-life recall ... to varying degrees ... whether aware that's what they were at the time, or not. And in most cases (whether recalled in dreams or whilst awake), they have left an impression. Now just imagine for a moment, how many more poeple around the world have had similar experience ... particularly spontaneous memories (snap-shots or prolonged episodes).

Anyhoo, after recalling four detailed past-life accounts (all spontaneously), I wondered if it was because this was my last lifetime ... and the multiple recall was a sort of round-up of life lessons I'd taken-on throughout them all ... before leaving this mortal-coil and remaining in spirit (to do whatever ascended spirits do).

Then I had one of my 'penny-dropping' revelations.

What if the purpose behind so many people recalling their past-lives spontaneously ... or feeling compelled to discover them via PLRT, was in preparation for events that will take place in 2012.

So many people ... from all walks of life seem to be actively seeking a deeper understanding of their soul and developing their spirituality. Sadly many of these people end-up getting fleeced by the charlatans somewhere along the way but it's almost like a mass gear change ... to a higher-frequency. Possibly (subliminally) the preparatry stage for the next quantum-leap of evolution. And maybe the recall we are experiencing is due to more of the 'shadow-strands' of our DNA being activated.


Your other dream memories are just the way I've seen it myself. We always make the final choices. And these choices (regardless of attitude once we've arrived in our chosen lifetime), are always the wisest ... for our soul at a particular point in it's journey. (I think you may have glimpsed the 'between times').

What do you mean by your 'life-path number' ?

I love the bigger posts ... they provide so much more information ... I'm finding out a lot from this thread myself.

(note); I'll send the other part of the Atlantis email tomorrow ... I got your reply pleased it was useful to you.)


(note to Dock6); An amazing triple post, I'll get back to you about it tomorrow. Several things I would like to know more about. Woody.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hey that synchronicity of age thing, is very interesting. Synchronicity is not something I actually accept...but the mind is open..LOL..
I believe that human programming looks for patterns and discards the rest...but who knows? Does anyone really know?

What I find interesting is that if Spirit has no concept of time, it opens up all sorts of possibilities. Time prevents things happening concurrently, so without it, I would have thought there the possibility of the same spirit existing in the same place at the same time....I don't mean schizophrenia..LOL.

The possibility is that we could be reborn and appear at another period of time? Or is it that Spirit has no "concept" of time but is still bound by it?

Here's a thought, if someone has had many lives..what makes one particular one become the one remembered?

Is there actually a point to remembering a past it meant to happen as a milestone, an epiphany, a lesson remembered to guide us..or is it just an accident...a bit of flawed happenstance..a kind of spiritual "Oops"?

Which then leads to the question, is there a right time to have a PL remembered? Should you only remember when nature lets you or is there no problem prompting it? I am thinking here a bit like being coached for an exam. Suppose someone gave you all the answers to pass an exam. You would have your "A" level but you wouldn't have actually learnt the subject. So the value of the subject cannot be applied correctly to real life? Do you get what I mean?

Thanks for giving me more stuff to think about!! For example, I never gave the sexuality of spirit a thought before? I am thinking here that a loving relationship of years passed between a man "A" and a woman "B". Would a future relationship between them be a sexual male / female one exclusively (I don't mean necessarily sexually active by the way). Or could it be the love of father / daughter or mother / son etc. I guess in part you have expressed an opinion with Peter / Callum. But it is thought provoking....I mean if there is a sexuality in the spirit realm and sexuality in nature is about spirits procreate?

I will probably read this post later and say to myself "Wot woz I on?" But I have no excuse as I can honestly say "Nothing". But to be honest I have had loads of thoughts but it is getting them out of the ol' noggin....this stuff here is the nearest I have got to an attempt to try to get some of it out....and I keep deleting huge chunks even then. My mind is constantly in a state of "chatter" and adaptive thought processes. Who knows where it will be tomorrow..LOL..

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:15 PM
woodwytch, research the numerologic signifigance about the number 11, look on or something. 11 is the sign of ascension, spiritual and energetic evolution and change, and the sign of transcending duality.

You often feel like you get the urge to look at the time, and its 5:11... or 11:43, or 11:11... that ones my favourite... Well it's to my belief that they are coded messages in our DNA or this thought-stream we are apart of. There is much signifigance in shapes and numbers, there is much to learn. I don't think anything is random either, heres a short explanation why...

The universe is in harmony always, a balance between positive charges and negative charges, good, and evil if you wanna call it that must be present. And the more I try to simplify the universe it brings me back to computers... Think how complex your computer is.. think how far we've come with programming... we can simulate virutal worlds, create beings with intelligent A.I... Think about a computer 20 years ago... now think about one 20 years before that.. When you break it down.. everything your computer is doing, is either 1, or 0... off or on.. Thats binary boys and girls.. A super computer could use strings of 1's and 0's to create a 3d world and simulate random events..

Now... just think of the universe with having 10000000000000 RAM, with 100000000000 GHZ processor, with unlimited hard drive space..And an operating system constructed with the combined intelligence of every being in the universe. We are gods, me, you, the plants and the trees, and the very atoms this keyboard I'm typing with is made of. We are the program and the programmer.

With that theory in mind... everything we do is mathematical...everything we do has a pattern, everything we do is a choice... we just have to wise up to see the signs.

Anyone ever gotten a birth chart before? I find it interesting that the positions of planetary bodies, so accuarately describes what type of person I am.. Its like astrology only more personal if you've never done one.

But this chart just tells us what we were like when we were born... well, people change, and so in another life, this birth chart must change too.. and you know what that says to me?

YOU, ME, the sun, the planets, the stars, the galaxies, everything right down to the atoms... is related. Everything I do affects mars, and vice versa, while affecting you as well.. and just the same everything you do affects me and every other planet.

It's one complex computer progam.. we're the code and the programmer. WE are ONE.. We program ourselves to learn, and we do that with means of isolation. Your past life is my past life, we all had an affect on it anyway. Individuality is something sacred, but I think we should bare in mind that we are never alone.
Light is love, what does it mean? plants need light for energy, we need plants for food/energy.. light is energy...visible colour is just a frequency of energy, gamma rays and radio waves are still there, we just can't see them. To love is to produce, and to live and let live. It is the productive nature of energy. In that perspective I have no choice but to love everyone, for to hate them would be to hate myself, and to hold someone back, holds me back as well.

think about that next time you want to squash a spider!

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:21 PM
Yes research numerology, and while you're at it... heres an interesting one for you.. It gives you multiple numbers and explanations about you rather then one.


And as well, heres a birth chart generator... For some of you who think...thats b.s. thats not me... This thing is brutally honest, we have to look at every quality of ourselves, even our very ugly sides
. Mine makes me out to be a bastard, but hey, I know when I was born it was the truth, I was pretty rotten teenager as well, but having knowledge like this helped me become a better person and I guarantee, next life's birth chart will be vastly different.


These are the best 2 links I could get of the stuff. It took me a while to get links to good free sites like that.. It took me many hours and many afternoons.. these 2 sites seem to be the best.

Peace, love and knowledge everyone.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:26 PM
Dock6, I really enjoyed your story. Maybe I should start messing with a pendulum too. Don't worry about michievous spirits, they can't harm you. You have complete control over your body, you'd have to let them in just to get at you. Practising meditation methods would help increase your knowledge and awareness as well as your armour should any spirit seek to annoy you...

Ah meditation is good, I haven't done it for a while, if your brain feels like its on fire then you did good! Thats neural pathways forming, haha hell yeah.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:29 PM
11 as a life path: taken from the above link:
Number: 11

You are drawn to movements or organizations with idealistic aims. You have a tendency to become caught up in fanatical cults or other fringe movements. Your path includes diplomacy in its various aspects -- smoothing the affairs of others with discretion, tact, intuition, cooperation, patience, persistence, persuasion, and loyalty to those you serve; being the peacemaker, cultivating friendships, and helping others reach their goals. Your path is easier when you express kindness and gentleness and are considerate of others' feelings.

Your path includes developing your talents of invention, seeking the discovery of new principles, and elevating everything to the plane of inspiration. If you decide to investigate the psychic, healing, and metaphysical fields, you will be able to put them to their highest use. Trust your intuitions. Inspire by your own example. You can effect more change through persuasion than by force.

Your opportunities are along spiritual lines or in the realms of invention, metaphysics, politics, or acting. You are liable to achieve great public attention and influence if you do not seek them from ulterior motives. You do well helping others reach their goals. "

ignore the fanatical cult part haha
. Don't drink any kool-aid at my house.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:35 PM
I found these 2 interesting about me too, it feels very true. I will post it:

(Inner, Soul Urge, also 11)
Number: 11

You desire harmony, love, companionship, and peace with people; and you enjoy ease and comfort. You have great inner strength. You prefer kindness and thoughtfulness to the alternatives. As a dreamer and visionary, you desire others to know the necessity of living true to ideals.

Many people call themselves your friend. You are a natural peacemaker and diplomat.

You are often studious, attract many things to yourself, accumulate much wisdom. Spiritual and psychic sensitivity are available to you simply by your recognition of them. As such, you have the capacity to develop clairvoyant or other psychic abilities.

You try to reveal the beauties you have seen and known. You enjoy study and accumulating wisdom, especially with a background of music. You are capable of remarkable inventions.

Daily meditation may enhance your already considerable spiritual and psychic sensitivity, and this can allow you to cultivate more human understanding.

And Destiny/ desired life-time acheivement. (this is for THIS life)

Number: 6

You are a humanitarian, like a "cosmic" Mother or Father. People look to you for ideals of love and companionship, charity, truth, justice, and harmony and beauty of surroundings. Your ability to help individuals and humankind is definite and sincere, and you are called upon to do so. Your personal happiness depends on how much good you can do. You find pleasure in rendering assistance to others.

You are happiest with a position of trust and responsibility which you can regulate, harmonize, and adjust to optimum. You are concerned with the care of the old, the training of the young, and the improvement of the entire community. Selfless service pays rich dividends for you.

You are a natural counselor and teacher

Well that one was a 6, but I can tell you it feels very true. Everything on there feels like me ladies and gentlemen, I suggest you check it out!

What I find interesting is a freind said it wasn't like him...but he wasn't very open minded about it,, and then we put in the name he goes by, instead of his real name...english name vs french name, and it was way more accuarate... Interesting.. Its all a mathematical equation, everything, !!! (ngyeaaa nerdy voice)

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:37 PM
Il Papa wrote: " ..... I have had loads of thoughts but it is getting them out of the ol' noggin....this stuff here is the nearest I have got to an attempt to try to get some of it out.. "


My problem's the opposite, Il Papa. I have no problem setting it down in type. My problem lies in holding back information which may identify others who may, for all I know, read what I've written and be offended. One of the plusses of forums is the freedom to speak anonymously. But that would vanish were someone I know or have-known to read Dock6's posts and say: ' Hey, I know them !'. They'd then be free to read back through my posts in the same way someone could read another's very private diary.

I would never reveal to those I know in 'real life', much of the stuff I reveal in ATS. Those days are gone. Others who frequent the paranormal boards might identify with my sentiments and may also agree that for some reason, there's a tendency to jealousy and competitiveness regarding the paranormal. Has anyone else found this to be true? The supernatural/paranormal/call it what you may, seems to enjoy waves of popularity. This current wave seems to have continued virtually uninterrupted since the late 60's, changing title along the way .. the New Age, for example. And it sometimes seems that the general population is intent on surfing this 'weird wave' in much the same way they follow fashion trends -- for no better reason than it's 'different', 'interesting' and a bit of an attention-grabber. Which is fine in and of itself: their prerogative. But it's not a 'fashion'. If it's genuine, it's an inherent tendency to spontaneous, highly personal and often disconcerting experience. You can't buy experience and you can't just dally with the paranormal in order to notch up badges on your belt as a way to be the highlight of next week's dinner party.

In the past, when I held human-nature generally in much higher esteem and when I was suicidally trusting, I used to tell people about the experiences I'd had, hoping I suppose for support, understanding, comfort, input and even help. They knew me, either as a friend, neighbour, relative or colleague. They had to have known that I was capable, responsible, honest, willing to help wherever possible and yes, reasonably intelligent. So what changed? What made them carry my retold experiences to others in the family or neighbourhood or office, etc. and portray me as a virtual psycho ... as mentally unstable ... as dangerous and scary ? But the most disturbing element in all this is when one of those relatives, neighbours, colleagues, friends throws themselves under your nose at a later point, to announce almost aggressively that THEY have had a paranormal experience, so nuh.

You have no problem with their claimed paranormal experience .. no, that's great. It gives you someone to discuss such things with, which is always welcome, because those who experience the paranormal actively SEEK others of like-experience, as witnessed in forums. When you ask wiht genuine interest about their claimed experience however, they invariably hem and haw and if you persist, they often rebuff you with claims that their experience was the Real McCoy -- thereby implying yours were not. And they often announce they THEY belong to a group or have attended a seminar or guru or celebrity-paranormalist, who, invariably, has assured them that they are supernaturally sensitive and paranormally gifted. So nuh again.

You walk away wondering what the hell happened to them that they felt the need to 'top you', paranormally speaking. When did it become a competition? Has the world gone mad? So there's this tendency towards competition, which interferes horribly with relationships, trust and openness regarding the paranormal. You see it in forums, with thread-titles asking: 'How Can I Have a Paranormal Experience?' and you think to yourself, 'Are you crazy? What do you think it is ... just another form of consumerism, another fast-food product, another cheap and quick experience, something you can brag about? It's the paranormal for pete's sakes. You don't go looking for it ... it finds you. And if you DO go looking for it, you're likely to find a lot more than you bargained for.' But of course, you can't tell people this. They don't want to hear. They want it now and they want it the way THEY want it to be ... they want to be like Buffy or the brothers in Supernatural ... they want to be trendy, kewl and they want it to be easy to grasp and non threatening. I can just imagine the ghouls and critters out there rubbing their hands together in glee and saying to their mates: ' Watch this .. I'm going to drive this one to suicide. Place your bets on me putting them in the ground inside two months.'

So laying it out here in ATS poses no problems, although experience has taught me to remember whenever possible to pull my punches, to hold back (especially with details which may identify others or myself). I was tossed out of a forum a few years ago, on the grounds (when I enquired) that my stated experiences were 'too good to be true', ' too disturbing for many members' and I 'wrote too well' for any of it to be genuine. This, allegedly, had been the verdict of the clique who'd arranged my ousting. Then they happily returned to their unsubstantiated accounts of ghosts trawling hospital corridors and headless horsemen. Yes, it was sobering. Tell the truth and be labelled a liar and 'disturbing'. Tell lies and you'll have lots of admiring company.

It's confirmed to me that the community generally has drawn a 'line' in the sand, with regard to the paranormal. On the acceptable side of the line lie the celebrity-paranormalists and the 'Most Haunted' type shows. They break no new ground. They simply entertain. They might raise a few goose bumps amongst their followers, but they're 'comfortable and familiar' goose-bumps. There's security for the masses in the fact these 'paranormal entertainments' have gaping holes provided, in order the community may scoff and tell themselves and each other it's 'all bunkum'. That way, they get the cheap thrills but don't lose any sleep when they retire for the night.

On the non-acceptable side of the line are the genuine experiences of people who follow no neat blueprint, who never go near the celebrity paranormalists, who seek no attention .... only help, comfort, understanding. These people often ARE afraid to turn off the lights. They often stop dead in their tracks in the middle of the day in their own homes, because they've sensed the atmosphere has changed for no apparent reason. These are the people who're afraid to meditate, who're afraid to go in what others see as perfectly normal buildings and rooms, who're suddenly struck with horror after glimpsing a child or old person's face, who experience precognitive flashes and dreams and have no-one willing to listen. These people are regarded by the community at large as pariahs, are labelled 'mentally unstable', 'weird', 'creepy', etc. And we can understand it, because we've read how natural-healers and individualists, seers, spontaneous prophets, etc. were punished not all that long ago, world-wide, when the Church was actively crushing and killing anyone who might provide an alternative to their packaged-god, on which the Church intended to hold a monopoly, its intention being to eradicate people's personal power and insight and render them powerless and helpless, cut off from nature and God.

Families actively discouraged their paranormally 'gifted' members from discussing or experiencing anything which ran counter to Church edict, as a way of protecting their relatives against hideous punishments and death. And communities today STILL ridicule any paranormal experience that lies outside the mainstream .. the accepted line in the sand. God I rant.

[edit on 15-12-2007 by Dock6]

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by Il Papa

I know what you mean about meditation. You have to shape your reality through will-power.. i know its a hard one for me to accept too. The whole do or do not, there is no try philosophy.

My room-mate, hes no psychic by far, but he knows about this stuff and he has mastered the art of willing and manifestation. He says... i want a barbeque, he finds one on the street a day later, man I wish I could remember the rest but there was like 4 of them...things he acquired by almost paranormal means and every time I told him how much of a bastard he was and how I get nothing!

When it comes to meditation, we must feel the energy around us, and visuallise a protective barrier. For me... I usually start off feeling the energy surge within, that I start to feel strong and confident enough to drop my guard, but I don't. I focus on the...lowest chakra? the one that deals with security, I tell that to basically balance out and chill out and let the energy flow to the rest of me. It helps if you think in your mind like... Light protect me from all harm or something to that nature.

When we're meditating we're like in another place all-together that we feel our guard is down, and really it's the same as when we're just walking around doing nothing.

But anyways, it comes down to fear.. Face your fears, for you will have to eventually. Don't think that you won't, because it might happen 10 life-times later but it will happen
. Fear is just a by-product of our ignorance. Knowledge eliminates fear, so if you have doubts and insecurity about something, ask someone you trust, read up on it, do what you have to do to get enough information.

Its just like... I was born deathly afraid of heights, but now I hang from buildings and clean windows, you know how I got over that thought? Because I learned so much about it that I realised even if I do fall there legally has to be like a 400% chance of me surviving.. I Like those odds
. Well thats just how the equipment works. But that eliminated my fear of heights. But you know what... even without safety stuff in place.. i no loger fear heights. Funny how it works that way

Visions during meditation are good, its a good sign that you're mind is finding it hard to focus, that means you conciously know you're trying. I'm always thinking, i always get wierd thoughts in my head, its just imagery floating around, it means nothing. Disturbing images are good to meditate on too as I read in a book. The buddha recommends meditating on the thought of dead, bloated, decaying corpses... I don't know why, perhaps to face the reality of death. In meditation we have obtain a pure mind before we can keep prolonged concentration, so that means any, and especially the disturbing thoughts in your head must be silenced, we do this by realising we have no use for the though, and secondly we try to visualise how loathesome it is. Like if you can't stop thinking about food, think how grose eating is, and digesting, and eating the flesh of animal, picture the animal being alive even, do what it takes to get the thought out of your mind.

When your at that point you can begin concentrating and whatever imagery comes in your head shouldn't be that bad, just dismiss it. We achieve higher states of meditation when the visions stop all-together. I have a book that outlines the stages, reaching nirvana is such a good-feeling but it's distracting and we must ignore it. But I love it, everything feels so nice!
.. ha.

But yeah, the visions should only appear during lower stages of concentration, or if you want them too. I like to meditate on specific thoughts and see what comes to mind. I thought of a big silver orb as conciousness and myself as like an atom of that giant orb..and well, wierd stuff follows and it opens your mind and broadens you're awareness.

Disturbing imagery...I did a meditation where you create in your mind a forest, think of the appearance, the smells, the temperature,...create a tower, its usually stone for me, with a door, open the door, theres a winding stair-case upwards, and theres a door, visualise a symbol.... (this was like my 2nd meditation and I thought this was just silly and I just went with it.) Well effortlessly I visualised a very intricate symbol on the door, it had a wierd affect on me, i still don't know what to think of it. 2 people think it's bad, but I think it represents sacred geometry, a timeline, it illustrates me travelling from one point to another. But yeah.. i'm just saying, i didn't like the idea that it could mean something bad as 2 people told me... this was disturbing for a while.. but knowledge over-comes fear..

Oh yeah and when you open the door, visualise an animal, this is your totem animal.. Instantly a vicious bear came into mind, i have no idea why, but since then its always been a bear for me, and I have a lot of respect for this simple thought-form. its strange. I can explain that more but this isnt' what this thread's about.

Meditation.... that was my point, its a tool, a usefull tool, and the results are varrying to say the least. Controlling these results is to shape ones awareness and ones reality. Apparently psychics have the ability to stay in a higher state of awareness you'd reach from meditation, it gives them their abilities.. Others can reach that state in seconds where it takes me 3 hours... Its a muscle you need to train essentially.

Don't fear the imagery. Understand it, know the fear to be false, conquer it. Be the master of yourself, your mind, and your reality. Feel the satisfaction of mental discipline. Feel the love in the energy and in your heart. See the under-lying wisdom and beauty behind the most distastefull things life has to offer

Well woodwytch you like BIG posts.. It's safe to say this was pretty big

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by Dock6

Its good to write. Its the only way I can focus my thoughts. People on the internet think I'm smart, in real-life I'd scratch my head if you asked me to explain the paranormal, it's just how my brain works.

Start a blog or something, write down your thoughts, and change them as your thoughts change and refine. Do it so you can reflect on your knowledge and experience, and you can mutually let others benefit from it as well!

Don't expect people to believe what anyone has to say. Some people are just so far in the illusion that their idea of awareness is when you dangle keys infront of their face and they respond by clapping. It's the way we've shaped our society.. I'd go as far as to say it's a plot to keep us in the dark. People are reluctant to listen.. especially to ideas that society calls "gay"... thats a tough and pointless mindset to get out of. You know how the media has people thinking communism and socialism is evil? hahaha, little do they know is more socialism is what we need to strive for to all be happy. All systems will innevitably fail unless theres a balance

Don't bother explaining stuff to people. But if you're like me, you try and try and try and face the abuse. They'll call you crazy even... But I can tell the people that i'm so persistantly trying to convince are starting to open their mind to new possibilities
. So don't give up the good fight! bringing wisdom and love is my quest!

And if they do call you nuts... remember what the buddha said..."An insult is like a gift, it only has meaning if you accept it." They'll call you nuts, but you know this simply is not so, so their statement is false, its nothing, and so you shouldn't worry about it

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Hi Caveman :-)

These days, if I discuss it, it's in forums. Usually, I simply set out my experiences for what they're worth, in the belief that they may in some small way be of assistance to others searching for a similar experience to confirm their own. Back in the days before internet, books were my only resource and I could never afford as many as I wanted. So I'd buy filthy old books and clean them with methylated spirits and put them in a warm oven to try to remove as many of the book-mites as I could ... all in the hope I'd find an account which tallied roughly with one or other of my paranormal experiences, or proffer some form of explanation of the experience. In time, I learned that boooks aren't infallible, lol. But I was raised in an era where books were revered, so it took me a long time to learn to sort the wheat from the chaff. Often, authors of paranormal books simply re-word unsubstantiated accounts gleaned from other books. In time, these stories become set in stone, whereas in actuality, many of them began life as exaggerations, myth or downright fraudulence.

So, the only way, really, is to live and learn and reach your own conclusions. I've been lucky in that I've had numerous spontaneous precognitive experiences, many of them seemingly meaningless, such as dreaming I would say such and such and then pick up a red pen and tick an item on a page. Meaningless. But when they occur in reality later, it's another brick in the wall of confirmation that pretty much all that we do and experience has been predetermined.

I hated knowing that, hated it. For years. And what made it worse was when people threw their hands in the air, saying loftily, ' Fate. It's all down to Fate.' I used to explode and rant. For example, a man let his dog out of the yard to wander around while he (man) mowed the lawns. Then a screech of brakes. Car clipped the dog. The man intoned, ' It was Fate. Meant to happen.'

'No you moron ' I yelled. ' It wasn't bloody Fate ... it was because you let the dog out to roam on the road.'

He responded with: ' Fate made me let it out.' I wanted to toss him on the road and see if he felt the same way when a car clipped him ! Not allowed to test Fate on humans though, I guess.

But it was difficult, hating the concept of Fate whilst at the same time having randomly occurring big and small precognitive dreams and visions about things which did come true and which I proved by insisting on telling others about them *before they happened in reality ... so that they couldn't dodge the issue by claiming I'd only said I'd seen these things AFTER they'd occurred (when people are intent on denying something, a little thing like calling someone else a liar becomes commonplace and too bad about the insult).

So what's going on? How come some of us 'see' the future (mostly just small, unimportant bits of Future) beforehand? How does that work? And why is it so? For that, I turned to good old T.C. Lethbridge's books (the few I could get my hands on) and discovered he had pondered these same things but more than that ... he'd gone a decent way to finding the answer. And he used a pendulum in some of his experiments with Time and the rest. I love Lethbridge, no matter what the establishment says about him. He had a theory, which sounds reasonable to me, that Heaven is about the height of an average room above us, and slightly to the left. Funnily enough, a number of people worth listening to have recounted, independent of Lethbridge and going back long before his time, experiences which tally with his theory, based on their personal experiences of out-of-body, astral travel, meditative states, etc.

So the Answer to All is probably both big and huge, depending on where you stand on the line between life and physical death and all the states between. It's under our noses I suspect .. right on the tip of our tongue.

Lethbridge (what I understand of his theories anyway) proposed that as with everything else in Nature, Time and all it contains is cyclical, spiral. Think petals, sea-shells, twining vines, growth patterns, DNA, spores, etc ... spiral. In one of his books, he's drawn a little diagram which from memory, attempts to show the passage of Time on its travel towards us. It contains what we regard as the Future. And it makes its way towards us in spiral fashion. This theory proposes that the Future has already occurred (WHERE??) but doesn't reach us until it spirals past us. I doubt physicists could disprove Lethbridge on this. Anyway, it is clear that some of us for some reason have ACCESS to future events WHILST they're STILL on the spiral making its way towards us. So, we see what hasn't happened yet. And we can tell others about it and then wait until those things DO happen, and what we've seen and recounted proves to be accurate.

The fact that Tom, Dick and Harry all spontaneously 'see' the Future before it occurs on this dimension isn't 'witchcraft' or 'supernatural' at all. It's a natural phenomenon. Tom, Dick and Harry didn't plan to see the Future. They just happened to dream it or receive a momentary vision. It doesnt' mean they're any more 'worthy' as individuals or intelligent or sensitive or noteworthy. They've either inherited their 'ability' or perhaps they're demonstrating an ability that in time will be common to others in society, at which time it will become commonplace. Or, perhaps everyone DID have such abilities, but they've atrophied, thus making Tom, Dick and Harry *seem unusual.

But it still doesn't explain the nature of Time. One thing's for sure though -- clocks don't have a monopoly on it, don't control it. Clocks are just a handy way of making apparent sense of it.

So, fortelling future events does seem to 'prove' the concept of Fate, much as I feel that concept is unjust. And Time seems to be anything BUT the linear and controllable element we chose to imagine it to be.

It may well be that we enjoy a number of 'existences' simultaneously. Not all of them may necessarily be confined to human existence or even physical bodies. But then again, they might. OR you may be part of a river or forest rather than human. We don't know. And those who do are content to have worked it out and don't feel inclined to enlighten the rest of us, preferring we work it out for ourselves, even if it takes us eons of existences. Who knows.

Then, if we cross to the area of past lives, we have to consider that the 'past life' character we were three hundred years ago may right now be being contacted at some seance. For example, you were Jack in the 1660's. And right now, a group of teenagers are sitting around a ouija board, chatting to old Jack. Except since the 1660's, Jack's lived a number of subsequent lives. And right NOW, the person who was Jack is named Connie and is typing on the ATS forum. Yet Jack-cum-Connie is ALSO recounting his 1660 existence to the eager teenagers clustered around their ouija board. So, Jack has become Connie (with several other identies in between) and BOTH are communicating NOW, seemingly unaware of each other's existence ... even THOUGH Jack and Connie are basically one and the same. So perhaps several simultaneous existences aren't out of the question. The only thing that separates them is Time. So Time is a medium and the deliniations we impose on it are artificial and may have led to our endless confusion about who, what and where we are.

I'm not expecting this will make much sense if I read it later. Two people watching a cricket match on tv directly behind me .. had to get up and close everyone's windows a moment ago because the rain was swamping in and no-one else noticed .. and I'm trying to make the dinner. Apologies.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 12:34 AM
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Time as a spiral, he couldn't have been more right,
. This is just another example of sacred geometry and that the universe has a pattern.

From what I've learned from people, they tell me time is an illusion, its a pattern that goes in repeats to give us the illusion of linear time so we can experience emotions and events linearly and learn from them. I believe this is also why seeing in the future is possible.. i don't like to think of it as fate, its just exactly what it is...that time doesn't exist, so nothing WILL happen, nothing DID happen, the past and the present are all the same. This is why theres no such thing as soul age I think... only experience, we came from the same place. at the same time, and if physics tell us everything is made of energy...we are energy...and energy cannot be destroyed.... and time is just an illusion, is it safe to say, we are, we were, and we always will be? We are being, we are eternity.
I'm pretty tired right now so hopefully this is making sense.

You want another interesting example of a spiral... the shape of galaxies, ponder why you think they spiral like that.

Also this reminds me of david sereda's explanation of how space-ships would probably work. E=mc2 basically states that the faster something gets, the heavier it gets, thus requiring an insane amount of energy to get even close to the speed of light, if thats even possible.. David theorized...based on the fact that some ufos were "invisible" and were picked up with infra-red space cameras... his conclusion was that to achieve a speed of light, the ship would have to lower it's density until it became pure energy!, thus it would look invisible because the energy would be way beyond our visible spectrum, up in the gamma range or something. (just because you can't see something doesn't mean its not there..
look up the electro-magnetic spectrum)

Ok so to my point, david was saying, basically in 3rd dimensional physics this would allow you to reach the speed of light...but you would have to be able to go faster then that in order to make space travel worth the effort. What he did was draw a big spiral, with a straight line through it representing the passage of time. The spiral represented gravity or electro-magnetism or something. He basically was saying that you could use ...I think it was gravity.. to bend time and space or something... Hell this isn't make sense because I can't remember. But its basically how on star trek they go into warp... they had scientists writing for that show..

The david sereda video was called Evidence: A case for UFO's I think, you can find it on google videos, he talks about the signifigance of the spiral in the 2nd part... Its a combined 3 hours long but what a great watch!

The manipulation of time is within our fingertips, even on a lower 3rd dimensional scale
. Once we get in our head that it's just a repeating pattern, a spiral, or that it doesn't exist at all, then we will learn to use for our advantage

By the way the symbol in my meditation was a spiral with a line going diagonally through the center of it, and 2 seperate dots to the right of it.. Just as my suspicion showed me, someone else told me it WAS a timeline.

Whats the signifigance of triangles, and pyramid shapes? A triangle is a shape with the least amount of verticies required to be a shape. If you're into 3D modelling.. everything in 3D modelling is triangles... it just looks better now-adays because we have the technology to make the triangles smaller and more abundant.

This is all good stuff, look up sacred geometry... check out the index of They cover the shape and numerology aspect pretty well.

Also apparently our Chakras or energy centers spiral just like DNA.

And you know this whole 2012 thing, where we're supposed to be upgraded back to 12 stranded DNA? Well apparently there is 12 Chakras
. 7 basic ones, and 5 more only the most knowledgeable even notice.

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Hi, Il Papa, re> your post ... I've been meaning to get back to you :-)

You wrote: ' I think that what you experienced / described is in part what I see as a major flaw in the whole paranormal gig. Our minds play such a part in it..and we can very easily create our own reality...or maybe our own version of it

You felt it was your super/sub conscious at first. Maybe it was and then something took over. Or was it a devious sly spirit from the start, gaining your acceptance?

I stopped using the pendulum because I got varying reactions...sometimes fast and vicious others just slow. I was not sure I was communicating with the same "force" all the time.

See the thing is the information relayed to you could have been that from a past life but maybe not yours. Perhaps it was the spirit you encountered regaling it's tale from the past?


I'd be inclined to agree, were it not for the documentation (in the form of old Poll Tax records) containing the surname. The surname belonged not only to my spouse in the alleged previous life ... but also to the individual with whom I was involved in this my current life.

Then there's the name of the hamlet in which my spouse and I lived in our alleged previous lives. This was provided me during the pendulum sessions. Turns out it exists now. And it existed then(alleged previous life era). The Poll Tax records (containing the surname) were specific to that very small location.

So, we have information supplied by an unknown source. A place is named. A couple's surname is provided. A time scale is provided. Subsequent research reveals that a couple bearing the surname lived in the location several hundred years ago. Fast forward a few hundred years and we discover that a person bearing that same surname and whose origins lie in the nominated country (12,000 miles away) is involved in an inexplicably obsessive relationship with someone who ... via pendulum .. is informed the root of the relationship lies in the past.

If we assume for a moment that the entity who communicated with me had lived in the hamlet, had borne the surname and had recounted its own past .... how do we account for the fact that in this life, 'I' was involved in a relationship with the entity's past-life spouse ?

You see, the entity didn't say that It had been involved with the person who was now part of my current life. It didn't say: ' Oh, I used to be married to that person, hundreds of years ago, in X-hamlet '. Instead, in response to my enquiry concerning the reason for my obsessive attachment to the individual, I was informed the individual and I had been married (wed) in a previous life.

I agree with you that our minds are capable of astounding creativity and inventiveness .. the records of qualified hypnotists are filled with evidence of this. If my mind invented the past-life information I believed I was receiving via a pendulum, it would have required for me at some time to have seen or heard some reference (however fleeting) of the name of the hamlet alleged to have been my home in a past life. Now although I have no recollection at all of doing so, it's perfectly possible that I could at some time have seen the hamlet's name somewhere without being consciously aware of it. But it gets a bit tricky when we try to factor in the other details, for it would require me to also have seen or read that a couple bearing a particular surname lived in that hamlet during a specific period. Again, although I have no memory of doing so, it's certainly well within the bounds of possibility for this to occur without my conscious awareness. Finally however, it would require for me to have searched for an individual of the opposite sex who bore that same surname -- without knowing why I was doing it.

Now, I remember when I met the individual in question in this, my current life. It had occurred over two decades before I conducted the pendulum experiments and had occurred quite by chance .. against the odds in fact that the individual and I should ever have met, let alone formed a relationship. It was a lightning-bolt type meeting .. the attachment was spontaneous, strange, incredibly powerful and had proved impossible to remove, even through a number of marriages and other relationships. Yet when the attachment cemented itself, I didn't know the individual's surname. So whilst nothing's impossible, I think it's reasonable to assume that I didn't subconsciously seek someone of a particular surname specifically in order I could subconsciously align this with the name of a hamlet and time period which I may have fleetingly seen or heard (and been consciously unaware of) at some time prior.

I guess it's always possible that I inadvertently contacted a spirit (believing it to be my subconscious mind) which was recounting it's own past life. But if this was the case, we must acknowledge the astounding coincidence inherent in the fact that the spirit had been married to someone who bore the same surname as someone with whom I shared a strange and enduring attachment. Add to this the lesser coincidence of both the spirit's spouse and the individual with whom I was involved *both originating from the same relatively small geographical area.

Should add, I suppose, that I have no emotional investment in it, either way. I don't care if the alleged past life did or did not occur. I feel no connection at all with my alleged past life self. I posted it really because it might add another tiny section to the jig-saw of past-life research and discussion.

If that pendulum had recounted a tale of Egyptian royalty and dinner parties on the Nile with Mark Antony's entourage, I would have had to give myself a solid whack around the head and make an urgent appointment with a psychiatrist. Instead, however, what unfolded a letter at a time was a bare outline of a drab existence in what was later revealed as a drab landscape where people must always have had to slave merely to survive before they died. Most people's imaginations, given free rein, could/would spin a far more colourful, compelling and personally edifying past life existence.

I have no idea how any of it works. One life is more than enough, in my opinion. Life's tough and I have no greed for it or wish to do it again or better or as a richer or more celebrated individual. I do know people who would jump through fire to be reincarnated over and over again, however. When you mention reincarnation to them, their eyes light up in delight. Gives me chills to be honest, just thinking about them leaping into some baby's body at the first opportunity after physical death.

I've never been a big fan of Life, never liked it very much. Too many suffer cruelty, despair, misery, injustice. Seems more like hell to me, most often. Depends where you look though, no doubt. Many look to the 'successes' in life, to the celebrities and millionaires and lust to be like them, whereas I tend to see the poverty-stricken and battlers and the defeated ... there are thousands of those for every 'success'. So many times, I've raised my face to the sky and said: ' Don't you EVER send me back here again ! I will not come back here, I damn well refuse ! ' So it's going to be interesting when the time comes .. especially if 'return' is mandatory. Seeing I've mouthed off about not coming back, I might find myself being plonked in a cosmic car-park somewhere. Better take an Ipod and some good batteries.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 11:40 AM
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I hear you!!

Yes the competition. My Gurus is better than your Guru...and I know something you don't. I am afraid that as anywhere in the global scheme of things that knowledge is power. Religions have become powerful control freaks by letting the "people" believe there only path to everlasting life is through them. I see no difference in the paranormal community.

I see it as no one is right in the paranormal field...there is no definite, verifiable proof. We have feelings, instincts and belief...but not knowledge...we do not know.

If you read through all these boards it is amazing how different many experiences are. I am convinced that some are merely "manifestations" of minds that have read a lot of populist stuff...if you know what I mean.

The other "non-conforming" side as you put it..yes the "loonies" well they must be mustn't they..I mean all those individual experiences must be made up by a delusional mind eh!!!

If you have read through the thread, you will know that up until a few years ago, I scoffed at this paranormal stuff. This is despite the fact that over the years I have had feelings, heard stuff...seen stuff maybe...that I know was not there. But I was a logical child..if I couldn't tweak it's nose or have a conversation with did not exist. I blame Mr Spock from Star Trek!! When I was young I thought the logical way was cool...and in a way I guess I tried to be like Spock...well maybe..

But a death of a loved one sparked a quest for answers and at the same time..stuff was happening. I genuinely thought perhaps I was going mad. I had been to the Doc about grief reaction and thoughts of ending it all..borderline depression maybe. I am a very open sort of guy and did talk to him of things spiritual....he just harrumphed..and told me how many people have sat that side of the desk...more ill than they need to be...because they were dabbling in things like that. Leave the dead where they are and remember them...that kind of thing.

So from then on I stopped mentioning any "stuff" to "medicos" and just gradually accepted whatever was going on for what it experience.

I know my ex was having difficulties with my way of getting over the bereavement..I think she may have thought me "mad". It was strange though, because at this time her estranged sister came back into her life. Her sister was a totally new agey, witchy, spiritual person. Well in very short time I was having wonderful, meaningful discussions about all this stuff...and to think I used to laugh at her magic purse and spells
Don't get me wrong, it was not a sexual attraction...she is a very attractive lady though...but it was just that she was on my wavelength. You could not have that sort of conversation with my ex.. I did say to people, that I ended up with the wrong sister though....

Actually there is a tale. Sometime back, about a year after my ex and I broke up, her sister kept entering my consciousness. It was weird, kind of a warm hug of a feeling and a feeling that she was on my left. Her face appeared many times, when meditating and dreaming. I started to feel that I should contact her. Now we hadn't spoken for over year, so I was trying to think of a way to just say "Hi!!". I didn't get round to it but found out later, that about that time, the sisters partner had killed himself!! Probably coincidence but it got me thinking back...was there any other information that I didn't pick up??

But yeah, in response to your post there is a lot of paranormal one-up-man-ship from the paranormal elite.

It should be out there for the good of all....not for an elite few to feel superior to others....

Personally, whatever the field or endeavour, if someone claims they know it all, I accept their input at a rate that is inversely proportionate to their projected knowledge

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HI, Il Papa :-) ... It's difficult to imagine how things would be now, from the 'paranormal' viewpoint, if there hadn't been such horrendous purges against people who were 'paranormally inclined'. The hideous witch-burnings, the tortures, the accusations of heresy, satanism, etc. ... forced it all underground. The book-burnings, entire libraries destroyed. All that knowledge lost. People were afraid to say they'd had prophetic dreams or visions or had seen or heard the spirits of the deceased, etc., for fear they'd be accused of ungodliness .. tortured or driven out of the village and their family shunned. So they denied what they'd seen or felt and such was the fire and brimstone attitude of the Church, that those who did have paranormal experiences believed they must be possessed or evil.

People have had spontaneous paranormal experiences since the beginnings of time, however, which strongly suggests these experiences are natural. I haven't met many people who haven't had some sort of paranormal experience. Sometimes they're happy to talk about it, but others need encouragement and reassurance that they won't be judged as 'crazy', before they open up. Bascially, we've become perverted. We've repressed and denied our own experiences and then go on to ridicule those brave (or foolish?) enough to reveal theirs. Similar thing's happened with sexuality. People have become perverted as result of repressing their sexuality to the point they pay money to sit in the dark in secret and watch videos of OTHER people taking off their clothes and having sexual intercourse .. in much the same way as they sit before a tv screen and watch fictitious shows about the same paranormal experiences many of them have had themselves, yet publicly (and often privately) deny. All of which leaves the field wide open for unscrupulous opportunists, who peddle pornography and charge exhorbitant sums to put people in touch with deceased loved ones. Religion has it's place and it would probably be a worse world without it ... but it's done a lot of harm and has resulted in people being separated from their natural-selves and the natural-world which (in my opinon) very probably includes most of the things which are labelled 'paranormal' or 'supernatural'.

It seems to be fairly common for people to be contacted by their deceased loved ones. What a crying shame that when it happens, people worry that they're going crazy or ... courtesy of the Church's teachings -- believe they've been contacted by a 'trickster demon' associate of the debil, after which they sometimes summon the courage to recount their experience to their priest, who in most cases, tells them it's a 'bad' thing and if it happens again, they must ignore the contact and get on their knees and pray for protection ... against their deceased loved one's spirit !

I know a man who saw a ghost. I was there, moments after he dashed indoors (white as a sheet) and when asked what was wrong, said he'd just been approached by his father .. who'd died approx. three days before. Instead of waiting to see what the old man wanted, he'd dashed indoors. How sad. The old man had no doubt come to say goodbye. His son these days denies the incident ever occurred .. because his religion has taught him it SHOULD NOT occur, that it's a 'bad', a 'wrong' thing which in some way reflects poorly on the person who SEES the spirit, thus programming generation after another into denying and reviling such experiences. The Church encourages people to go to church and light candles and pray for the deceased to be delivered from their 'automatic' evilness.

Few of us have escaped the indoctrination, unfortunately. We're most of us far from 'natural' or even 'normal'. We live in an almost completely artificial construct, which we consider 'real life', a 'real world'. We're taught that we are 'alive' and then we're 'dead'. All very absolute. People find it frightening, this awful cut-off point of death, or at least find it uncomfortable. Yet it's as natural as birth. And if death is as final as we're taught, how come there are so many spirits of ordinary people around ? I've seen a couple. They didn't have wings .. or pitchforks. They looked the same as 'alive' people. They didn't have anything momentous to say. In fact, they were pretty boring, in retrospect. One thing's for sure, they hadn't been hit after death by 'knowledge of everything'. There they were, hanging around in the dimension they'd lived in before death, with not a great deal on their minds, I suspect.

Just imagine ... if the Church had restricted its activities to births, marriages, death and bingo-nights, we might have remained normal and natural to the point that if a ghost appeared in the room, we'd say: ' Hi, how's it hangin' ?' To which the ghost might reply, ' Oh you know .. so-so, but I'm fading fast .. memory's going, emotion's going -- it's all going. I'm just a shadow of what I was even six months ago. Guess it won't be long now before I'll be reconstituted. It's the waiting that get's on your nerves ... when you're like this, you're neither Arthur or Martha, if you know what I mean. That's why I drop in here. Helps fill in the time. You know, since I died and became the way I am now, I've learned more about human-nature from just invisibly watching, than I ever did when I was alive. Yep, there's no doubt about it .. the after-death state is a great teacher. Anyway, don't want to hold you up. Know what it's like when you're alive .. always on the go, eh? I'll just hang around and be quiet and you get on with what you have to do ... '

From what ordinary people reveal regarding their paranormal experiences, it seems very much as if we're swimming in a virtual ocean of interesting stuff, with our eyes closed as tightly as possible. It's a zoo out there, by the sound of it. And maybe that's the problem ... it's too much for us to cope with and stay sane. So we tune in to what's been decided is 'normal' and block the rest. Trouble is, by agreeing to conform with 'normal', we've locked ourselves into a straight-jacket consisting of a sort of tube, where new humans enter at one end and depart at the other. Everything's organised, even our supposed destination after physical death ... as if we shoot straight out of the tube's exit and into a place called Heaven, where we do not-much for eternity, according to the programme. Which doesn't make sense, does it? After all, physical-life is non-stop and ever-changing, so why would the after-death situation just come to a screaming halt? Makes more sense for the changes to keep on occurring after death as well.

I wouldn't mind if death was nothing .. a never-ending sleep. Nothing wrong with that at all. But that can't be the way it is, or there'd be no ghosts. And we know there ARE ghosts, because lots of us have seen them. As well, lots of us have had a form of contact with the deceased and the contact in many instances has revealed that the deceased in question was 'in the here and now', i.e., was making contact in a way that was pertinent to our current circumstances, thus revealing that the deceased was thinking logically. According to an account from someone inside the Vatican, a senior priest's deceased father spoke to him while he was making a recording .. said hello to the priest in question and addressed him by his childhood nick-name. It was apparently verified via the tape recording. Not that a Vatican source is more important than Mrs.Jones down the road who may have recounted a similar experience. (I have no idea where I'm going with this .. 4.20 in the morning here, as usual :@@

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Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been AWOL for a couple of days, I hadn't desserted you (my daughter was rushed into hospital with an ectopic pregnancy). I've just glanced through the post's I've missed ... looks like some more good stuff
I'll be posting some contributions so please bear with me ... not the fastest typer in the world. Woody.

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reply to post by Dock6

Yes, see what you mean...where would the paranormal be today if it was not for state / church indoctrination.

The amusing thing for me is that I can never really remember anything the church says of any value...even at school when they done the xmas was not for me...I couldn't get my head round it. So I am wondering what made me the sceptic I was. I would say that I am open minded in the broadest sense, in that I do not scoff cynically nor do I fawn and follow like a paranormal believing sheep in need of acceptance. Must have been the Mr Spock thing

As for paranormal experiences. I still find my belief is that the mind is a powerful thing and capable of making us / it believe things are real..without knowing they are.

Many sceptical minded people will say that all this paranormal bullshine is delusion and flawed thought processing. But I always (try!!) to tell them that everything that man created is because of thought. Any process from a discovery to real life manifestation and use, had a thought or two somewhere. For example, when man discovered or created fire, some thought process must have been involved..."The last time I hit that stone a piece of light fell off and the dry moss became bright and hot!!!".

So we can't say the mind and thought is not is just the agency or method of getting that thought from the noggin to the real world. Then having got that across....I love this bit.....I say to can prove a thought exists!!! No scientist, no doctor no-one can prove it. You can't stick it in a box, prod it with tools or torture it, in a vivisection good for man kind of prove it exists.

Thought is a major part of all that we are, from great works of art to the sins of Nazi death if science can't prove something as fundamental as that....then I think it's focus should be on what it doesn't know??

I like the analogy of swimming in a virtual ocean of interesting stuff. I believe this the case. Even taking the paranormal out of the equation I feel / believe there is more than we are aware of. I remember Michio Kaku saying that another dimension...could a millimetre away from us and we would not know it was there!! I feel this is something of what is occurring in the real world / paranormal boundary. I think at certain times certain elements line up in a kind of attunement, bit like a the tuning of a radio.

Some people are more able to pick up the "show". As an aside, as part of my clearing my mind and meditating "program" I was using a off tuned radio for a white noise generator. My ex was able to hear the shows that were just up or down frequency. I thought she was having paranormal experiences but we tested her out. She would say "Oh it sounds like jazz and there is a man talking with a deep, husky voice!!" and I would tune the radio up and down and their he was quite an amazing feat to me!!

I do have more to say on this I keep saying it is getting it to keyboard...

I wouldn't mind if death was nothing .. a never-ending sleep.

This thought meant something to me. When I was young, I was terrified of the thought of living forever!!! To think that I would have experienced all that I ever eternal boredom....weird eh!!

As for the ghost thing, I am still pondering them. I used to feel that a ghost was a moment of time...perhaps a thought...repeated. I felt there was a finite length of time for them..that their energy was eventually used up...I base this on the premise that people ghosts only seem to go back a thousand or so years (I dare say some keyboard fingers are just typing data counter to that belief:lol
and we only seem to hear of cat and dog "ghosts" tyrannosaurus ghosts etc. But I am of open mind and I do hear of cases where there is apparent interaction!!!

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 03:03 PM
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Hi again!! darn 4000 character limit!!

Just to say on the ghost thing, some people do say there is sometimes an interaction so who knows?

Back to the power of the mind.

This morning I awoke, laying there in bed with that comforting feeling of my partner beside me....then as I stretched over to hug...I then realised I have lived alone for ages!!! I was convinced that she (whomever) was next to me. What was weirder was the fact that I was thoroughly convinced that for some reason I was a fugitive / felon on the run! I was laying there in bed and thinking where am I?

Which thinking back is weird because in my current job, I travel all over and am used to getting up in different beds (hotels!!), so I was kind of confused that I was confused if you know what I mean!!

The fugitive bit is weird!! I can remember it was something to do with Scotland and travelling south (by car??) to evade capture...

I know that this morning, I was so relieved that I had a normal day at work and was not that guy evading justice...

But this is what I mean by the brains creativity!!! Mind you if I get anymore flash backs I might have to start doing some research!!

Must have been one heck of a dream!!

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by woodwytch

I hope all is well now....well you know what I events can make you realise how important our time on this rock is...kinda puts forum posting in perspective...............

As you have noted the postings have not stopped...and there is a lot of stuff here..I am still digesting it!! Hope I live long enough to understand it all

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